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The Center

Spring 2020 - Bridal Edition

Wedding Questions

A checklist of questions to address

with vendors as you adjust your

wedding plans

Minimonies &


Wedding alternatives to

consider during COVID-19



Technology stories from our region

The Center Insider Spring 2020



A checklist of questions to address with

vendors as you adjust your wedding plans



Wedding alternatives to consider during


8 The



Center creates customized

wedding stationary and more



2014 Rogers Scholars alum Sarah Estep

has an amazing career in NASA space


4 Have Your Wedding Plans Been Disrupted?

5 Wedding Questions

6 Livestream Your Wedding at The Center

7 Minimonies & Microweddings

8 Wedding Stationary

9 Wedding Catering

11 Accommodation Considerations

12 Front-Desk / Help-Desk Training

13 Rogers Scholars Alum Joins NASA

14 The Center’s Connectivity Chronicles

16 Marketing One-Stop-Shop

17 RDPC Train Virtually


The Center

Volume 3, No. 1

Spring 2020

The Center for Rural Development

2292 South Hwy. 27

Somerset, KY 42501




Sharon Dodson

Communications Specialist



Sarah Smith

Marketing Coordinator



Established in 1996

through the vision of U.S.

Congressman Harold

“Hal” Rogers, (KY-05), and

other leaders, The Center

is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit

organization fueled by

a mission to provide

leadership that stimulates

innovative and sustainable

economic development

solutions and a better way

of life in Southern and

Eastern Kentucky. In its

45-county primary service

region, The Center provides

innovative programs in

leadership, public safety,

technology, and arts and

culture. The Center is

committed to constantly

expanding its capabilities

in order to deliver a broad

range of key services

throughout Kentucky and

the nation.

The Center Insider is a free publication distributed by The Center for Rural Development in Somerset, KY. The publication is

printed and distributed to schools, businesses and conferences throughout the state as well as national conferences through

our public safety programs.

*Images on pages 7 and 8 provided by freepix.

2 The Center Insider

Our Consultant Packages: Our Facility Space: Contact:

• Hourly Wedding Consultant

• 760-Seat Theatre

Laura Glover

• Prewedding Consultant Package

• Wedding Day Consultant

• All-Inclusive Wedding Planning Package

• Add-ons available for every package

• 5 Modular Ballrooms

• 2 Exhibit Halls

• 3-Story Lobby

• Front Lawn

Director of Marketing & Events


(O) 606-677-6001

(M) 606-802-1050

Bridal Edition 3

Have your wedding

plans been

disrupted due to

the pandemic?

Don’t despair, and remember you are

not alone! Couples all over the globe

are navigating through this evolving

challenge. In this edition, we explore

a variety of considerations you may

need to address as you adjust your

wedding plans.

The Center has a long history of hosting and helping to plan amazing weddings.

Although COVID-19 may impact your original vision for your wedding, we can help

you take the necessary steps to create a fantastic and safe wedding experience.

4 The Center Insider

Wedding Questions

Planning a wedding is already stressful enough—and now the global spread of coronavirus has placed a whole new level

of anxiety and uncertainty on couples-to-be. If you're an engaged couple feeling overwhelmed by the unprecedented

situation, we are here to help. Right now, you naturally have plenty of questions running through your mind.

While this is unchartered territory for everyone, you should be aware of how the coronavirus may affect your wedding,

particularly in regard to your hired vendors. Patience, empathy, and understanding are very important right now. Try to take

a deep breath and put this into perspective. You are still going to get married, it's just a matter of when. Reach out to your

vendors, review contracts, and make a contingency plan. At this time, e-mail is the best way to correspond with vendors,

as it lets you get your questions clearly out and gives vendors a chance to respond in writing.

Most wedding vendors are happy to work with you to postpone your event in light of the coronavirus pandemic. If

you choose to postpone, they will likely apply your deposit or retainer to a future date. Due to the sheer number of

postponements and rebookings, it also helps to think outside of the box and be flexible when choosing a new date. Be

open to a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday wedding or perhaps a wedding off-season like November or December so that you

can keep your same vendors and deposits intact.

Here is a checklist of the top questions to ask your vendors right now:

Wedding Planner

• What are our options if we decide to postpone our wedding?

• Will you coordinate with our other vendors on our decision?

• What is your availability in the coming months if we need to reschedule?

• What are the monetary implications of postponing or canceling our event?

• My wedding is more than eight weeks away. Should we still make a contingency plan?

Wedding Venue

• What fees are associated with postponing or canceling our wedding?

• What available dates do you have for rescheduling?

• If we reschedule our wedding to a new season, what are our options in terms of ceremony and reception

locations on-site to combat the respective weather?

• In the event that the venue is temporarily shut down, what is the best way to contact you?

• In response to COVID-19, is there anything that the venue will be doing differently?

Wedding Photographer

• What is your reschedule/cancellation policy?

• What are the fees associated with rescheduling?

• What is your availability if we do reschedule our wedding?

• Can we apply our deposit to a new wedding date?

• We planned a destination wedding. Will you still feel comfortable traveling?

Wedding Caterer

• Are there any fees associated with canceling or postponing our wedding?

• What is your availability if we do postpone our event?

• Will you be changing the way you present and serve food?

• If our original guest count lowers because of COVID-19, can we pay based on the new count or will you

charge us the original amount?

• If we reschedule, will we have to completely change our wedding menu?

Wedding Florist

• What happens if we decide to postpone or cancel our event?

• Where are our chosen flowers coming from?

• Do you foresee an issue sourcing our chosen flowers?

• If so, will you work with us to pick different flowers that are available?

• Can we apply our deposit to a new wedding date?

Bridal Edition 5

Livestream Your Wedding at The Center

The Center for Rural Development offers a beautiful location and a full-service studio with professional

lighting, teleprompter capabilites, multi-camera HD recording, controlled audio mixing and monitoring,

the ability to introduce on-screen graphics, live streaming, and video editing. Contact Laura Glover at

lglover@centertech.com or call 606-677-6001 to find out how we can help you plan your big day!

6 The Center Insider

Photo by Kelsey Rae Photography

Minimonies & Microweddings

In the time of COVID-19 many couples are scrambling to adjust their wedding plans to consider the health of everyone

involved. Many are choosing smaller size, intimate celebrations and minimonies and microweddings have increased in

popularity. Could one of these options work for you? There has never been a better time than now to create your own rules!

What Is a Minimony?

A minimony is a mini ceremony held with a select few loved ones, or simply a moment of commitment shared between the

couple, eventually followed by a sequel wedding. What makes this event different is its size and its meaning. A minimony

is considered a commitment ceremony between partners, and usually includes only a handful of people adhering to social

distancing measures. Many couples are turning to minimonies to solidify their union and honor their original wedding date.

This option is intended to be enjoyed primarily between the couple with a sequel wedding scheduled later on for other loved

ones to enjoy.

A minimony usually involves an officiant, a small group of loved ones, and select vendors that would have been included in

a larger wedding. Minimonies create an experience such as an exchange of vows, a first dance, and smaller details of other

plans that may have been included in your larger wedding. This might include a mini wedding cake, ordering small floral

arrangements, and requesting your photographer capture the occasion.

After the minimony, couples can continue prepping for their sequel wedding, or the original wedding that they had planned

prior to the pandemic. Throwing a sequel wedding can still bring the original wedding vision to life.

What Is a Microwedding?

A microwedding typically includes a guest list of up to 50 guests, usually consisting of only immediate family and close friends.

A microwedding can be thought of as a cross between an elopement and a big, traditional wedding. It is the perfect solution

for couples who want to focus their budget on finer details that would be difficult to replicate with a larger guest list.

Many couples turn a microwedding into a macro experience that may not normally be affordable for a larger-size wedding.

When the average overall guest count comes down, the average cost per guest can go up. The focus turns to quality over

quantity by making guests feel special and valued too. A microwedding can also allow couples to feel more connected to their

guests because they get to interact with them more.

Some couples have begun to expand their budget to include hosting the hotel rooms and transportation for their guests. Many

couples who throw microweddings will splurge on a top-shelf open bar and a savory sit-down dinner with intimacy in mind.

With a small guest list of your nearest and dearest, a designer wedding dress or a performance by your favorite live performer

become much more feasible as well.

Bridal Edition 7

The Center Creates

Customized Wedding Stationary

Social Media Graphics

Accommodation Cards

Reception Cards

Registry Cards

Direction Cards

Wedding Programs

Guest Books

Wedding Photo Albums

Wedding Invitations

Save-The-Date Cards


Response / RSVP Cards

Thank You Cards


Envelope Seals

Address Labels




Table Numbers

Place Cards

8 The Center Insider

Contact Laura Glover: lglover@centertech.com

(O) 606-677-6001 (M) 606-802-1050



Wedding catering is adapting as new precautions are

necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The good

news is that strict sanitation procedures and guidelines were

already in place in the catering industry, making it easier for

caterers to adapt to new COVID-19 processes than it has

been for others. In some instances, the necessity to adapt

may even lead to innovations that could continue into the


Couples who are currently planning their weddings may

have already encountered caterers providing to-go tastings,

accompanied by virtual meetings with the caterer to discuss

plans. Some experts anticipate that this process could be a

lasting change, as navigating busy schedules is often one of

the challenges during wedding planning.

Concerns about hygiene are likely to lead to a move away

from trends like elaborate food displays in favor of prewrapped

individual servings, more hygienic serving stations

and a return to plated service. While some weddings may

utilize served buffets with roll-tops so that guests do not

come into contact with food, others may consider plate

covers for seated dinners to protect food from the kitchen

into dining room. Stations with prepackaged items are also

likely to be used to encourage “grab and go”.

Cocktail hour is also anticipated to become less of a

wedding feature, but the use of apps could simply transform

the event. Apps are already commonly used for event checkin

and auction bidding. It may become more common to use

apps to place drink orders and make meal selections to be

served to your table.

It is certain that post-pandemic life will be different than

what we’ve known in the past. For venues, this could look

like increased sanitation procedures, temperature checks,

shorter guest lists, and floor plans spaced out enough to

adhere to social distancing guidelines. Seating households

and families at the same table when possible may be the

most logical way to limit the spread of the virus at wedding

receptions that tend to bring in a range of family and friends.

Many of these changes may also be permanent in the “new


Bridal Edition 9

The Courtyard by Marriott in Somerset

is located adjacent to The Center for Rural Development!

» Beautiful Courtyard with Fire Pit

» Bistro Restaurant open daily

serving cocktails & Starbucks

» 104 rooms with microwave/

refrigerator in all rooms

» Wireless/wired access points

» Indoor heated saltwater pool

» Fitness Room

10 The Center Insider

For more information or room reservations, call 606-679-0090

or the toll-free number at 800-321-2211, visit courtyard.marriott.com

Accommodation Considerations

with Courtyard by Marriott

How can the Courtyard by Marriott help with a

bride’s special day?

1) We can assist with placing any special gifts

or items or special requests in each room of the

bridal party or other VIPs associated with the


2) When possible, we allow later than typical

check out without fees. (Subject to availability and

arrivals of other guests.)

What type of rooms do you have that brides

and the party can use for getting ready?

We have three unique rooms/room types which

can be used.

1) Some brides have rented our meeting room

and use it as a preparation area for the bride and

her bridesmaids. The room is 1,000 square feet.

2) The hotel has 2 types of suites. We have 2 king

suites. These suites are the size of 2 guest rooms.

The front room is a large open sitting room, a

privacy door separates the king-sized bedroom.

Many wedding parties rent both of these rooms.

One room is used by the bride and her party, the

other by the groom and his party. They are located

on different floors minimizing contact between

bride and groom prior to the ceremony.

3) The hotel also has 3 mini-suites. These are

in-line or extended room type suites and have 2

queen beds in each room. They are often rented

by wedding parties for additional preparation


Do you have areas for bridal party photos?

The Courtyard by Marriott has a beautifully

landscaped outdoor courtyard with a fire pit. This

area is an ideal location for pictures.

How far in advance would you advise the

bride and groom to book a block of rooms for

their out of town guests?

May-June are primary months for weekend travel

in this area, and the 3 months in which a great

many weddings take place. It is recommended

that room block arrangements be finalized as

soon as possible. Typically we recommend

that the bride finalize the room block when she

selects and contracts with the ceremony and

reception venue(s). The Courtyard is a large

hotel with 104 rooms that can accommodate

even the largest wedding block.

Do you have any specials for bridal


A discount is provided on the bridal room with a

group block of 10 or more rooms. The discount

percentage is based on the size of the room

block. Brides are encouraged to contact the hotel

sales department for specifics.

Do you have any other information or advice

that brides might find helpful?

The hotel is ideally located next door to The

Center for Rural Development. This makes it

possible for the bridal party to simply walk across

a very small part of the parking lot after getting

ready. The bride will not have to risk sitting on

or wrinkling her gown in a car on her way to the

ceremony venue. The Courtyard is a new and

elegant upscale hotel. The bride and her family

can be proud of selecting this property for their

out of town guest room block. The Courtyard is

currently in the top 2 percent of all Courtyard

properties globally as scored by a primary

Marriott survey. The bride and her family can

rest assured that her guests will be well cared for

when they stay at the Courtyard.

Bridal Edition 11

The Center


Front Desk-

Help Desk



In the customer service industry, we often face the challenge of interacting with distressed, confused, frustrated,

and often irritated individuals who need assistance and often at a moment’s notice to help solve their problem.

Being a front desk or help desk professional can be a challenge without proper training.

The Center for Rural Development’s Business & Community Training Center is offering on-demand training for

front desk/help desk and other employees in a modularized training platform. Our training modules will help

customer service representatives, administrative personnel, tourism and hospitality workers, help desk employees,

and others meet the growing demands of an ever-changing workplace. Learn how to navigate a mobile, fastpacked

work environment with our professional team members utilizing Zoom technology.

Customer Service Module

The Customer Service training module will introduce students to aspects of customer service in front desk/help

desk settings that can be utilized in any service industry. Topics covered include the importance of customer

service, examples of both good and bad customer service, customer service environments, diversity in the

workplace, and ADA compliancy.

Professional Communication Module

The Professional Communication training module will cover active listening, developing questioning skills,

business writing, and phone, chat, and email etiquette.

Productivity and Time Management Module

The Productivity and Time Management training module will cover decision-making, problem-solving, project

management, time management, goals, autonomous work, teamwork, workflow processes, office procedures,

stress management, and coping skills.

Technology and Time Management Module

The Technology & Digital/Information Literacy training module will introduce basic computer hardware and

software, the basics of living and working in online environments, and will provide students with a basic

understanding of information literacy, copyright and effective search strategies.

*Each module is available as a stand-alone training or can be taken together to earn the Front Desk/Help Desk certificate.

New Introductory Prices

Individual Modules: $29.99

Complete Front Desk/Help Desk Training: $99

For more information or questions about our on-demand front desk/help desk training, contact Business &

Community Training Center at 606-677-6000 or training@centertech.com or visit www.centertech.com.

12 The Center Insider

2014 Rogers

Scholars alum

Sarah Estep

has an amazing

career in NASA

space exploration

2014 Rogers Scholars alum and Morehead State University

graduate Sarah Estep of Science Hill is well on her way to a

promising career in NASA’s space exploration program.

She recently accepted a position as Systems Safety Engineer

at Boeing in Huntsville, AL, and will be working on safety for

NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS), a powerful, advanced

launch vehicle that will be used to explore deep-space


Estep knew early on she wanted to pursue a career in aerospace

engineering. The Center for Rural Development’s Rogers Scholars

program helped to solidify her career choice and open doors for her future.

Before Rogers Scholars, Estep had not settled on a college or university.

The high school junior was still undecided when she attended a Rogers

Scholars College Career Fair.

It was at this meeting she learned about Morehead State University’s

Space Science program and college scholarship opportunities available

through the Rogers Scholars program. “This ended up being a perfect

match for me. I was able to pursue aerospace engineering while still

remaining close to home,” she said. “Because of Rogers Scholars and

Morehead State University, I have been able to do so many things I never


Estep completed a 10-week summer internship with NASA last year at the

Armstrong Flight Research Center on Edwards Air Force Base in California

working on a prototype of the Preliminary Research AerodyNamic Design

To Land on Mars, or PRANDTL-M, a tiny, remotely controlled aircraft that

could one day glide through Martian skies and send information back to

Earth. “It was probably the best thing I have been able to do,” she said of

the NASA internship. “Everyday was so exciting there.”

Sarah displays a prototype of the release

mechanism for the PRANDTL-M aircraft.

Estep said Rogers Scholars encouraged her to step outside her comfort

zone and follow her dreams. “One of the most beneficial things for me was

the college scholarship opportunities offered through the Rogers Scholars

program,” Estep said. “It made so many colleges much more attainable for

me to be able to pick the best fit for me, without having to worry as much

about the cost of education.”

The Rogers Scholars program provides valuable leadership skills and exclusive college scholarship opportunities for high school students in

Southern and Eastern Kentucky to help develop the skills they need to seize their potential as the region’s next generation of business and

entrepreneurial leaders.

Rogers Scholars, an intensive one-week summer leadership program, is open to high school sophomores in 45 Kentucky counties within

The Center for Rural Development’s primary service area. The program is provided at no cost to students and is supported solely through

fundraising and donations. To learn more about how you can support Rogers Scholars or to make a tax-deductible donation, visit www.

centeryouthprograms.com, contact Allison Cross at across@centertech.com, or call 606-677-6019.

Bridal Edition 13

The Center’s Connectivity Chronicles


The Center for Rural Development supports the implementation of the KentuckyWired infrastructure in Southern and Eastern

Kentucky, and is working to close the digital divide. In doing so, this initiative encourages and fosters an improved way of life

throughout the region and the state.

Now that the construction phase of the KentuckyWired project is complete in Eastern Kentucky, citizens are eager to see

broadband improvements. However, it is important to understand that the completion of the middle-mile is only the beginning of

the process.

The KentuckyWired initiative serves as the middle-mile access point to high-speed internet. From there it is up to each

community, Fiber Board, or local Internet Service Provider (ISP) to develop a last-mile plan to extend internet access to every

business and resident within their communities. The development of the last-mile will provide consumers with additional internet

options. The result is competition that breeds efficiency by driving bandwidth up and costs down.

Some local ISPs have already begun focusing on the needs of rural communities. One example is Ridgenet, a wireless

communication and technology company based out of Science Hill. Eric Wilson inadvertently started the company when he set

out to solve slow internet speeds at his home in Science Hill. He bought some equipment and a 20-foot service tower, and was

able to drastically improve his own internet access. He then turned his attention to creating Ridgenet and helping others. After

establishing Ridgenet, Eric’s younger brother, Alex Wilson, joined the company to help grow it to where it is today. Although all

businesses have an ultimate goal to generate money, the heart of Ridgenet is to serve the community.

“I’d rather make an honest dollar than a lot of money,” said Alex Wilson, Ridgenet CFO & Communications Director, noting that

customer service is the biggest thing that sets Ridgenet apart.

As the need for reliable broadband has increased, Kentucky has historically ranked among one of the worst states for

connectivity. Ridgenet set out to change that. Today, Ridgenet provides internet and phone services to thousands of residential,

commercial and industrial clients across South Central Kentucky.

“There were tons of communities that didn’t have access to internet. We really focus on rural communities, because that’s where

the need is,” said Wilson.

Starting at its data center in Science Hill, Ridgenet spreads its service to nearly two dozen towers scattered across multiple

counties. Ridgenet owns and operates their own towers and even builds them in-house. The company also provides two-way

radio systems to the Pulaski County Sherriff’s Office and several 911 centers and other public safety organizations across the

state. Additionally, Ridgenet works with local and state governments to help bridge the gap in broadband and other wireless

communication needs.

“With the help of KentuckyWired, we will have better access to reliable, high-speed internet which will allow us to expand our

reach and offer better speeds to our customers,” Wilson added.

The Center for Rural Development offers multiple resources to help ISPs such as Ridgenet to improve the last-mile, or bring the

last-mile to communities for the first time. More information about The Center’s Last-Mile Guide, CenterLinks Access Nodes, and

Technology Assistance Program can be found at https://centertech.com/technology/kentuckywired/ or by calling The Center’s

Broadband Technology Liaison, Scott Surber, at 606-677-6000.

14 The Center Insider

New Frontier


The Center for Rural Development encourages and fosters an improved

way of life in the region and the state by working to bridge the digital divide

through support of the implementation of KentuckyWired infrastructure in

Southern and Eastern Kentucky. One of the many reasons for their support

is that the concept of generating economic opportunity by increasing local

access to high-speed broadband services has been demonstrated time

and again.

Evidence shows that broadband connectivity results in business retention,

growth, and attraction, while also helping people earn additional income.

Having accessible and affordable broadband services creates a more

favorable environment for cultivating commercial opportunities. Broadband

is an important component in making a community an attractive place

to live, helping stem the population loss that many rural communities

are experiencing, and stabilizing the tax base. With the completion of

the construction phase of KentuckyWired in Eastern Kentucky, plentiful

opportunities lie ahead for rural residents.

One example of a business that is already making use of internet

connectivity in order to grow is Morehead-based clothing brand, New

Frontier Outfitters. The business was started by brothers Jared and Josh

Ravenscraft in 2016 when they began designing hiking hats built for

adventure. Four years later they have successfully gained a cult following

with their clothing brand that appeals to those with a love for American

blue-collar chic and retro-outdoors wear.

The brothers are avid hikers and skiers, and as they grew up in Appalachia they felt a bit alienated by existing outdoors brands that focused on

the Western areas of the country. They set out to create a brand that represented Appalachia and conveyed its simplicity and beauty.

Their business began as they hand-delivered orders and included handwritten notes in shipments of hats that were inspired by retro ski badges

and their father’s collection of trucker caps. Once they opened an online store, they experienced brisk sales and were encouraged to continue

their efforts.

New Frontier Outfitters has now received several informal celebrity endorsements including actor Channing Tatum who was seen wearing one of

their hats on “Entertainment Tonight;” country artist Tyler Booth who wore one of their shirts during a performance in Nashville; and they are also

strongly associated with Grammy-nominated country group Midland. Most recently, Grammy-nominated country music artist Tyler Childers and

his band have shown strong support for New Frontier Outfitters as well. Childers’ fiddle player, Jesse Wells, has been spotted wearing one of

their hats both in concert and on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”

The brand’s popularity and reach extends far beyond Appalachia and even the U.S. New Frontier Outfitters apparel is also sported by an oldies

band in Sonora, Mexico; worn by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan; and has even gained a strong following in the Netherlands. As a result, the

business was awarded the Excellence in International Trade Award by the Kentucky World Trade Center in early December.

With such sweeping success, it might be easy to begin to lose ties with their Appalachian roots, but this is not the case for the Ravencraft

brothers. “We are staying committed to this state and region when we could easily relocate. Building Appalachia’s first outdoor clothing brand,

and doing it through e-commerce is a bit new age for this area, and we hope to be an example of what we can do in this state for a better

Kentucky,” said Joshua Ravencraft.

New Frontier Outfitters has even collaborated with another Kentucky business, AppHarvest, to create one of their Appalachian inspired

apparel collections. AppHarvest combines conventional agriculture techniques with today’s technology to build the #FarmingNow movement in

Appalachia and aims to help Appalachia become America’s agtech capital.

“We must work together to achieve greater in our local communities. Let New Frontier X AppHarvest be an example that we need more people

to partner in our state and work together to make this area stronger,” added Ravencraft.

The Center for Rural Development hopes to see many new businesses form and flourish as KentuckyWired’s middle-mile network provides

new opportunities for communities, Fiber Boards, and local internet service providers to develop last-mile plans to extend internet access to

businesses and residents. The Center also offers multiple resources to help improve the last-mile, or bring the last-mile to communities for the

first time. More information about The Center’s Last-Mile Guide, CenterLinks Access Nodes, and Technology Assistance Program can be found

at https://centertech.com/technology/kentuckywired/ or by calling The Center’s Broadband Technology Liaison, Scott Surber, at 606-677-6000.

Bridal Edition 15

The Center for Rural Development’s

Marketing One-Stop-Shop provides

customized and affordable marketing

and advertising services to regional,

small and startup businesses.

Our Services:

• Brand Identity Creation

• Graphic Design

• Web Design

• Social Media Management

• Marketing Strategy Consulting

• Event Marketing and Management

• Audio/Radio/Video Production

Laura Glover

Managing Director of

Marketing and Events

Sarah Smith



Wes Brown

Web Developer II

Sharon Dodson



The success of businesses in rural communities is at

the heart of our mission. With a long history of

building strong connections with people in small towns,

we understand how marketing and advertising

must take a different approach when considering

businesses in rural areas.

16 The Center Insider

Contact Laura Glover: • (O) 606-677-6001 • (M) 606-802-1050 • lglover@centertech.com

Ray Hagen




The Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium (RDPC) now offers virtual, instructor-led training opportunities to

meet the needs of emergency responders in small, rural, and tribal jurisdictions. This new training modality provides

a safe, secure training platform to ensure course participants can enjoy relevant, all-hazards training from the

comfort of their own home or office. Zoom-based training offers many security benefits including HIPAA, PIPEDA &

PHIPA compliance, SSO via industry-standard authentication protocols, sophisticated data encryption, and more.

The following RDPC training opportunities are currently available using the new Zoom-based training modality:

AWR 144: Port & Vessel Security for Public Safety and Maritime Personnel

AWR 148: Crisis Management for School-Based Incidents - Partnering Rural Law Enforcement,

First Responders, and Local School Systems

AWR 232: Mass Fatalities Planning & Response for Rural Communities

MGT 381: Business Continuity Planning

MGT 416: Introduction to Continuity of Government Planning for Rural Jurisdictions

To ensure the best training experience possible, the RDPC continually evaluates efforts in delivering

all-hazards training. As the need arises, the RDPC will make additional training opportunities available

using the Zoom-based, instructor-led training modality.


Led by The Center for Rural Development, the Rural Domestic Preparedness

Consortium (RDPC) delivers relevant all-hazards training to rural emergency

responders. The RDPC is a Department of Homeland Security-funded program

and all training delivered is offered tuition-free.

Bridal Edition 17

25 Twin Eagles Lane

Lebanon, KY 40033

270-­‐692-­‐9310 270-­‐402-­‐7962


Tents Tables Chairs Portable Restrooms Dance Floors Stage Lighting Bars



Contact Laura or Debra

at 606.677.6000


20 The Center Insider


Inside The Center

E-signage has been added throughout the

halls of The Center to denote the various

events occurring throughout the building.

Eight LED displays hang outside the doors

to the ballrooms and exhibit halls.

For those renting these spaces to host

events at The Center, e-signage is


The Center also offers the opportunity to

advertise on the e-signage displays. For

more information about space rental or

e-signage advertising contact Debra Hines,

Events Liaison, at dhines@centertech.com

or 606-677-6000.

The Center for Rural Development is

Perfect for your Event!

Farrah Dobbs

Sales and Events Manager

The Center for Rural Development

2292 South Hwy. 27

Somerset, KY 42501 (stoplight #15)


Photograph by Juneberry Weddings





is more

is more



just a



a building.

We are



are proud

of our excellent

of our







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• 35,000 sq. ft of Event Space

• In-house Marketing Services

• On-site Events Coordinator

• Adjacent to the Courtyard Marriott

• Abundant Complimentary Parking

• Full-Service Commercial Kitchen

• Inside Connections With Caterers and Vendors

• Audio/Visual Support with a Sound System and Projectors

• Room set up adapted for your type of event

• High-speed wireless Internet

• 760-Seat Theatre

• 5 Ballrooms

• 2 Exhibit Halls

• 3-Story Lobby

• Front Lawn

• Outdoor Patio






• The • The Center’s Business & Community Training Center Cooking && other other fun fun

community classes •• Booking Events and Meetings •• Bridal Packages

• Marketing • Marketing One-Stop-Shop Services



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