Forewarning of a Potential Lawsuit against Cape Breton Regional Municipality for $100 million by Frank Abbass

Forewarning of a Potential Lawsuit against Cape Breton Regional Municipality for $100 million by Frank Abbass

Forewarning of a Potential Lawsuit against Cape Breton Regional Municipality for $100 million by Frank Abbass

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Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

City Hall

Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

Frank Abbass June 11, 2022

Forewarning of a Potential

Lawsuit against


(Cape Breton Regional Municipality)

for $100 million

by Frank Abbass

This forewarning contains 12 pages.

Please reply to this forewarning before September 1, 2022.

City Hall

Cape Breton Regional Municipality

Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

Frank Abbass June 11, 2022


Copy -Earlene MacMullin

June 20, 2022

Frank Abbass

To: Mayor and Council

Cape Breton Regional Municipality

City Hall, 320 Esplanade, Sydney, N.S.


Dear Mayor and Council of C.B.R.M.:

Forewarning of a potential lawsuit against

Cape Breton Regional Municipality.

Please be advised that I have suffered a serious and lengthily defamation of [my] character

because a press release outlining some former criminal charges against me remained on the

Cape Breton Regional Police website for seven years.

A press release is good only for one day.

Every time my name is Googled, charges about selling Marijuana and breaching parole and

being returned to prison come up looking like they are current when the release of that information

should have been removed the following day, seven years past.

For a person vey much in the public eye, and one who is attempting to negotiate advertising

agreements with large companies, organizations and tourism operators, that exponentially

very outdated press release has been extremely detrimental. Examples are: (1) phone calls

and emails to offer space in a magazine with multi-national circulation to Destination Cape

Breton are not being accepted or returned; (2) phone calls and emails to a senator’s office in

Membertou are not being accepted or answered; and (3) phone calls and emails to the Membertou

corporation, likewise, are being ignored.

This past May 6, the Grand Opening of Canada Post's Membertou Maupeltu was photographed

and formatted into a Photographic Production for multi-national circulation. A lady

officiating there, who is directing the real estate division of the Membertou corporation, was

all for hearing from me and receiving a copy but, a few days later, when I contacted her, she

pretty well said I was dirt and for me not to call back.

The senator, who has an office in Membertou and who is one of the proponents for the

Island of Cape Breton having autonomy by becoming a province, has not accepted or returned

any call, although, so far, six editions of the Cape Breton Provincial Whistle!!! (a politics &

news magazine) promoting the provincehood movement have been published. Under the

banner of the Provincial Whistle magazine, I have taken on the task of contacting elected

municipal representatives to hear where they stand on holding a plebiscite on the subject of

Provincehood for the Island of Cape Breton and, now again, as in the past, that defunct press

release is tearing apart what is trying to be accomplished.

The Cape Breton Provincial Whistle!!! was founded without being aware that Mark

Macneill was administrating the Cape Breton Island Autonomy Group on Facebook. Now,

the Whistle magazine follows their dissatisfaction and need for improvement and the Whistle

promotes the facilitation of their agenda and informs the citizenry.

The sixth edition of the Cape Breton Provincial Whistle!!! received 2,000 registered views

and all comments are pro the idea of and want Provincehood for Cape Breton Island.

A literary publication, the Sunday Novel Magazine, designed for multi-national circulation,

has been circulating for three years. For local distribution, this magazine has plenty of

advertisements promoting local businesses and there was no charge for the service.

Views reached past 3,200 but circulation is stopped awaiting paid advertisements from

Destination Cape Breton, Membertou and other organizations that benefit from tourism. A

press release blaring off the Cape Breton Regional Police website that I am a criminal is


After returning to C.B.R.M. from Toronto in 2004, publishing books on the history of Cape

Breton was begun.


Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

One valued story is about Moxham Castle, one of C.B.R.M.’s greatest historical legends.

Fact is separated from fiction, new information is brought forth and thousands of people are


In 2010, when gasoline reached just $1.45 a litre, book sales dropped to nothing. Still,

recording and studying history has value, so new titles kept appearing and, since, Sunday

Novel Publishing has spurned two authors: Wade Pfaff, who did a short review on Viola

Desmond, whose trip to Sydney is part of The Viola Desmond story, and an in depth study on

Cy McLean, a native of Whitney Pier, who moved to Toronto and became a Big Band Leader

and whose family donated their property to and are founders of the African Orthodox Church,

and building, in Whitney Pier.

A large order of Wade’s “Cy McLean and The Trailblazer of Canadian Black Jazz” and “Viola

Desmond “A Short Review” are donated to be used for Whitney Pier community fundraising.

The second writer, Lynn Moore, penned the “Forced Surrender of the Kings Road Reserve”.

Her work was discovered in the Beaton Institute in 2006. It took a while but it was finally

printed just in time for Christmas 2021.

An official Membertou website has a good story on the subject but Lynn’s was more

extensive and both stories had details absent from the other. Lynn generously agreed to redo

her story by incorporating what she could find on the Membertou site that was missing in her

story and, also, to do more research. She created a magnificent manuscript printed in pencil,

on lined sheets, presented in a binder. Her work is something of which the author, the

publisher, the reader and the subject can be proud. Lynn’s work is a recording of important

historical information and it was published by Frank Abbass, a name that likely thousands of

people Google and see a defunct press release that a reader might not know is erroneous

and, therefore, likely, form a detrimental opinion of the character of Frank Abbass.

Along with printing and getting Lynn’s Forced Surrender of the Kings Road Reserve book

into the hands of approximately 110 people, the publication was digitalized and formatted

into a magazine that was circulated on the internet. Views reached 1,350 before it was

stopped, again waiting for a paid advertisement from Destination Cape Breton, help from the

senator’s office in Membertou, and Membertou in general. The senator’s office in Membertou

and the office of the chief of Membertou are constantly updated on the work I am doing

promoting Membertou, autonomy for the Island of Cape Breton, and the economy of

C.B.R.M. as a whole.

Sunday Novel Magazine advertises the services of many local business in a magazine

whose content contains stories and information readers want. I incurred all expenses and

received no enumeration. I need to classify my promoting the businesses and my publishing

as a hobby to justify my actions because, so far, no one pays me.

In perhaps a span of three years, the office of the chief of Membertou, the senator’s office

in Membertou, and people from Destination Cape Breton have not returned my calls,

answered my messages, or responded to my emails and I think that ignoring could be attributed

to the fact that information about me is on the Cape Breton Regional Police website when

it should not be there.

In all fairness, if my name is defamed, and that defamation is hurting me, including financially,

and I think above and below shows it is, then I should be compensated.

What compensation I want relates to how much money I think my name is worth, my being

in the public eye locally and nationally, politically and commercially, and internationally,

regarding business, photography and publishing.

When accusations against me were published in C.B.R.M.’s local daily newspaper, I was

singled out and their identification of me was “high profile”.

The newspaper reported my charges after my first court appearance. Note: The name and

charges of an accused do not appear again until after their next court appearance, unless for

some identifiable reason. However, although I did not have a second court appearance, my

name and charges were placed alongside a feature story on CP, a well known and prominent

company in C.B.R.M. The Abbass name was not included in the story.

A letter was sent to the publisher explaining that their publishing was erroneous.


Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

Missing from their reporting on CP is that CP was founded by Abbass Studios, of which my

late father was president and C.E.O. and I am very well known as one of his chief assistants

and as my late father’s former company’s (Abbass Studios Ltd.) most reliable employee.

The decertified Abbass Studios Limited, is not today’s Abbass Studios (1985) Ltd.

The former Abbass Studios owned 51% of CP at the time of its founding and the late Mr.

John Abbass served as president until his company’s shares were relinquished, after CP had

grown successfully under his direction.

So, when reporting about me, the newspaper accentuated the negative and derided the

positive, just like some of the media do with Donald Trump.

Back in the late 1970s, a magazine article described the United States of America’s Donald

Trump as an individual worth five billion dollars, who wants to be president of the United

States of America. That article stated they don’t want him.

Although Mr. Trump never before was elected to or ran for public office, the media still

wrote about his political ambition because of the money value of his name and that he was

actively seeking the job.

In 1998, Canada’s national newspaper propagated that I could be the Prime Minister of

Canada and were set to print stories if I ran a campaign even though I was never previously

elected to nor ran for public office, therefore, the value of my name should be somewhere

relative to Mr. Trump’s $5 billion, in the late 1970s.

In C.B.R.M., and in Canada, my name and reputation is equally relative to Mr. Trump’s,


Canada is one tenth the size of the U.S. Ten percent of five billion is 50 million. With

inflation and all, the claim by me against C.B.R.M. could be settled for a sum of $100 million.

When my charges were dealt with, the court ruling is that I am very honest, polite, compassionate

and capable. The summation went on for some time with the judge emphasizing that

my attitude and personality embody a person who follows good examples. One prosecutor

described me favourably and the other was not able to discern me as a criminal.


Rather than beginning a costly and haranguing law suite, I request this matter be decided

by an arbitrator, perhaps a prosecutor or justice from the Sydney Court House.

Please reply to this forewarning before September 1, 2022. [12 pages included].

With the hope that the above will be resolved quickly and amicably, and thanking you for

your time, I remain

P.S.: Also a digital copy (magazine) is sent via email.

In the box on lower page nine are click-ons

to access the Four Membertou Magazines.

Respectfully yours,

Frank Abbass

sundaynovelmagazine@hotmail.com Tel: (902) 202-2217


View looking north from Cabot House

Copy for - -Earlene MacMullin View from Westmount Photograph by Frank Abbass February 2022



Copy for Earlene MacMullin


Copy -Earlene MacMullin


Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

Printed and Distributed

Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

Years 2007 and 2008

Historic Events Photographed, Printed & Distributed

by Frank Abbass

without renumeration

December 7, 2007

International Day of the Disabled Person Annual -Diversity@Work-

“Leadership and Excellence Breakfast” at the Membertou Trade and

Convention Centre Hosted by EmployAbility/Partnership

Also for years 2008 and 2009. One year, the guest of honour

Was Michaëlle Jean, who served from 2005 to 2010 as

Governor General of Canada.

February 23, 2008

Sydney Academy Alumni Dinner & Silent Auction (3rd Annual)

with Dr. John Strasser, former President of Sydney’s former steel plant,

Sysco, and former President of St. Clair College, in Windsor, Ontario

with Robert Sampson as Master of Ceremony.

Printed copies available.

March 21, 2008

Harmony Breakfast (9th Annual) The Inter-National Day for the

Elimination of Racism Theme, with Willie O’Ree as Guest Speaker

“Breaking the Hockey Colour Barrier”, and when and where the

Campy Crawford Award is presented, held in the Cape Breton University

Multi-Purpose Room : The following year, 2009, the event was hosted at

C.B.R.M.’s Central Police Station [865 Grand Lake Road].

Printed copies available.

Nov. 11, 2007

The Cedars Club Mortgage Burning and Thanksgiving Mass at

St. Patrick’s Museum & Banquet at the Cedars Club Banquet Hall .

May 3, 2008

Ports Day - Reception, Noon Luncheon, Evening Reception, Lobster

Banquet & Entertainment (The Sydney Marine Terminal Pavilion).

June 14, 2008

Autism Society of Cape Breton Fundraising Dance & Silent Auction

held at the Dobson Yacht Club in Westmount on Saturday night.

July 2008

Town of Louisbourg [Tourism Publication].

August 8, 2008

Dr. Robert J. Morgan Book Launch

M c Connell Memorial Library

“Rise Again! The Story of Cape Breton Island” by Breton Books.

Printed copies available.

August 15, 2008

Opening of the Marcus Garvey Library

& following day Festival at the U.N.I.A.,

in Glace Bay.


Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

August 18, 2008

Renaming Highway 125 to Peacekeepers Way

Dedication Ceremony and Reception.

August 16, 2008

Union Presbyterian Church

Summer—Monthly Breakfast.

August 25, 2008

Fort Petrie Battery Observation Post

Historic Military Museum, in Victoria Mines) between Sydney and New Waterford)

“A Totally Awesome Experience” [Tourism Publication].

Printed copies available.

September 5, 2008

Unveiling of the Johnny Miles Statue

Sydney Mines.

September 16, 2008

Christening of the Torquil MacLean Englishtown Ferry

Printed copies available.

Four Photographic Productions Re: Membertou

Grand Opening : Canada Post : Membertou Maupeltu


Membertou, June 21, 2021 (yumpu.com)

Membertou New Home Constructions (yumpu.com)

Membertou Storefronts Magazine (yumpu.com)




Copy for -Earlene MacMullin

Short Reads Published by Frank Abbass

1. Moxham Castle (1901-1966)


A Chronology of Leading Events

and the Pioneers of Coal Mining

and Steel Making in Nova Scotia

3. The History of Barbers 1983 - 2011

Sydney, Reserve Mines, Glace Bay,

Dominion and New Waterford

4. Barbers of Old

Barbers as Doctors and Dentists

A History of Dentistry & Surgery

5. The History of The Ball Point Pen

6. The History of The Safety Razor

& The Electric Shaver

7. Golf Tips

8. Forced Surrender of the Kings Road Reserve

By Lynn Moore

9. The Chappell Families of Sydney

M. R. Chappell - John Chappell

Chappells [Building Supplies] Limited


Sunday Novel Magazine

-Second Edition

Fortresses on Cape Breton Island

11. Cy McLean &

The Trailblazers of Canadian Black Jazz

By Wade Pfaff

12. Viola Desmond –Entrepreneur

By Wade Pfaff

E : sundaynovelmagazine@hotmail.com

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