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EAsymoneyding speaks


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og project keeps


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Dato_art looks at blue



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EasyMoneyDing casts his eye over the

week’s happenings #alpha


Often overlooked, Possible gems. #alpha


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Probably Nothing

EasyMoneyDing speaks. Are

you listening? #alpha


SubaruImpreza09 takes a look at an

overlooked project #alpha


HawkishDebonair explains why

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This team has been grinding &

delivering since 2021 #alpha









Dato_Art looks at a rare colour.



Easymoneyding lays the cards

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NoveltyRiku tracks the transactions-

was it a rug? #alpha


BigBrainGallery looks at a true

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Issue 65 of #Shill zine marking a tumultuous week where influencers are shunned, and major projects

announced groundbreaking new strategies. For better or for worse? Intriguing really, given that Grape.

Art has created a marketplace worth considering yet the limelight has fallen onto a marketplace where

the seller has the power to control royalties. And we plough ahead!

If you haven’t had an opportunity to jump into a Twitter space, I strongly suggest joining ones created

by @credlessk and @MrUniqueNFT. Their spaces are free flowing, solid alpha, an opportunity for

people to talk about their projects and get feedback.

This issue has OVER 170 pages. A lot of new art, new names and new styles that haven’t previously

appeared in #Shill zine. Five pieces that caught my eye from Exchange.art and Formfuntion were

acquired and locked away in the #Shill vault. What have you collected?

Culture Hacker’s new series ODYSSEY has almost sold enough pieces to open the first ESCAPE ROOM. I

am sure this is a FIRST for the Solana space. Looking forward to experiencing this.

Articles (threads) from some very talented writers in the space including @EasyMoneyDing, @

SubaruImpreza09 and @GUILD512. Add them to your FOLLOW if you want information that counts.

Two projects looked at in this issue have been long-term players. Still grinding. Still developing and

innovating, yet they are not projects that people look at (obviously because they are NOT about quick

flips). Have a closer look.

As always, show your love on the Twittersphere with a simple retweet.

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!


Supernatural Death @BillxMono

The Watchers @billxmono


SHILL Issue #65

manggran Portrait 5 @manggran

Hedy @lowbrownative

manggran Portrait 6 @manggran

Distraction #3 @metamorphai



State of our solana nft market; a review of the last month

context: it’s been rough ever since the luna event occured on may 4; solana hasn’t been able to hold $40usd


SHILL Issue #65

Let’s look at @MagicEden statistics # of daily users: have been trending up overall over the course of time, and

the number of daily traders varies between 30K and just over 50k. This figure is pretty bullish as adoption is

consistently growing.

# of daily transactions: also trending up over time with notable dips here and there, but starting to hold a consistent

level above 400K per day it’s interesting to note that this trend is still occurring despite overall volume

trending down.

USD daily vol: this chart is the one that’s worth looking at closest April 26-29th was peak daily volume (when @

DeGodsNFT hit 340 sol, sol at $100usd) with ~$75M usd the nft market felt healthy at this point, sentiment for

trading was strong with plenty of opportunity.

SHILL Issue #65


Vol continued: fast forward to today and noting the price of Solana has dipped to $33usd (reduction of 66%), usd

daily volume however has dipped 90%. if the price of Solana was the same as it was on April 26th ($100usd), the

USD daily volume equivalent would be just over $18M.

Imo, sentiment and willingness to trade in the nft market is down at least 50-75% from peak levels

We’ve only had 3-4 projects really pump over the last 4 weeks weeks. I’ll rattle off the names below:

1. @Primatesnft ran from 1 to 35 and has now retraced to 12.5 (june 14 - 19)

2. @UdderChaosSOL ran from 2.5 to 9 and has now retraced to 3.6 (june 20 - 24)


SHILL Issue #65

3. @DegenTownNFT ran from 3 to 15 and has now retraced to 5 (july 1 - 6)

4. @GothicDegens (the latest pump) ran from 3 to 17 and is now retracing to 13.5 (july 6 - 11)

What’s notable with these four projects is the following: 1. all these pumps are happening one after the other

and not occurring concurrently with each other 2. it’s likely that the same liquidity is moving from one project to


The pump of this week seems to be @ReptilianRenegg moving from 4 to 8.50 so far (july 11 - current) - this nft

sold for 30 sol only 2 hours ago - notable influencers are pumping this project on CT again.

Of course there are projects not included in the aforementioned that have made runs in the last month

@CetsOnCreck has pushed up from 35 - 50 @YawwwNFT moving from 4.5 to 11.75 but these are few and far

between compared to previous periods of trading.

The other thing is that these floors don’t seem to hold for long. prior to May 4th, floors would hold relatively well

and there was a lot more liquidity moving and flowing between projects.

atm, it seems as if the same 15-30K daily traders are swing trading certain mints and past projects, briefly reviving

price action and hype to make a quick buck.

Without a doubt there’s still opportunity to make profit even in this market, however the assumed risk is tenfolds

higher as the pumps only last a WEEK at the LONGEST.

Established projects are currently holding these floors relatively steady (the dust has seemed to settle here - pun


@DeGodsNFT at 300

@GenesysGo at 145

@okaybears at 100

@SolanaMBS at 180

@DegenApeAcademy at 48

@CetsOnCreck at 48

@TaiyoRobotics at 125

still in freefall and searching for resting floor:

@BlocksmithLabs dropping from 135 to 55

@catalinawhales dropping from 145 to 42

@FamousFoxFed dropping from 50 to 28

@TheFracture_ dropping from 60 to 16

@atadia_io dropping from 38 to 19

Notable trends:

1. project updates are starting to be withheld as the timing of announcements does not match with market conditions

(if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears it, did it even fall?)

2. less commitment towards dates of launch for mints and big drops.

3. there are some brave/commendable projects starting to release financial reports showing inflow and outflow

of funding as well as overall treasury balance, monthly expenses.

4. a hell of a lot of shitposting on timeline, less alpha in twitter spaces.

CT has become a shitposting townhall with everyone either vying for top 100 on @nftinspect or alternatively

judging those for shitposting my suggestion whichever path you choose (perhaps both) is to keep the vibes immaculate

and treat everyone with respect and kindness.

It’s a tough time for everyone, we’re all just trying to make sense of everything and past the time the key is

staying the course, understanding what’s happening and why and collating experience for the next bull and bear


SHILL Issue #65


Keep your eyes on...



Sniping Demon

ProsperousNFTs Flash Drives

GigaDAO Loot Box



MagicEden adds Ethereum integration

An image was leaked that seemingly seemed to show an Ethereum column in MagicEden.

Till this point, MagicEden is purely a Solana NFT marketplace. With all the positive

news surrounding MagicEden, like their unicron valuation and venture announcement,

the integration of Ethereum NFTs seems like another piece of NFT news for the

Web3 company.

On the leak, MagicEden replied to it on twitter, saying “(l)et’s just pretend there

wasn’t a screenshot of the ‘New Collections’ carousel floating around Twitter, and

there’s definitely no big announcement coming up soon”.

Fans of the platform are likely excited with all the positive news and seems another

one is just around the corner.

NFT prices tumble further

The floor prices of some of the top NFT

collections have been crashing in recent

weeks, both in US dollar and Ethereum

terms. The shrinking of NFT floor prices

of NFT projects have accelerated over

the past week, particularly those projects

with the highest volumes; Bored Ape

Yacht Club (BAYC), Mutant Ape Yacht Club

(MAYC), and CryptoPunks, data from DappRadar

showed on Monday.

In the past day alone, floor prices in US

dollar terms of the three popular collections

are down 31%, 27%, and 16%,


Floor price refers to the lowest price

that an NFT from a collection can be

purchased for. It is often used to measure

how popular different NFT collections



SHILL Issue #65

Source: DappRadar

Meanwhile, data from CoinGecko reveal that these collections did not just crash

relative to USD terms, but also relative to ETH, even as ETH’s valuation in USD

terms fell, with ETH being down by about 32% in USD terms in the past week.

Up until the beginning of May this year, prices of NFTs in the popular BAYC collection

had performed better than the performance of ETH. Since then, valuation of the

collection has been crashing in ETH terms as well.

It leaves a grim outlook, that the crypto sector that propelled the entire crypto

ecosystem to mainstream media is getting wrecked as hard by the downturn in market


MagicEden launches Magic Ventures, a venture fund for Web3 games

Magic Eden has launched Magic Ventures, a new venture capital fund that will focus

on investments in Web3 games.

San Francisco-based Magic Eden is a community-first NFT marketplace on the Solana

blockchain. Magic Ventures signals the company’s pivot towards helping fund the

gaming industry of Web3. It won’t just be the venture fund that they focus on, as

they look to develop their own in-house game development team, Eden Games.

While blockchain games have been controversial, Magic Eden believes Web3 games

will be an on-ramp for millions of users to use blockchain, helping the technology

achieve mass adoption.

The launch of Magic Ventures and the appointment of Tony Zhao as its head of gaming

investments signals Magic Eden’s intent to invest in promising games and gaming

SHILL Issue #65


infrastructure, helping bolster the growth of Web3 gaming.

Prior to joining Magic Eden, Zhao was a key member of the business development and

investment team for Tencent Games, where he focused on investing in up-and-coming

games, acquiring world-class studios, and forming strategic partnerships across the

entire Tencent Games portfolio.

Alongside the establishment of gaming investments arm Magic Ventures, Eden Games

has also finalized partnerships to power marketplaces for games including, but not

limited to, Aurory, Genopets and Mini Royale: Nations.

Magic Eden is excited to build the top Web3 gaming-compatible NFT platform enabling

game developers to execute their project vision and players to discover new games

and connect across other digital cultures in Web3.

DeGods drop new merch

In a post today, Frank, DeGods leading figure, posted a picture of himself in the

T-shirt above. He captioned this post with, “new tee. fiwb”.

The shirt states boldly, “I own a basketball team”, along with the logo of the team

that DeGods acquired earlier this year, Killer Threes.

In the same thread, he confirmed that he will be “dropping this for DeGod holders in

about an hour” and that the merchandise that people ordered towards the end of May

would be sent out by the end of the week.

A tweet confirming the details was posted on both the official DeGods twitter account

and official Killer Threes account.

Happy resolution to Degen Town hack

Yesterday, Degen Town’s twitter account was hacked, and the hacker posted a link to

a fake staking site. Were users to have authorized the staking transaction, their

wallet would’ve been drained of its contents.

Many in the Degen Town community were really hurt due to this, with some losing

upwards of 100 Sol in the incident. The stealth marketing strategy adopted by the

team caused users to be blindsided, seeing the sudden announcement as another one

of Degen Towns’ marketing gimmicks.


SHILL Issue #65

Today, NftRamo revealed in a tweet Degen Towns intention to compensate those

who got hurt in the incident. “[A]fter looking at all the damage that has been

done from this hack… Degen Town is going to compensate everyone who’s wallet got


It was revealed that the team still does not know how their twitter was hijacked,

given “2FA on & all the proper security measures were taken”.

Since the hack, Degen Town’s floor price has fallen 11%, while The Resurrected’s

floor price has fallen 29%.

More information on the issue will be revealed soon.

Zeneca implements Ethical Trading Policy

Zeneca has introduced a new policy for his team at ZenAcademy. The policy,

dubbed Ethical Trading Policy, means that certain rules will be enforced on

how the team at ZenAcademy trades.

The rules state that the team at Zeneca will not be allowed to trade on

“market sensitive” information, or during a “blackout period” which is 24

hours before and after a major announcement Zeneca is about to make. The

final rule states that any team member wanting to trade with Zeneca’s NFTs

have to ask for Zeneca’s permission prior to doing so.

These rules have been put in place because of Zeneca’s belief that “transparency

in NFTs is critical to building trust”. In a thread posted to twitter,

Zeneca states that he “want(s) to set a benchmark” and expresses how

trading with private information is akin to “insider trading”.

Zeneca is an influencer in the NFT space, but particularly in the Ethereum

NFT space, having a huge cult following due to his success in trading NFTs.

Implementing rules like this seems to be something that more and more NFT

projects are doing, possibly an act of self-regulation, acknowledging the

shady behavior taking place on a daily basis in the NFT space.

SHILL Issue #65


Daily Mints(Solana)

Liberty Square: The Sinister Squirrel Syndicate

Liberty Square is run by a team well-versed in the entertainment industry. It is

not entirely clear what the project will be aiming to do, but many are speculating

they’ll be focusing heavily on IP development.

Holders will be able to stake their NFTs to earn $FILTH, which utility is not yet


Launchpad: Personal

Mint Price: Trustee: 0.68 Sol Council/Public: 0.88 Sol

Supply: 9999

Time: Trustee: 1200 EST Council: 1245 EST Public: 1400 EST

Meta Mutant Coin

Meta Mutant Coin is a P2E game built on the Solana blockchain. Players would battle

against NPCs(non-playing characters), or engage in PVP(player versus player) to

earn MMC tokens.

NFT holders will have access to beta testing, early airdrops of MMC, and weekly experience

boosters when the game is launched.

Launchpad: Personal

Mint Price: WL: 2 Sol Public: 2.5 Sol

Supply: 2750

Time: WL: 1130 EST Public: 1630 EST

Mystic Men - Talisman

Mystic Men are “bridging web 2 and web3”. Their artist has been working on a comic

series for some time now, and through Mystic Men, the team intend to bring his

ideas to life.

The Talisman collection will give the holder a free

mint when the team does eventually mint their full collection.

No concrete roadmap is available at the moment,

but staking and airdrops are in the plans.

Launchpad: MagicEden

Mint Price: 1.75 Sol

Supply: 555

Time: OG: 1100 EST WL: 1200 EST Public: 1300 EST


SHILL Issue #65

Raaar Lab

Raaar is building an animated NFT project, which from the looks of it, can be

flipped between a static image and an animated one. They intend to build a metaverse

for their NFTs to exist in.

Holders will have access to this metaverse as well as “land allocation” in it.

Launchpad: Personal

Mint Price: Wl: 1.75 Sol Public: 2 Sol

Supply: 2500

Time: WL: 1100 EST Public: 1200 EST


Taki is building an anime-inspired lifestyle brand.

They want to develop holder-exclusive streetwear, as

well as streetwear for the masses.

On top of exclusive clothing, holders can also stake

their NFTs for $JUMP, which can be used for raffles and

merchandise. Staked NFTs also have a shot at an airdrop

for the project “The Gate” NFT.

Launchpad: FellowshipDAO

Mint Price: 1.5 Sol

Supply: 3000

Time:OG/WL: 1100 EST Public: 1300 EST

The Dragon Trippin Vikings

Trippin Vikings want to build a metaverse in the long run, but in the short term,

they will be rewarding their holders through staking.

Potion themes are extremely popular these days and

Trippin Vikings will be going down that route as well.

The earned $KOL can be used to buy merch and other

things in a marketplace they are developing.

Launchpad: FellowshipDAO

Mint Price: 0.5 Sol

Supply: 5000

Time: WL: 1200EST Public: 1300 EST

SHILL Issue #65






sp00n1cus - 36.1k followers

Why would I buy anything now

when I can just wait another

4-8 weeks for the bottom?

22 SHILL Issue #51

SHILL Issue #51



Cryptocurrency For Beginners In The Bear Market of 2022



JetDAO · AthensDAO HackerHouseX

grapeprotocol grapeprotocol


26 SHILL Issue #51



There is a huge mismatch in the amount that @CyberFrogsNFT is talked about versus the amount they

have delivered and planned for the future. This thread will explore the project’s future trajectory and

potential. (full disclosure, I am a holder)


CF was launched in September and rugged by the original devs. A new team took over and started building. The

current fp of > 4 SOL is a testament to the strength of the team and community Some people are starting to take


On the surface, the project doesn’t currently look like anything too special. A deflationary mechanism, raffles,

auctions, lore, factions, and missions are all things we have seen before. However, their upcoming developments

could be the push they need...


This group of services that CF is building incrementally aims to be a “one-stop-shop” for all NFT-related needs as

a trader. This is a bit buzzwordy, but I think it has potential Each project under the umbrella is discussed below.


This trading tool pulls from years of data to create trading signals for portfolios of all different desired risk levels

in any market condition. It covers stocks, futures, forex, CFDs, crypto and NFTs.


SHILL Issue #65


This service associates a number to a project that describes overall bullishness. It pulls from Twitter, Discord, an

analysis of the level of organic engagement, and type of engagement.

The index number determines if The Platform will loan against the project. Cue the next service:


This service enables a P2P loan market and the ability to receive a loan immediately for approved projects (based

on index number)

The last service is the one I am the most excited about:


This service allows users to trade against NFTs like you can with stocks and crypto (e.g. long, short, futures) I’ve

never seen a project pull this off -- if CF does, it’ll be a game changer.

I got most of this info from this Medium article. Here, you can see more info about the team and CF’s partners


This project has a bullish future, but it’s not perfect. A few improvements could be made:

- need a clear timeline

- better organization of information

- concise communication of The Platform’s capabilities

- release info on how many frogs (if any) are needed for access

SHILL Issue #65


















I’ve been digging deeper into the builders within the #Solana space and saw that two of my favorite projects use

a questing system built by @timepixies. Not only do they build this for other teams, they use it for their own


How the system goes for other projects: Collection is split into several teams. Reward is set up by the project.

Send your NFT’s on quests for points. Winning team gets the lion’s share of the rewards based on your participation!

(TIP: Having pixies boost the rewards!)


SHILL Issue #65

But there is more! Send your own time pixie on quests but this time the reward pool is in SOL generated through

the minting process. AND: there’s a revenue pool consisting of the transaction fees of the other projects’ questing


So who’s using the Time Pixie questing system?

@XinDragons @InfectedMob @CyberViIIainz @Suteki_NFT- Many more!

From what I hear there will soon be a dashboard and projects can easily create their own quest site. And the art

is getting an upgrade! But please: DYOR and see for yourself! https://timepixies.io

And last but not least: The team is fully doxxed and the art upgrade looks amazing!

SHILL Issue #65



Bulltiverse is an #NFT project #p2e gaming platform on the #Solana blockchain.


Here we are, with the latest news from the Bulltiverse.

Today is a big day for us. It’s time for a rebrand! Starting today, our project will be known as the BULLTI-

VERSE, and our new site will be bulltiverse.com.

In today’s post, we’re going to present you the brand new look for the site that we have been preparing

for you, and share some updates on our roadmap for the upcoming months.

We are working on the graphics for other sections of the site to be updated soon, but for now, we want

to start by presenting two new pages: a revamped landing page, and an interactive map to navigate the

areas of the game!


SHILL Issue #65

Here is the map:

Do you like your first look at the Bulltiverse? More buildings will join the town as the corresponding

activities get released!

Looking forward, progress on our first Unity game has been going smoothly and are now looking at a

release around the 1st of March.

A couple of related artworks, directly from our artist team:

SHILL Issue #65


A medium post with all the details about the first game will come later this month, be sure to have a

couple runner bulls ready! It will be followed by another medium post detailing the new blacksmith class

we’ve been working on.

Around the middle of this month, we also plan to complete our transition to our Gen2 bulls, which

you’ve been seeing as small teases or as newborns coming from breeding. You will have to interact

with our site to exchange your old bulls for a new one with the same attributes!

Generation 2

Finally, we are in the preliminary stages of development of a new token, that will serve as currency in

our game and will be vital to the reward systems of our play2earn universe. It is far too soon to reveal

anything about it but be assured that bulls holders will be properly rewarded.

We still have some tricks up our sleeves (does anyone feel like chests need some new items?), so stay

tuned to know more!

Additionally, here you can find all our new links: https://linktr.ee/Bulltiverse

The REBULLUTION has just started!


SHILL Issue #65
















I’ve been taking the time to learn more about art and I just wanted to share the things I’ve learned. For today’s

thread I wanted to focus on one of my favorite colors - Ultramarine Blue which inspired my monochromatic use

of it in this piece collected by @CompoundI3


SHILL Issue #65

First an introduction of my motivation for this. Before entering the web3 1/1 art space I have never done art digitally.

It was only when my father saw my digital collages (Labyrinths 1-3) that he bought me a tablet so I didn’t

have to use a mouse.

Though most of my work right now is made digitally I am still very much enamored by colors and the specific

palettes of artists especially J.M.W. Turner and John Singer Sargent.

It’s easy to just use a color picker right now and forget the same reverence that the artists in the past have for

their precious pigments. So I took the time to study each pigment deeply along with where it comes from, how it

was made, and historical use in art.

Ultramarine Blue (HexCode#120A8F) is deep blue pigment with a purple bias made from a process milling and

SHILL Issue #65


grinding Lapis Lazuli. It’s an excellent blue for a limited palette and you can even use it as a primary blue, adding

just a touch of green to cool it down.

During the Renaissance, it was such an expensive pigment because most of the Lapis Lazuli was only coming

from one mine in Afghanistan. Artists used it sparingly and only reserved it for the most revered subjects like the

Virgin Mary 1640-1650 below from Giovanni Sassoferato.


SHILL Issue #65

In Titan’s Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist, Paul, Mary Magdalene and Jerome 1515-1518.

Or Jan Van Eyck’s Adoration of the Mystic Lamb 1420-1432.

SHILL Issue #65


Aside from the source, it was just hard to find blues in nature as there is no naturally occuring blue compound

aside from some minerals. Before Ultramarine, painters palettes mostly used Blue Bice or Blue Verditer but it had

a green bias compared to Ultramarine’s warmer tones.

Or Yves Kelin’s loveletter to the color itself.

Or Rothko’s Earth and Green.

As a side note, a few other blues popped up after Ultramarine like Prussian Blue but it took us a few 200 years to

synthesize another one - YInMn Blue. It’s till hard to find carriers of this color for artists though.


SHILL Issue #65

Sadge. https://smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/first-blue-pigment-discovered-200-years-finallysale-180976769/…

Thank you for reading up to this point. Now you can say, gee cool story Dato.

SHILL Issue #65
























context: rumours on the timeline of @YawwwNFT coming out with a 0% creator and 0% marketplace fee on their

upcoming launch; there is a strong rejection of this idea across twitter posts from key thought leaders

Here are some notable responses so far:

0% creator + marketplace


@solanalegend, @bytheophana, @frankdegods & @SolportTom


SHILL Issue #65

@0x_shake, @permissionlesol, @The__Solstice & @andrew_ringlein

Thoughts regarding creator royalties: i understand that in the current bear market that profit making opportunities

are few and far between. i understand it is also important for project owners and teams to create other

revenue streams though this is N/A to all projects

Thoughts regarding creator royalties cont: however, i cannot fathom the concept of taking away creator royalties.

creator royalties are the quid pro quo of NFTs. without the exchange of royalties for delivery, the bridge where

accountability is built upon will collapse

Consequences of removing creator royalties: there

will be a larger emphasis on projects securing a

bigger bag from mint funds which in turns results in

larger raises, higher token supplies and ultimately

more rugs. all of which do not benefit the space

long term.

Consequences of removing creator royalties cont:

less incentive for projects to build and deliver long

term. what will become the benefit of delivering

on roadmaps and continuing to return value to

holders? what’s the point of building a stickiness

amongst your community?

Consequences of removing creator royalties cont:

if you think that our current quick flip meta is dead,

wait till you see how projects carcasses will be left

behind without creator royalties. influencer pump

and dumps will worsen. project ‘advisors’ will demand

a larger clip

Thoughts regarding marketplace royalties: @solportio

just announced a 0% fee marketplace which will

rattle the marketplace environment - I’m interested

SHILL Issue #65


to see how this plays out and whether volume will start spreading across different marketplaces.

Thoughts regarding marketplace royalties cont: obviously the most dominant marketplace with the largest impact


@MagicEden- from my understanding they’ve always responded in an agile and strategic manner with the community

in mind my belief is that they will respond.

Thoughts regarding marketplace royalties cont: personally, i believe that marketplaces do offer an important

service and taking a fee for said product and service is perfectly fine if there was an adjustment to be made, i

believe a tiered marketplace fee makes sense

Tiered marketplace fee discussion: marketplace fees could be tiered by either volume or time by volume i mean:

up to 50K total volume could be X% marketplace fees 50 - 100K total volume could be Y% marketplace fees all

volume over 250K could be Z% marketplace fees

Tiered marketplace fee discussion cont: by time i mean the first 2 weeks of trading we’ll take X% marketplace

fees the next 3 months of trading we’ll take Y% marketplace fees from beyond 3 months onwards we’ll take Z%

marketplace fees

Tiered marketplace fee discussion cont: maybe marketplaces can float this as an option to projects and they can

choose which tiering they’d like to pursue if they want to proceed with listings on that particular marketplace

Overall comments: it’s healthy to have these discussions around fair fee pricing for both marketplaces, projects

+ their communities & traders. competition is important for the development of the space. % of creator royalty

fees should be as is - determined by creators.


SHILL Issue #65










So, I think it’s safe to say that @ShroudedNFT has failed spectacularly and going into mint was already a rug. I

want to blast @MagicEden for launching this project.

Luckily ME still holds mint funds in escrow, but that could end when the launchpad timer ends. So the meat of

this is the suspicious activity lies with one of the founder address trying to mark up the floor.

This wallet: 99uSp3hE9LJDTD4aFNj4XddnjtMcCm7DrV19VvPipa2q Is receiving 57% of secondary royalties from

the project. Going to the ME userpage, you immediately see the problem. https://magiceden.io/u/99uSp3hE9LJ-


Going back to when mint started, you can see this wallet started buying at floor, and then listing higher in hopes

of raising floor. This ss is of the initial buys. Pretty weak, but knowing the other part of this thread, which I’ll

mention later.


SHILL Issue #65

Here’s the ss of them listing higher in hopes of buoying the floor price up. There are a couple pages of this.

SHILL Issue #65


Almost immediately after I tweeted this https://twitter.com/NoveltyRiku/status/1546112841123758081?s=20&t

=ku5BpiIgDIaexnEw8juXMQ… I got banned from the Shrouded Discord and this mass delisting happened.


@ShroudedNFT is now a rug. Do not mint or buy off secondary.

Note how they mass listed, while continuing to buy off the floor then undercut their own project. The next major

flag: Art.

The project launched pre-revealed because the art wasn’t complete. Which is complete and utter horseshit.

There are layers of this too. The artists has been working on this art narrative for almost 7 years, and isn’t new to

the NFT space.


SHILL Issue #65

https://instagram.com/p/BHTqKx3DXd4/ Here’s the earliest rendition of the art style and theme. Yeah, since

2016. How is it not done yet?

https://opensea.io/romeplusart Here’s the artist’s OpenSea profile. Same art style/narrative as Shrouded. There

was a bit of fud at the beginning, but it got cleared up. A bit ironic, no?

opensea.io romeplusart - Profile | OpenSea

Another obvious thing, in hindsight, was the lack of roadmap. The only teaser of what was to come was this picture,

in what looks to be a game?

SHILL Issue #65


I looked at the other 3 wallets associated with the royalties. DRDrPKwAUEhZjjcnLf9AwWZqmEhzvRSLy8dXb1fZG-

Cm9 HZSbBDmANSYAUBRvWXtoqauv5mi9i9m66k8HDGn4DsSR These 2 take 20% but no wonky floor manip or

big history

RRUMF9KYPcvNSmnicNMAFKx5wDYix3wjNa6bA7R6xqA This one gets 3%, but is associated with a couple very

suspicious projects. Firstly, of Balloonsville.

I found this wallet royalties linked from Wobblebug royalties as well.


SHILL Issue #65

And to Best Buds. Due to the tx flow function on http://solana.fm, we can clearly exclude ME’s tx tax. Add to that

that this is an older wallet, going back to 2021, and having different royalties per project. Shrouded falls under

new light.

Pompeizz rugged, but this announcement about him being wallet drained is also linked to this wallet. Pompeizz

also rugged.

2 rugs, 2 prominent projects. Bad track record. Add to that no plan, old art, and fp manipulation, this is really

starting to shape up like a rug. ME has to answer for this. A clear lack of DD, once again.

I do want to add that ME still has mint funds under escrow. I verified that the wallet has about 11,000 SOL, but is

short 2k from my math.

SHILL Issue #65


























We’re kicking off a new series where we take a deeper look at some of the artists we’ve collected from and others

we have our eye on. We’ll begin with the FIRST artist Big Brain Gallery ever acquired a piece from - @NeilVilppu!

For the last 17+ years, Neil has worked as an Artist and Graphic Designer in a variety of industries including Action

Sports, Bio-Medical Science, Travel, and more. This comes as no surprise given Neil’s upbringing.

Both of Neil’s parents were artists who encouraged him to explore a variety of creative outlets. Neil’s father, Glenn

Vilppu, was his first & most influential mentor. He worked as an artist in the animation industry for renowned

studios like Disney, Warner Bros, and Marvel.


SHILL Issue #65

Glenn Vilppu is incredibly well-known for teaching and training professionals in the animation industry. His approach

to teaching drawing has become the standard for many professional artists.

It was through watching his dad work and talking about his process that Neil learned the art of visual storytelling

through illustration. Neil consistently applied this in his own practice - as seen below in a sketch that Neil’s father

did of him drawing as a kid.

This combination of growing up in a traditional art environment, mixed with his work in graphic design, led Neil to

fall in love with a wide variety of styles of art and artists.

From comic artists like Todd McFarlane (The Amazing Spider-Man) to more design-focused illustrators like Shepard

Fairey (Obey series & 2008 Hope poster), Neil often finds himself pulling inspiration from these artists with

his current work on Solana.

SHILL Issue #65


Neil’s current process involves bouncing around between various applications that allow him to create in a way

that feels “at home” and helps give his work the aesthetic that can be seen in his current collections.


SHILL Issue #65

Neil’s process typically begins with sketching in Procreate. Once the composition is worked out, he’ll move to

Illustrator on iPad where he works out the “inking” stage of the illustration.

SHILL Issue #65


After this, he moves back to Procreate where he proceeds with color, texture, and any other necessary finishing

touches. This stage is where the illustration really comes to life, working the colors in a looser, painterly approach.

You can see all three phases of this process side by side in the piece seen below.


SHILL Issue #65

Currently, Neil is working on the two main collections: The Balance and Balance Mechs. The Balance serves to set

the tone of this world by introducing characters, environments, and thematic building blocks that a larger story

has sprouted from.

Balance Mechs is a series focusing on the machines that have been created & evolved to utilize nature. From

here, Neil plans on creating smaller collections within the world of The Balance that tell specific stories, serving

as chapters in the greater lore of The Balance.

“The more I create in this world, the more I learn and discover

about myself. It’s an exciting journey to be on that

I’m beyond honored to share with this community.” - Neil Vilppu

SHILL Issue #65
















CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xRZ1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xEM1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Laser

CultureHacker - Odyssey pet #2






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