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deep dive into

esther’s world

888 anon

where are

they now?

State of








what’s the






art of mob

worth a look?


weekly insight

& MUCH more








So much to write. So little space.

Secret Sphinxes

Committed team, something you

should watch? #alpha

Probably Nothing

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha







Thinking Back

888 Anons are still developing, here’s

what’s new #alpha


PerfectenChlang tells you what to

watch out for #alpha

Marco Polo

The team at Mercanti wrap up the week



Notsab_Sol goes deep into Esther’s

raison d’etre #alpha

Sleeper Picks

BroccoliDAO offers some projects with

affordable entry points #alpha

State of Affairs

TheSaintEclectic writes about the latest

Solana announcements.





Issue 62 of #Shill marking 8 months of publishing this free zine across the

Solana ecosystem. Readership is steady with about 8000 views per week. A

little short of our 2022 goal of 10k views. All it takes is a retweet & maybe

an influencer?

Many projects recently seem to be running

Collage 4 (Panic Attack) @jesseruizartist

low on ideas on how to engage their community

best. Incentives are still key in the space,

but gone are the revenue share model and

staking looks to be losing its allure as

well. The main players lately have been

pushing ‘merch’. I have an issue with ‘merch’

as an incentive. Essentially, your project

wants me to invest 40+Sol for an NFT that

will entitle me to ‘merch’ that will also

incur international postage/delivery? So,

$1600 will get me access to a ‘shirt’ that

will cost me another $40usd to send to me?

Somehow this model does not appeal to me.

Recently I purchased a @monsterdefiner2

piece. Monsterdefiner sent the original

piece, international at no cost. THIS is

what we should all be expecting.

#Shill managed to lock away three pieces

during the week. What have you collected?

As always, show your love on the Twittersphere

with a simple retweet.

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!


Overzealous @KoDool

‘Faith in Stranger’ @destroyxstairs


SHILL Issue #62




TempleMint. Its reputation

has been growing across the

desert and the oasis.

You may have heard of it, you

may not have.

We've put together a thread

with all the info you need to


TempleMint is a custom

mint contract created by our

talented developer. There

are many benefits to utilizing

our custom mint contract

outlined in the infographic


So, does that make TempleMint

a launchpad then?

Yes, and no. We only create

& provide the custom mint

contract for the NFT project

launching with us, we don't

provide any marketing for the

project, apart from normal

partnership announcements.

We are aiming to support and launch quality NFT

projects, over launching as many as we can. We are

looking to launch projects that have teams with the

skills and knowledge to execute on their vision. We

are looking for projects that innovate and have a

clear plan post mint.

Now let's rewind!

@GhostfaceNFT Gen 2 was our first official TempleMint launch, which was very successful despite


SHILL Issue #62

some choppy #solana tps and a network outage. Multi-tiered whitelist mints went smoothly and

finally the leftover supply rolled over to the public mint.

Public mint was a resounding success with numerous users reporting they were able to mint manually.

We also collected ~ 40 $SOL from the botters thanks to our transaction spamming tax. So those

naughty botters left with less $SOL & no NFT.

@Cowboy_DAO was our second launch. Yesterday, with Solana TPS actually staying high - our mint

contract could really shine and many commented on how smooth the minting experience was. With

only ~ 200 left for public supply, the remaining supply went pretty much instantly.

What can you expect going forward?

- an announcement of our next project launch soon, and more to come

- more financial breakdowns of mint proceeds and where the $SOL in the treasury is allocated (seen

in discord announcements)

- continue to benefit holders

- continue building

SHILL Issue #62





@easymoneyding - 3993 followers

i swear sometimes you can be bullish

on something too early and you

execute at a higher price, patience

is still important and buying the

first wave usually isn’t profitable

@Brycesworld - 15.6k followers

Can someone check in on all those

bros that quit their jobs to do

NFTs full time? Haven’t heard much

out of them lately and I’m hoping

they’re okay, maybe they just

quietly went back to work?

10 SHILL Issue #51

2-5Sol & TOP NFT


SHILL Issue #51




Keep your eyes on...








SHILL zine review



$BELL inbound if you Sp3nd some time in the pound.


16 SHILL Issue #51


Thinking Back


At mint we communicated our passion to build - when people questioned funding we

laughed, because code is free of course. We didnt understand why someone would create

a ‘project’ that they didnt love enough to work on for free. So lets look back.

How much did we initially raise?

888 * 0.888 SOL or 888 * $95 USD = $75,000-$80,000.

How much do we still hold?

$100,000 USD stable.

Have we built the entire time?

Absolutely yes, we are in-love with our project and will build regardless of market


In that time we have built ->


+ Custom UI for ZK Enabled Transactions.


+ The Sleekest Staking Experience on Solana

+ On-Chain P2P Encrypted E-Mail

+ Permissionless Allowlist Platform

Some of which are yet to release

And further projects include ->

+ Project Blackhole (On-Chain Deliverables aka PROOF of projects returning value to

holders on-chain via their token)

+ Project Ecclesia [REDACTED] And with no sign of slowing down.


SHILL Issue #62

So what’s next?

Well, what happens next in our roadmap is to take this AMAZING proven team fulltime.

The #SolanaNFT space needs truly passionate teams to attract likewise. We

believe ourselves to be the perfect fit How do we plan to fund full-time Web3? Continue

reading to find out..

Our initial mint was to prove the concept of a community interested in privacy -

zero knowledge and what it could possibly enable. We have proven this and see the

demand for a broader community! As we expand the community we wanted to discuss the

common funding routes

NFT Mint in SOL -> Traditional NFT Raise but puts expectence on the NFT asset itself.

TOKEN raise in SOL -> Seen as equity sale but has little to no deliverables

that NFTs can hold. We want to revolutionise the way communities fund NFTs with onchain

PROOF! wut wut?

Projects should be PROVING they are providing value to their holders to receive

the funds invested by the community. And we think we have created just this model

thanks to the gigabrain work by @zkRemda and team. No more rugs - EVER!

What if we told you - that projects shouldnt be able to take their raised funds

unless they can convince token holders to burn or use the staking token in some

valuable utility / mint etc. It’s a bit more complex than this - but thats the TLDR

which makes it simple

In this way - no project could ever rug again. Providing communities demand new

projects + marketplaces like @MagicEden use this system for projects raising funds

then those projects will NEED to deliver value back on-chain. The new escrow is AC-


We are going to be the first Blackhole project. The first NFT project with ACTUAL deliverables

on-chain. Where your token is TRULY a vote on wether or not we returned

to you something you feel is valuable. This is because we TRULY CARE about our


Our holders will never have to worry that we will dump $DARK on the open market.

we’ve seen

@DeGodsNFT get SMASHED by fud around this when all $DUST is retrieved. Well if they

use Blackhole there will be proof that they are EARNING THEIR FUNDS + not dumping.

SHILL Issue #62















Twitter Discord

Looks like the Summer we have all been waiting for is shedding some of its rays on us.

The last few days in the Solana NFT Space showed a different picture from what was happening

with Bitcoin. Even though the entire crypto market was plummeting, the Solana

NFT Space was filled with positive news, with the SMBs being taken over by the community

and with the launch of projects like Primates, Pengsol and Cyber Samurais.

While all of this was happening, this one project was making headlines and turning a lot

of eyes towards it because apparently, they announced that they wish to take around

250,000 $SOL from the ecosystem. Now, that is a pretty big number and they faced a lot

of backlashes as well.

However, yesterday they announced that the mint price is free.

Now that is some great marketing tactics, because as they say, “All Publicity is Good Publicity”.

Let’s talk about the Art of Mob

Art of Mob aspires to be a marketplace which will host all sorts of video content and VR

experiences which according to them will increase the utilities of all the other NFT projects

launching in the space.

The mint information about the project is as follows:

Supply: 10,000

Cost: Free

Time: 5 pm UTC

Launchpad: Magic Eden

Now, the first thing that comes to mind is, if they are not going to take any money from

us, how will they fund their Roadmap as the plans are pretty big.

So for that, the team has announced that the roadmap of Art of Mob will be funded by

RobocomVR which is the #1 VR company in UAE and is in partnership with Epic Games


SHILL Issue #62

and Ubisoft and are located in New Jersey (USA), Abu Dhabi (UAE) and Dubai (UAE).


Talking about the Roadmap, not a lot of things have been revealed except the fact that the

project will launch its metaverse with utilities which can be used by other projects as well,

powered with their governance token $POP.


This is hands down one of the most unique arts launched in the space and also for me they

stand in the category of those projects that had pulled such great art in the “HUMAN-LIKE”


However, since it’s a project with a 10,000 NFT collection, the fact that how great the art is

will majorly depend on how good the common ones are looking.


As I mentioned earlier, they have been one of the most talked-about upcoming mints of

this month, and they have surely made their mark in everyone’s mind with their marketing

tactics. One of the evidence of which is they gained over 50,000 Discord Members in a day

after they announced that the mint is going to be free of cost.

Talking about numbers the Twitter account of the project has around 150,000 followers

which includes around 80 accounts that are being followed by me. They haven’t been much

active on their Twitter and are getting an average engagement of under 500 reactions.

In Discord, there are over 120,000 members and they are clocking an average engagement

of over 1000 reactions there with the latest announcements clocking over 3000 reactions

per post which shows that the demand has increased by folds.

To conclude, I would say that this is one of the best projects launching in the space because

they are not going to take away millions of dollars from the ecosystem providing

nothing but promises.

Also, the fact that they are funded by one of the biggest VR Companies in the world shows

the fact that the team includes some great minds.

If you are a whitelist, I would recommend you to mint this because as a minter you are

not going to lose anything. However, I would not recommend anyone buying WL accounts

thinking this might be the next big shot.

If you want to invest in the secondary market, be active and do a careful analysis of the

demand and how strong the volume is before putting your liquidity at risk.

As always DYOR!

SHILL Issue #62
















Marco Polo

Marco Polo’s Journal

Hacker House, Primates, Udder Chaos and more

Forget the bear market, embrace the Solana Summer! Supported by Jump, the Solana Foundation

is hosting a special Hacker Houses European Tour for builders across the continent

from the Danube to Thames from June 14 to August 28. If you want to chew fast, chew alone;

if you want to chew far, chew together. Allez! Foncez!

Feeling Fabulosa? Bohemia launched their brand-new Fabulosa website created with magical

Bohemian energy and revealed the utility of Transportari. Time to load up more Guru

Masters boho, get ready for a BIG BANG!

With so much fierce competition among launchpads, Bifrost — BSL’s flagship product sure

will be that one and only dark horse. Being the first launchpad to implement Dynamic Price

Minting, Bifrost might save us anons from endless grinding for WL straight into no-bullshit


Is it still possible to launch a project in the bear market like this? Primates seem to give us a

promising answer. Within 5 days, it took the no. 4 spot on NFTinspect with 63% community

reach. We guzzle?


SHILL Issue #62

It’s said that @jaburx is doing a Degen mint? Good time to read over this thread by DS (known

as our famous TA guy) for some insight. It’s a tricky moment. Be safe anons.

Udder Chaos

The Skinny: A utility-first project. Udder Chaos is trying to solve two of the biggest issues

Solana currently faces: network stability and rugs/scams by operating a Solana validator and

launching a user-driven NFT review site, to create a sustainable business model that will reward

holders indefinitely. The staking liquidity pool will be funded by secondary royalties and

Solana validator profits. The more the validator staking pool increases, the more holders profit

from. It is also launching Alpha Audits, an NFT reviewing platform where holders earn for leaving

accurate reviews. Those staking will receive a percentage of the profits generated from

Alpha Audits.

Why we’re paying attention: We love builder project solving real problems here. 75% of secondary

royalties directly benefit holders via a sustainable business model, review NFT projects

to earn using our auditing platform where accurate reviews receive rewards, certified by Rad

Rugs, doxxed by Alder Mages. Don’t sleep on this.

Mint Date: June 20, 16:00 UTC

Mint Supply: 6,666

Price: 2 SOL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/UdderChaosSOL

That’s all for this week folks, thanks for reading my journal entry. Feedback is appreciated, and

if you want to be featured in my journal next week, please DM us on Twitter, or join our Discord

for the latest updates!

Safe Travels, Marco

SHILL Issue #62























I have been meaning to write a thread on @lukexdod’s Esther for a long time but the man is so prolific that it’s

far from an easy task. The more I wait, the more he’ll work so I’d better get to it. So, without further ado, here’s

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Estherverse.

Who’s Esther?

The short answer is that she’s a princess from a distant land, you can see her in all her glory in pieces by @lateduke

(L) or @wakeupbrandon(R). Her spirit is somehow detached from her body and now navigates the Dungeon,

between the Holy Place and the Dark Realm

But Esther is also a deep echo of @lukexdod’s own self (https://lukexdod.medium.com/esthers-escape-vision-11adf3835bde…).

She’s an art process which helps the artist to find balance between optimism and unease.

Coping with these feelings is so universal that Esther becomes a very relatable and lovable character.


Esther’s Escape: Vision



SHILL Issue #62

Who’s hasn’t moved from feeling like a fraud one day to experiencing an immanent greatness the day after? It’s

safe to assume that all of us are in constant balance, as evoked by @its__kaaty in Esther’s Anima. We often tip

from one scale to the other and need to cope with it.

This may sound too complicated but that’s what Esther is, complexity and nuances under a simple appearance.

Let’s face it, she’s just a black blob with too many eyes and stumps for limbs. This is @lukexdod ‘tour de force’:

creating a visual metonymy of what he’s going through.

Esther crosses gates and doors as @lukexdod opens up, reaching a broader audience, connecting and creating

with more and more people. The Estherverse is also a myriad of collaborations, a growing meshwork of talents.

Esther/Luke is a facilitator, (s)he is generous and eager.

SHILL Issue #62


There’s at the same time a desire to accomplish things and a need to connect to go even further. Esther is on

quest; Luke has a plan. He is hardworking and meticulously crafting according to blueprints that are already laid

out, fleshing out Esther along the way. Bullish yet?

Luke can market his work but he’s also expert in articulating his vision while sharing his work pattern. Ok, we

know that now. Does that bring us any closer to understand what the Estherverse is?I’d say yes but I’m still going

to walk you around if you’re up for it.


SHILL Issue #62

All began with the Dungeon map or Esther’s Escape. As a holder of one of the tiles, I like to consider this collection

as the OG one, can’t help it. This is where the story begins, in the darkness. We follow Esther as she ventures

into her major quest: finding herself, again.

One could argue, that almost everything we have seen so far from @lukexdod and his many collaborators is related

to the Dungeon, the epicenter of the Estherverse and, as I see it, Princess Esther’s head (or Luke’s actually).

SHILL Issue #62


From the Dungeon, Esther sometimes ends up in weird place as depicted by @zen0m(L) and @NeilVilppu(R)

where she meets friends and foes. But each piece is more than what it seems if one truly looks at it. This is an

absolute rule in the Estherverse.

For example, in Esther’s Climb by @axiommechs, one sees Esther climbing a never-ending staircase. That could

be conceived as Luke’s constant creative thinking and hunger for collaboration. Not convinced? Look at the por-


SHILL Issue #62

traits mixing artists PFPs and Esther’s mob characters!

Mob Melee by integrating collectors, bidders and friends in a brainstorming process on the @thekitchen_yum

discord to create an actual collectible card games of sorts (https://twitter.com/lukexdod/status/1516616511884230657?s=20&t=ME9Xa3KnUX9WNjgAQ_TQBQ…).

Will it truly see the day? Knowing Luke’s

dedication, I wouldn’t bet against it.

SHILL Issue #62


The Estherverse is also a strong visual brand. @lukexdod’s efforts to establish it need to be recognized. Sleek and

simple visuals can go a long way. Merchandising is being crafted (plush toys, caps, etc.) and numerous free gifts

(e.g. phone wallpapers) are already available.

For the sake of exhaustiveness, let us mention Esther’s Chronicles (also partly available on @exchgART), a large

collection which features “visual exploration and visual decision-making moments” that led to some of @lukexdod’s

major collections.


SHILL Issue #62

Closing thoughts:

1) I know for a fact that there’s a lot more to come and can’t wait to witness the expansion of the Estherverse;

2) Have a look at Luke’s ‘Collected’ page on @formfunction and you’ll see that he’s also in this to give back, if this

wasn’t clear already.

21| Shit, I told myself I would stop at 20. Too many things to say and I barely scratched the surface. I might dive

later into specific parts of the Estherverse, many of them deserve a deeper analysis. Thanks for reading this very

long thread. Now, step into the eerie hue.

SHILL Issue #62










Sleeper Picks for

Any Budget


The bear market has caused a lot of retail investors to quit. However, it is true that this

bearish time can also be viewed as an opportunity to accumulate SOL, especially if one

is bullish on the long-term future of the ecosystem. However, it is also true that many

projects will not survive.

Therefore, it is smart to gain exposure to bluechips if possible; this is a play that many

people in the ecosystem are looking to make. However, many bluechips are still very

expensive, and it might not be a possibility. Looking for projects that have the most

potential to survive are the only investments that one should reasonably be looking to

hold through this bear.

In general, projects that are most likely to survive are ones that have the most potential

to provide value to the ecosystem in general value italicized because there is no single

definition. Ideally, this value could reasonably expand outside of NFTs themselves

and into Web3. If one is bullish on NFTs long-term as well, investing in projects that

add value to other, usually newer or upcoming, projects are a good bet as well. Below, I

summarize some potential sleeper long-term holds for a low-medium budget and describe

what value they provide. Many investors are running out of liquidity and are also

more risk-averse, so these cheaper plays are a good option.


2.5 SOL



The Bridged is the second

faction created under The

Fracture, the first faction being

SolGods. SolGods proved

themselves as an OG trusted

SOL NFT project, and they built

for a long time before finding

their success. Factions,

engaging gamification, immersive

lore, dual tokenomics,

future metaverse integration,

give this project a wide range

of investors that are attracted.

Depending on their next

moves, this project could

attract new users into the SOL



SHILL Issue #62


2.9 SOL


Particles is a project focused on

curating 1/1 art and providing

holders with tools to spot upand-coming

artists. Art is something

that will never not be important

in NFTs, and long- term,

as Web3 usability increases and

our world becomes increasingly

digital, art collectors will open

their eyes to 1/1s. Even if you are

not a 1/1 art collector yourself, this

project is an interesting investment

that has potential to again

onboard people into NFTs, both

artists and art collectors.


3.6 SOL


Though this project is new and had a

slow mint, the potential is massive and

could be a good investment through

this bear market given its premise. Droid

Capital is an investment fund, where

members of the DAO vote and decide on

investments. It provides value in such a

way that it helps holders diversify their

portfolios and crowdsource information

about what the best investments are.

This is especially good for people who

are newer to the NFT market, and it can

help lead them towards good projects

and inform their own personal decisions.

SHILL Issue #62



5.4 SOL


Holding a Fatcat allows one to

apply for the Accelerator, where

a council of ten prominent

members of the NFT space—

including sp00nicus, General

SOL, Prez from Hydra, and more

— and utilize their knowledge and

connections to aid owners of upcoming

projects to build their vision

for their project. Holders who are not

interested in using the Accelerator are

still members of the DAO, which will

grant whitelist allocations of accelerator

projects and provide alpha. Having

connections in the space is invaluable, and being in a project with such close access to

these prominent members is valuable in and of itself.


10.5 SOL


Though this project offers less utility

than other projects mentioned, it has

proven itself to be an extremely resilient

project with a dedicated community,

along with some of the most unique and

impressive art seen on SOL. As an OG

SOL project, it has seen many ups and


Infamously, the project was rugged after

gaining a lot of success, but a team

of dedicated volunteer community

members stepped up to save the project.

It has been hovering comfortably

around its current floor for months,

and it seems more immune to volatility

than most projects.

This is a community-driven branding projects, and its success will be determined by

partnerships and the strength of the community (which has proven strong). This discord

is also filled with experienced investors with a long-term visions, which can be a

helpful voice to hear in bear markets.


SHILL Issue #62


2.79 SOL


Solport Tom is an undisputed leader in

the SOL space, and after Solport’s acquisition

of Solsteads and Citizens, the

project was brought back to life. The

end goal for the project is a gamified 2D

metaverse location that plans to house

stores of partnership communities and

Solstead estates. Citizens (NFTs) can

explore the metaverse and be sent on

gathering tasks to find resources to build

estates on plots of metaverse land. The

value this provides is metaverse exposure

underneath a reliable leader.




Metahelix provides tools to projects to

seamlessly transition from pre-mint to

post-mint. Role verification, sales and

listing bots, in-discord rarity checking,

twitter integration, and marketplace

data trackers are essential for projects

to maintain an organized and informative

discord. Projects need these tools,

and many of them don’t have the time

or skills to build them internally, so they

look to projects like Metahelix to provide

them. This is a project that adds value

to the NFT ecosystem, not necessarily

the broader Web3 community, so it is a

good investment for someone who is

excited and confident about the future of NFTs.

None of these are expected quick flips. In this market, it is harder to find profitable quick

flips, and there is less liquidity in the market to react to news. This bear market will prune

the ecosystem of projects that just take up space, and the ones that offer value are the

ones that will remain.

Understanding value and putting liquid SOL into projects that match your personal

definition of value is a great way to not only survive the bear market, but thrive after

the dust clears and the market recovers.

SHILL Issue #62



















It’s hard to believe but its only been 1 year & 3 months since #Solana went live in March 2020. Growth has exploded,

NFTs emerged as a killer app & the network halted several times. Where are we now & what next? $SOL

#solananft #nfts #crypto #blockchain

Solana went live 1 year 3 months ago in March 2020. Since then, the network has grown to 2.3 million monthly

active unique fee payers. This is still small relative to Ethereum (30m MAU) - we’re still early.


SHILL Issue #62

Active developer repos now number 16,511 with 1,050 daily unique programs - with global hacker houses attracting

30,000 participants, 1,800 teams and $500m in seed funding for founders. Who knew chewing glass would

gain such widespread popularity?

There is a vibrant validator community bolstered by services like @GenesysGo & @shakudo_io. Network security

is been championed by players like @MarinadeFinance who distribute users’ SOL across validators outside the

top 20. Even NFT projects are setting up their own validators.

SHILL Issue #62


Of course, the killer app that unexpectedly emerged on the network was #NFTs. Solana’s speed & and low transaction

cost allowed for the proliferation of many NFT projects and a vibrant ecosystem with 14.8m being minted

& held across 2m wallets.

We won’t know for a while how much traction this will get but it highlights Solana’s focus on product an end-users.

Mobile unlocks the power of blockchain for a whole host of uses & brings it into the real world (payments,

ticketing), reducing friction for the next 100m users.

Solana’s SMS is focused on low cost & speed - which highlights their strategy to target & onboard MASSES

‘Normies’ are MOST of the population and prioritise simplicity, convenience & cost: e.g. Android has ~87% market

share b/c these factors matter most to most users globally.

The more friction points are abstracted away by good UI & UX the greater potential for adoption. We’ve seen this

with @phantom wallet’s slickness (just compare this to @MetaMask) & even @Stepnofficialmaking it easy to

open an account/wallet for adopters to start using it.

To summarize: In 1 year Sol has established a strong platform for growth - It has a vibrant NFT community that

forms the base layer of CULTURE & creates its own promoters on CT/telegram etc - Committed to MASS use cases

like Solana Pay & Mobile - Network stability improvements.

We may be in a bear, $SOL’s price has come down and there are still centralization concerns, but overall the

future looks bright for Solana.


SHILL Issue #62

Sorry guys, I checked math & its bad math. TWO YEARS 3 months, not one. Thanks

@dizzanxietytho for the correction.

SHILL Issue #62






Iconic Ghouls

Iconic Ghouls






ODYSSEY is a deep space psychological thriller escape room meets storytelling

experience meets collectible #nftart. Created & Hosted by @culturehacker


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