Good Food Charter

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Good Food


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Food is complex. Our relationships with food are complex. There are few things in life

that bring us together quite like food.

The Acorn Food Network aims to grow a sustainable local food system that is good for

PEOPLE, good for the ECONOMY and good for the PLANET; built around FRESH,


This charter has been developed through a consultation process with organisations,

groups, businesses and individuals. It sets out what we want to achieve across the city

and district, so that everyone benefits from local good food.

Growing Stronger, Closer Communities

Food is more than food. Food is health and food is social connection.

Using food initiatives and food events to bring people together to support and improve

their local communities. Celebrating healthy, affordable local food to promote health and


Supporting a Thriving Local Food Economy

Eating and buying local makes a difference.

Encouraging a greater diversity of local food businesses and creating jobs. Sourcing

healthy and sustainable food from local producers and suppliers. Fresh, local and

seasonal food can help make food more affordable and reduce environmental impact.

Nourishing Lifelong Learning

Just like food nourishes our bodies, learning about and connecting with the land can

nourish our minds.

Giving people of all ages the opportunity to learn about good food- how to grow it, cook

it and to enjoy sharing it.

Providing Space to Grow

People and communities can reach their full potential by having space to grow.

Maximising the use of greenspace and brownfield sites to support local food production

and community wellbeing.

Helping the Planet Flourish

Fresh, local and seasonal food should not cost (£) the planet.

By supporting affordable, local food production, we are protecting nature, reducing food

miles and minimising waste.

Pledge to support our Food Charter

You can support these objectives as an individual or on behalf of an organisation by

signing up to the Good Food Charter and pledging to take the following actions.

Individuals can pledge to:

BUY more local food from independent food enterprises and traders.

PREPARE meals from scratch using local, fresh and seasonal ingredients.

AIM to waste as little food as possible and think about freezing / sharing / composting

any food I can’t use.

TRY growing my own herbs, fruit or veg at home.

Organisations, groups & businesses can pledge to:

USE our purchasing power and procurement policies to support local food producers.

SERVE healthy, local, fresh and seasonal food to staff or customers.

PROVIDE opportunities for staff, students, patients or customers to learn how to cook

and grow food.

ORGANISE volunteering programmes with community food initiatives and enterprises.

ENCOURAGE our customers and employees to:

- Reduce food waste

- Support local shops and retailers in the town – this keeps money in the local


- Grow their own food at home or on an local growing space

- Eat healthily by cutting down on the amount of food with added sugar and salt

- Eat more seasonal fruit and vegetables


are now signed up the Acorn Food Network Food Charter

Date ……………………………………..

For more information contact:

Allan Bogle- Sustainable Food



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