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Top-Rated Property Management<br />


What We Do:<br />

Things<br />

to know.<br />

A property management plan for<br />

everyone!<br />

Extensive tenant screening<br />

Rent & Eviction Protection Programs<br />

Largest database of tenants<br />

FREE Yearly Market Evaluations<br />

HOA Relationship management on your<br />

behalf<br />

Customized property video tours that<br />

highlight your home<br />

Our goal is to make sure your investment<br />

is protected!<br />


About<br />

California Leasing<br />

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about CaliforniaLeasing.com. We are the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys Premier<br />

Property Management Firm. Every day we strive to retain that title through customer service, staying ahead of the competition when it comes<br />

to the application of new technologies, and consistently employing outside professionals to verify that the services you are receiving are the<br />

most up-to-date and accurate representation possible.<br />

We are one of the only firms with two offices, one located in the Santa Clarita Valley and the San Fernando Valley, to employ multiple property<br />

managers, a seven-day-a-week showing staff, and a dedicated full-time maintenance coordinator. All of this in an effort to provide you with<br />

the most reliable and trusted property management service in town.<br />

Here is one final reason you should know that we mean business: We live, work, shop, volunteer, and invest right here in the Santa Clarita and<br />

San Fernando Valleys. Our families are from here, and our kids are educated here. And if we see you in the supermarket we want to be able to<br />

walk up and shake your hand and know that you are pleased with our service.<br />

We aren’t some gigantic mega-corporation full of inflexible rules and unbreakable regulations. And we aren’t some small one-person show<br />

trying to be everything to everybody and not doing anything quite well enough. Instead, we are local employers and family supporters, who<br />

use local vendors and support local causes. If you want someone to manage your property whom you can trust to hold your hand and guide<br />

you, look no further than CaliforniaLeasing.com.<br />

Thanks for the opportunity to earn your business, and if you’d like to learn more about CaliforniaLeasing.com we are just a phone call away!<br />


Managing<br />

More Homes.<br />

California Leasing Property<br />

Management runs a book of<br />

business with over 600 properties<br />

valued at an estimated<br />

$300,000,000.00!<br />

Our team consistently has more available<br />

properties than any other company because<br />

more homeowners trust us with their homes.<br />

This, in turn, gives us more visibility and a<br />

much larger database of current and<br />

previous renters looking at our available<br />

properties.<br />

That means REDUCED vacancy rates for all<br />

of our property owners.

Extensive Tenant Screening Process<br />

California Leasing Property Management processes over<br />

1000 applications a year, we have been able to develop a<br />

superior screening process that is extremely efficient while<br />

remaining as stringent as possible.<br />

The bottom line, we get the best tenants in the shortest<br />

period of time. All of this has resulted in a zero eviction rate<br />

on tenants we have screened over the past two years. Over<br />

the past 10 years, we are under 1/2 of one percent eviction<br />

rate on tenants we've screened.<br />

Names match Identifications provided at the time of application<br />

Social Security numbers match the applicant<br />

Verify rental history, late payments, and legal notices<br />

Search for 3 NSF payments<br />

Animal breed restrictions<br />

Industry-standard FICO score requirements<br />

Service animal license required<br />

Eviction Search<br />

Criminal Background Checks<br />

Bankruptcy History Search<br />

Judgment Search<br />

Verify Income Documents<br />

Landlord Verification<br />

Collect security deposit within 24 hours<br />

Applies to all residents over 18 years.<br />


Maximum Syndication to Over<br />

150<br />

Property Marketing Sites<br />

We have syndication to all the essential property<br />

marketing websites PLUS cutting edge marketing<br />

and advertising!<br />


California Leasing Property Management features every listing with a<br />

customized property tour that takes prospective tenants through a<br />

video tour of your home for rent.<br />

The following are just a selection of the benefits...<br />

Optimized<br />

SEO Optimized Video Posts tagged to ensure that every video gets the<br />

maximum video views!<br />

Largest and MOST viewed Property Management channel in Southern<br />

California!<br />

Access to a reach of over 80,000 potential viewers.<br />

Google owns YouTube and the benefits are endless!<br />

Videos are great for mobile users and property searches.<br />

YouTube<br />

Channel<br />


Entice your audience with stunning visuals.

All Device<br />

Optimized<br />

Website!<br />


Our website is optimized using all<br />

available Google Tools for SEO, as<br />

well as Google Ads for prime<br />

search when prospects are<br />

looking for your property.

Targeted Social Media Advertising<br />

Posting on ALL Social<br />

Media Channels<br />

We post on Facebook, Instagram,<br />

LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube,<br />

Google MyBusiness & Pinterest!<br />

Dedicated Marketing Manager to handle all our marketing needs!<br />

Optimized advertising and targeted audience boosted posts that reach<br />

more prospects.<br />

Every new listing is directly shared into our Property Management<br />

Facebook group for maximum exposure.<br />

Direct to Facebook & Instagram videos uploads of customized video<br />

tours to optimize potential reach.<br />

Digital customer service on all social media channels to ensure all<br />

potential tenants have access to quality property information in a timely<br />

manner.<br />

Yelp advertising to reach more prospective tenants every week and<br />

build out our potential tenants database for your property!<br />


CaliforniaLeasing.com<br />

Protection+ Plans<br />

We've created programs to help protect your INVESTMENT!

Never Worry About an Eviction Again!<br />

CaliforniaLeasing.com<br />

Protection+ Plan<br />

The possibility of eviction is a scary prospect for property owners and investors,<br />

and CaliforniaLeasing.com’s Team of Experts has devised programs to ensure<br />

that our valued property owners never have to face the issues that come with<br />

potential tenant evictions.<br />

With the CaliforniaLeasing.com Protection+ Plan receive all the benefits of our<br />

Full Service Marketing and Property Management with the below added benefits:<br />


Attorney Eviction Fees<br />

Non-Contested Fee<br />

Contested Fee<br />

Filing Fee<br />

Process Service<br />

Writ of Possession Fee<br />

Lockout Fee<br />

Locksmith Fees<br />

Notice to Serve<br />

Re-List After Eviction<br />

Late Fees Paid to Owner

CaliforniaLeasing.com<br />

Elite Protection Plan<br />

Waive Property Re-List Fee<br />

Rent Paid for 90-Days to Protect You!<br />

As a property owner and investor, it may be<br />

overwhelming to manage all the details of<br />

handling tenant issues. That’s where<br />

CaliforniaLeasing.com comes in!<br />

With the Elite Protection Plan, our team includes<br />

the benefits of our Full Service Marketing,<br />

Property Management, and the Protection+ Plan<br />

PLUS the added benefits.<br />

Rent Protection: Rent PAID for up to 90-Days<br />

FREE Property Preparation<br />

FREE Additional Management Services<br />

24/7/365 Owner Console Access<br />


California Leasing<br />

Property Management<br />

Service Offerings<br />

01 02 03<br />



If you are like a majority of our clients<br />

you want someone else to handle rent<br />

collections and repairs, move-ins and<br />

move-outs, security deposit<br />

distributions, and negotiations. After<br />

all, you don’t want to take a tenant<br />

calls about a leaky toilet on Sunday<br />

evening as you are relaxing with your<br />

family.<br />




There are some landlords that desire<br />

to manage their own property, and<br />

this property management option is<br />

ideal for those with experience. If<br />

you are one of those landlords, we<br />

can help by finding you a qualified<br />

tenant.<br />



Our Marketing Only plan was<br />

developed in order to provide an<br />

alternative to a three-line ad in the<br />

weekend paper or a hand written<br />

sign placed down on the corner.<br />

There is never enough room to<br />

explain all the features and benefits<br />

of your home in three lines. And<br />

those signs are so small, and cars<br />

are traveling too fast, that it creates<br />

an unsafe situation.

A little more details on the programs<br />

Full Property Management Lease Only Program Marketing Only Program<br />

High Visibility Marketing<br />

Professional Showing Software<br />

Move-in & Move-out Inspections<br />

Collect & Hold Security Deposit<br />

Manage Maintenance & Vendors<br />

Complete Tenant Screenings<br />

The Lease Only program is perfect<br />

for people who self-manage. Our<br />

team of experts finds you the best<br />

possible tenants, for the best value,<br />

and in the quickest amount of time!<br />

High Visibility Marketing<br />

Professional Escorted Showings<br />

Complete Tenant Screenings<br />

Marketing Only Program offers<br />

professional landlords the<br />

benefits of our dedicated<br />

marketing team, and maximum<br />

exposure!<br />

High Visibility Marketing<br />

National Web Marketing<br />

Owner Manages Showings<br />

Owner Completes Tenant Screening

Contact Us<br />

We'd love to talk about<br />

all things property mangement.<br />

Phone Number<br />

661-294-8500<br />

Email Address<br />

Info@CaliforinaLeasing.com<br />

Website<br />


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