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Rodney J. <strong>Taylor</strong>, MD, MSPH is Professor and Chair<br />

of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head &<br />

Neck Surgery (OHNS) at the University of Maryland<br />

School of Medicine. He joined the faculty in 2001 as a<br />

surgeon-scientist. His clinical practice is dedicated<br />

primarily to the comprehensive care of head and neck<br />

cancer (HNC) patients, performing complex surgical<br />

procedures for diverse conditions of the head and neck.<br />

He has been routinely recognized both nationally and<br />

regionally as a top physician, and under his leadership,<br />

the OHNS department has frequently been recognized<br />

among the nation’s top Otolaryngology programs.<br />

Prior to arriving at the University of Maryland, Dr.<br />

<strong>Taylor</strong> graduated from Harvard College in 1991 with<br />

honors where he was also Senior Class President, Varsity Football player, served in student<br />

government, served on the Harvard Foundation for Diversity and Multicultural affairs, and<br />

received the Francis H. Burr Scholarship given to the Harvard College senior who best<br />

possesses character, leadership, and athletic ability. He attended Harvard Medical School and<br />

received his medical degree in 1995. He then completed his residency at the University of<br />

Michigan in Otolaryngology-Head and Neck surgery. While at the University of Michigan, he<br />

also received a master’s degree from the School of Public Health in Clinical Research Design<br />

and Statistical Analysis.<br />

In addition to his demanding clinical practice, Dr. <strong>Taylor</strong> runs an active research program that<br />

has included understanding head and neck cancer disparities in underrepresented and<br />

disadvantaged cancer patients. His basic science and translational interests, in partnership with<br />

Dr. Michal Zalzman, include studying a pioneer gene system (ZSCAN4) that confers and<br />

maintains cancer cell immortality in HNC. Additionally, their research explores ZSCAN4’s<br />

effect on adult mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) harvested from tonsillar tissue with the goal<br />

of developing clinical applications for regenerative medicine.<br />

Throughout his career, Dr. <strong>Taylor</strong> has had a strong commitment to service locally, nationally,<br />

and internationally. He has partnered with former World Bank President, Dr. Jim Kim, and the<br />

late, global medicine pioneer Paul Farmer, to form a team of ENT surgeons who have traveled<br />

to Haiti at regular intervals to provide advanced surgical care for patients and training for<br />

physicians in their central plateau. He later co-founded a non-profit organization, MENTA,<br />

with Dr. Jeffrey Wolf and his peers that has provided care for underserved populations in<br />

Africa, Asia, and the Pacific Islands. He has also served on the advisory board of the CURE<br />

Scholars Mentoring <strong>Program</strong> that seeks to empower middle school and high school students in<br />

West Baltimore for competitive and rewarding research, health care, and STEM-related career<br />

opportunities.<br />

In addition to his clinical and research pursuits, Dr. <strong>Taylor</strong> is a key leader in the UMSOM<br />

promoting Diversity and Inclusion and providing Unconscious Bias training for its faculty and<br />

staff, while also serving on the UMSOM Diversity Committee. On a national level, he is chair<br />

of the AAOHNS Head and Neck Surgery & Oncology committee and serves on the AAOHNS<br />

Diversity Committee. Keenly aware of the many individuals who have contributed to his<br />

success, Dr. <strong>Taylor</strong> is passionate and active on a local and national level in providing his<br />

mentorship to increase underrepresented individuals in healthcare and research fields.<br />

Dr. <strong>Taylor</strong> is grateful for and inspired by his family, which includes his wife Dr. Casey<br />

<strong>Taylor</strong>; his sons Myles and Max; his late mother Evelyn and his father Richard, Sr.; his<br />

brother Richard, Jr.; and the many other family, friends, and colleagues that daily support and<br />

enrich him.


Mary Pooton<br />

Associate Dean for Development<br />

University of Maryland School of Medicine<br />

Kevin J. Cullen, MD<br />

The Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Distinguished<br />

Professor of Oncology<br />

Director, Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum<br />

Comprehensive Cancer Center<br />

University of Maryland School of Medicine<br />


E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA<br />

Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs, UM Baltimore<br />

John Z. and Akiko K. Bowers Distinguished Professor and<br />

Dean, University of Maryland School of Medicine<br />


E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA<br />


Isobel <strong>Cleland</strong> and Samantha <strong>Cleland</strong> Manekin<br />

Donor Family<br />

Mohan Suntha, MD, MBA<br />

President and Chief Executive Officer<br />

University of Maryland Medical System<br />

The Marlene & Stewart Greenebaum Professor of Radiation Oncology<br />

University of Maryland School of Medicine<br />


Bert O’Malley, MD<br />

President and CEO<br />

University of Maryland Medical Center<br />

Professor of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery<br />

University of Maryland School of Medicine<br />

Jeffrey S. Wolf, MD<br />

Professor of Otorhinolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery<br />

University of Maryland School of Medicine<br />

Scott E. Strome, MD<br />

The Robert Kaplan Executive Dean and Vice Chancellor for Clinical Affairs<br />

University of Tennessee Health Science Center<br />

College of Medicine<br />


E. Albert Reece, MD, PhD, MBA<br />


Rodney J. <strong>Taylor</strong>, MD, MSPH<br />

The Bruce and Isobel <strong>Cleland</strong> Chair of Otorhinolaryngology–Head & Neck Surgery<br />


Kevin J. Cullen, MD

T<br />

he first endowed professorships were established more than<br />

500 years ago with the creation of the Lady Margaret chairs<br />

in divinity at Oxford and Cambridge Universities. The<br />

original endowed chairs were sponsored by Lady Margaret,<br />

countess of Richmond, and grandmother of Henry VIII in 1502.<br />

Subsequently, private individuals began making financial contributions<br />

to establish other endowed professorships and chairs such as the<br />

Lucasian Chair of Mathematics, which Sir Isaac Newton held beginning<br />

in 1669. Professor Stephen Hawking, the internationally renowned<br />

physicist and recipient of the 2010 US Medal of Freedom, was another<br />

prominent holder of this endowed chair.<br />

The honor associated with appointment to an endowed position has<br />

remained unchanged for the last 500 years and is recognized as one of<br />

the highest tributes that an academic institution can bestow upon its<br />

most distinguished faculty. These endowed professorships and chairs<br />

continue to reward exceptional scholars uninterrupted to the present<br />

time.<br />

The Office of Development is charged with securing private gifts to<br />

ensure the School’s tradition of excellence is sustained through robust<br />

research, clinical, and educational programs and initiatives. The<br />

University of Maryland School of Medicine is fortunate to have nearly<br />

85 endowed chairs & professorships in various stages of completion<br />

and held by esteemed faculty members.



The Bruce and Isobel <strong>Cleland</strong> Chair of the<br />

Department of Otorhinolaryngology-Head and<br />

Neck Surgery Endowment for the University of<br />

Maryland School of Medicine was established by<br />

the generous support of Bruce and Isobel <strong>Cleland</strong><br />

and The Orokawa Foundation. Bruce and Isobel<br />

funded the chair position to honor Dr. Rodney<br />

<strong>Taylor</strong> in recognition of his outstanding clinical<br />

care of the late Bruce <strong>Cleland</strong>, who was his<br />

patient from 2007-2021.<br />

Bruce and Isobel, from New Zealand and<br />

England respectively, moved from New York to<br />

Baltimore with their four children, Samantha,<br />

James, Georgia, and Mark, in 1993. While Bruce’s appointment as CEO of Towson-based<br />

hedge fund Campbell and Company first brought the family to Baltimore, they have<br />

become an integral part of Baltimore’s philanthropic landscape over the past 30 years.<br />

In 2005, Bruce and Isobel funded their family foundation, The Orokawa Foundation, with a<br />

mission to support human and community services in Maryland and beyond, specifically<br />

funding initiatives in education, poverty, addiction, the preservation of the environment,<br />

and medical needs-particularly those targeting cancer and diseases impacting children. The<br />

Orokawa Foundation has been a stalwart supporter of the University of Maryland Medical<br />

System since 2006, when Bruce was first diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer.<br />

The <strong>Cleland</strong>’s philanthropic commitments started well before The Orokawa Foundation’s<br />

establishment in 2005. In 1986, Georgia <strong>Cleland</strong> was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic<br />

leukemia at the age of two. Determined to raise much-needed funds for leukemia research,<br />

Bruce and Isobel started the first ever “run for a cause” effort, known as Team in Training<br />

in 1988. To date, Georgia has been in remission for 36 years, and Team In Training has<br />

raised over $1.5 billion dollars for leukemia and lymphoma research.<br />

With the establishment of The Orokawa Foundation, the <strong>Cleland</strong> Family has made an<br />

indelible impact on thousands of lives through their strategic partnerships, both locally and<br />

globally. Locally, The Orokawa Foundation has made transformative commitments to The<br />

Y of Central Maryland, Living Classrooms, and Paul’s Place, among others. More broadly,<br />

The Orokawa Foundation has supported The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Habitat for<br />

Humanity, as well as several global disaster relief efforts.<br />

Isobel <strong>Cleland</strong> currently presides over The Orokawa Foundation, alongside the family’s<br />

private family office. Samantha (<strong>Cleland</strong>) Manekin, Executive Director of The Orokawa<br />

Foundation, resides in Ruxton with her husband Jon and their three children. James <strong>Cleland</strong>,<br />

President and CEO of Cloudbreak Energy Partners, lives in Boulder, CO with his wife Cory<br />

and their two children. Georgia <strong>Cleland</strong> lives and works in Mt. Airy, MD. Mark <strong>Cleland</strong>,<br />

student at Harvard Law School, lives in Cambridge, MA with his wife Kylie.<br />

The <strong>Cleland</strong> Family members are all profoundly grateful for the care of their beloved<br />

husband and father, Bruce, under the guidance and leadership of Dr. Mohan Suntha,<br />

alongside Dr. Rodney <strong>Taylor</strong>, Dr. Kevin Cullen, and their clinical support staff.

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