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deanmachine outlines

2022 vision

shitstorm brewing

roryhowtonft gives

it to you straight

bubblegoose ballers

dexterlab deep dive

chikara chimps

the truth

diversity club

ethical nfts

marco polo

quick scan of the week

& MUCH more









So much to write. So little space.

Grape's Technical Roadmap

DeanMachine outlines Grape’s 2022

vision, definite #alpha








Probably Nothing

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha

Bubblegoose Ballers

Dexterlab takes a deep dive into the

ballers #alpha


Sp00n1cus put his mind to it and made

it a reality- all in? #alpha


KirkEnglehardt talks about his recent

photography project


Talk about HOT ALPHA,

RoryHowToNFT gives it to you straight

- #alpha


It’s the ones you don’t hear about that

are making moves #alpha

Marco Polo

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week












MercuryPrime spills the beans on MBB



PerfectenChlang tells you what to

watch out for #alpha

Chikara Chimps - The Truth

It’s all about the team, vision and grit



DegenDavinci brings his skills to Solana

and shares the love #alpha


Lukexdod interviews pixel artist



Time for the original to get up off the floor

and start making some noise?


What’s the BUIDL all about? #alpha


New mint on the horizon with a novel

roadmap sure to interest you

Mr. Nobody

How one artist almost gave it all up -






Issue 60 of #Shill zine - since Oct 2021. Still publishing for your enjoyment!

#Shill managed to lock away a couple of pieces during the week. What have you


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SHILL Issue #60

Keep your eyes on...








Going 100% opensource with 3 new Grape-backed tokens

TLDR; Grape is going 100% open-source and issuing Grape-backed tokens for each tool to handle its own

roadmap, governance, and treasury management. Each tool will be its own DAO and will organize, prioritize,

and incentivize its own growth and operations.

Where are we today?

In May 2021, we announced our mission to develop infrastructure for tokenized communities on Solana.

Our core focuses were distribution, allocation, voting, and transparent processes that could all be managed

in a decentralized way. Today we have the most active and widely distributed tokenized community

on Solana’s Realms, with 299 voting members representing over 6 million GRAPE in active voting. Our

Discord represents over 28 million GRAPE through its membership program, giving access to Solana focused

events, beta-testing, and discussions for power users on Solana. 95 people have different roles

representing their skills and their contributions to the community, and they each receive more GRAPE

voting power through MeanFi enabled streams.

The mission has been a success and we’re at the forefront of exploring how tokenized communities will

operate in this web3 future

During this development, we’ve also built more tools to further expand the capabilities of these communities.


SHILL Issue #60

Grape Access is the premier Discord verification

tool, with over 800 communities and 370,000 verified

users using the product today.

Grape Dashboard is our solution for tokenized communities

to provide a DAO control center to individual

users. We’ve developed a composable dashboard

experience that has a portfolio view, swaps

powered by Jupiter, integrated token streaming

with MeanFi, DAO payments that batch transactions

and add memos on-chain, governance holdings,

proposals from Realms, and Bonfida Nameservice


Grape.art is a web3 innovation never before seen

outside of Solana; a Social, Stateless NFT marketplace.

Using composable functions like Cyberconnect’s

Social Graph and Solflare’s PFP program,

we’re paving the way for a completely community-controlled

marketplace experience.

Grape.art is also the first and only NFT marketplace

that can list and accept offers on NFTs from DAO

controlled Treasuries.

These 3 tools have helped the Grape community

grow and reach its original mission of tokenized

community tooling.

It’s time for the next phase, the next mission, in

Grape’s evolution — it’s time to go 100% opensource.

It’s time for King “Komp” Komposable

Why are we going 100% opensource?

Grape has always been at the forefront of innovation,

but for this to continue, we need to work

together with the entire ecosystem. By developing

this new process for sustained opensource development,

we can ensure that Solana continues to

innovate at a breakneck pace, allowing everyone to

work together for a common vision of a decentralized


Our marketplace code is built on top of Metaplex

auction house. If that wasn’t opensource we

wouldn’t be able to create a new vision for how

marketplaces can be community owned. It’s this

ethos we want to support, because as Anatoly has

said, there is “no way to stop an open-source movement”.

No more web2 business models

The Grape token is unique in its distribution and

allocation; 60% of the token supply is explicitly allocated

by the Grape DAO, and the Grape DAO has

spent the last year experimenting with different

ways of acknowledging and measuring contributions.

This layer creates a meritocratic “Proof of Social

Work” that is ideal to build more DAOs on top

of; most holders have had to contribute to be part

of this network.

Each of these products will have its own Grapebacked

token used to govern the protocol. When

someone adds value to the protocol, the existing

holders will vote to allocate voting power to the

new contributor, ensuring an everlasting engine of

growth and acknowledgement.

Protocols will hold these new tokens to get hosted

versions of the different tools, supported by members

of the corresponding DAO. Users can choose

to support these products also by purchasing the

tokens. Each token has its own treasury where royalties

from the token sales are held. Those treasuries

can be used to issue grants and pay for hardware

resources that will be needed to ensure the

protocols continue to thrive.

These Grape-backed tokens will be created using

Strata’s token bonding protocol. The creation of

these tokens will be made in collaboration with the

teams we are actively building this network with.

All hosted instances of the Grape toolset will re-

SHILL Issue #60


quire these tokens, and we will announce when the cut-off day will be for existing tool users

Solana’s first open-source DAO governed verification suite: The

Grape Verification Network

Grape Access Verification Features

A network of decentralized verification nodes offering privacy preserving verification services. Each validator

node will need to hold Grape Access tokens. The network will distribute grape rewards based on

the contributions to help grow and secure the network

It’s our belief that each community should be able to control and calibrate its own verification needs as

they see fit, without needing to pay or trust any 3rd parties. With this network, each Discord will be able

to set its own removal speed, set its own targeting combinations, and control 100% of the verification


Things to look forward to:

Self-hosted verification with admin panel for complete community control

Gating limits set on-chain by the community

Instant role additions and removals

This is being tested in beta. If your community would like to be in the initial tests, please contact us on

Discord or Twitter.

Solana’s first DAO governed open-source Dashboard: The Grape

Dashboard Network

A group of composable modules for community dashboards. Members of this DAO will need to hold

Grape Dashboard tokens. Communities using the hosted version of the dashboard will hold tokens to get

access to different features. The DAO will vote to prioritize and distribute resources based on development

contributions from participating protocols.

Things to look forward to:

• Social token and DAO creation


SHILL Issue #60

• Voting directly from dashboard

• Discord events integration

• Notifications from other programs

This is live and available on Grape’s dashboard:

Solana’s first DAO governed open

source NFT Marketplace: The

Grape Marketplace Network

A network of communities tasked with verifying

collections, setting fees, prioritizing functionality,

and aiding in hosted versions of the NFT marketplace.

Collections will need to pay tokens to get

verified with the different communities handling

verification. Members of this DAO will need to hold

Grape Marketplace tokens. Communities using the

hosted version of the marketplace will also hold

these tokens to get access to different features.

The DAO will vote to prioritize and distribute grape

rewards based on development contributions from

participating communities and protocols.

Things to look forward to:

• Verified Collections

• Collections Display

• Expanded Social Features

This is live and available on Grape.art:

The community version of Grape Marketplace is being

tested in partnership with the Solana Sanctuary

There is also the potential for a token that could

help curate DAOs on Realms and additions to the

Solana token registry through a similar process.

Builders now have a clear path towards sustainable

and collaborative building, and we want to extend

that to the users! Today, new feature requests and

grants presented by Grape Gorilla members will

also be rewarded with tokens in each of the toolsets.

Once the new token sets are launched, each

community will likely continue this program of rewarding

visionaries with governance control. We’re

excited to see this new phase of composable and

collaborative building on Solana!

SHILL Issue #60




@easymoneyding - 3948 followers

the whitelist/minting meta since

trippin ape tribe is to sell

immediately for any profit/loss and

move on to the next one. only long

term builders are safe.

@Brycesworld - 15.5k followers

I’ve changed my mind, if you’re an $ETH

native and you’re curious about $SOL NFTs

and you’re going to compare our ecosystem to

where you came from, just stay on eth.

It’s different here, for good reason, figure

out how to love it or leave it because we’re

not eth2.0 for a reason.

12 SHILL Issue #51



SHILL Issue #51





NFT Trading Platform


SOL NFT Passive Income Stats

Breaking even for under 1 Sol projects

99 Lost spirit




SHILL zine review



Imagine being in a Discord full of degens, that get WL to tons of projects..

18 SHILL Issue #51



People say that Bubblegoose Ballers is the next big project on Solana. Although it’s not the first time

we hear such statements about a collection, but rarely do they end up being a big thing.

For sure, Bubblegoose Ballers has a decent amount of attention. In 2 months, official BGB Twitter

grew to 200k+ followers, and there are almost 60k members on the Discord server.

But the hype built through whitelist giveaways and organized Solana NFT Twitter raids doesn’t mean

NFTs will fly off the secondary market shelves. We’ve seen more than one NFT project with a massive

following go even below mint price after the mint.

Will it be different with Bubblegoose Ballers? Does the collection have a chance of being the next

big project on Solana?

What are the Bubblegoose Ballers?

Bubblegoose Ballers is an NFT collection of 10000 geese on the Solana blockchain. Speaking about

BGB, we have to start with Carl Jones, the mastermind behind the collection and the star within the


Carl is best known for the television show The Boondocks (2005), where he was a writer, producer,

and voice actor. The show ended in 2014, producing 55 episodes over four seasons. Besides The

Boondocks, Carl is also known for producing Black Dynamite, Freaknik the Musical, Legends Of

Chamberlain Heights, and The Jellies with Tyler The Creator. All the shows were part of the Adult

Swim program, which is a big deal: Adult Swim is like a Cartoon Network for adults.

Animated Bubblegoose Ballers

By now, you’ve probably guessed what the Bubblegoose Ballers are all about. It’s not another project

with staking, whitelist raffles and mutations. The Bubblegoose Ballers will be a TV show! The goal is

to challenge the traditional structure and bring power to creators and audiences:

“One of the primary focuses of BGB is “ushering in a new paradigm for the television industry.” This

means changing the structure of TV show creation, ownership, and censorship, by putting the power

in your hands, our beloved HODLers.”

The art

When asked, Carl Jones explained that when he was growing up, all the ballers in his

neighbourhood had the bubblegoose coats as a sign of freedom and success. This

is where the inspiration came from. The art itself is very distinctive to say the least:


SHILL Issue #60

Carl Jones has nearly two decades of top-tier TV entertainment experience, but that’s not the only

thing that can help him succeed in reaching his ambitious goals. Carl also has WAGMI Beach behind

his back.

SHILL Issue #60


WAGMI Beach and The Catalina Whale Mixer

WAGMI Beach is a web3 native entertainment company developing original IP with creative worlds,

including digital collectables, film, television, events, merchandise, and more. You can think of WAG-

MI Beach as a brand which will bring different web3 products collaborating with leaders and innovators

of contemporary culture.

The founder of WAGMI Beach, Michael Ross George, is not a newbie in show business. George

spent the better part of the last decade working alongside Scooter Braun, where he discovered and

signed Martin Garrix. George also advised for music tech unicorn Splice, which has become ubiquitous

in music production. Today most of the songs on the Billboard Hot 100 are produced using

Splice samples.

The Gorge entered web3 with The Catalina Whale Mixer NFT collection, which has been a huge success

so far. Since its mint in December 2021, TCWM has generated 190 thousand SOL in volume.

The current floor price sits at 120 SOL. In fact, Kanye West is a holder of The Catalina Whale Mixer.

The collection has a community that holds on to their whale because of the huge benefits they get.

One of them is getting a whitelist spot for any future projects coming from the WAGMI Beach franchise.

So, every Catalina Whale Holder (5555) is whitelisted to mint the Bubblegoose Baller. I believe

this is important in the after-mint dynamics, as the Catalina Whale holders will be less likely to

sell the Bubblegoose Ballers because they already have trust in WAGMI Beach and everything they

do. 5555 diamond hands in the collection of 10000 NFT will leave fewer spots for those who flip

their NFT as soon as they can.

Why bullish?

It is rare to see such a credible team between the hundreds of NFT collections on Solana and beyond.

At WAGMI beach and Bubblegoose Ballers, we have people who not only have tons of experience

in their field of expertise but also networking powers.

Carl Jones produced multiple shows for the well-known network Adult Swim. In the Discord announcement

channel of Bubble Goose Ballers, you also see teasers such as:

“WAGMI Beach just had a juicy meeting with Fuzzy Door? Seth Macfarlane’s production company

that brought you Family Guy, American Dad, etc???”


“We’ve been having some amazing conversations with big players in the ETH world. BGB will be


SHILL Issue #60

making truly historic and unprecedented moves to bridge the gap between SOL and ETH, with the

help of our friends at Magic Eden”

and praises from the one and only:

“The team and I just got back from VeeCon. That sh** was wild. Many people said our speech was

one of their favorites of the weekend. Gary even walked up on Carl the next day and told him he

loves the fu***** GEESE”.

Sounds cool, but besides the great team, we also have the success of The Catalina Whales Mixer,

and rarely do we see following collections fail after the first one laid out a firm road. It’s the best

marketing! Also, don’t forget the eye-catching art and super active community.

Nothing in this article is financial advice. There are no risk-free NFT projects. Make sure you do your


SHILL Issue #60














Chaplin Sound

Chaplin Sound



22 minutes ago

Issue 2: Why Broccoli Dao?

You may be reading this thinking why is Broccoli Dao Newsletter shilling its own bags. I just want

to say from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to take this chance to apologise to….



To understand our origins we must travel back in time to March, where the original CyberVillainz

project owner rugged, paying himself 800+ SOL of the 990 SOL mint revenue. The project

owner left only 9 SOL in the community wallet at the time. sp00n1cus, who was advising as a

marketing lead prior to the rug found a way to convince the owner to hand over the project and

all its intellectual property over to him for free. sp00n1cus then assembles a team consisting of

de-rugging advisor, community manager, project lead and active community members to de-rug

this project.

This event led to the ultimate birth of Broccoli Dao. We come from humble beginnings.

sp00n1cus has transformed the identity and value proposition of this project. He also injected

300 SOL into the community wallet to pay salaries for 3 months and hired a new artist for the

upcoming CyberHeroez gen2 collection. At the time of the rug, the project floor was deflating

under 1 SOL and you can see the true value add so far in the charts since then.


SHILL Issue #60

What has caused the pump you ask?

In the first month of de-rugging and re-establishing a new identity, Broccoli Dao had 350 SOL in

the community wallet, gaveaway NFTs, hired over 11 Alpha Callers, created daily mint and floor

price channels as well as whale/influencer wallet trackers.

Broccoli Dao started to re-invigorate itself as a must-access discord with an array of different

alpha callers. Some callers were focussed around mints and quick flips whilst others solely

made secondary alpha calls. Having so many unique callers sharpened the reads of each other,

pushing forward the quality of the calls being made. On top of this value add, Broccoli Dao also

secured a partnership with Project Dolphin team to use their portal and understand the data

behind Solana nfts.

At every turn, there was another update. All the sudden, non-custodial staking was launched

through the help of Xin Dragons. There was finally no need to lock NFTs outside of individual

wallets to earn $broccoli.

The team have added to the utility of $broccoli by partnering with celestial labs for their raffling

system. For the upcoming CyberHeroez mint, 2+ CV holders will be able to mint with 500

$broccoli as well.

You might have been thinking damn, it’s only been a little over a month since derugging. How

can the project keep building?

SHILL Issue #60


Well, there’s a comic dropping later this week that’s been written up by a well known lore master.

The team has just launched the Alpha Bot with over 10 pre-ordered across other discord servers

which will be able to access anywhere between 4-12 alpha calls from 4 different callers per

week. A different selection of alpha callers will rotate onto the bot every week allowing a unique

variety of calls to be heard across all servers.

As someone who has worked with sp00n1cus during this rebuild, personally I’ve found the

transparency in the discord the most rewarding part of the build. For the entire first month of the

rebuild, sp00n1cus wasn’t even taking a cut of any royalties. The majority of decisions, if not all

decisions have been guided by asking the community, the holders to vote. That includes, gen2

artwork, roadmap development, even the % of cut he was to take from the gen2 collection was

all decided by community vote.

There’s still so much yet to come on the horizon, with certain NFT trading tools at your disposal

for being a part of the community. The question is: have you eaten your $broccoli today?


SHILL Issue #60



I’d like to tell you a little about my Exchange Art Genesis collection - “GAME OVER” “Life is a Game” - that’s the

overarching theme for this set, which was shot in a single day. The arcade was mine for only one afternoon, so I

worked fast.

I see how my kids are consumed by video games. Living their real lives in a virtual world. Where they can fix their

mistakes with a simple ‘respawn’. But we all know that’s not how the game of life works.

There are always winners AND losers, no matter how many times people tweet a hopeful WAGMI. But the one

immutable truth is that you can’t win if you don’t play the game.

I’m probably a little older than most of you. Over the years I’ve learned a few things. First, everyone goes through

moments of feeling like they aren’t good enough. Like everyone else is growing and seeing success & we’re not.

We feel like impostors.


SHILL Issue #60

We start off staying in our lane. Even though we’re told to be creative, break the rules, think outside the box - but

doing that is tough...especially when you’re not used to taking chances.

SHILL Issue #60


There we are small fish in a sea of bigger fish. Prettier fish. More talented fish. More successful fish. And we know

we must find some way - any way - to stand out.

We try. We fail. We try again. We fail again. But the ones who make it never quit. Never give up. When they’re

knocked down, they stand back up and dust themselves off - and get back in the game. Pop another quarter in the

machine and keep at it until they make it.


SHILL Issue #60

But standing out isn’t enough any longer. Fame and success fade fast. So, you’ll have to reinvent yourself over

and over to remain relevant. That means continuously finding yourself as a small fish trying to escape that big


And it can be a lonely journey...if you allow it to be.

But if you’ve taken the time to make friends along the way, to develop a support system, to help others and accept

their help when it’s offered, to go the extra mile to be a decent person and a friend, you’ll realize you’re not alone

at all.

SHILL Issue #60


As you and your friends continue to play the game, you’ll realize that sometimes it’s rigged against you. Obstacles

block the path to success. But together you can find a way around them.


SHILL Issue #60

And despite what the sign says, everyone DOES NOT win. But if you want to increase your odds, you’ve got to

get in the game - and never, ever give up.

These shots are the 12 1/1 pieces in my new “GAME OVER” collection.

Available now on Exchange Art: http://exchange.art/series/Game%20Over/nfts…

Floor is 1.5 $SOL I hope you enjoy my collection.

SHILL Issue #60



Fake Followers: the state of current mints, how they do it & is there one company behind it all?

This going to be a long thread but if you want to know what’s going on I implore you to read it cos best believe

our fave influencers are getting just enough WLs to keep shtum & not bother explaining it to us.

No doubt if you’ve been in sol for a while now, you will like many of us have been shocked at the sudden emergence

of NFT projects with HUGE twitter accounts. Every week there seems to be a project with a 6-figure following

and 100k RTs on giveaways.


SHILL Issue #60

This seems instantly odd. Magic Eden themselves (who do 95%+ of all volume on Sol) have less followers than

some of these projects. Giant established brands like Degods, Degenapeacademy, Solana monkey business are

dwarfed in twitter size by projects yet to be birthed.

Tom 《TYR》@SolportTom

Projects are releasing with more followers than @MagicEden a company that pretty much every person in Solana

and a bunch of people from other chains know, but people still try to claim it’s “marketing” and not botted.

The post mint price action furthermore doesn’t make sense- take kingsofthestreet for example. 200k followers

pre mint yet instantly below mint price and now sitting at a depressing $260k market cap.

SHILL Issue #60


200k followers now only gets them a measly 100 interactions on a post- the obvious conclusion seems to be: fake


However, the instant rebuttal to this is “check the twitter audit” kingsofthestreet passes with flying colours, how

can this be? In fact, nearly all these 6 figure mints do better on their audits than expected.

Trippin ape, one of the largest of these mega twitter accounts has only 40% fake followers, which I imagine is

likely still a long shot from the real picture. The fact is twitter audits are useless and are in fact a hinderance because

they provide a false sense of security.


SHILL Issue #60

I’m not fluent in the technical aspects but from a very quick look what I gather is they automate the creation of

500/5000/50k accounts using different proxy servers which they can buy very cheaply and these seem to bypass

basic legit checks. They then use an SMM- like twitterdub. a tool that can manage all of the created accounts at

once, with built in staggering of actions to fool twitter (and you or I) into believing it’s a real person. The smm

can Like, RT posts (used on the 50k+ giveaway

tweets) or post catchy phrases or animal noises

or whatever the owner chooses to make the replies

to a tweet seem NFT related. They can also

stagger following so accounts appear to have

“organic” growth

Let’s look at an example of an NFT project marketer

or “expert” as he calls himself here as he

goes about the process of getting fake engagement.

Profile pic seems familiar… weird.

As to not to risk falsely accusing anyone let me

make it clear I am NOT saying coder_xyz is @


I’m sure it is merely a coincidence they have

similar names, the first post on that account was

a day before great goats first twitter post and the

pfp is rather familiar.

But this is by now obvious to everyone, we all

knew this was happening, right? Where we really

go down the rabbit hole is what if I told you there

could be one group behind most of these projects.

The Ballonsville rugger- as much as I do think he’s

a basement dwelling virgin & a hypocrite, on one

of his little rants he did raise a valid point, a lot of

these collabs and giveaways seem suspicious.

SHILL Issue #60


Also, none of these high follower mints ever seem to mint within around at least a week of the others, is this

careful planning from different teams? Or one team using a project at the pinnacle of hype to bring up the next

one, rinse repeat, rinse repeat?

Credit to @cryptotiosam for finding this the other day- he links the okay bulls mint to some of the largest wallets

on Sol, moving tons of Solana about. Could it really be one group rinsing and repeating the same tactic: fake

followers+ WLs to influencers and repeat?


How to make 9.000+ $SOL out of 18 $SOL a thread

As you can see here:


Tbh I haven’t had the time to look into the whole 1 evil company behind all these botted mints conspiracy theory,

these are just some thoughts I’ve had today- I suppose if it only took me an hour or so to work out how they

botted it maybe others did too and are just copying? Idk

Of course, botting followers isn’t illegal, morally ambiguous perhaps but it’s just marketing at the end of the day.

The sad thing about all of this is the newcomers to Sol buying on secondary only to get dumped on because the

300k people they thought were interested don’t exist.


SHILL Issue #60

What does this mean for sol? Whilst we lose liquidity hand over foot to these projects atm, I think it’ll be fine

long term, people are now starting to see that followers =/= demand and hopefully the focus will go back to

great teams and communities.

The future looks bright for new projects that have built through this shitstorm of bots, stuff like @GhostKidDAO

staying relevant despite it, and new organically built soon to mint projects like @DuppiesNFT & @ClydeNFT_ will

have their time when the ($)dust settles.

SHILL Issue #60



Ok, this is not shilling (as I want to scoop more at lower price and I am NOT a shiller/ influencer) but

this is just to put it on your radar IF it isn’t already! let’s talk another undervalued TEAM @pen_frens

They have made sick animations for their own collection, also they making a YouTube video (you

should really check it out I love it) https://youtube.com/channel/UCPFiFj5jC1ferDRWFfbWOqQ/videos…

but now, NOW THEY ARE doing it as a service for other collections

youtube.com Pen Frens

We have seen @StonedApeCrew with awakening being animated?

Well pen frens did it. Whole collection more in the works which I am not

sure I am allowed to disclose the names of the projects they are working

for. But let me say this, there are a lot.

Animated tv series?? whaaaatttttt yeah also that is in the works, imagine

a southpark like tv series with the inmates...I can´t wait for it tbh

now let’s talk ROI - they have a % of the animation rev back to holders

- they have a % of the animated series rev to holders - entry point imho should be anything under 3 sol

as I think that is the best entry point for maximal gains - buy at least 3 of them, more on this next time.

What will chef do? - chef will continue to scoop up some deals he sees out there.

- chef does invest long term in TEAMS & BUILDERS DYOR and stay safe


SHILL Issue #60

SHILL Issue #60









Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s Journal

DTP Rain Rain Rain, Degen Sweepers FOMO, Dupdate, Vandal City minting

Degenerate Trash Pandas’ Raindrops protocol has the potential to become the

key infrastructure for gaming on Solana. Rumour has it that having a XALT

trait will give you a multiplier on the amount of $RAIN you get. NFA. DYOR.

Probably a rug.

Could this possibly be the hardest discord to get into? — sit tight and

spend every single waking moment waiting for the new discord password

dropped by The Degen Sweepers, don’t blink or use the bathroom because you

may miss the 5 minute window. If I say today is my mom’s birthday can Urkann

sneak me in? Please sir.

Dupdate: In typical DeGod fashion, another twist to the duppies tale has

emerged…Behold Duppies WL allocation: Reward those DAOs with WL allocations

that ACTUALLY support your project (holding a DeGod or that own $DUST in

this case). SHOW love = GET love.


SHILL Issue #60

Did I just mint a penis??? We cannot unsee it. Great Goats have appeased all

the critics with a sell-out mint and shilling beyond belief. We are curious

to see the longevity of this project and we wish all the goats wealth and


Vandal City

The Skinny: Vandal City is home to the bandits, outcasts, and misfits of the metaverse. A

city overrun by multi-millionaires hiding away in their skyscraper homes is ready to be taken

over by a band of Vandal Cities most vigilant criminals. Vandals will earn $VAULT tokens

from staking which will be payable for clues to the vault combinations (Solana Addresses)

of Vandal Cities richest leaders. Once the address is found, all of its contents are yours.

Vaults can contain anywhere from 5 to 50 SOL and/or valuable NFTs from your favorite projects.

Why we’re paying attention: Founders are DeGods holders — fully doxxed. Art style is pretty

cool and clean. The vending system they have built pre-mint went smoothly. Their utilities

boast from granting holders access to the main blockchain heist game, providing multi-purpose

multi-token raffles, and offering top quality Merch etc. Bullish.

Mint Date: June 6

Mint Supply: 10,000

Price: 3 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VandalCityCorp

SHILL Issue #60












Most of you are probably aware of @SolanaMBB by now. The tools are unreal. The community is unrivaled. The

floor keeps rising. People clearly appreciate what’s being built. But how many of you know WHO’S building it?

Let’s talk about the quiet king of Solana: @F_Inn42.

Finn is a master of web3, in part because he cut his teeth and still puts bread on the family table with web2. He

founded and runs 3 IRL web development co’s. Oh, AND a hosting company that handles server architecture for

large brands, the gov’t, & high net worth celebrities.

His IRL team is comprised of 40+ people. They include designers, developers, project managers, customer support

reps, sales reps, & security analysts. The Babies are BACKED BY THIS IRL TEAM.

He’s sold companies for multiple millions. He’s a VC advisor. Generally speaking the man is a tech wizard and a

relentlessly hard worker. The only breaks I’ve ever seen him take are to fish. And based on the catch, he’s damn

fine at that craft too.

This web2 master’s web3 passion is MBB. For those

unaware, MBB was born from @MonkeDAO. Finn

made the babies as a gift. He airdropped them to the

DAO and then donated all royalties to the Monkes.

From the start his heart is clearly a world apart. He just

wants to do good.

This airdrop, unfortunately, happened during derivative

season and was not as well received as it could

have been. Even so, out of respect for Finn, there

was a vote to incorporate them officially into SMB. It

didn’t pass. (This was clearly a “whoopsie” moment in


At the time though, it wasn’t nearly as obvious, and I

don’t blame the Monke holders of yesteryear for that

vote. Post vote, I was working on an ETF NFT idea with

@PrimitiveMoney and he looped in Finn to discussed

building the infrastructure. It took ONE chat to know.


SHILL Issue #60

...I’d bet on Finn 10 times out of 10. I bought a baby immediately. I still have him. At the time they were sub 1 SOL

in cost. They were an outcast derivative of SMB. It was worth a flier.

Finn is as thoughtful and cogent a human as I’ve ever met, and he cares about his Babies. Did the SMB vote put

a chip on his shoulder, make him push even harder? Of course it did. He’s kind but has a spine of steel. (Note he

loves and still holds a bunch of SMBs too.)

One of the things I like most about Finn is that he leads by example. He doesn’t just yell orders; he rows the boat

with us. We love him because he’s one of us. Because all the praise we heap on him, he gives back to the community

he built.

But you probably don’t know him the way you know Frank and Tom and Nom. He doesn’t crave the lime light.

The man is Dave Grohl. He’s happy to drum a steady beat. But if he needs to step up, he can write, produce, &

sing at a genius level.

SHILL Issue #60


What he’s built goes beyond tools like http://soller.ai and @killshotai: he’s built a community. The MBB Discord is

a refuge in a sea of WL grinding, FUD, and simple “gm”s with no follow up. It has @RaviMonke, a quiet legend in

his own right. It’s a place to think.

Finn did this deliberately. He carefully crafted a community where people don’t just shout into the void. It’s a

place where people go to listen. And where you can, in turn, be heard.

Perhaps because Babies were born in the SMB derivative mania, he hasn’t chased any other metas. Most notably,

he has steadfastly refused to stake the babies for “passive income.” (I think you SHOULD be able to do that,

but as is, there is a legal tail risk associated with it.)

What he’s built is unique. MBBs offer utility, community, and no legal risk. While most NFTs will inevitably go to

zero, I have extreme confidence that this one won’t. If you believe in SOL long term, it’s hard not to also believe

in Babies. It’s hard not to believe in Finn.


SHILL Issue #60



Twitter Discord

After some of my last write-ups you must be thinking that even though Solana is down more than 80% from its

ATH, some Solana NFTs are on a different steroid lately.

Well, that’s how it is, even though the winter has arrived for most of our crypto portfolio, the so-called “Solana

Summer” has shown its presence in the community.

Following the recent meta of brand focussed projects, Great Goats are going for a mint on the 5th of June 2022.

In their words, they will bring a lifestyle branding approach to web3, more so a label for the community. There

are some great things and some bad things about them that we will look into in this article.

Before we do that, let me share the mint information about the project


Supply: 11,111

Cost: 2.75 $SOL

Launchpad: Magic Eden

There aren’t a lot of things which have been mentioned by the teams, regarding what their plans are for the

future. However, they have shared a financial breakdown of their mint funds which shows that one of the sectors

which will receive the second most funding is going to be merchandise with (24% of the mint funds) second to

only team expensed which will take (25% of the mint funds).

The team has announced that the staking will get live on the day of the mint itself with them outsourcing the

devs of Xin Dragons who will build the staking site for the project, and the stakers will be able to earn $GOAT

from the first day itself.

The team have plans of airdropping one random piece of merch to its holders once every 2 months.


Talking about the art of the NFTs, from the first look of it, the art is almost identical to the art of Okay Bears with

a lot of traits matching as well. The only thing that is changed in some cases is the animal that the team has chosen.

However, I liked the art and I found them very clean with a great pfp potential.

However, when we talk about the website, that is where I feel disappointed. The team is going to take 30,555


SHILL Issue #60

$SOL (USD 1.16 Million) from the ecosystem and their website is a rip off from another project which also took

the idea from a different project. There is nothing unique and if they are showcasing themselves as a lifestyle

brand coming to WEB3, the least they could do is to design an original website.


In terms of Twitter followers, the project has now overtaken Trippin Ape Tribe which was the most followed NFT

Account in the Solana NFT Space at the time of their mint. Great Goats is currently sitting at over 425,000 Twitter

followers with 42 tweets from the account

They are clocking an average engagement of over 30,000 likes on their Twitter giveaways which mostly is botted

like any other project. On their normal tweets which are hardly one or two, they are clocking an average engagement

of around 2500 likes.

The Discord is also showing a similar picture in numbers with well over 200,000 members on the server and

around 400 people boosting the server. To put it into perspective, Trippin Ape Tribe closer to their mint had over

330,000 members and around 1200 people boosting their server.

In terms of engagement in their discord, they are getting an average engagement of well over 3000 likes.

If I have to compare the engagement between the two most followed projects in the space, Trippin Ape Discord

was a lot more active in terms of members being in the voice chats all day or in terms of active members in the


To conclude, I would say that the project was the most anticipated mint in June and everyone was pretty excited

for the mint day, with the whitelist sales breaking a new mark every day.

However, the sentiment took a U-Turn when the project announced that they are going to increase both the

supply and the mint cost of the project by around 11.11% and 37.5% respectively. When asked for a reason for

the same, the team didn’t give a satisfactory answer according to most of the big players in the space apart

from the fact that their plans are big and they do not want to compromise on those plans because of a lower


After increasing both the supply and the mint cost the team has also put the secondary royalties at 8% which

again is a very high number after they are almost getting 1.5x of their previously decided mint funds.

From where I see as an investor, the project has done nothing which can be taken as a benchmark of what work

they are going to put in the future.

They don’t even have an original art or an original website or an in-house team of dev and yet they are about to

raise a funding of over a million dollars.

The sentiment towards them is very negative now and I don’t see them holding the floor that strong. A lot of

people are going to mint the project for a quick flip as what people did with the previous drops of high following

projects. Also, there are going to be mints of fairly better projects in the coming days which again will make a lot

of people to take profits.

I would not recommend anyone buying a WL before minting, as that will only increase the chance of you getting


As always DYOR

SHILL Issue #60





A lot of you were questioning: what happened to Chikara Chimps?

Before answering that question, it would be best if you know who we are first.

What is Chikara Chimps,

Who are the people building our community,

Why we fought, won, and chose to stay in the space.

A week ago, I contacted Sydney — the new project owner of

Chikara Chimps. Asked the genius man if he had little time to spare

to write an article explaining what happened to Chikara and what

he plans for the future of the Chimps. This article below, is written

by our very own (new) project owner — Sydney Crypto Boy —

explaining his journey with us Chimps, from day 1 after mint to this


What is Chikara Chimps:

Chikara Chimps is a 888 supply NFT Project within the Solana Eco System — It was released as a

community-orientated project and there was huge hype around the launch.

Where did my interaction start with Chikara Chimps:

Chikara Chimps was released at a similar time as a HIGHLY successful project ‘Chimpions’ and Low-

Supply Meta was thriving at the time. They had exclusive Discord, so my interactions with the Chimps

started with a message in Chikara’s Twitter for some WL spots for my exclusive Discord and ever since

I was hooked.


Unfortunately for me, they had ignored my endless requests. It was

proven hard to gain access to their discord and this was quickly

becoming one of the most hyped mints on Solana.

The buildup was insane pre-mint and their WL token was selling

for 15◎ ++(Which at the time was higher than ANYTHING I’d seen

before) — Their hype was real — I actually acquired a token for 3◎

and choose to mint.

Secondary entrance:

With those who minted for 1◎ happy to make a 3X quickly, this had

caused major FUD as those paying excessive amounts for tokens

where naturally disappointed so straight away it was a battle.

It was the community who fought bravely against the FUD and they won.

We won.


SHILL Issue #60

And there’s one thing to note here: not all

members — who fought against the MASSIVE

FUDs at that time — were OGs or originally

Whitelisted pre-mint. Some were also new

members of the Discord, the people who bought

tokens and minted. That’s how strong our

community was. And this happened just right after

the mint was sold out, showing me good signs that

Chikara Chimps is GMI.


Genuinely the community after this time was one

— if not THE very best I’d been involved with —

great people, hype, super active, loyal HODLers

and it was always great to hang out in VC and

hit some DCF with the guys!! This was the REAL

USP for the project and I would be in here hours

each day, ever since I was just a regular member

of the community.

Alpha Caller:

After a DAO vote, I was allocated to become their

initial ‘Alpha Caller’ and the community backed me

hard. We had some great profits and this is where

my real Web 3 exposure/Alpha came from.

Lost Faith/Botched Mint/Unconfirmed Rumors

of Slow Rug?

More recently the FP was going down quickly,

more and more people left the Discord and there

was a Twitter release of a Mod accusing the

owners of a slow rug. What happened after is,

pretty much, predictable.

Chimps’ FP actually tanked to 0.1◎.

The community was decimated.

People were fudding hard just like how it was on

our day 1 post mint.

It really looked like the end was here for Chikara


DAO Vote:

There was a

vote within the

DAO, between

the owners

at the time,

another strong

investor with

the backing of

an influencer

(Solstice), and

me along with

a few of the

original OG


The vote was

basically about

what’s going to

be the future

of the Chimps

and most


the ownership


Was it hard?


Tough times, even tougher negotiations.

After days of mediating and convincing the

previous owners to hand over the project back to

the community, they finally did.

The chimps once again won.

DAO voted me as the new owner of Chikara, and

that’s been a GREAT HONOR for me since I’ve

been keen with this project even before mint and I

love the people in Chikara so much. They’re like a

family to me.

A community so strong, so solid, they’re worth

fighting hard for.

My Plan (After winning the vote):

My plans for Chikara in the first 2 weeks were all

about that community:

- building up some trust again,

- becoming fully doxxed,

- proving myself as a leader, and

- delivering endlessly on WL’s & Alpha to the DAO

offering them some great value.

So far there’s been a proven improvement here

and there, but I got to be transparent here: there’s

still A LOT to be done if we’re to deliver with

staking, creating utility for $OOAA, website setup,

wallet transfers, appointing server Admins & Mods,


This is going to be HUGE EFFORT for Chikara,

not gonna lie.

But it’s going to be worth it.

That’s all I know.

SHILL Issue #60


Performance to date:

— FP gone from 0.19 to 1.55 Sol… 715% Increase.

— Listings down from 115+ down to 75… 35% decrease.

— 100+ WL’s for projects given to DAO inc Dahlys, Wobblebug, Dead Rejects & Orcs.

— Growing the team — Hired 3 x Mods & WL Hunter.

— Improving marketing with the inception of Chimp Diary’s Weekly.

— Royalties Wallet up over 60%

— In process and payment made to be fully doxed by Alder Mage’s.

What’s coming next?

Every week, the Chimps would release a few pages of

#ChimpsDiary, a summary of stuff that has been achieved & done

within the week and explaining their homework for the upcoming.

Everything about and related to Chikara Chimps is now gonna be

very transparent. Our leader, Sydney, has always emphasized on

that — transparency, honesty, and positivity.

After speaking with Simba (Lion Cats) and Weeegie (Dahly’s),

Sydney has set a new aim for the Chimps:

to always build — no matter how small or big it is — but we are to

build every single day.

Changes have been made, are still being made, and the Chimps strive for better. Always.


SHILL Issue #60








Elena Art vlphv_

Elena Art vlphv_





Cyborg of the future



Just over a year ago, I hadn’t even heard the term NFT. Now I have a portfolio worth tens of millions. I’ve profited

on large, high conviction bets. I bought Punks at 7 ETH, SMB at 50 SOL, and Degods at 7 SOL. 11 ways to use my

5,000+ hours of learning to help you get rich:

1: The Art Only one utility has fully proven itself and created tremendous wealth for its holders. That utility is

social signaling. Everything else simply supports that utility.

Social Signaling = Flex + Community + Identity. There cannot be a flex without a community. There cannot be a

community without a *lasting* identity. There cannot be a lasting identity without exceptional art.

My PFP Checklist: • Clean/Simple Art • Clean Background • Distinguishable from other collections • Aspirational

Art (Lions/apes/gods better than rats, lizards, etc.) • Brandable IP • Does it look good on Twitter? • Would I feel

proud to display this myself?

2: Size Matters Larger collection sizes will perform better in the long term than small collection sizes. The bigger

the collection, the larger the network effect, the bigger the flex for owning a rare, the more benefits you get from

posting it on social media, etc.

On ETH, we saw 10k projects dominate for a long time. As the market grows, we are witnessing 20k+ outperforming.

On SOL, we used to see low supply caps dominate. Now that SOL has a similar amount of users to ETH,

10k+ are starting to perform exceptionally well.

The overall NFT Market will keep growing, further increasing the optimal collection size. However, there are

limits from an artistic standpoint for collection sizes, which may make Gen 2 (and eventually gen 3) airdrops/collections

a better idea (MAYC, WOWG, etc.)*

3: PFP Usage People displaying something as a PFP shows conviction and pride. It’s also the most powerful

marketing tool available for a PFP collection. Use http://nftinspect.xyz to evaluate how many people are using

collections as PFP and the reach of those people.


4: Holder Stats Stats to Look out for;

• % of Unique Owners: Higher the better

• % Listed: Lower the better (staking can muddle this)


SHILL Issue #60

• Distribution: Look into the holders that own a high % of supply. Are they flippers, whales, long-term holders,

the team itself, etc?

5: Innovation There needs to be some core innovation for a new project to succeed. ~There are 400 PFP projects

launched a day on ETH. Hundreds more on SOL. The first-mover advantage exists. What worked a few short

weeks ago will not work today.

Every successful PFP had a significant innovation, whether in the art or utility: Punks - invented the category itself.

BAYC - added utility through a social club, airdrops, expanded collection through MAYC Doodles - accessible cartoon

art Azuki - Extremely high-quality anime

@worldofwomennft- hIgh-quality inclusive art led by a female team

@MonkeDao- community-led DAO driving innovation

@DegodsNFT- PHBT, $DUST, Constant experimentation, culminating in #Deadgods

Knock-offs and derivatives cannot compete with the original innovators. Social signaling drives the majority of the

value in PFPs. Flexing a knock-off communicates the opposite of what most people want to signal.

6: Provenance is one thing that does not face execution risk. Punks will always be the first successful PFP collection.

It will always be the project that spawned an entire category. The rest of these factors change over time;

having something immutable is powerful

7: Utility can be tricky to evaluate. Buzzwords are cheap and easy. P2E, Metaverse, and staking for a random

token no one will ever use are not utility in themselves.

•Upgradeable Art •Staking •Gen 2 NFTs •Airdrops •Integrations •Gated discord •Merch, live events etc can

produce utility ONLY IF it delivers demand and value to the collection. Think through how the promised “utility”

helps, hurts, or does nothing for the brand

8: The Team I care less about an IRL dox and more about skin in the game. Someone like @Deezefi has much

more at risk than a random person with 5 Twitter followers but a real name and LinkedIn. Consider how much rep

the team stands to lose by rugging and assume the worst.

Evaluate every decision and execution the team has made so far:

•Is the art good •Did they choose the right collection size •Are they doing anything innovative •Did the drop go

smoothly •Has communication been good •Is their vision fundamentally strong

9: Community This is crucial but also hard to objectively measure, so it’s over-rated by most. The reality is that

most discords at the beginning are very similar. Over time, the quality can diverge. The highest community signal

is the Builder/Moonboi Ratio or BMR

10: Price Action I like projects that have survived a prolonged bear market and are beginning to gain momentum

in price, volume, and pfp usage. If the team and community have stuck it out multiple times, they have a higher

chance to stick around for the next one.

11: Aligned Incentives: • What is the mint price • What % of mint and royalties are going to a community wallet

Royalties can be a great incentive for development, but they become useless if floor price and volume tank.

This space needs to innovate ways to incentivize teams long-term while discouraging short-term behavior. Some


• Low mint price or lock mint revenue in a wallet that gets released on performance goals

• Team mints part of collection themselves with an unlock schedule

I have more nuanced thoughts on each of these 11 topics. I will follow up with more detail on whichever tweets

seem to get the most interest/retweets.

Disclaimer: The total NFT market cap 10xing from here in 1 year is FUD However, most individual participants will

LOSE due to NFT supply inflation over that time. Be cautious at the beginning of your NFT journey. You will have

better opportunities as you learn more.

SHILL Issue #60




Today I get to share an interview with the multi-talented @4c3m1t4. The first time I saw 4c3m1t4's pixel

work, I was blown away by his unique style. 4c3m1t4 is a psychologist by day and Illustrator and pixel

artist by night. Let's take a moment to get to know @4c3m1t4

Tell us a little bit about


I'm a psychologist and artist

based in Buenos Aires; I fell in

love with art thanks to my wife,

an art instructor who helped me

15 years ago to appreciate a

large number of worlds where I

could travel through art. Through

the exploration, I initially made

illustrations and began to work

with Pixel art and animation.

I love all the themes related

to skulls, video games and


How do you get into your

creative zone?

I usually enter my creative zone

by reading and looking for

references on television and the

internet, and there I begin to

imagine alternative worlds.

When in the flow, what does

your process look like?

I usually spend several days imagining and

generating different ideas; for me, the funniest

part is exploring and thinking of multiple

possibilities or ideas; then, I seek that all these

ideas converge by making the first sketch, and if I

feel comfortable there, I begin to draw.

Tell us about your Esther piece?

Esther is your personal partner, who is in your

pocket and helps to experience different situations

through the game, reminding us that the small

moments must be lived. Being present is key to

having balanced mental health.

cultures, creating projects and ideas that can reach

thousands of people and transform their lives.

What's the most significant learning experience

you've had in web3?

The most important thing is the community; we can

be able to create entire ecosystems if we work


Thank you for taking the time to get to know me

and for helping create these magical pieces; one

day we will play a real Esthergotchi; I can feel it.

Everyone, please jump into @4c3m1t4 Twitter and

throw him a follow.

What are you most excited about in web3?

The possibility of knowing new people and their

SHILL Issue #60



People like to kick projects like thugbirdz when

they’re down. There are people saying we’ve

done nothing, when in fact we’ve done so

much for the solana community and

continue to experiment and vibe to

this day.

In the beginning thugbirdz

minted when very few projects

ever existed and roadmaps

were not something projects

made a point of.

The project was fudded from the get

go, but the founder chose to donate

a large portion of the mint directly to the @

wildlifeSOS when many people outside of NFTs

were upset about the environmental impact of


Thugbirdz didn’t try to take itself too

seriously and that’s what people

identified with, we enjoyed the

chill vibes and the fun community

that naturally came together.

Since then we’ve undergone

many changes and helped create

alot of the meta and approach a lot

of projects still use today, from our CAW

CAWs to our raids we surprised many of the

people who thought we would be a flash in the


Most of us who still rep the thugz

love the art and what the project

stands for. We were one of the

first collections to adopt our

own Solana Validator to help

bolster the decentralization of

the network we love.

We’ve done numerous collaborative

airdrops and helped several artists

make a name for themselves many of whom

have gone on to become quite popular 1/1


People often would ask when sweater, and

yes that took a long time due to delays,

setbacks, covid and manufacturer

issues, but at the end of it all over

1000 sweaters were delivered

free to holders.

You can say what you’d

like about thugbirdz, but this

project has persisted for nearly

a year, it’s community constantly

pushing alpha and giving dedicated

members value back that far surpasses

any floor price we ever had.

So the way I see it, I’m proud to hold my thugbirdz,

I’m proud to have been through this ever

changing ecosystem with you all,

and I know that we will still be here

long after your favorite hyped

mint has faded into obscurity.

Fuck a rug, be a thug. Join the

caws. I’m stoked to see what @

terpz777and the rest of the team

bring to the table. But on principle

alone I’m diamond winging these

birdz forever.

this project has

persisted for

nearly a year,

it’s community


pushing alpha


SHILL Issue #60


Ayy Fam! Here's a little bit about us. Launched by a team consisting of artists, devs, NFT

enthusiasts; the Chill

Red Pandaz are a

limited NFT collection

of Chill Red Pandas to

fund an NFT print-ondemand

service. But

wtf does NFT Print-on-

Demand mean?

We love our NFTs,

however flaunting

them is often limited

to sharing them on a

small mobile screen via

Phantom or Metamask

wallets or as a profile

picture on our socials.

We can do better!

Ownership of an NFT is

a right to ownership of

the art associated with

the token and we want

to help projects and

individuals to maximise

their rights on their

NFTs by enabling them

to turn their NFTs into

their own personal Fashion collection.

Our print-on-demand service allows us to print and ship any unique NFT design on high quality

textiles like shirts & hoodies with quick world-wide shipping. Users of the service can simply submit

their NFT designs: we will handle the rest.

We will also provide large-scale merchandise printing services to other NFT projects in need of this

service to help them achieve a quicker turnaround rate for Merchandise manufacturing. With less

hassle and fuss.

Stay tuned for more updates on Holder Benefits! #Sol #solNFT #NFT #nftcommunity #crypto

SHILL Issue #60









Lucid Screens



Q: What is the Diversity Club?

A: The Diversity Club Community is a place where Culture

and Art meet. We aim to create a unique environment

where differences are celebrated, and similarities can be


Q: What is the Diversity Club NFT Collection?

A: An NFT celebrating diversity, history, and culture through

art. Every Asset that is part of the Diversity Club NFT Collection

has a Cultural or Historical Background and can be

found in cultures spread across the world. The NFTs are

based on a neutral yet intriguing and mystical, genderless

Character with many different Attributes. The Illustrations

are digitally hand-drawn and stylized using different Noise

Patterns and Blending Modes.

Q: What is Diversity Club Access?

A: Each NFT is a key into the DiversityDAO Similar to a governance token. It will grant you access to a variety of

Live Events, Debates and Lectures while giving you voting power regarding the project’s future and fund.

Q: How will the Diversity Club by funded?

A: 15% of the primary sales and 50% of the royalties will stay within the Project.

Q: How is the club’s capital distributed?

A: The funds will be fully controlled by the DiversityDAO.


Connect the community Building the community and spreading awareness about different cultures around the

world. Brining the spirit of UNESCO and Google Arts & Culture to Web 3.


Launch of the collection. Each NFT is a unique art-piece with real world cultural value and is a key into the DiversityDAO

Similar to a governance token.


Establishment of the DiversityFund to support upcoming artists

from all around the world & Diversity Club Access. 15% of the

primary sales and 50% of the royalties will stay within the Project.

Diversity DAO

Building the Diversity DAO to make it self-sustaining, and the infrastructure

to use NFTs as voting power regarding the project’s

future and fund.

Support cultural projects

Supporting cultural projects and artists through donations and

giving them a platform. Hosting ongoing live events with members

from the community and guests about relevant cultural



SHILL Issue #60

SHILL Issue #60



Yesterday something really incredible happened, I almost threw in the towel, I sold several paintings in a couple of

hours and several doors opened for me, I will tell you some details in this thread a little long.

I’ll start with the first thing, my room rent was due, I had no way to pay it, I hadn’t sold a single painting in the

whole month, I knocked on several doors looking for some support and they didn’t open. I was about to throw in

the towel and after thinking a little I put all my paintings at a price of 0.33 something economical but later I will tell

you something about this, a little reflection that I had. I made several posts on twitter and nothing was happening,

so to look for calm there is one of my paintings that I really like and every time I see it I feel calm, so I decided to

make a tweet about exactly that and that’s when it all started.

@Sol_Papi_liked it so I said why not do it, I wrote him a tweet saying that if he liked it it was available for 0,33 and I

sent him the link. I closed the laptop and put it aside and I said to myself: let whatever happens happen. I lay down

on my bed and closed my eyes, at that moment I really felt a bit bad, after a few minutes lying there, suddenly a

strange feeling of calmness came over me...

I don’t know if you believe in paranormal things, but I can say that I have gifts of medium, yes, “I talk with dead

people”, since I was a child and with the time studying religions I have learned many things about it, I have in mind

make a collection about this kind of things, some paintings about messages I receive, visions or things like that, but

back to the topic, I was invaded by that feeling of calm and I said this is not normal something happens so I decided

to connect again, I grabbed the laptop and I saw something like this.

Surprise @Sol_Papi_ just posted 45 seconds ago, she bought the painting and made a tweet about it and yes, that’s

exactly what I said about the paranormal, after that she wrote me a DM and then I will reveal the things to come.

Then sir @quincy_sol showed up and another surprise, he had just bought another one of my paintings and also

made a post about it, I couldn’t believe this was really happening, I thought I think my prayers were answered.

@nft501 also joined the party and bought 1 paintings, I really felt a joyful and nostalgic emotion since I had a

month without seeing anything and then all these gentlemen appeared and all this magic started.


SHILL Issue #60

Also the being @mic0003sol bought 2 more paintings which mean a lot to me, one is about the 7 rays, a vision

that I had one day, I had no idea what the 7 rays were, I only had this vision so I decided to investigate more. 1st

Ray Archangel Michael.

The other one was born in a cold morning full of many thoughts and ideas, I had so many ideas that I didn’t know

which one to execute so this beautiful composition came up that calmed all those thoughts. Creative Anxiety.

Then I realized that the @nft501 hadn’t bought just one but 3 paintings, here are the other 2 that were missing

and what a surprise!

SHILL Issue #60


@its_brad_b had bought one also of the Brushes series and with him I had already sold 3 of the 6 that currently

make up the series, this series is in progress I plan to add 4 more paints to close it with 10 paints.

After a few minutes @8Gains appears, he put his grain of sand and bought another painting of the Brushes series,

I really didn’t know what was happening, I had a meeting of the minds, something unexplained.

After an hour I thought this was not going to go any further and in the middle of the conversation with @Sol_Papi_

he decided to support me and help me, he made me 2 offers for a series of 100 paintings that I am doing and that

I am working on for the long term.

Approx more than a year, I have a great vision and some good plans for this particular series, the series is called

“Surreal Experience”, and these are the first 2 paintings: Untitled #001 sold for 1 and Untitled #002 sold for 2.

So thanks to all these great people I raised enough money to pay the rent for my room and they all gave me

encouragement to keep painting so if you are an artist, I have something to tell you pay attention. Never! But never

give up!


SHILL Issue #60

When you think all is lost just do not think about it, look for a new way to reach people, think of other alternatives,

ask the universe with a good vibe. Sure, it will listen to you and if you put your mind and vibration in tune, it will be

fulfilled do not be afraid to put your work at a cheap price, see what happened to me, I started selling my paints to

1 and not sold nothing in a month I decided to list them all at 0.33 and look at the result many of them were sold

so I learned that you have a good entry price to the market and...

That will open doors, it will allow you to continue building and working little by little and remember these words,

keep creating don’t stop doing it, shape all those ideas let them out, create and create, just don’t throw in the

towel keep your will firm and keep going.

I thank all these people that I mentioned in this thread really what they did has no comparison I have no words to

say, I just must keep painting and that will be my best way to show my gratitude to everyone.

Next I will leave the links to the series there are still some paints available so if you want you can look and if you

like what you see buy some of them, I will be grateful Kinetic World: 5 available out of 6 and I plan to close with

10. https://t.co/jEfE7WHuAT

Brushes: available only 2 of 6 and I will also close it at 10 https://exchange.art/series/Brushes/nfts… The Secret Rays:

only 7 paintings, available only 1 of 2. https://exchange.art/series/The%20Secret%20Rays/nfts… Complements:

series of 10 paintings 3 sold out

Experience: This for me will be my biggest creation so far, 100 different paintings that I will work on for a long time,

the first 2 are already sold. https://t.co/YkW0uyyMHR

SHILL Issue #60













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