Citylife in Rugeley and Cannock Chase July August 2022

We're looking forward to those lovely Summer Nights in our July and August magazine! Long sunny days (hopefully!), friends and family round for a barbecue, long, tall, cool drinks in the beer garden, or wonderful walks through the glorious Staffordshire countryside - what a way to spend the summer! We have our usual mix of recipes, local news, history features, top tips on the best places to eat and drink and more. So, step out in to the garden, pour yourself a chilled glass of orange juice (or something stronger!), put the sunshades on and have a read of our super-summery July and August magazine - and enjoy!

We're looking forward to those lovely Summer Nights in our July and August magazine! Long sunny days (hopefully!), friends and family round for a barbecue, long, tall, cool drinks in the beer garden, or wonderful walks through the glorious Staffordshire countryside - what a way to spend the summer!
We have our usual mix of recipes, local news, history features, top tips on the best places to eat and drink and more. So, step out in to the garden, pour yourself a chilled glass of orange juice (or something stronger!), put the sunshades on and have a read of our super-summery July and August magazine - and enjoy!


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Welcome to<br />


Welcome to CITYLIFE <strong>in</strong> <strong>Rugeley</strong> & <strong>Cannock</strong><br />

<strong>Chase</strong>, a bi-monthly magaz<strong>in</strong>e br<strong>in</strong>g<strong>in</strong>g you our pick<br />

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month CITYLIFE <strong>in</strong> <strong>Rugeley</strong> & <strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> is<br />

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Etch<strong>in</strong>ghill, Slitt<strong>in</strong>g Mill, Armitage, H<strong>and</strong>sacre,<br />

Colton, Hamstall Ridware, completely free of<br />

charge; br<strong>in</strong>g<strong>in</strong>g you the best that the area has<br />

to offer.<br />

Each issue features heritage stories explor<strong>in</strong>g the<br />

rich history of our area, plus competitions,<br />

<strong>in</strong>terviews <strong>and</strong> the latest <strong>in</strong> fashion <strong>and</strong> style.<br />

Got a story or charity event you want to share with<br />

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Inside...<br />

6 Local News<br />

What’s been happen<strong>in</strong>g <strong>in</strong><br />

<strong>and</strong> around the area<br />

14 A Walk<strong>in</strong>g Wonderl<strong>and</strong><br />

Alison Thornhill tells us<br />

more about the Trent Valley<br />

Way<br />

20 A W<strong>in</strong>dow on the Past<br />

The L<strong>and</strong>or (local history)<br />

Society takes us back <strong>in</strong> time<br />

25 Contemporary<br />

Countryside D<strong>in</strong><strong>in</strong>g<br />

We taste the delights on<br />

offer at The Deer Park<br />

32 How Does Your Garden<br />

Grow?<br />

Garden<strong>in</strong>g tips from Piper<br />

Nurseries<br />

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6<br />

New Safety<br />

Campaign for<br />

Women<br />

A new campaign address<strong>in</strong>g<br />

women’s safety has launched<br />

across the district as part of<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> Council’s<br />

ongo<strong>in</strong>g safeguard<strong>in</strong>g work.<br />

The new campaign, named ’Get<br />

Home Safe,’ aims to prompt<br />

women <strong>and</strong> girls to th<strong>in</strong>k about<br />

how they will get themselves<br />

home on a night out <strong>and</strong><br />

provides useful tools for women<br />

<strong>and</strong> young girls to get home<br />

after a night out.<br />

Local pubs <strong>and</strong> taxi drivers<br />

across the district have signed<br />

up to the campaign <strong>and</strong><br />

promotional messages are be<strong>in</strong>g<br />

advertised <strong>in</strong> venues <strong>and</strong><br />

vehicles. These <strong>in</strong>clude w<strong>in</strong>dow<br />

stickers, bar wobblers, beer<br />

mats, posters, <strong>and</strong> table cards.<br />

Visit<br />

www.cannockchasedc.gov.uk/ge<br />

thomesafe.<br />

...........................................................<br />

LHCRT Tree<br />

Dedication<br />

Lichfield <strong>and</strong> Hatherton Canals<br />

Restoration Trust (LHCRT)<br />

attended a very special<br />

dedication of a memorial tree.<br />

A 2.5m rowan st<strong>and</strong>s tall on the<br />

route of the Lichfield Canal near<br />

the footpath l<strong>in</strong>k<strong>in</strong>g Longbridge<br />

Road to Tamworth Road <strong>and</strong> is<br />

dedicated to Margaret Cross,<br />

who died of motor neurone<br />

disease, by her family.<br />

About 30 friends <strong>and</strong> family<br />

from all over the UK <strong>and</strong> the<br />

world attended, <strong>and</strong> tributes<br />

were made to Margaret's<br />

commitments to community<br />

projects.<br />

...........................................................<br />

Dual Stream<br />

Service<br />

Launched<br />

New blue bags to recycle paper<br />

<strong>and</strong> cardboard have made their<br />

way to residents as part of the<br />

dual stream recycl<strong>in</strong>g service.<br />

This new service gives residents<br />

additional recycl<strong>in</strong>g capacity <strong>and</strong><br />

also results <strong>in</strong> better quality<br />

recycl<strong>in</strong>g by avoid<strong>in</strong>g<br />

contam<strong>in</strong>ation.<br />

The Council’s contract for the<br />

sort<strong>in</strong>g of dry mixed recycl<strong>in</strong>g<br />

came to an end earlier this year.<br />

The new contract <strong>in</strong>cludes the<br />

requirement for paper <strong>and</strong> card<br />

to be collected separately to all<br />

other dry recycl<strong>in</strong>g materials.<br />

If the Council were to cont<strong>in</strong>ue<br />

to recycle as it were it would<br />

have seen a fourfold cost<br />

<strong>in</strong>crease per ton to <strong>Cannock</strong><br />

<strong>Chase</strong> taxpayers. Therefore, the<br />

dual stream collection service is<br />

sav<strong>in</strong>g those costs.<br />

...........................................................<br />

Sleep Out to<br />

Kit Out!<br />

Members of <strong>Cannock</strong><br />

Soroptimists, Jackie Pr<strong>in</strong>ce, Val<br />

Jones, Adrienne Hewitt <strong>and</strong><br />

Olivia Lyons-Hughes, jo<strong>in</strong>ed<br />

Rotary <strong>and</strong> <strong>Cannock</strong> & Stafford<br />

League of Friends recently <strong>in</strong> a<br />

‘Sleep Out to Kit Out’ event,<br />

held at <strong>Cannock</strong> College.<br />

This <strong>in</strong>volved spend<strong>in</strong>g the night<br />

<strong>in</strong> a cardboard box ‘bed’ to raise<br />

awareness for the homeless <strong>and</strong><br />

what they must endure.<br />

The event raised over £6,000<br />

which will be placed <strong>in</strong> a fund<br />

which any organisation or<br />

charity can apply to help the<br />

homeless or someone move<br />

from hostel accommodation to<br />

their own home.<br />

The ladies were presented with<br />

certificates <strong>and</strong> letters of thanks<br />

from Rotary <strong>and</strong> the League of<br />

Friends.<br />

F<strong>in</strong>d out more about SI <strong>Cannock</strong><br />

at www.sigbi.org/cannock-<strong>and</strong>district.

Here at Just Granite Ltd, we pride ourselves on be<strong>in</strong>g the experts for any worktop needs<br />

you may have. Be it a beautiful bespoke <strong>and</strong> unique kitchen worktop, a bar, bathroom or<br />

even a barbecue area, we have an extensive <strong>in</strong>-house range ready to be chosen by you! We<br />

stock a varied range, <strong>in</strong> a variety of materials, such as our own competitively priced quartz,<br />

granite, marble <strong>and</strong> porcela<strong>in</strong>, as well as all the top br<strong>and</strong>s from around the world.<br />

There really is no reason to go anywhere else!<br />

W<strong>in</strong> a Granite Chopp<strong>in</strong>g Board<br />

If you require our services please do not<br />

hesitate to call us on 01785 711096 or email<br />

your quote request to stef@justgranite.ltd.uk<br />

With the largest variety of natural stones <strong>in</strong><br />

the Midl<strong>and</strong>s, the solid slabs are kept on-site <strong>and</strong><br />

are available for a virtual view<strong>in</strong>g from 9am-5pm<br />

on Monday to Friday. Located at The Stone<br />

Works, Pillaton Hall Farm, Penkridge, ST19 5RZ.<br />

We’ve got a bespoke Chopp<strong>in</strong>g Board (<strong>in</strong><br />

the colour of your choice) to give away!<br />

To be <strong>in</strong> with a chance of w<strong>in</strong>n<strong>in</strong>g this<br />

magnificent prize, simply answer the<br />

follow<strong>in</strong>g question correctly:<br />

Where does the supply<br />

of granite come from?<br />

a) Spa<strong>in</strong><br />

b) Italy<br />

c) Germany<br />

To enter, just send your name, contact details <strong>and</strong><br />

answer to Just Granite Competition at<br />

competitioncitylife@gmail.com or post your entry to<br />

<strong>Citylife</strong> <strong>in</strong> Lichfield Ltd, PO Box 7126, Lichfield WS14<br />

4JS by the clos<strong>in</strong>g date of 30th <strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>. One entry<br />

per household. Multiple entries will be disqualified. No cash<br />

equivalent. Please note you must be 18 or over to enter. All<br />

entrants’ <strong>in</strong>formation is processed <strong>in</strong> l<strong>in</strong>e with GDPR Data<br />

Protection Regulations <strong>and</strong> our Privacy Policy (available at<br />

citylife<strong>in</strong>lichfieldltd.co.uk).<br />

Full t&cs on page 34.<br />



New Chair for<br />

LHCRT<br />

Lichfield <strong>and</strong><br />

Hatherton<br />

C a n a l s<br />

Restoration<br />

Trust (LHCRT)<br />

has a new chair<br />

after Christ<strong>in</strong>e<br />

Bull, who has held the role for<br />

five years, h<strong>and</strong>ed over the re<strong>in</strong>s<br />

to Carole Mills.<br />

Carole became a member of the<br />

Trust dur<strong>in</strong>g lockdown, hav<strong>in</strong>g<br />

enjoyed walk<strong>in</strong>g the many <strong>and</strong><br />

varied heritage canal trails. She<br />

soon became part of the green<br />

<strong>and</strong> grounds team, then jo<strong>in</strong>ed<br />

the Board as an advisor <strong>and</strong> was<br />

subsequently co-opted as a<br />

trustee. She has a wealth of<br />

experience as a former local<br />

authority CEO <strong>and</strong> f<strong>in</strong>ance<br />

director, hav<strong>in</strong>g worked at five<br />

large unitary councils, <strong>in</strong> the<br />

NHS, <strong>and</strong> hous<strong>in</strong>g <strong>and</strong> f<strong>in</strong>ancial<br />

services sectors.<br />

...........................................................<br />

Queen’s Baton<br />

to Visit Area<br />

The Birm<strong>in</strong>gham <strong>2022</strong> Queen’s<br />

Baton Relay is confirmed to visit<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> District on<br />

Saturday 23rd <strong>July</strong>.<br />

The schedule of activity <strong>in</strong>cludes:<br />

•Arrives Wolseley Road, <strong>Rugeley</strong><br />

at 3.14pm - ends at Horsefair,<br />

<strong>Rugeley</strong> at 3.30pm<br />

•Arrives Hednesford Park,<br />

Hednesford at 3.51pm - ends <strong>in</strong><br />

Hednesford town centre at<br />

4.37pm<br />

•Arrives Church Street,<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> at 4.47pm - ends at<br />

Park Road, <strong>Cannock</strong> at 5.22pm<br />

8<br />

Members of the<br />

public are<br />

encouraged to get<br />

<strong>in</strong>volved with the<br />

celebrations <strong>and</strong><br />

embrace the arrival<br />

of the Baton. The<br />

Birm<strong>in</strong>gham <strong>2022</strong><br />

website will be<br />

updated with <strong>in</strong>formation over<br />

the com<strong>in</strong>g months, with detail<br />

on the events <strong>and</strong> where to l<strong>in</strong>e<br />

the route.<br />

For more <strong>in</strong>formation, visit<br />

www.birm<strong>in</strong>gham<strong>2022</strong>.com/qbr.<br />

...........................................................<br />

New Plants for<br />

Stadium Site<br />

Local councillors & representatives<br />

with children from Moorhill Primary<br />

School<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> Council <strong>in</strong><br />

partnership with Inspir<strong>in</strong>g<br />

Healthy Lifestyles, the<br />

Community Lottery funded,<br />

<strong>Chase</strong> Up team, <strong>and</strong> The Friends<br />

of <strong>Cannock</strong> Stadium, has planted<br />

seasonal bedd<strong>in</strong>g plants at the<br />

Stadium Site on Pye Green<br />

Road.<br />

The plant<strong>in</strong>g project was<br />

approved <strong>in</strong> March 2020, when<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> Council’s<br />

Cab<strong>in</strong>et approved to spend<br />

£25,000, to improve the site.<br />

The design for the plant<strong>in</strong>g beds<br />

came from consultation events<br />

held at local schools <strong>and</strong><br />

community groups. Children<br />

from Year 3 at Moorhill Primary<br />

School helped with the plant<strong>in</strong>g<br />

which <strong>in</strong>cludes plants of n<strong>in</strong>e<br />

different colours, represent<strong>in</strong>g<br />

the official colours of the<br />

Commonwealth Games <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

due to commence across the<br />

region <strong>and</strong> on <strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong>.<br />

...........................................................<br />

Lichfield<br />

Solicitor Walks<br />

for Hospice<br />

Alexa Holgate (centre) & colleagues<br />

from Picker<strong>in</strong>gs Solicitors.<br />

A Lichfield solicitor took part <strong>in</strong><br />

her first-ever St Giles Hospice<br />

Solstice Walk on Saturday 18th<br />

June.<br />

Alexa Holgate, together with a<br />

team of 20 colleagues from<br />

Picker<strong>in</strong>gs Solicitors <strong>in</strong><br />

Tamworth, jo<strong>in</strong>ed the hospice’s<br />

Enchanted Solstice Walk, which<br />

made a return to the city’s<br />

streets follow<strong>in</strong>g a two-year<br />

absence due to Covid-19.<br />

Alexa, who lives <strong>in</strong> Lichfield,<br />

took part alongside her niece<br />

Sophia Farmer, whose<br />

gr<strong>and</strong>father Brian was<br />

supported by St Giles <strong>in</strong> 2021.<br />

Visit<br />

www.stgileshospice.com/solstic<br />

ewalk for more <strong>in</strong>formation<br />

about the St Giles Hospice<br />

Solstice Walk.

PLEASE<br />





Local & Community Groups<br />

Etch<strong>in</strong>ghill<br />

WI<br />

By Kathy Baxter<br />

In June, the meet<strong>in</strong>g co<strong>in</strong>cided<br />

with Etch<strong>in</strong>ghill WI 75th birthday.<br />

We had two visitors, Karen<br />

<strong>and</strong> Robbie, who we hope to<br />

welcome as future members, <strong>and</strong><br />

Margaret Devey welcomed our<br />

guest speaker Abdul Jalil whose<br />

talk was The Raj 1919 to<br />

Birm<strong>in</strong>gham 2019.<br />

This took us through a brief<br />

history of what it was like for his<br />

family dur<strong>in</strong>g the turbulent times<br />

of the partition period. Life was<br />

hard <strong>and</strong> to enable them to<br />

provide a better life for their<br />

children his parents took<br />

advantage of a UK Visa<br />

immigration system as workers<br />

from abroad were encouraged to<br />

assist with the rebuild<strong>in</strong>g of the<br />

country’s <strong>in</strong>frastructure after<br />

WW2. The family <strong>in</strong>itially settled<br />

<strong>in</strong> Leeds, shar<strong>in</strong>g a house with<br />

other families, however the<br />

family eventually ended up <strong>in</strong><br />

Birm<strong>in</strong>gham.<br />

We enjoyed birthday cupcakes<br />

<strong>and</strong> a glass of w<strong>in</strong>e <strong>and</strong> the<br />

even<strong>in</strong>g f<strong>in</strong>ished with a quiz from<br />

Ann Ingleby based on the 1950s.<br />

The group meets on the<br />

second Wednesday of each<br />

month.<br />

Email<br />

etch<strong>in</strong>ghillwistaffs@gmail.com<br />

for more.<br />

GOT A STORY?<br />




The L<strong>and</strong>or<br />

(local history)<br />

Society<br />

By Glenys Richards<br />

On the first out<strong>in</strong>g for over<br />

three years members of the<br />

Society met at S<strong>in</strong>ai Park House,<br />

Shobnall <strong>and</strong> were welcomed by<br />

owner, Kate Murphy.<br />

Kate po<strong>in</strong>ted out the moat, a<br />

scheduled ancient monument,<br />

which had been there dur<strong>in</strong>g the<br />

13th Century when there was a<br />

stone manor on the site. The<br />

monks of Burton Abbey used<br />

S<strong>in</strong>ai as a rest <strong>and</strong> recuperation<br />

retreat after bloodlett<strong>in</strong>g. For<br />

accommodation, they erected<br />

two timber framed build<strong>in</strong>gs <strong>in</strong><br />

1400 to make the northeast<br />

w<strong>in</strong>g. This practice is possibly the<br />

orig<strong>in</strong> of the expression ‘to up<br />

sticks’.<br />

Dur<strong>in</strong>g the reformation Henry<br />

VIII gifted S<strong>in</strong>ai to the Pagets<br />

who used it for a hunt<strong>in</strong>g lodge<br />

as it is located <strong>in</strong> a deer park.<br />

The group was then <strong>in</strong>vited<br />

<strong>in</strong>side the eastern w<strong>in</strong>g,<br />

purchased <strong>in</strong><br />

1995 by Kate <strong>and</strong> subsequently<br />

renovated. In the d<strong>in</strong><strong>in</strong>g hall<br />

there is a stone fireplace which<br />

dates back to the 1300. Members<br />

were <strong>in</strong>vited to walk around the<br />

rema<strong>in</strong>der of the house followed<br />

by light refreshments.<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> &<br />

District Men’s<br />

Probus<br />

By Peter Arnold<br />

In June, the Club was treated<br />

to a presentation by Tim Burg<strong>in</strong><br />

on the Battle of Waterloo.<br />

Oppos<strong>in</strong>g the French under<br />

Bonaparte were the armies of<br />

Briton/Netherl<strong>and</strong>s/Germany led<br />

by the Duke of Well<strong>in</strong>gton <strong>and</strong> of<br />

Prussia/Germany under Marshall<br />

Blucher. Tim brought the five<br />

phases of the conflict to life with<br />

the aid of maps <strong>and</strong> pictures.<br />

We were fasc<strong>in</strong>ated to learn<br />

how the French artillery was<br />

thwarted by heavy ra<strong>in</strong> which<br />

caused their cannon balls to stick<br />

<strong>in</strong> the mud <strong>in</strong>stead of bounc<strong>in</strong>g.<br />

He described the valiant efforts<br />

of both sides’ artillery, <strong>in</strong>fantry<br />

<strong>and</strong> cavalry <strong>and</strong> the appall<strong>in</strong>g<br />

casualties suffered both by man<br />

<strong>and</strong> horse. A turn<strong>in</strong>g po<strong>in</strong>t<br />

towards the end of the conflict<br />

arose from the severe losses<br />

<strong>in</strong>curred by the French cavalry<br />

due to the effectiveness of the<br />

British <strong>in</strong>fantry formation of<br />

defensive squares.<br />

Tim is return<strong>in</strong>g <strong>in</strong> September<br />

to present Waterloo - The<br />

Aftermath. For details, contact<br />

Barry on 01543 503320, email<br />

bg.dowell@icloud.com or visit<br />

www.cannockprobus.co.uk.<br />



Local & Community Groups<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong><br />

<strong>Chase</strong><br />

Ladies'<br />

Probus<br />

By Pat Preece<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> Ladies' Probus<br />

Club held their May lunch<br />

meet<strong>in</strong>g at The Barns <strong>in</strong><br />

<strong>Cannock</strong>.<br />

Chairman, Lynne Moseley,<br />

welcomed the ladies <strong>and</strong> their<br />

guests <strong>and</strong> <strong>in</strong>ducted two new<br />

members, Margaret Davenport<br />

<strong>and</strong> Barbara Pendleton.<br />

The guest speaker for the<br />

afternoon was Michael Taylor<br />

who told the ladies about the<br />

Lamprey Pie which he designed<br />

<strong>and</strong> made for the Queen's<br />

Coronation <strong>in</strong> June 1953.<br />

Hav<strong>in</strong>g f<strong>in</strong>ished his bakery<br />

tra<strong>in</strong><strong>in</strong>g <strong>in</strong> read<strong>in</strong>ess to jo<strong>in</strong> the<br />

family bus<strong>in</strong>ess of Taylor's Bakery<br />

<strong>in</strong> <strong>Cannock</strong> Michael was <strong>in</strong>stead<br />

called up to serve his National<br />

Service <strong>in</strong> the RAF where he was<br />

transferred to the Bakery<br />

Department.<br />

A call was received to design<br />

<strong>and</strong> make a Lamprey Pie - a<br />

tradition which had taken place<br />

at Coronations for many years.<br />

The Lampreys, usually found <strong>in</strong><br />

Gloucester, were scarce so eels<br />

had to be used <strong>in</strong>stead <strong>and</strong> it was<br />

decorated with a Gloucester<br />

coat of arms before be<strong>in</strong>g<br />

transported to London <strong>and</strong><br />

presented to Her Majesty.<br />

Michael received an award for his<br />

efforts.<br />

For membership enquiries call<br />

01543 504030.<br />

<strong>Rugeley</strong> WI<br />

By Margaret Bennett<br />

<strong>Rugeley</strong> WI members have had<br />

a busy <strong>and</strong> enjoyable month<br />

attend<strong>in</strong>g various activities <strong>and</strong><br />

out<strong>in</strong>gs.<br />

The walk<strong>in</strong>g group had a great<br />

morn<strong>in</strong>g out with their visit to<br />

Blithfield. The sun shone <strong>and</strong> the<br />

group w<strong>and</strong>ered through<br />

woodl<strong>and</strong> <strong>and</strong> fields strewn with<br />

beautiful meadow flowers,<br />

eventually walk<strong>in</strong>g around part of<br />

the reservoir. To f<strong>in</strong>ish a very<br />

pleasant morn<strong>in</strong>g members<br />

stopped for lunch at Antlers<br />

Coffee House <strong>in</strong> Abbots<br />

Bromley.<br />

The WI’s annual summer<br />

out<strong>in</strong>g took them to<br />

Curborough Countryside<br />

Centre. Members thoroughly<br />

enjoyed brows<strong>in</strong>g around a<br />

variety of different craft shops.<br />

After their busy shop WI<br />

members enjoyed afternoon tea<br />

of s<strong>and</strong>wiches, cakes <strong>and</strong> scones.<br />

If you would like to jo<strong>in</strong> our<br />

WI group or come along for a<br />

‘taster’, the group meets every<br />

last Wednesday <strong>in</strong> the month at<br />

St Paul’s Community Hall,<br />

<strong>Rugeley</strong> at 7:30pm. For further<br />

details contact Barbara Johnson<br />

on 01889 586855 or Barbara<br />

Coppard on 01889 804889.<br />

<strong>Rugeley</strong> &<br />

District<br />

Lions Club<br />

By Peter Field<strong>in</strong>g<br />

After much fun at the Jubilee<br />

concert, the Lions provided the<br />

free Jubilee food at a Tea Party<br />

organised by the Victory Church.<br />

90 people attended <strong>and</strong> were<br />

able to watch the screen<strong>in</strong>g of<br />

the Troop<strong>in</strong>g the Colour.<br />

Members attended on the day<br />

<strong>and</strong> helped wait on tables, not to<br />

mention most of the wash<strong>in</strong>g up!<br />

For the light<strong>in</strong>g of the Beacon<br />

on the even<strong>in</strong>g of 2nd June, Lion<br />

Jane Pallister performed Town<br />

Crier duties wear<strong>in</strong>g the official<br />

Town Crier uniform from the<br />

late Ken Knowles who was the<br />

Town Crier from Lichfield. We<br />

were touched that his partner,<br />

Marilyn, attended to witness Jane<br />

do her bit <strong>and</strong> hear Ken’s bell<br />

r<strong>in</strong>g aga<strong>in</strong><br />

This year we would like to<br />

<strong>in</strong>crease our membership - if you<br />

th<strong>in</strong>k you would enjoy giv<strong>in</strong>g<br />

time to help the local community,<br />

come along <strong>and</strong> see what we do.<br />

We can be contacted on<br />

Facebook or email at<br />

r<strong>and</strong>dlions@hotmail.com.<br />

GOT A STORY?<br />






A Walk<strong>in</strong>g<br />

Wonderl<strong>and</strong><br />

By Alison Thornhill<br />

Who doesn’t like walk<strong>in</strong>g along a<br />

river? We know that walk<strong>in</strong>g has<br />

lots of benefits over <strong>and</strong> above<br />

simple enjoyment: it boosts the immune<br />

system, improves jo<strong>in</strong>t flexibility <strong>and</strong> helps<br />

lower blood pressure. Even better, walk<strong>in</strong>g <strong>in</strong><br />

the outdoors amongst nature has been proven<br />

to boost our mood <strong>and</strong> improve our mental<br />

wellbe<strong>in</strong>g.<br />

With this <strong>in</strong> m<strong>in</strong>d, the Trent Rivers Trust (TRT)<br />

is work<strong>in</strong>g with partners throughout the Trent<br />

Valley to br<strong>in</strong>g about the Trent Valley Way (TVW),<br />

a way-marked walk<strong>in</strong>g route, extend<strong>in</strong>g 170 miles<br />

from its source near Stoke-on-Trent to the<br />

Humber estuary.<br />

The TVW passes cities, towns <strong>and</strong> villages. It’s<br />

rich with wildlife <strong>and</strong> places of <strong>in</strong>terest. It l<strong>in</strong>ks<br />

communities, attracts visitors <strong>and</strong> contributes to<br />

the local economy. It connects the cities <strong>and</strong><br />

towns which have built their bus<strong>in</strong>ess, <strong>in</strong>dustry<br />

<strong>and</strong> heritage on the River Trent or with<strong>in</strong> its<br />

floodpla<strong>in</strong>.<br />

It is already established for 84 miles through<br />

Nott<strong>in</strong>ghamshire <strong>and</strong> L<strong>in</strong>colnshire pass<strong>in</strong>g through<br />

Nott<strong>in</strong>gham, Newark, Ga<strong>in</strong>sborough <strong>and</strong><br />

Scunthorpe.<br />

The length upstream of <strong>Rugeley</strong> <strong>in</strong> Staffordshire<br />

is just a provisional l<strong>in</strong>e on a map at the moment.<br />

Trent Rivers Trust is currently complet<strong>in</strong>g a new<br />

32 mile-long section between <strong>Rugeley</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

Shardlow. This work is be<strong>in</strong>g partly funded by The<br />

National Lottery Heritage Fund as part of the<br />

Transform<strong>in</strong>g the Trent Valley L<strong>and</strong>scape<br />

Partnership scheme (TTTV) <strong>and</strong> Tarmac. Work is<br />

underway to waymark the route <strong>and</strong> upgrade<br />

stiles, steps <strong>and</strong> paths. It’s hoped this work will be<br />

completed by October <strong>2022</strong>. There will be<br />

circular walks along parts of the path <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>in</strong>terpretation po<strong>in</strong>ts at various locations along<br />

the route.<br />

You’re <strong>in</strong>vited to a weekend celebration of<br />

walk<strong>in</strong>g Jo<strong>in</strong> us to help us celebrate the launch<br />

of the footpath this September dur<strong>in</strong>g our<br />

weekend of walks. We’re runn<strong>in</strong>g guided walks<br />

on Saturday 24 <strong>and</strong> Sunday 25.<br />

We’ll also be runn<strong>in</strong>g a walk along the 51km<br />

stretch of the TVW on Saturday 1 October.<br />

Email or call me to register your <strong>in</strong>terest<br />

alison@trentriverstrust.org /07887 720214.<br />

For more <strong>in</strong>formation, visit<br />

www.trentriverstrust.org/trent-valley-way <strong>and</strong> to f<strong>in</strong>d<br />

out more about the wider Transform<strong>in</strong>g the Trent<br />

Valley project, visit https://www.thetrentvalley.org.uk.<br />



WIN Ice Cream!<br />

What’s not to love about ice cream? When <strong>Citylife</strong> was<br />

<strong>in</strong>vited to try out the Daltons range of ice cream at<br />

Purely Chocolates <strong>in</strong> <strong>Rugeley</strong> on a sunny day, we<br />

obviously said yes!<br />

We opted for a salted caramel cone <strong>and</strong> were certa<strong>in</strong>ly not<br />

disappo<strong>in</strong>ted with this creamy delight – absolutely delicious <strong>and</strong> perfect<br />

for the warmer weather.<br />

Fresh coffees & milkshakes are also now available!<br />

We’ve teamed up with Purely Chocolates to offer ice cream for four<br />

people! To w<strong>in</strong> this fantastic prize, simply correctly answer the follow<strong>in</strong>g<br />

question <strong>and</strong> send it with your details.<br />

What is the ice cream br<strong>and</strong> that Purely<br />

Chocolates stocks?<br />

A) Carte D’Or<br />

B) Daltons<br />

C) Häagen-Dazs<br />

To enter, send your name, contact details &<br />

answer to Purely Chocolates at<br />

competitioncitylife@gmail.com or to <strong>Citylife</strong> <strong>in</strong><br />

Lichfield Ltd, PO Box 7126, Lichfield WS14 4JS<br />

by clos<strong>in</strong>g date of 19th <strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>. One entry<br />

per household. Multiple entries disqualified. No<br />

cash equivalent. Entrants 18 or over. All<br />

<strong>in</strong>formation <strong>in</strong> l<strong>in</strong>e with GDPR Data Protection<br />

Regulations & Privacy Policy (available at<br />

citylife<strong>in</strong>lichfieldltd.co.uk). Full t&cs on page 34.<br />



Jubilee<br />

Round-Up<br />

TThe nation jo<strong>in</strong>ed forces to<br />

enjoy the Queen’s<br />

Plat<strong>in</strong>um Jubilee on 4th<br />

June <strong>2022</strong>, which saw Her<br />

Majesty celebrat<strong>in</strong>g 70 years on<br />

the throne. Here’s just a few of<br />

your Jubilee pictures!<br />

Dressed <strong>in</strong> pretty frocks, the <strong>Cannock</strong> To celebrate the Queen’s Plat<strong>in</strong>um<br />

WI ladies celebrated by plant<strong>in</strong>g a maple Jubilee, <strong>Rugeley</strong> WI jo<strong>in</strong>ed with other<br />

tree as part of The Queen’s Green Canopy store holders to attend the Artisan<br />

campaign, as well as <strong>in</strong>stall<strong>in</strong>g a bench at Market with their book <strong>and</strong> plant store.<br />

the Community Garden.<br />

The Ridwares WI group enjoyed a<br />

delicious afternoon tea on 2nd June, <strong>and</strong><br />

then decorated the village hall ahead of<br />

the big Jubilee Fun Day on 4th June.<br />

Etch<strong>in</strong>ghill WI celebrated with a party.<br />

Bridie Heath & Heather Turner are seen<br />

here cutt<strong>in</strong>g the cake.<br />

To get the Plat<strong>in</strong>um Jubilee weekend off<br />

to a fly<strong>in</strong>g start, <strong>Rugeley</strong> & District Lions<br />

Club presented a Jubilee Concert, <strong>in</strong><br />

partnership with St. <strong>August</strong><strong>in</strong>e’s Church,<br />

with local vocalist Becca Gee <strong>and</strong> guests<br />

organist Stephen Carleston <strong>and</strong> vocalist<br />

Jane Bond.<br />

Over 150 people jo<strong>in</strong>ed <strong>in</strong> the<br />

celebrations at St. <strong>August</strong><strong>in</strong>e's with<br />

popular songs from the 70 year<br />

reign of the Queen <strong>and</strong> much flag<br />

wav<strong>in</strong>g, f<strong>in</strong>ished with renditions of<br />

L<strong>and</strong> of Hope <strong>and</strong> Glory <strong>and</strong> the<br />

National Anthem.<br />

Beautiful Jubilee flower arrangements<br />

courtesy of The Ridwares WI group.<br />

X Photo Dance Group celebrates at the<br />

Armitage & H<strong>and</strong>sacre Jubilee Day<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> Soroptimists <strong>and</strong> their<br />

families met at the home of one of<br />

their club members, <strong>and</strong> were lucky<br />

enough to enjoy the sunsh<strong>in</strong>e <strong>and</strong><br />

the garden!<br />



A W<strong>in</strong>dow on the Past<br />

Hodgeley<br />

In the mediaeval period the town of<br />

<strong>Rugeley</strong> was surrounded by the common<br />

meadows along the Trent <strong>and</strong> by the three<br />

great common arable fields - Upfield,<br />

Churchfield <strong>and</strong> Hodgeley. Hodgeley lay to<br />

the east of the town. It extended from<br />

Mossley to Lichfield Street <strong>and</strong> then along<br />

River Lane (the modern Forge Road <strong>and</strong><br />

Leathermill Lane) from Brewery Street to<br />

the Trent.<br />

In 1558, when Elizabeth I came to the throne,<br />

there were only about 68 houses <strong>in</strong> the town<br />

itself. This was a prosperous age <strong>and</strong> the number<br />

of houses <strong>in</strong> the town doubled dur<strong>in</strong>g the next<br />

100 years.<br />

Now, most of Hodgeley Field has been built<br />

on - Heron Street, Queen Street, K<strong>in</strong>g Street,<br />

<strong>and</strong> the name has been forgotten, although the<br />

area was still known as Hodgeley right up until<br />

the 1950s.<br />

1. Heron Street <strong>in</strong> the early twentieth century.<br />

The Roman Catholic church is on the extreme<br />

left. The build<strong>in</strong>g near the centre with a bell<br />

tower is the orig<strong>in</strong>al Catholic School, later the<br />

Guild Room.<br />

2. The un-named lane lead<strong>in</strong>g from Lichfield<br />

Street to Heron Street <strong>and</strong> commonly known as<br />

‘School Lane.’ Taken <strong>in</strong> the mid-1980s.<br />

3. Queen Street look<strong>in</strong>g towards Forge Road<br />

<strong>and</strong> the gasworks. The Victoria Inn is the first<br />

build<strong>in</strong>g on the left. Taken <strong>in</strong> 1974 when the<br />

street was be<strong>in</strong>g demolished.<br />

4. K<strong>in</strong>g Street look<strong>in</strong>g towards Heron Street<br />

<strong>and</strong> Keystone Lane. Also taken <strong>in</strong> 1974.<br />

5. The wharf on the Trent <strong>and</strong> Mersey canal,<br />

from under the Love Lane bridge, <strong>in</strong> 1974.<br />

6. The Forward Works <strong>in</strong> Mill Lane, c. 1925-<br />

1929, when it was occupied by Fowell & Jones,<br />

cork sock manufacturers. Previously it had been<br />

a steam corn mill.<br />

The L<strong>and</strong>or (local history) Society is a focus for<br />

those who wish to learn more about the history<br />

of <strong>Rugeley</strong> <strong>and</strong> its surround<strong>in</strong>g parishes. It was<br />

founded <strong>in</strong> 1953 <strong>and</strong> was named <strong>in</strong> honour of<br />

Walter Noble L<strong>and</strong>or, local <strong>and</strong> county<br />

historian, who became the Society’s first<br />

President. More <strong>in</strong>formation is available at<br />

www.l<strong>and</strong>orsocietyrugeley.uk<br />

20<br />

Cont<strong>in</strong>ued on page 22


Cont<strong>in</strong>ued<br />

1 2<br />

3<br />

4<br />

5 6<br />


As whisky matures <strong>and</strong> develops<br />

its complex <strong>and</strong> satisfy<strong>in</strong>g<br />

flavours, some of the liquid<br />

disappears, seem<strong>in</strong>gly<br />

mysteriously, but <strong>in</strong> reality,<br />

through evaporation. Distillers<br />

romantically call the miss<strong>in</strong>g<br />

whisky ‘the angels’ share’.<br />

Jez Roney <strong>and</strong> Oz Horrocks,<br />

under the banner of Mercia<br />

Whisky, are <strong>in</strong>terested <strong>in</strong> angels’<br />

shares of a more tangible nature.<br />

With a passion for bourbon, they<br />

have already launched a limited<br />

edition Mercia Rye <strong>and</strong> are now<br />

forg<strong>in</strong>g plans to build their own<br />

distillery by 2023. They are also<br />

offer<strong>in</strong>g a unique <strong>in</strong>vestment<br />

opportunity.<br />

You have the chance to buy one<br />

or more 50l casks of whisky which<br />

are held <strong>in</strong> bond as they mature.<br />

In three years’ time, when the<br />

whisky is ready for bottl<strong>in</strong>g,<br />

Mercia buy it back from you at 8%<br />

p.a. compound <strong>in</strong>terest. This<br />

means you have a great ROI <strong>and</strong><br />

you are on the launch team of a<br />

f<strong>in</strong>e <strong>and</strong> rare English whisky!<br />

Ready to be an angel <strong>and</strong> share<br />

<strong>in</strong> this excit<strong>in</strong>g venture? F<strong>in</strong>d<br />

out more at<br />

www.merciawhisky.co, drop Jez<br />

an email on<br />

jez@merciawhisky.co or call<br />

01889 52 92 91.<br />


Hednesford Park<br />

Summer Festival<br />

Saturday 13th <strong>August</strong><br />

Tastes of the Season<br />

By Simon Smith<br />

Recipe from Down<br />

Under!<br />

Pork Cutlet with Chickpea <strong>and</strong> Parmesan<br />

4 x pork cutlets<br />

1 x 400gm t<strong>in</strong> chickpeas<br />

75gms frozen peas<br />

50gms grated Parmesan<br />

1 x tsp gra<strong>in</strong> mustard<br />

50gms vegetable oil<br />

3 x sage leaves<br />

Salt <strong>and</strong> pepper to taste<br />

Hednesford <strong>in</strong> Partnerships free Summer<br />

Festival returns on Saturday 13th<br />

<strong>August</strong>, runn<strong>in</strong>g from 11am to 4pm at<br />

Hednesford Park. This year’s festival will be<br />

bigger <strong>and</strong> better than ever <strong>and</strong> will<br />

showcase the new Feel-Good Zone,<br />

delivered by Everyone Health.<br />

The Hednesford Summer Festival is set to be<br />

the highlight of this year’s calendar <strong>and</strong> will offer<br />

someth<strong>in</strong>g for all the family. You will f<strong>in</strong>d the<br />

much-loved Scrufts dog show, funfair, transport<br />

show, market stalls, kids’ zone, f<strong>in</strong>d the fruit trail,<br />

along with a food <strong>and</strong> dr<strong>in</strong>k zone. What’s more,<br />

it’s FREE for everyone!<br />

Come <strong>and</strong> jo<strong>in</strong> all the fun family activities as it’s<br />

set to be a day not to miss!<br />

For more <strong>in</strong>formation, <strong>and</strong> to keep up to<br />

date, follow @EHStaffordshire <strong>and</strong><br />

@Hednesford<strong>in</strong>PartnershipHiP on Facebook.<br />

Method<br />

Fire the barbecue up until hot. Brush the pork<br />

cutlet with a little oil <strong>and</strong> season<strong>in</strong>g <strong>and</strong> seal, then<br />

put onto a gentler part <strong>and</strong> cook slowly.<br />

To make the chickpea paste, put all the<br />

<strong>in</strong>gredients together <strong>in</strong>to a food processor <strong>and</strong><br />

whizz together (this can be done a day or two<br />

before). Once the pork cutlet is cooked, spoon on<br />

the top <strong>and</strong> allow to warm through whilst the<br />

pork f<strong>in</strong>ishes cook<strong>in</strong>g. Alternatively glaze with a<br />

blow torch if you have one.<br />

Carrot <strong>and</strong> celeriac salad as garnish, Equal<br />

quantities of carrot <strong>and</strong> celeriac. Chopped<br />

cori<strong>and</strong>er, a touch of lime juice, salt <strong>and</strong><br />

mayonnaise to b<strong>in</strong>d together.<br />

Coconut Yoghurt<br />

1 x 800 gm coconut<br />

yoghurt<br />

1 x punnet strawberries<br />

200gms toasted almonds<br />

100gms runny honey of<br />

your choice<br />

1tbsp toasted desiccated<br />

coconut<br />


Contemporary<br />

Countryside D<strong>in</strong><strong>in</strong>g<br />

By Kristen Lackajis<br />

It was my pleasure to visit The L<strong>in</strong>hay at The Deer<br />

Park, located deep <strong>in</strong> the heart of the<br />

Staffordshire countryside <strong>and</strong> once part of the<br />

Hoar Cross Hall Estate, <strong>and</strong> I was given a seat with<br />

a view across the beautiful l<strong>and</strong>.<br />

The L<strong>in</strong>hay may be referred to as a ‘café’ but don’t<br />

be fooled - what you f<strong>in</strong>d here is anyth<strong>in</strong>g but your<br />

st<strong>and</strong>ard café food! Under the careful guidance of<br />

talented Head Chef, Craig, the eatery offers a variety<br />

of classic dishes with an elegant contemporary twist.<br />

My task was to try out the new summer menu - a<br />

difficult decision when faced with so many tantalis<strong>in</strong>g<br />

choices present. With help from the knowledgeable<br />

<strong>and</strong> friendly restaurant staff, I f<strong>in</strong>ally opted for fish the<br />

roasted salmon <strong>and</strong> scallops.<br />

Wonderfully moist <strong>and</strong> delightfully light, the salmon<br />

flaked beautifully whilst the scallops rema<strong>in</strong>ed slightly<br />

firm to the bite <strong>and</strong> were packed with flavour.<br />

Much thought had gone <strong>in</strong>to the styl<strong>in</strong>g of the plate<br />

<strong>and</strong> a goodly portion the fish was artfully stacked atop<br />

a garlic potato<br />

cake, buttered<br />

sp<strong>in</strong>ach <strong>and</strong><br />

grilled spr<strong>in</strong>g<br />

onion, <strong>and</strong> had<br />

been lov<strong>in</strong>gly<br />

drizzled with a<br />

lemon butter<br />

sauce <strong>and</strong> wild<br />

garlic oil. It was<br />

f<strong>in</strong>ished off with<br />

a crisp of parma<br />

ham <strong>and</strong><br />

colourful<br />

dress<strong>in</strong>gs which<br />

elevated this<br />

dish to another<br />

level entirely.<br />

Impressively, the food was also adorned with fresh<br />

seasonal greens that were picked by Chef from the onsite<br />

garden, br<strong>in</strong>g<strong>in</strong>g a wonderful home-grown element<br />

to the d<strong>in</strong><strong>in</strong>g experience.<br />

The L<strong>in</strong>hay is open for breakfast, lunch <strong>and</strong><br />

afternoon tea, from Tuesday to Sunday, 8.30am-5pm<br />

(last table at 4pm). F<strong>in</strong>d out more at<br />

www.deerpark.farm or call 01283 384477 to book a<br />

table.<br />


Garlic <strong>and</strong><br />

Herb Tear <strong>and</strong><br />

Share<br />

By Ruth Redgate<br />

Mak<strong>in</strong>g the Dough<br />

1. Mix the yeast with the milk <strong>and</strong> water until it<br />

has dissolved us<strong>in</strong>g your h<strong>and</strong>.<br />

2. Place all rema<strong>in</strong><strong>in</strong>g <strong>in</strong>gredients <strong>in</strong> a mix<strong>in</strong>g bowl.<br />

Pour the yeast mixture <strong>in</strong>to the dry mix.<br />

3. Mix us<strong>in</strong>g your h<strong>and</strong> until it comes together.<br />

4. Tip the rough dough on to the table <strong>and</strong> us<strong>in</strong>g<br />

the heel of your h<strong>and</strong> knead until a smooth dough<br />

forms, this takes around 10 m<strong>in</strong>s. You are look<strong>in</strong>g<br />

for the w<strong>in</strong>dowpane effect.<br />

5. Cover the dough <strong>and</strong> leave to rise for about 2<br />

hours or until doubled <strong>in</strong> size.<br />

6. Tip the dough out of the bowl onto a floured<br />

surface <strong>and</strong> fold us<strong>in</strong>g the plat<strong>in</strong>g action - i.e. left<br />

corner <strong>in</strong>to the middle, right corner <strong>in</strong>to the<br />

middle, the next left side <strong>in</strong>to the middle, right<br />

side <strong>in</strong>to the middle<br />

This month’s recipe is a tear <strong>and</strong> share perfect for<br />

those family gather<strong>in</strong>gs whether it’s a picnic or a<br />

BBQ. This one is garlic <strong>and</strong> herb but you can make<br />

any bread <strong>in</strong>to a tear <strong>and</strong> share - it’s all on the<br />

shap<strong>in</strong>g at the end before the f<strong>in</strong>al prov<strong>in</strong>g <strong>and</strong><br />

bak<strong>in</strong>g.<br />

Ingredients<br />

*Makes 1 loaf<br />

500g white bread flour<br />

200g milk<br />

135g water<br />

40g dried herbs of choice<br />

20g oil<br />

20g fresh yeast<br />

4g salt<br />

For the Topp<strong>in</strong>g<br />

75g butter<br />

Garlic to suit taste (2 cloves as a guide)<br />

40g fresh parsley<br />

1 x 20cm round cake t<strong>in</strong><br />

7. Melt the butter <strong>in</strong> a pan <strong>and</strong> then add the garlic<br />

<strong>and</strong> parsley. Leave to cool slightly.<br />

8. Divide the dough <strong>in</strong>to eight pieces <strong>and</strong> roll <strong>in</strong>to<br />

balls. Dip each ball <strong>in</strong> the garlic butter <strong>and</strong> then<br />

arrange <strong>in</strong> the cake t<strong>in</strong>.<br />

9. Cover if needed but only loosely with clean tea<br />

towel/bowl <strong>and</strong> leave to rise for about 1 hr.<br />

10. Preheat oven to 200°C <strong>and</strong> place a conta<strong>in</strong>er<br />

<strong>in</strong> the bottom with water.<br />

11. If there is any garlic butter left pour this<br />

carefully over the bread just before you place <strong>in</strong><br />

the oven. Bake for 15 m<strong>in</strong>s, then remove the<br />

water, turn, <strong>and</strong> bake for a further 10 m<strong>in</strong>utes or<br />

until golden brown <strong>and</strong> when tapped the bottom<br />

sounds hollow.<br />

Ruth Redgate is the owner of<br />

Hunnypot Cottage Bakery. Visit<br />

www.hunnypotcottagebakery.co.uk for<br />

more <strong>in</strong>formation.<br />


Texas Rocks The <strong>Chase</strong>!<br />

It may not have been bright sunsh<strong>in</strong>e on<br />

Thursday 9th June, but Sharleen Spiteri<br />

certa<strong>in</strong>ly shone brightly on stage as lead<br />

s<strong>in</strong>ger <strong>and</strong> ‘frontman’ of Scottish b<strong>and</strong>, Texas,<br />

as they made their <strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> debut for<br />

the first of the Forest Live events!<br />

To beg<strong>in</strong> with, the audience was treated to a set<br />

by the UK’s Eurovision contestant for <strong>2022</strong>, Sam<br />

Ryder, who came second <strong>in</strong> the annual<br />

competition with his song “Spaceman.”<br />

Sprawled on deckchairs <strong>and</strong> blankets, the crowd<br />

soon took to their feet as lead s<strong>in</strong>ger, Sharleen<br />

Spiteri, sung the open<strong>in</strong>g bars of 1989 hit “I Don’t<br />

Want a Lover,” <strong>and</strong> it wasn’t long before the<br />

crowds were congregat<strong>in</strong>g towards the front of<br />

the stage <strong>in</strong> the hopes of catch<strong>in</strong>g a glimpse of the<br />

acclaimed Glaswegian musician up close.<br />

What followed was 90 m<strong>in</strong>utes of hits such as<br />

“Say What You Want,” “When we are Together,” “In<br />

Dem<strong>and</strong>,” <strong>and</strong> “Inner Smile” which spanned the<br />

b<strong>and</strong>’s glorious three-decade-long career.<br />

Hav<strong>in</strong>g performed<br />

at huge festivals such<br />

as Glastonbury <strong>and</strong><br />

V Festival over the<br />

years, the <strong>Cannock</strong><br />

<strong>Chase</strong> Forest<br />

surrounds were a<br />

very different sett<strong>in</strong>g<br />

for the Glaswegianborn<br />

artist, <strong>and</strong> it<br />

certa<strong>in</strong>ly made for a<br />

very <strong>in</strong>timate<br />

concert. As the sun set over the trees, even<br />

Sharleen herself remarked on what a beautiful<br />

place we all lived <strong>in</strong>!<br />

Ever the show woman, Sharleen, who had<br />

donned a velvet suit for the occasion, engaged<br />

with the crowd <strong>and</strong> got us all s<strong>in</strong>g<strong>in</strong>g, clapp<strong>in</strong>g,<br />

cheer<strong>in</strong>g, danc<strong>in</strong>g <strong>and</strong>, most importantly of all,<br />

rock<strong>in</strong>g!<br />

Stay up to date with Forest Live events at<br />

www.forestryengl<strong>and</strong>.uk/music.<br />


28<br />

<strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong><br />

Volunteers<br />

Awarded<br />

Support Staffordshire<br />

held the prestigious<br />

Support Staffordshire<br />

Volunteer Star Awards<br />

<strong>in</strong> June, recognis<strong>in</strong>g the<br />

work of many<br />

outst<strong>and</strong><strong>in</strong>g <strong>in</strong>dividuals<br />

<strong>and</strong> bus<strong>in</strong>esses who<br />

Five Ways Ramblers & Strollers<br />

have given their time<br />

freely dur<strong>in</strong>g what has been the most challeng<strong>in</strong>g<br />

of years.<br />

The awards aim to publicly recognise <strong>and</strong> celebrate<br />

the outst<strong>and</strong><strong>in</strong>g achievements <strong>and</strong> commitment of<br />

volunteers <strong>and</strong> organisations who go the extra mile to<br />

support local communities.<br />

The <strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> District event, held at Beau<br />

Desert Golf Club on Tuesday 14th June, was an<br />

overwhelm<strong>in</strong>g success with guests say<strong>in</strong>g how <strong>in</strong>spir<strong>in</strong>g<br />

the volunteers’ stories are.<br />

There were 10 awards presented dur<strong>in</strong>g the<br />

even<strong>in</strong>g.<br />

Award W<strong>in</strong>ners for <strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> District<br />

were:<br />

Volunteer of the Year – Jackie Hickl<strong>in</strong>, Bethany Baptist<br />

Church<br />

Lifetime Achievement – Irene Hodges, The<br />

<strong>Chase</strong>water Swans Support group<br />

Personal Achievement – Dawn Force, West<br />

Chadsmoor Family Centre<br />

New Volunteer Team of the Year – Five Ways Strollers<br />

<strong>and</strong> Ramblers<br />

Volunteer Team of the Year – Penk Moneywise<br />

Support for Over 65’s – Maureen Garbett, Norton<br />

Canes Watercolour Club<br />

Support for Young People – Fireworks<br />

Young Volunteer of the Year – James Downs, Friends<br />

of Hednesford Park<br />

Bus<strong>in</strong>ess Contribution to Communities Award –<br />

Potteries Mechanical Services Ltd<br />

Trustee of the Year – Nicole Walker, Bailey Bridge<br />

My Month <strong>in</strong><br />

Parliament<br />

By Am<strong>and</strong>a Mill<strong>in</strong>g MP<br />

S<strong>in</strong>ce my last column, we<br />

have marked The<br />

Queen’s Plat<strong>in</strong>um Jubilee. It<br />

was brilliant to see the<br />

country come together to<br />

celebrate the Queen’s<br />

service to our country.<br />

In recent weeks, I have been enjoy<strong>in</strong>g<br />

gett<strong>in</strong>g out <strong>and</strong> about <strong>in</strong> the constituency -<br />

visit<strong>in</strong>g local bus<strong>in</strong>esses <strong>and</strong> meet<strong>in</strong>g with<br />

organisations.<br />

It was great to meet local Canal <strong>and</strong> River<br />

Trust team members Mart<strong>in</strong>, Carl, James, <strong>and</strong><br />

the Chief Executive Richard Parry, to chat<br />

about the canals <strong>in</strong> <strong>Rugeley</strong> <strong>and</strong> the<br />

improvements that have taken place recently.<br />

The upgrades to the tow path make it a lot<br />

easier for everyone to use, whether you are<br />

walk<strong>in</strong>g your dog, go<strong>in</strong>g for a cycle or out for<br />

a jog.<br />

I heard about the work of a small group of<br />

local volunteers who help keep the area clean,<br />

<strong>and</strong> the efforts of this group to help nature<br />

thrive.<br />

Like many of you, I am very excited about<br />

the upcom<strong>in</strong>g Birm<strong>in</strong>gham Commonwealth<br />

Games which will beg<strong>in</strong> at the end of <strong>July</strong>. Best<br />

of all, the mounta<strong>in</strong> bik<strong>in</strong>g event will be tak<strong>in</strong>g<br />

place <strong>in</strong> <strong>Cannock</strong> <strong>Chase</strong> Forest giv<strong>in</strong>g us all a<br />

brilliant chance to watch a world class<br />

sport<strong>in</strong>g event right here on our doorsteps.<br />

As we build up to the open<strong>in</strong>g ceremony, I<br />

am delighted that <strong>Cannock</strong>, <strong>Rugeley</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

Hednesford will welcome the Queen’s Baton<br />

Relay on 23rd <strong>July</strong>. I would encourage local<br />

residents to come along to this excit<strong>in</strong>g<br />

event!<br />

As ever, if you have any issues at all that<br />

you need my help with, email me at<br />

am<strong>and</strong>a.mill<strong>in</strong>g.mp@parliament.uk, call 01543<br />

877142 or visit<br />



Summer Through<br />

Thail<strong>and</strong><br />

Cookery Course<br />

Fancy someth<strong>in</strong>g a bit different? Then read on!<br />

We sent our director, Helen, on a fantastic<br />

cook<strong>in</strong>g course at Perry’s Field to Fork - an<br />

artisan butchery <strong>and</strong> cookery school based <strong>in</strong> the<br />

historic market town of Eccleshall. She tells us<br />

more!<br />

On arrival we were greeted by Debbie Hill who<br />

owns the cookery school which is set <strong>in</strong> a lovely<br />

purpose-built build<strong>in</strong>g <strong>and</strong> surrounded by beautiful<br />

gardens. We were made to feel welcome straight away<br />

<strong>and</strong>, after a quick brew we all <strong>in</strong>troduced ourselves.<br />

Runn<strong>in</strong>g the course was Chef Meek <strong>and</strong> she guided<br />

each of us through her recipes. First off, we prepped<br />

our Kao Soy by mak<strong>in</strong>g a paste <strong>in</strong> the pestle <strong>and</strong><br />

mortar, <strong>and</strong> then we added all our <strong>in</strong>gredients to the<br />

pan, <strong>in</strong>clud<strong>in</strong>g our chicken, <strong>and</strong> left if to simmer away.<br />

The delicious aromas soon flooded the kitchen <strong>and</strong><br />

the smell of coconut <strong>and</strong> spices was irresistible - this<br />

dish was go<strong>in</strong>g to be eaten for our lunch <strong>and</strong> I couldn’t<br />

wait!<br />

We then moved onto our mar<strong>in</strong>ade for Moo Yang<br />

(grilled pork). We each had a lovely thick pork chop<br />

<strong>and</strong> so set about mak<strong>in</strong>g a paste that we could use to<br />

barbecue it at home the day after. This consisted of<br />

oyster sauce, soy sauce, sugar, milk, pepper, sesame oil,<br />

cori<strong>and</strong>er <strong>and</strong> garlic.<br />

As our class was all open to try<strong>in</strong>g various foods,<br />

Chef Meek added a few extra ones for us to taste! The<br />

salsa which accompanies some foods, <strong>and</strong> which I had<br />

the day after with the BBQ pork chop, was quite<br />

simply to die for! Made from chilli, fish sauce, sugar,<br />

cori<strong>and</strong>er, red onion, spr<strong>in</strong>g onion, ground rice <strong>and</strong><br />

lime, it’s a pretty simple recipe <strong>and</strong> one which I will be<br />

mak<strong>in</strong>g on a regular basis from now on!<br />

She also had us try some fried liver <strong>and</strong> kidneys to<br />

dip <strong>in</strong> this salsa too, which was absolutely delicious,<br />

with top <strong>in</strong>gredients from the on-site artisan butchers<br />

(which I highly recommend you to visit as it is out of<br />

this world!)<br />

Our lunch was now ready, with fresh noodles, sliced<br />

pickled cabbage, chilli oil, fried noodles, spr<strong>in</strong>g onion,<br />

cori<strong>and</strong>er <strong>and</strong> a slice of lime - not only did this<br />

colourful dish taste amaz<strong>in</strong>g but it also looked like a<br />

work of art <strong>and</strong> would defiantly provide the ‘wow’<br />

factor at any d<strong>in</strong>ner party.<br />

After lunch we went onto make dessert. Thong<br />

Muan Sod (fresh coconut crepe) is the perfect end to<br />

any Thai meal <strong>and</strong>, now full of food <strong>and</strong> knowledge, I<br />

couldn’t wait to get home <strong>and</strong> try out these dishes<br />

aga<strong>in</strong>. Not only did I taste some <strong>in</strong>credible food, I<br />

learned a lot <strong>and</strong> also had some great laughs with the<br />

others on my course too.<br />

The courses are run over a full day, from 9.30am till<br />

3.30pm. They are relaxed, fun <strong>and</strong> very <strong>in</strong>formative <strong>and</strong><br />

I will def<strong>in</strong>itely be book<strong>in</strong>g another one soon! Perry’s<br />

runs a variety of courses, <strong>in</strong>clud<strong>in</strong>g bread mak<strong>in</strong>g,<br />

Indian cook<strong>in</strong>g, Italian cook<strong>in</strong>g, butchery, <strong>and</strong> piemak<strong>in</strong>g,<br />

with new ones be<strong>in</strong>g added all the time. They<br />

make the perfect gift for a loved one, a corporate<br />

teambuild<strong>in</strong>g event, special occasion or just to treat<br />

yourself <strong>and</strong> learn some new skills. Gift vouchers for<br />

all special occasions are also available.<br />

F<strong>in</strong>d out more on the website at<br />

www.perrysfieldtofork.co.uk or visit at Perry’s<br />

Field to Fork, The Old Cookery School, 23<br />

Stafford Street, Eccleshall, ST21 6BL. Tel: 01785<br />

851911.<br />



How Does<br />

Your Garden<br />

Grow?<br />

By Piper Nurseries<br />

Summer is <strong>in</strong> full sw<strong>in</strong>g <strong>and</strong>, with <strong>July</strong> <strong>and</strong><br />

<strong>August</strong> be<strong>in</strong>g the hottest months of the<br />

year, there’s lots to be gett<strong>in</strong>g on with <strong>in</strong><br />

your garden.<br />

Keep on top of deadhead<strong>in</strong>g bedd<strong>in</strong>g plants <strong>and</strong><br />

repeat-flower<strong>in</strong>g perennials to ensure cont<strong>in</strong>uous<br />

new growth <strong>and</strong> tend to your roses to encourage a<br />

late summer bloom. You can also cut back hang<strong>in</strong>g<br />

basket growth to ensure they stay look<strong>in</strong>g good for<br />

as long as possible.<br />

Now is a good time to take cutt<strong>in</strong>gs from your<br />

favourite tender plants for overw<strong>in</strong>ter<strong>in</strong>g <strong>in</strong>doors.<br />

Cutt<strong>in</strong>gs can also still be taken from shrubs <strong>and</strong><br />

border perennials.<br />

You can start harvest<strong>in</strong>g some of your vegetables,<br />

such as sweetcorn, as <strong>and</strong> when they become ready<br />

<strong>and</strong> remember to prune your summer fruits too to<br />

ensure they keep on produc<strong>in</strong>g.<br />

Don’t forget to keep everyth<strong>in</strong>g hydrated - water<br />

at dusk to reduce evaporation <strong>and</strong> use mulch<br />

around plants to reta<strong>in</strong> moisture. Water around the<br />

plants rather than on the foliage <strong>and</strong> make ‘pools’<br />

for <strong>in</strong>dividual plants so that the water is directed<br />

straight to the root where it’s needed. Try to use<br />

grey water or stored water wherever possible,<br />

especially if butts are runn<strong>in</strong>g low from the dry<br />

weather.<br />

You’ll now be regularly mow<strong>in</strong>g your lawn to keep<br />

it look<strong>in</strong>g good, but it’s also advisable to give it a<br />

good feed with a quick-act<strong>in</strong>g summer feed solution,<br />

especially if you didn’t do this <strong>in</strong> spr<strong>in</strong>g. This will<br />

ensure that it looks lush throughout the rest of the<br />

season. Don’t forget, your lawn enjoys a good<br />

water<strong>in</strong>g too!<br />

Piper Nurseries is situated on Watl<strong>in</strong>g Street (A5)<br />

at Gailey, near Penkridge, ST19 5PR.<br />



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