Glamsquad Magazine July 2022

Tiwa Savage: Woman, Superstar, Mother & The Leaked Tape

Tiwa Savage: Woman, Superstar, Mother & The Leaked Tape


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juLY <strong>2022</strong><br />

THE<br />


DAY & NIGHT<br />

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6 TOP<br />

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22/23<br />

Exclusive<br />

Interview<br />

TIWA<br />

SAVAGE:<br />

Woman, Superstar, Mother<br />

& The Leaked Tape<br />

10<br />

Exercises<br />

for Women<br />

of Every<br />

Age<br />

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Woman, Superstar, Mother &<br />

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H<br />

ello there,<br />

After two months in Nigeria,<br />

I am back at my <strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

operational office in the United<br />

Kingdom.<br />

It is an average-sized desk – home<br />

to my Macbook, writing pads, and<br />

an ever-increasing pile of the best<br />

magazine issues I can lay my hands on.<br />

It is not much, but it is where I contribute<br />

my quota to the fantastic team at<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong>.<br />

For those who do not know,<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> magazine has operations<br />

in the United Kingdom and Nigeria, and<br />

my recent visit to Nigeria was nothing<br />

short of fulfilling. I made sure to meet<br />

every member of the team operating in<br />

Nigeria, and we had some memorable<br />

times together.<br />

This edition is special to me for many<br />

reasons – but chief on that list is our<br />

cover star – Tiwa Savage.<br />

I first met Tiwa Savage in May 2013 at<br />

the Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos. I was<br />

on a two-week visit to Nigeria for a family<br />

function, and a friend invited me to an<br />

event at the Wheatbaker.<br />

At that time, I didn’t know I would<br />

attend a listening party. I had been at<br />

the hotel a few days before and was not<br />

going to say no to going back. Yes, it is<br />

such a great place.<br />

It was the listening party for Tiwa<br />

Savage’s first studio album ‘Once Upon<br />

A Time.’ Not only was I blown away by<br />

her personality, but I was impressed<br />

by her body of work which she started<br />

working on three years prior.<br />

I couldn’t wait for the album, which<br />

was released on <strong>July</strong> 3, 2013. Since<br />

then, I have been one of Tiwa’s<br />

biggest fans, both at home and<br />

abroad.<br />

Her exclusive in this edition<br />

was not achieved over one<br />

sit-out. It is a product of multiple<br />

conversations, and I am<br />

positive that we have the most<br />

wholesome exclusive of one of<br />

Africa’s finest.<br />

Every story and feature in this<br />

edition was carefully selected and<br />

crafted to perfection.<br />

Once again, the team has<br />

done a great job delivering<br />

the perfect issue that balances<br />

health, lifestyle, entertainment,<br />

fashion, and more.<br />

As you would notice, we<br />

have published five letters from<br />

readers. We will publish more in<br />

the coming edition and would<br />

love yours to be one of them.<br />

So, please write to us at editor@<br />

glamsquadmagazine.com.<br />

As always, lots of love from all<br />

of us at <strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong> –<br />

we love you dearly!<br />

Forever Yours,<br />

A .<br />

Ameena Dayo<br />

Editor, G.S<br />

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Day And Night<br />

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Tiwa<br />

Savage<br />

Woman. Superstar. Mother<br />

By Ameena Daayo<br />

Tiwa Savage is lovely; do not<br />

let anyone tell you anything<br />

different! Apart from being<br />

one of Africa’s most talented<br />

and successful musicians, Tiwa is a<br />

strong woman, a superstar, and a<br />

great mother.<br />

Many have come and gone, but<br />

Tiwa continues to be evergreen,<br />

and this is because she has evolved<br />

with times and seasons. She is not<br />

only a talented individual but a<br />

hardworking human being who is<br />

always looking to improve herself for<br />

the best.<br />

In this exclusive, we focused on<br />

the hard buttons – the real questions<br />

we should be asking. If you want to<br />

know Tiwa Savage – the woman, the<br />

superstar, and the mother – then this<br />

exclusive is for you.<br />

We didn’t ask the usual ‘Tell us<br />

about yourself?’ – It was intentional.<br />

We wanted you to see through<br />

the eyes of this human being and<br />

experience her journey firsthand.<br />

So that in your words, you can say,<br />

“Tiwa Savage is……”<br />

Without wasting any more time,<br />

we give you the one-and-only Tiwa<br />

Savage.<br />

6<br />



<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive:<br />

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<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive:<br />

8<br />



<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: You<br />

moved to the United Kingdom<br />

at a young age. How did it all<br />

happen?<br />

I moved to London when I was<br />

10 years old and discovered that<br />

what was supposed to be a holiday<br />

was actually a permanent move. It<br />

was a daunting experience.<br />

I was bullied by schoolmates<br />

and was subjected to physical<br />

harassment. It got so bad that<br />

I tried to bleach my skin and<br />

attempted suicide on two<br />

occasions. I even got a police<br />

escort to school. Yes, it was that<br />

bad.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: How<br />

did you discover your path in<br />

music?<br />

In order to get the attention of a<br />

boy I was crushing on, I auditioned<br />

for a role in a school play. I was 15<br />

at that time, and my talent gave<br />

me some prestige in school.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: When<br />

did you decide to go into music<br />

full time?<br />

When I was in my 20s, I decided<br />

to pursue my music career fulltime.<br />

After some advice from a<br />

friend of mine – a drummer who<br />

played with the Black Eyed Peas,<br />

I moved to the United States of<br />

America.<br />

But I didn’t have a working<br />

permit which meant I had to stay<br />

in a shelter for underprivileged girls<br />

for 6 months. I worked as a backup<br />

singer and waiter for a long time<br />

before saving some money.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: When<br />

did the big move occur?<br />

After saving up enough money,<br />

I moved to New York. There, I got<br />

a publishing deal and moved to<br />

Los Angeles. The rest is history. I was<br />

able to get numerous gigs as a<br />

backup singer.<br />

I have done backup for stars like<br />

Whitney Houston, Maryjane Blige,<br />

and George Michael.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: When<br />

and why did you relocate to<br />

Nigeria?<br />

In Los Angeles, I had back-toback<br />

gigs. But eventually, I met<br />

Nigerian comedian, Babyface.<br />

After an interesting conversation<br />

about Fela Kuti and African music, I<br />

became interested in the Nigerian<br />

music industry and decided to<br />

come back home to do my thing.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: So far,<br />

what makes you most fulfilled<br />

about that decision you made<br />

many years ago?<br />

There is nothing more fulfilling<br />

than meeting total strangers who<br />

tell me how much my music brings<br />

them joy. Also, I am able to be a<br />

source of inspiration to young girls<br />

– especially black girls – this always<br />

touches my heart.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: What<br />

are the downsides of being a<br />

famous musician?<br />

I do not like the fact you<br />

no longer have your privacy.<br />

Everything you do is under a<br />

microscope, and you are judged<br />

by everyone.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: What<br />

would you say is the most difficult<br />

aspect of stardom?<br />

For me, the most difficult thing<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


about stardom is the reality that<br />

you no longer live for yourself.<br />

You are living for the people,<br />

and this can have its effects<br />

because you will continue to<br />

question yourself.<br />

But I have learned to be<br />

myself, and with God by my<br />

side, I will go even farther than I<br />

have come.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>: If<br />

you weren’t a musician, what<br />

else would you have been?<br />

Honestly, I have never<br />

thought of this. It has never<br />

crossed my mind. To be honest<br />

with you, I have never thought<br />

about this, and I do not think<br />

I will do anything aside from<br />

music. This is what I was born to<br />

do.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>:<br />

Who has made the greatest<br />

impact in your life and stood<br />

by you?<br />

Honestly, I would have to say<br />

it has been God and my family<br />

– especially at difficult times or<br />

when something comes up in<br />

the press. They know who I really<br />

am, and they have continued<br />

to stand by me.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>:<br />

Speaking of the press, what is<br />

the worst thing you have read<br />

about yourself?<br />

There have been so many<br />

negative things about me. But<br />

the worst for me was when I<br />

read that I was adopted. I even<br />

had to call my mum about it.<br />

But you know, it was untrue and<br />

the worst fabricated story about<br />

me.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>:<br />

Can you tell us about the<br />

recently leaked sex tape?<br />

Well, that is not a sex tape.<br />

It was an intimate moment<br />

between my partner and me.<br />

I’m not going to call it a sex<br />

tape, but it’s a video of the<br />

person I’m dating right now<br />

and me. And it got out. It is very<br />

recent, just a couple of months<br />

ago.<br />

The person who uploaded<br />

it was trying to blackmail me<br />

and ask for money. But I insisted<br />

that I was not going to pay.<br />

I’m not going to allow anyone<br />

to blackmail me for doing<br />

something that is natural. This<br />

is an intimate moment with<br />

someone I’m dating.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>:<br />

Oh, you are seeing someone<br />

currently? Who is the lucky<br />

man?<br />

He’s someone I care about<br />

a lot. He’s a sweet guy; he’s<br />

very supportive.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>:<br />

Your son, Jamil Balogun –<br />

would you want him to be a<br />

musician?<br />

Honestly, I do not want Jamil<br />

to go into music. Apart from the<br />

music and being able to touch<br />

people, there is a dark side to<br />

being in the limelight, and it<br />

comes with it, and you deal<br />

with it, and I don’t want him to<br />

go through that.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>:<br />

How do you relax and unwind<br />

when you are not working?<br />

When I am not working,<br />

I love to sleep and spend<br />

quality time with my family. To<br />

my family, I am Tope, not Tiwa<br />

Savage – and this means a lot<br />

to me because it reminds me<br />

“<br />

Honestly, I do not<br />

want Jamil to go<br />

into music. Apart<br />

from the music<br />

and being able<br />

to touch people,<br />

there is a dark<br />

side to being in<br />

the limelight, and<br />

it comes with it,<br />

and you deal with<br />

it, and I don’t want<br />

him to go through<br />

that.<br />

that there are people who genuinely<br />

love me.<br />

There you have it! What is there<br />

not to love about this wonderful<br />

personality – who, despite her<br />

challenges and struggles, continues<br />

to bring smiles to millions across the<br />

globe?<br />

When I look at this beautiful<br />

and strong woman, superstar, and<br />

mother, I see a wonderful human<br />

being and role model – Tiwatope<br />

Savage. Who do you see?<br />

10<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11


Tiwa Savage Tim<br />

All You Need To Know About The Celebrity<br />

Past, Present, Achievements, Success<br />

Stories And Other Facts<br />

Biography<br />

Tiwa Savage is a popular singer.<br />

On February 5, 1980, Tiwatope<br />

Savage, a British-Nigerian singer,<br />

songwriter, and actress, was born.<br />

She moved to London when she was<br />

11 years old to attend secondary<br />

school after being born in Isale<br />

Eko. Five years later, she began<br />

her musical career by making<br />

synthesizer sounds for musicians like<br />

Mary J. Blige and George Michael.<br />

Savage joined Sony/ATV Music<br />

Publishing in 2009 after winning<br />

the UK version of The X Factor and<br />

completing his studies at Berklee<br />

College of Music. Motivated by<br />

the changes in the Nigerian music<br />

industry, Savage returned to Nigeria<br />

in 2012 and signed with Mavin<br />

Records.<br />

Once Upon a Time, her debut<br />

studio album, was released on <strong>July</strong><br />

3, 2013. Along with it, seven singles<br />

were made available: Kele Kele<br />

Love, Love Me, Without My Heart,<br />

Ife Wa Gbona, Folarin, Olorun Mi,<br />

and Eminado. The album was<br />

nominated for Best Album of the<br />

Year and Best R&B/Pop Album at<br />

the 2014 Nigeria Entertainment<br />

Awards. R.E.D., Savage’s second<br />

studio album, was released on<br />

December 19, 2015. The album’s<br />

singles included “My Darlin” and<br />

“Standing Ovation.” In June 2016,<br />

Savage and Roc Nation came to<br />

a management and publishing<br />

agreement. Her first EP, Sugarcane,<br />

was released in September 2017.<br />

R.E.D. and Sugarcane have<br />

received nominations for Best Album<br />

at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.<br />

Tiwa Savage happens to be the<br />

first female musician from Nigeria<br />

to receive a BET Award nomination<br />

in 2014. The same year, she took<br />

home the prize for best female at<br />

the Channel O Music Awards (2014).<br />

In 2018, she was also a candidate<br />

for the award. In 2014, she was<br />

nominated for the MTV European<br />

Music Award; she later won it in<br />

2018.<br />

When Savage won Best African<br />

Act at the 2018 MTV Europe Music<br />

Awards in November 2018, she<br />

created history. She disclosed her<br />

record deal with Universal Music<br />

Group and breakup with Mavin<br />

Records in May 2019. Savage’s<br />

music combines elements of<br />

afrobeats, R&B, pop, and hiphop.<br />

She sings in both English and<br />

Yoruba. Savage has won many<br />

honors for her contributions to the<br />

Nigerian music scene. She has<br />

supported programs that seek to<br />

empower young people, identify<br />

breast cancer, and raise money<br />

for the construction of schools in<br />

Nigeria.<br />

Career<br />

When Tiwa Savage was<br />

16 years old, her career<br />

officially began. Along with<br />

Mary J. Blige, Chaka Khan,<br />

Blu Cantrell, Emma Bunton,<br />

Kelly Clarkson, Andrea<br />

Bocelli, and Ms. Dynamite,<br />

she sang background vocals<br />

for the English singer George<br />

Michael.<br />

In 2006, She participated<br />

in an audition for the UK<br />

version of The X Factor. She<br />

advanced to the final 24<br />

contestants before being<br />

eliminated as the 12th. She<br />

had trouble handling the<br />

spotlight while competing.<br />

The singer entered into a<br />

production agreement with<br />

Sony/ATV Music Production<br />

in 2009. She was permitted<br />

to contribute to Babyface,<br />

Kat Deluna, Fantasia,<br />

Monica, and Mya as part<br />

of the agreement. Her<br />

collaboration with Fantasia<br />

on the song “Collard Greens<br />

& Cornbread” earned her<br />

a Grammy nomination in<br />

2010. Jaicko’s “Oh Yeah,”<br />

which features Snoop Dog,<br />

and Deluna’s “Push Push,”<br />

which features Akon, were<br />

both written by Tiwa Savage.<br />

She contributed background<br />

vocals to the I Look to You<br />

album by Whitney Houston<br />

in 2009.<br />

12<br />



eLine<br />

Albums<br />

Once Upon a Time, Tiwa Savage’s<br />

debut studio album, saw the start of<br />

production in 2010. Tiwa returned<br />

to Nigeria in 2012 and signed<br />

a deal with Mavin Records after<br />

being encouraged by the country’s<br />

developing music scene.<br />

In 2012, she signed with<br />

Mavin Records and on the label’s<br />

compilation album Solar Plexus, she<br />

was one of the lead artists. In 2012,<br />

Savage made an appearance in<br />

the “Oyi” remix. She created her own<br />

version of the song before working<br />

with Flavour.<br />

In May 2013, she held an album<br />

listening event at the Wheatbaker<br />

Hotel in Ikoyi. She unveiled the<br />

complete track listing for the album<br />

and confirmed Iceberg Slim,<br />

Sarkodie, and General Pype as<br />

featured musicians during<br />

the listening party. The<br />

album was made available<br />

to Nigerians on <strong>July</strong> 3,<br />

2013. A day before it hit<br />

stores, it was accessible on<br />

iTunes. Savage chose the<br />

name Once Upon a Time<br />

to highlight the positive<br />

aspects of her life. By<br />

sharing with other aspiring<br />

musicians that she once<br />

dreamed of becoming a<br />

star as a young child from<br />

Isale Eko, she said she<br />

hoped to inspire them. The<br />

2014 Nigeria Entertainment<br />

Awards had Once Upon a<br />

Time up for Best Album of<br />

the Year. Additionally, it was a 2014<br />

Headies nominee for Best R&B/Pop<br />

Album.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13


On January 31, 2014,<br />

Tiwa Savage made the<br />

Spellz-produced song<br />

“Love in Yellow” available in<br />

celebration of Valentine’s<br />

Day. The music of the song<br />

has a classic Rhythm and<br />

Funk feel to it. The 2014<br />

Reekado Bank song “Turn It<br />

Up,” which included Savage,<br />

was produced by Don<br />

Jazzy. “Dorobucci,” a song<br />

produced by Don Jazzy and<br />

starring Savage, Don Jazzy,<br />

Dr. SID, D’Prince, Reekado<br />

Banks, Korede Bello, and<br />

Di’Ja, was made available<br />

by Mavin Records on May<br />

1. Savage performed at<br />

the 2014 MTV Africa Music Awards<br />

on June 7, 2014, alongside Miguel,<br />

Flavour N’abania, Davido, Mafikizolo,<br />

Uhuru, and Oskido.<br />

For the DStv campaign in June<br />

2014, she collaborated on the song<br />

“Africa Rising” with Mi Casa, Lola<br />

Rae, Sarkodie, Diamond Platnumz,<br />

and Davido. The campaign aimed<br />

to motivate Africans to participate<br />

in neighborhood-based social<br />

investment programs. South African<br />

production company Callback<br />

Dreams shot and directed the music<br />

video for “Africa Rising.” At the Africa<br />

Rising launch event in Mauritius,<br />

the musicians gave the song a<br />

performance.<br />

Record By<br />

R.e.d.<br />

On December 19, 2015,<br />

Savage’s second studio album,<br />

R.E.D., was made available.<br />

R.E.D., which stands for romance,<br />

expression, and dance, is an<br />

acronym. Don Jazzy, Olamide,<br />

Dr. SID, Iceberg Slim, 2face Idibia,<br />

D’Prince, Busy Signal, and Reekado<br />

Banks are among the artists who<br />

appear on the<br />

album. Baby<br />

Fresh, Altims,<br />

Spellz, and P2J<br />

also contributed,<br />

with Don Jazzy<br />

serving as the<br />

main producer<br />

overall. “My<br />

Darlin” and<br />

“Standing<br />

Ovation,” two<br />

singles, were<br />

released to<br />

promote the<br />

album.<br />

Wizkid and<br />

P-Square provide<br />

guest vocals<br />

on the deluxe<br />

edition, which<br />

was released in February 2016.<br />

The 2016 Nigeria Entertainment<br />

Awards’ Best Album category<br />

included a nomination for R.E.D.<br />

When Savage was expecting<br />

her first child, she recorded the<br />

album. On December 21, 2015,<br />

MTN Music made the album<br />

freely downloadable for digital<br />

streaming. It rose to the top spot<br />

for most-streamed albums on<br />

Spotify in the first day after release.<br />


ALBUM<br />

Tiwa Savage gave a<br />

performance at The O2’s Indigo<br />

arena on August 24, 2018. A few<br />

hours before the event, all entry<br />

tickets were gone. Don Jazzy,<br />

Reekado Banks, Di’Ja, Dr. SID,<br />

Awilo Longomba, Mystro, and the<br />

Alternate Sound Band all gave<br />

performances during the show.<br />

Savage opened a pop-up store<br />

on Berwick Street before the show.<br />

When she won Best African Act at<br />

the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards<br />

in November, she did so as the first<br />

woman ever.<br />

14<br />



On December 2, 2018, Savage<br />

gave a performance as a part of<br />

the 2018 Global Citizen Festival:<br />

Mandela 100 at the FNB Stadium<br />

in Johannesburg, South Africa. The<br />

lineup of performers for the March<br />

13th Wireless Festival in 2019 has<br />

been expanded to include Savage.<br />

On May 2, 2019, Universal Music<br />

Group revealed that Savage had<br />

agreed to a seven-year publishing<br />

and distribution deal with the<br />

business. She further asserted that<br />

she had left Mavin Records.<br />

On September 5, 2019, Tiwa<br />

Savage’s “49-99,” her first song<br />

with Motown Records, was made<br />

available. The phrase “49 sittings,<br />

99 standing” from Fela Anikulapo<br />

Kuti’s 1978 hit song “Suffering and<br />

Smiling” is referenced in the song.<br />

Afrobeat, R&B, and pop elements<br />

are combined in “49-99” along<br />

with rhythmic percussion, humming<br />

background harmonies, and sharp<br />

snares. The “49-99” music video<br />

by Meji Alabi is a vibrant collage<br />

of imagery and symbolism. Eliot<br />

Elisofon’s iconic photographs of<br />

Congolese schoolgirls from 1972<br />

served as the inspiration for one<br />

of the video’s scenes. Savage’s<br />

long braids in another scene are<br />

reminiscent of Diana Ross’ floweraccented<br />

hairdo from the late<br />

1960s.<br />

On November 19, 2019, Celia<br />

Savage released “Attention,” a<br />

single made by Black Jheerze, and<br />

“Owo Mi Da,” a song made by<br />

Pheelz. While in “Owo Mi Da,” she<br />

criticizes an unnamed borrower, in<br />

“Attention,” she reprimands her<br />

love interest for failing to pay<br />

attention to their relationship. On<br />

the slow-burning ballad “Ekó”<br />

from Coldplay’s eighth studio<br />

album Everyday Life, Savage<br />

provided background vocals<br />

(2019). On August 18, 2020, Tiwa<br />

Savage unveiled the track listing<br />

for her upcoming album, Celia,<br />

and declared that it would be<br />

released on August 28.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15


16<br />




LIFE<br />

On November 23,<br />

2013, Tiwa Savage and<br />

Tunji Balogun ties the knot<br />

in a customary ceremony<br />

at the Ark in Lekki. On April<br />

26, 2014, the couple<br />

exchanged vows in a white<br />

ceremony at the Armani<br />

Hotel in Dubai. Savage and<br />

Balogun revealed they were<br />

expecting their first child<br />

together on January 1, 2015.<br />

Savage gave birth to their<br />

child six months later. On April<br />

28, 2016, Balogun accused<br />

his mother-in-law of witchcraft<br />

and his wife of adultery. Later,<br />

she refuted her husband’s<br />

accusations of adultery and<br />

instead blamed him for his<br />

financial mismanagement,<br />

drug use, and abandonment.<br />

She claimed to have<br />

divorced Tunji.<br />

On <strong>July</strong> 19, 2021, Tiwa’s<br />

father passed away after<br />

a protracted battle with an<br />

unidentified illness.<br />


The contents of the leaked sex<br />

tape were later revealed to be<br />

sexual intercourse with Savage<br />

being a party to it and the identity<br />

of the male partner unknown on<br />

October 19, 2021. In an interview<br />

on October 8, 2021, Savage<br />

claimed that someone was trying<br />

to extort and blackmail her with<br />

a leaked sex tape of her and her<br />

boyfriend.<br />

Some fans have asserted<br />

that the leaked video was<br />

nothing more than a marketing<br />

gimmick in response to the sex<br />

tape controversy, which has<br />

drawn mixed reactions. While the<br />

majority of viewers and public<br />

figures disapproved of Savage’s<br />

sex video, other celebrities, such<br />

as Mercy Aigbe, Harrysong, and<br />

others, supported her on social<br />

media.<br />

Later, she posted a mysterious<br />

message on Instagram with the<br />

cryptic message, “Change that<br />

sh*t to the game and never talk<br />

about it again,” seemingly telling<br />

the audience to forget what they<br />

had seen.<br />

LIFE AS AN<br />


In Nigeria, Tiwa Savage<br />

has taken part in a number of<br />

initiatives aimed at empowering<br />

young people and detecting<br />

breast cancer. She assisted in<br />

fund-raising for a neighborhood<br />

group that constructs schools.<br />


In <strong>July</strong> 2013, Savage agreed<br />

to a 30-million-naira endorsement<br />

deal with MTN Nigeria.<br />

Additionally, she is supported by<br />

Pepsi, Forte Oil, and Maggi.<br />

In June 2016, Savage<br />

reportedly agreed to a<br />

management and publishing<br />

agreement with Roc Nation. She<br />

became the first Nigerian artist for<br />

the company on <strong>July</strong> 29, 2016,<br />

when she made the deal public<br />

on her Instagram account.<br />


Not only is Tiwa Savage one<br />

of the most well-known musicians<br />

from Nigeria, but she is also one<br />

of the richest. With a $9 million<br />

net worth, Tiwa Savage is the<br />

richest female singer in Nigeria,<br />

according to Forbes.<br />


Tiwa Savage is a well-known<br />

musician with a sizable following<br />

abroad. She has 5.2 million<br />

Twitter followers and more than<br />

15 million Instagram followers.<br />

The following is a list of her social<br />

media accounts.<br />

Instagram: tiwasavage<br />

Twitter: @TiwaSavage<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17


Post-Covid 19 Thrill:<br />

6<br />

Top<br />

International<br />

Fashion<br />

Collections<br />

22/23<br />

Words by - Kabirat Opoola<br />

The <strong>2022</strong>/2023 international<br />

fashion collection featured<br />

different creative, captivating,<br />

uniquely designed ready-towear<br />

outfits. Fashion designers<br />

and creative directors brought<br />

their A-game to the fashion world<br />

after the lockdown effect of the<br />

pandemic.<br />

The inspirations behind what<br />

GS has themed the ‘post covid<br />

collection’ was no doubt a burst<br />

of freshness which produced<br />

an equally captivating first post<br />

Covid19 collection.<br />

Moschino for example,<br />

introducing a nursery<br />

brand to the runway for its<br />

Spring-summer collection<br />

depicts a new life. Louis<br />

Vuitton similarly unveiled a<br />

collection incorporating the<br />

notion of time.<br />

Top luxury fashion houses<br />

including Fendi, Versace,<br />

Christian Dior, and Gucci<br />

all filled the runway with<br />

high-class looks bursting<br />

with new ideas.<br />

Here are our 6 top<br />

international fashion<br />

collections for 22/23:<br />

18<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19


Versace<br />

Popular Italian luxury fashion<br />

house and brand Versace<br />

unveiled its spring summer<br />

<strong>2022</strong> collection during the Milan<br />

fashion week.<br />

The fashion house that deals<br />

majorly in ready-to-wear outfits and<br />

accessories debuted a collection<br />

of creative outfits and designs.<br />

The confluence of supermodels<br />

and celebrities including Dua Lipa,<br />

Naomi Campbell, Gigi Hadid, and<br />

Emily Ratajkowski almost broke the<br />

internet.<br />

The Versace spring summer <strong>2022</strong><br />

runway show opened with Dua lipa<br />

in a cut-out jacket and slashed skirt.<br />

The ready-to-wear collection<br />

featured a variety of themes.<br />

Corporate and casual outfits of<br />

different colours sauntered down<br />

the runaway. The collection includes<br />

both menswear and womenswear<br />

ready-to-wear outfits.<br />

Slashed skirts and gowns, colorful<br />

mini skirts and blazers, and<br />

patterned outfits enough to satisfy<br />

ones fashion desire. Creative<br />

director of the fashion house<br />

Donatella Versace knows how to<br />

capture attention with its young<br />

and playful outfits. The collection<br />

also consists of pajama sets,<br />

handkerchiefs, and bikini tops as<br />

well as patchworks.<br />

20<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21


22<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23


Gucci<br />

Italian fashion house Gucci<br />

revealed its <strong>2022</strong> Spring<br />

Summer ready-to-wear<br />

collection to the public. The<br />

luxury fashion house which<br />

specializes in handbags,<br />

ready-to-wear outfits, footwear,<br />

and accessories unveiled its<br />

collection in Los Angeles.<br />

The collection titled, ‘Love<br />

parade ‘ is designed by the<br />

creative director of the fashion<br />

house Alessandro Michele.<br />

The collection was presented<br />

along Hollywood Boulevard in<br />

Los Angeles.<br />

Lace and lingerie-inspired styles<br />

were presented alongside<br />

Alessandro’s distinctive take on<br />

tailoring in a show that explored<br />

the many nuances of desire.<br />

Tailored pieces in iridescent<br />

fabrics, vintage-inspired belt<br />

buckles, the Gucci Diana tote<br />

embellished with a dragon<br />

print, ankle-high shoes with<br />

contrasting belts, cowboy hats,<br />

and geometric eyewear. The<br />

Gucci Spring Summer <strong>2022</strong><br />

collection also consists of fur<br />

coats styled in unique designs.<br />

Blazers, menswear collections<br />

were included in the love<br />

parade show. Alessandro<br />

made creative use of colour.<br />

combinations in his latest<br />

collection.<br />

24<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25


26<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27


Dolce &<br />

Gabbana<br />

Dazzling fashion; the Dolce and<br />

Gabbana Spring Summer<br />

<strong>2022</strong> collection features<br />

dazzling ready-to-wear outfits. The<br />

luxury fashion house maintained its<br />

reputation for mixing and matching<br />

some of its iconic colours. the<br />

use of camouflage outfits served<br />

as one of the highlights of the<br />

collection.<br />

The Dolce and Gabbana Spring-<br />

Summer Collection features<br />

creative styles designed with unique<br />

and high-quality features. The<br />

fashion house incorporated floral,<br />

graphics, animal prints, brocades,<br />

lingerie, denim, and jeweled fabrics<br />

into its spring-summer collection.<br />

“We thought we’d do something<br />

not similar, but in the same mood<br />

as that 2000 collection. We’re<br />

coming out of a dark time”—<br />

meaning the pandemic—“and we<br />

want to enjoy life. We want light.”<br />

Co-founder of the fashion house<br />

Gabbana revealed backstage. The<br />

post-pandemic collection features<br />

beaded fringe skirts, exaggerated<br />

shoulder crop tops, lace dresses,<br />

exposed lingerie, and logo<br />

underwear. Denim trousers were<br />

stressed and adorned with stones<br />

to give a dazzling look. the 21-yearold<br />

fashion house debuted an<br />

interesting and dazzling collection.<br />

28<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


30<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31


Louis<br />

Vuitton<br />

This season of Louis Vuitton<br />

Spring Summer’s ready-towear<br />

collection incorporated<br />

different creative designs to<br />

give an interesting result. French<br />

fashion designer and Creative<br />

Director of the fashion house<br />

Nicholas Ghesquière has been<br />

fascinated by the notion of<br />

time.<br />

The collection which was<br />

unveiled in the Louvre’s beautiful<br />

passage Richelieu left a lot in<br />

awe.<br />

The Louis Vuitton collection<br />

features an invitation to the<br />

grand ball of a time, uniting<br />

wardrobes of different eras while<br />

creating a fusion of different<br />

generations.<br />

With the fashion house<br />

celebrating the 200th year<br />

of its founder Louis Vuitton,<br />

Ghesquière had the opportunity<br />

to incorporate his love of<br />

time into the collection. Each<br />

garment had a unique feature<br />

that makes it captivating and<br />

difficult to ignore.<br />

For its spring and summer<br />

collection, the fashion house<br />

made use of satin, denim,<br />

sequin, silk, and leather<br />

fabrics designed into amazing<br />

creations.<br />

32<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33


34<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35


Fendi<br />

The Fendi Spring Summer <strong>2022</strong><br />

ready-to-wear collection<br />

showed sophisticated and<br />

classy ready-to-wear outfits. The<br />

collection features an outfit you can<br />

wear as an elegant lady. The type<br />

of outfit you wear when you want<br />

to make an entrance into a formal<br />

environment director of the Fendi<br />

womenswear collection Kim Jones<br />

kicked off the Milan Fashion Week<br />

with high-class looks. The collection<br />

was the first in-person collection<br />

for Kim Jones after he became<br />

the creative director of the fashion<br />

house which was formerly occupied<br />

by the late Karl Lagerfeld<br />

The Fendi Soring-Summer <strong>2022</strong><br />

collection incorporated a lot of<br />

designs but was all based on<br />

simplicity and elegance.<br />

The fabric used includes silk fabric,<br />

cotton, fur, patterned fabric,<br />

and lace fabric. These Fabrics<br />

are incorporated into outfits like<br />

sleeveless silk gowns, flirty bralettes,<br />

and metallic party dresses.<br />

The runway show opened with a<br />

boxy white wrap coat, a tailored<br />

best suit, and the signature Fendi fur<br />

coat.<br />

36<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 37


38<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 39


Moschino<br />

Moschino Spring Summer<br />

<strong>2022</strong> collection<br />

introduces an entirely<br />

new concept we all weren’t<br />

expecting. Creative director of<br />

the fashion house Jeremy Scott<br />

introduces nursery brand to the<br />

runway for its spring-summer<br />

collection. The collection which<br />

debuted in Bryant Park during<br />

the New York Fashion Week<br />

pays homage to the childhood<br />

years of Jeremy Scott in New<br />

York, Circa in the 1990s.<br />

Scott in the show notes<br />

explained that the Spring<br />

Summer <strong>2022</strong> collection is<br />

proper but not exactly prim.<br />

He described the theme as a<br />

nursery rhyme and referred to it<br />

as a baby lady.<br />

Some elements such as<br />

babydoll coats, hot pants, and<br />

some animal characters were<br />

represented through fashion.<br />

The accessories used also<br />

complemented the fun of the<br />

collection. Colourful purses in<br />

different designs were rocked<br />

together. The runway show was<br />

opened by supermodel Gigi<br />

Hadid in a matching mini skirt<br />

suit and jacket.<br />

On the models were spotted<br />

outfits having animal<br />

characters. Elephants trunk,<br />

Bunny hair was designed to<br />

highlight some outfits.<br />

40<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 41


42<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 43


Everything You Missed From<br />

Men’s Fashion<br />

Month SS23<br />

By Dan Robinson<br />

& Sasha Bokamoso<br />

Men’s Fashion Month<br />

has officially<br />

wrapped up and<br />

there was a lot that<br />

happened. Here’s everything<br />

you need to know about what<br />

happened at Men’s Fashion<br />

Month for SS23.<br />

44<br />


Milan<br />

The main message on Milan’s<br />

runways was earthy patterns<br />

inspired by the sea, earth,<br />

and classic silhouettes.<br />

Soft neutral designs were<br />

complemented by texture<br />

and souvenir accessories<br />

at the fashion capital and<br />

animal prints seen at Fendi<br />

and Etro, all signs of nostalgia<br />

reimagined.<br />

Versace burst onto the<br />

runway with the brand’s usual<br />

eccentric burst of colour,<br />

fitting for the heatwave that<br />

covered Milan. This time<br />

round Donatella Versace<br />

focused on eco-conscious,<br />

sustainable materials.<br />

Denim played a huge part<br />

in the lineup while heritage<br />

met the present at Dolce<br />


www.glamsquadmagazine.com 45


& Gabbana as distressed<br />

short and macramé-wearing<br />

models walked down the<br />

runway. Tailoring was still very<br />

much apparent at Prada in<br />

head-to-toe fits for the backto-office<br />

goers – signature of<br />

Raf Simmons. Emporio Armani<br />

opted for the brands Sartorial<br />

roots in quintessential tailoring<br />

adding a new nomadic<br />

approach.<br />

Paris<br />

Over in Paris, the great<br />

outdoors dominated the city.<br />

Louis Vuitton reigned supreme<br />

at sending a marching<br />

band down the runway at<br />

the heart of the Louvre. The<br />

lineup was a colourful clash<br />

of oversized tailoring and<br />

floral prints. Outlandish paper<br />

plane shapes against a yellow<br />

brick road honoring the late<br />

designer Virgil Abloh’s legacy.<br />

Kendrick Lamar performed<br />

from the front row and sat<br />

among a lineup of stars.<br />

Models walked quite<br />

literally on water for Mathew<br />

Williams’ first stand-alone<br />

Menswear show at Givenchy,<br />

showcasing urban, laser-cut,<br />

sport and uniform-inspired<br />

pieces with the brand’s<br />

signature logo. Dior opted<br />

not to collaborate with a<br />

brand for SS23 and instead<br />

transported us to Normandy<br />

with lawns of wildflowers,<br />

blue skies, and a life-size<br />

reproduction of Christian<br />

Dior’s house. Dior’s signature<br />

style was apparent – tailoring<br />

mixed with streetwear was<br />

ever-present. Sporty bags and<br />

accessories complimented<br />

monochromatic looks.<br />

46<br />



Loewe sent out models<br />

wearing grass embroidered<br />

clothing and shoes grown<br />

with real plants. Creative<br />

Director JohnathanAnderson<br />

continued to explore nature<br />

and technology by teaming<br />

up with Spanish bio-designer<br />

Paula UlarguiEscalona to<br />

grow and water the collection<br />

over 20 days leading up to<br />

the show. Hermès focused<br />

on lightweight, weatherproof<br />

fabrics and superior<br />

craftsmanship, evoking<br />

feelings of the vacation and<br />

traveling spirit.<br />

Finally, huge crowds gathered<br />

outside the Palais de Tokyo<br />

to witness Celine’s return to<br />

the runway after over a twoyear<br />

hiatus. The collection<br />

closed Paris fashion week,<br />

referencing all-American rock<br />

star fashion, leather jackets,<br />

pointed-toe boots and<br />

ripped denim, reminiscent<br />

of Creative Director<br />

HeidSlimane’s signature LA<br />

style.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 47


1<br />

Handbag<br />

Day: Louis Vuitton<br />

Marelle Tote Bb<br />

For a day outing, the Louis<br />

Vuitton Marelle tote bag can<br />

be paired with a dress, a suit,<br />

or even a blazer and denim<br />

combination. The size of the<br />

tote bag is enough to carry<br />

all your business accessories.<br />

Night: Chanel 2.55 Handbag<br />

For an evening or night outfit, you need a<br />

classy mini handbag to accompany your<br />

beautiful dressing.<br />

The Chic List:<br />

Day And Night<br />

Looking good has an<br />

unexplainable feeling it<br />

gives. Apart from getting<br />

compliments you also find<br />

yourself happy and eager to<br />

explore the world.<br />

Finding the right outfit and<br />

pairing it with the right<br />

accessories gives a gorgeous<br />

result. Having a sophisticated<br />

and elegant look influences<br />

feelings like confidence and<br />

happiness .<br />

Dressing often depends on the<br />

event or occasion you want to<br />

attend. The way you dress to<br />

work during the day is different<br />

from how you dress for night<br />

outings.<br />

For a day outing, a smart or<br />

corporate outfit paired with<br />

the right accessories will do<br />

the trick while for an evening<br />

outfit, you can step up your<br />

style game a bit to something<br />

By Kabirat Opoola 2<br />

like a dress or even trousers<br />

and pair it with glittery,<br />

party accessories:The right<br />

accessory combination is<br />

what matters.<br />

Being fashionable consists of<br />

numerous things. You have<br />

to get your outfit right and<br />

also look for accessories<br />

to pair with it. Accessories<br />

like handbags, earrings,<br />

necklaces, and shoes all<br />

compliment an outfit.<br />

In most cases, the accessories<br />

used defines the type of<br />

look one wants to portray.<br />

Having a chic look requires<br />

one to incorporate different<br />

accessories into ones dressing.<br />

A complete outfit for example<br />

includes earring, necklace,<br />

shoe, bracelet, and handbag.<br />

Here in this Chic list are 10<br />

items for a glam look for the<br />

day and night.<br />

Belt<br />

Day: Dolce and Gabbana<br />

Leather belt with baroque<br />

DG logo<br />

For a day outing, the belt design should be<br />

kept classy and moderate. The dolce and<br />

Gabbana leather belt meets this requirement.<br />

Night: Moschino Chains<br />

Calfskin belt<br />

The Moschino chain belt can be worn to spice<br />

up a dress or give a dress a fitted look for<br />

evening wear.<br />

48<br />


3<br />

Necklace<br />


4<br />

Earrings<br />

Day: Chanel Clip-on<br />

earrings<br />

Earrings are an important<br />

accessory that compliments<br />

the face and outfit. For a day<br />

casual, corporate, or formal<br />

look, the Chanel clip-on<br />

earrings will do the trick.<br />

Night: Moschino<br />

pacifier drop<br />

earrings<br />

A statement<br />

earrings also serve as<br />

one of the highlights<br />

of your dressing. The<br />

Moschino pacifier<br />

drop earrings can<br />

be the perfect<br />

accessory for<br />

evening wear.<br />

Day: Fendi Gold-coloured<br />

Fendace necklace<br />

The gold-coloured fendace necklace gives a<br />

simple yet elegant look. A perfect accessory to<br />

blend with your day Outfit.<br />

Night: Chanel bouton de<br />

Camélia choker<br />

For nightwear,<br />

sometimes you need<br />

a statement accessory<br />

to compliment your<br />

outfit the Chanel<br />

bouton de Camélia<br />

choker gives a chic<br />

and classy look.<br />

5<br />

Shoe<br />

Day: Louis<br />

Vuitton Archlight<br />

slingback pump<br />

For a day outing, it’s better to be on the<br />

safer side for the shoe style. The Louis Vuitton<br />

pump is comfortable and classy to wear.<br />

Night: Versace Medusa<br />

aevitas platform pumps<br />

Let go of all the work stress and have<br />

a fun night, the Versace Medusa<br />

platform shoes can be paired with a<br />

mini or maxi dress.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 49


Top<br />

Day: Chanel Crochet<br />

detailing Jumper<br />

The Chanel crochet top can<br />

be paired with a jean or a skirt<br />

for a day outing. The hairstyle<br />

for this outfit combination is best<br />

freestyled.<br />

6<br />

Night: Louis Vuitton<br />

open-back crop top<br />

For a date night or night out with<br />

friends, the Louis Vuitton openback<br />

crop top can be paired with<br />

jeans, pants, or a skirt and rocked<br />

alongside an elevated shoe.<br />

7<br />

Trouser<br />

Day: Fendi Tailored<br />

cropped trousers<br />

The Fendi Tailored cropped<br />

trousers can be paired with<br />

a white shirt or turtle neck<br />

and rocked alongside a<br />

pump, mules, or sneakers<br />

depending on the place<br />

you want to attend.<br />

Night: Dolce &<br />

Gabbana slit-cuffs<br />

high-waisted jeans<br />

The Dolce & Gabbana<br />

slit-cuffs high-waisted<br />

jeans can be paired<br />

with platform heels and<br />

cropped top and rocked<br />

for a night out with friends<br />

or for a date night.<br />

8 Skirt<br />

Day: Chanel Tweed Black<br />

and Multicolor Skirt<br />

The Chanel tweed black and<br />

multicolor skirt speaks of elegance<br />

and style. It is a perfect outfit for<br />

formal and corporate wear.<br />

50<br />



9<br />

Dress<br />

Day: Moschino<br />

Cady Dress with<br />

bows<br />

The Moschino Cady<br />

Dress can be worn<br />

during the day for a<br />

casual, corporate, or<br />

formal outing.<br />

Night:<br />

Fendace<br />

dress in black<br />

viscose<br />

For an evening<br />

dress, the Fendace<br />

black dress gives<br />

an elegant yet<br />

sophisticated look.<br />

10<br />

Sneakers<br />

Day: Gucci Ace leather<br />

sneakers<br />

The Gucci sneakers can be paired<br />

with a jean, a dress, or a skirt<br />

and rocked stylishly for a day<br />

outing.<br />

Night: Versace tweed<br />

chain skirt<br />

The Versace tweed chain skirt<br />

can be paired with a crop top<br />

and a platform heel for a night<br />

out with friends<br />

Night: Fendi Force sneakers<br />

Sneakers are more of a day Outfit rather<br />

than a night outfit. However, the Fendi<br />

Force sneakers have an elevated<br />

height that can replace the heels.<br />

The sneakers can be paired with<br />

a mini dress or skirt<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 51

Glam Mode<br />


Winni<br />

Harlo<br />

By Chioma Esui<br />

Chantelle Whitney Brown-<br />

Young, known professionally as<br />

Winnie Harlow, is a Jamaican-<br />

Canadian fashion model and<br />

public spokesperson on the skin<br />

condition vitiligo.<br />

She gained prominence in<br />

2014 as a contestant on the<br />

21st cycle of the U.S. television<br />

series America’s Next Top Model.<br />

At the age of four she was<br />

diagnosed with vitiligo, an<br />

incurable skin pigmentation<br />

disease that causes colorless<br />

patches to develop on a<br />

person’s body.<br />

Winnie is the first model with<br />

vitiligo - a skin condition that<br />

causes patches of pigmentation<br />

loss on the skin - to walk the<br />

runway for the lingerie giant.<br />

52<br />



l<br />

e<br />

w<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 53


Benjamin<br />

Joseph<br />

One of the high flyers in the<br />

entertainment world is Benjamin<br />

Joseph. He is unquestionably a<br />

favorite of the film industry and a<br />

natural character at event anchoring<br />

and public speaking. His outward<br />

appearance does not<br />

always reveal some of<br />

the challenges he faced<br />

while working on his dream<br />

years ago, as they say,<br />

appearances can be<br />

deceiving.<br />

Check his full inspirational<br />

story below as captured by<br />

glamsquad;<br />

“Before acting, he worked<br />

as a bus driver, security<br />

guard, waiter, baker, and at<br />

Balogun, he sold shoes.<br />

The aforementioned<br />

incident serves as a reminder<br />

to us all to treat everyone<br />

with respect, regardless of<br />

their current situation. You<br />

never know when you might be shining<br />

the shoes of the Federal Republic of<br />

Nigeria’s next president. Be a person<br />

who respects themselves as well as<br />

others.<br />

Omotola<br />

Jalade-<br />

Ekehinde<br />

10<br />

Celebr<br />

Inspirin<br />

The actress is no doubt a living legend in the world<br />

of entertainment. Omotola has made an imprint<br />

on the world’s traditions and Nigerian culture from<br />

her earliest days in the acting industry to her current<br />

position. She formed a major inclusive part of Times<br />

<strong>Magazine</strong>’s list of the World’s Most Influential People<br />

in 2003. Such heights are unattainable for some<br />

presidents.<br />

The life of Omotola, on the other hand, has been<br />

a crucible one, from which she has emerged fine and<br />

refined like gold. Think about her inspirational lifestyle<br />

below;<br />

She, her mother and her two siblings were left with<br />

no choice but to scavenge for food on the streets.<br />

They would wait on the streets of affluent Nigerians<br />

in the hopes of receiving leftovers for the day, but<br />

they were frequently let down. Her perseverance and<br />

luck kept her from succumbing to the temptation to<br />

become a prostitute. Today, the rest is a story as she is<br />

regarded as a top notch celebrity.<br />

Without disputing facts, the joy<br />

of every human being on<br />

earth is to live a fulfilled life,<br />

despite the hurdles and challenges of<br />

life. The truth is that, some celebrities<br />

are regarded as role model because<br />

of their inspiring lifestyle. Some<br />

celebrities have been able to set a<br />

remarkable landmark for upcoming<br />

celebrities.<br />

It is pertinent to note that, many<br />

celebrities boast of inspiring lifestyles<br />

but few are touching.<br />

In this article, we are going to<br />

elucidate on top 10 celebrities with<br />

inspiring lifestyles as reported by<br />

glamsquad magazine.<br />

54<br />



Linda Ikeji<br />

The entrepreneur/celebrity<br />

blogger is a genius in addition<br />

to having a pretty face and a<br />

Coca-Cola body. But, like every<br />

other human being, she has an<br />

inspirational story as revealed<br />

below;<br />

Linda has shown the<br />

strength of a woman in<br />

overcoming the various<br />

challenges that life throws<br />

at her on a daily basis, from<br />

being admitted into a course<br />

she hate at the University<br />

of Lagos, to struggling as<br />

a writer in newsrooms, to<br />

modeling and finally selling<br />

beer as a waiter in hotels. She<br />

reveals how she usually leave<br />

lectures, check into a hotel,<br />

and sell beer from 1 to 10<br />

p.m. According to her, she<br />

explains that it was something<br />

she did for a while, but have<br />

to endure.” Today, she is regarded as<br />

an achiever by using her inspirational<br />

lifestyle to impact lives.<br />

ities With<br />

g Lifestyles<br />

Wizkid<br />

Unquestionably, Nigeria’s best and<br />

hottest entertainment star is WizKid. His<br />

real name is Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun.<br />

When he was 11 years old, Wizkid<br />

decided to follow his musical calling. It<br />

wasn’t as simple as you might think for Lil’<br />

Prinz in the beginning.<br />

Wizzy, unlike some other artists, was<br />

not born with “golden spoons” and did<br />

not have billions in the bank accounts<br />

prior to entering the music world. In<br />

order to achieve his goals, he practically<br />

turned into a studio rat, sleeping and<br />

eating in well-known studios. These were<br />

the days of Surulere and Ojuelegba.<br />

He never accepted parental help or<br />

favours.<br />

He has shared stages with many<br />

of Nigeria’s top performers and his<br />

collaborations with well-known musicians<br />

like Drake have helped him gain<br />

international recognition.<br />

The truth is that Wizkid will always be<br />

celebrated in the world of entertainment<br />

because of his inspiring lifestyle.<br />

Patoranking<br />

The truth is that Patoranking formed<br />

a major inclusive part of celebrities<br />

with inspiring lifestyles. He is currently<br />

Nigeria’s most well-known reggae/<br />

dancehall musician. Patoranking<br />

has demonstrated his versatility as<br />

well as the results of his labour as the<br />

spokesperson and brand ambassador<br />

for a number of prestigious companies<br />

and institutions.<br />

Now that people see the glitz and<br />

glamour that envelops and emanates<br />

from him, they wish their life was as<br />

glamorous as his. Before you become<br />

too enamored with the glory you<br />

perceive, let’s explore his inspirational<br />

lifestyle.<br />

He was a bricklayer before<br />

he entered the spotlight. If you’re<br />

wondering what it means, here it is: He<br />

was carrying “kponkpon” in addition to<br />

laying bricks. He supplemented his side<br />

hustle by selling rat poison on the street<br />

to support his family (he was the first<br />

born) and his musical career. No one is<br />

capable of helping him.<br />

The singer narrated that it took the<br />

grace of God before breaking limit and<br />

today he is regarded as role model with<br />

his inspirational lifestyle.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 55


In 1994, just three years before the first Harry Potter book,<br />

Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, J.K. Rowling had<br />

recently divorced, was on government assistance and could<br />

barely afford to feed her baby. She couldn’t afford a computer,<br />

let alone the cost of photocopying the 90,000-word novel, so<br />

she manually typed out each version to send to publishers.<br />

Bloomsbury, a small London publisher, decided to give it another<br />

shot after the CEO’s eight-year-old daughter fell in love with it.<br />

Indeed, the story is worthy of emulation.<br />

J.K. Rowling<br />

When Stephen King first<br />

attempted to write, he was<br />

broke and struggled to survive.<br />

He worked multiple jobs to<br />

support family while pursuing<br />

craft work. He had to borrow<br />

wedding gowns and had given<br />

up on phone because it was<br />

too expensive.<br />

Because he received many<br />

rejection letters for his works,<br />

King devised a system for<br />

collecting them.<br />

In his words “By the time<br />

I was 14...the nail in my wall<br />

could no longer support the<br />

weight of the rejection slips<br />

impaled upon it,” he writes<br />

in his book On Writing. “I kept<br />

writing after I replaced the nail<br />

with a spike.” He received 60<br />

rejections before selling. “The<br />

Glass Floor,” his first short story,<br />

for $35. Carrie, his now-bestselling<br />

novel, did not take off<br />

right away. He finally sold it to<br />

Doubleday Publishing for a<br />

pittance of an advance after<br />

dozens of rejections, and the<br />

hardcover sold only 13,000<br />

copies—not great. However,<br />

Signet Books agreed to pay<br />

$400,000 for the paperback<br />

rights, with King receiving<br />

$200,000 of the proceeds.<br />

Tyler<br />

Perry<br />

Stephen King<br />

Perry is another movie<br />

star that had a difficult<br />

upbringing. As a child, he<br />

was physically and sexually<br />

abused, was expelled<br />

from high school, and<br />

attempted suicide twice—<br />

once as a preteen and<br />

again as an adult. When<br />

he was 23, he moved to<br />

Atlanta and worked odd<br />

jobs while pursuing his<br />

stage career.<br />

In 1992, he wrote,<br />

produced, and starred<br />

in his first theater<br />

production, “I Know I’ve<br />

Been Changed”, which<br />

was inspired in part by his<br />

difficult childhood. Perry<br />

pu<br />

the<br />

mis<br />

on<br />

pe<br />

me<br />

by<br />

job<br />

Per<br />

yea<br />

be<br />

its s<br />

a v<br />

a d<br />

sinc<br />

na<br />

pa<br />

in 2<br />

56<br />



Carrey<br />

Jim<br />

Carrey Jim is another celebrity with an<br />

interesting lifestyle. When Carrey was 14,<br />

his father lost his job, causing his family<br />

to struggle. They moved into a VW van<br />

on the lawn of a relative, and the young<br />

aspiring comedian—who had mailed his<br />

resume to The Carroll Burnett Show when<br />

he was 10 years old—took an eight-hourper-day<br />

factory job after school to help<br />

make ends meet.<br />

At the age of 15, Carrey performed<br />

his comedy routine on stage for the first<br />

time in a suit made by his mother, and he<br />

was unfazed. He dropped out of school<br />

the following year, at the age of 16, to<br />

devote his full attention to comedy. He<br />

moved to Los Angeles soon after, where<br />

he would park on Mulholland Drive every<br />

night and fantasize about his future<br />

success. On one of these nights, he<br />

wrote himself a check for $10,000,000<br />

for “Acting Services Rendered,” dated<br />

Thanksgiving 1995. Just before that date,<br />

he made his money with Dumb and<br />

Dumber. He placed the deteriorated<br />

check he’d kept in his wallet the entire<br />

time in his father’s casket.<br />

t all of his savings into<br />

show, which bombed<br />

erably; the run lasted only<br />

e weekend, and only 30<br />

ople saw it. To make ends<br />

et, he kept up production<br />

taking on more odd<br />

s and sleeping in his car.<br />

ry finally broke through six<br />

rs later, when the show<br />

came a success during<br />

eventh season. He’s had<br />

ery successful career as<br />

irector, writer, and actor<br />

e then. In fact, Forbes<br />

med Perry the highestid<br />

man in entertainment<br />

011.<br />

Sarah<br />

Jessica<br />

Parker<br />

Parker was born as the youngest<br />

of four children in a poor coal-mining<br />

town in rural Ohio. Her parents<br />

divorced when she was two, and<br />

her mother remarried soon after,<br />

having four more children. Parker’s<br />

stepfather, a truck driver, was<br />

frequently out of work, so she began<br />

singing and dancing at a young age<br />

to supplement her mother’s teaching<br />

income and feed their 10-person<br />

family.<br />

Parker’s mother encouraged her<br />

children’s interest in the arts despite<br />

financial difficulties and occasional<br />

stints on welfare. Parker and his family<br />

relocated to Cincinnati, where he<br />

attended a ballet, music, and theater<br />

school on scholarship. Her family<br />

traveled to New York when she was<br />

11 years old Parker had to go to a<br />

Broadway audition. The trip was a<br />

success; she and her brother were<br />

both cast, and the family moved to<br />

New York. Parker worked hard and<br />

landed roles, eventually becoming<br />

the title character in the television<br />

phenomenon Sex and the City.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 57

BEAUTY<br />

10<br />

Makeup Esse<br />

Change<br />

Concealer<br />

Concealer is one of those<br />

basic makeup essentials to<br />

keep on you at all times (just<br />

in case). Choose a creamy<br />

formula that can hide undereye<br />

circles and uninvited<br />

blemishes.<br />

By Chioma Esui<br />

Makeup trends come and go,<br />

but some can stand the test<br />

of time. Whether it’s an all-time<br />

favorite designer lipstick or a<br />

‘can’t-live-without’ mascara, we<br />

all have beauty bag staples<br />

we’ve fallen in love with over<br />

and over again.<br />

Below are our top 10 makeup<br />

essentials that have changed<br />

our lives. Check them out!<br />

Neutral Eye Shadow<br />

A neutral beige or taupe eye<br />

shadow is an instant brightener<br />

when swiped across the upper<br />

lid.<br />

Blush Brush<br />

This brush is a bit smaller than your big<br />

powder brush and is the right size for dabbing<br />

the cheeks with color and blending along the<br />

cheekbones.<br />

58<br />


BEAUTY<br />

ntials That Have<br />

d Our Lives<br />

Blush<br />

When it comes to choosing a<br />

go-to blush, look for a warm tone<br />

that adds a splash of color to the<br />

apples of your cheeks (and a little<br />

life to your whole complexion).<br />

Lipstick<br />

How about some color? Lipstick (or tint, gloss, or<br />

stain, if you want a less saturated look) is the perfect<br />

antidote to the midweek blahs. You’ll be stunned<br />

what a swipe of color can do for your lips, face, and<br />

mood. Not feeling bold and bright at the moment?<br />

Opt for a natural pink or a nude lipstick instead.<br />

Fluffy<br />

Powder<br />

Brush<br />

Keep one big,<br />

rounded makeup<br />

brush to dust on<br />

setting powder once<br />

you’ve finished your<br />

makeup.<br />

Foundation<br />

Foundation is, well, the foundation<br />

of any makeup routine—basic or<br />

elaborate—but you don’t need to<br />

slather it all over your face. Just apply<br />

in places where you see uneven skin<br />

tone or discoloration. If you don’t need<br />

as much coverage as foundation<br />

provides or prefer something a little<br />

lighter, consider a tinted moisturizer<br />

instead.<br />

Mascara<br />

There’s no better way to wake up and define<br />

those eyes than by enhancing your lashes—<br />

and a good mascara is all you need. Stick<br />

with basic black mascara (or dark brown if<br />

you have light hair and lashes). It’s up to you<br />

whether or not you use waterproof mascara.<br />

Eye Liner<br />

You can use your<br />

darker shade of<br />

eye shadow as<br />

a liner along the<br />

lashes—or use a<br />

dark brown or black<br />

pencil to create a<br />

thin line that defines<br />

and enhances your<br />

eyes.<br />

Tweezers<br />

Keep a pair of<br />

tweezers in your<br />

makeup bag to<br />

clean up any stray<br />

hairs around your<br />

brows that show up<br />

in between brow<br />

appointments.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 59


How Serena<br />

Williams Saved<br />

Her Own Life<br />

By Serena Williams<br />

Black women are nearly<br />

three times more likely to<br />

die after childbirth than<br />

white women. Serena<br />

Williams was almost one of<br />

them. Here, in her own words,<br />

she tells her story.<br />

My body has belonged to<br />

tennis for so long. I gripped<br />

my first racket at age 3 and<br />

played my first pro game at<br />

14. The sport has torn me up:<br />

I’ve rolled my ankles, busted<br />

my knees, played with a<br />

taped-up Achilles heel, and<br />

quit midgame from back<br />

spasms. I’ve suffered every<br />

injury imaginable, and I know<br />

my body.<br />

When I found out I was<br />

pregnant two days before<br />

the 2017 Australian Open, my<br />

body had already switched<br />

allegiances. Its purpose, as far<br />

as it was concerned, was to<br />

grow and nurture this baby that<br />

had seemingly materialized,<br />

unplanned.<br />

Being pregnant wasn’t<br />

something I could tell Alexis<br />

over the phone; I told him to fly<br />

out to Melbourne right away.<br />

When he got here, I handed<br />

him a paper bag filled with six<br />

positive pregnancy tests I had<br />

taken all in one afternoon.<br />

Of course, being pregnant<br />

didn’t mean I couldn’t play<br />

tennis. I was scheduled to<br />

compete at eight weeks along. I<br />

wasn’t sure how the Open would<br />

go; during training, I was getting<br />

more fatigued between points.<br />

Each morning—and I’m not a<br />

morning person to begin with—I<br />

was still determined to play fast<br />

and hard before the Melbourne<br />

heat socked me. I won seven<br />

matches, all in straight sets.<br />

Since I’ve had my baby, the<br />

stakes of the game have shifted<br />

for me. I have 23 Grand Slams to<br />

my name, more than any other<br />

active player. But winning is now<br />

a desire and no longer a need.<br />

I have a beautiful daughter at<br />

home; I still want the titles, the<br />

success, and the esteem, but<br />

it’s not my reason for waking up<br />

in the morning. There is more to<br />

teach her about this game than<br />

winning.<br />

I’ve learned to dust myself<br />

off after defeat, to stand up for<br />

what matters at any cost, to call<br />

out for what’s fair—even when<br />

it makes me unpopular. Giving<br />

birth to my baby, it turned out,<br />

was a test for how loud and how<br />

often I would have to call out<br />

before I was finally heard.<br />

“Giving birth to my baby, it<br />

turned out, was a test for how<br />

loud and how often I would have<br />

to call out before I was finally<br />

heard.”<br />

60<br />



Let’s go back to the<br />

beginning. My first trimester<br />

brought headaches and a weird<br />

metallic taste in my mouth,<br />

but all in all, I had a wonderful<br />

pregnancy. I guess I’m one of<br />

those women who likes being<br />

pregnant; I enjoyed the positive<br />

attention.<br />

I’m used to getting negative<br />

attention from the press and<br />

critics, but this was different. I<br />

settled into a whole new way of<br />

being. I was relaxed not playing:<br />

my life was just sitting at home,<br />

and it was wonderful. I still had<br />

plenty of work to do, but my<br />

focus narrowed to keeping<br />

myself healthy for the baby.<br />

Don’t ask me why, but I was<br />

obsessed with having the baby<br />

in September, so I put off the<br />

doctors when they wanted to<br />

induce me in late August. I finally<br />

went in on August 31, and they<br />

inserted a little pill inside of me<br />

to get things going.<br />

Contractions started shortly<br />

after that, and it was great! I<br />

know that’s not what people<br />

are supposed to say, but I was<br />

enjoying it, the work of labor. I<br />

was completely in the moment.<br />

I loved the cramps. I loved<br />

feeling my body trying to push<br />

the baby out. I wasn’t on an<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 61


epidural; to get through it, I<br />

was using my breath and all<br />

the techniques I’d learned<br />

from birth training (I had taken<br />

every birthing class that the<br />

hospital had to offer).<br />

By the next morning, the<br />

contractions were coming<br />

harder and faster. With each<br />

one, my baby’s heart rate<br />

plummeted. I was scared. I<br />

thought I should probably get<br />

an epidural, but I was still okay<br />

with the work so I didn’t. Every<br />

time the baby’s heart rate<br />

dropped, the nurses would<br />

come in and tell me to turn<br />

onto my side. The baby’s heart<br />

rate would go back up and<br />

everything seemed fine. I’d<br />

have another contraction, and<br />

baby’s heart rate would drop<br />

again, but I’d turn over and the<br />

rate would go back up, and so<br />

on and so forth.<br />

“Being an athlete is so often<br />

about controlling your body,<br />

wielding its power, but it’s<br />

also about knowing when to<br />

surrender.”<br />

Outside my birthing room,<br />

there were meetings going on<br />

without me—my husband was<br />

conferencing with the doctors.<br />

By this point, I was more than<br />

ready for the epidural, but after<br />

20 minutes, the doctor walked<br />

in, looked at me, and said,<br />

“We’re giving you a C-section.”<br />

She made it clear that there<br />

wasn’t time for an epidural or<br />

more pushing.<br />

I loved her confidence;<br />

had she given me the choice<br />

between more pushing or<br />

surgery, I would have been<br />

ruined. I’m not good at making<br />

decisions. In that moment,<br />

what I needed most was that<br />

calm, affirmative direction.<br />

Since it was my first child, I<br />

really wanted to have the<br />

62<br />



baby vaginally, but I thought<br />

to myself, “I’ve had so many<br />

surgeries, what’s another one?”<br />

Being an athlete is so often<br />

about controlling your body,<br />

wielding its power, but it’s<br />

also about knowing when to<br />

surrender. I was happy and<br />

relieved to let go; the energy in<br />

the room totally changed. We<br />

went from this intense, seemingly<br />

endless process to a clear plan<br />

for bringing this baby into the<br />

world.<br />

I was nervous about meeting<br />

my baby. Throughout my<br />

pregnancy, I’d never felt a<br />

connection with her. While I loved<br />

being pregnant, I didn’t have<br />

that amazing Oh my God, this<br />

is my baby moment, ever. It’s<br />

“Being an<br />

athlete is so often<br />

about controlling<br />

your body,<br />

wielding its power,<br />

but it’s also about<br />

knowing when to<br />

surrender.”<br />

something people don’t usually<br />

talk about, because we’re<br />

supposed to be in love from the<br />

first second. Yes, I was a lioness<br />

who would protect her baby at<br />

any cost, but I wasn’t gushing<br />

over her. I kept waiting to feel like<br />

I knew her during pregnancy, but<br />

the feeling never came. Some<br />

of my mom friends told me they<br />

didn’t feel the connection in the<br />

womb either, which made me<br />

feel better, but still, I longed for it.<br />

When I finally saw her—and<br />

I just knew it was going to be a<br />

girl, that was one thing I knew<br />

about her before we even had<br />

it confirmed—I loved<br />

her right away. It wasn’t<br />

exactly instantaneous, but<br />

it was there, and from that<br />

seed, it grew. I couldn’t<br />

stop staring at her, my<br />

Olympia.<br />

I spent the night in the<br />

hospital with my baby in<br />

the room. When I woke<br />

up, she was nestled in my<br />

arms. The rest of my body<br />

was paralyzed. I couldn’t<br />

get out of bed because my<br />

legs were still numb, but it didn’t<br />

matter. Alexis and I sat there,<br />

alone with our new baby. It was<br />

surreal to feel the presence of<br />

this third person in the room. Who<br />

was this new little creature?<br />

So much of what happened<br />

after that is still a blur. I may<br />

have passed out a few times. In<br />

my haze, I wondered if I should<br />

ask someone about my drip.<br />

In 2010, I learned I had blood<br />

clots in my lungs—clots that,<br />

had they not been caught in<br />

time, could have killed me. Ever<br />

since then, I’ve lived in fear of<br />

them returning. It wasn’t a<br />

one-off; I’m at high risk for<br />

blood clots. I asked a nurse,<br />

“When do I start my heparin<br />

drip? Shouldn’t I be on that<br />

now?”<br />

The response was, “Well,<br />

we don’t really know if<br />

that’s what you need to be<br />

on right now.” No one was<br />

really listening to what I was<br />

saying. The logic for not<br />

starting the blood thinners<br />

was that it could cause<br />

my C-section wound to bleed,<br />

which is true. Still, I felt it was<br />

important and kept pressing. All<br />

the while, I was in excruciating<br />

pain. I couldn’t move at all—<br />

not my legs, not my back,<br />

nothing.<br />

I began to cough. The<br />

nurses warned me that<br />

coughing might burst my<br />

stitches, but I couldn’t help it.<br />

The coughs became racking,<br />

full-body ordeals. Every time<br />

I coughed, sharp pains shot<br />

through my wound.<br />

The complete article<br />

appeared in the April <strong>2022</strong><br />

issue of ELLE.<br />

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1. Peace Be Unto<br />

You (PBUY) - Asake<br />

YBNL record signee artist, Asake<br />

popularly known as “Mr Money” recently<br />

released another single on June 16, <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The new music ranks number one<br />

on Apple music’s top 100 as of the time<br />

of this article. Asake’s new tune “Peace<br />

Be Unto You (PBUY) has a familiar sound<br />

to “Palazzo” according to fans on social<br />

media.<br />

PBUY certainly carries the signature of<br />

the artist as it opens with a sound bite of<br />

the viral video of a policewoman shouting<br />

“help me” as she was being driven to an<br />

unknown destination.<br />

Top 10<br />

African Songs of<br />

<strong>2022</strong><br />

By Deborah Dan-Awoh & Joy Uyi<br />

A<br />

round-up of new releases,<br />

collaborations and<br />

trending Nigerian songs<br />

from the beginning of the<br />

year according to streaming<br />

platforms like Apple, Spotify etc<br />

Without batting an eyelid,<br />

anyone would agree that<br />

Nigerian pop artists dominate<br />

the music conversations<br />

in sub-Saharan Africa, with<br />

groundbreaking streaming<br />

numbers and major<br />

collaborations with international<br />

counterparts.<br />

Especially with the<br />

inauguration of an Afrobeatsdedicated<br />

segment on<br />

America’s Billboard Charts-more<br />

Nigerian records will stand a<br />

greater chance to tilt towards<br />

global relevance<br />

Girlfriend -<br />

Ruger<br />

“Girlfriend” is a single<br />

from Ruger’s “Second<br />

Wave” deluxe album.<br />

The song currently ranks<br />

number two on Apple<br />

music’s top 100 in Nigeria.<br />

Ruger’s tune is a rhythmic<br />

body of work that will leave<br />

you swaying to its dance<br />

hall elements.<br />

64<br />



Woman -<br />

Omahlay<br />

A slow sensual rendition, of<br />

“Woman” by famous awardwinning<br />

Nigerian singer, Omah<br />

Lay narrates the story of love<br />

between the singer and his<br />

lover. This is Omah Lay’s first<br />

single this year after releasing<br />

his chart-topping Afrobeat<br />

song, Understand last year<br />

2021.<br />

The song, Woman is<br />

produced by P.Priime.<br />

Dada - Young Jonn feat<br />

Davido<br />

‘Dada’ is a scintillating collaboration of 30BG president<br />

Davido and Young Jonn that will leave anybody swaying to<br />

the beat.<br />

Talk about a party starter and Dada is blasting through<br />

the room. It’s no wonder that it is trending on both Apple<br />

music as top 100 Nigeria and Spotify’s hot hits Naija.<br />

Buga - Kizz Daniel feat<br />

Tekno<br />

Produced by Reward Beatz and co-produced<br />

by Blaise Beatz, Young Willis, and Micky Geetarist, Kizz<br />

Daniel’s song ‘Buga’ has become the song of the<br />

moment with trends on Tiktok at 2.4m, and on social<br />

media as a challenge.<br />

No doubt Kizz Daniel has a grand reputation for<br />

dishing spicy viral hits since he entered the music scene.<br />

The Afropop single is a follow-up on ‘Barnabas’ with 7<br />

tracks having a guest appearance from the ‘cavemen’’.<br />

‘Buga’ was recently rated the world’s top five Afrobeat<br />

trending globally. This report is according to Shazam, an<br />

app that identifies music, which has tagged the single<br />

as Most Shazamed Song in the world.<br />

Kizz Daniel’s masterpiece, Buga has also entered the<br />

lead song on Apple Music’s top 100 in Nigeria and top<br />

one among the top 100 on Apple in Kenya.<br />

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Sugarcane (remix)<br />

- Camidoh feat King<br />

Promise, Mayorkun,<br />

Darkoo<br />

If you are a lover of good music<br />

then, this song by Camidoh is part of<br />

your playlist for the week. Sugarcane<br />

remix features great Ghanaian vocalists<br />

like King Promise alongside Darkoo and<br />

talented Nigerian singer Mayorkun.<br />

An incredible tune with a hook in the<br />

chorus this song ranks no. 7 on the Apple<br />

Music playlist and on TikTok it currently<br />

boasts of a 712k trend hashtag.<br />

Finesse - Pheelz<br />

(feat. BNXN)<br />

The year sure started on a good<br />

note with this buzzing single from<br />

Pheelz-one of Nigeria’s leading<br />

producers.<br />

With Buju’s sleek input on the<br />

new music, it didn’t take long for it<br />

to become the hottest song out in<br />

Nigeria so far.<br />

“Finesse” hit the viral mark soon<br />

after it was teased on TikTok by the<br />

producer.<br />

Pheelz set a new pace alongside<br />

a legion of men singing about living<br />

in the fast lane. Interestingly, “Finesse”<br />

became the most Shazamed song in<br />

the world within one week of release.<br />

It even began a social media<br />

trend with wonderful pop culture with<br />

quotes like “if I broke, na my business”.<br />

66<br />



Palazzo - DJ<br />

Spinall, Asake<br />

Palazzo is another hit<br />

single from the stables of DJ<br />

Spinall featuring vocals from<br />

Nigerian singer and YBNL’s,<br />

newly signed artiste, Asake.<br />

The mid-tempo song carries<br />

nuances of ‘Omo Ope’s’<br />

rhythm.<br />

Palazzo alongside its<br />

stunning music video was<br />

directed by TG Omori. The<br />

record is co-produced by<br />

Magix Sticks and Spinall.<br />

mixed and mastered by<br />

Eskeez.<br />

Stand Strong - Davido<br />

feat Sunday service<br />

choir<br />

Davido’s collabo with the Sunday service<br />

choir adds the juice to this heavy piece<br />

of goodness called Stand strong. The Fall<br />

singer aimed for perfection because this<br />

song is nothing like we have seen from<br />

Davido.<br />

And that’s why as of the time of this post,<br />

anyone can say that Davido’s Stand strong<br />

produced by Pheelz has earned its place<br />

on Spotify’s top Naija hit songs list.<br />

Last Last - Burna Boy<br />

Grammy award-winning singer Burna boy seduced his fans with<br />

his new single Last Last of his anticipated album “Love Damini”. It was<br />

originally performed live during his Madison Square Garden (One Night<br />

In Space) show.<br />

Last Last lyrics hints at Burna’s failed relationship with Stefflon Don.<br />

E don cast (e don cast) Last last (last last) Na everybody go chop<br />

breakfast (na everybody go chop breakfast) Have to say bye bye oh<br />

Bye bye oh To the love of my life<br />

Anyways, the self-acclaimed African giant has his fans spellbound<br />

with this single.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 67


– How We Can Support<br />

Trafficking in persons is a serious crime<br />

and a grave violation of human rights.<br />

Every year, thousands of men, women<br />

and children fall into the hands of<br />

traffickers, in their own countries and<br />

abroad. Almost every country in the world is<br />

affected by trafficking whether as a country<br />

of origin, transit or destination for victims.<br />

Most countries have national human<br />

trafficking laws but still people continue to<br />

be trafficked. To fight this heinous crime, in<br />

2013 the United Nations General Assembly<br />

declared the 30 <strong>July</strong> as the World Day<br />

Against Trafficking in Persons.<br />

This year the focus is on the first responders<br />

to human trafficking: the people who work<br />

in different sectors – identifying, supporting,<br />

counselling and seeking justice for victims<br />

of trafficking and challenging the<br />

impunity of the traffickers.<br />

On the Day, both the international<br />

community and civil society have<br />

the opportunity to reflect on what<br />

each of us can do to decrease<br />

vulnerabilities to trafficking, or<br />

the risks that follow from such<br />

vulnerabilities.<br />

The Long History of Human<br />

Trafficking<br />

People are trafficked for multiple<br />

reasons: sexual exploitation, forced<br />

labour, forced begging, forced<br />

marriage, selling children as child<br />

soldiers, as well as for removal of<br />

organs. Sexual exploitation is the<br />

most common form of exploitation<br />

followed by forced labour.<br />

Globally countries are<br />

detecting and reporting more<br />

victims and are convicting more<br />

traffickers than ever before. This<br />

might be the result of increased<br />

capacity to identify victims<br />

and/or the increased number<br />

of trafficked victims. In 2016,<br />

the total number of detected<br />

victims reported to the United<br />

Nations Office on Drugs and<br />

Crime (UNODC) was 25,000.<br />

“We need to do more to<br />

protect trafficking victims and<br />

prevent vulnerable people from<br />

being exploited by criminals. On<br />

this World Day against Trafficking<br />

in Persons, let us pledge to work<br />

68<br />



<strong>2022</strong><br />

pandemic, these providers are<br />

keeping vital services going<br />

throughout the crisis – identifying<br />

victims, ensuring their access to<br />

justice, health, social assistance and<br />

protection, and preventing further<br />

abuse and exploitation”, Guterres<br />

stated.<br />

Secretary-General Guterres<br />

emphasized how the COVID-19<br />

pandemic has left millions of people<br />

at greater risk of being trafficked.<br />

In addition, the pandemic is hitting<br />

women and girls the hardest, who<br />

already account more than 70% of<br />

detected human trafficking.<br />

How You Can Get Involved?<br />

• Join the conversation<br />

and use the hashtags<br />

#EndHumanTrafficking and<br />

#HumanTrafficking on social<br />

media.<br />

• Highlight the work of first<br />

responders in your country,<br />

community or organization.<br />

• Donate to the United Nations<br />

Voluntary Trust Fund for<br />

Victims of Human Trafficking,<br />

which provides on-the-ground<br />

assistance and protection to<br />

victims of trafficking.<br />

• Join the Blue Heart campaign<br />

that is an awareness-raising<br />

initiative to fight human<br />

trafficking and its impacts on<br />

society.<br />

• On the 30 <strong>July</strong>, livestream a<br />

live virtual concert organized<br />

by UNODC. All the money<br />

raised will go to the United<br />

Nations Voluntary Trust Fund<br />

for Victims of Trafficking in<br />

Persons.<br />

Theme for <strong>2022</strong> World Day<br />

against Trafficking in Persons<br />

This year’s theme puts victims<br />

of human trafficking at the centre<br />

of the campaign and will highlight<br />

the importance of listening to and<br />

learning from survivors of human<br />

trafficking.<br />

The campaign portrays survivors<br />

as key actors in the fight against<br />

human trafficking and focusses<br />

on the crucial role they play in<br />

establishing effective measures<br />

to prevent this crime, identify and<br />

rescue victims and support them on<br />

their road to rehabilitation.<br />

Many victims of human trafficking<br />

have experienced ignorance or<br />

misunderstanding in their attempts to<br />

get help. They have had traumatic<br />

post-rescue experiences during<br />

identification interviews and legal<br />

proceedings.<br />

Some have faced revictimization<br />

and punishment for crimes they were<br />

forced to commit by their traffickers.<br />

Others have been subjected<br />

to stigmatization or received<br />

inadequate support.<br />

for inclusive societies and<br />

economies that leave no<br />

one behind”, United Nations<br />

Secretary-General, António<br />

Guterres said to mark the day.<br />

The COVID-19 & Human<br />

Trafficking<br />

The COVID-19 crisis<br />

has made the role of first<br />

responders to human<br />

trafficking even more vital,<br />

particularly as the restrictions<br />

imposed by the pandemic<br />

have made their work even<br />

more difficult.<br />

“Like the frontline heroes<br />

saving lives and sustaining<br />

our societies in the COVID-19<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 69

HEALTH<br />

By Vrinda Garg<br />

T<br />

he world marks 28 <strong>July</strong>, each<br />

year, as World Hepatitis Day to<br />

raise awareness about this viral<br />

disease and work towards a<br />

hepatitis-free future.<br />

Hepatitis is an inflammatory condition<br />

of the liver, commonly caused by a viral<br />

infection. We recognise 28 <strong>July</strong> as World<br />

Hepatitis Day each year. The purpose is to<br />

raise awareness about this viral disease and<br />

achieve a hepatitis-free future.<br />

The theme for this year is “ Hepatitis can’t<br />

wait”, urging people to take immediate<br />

action as over 100 people die of hepatitis<br />

related illness every hour across the globe.<br />

According to the World Health<br />

Organization, globally, an estimated 296<br />

million people live with chronic hepatitis<br />

B and around 58 million live with chronic<br />

hepatitis C.<br />

In 2019 viral hepatitis caused nearly<br />

1.1 million deaths globally, despite the<br />

existence of safe and effective vaccines<br />

that can prevent hepatitis B and antiviral<br />

drugs that can manage chronic hepatitis B<br />

and cure most cases of hepatitis C.<br />

An estimated 60 million people in<br />

the Region live with chronic hepatitis B<br />

and around 10.5 million live with chronic<br />

hepatitis C.<br />

In 2019 around 180 000 people in the<br />

Region died of hepatitis B and about 38<br />

000 died of hepatitis C – both completely<br />

manageable.<br />

All You Ne<br />

Causes of Hepatitis<br />

Hepatitis is a communicable disease and has five<br />

main stains - A, B, C, D and E. Hepatitis A is a shortterm<br />

disease while B, C and D are more often than not<br />

chronic. Hepatitis E is usually acute but can be chronic<br />

and dangerous in pregnant women.<br />

Hepatitis A is usually transmitted through<br />

contaminated food or water, carrying traces of faeces<br />

from a person infected with this virus.<br />

Hepatitis B and C are transmitted through bodily<br />

fluids namely blood, semen, or vaginal secretions.<br />

Hepatitis D, also called Delta Hepatitis, is a blood<br />

borne disease and is contracted through direct<br />

contact with infected blood.<br />

70<br />


HEALTH<br />

cirrhosis ( scarring of the liver),<br />

kidney disease or inflammation<br />

of blood vessels.<br />

Preventive<br />

measures<br />

You can avoid contracting<br />

Hepatitis A and B with a<br />

vaccine. Sharing of dirty<br />

needles to inject medicines<br />

or drugs; having protected<br />

intercourse and avoiding<br />

consumption of large amounts<br />

of alcohol are essential.<br />

It’s important to take<br />

precautions while getting<br />

tattoos or piercings; consume<br />

bottled water while travelling<br />

to areas with poor sanitation<br />

and to ensure that the food<br />

you consume is hygienic. Lastly,<br />

awareness is key.<br />

Educate yourself and those<br />

around you about the illness.<br />

In case you experience the<br />

symptoms, you must contact<br />

your healthcare provider.<br />

ed to Know<br />

Hepatitis E is a waterborne<br />

disease and is common in<br />

resource-poor countries that<br />

lack sanitation and clean water<br />

supply.<br />

Faulty autoimmune<br />

system response, excessive<br />

consumption of alcohol and<br />

other toxins can lead to non<br />

infectious hepatitis.<br />

Symptoms<br />

The chronic strains of the virus<br />

may show symptoms at a later<br />

stage.<br />

However, signs of acute<br />

hepatitis include fatigue,<br />

sudden weight loss, pale stool<br />

and dark coloured urine, loss<br />

of appetite, abdominal pain,<br />

yellowing of skin and eyes<br />

and other flu-like symptoms.<br />

These signs may not be very<br />

prominent in case of chronic<br />

hepatitis.<br />

The chronic strains of<br />

hepatitis interfere with the<br />

functioning of the liver and may<br />

lead to liver damage, cancer,<br />

Treatment<br />

Ultrasounds and blood tests<br />

are used to diagnose the<br />

disease. Although there is no<br />

specific treatment for Hepatitis<br />

A and B, most people are able<br />

to recover on their own with rest<br />

and hydration within a couple<br />

of weeks.<br />

Hepatitis C can be cured<br />

with antiviral medication. The<br />

treatment of Hepatitis D and E<br />

focuses on supportive care.<br />

Research is being done on<br />

therapies and medication that<br />

might help eliminate the virus.<br />

In instances where the virus<br />

causes excessive liver damage,<br />

the last resort is a liver transplant.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 71

HEALTH<br />

10<br />

Health & Wellness<br />

Tips for Every<br />

Woman<br />

Credit: Dr. Priyanka Marakini (BNYS), Alpa Momaya<br />

(B.Sc., PGD, RNC), Swati Shukla(PhD)<br />

Build a support circle<br />

Several research studies show that social circles of<br />

friends and family increase your likelihood of surviving<br />

health problems, increase your level of happiness and<br />

even help you live longer. The best way to build a support<br />

circle is to be a part of someone else’s support circle.<br />

That way you can be there for each other. You can also<br />

build a support circle by volunteering. This way you get to<br />

meet new people and also make new friends. Helping can<br />

mean as simple as picking up a friend’s child from school<br />

or even visiting your elderly neighbor for coffee.<br />

Balancing the demands of<br />

career, family, significant<br />

other, and sometimes<br />

even coping with societal<br />

pressures to look good or<br />

conduct oneself in a certain<br />

way can be quite draining for<br />

women. As she passes through<br />

several milestones in her life, it<br />

is necessary that every woman<br />

out there makes sure to put her<br />

health above everything else.<br />

Although ‘taking care of yourself’<br />

doesn’t rank #1 in the priority list<br />

of most women out there, this<br />

year ‘It’s Time for You’ to take<br />

care of your health, your fitness,<br />

and prioritize yourself among<br />

other things. After all, all the<br />

people who do depend on you<br />

can only do so, if you are at the<br />

top of the pyramid in terms of<br />

health and wellness.<br />

To help women in their quest to<br />

take better care of themselves,<br />

we have compiled 10 health and<br />

fitness tips that will come use to<br />

women from all walks of life.<br />

These tips are based on<br />

information gathered from<br />

several sources and personal<br />

experiences. So, no matter<br />

what your age or overall health<br />

status is, these tips will help you<br />

increase your chances of better<br />

health and fitness all through<br />

your life.<br />

72<br />


HEALTH<br />

Exercise<br />

Did you know heart disease<br />

is the leading cause of death<br />

among women? However, this<br />

disease can be kept at bay with<br />

exercise. Women must make<br />

sure to get at least 30 minutes of<br />

exercise every single day to keep<br />

the heart functioning properly.<br />

Aerobic exercise which includes<br />

walking, jogging, bicycling and<br />

dancing are good for women’s<br />

health. In fact, any form of<br />

physical exercise, even the usual<br />

running around to the grocery<br />

store is better than nothing.<br />

Ultimately, it’s all<br />

about you!<br />

One of the best health and<br />

fitness tips for women is to<br />

make time for “just you”. A<br />

happy and healthy woman<br />

is way more driven than a<br />

stressed-out one. The time<br />

you take out for yourself<br />

should be filled with what<br />

you want and the things you<br />

want to do, and you get to<br />

decide and dictate. A daily<br />

dose of just 10 minutes for<br />

yourself is one of the many<br />

healthy habits you can do<br />

every day that will keep you<br />

feeling you’re very best.<br />

Ladies, it’s called<br />

the most important<br />

meal of the day<br />

for a reason<br />

We, women, love reading up<br />

on health and fitness tips, but<br />

always feel we do not have<br />

the time to honor them. Well,<br />

it’s time we change that.<br />

Having breakfast not only<br />

provides you energy for the<br />

rest of the day but also kick<br />

starts your metabolism. So, it is<br />

very essential you keep aside<br />

15 minutes in the morning to<br />

make something healthy and<br />

set yourself up for a productive<br />

rest of the day.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 73

HEALTH<br />

Regular checkups<br />

This is one point that we cannot<br />

emphasize enough on! Health<br />

screenings are an important<br />

way to help recognize problems<br />

in the body – sometimes even<br />

before you show any signs or<br />

symptoms. Even if you feel well,<br />

early health checkups and<br />

screening tests can not only spot<br />

signs of serious diseases and<br />

conditions but also have a better<br />

chance of successfully curing or<br />

effectively treating them. Thus, we<br />

recommend that you schedule a<br />

checkup every year with a primary<br />

care doctor to stay on the safer<br />

side of things.<br />

Two most important<br />

minerals every woman<br />

needs<br />

Apart from calcium, Zinc and Magnesium<br />

are two other minerals that are most needed<br />

by women’s bodies. Consume Zinc, because<br />

a deficiency in this mineral impairs the<br />

immune system, which results in thinning of<br />

hair and acne. Magnesium, on the other<br />

hand, is most essential as it helps with sleep,<br />

bone health, and may also help in relieving<br />

premenstrual symptoms, anxiety, and<br />

migraines.<br />

Keep calm and hydrate<br />

This tip may seem basic, but it is one of the most crucial steps to a<br />

healthy life. Staying hydrated leads to healthy physical and mental<br />

functioning. Drinking lots of water during the day is also key to keeping<br />

yourself fit from the inside out. To avoid dehydration, it is best to carry a<br />

water bottle as a reminder. Hydrating yourself is also crucial to weight loss<br />

or maintenance because it not only reduces the feeling of hunger but<br />

also helps you eat less during meal times.<br />

Sleep solves<br />

everything<br />

Sleep is one of the best things<br />

women can get with all the busy<br />

schedules, cooking, and running<br />

around they do. For a productive<br />

day at home, or at work, or even<br />

at the gym, it is imperative that<br />

you get a good night’s sleep.<br />

Insufficient sleep not only brings<br />

down your productivity but also<br />

affects the mental and physical<br />

state of your body and overall<br />

well being. While 8 hours can be<br />

a luxury, a minimum of 6-7 hours<br />

is vital. So, do make sure to clock<br />

in those hours.<br />

74<br />


HEALTH<br />

Eat well, live well, be well<br />

As women, many of us are prone to<br />

neglecting our own dietary needs. You may feel<br />

you need to put your family’s needs first or you<br />

are too busy to adhere to a set diet. However,<br />

you must ensure that you get all the nutrients<br />

you need from the foods you eat. You want to<br />

eat as close to a natural food diet as possible.<br />

That means a variety of fresh vegetables,<br />

fruits, whole grains, meat, fish, poultry, low-fat<br />

dairy products, and lots of nuts. Among other<br />

things, women, in general, need lots of calcium<br />

to build healthy bones and teeth to keep them<br />

strong as you age. Good sources of calcium<br />

include dairy products, grains, leafy green<br />

vegetables, tofu, and cabbage.<br />

Maintain a healthy weight<br />

Weight loss is a subject that runs in the minds of<br />

most women. Although quite distressing, reaching and<br />

maintaining a healthy weight is important for your overall<br />

well-being. Being overweight can significantly increase<br />

the risk of several chronic diseases and can reduce the<br />

quality of your life. Therefore, the best way to maintain a<br />

healthy weight is to have a good relationship with your<br />

food, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.<br />

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FOOD<br />

Kerala<br />

Chicken<br />

Roast<br />

By Chef Amaka Obiefuna<br />

A<br />

fried chicken recipe which is full of aromatic flavor and<br />

tangy spices. This dish brings out the authentic and<br />

most favourite south Indian spice of the dish.<br />

You can cook this dish easily at home for a dinner<br />

party as a side dish. It goes well with some rice as well as any<br />

Indian bread of your choice.<br />

Kerala chicken roast is a semi-dry, delicious blend of marinated<br />

and tender chicken, fried and sauteed with a spicy, tangy masala<br />

paste.<br />

Teamed up with some chillies, fried onions and lemon juice to<br />

bring out that extra zing in this dish.<br />

Ingredients of<br />

Kerala Chicken<br />

Roast<br />

• 1 Kg chicken<br />

• For the marination:<br />

• 1/4 tsp turmeric powder<br />

• 1/4 tsp chilli powder<br />

• 1/4 tsp coriander powder<br />

• 1 tsp vinegar/lemon juice<br />

• 5 Garlic cloves<br />

• 3-5 Green chilliesto taste<br />

salt<br />

• For roasting:<br />

• 3 medium onions<br />

76<br />


FOOD<br />

• 1 large tomato (remove<br />

skin & make puree)<br />

• 2 Green chillies (slit)<br />

• 3 sprigs curry leaves<br />

• 1/4 tsp garam masala<br />

powder<br />

• 1/4 tsp pepper powder<br />

• 1 Lemon (juiced)Oil<br />

How to Make<br />

Kerala Chicken<br />

Roast<br />

1. Clean and cut the chicken<br />

into medium sized pieces.<br />

2. Make a paste of all the<br />

ingredients under marination.<br />

3. Marinate the chicken<br />

pieces with this paste and keep<br />

aside for an hour.<br />

4. Cut onions into very thin<br />

slices and fry in hot oil. Drain<br />

them and keep aside.<br />

5. Fry the chicken pieces in<br />

the same oil until almost done.<br />

Keep the pan covered so<br />

that the chicken does not get<br />

browned, but is cooked inside.<br />

Drain them and keep aside.<br />

6. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in another<br />

pan (You can use the same oil<br />

in which we fried the chicken<br />

pieces. This will enhance the<br />

flavour). Add slit green chillies and<br />

curry leaves. Saute for 1 minute.<br />

7. Add the tomato paste to<br />

this and saute for 1 minute.<br />

8. Now add the prepared<br />

chicken & roast until it is dry.<br />

9. Make sure that all the<br />

chicken pieces are well coated<br />

with the tomato paste.<br />

10. Sprinkle garam masala &<br />

pepper powder and mix well.<br />

11. Add lemon juice and mix<br />

well. Check for salt. Add a little if<br />

needed.<br />

12. Now add the fried onions<br />

and mix well.<br />

13. Tasty Kerala Chicken roast<br />

is ready.<br />

Recipe Notes:<br />

The taste makers in this dish<br />

are the fried onions and lemon<br />

juice. So, be generous when<br />

adding them.<br />

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