The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II_compressed (1)

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II_compressed (1)

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II_compressed (1)


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MAY 2022

Sonica Aron

Managing Partner







Changing Peoples' Lives for Better


Cover Story


Sonica Aron

Changing Peoples'

Lives for Better



Why Do We

Need More

Digital Leader In

The Insurance



Kaleem & Madeeha

The migrants who

revolutionised the South

Australian businesses


Kamales Lardi

14 Moving Businesses into

the Digital Age with

Brainchild Endeavour Lardi

& Partner Consulting

Karin Volo

20 Leading A Novel Training

Firm, Evoloshen Academy

Bringing Joy to the Workplace

Manisha Karmarkar

34 Breaking Glass Ceilings

in the Field of Medicine

Yoana Boyanova

44 Helping Organization

to Make the World a

Better Place

Lexis Serot

28 A Thought-Provoking Leader,

Humanitarian, and a Doting

Mother Setting New Benchmarks

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Managing Editor

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With the constant development in the startup

ecosystem, more and more women are

chasing the entrepreneurial dream and

succeeding in their ventures. Women leadership in

today’s world has been on a rising graph in the recent

years. In this day and age, we can proudly say that

women leadership is not an obscure concept any

longer. Women are in the news every day, ruling all

segments of industry and all facets of life. Successful

women leaders and subject matter experts who have

created a very strong knowledge pool are helping

innovators to shape ideas into reality.

With a set of strengths and professional code of

conduct that women are very well suited for;

organizations are actively seeking women for

leadership roles and female entrepreneurs are starting

businesses at a faster rate than any other time in the

past. Several organizations too are enabling women to

grow and flourish in both their professional and

personal lives, enabling them to thrive on their own

path, based on their own professional and personal

priorities. Their expertise and thought leadership are

fuelling organizations' impressive success. In a country

like India where most of the women aren't encouraged

to think big, there are some who have soared higher

than one would expect from a constrictive setup.

These wonder women are inspiring other ladies to

venture on the path of start-ups through the stories of

their personal struggles and challenges. Our current

edition speaks of such inspiring stories of women

entrepreneurs who are disabling the think-leaderthink-male

norm and touching the sky. The number of

female founders shining in our country will only rise,

and we could not be prouder of our women.

Flip the pages and Happy reading…!!

Tycoon Success Magazine


The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022



Changing Peoples' Lives for Better

Cover Story

The two most important days in

your life are the day you are born

and the day you nd out why.

– Mark Twain

Sonica Aron

Managing Partner

city as well as in remote areas. This experience

helped her realize, how diverse people viewed

women workforce, worked with, and dealt with


Sonica later went on and gathered experience

from companies like ICI paints, Philips,

Vodafone, and Roche diagnostics. While she

was heading the HR department for Philips

Consumer Lifestyle Business in India, she

decided to take a different path and reshape her


So, come February 2013, Sonica Aron

founded Marching Sheep with the vision of

making a tangible difference to peoples' lives

and careers.

During her 2 decades-long career as an HR

professional, Sonica has seen the narrative of

Diversity Equity and Inclusion evolve. Once

there was a time when the best organizations

were not aware of Vishakha guidelines to now

where organizations are not only working

seriously towards increasing women

participation in the workforce but there are

organizations that are looking at other

dimensions of diversity like Persons with

Disabilities, LGBTQIA+ community as well.

oming from a family of doctors. The youngest of

Cthree siblings, no one in Sonica Aron's family

has studied or practiced business management.

So, this was a completely new world for Sonica. From

having medical discussions at the dinner table as a child

to today where she and her family talk about social

justice, gender expression, awareness about disabilities,

and inclusion.

Sonica is an HR professional with more than 2 decades

of experience. She has completed her graduation

from XLRI Jamshedpur, which is also one of the soughtafter

institutes for studying Human Resources in India.

While working at PepsiCo, Sonica was exposed to

diverse roles and geographies. She worked in sales and

sales HR. She worked in a factory. She also worked in a

Sonica also believes a lot of organizations have

moved ahead of 'token' efforts like standalone

sessions and are approaching the issue with serious

intent and are taking a holistic approach- through

inclusive policies, processes, driving mindset change,

inclusive leadership, communication, and decision


Making a Tangible Difference in Peoples' Lives

As a consulting organization, Marching Sheep had to

evolve with the evolving times. During the pandemic,

the company had conducted extensive industry

engagement and came up with interventions that were

specific to clients' needs in turbulent times.

The organization has also observed the evolving role of

HR as strategic partners in business recovery, continuity,

and growth. So, Marching Sheep has curated an action

learning-based strategic HR business partnering

certification, and in partnership with FICCI Quality

Forum, has been successfully running programs that

have been attended by HR professionals from different


In order to stay true to its vision of making a tangible

difference in peoples' lives and careers, Marching Sheep

needs to stay in touch with its client organizations and

people. So, the organization also carries out various noncommercial

campaigns including, Marching with Pride,

where the company engaged with people from the

LGBTQIA+ community to understand their lives and

what would take it to make organizations inclusive for

them. Another Campaign was 21 Marching, where they

met with 21 persons with disabilities to help spread

awareness about the 21 disabilities covered under the

RPWD act 2016.

Marching Sheep provides four main services, which are;

• Diversity & Inclusion Strategies and Interventions:

The organization truly believes that inclusive

organizations are much more productive and

Marching Sheep partners with client organisations to

arrive at their inclusion and diversity charters and

strategy through a diversity diagnostic, chart out

executable plans, and also partner with the execution,

drive mindset change, and culture building.

• Human Resource Consulting: Organizations need

their HR strategy, policies, and processes to enable

employees to deliver on the business strategy and

goals. Marching Sheep works closely with its client

organizations in order to streamline the vision,

mission, values, behavioural frameworks, policies,

practices, HR strategy, and socialization, and drive

communication, internal Leadership, managerial

capability to enable the same.

• Bespoke learning interventions: Sonica believes that

the world has significantly changed during the last

two years of the pandemic. As the socio-economic

fabric is slowly evolving, the competencies needed to

succeed at work are also changing. Marching Sheep

work with clients in order to enable individual

contributors, managers, and leaders to succeed by

building the right competencies. The organization

curates each intervention to drive the right behaviours

through the facilitation of insights, reflection, and


• Health and Wellness Portfolio: Marching Sheep

believes, wellness nowadays includes emotional,

mental, and physical wellbeing. While things like

insurance can take care of the physical part, a massive

awareness and life-skill building are needed to handle

issues like stress, burnout, and anxiety. The best part

is, Marching Sheep enables all the individuals to

become emotionally resilient by identifying their

stress triggers, their own stress responses, and coping

mechanisms and hence more productive, personally,

and professionally. According to Sonica, the company

does this with programs curated after research, and

with the help of clinical psychologists.

The Inception Story

Before founding Marching Sheep in 2013, Sonica used

to be on the other side, as an HR Head. However, her

biggest issue with that was, they would engage a

consultant, carry out an intervention, and incur costs yet

there would be no tangible change post the event. So, she

along with the team drew the blueprint of Marching

Sheep on how they would approach each assignment,

and what they would achieve at the end of the

assignment. For her, leaving a tangible impact is

extremely critical.

The second factor was that she was already the head of

HR position by 2012, and it was the time for Sonica to

evaluate her next steps for herself, in her context. With

her husband's career growing parallelly, two young kids,

and three sets of aging parents and grandparents, Sonica

was seeking a career path, where she could contribute,

and get the satisfaction of making a difference on her


Marching Sheep has clients across various industries.

The organization has worked with different global

MNCs, and Indian Conglomerates, funded start-ups,

emerging organizations, and large giants. It has worked

in sectors like FMCG, FMCD, manufacturing, power,

and infrastructure, BPO/KPO, IT and ITeS, Financial


As a company, Marching Sheep has also successfully

built relationships with clients based on the Quality of its

delivery. Sonica and her team always deliver what

they commit and on time. The Marching Sheep

team spends quite a lot of time understanding

customer pain points and offering a solution that

will eventually solve the real issue.

Tackling Challenges

Sonica faced many challenges while founding

Marching Sheep. The challenges included things

like statutory requirements that are associated

while having her setup. Some decisions like

whether it should be an LLP, LLC, or a company

or a proprietorship were to be made. Making her

website from scratch was a big challenge, being

bootstrapped. She was in a vicious cycle, to hire a

team member or to make revenues to reach a

certain level. Sonica was doing everything from

BD to delivery to invoicing to client management

to paying taxes herself. Doing Business

development did not come naturally to Sonica.

She was quite hesitant about singing her own

praises as a consultant, but that was needed. She

took her time to learn this art. Then came the issue

of managing cash flows. Slowly and steadily she

learned, she hired and grew. Soon the client base

grew, and revenue also got stabilized. However,

challenges like demonetization, implementation of

GST, and the pandemic came and destabilized the


Every time the industry got destabilized and the client's

focus shifted from HR interventions to business

continuity. Therefore, Sonica and her team had to evolve

each time in order to meet the client's need to stay

relevant, which eventually taught the firm flexibility and


Future Roadmap

Marching Sheep is already a leading D&I firm in India.

So, it would like to make its mark globally. The

organization has started acquiring international clients

from 2021 and now it is planning to press the accelerator

pedal this year.

army to today being a strong team of passionate HR

professionals, with clients, mentors, allies across

industries and globe.”

She also considers herself lucky to forge strong

partnerships with the clients who have trusted the

company and given them repeated work, partners like

FICCI, and transformance forums who helped the

company carry its message and passion on building

inclusive workplaces, and an inclusive world.

Sonica also added, “We have gone from strength to

strength in the last 8 years. From being a one-woman

Kamales Lardi


14 MAY 2022

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II



Moving Businesses into the Digital Age with

Brainchild Endeavour Lardi & Partner Consulting

amales Lardi, a Digital Business Transformation

KExpert & Thought Leader successfully

contributing top-line growth of businesses,

their operational excellence and capabilities development

through digital transformation. She combines over 21

years of deep cross-industry experience with the

latest digital and technology solutions and is presently

leading Lardi & Partner Consulting in the key position of


In academics, Kamales did B.Sc. in Computing &

Information Systems where she found her interest

in technology, programming, and business strategy.

The inspiring lady began her career at Accenture

(Andersen Consulting back then) after graduating in

1999. Then, she enrolled in MBA at Durham University

Business School in the UK (2003). Kamales worked in

Zurich Insurance for a while, and then at Deloitte

Consulting. In the year 2012, she decided to start her own


Further Kamales shared about her journey, “I became a

parent and found the consultancy business model not

conducive to a balanced lifestyle. This became the premise

for my 'modular consulting' business model, a term that I

coined to combine high-quality solutions with a flexible and

agile delivery model. This approach has resonated well with

many business leaders and has helped my company stand

out in the digital space.”

In addition to consulting, Kamales Lardi is active in

teaching as well and has lectured at several higher

institutions like ZHAW Zurich University of Applied

Sciences, HWZ Zurich University of Applied Sciences

in Business, and Durham University Business School.

She is the Chairperson of the FORBES Business

MAY 2022 15

Council Women Executives group and a dynamic and

influential speaker.

Lardi & Partner Consulting, Transforming Traditional

Business Models

Lardi & Partner Consulting GmbH is a boutique

consultancy specializing in digital business transformation

and emerging technologies. We enable organizations to

transform traditional business models, processes, and

operations to meet the needs of the digital economy and

customer experience. We help companies define their

customer's needs and identify the best ways to utilize digital

and emerging technologies across the business value chain

to gain sustainable returns.

The firm provides advisory services to mostly multinational

companies across various industries in Europe, Asia, and

Africa. In addition, over the years they have also advised

SMEs, start-ups, and the public sector.

Kamales's focus on creating value in business enabled by

technology has helped the Lardi & Partner Consulting firm

stand out. She often says, 'technology is not a silver bullet

solution, a clear value proposition should drive any

transformation effort'. This approach resonates well with

many business leaders and has helped her stand out in the

digital space.

The Impacts of Covid-19

COVID-19 has shifted mindsets towards greater adoption

of technology and digital platforms. As experts in Digital

Transformation, Kamales and her team have extensive

implementation experience in this space and actively

support companies in driving. They have taken a peoplefirst

approach that focuses on team wellness and prioritizing

clients in their work. This works well as they have strong

personal relationships with their clients and understand

their personal and business challenges. In addition, their

capabilities in business transformation and emerging

technology solutions are exactly what companies need now

to create business continuity and resilience.

From the CEO's Desk

When asked about her views on challenges faced

by women entrepreneurs and advice to overcome them,

Kamales said “I do believe there is still a certain level of

bias, conscious or unconscious, in the field of tech,

entrepreneurship, and business. This could relate to a range

of challenges such as women getting fewer opportunities in

the field, struggling to gain funding, not receiving the

credibility or recognition that they deserve for their work,

or even manifest in the technology solutions being

developed because of the lack of diversity in the

development teams. This challenge should be addressed at

various levels to be effective, including education, support,

and deliberate actions and policies to enhance diversity –

not just across gender but in every area.”

What Fascinates You the Most about Running your own


“I take an active role in every client engagement that we

deliver. I like working with clients and each company is

unique, bringing new experiences, challenges, and

opportunities. I find this fascinating and exciting. Also, the

best part for me is seeing our solutions and advisory

moving from vision to action, driving transformation in the

company, and delivering real business results. This brings

satisfaction and motivates me to keep doing what I do”,

shared Kamales while disclosing the fascinating part in her

business role.

“By running my own business, I have full control over the

types of projects we do, who we work with, and what kind of

results we can bring. For example, we usually work with

multinational corporations, however, if there is an

interesting project with a small company or start-up, we

could still take it on. I am also excited about exploring new

capabilities and skills. For example, back in 2016, many

clients asked about the impact of blockchain and crypto in

their business. This led me to deep dive into the topic,

including understanding the technology and programming

in this scape and eventually designing and building a

blockchain-based traceability solution for the agriculture

supply chain”, she further added.

Awards and Milestones on the Way

The company has hit the 10-year milestone for the business

this year and they are still going strong. This is a big

achievement considering the competitive market. Lardi &

Partner Consulting has been honored with the 2020 Global

Corporate Excellence Award from Business Worldwide

Magazine in the category 'Digital Business Transformation

Firm of the Year'. In addition, Kamales Lardi has received

numerous awards including:

• “Top 10 Global Influencers & Thought Leaders in

Digital Transformation” (Thinkers360, 2021)

16 MAY 2022

• The Top 50 Women in Tech - Influencers to Follow


• Top 20 visionaries of the media and technology industry

(Adello Magazine, 2021)

• First-ever Forbes Business Council Women Executives

Chair (2021)

• Women in Fintech Powerlist (2017)

Don't limit yourself to what others or society or even you

think you should be doing. The possibilities are unlimited,

as long as you are bold and take a leap of faith in yourself.

Build the right capabilities and experience required to

succeed, but remember you do not need to be 100% ready,

leverage teams that can help you build the right capabilities.

Lardi & Partner in The Next Five Years

Lardi & Partner Consulting aims to flourish into a globally

recognized brand and expert partner in digital business

transformation in the near future. Also, the team is planning

to work on more technology projects that deliver towards

sustainability and climate change solutions

Advice for Female Entrepreneurs

MAY 2022 17

Karin Volo


20 MAY 2022

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II



Leading A Novel Training Firm, Evoloshen

Academy Bringing Joy to the Workplace

Standing strong on the sturdy shoulders of a

flourishing businesswoman, a global leader, an

employee engagement expert, and a recognized

HR Influencer, Karin Volo, CEO, Evoloshen Academy

endeavours to guide employees to be empowered,

engaged, and help them reach their full potential.

Evoloshen transforms business through culture. It is the

team of expert trust advisors to CEOs, CHRO's, and top

management teams to help them work strategically on

culture issues.

With over 20 years of experience working with Fortune

500 companies globally, this inspiring leader has insights

on business building, cultural transformation, and high

performance. Aside from becoming an expert in culture,

employee engagement, personal and organizational

development, she is an international bestselling author.

She is also an accomplished inspirational speaker and a

Certified C-IQ Coach. Her purpose is bringing joy to

the workplace.

Further Karin apprised “I've had my own company

since 2003 when I started an Executive Search firm

in Sweden. My work has evolved from taking the best

talent out of companies to helping companies keep

their talent through working on their culture. The

catalyst for this change came from writing a book

called Engage! in 2012 which became an international

MAY 2022 21

bestseller. It lead to me speaking on culture, engagement,

trust, and purpose and developing impactful training

programs in these areas.”

Successful Clientele & Core Values

Evoloshen Academy works actively with progressive

CEOs and CHROs who understand the value of culture.

They have worked with a number of industries and types

of organizations from fast-growing tech companies,

global consulting firms, manufacturing, private equity,

and governmental agencies to give some examples.

The core is focused on developing and training

employees to be empowered, engaged, and to help them

reach their full potential. They have training programs

such as Ignite Your Trust Factor, am International

Cultural Engagement Specialist certification, and

Discovering Your Purpose.

The deeper they are able to work with their clients, the

stronger the trust and relationships grow. Besides

training, they have expanded to offer coaching and group

masterminding as well. This has developed from their

clients asking the team to support them even more.

Progressing In Entrepreneurship

The absolute key is to know your purpose! Evoloshen

aims to bring joy to the workplace and that is what drives

Karin and her team every day. They know the power of

reaching their full potential and thriving. They share

tools and knowledge that are empowering and help

people understand who they are. As an entrepreneur,

Karin finds it as the complete commitment to a bigger

purpose that will drive her through the challenging times.

It gives inner confidence and commitment to never give

up and to keep going forward no matter what.

From the CEO's Desk

The two biggest challenges I'm looking at currently are

how best to grow my business and to offload many of my

daily tasks and projects. As a leader, I'm evolving and

growing as well. This is why I'm a big believer in

coaching and mentoring! It helps along the way and can

save a lot of time and mistakes.

While talking about the branding strategies of Evoloshen

Academy to stay ahead, Karin said, “We rely a lot on

word of mouth and recommendations. Giving value and

building strong relationships over time builds high levels

of trust. I also have a podcast called The Amazing

Leader Series where I love to showcase progressive

CEOs and leaders who are proving that working with

culture is great for business because they are actually

doing it. This provides a lot of value and inspiration to

leaders. In addition, we have published a number of free

reports on our website that have great value and

information to help support people who want to learn

more about cultural transformation.”

Challenges for Women Entrepreneurs & Karin's


She finds it tough to generalize this. She says we all have

our own experiences and journeys we are on. Women

need to support each other and lift each other up as much

as possible. In Karin's view, young women feel pressure

to balance between their personal/family lives and their

professional lives. She has noticed that once kids are

grown, women seem to step into their power. They have

a lot of drive and energy and can really make an impact.

And she always encourages mothers to enjoy their time

with their children because they grow up too quickly! It's

important to enjoy each stage of life and know that the

journey is constantly changing. When you can embrace

the phase of life you are in and truly appreciate it, that

helps to handle the ups and downs that life will bring

your way no matter what. It's a part of the human

experience. So why not enjoy it along the way?

Karin's Daily Routine

“With an ideal day, I normally wake up around 6:30 or

7:00. I like to enjoy my mornings by easing into the day,

working out at home, drinking my daily green smoothie

and walking my dog. My days are always different based

on the projects I'm working on, which I normally have

two to three at a time. It often includes meetings with

clients and/or my team, sometimes preparing for

workshops, writing articles, checking emails, making

videos, working on web pages”, Karin shared when

asked about her daily routine.

Milestones & Future Roadmap

Evoloshen has been recognized as one of the Top 10

22 MAY 2022

The world needs women

entrepreneurs now more than

ever. Women are naturally

caring and nurturing and the

business world is changing to

be more supportive on a

human-to-human level. Karin

believes that will make it even

easier for women to be

themselves and step into their

power. There is nothing that

can hold female power back

and their time is now!

Turning Solutions towards


Organizational Development Companies in Europe by

HR Tech. Karin Volo has also been recognized as a Top

Thought Leader in Trust, named on the Engagement 101

Influencers several years in a row, Top 10 HR

Influencers, and many others.

Karin said, “Our world has

gone through some severe

trauma in recent times. We

need to come together to heal

and support each other. I

absolutely see a world in the

future where every person can

thrive and reach their full

potential. Our children

deserve this and together we

can solve the problems in our

world. It all comes down to

love. Love is the currency of

business—we want to love our

jobs; we want to Live Our

Values Daily. So, it's time for

us to realize that when we are

united, we become an unstoppable force and we can use

this to create momentum to change the world. We must

have the courage to care for and love one another!”

Evoloshen is on the way to be known globally as the

trusted company to help develop leaders and employees,

create high trust organizations, and the team is working

diligently to transform many lives! Plus, with every

client project, Evoloshen will also contribute to support

education, clean water, or fighting child sex trafficking.

A Piece of Advice for Aspiring Female Entrepreneurs

MAY 2022 23

Why Do We

Need More

Digital Leader In

The Insurance


The insurance industry is working on digital process

optimalisation. They are learning a lot: how can we

develop new business models and special new

service models, to support the needs of clients and to

achieve the “heart of customers”.

For this purpose they use a design thinking approach,

analysing trends and using business model canvas. But

they shouldn't learn only methods, but also how new

technologies like artifical intelligence, blockchain, internet

of things or predective analitics work. This combination is

very important to be „fit for the future“, to be a digital


insurance DNA for the next generation. As you know,

today, to develop a digital approach, to change your legacy

system, to develop your culture and organisation, to “teach”

your clients to use your apps. It takes time to see the

results and appropriate profits. If you invest into the future,

you need enough ressources (time, money, quality) to

develop a long term perspective. The insurance industry is

only on the starting point of this tranformation journey.

I`ve prepared an “insurance landscape” about the status of

startups and insurance companies/corporate ventures from

the perspective, whether they are cooperation or


Because the digital leaders will be the winner and as you

know “the winner takes it all!” I think, most of our

challenges are coming from the complexity of digital

transformation and the complexity of the insurance

branche. How should we start? Should we start with

processes, products, organisation, clients or employees?

Should we cooperate with a startup or should we be a

startup, as digital insurer or should we found a venture and

invest in startups?I realised, there are so many questions

and also so many ideas developing step by step the digital

26 MAY 2022

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II

Erika Kr san

Managing Director

Our exponentional developing

business life required a exponentional

learning developing. The insurance

world was very closed world. From

closed value chain from developing

new insurance products, through sale

the product and in case of demage

regulare the claims.

But the technology is supporting us to

do our process more efficient, quick, to

develop more customer convinience.

Our InTa – Insury Talent Network

supports young (re)insurance

professionals & brokers to understand

the new insurance innovation world

and act like a “Champion”.

The insurance industry has the power

to do the right things in the right

direction with understanding the

customers, education talents, develop

the right vision, strategy and company

culture, use the most important

technology. If your „Innovation

House“ ready is, you can do your job

with passion and enthusiasm every

day. Are you ready to understand and

create a great insurance industry


MAY 2022 27

Lexis Noel Serot

Founder & CEO

28 MAY 2022

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II



A Thought-Provoking Leader, Humanitarian, and a

Doting Mother Setting New Benchmarks

path-breaking leader, Lexis

ASerot is driven by a passion

for transforming lives and

providing life-changing experiences.

She is spearheading the motto of

Collaborating, Empowering,

Supporting, and Protecting others

through her organization,


She is the Founder and a model

leader at a young, rapidly growing

organization. Her vision of

leadership is about setting an

example and leading a unique path to

achieve desired purposes and goals.

"The reason I started LittleWins is a

huge part of who I am today. I

wanted to tell my daughter that when

life presented an “at-bat” I swung

like hell. With my daughter, I saw firsthand how difficult

it was to access the proper care and equipment that

could enable her to reach her fullest potential. Every

detail of LittleWins has been carefully designed, with

compassion, respect, and love for this community."

A Ground-Breaking Leader

Lexis is well versed in the care, therapies, and equipment

that help her daughter – and people with a range of

abilities. She has navigated a frustratingly complex

system that leaves people with disabilities and their

families feeling isolated and alone. Understanding the

need of the hour and being shocked by the disparities

that, limit many people's access to durable medical

equipment, she decided to address this problem by

founding her company.

Based on her experiences, interactions, and an

“unrelenting desire to make a change,” Lexis began

laying the groundwork for LittleWins in 2018. The name

MAY 2022 29

is personal and relatable to her community because every

progress milestone for a person with disabilities is a little

win for them and their family.

All About LittleWins

One in six children and one in four adults in the U.S.

have a physical, developmental, behavioral, or sensory

impairment. Most can't afford the durable medical

equipment they need or wait months for insurance

companies to approve it.

Lexis believes that access to equipment and supplies

should be simple. The mom of four, including a daughter

who has cerebral palsy, founded LittleWins.com to

connect and support people with disabilities and

individuals who actively work to provide a better quality

of life for others.

LittleWins.com harnesses the power of the community to

help its members buy, sell or donate medical equipment,

get information, and connect with others. Members list

and browse equipment by category and location on the

company's website. They connect directly with buyers

and sellers through the site's app. They share tips,

experiences, and advice on LittleWins' social pages.

“People with disabilities deserve to say, 'there is nothing

I'm not worthy of.' LittleWins goes to bat for every one

of them,” says Lexis.

Since 2018, Lexis has continually adapted the

LittleWins.com website with web and e-commerce

developers. She directs a marketing assistant and

marketing communications agency. She works closely

with her legal and financial advisors. She collaborates

with regional and national organizations that support

people with disabilities. She partners with other

entrepreneurs, who offer products and services to her

community. She created and posts regularly on

LittleWins' online support forum, receiving and

providing feedback to help people with disabilities and

the families that support them live their best lives.

Coming Together for fulfilling a Bigger Purpose

Lexis is a passionate advocate and cheerleader of the

work of national and local organizations that serve

people with disabilities. She works with durable medical

equipment suppliers such as NuMotion to identify used

equipment that can fulfill the needs of LittleWins

community members. She connects regularly with other

entrepreneurs – such as Communikind founder Cimeran

Kapur– and promotes their services on LittleWins.

She joined forces with another woman entrepreneur,

Hotsy Totsy Haus CEO Christi Leonardi, a deaf single

mother, to create LittleWins-branded, natural ingredient

bath bombs, that are now being sold, on the LittleWins


Lexis regularly works with NuMotion, National Seating

& Mobility, the Cerebral Palsy Foundation, and

Clearbrook.org, which empowers adults and children

with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live

their fullest lives possible.

Building a Resourceful Community

Lexis's relentless efforts to build an online community of

people with disabilities have paid huge dividends. More

than 6,000 followers now visit LittleWins.Facebook and

Instagram pages; and 800+ visitors go to the LittleWins

website every week. To date, LittleWins.com's 7,500 +

community members have donated, purchased, or

exchanged more than 200 pieces of equipment. They

also exchange experiences and advice daily on the site's

secure messaging app.

The Team LittleWins “Empowering Communities and

Smashing Stereotypes” Private Facebook Group. Now

400 members strong, the Group, led by Lexis, is a

platform for families and people with disabilities to share

their stories, provide advice and experiences on products

and services and provide mutual encouragement.

After launching LittleWins.com in 2019, Lexis began to

explore how the site could serve her community's needs

beyond durable medical equipment. To build the

LittleWins brand, she launched a line of LittleWins

apparel – beanies, trucker hats, and t-shirts.

The LittleWins blog and podcast feature educational

posts, stories about her clients, inspirational leaders in

the disability movement, interviews with durable

medical equipment and adaptive technology experts, and


30 MAY 2022

Lexis continually mines feedback from the company's

surveys and emails that can inform how it can create (or

support) solutions to common challenges for people with

disabilities. She is preparing to launch a medical supply

subscription box program that will provide people with

disabilities and their families exactly the right supplies

they need, when and how they need them.

Combined, these initiatives are raising awareness of

LittleWins' mutually-supportive community, and the

used durable medical equipment items that are available

on LittleWins.com

The Big Wins of LittleWins

During the past year, Lexis launched two new projects,

with a third about to launch. LittleWins teamed up with

Dine-It-4ward to raise money for the Cerebral Palsy


LittleWins sponsors events that, support services for

people with disabilities, such as the abilities Expo,

Virtual Run/Walk of Clearbrook, a leader in creating

innovative opportunities, services, and support for

people with disabilities; Farm Fresh Food Bank, The

Kids Equipment Network, and front line responders. She

also put together the first-ever music festival to

accommodate people with disabilities this past summer.

She's donated hospital beds to people who needed them

during the start of stay-at-home orders. For this effort,

Lexis took out an ad to reach people who had hospital

beds but no longer needed them. She picked the beds up

from each donor's home, disinfected them, and delivered

them to people who needed them.

Lexis gives virtual shout-outs to companies that actively

support people with disabilities through their product

marketing and hiring practices. She shares stories of

LittleWins community members and their loved ones.

In 2021, Lexis was named a Top 100 Healthcare

Visionaries by the International Forum on Advancements

in Healthcare, previously known as the Smart Health

Conference. She has been asked to be a keynote speaker

at this year's conference, to be held in Dubai. LittleWins

was also awarded honorable mentions, by Fast

Company's 2021 World-Changing Ideas.

Lexis's Ultimate Vision

In addition to her day-to-day leadership of

LittleWins.com and full-time care of her four young

children, Lexis's entrepreneurial spirit, drive, and

relentless pursuit of growth for LittleWins.com are

rooted in her desire to help others. Her deep belief in the

unique service she's created, her ability to tell her

personal story, and her talent for connecting with people

who share her vision and journey.

She believes that community-based models – supportive

online villages like LittleWins – can re-unite everyone to

solve shared challenges, reach common goals, and make

sure everyone has an equal shot at success. Through the

COVID-19 pandemic, she has used the power of online

communication to tell the stories of her customers and

her community.

The Road Ahead

Lexis envisions a world that values people of all abilities

– a world that actively supports their right to the help,

equipment, and services that help them achieve their full

potential. She reckons that everyone's attitudes toward

people with disabilities are improving, she believes -

pointing to companies whose policies and practices

support workplace equality. “But we still have a long

way to go,” she notes. “We must celebrate and tap into

our differences on a much broader level.”

Lexis exemplifies leadership in 2022 – an entrepreneur

in evolution who derives satisfaction from helping others

– and continually finds new ways to serve them a better

and brighter future. She has even launched version 3 of

the LittleWins website at the beginning of this year. This

version update was spearheaded by the community and

what they wanted to see from LittleWins and how it

could be better. The latest update includes a premium

membership which allows members a fixed shipping rate

through FedEx and the ability to print their labels at


MAY 2022 31

Manisha Karmarkar


34 MAY 2022

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II



Breaking Glass Ceilings in the Field of Medicine

eet Dr. Manisha Karmarkar, COO, Ruby

MHall Clinic. Having joined the hospital as an

anesthetist, she rose to the ranks and held a

number of key positions. While she continued to be

enjoyclinical work, the leadership team quickly noticed

her intellect and emotional ability to get tangible results.

Although she leads the hospital from the front, she hasn't

forgotten her roots. She is a practicing anesthetist and

even continues her education in the form of degrees from

esteemed educational institutions across the globe.

Since Manisha never planned her role as COO, she

considers herself as an 'accidental COO'. The first time

she got attracted to healthcare leadership was when she

was offered to head the Anaesthesiology Department and

OT services at the hospital. Although she had theoretical

knowledge due to her MBA in Healthcare

Management,its practical knowledge and the belief

senior management had in her that propelled Manisha

forward. She also says, “I believe that nothing substitutes

for hard work and talent. You can't skate your way to the

top and break glass ceilings.”

Achieving Excellence in Hospital Care

Manisha says, “Ruby Hall Clinic has a history of keeping

at the heart of its operations. As an 850-bedded

multidisciplinary institute with three hospitals in Pune,

we have constantly moved towards a true culture of

achieving excellence in-hospital care.” The hospital's

nine NABH and NABL quality accreditations and

certifications in medicine as well as its cGreen OT

certifications are proof of this very notion. As one of the

forerunners in being bestowed with such accreditations,

Manisha and her team's focus on high-quality patient

care speaks volumes in itself.

Additionally, Ruby Hall's super-specialist doctors have a

proven track record of excellence. Going beyond

reputation and word of mouth, the hospital's tertiary care

services are known to have an excellent rate of results.

When it comes to investing in the latest technology or

even promoting organ donation in the country, Ruby Hall

Clinic has the first-mover advantage further

strengthening its position in the healthcare market. Take

MAY 2022 35

36 MAY 2022

Passion is energy.

Feel the power

that comes from focusing

on what excites you.

for instance the fact that it has been the first to perform

pioneering robotic surgeries in the city and this number

has now crossed more than 300. Or even the fact that

Ruby Hall has a cutting-edge cancer care facility and an

all-women managed breast care clinic among many other


The Pandemic Changed Many Things

Manisha took the reins in the capacity of the COO at

Ruby Hall Clinic right in the middle of the Covid-19

pandemic. Although she feels it was a big challenge, she

was willing to tackle it head-on. Manisha believes that

coronavirus upended life for one and all and as a leader,

she continued to do everything in her capability to keep

her patients and employees safe while quickly adapting

to changes in the industry. Be ittechnologically advanced

equipment, adopting AI and machine learning, or

pivoting tactics and strategies - the pandemic brought

about changes she never imagined. As a leader, Manisha

had to display business acumen, healthcare expertise,

and forward-thinking all at once. Sure, there may have

been challenging days but what mattered is that she took

it all in her stride and worked to make a difference when

it mattered the most.

they set for themselves, and to do it in a way that is

affordable to them. And that is what Manisha is most

excited about.

As a hospital, Ruby Hall Clinic has begun to expedite its

expansion strategy by focusing on the rapidly growing

demand for innovative and comprehensive solutions to

support the digital transformation of the healthcare

ecosystem, be it automation, artificial intelligence (AI),

or the Internet of Things (IoT)."To be specific, the

hospital has already incorporated a new EMR system, a

successful Lab App actively uses robotics in surgeries,

invested in world-class advanced equipment such as the

Varian Ethos for cancer care, a hybridcath lab, and a

neuro-navigation system amongst others,” she says.

Ruby Hall Clinic's purpose is simple: to build a digitally

enabled healthcare ecosystem where it actively

collaborates across the continuum of care to improve

each patient's health outcomes.

Suggestions for Young Entrepreneurs

When asked for suggestions, Manisha says, “Be

authentic, be genuine and be fearless. Not everyone will

like your true colors, but people will appreciate your

honesty anyway. But showing your true colors means

showing your vulnerabilities, too. Let people know what

gives you strength, what are your weaknesses, but make

sure to turn them into strengths later on.”

She also adds, “No woman has risen to a leadership

position without taking a few risks. It's normal to feel

hesitant about what you don't know and what isn't

familiar. But don't let that fear restrict you from pursuing

a great idea or goal. Be fearless in the attempt of doing

something new or challenging!”

Providing Unparalleled Healthcare Experience is the


Professionally, Manisha's goals at the hospital focus on

providing unsurpassed quality, unique technology, and

an unparalleled healthcare experience. She and her team

are working hard to build a more integrated system to

achieve better health, better care, and more joy for those

providing care as well. By harnessing technology, the

entire team of Ruby Hall Clinic is looking to create the

kind of experience around accessible healthcare that is

valuable for people, allows them to achieve health goals

MAY 2022 37

Kaleem Usman

Managing Director

Madeeha Usman

Managing Director




The migrants who

revolutionised the South

Australian businesses

40 MAY 2022

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II

“Taking a deep dive into the numbers is a notso-secret

passion for Kaleem and Madeeha, while

finding their real joy in creating opportunities

for the migrants. ey are not just Business

Partners but a lifelong companion”

The fearless couple, who revolutionised the South

Australian Industry. Meet Kaleem Ulah and

Madeeha Usman, the young entrepreneurs of

Adelaide. When Usman, was offered her first role as an

external auditor in PWC, within 20 days of her arrival in

Australia, she was mentoring students of her age. The job

was a well sought position, overseeing the external audits

for a global organisation. While Kaleem, a well-trained

engineer, found his passion in numbers. Being recognised

by the official Institute of Public Accountants for his

extraordinary vigilance and passion for accounting. Kaleem

is known to be the support system for many SMEs. They

are taking the accounting industry by storm. And, if you are

visiting Adelaide, you are sure to be recommended by


This is the story of two most enigmatic leaders, who share

the same vision but believe in bringing a different approach

to the table and giving back to the community.

Going into Business…

In April 2016, Mr Ulah and Mrs Usman decided to start

their own accounting firm. Every night, they would sit in

their garage and brainstorm. Kaleem was quite popularly

known by his Australian friends as Kaleem 'Kal'. And one

night, when Usman was trying to scribble and brainstorm,

she was struck by an idea – And it was The Kalculators.

The Kalculators in two short years was supporting variety

of entities – factory workers to multimillion – dollar

turnover businesses such as pharmacies, retail stores,

construction companies and service providers.

“Many of my clients are high net worth individuals,

which we define as anyone with over $5 million in

liquid financial assets. ese clients are often either

retired or run successful businesses including

franchises, and managing stock portfolios and estates”

When asked Usman, about the vision she brings,

“Everything we do, and the success we have, is due to

our root vision of treating customers with transparency

and equality”

While, Kaleem's home-made tax form, was hitting a speedy

road to success. Madeeha's business vision towards creating

a sustainable firm became the backbone of the organisation.

“I remember back in the day a client asked me why I was

using my own Word printout. Everyone else was using

computers and there I was with my piece of paper. But

clients liked my resourcefulness, and years later my very

first clients are still with me,” reveals Mr Ulah.

Two short years later, Madeeha and Kaleem were managing

10 offices throughout Adelaide and over 10,000 clients.

The couple owes their success to the fellow migrants. And

believe, a leader must give back to the society to create a

stronger root for the generations to come.

Kaleem and Madeeha have helped countless newcomers

adjust to life in Australia.

“Most of my clients have migrated from other countries.

They don't know any accountants and they don't know

enough about the local laws. So, they need someone who

can teach them and who can speak their own language,”

says Mr Ulah.

“My wife and I thought, 'we have the resources, we have

everything, so let's go and offer international students the

opportunity to learn how to do tax returns',” he explains.

“International students spend a lot of money on their

studies, but finding employment for them, is very hard. The

reason is that students are learning the theory, but lacking

the practical experience,” says Mr Ulah.

“we have hired a professional trainer who trains the

international students on how to use software and how to

execute tax returns in real time. They also observe our

accountants while they are on the job. Slowly we bring

them to a professional level.”

“Once they complete it, we offer the dedicated ones a job in

one of my offices,” he says.

So, eager to grow with their community, the couple allows

international students to develop practical experience with

the aim of easing their integration into the Australian


Madeeha, who is known to be the philanthropist by some,

mentors for many, and Tax Lady by her team. Mentors

MAY 2022 41

students at the Oxford University, who are working towards

their PHD dream.

Being recognised as one of the most powerful women in the

accounting industry, Madeeha was honoured as an

Ausmumpreneur in 2021. Usman encourages and supports

young mothers to create a life of their own dreams.

Madeeha's mentoring was a compelling one, she always

conveyed the inspirational thought

– “If you fail don't lose hope because as the wise saying

goes, we can't change the direction of the wind but we can

certainly adjust the sales”

Yet being one of the most influential women in business,

you can't just dismiss Madeeha as an accountant. She is also

the author of her recently launched book, “The Women

Changing The World” – A story of her life and other

powerful women, who choose to lead life the harder way –

to set an example for women, who are still doubting their

abilities to build themselves.

As per Madeeha, “This book is not only for women, but to

inspire daughters, and sons, for the generations to come”

“Getting to the top at the expense of another woman is not a

sustainable way to get ahead, and, most importantly, doesn't

help our case. The only way that women will be seen as

equal in business is by making sure that there are more

women accomplishing what they deserve in the workforce,

and that takes encouragement”

“This book is not just stories, but real life journeys,

relatable role models – where women in Australia are

changing the world through entrepreneurialism, education,

conscious living, advocacy and innovation”.

“Game Changers”

recently recognised for its “Consulting service” and as a

“Boutique firm” of 2021.

Creating ability through disability

Working with the clients in disability, they realised the

provided service level suffered for the vulnerable. Even

with the proper funding, many individuals with disabilities

were unable to create an independent lives for themselves.

This is when, Care Assure was born…

Madeeha and Kaleem founded Care Assure - a disability

housing and support provider in South Australia.

As the directors of Care Assure, we are not about making

money; the role requires empathy and value creation. And

working towards value creation is not easy, it is about

constant quality assurance, to ensure your clients are being

treated with care and respect.

Providing disability accommodations all over South

Australia, Care Assure is recognised for the seamless

service experience it provides.

Wielding Soft Power

As directors, it's about more than the sales you do or the

money you create; your clients are your centric value. In the

current times of uncertainity, as organisations we must be

sustainable, realistic and exercise quality control. The day

you start working through hierarchy and consider yourself

as a boss! You start to lose your ground as a leader.

Management should value transparency and respect. Not

just profits or expenditures! Provide your team with the

right resources and respect them for their own individuality.

You will end up having a team of passionate individuals

exceeding expectations.

Madeeha and Kaleem both used their positions to

encourage the young migrants to pursue their dream. As a

result, The Kalculators earned recognition for “Diversity

Inclusion” in 2021.

Employing over 100 young individuals from various

cultural backgrounds. They believed opportunity is

inclusive to all.

Also, being recognised as a finalist by Xero, a multimillion

cloud accounting organisation. The Kalculators was

42 MAY 2022

Yoana Boyanova

Senior Member Of Technical Staff

44 MAY 2022

The Most Admired Women Leaders in Business 2022 Issue II



Helping Organization to Make the World a Better Place

eet Yoana Boyanova, a Senior Member

Mof Technical Staff at VMware Bulgaria,

VMware's largest R&D office in Bulgaria.

Vmware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for

all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise

control. At the heart of everything it does lie the

responsibility and the opportunity to build a sustainable,

equitable, and more secure future for all.

VMware streamlines the journey for its clients to

become digital businesses that deliver a better experience

to its customers and empowers employees to do their

best work. Since its foundation in 1998, VMware's

employees and ecosystem of over 30,000 partners have

stood behind the technology innovations transforming

entire industries—from banking, healthcare, and

government to retail, telecommunications,

manufacturing, and transportation.

Every day, VMware's employees work to solve its

customers' toughest challenges through disruptive

technologies like edge computing, artificial intelligence,

blockchain, machine learning, Kubernetes, and more–to

define the digital foundation that will accelerate the next

wave of innovation.

With almost six years of experience as a Front-End

Developer, Yoana is currently moving into a

managerial role. Prior to joining VMware, Yoana

worked in EPMA Systems. She completed her

bachelor's degree from Sofia University St. Kliment

Ohridski and her master's degree from the New

Bulgarian University. Yoana is also a part of a

non-profit group named 'Women who code”,

which focuses completely on supporting women

in technology.

Currently, Yoana works on a leading Cloud-Service

Delivery Platform which is part of VMware's Multi-

Cloud Program. The organization has a variety of clients

who are mainly service providers, and its product is

critical to their business. For Yoana's team, clients' needs

are always with high priority.

MAY 2022 45

46 MAY 2022

‘ Never

give up

– everything

is possible

The Journey towards Leadership

While at school, Yoana was very good at maths, and the

most perspective career then was to be a software

developer. That's how she moved to Sofia from her

hometown to study Information technologies. It was hard

at first and Yoana studied a lot, but only a year and a half

later she got my first job as a junior UI developer.

Meanwhile, she was studying Project Management at the

university and soon realized that management is what

she wanted to do. Later Yoana started working for

VMware, joined Women Who Code, spoke at several

conferences, and she served as a mentor in an academy

and mentor to a girl intern. Yoana was performing well

as a technical team lead for a small team, which helped

her to get recognized, and now she is moving to a

manager position. She hopes this will eventually help her

try something new, which can help her gain a lot of


Yoana feels the need to align her team goals to the

company's objective and, key results. She says, “We live

in a very dynamic time, and I need to be very agile and

at the same time to step in very fast in my new role.”

people to do that. She is quite excited that she is a part of

a one really big initiative which can bring a lot of

changes to the world right now and she can do a lot with

her work to support it.

Suggestions for Upcoming Entrepreneurs

When we asked Yoana to give some advice to upcoming

leaders/entrepreneurs, which will help them, she says,

“Don't be afraid that you can fail and that it seems it's a

“men's world”. We live in a modern world and anyone

can achieve anything.” She also adds, “If you need some

inspiration or source of strength, you can contact an

already successful woman which can help you to grow.

And yes, there are a lot of successful great women out


Satisfied Clients

“VMware is the glue that holds our multi-cloud strategy

together. It allows us to share resources, tools, and data

between Amazon, Google, and our own private cloud

environments.”- Salvatore Cassara, CIO, SGB-SMIT


“We deployed VMware SD-WAN Edge devices to extend

the same level of user experience to the home as if our

employees were working onsite.”- Emil Patel, University

of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

“Hyundai AutoEver has been focused on application

modernization with VMware Tanzu and heavily invested

in internalized capabilities like DevSecOps and

microservices.”- Jung Sik Suh, CEO, Hyundai AutoEver

Creating a Balanced Industry

Yoana suggests that it is important to show that

everything is possible and the only thing matters are who

you are as a person and what are your skills. She

believes, companies can make more events for diversity

inclusion, take part in various initiatives, organize

internal programs, and more.

She strongly believes, VMware can win the Multi-Cloud

world as the company has the right portfolio and right

MAY 2022 47

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