The Cork Advertiser 30 January 1802

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NUMBER 47 1,j



T. HE ½onduding Comminee be leave to iiiform the

NOH!LlTY, LADIE., and Git, f"LEti!E- , th.1t

TH ANu Ai. n.NcY BAL,




Li fixed for MONDAY the lbll, Fehrn;;y uet, at the

J\.SS-E:M HLY-ROOMS, Gw11cE's-STREET'; and u,eyhave

•. ttvery ·rea,ou Jo xvect tl.at the Il ooMs will b

Abo,it 1 . .50 Galtons FRENfH. BRA'.NDY;

J-Hnety-11i11e f-161\and SH,\RTS, "1 ABLE-CLOTHS

r:,'A:PKI 18;' .

,)bout 11)(\ Dozen Eond9n ROTTL!l:Ii> PORJR ;.

Some Bgs a.nd Deal Boads u,eci,.,11- dischariug the .cargo.

• "fernis at Sale. ' O111,;le, . Ja11Lary 21 . , 1802. ,



A VE now bv theru a large Si1pply. of their w . 1 krwwo

exquisite, OLD POR'f , WlNE tn , l'1pcs and Hfal.

which they will dis11nse of en plea1iog term,. TJ.ey_ hv,e

-for Sle :JO Pund,cvns of wect St. Kin's RUM. 1

Ja1uary 2s:·


H 1 AS FOR SALE at his Stt,,i - es, MORGAN'.c;TREF,T,

• FE.RMOY. . ALE I highly UP in Bottle, · , 4s. 4d. p(

Doz.(in. _ January 2, o.




• IB 0

O F rem'arkably fine quality 1 is 1ww on sale at_ LARJC£'s

MAK!;H BRtW..,ER Y, in Cask.s conta111111 .fo and

21 Gallbns. ,/J. ,, '!·

45 Gal\cins, ..... ...... 2 3 •i

21 Di1w, ...,........., 1 tl 7

N. 13,-PORTER and 'TABLE BEER a$. usnal..

. fork, January s, 18®,


Early .Seed Potatoes.

HOMAS -:rnd ANDIU.WLAFFA:N ha,:e now for Sa,le

KlD 'EY !'OTATOES of an e:waord1nary fine; , quality

• Reel and Wl11te Appll' d,110 ; the f6rmer a cl ly as the

K,d;,c)'., anc\ both raised from the Sed wi .

1hi1i two ye,11 : s, uf

niost ab.wdant produce, and very tupenur kmd : . a.s a.

choice A,JS,ifuneut 11f DUTCH FLOW ER ROO'l'S J uqt 11J;I.•


Co,k. 1

19.h J:.tm ..,y, 16"2.



··· joH_J:otE

WILLTET from the.5th Milrch 1m:t, eiher the HOUSE

J ju whici, . r.iow lives, near ST. PA,. ,, 1 c •s-Bt< tDG.£,

which .1,_ in cmplte Repair and fit for the imei.liate Reccp­

LJun pt a large Fn,rnly, ur the HOUSE next it, which be is

,fi11ihing.-They are liolll ipacious aud cun!eni,ent, and, the

,.t;,t1:1atiu1 mosi cleirahle. _ Jan. 2;,

Ji·o BE LET;

From the 251)1 cf M ,1 RCfl yr I st of l\1 ,,,.Y iwxt;

44>.A.s:reii; , o Rood,, io PercHes; ,

.DART of the 1..Mrds ,:,1 .::Af' l(.'\Ch."IJ WAY, in the Scittth

,&;. {,ibenie,, ,11-l'a ,f\e;ir Ever,;'reen fhe •Ground i; remark­

. iti;l,ftor T..i)le, -\1e.i Guuieas.

1 yA ·L0T f 'G.KOUJ:ilD, in Cqve-street, extending to

. ' N1chol;;i ·cflurc.h-gtreer, c:>niaini'ng, jn front of Coye-stre-et,

. 7 5, ft:etJ hy 6,l rc.,r de,:,p-111 front of l\ icholas-'l.treel 53 l'eet.

.,A L_0T; whicli w.i:! forrnerly ciccs1piecl .as an lNi; _and

S r,1111-E., m f r nnt uf 9vve street 6ll. lcet, by 80 fet deep­

/tr,is ,i3 m,ll akulat


B•RN, !H CiM:l!ER 10, . ,


B {i '

c·1·"en Suiter there are alfo laken into

.! !OeS I 1,- I

· a •

{l:od on accoun t of thi! late infu:re ion at

ricl;; the Citizens Keller of Obnugcn; and

G tz of Tach[en both Captains ; and tliy are t o

l O • a l f "J the Cantonial Tribunal, tlie Gene­









·1 I dhlers to profecute

r•l Ac-:111 r havwg a reac y

. C f .


. An ibat,1on • .


· l h b t1 The pri""-te lt:tters rccein:d f r ur': Er,_rp have

for :infwring the objection mJe ,-r1m: i t cy . a

ivcn rife to much publ.c cor.v not p; iwe that .:oll_re . creir knowlcdgt>, or their reafon, whcat'I I {hall

them that thq will were m acre ,

ev.,.ry d'(cuffiot1 wh_ich h.au io r it:1 o JeCt t e iran

' .

n l th


fuffcred by or.dtve balls ber_e which

wou'ld by no means if ls race a royal ent_ertm. 1,_ent ;

-pa-ys weekly 30 _LOUIS d'Ors for }11& loagmgs :

and daily l l florins per ·head for. twelve perfono

who dine a_t his table. He gave a all y_e!l:e:·day

to 3 od prrfo ns, which, for mufic, Jlluminatwn_s,,

collations, and fu p_ per, h,e, by contraB:, paLd

2zoo florins. · --r · :

_ _..._'Ccll.Tl.Z"'.lYry tayura ·

u Cog,mefre,'il writes a Frer1.ch m.an. refiding . in

Spain ,. " is ber.e at prfeut of no in:rpotp.c 7 ._ I

intendrd to g t o Cad, hut the _co'.1tag1ous 01f9rdr

wliicli again reigns there at prdent '. deter m:·

The letters received from, thence, are d1ppec! rn Vl•

negaq and they write from that ity,_ t?a: - new­

.comrs, irr particular, are attacked with 1t, and

tlfat many of thefo have died of it."


ARR E'l'I!, Port Repuhlir wh ich fhoulo. have reigned in its habita

tions, has foffore,ll in ct:rtain cafes, an,d might continue

to foffer injury. It belong- to the prudence

of the government to arrelt abqfes dell.ruB:ive to

the public profpcrity; and to obviate the im,putation

which a fpirit of debauchery and lawlefs indlgence

might oe . cafion, whiltt cloaking itfel£.

under the facred pretext of m arriage.

The Governor of-St. Domfogo therefore decrees

as follows :-

1 ft. No foldier can contrac\: marriage without the approb

.. tion of the Governor of St, Domin11:o,

d. No culivator atJached to any particular habitation

-can cfpoufe a woman :ittachtd to ;my othr habitation,

without the exprcfs pcrmillioo of the Governor of St.


3d. No folO •

· . _.: ,


all the perfot1ges o ran a»

ut. tnt.'1.lOll . at pre•-

"(h cruld crnter n)tb , fome C7'planat1pn with h!rnfeter 1e:tge_, , E[q. refi,gned, _ · • , ?

tidfm,..t , o the importa'oce .-te obj;;.ch. . ,,. .1'' : ' fomft?tB-; poin.t,s o_f 01r JncHan policzy!· efpeia11y •John

__ SwLf '.Emerfoh, . fq . of Mo!efo . ft4• -·

. On the coritrarv, I fh-

4 all dtlm t. hat o-fu->, _o., fit.i rl , o ,in relatio{l to,t-be,;Nabob -of the Carn11t1c,. 1s h.k_ely (lreet, 1s appotQt ed -Examrner t l3a,ron Smith.

J t'Y

' • ' • • 11' ' ' 1 A r: I., fi f •·l ft ·r · J

be i n\1 ecerit, if it inveigh' ;iga[nll wonfa Jf orc#'r o becomprntkr of arl1_aentry 10;eu1gatton. . 1,ew uay -a/50 we ? . :e ate p1:Honers,. w 1

t? epreciate' thins.; 1 if .it lay ·hld of 1hferfc- ,heJi6nonf of 'the nat10n 111,1mnbcateQ 111 the q1.1ef- were confipeo 10 Carm:kforgus Callie, were- adt1011s

that -ate uf 'lmle mọment, '111 QF.d,er o n;pe1 ' ion;' afld we tru'fl: 'it will ex·prience a,ppropriat5= ' mit'ted ,;o bj!, viz. the Rdv. Bernard !"f1!genni,,

'ufeful tntlltutions ; if it attack inteqtioQ \,;here:h · cpnf\deatipn. , , , , , , : , I • Me{frs. reelrng, Fal } on, ,O:y, and '.iV_ilf?n, . ,

cannot,. atta,ck" eith'er things"6nvor.ds---{if it intro. I . TJie R.a::rnee, or· Prin,(:ef of . Delle, who re Among . he mea, ures· fa1d• to be Iii a_gaat10·

··duce perfonatities i.nto difrdlio n, and•aimat in • , : ·'foqif t ime fince m entierfed to.'h':ve ben cbnfined thef talk 1n ,Lond on of . a ve.rJ etnwrdmary ab,r

viduals the dart that may "OUJ,d.-Fin\lHy,_I •1(:i ' at 'Dindi o-ul by the India ,ComP;.r.ti1y, on fofpicion fonteeta·x, to be payable ® the income a'.1'td·pro- 1

it a ih.decent if it affe0edl7 difpara:ge [awa, I\llt . 1 &£, 1- J aving affi/ted. the ipfurge\ Poligrs, , has ·of- _'perty ,of e,ery Briti,1h fubj eS:, _ not..)n a diplomatic

fu rpaff8 ; and, bis de:ith i even faid to have

. r: DOMlNGfJ.

been· parll y occaOoned by a too grut. degree of '


·, .,

t '

We have had fcnrnc time to rect?ver from t 1e

i!pplicati.o n o liis judicial i,uuncin Hooks are

ro he di,p,,sed o[-"',fv I'i;',\.Si: ;' H->Rsk BcANs; Red and Wh,te CLOVER ;

rlcei;ved.fo ftlvere a beatin r 'that. be died th ne«:t -tary ' fobcnilliµn of the Negroes, wit.h any aqvanta•.

TP. ·i>-0 iL. 1\u oi.: \.V f/'E.s'T . HrnP' and' CANAR.Y Snns;

day: ' .

• .i. • , ' . . geouii fy Llei;n of col?nization :--:- 011 d'.e· gol , e _ .i,t Sfli a11d \v'nple PE ,: 'f,' tor'sh\ps'.Use ; MusTA DFLoUR 1

On the I 6th 1 11{Unt, died, at Bath, fter a few

appears to us, that tlie ala1:m· which the Oppef i t10n ip s(nall ,s- Hi N ORSl!.RtES C"}lram :Fi< u IT• an/


N E f W


ff Fo R,¥s r. 1"'E.E.s, SH R U :Bs· ;ipd F'LoWER RooT,s,,_ ,n, great

days illncfs1 s .\Mu EL - E w POP. Ti q. 0 a/er - : in ehe Irriperial Parliamen t eit11er fe),c, or a ·eB:e

Varity. As he ilimmH, in future, .to confine ,mselt s

f ord, fole ··proprietoi· of the packets at th at plac. to feel; was totally groundlefs, · and that _ t1e force,.

nt-ar!y as po,ftbl to a . ,R '! .zd y \'lo,uy_ · rade, eac A ·tide w,11 _

· M:l\'l;I. Rlf.D.-At Cor1tai;h, co. Dublin, R1ctt. Jno. ,hich F rance h;:is foi,r nd ncceifary to difpatd to

be warrantcld New .-a'nd of ·be,r Qultty; a11d £.6 per cent.

\..,rq. '-•rri!l:et at I'aw, to' Mil Frn 1 , A v, daug' htcr of Ju'll _ . "'


h' l ·


-1)); • u,,t allowed on stoi1cis, f rumarkahly

)wPER ;

English CANDLE-lCK_ ;-IRO:'l' VVl RE;

Nailors' lR0;s- ;TAIWAS(--PlPE CLAY.;

Bristoi'Tlerce and Barrel WOOD HOOPS;

Stowrbridge BRICKS ;-,Paicnt SB,OT ;

Toµacco PI P'ES ;_..FLAG STON'ES ;



f,. large CQj1j1ar BottQrti and SMts, and an lr'lll Mdtillg Pa11.


· Cork, January 14, ltlU\1.


lJ,NTIL the First of Febr11ary next, the GRASS of

. VELZNON-V!OUNT ; and from the •l5th of !\farch

ne,t; for such term a$ may be agreed on, the HOU'.1 , E aud

DEMESNE, c011talni11g' ahuut Sl: acres. Apply Co AEx­

ANDER H.-.vEs, or WrLLIAM Coi:.Rot."·

There .. re from 70 to 80 Tons 1.{ we\f,.saved HAY

cm the·Pce,v;iises ro be Sold.

Cork;_ January !30, 180'2.

TO BE. LET 1 ,

FOR a ·long triti o'f years, fr•,m the '251h March, the

CELLARS ne1't Mr. ANDl!.RW O'SHrA's l>0use on l:vfer•

chanrn' -Qu.ty, now \nanted by Messn. HE-' .1« sn and

C1tAWFoRD. Proposals to be made tu W[LUAM SMITL,

South-Mall. Cork, January 3t!, l 802.



...- 1 -..HE nw Built HOUSE 'and OFFlCE.S of HAR.B(i)UR-

VJE,W, · in the IsLAND, with aboul Tw>?nty-Se,·eu

Acres of Medow, Tillage and P,wufe GRdU_D; situ,1te .

fronting tlle Harbour's-MoLtth, a,1cl hut a shorl d,srar,ce r _ om

Cov E; few situation possess a finer Prosp!c'ct, or affotd

geater Settrity for R sidcnce : mvre than hali thi, Ground

can be watered, and the Tide ffows to 1he Bvund, : a small

Fine will lie expected.

(l:j' Leucrs (Jzo•t J1ai.l) acldmsed to JOSEPH CO P­


ntcK sTRYPB;

R, 'THE :!ORCE OF H./JBI'f'.

A TALl! ,


HAB!'I'S ar-t }u!,b•rn tbing, .:

And hy the: Hmc a man is tllrn'd offarljJ

. Hi, ,..,li,,g paJ/,•"'• grown Co haughty,

' T here i, no dipping of its 'wings.

The truth will 'beft be /hewn,

.By a familiar inllance or'our own.

. D1c1t STJi.TPE

W.• a_ dear friend and lover of the pip, I

tie u'd tp fay, ofl, pipe if Lundy', /,,}1

G.ive life a z;JI.

'J' him· 't\,·as eat, and dtlnk, and phyfit;

To fee. the fri_endly vapour

Cifrl round hia 1 midnigbt taper 1

.,\hit the black fume

Clothe all the room,

,f II clo11ds aa dark a·& fairtnce lndnph_vjd •

., 6, fri}! he fmok'd, and drank, and crack 1 d his joke ;

np, bad he}ngle tarried,

Be n;ight have fn1ok•d, and flill gti:Jwn old in fmoke :

But R1cHJ1 RD married.

. His wife ws one who carrieq

The cl,anl y 11irtu,s a1mo!I: to a vice;

S},e was fo niu:

, .j\.Qd thrice a ,veek, above, below,

'[h. houf was foour:d from top to toe1 ,

Al)i:1 all t- iloors ws:re rub' fo brightj

You dar'd not walk upright

'f o_r fear (lf flicli11g' :

l3ut.that fue took a pride in.

Of all things elfe k oBECOA STRtili:

ould lafl endure a 'y,ipe. :

She rail'd upon the filthy herb tobacca;'


Protefted that the noifome vapour

:Bad fpoil 1 d the heft chintz curtains and the paper,

And coft her many a poirndjn frucco :

.And then, fhe quoted our Ki11g 'Janres, who. faith,

· " Tobacco is the Devil's breath."

'\\'.hen wive _,,.,;;/t goern, hufbands mufl obe 1 :

• Fvf many a 1)ay

f>,c,ic mourn'd and mifs'd his favourite tobaaco,

. And curs'd R£11r.ccA.

/1,t ,Jength the day approach'd, his w·ife mu£l: die :

Imagine now the doleful cry

Of femal f r iends, old aunts, and coufins1

Who to the funeral cam,i hf dozens,

'l'he undertaker's men and mutes

· . toad at the gate in fable ftlits,

... ith doleful looks, , ·

• . .J:uh 1iki: fo',maily melancholy rooU. '

, ow cakes and win€ are handed round,

:fi,lks_ figh, and,d!i1k ," and dfink, and figh(

for grief n;i ake$ people (l,-y ,

lfot D1cx is mtf/ing,, no where to.be found.

A.b.oH, b.elow, iibout ,. '•

J'hey fe'lr't!li'd tlif ,!loufe throughout,

·,)".Eac;h hi>le_-a fecret enny,

Q'!;! frorriJthe garret to the pantry,

I \!v rycorn\'r, cupboard, qook, and fuelF,

• Jurd -all c,?11dudecl he had_,li4ng'd him!'df. -

ft in ty found hiJh-;-reaq_r, gufa you where-

1,,Tw11l make Jou fl:are- r . .

ey;:h'.tl on'}?.K!l_ecci,/s ,J!ffen, .at•.hi& rcfl: i

1iMOAX;J: N• A PIVE O!' f;\J Ni>Y's BtST ! ,

JIROlil 'f'EiP. '1'.h.UE 11kt'!'bl-J'. I-HJRRICANE AT LIVERP')OL. J

T . h ,

RANEL,\GH 1\,I,i. 1 ;sQ_1 $R,rnE •

. _e rntelligence which we receitcd by the l_,1tl -- • I

Pans Journals, and which we detailed to o ur rea-


N. •



. {i

• otw1thflanding the, fineneL,; n.t tf1e ni_.,-: !t o'n

ders in our papers of the 1 9 th inO:. has excited a , e were v1 1ted here by the mofl dreadfnl hur-

Th r


{i • \ fr · h I ·

und:1y the rooms w::rl! not c.rowH'··'. The no

con idtable fonfation i•n th e minds of the public, ricane la n1g . t t 1at can be n:mernbercd by the 1 l

• t,1,1

ref petting t;he actual condition and future fate of olddl inhabitant. A horrid night it tvl(s i n d e d, r '.11 ar .:ab-e figure, was a Tay !:,}· i•id:g,o- on ° d

that coun try, ha l()ng worn a portenrous appear- hold, Man houfc:s ar c :: qui:e blown down and

·,"bout Ill fuch a manna that he w11s ghd to 1-rt

ance.- S o long ago a8 the middle of the month of

ckmolifheJ ; iunumerable othrs h ave }iad their

early, leaving the room tlr,:weJ with frrB;r :.worrll w iile tb,


• . ".' . 'When he arri,ved hctre, r.he ph yfici ans, Holme, n

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