Blinds & Shutters - Issue 3/2022

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701952<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

BL<br />

INDS<br />

&<br />


<strong>2022</strong><br />


Faux Wood<br />

Venetian<br />

Combine style and practicality this<br />

Summer, with our range of Faux<br />

Wood Venetian blinds. This durable<br />

style withstands high levels of<br />

humidity and exposure to direct<br />

sunlight in all environments -<br />

our Faux Wood ranges offer the<br />

look of beautiful real wood with<br />

all of the great benefits of PVC!<br />

Dual shade<br />

Consider this contemporary<br />

option for your window spaces<br />

for the perfect light control during<br />

Summer. Filter the light through<br />

the opaque bars in the daytime,<br />

and rotate the bars closed in the<br />

evening for maximum privacy.

Pleated<br />

Position the light to your preference<br />

with Pleated blinds. This style allows<br />

you to control the blinds from both<br />

the top and the bottom, filtering the<br />

sunshine when in a high or low position<br />

- Pleated blinds work perfectly in<br />

conservatories or Bi-Fold doors.<br />

For more information on our full range of products,<br />

contact us on 0800 389 7281 or email sales@arena-blinds.com

Say hello to Summer<br />

We have hundreds of solutions for the sunnier months ahead.<br />

See inside for our<br />

recommendations!<br />

For more information on our full range of products,<br />

contact us on 0800 389 7281 or email sales@arena-blinds.com


www.blindsmagazine.co.uk<br />

Regulars<br />

NEWS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4<br />

Somfy wins an award in the USA<br />

NEW PRODUCTS . . . . . . . . . . . . 50-70<br />

Wider windows mean new blinds collections<br />

Features and articles<br />

PROFILES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8-21<br />

S:Craft has celebrated its 20th year in business<br />

CASE STUDY . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24<br />

A house has been modernised in Highgate, London<br />

SOLAR SHADING . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28<br />

Mermet updates a school in France<br />

FABRIC . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .30<br />

Decora has more fabric choices available now<br />

PLEATED BLINDS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 32<br />

A new honeycomb collection is now available<br />

SHUTTERS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34-36<br />

Louvolite has a new range of shutters<br />

AWNINGS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40-48<br />

There are many choices of awnings style available as <strong>Blinds</strong> &<br />

<strong>Shutters</strong> found out<br />

From the editor<br />

<strong>Issue</strong> THREE <strong>2022</strong><br />

As the cost of living crisis bites<br />

and inflation and interest rates<br />

rise it will be interesting to see<br />

how the economy and consumer<br />

spending will be affected.<br />

Reports are already showing<br />

that shoppers are buying fewer<br />

items in supermarkets so will<br />

this begin to affect the big<br />

spends like holidays and home<br />

improvements?<br />

Price rises are inevitably being<br />

passed on to customers and<br />

the word ‘recession’ is being<br />

mentioned by many commentators.<br />

The UK has had a tough<br />

few years so let’s hope something<br />

can be done to avoid an<br />

economic meltdown<br />

John Hatcher<br />

editor<br />

www.blindsmagazine.co.uk<br />

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<strong>2022</strong> ISSUE THREE • SUMMER<br />

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<strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong> 3

NEWS NEWSDESK: tel: 01923 437 618 mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

Somfy wins US<br />

industry award<br />

Somfy has been recognized as advancing the industry’s<br />

ongoing commitment to child safety in addition to their<br />

product, TaHoma Gateway, awarded Best New Style<br />

Concept in the Motorization and Automation category by<br />

the Window Covering Manufacturers Association (WCMA).<br />

The 30th Annual WCMA Product Awards<br />

recognized the best new products,<br />

educational, and merchandising programs,<br />

across ten categories, launched over the past<br />

year in the window covering industry.<br />

Somfy’s TaHoma was awarded in the<br />

Automation and Motorization category for<br />

its ability to control a wide range of interior<br />

and exterior motorized products and<br />

integrate with other modern smart devices<br />

through its open technology platform.<br />

Earlier this year, TaHoma was awarded<br />

gold in the Connected Home category of<br />

the 2021 Most Valuable Product Awards for<br />

Residential Construction by Products<br />

Magazine for its use of open, forwardthinking<br />

technology and the convenience it<br />

delivers to homeowners.<br />

In addition to this year’s product awards,<br />

the WCMA also recognized ten companies<br />

committed to child safety. Somfy North<br />

America, among those ten, was recognized<br />

for the inclusion of cordless or inaccessible<br />

cord operating systems in product designs.<br />

“Over the last 50 years, Somfy has been<br />

making life easier for millions of people<br />

across the globe and ensuring that our<br />

products are safe and long-lasting is a<br />

priority in our product development,” said<br />

David Parrett, Product Marketing Director,<br />

Somfy North America.<br />

“As we imagine the homes of tomorrow,<br />

we continue to deliver sustainable smart<br />

home solutions that improve life and wellbeing<br />

and TaHoma is an innovative solution<br />

that helps to create smarter and more<br />

comfortable homes. We are excited to see<br />

TaHoma awarded as an innovative solution<br />

that helps create safer and more convenient<br />

homes, improving life and well-being,” added<br />

David Parrett, Product Marketing Director,<br />

Somfy North America.<br />

TaHoma seamlessly integrates with a<br />

variety of leading smart home devices to<br />

brighten homes every day with natural and<br />

artificial light. Somfy North America's<br />

TaHoma gateway uses technology that's<br />

open and forward-looking, providing a<br />

single platform for Radio Technology Somfy<br />

(RTS), Somfy's exclusive control platform,<br />

which enables users to adjust motorized<br />

interior window coverings and exterior<br />

products from virtually anywhere. This also<br />

allows users to adjust automated<br />

applications and create scenes and<br />

schedules for motorized window coverings<br />

and other connected smart home devices<br />

to deliver a truly customized experience. A<br />

“Leaving Home” scenario created in the<br />

TaHoma App can lower the shades and<br />

switch off the lights, activated by voice<br />

command or with a click of a button on a<br />

connected smartphone.<br />


<strong>Blinds</strong>hapers often wonder if when<br />

designing properties do the architects<br />

give any thought to how shaped<br />

windows will affect the occupants. On<br />

paper the plans can look absolutely<br />

fabulous but if light coming in affects<br />

those who live there it can become a<br />

huge problem, heat from the sun<br />

pouring in damaging carpets and<br />

furniture, reflecting sunlight from mirrors,<br />

pictures and screens as well as waking<br />

homeowners early in their bedrooms.<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong>hapers hear of these problems<br />

on a regular basis and via its trade<br />

partners seek to assist them in solving<br />

these problems with either vertical or<br />

venetian blinds. The company does no<br />

measuring or fitting ourselves so rely on<br />

companies to send us details of these<br />

shapes so we can advise them on what<br />

will work best for their clients. The<br />

company also refers any enquiries from<br />

the public on to whoever trades with us<br />

locally to them. It is more than happy to<br />

hold the hand so to speak of anyone<br />

who has never done any blinds like<br />

these before and advise them on how<br />

these should be done and paying<br />

attention to making them confident in<br />

what they are doing and ordering from<br />

us. <strong>Blinds</strong>hapers check through each and<br />

every order thoroughly before it is put<br />

into our systems and flag up any<br />

potential problems that may occur.<br />

4 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong><br />


NEWS NEWSDESK: tel: 01923 437 618 mail: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong>byPost launches<br />

refugee job scheme<br />

Shipley-based <strong>Blinds</strong>byPost has launched a campaign to<br />

support Ukrainian refugees arriving in the Bradford area<br />

to give them a new start in the UK.<br />

The scheme will see the online blinds<br />

retailer fast-track Ukrainians who have come<br />

to the UK and are seeking work in the local<br />

area. The opportunities will cover a variety of<br />

roles including factory-based jobs and<br />

administrative roles and staff will receive the<br />

national living wage at minimum.<br />

Iryna is the first person to have been<br />

appointed through the scheme. Commenting<br />

on her appointment, she said: “Having the<br />

opportunity to secure a fulltime job and<br />

income has meant a lot to me when I’ve had<br />

to move away from my home country and my<br />

husband who has stayed in Ukraine. I wasn’t<br />

sure what to expect when I arrived in the UK,<br />

but the job with <strong>Blinds</strong>byPost has given me the<br />

stability I need to start building a new life with<br />

my daughter. I hope to see my husband again<br />

soon.”<br />

Rob Higgie is a first responder who enables<br />

refugees to come into the UK and secure<br />

employment with local companies.<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong>byPost has worked closely with Rob to<br />

raise awareness of the job scheme. Rob said:<br />

“It’s impossible to comprehend what<br />

Ukrainian’s and other people arriving in the<br />

UK as refugees have experienced. Businesses<br />

like <strong>Blinds</strong>byPost play a crucial role in<br />

supporting these people and offering them<br />

some stability at a time of unprecedented<br />

conflict and upheaval. I’m grateful to Oliver and<br />

the other business owners I work with who<br />

have set up job schemes to provide much<br />

needed support.”<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong>byPost also supports young people in<br />

the UK struggling to secure full time<br />

employment. The company is part of the<br />

Government’s Kickstarter campaign which was<br />

established to fund employers and enable<br />

them to create jobs for 16 to 24 years olds on<br />

Universal Credit. The scheme has proved<br />

successful for <strong>Blinds</strong>byPost, with a total of four<br />

people having successfully completed training<br />

and entered into full time employment.<br />

Oliver Hudson, director at <strong>Blinds</strong>byPost,<br />

added: “As a Bradford-based business it’s really<br />

important to us to offer employment<br />

opportunities to people in the local area.<br />

Having the opportunity to support people<br />

who’ve been impacted by the ongoing war in<br />

Ukraine and young people who are struggling<br />

to hold down jobs is an honour. People are the<br />

lifeblood of any successful business and growing<br />

our skilled and dedicated team is beneficial for<br />

everyone. It means a lot to be able to have a<br />

positive impact on people’s lives.”<br />

For any Ukrainian refugees in the local area,<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong>byPost has established a dedicated<br />

landing page on the website for job<br />

applications. To find out more, please visit<br />

https://www.blindsbypost.co.uk/blindsbypostlaunches-refugee-job-scheme.<br />


R+T Asia, which was originally due to<br />

take place at the National Exhibition and<br />

Convention Center in Shanghai from 25<br />

to 27 May <strong>2022</strong>, has had to be<br />

postponed due to the epidemiological<br />

situation in Shanghai and the local<br />

restrictions imposed by the Chinese<br />

government. After taking account of the<br />

most important interest groups and<br />

partners, R+T Asia <strong>2022</strong> will now be<br />

held at the Shenzhen World Exhibition<br />

& Convention Center in Shenzhen<br />

(China) from 31 August to 2 September<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. R+T Asia will also continue its<br />

online matchmaking programme in<br />

order to reduce the waiting time until<br />

the trade fair in summer. More<br />

information can be found at:<br />

en.rtasia.net.<br />

Registration for R+T 2024 is now<br />

possible. Over 500 exhibitors have<br />

already registered for R+T 2024 in<br />

Stuttgart from 19 to 23 February 2024<br />

while around 46,000 square metres of<br />

exhibition space have been booked. "We<br />

are delighted that the preparations and<br />

plans for R+T 2024 are now starting<br />

again. We can hardly wait to welcome<br />

the industry again in person to Stuttgart<br />

after six long years! At present, we are<br />

also working simultaneously on other<br />

concepts to enable visitors and<br />

exhibitors to experience R+T digitally<br />

before the event," said Sebastian Schmid,<br />

Vice President of Messe Stuttgart.<br />

6 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong><br />


Introducing the new reduced-ligature<br />

safety curtain track<br />

Curtain<br />

separates<br />

from<br />

gliders<br />

under load<br />

Easy to<br />

re-attach<br />

the<br />

curtain<br />

Gliders<br />

are fixed<br />

to the<br />

track<br />

Fits flush<br />

to the wall<br />

The curtain track fits flush to the wall, meaning it can’t be pulled down and used<br />

inappropriately. As a result, this product is well-suited to mental health facilities and<br />

detention centres.<br />

*Product safety tests were conducted with 3mm wide curtain hooks.<br />

Keep staff and service users safe from harm with the new reduced ligature safety curtain track.<br />

For more information on this new reduced-ligature<br />

track, to receive a sample or demonstration<br />

contact Grant on 01268 570900<br />

or email enquiries@yewdale.co.uk


Award winning Apollo<br />

Apollo <strong>Blinds</strong> wins<br />

Continuous<br />

Improvement<br />

franchise award<br />

again<br />

For the second year in a row, Apollo <strong>Blinds</strong> has<br />

been named the winner of the Continuous<br />

Improvement category of the Best Franchise<br />

Awards for setting a new record for the<br />

satisfaction levels of its franchisees.<br />

The company – which is Britain’s biggest window<br />

blinds franchise – picked up the accolade after<br />

conducting its fourth annual Franchise Satisfaction<br />

Benchmark for <strong>2022</strong>. It saw the overall satisfaction<br />

score from its 50-strong network of franchisees<br />

increase by 8% on the previous year, taking its<br />

score to 84%.<br />

Apollo <strong>Blinds</strong> commissioned WorkBuzz to carry<br />

out the annual survey for the fourth year in a row<br />

and built on its increase of 17% for 2020 – as it<br />

sees clear, continued progression for the business.<br />

Matt Thomas, Apollo <strong>Blinds</strong>’ Business<br />

Development Director, is delighted with the award<br />

and the score of the benchmark report. He says<br />

the management team continue to set the very<br />

highest standards for the business, which ultimately<br />

benefit the prosperity of all its franchisees.<br />

“The WorkBuzz Franchise Satisfaction<br />

Benchmark is vital to the performance and growth<br />

of our network because it is the barometer of how<br />

our business supports our network of franchisees,”<br />

said Matt.<br />

“It’s vitally important that we keep listening to<br />

our network, and the survey helps us to do that<br />

because it lets us look at how the franchise is<br />

performing through the eyes of our franchisees.<br />

“To win this award two years in a row is amazing<br />

because it recognises our ability to keep improving<br />

our overall Continuous Improvement score – and<br />

it also highlights how far we have come in a fouryear<br />

period.<br />

“There are two standout figures: 100% of our<br />

franchisees said that we ‘go the extra mile’ to<br />

support the network, and there was also 100%<br />

agreement about us all sharing the same goals for<br />

the business.”<br />

Apollo <strong>Blinds</strong> believes that two key factors have<br />

underpinned the increase in general satisfaction<br />

levels. The first is the company’s continued<br />

investment in bringing new products to market,<br />

enabling Apollo <strong>Blinds</strong> franchisees to have the<br />

widest collection of blinds, shutters, awnings and<br />

curtains in the UK.<br />

The second is the way its marketing is focused<br />

around supporting its franchisees to generate<br />

enquiries, which lead to sales, ultimately promoting<br />

the portability and prosperity of the franchisees’<br />

businesses.<br />

Both of these points have been exemplified with<br />

the news that the company has been shortlisted<br />

for two window blinds industry awards. It is in the<br />

running to win Best Marketing Programme and<br />

Best In-House Training Programme at the<br />

upcoming British Blind and Shutter Association’s<br />

(BBSA) Awards.<br />

Mr Thomas concluded: “Winning the Continuous<br />

Improvement category of the Best Franchise<br />

Awards is a big deal for us – and the fact that<br />

we’re now in the running for two BBSA awards<br />

highlights what an attractive franchise proposition<br />

Apollo <strong>Blinds</strong> is for anyone who wants to run their<br />

own profitable and prosperous business as part of<br />

our network.”<br />

8 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Classic<br />

outdoor living pod<br />

UK built in<br />

under 6 weeks<br />


Enhance your product portfolio with our innovative, award winning aluminium pergolas, featuring<br />

waterproof opening and closing louvered roofs that provide flexible shade and shelter, enabling<br />

outdoor spaces to be used all year round, come sun, wind, rain or even snow.<br />



0344 800 1947 t<br />

info@cbsolarshading.co.uk e<br />

cbsolarshading.co.uk/trade w


Lining up in Leeds<br />

Lienesch bv expand<br />

their UK product<br />

range through<br />

Leeds based<br />

Lienesch Ltd<br />

Lienesch bv is expanding its UK product offering<br />

through Lienesch Ltd based in Leeds.<br />

Lienesch Ltd began trading in the UK in<br />

October 2019 with a range of their most popular<br />

technical Sunscreen mesh fabrics for the commercial<br />

sector.<br />

Although for many years before this time Lienesch<br />

bv had supplied product directly from Haaksbergen<br />

in Holland to several UK companies, the expected<br />

high-speed demands of the UK market were often<br />

limiting. Hence, the need for a UK base which is now<br />

an 11k square foot warehouse in Leeds.<br />

Lienesch Ltd’s small but highly experienced team<br />

can offer their customers a next day service whether<br />

it be for full rolls, boxes or cut lengths of their everexpanding<br />

product portfolio.<br />

Across their Focus, Contrast, Connect and Alu<br />

sunscreen mesh fabrics from the Lienesch-Style<br />

brand, Lienesch give possibilities for 1,3,5, and 10%<br />

openness factors. The range includes blackout fabrics<br />

as well as white and aluminium back shading options<br />

that are all FR and even includes a Cradle-to Cradle<br />

Certified Bronze “True Clear Alu” option for<br />

architects and specifiers who demand eco-friendly<br />

materials though out their projects. All these options<br />

are stocked in Leeds. Many, many more technical<br />

fabric specifications to suit unique functionality<br />

requirements are held in Holland and can be<br />

ordered and delivered through their Leeds<br />

warehouse.<br />

Lienesch to take over<br />

Honeycell distribution for the<br />

UK<br />

In May this year Lienesch Ltd added Honeycell to<br />

their UK stock, taking over from Lienesch bv’s<br />

partner R.A. Irwin, who ceased their Window Blind<br />

Business Division.<br />

Richard Greaves, general manager of Lienesch Ltd<br />

added: “We took over to give our customers a next<br />

day service for full boxes or cut lengths of this<br />

extremely popular, high quality, cellular pleated fabric<br />

for the residential market.<br />

The current UK Honeycell 25mm collection<br />

comprises 16 ranges which totals a massive 146<br />

SKU’s to enhance and complement any interior<br />

décor and achieve the desired level of shading,<br />

privacy and light transmission.<br />

The company will be showing all of its current<br />

products, and some exciting new launches for the<br />

residential market on stand 27 at the BBSA show in<br />

October.<br />

10 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


UK <strong>Blinds</strong> and <strong>Shutters</strong>:<br />

Going Up or Down?<br />

Results of UK Window Coverings Industry Survey March <strong>2022</strong><br />

Sponsored by BlindMatrix<br />


I wish to expand my business<br />

I am optimistic about my<br />

business<br />

Profits are expect to rise<br />

Costs are expected to rise<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

Business volume grew<br />

Profits grew<br />

Costs increased<br />

2021<br />

Business volume grew<br />

Profits grew<br />

Costs increased<br />

2020<br />

Business volume has been<br />

positively affected<br />

Profitability has been<br />

positively affected<br />

BREXIT<br />

0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%<br />


Sentiment remains generally positive, however<br />

with continuing inflationary pressures it will<br />

be interesting to measure changes in the<br />

industry’s sentiments in the coming quarters.<br />

97% 70% 73%<br />

Expect costs to rise Optimistic Plans to expand<br />

Smart Software to<br />

accelerate your business<br />

Call +44 (0) 20 7096 1371<br />

sales@blindmatrix.com | www.blindmatrix.com


R+T 2024 ready for take-off<br />

Start of<br />

registration for<br />

R+T 2024 begins<br />

After a break of six years, the next R+T will<br />

finally be held again as an attended event<br />

from 19 to 23 February 2024. The<br />

prospects are very good: around 500 exhibitors<br />

have re-registered so far for R+T 2024 while<br />

around 46,000 square metres of exhibition have<br />

already been booked. "We are more than satisfied<br />

with the status quo of the re-registrations at<br />

present, especially since we have not yet officially<br />

sent out our registration documents. This is an<br />

excellent starting point to further advance the<br />

additional plans that go beyond R+T 2024," said<br />

Sebastian Schmid, a member of the Board of<br />

Management of Messe Stuttgart. "The industry will<br />

finally be able to present its products and services<br />

live on-site again in colour. Visitors can not only<br />

look forward to touching and experiencing a large<br />

number of new products and innovations, but also<br />

to personal discussions with one another. R+T<br />

2024 will again be an event that can be savoured<br />

with all senses. The concept for R+T 2024 will be<br />

rounded off by digital extensions." The official start<br />

of registration for R+T 2024 for all other<br />

interested parties is scheduled for April <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Extension thanks to digital<br />

formats<br />

Since markets and industries are changing<br />

constantly, the "trade fair" instrument has also been<br />

developed further in recent years. "We will also<br />

react to these changes with R+T and adapt to the<br />

new general conditions. We want to meaningfully<br />

combine our current strengths with the lessons<br />

learned as well as new ideas and approaches,"<br />

explained Sebastian Schmid. "Our main focus here<br />

is the further development of our digital offering. It<br />

will also be possible to digitally experience R+T as<br />

the world's leading trade fair. In addition to an<br />

online platform supplementing the event, we will<br />

also focus here on new digital formats in order to<br />

provide every participant with clear value-added.<br />

Among other things, we have developed<br />

approaches for this purpose in order to bring<br />

restaurateurs or end consumers, for example, into<br />

contact with the wide range of topics at R+T."<br />

New moving image formats<br />

being planned<br />

The presentation of the second R+T project – a<br />

wine estate in Oberderdingen (Baden-<br />

Württemberg) and the renowned manufacturer<br />

markilux – will be completed in April. Sebastian<br />

Schmid summarised: "The feedback from the<br />

industry regarding R+T projects is extremely<br />

positive and there is also very great interest in<br />

participation. After the two pilot projects in<br />

autumn 2021 and spring <strong>2022</strong>, we now want to<br />

draw some clear conclusions. However, we can<br />

now already reveal that we will definitely be<br />

continuing R+T projects. Other moving image<br />

formats are also already being planned. The<br />

industry can look forward to many new R+T<br />

concepts to ensure that the time until the next<br />

personal reunion in Stuttgart is not too long."<br />

About R+T<br />

For over 50 years, companies have been<br />

presenting their innovations and demonstrating<br />

their solutions for the central themes in the<br />

industry at R+T, the world's leading trade fair for<br />

roller shutters, doors/gates and sun shading<br />

systems. During the trade fair or at one of the<br />

numerous evening events, R+T provides an<br />

opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions with<br />

colleagues, and is the ideal platform for intensive<br />

technical discussions. A large number of technical<br />

forums and networking events enable contacts to<br />

be forged and give fresh impetus for people to<br />

take home with them and use in their daily work.<br />

As the world's leading trade fair, R+T is also a<br />

meeting point for the industry, a trend barometer<br />

and an innovation platform. The next R+T will be<br />

held from 19 to 23 February 2024.<br />

12 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

THE<br />



Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> are a UK manufacturer offering the trade an independent choice of<br />

custom blind collections designed for you and your customers.<br />

Our Interior <strong>Shutters</strong> Collection are skilfully hand-made by quality craftsmen. Your<br />

customers can select from one of our many paint or stain finishes or opt for a custom<br />

colour to complement and enhance their home.<br />

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at<br />



Simple solution<br />

Semper <strong>Blinds</strong> has<br />

created its own app<br />

for its customers to<br />

use<br />

As everyone knows, if you go anywhere<br />

there is a good chance you have your<br />

phone with you, especially if you run your<br />

own business. So, it only made sense to take<br />

advantage of this by creating our own app for<br />

Semper <strong>Blinds</strong>, the main aim was to provide a<br />

clean, quick, and easy to use app that our traders<br />

could get pricing in seconds.<br />

Everyone’s time a premium so we wanted to<br />

create a bespoke app that would be the<br />

foundation for Semper to build on regarding the<br />

digital age and looking over the past few years<br />

there were two main areas of communication from<br />

traders that could be streamlined, which were<br />

project quotations and job updates.<br />

Our target was to have an app where a trader<br />

could access it at anytime and get live updates on<br />

their order, this was especially important due to<br />

our suppliers being affected by the current climate.<br />

As well as providing project updates and deadline<br />

dates, we also made sure that the project price<br />

was shown so that the trader had all the<br />

information they needed about the project on one<br />

clear screen.<br />

Once the job tracker was completed, we then<br />

moved on to the bigger task at hand which was to<br />

create a quick and simple quotation app. The idea<br />

behind the quotation tool was to provide a quote<br />

for a blind in as fewer clicks as possible as well as<br />

being clear enough that anyone could use it, and<br />

we managed to get this down to four clicks for a<br />

basic blind as well as having people test it ranging<br />

from eight-year-old up to 71-year-old to make sure<br />

it’s easy to use. Our popular Survey & Fit service as<br />

well as our motorised blinds are all in there as well,<br />

giving clear costings for the motorised components<br />

selected so you can be confident in what you are<br />

quoting for. To start off with the app will be<br />

Android based but will be crossing over to Apple<br />

soon enough and this app will be free to all our<br />

traders with no monthly fees as we didn’t want to<br />

add to the ever-increasing outgoings they face.<br />

With the job tracker and quotation tool app<br />

groundwork completed we then went about<br />

revamping our website which was basic at best and<br />

due to the new upgrades in the background it<br />

meant we could integrate the quotation tool<br />

within the website for our traders. The intention<br />

for the online version was to help when making<br />

more complex quotations and larger project<br />

quotations as the vision for the app is purely to<br />

provide quick quotes for now.<br />

Moving forward we are going to be creating a<br />

factory app, which will have multiple advantages as<br />

we aim to have an almost paper free environment<br />

as well as giving our team the ability to update<br />

projects quicker and in time this is going to be<br />

linked to the job tracker, so the trader will be able<br />

to see whereabouts the project is in our system,<br />

for example if the fabrics cut or if it’s in quality<br />

control or awaiting courier collection.<br />

A successful future needs to be built on a strong<br />

foundation, and we feel with the Semper<br />

Quotation app, new website and factory app<br />

integrated with the job tracker it will be a positive<br />

and more important streamlined one for all<br />

involved.<br />

14 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Smart Software to accelerate<br />

your business<br />

We recognise every industry has<br />

unique requirements ...<br />

So we have gone out of our way to make our software<br />

platform easily configurable for your business challenges<br />

and to meet your needs, whatever they are.<br />

Wouldn’t you prefer less admin and more time doing<br />

what you like?<br />

Automate day to day tasks<br />

Achieve better business growth<br />

Streamline workflows<br />

Reduce Real time errors<br />

Increase efficiency<br />

Reduce time and cost<br />

I must reiterate that<br />

BlindMatrix is fantastic<br />

software, and I am<br />

looking forward to<br />

working closely with<br />

BlindMatrix to grow my<br />

business<br />

Mo Moobin,<br />

Director, <strong>Blinds</strong> & Designers<br />

Call +44 (0) 20 7096 1371<br />

sales@blindmatrix.com | www.blindmatrix.com<br />

Learn more,<br />

request demo

Softness of a curtain,<br />

functionality of a blind.



Drawing them in<br />

Waverley curtains<br />

help Orangebox<br />

draw in the crowds<br />

at Clerkenwell<br />

Design Week<br />

If the office of the future is to be a place for<br />

collaboration, creativity and nurturing<br />

relationships, then companies must offer spaces<br />

which intrigue people and draw them in.<br />

That’s what Smartworking company Orangebox<br />

and architects Perkins&Will achieved for guests at<br />

Clerkenwell Design Week with the help of 100m<br />

of wave curtains from Waverley.<br />

The design used curtains to transform the<br />

Upper Ground floor of Orangebox’s<br />

Smartworking space into a series of flexible areas.<br />

The effect was to create different zones for coworking,<br />

meetings and quiet concentration, which<br />

could be opened up instantly into a large<br />

collaboration space when required.<br />

Clerkenwell Design Week visitors were<br />

impressed. Orangebox Marketing Manager, Liz<br />

Walker said, “We’ve had lovely feedback on the<br />

way the curtains have been specified and how well<br />

they work within the space.”<br />

Waverley installed suspended track from which<br />

it hung Kvadrat Ginger 2, Kvadrat Daybreak and<br />

Kvadrat Zulu 2 curtains to create the zones. The<br />

use of transparent fabrics added to the mystery,<br />

encouraging guests to peek inside to discover and<br />

use the various spaces.<br />

The installation was Waverley’s first participation<br />

in Clerkenwell Design Week. Specification Manager,<br />

Ben Vowles was on hand throughout to explain the<br />

concept to the Orangebox visitors. He said, “The<br />

response was great. People loved the flexibility of<br />

what we can do in the space and how simple it is<br />

to change the nature of the work environment.”<br />

Acoustics and Perception<br />

Ben found many of the attendees were intrigued<br />

by the acoustic properties of the various zones.<br />

“Although the designers did not specify acoustic<br />

fabrics for this project, we offer many sound<br />

absorbing options. However, even the relatively<br />

lightweight fabrics in this space have an effect on<br />

how people perceive sound.”<br />

Many visitors referred to psychoacoustics when<br />

discussing this aspect of the curtains. The scientific<br />

study of sound perception includes how a person’s<br />

experiences, prejudices and situation influence the<br />

perceived quality of the sound they hear.<br />

A curtained area, where we have some degree<br />

of physical screening from others, can be enough<br />

to make our brains think those outside are<br />

excluded. This makes it easier for us to concentrate<br />

on what people inside our space are saying even<br />

though the noise level from outside is not<br />

significantly reduced.<br />

Flow and Flexibility<br />

The curved tracks make each separate zone<br />

interesting in its own right and create a dynamic<br />

flow for people moving between them from one<br />

area to another. The user is never moving in a<br />

straight line, and the consequent obscuring of<br />

what’s round the next curve further emphasises<br />

the privacy of the spaces.<br />

While Clerkenwell Design Week is over for<br />

another year, it’s not the end for Waverley as the<br />

curtained zones are to be a permanent feature of<br />

Orangebox’s Smartworking space. For more<br />

information on curtains and room dividers contact<br />

Waverley and to book a visit to the Smartworking<br />

showroom contact Orangebox.<br />

18 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


new collection<br />

abachi . bamboo . basswood




Roller and<br />

Vertical Collection


available as made to measure or wholesale

Quite Possibly the Largest Battery<br />

Powered Roller Blind ever produced!<br />

QMotion now available with a width of up to 3.8m and a drop of up to 4.5m!!!<br />

QMotion UK Advanced Shading Systems specialise in providing wire free<br />

window covering solutions for the home. Whereas traditional motorised window<br />

coverings require a qualified electrician to install 240V power wiring for the blind<br />

motor, the QMotion UK solution requires no wiring at all. Now for the first time<br />

the user has the ability to install a fully functional quiet motorised roller system<br />

that provides a wire free system operated via remote control or by their smart<br />

phone or tablet using the QMotion app. The user can remotely operate their<br />

shades individually, by room, by elevation, by floor and all at the same time.<br />

Contact us today for the best automated blinds on the market.<br />

www.qmotionshades.co.uk<br />

info@qmotionshades.co.uk<br />

+44(0)1908 047 980<br />

@QMotionUK<br />

QMotionShades<br />



20 year celebration<br />

S:CRAFT is<br />

celebrating 20<br />

years in business<br />

On the 26th of July, S:CRAFT is celebrating<br />

20 years of supplying the best in<br />

products, services and business support!<br />

We’re still on the same site near Winchester, but<br />

we’ve come a long way since we could fit in one<br />

small office attached to the warehouse. Though<br />

we’re always looking forward and striving to be<br />

better, now seems like a good time to reflect on<br />

how the journey has gone so far; all the more so<br />

as we ready ourselves for a new stage of growth<br />

and development.<br />

We never forget that it is our network of<br />

partners which makes all of this possible. Thank<br />

you to those of you who have joined us along the<br />

way, and here’s to the next 20 years of mutual<br />

success!<br />

2002, Saw our launch into the UK Market,<br />

trading under the name of Shuttercraft, partnering<br />

with the world’s largest manufacturer of shutters,<br />

and establishing our point of difference with<br />

excellent customer service. Starting out with just<br />

two product ranges, Basswood, and Western Red<br />

Cedar, we swiftly gained trade partners, allowing us<br />

to bring further products on board. The next<br />

product range was called Craftwood, a high-quality<br />

wood composite made from the primary material<br />

of a specially formulated, high moisture-resistant<br />

MDF. Today, this is the best-selling shutter in the<br />

world, and we know it as Antigua.<br />

<strong>Shutters</strong> began to sharply rise in popularity. In<br />

2008, Shuttercraft rebranded to S:CRAFT,<br />

recognising the potential for expansion and<br />

diversification to a larger portfolio of products,<br />

going beyond shutters and introducing blinds to<br />

our portfolio. As a company we began to invest<br />

significantly and to welcome more staff into the<br />

S:CRAFT family. Justin Allen joined S:CRAFT to<br />

head up the company as an experienced wholesale<br />

professional, and oversee the company’s efficiency<br />

and overall operations.<br />

20 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


2009, S:CRAFT teamed up with John<br />

Lewis, significantly raising the profile of<br />

S:CRAFT. This began a decade of mutually<br />

beneficial partnership, and raising the profile<br />

of shutters with the general public.<br />

2015, S:CRAFT was awarded “Best Small<br />

Stand” at the BBSA show in Coventry.<br />

2016, The management team is enhanced<br />

and ready for the next stage of growth, with<br />

the addition of two senior appointments,<br />

Mark Stradling CEO and Anna Vallis CFO.<br />

2017, Introducing our Core Values and<br />

Vision Statement. S:CRAFT employees<br />

attend a workshop to develop a dynamic<br />

company, working towards the shared values<br />

of People, Partnership and Pride. We also<br />

added Portchester aluminium shutters to our<br />

range, bringing style to the security market.<br />

2019, S:CRAFT is awarded “Best In-<br />

House Training Programme” by the BBSA,<br />

which is a true testament of the immense<br />

pride and passion our Training Manager,<br />

Mark Duwell has for what he does. In this<br />

year, we launched a distinctive and beautiful<br />

hardwood range of shutters called Samoa.<br />

We also launched two new automisation<br />

upgrade options: AutoClose and<br />

PowerMotion.<br />

2021, After nearly twenty years of<br />

specialising predominately in shutters,<br />

S:CRAFT expands its reach and product<br />

portfolio further with an all-encompassing<br />

range of innovative blinds!<br />

There’s a lot to be proud of over the<br />

years here at S:CRAFT, and as we expand<br />

and grow, we look forward to reaching new<br />

milestones. Contact us to find out how<br />

S:CRAFT can help you.<br />





For 30 years, we have made sure<br />

that you feel comfortable at home,<br />

have the best lighting conditions<br />

and can take care of the<br />

things you really like.<br />

www.isotra.com<br />





<strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong> 21


VERTEX<br />

BLINDS<br />

Blindtex introduces Vertex blinds to the UK<br />

trade market. Suitable for larger windows and<br />

patio doors.<br />

Vertex is now the fastest growing window<br />

treatment within our product range.<br />


With Vertex blinds, you can achieve several<br />

different privacy options;<br />

• Clear view - Slide the soft fabric vanes to<br />

one side to enjoy a clear outside view.<br />

• Sheer view - Place the vanes into the open<br />

position and enjoy a partial view with privacy,<br />

ideal for daytime.<br />

• Closed view - Rotate the vanes to the closed<br />

position to enjoy total privacy, ideal for<br />

nighttime.<br />

Vertex blinds filter the daylight during the day yet still offer a view to the outside. Made up of a combination of<br />

sheer and opaque textured fabric. Vertex blinds look particularly stunning in larger windows, bi-folding and patio<br />

doors and could be described as a cross between curtains and vertical blinds.<br />

0161 818 9915 0161 818 9915<br />

sales@blindtex.co.uk www.blindtex.co.uk

30<br />

sku’s<br />

Over three designs, you can<br />

ensure your customers find<br />

what they are looking for.<br />


Available as full rolls, louvres only, louvres<br />

with header and hanger, or entirely made to<br />

measure blinds. Manufactured using hotwire<br />

cutting technology, we ensure a fray free cut<br />

every time.<br />

•Oval: Filter the light in style<br />

•Classic: Create effortless elegance every day<br />

Oval Ice Oval Pearl Oval Baby Blue Oval Teal Oval Cinder<br />

Classic Snow Classic Ivory Classic Latte Classic Shiny Grey<br />

Classic Dark Grey<br />

•Stripe: A timeless design, the perfect addition to any home<br />

Stripe White Stripe Cream Stripe Mid Cream Stripe Dark Cream Stripe Beige Stripe Light Brown Stripe Brown Stripe Light Grey<br />

Stripe Silver<br />

Stripe Graphite<br />

Stripe Gold Stripe Pink Stripe Purple Stripe Mint Stripe Forest Stripe Lilac Stripe Royal Blue Stripe Navy Stripe Red Stripe Black<br />



White - Brushed Steel - Piano Black - Brown<br />

Champagne Gold - Graphite<br />


White - Graphite<br />


Our sales and service teams are here for you,<br />

with direct access in a more personal way via<br />

video or voice call directly from our website or<br />

even WhatsApp for convenience.<br />


Blindtex is a premium UK-UAE based window coverings’<br />

firm. For over 25 years, our team has provided quality<br />

products, exceptional brand experience and bespoke<br />

window treatments to various business sectors throughout<br />

Europe, Africa and the Middle East.<br />

Trade accounts will have access to our photo library for<br />

your website and promotional material.<br />

Website<br />

WhatsApp<br />

0161 818 9915 0161 818 9915<br />

sales@blindtex.co.uk www.blindtex.co.uk


On high<br />

LLI Design has<br />

recently<br />

refurbished a house<br />

in Highgate, as<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong><br />

found out<br />

LLI Design have recently completed a total<br />

refurbishment of a 3 storey Edwardian<br />

townhouse on a leafy residential road in<br />

Highgate, a desirable residential area of North<br />

London.<br />

Our clients wanted to create a warm,<br />

comfortable home with modern touches.<br />

Although the house was in reasonable condition,<br />

the joinery and fittings throughout the house were<br />

dated, had been well used and looked tired. Many<br />

of the period features had been stripped out and<br />

those that remained had not been maximised. The<br />

house lacked character and personality although it<br />

benefited from ‘good bones’, nicely proportioned<br />

rooms, a delightful garden and a handsome<br />

exterior.<br />

LLI Design felt that more could be made of the<br />

period features, enhancing some and reinstating<br />

others to bring out more of the Edwardian feel of<br />

the property. The brief was to create a warm,<br />

comfortable and welcoming home referencing<br />

and emphasising the house’s Edwardian past as<br />

well as adding more contemporary elements to<br />

the scheme.<br />

Layout<br />

The house comprised of c. 2500 sqft / 230 sqm<br />

spread out over 3 floors including a cellar and a<br />

lovely rear garden.<br />

The ground floor comprised of a generous hall<br />

leading to 2 connecting reception rooms and at<br />

the end of the hall an extended kitchen. There was<br />

a small WC and stairs down to the cellar. It was<br />

decided to leave the cellar as it was and use it for<br />

additional storage. The first floor is divided into 2<br />

bedroom suites. The Master Suite; comprising a<br />

good size principle bedroom with steps down to<br />

an ensuite and off the master bedroom, a small<br />

dressing room.<br />

We created a Nursery Suite at the front of the<br />

house comprising of a sizeable bedroom and an<br />

ensuite bathroom.<br />

On the half landing up to the second floor is a<br />

kid’s bedroom and on the top floor a Family<br />

Bathroom, Guest bedroom and a generous Study<br />

Room.<br />

24 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong><br />

continues on page 26

R E A L W O O D V E N E T I A N B L I N D S<br />

Our Quality Builds Your Reputation.<br />

To find out more 01908 642 888 | www.homecreationsuk.com


Ground Floor - Entrance<br />

Hallway<br />

Although the entrance hallway was a<br />

good size it lacked character. We reinstated<br />

the stained glass in the fan light window<br />

above the front door and side window, in a<br />

bespoke design, bringing light, colour and<br />

texture into the hallway.<br />

The original tiled floor had long been<br />

removed so we re-tiled the whole of the<br />

entrance hall in crisp black and white period<br />

tiles with a border pattern. This immediately<br />

visually increased the size and lightness of<br />

the hall area.<br />

Considering the overall size of the house<br />

almost no provision had been given to coats<br />

storage, so as not to compromise the size<br />

of the hall we nibbled a small amount out of<br />

the generous dining room adjacent to the<br />

hall in order to create a generous cloaks<br />

cupboard. This created a small return in the<br />

dining room; so that this wasn’t visually<br />

intrusive in the dining room we ensured<br />

that the coving, skirting and dado detail<br />

wrapped seamlessly around the new return.<br />

The new return had the added advantage<br />

of creating an alcove for a sideboard, thus<br />

making the whole alteration seem natural.<br />

We commissioned Nigel Tyas to produce<br />

a dramatic copper and glass pendant light in<br />

the stairwell that hung from the top floor<br />

ceiling down to the ground floor, giving a<br />

visual connection and really creating a wow<br />

factor.<br />

Ground Floor - Living &<br />

Dining Room<br />

In the living and dining rooms we<br />

specified new light greyed oak parquet<br />

floors and traditional white marble<br />

fireplaces, in one of which we installed a<br />

wood burning stove.<br />

Bespoke pale grey lacquer joinery was<br />

designed and installed either side of the<br />

fireplaces in both rooms, incorporating<br />

plenty of storage, with asymmetrical shelving<br />

which we lit with individual accent in joinery<br />

spotlights. At the side of one of the<br />

fireplaces we incorporated a black steel log<br />

store.<br />

Both the dining and living rooms had the<br />

original ornate plaster ceilings, however they<br />

had been painted white throughout and<br />

were visually lost. We really brought this<br />

feature out by painting the plaster relief in<br />

close, but contrasting, tones of grey to<br />

emphasis the detail.<br />

Ground Floor - Kitchen<br />

The kitchen extension, although a good<br />

size, was rather dark, with a wall of folding<br />

sliding doors on one side at the back<br />

overlooking the garden. The architectural<br />

style was traditional and in keeping with the<br />

architecture of the house.<br />

We enhanced the rear extension by<br />

adopting a contemporary aesthetic, installing<br />

folding sliding doors in dark grey aluminium<br />

on 2 sides, which allowed in copious<br />

amounts of light and gave a real sense of<br />

connection with the garden.<br />

We redesigned the existing kitchen to<br />

suit the family. Creating a bespoke joinery<br />

kitchen in lacquer with walnut drawers and<br />

interiors. The styling is contemporary classic<br />

in soft colours with plenty of storage,<br />

including a generous larder and breakfast<br />

cupboard to house a kettle and toaster as<br />

well as a small wine fridge. Thus eliminating<br />

all clutter with everything being behind<br />

doors when not required.<br />

We specified a boston sink along with a<br />

composite worktop and added colour with<br />

ceramic deep blue tiles as a back splash.<br />

We designed and fabricated bespoke<br />

metal brackets from which to suspend 3<br />

glass pendant lights which hover over the<br />

island below the glass skylight.<br />

First Floor - Master Suite<br />

- Dressing Room<br />

The dressing room was re-designed with<br />

bespoke oak full height units to make the<br />

most of the space.<br />

First Floor - Master Suite<br />

- Master Bedroom<br />

We stripped back and reinstated deep<br />

alcoves either side of the bed, giving them<br />

lacquer interiors and a shadow gap around.<br />

Delicate downlights in the shelves add<br />

interest to the room.<br />

An accent ceiling light was added for<br />

dramatic effect.<br />

Master Suite<br />

The master ensuite, which overlooked<br />

the garden, was re-designed and fitted with<br />

a large double wall hung vanity unit, with<br />

elegant composite basins on a thick natural<br />

stone shelf with a lacquer vanity unit<br />

underneath, wall mounted taps and double<br />

mirrors above. A sculptural composite free<br />

standing bath sits near the window. We<br />

specified a large matt tile for the floor, steps<br />

and walls, with a contrast ceramic polished<br />

narrow rectangular tile for the shower<br />

enclosure. Dramatic lighting under the<br />

vanity unit and in the shower alcove add to<br />

the sense of well being.<br />

First Floor - Nursery<br />

Suite (Bedroom 2)<br />

The Nursery suite was redesigned, with<br />

playful illustrated cloud roman blinds and a<br />

colourful watercolour dot wallpaper. The<br />

ensuite bathroom was redesigned featuring<br />

a wall hung vanity unit with deck mounted<br />

basin and a bath with a shower over.<br />

Second Floor - Bedroom 3<br />

We created a fun playful childs bedroom<br />

on the half landing featuring a playful<br />

illustrated fox roman blind.<br />

Lighting Design<br />

To enhance the interior design a new<br />

lighting scheme was designed and specified<br />

including new fittings and garden lighting<br />

which adds the feeling of the garden and<br />

terrace being an additional “Outdoor<br />

room”. An Intelligent Lighting system was<br />

installed in order to create moods,<br />

ambience and timed events internally and<br />

externally, controlled from wall mounted<br />

keypads and also by iPads / iPhones.<br />

Summary<br />

By subtle changes to the spaces and by<br />

adding texture, colour and interesting<br />

material choices we were able to create a<br />

warm, comfortable and welcoming family<br />

home. We have achieved a harmonious and<br />

calm aesthetic throughout with modern<br />

touches within a timeless design.<br />

As with the majority of LLI Design’s<br />

projects, the construction, joinery, home<br />

automation and landscaping were carried<br />

out by our in-house vertically integrated<br />

teams - Pegasus Property & Pegasus<br />

Automation.<br />

26 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>



Did you know we also do blinds? We offer a range of made-to-measure<br />

blinds that have been hand-picked and designed to complement our<br />

beautiful shutters.<br />

Get in touch today to arrange a meeting with your S:CRAFT Business<br />

Development Manager, who can take you through our portfolio of<br />

products and services available to our customers.<br />

T: 0333 202 5054<br />

E: connect@s-craft.co.uk


School shading success<br />

Mermet has<br />

installed a shading<br />

solution at a school<br />

in France<br />

The town of Poissy near Paris cares about its<br />

school pupils’ well-being. Its 2020 heat wave<br />

plan included the installation of ZIP exterior<br />

blinds at 15 schools to protect them from heat<br />

while saving energy for the town by preventing the<br />

need for air conditioning.<br />

Thermodynamic studies were conducted by<br />

Alterea to compare various solutions that would<br />

avoid having to install air conditioning in the<br />

schools. The most effective solution was to install<br />

motorised exterior blinds made of highperformance<br />

fabric.<br />

In all, this energy renovation project provides for<br />

the installation of 616 Schenker ZIP blinds<br />

equipped with Mermet’s Satiné 5500 fabric, in<br />

colour 0102 Grey White, because it:<br />

• rejects 96% of solar energy, providing excellent<br />

protection against heat<br />

• filters 93% of light rays for very good glare<br />

control thanks to the diagonal weave of the satin<br />

fabric<br />

• allows maximum natural light to enter<br />

• maintains clear vision outdoors thanks to the<br />

fabric’s unparalleled transparency<br />

• a perfect choice for ZIP blinds thanks to its<br />

excellent dimensional stability, the Satiné 5500<br />

fabric offers an attractive,effective, long-term<br />

solution.<br />

By significantly reducing the temperature in the<br />

classrooms, the blinds save energy not only on air<br />

conditioning, but also on lighting, as they allow<br />

natural light to enter. Easy to handle and clean, they<br />

also blend perfectly into the façade.<br />

Sun protection is now a key element in the design<br />

of sustainable buildings. It helps to reduce energy<br />

consumption by decreasing the use of heating, air<br />

conditioning and artificial lighting. It plays an equally<br />

important role in the comfort and well-being of the<br />

building’s occupants, offering thermal protection,<br />

control of natural light and transparency at the same<br />

time. In response to these priorities, Mermet offers a<br />

range of sun protection fabrics recognised for their<br />

thermal and optical performance in both indoor and<br />

outdoor applications.<br />

28 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


Eve Motion<strong>Blinds</strong> motors, developed by<br />

Coulisse in collaboration with smart home<br />

specialist Eve Systems, work with Apple<br />

HomeKit technology directly from an<br />

iPhone, without the need for a bridge or<br />

any cloud dependency.<br />

motionblinds.com/eve<br />

Discover<br />


FABRIC<br />

57 Choices<br />

Decora has a<br />

variety of fabrics<br />

for its customers to<br />

choose from<br />

In line with the continued demand for our<br />

Fabric Box Softcell cellular collection, Decora<br />

are now offering all 57 fabrics as wholesale. The<br />

Collection encompasses 10, 25mm cellular fabric<br />

ranges, each with its own unique selling point.<br />

The development of additional fabric properties<br />

was important to enable the stunning aesthetics of<br />

cellular fabric construction to be suitable in<br />

multiple interiors. The addition of a waterproof<br />

coating allows Tribeca to be the optimum fabric<br />

for areas where there are higher levels of moisture<br />

such as kitchens and bathrooms. The<br />

contemporary yet subtle horizontal design<br />

delicately enhances the simple cellular form of the<br />

blind whilst still adding a refined print element to a<br />

design scheme.<br />

Soho not only boasts blockout benefits but is<br />

coupled with fire retardant properties, meeting BS<br />

5867- 2: 2008 Type B standards, providing a<br />

perfect choice for domestic and commercial<br />

applications.<br />

Developed specifically for the Softcell collection,<br />

Bowery, a stunning double sided crushed cellular<br />

fabric has been created using a precision<br />

manufacturing process that facilitates the beautiful<br />

tactile finish which is amplified when in a window<br />

application.<br />

Artizan, a gentle white voile cell which provides<br />

optimum light and privacy when used with a<br />

blockout fabric in a day and night blind. The sun’s<br />

rays can be filtered softly by day through the voile<br />

whilst offer the benefits of blockout properties<br />

when utilised along with one of the blockout<br />

fabrics.<br />

The delicately constructed 25mm cell structure<br />

creates a pocket of air which acts as an additional<br />

insulation layer. This natural insulation pocket offers<br />

excellent energy efficiency properties in the cooler<br />

months whilst reducing heat gain in the Summer.<br />

Consumer demand has never been as focused for<br />

energy efficient blind solutions with the constant<br />

and escalated cost of home heating bills.<br />

Available to order through our wholesale portal<br />

Softcell fabrics can be ordered by box quantity or<br />

as cut lengths. Contact your Area Sales Manager<br />

for further information or www.decora.co.uk<br />

30 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Sun protection<br />

Outdoor living<br />

Roller shutters<br />

Discover our<br />

full promotion<br />

on tailor-made<br />

solutions at<br />

www.harol.com<br />

Roller shutters<br />

Outdoor living<br />



Honeycomb collection<br />

Junkers & Mullers<br />

has dropped a new<br />

pleated blinds<br />

collection<br />

For 10 years now, Junkers & Müllers has been<br />

offering honeycomb pleated blinds from its<br />

own production - made in Germany. Rondo<br />

Upcycling Doppio is the latest addition to the JM-<br />

DOPPIO collection. The cotton-like fabric is made<br />

from recycled polyester, more precisely from<br />

recycled PET bottles. There are about 12 such<br />

bottles in a quardratmeter of this new<br />

honeycomb pleated fabric.<br />

The subtle lively yarn structure provides a<br />

pleasant light effect in the room. With its<br />

sensitively coordinated colour scheme and very<br />

textile surface, Rondo Upcycling Doppio creates a<br />

homely atmosphere while offering the functional<br />

advantages of a honeycomb pleated blind.<br />

Due to the hidden running guide cords, there<br />

are no visible drill holes in the pleated surface.<br />

This provides complete privacy without spot light<br />

or glare in the room. In addition, the honeycomb<br />

construction places an air cushion on the<br />

window, which has a heat-insulating and thus<br />

energy-saving effect. The room acoustics are also<br />

positively influenced by the reduction of<br />

reverberation effects. The D-shape of the<br />

honeycombs and the solid fabric construction<br />

guarantee a particularly stable and uniform pleat<br />

pattern. The proportion of recycled material in all<br />

JM-UPcycling products has been certified by the<br />

independent international institute SCS Global<br />

Services.<br />

32 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>



Take your customer service to the next level with our<br />

marketing materials, designed to support your business.<br />

We offer: bespoke POS packages, that include table talkers, strutcards, posters<br />

and pull up banners; our Visualisation app; product displays for your showroom;<br />

informative brochures; and eye catching product presenters.<br />

Get in touch with your Sales Manager for more information.<br />

sales@arena-blinds.com 0800 389 7281<br />

by arena


No stopping Louvolite<br />

Creating a process<br />

to allow the<br />

introduction of a<br />

new product at<br />

Louvolite can be a<br />

bit of a challenge –<br />

that said it hasn’t<br />

stopped Louvolite<br />

so far<br />

Some 3 years or so ago, Louvolite recognised<br />

that it had little choice but to look into the<br />

supply of <strong>Shutters</strong> to its customer base.<br />

Other professional companies were doing this<br />

successfully and yet for some of Louvolite’s<br />

customers, the supply line options they were<br />

offered – for their own reasons - were not quite<br />

what they wanted.<br />

From Louvolite’s perspective,<br />

decorative/plantation/adjustable louvred shutters<br />

– whatever term you wish to use - were here to<br />

stay. For some people they offered the type of<br />

window furnishing that they wanted, classical and<br />

modern at the same time with lots of flexibility to<br />

allow them to satisfy many window types.<br />

Window Furnishing is an interesting term when<br />

used with shutters because, when measured and<br />

installed correctly, they do look like a piece of<br />

window “furniture” as they have a gravitas, a<br />

presence, a grandeur all of their own. And as some<br />

wag stated – once a shutter is fitted to the<br />

window you have lost the opportunity to furnish<br />

that window for decades.<br />

So as you have to be “in it to win it”, Louvolite<br />

considered the options available to it. Sure there<br />

was the tried and tested route that the majority<br />

of the respected suppliers had chosen with far<br />

east manufacturing supply lines and a selection of<br />

raw material offerings from MDF, hardwood,<br />

basswood and a variety of other woods and<br />

combinations. The supply lines were already<br />

established and order/supply procedures were<br />

already in place and by all accounts doing a great<br />

job, so where was Louvolite’s USP?<br />

As you likely know Louvolite typically<br />

manufactures its product from the raw materials<br />

up. With its fabrics, it works with weaving partners<br />

around the world and then creates and applies its<br />

own unique coatings to add colour, performance,<br />

USP’s. It pad tints fabric and both screen prints<br />

and digital prints its designs which, of course, its inhouse<br />

designers create. Its component parts<br />

come from nylon, acetyl, acrylic and glass filled<br />

materials which it brings in in pellet form and<br />

moulds into its unique products which, of course,<br />

it designs in-house with its team of design<br />

engineers. It stamps out and enamel paints all its<br />

own brackets and even extrudes all its own PVC<br />

34 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong><br />

continues on page 36

Energy Saving<br />

Reduces<br />

heat loss<br />

by up to<br />

43% *<br />

(* Independently tested)<br />

Siderails<br />

High quality<br />

fabric<br />

Siderails with<br />

brush seals<br />

NEW<br />

Portal<br />

Quoting<br />

System!<br />

Rubber seal<br />

Order today: portal.blocblinds.co.uk<br />

Become a trade partner<br />

T: 028 7944 0130 E: sales@blocblinds.com


bottom bar. Wait a minute extruding PVC???<br />

So the idea was born. Why not use our<br />

knowledge, resources and equipment to<br />

design and produce shutters using PVC –<br />

after all PVC is a preferred material for<br />

fenestration and according to BPF<br />

(British Plastics federation), 85% of new<br />

windows are now manufactured using PVC.<br />

So what are the other benefits attached<br />

to shutters that could be manufactured this<br />

way. Well the material is light – especially<br />

when compared to traditional wooden or<br />

MDF shutters. A singular benefit of this is<br />

the ability to handle the shutters easily, both<br />

during the manufacturing process and<br />

indeed the installation process. Historically<br />

you may need multiple installers to fit your<br />

shutters as they can be heavy - with<br />

Louvolite Urban <strong>Shutters</strong>, their light weight<br />

requires much less labour resource – and<br />

partly due to this they can be installed much<br />

more quickly too.<br />

PVC is recognised as having excellent<br />

thermal performance and with certain<br />

elements of Louvolite’s Urban Shutter<br />

featuring air pockets, this enhances thermal<br />

performance – in a similar way that a<br />

cellular shade with air pockets does.<br />

Urban <strong>Shutters</strong> are also very robust and<br />

whilst requiring little or no maintenance<br />

they can also withstand the knocks and<br />

bumps that happen in everyday life, and<br />

should an accident happen and a dent or<br />

mark be made in an Urban Shutter, it is<br />

simplicity itself to remove it – just like magic.<br />

So that was it - we were going to use our<br />

manufacturing skill set and resources to<br />

produce a shutter programme to help<br />

satisfy that part of the market that needs an<br />

alternative to the existing programmes<br />

offered.<br />

Silly us – it was (is) so much more<br />

challenging than originally thought. That said,<br />

after a significant learning curve (actually<br />

more like a right angle), we not only have a<br />

product but also we have a product that<br />

people want to buy - and in good numbers<br />

too. In addition we have good supply<br />

partners for the raw materials we need and<br />

additional extrusion lines to extrude the<br />

parts we need … and of course, new<br />

mould tools to injection mould the<br />

component items required.<br />

So now we have an assembly line – right<br />

here in Cheshire – that’s geared up to<br />

manufacture Louvolite Urban <strong>Shutters</strong> from<br />

the ground up, to your very exact<br />

requirements, and available for despatch<br />

within only two weeks on receiving your<br />

order. That’s right, just two weeks.<br />

Of course you may be a manufacturing<br />

company that has premises to suit and has<br />

assembly staff. You don’t buy finished<br />

product but prefer to purchase the<br />

component parts/fabric and then assemble<br />

products in house.<br />

Of course Louvolite has an answer for<br />

you too. If you wish to become an Urban<br />

Shutter manufacturer we will provide you<br />

with a full BOM and component list for<br />

shutter types and assembly. We will establish<br />

what additional tooling and assembly jigs<br />

you may need to assemble Urban <strong>Shutters</strong><br />

effectively and efficiently and we will train<br />

your team to assemble Urban <strong>Shutters</strong>.<br />

This training can be done in your own<br />

premises or, if you prefer, your staff can be<br />

trained at Louvolite’s premises in Hyde,<br />

Cheshire. There is of course no charge for<br />

this training, which will include the key<br />

elements of site survey, measuring and<br />

installation.<br />

Every so often there is a product that is<br />

right for the time, that is aspirational, that<br />

appears in every home furnishing magazine<br />

and on every TV programme, that makes<br />

the reader or viewer want to improve their<br />

home – both from a home environment<br />

perspective and the perceived home value.<br />

This is such a product, and its available to<br />

you now, what are you waiting for? In the<br />

parlance of a golfer – the hole never comes<br />

to the ball!!!!<br />

So whether you would wish to buy<br />

finished Urban <strong>Shutters</strong> made right here in<br />

Cheshire or be the master of your own<br />

destination by using your own resources to<br />

manufacture your own, give us a call.<br />

36 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Shading solutions for every occasion!<br />

Soltis Horizon 86 allows natural light transmission of up to 28%<br />

Images courtesy of Serge Ferrari<br />

Kayospruce Ltd is the UK's leading supplier of high performance<br />

materials and accessories for the structures and leisure industries.<br />

Soltis Horizon 86 provides excellent outward visual contact to enjoy the<br />

view even when the awning is lowered. It proves its efficiency by blocking<br />

up to 93% of the heat in outdoor use and promotes natural light intake.<br />

This is beneficial in terms of energy saving, by reducing the use of<br />

artificial lighting, and the well-being, health, and productivity of people<br />

in both professional and private environments.<br />

Applications include Facade blinds, veranda and glass roof blinds, droparm<br />

awning, pergolas and canopies, roll-up valances and shade sails.<br />

Contact us today to discuss the best shading solutions<br />

www.kayospruce.com<br />

info@kayospruce.co.uk<br />

@kayospruceltd<br />

KayospruceLtd<br />

+44 (0)1489 581 696


On the Bloc<br />

Bloc Wooden<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong> are giving<br />

the customer what<br />

they want<br />

Bloc <strong>Blinds</strong> has considered you and your<br />

customers at every step, prioritising<br />

simplicity, quick installation, and peace of<br />

mind and our Bloc Wooden <strong>Blinds</strong> can give your<br />

customers all of that!<br />

With Bloc Wooden <strong>Blinds</strong>, help your customer<br />

discover a clean and seamless light control<br />

solution for the whole home. With a unique<br />

feature set, home-safe design, and quick<br />

installation, our faux venetian blinds are gaining UK<br />

trader confidence after just nine short months on<br />

the market and are brightening up homes across<br />

the UK.<br />

Our move into slatted blinds builds on 10+<br />

years of manufacturing experience with a line of<br />

innovative and award-winning window coverings.<br />

Easy Installation<br />

We considered you and your customers at<br />

every step, prioritising simplicity, quick installation,<br />

and peace of mind. Installation is quick. Our<br />

venetian blinds require only four screws to<br />

securely fit in place, whether a recessed fit or<br />

surface fit. There is no need to install a wallmounted<br />

child safety device to secure cords when<br />

not in use. The wand operation removes this step<br />

entirely, saving you time and clean up when<br />

installing by simply hooking into place.<br />

PVC & Waterproof<br />

Once installed, the PVC blind has ‘anti-warping’<br />

technology as standard, meaning it is 100%<br />

waterproof. Moisture in high-humidity rooms, such<br />

as kitchens and bathrooms, will not alter the shape<br />

of the blind. We doubled down on unit longevity,<br />

preventing future corrosion of internal<br />

components. Just as they are waterproof, our<br />

venetian blinds are inherently FR meaning they will<br />

not discolour or change when exposed to sunlight<br />

or heat.<br />

Privacy & Function<br />

The 50mm slats can be ordered with two<br />

beautiful finishes: smooth surface or wood-grain<br />

effect. These two surface options combined with<br />

the 50mm slats will bring a stylish statement to<br />

any room with incredible privacy, modern<br />

elegance, and unrivalled light control. This is<br />

perfect for bedrooms, living rooms or dining<br />

rooms. This, combined with our focus on childsafety<br />

and waterproofness, is why we believe our<br />

venetian blinds offer a whole-home solution.<br />

Bloc Wooden Blind Safety<br />

Our Bloc Wooden Blind is a simpler, safer<br />

alternative to traditional venetian chain and cord<br />

blind-height adjusters. Simpler and lighter, because of<br />

the spring assist which allows you to raise and lower<br />

the blind by hand; safer because it replaces the<br />

dangling loop choke hazard of a normal venetian<br />

blind's mechanism.<br />

By removing adjustable cords completely, our faux<br />

wooden blind is one of the safest of its kind on the<br />

market. This is part of our portfolio-wide initiative to<br />

build safe-by-design blinds for the whole home.<br />

From easy, simple installation to a safe-by-design<br />

feature set, Bloc <strong>Blinds</strong> offer you and your<br />

customers a safe, whole-home light control solution<br />

no matter the context.<br />

To make the process even easier for you, you can<br />

now quickly quote for faux wood products using<br />

our quick and simple quotation system on our trade<br />

portal.<br />

38 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Choose Broadview as your<br />

Trade Awning Partner<br />

• Shading solutions for residential<br />

and commercial projects<br />

• Knowledgeable and highly<br />

experienced team<br />

• Point of Sale materials available<br />

• Full dealer support<br />

Call us for an informal discussion<br />

01202 679012<br />

sales@broadview.co.uk<br />

www.pergolasandshading.co.uk/trade<br />


Matic M1<br />

- Automatically cuts on four sides<br />

- Fast and Accurate<br />

- Athenea Software links to<br />

your Order System<br />

- Utilises part rolls or pieces<br />

- Automatic Nesting<br />

- Minimal Waste<br />

- Users report over 25%<br />

material savings and increased<br />

production<br />

Matic M1-PC Cutting Tables<br />

&<br />

Matic Impulse Welders<br />

All Matic machines are Industry 4 compatible<br />

www.atech.co.uk<br />

Matic Welders<br />

- Automatic fold and weld<br />

- Perfect for vertical blinds<br />

- 3 - 8m welding widths<br />

- Weld Zips, Pockets, Splines<br />

and much more<br />

- Seamless welding, no shine<br />

- Weld fabrics with welding<br />

tape<br />

- Semi or Fully Automated<br />

- Simple to use


Alternative method<br />

Caribbean <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

has some<br />

alternative outdoor<br />

shading methods to<br />

help save you<br />

money this summer<br />

On 1st April <strong>2022</strong>, the energy price cap<br />

rose again by 54% (following an<br />

increase last October) as the cost for<br />

wholesale gas and electricity continues to soar.<br />

Energy bills are skyrocketing for many families<br />

across the country, with the typical household<br />

forecast to pay roughly £37.50 per week – as<br />

opposed to £25 per week before – resulting in an<br />

overall increase of nearly £700 per year*.<br />

Although this upsurge in energy costs will hit<br />

the UK especially hard during the winter months,<br />

temperatures are continuing to rise and the issue<br />

of overheating in the summer will only become<br />

more apparent as time goes on. No matter the<br />

type of property you live in, every measure needs<br />

to be taken to ensure your home’s energy<br />

efficiency is at its highest.<br />

Here are a few cost-effective alternatives to air<br />

conditioning which will help keep your home cool<br />

this summer:<br />

Overhangs & architectural<br />

features<br />

Overhangs are a key design aspect within any<br />

property as they play an instrumental role in<br />

keeping homes more energy efficient – not only<br />

during the summer months, but throughout the<br />

winter too. Designed to provide sufficient shade<br />

and shelter all year round, the right sized<br />

overhangs will effectively block sunlight and solar<br />

heat gains in south-facing windows and walls in<br />

warmer weather, whilst also shielding exterior<br />

walls, windows and doors from rainwater.<br />

Ensure any overhangs aren’t too large as this<br />

will cause unwanted shade in the winter months,<br />

making your home cold, gloomy and<br />

uncomfortable. Louvered overhangs are ideal in<br />

hot climates, however, in the UK, retractable<br />

overhangs may be more beneficial.<br />

Other architectural elements that can assume<br />

the function of roof overhangs and control solar<br />

heat gains are balconies and recessed walls,<br />

protruding ledgers, head casings and flashings, as<br />

well as arched stonework around windows.<br />

Trees & shrubbery<br />

In cold and moderate climates such as in the<br />

UK, roof overhangs are not as effective on east<br />

40 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong><br />

continues on page 42


Do you get to the point<br />

or<br />

GO ROUND<br />

Some of the best curves, straights,<br />

angles and shapes in the business<br />

t: 01260 297976<br />

f: 01260 297515<br />

info@blindshapers.com<br />

www.blindshapers.com<br />

TM<br />






CW12 1QR


and west-facing walls, where the sun is too<br />

low in the sky to be blocked. On these sides<br />

of your property, you should consider other<br />

shading devices or hedges and small trees<br />

instead.<br />

As the most natural form of shading,<br />

trees, plants and shrubbery can effectively<br />

act as air conditioning within any property.<br />

When strategically planted, they can limit<br />

the influx of sunlight coming through your<br />

windows, passively cooling your home and<br />

reducing its overall surface temperature as a<br />

result.<br />

In addition to reducing energy use, trees<br />

and plants that directly shade buildings<br />

improve air quality, lower greenhouse gas<br />

emissions, provide a habitat for many<br />

species, look aesthetically pleasing and can<br />

even lower noise!<br />

Awnings & external blinds<br />

Not only do awnings provide instant<br />

shade and shelter from direct sunlight; both<br />

heat and glare (bright light) and offer<br />

outstanding UV protection (typically 95%<br />

minimum UV block), but they also deliver a<br />

much-needed cooling effect to the indoor<br />

room adjacent to where they are<br />

positioned.<br />

They ensure a comfortable indoor living<br />

space, eliminating any bright light to prevent<br />

glare, whilst filtering damaging UV rays to<br />

stop fixtures and furnishings from fading.<br />

Retractable awnings (both manual and<br />

motorised) also offer extra privacy –<br />

particularly in built-up areas – and add a<br />

striking new dynamic to any façade.<br />

Automatic outdoor blinds ensure a<br />

thermally and visually comfortable indoor<br />

environment with minimum energy demand<br />

on any installed heating and cooling systems,<br />

reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions<br />

as a result.<br />

Bioclimatic pergolas<br />

Suited to both classic and contemporary<br />

properties, a bioclimatic pergola extends<br />

the use of any outdoor space by providing<br />

instant shelter, whilst permitting you to play<br />

with light and shade – if using a rotating<br />

louvered roof. The addition of side screens,<br />

LED lighting and infra-red heating will allow<br />

you to make the most of your<br />

indoor/outdoor living space at all times of<br />

the day (or night) and in any weather.<br />

To summarise, we should be doing all we<br />

can to ensure our homes are fully equipped<br />

to prevent unwanted solar heat gain during<br />

the summer months and allow free solar<br />

gain in the winter. Although architectural<br />

features and greenery are sufficient<br />

solutions, external shading products such as<br />

blinds, awnings and pergolas are a quick,<br />

easy and affordable way to help to create a<br />

comfortable, sustainable home with lower<br />

running and maintenance costs.<br />

42 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>




As leading suppliers of Plantation <strong>Shutters</strong>, we are<br />

passionate about service and quality at Custom West:<br />

• All shutters come with a 3 year guarantee.<br />

• It’s easy to order through our dealer website,<br />

and all orders are easy to track.<br />

• Shorter lead times on all shutters.<br />

• Excel your customer service through our<br />

Visualisation App and marketing materials.<br />



Design should be fun<br />

markilux products<br />

speak a clear,<br />

modern design<br />

language<br />

It used to be that awnings were primarily a<br />

technical product that had a specific purpose to<br />

fulfil: they had to protect users from the sun.<br />

But over time, attraction, value and identification<br />

with form and colours also became increasingly<br />

important to those in search of an awning. This is<br />

why markilux awnings therefore have to<br />

correspond to the aesthetics of contemporary<br />

architecture and, in the best scenario, become the<br />

highlight on a building.<br />

50 years ago, awning specialist markilux<br />

embarked on a voyage of discovery to get to<br />

where it is today. From the very beginning, the<br />

company set great store by striving for both<br />

quality and appearance in its products. “Quality is<br />

a way of differentiating yourself in the market. This<br />

must be reflected not only in the functionality but<br />

also in the appearance,” explains Michael Gerling,<br />

Director of R&D and Production.<br />

Specialist for designer<br />

awnings<br />

Over the course of time, the company has<br />

increasingly honed the interplay between technical<br />

sophistication and beautiful appearance. The aim<br />

was to give the brand an aesthetic expression. This<br />

is an essential part of the creative process from<br />

the very first idea to the finished product. For this,<br />

markilux is guided by modern architecture,<br />

contemporary product design and current colour<br />

trends. “After so many years of product<br />

development, we now see ourselves as a specialist<br />

for designer awnings,” says Mr Gerling.<br />

Appearance reflects quality<br />

Particularly the markilux 970, but also all<br />

models of the MX series, such as the MX-1<br />

compact, the MX-3 and the new MX-2, represent<br />

today’s typical markilux look. This includes the<br />

interplay between curves and simple straight or<br />

cubic shapes, accentuating features of the awning<br />

by using attractive colours and special material<br />

surfaces, reflecting the high quality and<br />

emphasising the exclusive, individual nature of the<br />

products. Mr Gerling believes that this is<br />

instrumental in the brand’s success: “When it<br />

comes to the end consumer, you score points<br />

above all with the appearance of a product and<br />

also with the option of being able to adapt it to<br />

meet your own requirements to a certain extent.<br />

And that’s exactly what we offer,” he explains.<br />

Rethinking form and<br />

expression<br />

Developing a design with a company’s special<br />

signature as part of the brand message is a long<br />

process, which entails constant observation of the<br />

market, a creative development team and<br />

experimentation with exciting materials and<br />

surfaces, as well as a comparison with what is<br />

technically possible and the motivation to<br />

constantly reinterpret the shape of an awning.<br />

Special touch thanks to good<br />

design<br />

This design style also includes modern awning<br />

covers, which as conspicuous and effective textile<br />

colour surfaces help shape the overall appearance<br />

of an awning. Here, the company places great<br />

emphasis on patterns that are both timeless and<br />

trendy. “Our awnings have a consistent look. They<br />

are matched to furniture, garden features and<br />

various styles of building. Because that is what end<br />

consumers are looking for,” says Michael Gerling.<br />

Design should be fun, give every house that<br />

certain something special and do so for many<br />

years with intelligent, safe technology.<br />

44 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


32MM & 40MM MOTOR.<br />

Soft closure at end limit, bi-directional wireless controls, smooth 21rpm and 40rpm<br />

motor speeds, up to 300 complete open & close cycles per charge.<br />

Control from your smart device with the Home Hub.<br />




WWW.ELLARD.CO.UK | 0161 945 4561


Here comes the sun<br />

markilux awning<br />

systems offer<br />

filigree sun and<br />

weather protection<br />

for public spaces<br />

Alongside its selection of awnings for<br />

domestic applications, markilux has been<br />

offering a special product range including<br />

a planning service for the project business for a<br />

number of years already. With this range of<br />

products, the awning specialist is now also helping<br />

hospitality businesses and shops to equip public<br />

spaces and shopping centres with attractive sun<br />

protection systems. Qualified markilux specialist<br />

dealers from the respective region provide<br />

support here as they are responsible for<br />

installation and the local after-sales service.<br />

“Over the last few years, we have planned<br />

customised shading concepts based on our<br />

product range for numerous restaurants, cafés and<br />

hotels, and implemented them together with our<br />

specialist partners. But public spaces are governed<br />

by their own rules and regulations as most local<br />

authorities have defined very clearly how public<br />

space is to be utilised,” explains Jan Kattenbeck,<br />

sales manager of the markilux back office team<br />

and also of the “team : project” department.<br />

Aiming for a standard look<br />

The aim is to create a harmonious overall look<br />

for public spaces and shopping arcades, with sun<br />

protection systems as an integral part. Mr<br />

Kattenbeck explains that markilux products have<br />

now made a big impression in this business<br />

segment, too. One example is the town of<br />

Ochtrup. Between 2019 and 2021, the company<br />

developed a uniform concept for shading outdoor<br />

seating areas for three catering establishments in<br />

the pedestrian zone in this town. The specification<br />

was that the businesses which are located close to<br />

one another – an ice cream parlour, a pub and an<br />

inn – were each to be fitted with the same awning<br />

system with a uniform frame and fabric colour.<br />

“The customer chose our ‘pergola model’ as a less<br />

obtrusive alternative to parasols. As such, it fits in<br />

perfectly with the surroundings. In some cases, we<br />

installed multiple units to shade larger outdoor<br />

areas,” says Jan Kattenbeck. The restaurateurs were<br />

particularly impressed by the high product quality<br />

and the comprehensive service offered by<br />

markilux.<br />

Awnings as a stylistic<br />

attribute<br />

The company’s quality and service were also<br />

decisive factors in this year’s fitting out of a newly<br />

designed shopping arcade in Mohnheim with<br />

awnings. In addition to a uniform appearance of<br />

the shop premises, the decision-makers and<br />

planners were looking for products with a long<br />

service life from a specialist company offering<br />

reliable after-sales service. “The arcade is looking<br />

to draw in shoppers not only with a good retail<br />

offer, but also with an appealing environment in<br />

which shopping becomes an inviting experience,”<br />

explains Mr Kattenbeck. All three were equipped<br />

with the awning model markilux 5010, although in<br />

varying dimensions. To fit in with the other building<br />

materials, the planners chose awning fabrics in<br />

matching warm colours. For a harmonious overall<br />

look, the shading concept was integrated into the<br />

architectural design of the passage at an early<br />

stage. Jan Kattenbeck is convinced that modern<br />

awning systems in public spaces will become<br />

increasingly important in the years to come. He<br />

explains: “Awnings offer great visual variety and,<br />

depending on the chosen accessories, they can be<br />

both solar and wet weather protection in one.<br />

And that is something that is ever more in<br />

demand.”<br />

46 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

ptblinds.co.uk<br />

01274 568822


A different angle<br />

The new “pergola<br />

cubic” from<br />

markilux is perfect<br />

for cubic<br />

architecture<br />

On the one hand, curved, organic shapes<br />

are increasingly popular in the world of<br />

living and furnishing. On the other hand,<br />

cubes and angles have also had their place in the<br />

world of design and architecture for years.<br />

According to markilux, there is also a great<br />

demand for awnings with an angular cover<br />

cassette, which emphasise cubic architectural style.<br />

In response to this, the awning specialist is now<br />

entering the market with its new “pergola cubic”.<br />

Over the years, markilux has built up a diverse<br />

“pergola” product range. The awning supported<br />

by two front posts is already available in three<br />

different versions: from classic through compact to<br />

XXL format. Now the manufacturer is adding the<br />

“pergola cubic” to its range. It is based on the<br />

technology of the classic model, but sports an<br />

angular cover cassette. The new awning thus<br />

focuses on an even more successful interplay with<br />

minimalist architecture in Bauhaus style.<br />

Model based on proven technology<br />

“With our latest pergola development, the<br />

focus is very much on the shape. We are so<br />

convinced of the underlying technology, that we<br />

adopted it almost exactly,” explains Michael<br />

Gerling, Director of R&D and Production. The<br />

“pergola cubic” thus has the same attributes as<br />

the classic model. It shades a good 30 square<br />

metres with a single field unit. The tracfix system<br />

guides the cover flush in the side rails. According<br />

to Mr Gerling, optimum cover tension is provided<br />

in any extended position thanks to a tensioning<br />

system with integrated gas pistons. This makes the<br />

awning very stable in wind. Thus, the matrix allows<br />

for a width and a projection of up to six metres.<br />

Up to five awning field units can be combined to<br />

cover even larger areas.<br />

A further light option on<br />

offer<br />

The awning is delivered ex works with a<br />

standard motor. However, it can also be<br />

configured with a radio motor. “As is the case with<br />

our ‘classic model’, a number of options make it<br />

possible to equip the awning to suit the<br />

customer’s needs,” says Michael Gerling. These<br />

include various LED systems in the guide tracks or<br />

on the cover support tube, some of which can be<br />

combined. There is now a further LED-Line under<br />

the cassette, which offers even more variety in<br />

lighting effects. Further options include adjustable<br />

posts which ensure good water drainage, even<br />

with only a slight tilt of the cover surface.<br />

Furthermore, a manually or solar-powered<br />

shadeplus awning. In addition, you can choose<br />

between a variant that is firmly fixed in the ground<br />

or opt for stabilisation boxes that secure the<br />

awning.<br />

Cover transport with the<br />

new markilux7800<br />

In order to match the new sun and weather<br />

protection to the cubic design language, the glass<br />

canopy awning markilux 8800, which takes care of<br />

transporting the cover, had to be adapted because<br />

it has a round cassette. From now on, the<br />

markilux 7800 with an angular cover cassette<br />

complements this awning type. As with all other<br />

pergola variants, the “cubic” model is also suitable<br />

for combining with other awning systems for<br />

protection against wind or rain and to shade<br />

different configurations. These include the markilux<br />

models construct and syncra, the vertical blinds<br />

876 and 776 tracfix as well as the 790 side screen.<br />

“With this additional product, we are rounding off<br />

the ‘pergola’ programme even further,” Michael<br />

Gerling points out.<br />

48 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


Sattler launches a<br />

new Design<br />

Selector<br />

DESIGN<br />


Finding the perfect fabric for an awning is<br />

sometimes the most difficult part of the<br />

sales process. The Design Selector from<br />

Sattler is designed to help<br />

Even though an awning fabric is a technical product, the<br />

selection process is usually purely about appearance.<br />

Which colour? Which stripe? Does the design match my<br />

house?<br />

The Design Selector from Sattler is a tool that has successfully<br />

supported this selection pro-cess for years. In April <strong>2022</strong>, a new<br />

version will go online. The colour of the façade can be adapted to<br />

one's own situation, a fabric comparison has been integrated and a<br />

shadow simulator supports the idea of what shade the awning will<br />

cast on one's own terrace.<br />

In the course of the year, various system types and regional<br />

landscape scenes will be added.<br />

But not only the Design Selector has been completely renewed, a<br />

new sun protection collec-tion will be launched at the beginning of<br />

January 2023. New design lines, new colours and, above all, the<br />

analogue collection book will be combined with the digital Design<br />

Selector in a way never seen before.<br />

Integrate the Design Selector right now and be one of the first to<br />

benefit from the new version!<br />

sattler.suntex.com<br />





The search for the right fabric is not always easy - it is<br />

good that with the DESIGN SELECTOR from SATTLER<br />

you have the perfect tool at hand to make the decision<br />

process easier for your customers.<br />

From April <strong>2022</strong> the SATTLER DESIGN SELECTOR will<br />

be will be equipped with even more possibilities that will<br />

inspire you!<br />






Install the SATTLER DESIGN SELECTOR today and be<br />

one of the first to benefit from the new advantages!<br />

suntex.sattler.com/design-selector<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong> 49<br />



Bi-fold blinds<br />

Larger blinds are<br />

needed as windows<br />

and doors get<br />

bigger says<br />

blindsbypost<br />

With the global bifold doors market<br />

increasing in value from over £6.6m in<br />

2016 to over £9.5m by 2023,<br />

blindsbypost has launched 58 new extra large<br />

motorised roller blinds to enable consumers to<br />

install blinds which fit larger windows and bifold<br />

doors.<br />

The new products come in a wide range of<br />

fabrics including blackout, light filtering and three<br />

percent screen. Fire retardant qualities are also<br />

available. The blinds are suitable for any home<br />

thanks to the huge range of bold colours on offer<br />

including yellows, greens, blues and neutrals.<br />

blindsbypost’s motorised blinds are perfect for<br />

tech-savvy homes and are a real talking point. They<br />

can be raised and closed at the touch of a button<br />

on a remote, or voice activated through a home<br />

assistant, including Amazon Alexa and Google<br />

Home. The latest Somfy technology ensures<br />

motorised blinds offer convenience, and unlike<br />

traditional blinds, no wires or cords are on show<br />

making them child safe.<br />

Oliver Hudson, director at blindsbypost<br />

commented: “Bifold doors have experienced<br />

significant growth over the past couple of years,<br />

thanks to the requirements for better insulation and<br />

heat retention. They also require minimum changes<br />

in the architecture of a building to maximise the<br />

available space. We wanted to create a product<br />

which would not only integrate with people’s smart<br />

hubs, but also cover a wide area such as bifold<br />

doors.<br />

“The battery powered, electric WireFree motors<br />

mean there are no unsightly wires, and customers<br />

can choose from a wide range of extra wide fabric<br />

choices to perfectly match their style. From those<br />

looking to keep out the sun's heat across bi-fold<br />

doors to people who simply want to add some<br />

privacy to a large bedroom window, motorised XL<br />

roller blinds are the perfect solution.”<br />

Each motorised blind from blindsbypost is<br />

handcrafted using the latest technology in its UKbased<br />

factory, using heavy-duty aluminium tubes and<br />

steel powder coated brackets. The blinds are<br />

available in widths up to 2.5m and prices start from<br />

£90.<br />

50 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Semper <strong>Blinds</strong> <br />

At Semper <strong>Blinds</strong> we are a<br />

trademarked family run company<br />

with over 30 years combined<br />

experience, where we offer a range<br />

of pleated and cellular blinds, in a<br />

manual and motorised format. All<br />

of which are made in house by our<br />

team in Rochdale, Manchester.<br />

Website<br />

www.semperblinds.com<br />

Queries<br />

semperblinds@gmail.com<br />

Orders<br />

semperorders@gmail.com<br />

Mobile<br />

07766 600131<br />

Fax<br />

01706 662441<br />

What we do?<br />

3<br />

3 Freehangs<br />

3 Skylights<br />

3<br />

3<br />

UK Survey and fit service for<br />

PFI conservatory roof blinds<br />

in pleated and cellular fabrics.<br />

5-year warranty and<br />

Lantern <strong>Blinds</strong> (PFI framed skylights)<br />

a 5* service<br />

Perfect fit (pleated, cellular and venetian)<br />

Venetians (metals and woods)


Online ordering<br />

New and Improved<br />

Santa Fe Shutter<br />

Online Ordering<br />

Portal<br />

As businesses of all sizes embrace a more<br />

digital world, the customer order journey<br />

has evolved to a level where online<br />

ordering has become a prerequisite. Decora’s<br />

strategy to develop our customer experience is a key<br />

focus through <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The launch of the new Santa Fe online portal sees<br />

a major advancement in the ordering journey across<br />

the entire shutter portfolio. The easy, three step<br />

order process simplifies the user experience, ending<br />

with a 3D shutter visualisation tool enabling a view of<br />

the final shutter configuration.<br />

The new portal enables customers to manage and<br />

review all orders with full visibility of manufacturing<br />

progress, shipping and delivery dates. Whilst a quick<br />

calculate table on the home page allows customers<br />

to gain a price guide for each shutter range in one<br />

click by simply entering details of the width and<br />

height of the window.<br />

The enhanced portal enables online payment<br />

making every element of the shutter ordering<br />

process accessible at a time that suits you. The news<br />

section will detail up to date information regarding<br />

product, specification or news.<br />

Each user login is unique which enables customers<br />

to offer staff varying levels of functionality. Access can<br />

be limited to ordering and viewing order status,<br />

whilst other users can manage payments and view<br />

the reporting facilities available. In addition, customers<br />

will be able to order marketing POS material along<br />

with a facility for customers to customise and<br />

generate their own branded quotations making the<br />

portal the “one stop shutter shop”.<br />

New to the portal’s functionality is the ability to<br />

arrange Survey and Fit appointments, enhancing<br />

further this unique service available to Santa Fe<br />

<strong>Shutters</strong> that removes the time and expertise<br />

required for measuring and installing shutters.<br />

Training videos and documentation have been<br />

created to enable customers to reference online or<br />

scheduled online training sessions can be reserved<br />

for those who feel they require a more one to one<br />

training approach.<br />

The development undertaken to improve the new<br />

portal, has both streamlined the order process and<br />

enhanced the visual layout.<br />

52 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

D o n<br />

S m i t h<br />

B l i n d s<br />

Utilise our Industry Leading Expertise<br />

Let us survey, manufacture and fit<br />

through our SMF service for all our<br />

Perfect Fit International <strong>Blinds</strong>® for<br />

Roof and Gable Ends<br />

Supplying your customers under your<br />

company name<br />

We also have a huge range of quality<br />

made-to-measure blinds available for<br />

supply only<br />

Supplying Retail and Trade


Wide eyed<br />

Eclipse has<br />

introduced a range<br />

of wider fabrics for<br />

its customers<br />

The window blind industry is continuously<br />

changing and here at Eclipse we are making<br />

sure Eclipse is staying ahead of these<br />

changes. One major change is that in general<br />

windows are getting bigger. Therefore, there is an<br />

increasing demand for wider fabrics.<br />

On top of this, consumers are now more aware<br />

of how the textile industry impacts our planet. Did<br />

you know that the textile industry is responsible for<br />

approximately 20% of the world's water waste and<br />

10% of all carbon emissions? We all have a part to<br />

play in reducing waste and helping to lower<br />

emissions.<br />

Eclipse has taken all these factors into<br />

consideration when developing new products.<br />

The company is excited to introduce Palette eco<br />

to our current product offering. Our Palette FR eco<br />

fabric has been developed using 100% recycled<br />

yarn that has been derived from post-consumer<br />

PET drinking bottles. Palette eco is available as a 3m<br />

wide roller fabric in 7 of our bestselling colours.<br />

Eclipse has developed a brand-new Palette FR<br />

eco 3.0 swatch card that you can use to upsell this<br />

fantastic product offering.<br />

54 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


Keeping on their toes<br />

Luxaflex has<br />

launched a new<br />

Pirouette<br />

collection<br />

Luxaflex is thrilled to announce the launch of<br />

their stunning new Pirouette Collection. The<br />

new collection boasts many new features,<br />

including ClearView, SoftTouch Control and an<br />

exciting array of beautiful new fabrics.<br />

For the more discerning consumers Pirouette will<br />

make a stunning addition to a home's interior. Their<br />

unique sculptural design encompasses soft<br />

horizontal vanes that give the appearance that<br />

they’re floating in mid-air. The sheer fabric diffuses<br />

incoming sunlight, transforming it into a warm glow<br />

while reducing glare, softening shadows, and helping<br />

to protect furnishings from UV rays.<br />

The vanes can be closed for complete privacy or<br />

open to invite incoming light and a view to the<br />

outside. With its innovative design, Pirouette<br />

provides variable light control while protecting<br />

consumers interiors from the effects of harsh<br />

sunlight. Vibrant fabrics, textures and colours<br />

accentuate the product’s dramatic appearance.<br />

Pirouette ClearView is an exciting new option<br />

that provides superior view-through and UV<br />

protection. Offering consumers an even greater<br />

view-through to the outdoors, Pirouette is crafted<br />

with a specialised sheer that provides a near<br />

unobstructed view of the outside while still diffusing<br />

sunlight and filtering out UV rays.<br />

The shadings are available in light-filtering and<br />

room-darkening opacities, in ClearView Satin and<br />

ClearView Satin Metallic fabrics.<br />

For the ultimate in smart home convenience, pair<br />

Pirouette with PowerView Automation, our<br />

advanced wireless operating system. With<br />

PowerView, homeowners can program their shades<br />

to automatically re-position throughout the day<br />

based on a schedule that they set. PowerView<br />

Automation also seamlessly integrates with other<br />

whole-home automation systems and smart<br />

speakers such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant<br />

and Apple HomeKit for voice-activated shade<br />

control.<br />

And as you would expect from an industryleading<br />

brand like Luxaflex, the new Pirouette<br />

collection includes a delightful selection of new and<br />

on-trend fabrics. Featuring popular grey and natural<br />

hues as well as pops of colours for the more<br />

flamboyant consumer. New fabric styles such as<br />

Serene®, offer a horizontal weave style pattern,<br />

followed by Grant, this is a vertically textured<br />

fabric.<br />

56 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Innovation comes built-in<br />



BLINDS<br />

Manual or automated<br />

Venetian or pleated<br />

sales@morleyglass.co.uk<br />

0113 277 8722<br />







6 metre x 200mm<br />





J’ BRACKET<br />








1” x 1” x 6 metre<br />

ANGLE<br />

1” x 1/8” x 6 metre<br />



Dutch Blind<br />

Extrusions and<br />

Components<br />

Made from Glass Filled UV Stabilised<br />

Nylon for strength and durability.<br />

All components moulded to match the<br />

colour of the Extrusions.<br />

Anodised, White, Black (Major system)<br />

and Anthracite (Metro System)<br />



+ INSERT<br />








Unit 2a, Miglo Ind Est, Paignton,<br />

Devon, TQ4 7QW<br />

Tel: 01803 522887<br />

E: tony@supa-shade.co.uk<br />

W: www.awningsdevon.co.uk


Yewdale’s new antiligature<br />

curtain gliders<br />

The new reducedligature<br />

curtain<br />

track that’s ideal<br />

for schools, mental<br />

health settings and<br />

care homes<br />

In addition to being a leading manufacturer of<br />

shading and screening solutions, Yewdale also has<br />

over ten years of experience manufacturing load<br />

release systems including blinds and curtain tracks.<br />

Designed to prevent suicide, these products fall<br />

away from the wall or ceiling when excess weight is<br />

applied.<br />

A recent edition to the YewdaleKestrel® antiligature<br />

range is the K2500 fixed curtain track. This<br />

curtain track differs from Yewdale’s other antiligature<br />

blinds and curtain tracks because it doesn’t<br />

utilise load release magnetic fixings. Instead, it fits<br />

flush to a wall via pin hex anti-tamper security<br />

screws.<br />

If an excess load is placed upon the curtain, only<br />

the curtain will separate, leaving the track and antiligature<br />

gliders securely in place. This reduces the<br />

risk of ligature and the risk of violence because the<br />

curtain track can’t be removed and used<br />

inappropriately. The anti-ligature gliders also reduce<br />

the risk of damage and injury because the curtain<br />

track won’t fall on a service user who has placed<br />

excess load on the curtain.<br />

The innovative curtain track features unique<br />

gliders which allow the curtain to move along the<br />

track gently and effortlessly, reducing the chance of<br />

the curtain being pulled down due to heavy manual<br />

handling.<br />

The anti-ligature gliders cannot be removed from<br />

the track, meaning there is less plastic in the curtain<br />

when it is removed. The curtain track requires little<br />

maintenance and features a wipe-clean design.<br />

Reattaching the curtain to the track is a quick and<br />

easy process.<br />

Due to its focus on safety and reducing ligature<br />

risk, the K2500 curtain track is highly suited to<br />

mental health settings, schools, care homes and<br />

detention centres. You can find out more about<br />

Yewdale’s life-saving anti-ligature systems by visiting<br />

their website, www.yewdale.co.uk.<br />

58 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Becker Motors Ltd<br />

Becker Motors Ltd specialises in the manufacture and supply of motorised curtain tracks, Roman<br />

headrails and sun protection hardware.<br />

Offering the latest in Smart Home, Radio and Hardwired Technology.<br />

Call us today for expert advice and a friendly, prompt, service. Tel: +44 (0)1283 536700<br />

sales@beckermotors.co.uk www.beckermotors.co.uk<br />

Bloc <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Bloc <strong>Blinds</strong> are a leading designer and manufacturer of simple, clever roller blinds. The Bloc Out offers<br />

unmatched levels of darkness, giving customers a better nights sleep. Offering a range of safe by design<br />

products, order safely online via our Portal.<br />

For exceptional service and UK produced blinds, sign up today.<br />

info@blocblinds.com www.blocblinds.com<br />

Coulisse<br />

Since 1992 Coulisse has been developing window coverings for the residential and the<br />

commercial market. The extensive range of Coulisse window covering solutions stands out<br />

for its innovative design, appeal and great functionality, and includes systems, fabrics and<br />

motorization. Visit our website to discover our products and services. Be inspired by our<br />

world of window coverings.<br />

coulisse.com<br />

Dickson Constant<br />

Innovative textiles for your world. Five words that attest to our powers of innovation and global<br />

reach. Innovative in textiles is what drives Dickson to conquer the markets of the future and meet the<br />

challenge of improving people’s living space.<br />

kwild@dickson-constant.com www.dickson-constant.com<br />

Don Smith <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

We offer a Survey, Manufacture and Fit service for Perfect Fit International Roof and Gable blinds (including<br />

motorised) - you get the sale, we do the rest, under your company name with full after sales support.<br />

Or, supply only Perfect Fit <strong>Blinds</strong> (Pleated, Roller, Vision & Venetian), standard Pleated, Roller, Vision, Vertical, Allusion,<br />

Panel blinds and Retractable Insect Screens.<br />

info@donsmithblinds.co.uk www.donsmithblinds.co.uk<br />

East Anglia <strong>Blinds</strong> Limited<br />

E. A. <strong>Blinds</strong> can supply you with a fantastic range of pinoleum blinds, pleated blinds, roller blinds, roof roller blinds,<br />

venetian blinds, vertical blinds and Vision blinds.<br />

Offering a national and international service to the blind and conservatory industry.<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk www.eablinds.co.uk

Ellard<br />

Ellard is the UK’s largest supplier of drives and controls used to automate industrial doors, shutters,<br />

garage doors, blinds and gates. Over the course of the last 67 years and through our acquisition of<br />

NRG Automation, we have developed some of the very best market-leading products supported by the<br />

largest technical and customer service teams in the UK.<br />

sales@ellard.co.uk<br />

www.ellard.co.uk<br />

ISOTRA<br />

BLINDS AND ROLLER SHUTTERS. ISOTRA is the Czech producer of interior and exterior blinds, fabric roller<br />

blinds, plisse blinds, Japanese panel blinds, pre-window exterior roller shutters, insect screen, awnings, screen blinds<br />

and pergolas. ISOTRA has its own development workplace, design center, modern tool shop, pressure unit for<br />

thermo-plastics and wide manufacturing operating units.<br />

dvorsky@isotra.cz www.isotra.com<br />

Lienesch<br />

Lienesch is specialized in decorative, functional and technical fabrics for interior window coverings. Tailored for use<br />

in the home market, project market and all objects on the move. In our UK warehouse we have selected products<br />

available, allowing a next day service for full rolls or cut lengths.<br />

Ask for the possibilities and let us inspire you!<br />

info@lienesch.co.uk www.lienesch.com<br />

Morley Glass & Glazing Ltd<br />

Superior Uni-<strong>Blinds</strong>® double glazed units complete with ScreenLine integral blinds.<br />

Venetian and pleated options with 5 operating systems to choose from, including a magnetic slider and<br />

smart-home compatible motorised blinds from the UK’s market-leader. Wide range of colours available<br />

– reliable, maintenance-free and perfect for bi-fold and sliding doors.<br />

sales@morleyglass.co.uk morleyglass.co.uk<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX - technical textiles at the highest level<br />

Sattler SUN-TEX has developed to become a leading supplier for technical textiles, manufacturing fabrics for sun,<br />

antiglare and privacy protection for residential and commercial buildings, as well as boat cover fabrics and<br />

weatherproof outdoor upholstery fabrics at our state-of-the-art facilities.<br />

mail@sattler.com suntex.sattler.com<br />

Semper <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Semper <strong>Blinds</strong> is a family run business with over 30 years’ experience. Specialising in a UK survey & fit service for<br />

PFI conservatory roof blinds, we aim to give you a service that is hassle free for you and your customer.<br />

We make all things cellular and pleated in manual and motorised formats in our Manchester based unit.<br />

semperblinds@gmail.com<br />

www.semperblinds.com<br />

SHY<br />

Innovation, expertise and heritage are at the heart of SHY’s shading solutions. Embracing challenge,<br />

we design and manufacture commercial roller blinds for windows of all ages, shapes and sizes that<br />

incorporate a wide range of manual, electric and ZIP® options.<br />

info@shy.co.uk www.shy.co.uk<br />

Supa-Shade <strong>Blinds</strong> & Awnings Ltd<br />

Supa-Shade offers Dutch <strong>Blinds</strong> in Kit form or complete, covered ready to fit. Also an extensive range of Extrusions<br />

with Nylon Components to match.<br />

Our computerised Bending Machine enables us to bend most shapes in the design and style to suit your needs.<br />

Telephone us on: 01803 522887<br />

tony@supa-shade.co.uk www.awningsdevon.co.uk

Totally trendy. Since 1972.<br />

Colours that set the tone.<br />

Design Novelty: markilux MX-2 – Fascinating in shape. Functionally superb.<br />

| Brand<br />

| e.g. markilux MX-2<br />

50 years of designer awnings “Made in Germany”.<br />

HIGH 5 MX – Find the exact colour that best suits your personal style<br />

and building, and benefit from our anniversary campaign.<br />

For the most alluring shade in the world. markilux.co.uk


New sensation<br />

Eclipse has<br />

developed a new<br />

range of end caps<br />

for the market<br />

Eclipse has been busy developing our new<br />

Senses Roller Fascia endcap! The new<br />

endcap provides you with a quieter and<br />

smoother operating blind for the end consumer.<br />

This development is focused on the chain guide<br />

element of the endcap.<br />

While making these changes, we have also<br />

improved the aesthetic of the endcap by removing<br />

the hole which was present for slow-rise blinds. The<br />

hole has been filled with a snap-off feature for slowrise<br />

blinds.<br />

The new Senses Roller Endcap is available in 4 of<br />

our bestselling colours and our new Anthracite<br />

colour!<br />

The current Senses Roller Fascia Endcap colours<br />

and the new Anthracite Endcap are available to<br />

order through the Eclipse online ordering portal<br />

now!<br />

60 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

clic<br />



Our clic bead-fit system’s ultra slim design has been developed to fit perfectly onto any double-glazed<br />

window but is particularly suitable for bi-fold doors and tilt-and-turn windows.<br />

With clic, there is no need to measure the window’s bead depth as this system has been carefully<br />

engineered to fit all window frame depths with a single bracket type.<br />

Its clever, fold away handle makes it ideal to use on bi-fold doors where it is important that the blind<br />

does not protrude further than the window frame.<br />

Please contact your Area Sales Manager to see a sample of clic along with the beautiful collection of<br />

venetian slat finishes and pleated and honeycomb fabrics, that are available with this blind.<br />



Secure solution<br />

Somfy Motorized<br />

Shading products<br />

now supported by<br />

alarm.com to<br />

deliver an added<br />

layer of security<br />

Somfy has announced its integration with<br />

Alarm.com. This enables North American<br />

Alarm.com customers to add the TaHoma<br />

Gateway for added security in their home or<br />

business through integrated remote control<br />

automation of awnings, pergolas and interior<br />

window shades and natural light management.<br />

As an industry leader in security and automation,<br />

Alarm.com has been protecting millions of homes<br />

and businesses for more than 20 years. With<br />

Somfy’s technology, Alarm.com can offer another<br />

layer of protection to its customers and elevate the<br />

smart home experience with automatic scenes and<br />

schedules. Tahoma Gateway communicates with<br />

devices using Radio Technology Somfy (RTS),<br />

Somfy’s exclusive control platform which enables<br />

users to adjust motorized blinds, shades, awnings<br />

and exterior screens. The device fits seamlessly into<br />

the Alarm.com ecosystem for homes, apartments<br />

and commercial spaces.<br />

The addition of automatic scenes and schedules<br />

to Alarm.com’s ecosystem with TaHoma Gateway<br />

provides greater control over privacy in the home<br />

and commercial spaces. For example, a “leaving<br />

home” scene can lower the shades, switch off the<br />

lights, and enable the alarm system, all with one<br />

button touch. TaHoma Gateway connects to<br />

Alarm.com products over Wi-Fi using a cloud-tocloud<br />

integration, and from the Alarm.com<br />

smartphone app, users can adjust shades to let in<br />

the right amount of natural light and deliver the<br />

right level of privacy.<br />

Brittany Mier y Teran, Partnership and CI Channel<br />

Manager, Somfy North America, said, “By integrating<br />

Somfy with Alarm.com’s ecosystem, homeowners can<br />

add a new layer of customization to their home that<br />

is convenient to use with a seamless connection.<br />

Somfy’s full line of remote-controlled products<br />

provides added privacy and security to any home or<br />

commercial space when integrated with Alarm.com,<br />

with the added feature of natural light management<br />

and increasing the energy efficiency of any space.”<br />

62 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

HAFREN<br />


/hav-ren/ Welsh<br />

noun<br />

A legendary Welsh Princess who was<br />

drowned in the River Severn by her stepmother.<br />

Hafren is the Welsh name for the River Severn.<br />


CANOPY<br />

ABOUT<br />

A modular electrically-operated retractable canopy.<br />

Utilises highest quality Makefast sliding roof<br />

systems.<br />

Canopy retracts to the rear at the press of a button.<br />

Marine-grade 316 stainless steel roof frames.<br />


Module width up to 4m<br />

Module projection up to 6m<br />

All modules can be linked<br />

Marine-quality waterproof fabrics<br />

Proudly designed and manufactured in Wales<br />

info@shashe.co.uk<br />

01686 629010<br />



New Hive collection<br />

There are new<br />

colours, textiles<br />

and patterns in the<br />

latest Style Studio<br />

collection<br />

The Style Studio Hive & Pleated Collection<br />

has been developed by our interior experts<br />

to include a wide array of on trend colours,<br />

textures and patterns. Our contemporary art work<br />

on our cover insert pages has been a huge hit with<br />

our customers! We have also ensured the pages<br />

within the book have been manufactured using<br />

responsibly sourced materials.<br />

Let’s talk book layout, the right-hand side of the<br />

book is laid out in colourway format, and the lefthand<br />

side of the book is laid out by range. Grey<br />

fabrics are more popular than ever, so they are<br />

towards the front of the book for easy browsing!<br />

Our design gallery page allows your customers to<br />

view our Hive & Pleated patterns in a full repeat<br />

and give them an idea of how the fabric will appear<br />

in a window.<br />

Here at Style Studio we believe that everyone<br />

needs to do more to help the environment. That is<br />

why we made a huge effort to include a variety of<br />

recycled eco fabrics in our Pleated fabric offering.<br />

These fabrics have been developed using yarn that<br />

has been derived from post-consumer plastic drinks<br />

bottles. These fabrics are versatile and offer a highquality<br />

finish. There are 5 ranges available in an array<br />

of textures, weaves and colour options. Visit our<br />

website to learn more about our eco story.<br />

We have brought you an exciting range of<br />

modern, contemporary and WOW patterns.<br />

Traditionally patterns were only available in Pleated,<br />

but for this Collection we have developed fabulous<br />

Hive patterns.<br />

Hive fabrics always bring that element of luxury<br />

to a home. Hive Deluxe and Hive Deluxe Blackout<br />

continue to be the most popular options for adding<br />

a soft luxury look to the home. Coloured on both<br />

sides and available in an impressive 10 colour<br />

options, there is sure to be a colour to suit every<br />

interior taste. With enhanced light control Hive<br />

Deluxe Blackout makes the perfect addition to any<br />

bedroom or office space<br />

On trend colours are a popular option in<br />

window blinds and that is why we have updated<br />

our plain fabric offering. Shadow Blackout is<br />

available in 6 on trend colours. The colours range<br />

from cool neutral tones to bright warm orange<br />

hues. One of our most talked about ranges for this<br />

Collection is our stunning metallic fabric Radiance<br />

asc. This smooth all over metallic fabric takes<br />

window coverings to the next level. Radiance asc is<br />

also available as a Micro fabric option, perfect for bifold<br />

doors and compact spaces.<br />

64 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

east anglia blinds_quarter page_BLS1-12 16/12/11 12:30 Page 1<br />

Conservatory and<br />

Window <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Specialists<br />

Motorisation options<br />

available<br />

■ Panel blinds ■ Pinoleum blinds<br />

■ Pleated blinds ■ Roller blinds<br />

■ Roof blinds ■ Roof roller blinds<br />

■ Vertical blinds ■ Conservatory blinds<br />

■ Motorised blinds<br />

01603 404040<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk<br />

www.eablinds.co.uk<br />

Honeycell ® sales<br />

to Lienesch Ltd<br />

Louvolite VogueTrack<br />

for Trade Customers<br />


now available with Allusion<br />

Available in white, brown,<br />

champagne, black &<br />

silver<br />

• Does not twist<br />

• Trouble free<br />

fitting<br />

It is with regret that Honeycell ® has parted in the UK from<br />

its partner R.A. Irwin. But we respect R.A. Irwin’s decision to<br />

cease their complete Window Blind Business Division.<br />

From May onwards, Lienesch Ltd with warehouse and office<br />

in Leeds handles orders from the UK directly. Lienesch Ltd<br />

has also taken over the Honeycell ® stock from R.A. Irwin to<br />

make sure that the requested honeycomb fabrics can be<br />

supplied within days. New Collection Books are available.<br />

delivered from the UK<br />

Lienesch Ltd<br />

Unit 2 - Hunslet Trading Estate,<br />

Severn Road, LEEDS, LS10 1BL United Kingdom<br />

Tel. 0113 8681066<br />

info@lienesch.co.uk<br />

honeycell.com<br />

fax: 01492 539581<br />

bend it_quarter page_iss1-19.indd 1 14/12/2018 12:13


Wood for good<br />

Timberlux…the<br />

new collection now<br />

available to order<br />

The organic nature of wood and the tactile<br />

quality and tones that come with it, bring a<br />

warm and inviting feel to a home. The new<br />

Timberlux Collection now available to order,<br />

presents the perfect blend of contemporary living<br />

and traditional craftsmanship.<br />

Wood has a texture like no other material,<br />

bringing an element of nature into your home and<br />

making a connection with the outdoors. The<br />

carefully selected woods within the new Timberlux<br />

Collection have been chosen to best show the<br />

unique aesthetic appeal and exotic appearance<br />

quality wood has to offer. Three species have been<br />

included: Basswood, Bamboo and Abachi, each with<br />

their own distinctive allure and grain.<br />

Handcrafted<br />

At the heart of the Timberlux brand is the ethos<br />

to craft beautiful wood venetian blinds that are<br />

immediately recognisable, synonymous with this<br />

trusted brand. To attain this core philosophy,<br />

sourcing the finest raw materials was paramount,<br />

ensuring sustainably sourced wood that presented<br />

woods true character was fundamental.<br />

Every Timberlux blind combines tradition and<br />

originality, balances craftsmanship and creative<br />

imagination that allows homeowners to adore the<br />

finest details of our product.<br />

Palette Perfect<br />

Basswood has a reputation of quality and<br />

richness; the natural and unobtrusive grain presents<br />

a beautiful air of warmth when meticulously stained<br />

in natural wood tones. This same refined finish<br />

facilitates a perfectly smooth painted finish. 13<br />

Basswood options remain at the core of the new<br />

offering, bestselling painted colours and wood tones<br />

retain the luxurious familiarity of the Collection.<br />

Transcending Texture<br />

Bamboo’s natural elegance coupled with its<br />

durability and versatility, presents a stunning wood<br />

venetian with subtle textured grains. The textured<br />

appearance of the Bamboo slat creates a fresh and<br />

natural look in any home, presented in 6 modern<br />

painted colours or 5 earthy natural wood tones.<br />

Native to tropical West Africa, Abachi wood<br />

consists of interlocked grains, presenting a subtle to<br />

medium texture which showcases the true beauty<br />

of this exotic wood and its stunning lustre. Abachi’s<br />

lightweight properties along with its impregnability<br />

makes it perfect for wood venetians.<br />

The collection is presented in 5 understated<br />

tones that subtly enhance the aesthetics of the<br />

delicate grain and texture. The contemporary<br />

palette of neutral colours and wood tones allows<br />

each Abachi colour choice to effortlessly<br />

complement any home décor.<br />

Sustainability<br />

Central to the Timberlux brand is a strong<br />

commitment to the environment in which we<br />

operate and craft our blinds. It is important that the<br />

wood used comes from sustainably managed<br />

forests, ensuring minimal impact on the ecosystems<br />

in which they grow. Bamboo completely<br />

regenerates itself after 5 years and boasts that it<br />

absorbs 4 times the amount of Carbon Dioxide and<br />

produces 35% more oxygen into our atmosphere<br />

than standard forests.<br />

At Timberlux we make a point of sourcing our<br />

Basswood and Abachi from sustainable regions,<br />

ensuring peace of mind that the environment from<br />

which it is cut, is being cared for at the same time.<br />

66 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


Our Quality Builds Your Reputation.<br />

To find out more 01908 642 888 | www.homecreationsuk.com


Powering on<br />

Eclipse has<br />

upgraded its<br />

motors<br />

Eclipse has given its Powershade motor for Roller<br />

& Mirage blinds an upgrade!<br />

The company is pleased to offer you a higher<br />

quality product at a competitive price point. With<br />

improved operation and additional benefits, we<br />

believe this is the best motorised system for your<br />

customers in the window blind market.<br />

Main features:<br />

• 25mm & 28mm rechargeable lithium motor<br />

• Improved operation including a reduction in<br />

noise level<br />

• Slimmer lithium motor head<br />

• No hanging cables from battery pack<br />

• Type- C charger and 5m cable<br />

• Consistent rise and close speed<br />

• Soft start/stop feature<br />

• Single, 6, and 16 channel remotes available<br />

• Wall switch available with 6 channels<br />

The new Powershade system is available to order<br />

online now.<br />

68 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>


Micro Pneumatic’s<br />

Ultrasonic Welder<br />

Compact and lightweight, to sit on top of any bench<br />

Gives a super flat weld in record time, approximately<br />

2 seconds per weld<br />

Can also be supplied as a double headed unit<br />

Please contact Micro Pneumatics Ltd for more information<br />

Tel: 0116 2611055 / 0116 2611066 Email: sales@micropneumatics.co.uk<br />

Micro Pneumatics Ltd<br />

1 Palmer Street<br />

Leicester LE4 5PT<br />




Home comforts<br />

Duette window<br />

shades are one of<br />

the most popular<br />

choices for<br />

homeowners when<br />

it comes to<br />

choosing window<br />

blinds for their<br />

home.<br />

Luxaflex is thrilled to announce that their latest<br />

and long-awaited new Duette Shades<br />

collection is now available in-store for<br />

customers to browse and purchase.<br />

With exciting new fabric colours and designs for<br />

every window, lifestyle and season, customers will<br />

be pleased to know that these exquisite and<br />

exclusive fabrics not only look good, but have<br />

extraordinary energy efficient properties.<br />

Duette has also got an exciting new feature that<br />

promises to provide the ultimate in room<br />

darkening.<br />

So, without further ado you’ll find all there is to<br />

know about the new Luxaflex Duette Shades and<br />

more in this article.<br />

Luxurious Fabrics and<br />

Colours<br />

Customers can choose from pastels to natural<br />

tones and new inspiring patterns, there's a look for<br />

every style from period to modern homes.<br />

Inspired by the latest colour and design trends<br />

Luxaflex designers are proud to introduce new<br />

metallic designs that add a touch of glamour to any<br />

room. These delightful fabrics gently sparkle as the<br />

light moves across the window, making an elaborate<br />

unique light show.<br />

A Design for Every Window<br />

There are options for each and every window<br />

type, from sliding doors to Tilt & Turn, or shaped<br />

windows. Duette Shades work perfectly with<br />

virtually all window types, shapes and sizes.<br />

LightLock<br />

The new LightLock system is a revolutionary new<br />

feature that is ideal for locking out light. Customers<br />

can browse and select from a variety of room<br />

darkening fabrics which also absorb or deflect<br />

nearly all the incoming light sweeping into your<br />

room.<br />

Only the new collection of Duette Shades offers<br />

this level of room darkening. Suitable for the whole<br />

family, for a better night's sleep, to darken media<br />

rooms or to deflect light in a home office. Helping<br />

to create a feeling of pure comfort.<br />

Energy Efficient Design<br />

If customers are looking to achieve better control<br />

of the temperature in their home. The latest fabric<br />

range from Duette has an even better level of heat<br />

reduction and insulation, with some fabrics achieving<br />

an outstanding A++ rating.<br />

Duette Shades can also help to reduce annoying<br />

echoing from hard materials like flooring, walls, and<br />

glass by up to 60%.<br />

Eco Friendly Fabrics<br />

Now with over 300 Cradle to Cradle Certified<br />

fabrics and materials to choose from, you can be<br />

confident that you’re doing your bit to support our<br />

planet.<br />

Duette Shades are also built to last the test of<br />

time and are carefully measured to your windows.<br />

All shades also come with a 5-year guarantee.<br />

Automated Smart-Home<br />

Control<br />

For those of you who love your home to be<br />

connected, fear not, with PowerView Automation<br />

you can control your Duette Shades using a smart<br />

device, remote control, or the sound of your voice.<br />

From a single window blind to your entire home,<br />

it’s easy to connect your blinds so that you can<br />

control privacy and light whatever time of the day,<br />

even when you’re not at home.<br />

What’s more, by using a rechargeable battery<br />

PowerView Automation is now also available for<br />

Tilt & Turn window options too!<br />

70 <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> • ISSUE THREE <strong>2022</strong>

Helpline<br />

To advertise here contact Julie at j.saridakis@turretgroup.com<br />





& FABRICS<br />

Pleated <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Pleated<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

www.dickson-constant.com<br />

Contact Luxaflex<br />

Distributor for Dickson awning fabrics<br />

0161 442 9500<br />


C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />


When you want a<br />

roof specialist,<br />

speak to Stuart<br />

at Semper.<br />

Conservatory and<br />

Window <strong>Blinds</strong> Specialists<br />

Motorisation options available<br />

01603 404040<br />

enquiries@eablinds.co.uk<br />

www.eablinds.co.uk<br />

We’re here to provide<br />

you with a full survey<br />

& fit service across<br />

the UK for PFI<br />

Conservatory roof<br />

blinds in both pleated<br />

and cellular fabrics,<br />

manual or motorised.<br />




ea blinds_3x1_BLSCLASS.pdf 29/10/12 15:41:21<br />

07766 600131 SEMPER BLINDS <br />

morleyglass.co.uk<br />

semperblinds@gmail.com www.semperblinds.com<br />

0113 277 8722<br />


Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />


Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

2202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

K<br />

Award winning blinds<br />

0800 107 5535<br />

blocblinds.com<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />



Perfect Fit <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Perfect Fit<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />



2202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />

Window Blind Motorisation<br />

Battery and hardwired solutions<br />

Home Hubs • Solar Panels<br />

Remotes and wall switches<br />

Control your home from any device,<br />

anytime, anywhere<br />


For more information call a member of<br />

our team on 0161 945 4561<br />

www.ellard.co.uk<br />



To advertise in <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong><br />

please contact JULIE SARIDAKIS<br />

via e-mail at:<br />

j.saridakis@turretgroup.com<br />


Roller / Verticals / Pleated blinds / Honeycomb<br />

For more information contact:<br />

info@lienesch.co.uk<br />

lienesch.com<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

To advertise in this space<br />

please contact<br />







Roller <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Roller<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />


2202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />


• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />


• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />


202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />


• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

2202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

Vertical <strong>Blinds</strong><br />

Everything you need to<br />

manufacture Vertical<br />

blinds using Louvolite<br />

fabrics & components<br />

Customer Services<br />

0161 882 5050<br />

orders@louvolite.com<br />



To advertise in this<br />

space please contact<br />


via e-mail at:<br />

j.saridakis<br />

@turretgroup.com<br />

Excellent Quality, Unbeatable<br />

Service & Competitive Prices<br />

• Wooden<br />

• Aluminium<br />

• Vertical<br />

•<br />

• Roller<br />

• Faux Wood<br />

• Pleated<br />

• Roman<br />

E: vicky@tropicalblindsltd.co.uk<br />

T: 020 8269 6400 F: 020 8269 6401/2<br />

We set the standard for Customer Support<br />

View our magazine online<br />

at<br />

www.blindsmagazine.co.uk<br />

2202-Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong> advert 42mm.indd 1 16/02/2018 10:21<br />

www.blindsmagazine.co.uk<br />

To advertise in this space please contact<br />



Classified’s<br />





Join our experienced installation team<br />

At Thomas Sanderson we pride ourselves on<br />

precision and detail. If you have an eye for detail,<br />

practical DIY knowledge and exceptional customer<br />

service skills our hands-on installer opportunities<br />

could be the next step in your career.<br />

• Part-time & full-time opportunities available<br />

• Comprehensive training provided<br />

• High earning potential<br />

Visit careers.thomas-sanderson.co.uk<br />

or call 0115 852 2896<br />



Work for yourself, at your own pace and with the hours<br />

that suit your lifestyle as one of our dedicated<br />

self-employed advisors. Help the nation choose the<br />

perfect blinds, curtains and shutters for their homes.<br />

Great earning<br />

potential<br />


Flexible<br />

working<br />

Award winning<br />

training<br />









As the UK’s number one provider of window<br />

furnishing solutions we’re always looking for<br />

practical thinking, confident new people to<br />

join our dedicated network of self-employed<br />

specialist installers. Join today and grow your<br />

own local business.<br />


Join our dedicated network of sales designers<br />

Thomas Sanderson is always seeking talented new sales professionals to join<br />

our experienced team of sales designers. Our national field opportunities<br />

are suited to those with exceptional customer service skills, a passion for<br />

interior design and a great eye for detail.<br />

• Part-time & full-time opportunities available • High earning potential<br />

• Comprehensive training provided<br />

Visit careers.thomas-sanderson.co.uk or call 0115 852 2896<br />


Great earning<br />

potential<br />

Flexible<br />

working<br />

Award winning<br />

training<br />

In the October <strong>2022</strong> edition,<br />

features include:<br />

n Pleated blinds<br />

n Printed fabrics<br />

n Acoustic blinds<br />

n Honeycomb blinds<br />

n Integral blinds<br />

n <strong>Blinds</strong> components & accessories<br />

This edition will also include the<br />

<strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong>-23 Wallplanner<br />

To submit your editorial article,<br />

please contact:<br />

John Hatcher, Editor<br />

E: j.hatcher@turretgroup.com<br />

Advertising Opportunities:<br />

n Display Advertising<br />

n Classified Advertising<br />

n Company Profiles<br />

n Outserts (banding, cover-mounts)<br />

n <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> Year planner<br />

n <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> Web Guide<br />

n Inserts (either loose inserts or bound-in)<br />

For all advertising enquiries,<br />

please contact:<br />

Julie Saridakis, Sales Manager<br />

E: j.saridakis@turretgroup.com<br />

View <strong>Blinds</strong> & <strong>Shutters</strong> online at www.blindsmagazine.co.uk



Combining Tropical <strong>Blinds</strong>’ extensive experience producing wood blinds and our continued success with<br />

the Impressions Faux Wood blind, we are excited to launch the Impressions WOOD Collection.<br />

Six carefully selected Basswood colours will complement and enhance any interior décor, harmonising<br />

perfectly within the current interiors trend of white, cream, grey and black. Available with ladder braid,<br />

25mm and 38mm tape, these stunning wood blinds will add warmth and elegance to any setting.<br />

Please contact your Area Sales Manager, or the customer services team, to request a swatch containing<br />

the complete collection including tapes or a sample blind.<br />

You can see all our product ranges and first class customer support systems at<br />


Inspire your customers with the<br />

Style Studio Hive & Pleated Collection!<br />

The collection boasts an array of patterns,<br />

textures and colours that will bring style to any home.<br />

ORDER<br />

NOW<br />

Order your Hive & Pleated Collection Book now!<br />

Hive & Pleated Collection Book<br />

MSP5053<br />

eco recycled fabrics<br />

Fire retardant fabrics<br />

Blackout fabrics<br />

Trend setting patterns<br />

For more information contact your Area Sales Manager<br />

or call our Customer Service Department on<br />

0141 814 3500<br />


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