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Columns by Artists and Writers

Cem Turgay / Fiona Smyth / Gary

Michael Dault / Holly Lee / Kai Chan

/ Kamelia Pezeshki / Shelley Savor

/ Tamara Chatterjee / Wilson Tsang

/ Yau Leung / + Island Peninsula


edition), a trailer copy

MONDAY ARTPOST published on Mondays. Columns by Artists and Writers. All Right Reserved. Published since 2002.

An Ocean and Pounds publication. ISSN 1918-6991. email to: mail@oceanpounds.com

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“I do believe that

to a certain degree

we all live a certain

fiction that we have

accepted and articulated

and formulated for


Werner Herzog

The Photograph

coordinated by

Kamelia Pezeshki

Bluffs by Gordon Hawkins

Poem a Week

Gary Michael Dault


ever been alone

without a hammer

to call your name?

and somebody says

take mine I’ve got another

here in the apartment

and you say okay thanks

I’m off to the airport

to wreck an airplane

and the brave donor

smiles out his flaccid window

and drops his fedora

I’d go with you

he says wistfully

asking you to retrieve his hat

but my brave face

the one with the resolution

is still at the laundromat

with my wife

so I say no

all I want

is his hammer

Caffeine Reveries

Shelley Savor

Sad Sky Day

Yesterday Hong Kong

Yau Leung

Tramway (Hennessy Road, Wan Chai 1963)

8x10 inch, gelatin silver photograph printed in the nineties

OP Selection, edition 1/100, signed on verso

From the collection of Lee Ka-sing and Holly Lee


Holly Lee

1. WE ARE ROHINGYA - featuring photographic work by a collective of Rohingya

photographers based in the world’s largest refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. (Virtual



(use arrows at the lower right corner to navigate the exhibition)

2. When Akira Kurosawa brought the Russian Far East to the silver screen


Watch Dersu Uzala on YouTube


(2 hours :22 mins.)


Fiona Smyth


Kai Chan

Drawing, ink, graphite, pastel on paper


Wilson Tsang

The curtain


Cem Turgay

Travelling Palm


Tamara Chatterjee

France (March, 2022) – Typically this

weekend marks a yearly moment to triumph

freedom and prideful expression, a moment

to recognize the struggles of the past and to

celebrate the moment. To carousel freedom

of self, freedom of expression, freedom from

bigotry and prejudice. It is a dichotomy not

lost on me; as simultaneously the neighbours

revert 50 years of progress in the fight for

personal rights. The image diverges back

a couple months to a window display,

showcasing replica crown tiaras, it somehow

seems a fitting display of maternal strength.

From the Notebooks


Gary Michael Dault

From the Notebooks, 2010-2022

Number 143: Baby Seat (in Memory of Roe v. Wade). February 18, 2015..

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Island Peninsula Cape


June edition 2022)

a trailer copy

The June issue of DOUBLE DOUBLE weaves

together three places: Istanbul, Hong Kong and

Cape Breton through series of photographs,

encounters, prose and poetry. Under this context,

words and images crossed borders, overlapping,

prompting the collected materials to evolve into

an ensemble — a new piece of rendering, a new

reading experience.

Lee Ka-sing’s images of Istanbul, taken during

a trip in 2018, ran through the whole book;

intercepted twice by Holly Lee’s poems on Istanbul.

Chad Tobin then emerges with his deeply moving

photographs of Robert Frank, followed by another

arresting suite of black and white portraits from

Cape Breton. In the last section, Holly Lee’s essay

“Island” puts forward a coda to the score.

Double Double 2022-06


Island Peninsula Cape

A Holly Lee and Lee Ka-sing Publication

First published in Canada by OCEAN POUNDS

June 2022

ISBN: 978-1-989845-33-2

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in Publication

Photography, Visual Art, Poetry, Literature, Culture

Authors: Holly Lee,Chad Tobin, Lee Ka-sing

Copyright © Ocean Pounds 2022

Individual Copyrights belong to the Artists and Writers.

All Rights Reserved.

For information about permission to reproduce material

from this book, please write to mail@oceanpounds.com

DOUBLE DOUBLE was published as a weekly webzine

from January 2019 to December 2021. 158 issues were

published. Full archives are available online:


Some issues were re-packaged and published as

print-on-demand paperback editions.

Since January 2022, DOUBLE DOUBLE has become a

monthly publication, released in both paperback (POD)

and ebook versions. POD is available for orders at OCEAN

POUNDS in Toronto or online at BLURB (blurb.com).

DOUBLE DOUBLE ebook edition is available for read-on-line at

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Images on front and back cover, end pages,

run-of-pages by Lee Ka-sing

Some artwork featured in this publication might be available


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50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto,

Ontario, Canada M6J 3K6


Lee Ka-sing

Istanbul Journal

photographs, 2018

ISTANBUL JOURNAL, a folio contains 178 diptych photographs, taken in October

2018. Print size 6.25 x 13 inch (330 x 158.75 mm), printed on 192 g/m matte paper.

A unique Artist Proof edition was produced in March 2019. Currently, this body of

work is made into a book. Images featured in this issue (on front and back cover,

end pages and run-of-pages) were selected from this soon to be released


Holly Lee


a suite of

four poems

A Room with a View

All quiet

Sunday morning rises


Hear call to prayer

Across the Golden Horn

The Valens Aqueduct

Suleymaniye, Fatih, six minarets

Penciling your silhouette

Young Pamuk had another view

From Cihangir

Over looking Üsküdar

Eminönü, Topkapi, the Blue Mosque

Under hustling Galata Bridge

A hundred fishermen compete

The fine art of fishing

“What’s for dinner tonight?”

That evening

We ate a Black Sea turbot

A flat spiky fish

Swam in rock salt

October, 2018

Holly Lee

two recent poems

Ferry Boat Ride II

Ferry Boat Ride II

Saltiness in the air constant sea wind combs my hair

cruising up north we turned back

at the confluence of

Bosphorus and the Black Sea

On the strait of Bosphorus I lost my sense of place

dream riding on the ferry

from island to island

Peng Chau, Hong Kong

A distant mirage emerging

a dazzling cosmopolitan city rising

a mountainous clustering

of high-rises climbing

from the foot of the harbour

up Peak Victoria

Flanking both shores sporadically

manors on the west houses on the east

aged fortresses stood, gratifying and unyielding

medieval churches fraternize with

minarets and mosques

tarnished palaces adorned timeworn castle walls

overhead a flock of seagulls

circling, making squeaky calls

No glittering ultra-modern mega city of the 21st century

the blemished splendour thrills like fine wine and poetry

from the pier of Eminonu

we set foot on a Sehir Hatlari ferryboat


lost track of

time, and place

July 4, 2019 / June 21, 2022

Chad Tobin exhibited his work To be Frank

at our gallery in 2018. During the exhibition

I talked to him casually about the series, and

was moved to find he put some much heart and

effort into building trust and friendship with the

legendary photographer, and had been treating the

project so delicately.

He talked about some afternoons there was simply

no conversation between them; they just sat and

watched the sea.

Some time after the trip to Istanbul, I fancied going

to Cape Breton, to meet Robert Frank myself. I

emailed Chad to see if he could be a lead. He didn’t

reply. Now I understand why, it was simply too late.

Frank died in September 2019.


Chad Tobin

two portfolios


and words)

To be Frank

St. Valentine’s Day

Chad Tobin is a photographer living and working in

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. He is one of the founding

members of the Hot Fog Collective, a group of east coast

artists specializing in project-based photography and

documentary work.


To be Frank


Photographer Chad Tobin spent ten years visiting and

photographing the legendary photographer, Robert Frank.

My heart beats faster. Should I park the car at the bottom

of the driveway or by the house? I think it will be more

respectful if I park at the bottom of the driveway. The engine

idles with my indecision as I begin to question my cold call

actions. Surely he won’t call the cops? Is this trespassing?

This is definitely trespassing. He must have people

approaching him all the time. Maybe this is exactly why I

should turn around and forget this whole thing. At the same

time, I’m here. I think he is here. If I don’t at least try, I will

regret it forever. Turning the engine off, I grab my camera

and the book. Walking up the steep driveway, I notice my

feet in battle with my brain, shuffling one in front of the other

with a hurried step, as if to shut down the inner voice telling

me to turn back. I sheepishly knock at the door. “Yes?” a

gray haired woman answers. Without thinking, I blurt out,

in a quivering pitch, “ I am a photographer. I was wondering

if Mr. Frank would sign my book.” Once I was done, she led

me towards a small studio near the main house and called

out loudly, “Robert, there is a guy here asking if you would

sign his book, and he has the same type of camera as you.” I

hear a voice from inside say, “Send him in.”

From 2009 until 2019, I visited Robert Frank at his summer

home in Mabou, Nova Scotia. After that first unannounced

visit, it became a yearly ritual that eventually turned into

a body of work called To Be Frank, a series of photographs

with Frank woven into the rural landscape to which he would

escape from New York City. Our conversations were mostly

St. Valentine’s Day

(a suite of twelve


St. Valentine’s mixes a series of encounters with people who are living their lives authentically and

without reservation on the eastern island of Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.

The photographer would cold call subjects in an almost date like fashion based on leads and

connections of meeting different people explaining his intent.

Tobin’s pursuit of each subject would bring up feelings of his 15-year-old former self when he would

ask people out over the phone on Valentine’s day. “It became an addiction to see if I could get them

to agree to meet me for coffee, let them see what I do and then have them invite me in their space and

explore what makes them happy.”

The jigsaw nature of the different collaborations mixed people like Kurt, a Buddhist who collects

machine guns, a professional Disney Princess named Vanna, and Hank the 85-year-old drag racer.

Not everyone agreed to be in the photos, but would consent to their spaces and areas of tranquility

being represented.

Tobin soon discovered through spending time with the subjects, “These people are here for

themselves but not selfishly, which in turn, means they are here for us.” Using direct flash allowed

the photographer to illuminate the subject and bring the viewer closer to the celebration of the

freedom of resistance against the status quo. St. Valentine’s is a reminder to look internally at our own

choices on what makes us happy and why we do not pursue our own internal calling.

(Chad Tobin)

Holly Lee


What is geography to me? In my advancing years, I’m still asking myself the same question, or, did

I ever ask myself the question? I recall faintly, but with a hint of vividness, the geography exercise

book I used in primary school; a picture of Australia I drew with colour pencils, opposite the page

with hand-written notes of the country. The continent was vast, covered with greens. I loved drawing

then, so was singing. I still do, but have long lost that confidence and shine. My drawing now is

reduced to alphabets trying to line up thought fragments. I rarely talk, let alone sing.

So what does Byzantium mean to me? In younger days, it meant only one thing, which came from a

Chinese translation into three characters. It followed closely to the phono-semantic method with a

spectacular rendering. Every Chinese character represents one syllable, and each syllable has its own

meaning: BY 拜 (to worship) / ZAN 占 (divination) / TIUM 庭 (court). BYZANTIUM 拜 占 庭 , already the

word sounds reverential, majestic, glittering with gold, connecting at once to the magnificent mosaics

in churches and mosques, to two thousand years of never-ending struggle, of religion, power and Glory.

My fascination with Byzantium, then Constantinople, now Istanbul, owes a lot to this unidentified

translator. It is like a legendary city existing at the edge of my consciousness. Strange, desirable, and


Then Orhan Pamuk came to launch his new novel The Red-Haired Woman at the Reference Library

in Toronto. I have read My Name Is Red and Istanbul briefly, and was eager to go and meet him. The

tickets were sold out, but I went an hour earlier to try my luck. After the talk, I lined up to buy the

book. The queue was long, as everyone was waiting for his signature. I was so excited when he signed

my copy, and expressed enthusiasm for visiting the city. Without raising his head, he replied cooly,

“Then you should go and see it for yourself”.

Old and new fascinations collided, and a journey to Istanbul deemed inevitable. In the beginning, it

was simple: to visit Hagia Sophia, to see the Museum of Innocence, to taste Turkish food, and attend

a Whirling Dervish ceremony. Yet, upon research, there was much, much more. It brought me to

multiple trips, on paper and on screen. I was sucked into the incredible layering and heaviness of

Anatolian history, built upon empires and cultures that have come and gone. The less than two weeks’

visit felt extremely inadequate. At which point, and how, could one even begin to fathom its two

thousand years history, grasp and fully appreciate the magnitude and splendour of this ancient city in

a matter of, eleven days?

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