June 2022 Vineyard

Monthly newsletter of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Aurora, IL

Monthly newsletter of St. Mark's Lutheran Church, Aurora, IL


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Sharing Christ’s Abundant Love

“I am the vine, you are the branches. “ (John 15:5)

JUNE 2022

Pride Month @ St. Mark’s!

This month is the perfect opportunity to reaffirm our

commitment to making St. Mark’s a welcoming place

for all God’s children.

Understanding St. Mark’s

as an RIC Congregation

As part of our call to love

one another, we affirm our

LGBTQIA+ siblings. Three years

ago we aligned our efforts with

ReconcilingWorks: Lutherans

for Full Participation. We worked through a process

to educate ourselves, and in 2021 the congregation

adopted a welcoming statement. Read our

congregational statement here.

We recognize that all the things that divide us—

racism, sexism, ageism, able-ism, heterosexism,

homophobia—diminish us. We commit to providing

a safe place for ALL, and we are working for systemic

change to alleviate and eliminate oppression. During

the month of June, we have several ways to live out

our commitment.

Aurora Pride Parade

After a two-year hiatus due to

COVID, we are able to celebrate

our LGBTQIA+ neighbors

again by walking shoulder to

shoulder and sharing God’s

love in downtown Aurora. The Aurora Pride Parade

kicks off at noon on June 12. The parade is a familyfriendly

event, and we hope you’ll consider bringing

the kids and walking with us! It’s a great way to meet

others at St. Mark’s, too. Sign up online or at the

Welcome Center. Everyone is welcome to attend the

parade and cheer! CLICK HERE for parade details.

Father’s Day Offering

Our Father’s Day offering this

June furthers our commitment

to compassion and justice,

especially for those who know

the pain of exclusion. LGBTQIA+

youth rejected by family can become homeless and

are at increased risk of suicide. They need a safe place

to stay while getting connected to resources to set

them on a path of healing and stability.

Our collected offerings will go toward ELCA Good Gifts

overnight shelter program for these vulnerable youth.

One night of shelter costs $50. Any amount will help.

You can give online or pick up a donation envelope at

the Welcome Center.

What does it mean to be

welcoming & affirming?

This month is a good time

to revisit ways we can be

welcoming and affirming to

anyone coming to St. Mark’s.

• Say hello! Welcoming doesn’t need to be awkward

or intrusive. If you see a new face in church, make

sure you say hello and give the sign of peace.

• Be mindful of anyone who might look isolated.

A simple, “Hi, are you waiting for someone?” can

open the door to conversation. You’ll likely learn

whether they are brand new or you just haven’t

met them yet. This is an opportunity to make a


• Embrace new participation. If a new face joins

a study group or takes on a role in one of our

working groups, give them the same respect you

would a long-time member. This is how our church

grows and lives out our mission!

• Appreciate skepticism. Too many of our

LGBTQIA+ siblings have experienced churches that

say they are welcoming but suggest they change.

It’s up to us to show newcomers we are different.

• Use inclusive language. We are careful about

our language in worship, keeping our prayers and

sermons inclusive. Follow the lead!

summer highlights

Summer sermon series

For the summer ahead, our staff has put together three distinct and

meaningful sermon series. Each series will focus on a different topic

over the three months of the 2022 summer.




During the first month, we will focus

on God’s Creative Connection.




During our middle summer month,

we will learn what the children and

youth of VBS are learning. We will

focus on Healing Roots.




We will wrap up our summer with a final

series that focuses on the renewing

power of water. Join us for these sermon

series and leave rejuvenated, refreshed,

and renewed in God’s Story of hope and


Intergenerational fun for all

June 26: Backyard games: bag

boards, Spikeball, Kan Jam,

Ladder Golf.


July 17: Rock painting group

service project. Animal rescue.

Harner’s donuts!

Mark the dates on your calendar!

The fun begins immediately after the Sunday worship service.

August 28: Water games:

balloon toss, pass the water,

squirting golf balls.

Popsicles & ice cream



“Tree of Healing”

Vacation Bible School

Mon, July 11 through Fri, July 15

9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon each day

summer highlights

This year’s VBS “Tree of Healing” focus is a chance

for children to consider what health means and how

God invites us to share in the building of a just world

where all can enjoy the gifts of God’s creation. As

in previous years, each day will focus on a different

country and how our daily theme applies there.

Day One – Roots of Creation (Psalm 104)

Day Two – Healthy Minds and Bodies

(3 John 1:1-5, 11-14)

Day Three – Different Bodies, Different Gifts

(Psalm 139: 1-18)

Day Four – Being Filled (Exodus 16:11-16, 21-26)

Day Five – Bearing Fruit (John 13:3-15, 33-35)

Each day begins with a skit to introduce the daily

theme, plus lively VBS music. Then participants

“travel” through six rotations: Crafts, Games, Bible

story, Around the World, Simulation station (an

interactive and hands-on activity) and, of course,


CLICK to register your kids

(age 3 through grade 5)

VBS runs on volunteers!

Our great volunteer team is what makes VBS

happen. Come, join the fun. Here’s what we still

need, as of this publication date:

• Crew Leaders

• Photographer

• Kitchen Leader and assistants

• Preschool Simulation Station leader

• Preschool Games leader

• Grade School Simulation Station leader and


• Grade School Bible Story Leader and Assistant

• Grade School “Around the World” leader (Only

needs to be here for 20-30 minutes per day)

CLICK to sign up

to volunteer

HS Mission Trip, July 24-29

Be a partner!

Being a devotional partner for a Mission Trip student is a special opportunity

to make a difference in a young person’s life. As a devotional partner, you

would be paired with a student and would send an encouraging letter each

day of the mission trip. The letters could contain uplifting words, Bible

verses, riddles or jokes—even a small toy or candy bar. The kids open their

devotionals each night during the trip and share their messages. On July 31st, there will be a gettogether

after the 10 a.m. service so the kids can meet their devotional partners. Please let Anna

Themanson know by Friday, June 17th if you’d like to serve as a partner. You can sign up at the

Welcome Center or e-mail Anna directly at acthemo@gmail.com.


great news!

The CDC mortgage is paid off!

After the sale of the Child Development Center, there was a strong desire

to use the sale proceeds to pay off the remaining CDC mortgage balance

of approximately $450,000. However, due to a substantial early payoff

penalty, the Council decided to invest the sales proceeds until a better

opportunity arose.

Over time, as interest rates have continued to climb, the loan penalty

continued to decrease. In addition, investments with the proceeds have

remained fairly flat.

Therefore, with the guidance from the finance committee including Beth Benson and our friends at Old

Second, the Council approved retiring the CDC mortgage. These actions were completed during the

month of May and will save St. Mark’s approximately $3,000 per month going forward.

Pastor Marnie is here!

In May, our Church Council

approved the recommendation

of Pastor Marnie Rourke to serve

St. Mark’s as a part-time pastor

for approximately six months.

Pr. Marnie will be preaching

several times a month and focusing on pastoral care.

This six-month appointment will give Council time to

consider St. Mark’s needs moving forward. We asked

Pr. Marnie to introduce herself to you:

“I HAVE BEEN TELLING PEOPLE that I am no longer a

retired pastor; I’m a ‘re-fired’ pastor. I was enjoying

retirement, playing with my granddaughter,

mentoring refugees from Afghanistan, and providing

pulpit supply when the fire of the Holy Spirit caught

my attention with St. Mark’s calling.

“I am called to feed Christ’s flock, and I love to do that.

But it is not just about preparing the Table where we

share the gifts of Word and Sacrament. It is about

going out into the world, and participating in the Pride

Parade, and gathering together to help our neighbors.

I am very committed to social justice and have been

involved in interfaith dialogue and anti-racism work

all of my life—and I well understand that being antiracist

doesn’t mean I am not a racist.

“For fun, I love doing beadwork. My business card

says ‘Bede House,’ which is how ‘bead’ was spelled

when it first came into the English language from the

Anglo Saxon. It means ‘to bid a prayer.’ I pray when I

bead and have made a cross for each season of the

church year.

“I also love to cook! The little boys next door know

me as the ‘Cookie Monster Mom,’ because when I

bake, they get some. And whenever I go to Lutherdale

Bible Camp, where I served as pastor of the week for

over 20 years, there is an unwritten rule that I cannot

show up at camp without bringing PMSSMT (Pastor

Marnie’s Summer Staff Microwave Toffee) with me.

“After seminary, I went on to get my Doctor of

Ministry in Pastoral Counseling, as well as the training

needed to be a Marriage & Family Therapist. In

addition, I have served as a hospice chaplain and

facilitated a support group for those like me who

were struggling with bipolar disorder.

“All of this is just part of the story of how I found

my way to St. Mark’s. In preparation for joining the

ministry here, I have been offering my favorite prayer

early and often:

Lord God, you have called your servants to ventures

of which we cannot see the ending, by paths as yet

untrodden, through perils unknown. Give us faith

to go out with good courage, not knowing where we

go, but only that your hand is leading us and your

love supporting us; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

—Pastor Marnie Rourke


June focus

St. Mark’s care in action

Congregational Support Ministries

(CSM) is the broad umbrella that

encompasses all the ways we

assist members, promote health

and wellness, support worship,

and care for each other. Our CSM

teams have been there while our

building was closed, and now we

are re-committing to be sure that

we are taking care of each other!

During the month of June, we will be focusing on a

different area of CSM in the Friday emails and at each


June 5, Homebound Ministries: Cards, At-home

Care Packages, Deacons

June 12, Health: Health & Wellness, Mental Health

June 19, Worship: Prayer Ministry, Fellowship,

Connections, Greeters

June 26, In-reach: Shepherds, Prayer Teams, Meal Train,

Transportation, Funeral Lunches, Wedding Hosts

We’ll also have reminders in the Friday emails to call

the office if you are need of one of our support ministries.

We want to meet your needs—but we need to know what

those needs are! We are also returning prayer cards to

the pews in the sanctuary. You can fill them out and drop

them in the locked box at the Welcome Center.


Sunday, June 26

Right after worship on Sunday, June 26th,

our CSM team leaders will have tables in the

narthex where can you learn more about

the various ministries and sign up if you’d

like to help. We will also be deploying a new

Time and Talent Survey on the 26th, both

online and on paper at the Welcome Center.

We so appreciate all who already serve in

these important activities! And we invite

everyone to consider if they would like to

participate in a ministry.

If you have any questions, please contact

one of our CSM coordinators:

Tyler Mabrey: yerbam719@gmail.com;


Lynnette Brent: lynnettebrent@gmail.com;



June happenings

New “Walking Together” survey

Walking Together: We came together, and we listened.

What happens next?

In March of this year, we held four “Walking Together” listening sessions,

where members bravely and openly shared their personal stories. The

summary of those sessions, shared with Council at their March meeting,

highlighted three themes common to all the sessions:

• the importance of assuring St. Mark’s as a welcoming church, in both name and practice

• the need for our members to be committed to and caring for each other

• the desire for members to have a way to feel heard, acknowledged, and validated

Participants also asked for additional safe ways to gather and connect to the larger community of St. Mark’s

to become more unified.

The next step is to consider how we can support and empower our congregation to continue to move

forward. The Walking Together Committee believes it is important for members to be part of the decisionmaking

and has created a short survey asking, “What activities you would like to see at St. Mark’s to create a

more welcoming and inclusive safe space for all?”

We hope you will help by filling out a short survey. It will only take a few minutes, but your response matters!

You can pick up a printed copy at the Welcome Center or click here to get the survey online.

Thank you to those who came to the listening sessions. We sincerely hope that they provided some healing,

closure, and connectedness. Looking forward to continuing our walking together.

—The Walking Together Committee

World Refugee Day is Monday, June 20

In the past decade, the global refugee population has more than doubled.

According to the UNHCR (the UN refugee agency), over 84 million people

around the world have been forced to flee their homes. Among them are

over 26.6 million refugees, the highest population on record. The invasion of

Ukraine alone has created more than 6.8 million refugees. That’s approximately one-quarter of that country’s

total population!

This global crisis isn’t going away. It’s here, and it’s something the world is going to have to address.

Throughout scripture, God’s people are called to love the neighbor. But God is also particular in naming who

that neighbor is in our midst: the widow, the orphan, the stranger, and the alien.

In the aftermath of WWII, churches banded together across denominational lines to welcome refugees and

immigrants into the United States. The Church is called to do something similar today. St. Mark’s is banding

together with our local World Relief organization that welcomes and resettles refugees in Aurora. This month,

we donated $2,000 toward the World Relief ministry of providing for the world’s most vulnerable population.

We will continue to work with World Relief to find ways to welcome “strangers” to Aurora.


June happenings


Honoring Juneteenth

Weekend of June 18/19

Juneteenth National Independence Day—also called “Jubilation Day” or

“Freedom Day”—is now a U.S. federal holiday. On June 19th we commemorate

the day that the final group of slaves in Texas learned of their freedom, more

than two years after the Emancipation Proclamation was signed.

This Juneteenth, St. Mark’s will be asking you to consider supporting one or

more black-owned businesses in the Aurora area. It’s one way we can show

support for black labor versus the exploitation of the past. The theme for our services that weekend will be

“Promise Out of Pain,” and we are planning intentional liturgy to lift up and celebrate Juneteenth.

NOTE: The church office will be closed on Monday, June 10th in observance of the Juneteenth holiday.

Adult Fellowship opportunity

Docent-led tour of Fabyan Villa in Geneva

Thursday, June 23 (sign up by Monday, June 13)

The Fabyan Villa was the home of Colonel George and Nelle Fabyan from

1905-1939. In 1907, they hired Frank Lloyd Wright to enlarge and re-model

the home. The prairie-style house contains the Fabyans’ private collection

of Asian artifacts, a mounted animal collection and original furniture. Documents and photographs detail

the Fabyans’ interests in horticulture, animal husbandry and scientific research, including code-breaking that

influenced both World Wars. The Villa is featured in Jason Fagone’s book, The Woman Who Smashed Codes.

Visitors can see amazing views of the country estate from the Wright-designed cathedral style windows.

All adults are welcome to join the Adult Fellowship group for the tour. The Villa is located at 1925 S. Batavia

Avenue (Rt.31) in Geneva, just north of the intersection of Rt. 31 and Fabyan Parkway. The group is meeting in

the upper parking lot at 9:30 a.m. It’s a one-block walk up a stepped path to the Villa, but we will also have cars

to transport you if you prefer not to walk.

After the tour, the group will be heading over to the Apple Villa Restaurant (1961 W. Wilson Street, Batavia) for

lunch at 11:45.

Sign up at the Welcome Center or call Irma Larson at 630-450-5049 by Monday, June 13th.

The cost for tour is $12.50 per person, and you can pay Irma.

Adult Study

Summer break

The Adult Study series “The Bible According to . . .” has been very engaging

and thought-provoking. Each week, the group developed a deeper

understanding of scripture and how to approach, engage, and interpret the

Bible. During the summer, Adult Study will take a break, but we look forward

to offering more opportunities like this in the Fall.


community partner news

ESSE is on the move!

Pr. Patrick presents donation to DLC

St. Mark’s donates $10,000

to Dominican Literacy Center

It’s not every day that St. Mark’s is able to donate

$10,000! Thanks to the funds entrusted to us by the

Hanson Fund for community projects, we were able

to make May 24th a milestone day for the Dominican

Literacy Center (DLC).

Our Outreach Team members and Pr. Patrick were

able to attend a graduation ceremony at DLC.

(Thanks to the Team members who baked cakes

for the celebration!) They were touched not only by

the stories of the women who have learned to read,

write, and speak English, but also by the tutors who

had committed to working with them for three years.

It was clear they had formed wonderful bonds of


One of the women who was tutored had just become

a U.S. citizen. Another had closed on a condo, while

others talked about their thriving businesses. Still

another shared that she had reached her goal of

being able to speak with her child’s teacher.

After the ceremony, Pr. Patrick and the Outreach

Team had the privilege of presenting a check for

$10,000 to help support the important work that the

Dominican Literacy Center is doing. Please watch

the presentation video above to meet our newest

community partners!

Even more important than the money is the

blossoming partnership forming between St. Mark’s

and DLC. Pick up a DLC brochure at the Welcome

Center to learn more, and stay tuned for more

opportunities to be involved with DLC.

In recent weeks, you’ve probably been hearing snippets

about “ESSE.” ESSE is the acronym for Ecumenical Support

Services for the Elderly. The back story behind ESSE

and St. Mark’s began back in early 2021 when St. Mark’s

Council challenged Mike and Jean Bauman to find a way to

utilize our Education Wing in a way that would benefit our

congregation and community. One idea was to provide

adult day care service. When Mike and Jean found ESSE,

they approached ESSE about a possible interest in starting

a day care service at St. Mark’s.

ESSE’s executives and board toured our facility and were

excited by how perfect our setting is for their program.

We toured the ESSE operation at St. Paul Lutheran in

Wheaton, followed by numerous discussions on how we

could proceed and what would be needed.

At the ESSE annual meeting, they voted to move forward

with St. Mark’s on establishing Adult Day Service in our

building. To proceed, we scheduled fire inspections

and applied for zoning, which was approved by the City

Council on May 24th.

Now it is up to the congregation to decide if this is indeed

an opportunity for St. Mark’s. In the weeks ahead, we’ll be

providing informational brochures and encouraging you

to visit the ESSE website and Facebook page. We’ll also

make available the “Qualifying Statement” we submitted

to the city for zoning approval. We encourage you to ask

questions of Council members. In July, we’ll be showing a

video at services, followed by Q&A sessions.

We think this will be a wonderful opportunity to provide

space to the elderly and disabled in our community for

the care, support, and enrichment they need, but your

vote is needed to move forward.

There will be a special Congregational Meeting

on July 31 where we will vote on a proposal to

approve establishing ESSE Adult Day Service at



This partnership has the potential to strengthen St. Mark’s

ties to the community and help many families. We hope

you’ll consider it prayerfully.

—Mike Bauman


community partner news

Hesed House is expanding

In 2020, Hesed House embarked on a multi-phased expansion

project to increase their capacity and allow guests to have 24/7

access to shelter. Because of pandemic restrictions, residents

couldn’t go out into the community as they had been in pre-

COVID days, so in November of 2020, when the weather began

to turn, a large tent was constructed to temporarily house the

shelter’s day program.

The completion of Phase 1 of the expansion project couldn’t

come soon enough. In January 2021, a 6,000-square-foot living

space, directly across from the original building, opened to

provide sleeping quarters for 101 residents, with new lockers,

showers and laundry facility. St. Mark’s gift of $15,000 helped

furnish and staff the new building.

Hesed House is now beginning the second and final phase to

expand the facility to house 33% more residents, and include a

commercial kitchen and dining area. On May 6th, Hesed House

celebrated the confirmation of federal funding to help finalize the

construction of Phase 2.

Hesed House Executive Director Joe Jackson calls the expanded

facility a “one-stop shop to end homelessness.” The larger space

means that both the shelter and day programs will be in the same

building, and guests won’t have to leave during the day. “We’ll be

giving them the shelter they deserve, and it’s going to help them

get back on their feet.”

We’re serving dinner at PADS

Saturday, July 9, 6 to 9 p.m.

Thanks to all the cooks and volunteers who

helped with PADS dinner service in May! Our

next PADS dinner will be Saturday, July 9th.

We will again be serving a picnic-style dinner

with Sloppy Joes, fresh fruit, and baked beans,

along with macaroni and potato salads. And we

always have sweet treats for dessert!

If you can help by making Sloppy Joes

ahead of time, click here for the recipe.

Please let Janet Guinanne know and plan to

drop off your food at Hesed House between 5

and 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 9th (or coordinate

a hand-off with Janet).

If you can help at Hesed House, we serve

about 200 guests for dinner and prepare 100

sack lunches for the next day. Sign up at the

Welcome Center or contact Janet Guinanne.

If you have questions, call or text Janet

Guinnane at 630-892-7492 or email her at


Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry is getting a new roof!

Starting Monday, June 6, the long-awaited roof replacement at the Aurora

Food Pantry is finally getting underway! To keep everyone safe during

construction, all distributions are being moving outside. Distributions will be

drive-through, and there will be no shelf-stocking during June. The St. Mark’s

team will resume their volunteer work on our regular 2nd and 4th Mondays

of the month, on July 11 and 25.


church matters

St. Mark’s


Randy Steinheimer, President


Emma Albers, Vice-President



Rob Creaney, Treasurer


Lynnette Brent, Secretary


Mike Bauman


Matt Greising


Izzy Jones


Tyler Mabrey


Jon Miller


Mark Mueller


Anna Themanson


Patrick Fish, Pastor


Joni Ackley, Recording Secretary


Council update

St. Mark’s Council met on May 15th after beginning the Sunday with a

“Chat with Council” session (including donuts!). We have enjoyed these

conversations with members, and the chats will continue during the

summer, with the next one scheduled for June 26th at 9 a.m. Council

members also staff the Welcome Center so we can connect with members

in an informal way.

Our Council business included:

• A review of the treasurer’s report and expected savings from paying

off the CDC mortgage. Income was higher than expected because of

influx of offerings for Easter.

• Property report: Beginning of parking lot project was delayed because

of poor weather.

• Adult Faith Formation: Adult Faith Formation wrapped up with

a celebration on May 1st. We will revisit Adult Faith Formation

activities for the Fall, depending on congregation need/desire for the


• Outreach: St. Mark’s members served dinner for PADS at Hesed

House on May 14th. Mental Health Week went well—many viewed

activities on Facebook. St. Mark’s members donated $1760 toward

the ELCA refugee program. We discussed highlighting the Outreach

programs on our public Facebook page, as well as on the bulletin

board in the St. Mark’s narthex.

• Youth and Family: Family Fun Sundays will be held on June 26, July 17,

and August 28.

• ESSE (Ecumenical Support Services for the Elderly): Council watched

a video about ESSE, which will be previewed at services closer to

opening at St. Mark’s, anticipated for fall of 2022.

• Data Dive: Jon Miller is heading up a new committee that will collect

data on attendance and other important points as we consider St.

Mark’s needs moving forward.

• Part-time pastor: Council approved the recommendation of Pastor

Marnie Rourke as a part-time pastor for a contract of approximately 6

months for 20 hours/week. Pastor Marnie’s focus will be on preaching

a few times a month as well as pastoral care. This appointment will

allow Council and the Data Dive team to determine our needs moving


• Mutual Ministry check-ins: Council members will meet with St.

Mark’s staff members to get feedback on what is going well, and

staff members’ successes, goals, and needs. The hope is that these

conversations will allow staff members the opportunity to share

concerns with Council and for us to work together!

St. Mark’s Council appreciates the opportunity to serve our congregation!

Please let us know of any business we should add to our agenda.

— Lynnette Brent, Council Secretary


Synod update

The 35th Annual Assembly of the Metro

Chicago Synod met on Saturday, June 4,

2022. Delegates/Representatives from St.

Mark’s included Pr. Patrick, Pr. Marnie,

Rebecca Mohan, Ernie and Pat Jones,

The Synod voted on several proposed

amendments to the Synod constitution

and bylaws.

Resolutions voted on and approved:

• “Care for Black, Indigenous,

Persons of Color Leaders (BIPOC)

and Congregations During Times of

Alleged Misconduct and Discipline”

• “Support for the first amendment

right to boycott”

Memorial voted on and approved:

• “To uphold the dignity of the Office

of Ministry”


• 2 people for Church Council

• 1 person for Metro Synod Council

• 1 person for Metro Consultation


• 1 person for Metro Discipline


Thank you to our representatives for

attending and voting on behalf of St.

Mark’s at the Synod Assembly.

Thank you!

When St. Mark’s began the journey

with Reconciling Works, a small

group agreed to work through

what it would mean to become

an RIC-designated congregation.

Martha Egeland volunteered to

serve on this group and brought

her story as a parent of a gay

man. Her personal experience

and willingness to help her peers

understand the importance of

the issue was crucial to our work.

As Martha transitions from the

RIC Team, we thank her for her

wisdom and grounding presence,

We couldn’t have accomplished this

without her!

church matters

Monthly Information

St. Mark’s monthly financial recap

for April 2022

Monthly Budget Goal $ 76,213.92

Monthly Offering information

Envelopes – General Fund $ 67,487.53

LSSI Rent $ —

Miscellaneous $ ---

Other (loose, Sunday School, interest) $ 1,493.34

Total General Fund Income $ 68,980.97

Monthly Surplus (Shortfall) $ (7,233.05)

Summary General Fund Information as of 04/30/2022

Annual Budget $ 914,567.00

Percent of Year Completed 33%

Offerings/Commitments/Other Income $ 244,101.05

received year to date

Actual Expenses year to date $ 339,612.72

Actual Expense Surplus (Shortfall) year to date $ (95,511.67)

Budget Surplus (Shortfall) year to date $ (60,754.62)

Debt Balances as of 04/30/2022

Principal Remaining on Church Building $ 1,173,897.95

Principal Remaining on CDC $ 418,465.13

General Fund owes Special Fund $ 15,000.00

The St. Mark’s Endowment Fund was created to help fund future

ministries of outreach and in-reach. One such endeavor is the granting

of scholarships or gifts to members as they further their education via

a Lutheran-based institution.

Eligible applicants:

• Must be a member of St. Mark’s for at least 1 year.

• Must be attending a Lutheran-based institution.

• Open to all college-age students who have graduated high school

or those students who will be graduating school and attending

college within the next 4 to 6 months.

See the St. Mark’s website for application details.

Endowment Fund



Confirmation Retreat 2022

Thank you for all the prayers for the Confirmation Retreat in May. Twelve junior high

students and three leaders enjoyed a one-day retreat on Saturday, May 7th at LOMC

(Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center) in Oregon, IL. They participated in a teambuilding

ropes course, played GaGa ball, walked a prayer labyrinth, did a devotion on

teen anxiety, and played Human Foosball. The kids and leaders had a great time, and

it was a wonderful bonding experience for everyone. We are so thankful to get back

to this fun and meaningful yearly tradition!

St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, 27 S Edgelawn Dr, Aurora, IL 60506 StMarksAurora.net 630-897-6891 office@stmarksaurora.net

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