Greater Vancouver Baby Guide 2022-2023

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in <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Vancouver</strong><br />

a resource guide<br />

<strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> EDITION<br />

• Budgeting for <strong>Baby</strong><br />

• Mama’s Choice Award Winners<br />

• Infant Sleep: What to expect

CEFA gives<br />

children the keys<br />

to a Bigger and<br />

Brighter Future!<br />

We’re accepting<br />

applications …<br />


highstreet@cefa.ca<br />

(604) 425-3800<br />

B235 – 3122 Mount Lehman Rd.<br />

Abbotsford, BC V2T 0C5<br />

Core Education & Fine Arts for Children 1–5

what ’s INSIDE<br />

Having a baby in <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Vancouver</strong><br />



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<strong>Greater</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong>|<strong>Vancouver</strong><br />

05 Mamas Choice Award Winners<br />

You vote and we tell everyone about your<br />

top picks. Local <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Vancouver</strong> winners<br />

for everything mom & baby in the city.<br />

06 Budgeting for <strong>Baby</strong><br />

Have you considered your financial<br />

plan for baby?<br />

09 Infant Sleep: What to expect<br />

Wondering about those first few weeks,<br />

we give you a brief look at what to expect.<br />

12 The prenatal exercise that<br />

transforms your postpartum<br />

recovery<br />

Strength training, in pregnancy, can help<br />

you drastically reduce your aching body.<br />

Learn more.<br />

16 Are Prenatal Classes<br />

Really Necessary?<br />

Let’s understand what prenatal education<br />

is and how it can help you.<br />

18 Movement + Milestones:<br />

Tips for Encouraging <strong>Baby</strong>’s<br />

Development Through Play<br />

Learn more about children learning<br />

through play.<br />

26 Local Resources: Bump<br />

The very best businesses <strong>Greater</strong><br />

<strong>Vancouver</strong> has to offer you throughout<br />

your pregnancy.<br />

28 Local Resources: Nesting<br />

The very best businesses <strong>Greater</strong><br />

<strong>Vancouver</strong> has to offer in preparing<br />

you for living with your new bundle.<br />

29 Local Resources: <strong>Baby</strong><br />

The very best businesses <strong>Greater</strong><br />

<strong>Vancouver</strong> has to offer you throughout<br />

infancy and the first few years with baby.<br />

Parenting tips, fun family<br />

events, useful resources<br />

and relevant info for<br />

families in BC.<br />

22 Preparing for Birth<br />

with a Pelvic Health<br />

Physiotherapist<br />

Find useful information for the mom-to-be<br />

in preparation for babies arrival.<br />

www.bcparent.ca<br />

4 • www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition

Mama’s Choice<br />

Awards Winners<br />

We heard from you, loud and clear, the best of the best for new moms<br />

in <strong>Greater</strong> <strong>Vancouver</strong>! All of you had something to say, and here they<br />

are … the winners of the first annual Mama’s Choice Awards:<br />

Best <strong>Baby</strong> Store?<br />

West Coast Kids<br />

Best Kids Furniture Store?<br />

Ikea<br />

Best <strong>Baby</strong> Clothing Store?<br />

Once Upon a Child<br />

Best Childcare Facility?<br />

Cameron Recreation Centre<br />

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant?<br />

Boston Pizza<br />

Best Prenatal Class?<br />

Fraser Valley Health<br />

Best Postnatal Class?<br />

Safe Beginnings<br />

Best Mommy & Me Class?<br />

Tiny Tinkles Music<br />

Best Kid-Friendly Café?<br />

Circus Café<br />

Best Maternity Clothing Store?<br />

Thyme Maternity & H &M ( tie)<br />

Best Doula?<br />

Bethan Stewart<br />

Best Local Service For Moms?<br />

Toews Cleaning<br />

Best Maternity Photographer?<br />

Moda Bella Photography<br />

Best Newborn Photographer?<br />

Carol-Ann Photography<br />

What Business Would You<br />

Like To Tell Your New-Mom<br />

Friends About?<br />

Once Upon a Child<br />

Best Birthday Party Venue?<br />

Circus Café<br />

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 5


<strong>Baby</strong><br />


Every change in family structure such as getting<br />

married, moving in together, or having children,<br />

contains an evolving financial landscape. The<br />

free online Budgeting for <strong>Baby</strong> seminar offers a<br />

wealth of information on a variety of topics and<br />

lays out the most important financial tasks that<br />

often commence with the arrival of your baby.<br />

The first thing you should do is assess where<br />

you are financially. Look at your savings, your<br />

maternity/paternity income, and what you<br />

expect to get in Canadian Child benefits.<br />

As well, consider your one- time and monthly<br />

expenses that you will incur upon baby’s<br />

arrival. This will help you formulate a solid<br />

financial plan and help you to understand<br />

what you want your future to look like.<br />

If you haven’t done so already, consider your<br />

options for life insurance and RESP’s as you<br />

include your children’s needs in this<br />

preparation. It can be daunting, but you will<br />

feel so much better once you have a strategy<br />

to provide for your child’s future and take the<br />

necessary steps to protect your family, should<br />

anything unforeseen happen in the future.<br />

Why should you open a RESP? The cost of<br />

a post-secondary education continues to rise<br />

and saving early can help you achieve your<br />

goals.<br />

Flexibility: If you open an Individual RESP,<br />

you can contribute into the plan up to a<br />

lifetime limit of $50,000 per child. As the<br />

subscriber, you have control over your<br />

deposit amounts and can make changes<br />

as you need over time.<br />

Guaranteed free grants. The government will<br />

match a percentage of your contributions!<br />

Any money you put in, up to $2500 per<br />

year, will be matched at 20% by the federal<br />

government. If you can contribute the full<br />

amount, this means your child’s RESP will<br />

receive an additional payment of $500 each<br />

year. Lower-income families may also qualify<br />

for an additional grant issued every year they<br />

remain eligible, independent of contributions.<br />

Long-term, tax free growth. The money you<br />

invest into the RESP, along with the<br />

government grants, will continue to grow and<br />

compound interest, year after year tax-free for<br />

up to 35 years. The income and grants are<br />

taxable to your child when they withdraw the<br />

funds for their post-secondary studies.<br />

Because students typically have lower<br />

income, the tax rate is often minimal.<br />

Anyone can contribute: Your friends or family<br />

member’s can also contribute towards your<br />

child’s RESP. This is a wonderful way for your<br />

loved ones to help instead of giving toys for<br />

special occasions.<br />

Multiple options for the student: Students can<br />

attend traditional schooling such as College<br />

or University, or they can attend shorter<br />

programs such as trades, practical<br />

education, or online studies. If your child<br />

does not pursue any post-secondary<br />

education, you have other options. You could<br />

roll the RESP to another child, roll the interest<br />

into your own/spousal RRSP, or take the<br />

interest as income to you as an Accumulated<br />

Income Payment (taxes applicable).<br />

6 • www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition

Why should I get Life Insurance? Life<br />

insurance is one of the foundations of any<br />

well laid out financial plan as it offers<br />

financial protection for you and your loved<br />

ones. It can help you provide the security you<br />

need to reach your financial goals and is<br />

particularly useful if you are buying a home,<br />

getting married, or having children.<br />

Provides Financial Security: and Replaces<br />

Lost Income: The most obvious purpose of life<br />

insurance is that it provides your family with<br />

long-term financial security to protect your<br />

family if you die. It is a lump sum, tax-free<br />

cash payout. This can help to ensure that<br />

your loved ones will not be financially<br />

strained and can afford everyday expenses.<br />

Provides Emotional Security: It protects your<br />

emotional health by giving you peace of<br />

mind: No one can predict the future but<br />

having life insurance means that you are<br />

preparing to ensure your family is financially<br />

protected if you passed away.<br />

Pays for final expenses or debts. Life<br />

insurance policies can help to cover debts<br />

such as your mortgage or personal loans,<br />

as well as pay for your funeral.<br />

Create an inheritance for your children:<br />

When someone passes away, their heirs<br />

often face estate and inheritance taxes on<br />

any assets they receive. The life insurance<br />

policy can help cover these costs. Certain<br />

policies allow you to build up cash values<br />

over time which is often attractive to families<br />

as this can help supplement and create an<br />

inheritance for your children.<br />

Laurie & Gordon Branden<br />

Budgeting for <strong>Baby</strong><br />

www.budgetingforbabies.com<br />

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 7

8 • www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition

Infant Sleep<br />


As new parents, we put forth great effort preparing for our little one’s arrival. We learn<br />

how to bathe them, feed them and foster their development. It’s also great to know a few<br />

facts about infant sleep; read on for some helpful tips!<br />

The First 3 Weeks<br />

Babies are very sleepy during their first few weeks earthside. This is in part due to the<br />

maternal melatonin that remains in their bodies from their time in the womb. Melatonin<br />

is a sleep hormone that rises and falls throughout the day and night according to our circadian<br />

rhythm (a.k.a. our body clock) and babies don’t produce their own melatonin initially.<br />

Newborns may sleep for 16 hours out of the daily 24 and may only stay awake for 40-60<br />

minutes at a time before needing to sleep again. This is called an “awake window” – the<br />

time a baby is awake before their next period of sleep. As babies get older their awake<br />

windows will lengthen as they will be able to stay awake for longer periods.<br />

In these early weeks babes haven’t begun to distinguish between day and night so they<br />

may disperse their awake and asleep time equally throughout the 24 hours of the day,<br />

some even having more of their awake time during the night.<br />

These early weeks are for you and your baby to get to know one another!<br />

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 9

Weeks 4-6<br />

The maternal melatonin that was present<br />

for the first three weeks of a newborn’s life<br />

has worn off and babes are becoming<br />

more alert. It is common to see crying peak<br />

at 6 weeks. Babes are able to now stay<br />

awake for 60-90 minutes at a time and<br />

are starting to distinguish between day<br />

and night. If you can, try to pay attention<br />

to awake windows and offer sleep every<br />

60-90 minutes (60 minutes for 4 week olds,<br />

increasing to 90 minutes by the time they<br />

are 6 weeks old). This will prevent babies<br />

from getting into overtired states from<br />

which it can be difficult to achieve sleep.<br />

As newborns start to sleep more at night<br />

and less during the day we can expect a<br />

total daytime sleep of 4-5 hours, divided<br />

into several naps, and total night time sleep<br />

of 11-12 hours (with feedings). We also<br />

begin to see the baby sleep cycle emerge.<br />

Babies’ sleep cycles are 45-50 minute<br />

long. They are in a light, or active, sleep<br />

for the first half of their sleep cycle<br />

(approximately 20 minutes) making it<br />

common to see them wake within the first<br />

20 minutes of sleep due to their own<br />

movements, or happenings in their<br />

environment. The second half of their sleep<br />

cycle they are in a deep or quiet sleep;<br />

their faces are restful, their limbs are<br />

floppy and they don’t wake as easily.<br />

Swaddling in the newborn period is a<br />

great tool to use because it creates a<br />

sensation of physical security and prevents<br />

babes from being distracted by their own<br />

uncoordinated limb movements. White<br />

noise is another great tool for newborn<br />

sleep (and beyond) because it replicates<br />

the “whooshing” sound newborns heard<br />

constantly in the womb and it blocks out<br />

environmental sounds which may awaken<br />

the babe when they are in a lighter stage<br />

of sleep.<br />

If you notice it’s been 90 minutes or so<br />

since your baby’s last period of sleep see<br />

if they need some help settling off to sleep<br />

and begin to set the scene. Feeding,<br />

cuddling, bouncing, rocking are all great<br />

ways to encourage newborn sleep as they<br />

may not always fall asleep on their own<br />

accord.<br />

10 • www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition

Weeks 7-12<br />

Babes are able to stay awake for 90<br />

minutes at a time now with a daytime sleep<br />

need of 4 hours, split into several naps,<br />

and a night time sleep need of 11-12 hours<br />

(with feedings). At this age a baby’s body<br />

is producing its own melatonin (the sleep<br />

hormone) and a dark environment begins<br />

to play a key part in sleep. Melatonin is<br />

produced in response to a dark environment<br />

and its production is blocked by light.<br />

Therefore the cue of a dark environment<br />

can be helpful for naps and bedtime.<br />

This is a great time to introduce a gentle<br />

routine: consistent times for sleep, feeds,<br />

and a bedtime routine. If independent<br />

sleep is something you feel like working<br />

toward, you can also practice putting your<br />

baby down awake to sleep. When you<br />

notice your baby is becoming drowsy or is<br />

due for a nap or bedtime, put them down<br />

to sleep from an awake or drowsy state<br />

and allow them to fall asleep on their own<br />

with you by their side. If your newborn is<br />

colicky or dealing with reflux, they may still<br />

require your help to fall asleep until their<br />

colic subsides (typically around 12 weeks)<br />

or reflux improves. These babes often need<br />

a lot of hands on support and settling to fall<br />

asleep so give them whatever they need!<br />

Remember, it is normal for different babies<br />

to require different amounts of assistance to<br />

fall asleep. Try your best to not to compare<br />

your baby to others. Normal sleep for your<br />

baby might look like:<br />

• contact naps<br />

(i.e. baby being held for naps)<br />

• motion sleep<br />

(cars and strollers for example)<br />

• independent sleep from the get-go<br />

• sleeping in short spurts<br />

• long stretches of sleep<br />

The journey to independent settling can happen at any time, typically 4 months of age<br />

and onwards depending on the baby and family. Having a baby that can independently<br />

settle may be a goal for some families and not important to others. Healthy sleep<br />

can be fostered in either setting so let’s build and maintain supportive parenting<br />

communities where all sleep is good sleep!<br />

Warmly,<br />

Sara Davis, BscN,<br />

Cert. Infant & Child Sleep<br />

Consultant<br />

sara.davis@cheerfulmornings.ca<br />

www.cheerfulmornings.ca<br />

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 11

The prenatal exercise<br />

that transforms your<br />

postpartum recovery<br />

If you’re expecting your first baby, you are<br />

probably feeling overwhelmed right now<br />

with everything there is to know. What is<br />

your birth plan? How will labour go? What<br />

about breastfeeding? Formula? Cloth<br />

diapers? Huggies? Pampers? Which car<br />

seat is safest? Where will baby sleep? And<br />

on and on.<br />

And when it comes to exercise, of course<br />

you want to know what is safe. You<br />

understand your body is going to change<br />

a lot in these 9 months. It already has!<br />

Maybe your lower back aches a little.<br />

You pee, just a little, when you sneeze or<br />

cough. Clearly your stomach muscles are<br />

expanding. And you wonder, will you feel<br />

normal again?<br />

If you voice these things aloud you might<br />

be told something like, “Every mother goes<br />

through this, welcome to motherhood.”<br />

Or the opposite. “Enjoy your free pass in<br />

pregnancy… because postpartum? Get<br />

ready for the Kegels, crunches, and hard<br />

work to get your body back.” Right?<br />

Nope.<br />

I wish every expectant mom could know<br />

there’s a better way.<br />

You do NOT need to leak pee or deal with<br />

constant pain in pregnancy. Or put yourself<br />

through butt kicking workouts postpartum<br />

to regain your strength and confidence.<br />

But what can you do?<br />

12 • www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition

Let’s take a quick tour<br />

of your pregnant body<br />

Your core is much more than abs. Think of it<br />

as a cylinder made up of your abdominal<br />

muscles on the front, your lower back<br />

muscles, diaphragm at the top and your<br />

pelvic floor at the bottom.<br />

These muscles work together to stabilize<br />

you during exercise and while doing life’s<br />

everyday tasks – bending, lifting, squatting,<br />

carrying, reaching.<br />

During pregnancy, your abdominal muscles<br />

stretch (a lot) to make room for your<br />

growing baby. Your lower back works<br />

much harder, and your diaphragm has to<br />

breathe with a lot less space. Your pelvic<br />

floor works really hard to support your<br />

pelvis and organs within it. It also needs to<br />

relax during a vaginal delivery to give your<br />

baby a smooth exit.<br />

What happens to<br />

your body postpartum<br />

At 6 weeks, your doctor checks you to see if<br />

you need surgery or any other interventions.<br />

If not, your medical care essentially wraps<br />

up. You’re cleared to return to exercise and<br />

navigate the rest of postpartum life on your<br />

own.<br />

But your core is still changed. In fact,<br />

you might feel like your entire body has<br />

changed.<br />

So you might struggle to find a comfortable<br />

posture while feeding your baby that<br />

doesn’t leave your back so sore. You can’t<br />

believe how heavy it feels to carry an<br />

8-pound baby 17 hours a day. You’re<br />

shocked how painful lifting your newborn<br />

in and out of the crib can be.<br />

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 13

The solution to a smoother postpartum recovery?<br />

Strength training.<br />

Depending on your experience with it, you<br />

might be imagining heavy barbells and<br />

intense workouts. Strength training in<br />

pregnancy is different.<br />

The key is lifting heavy enough weights<br />

(for you) to actually challenge your<br />

muscles. Lifting 3- and 5-pound dumbbells<br />

isn’t going to be enough to help you build<br />

the strength you will need to carry your<br />

15-pound, 3-month-old baby.<br />

But you don’t need to be an expert weight<br />

trainer either. You don’t need bootcamps<br />

that drown you in a pile of sweat. You do<br />

need to progressively build up your core<br />

strength with short, effective workouts that<br />

leave you stronger and energized.<br />

Strength training NOW, in pregnancy,<br />

can help you drastically reduce your aching<br />

hips, sore low back and tight neck and<br />

shoulders. Strength training is the key for<br />

a strong and energized pregnancy and<br />

a smoother postpartum recovery.<br />

I know you can’t wait to kiss those baby<br />

toes and enjoy some newborn snuggles.<br />

But beyond soaking up every ounce of<br />

joy a baby brings, what is your dream<br />

for YOU after baby?<br />

Maybe it looks like walking to the park,<br />

baby snuggled in a sling and your back<br />

is strong enough to take it. Or joining your<br />

family on a hike with your 9-month-old<br />

secure on your back. Or you’re running<br />

marathons again, cheered on by your<br />

children, without peeing your pants.<br />

You deserve all of this and more.<br />

The first step? Strengthen your entire body,<br />

starting with strengthening your core from<br />

the inside out.<br />

Your future self, babe in arms,<br />

will thank you.<br />


Want to know more? Download this free email mini-course and learn 5<br />

Core Circuits For Pregnancy (that will take you 3-15 minutes to complete).<br />

Rooting for you,<br />

Kaye & Shannon<br />


Core Love Fitness is redefining fitness during pregnancy, postpartum and<br />

beyond to help moms build their strength so they can live their lives to the fullest.<br />

www.corelove.ca<br />

IG and FB @corelovefitness<br />

14 • www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 15





Being a mom can be an overwhelming<br />

experience – your body is changing; life<br />

growing in you and maybe concerns related to<br />

childbirth and caring for the newborn baby.<br />

Increasingly, parents are opting for prenatal<br />

classes to prepare themselves and in part, it<br />

gives the couple time to understand all the<br />

changes and talk through various options and<br />

decisions to be made.<br />

Let us understand what prenatal education is<br />

and how it can help parents. Prenatal classes<br />

are varied, but all have the same aim - to help<br />

prepare you for labor, birth, and early<br />

parenthood. Your prenatal class should educate<br />

you in all ways to enjoy your pregnancy and<br />

have an amazing childbirth experience with all<br />

the support you need. There is an investment<br />

required, although some may be free.<br />

You may argue that birth is a natural<br />

phenomenon but remember that we no longer<br />

live in a village or a small community where we<br />

are supported by our neighbours and village<br />

midwives or wise women, well versed in<br />

supporting the woman giving birth. Today, most<br />

couples start their family while living on their<br />

own and may not have the support of their<br />

extended family. There are also many more<br />

options today relating to pain relief methods.<br />

Sometimes new moms and dads are anxious<br />

and fearful of the whole birth process and<br />

sadly, anxiety can have disastrous effects on the<br />

unborn baby. If the anxiety attacks are extreme,<br />

the unborn baby is traumatized as baby is a<br />

part of the mom’s system. Fear and anxiety<br />

experienced by the pregnant woman cause<br />

disruptions in the energy flow through her body<br />

leading to difficulties during birth. Often there is<br />

little guidance from experienced elders who<br />

can share ancient wisdom to prepare your<br />

body for birth.<br />

Birth is a natural process with mental,<br />

physical, emotion, social and spiritual<br />

dimensions to it!<br />

In most hospitals, comfort options offered<br />

are narcotic drugs and epidurals. Moms<br />

complain about their side effects, and baby<br />

enters the world in a drugged state and<br />

suffers the consequences of drugs.<br />

Prenatal education is beneficial<br />

for you if it:<br />

• Allows you to understand the physical and<br />

mental changes you experience during<br />

pregnancy<br />

• Prepares you and your partner for<br />

childbirth and helps you feel relaxed and<br />

confident<br />

• Prepares you for times if things go wrong<br />

and helps you make informed decisions<br />

• Teaches you strategies to deepen the bond<br />

between you and your unborn baby<br />

• Helps your baby enjoy a safe, joyous entry<br />

into the world<br />

• <strong>Guide</strong>s you on exercises and optimal<br />

nutrition to ensure a strong healthy body<br />

and well-toned birthing muscles for an easy<br />

childbirth<br />

• Prepares you for the birth process and<br />

provides you with natural pain relief<br />

options<br />

• Shares valuable resources you may need<br />

Pregnancy does not last forever!<br />

Your baby deserves the best start in life<br />

and depends on you.<br />

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3 Tips for choosing a prenatal<br />

class worth your investment,for<br />

natural and safe, birth preparation<br />

The amount of information available on Google can easily<br />

put you in a state of overwhelm and it may be hard to<br />

differentiate the forest from the trees. It is important that both<br />

you and your partner acquire the skills and confidence<br />

needed to make your birth a positive experience. Your baby<br />

is an active participant and needs to be included in your<br />

preparations.<br />

These 3 Checklist points will help you ACE your<br />

prenatal class selection process!<br />

1. Accessibility<br />

- Can you access the content after the class?<br />

- Is there a support system in place to assist<br />

with unknowns of pregnancy as they arise?<br />

- Are there resources that you can access to<br />

help you with your birth preparation?<br />

- Will you have access to important handouts<br />

to support you through pregnancy and birth?<br />

2. Content<br />

- Information about the birthing process<br />

- Exercises to prepare your birthing muscles<br />

and optimal nutrition for you<br />

- Natural alternatives for discomforts during<br />

pregnancy<br />

- Spiritual aspect of birth and how it assists<br />

you and baby<br />

- Partner education for support through<br />

pregnancy and birth<br />

- Pregnancy tests, what they mean and why<br />

they matter<br />

- Release fear permanently when it arises<br />

and reprogram your mind for easy birth<br />

- Key stages of baby’s development and what<br />

that means for you<br />

- How to provide an environment for your<br />

unborn baby’s optimal development<br />

- How to establish a strong relationship<br />

with baby before birth<br />

- Warning signs of potential issues that<br />

may adversely affect you and baby<br />

- Birth plan, hospital bag preparation,<br />

home birth<br />

- The stages of labour and knowing when<br />

to visit the hospital<br />

- Pain relief - medical and natural alternatives<br />

- What to expect at the hospital and and<br />

what to do when you are in active labour<br />

- Medical and surgical interventions offered<br />

during birth<br />

- Unexpected events that may occur and how<br />

to get the best birth experience<br />

- How to successfully breast feed your baby<br />

and enjoy your post-partum experience<br />

3. Educator<br />

- Does the educator have the education<br />

and experience required to teach?<br />

- Does she know current hospital protocols?<br />

- Is she able to answer your questions<br />

correctly?<br />

- Does she offer regular support during<br />

pregnancy?<br />

- Are there good reviews from previous<br />

clients?<br />

Prof. Gurjeet S Minhas R.N. MSN<br />

info@joyouschildbirth.com<br />

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The first year of a baby’s life is a time of<br />

rapid brain growth and neurological<br />

development. Although your baby has the<br />

most nerve cells they will ever have at birth,<br />

it is the connections between neurons, called<br />

synapses, that form the important building<br />

blocks of the brain. Ensuring your baby has<br />

good spinal movement and nerve function<br />

will help set them up for success. It is<br />

incredible that babies will progress from<br />

barely being able to hold their head up<br />

as a newborn, to rolling, sitting, crawling,<br />

standing, cruising, and walking – often<br />

within one short year.<br />

Your baby is born with a c-shaped spine,<br />

meaning they do not have the neck or low<br />

back curves we have as adults. The neck<br />

curve will form as they learn to hold their<br />

head up against gravity when practicing<br />

tummy time. The lower back curve will start<br />

to form when they begin to crawl and<br />

continue until a few months after walking.<br />

The spine and cranium serve as protection for<br />

your baby’s brain and spinal cord. A balance<br />

of stability and mobility are required for your<br />

baby to function at their best. Many parents<br />

choose a preventive health care model,<br />

bringing their baby for regular chiropractic<br />

wellness care. Tension and misalignment in the<br />

neck, back, hips, or shoulders can affect your<br />

baby’s ability to move through motor<br />

milestones with ease.<br />

It is not uncommon for parents and caregivers<br />

to feel overwhelmed when it comes to baby<br />

movement and milestones. It may seem as<br />

though there is a never-ending amount of<br />

information for each age and stage. If this is<br />

you, not to worry. Here are some of my top<br />

tips to help you feel more confident and to<br />

encourage your baby’s motor milestone<br />

development:<br />

Children learn through Play<br />

Sometimes we forget that baby movement<br />

should be interactive and fun. Try to<br />

incorporate favourite songs, variations in your<br />

voice, animated facial expressions, gestures,<br />

and/or toys with bright colours or fun sounds<br />

to entertain your little one. Play time on the<br />

floor is a great opportunity for bonding and<br />

touch. When your baby’s exercise session<br />

resembles play, they often are better able<br />

to stay engaged and motivated.<br />

Pro Tips:<br />

Babies often love their parents’<br />

voices. Learn a few songs that<br />

you can sing together<br />

Reserve certain special toys<br />

specifically for your play session<br />

Make eye contact with your child and<br />

use a variety of facial expressions<br />

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Tummy Time. Tummy Time.<br />

More Tummy Time!<br />

Tummy time helps to build neck, shoulder,<br />

and back strength and helps to prepare for<br />

rolling and crawling. Aim for 20 minutes of<br />

tummy time for each month of age, increasing<br />

to 80 minutes by 4 months. If your baby gets<br />

fussy just remember they are complaining<br />

because it is hard. The stronger they get, the<br />

easier it will become. Consistency is the key.<br />

Don’t forget to balance tummy time with<br />

equal time for play on their back and sides;<br />

all positions of play are important and help<br />

to create balance.<br />

Avoid excessive time spent<br />

in <strong>Baby</strong> Containers<br />

It is important that your baby have ample time<br />

and opportunity to move their body freely.<br />

The best place for baby movement is often on<br />

the floor. Limit time spent in containers, such<br />

as bouncers, swings, and seats, as they do<br />

not allow your baby to wiggle, kick, reach,<br />

roll, and crawl. Movement is required to help<br />

your baby to build strength and coordination<br />

and provide lots of opportunities to practice<br />

new skills. Containers often prevent proper<br />

body alignment, limit core muscle activation,<br />

and may delay motor milestones.<br />

Pro Tips:<br />

Roll baby on to their tummy for 3-5<br />

minutes after each diaper change<br />

When fussy, place baby on a<br />

45-degree angle on a pillow or large<br />

exercise ball to decrease the<br />

difficulty and build endurance<br />

Take breaks by rolling baby on to<br />

side, then returning to tummy for more<br />

Pro Tips:<br />

Use the car seat only for the car.<br />

Allow them to stretch out on the floor<br />

whenever possible<br />

Avoid jumpers as they can place<br />

inappropriate stress on the spine,<br />

hips, and legs<br />

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It is not a Race!<br />

It is important to remember that each child is<br />

different and that milestone acquisition is not a<br />

race. There are many benefits to spending a<br />

longer time practicing and perfecting a skill as<br />

the repetition helps to strengthen neurological<br />

patterns. For example, a baby who spends<br />

more time practicing the cross-crawl will often<br />

be better prepared when it comes to walking.<br />

Pro Tips:<br />

Try not to rush baby into the next skill<br />

Place baby on floor on tummy vs<br />

propping them to sit; to encourage<br />

tummy time and rolling<br />

Place baby in the middle of the floor<br />

to encourage crawling vs walking<br />

baby before they are ready<br />

Be on the lookout for any of the following<br />

issues that are common (but not normal) in<br />

baby’s first year: flattening on the back or<br />

side of the head, preference to turn their<br />

head one direction, arching when on their<br />

back, asymmetrical use of arms or legs,<br />

scooting or asymmetrical crawl, or any other<br />

noticeable concerns or delays. These are<br />

often signs that additional support, including<br />

pediatric chiropractic care, may be needed.<br />

I hope these simple tips help to boost your<br />

confidence and serve as a reminder that you<br />

that you are doing great – you’ve got this!<br />

Look out for possible Red Flags<br />


Dr. Jessica de Nooij is a family Chiropractor at The Wellness<br />

Studio in Calgary, AB. She has a focus in pediatrics, pregnancy<br />

and family wellness and has completed both the Webster and<br />

CACCP pediatric certifications through the International Pediatric<br />

Chiropractic Association (ICPA).<br />

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Preparing for Birth<br />

with a Pelvic Health<br />

Physiotherapist<br />



For physiotherapists with a special interest and experience helping women with pelvic<br />

related concerns, optimizing pregnancy, labour, and delivery is a daily occurrence in our<br />

office. We love it that women are also enthusiastic about advocating and preparing for the<br />

birth of their baby.<br />

There is much that we can do in preparation for your baby (or babies!) whether your plan<br />

includes a scheduled caesarean section or a vaginal birth. As experts in movement<br />

physiology, we bring practical advice on how to approach pregnancy and birth, taking<br />

into perspective every patient’s unique situation.<br />

From a professional standpoint, we really enjoy these appointments, and these sessions<br />

are packed with useful information for the mom-to-be. We typically provide this information<br />

throughout our treatments with expectant mothers.<br />

22 • www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition

Here are our top 5 strategies when preparing for birth:<br />

1. Movement<br />

Being pregnant poses challenges to your<br />

entire body. Pelvic health physiotherapists<br />

can help how your body feels as it adapts<br />

to your growing baby. Improving flexibility<br />

at the back and inside of your legs such as<br />

the hamstrings, adductors, and calf<br />

muscles, lets you do things like squat,<br />

which is not only helpful in labour but also<br />

for picking up toys later! Improving pelvis<br />

symmetry with prescribed exercises is also<br />

useful to reduce back and SI joint pain<br />

which is common during pregnancy.<br />

When a woman is in labour, we like to<br />

encourage movements that allow for hip<br />

external rotation. She may use this external<br />

rotation of her hips while in hands and<br />

knees position (which also helps turn a<br />

baby) or while sitting on a therapy ball.<br />

During a vaginal delivery, hip internal<br />

rotation is particularly useful to open the<br />

pelvis. Side-lie position with the top leg<br />

supported by a partner with the heel up<br />

and knee down has also shown to help<br />

reduce the severity of perineal tears. 1<br />

2. Confidence<br />

Having a sense of control leads to<br />

decreased fear. We build confidence in<br />

what your body can accomplish during<br />

pregnancy and birth. Practicing what you<br />

learn reassures you in your abilities.<br />

Sometimes just a few words of encouragement<br />

can make a world of difference when<br />

it comes to facing the anxiety of becoming<br />

a mother. We have the benefit of learning<br />

from current research and collaborating<br />

with other maternity professionals to<br />

provide you with concrete expectations<br />

and plans of care. Education along<br />

with manual therapy and exercises are<br />

cornerstones of a pelvic health<br />

physiotherapist’s perinatal care.<br />

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 23

3. Pelvic Floor Readiness<br />

Your pelvic floor strength should be<br />

addressed by your pelvic health physiotherapist<br />

prior to your due date and is<br />

particularly important to work on as your<br />

body changes with the demands of a<br />

growing baby. Good pelvic floor<br />

responsiveness is essential for all<br />

post-partum recoveries. Near your due date<br />

we are also teaching you how to release<br />

your pelvic floor. We start the practice of<br />

perineal stretching around 36 weeks to<br />

aid with the flexibility of the opening of the<br />

vagina, called the introitus, and instruct you<br />

on how to carry this on at home, up to the<br />

time of delivery.<br />

4. Pushing Prep<br />

There are many methods to push a baby<br />

out. We like to show you how you can<br />

maximize your diaphragm and body<br />

position during the push phase. This entails<br />

using your diaphragm to direct pressure<br />

towards your vagina and pursing your lips<br />

to slowly let air out. With your arms<br />

overhead and lengthening your spine, you<br />

can use a yoga strap or a bar to pull down<br />

on while timing your uterus contraction and<br />

breath work all together. This technique can<br />

be gently practiced in different positions as<br />

well as visualized in the form of guided<br />

imagery.<br />

5. Toileting<br />

Whether your bundle of joy arrives with a<br />

vaginal birth or a c-section, your first bowel<br />

movement may need special consideration.<br />

All women bleed from their uterus, called<br />

lochia, after giving birth regardless of<br />

delivery method. And all women will need<br />

to poop afterwards! Everyone should use<br />

a footstool when sitting on the toilet to<br />

prepare to have a bowel movement. After a<br />

vaginal delivery, you may want to support<br />

your perineum for your first few BMs to<br />

reduce distention of these tissues. Similarly,<br />

if you had a c-section, you may want to hold<br />

a pillow over your belly to gently support<br />

your abdominal scar. Remember that it is<br />

ideal not to push for a bowel movement so<br />

practice the pursed lip technique or ask your<br />

nurse or doctor for stool softeners for the first<br />

while after giving birth.<br />

Preparing for birth is a process that should<br />

start during early pregnancy. Pelvic health<br />

physiotherapists can ease the discomforts<br />

of pregnancy, prepare you for delivery,<br />

and assist with your post-partum recovery.<br />

Along with the help of your pelvic health<br />

physiotherapist, you can become<br />

knowledgeable, stronger, and more<br />

confident in what your body can<br />

accomplish during this life-changing event.<br />

Source:<br />

1 Maternal position and other variables: effects on perineal outcomes in 557 births. Inge Meyvis 1,<br />

Bart Van Rompaey, Karine Goormans, Steven Truijen, Sabine Lambers, Eveline Mestdagh, Wilhelm Mistiaen<br />

Birth. 2012 Jun;39(2):115-20. doi: 10.1111/j.1523-536X.2012.00529. x. Epub 2012 May 17.<br />

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23281859/<br />

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Expecting a baby?<br />

Register for a FREE Online Seminar<br />

www.budgetingforbabies.com<br />

PROOF<br />

Topics of Discussion<br />

• Maternity & Parental Benefits<br />

• How much does a baby cost?<br />

• Living on a reduced income<br />

• Canadian Child Benefits<br />

• Retirement Savings Plan<br />

• Life Insurance Coverage<br />

• Birth Certificate & SIN<br />

• Health Benefit Plans<br />

• Personal Directives<br />

• Power of Attorney<br />

• RESP’s*<br />

Warm and<br />

cozy makes<br />

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604.534.5555<br />

gandyinstallations.net<br />



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Movies for Mommies<br />

vancouver@movies4mommies.com<br />

Music for Young Children<br />

800-561-1692<br />

Nurture Natal<br />

604-314-7222<br />

Salsa Tots & Salsa Babies<br />

1-888-536-4611<br />

Staccato Music Studios<br />

604-421-3753<br />

Sleepy Miracles<br />

604-788-3044<br />

SleepDreams<br />

604-985-2991<br />

Sweet Dreams Consultant<br />

778-320-4671<br />

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 29


VANCOUVER | resources<br />

<strong>Baby</strong>- Moms Groups<br />

Modern Mama <strong>Vancouver</strong> & Fraser Valley<br />

Modernmama.com<br />

Tina@modernmama.com<br />

Meet Up<br />

Meetup.com<br />

<strong>Baby</strong> – Childcare<br />

Ace Personnel Domestic Services<br />

604-321-2778<br />

Brightpath<br />

888-808-2252<br />

CEFA Early Learning<br />

Cefa.ca<br />

Budding’s Daycare<br />

Budding.ca<br />

Child Care Resource & Referral<br />

Abbotsfordccrr.ca<br />

Jellybean Park<br />

Jellybeanpark.com<br />

Kids & Company<br />

kidsandcompany.com<br />

MyBestHelper<br />

Mybesthelper.com<br />

Nannies On Call<br />

604-734-1776<br />

New Mummy Company<br />

844-237-4686<br />

<strong>Baby</strong> – Post-Natal Fitness<br />

CoreBody Pilates & Yoga<br />

604-916-9335<br />

Elevate Pilates & Physio:<br />

Pelvic Floor and Pilates Physiotherapy<br />

hello@elevatepilatesphysio.com<br />

Fit 4 Two<br />

604-719-7981<br />

Kalev Fitness Solution<br />

604-568-6006<br />

The Motherhood Project<br />

604-318-7244<br />

Yoga Buttons Kids Yoga Studio<br />

604-739-9642<br />

<strong>Baby</strong> – Community<br />

Resources<br />

Best for Babies<br />

604.859.7681 Ext: 288<br />

<strong>Baby</strong>goround<br />

604-558-4840<br />

Budgeting For <strong>Baby</strong><br />

budgetingforbabies@shaw.ca<br />

Direct Food Store<br />

directfood.store<br />

Family Services North Shore<br />

604-988-5281<br />

Fraser Health<br />

1-855-412-2121<br />

Gandy Installations<br />

604-534-5555<br />

HealthLinkBC<br />

811<br />

30 • www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition


VANCOUVER | resources<br />

La Leche League<br />

604-520-4623<br />

Mamas for Mamas<br />

604-275-3969<br />

Options Community Services - Healthiest<br />

Babies Possible<br />

604-583-1017<br />

Pacific Post Partum Support Society<br />

855-255-7999<br />

The Motherhood Project<br />

604-318-7244<br />

<strong>Vancouver</strong> Coastal CoastalHealth<br />

604-736-2033<br />

Vital Statistics Agency<br />

(Online Birth Registration)<br />

888-876-1633<br />

<strong>Baby</strong> – Publications<br />

BC Parent<br />

Bcparent.ca<br />

Family Fun <strong>Vancouver</strong><br />

vancouver@familyfuncanada.com<br />

Modern Mama Fraser Valley<br />

Modernmama.com/fraser-valley<br />

Modern Mama <strong>Vancouver</strong><br />

Modernmama.com/vancouver<br />

Tiny Tinkles Music<br />

604-791-7749<br />

<strong>Vancouver</strong> Mom<br />

<strong>Vancouver</strong>mom.ca<br />

Westcoast Families Magazine<br />

Westcoastfamilies.com<br />

Family Fun <strong>Vancouver</strong><br />

info@familyfuncanada.com<br />

www.modernmama.com | GREATER VANCOUVER | A RESOURCE GUIDE | <strong>2022</strong>/<strong>2023</strong> Edition • 31

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