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Welcome to our first edition of the

school’s healthy eating magazine—Tutti


A team of year six journalists have worked

as a team to put together some areas in

which you may have an interest in.

They have tried to cater for all ages so to

encourage everyone to contribute to future

editions. We are hoping to interview pupils

and adults on issues related to healthy eating.

If you know any food songs or poems

which you would like to be published —

meet up with one of the team members and

share your ideas.

It would be great if parents shared with us

cooking tips or interesting recipes or alternative

packed lunch ideas which their children

enjoy. Send them in via your child

addressed to the Y6 Healthy Eating Team.

Eating Healthy

Inside this issue:

Compost Corner Chronicle

Healthy Inserts

Healthy Lunch Ideas 3

Healthy eating made



Funny Food


What’s on your menu? 7








Compost Chronicle

Alycia, The ‘Awesome Apple’, and Erin, ‘The

Exotic Fruit’, interviewed Mr Latimer with

lots of questions to do with fruit and vegetables.

Read on to find out what he said.

The first question we asked was !

(1) What do you think a healthy meal is ?

‘A good variety of fruit ad vegetables makes a perfect

healthy meal.’

(2) What is your favourite vegetables ?

I love tomatoes fresh from the garden.

(3) Why do you think we should eat healthy food ?

‘Because you live longer....’

(4) What fruit or vegetables are the easiest to grow ?

‘Definitely Radishes!’

(Thank you Mr. Latimer)

If you have any information for our ‘Compost Chronicle’,

please contact ‘The Exotic Fruit Erin Brown’. You can find

her on the M.U.G.A most lunchtimes.

This term Grace the ‘Giggly Grape’ interviewed Miss

Jackson from KS1 on her favourite healthy interests

What's your favourite healthy drink?

“Fresh orange juice.”

What's your favourite exercise?

“Walking and playing on the Wii Fit.”

I love the Wii fit too!!!

What is your favourite meal?

“Healthy curry's, (sometimes you have to treat yourself.)”

What is your favourite fruit?

“Defiantly raspberries.”

What is your favourite vegetables?

“Cauliflower. I JUST LOVE IT!!!”

Thank you very much Miss Jackson xxx

If you would like to be interviewed on your healthy

interests. See ‘Giggly Grape Grace’ on Thursday Lunchtimes,

after 25 past 12. Thanks!

What is a healthy balanced diet?

When it comes to healthy eating the most important thing to remember is that there are

no such things as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ foods. The occasional biscuit or packet of crisps

isn’t going to do any harm as long as the rest of your diet is a healthy balance.

The secret to a healthy diet is balance. To help you get it right, nutritionists have

divided foods into five groups shown below in the Balance of Good Health. You need

to eat some food from each of the food groups each day to ensure you get all the nutrients

your body needs. Foods from the ‘Fruit and Vegetables’ group, and the ‘Bread,

Cereals and Potatoes group should be eaten most often.

Balance of good health

All foods can be part of a healthy diet – it’s important for health

to achieve the right balance and include a variety of foods. Eating

a healthy, balanced diet and staying active are two of the

most important factors to help live a long and healthy life.

By Millie the Mad Mango and Imogen the Indigo Fruit

Instead of a sandwich why don't you try a tasty wrap with any filling you


Here are some options :

Ham and cheese

Cucumber and Philadelphia

Tuna and sweet corn

Chicken salad

Cumber and carrot

Cheese and tomato

Pepper and humus

Cucumber and humus

Peanut butter and sweet corn it may sound disgusting but it is delicious!

If you want a little treat you could have one of these options:

Peanut butter and banana

However, don’t have it that often.

You could have a hot meal like

Soup or stew.

In our next edition we want to find out from you other fillings for sandwiches,

or ideas of what to have in your packed lunch.

Contact ‘Millie the Mad Mango’ or ‘Imogen the Indigo Fruit’ via the

playground each lunchtime or leave us a note with your class and name

on it.





1. A man goes to the doctor and says, “Doctor, Doctor I keep feeling like a strawberry!!!”

The Doctor replied, “I'll give you some cream for that!!”

2. Why did the banana go to the hospital? Because it wasn't peeling very well.

3. What did one carrot say to the other carrot? “Is it orange in here, or is it just


4. Why are radishes smart? Radishes are smart because they’re so well-read (red)!

5. What do vegetables wish for, more than anything else in the world? Peas

(peace) on the Earth!!

6. What’s a tailor’s favourite kind of vegetable? A string bean!!

7. What is the fastest vegetable? A runner bean.

8. What is the strongest vegetable? A mussel sprout

9. A blackberry a strawberry and a blueberry were crossing the road when a car

ran over them. What are they now?

Fruit squashed!

By Ceria the Crazy Carrot and Thomas the Tangy Turnip. If you

would like to contribute to the next edition, please contact Tangy

Turnip Thomas or Crazy Carrot Ceria at Break or at lunch, you

will mostly find us on the M.U.GA

These are some meals that your mums and dads

can make you for breakfast , dinner and tea . First lets

start with breakfast.

(1)Porridge with fruit on top

(2)Marmite on toast

(3)Weetabix with fruit or natural yogurt

Now for lunch time

(1)Salad sandwiches , some fruit , yogurt and a biscuit

(2)Salad rap , some vegetables , yogurt

(3)Homemade pasta , vegetables , homemade cake with

fruit in.

Now for tea

(1)Homemade pizza, side salad , and a biscuit

(2)Homemade shepherds pie and fruit in natural yogurt

(3)Jacket potato with beans cheese and side


By Alycia the Awesome Apple.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved

in making this first edition a success! We

couldn’t have done it with out you. Also a big

thank you, to all of you readers. We hope you

are all going to grab a piece of fruit instead of

a bag of crisps and do well in the contest! ☺

Look forward to hearing from you soon -

�� Thomas the Tangy Turnip

�� Alycia the Awsome Apple

�� Erin The Exotic Fruit

�� Grace the Giggly Grape

�� Imogen the Indigo Fruit

�� Millie the Mad Mango

�� Ceria the Crazy Carrot

�� Jaiten the Jumping


�� Lucie the Loopy Lemon

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