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is it all over?


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Hersoid and Pasty - juicy AF #alpha


WETIKO shares his process for


working with media when he creates-

Probably Nothing


EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha


ARTEOVNI Collective


Is it all over? #alpha

New kids on the block with a purpose


Marco Polo



The team at Mercanti wrap up the week

SnappaNFT on why it hurts to be


diamond fisted #alpha




Just a few that ThesisInvestor has his

Kemos4be writes about the NFT pitfalls

eye on #alpha

noone mentions



PerfectenChlang tells you what to

watch out for #alpha







One of those ‘while you weren’t

watching’ type of projects #alpha





#Shill managed to lock away a couple of pieces during the week. What have you


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Agent001 @Pystacker001

Leaving anxiety behind @_mindtm

Envy @RowenaKasey



SHILL Issue #61

Keep your eyes on...





PASTY X HERSOID present 7eadly - But what is 7eadly?


SHILL Issue #61

It is:

1. Collaboration: the action of working with someone to produce something, preferably

greater than the sum of its parts…

2. The seven deadly sins, also known as the capital vices or cardinal sins, is a grouping

and classification of vices within Christian teachings…

For many weeks, @pasty_sol and @hersoid have been exchanging ideas, scribbling wildly, rehashing shared

sketches, overlaying textures and analysing the world they find around them. With a shared idealism, and a common

distaste for the excesses of society...

...they have integrated their diverse skillsets through a dynamic collaborative process to produce a unique series

of 1/1 NFT posters, each of which will be auctioned, one at a time, over the coming weeks.

This project explores the age-old vices that perpetuate in every corner of our lives today- manifest in wondrous

and diabolical new forms- but always with the common and destructive nature that has led us from the virtuous

and into the depraved.

Keep an eye on @formfunction for the first drop, coming soon. #Collaboration #nfts #nftcollectors #artcollectors


SHILL Issue #61


When Hersoid & I found each other, it was a no brainer that we wanted to work together + mash our styles in a

supermaximalist way, while also pushing ourselves to view the world through a different lens. Fairly quickly, we

decided on seven works, one for each of the deadly sins. 7eadly was born. Moving the focus from traditional,

more personal viewpoints on the ‘sins’ and viewing them and their long term effects though a more global lens

(Pictured, Greed)

We wanted to ask ourselves questions like what does TRUE gluttony look like? How does lust manifest in a culture

surrounded by sex all the time? What does it even look like outside of a heteronormative world view?

This is my most ambitious collaboration yet. Each work has hand drawn/painted elements from both artists, and

real world textures we found or created, in addition to a diverse typography. It’s dope as hell, as my grandma

says ‘plain as sin’. Enjoy.


SHILL Issue #61

SHILL Issue #61





@easymoneyding - 3948 followers

i’m currently watching both the nft

market as well as the overall price

of solana + other coins. anyone who’s

telling you to buy rn is not looking

out for the best for you.

@Brycesworld - 15.5k followers

Can someone check in on all those

bros that quit their jobs to do

NFTs full time? Haven’t heard much

out of them lately and I’m hoping

they’re okay, maybe they just

quietly went back to work?

12 SHILL Issue #51

0.5-2Sol & TOP NFT


SHILL Issue #51





NFT Trading Platform


SOL NFT Passive Income Stats

Breaking even for under 1 Sol projects





SHILL zine review



$BELL is not considered contraband, go spend it!

18 SHILL Issue #51



@ArteOvniNFT https://twitter.com/ArteOvniNFT

Wanna see the hottest new advancement in 1/1 art emerging right outta the pile of this bear market?? It’s finally

done! I’ve worked so hard on this (never designed a website before) but am so proud of how it’s turned out!

EVERY QUESTION YOU HAD, HAVE, AND EVER WILL HAVE… Who is ArteOVNI? What does it mean? Who are their

members? What are their talents? How long have they been around in the Solana ecosystem? ANSWERED ↳


Where can I view all their collections in one place, what’s available, where can I find price history even at its earliest

on @holaplex, who’s collected thus far, what are the pieces about and what’s all their names and descriptions?

ANSWERED ↳ http://arteovni.com


SHILL Issue #61

Where can I see all of their airdrops and released collaborations with projects such as @The_URS_, @Richwater-

NFT, @eternalsnft, @EAPhotoCollect, and know where to collect them all at? ANSWERED ↳http://arteovni.com

SHILL Issue #61


McNatt and 3 others Where can I see both their IRL art exhibition documentation and their URL work up in a

virtual @solaris_nft gallery and other places they’ve been featured or displayed in such as in @Pixeltoy’s #Shill

zines? ANSWERED ↳ http://arteovni.com

Where can I learn about their major accomplishments such as their all time top series rankings on

@exchgARTand their display of beautiful commissions for the @MinistryArt team? ANSWERED ↳http://arteovni.



SHILL Issue #61

Still working on the secret chatroom page for collectors only but our public website so far has got it all AN-

SWERED. (Optimal viewing on desktop, lemme know if I missed something)

Shoutout to all the amazing projects, companies, and artists who’ve worked with and supported us in our journey

thus far, happy to include you in our website:

@exchgART, @The_URS_, @MinistryArt, @EAPhotoCollect, @Pixeltoy, @RuptureNFT, @tonipayne, @eternalsnft,


I know I got the large majority but if you are a collector of ours and do not see your name under our known collectors

sections, please DM us! would love to add your Twitter handle as well.

Thank you all, now let’s get through this together and come out on top.

SHILL Issue #61





















The single biggest (unrealized) loss I’ve ever had is this PFP for I bought for $85,000 -- a number which

confounds me to this day. Here’s how a short-term flip turned into a long-term HODL...

I became a $SOL maxi in March 2021 and converted all of my ERC-20 tokens to SPL. I’d been sitting

on the sidelines of the NFT space since I hadn’t yet grasped the concept of digital art ownership and

the implications.

However, I was feeling FOMO seeing my friends strike it rich with NFTs, so I decided to dabble. I flipped

a couple @SolanaMBS in Sept/Oct 2021 when the floor price rocketed from $10k to $50k in a matter of

weeks. I felt on top of the world.

I decided to “go big” with a rarer SMB, and I saw this baby on the zombie floor. I bought him for 500

SOL on Friday ($85k), planning to sell for 600 SOL by Sunday.

Sure enough, by Sunday evening the zombie floor had risen to 600 and my baby was next in line to

sell. That was October 3rd. (FP for zombie SMB courtesy of @SolanaFloor)

But that sale never happened. The prices crashed the next day, and I could have sold for break-even,

but I figured the pump would return. But during that time, I started to “get” NFTs. I saw the value in culture

and community and became a mega bull.

So, as we continued into an NFT bear market in Q4 2021 I kept buying dips -- especially rares. By December

I had converted my entire portfolio to Solana NFTs thinking “Damn, I’m so early.” I even bought

two of the top 10 naked OG @mmccsolana for ~$20k/ea.


SHILL Issue #61

What I didn’t anticipate:

(a) New projects (supply) outpacing new user (demand) growth

(b) Bitcoin failing a breakout and forming a double-top reversal

(c) Larger US equity bear market, higher interest rates, and looming economic recession

Eventually the value of my PFP had fallen by 80% (a dollar amount I prefer not to think about), but by

that time I had fallen in love with my PFP and felt an identity attached to it. More than that--I had fallen

in love with the #SolanaNFT community.

So that’s how a 2-day weekend flip accidentally turned into what will likely be a 5+ year HODL. In hindsight,

I wish I would have cut my losses. But no ragrets. Stoked to be here. Keep building y’all. Make

Solana Great Again.

(For the record, I’m not trying to flex on the USD amounts I spent -- I got lucky with some 2020 crypto

entries and I’ve now practically lost it all. But it’s been a wild ride and I’ve learned so much I wouldn’t

trade it for anything.)

SHILL Issue #61





Why you will absolutely ruin your life you launch an NFT:

For context: I’ve been working with @SolanaSanctuary for 9+ months & have had the privilege,

& curse, of seeing the absolute worst this ecosystem has to offer. Including but not

limited to 50+ rug investigations, negotiations, and lawsuits; from unknown projects to


Section 1: Profit & Complexity I will break this down into three parts: 1. How much money

are we talking about? 2. How easy is it to make generative art? 3. How easy is it to launch a


How much money can you make? The infamous Yogi, from SolBears paid less than $2,500

to a Fiverr artist for the original assets and likely generated them himself. They did 120,000◎

in primary sales at ~$80 sol. He oversold the project by 90,000◎. He refunded 90k. ROI: 960x


SHILL Issue #61

This is an even more common occurrence now. Example 1, @okaybears: Revenue: 148,587◎

(~$4.5 mil @ $30 $SOL) Art, website, and branding were all (well) done in-house, so, for

“free.” Fair-market cost is around ~$30k-$60k. ME fees: ~$450k Total take: $4-$10 mil+.

Example 2, @TrippinApeNFT Revenue: 81,234◎ ($2.5 mil @ $30 sol) Fair market cost, assuming

all work was contracted: ~$30k-$60k ME fees: ~$195k

Let’s assume you see these successes and want to emulate them yourself. We’ll give you

the best-case scenario. Part 2: Making Generative Art

How hard is it to make generative art? I’m a rather piss poor illustrator, but I’ve tried a few

generative things for fun. DeadGods (complex): For me: ~2 months Pro illustrator: 1 month

OkayBears (relatively derivative, simple): For me: ~1 month Pro illustrator: 1-3 wks

OR just go on Fiverr or Upwork and pay $250-$2500. TLDR: Digital illustration NFT art is really,

really, f*cking easy and has a very low barrier to entry.

SHILL Issue #61


Part 3: Minting The easiest part. Option A: Bot some followers and head over to the ME

Launchpad, ~10% of your project’s revenue and ~2% royalties. Option B: LaunchMyNFT, so

easy, your grandma could do it. Option C: Learn to setup a Candy Machine mint in an afternoon.

Likely Scenario 1: You sold out a 10k at 0.1◎ WOOHOOOOOO! You’re F*cked.

Likely Scenario 3: You get doxxed, you get death threats, someone shows up in your house.

I’ve seen it all happen. I’ve gotten a couple death threats as a mod; I’ve seen project mods

who have nothing to do with the project’s financials doxxed & threatened. It gets real.


SHILL Issue #61

Typos aside, now that I’ve killed your dreams, at least you’re not dead. 99% of these projects

are run by people who have no idea what they’re doing. This is evidenced by the 20,000+

Candy Machines that have been spun up in the last 9 months. How many had success?

All above aside, I love this ecosystem. I’ve found more admirable people in this ecosystem

than anywhere else in my life.

SHILL Issue #61



Wetiko art supply super thread, for all my traditional painter peeps who are curious. This will be focused on all

my water based (acrylic) works. You ready?

First up: material… I prefer painting on raw/unprimed canvas. I love the way it absorbs paint and the natural texture

it provides. It also allows you to crop in and change final dimensions after the piece is complete. Not restricted

to dimensions.

The only time I prefer to use prime canvas is for paintings with spray painted background gradients like my truth

series. For smaller pieces under 2 feet dimensions, I mostly work on raw wood panelling (Edith series)


SHILL Issue #61

Paint! I almost exclusively use golden fluid acrylics. They mix well, and flow well on the canvas. Working on raw

canvas, they will also absorb much better. Some of the colors will often need two coats for full opacity, but that

quite common with all paint.

On the rare occasion I use heavy body paint, it’s usually done with a palette knife, or I’m thinning it out to have

the consistency of fluid acrylic. I hate it though. Heavy body acrylic is choice.

Spray paint: almost exclusively Montana. Gold is best. It’s easiest to apply acrylic brush paint on top of with out

any weird crackling and such. Black I use almost exclusively for mural work. And 94 is good for studio because it

has friendlier indoor smell. *still get high though.

SHILL Issue #61


Caps -left to right- I’m usually using Montana 1 & 3. Best hard fine line. Banana caps are good for small soft line.

Pink dots for big fills/gradients. Needle for splashes/drips. NY fat cap for line weight variation.

Additional pigments I use for extra blending or abstract top elements.. Rembrandt soft pastels are amazing for

softening hard blends. Oil pastels and conte crayons for texture scribbles. Prismacolor pencils for precise color

application. They’re soft enough to lay on top paint.


SHILL Issue #61

Markers: if I’m working on paper/velum you can’t beat copic. Paint markers, you really can’t beat molotow. I

secretly hate paint markers, but they’ve been coming in handy for fun opaque scribbles with consistent line

weights. Most used on Edith’s

Honorable mention: these pigment sticks are sexy. They are super soft, will grip onto anything. I don’t use them

too often within the NFT work because they can take weeks to dry

SHILL Issue #61


That’s my kit! I kinda use it all, and enjoy using it all. Happy to chat more here or in DMs. I love taking about the

process. Cheers fam. Get out there and create!

Brushes!! How could I forget. I mostly used flats. I’m obsessed with these polytip bristle flats by Princeton. Stiff

bristles, great for dry brushing and scraping pigment on raw canvas. Should last forever.


SHILL Issue #61



Someone I know and admire, who bought lots

of $ETH at $300, just told me he doesn’t see

crypto as a viable investment anymore. Not

just right now, but forever. Why I’m bringing

this up? I think this will be an important minithread

to many of you on what to expect now...

For further context this gentleman is an

experienced trader and investor, very successful

and truly brilliant. This is someone I admire.

Why would someone like that, who profited so

much from crypto throw in the towel? I think

we are slowly approaching Extreme Fatigue...

This is a very strong signal we are -key word

here- APPROACHING the bottom. Inherently

meaning this is not the bottom. We’re going

to see many more of these. Great minds who

played it right, made lots of money and they

are going to leave. Taking the profits, you

didn’t take :)

This liquidity will get drained and wiped from

the market, lots of it. This is not your typical

degen who lost a stimulus check and got rekt

but can come back to play next time. These

are real players, with real money, and likely a

portion of them are never coming back...

What does this mean for us, the bear market

survivors and goblin town citizens? The less

liquidity in the market, usually, the less volatility

we’ll see. What does that mean exactly?? Just

because we’ve reached -The Bottom- it doesn’t

by any means signifies we’re leaving it.

I’m using this one small example, but there are

going to be multiple factors that contribute to

this. Important ones that come to mind would

be mass layoffs, realized loss, inflation, and

rising costs of living, etc should directly impact

spending income in the next few years

So why am I really writing this thread? It is as

a WARNING. Be very careful when you decide

to re-deploy funds. As you probably heard

already, dollar-cost-averaging is a sensible

strategy you should consider. Going all-in is,

almost never, a good idea. But...

Once you decide how you’re going to re-invest,

understand that these factors could lead to us

ranging “THE Bottom” for a long time. “Yay!

We finally reached the bottom, let’s buy it all

at generational lows!!” Great buys for sure but

consider we might not go up for years.

Are you truly a long-term investor, or are you

wishing to catch a 200x move in the next few

months? More than ever “don’t invest more

than you can afford to lose” is incredibly

relevant today. Don’t get ahead of yourself, the

game is not over yet.

Lots of kings from this cycle who bought low

and did the most difficult thing, took profits,

are going to over-invest at the true bottom

thinking they killed it again, which can be true...

But if we range there for 3+ years before having

any meaningful move, can you survive?

The best piece of advice I can give most of you

right now is: If you wanna take advantage of


Ideally, you’ve already done this, but if you

haven’t it should be your new focus. As you’ve

heard the name of the game is Survival after


If we stay at the bottom for long enough that

you need to liquidate your perfect entries at

small profits or even at a loss just to pay the

bills... You’ve probably lost the game, swam

across the ocean and died at the beach. Even

after all those amazing plays for years...

TL:DR -If you’ve done great so far, don’t fade

the wealth you’ve created, especially if you took

profits at the top. -Have a contingency plan. If

the crypto winter lasts longer than you expect

(think waay longer) make sure you can pay the

bills without liquidating positions

TL:DR 2 -If you don’t have an income stream,

create one. Yes, that’s exactly what you heard:

GET A JOB. -Have a strategy to deploy your

capital (I suggest DCA) then STICK TO IT.

Remember, you’ll have time.

Final My goal today is to cause you to think,

and if this idea had not crossed your mind yet,

I hope you’re now aware of the possibility I’m

not amazing at threads and don’t write them

often unless I think the information could be

valuable to someone, so I hope it was to you.

SHILL Issue #61










Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s Journal

Great Goats rug, Bubblegoose Ballers minting and more

This was inevitable, yet again… pre warned, pre-determined but we still mint Great Goats

(oh I mean, rugs) on Solana lol. This spaces before mint where a sure tale, although this

is bad it is just another learning experience for the space. Genitals on the face should’ve

been a dead giveaway! Be careful out there friends.

Are you feeling apish? Just Ape had a smooth & skeptical-yet-successful launch last week.

Feels like a stealth mint is a new meta now. Thoughts about the post-mint price this



SHILL Issue #61

Bubblegoose Ballers

The Skinny: BGB aims to ‘be the change we want to see’ in the ecosystem of entertainment

by giving creators and fans new levels of involvement, creative freedom, and ownership

of content. Project creator, Carl Jones has spent his career making groundbreaking

cartoons like “The Boondocks” that have had a significant impact on popular culture. But

none of that work could have ‘changed the conversation’ without a strong community of

fans. BGB intends to lead a paradigm shift towards creating a new model for creatives and

building the next generations Disney or Pixar.

Why we’re paying attention: This is the 2nd Project of Wagmi Beach following Catalina

Whale Mixer. Founded by veterans from the music and entertainment industry and founders

of Web3 fund Wave7, WAGMI Beach has an intimate understanding of brand building,

consumer adoption, and Web3, as well as the network and experience to bring high level

operators and innovators into the space. BGB will be the first Solana NFT to be mintable

with ETH. In collab w ME and @crossmint_io, the ballers will be making more history.

Mint Date: June 13

Mint Supply: 10,000

Price: 7 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BubblegooseXYZ

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading my journal entry. Feedback is appreciated,

and if you want to be featured in my journal next week, please DM us on Twitter, or join

our Discord for the latest updates!

Safe Travels,


SHILL Issue #61













Solana is full of talented artists. Browse @formfunction or @exchgART and you’ll find some amazing work (at all

price points). I wanted to share a quick thread highlighting 15 artists whose work really stands out to me. Hope

you enjoy! Shout out to the artists!!


- Her Lurkers collection is about as iconic as it get. Such exquisite detail and each piece tells a part of a broader

story. So glad her work has been widely recognized!


SHILL Issue #61


- I’m a big fan of animated digital artwork. I think it fills a niche that traditional art can’t match. And Joyce produces

some of the best looking 3D animated art out there. Doesn’t miss!


- Incredibly unique style, bringing in Braille typography, poetry, and photography. Every piece is so thoughtfully



- Another master of animated art. Each piece is always so rich with color and texture, and the animations are

always intriguing and additive to the piece.


I’m bullish on artists who have an unmistakable style. You can confuse a @NeilVilppu piece. Always so detailed,

amazing shading, and muted yellow/green palette (at least for Balance collection). Amazing stuff.

SHILL Issue #61



- Another artist with a very iconic and mesmerizing art style. They don’t release many pieces, but amazing when

they do.


- Another iconic artist who has developed an unmistakable style and palette. Love the move into some PFPs that

will expand the audience!


SHILL Issue #61


- Cyberpunk vibes in Solana color palette. It doesn’t get better than this.


- Another amazing cyberpunk artist. Incredible detail work. Sad they haven’t released a piece in almost a month.

Come back!!

Bear markets are rough. It may be especially tough on these amazing artists. I hope they continue to create, and

hope those who remain here on Solana NFTs continue to collect and support. Cheers!


The market has done/is doing what has been anticipated for months now. There is chaos across the board and

usual panic selling is at its best. During these times, there is a new project from an old team going for mint in the

Solana NFT Space with a cost of 7 $SOL.

Now, this number has already sparked some discussions, since for most members of the community 1 $SOL = 1

$SOL, but clearly for the teams this is just another funny statement.

Bubblegoose Ballers, a project with a vision to release its pilot series, is launching under the leadership of the

team of The Catalina Whale Mixer, which was launched in the space last year in December and now is sitting on

over a 100 $SOL floor. Not only this, but the team of bubblegoose consists of more big names which we will talk

about later.

For now, the mint information about the project is as follows:

Supply: 10,000

Cost: 7 $SOL

Time: 5 pm UTC

Launchpad: Magic Eden

Now let us take a deep dive into why yet another project wants 70,000 $SOL out of the ecosystem.


This is the strongest point about the project and to be fair this is the strongest team which is going to launch a

project if we look at the projects which have been launched over the past couple of weeks.

Why? you may ask…

The first thing, as I already mentioned, the project is launching under the leadership of The Catalina Whale Mixer,

a project which was launched in December last year and now is sitting over a floor which is much higher than the

projects which launched at that time. The time Catalina Whale Mixer was launched, it shattered a lot of records

and was probably one of the first projects in the Solana NFT Space which brought in the so-called Eth money

with their holder base including public figures like Mike Tyson and Diplo.

Not just the team, but the community has been one of the strongest since the launch with their no. of listed NFTs

never crossing the 5% mark for months, and now these community members which we already saw are such

strong holders will get the priority to mint Bubblegoose Ballers.

Apart from the team of Catalina Whale Mixer, the team of Bubblegoose Ballers includes Carl Jones, who is best

known for producing Adult Swim’s The Boondocks, Black Dynamite, Freaknik the Musical, Legends of Chamberlain

Heights and The Jellies with Tyler The Creator.

So what do we get from this?

1. The team includes members who know the ins and outs of the space and already have a successful project


2. They got a new team member who is an expert and have loads of experience in the field they are about

to enter.


SHILL Issue #61


Here, we cant consider the art based on how good of a pfp it is going to look which will attract more eyes to the

project since the main goal is different. So will leave this up to you to decide for yourself.


Bubblegoose Ballers is the mint which is being viewed as the one which will break all the charts. People have

been anticipating the launch for weeks and there is overall a positive sentiment around the project.

There are way too many reasons for an average NFT buyer to be bullish on the project and this is somehow been

planted there in everyone’s subconscious that the project will be a hit and will give a big floor.

In terms of numbers, the project is looking healthy. On Twitter, they have over a quarter-million followers, most

of which are botted obviously.

But what makes it different from all the other projects with such big numbers is how active they have been on

their handles. The first tweet from the main account came on April 20, and till now they have over 1000 tweets

which are more than the total of all the projects that minted in the last 2 weeks. They are also clocking a healthy

engagement of over 500 reactions on their normal posts.

In Discord, there are around 64,000 members with them clocking an average engagement of around 1000 reactions.

To conclude, I would say if we look back at the projects which took over 1 million dollars from the space in the

past few weeks, Bubblegoose Ballers is bigger and better than all of them.

This time, you and I as an investor know which team is taking the money and are they even worth it.

On the other side, the market is not in a position where the majority of investors will think rationally. We have

already seen a dump across the floors of strong projects with stronger communities. Panic selling is what is happening

across the board and during such time, a mint of a project with a supply of 10,000 NFTs doesn’t look like

the optimum investment decision.

One more thing to consider is the fact what everyone thinks of the floor. This happened during the mints of Communi3

and Trippin Ape Tribe, where everyone expected them to be the next 3-digit floor projects and the floor

started from a very high point and then it came all the way down.

I would recommend analysing the demand during the mint, and how the floor will move during that time since

now all the projects get listed before the mint gets over.

As always DYOR.

SHILL Issue #61


Solanauts x Rudi





Quick thread on Sol Patrol and the accomplishments we’ve made since minting out on x-mas eve. The project

was started as an experiment, to create a quant DAO but to do it differently than a traditional quant firm. The

idea was simply to crowd-source the “thinking”.

The community would work together to create models and theories – while the dev-team would focus on

building. The first set of tools, we would build and then we would allow the community to add features and help

us build the future.

Over the past few months, we have been working on Patrol Report, that allows direct minting from our site and

allows users to see the communities that are minting the NFT live during the mint.

If you recall the launch of Boryoku Dragonz, it was a lot of insider information that caused certain liquid

communities to mint and market the collection - causing a 200x in a very short period.

If you can see the on-chain data of the communities minting this NFT, then you can make more educated

predictions. The beta for Patrol Report has been launched but is currently under maintenance, as we are

wrapping up a few items on the back end.

You can view a walk-through of Patrol Report on the old UI:


The Patrol Report is officially launched in BETA No more WL hunting No more insider trading

No more searching for ‘alpha’ Direct minting from Patrol Report coming in the next 48-hrs

and check out the explainer video below!

We also had a big focus on the gamification in Sol Patrol. In January we launched one of the first raffles on

Solana, called the Jail. We used 100% of royalties to buy NFTs from the secondary and placed them in the Jail


Then users were able to release the NFT to their wallet by “posting-BAIL.” We were also able to integrate and test

SolanaPay with this game. The Jail was very important because we burned all the BAIL that was collected in the


We recently calculated an approx. amount of BAIL that we burned and it was 70% of the total circulating

supply. This, combined with a very low emission at the launch of Staking 1.0, we had created a very healthy and

sustainable tokenomics structure for BAIL.

After we released staking and the Jail, we immediately got many requests to do some work for other

projects. Since we only did a 0.15 SOL mint and all royalties were given back to the community, we took these

opportunities to build a larger dev-team.


SHILL Issue #61

SHILL Issue #61



































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