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The magazine for the marina industry

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<strong>Marina</strong><br />

www.marinaworld.com<br />

<strong>World</strong><br />

<strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

Issue 132<br />

Essential reading for marina and waterfront developers, planners and operators


BELOW<br />



SF <strong>Marina</strong> is a world-renowned expert in the development of new or<br />

existing premium marinas. We provide state-of-the-art floating breakwaters<br />

and concrete pontoons to anyone, anywhere, who is planning to<br />

build a marina. And who wants it to still be there after the storm.<br />

W W W . S F M A R I N A . C O M

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />

<strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Vol.22, No.6<br />

22<br />


<strong>World</strong> News 7<br />

News Focus 19<br />

Feasibility studies are underway for a marina in<br />

St Peter Port, Guernsey<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Update 22<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze and other Azimut Benetti<br />

marinas have renewed focus<br />

28<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Groups & Networks 25<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> 21, a new group in Croatia, aims to build<br />

a network of Mediterranean marinas<br />

Planning & Design 28<br />

The Triple Bay Yacht Club design is unveiled for<br />

Amaala in Saudi Arabia<br />

Property 31<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> investment for maximum returns<br />

32<br />

Floating Buildings & Structures 32<br />

Oceanix Busan floating city, Korea; launch<br />

of Meyer Floating Solutions, Germany; and<br />

Kempinksi Floating Palace, Dubai<br />

Management Systems/<br />

Smart Technology 39<br />

Products & Services 55<br />

On the cover:<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze in Liguria,<br />

Italy has been completely<br />

revamped. Eight buildings,<br />

have been renovated, security<br />

systems enhanced, and decking<br />

replaced on the breakwater and<br />

piers. Read more on p. 22.<br />

Photo: Sergio Bolla<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 3

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong><br />



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Smart moves,<br />

sustainable goals<br />


Management systems continue to<br />

offer smart innovations to streamline<br />

your business and enhance<br />

customer experience. Here’s a<br />

rundown on some features and<br />

benefits highlighted in our special<br />

feature (p. 39):<br />

• Use of QR code instead of a credit card. Pay at fuel pump with QR code is now<br />

available for guest customers or account holders.<br />

• Interoperability – integrating your entire marina management system to better<br />

track reservations has huge benefits, giving you accurate data on visitor<br />

berths, ability to create house accounts for your customers and providing data<br />

on their total spend.<br />

• Real-time feedback maximises berth occupancy as you always know which<br />

berths are empty.<br />

• Billing information, contracts, receipts, estimates etc. can easily be<br />

communicated via email to customers.<br />

• Annual and seasonal contracts can be renewed automatically.<br />

• You can operate a cash-free facility.<br />

• Staff and management have more time to focus on customer service rather<br />

than admin tasks.<br />

• Up-to-date data enables you to accurately track the performance of your<br />

business and thus maximise your profits.<br />

• Putting all financial data in one place helps you streamline your daily<br />

operations, generate reports and protect information securely.<br />

• Communication with customers is easy as messages and promotions can be<br />

sent direct to their smart phones.<br />

• Branded marina apps centralise communications and make it easy for<br />

customers to connect with you at all times.<br />

Software providers argue that, if you are more efficient, your customer<br />

automatically receives better service and this, in turn, makes them more<br />

amenable to the hospitality you have on offer: another big plus.<br />

Smart thinking often accompanies sustainable thinking. Hence, the upcoming<br />

second round of the Monaco Smart & Sustainable Rendezvous (25th-28th<br />

September), which will put one of its spotlights on designing and innovating in<br />

marina and yacht club development.<br />

If being both smart and sustainable is the goal, there is much to be said for the<br />

interesting new floating structures projects. Several are featured in this issue –<br />

but there are many more out there, if only conceptually – and several dramatic<br />

projects that have, alas, been shelved.<br />

The icon of sustainability must surely go to the Oceanix Busan floating<br />

city project in the Republic of Korea, which is envisaged with flood-proof<br />

infrastructure covering an area of 6.3ha (15.5 acres) of interconnected platforms<br />

that connect to land via link-span bridges. The city is planned with systems to<br />

produce food, energy and fresh water and to have fully integrated zero waste<br />

closed-loop systems. Read more about Busan on p. 32 and other innovative<br />

projects within the Floating Structures feature, including the world’s largest<br />

floating villa, and a floating hotel concept with satellite villas that can motor to<br />

new locations.<br />

Views expressed by individual contributors in this issue<br />

are not necessarily those of Loud & Clear Publishing<br />

Ltd. Equally, the inclusion of advertisements in this<br />

magazine does not constitute endorsement of the<br />

companies, products and services concerned by Loud &<br />

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refuse advertising.<br />

Carol Fulford<br />

Editor<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 5

Custom engineered mooring<br />

technology that lasts<br />

<br />

applications like marinas,<br />

wave-attenuators, buoys,<br />

<br />

We understand the water. We have the products and the knowhow<br />

to move away from old fashioned methods like piles, chain,<br />

or cables. <br />

<br />

Contact us at<br />

<br />

accomodate for the depth.<br />

SEAFLEX SWE +46 90 16 06 50<br />

SEAFLEX US +1 (310) 548-9100<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

Sustainable materials that ensure<br />

<br />

<br />

<br />

back to provide constant stability.<br />

Small footprint - always<br />

<br />

<br />

from a company that cares.

MYP becomes<br />

M&YTR at IBEX<br />

USA: The <strong>2022</strong> International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition and Conference (IBEX),<br />

set to take place in Tampa, Florida 27 th -29 th September, is transitioning its<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> & Yard Pavilion (MYP) to become an expanded <strong>Marina</strong> & Yard Trade<br />

Route (M&YTR).<br />

Many exhibitors have an interest in<br />

being part of the MYP but are unable to<br />

change their show location. The trade<br />

route allows IBEX to give all marina and<br />

yard sector companies the same level of<br />

exposure, and gives IBEX visitors many<br />

more relevant companies to visit on all<br />

three levels of the convention centre.<br />

Show organisers are optimistic that<br />

IBEX <strong>2022</strong> will prove a big success.<br />

“All early metrics indicate that IBEX<br />

will return to pre-pandemic numbers<br />

with exhibit space sold out. Our current<br />

hotel bookings have already surpassed<br />

2019 and web views have increased<br />

significantly so we know visitor interest<br />

is very high,” said show director Anne<br />

Dunbar. “We have a terrific schedule<br />

of events to entertain and educate<br />

everyone who attends IBEX <strong>2022</strong>.”<br />

Details of the M&YTR will soon be<br />

available at www.ibexshow.com<br />

Health of Industry report<br />

AUSTRALIA: The <strong>Marina</strong> Industry Association (MIA) has released its latest<br />

Health of the Australian Industry Survey Report (HAMIS). Conducted every<br />

two years since 2011, the survey continues to provide a comprehensive,<br />

comparable and evolving perspective on the economic, social and<br />

environmental performance and contributions of Australian marinas.<br />

Conducted in late 2021, the findings<br />

are based on a sample of over 46% of<br />

the country’s 290 club and commercial<br />

marinas.<br />

Performance highlights indicate<br />

industry turnover exceeding $730<br />

million, direct employment of over 3,300<br />

people, government tax and lease<br />

payments of $95 million, along with<br />

capital investments of over $183 million.<br />

The industry engaged nearly 8,700<br />

independent contractors and provided<br />

tenancy to over 1,900 businesses.<br />


MIA president, Andrew Chapman,<br />

said: “The findings indicate inadequacy<br />

of supply in many locations around the<br />

country. It shows that strong occupancy<br />

rates and waitlists have continued<br />

to grow over the last decade despite<br />

an increase in storage spaces. This<br />

bodes well for the future of our industry<br />

as it indicates further opportunity,<br />

particularly given the increasing<br />

pipeline of new vessels on order from<br />

manufacturers – they are all going to<br />

need somewhere to store their boats.”<br />



JDC progresses<br />

mega project<br />

SAUDI ARABIA: Plans for the Jeddah Central Project have progressed with<br />

a development contract awarded by Jeddah Central Development Co (JCDC)<br />

to Modern Building Leaders.<br />

The project spans a land area of<br />

570ha (1,410 acres) overlooking the<br />

Red Sea.<br />

Terms of the contract include<br />

demolition of around 400 existing<br />

buildings and creation of a worldclass<br />

marina with over 2.5km (1.5mi)<br />

of fixed and floating berths.<br />



www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

7<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />


CLEAN<br />



PierPump – Trouble-free disposal of waste and bilge water<br />

from boats and yachts.<br />

When installing a wastewater management system harbor<br />

operators have to make several decisions depending on the location,<br />

number of berths and size to find the optimal system.<br />

The Vogelsang PierPump is a customer-oriented high-performance<br />

solution, which is easy to operate and allows bilge water or black<br />

water to be pumped directly into the sewage system. The integrated<br />

rotary lobe pump means that the PierPump is resistant to foreign<br />

matter, so that the vacuum extraction process does not come to stop<br />

if the wastewater contains foreign matter. Wastewater tanks are<br />

vacuum extracted in a very short time, and the voyage can continue.<br />





Revised costing<br />

for St George’s<br />


BERMUDA: The St George’s <strong>Marina</strong>, a new development centred around a<br />

repaired dock on the south side of Ordnance Island, is subject to increased<br />

costs and slight delays.<br />

Speaking in the House of Assembly<br />

on 20 th May, David Burch, Minister of<br />

Public Works confirmed that structural<br />

engineers Brunel had been forced to<br />

raise cost estimates for the project from<br />

US$2.7 million to US$4.12 million. This<br />

reflects current inflationary pressures<br />

and significantly increased material and<br />

shipping costs.<br />

The new marina will feature an area<br />

for visiting yachts; the newly repaired<br />

Ordnance Island facility; 650 linear feet<br />

(198m) of moorage for small boats; ten<br />

stern-to berths for superyachts; a marina<br />

reception, lounge and café; a duty free<br />

fuel dock; and pump-out services.<br />

The marina is the subject of a 21-<br />

year leasing arrangement between<br />

the Corporation of St George and<br />

the developer, and gross proceeds<br />

of the marina revenue will be shared.<br />

Completion is anticipated in December.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> mooted in the east<br />

THAILAND: A new luxury marina in Bang Saray near Pattaya in eastern<br />

Thailand is being considered by the Transport Ministry.<br />

According to Chayathan Promsorn,<br />

permanent secretary for transport,<br />

a three-phase feasibility study will<br />

be conducted to determine possible<br />

locations, the economic benefits and<br />

environmental impact.<br />

Planning for Enviro<br />

Officer course<br />

BELGIUM: European Boating Industry (EBI), together with the German Ocean<br />

Foundation, Sea Teach, the National Technical University of Athens, the<br />

German Marine Federation (BVWW) and Frederick University, is developing the<br />

EnviroNaut project to create the first ever environmental qualification for the<br />

nautical tourism sector.<br />

The curricula will respond to targets<br />

set by the European Green Deal and<br />

the UN Sustainable Development<br />

Goals. It aims to sustainably manage<br />

recreational boating and nautical<br />

tourism to become a means of<br />

protecting marina and coastal<br />

ecosystems.<br />

Over the next two years, EnviroNaut<br />

partners will develop a course for an<br />

Environmental Officer qualification.<br />

Marine Department figures claim<br />

that Thailand has 13 tourist ports that<br />

can be properly classified as marinas.<br />

Four of these are in the eastern<br />

region. More are needed to help boost<br />

tourism.<br />

It will be available online, free and<br />

accessible to marinas, water sports<br />

companies, skipper services, nautical<br />

schools, other training institutions and<br />

charter companies.<br />

EBI secretary-general, Philip Easthill,<br />

comments: “The EnviroNaut project will<br />

be a game-changer for the industry. The<br />

Environmental Officer qualification will<br />

take sustainability to a whole new level<br />

for nautical tourism companies.”<br />



ZEALAND IN 2021<br />












YOUR FREE <strong>2022</strong> CALENDAR.<br />


www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

9<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />

+64 9-273 5311


Mooring Solutions<br />



LIGHT<br />

AND<br />




DualDocker GmbH | www.dualdocker.com


NEW for<br />

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

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www.marinaworld.com<br />

The June/<strong>July</strong> highlights:<br />

• The Boat Works in Australia doubles the footprint of its North Yard<br />

• Port of Port Townsend, Washington, USA receives $7 million breakwater<br />

grant<br />

• Karpaz Gate, Cyprus, boosts landside amenities<br />

• <strong>Marina</strong>s22, Australia – inspiring and successful<br />

• Shakespeare <strong>Marina</strong> opens in UK<br />

• Aquavista rebrands its Castle <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

• Tobago makes plans for new superyacht marina sites<br />

…and a flyover of plans for Gibraltar Eastside<br />

More cats welcome<br />

in Kemah<br />

USA: In its continuing efforts to meet the growing demand for dock space<br />

to accommodate 50ft (15m)+ catamarans on the Texas Gulf coast, Kemah<br />

Boardwalk <strong>Marina</strong> in Kemah recently modified its B Dock to create one long<br />

450ft (137m) alongside dock.<br />

Not only has this improved the<br />

marina’s flexibility to accommodate<br />

larger catamarans but the project has<br />

also widened the fairway in between A<br />

and B Docks, increasing the value of A<br />

Dock catamaran slips, which can now<br />

host larger vessels.<br />

“With most catamarans larger than<br />

45ft unable to access most of the<br />

region’s marinas due to their mast<br />

heights and bridge restrictions, we<br />

decided to take advantage of our<br />

location on Galveston Bay to offer<br />

these larger yachts an ideal homeport<br />

for exploring the bay and the Texas<br />

Gulf coast,” said marina manager Brad<br />

Grace. “The additional alongsidetie<br />

dock will now offer catamaran<br />

owners a Texas homeport option<br />

instead of being forced to keep<br />

their yachts in Florida.”<br />

The Kemah Boardwalk <strong>Marina</strong><br />

has become known throughout<br />

the region’s boating community<br />

for its hospitality, guest services<br />

and varied amenities, including a<br />

spacious pool and hot tub, poolside<br />

grilling area, numerous picnic<br />

pavilions, and clean docks with<br />

spacious walkways.<br />

The Kemah Boardwalk itself and<br />

the Kemah Lighthouse District, just<br />

steps from the marina, offer visiting<br />

boaters over 34 restaurants, more than<br />

27 shops, live entertainment, hotel<br />

accommodation, yacht charters and<br />

family amusements and attractions.<br />

62 YEARS OF<br />

MARINA<br />




www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

11<br />

bellingham-marine.com<br />


Shepperton <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Since 1963 Walcon has proven itself<br />

to be a worldwide leader in the design,<br />

construction and installation of marinas<br />

and berthing facilities, with renowned


Berth boost at BYC<br />

AUSTRALIA: Work has begun on a 113-berth extension at Bellerive Yacht Club<br />

(BYC) in Bellerive, Tasmania. The new berth mix allows for vessels of 10-20m<br />

(33-66ft), and the project also includes a two-sided 36m (118ft) long fuel dock.<br />

Bellingham Marine Australia is the<br />

lead contractor and Bellingham’s Marc<br />

Carney is working with BYC project<br />

manager Richard Gilbert. Carney has<br />

Bellerive Yacht Club (BYC)<br />

in Bellerive, Tasmania.<br />

managed the demolition, piling, marina<br />

construction and installation of services.<br />

BYC general manager, Scott<br />

Steadman, said the Club is excited<br />

about the additional membership<br />

opportunities and the extra activity the<br />

marina will attract.<br />

Spit plan<br />

contract<br />

AUSTRALIA: Gold Coast Waterways<br />

Authority has awarded Aldar<br />

Construction and Bellingham Marine<br />

Australia the contract to build the<br />

Marine Stadium Pontoon and Jetty<br />

as part of the Spit Master Plan<br />

implementation on the Gold Coast,<br />

Queensland.<br />

Paul Sorrell CMM, Bellingham<br />

Marine’s Queensland manager, said:<br />

“This project shows our commitment to<br />

the local community and our passion<br />

to provide our most up to date pontoon<br />

system in collaboration with a leading<br />

civil and infrastructure company well<br />

known for its innovative approach to<br />

construction, logistics and build ability.”<br />

Sorrell is working closely with the<br />

team to ensure the pontoon caters well<br />

for both recreational and commercial<br />

users. Work is expected to complete in<br />

November.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 13

La Valletta Loano Hammamet Stora Palau<br />

Fiskardo Aqaba Dubai Port Gogek Khiran<br />

Castellammare di Stabia Lefkas Tripoli<br />

Venezia Spalato Maratona Salerno Piskera La<br />

Maddalena Gouvia Muggia Maratea Gedda<br />

Capo d’Orlando Tremezzo Doha Tivat Trani<br />

Lixouri Procida Al Fintas Carrara Brissago<br />

Genova Rodi Dammam Sistiana Locarno<br />

Cagliari Atene Lacco Ameno Palermo<br />

Manfredonia Novi Vinodolski Montecarlo<br />

Viareggio Rab<br />

Alassio Farasan<br />

Budva Ravenna<br />

Portorose Bari<br />

Villasimius Taranto Biograd Cala di Volpe Trieste<br />

Jesolo Savona Lisbona Portovenere Novigrad<br />

Bisceglie Aiaccio La Spezia Portoferraio<br />

Lustiça Montecarlo Santa Manza Riva del<br />

Garda Castiglioncello Kastela Al Faw Portofino<br />

S. Margherita Ligure Volme Methoni Livorno<br />

Haquel Napoli Marsaxlokk Jesolo Aci Trezza<br />

Taranto Mgarr S. Teresa di Gallura Grado<br />

Rovigno Chioggia Vibo Valenza Mitilene<br />

Imperia Como Agios Kosmas Monfalcone<br />

Tel. +39 0422 702412<br />

info@ingemar.it www.ingemar.it<br />

Made in Italy


Resource consent for<br />

Te Rāhui Herenga<br />

Waka<br />

NEW ZEALAND: The Environmental Protection Authority Te Mana Rauhī Taiao<br />

(EPA) has granted resource consent for the development of a boat harbour in<br />

Keepa Road in Whakatane.<br />

John Rae, chair of Te Rāhui Herenga<br />

Waka Whakatāne 2021 Limited<br />

Partnership, welcomed the news: “The<br />

project team has worked closely with<br />

stakeholders on this project including<br />

our project partners to develop a project<br />

that will address the lack of maritime<br />

APCC wins<br />

Jubail contract<br />

UAE: Jubail Island Investment Co (JIIC) has awarded a $40 million contract to<br />

Al Dhafra Pipeline Contracting Co (APCC) for its new 66-berth marina in Marfa<br />

Al Jubail. Completion is set for mid-2023.<br />

APCC, one of Dubai’s leading<br />

ground engineering contractors, will be<br />

responsible for construction of the quay<br />

wall and associated infrastructure along<br />

the perimeter of the marina.<br />

The marina is being built as part of<br />

the grand Marine District, which will<br />

offer luxurious residential space, a yacht<br />

infrastructure in the town and provide<br />

opportunity for the region through the<br />

maritime and tourism industries, whilst<br />

delivering the project with a very sound<br />

environmental proposition,” he says.<br />

Sustainability considerations have<br />

been top-of-mind from the beginning,<br />

club complex, and boardwalk containing<br />

restaurants and outdoor cafés.<br />

The Jubail Island project, owned by<br />

JIIC and developed by LEAD, will be<br />

home to a collection of six residential<br />

village estates located between Yas<br />

Island and Saadiyat Island in Abu<br />

Dhabi.<br />

notes Te Rāhui Lands<br />

Trust chairman<br />

Brian Simpson. He<br />

explains this includes<br />

both human and<br />

environmental aspects<br />

of sustainability. “The<br />

boat harbour will start<br />

to restore both the<br />

mauri of the river,<br />

and the wellbeing of<br />

our people through<br />

employment and<br />

training opportunities,<br />

for future generations,”<br />

he believes.<br />

“We are excited<br />

about what this<br />

means for the future<br />

of the region,” adds<br />

Mayor of Whakatāne,<br />

Judy Turner. “The<br />

idea of a fit for purpose sustainable<br />

facility for berthing vessels has been<br />

considered for some time because<br />

it enables the region to be home to<br />

a commercial marine hub that will<br />

create long term job opportunities in<br />

the maritime and tourism sectors, and<br />

provide critical infrastructure that many<br />

marine businesses in the town require<br />

to support their ongoing businesses in<br />

Whakatāne.”<br />

“Construction and operation of the<br />

boat harbour will need locals to get<br />

involved with it, as the project is going<br />

to need people to operate the boats,<br />

to fix boats, to work in the boatyard, on<br />

the docks, in the marine training centre,<br />

to make and supply ice, to help run the<br />

fuel station, and to work in any food<br />

and beverage businesses that open up.<br />

We anticipate it will lead to hundreds of<br />

associated jobs in the coming years.”<br />

Boat harbour project director,<br />

Phil Wardale, says the region was<br />

supported by the fast track consenting<br />

process which provided certainty of<br />

timing. “We thank all submitters who<br />

answered the call from the EPA to<br />

provide their views on the project,”<br />

he says. “Many contributed their<br />

knowledge of the area, which has<br />

helped us to refine the project design<br />

to ensure it will perform to a very<br />

high level, particularly in relation to<br />

environmental matters regarding local<br />

water quality and ecology.”<br />

The consent is issued with a<br />

robust package of over 100 consent<br />

conditions. Subject to construction<br />

timelines, the first boats could move in<br />

early in 2025.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 15


New life for<br />

neglected<br />

peninsula<br />

ESTONIA: Scandium Kinnisvara and<br />

Everaus Kinnisvara have acquired<br />

a unique peninsula in Haapsalu on<br />

the left bank of Suur-Viik. They plan<br />

a development centred on luxurious<br />

seaside villa apartments, a marina,<br />

restaurants and a spa hotel.<br />

“The peninsula by Suur-Viik is a<br />

unique place in Estonia where a total of<br />

20 low-rise apartment buildings can be<br />

built, with virtually all windows offering<br />

enchanting sea views,” says Maido<br />

Lüiste, CEO of Scandium Kinnisvara.<br />

“Due to the elongated shape of the<br />

peninsula and the established detailed<br />

plan, the houses will be located only<br />

30m [98ft] from the sea, which means<br />

that the views will be exceptional both<br />

to the sea and to the nearby islands<br />

and peninsulas.”<br />

At the beginning of the last century,<br />

a popular port was located at the top<br />

of the peninsula and several heads<br />

of state and important visitors landed<br />

there. The existing deep water will<br />

enable developers to rebuild a marina<br />

in the second stage of the development<br />

for locals and visitors. A swimming<br />

area, café and personal boat bridges<br />

for apartment owners are also planned.<br />

Everaus Kinnisvara CEO, Janar<br />

Muttik, comments: “The Haapsalu<br />

project is truly large-scale in terms<br />

of the whole of Estonia. We want to<br />

reopen the area, which has been<br />

forgotten for decades, to the people of<br />

the city, so that it becomes a diverse<br />

urban space with a place for homes,<br />

summer resorts and many recreational<br />

opportunities – from health sports to<br />

sea sports and authentic food culture.”<br />

In order to protect the buildings from<br />

possible floods, the ground will be<br />

raised, a move that will further enhance<br />

the views.<br />

Image credit: 3+1 Architects<br />




• Full line of hydraulic boat handling equipment<br />

• Yard, self-propelled, and highway models<br />

• Open frame design to maximize flexibility and efficiency<br />

Kropf Industrial also supplies mobile<br />

boat lifts, as well as steel or HDPE<br />

pipe floating docks, and steel floating<br />

breakwaters.<br />

www.kropfindustrial.com info@kropfindustrial.com 888.480.3777<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 17






<br />

www.sustainablesmartmarina.com | #monacosmartmarina<br />

Information: info@monacomarinamanagement.org<br />

Publicité.indd 4 22/06/<strong>2022</strong> 18:03:58


Left & below: St Peter Port, Guernsey, is a<br />

popular mooring spot. An all-tide marina<br />

is proposed to maximise the potential of<br />

the currently under-utilised mooring area.<br />

New all-tide marina to<br />

enhance leisure mooring<br />

GUERNSEY: UK-based <strong>Marina</strong> Projects has been appointed by Guernsey Ports<br />

to support the preparation of a detailed feasibility into the development of a<br />

new all-tide access ‘Pool <strong>Marina</strong>’ scheme in St Peter Port.<br />

The creation of an all-tide marina<br />

seeks to maximise the potential<br />

of the currently under-utilised pool<br />

moorings area and enhance the leisure<br />

berthing offering at St Peter Port with<br />

the introduction of modern berthing<br />

arrangements and improved customer<br />

facilities.<br />

Outline proposals include a new<br />

marina that is centrally located within<br />

St Peter Port. It would have permanent<br />

walk ashore access to strengthen<br />

the harbour’s immediate connection<br />

and proximity to the town centre and<br />

attractive waterfront. Proposals also<br />

include the introduction of a breakwater<br />

structure to improve wave protection<br />

within the harbour confines and provide<br />

notable secondary benefits to existing<br />

operational assets. Other work streams<br />

include breakwater studies, dredging<br />

assessments, navigation studies and<br />

an extensive programme of marine<br />

boreholes.<br />

In response to significant market<br />

demand for additional pontoon<br />

berthing, Pool <strong>Marina</strong> would be the<br />

first all-tide berthing facility in the town,<br />

enabling residents and visitors to enjoy<br />

unrestricted access to the excellent<br />

nearby cruising grounds of Herm and<br />

Sark. Likewise, the geographic location<br />

of Guernsey provides an advantage<br />

for boaters cruising between the UK,<br />

Jersey and northern France.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects is providing specialist<br />

marine advice for the feasibility,<br />

concept design and technical design<br />

of Pool <strong>Marina</strong> and will undertake<br />

a comprehensive programme of<br />

stakeholder engagement and marina<br />

financial modelling. Working closely<br />

with the Guernsey Ports client team<br />

and consulting engineers, and in<br />

order to establish the optimum marina<br />

solution that will make best use of the<br />

waterspace, the concept design will aim<br />

to integrate Pool <strong>Marina</strong> with existing<br />

landside uses and marine infrastructure<br />

without compromising existing marine<br />

leisure and commercial port operations.<br />

The scope of services includes<br />

undertaking extensive market<br />

assessment of the regional area,<br />

including the cruising grounds of the<br />

Channel Islands, Solent and northern<br />

France, to identify the scale and<br />

nature of market demand applicable<br />

to Guernsey. The information and<br />

conclusions drawn from the study will<br />

be used to inform and confirm the<br />

market opportunities for berthing and<br />

user groups, and guide expectations in<br />

terms of support services for local berth<br />

holders and visitor facilities.<br />

The concept design for Pool <strong>Marina</strong><br />

will seek to balance the market<br />

research findings, the client’s vision<br />

and the constraints and opportunities<br />

present at the site. Furthermore,<br />

consideration of the existing harbour<br />

operations and assets through<br />

extensive stakeholder engagement<br />

will ensure the development proposals<br />

are complementary and provide wider<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 19


The strategic and geographic advantages of<br />

St Peter Port and its attractive waterfront<br />

have been leveraged for the marina study.<br />

benefits to marine related activity within<br />

the harbour.<br />

Doug Wright, ports commercial<br />

and estates manager for States<br />

of Guernsey, commented: “<strong>Marina</strong><br />

Projects bring a wealth of marine<br />

leisure knowledge and experience to<br />

this exciting project. We have a rich and<br />

diverse leisure boating community here<br />

in Guernsey and our consultants have<br />

understood the challenges associated<br />

with the site and engaged with local<br />

stakeholders to identify clear direction<br />

and are assisting us with the strategy to<br />

develop the proposals for a new all-tide<br />

marina scheme.”<br />

As part of the ongoing viability<br />

assessment, <strong>Marina</strong> Projects will<br />

undertake financial modelling of Pool<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> to measure the impact of the<br />

new berthing asset on the existing<br />

operations in terms of income,<br />

overhead costs and capital expenditure.<br />

The key assumptions and outcomes will<br />

serve to identify the investment case for<br />

the marina.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Projects managing director,<br />

Mike Ward, said: “We are really<br />

pleased to be working with Guernsey<br />

Ports to bring forward well-considered<br />

proposals for an all-tide marina facility<br />

in St Peter Port. The strategic and<br />

geographic advantages of the location,<br />

and the immediate connection to the<br />

fabulous waterfront of St Peter Port,<br />

are key strengths that the study will<br />

look to leverage. An all-tide facility will<br />

change the face of marina berthing in<br />

Guernsey. Notwithstanding an array<br />

of complex challenges, we have the<br />

necessary experience to help our<br />

client deliver a scheme that creates<br />

significant benefits for the local<br />

residents and harbour users.”<br />

BPC1993 Inland & Coastal 182x132 ad OLAW.indd 1 03/07/2020 11:48<br />

20<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

www.marinafrapa.hr<br />


• Regattas<br />

• Weddings<br />

• Team Building<br />

Rogoznica<br />

N43° 31.8’ E15° 57.8’<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Frapa - Rogoznica<br />

Uvala Soline 1 • 22203 Rogoznica<br />

+385 22 55 99 00 • frapa@marinafrapa.hr<br />

Dubrovnik<br />

N42° 39.5’ E18° 4.9’<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Frapa - Dubrovnik<br />

Lapadska obala 21A • 20000 Dubrovnik<br />

+385 20 42 22 66 • dubrovnik@marinafrapa.hr


Revamping and regeneration: heading<br />

up Azimut Benetti marinas<br />

Giorgio<br />

Casareto<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze has placed its bets on ambitious ventures. Now managing<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> di Valletta in Malta and Lusben Varazze – and set to manage the new<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> di Livorno in Tuscany – it is gradually ramping up to lead all of Azimut<br />

Benetti’s tourist ports. Donatella Zucca reports<br />

During COVID19, <strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze<br />

Srl took the opportunity to completely<br />

renovate its facilities so as to offer the<br />

maximum possible to boaters. Positive<br />

results were swiftly seen: in 2020 visitor<br />

numbers grew by 25% compared to<br />

2019, and in 2021 there were over<br />

20% more permanent berth holders.<br />

The regeneration was a courageous<br />

move at self-examination and created<br />

greater synergy between the leisure,<br />

commercial and residential elements of<br />

the site.<br />

The extraordinary renovation work<br />

of eight buildings at the 15 year-old<br />

marina completed last year. Decking<br />

was also replaced on the breakwater<br />

and the piers, which offer 800 berths<br />

for vessels up to 45m (148ft) long,<br />

and video surveillance systems, Wi-<br />

Fi and webcams were enhanced so<br />

that owners could view boats even if<br />

they were not allowed to visit them.<br />

New companies, including Scanner,<br />

Settemari Yacht, Beneteau and Cranchi<br />

dealer Bellini Nautica, have opened<br />

new offices at the marina.<br />

Lusben Varazze, a repair and refit<br />

yard, was established in 2016 in<br />

infrastructure formerly belonging to<br />

Baglietto Shipyards. It joined Azimut<br />

Benetti’s Lusben network in 2019<br />

and has also been important to the<br />

regeneration, giving <strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze<br />

control of a repair facility on its doorstep.<br />

Focusing on an events programme<br />

has also been crucial, and the Varazze<br />

season made its debut in June with the<br />

Classic Cars <strong>2022</strong> competition. Artisans<br />

in the <strong>Marina</strong>, a food and shopping<br />

gallery featuring over 20 restaurants<br />

is another notable initiative, as are<br />

environmental moves to include eight<br />

supercharge points for Tesla electric<br />

cars. This charging facility will likely be<br />

expanded to suit other car brands and<br />

also electric boats.<br />

Add the 250-berth <strong>Marina</strong> di Valletta<br />

and Livorno Porta a Mare in Tuscany in<br />

the mix and <strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze is all set<br />

to reflect the entrepreneurial vision for<br />

which the Vitelli family – Azimut Benetti<br />

founders and owners – are renowned.<br />

Giorgio Casareto, CEO and general<br />

manager at <strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze, sums<br />

up: “The Varazze, Livorno and Malta<br />

marinas have logical positioning. They<br />

allow us to take customers in different<br />

geographical areas and offer them a<br />

navigation experience along the coasts<br />

and in port that is similar to their marina<br />

homeport.” He notes, for clarification,<br />

Above: Significantly renovated <strong>Marina</strong><br />

di Varazze has enjoyed a big boost in<br />

customers (photo: Sergio Bolla). Right:<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> di Valletta in Malta, another Azimut<br />

Benetti port, is well positioned to attract<br />

more visiting boats.<br />

22<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Lusben Varazze, the adjacent busy repair<br />

facility, will be renovated in line with the<br />

marina if approvals are secured.<br />

that <strong>Marina</strong> di Livorno is still “on paper”<br />

but 95% of the way towards being<br />

awarded a state concession.<br />

Despite the benefits of the networking<br />

experience, Casareto realises the<br />

huge importance of local tourism. The<br />

Piedmontese and Lombard tourism<br />

component is crucial for Varazze, and<br />

Valletta has its own strategic reach on<br />

an island that is experiencing strong<br />

economic growth.<br />

“Varazze is performing well and is<br />

close to 100% occupancy,” he confirms.<br />

“In 2021, we inaugurated an office and<br />

dealership for Azimut Benetti, a harbour<br />

office, restaurants, bars etc. Livorno will<br />

have the same and will cater for boat<br />

owners from Romagna and Tuscany,<br />

have moorings for large boats, and<br />

benefit from the presence of the Azimut<br />

Benetti and Lusben shipyards, as well<br />

as the availability of the Livorno port<br />

drydocks, for which Azimut Bennetti<br />

has a ten year concession.<br />

Q: Are your green initiatives the same<br />

for all marinas?<br />

A: In principle, they are similar – and<br />

we have some interesting solutions. For<br />

example, we use sea water to cool the<br />

air conditioning systems, use electricity<br />

instead of gas to eliminate emissions,<br />

and now – of course – offer charging<br />

points for electric cars.<br />

We have an agreement with Tesla<br />

but we hope that Tesla will open the<br />

market to everyone thus making the<br />

technical and logistical management<br />

of the facility easier. We are also ready<br />

with charge facilities for boats but what<br />

we are missing are the boats. Currently,<br />

hybrid boat projects are being worked<br />

on but the shipyards are moving<br />

towards electric.<br />

Q: Have you seen an increase in<br />

permanent berth holders at marinas<br />

other than Varazze?<br />

A: All of our marinas have a high level<br />

of long term berth holders. This gives<br />

them economic stability. Varazze has,<br />

however, reached saturation point. For<br />

Valletta, and in the future for <strong>Marina</strong> d<br />

Livorno, the transient component will<br />

have greater significance. In Valletta we<br />

can accommodate up to four visiting<br />

superyachts. This means a lot in a<br />

marina with just 250 berths. Livorno<br />

will have 20 to 25 berths for boats over<br />

40m [131ft].<br />

Q: What is the average sized boat<br />

moored in Varazze?<br />

A: When the marina opened, it was 12-<br />

15m [39-49ft]. Today, it’s from 16/17m<br />

[53ft] to 24/25m [79ft] and all berths of<br />

this size are pretty much occupied. In<br />

the medium range of 10-15m [33-49ft]<br />

we have some difficulty filling berths but<br />

we are at full occupancy for berths up<br />

to 10m [33ft].<br />

Q: How does Lusben Varazze fit into<br />

the Lusben-Azimut Benetti circuit,<br />

and how much has been invested in<br />

redeveloping infrastructure?<br />

A: Lusben Varazze was established four<br />

years ago with a licence agreement to<br />

use the Azimut Benetti brand name.<br />

This applies for boats up to 50m [164ft]<br />

but not below 30m [98ft] so as not<br />

to compete with the local yard in the<br />

marina. By the end of the <strong>2022</strong> season,<br />

Lusben Varazze will have managed 24<br />

to 25 projects as we had a full yard all<br />

winter.<br />

We are currently in discussion with<br />

the local municipality for approval of<br />

a site renovation project for which we<br />

foresee an investment of around €7<br />

million. There are difficulties and delays<br />

but we are trying to get agreement. This<br />

will cover demolition of the old buildings<br />

and construction of one new facility<br />

that will be aesthetically in line with the<br />

marina. This is an important step for<br />

Varazze, which has long been involved<br />

in urban redevelopment of an area that<br />

is now increasingly residential.<br />

Q: How do you manage berths and<br />

customer relations?<br />

A: The booking systems for transients<br />

and permanent berth holders at Varazze<br />

and Valletta are managed independently<br />

but there is collaboration for cross over<br />

activity. Each marina has experts in<br />

the commercial office who handle long<br />

term contracts, from the first meeting<br />

with customers through to their overall<br />

marina experience. We favour direct<br />

contact and a personalised approach<br />

as clients, although used to using digital<br />

communications in their daily lives, still<br />

prefer simple experiences with a strong<br />

human component. We are, however,<br />

developing a tool that will enable this<br />

relationship to be digitised especially in<br />

the small scale operational management<br />

phase.<br />

Q: How are the shipyards located in the<br />

marina?<br />

A: To the west of <strong>Marina</strong> di Varazze we<br />

have a complete range of shipyards<br />

and small artisan facilities. These<br />

range from the yard that lifts a boat<br />

from the water to those who repair,<br />

transform and maintain them. We also<br />

have engine, upholstery and painting<br />

workshops etc.<br />

Q: What is the mix for sail and motor?<br />

A: Sailing boats have dedicated space<br />

with Beneteau Vela and the technical<br />

and commercial office of Solaris. Italia<br />

Yachts delivers boats to the marina<br />

and, like other sailing brands, takes<br />

advantage of our marina and yard<br />

facilities. In the marina, our average<br />

water depth is 3.5-4m [11ft 6in-13ft] but<br />

we also have 6m [20ft] depths, which is<br />

important for sailing yachts. However,<br />

around 60% of the vessels we moor are<br />

motorboats, which makes us aligned<br />

with the market in general.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 23


FOR YOUR<br />





15 16 17<br />

NOVEMBER <strong>2022</strong><br />


The METSTRADE Show is the happening meeting place in Amsterdam where<br />

the international leisure marine community gathers. In a hospitable and safe<br />

environment, we make you feel at home to meet and mingle with the entire<br />

industry. Feel connected and charge yourself to optimise your business.<br />

Registration opens <strong>July</strong> 25 th on METSTRADE.COM<br />









SYP<br />



MYP<br />



Ambitious plans for a<br />

21 st century network<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> 21, a new group in Croatia, aims to build a network of modern, firstclass<br />

marinas in the Mediterranean region. With three marinas in Novigrad,<br />

Trogir and Pula, the network currently boasts a combined 859 wet berths<br />

and 206 dry berths, with ambitious plans for more along the Adriatic coast.<br />

Charlotte Niemiec reports<br />

Last year, Czech investment group<br />

EMMA Capital signed acquisition<br />

contracts for three Croatian marinas<br />

located on the Adriatic coast. It named<br />

the newly emerging group <strong>Marina</strong> 21,<br />

as a nod to both the year and its aim<br />

to build a modern network of marinas<br />

“fit for the 21st century”. Each marina<br />

offers berths in attractive yachting and<br />

tourist destinations, complemented by<br />

excellent customer service.<br />

Group director, Paulina Ilić, explains<br />

what attributes the group looks for in a<br />

marina when considering adding it to<br />

the network: “In general, we are looking<br />

at marinas in Croatia and Greece,<br />

ideally with more than 200 berths, good<br />

accessibility, sufficient service area and<br />

dry dock. It’s hard to find a marina that<br />

fits this criteria, but we are in the due<br />

diligence stage with some of them.”<br />

Pavel Horak, partner in EMMA<br />

Capital, explains the history behind<br />

the group: “It is linked to the passion<br />

for sailing of one the partners in<br />

the investment group. This partner<br />

understands nautical tourism and<br />

wants to do it sustainably, taking into<br />

consideration the protection of the sea,<br />

the coast and the entire ecosystem.”<br />

Boat service focus<br />

Chief among the network’s vision over<br />

the next ten years is to build a group<br />

of marinas offering reliable, excellent<br />

boat maintenance and repair services<br />

to a high standard of quality. “We are<br />

proud of the quality of maintenance and<br />

repair services at our marinas,” Ilić says.<br />

“We’re here not only for our clients with<br />

annual berths, but also for external<br />

clients. This is a key focus for us and<br />

an area in which we’d like to improve<br />

further. We’re not just a ‘parking place’<br />

Left & below: <strong>Marina</strong> Nautica in<br />

Novigrad is a shell-shaped first-class<br />

marina offering 365 wet berths and<br />

50 dry berths. Full yacht service and<br />

maintenance facilities are on site.<br />

for boats – we provide complex<br />

services. As every boat owner<br />

knows, regular maintenance is the<br />

best and cheapest way to prevent<br />

any future difficulties.”<br />

In recent years, the dry dock at<br />

Trogir <strong>Marina</strong> achieved a unique<br />

position in the field of yacht service<br />

and repair – now the group is<br />

expanding its know-how to its other<br />

marinas.<br />

In addition to boat services,<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> 21 hopes to offer charter<br />

services that allow boaters to<br />

charter a vessel from one marina to<br />

another, as long as the member has a<br />

berth agreement at one marina.<br />

“Because <strong>Marina</strong> 21 is a new group,<br />

we’re just at the beginning of our<br />

journey,” explains Ilić. “We’ve not yet<br />

gone in the direction of creating an app<br />

for boaters to use across the network,<br />

but depending on how quickly we<br />

expand, we might go this way.”<br />

Ilić’s extensive experience in the<br />

sector makes her perfectly placed<br />

to direct the group. “Since 2006, I’ve<br />

been actively involved in nautical<br />

tourism. In my many years of work,<br />

I’ve followed the design, construction<br />

and management of four marinas. In<br />

2021, EMMA Capital appeared as a<br />

new stakeholder in nautical tourism in<br />

Croatia and bought <strong>Marina</strong> Nautica in<br />

Novigrad, launching the transaction<br />

process for <strong>Marina</strong> Trogir at the same<br />

time.<br />

“During this transaction process<br />

and our frequent communications,<br />

we recognised our compatibility,<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 25


<strong>Marina</strong> Trogir in the central part of the<br />

Adriatic coast has extensive wet and dry<br />

berths and very comprehensive boatyard<br />

facilities.<br />

finding we had the same goals and<br />

visions. As a consequence, <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Nautica was added. I must point out<br />

that the management of our three<br />

marinas includes two other key people<br />

– Nenad Jurić and Tudor Bilić, who<br />

have exceptional maritime abilities,<br />

knowledge and skills and are involved<br />

in all levels of the business operation.”<br />

Sustainable roots<br />

With sustainability a driving force<br />

behind the establishment of the group,<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> 21 has a laser focus on the<br />

environment, aiming not only to create<br />

a pleasant atmosphere for clients but<br />

also to have operations that preserve<br />

the long-term beauty and viability of the<br />

places where the marinas are located.<br />

“All our marinas are adapted and<br />

equipped with ecological yards to<br />

receive various types of waste, special<br />

places to dispose of hazardous waste<br />

and, in all our marinas, we have pumps<br />

for emptying vessel tanks. Hotel Nautica<br />

just received a ConsumelessMed<br />

award for Sustainable Tourism in the<br />

Coastal Areas of the Mediterranean.<br />

We have significantly reduced our<br />

energy and water consumption and we<br />

are part of the Green Sail Association,<br />

regularly holding training for employees<br />

on proper waste management, care<br />

for the environment – and we conduct<br />

exercises in case of pollution.”<br />

The first phase of all-new <strong>Marina</strong> Polesana<br />

opened in Pula in April with 262 wet<br />

berths. When phase two completes, the<br />

marina will have well in excess of 1,000.<br />

The marinas<br />

“Croatia is justifiably called the ‘land<br />

of the thousand islands’, with more<br />

than 1,200 Croatian islands offering<br />

natural beauty, a rich culture and<br />

gastronomic luxuries,” Ilić says. The mild<br />

Mediterranean climate, with its 2,400 to<br />

2,800 hours of sunshine a year, ranks<br />

among the sunniest in Europe. “Guests<br />

at our marinas will find a safe and quiet<br />

place, as well as the opportunity to<br />

enjoy our excellent food and staff willing<br />

to help them with whatever they need,”<br />

she adds.<br />

Located on the north-western coast<br />

of Istria, <strong>Marina</strong> Nautica in Novigrad is<br />

an exceptionally equipped first-class<br />

marina with a unique, shell-like pier<br />

arrangement offering 365 wet berths<br />

and 50 dry berths. It boasts full yacht<br />

service and technical assistance with<br />

all maintenance needs. A travel lift can<br />

accommodate vessels up to 80 tonnes.<br />

Other services include restaurants, a<br />

hotel, wellness centre with pools and<br />

saunas, and conference facilities.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> 21 Group<br />

3 859 206 1 331 221m²<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s Total sea berths Total dry berths Hotel Combined marinas surface<br />

Novigrad has a rich history, with<br />

narrow ancient streets and secular<br />

architecture nestled in the medieval<br />

layout of the city centre.<br />

Spacious and modern, <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Trogir in Trogir sits in the central part<br />

of the Adriatic coast, nestled in a bay<br />

protected from winds and storms. The<br />

marina has 232 wet berths and 114<br />

dry berths. It boasts 600 tonne and<br />

100 tonne travel lifts, 300 tonne and<br />

60 tonne self-propelled trailers, boat<br />

service and maintenance, a nautical<br />

shop, charter agencies, grocery market<br />

and a restaurant.<br />

The historic city of Trogir, dating<br />

back to the 3rd century BC, tops<br />

the list of places to visit not only in<br />

Dalmatia, but in the whole of Croatia.<br />

The Trogir archipelago, dotted with<br />

islands, islets and tranquil bays with<br />

accessible land routes, has attracted<br />

numerous conquerors, seafarers,<br />

traders and chance travellers since<br />

ancient times.<br />

The 10ha (25 acre) <strong>Marina</strong> Polesana<br />

in Pula has 262 wet berths and 42 dry<br />

berths, a crane, boat maintenance<br />

services, premium facilities and<br />

services, with a restaurant opening<br />

soon. The seafront city of Pula sits<br />

on the top of the Istrian Peninsula.<br />

Nearby, the national park of Brijuni<br />

Archipelago is an attractive group of<br />

islands open to visitors. The majority<br />

are left untouched, with smaller islands<br />

almost completely covered by an<br />

ancient holm oak forest.<br />

The first phase of <strong>Marina</strong> Polesana<br />

completed in time for a grand opening<br />

in early April with a 262-berth floating<br />

marina delivered by Marinetek Adriatic<br />

(see <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> May/June <strong>2022</strong>).<br />

Around 900 additional berths and a<br />

hotel are planned for phase two.<br />

26<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Ready for a change of ownership or direction?<br />

Marine Project means investing, buying, selling and operating marinas.<br />

We enable our clients to successfully participate in attractive marina investments.<br />

Our success proves us right.<br />

www.marine-project.com | operations@marine-project.com


Above & below: Set within the Triple<br />

Bay <strong>Marina</strong>, the new yacht club at<br />

the Amaala development has been<br />

designed to reflect the unique rock<br />

formations of the Saudi Red Sea<br />

coastline and draws further inspiration<br />

from mankind’s relationship with the<br />

sea.<br />

Free-flow club design<br />

links land to sea<br />

Amaala, the ultra-luxury development located along Saudi Arabia’s northwestern<br />

coast, has revealed an iconic HKS design for its Triple Bay Yacht Club.<br />

Set within the Triple Bay <strong>Marina</strong> of<br />

the Prince Mohammed bin Salman<br />

Nature Reserve, the new yacht club<br />

is a keystone development with a<br />

captivating free-flowing structure that<br />

aims to create a one-of-a-kind meeting<br />

point between land and sea.<br />

“Amaala is one of the flagship Saudi<br />

Vision 2030 projects and remains<br />

central to the kingdom’s ambition to<br />

become a global tourism leader. We<br />

anticipate that Amaala will become an<br />

international hub for luxury yachting<br />

and, as such, the yacht club required<br />

a world-class design, influenced by<br />

the surrounding natural elements<br />

and Arabic heritage, and<br />

underpinned by our commitment<br />

to sustainability,” said Amaala CEO<br />

John Pagano.<br />

Drawing design inspiration<br />

from two sets of geometry, HKS<br />

first looked to the unique rock<br />

formations on the Saudi Red<br />

Sea coastline to create the club’s<br />

bespoke cantilevered terraces,<br />

which echo the natural shape of<br />

the surrounding cliffs, eroded over<br />

time by wind and sea.<br />

“We were clear from the outset<br />

that we wanted to create a building<br />

of its place, with the design drawing<br />

inspiration from local landscapes<br />

and culture, alongside the nature of<br />

the marina<br />

lifestyle. The<br />

team wanted<br />

to re-imagine<br />

the yacht club<br />

as a modern<br />

concept, a<br />

home from<br />

home for<br />

nautical<br />

enthusiasts<br />

from all<br />

backgrounds,<br />

from leisure to<br />

elite sport,” said Dan Flower, HKS<br />

design director and lead architect<br />

for Amaala Yacht Club.<br />

The second inspiration is drawn<br />

from mankind’s relationship with<br />

the sea and maritime history.<br />

This nautical edge will ensure the<br />

building sits seamlessly within the<br />

marina as a central hub and focal<br />

point.<br />

Alongside the ‘sea meets land’<br />

concept, the design references the<br />

look of a traditional Arabian house, with<br />

a simple smooth white exterior that<br />

is cut back to reveal luxurious metal.<br />

Internally it features a rich palette of<br />

natural and locally sourced materials,<br />

such as stone, timber and leather.<br />

“Amaala offers an unparalleled<br />

opportunity to shape a new tourism<br />

destination and a new home for<br />

yachting on the Red Sea. It is a<br />

28<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Aerial CAD image of the coastal<br />

resort development.<br />

privilege to be involved as designers<br />

of this iconic yacht club, which is a<br />

centrepiece for the marina and set to<br />

evolve guest experience,” explained<br />

Kevin Underwood, global head of<br />

hospitality at HKS.<br />

“We brought together the global<br />

expertise of our firm, using our<br />

experience of creating luxury<br />

destinations to create something<br />

truly innovative and contemporary.<br />

Sustainability in all aspects is at<br />

the heart of our design, seamlessly<br />

integrating the building with the<br />

stunning mountain and marine<br />

landscape of the Red Sea,” he added.<br />

Covering 7,900m² (85,000ft²) and<br />

arranged on four levels, the ultraluxurious<br />

club is set to create a home<br />

from home for its members whether to<br />

do business, relax, entertain or take<br />

part in a calendar of yachting events.<br />

Arrival is a key moment for guests<br />

Curved roof details of an upmarket<br />

restaurant and (below) hotel facilities<br />

featuring natural materials.<br />

by land or water, with the entrance set<br />

within an arch that forms a shaded<br />

plaza and frames dramatic views to<br />

the Red Sea. The area has a mirrored<br />

vaulted ceiling over a star-lit floor which<br />

creates an alternative night sky for<br />

guests in the evening.<br />

The interior of the club, also designed<br />

by HKS, along with the landscaping<br />

detail, is as visually stimulating as the<br />

exterior, with unparalleled attention to<br />

detail to ensure<br />

guests remain<br />

connected to the<br />

landscapes around<br />

them. Utilising local<br />

materials, with a<br />

focus on stone,<br />

timber and metals,<br />

and embracing<br />

a luxurious, yet<br />

authentic brass<br />

champagne colour<br />

scheme, the lounges and restaurant<br />

blend seamlessly together with an<br />

infinity loop-like shape throughout.<br />

Complementing the yacht club’s<br />

functions, the 10ha (25 acre) basin<br />

hosts a 120-berth marina for yachts<br />

up to 130m (430ft) in length, and<br />

is designed for residents as well<br />

as yachting events, regattas and<br />

launches. Deepwater superyacht<br />

berths, fuel dock and personalised<br />

service ensure Triple Bay’s future<br />

rating as a destination for visiting<br />

superyachts, international regattas and<br />

domestic cruising.<br />

Set across 4,155km² (1,604mi²), and<br />

due to welcome first guests in 2024,<br />

Triple Bay spans three natural bays<br />

along the coastline. The destination<br />

is designed to create a one-of-a-kind<br />

global wellness hub and is underpinned<br />

by a commitment to sustainability.<br />

The whole development is targeting a<br />

minimum LEED Gold standard for<br />

environmental sustainability.<br />

Phase One of Triple Bay is on<br />

track to complete in 2024. It consists<br />

of eight resorts offering upwards<br />

of 1,300 hotel keys and will also<br />

feature a range of luxury food and<br />

beverage outlets, retail and leisure<br />

facilities.<br />

Work is well underway with more<br />

than 1,000 workers already on<br />

site. More than 250 contracts for<br />

the project have been awarded to<br />

date. An RFP for the Utilities PPP<br />

has been issued to the market to<br />

ensure the development meets<br />

its sustainability ambitions. The<br />

destination will be off grid, powered<br />

solely by renewable energy.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 29

Big Challenges<br />

Big Decisions<br />

Plan your participation in this unique global marina event<br />

The biggest meeting of the recreational boating industry<br />

www.icomia.org appr.direcao@gmail.com +351 289 310 560


Darius Wozniak.<br />

Flexible marina<br />

investment for<br />

maximum returns<br />

Over the past decade, marina properties have become an increasingly<br />

recognised asset class with many changing hands from private to group<br />

ownership or from municipal to private sector. Property agents and private<br />

equity companies specialising in the sale of waterfront assets have happily<br />

experienced more peaks than troughs but determining the true value of a<br />

marina as an investment potential requires a financial specialist.<br />

Enter Marine Project – a Mallorcabased<br />

European leader in maritime<br />

investments, with particular expertise in<br />

the marina sector and a unique ability<br />

to operate at a global level.<br />

Marine Project has swiftly established<br />

itself in a rapidly growing market but,<br />

although the marina asset class is<br />

enjoying high popularity, team members<br />

are keen to stress that its true value is<br />

significantly underrated when compared<br />

to other marine investments. <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

generate above average returns with a<br />

high degree of security.<br />

Marine Project maximises all<br />

investment opportunities by offering<br />

a variety of programmes that cater<br />

to virtually every budget. These can<br />

be angled to suit the novice private<br />

Above: The sale of Quinta do Lorde <strong>Marina</strong><br />

in Madeira was recently negotiated by<br />

Marine Project. The company reports that<br />

current interest is particularly high for<br />

marinas in Greece, Portugal and Spain.<br />

investor, experienced investment<br />

firms or globally-invested institutional<br />

investors.<br />

Programmes can also be tailored<br />

to suit a specific investor. “With high<br />

interest rates, usually in the doubledigit<br />

range, and short maturities<br />

of two to eight years, this form of<br />

investment is an economically very<br />

attractive alternative to classic forms of<br />

investment, especially for investors with<br />

a short investment horizon and different<br />

exit strategies,” says Marine Project<br />

CEO Darius Wozniak.<br />

A major part of the company’s<br />

mission is to undertake specific<br />

searches for marinas to meet individual<br />

criteria and it employs a sourcing team<br />

of specially trained and experienced<br />

staff in the relevant countries. So,<br />

which marinas are of interest to which<br />

investors?<br />

“Institutional investors tend to focus<br />

on large newbuild projects, or fully<br />

operational and profitable marinas<br />

with a solid business performance<br />

and good management. The financial<br />

performance is much more in focus<br />

here than the asset itself,” notes senior<br />

consultant Christian Hausser.<br />

Private investors are mostly<br />

interested in smaller marinas that are<br />

easy to oversee and manage. They<br />

usually have between 100 and 300<br />

berths and have good year-round<br />

occupancy rates in regions that are not<br />

season dependent.<br />

“Somewhat more courageous<br />

investors enquire directly about<br />

promising turnaround candidates where<br />

the substance is right and a turnaround<br />

is realistic under the right management.<br />

We often apply our ‘Fix & Flip’ strategy<br />

here, in which Marine Project takes<br />

over the management and leads the<br />

marina back into the profit zone,”<br />

Hausser explains. “Once occupancy,<br />

turnover and profit are maximised,<br />

the marina is usually sold again at a<br />

high profit, which often justifies the<br />

slightly higher risk. As a rule, such an<br />

investment takes about two to three<br />

years until the exit.”<br />

Marine Project accompanies investors<br />

throughout the entire life cycles of their<br />

investment – from the preparation of<br />

meaningful plans and decision-making<br />

bases, to the clarification of legal and<br />

environmentally relevant aspects, and<br />

finally to the exit. Clients can invest<br />

in individual marinas or in managed<br />

portfolios.<br />

“The time is ripe for the development<br />

of new and attractive forms of<br />

investment and the entry conditions in<br />

the marina sector are currently very<br />

favourable,” Wozniak observes. “Due to<br />

the high capacity utilisation of almost all<br />

shipyards and the increasingly popular<br />

yachting sector, the very high demand<br />

for berths will not abate over the next ten<br />

to 15 years but continue to increase. We<br />

are already seeing a high shortage of<br />

supply, which is having a positive impact<br />

on marina occupancy rates and profits.”<br />

www.marine-project.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 31


Building the first<br />

sustainable<br />

floating city<br />

UN-Habitat, Busan Metropolitan City in the Republic of Korea, and blue<br />

tech company Oceanix unveiled the design of the world’s first prototype<br />

sustainable floating city on 26 th April. Oceanix Busan aims to provide<br />

breakthrough technology for coastal cities facing severe land shortages that<br />

are compounded by climatic threats.<br />

Coastal cities are on the frontlines<br />

of climate-related risks. Flooding is<br />

destroying billions of dollars worth of<br />

infrastructure and forcing millions of<br />

climate refugees to leave their homes.<br />

The challenge is huge: two out of every<br />

five people in the world live within<br />

100km (60mi) of the coast, and 90% of<br />

mega cities worldwide are vulnerable<br />

to rising sea levels. The floating<br />

city is envisaged as a flood-proof<br />

infrastructure that rises with the sea<br />

and produces its own food, energy and<br />

fresh water with fully integrated zero<br />

waste closed-loop systems.<br />

The unveiling, which took place at<br />

UN headquarters in New York, follows<br />

the signing of an historic agreement in<br />

November 2021 to build a sustainable<br />

floating city. Busan was selected for<br />

the initiative as it is one of the world’s<br />

most important maritime cities and is<br />

bidding for <strong>World</strong> Expo 2030. Located<br />

on the southeastern tip of the Korean<br />

peninsula, Busan has a population of<br />

3.4 million. Its deep harbour and gentle<br />

tides have helped to make it the largest<br />

container handling port in the country<br />

and the fifth in the world.<br />

“Sustainable floating cities are a part<br />

of the arsenal of climate adaptation<br />

strategies available to us. Instead of<br />

fighting with water, let us learn to live<br />

in harmony with it. We look forward<br />

to developing nature-based solutions<br />

through the floating city concept, and<br />

Busan is the ideal choice to deploy<br />

the prototype,” said Maimunah Mohd<br />

Sharif, executive director of UN-Habitat,<br />

stressing that the battle to achieve the<br />

sustainable development goals would<br />

be won or lost in cities.<br />

Coastal cities are facing unique<br />

demographic, environmental, economic,<br />

social and spatial challenges. With<br />

nowhere to expand, rapid urban<br />

population growth is pushing people<br />

closer to the water, driving housing<br />

costs to prohibitive levels and<br />

squeezing the poorest families out.<br />

“With the complex changes facing<br />

coastal cities, we need a new vision<br />

where it is possible for people, nature<br />

and technology to co-exist. There is<br />

no better place than Busan to take the<br />

first step towards sustainable human<br />

settlements on the ocean, proudly built<br />

by Korea for the world,” said city mayor,<br />

Park Heong-joon.<br />

“Sea level rise is a formidable threat,<br />

but sustainable floating infrastructure<br />

can help solve this looming catastrophe.<br />

We are excited to make history with<br />

Busan and UN-Habitat in ushering in<br />

humanity’s next frontier,” said Oceanix<br />

co-founders, Itai Madamombe and Marc<br />

Collins Chen, adding that the prototype<br />

would be approached at a hyper-local<br />

level, taking into account the rich<br />

social, economic, political and cultural<br />

uniqueness of Korea as the host country.<br />

32<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Oceanix CEO, Philip Hofmann,<br />

described 26 th April as “a pivotal<br />

milestone for all coastal cities and<br />

island nations on the frontlines of<br />

climate change.”<br />

The Busan prototype<br />

Oceanix is leading a team of the<br />

world’s best designers, engineers and<br />

sustainability experts in designing the<br />

flood-proof prototype. The BIG-Bjarke<br />

Ingels Group and Samsung-owned<br />

Samoo were the lead architects.<br />

“Oceanix’s modular maritime<br />

neighbourhood will be a prototype for<br />

sustainable and resilient cities. As our<br />

first manifestation of this new form of<br />

waterborne urbanism, Oceanix Busan<br />

will expand the city’s unique character<br />

and culture from dry land into the<br />

water around it. We believe Oceanix’s<br />

floating platforms can be developed<br />

at scale to serve as the foundations<br />

for future resilient communities in the<br />

most vulnerable coastal locations<br />

on the frontlines of climate change,”<br />

explained Bjarke Ingels, founder and<br />

creative director for BIG-Bjarke Ingels<br />

Group.<br />

Oceanix Busan will comprise nearly<br />

6.3ha (15.5 acres) of interconnected<br />

platforms to accommodate a<br />

community of 12,000 people. Each<br />

neighbourhood is designed to serve a<br />

specific purpose – living, research and<br />

lodging. There are between 30,000 and<br />

40,000m² (322,900 and 430,600ft²) of<br />

mixed-use programmes per platform.<br />

The floating platforms connect to<br />

land with link-span bridges, framing<br />

the sheltered blue lagoon of floating<br />

recreation, art and performance<br />

outposts. The low-rise buildings on<br />

each platform are defined by their soft<br />

lines and feature terraces for indooroutdoor<br />

living to create a network of<br />

vibrant public spaces.<br />

The concept will<br />

organically transform<br />

and adapt over time<br />

based on the needs<br />

of Busan. Starting<br />

from a community of<br />

12,000 residents and<br />

visitors, it has the<br />

potential to expand to<br />

accommodate more than<br />

100,000 people. The<br />

floating platforms are<br />

accompanied by dozens<br />

of productive outposts<br />

and greenhouses.<br />

Oceanix Busan has<br />

six integrated systems:<br />

zero waste and circular<br />

systems, closed loop<br />

water systems, food, net<br />

zero energy, innovative<br />

mobility and coastal<br />

habitat regeneration.<br />

These interconnected<br />

systems will generate<br />

100% of the required<br />

operational energy on site through<br />

floating and rooftop photovoltaic panels.<br />

Similarly, each neighbourhood will treat<br />

and replenish its own water, reduce<br />

and recycle resources, and provide<br />

innovative urban agriculture.<br />

All images courtesy<br />

Oceanix/BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 33


The world’s largest floating villa can<br />

be moved anywhere on water. It is<br />

entirely self-sufficient but can also be<br />

moored permanently at a waterfront<br />

location.<br />

A shared vision for<br />

the future on water<br />

A major European shipbuilding consortium has teamed up with one of the<br />

world’s most acclaimed floating projects companies to form Meyer Floating<br />

Solutions. Together, the new Finland-based ‘dream team’ will combine its<br />

expertise to focus on designing and manufacturing high quality, luxury<br />

floating real estate on a grand scale. Charlotte Niemiec reports<br />

Meyer Group is a leading shipbuilding<br />

consortium with three modern, largescale<br />

shipyards in the German cities<br />

of Papenburg and Rostock, and the<br />

Finnish city of Turku, while Admares<br />

Marine is the name behind eyecatching<br />

projects including nine floating<br />

villas at Marasi Business Bay and the<br />

Burj Al Arab Terrace extension – both in<br />

Dubai – and the world’s largest floating<br />

villa.<br />

Both companies share the vision<br />

of a future on water. They expect the<br />

floating sector to grow exponentially,<br />

as it offers a whole new opportunity<br />

to develop high quality property in<br />

valuable locations. Moreover, because<br />

floating properties have a modular,<br />

easily-transportable design, building<br />

on the water is swiftly becoming more<br />

desirable than building by the water.<br />

With their minimal impact on the<br />

environment, Admares’ floating projects<br />

have proved a viable alternative to<br />

reclaiming land. The units are equipped<br />

with the latest green technology for<br />

power generation, sewage treatment<br />

and water production, and are able to<br />

operate independently in areas where<br />

city infrastructure is not available.<br />

Over the next ten years, Meyer<br />

Floating Solutions CEO, Kaj Casén,<br />

envisions: “There will be real floating<br />

cities and the floating solutions<br />

market will be on the same level with<br />

shipbuilding. We, as a floating solutions<br />

pioneer, naturally want to be there<br />

supporting this growing industry to our<br />

maximum extent.”<br />

“I’m a naval architect myself and<br />

always had the sea close to my heart,”<br />

Casén explains. “I spent most of my<br />

childhood on a boat with my family<br />

and a career in the marine industry<br />

was a natural choice for me. After<br />

spending the early days of my career<br />

in shipbuilding where we also delivered<br />

floating staff accommodations for<br />

a variety of different industries, we<br />

realised that there are tremendous<br />

opportunities to create floating products<br />

that are also architectural masterpieces<br />

for residential, commercial and<br />

hospitality purposes. I’m a big believer<br />

in this developing industry and want to<br />

do my best to allow new sustainable<br />

lifestyle opportunities on water for<br />

all people.”<br />

A strategic alliance<br />

Meyer Group quickly identified<br />

Admares Marine as the market<br />

leader in this developing industry.<br />

“At the same time, Admares Marine<br />

was looking for a strategic partner<br />

to strengthen its capabilities<br />

and maximise its potential in the<br />

market,” Casén reveals. “The new<br />

venture combines the strengths<br />

of both companies and allows us<br />

to compete for the mega projects<br />

being built on the water.”<br />

For Meyer Group, the joint<br />

venture boosts its core shipbuilding<br />

business, which has always focused<br />

on manufacturing products offsite in<br />

a controlled factory environment –<br />

and will continue to do so. Compared<br />

to conventional construction work,<br />

this allows for shorter delivery times<br />

and minimises the impact to the<br />

environment.<br />

“The traditional construction<br />

industry is a slow adopter of new<br />

technologies. With the two companies’<br />

strengths combined, the joint<br />

venture accumulates unprecedented<br />

expertise in the field of developing and<br />

manufacturing floating solutions,” Casén<br />

explains.<br />

Meyer Floating Solutions will inherit<br />

Admares Marine’s product portfolio<br />

and patents, giving the new company<br />

a head start on offering market-ready<br />

concepts, from standard floating<br />

villas and hotels to fully customisable<br />

overwater solutions. Admares will<br />

continue to offer its full service from<br />

design, manufacturing, transport and<br />

final installation at the destination.<br />

The company expects to have a<br />

busy year ahead with multiple exciting<br />

overwater projects in sight. Its plans<br />

include a “first of its kind floating<br />

eco-resort without any need for land<br />

installations.”<br />

“Additionally, we are working with the<br />

world’s largest overwater installation<br />

that hopefully will be announced<br />

later this year. Again, something that<br />

the world has not seen before. The<br />

enquiries we have on our table are<br />

mind-blowing,” Casén says.<br />

34<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


Right: One of nine floating homes at<br />

Marasi Business Bay. Below: A floating<br />

terrace extension to the iconic Burj Al<br />

Arab hotel, which sits on reclaimed<br />

land.<br />

Sustainable solutions<br />

Meyer Group has built cruise ships<br />

for international shipping companies<br />

at its production and construction<br />

docks for several decades, including<br />

more than 50 luxury liners. The<br />

group recently set a goal to develop<br />

a climate-neutral cruise ship<br />

concept by 2025 and to achieve<br />

carbon neutral shipbuilding by 2030.<br />

The newly formed Meyer Floating<br />

Solutions will also follow this path<br />

and has defined sustainability as<br />

one of its core values.<br />

“Floating real estate solutions<br />

offer great potential in going into<br />

fully energy neutral solutions, where<br />

electricity is generated by solar panels<br />

and heat pumps use water to ensure<br />

both heating during winter and cooling<br />

during summer,” Casén affirms.<br />

The entire lifecycle of the products<br />

is designed to minimise their<br />

environmental impact. Overwater<br />

buildings are designed with sustainable<br />

materials and manufactured in<br />

controlled manufacturing facilities,<br />

which the company says can reduce<br />

waste by over 70% and provide<br />

significant cost benefits.<br />

Eye-catching projects<br />

Admares’ turnkey project at Marasi<br />

Business Bay included nine stateof-the-art<br />

floating water homes.<br />

Admares manufactured these unique<br />

architectural structures in its purposebuilt<br />

facilities in Rauma, Finland, before<br />

transporting them to Dubai and finally<br />

towing them to Marasi Business Bay<br />

(see <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong>, January/February<br />

2018, p25).<br />

They are each equipped with the<br />

latest technology and are the United<br />

Arab Emirates’ first<br />

water homes with<br />

both pedestrian and<br />

boat access. Located<br />

at the heart of the<br />

marina taking shape<br />

at Marasi Business<br />

Bay, they are set<br />

to become the<br />

development’s main<br />

architectural trait.<br />

From the start of the<br />

project, Admares<br />

and Dubai Properties<br />

established a<br />

close collaboration<br />

that enabled<br />

the milestone<br />

achievement more<br />

than a month<br />

ahead of time. The<br />

finished products<br />

combine centuries of<br />

shipbuilding heritage<br />

with cutting-edge<br />

design and are set to<br />

transform waterfront<br />

living in the emirate.<br />

Another major project is the<br />

world’s largest floating villa, which<br />

can be moved anywhere on water.<br />

It generates its own power, has its<br />

own waste treatment facilities and<br />

draws on green energy with minimum<br />

disturbance to the environment. It<br />

can also be moored permanently to a<br />

waterfront location, where it functions<br />

like a conventional building with<br />

normal access via road and walkways,<br />

with regular connections to land-based<br />

power and utilities.<br />

The villa’s most spacious and<br />

luxurious rooms are the three Owner’s<br />

Suites, which enjoy stunning sea<br />

views as well as expansive outdoor<br />

terraces with sun loungers and<br />

waterfront Jacuzzis. Featuring wallto-wall<br />

and floor-to-ceilings windows<br />

throughout, the modern architecture<br />

allows uninterrupted panoramic<br />

sea views – with the unique floating<br />

building featuring 6,000m² (64,583ft²)<br />

of floor space over three floors, with<br />

a separate service basement and<br />

technical area.<br />

The company also delivered a terrace<br />

expansion to Dubai’s iconic luxury<br />

hotel, the Burj Al Arab. The building sits<br />

on an island of reclaimed land 280m<br />

(918ft) offshore. Opening to guests in<br />

May 2016, the 10,000m² (107,639ft²)<br />

terrace extension offers far-reaching<br />

views across the Arabian Gulf, while<br />

a second level provides 5,000m²<br />

(53,819ft²) of high-specification retail<br />

space, VIP areas, locker rooms, shower<br />

and other facilities, as well as technical<br />

spaces.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 35


Bernold Schroeder,<br />

chairman Kempinski AG<br />

and CEO,<br />

Kempinski Group<br />

Kempinski to manage<br />

one-of-a-kind hotel<br />

When it opens in 2023, the Kempinski Floating Palace will usher in a new era for<br />

the floating hotel concept, with a range of floating satellite villas that can “motor”<br />

away to other anchorages.<br />

Moored next to one of Dubai’s<br />

most exclusive stretches of beach on<br />

Jumeirah Beach Road, the hotel, with<br />

its 156 rooms and suites, along with<br />

12 villas, is accessed by speed boat<br />

or private yacht. A connected floating<br />

helipad is also installed alongside a<br />

mooring dock for up to 16 yachts.<br />

Reflecting contemporary lifestyle<br />

in the UAE, the principal building is<br />

formed of four parts, connected in the<br />

middle by a glass pyramid through<br />

which large yachts can sail in and out.<br />

Every five-star luxury is included, such<br />

as exclusive gourmet restaurants, bars,<br />

spa, pools, boutiques and banquet<br />

areas.<br />

The 12 luxury villas, connected to<br />

the main hotel by walkway pontoons,<br />

are for sale and also for rent to hotel<br />

guests, and benefit from all the<br />

services offered at the hotel. Arranged<br />

over two floors, each is of high quality<br />

elegant design with two, three or four<br />

bedrooms, crew and staff rooms,<br />

as well as indoor and outdoor living<br />

rooms, a roof terrace and infinity<br />

pool. Large panoramic windows are<br />

a special feature, along with all the<br />

technical elements of a smart home.<br />

Cruising at a maximum speed of<br />

6nm, the villas are equipped with<br />

solar panels and are designed to be<br />

environmentally friendly.<br />

“We are delighted to be able to<br />

offer our guests in Dubai such a<br />

first experience from 2023 onwards,<br />

combining the destination’s reputation<br />

as a high-tech city with the timeless<br />

European elegance of Kempinski<br />

Hotels,” said Bernold Schroeder, CEO<br />

of Kempinski Group and chairman of<br />

the management board of Kempinski<br />

AG. “The highly innovative project by<br />

Seagate Shipyard convinces not only<br />

by its high-end technology but also<br />

through impeccable style and design.”<br />

Mohamed El Bahrawy, CEO and<br />

founder of Seagate Shipyard, added:<br />

“We are proud of what we have<br />

achieved so far, especially at the<br />

Floating Palace in Dubai, where we<br />

have partnered with a global leader in<br />

the hospitality business. I am so grateful<br />

to Bernold Schroeder and Kempinski<br />

Hotels for their trust. It is thrilling to<br />

see that, for the first time, a brand of<br />

the calibre of Kempinski will manage<br />

a floating hotel of such magnitude and<br />

we are confident that our hotel will soon<br />

be one of the top tourist attractions in<br />

Dubai. It will undoubtedly occupy an<br />

iconic position among floating hotels all<br />

over the world.”<br />

36<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


MARINA<br />


Take the complexity out of marina operations<br />

for your team & your customers.<br />

Dock Management | Financial Management | Customer Management<br />

getintouch@marinalife.com<br />


Cascais, PORTUGAL<br />

+351 214 692 024<br />

Barcelona, SPAIN<br />

+34 933 601 101<br />

Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL<br />

+55 21 3942 8828<br />

w w w . l i n d l e y . pt

Revolutionising time at the fuel dock<br />

Further progress in fuel payment systems gives the customer better security and a faster, more efficient time at the<br />

pump. Vance Young of Scribble Software tells us more.<br />

Back in what people like to refer to<br />

as the “good ole days”, purchasing<br />

goods using a credit card was a very<br />

different experience. Perhaps it was<br />

due to a seemingly more trustful world,<br />

but there was a time when credit card<br />

purchases would require producing<br />

a physical imprint of a credit card by<br />

placing the card in a machine and the<br />

merchant would manually swipe an<br />

arm or lever with a sheet of carbon<br />

paper thus creating an exact copy of<br />

the card. My, how times have changed.<br />

Can you imagine a store doing this<br />

today?<br />

As with most other tasks in life,<br />

technology has empowered the ability<br />

to simplify and provide a much easier<br />

and secure processing of credit card<br />

sales using encryption and chip<br />

technology.<br />

The marina fuel dock is no<br />

exception to advancing technology.<br />

Scribble Software pioneered the<br />

fuel management integration into a<br />

marina management solution nearly<br />

two decades ago. To this day, we<br />

continue to lead and provide advanced<br />

integrated fuel management solutions<br />

in both desktop and cloud-based<br />

marina management solutions. This<br />

allows marina fuel docks to better<br />

serve their boating customers. After<br />

a significant design and development<br />

process, we have again revolutionised<br />

the marina fuel dock with mobile pay at<br />

the pump fuel purchasing.<br />


Pay at the pump activity traditionally<br />

requires the insertion of a credit card<br />

into a card reader located directly in<br />

the fuel dispenser. One of the<br />

downfalls of this technique<br />

is that thieves can place<br />

a card “skimmer”, which<br />

can copy and record card<br />

information, and use that<br />

information fraudulently. To help<br />

combat this, card processing<br />

regulations are moving to<br />

require PCI and EMV readers<br />

(chip & pin). This can be a<br />

timely and costly process for<br />

many marina fuel docks.<br />

So, just as the old “knuckle<br />

bashing” manual credit<br />

card machines evolved to<br />

electronic processing, we have<br />

transformed the fuel pay at the<br />

pump process to a contactless<br />

mobile electronic payment<br />

process.<br />

Scribble’s<br />

new mobile<br />

pay at the<br />

pump fuel<br />

system allows<br />

marina fuel<br />

docks to<br />

place QR<br />

code stickers<br />

on their fuel<br />

dispensers. Boaters who would<br />

like to purchase fuel can then<br />

pull up to the fuel dock and<br />

scan the QR code with their mobile<br />

phone. Scanning the QR code pulls up<br />

the fuel system on the phone which<br />

then guides the boater through a stepby-step<br />

process in purchasing fuel.<br />

Simplifying matters even more, the<br />

boater has the option to purchase fuel<br />

as a guest or sign in and purchase<br />

fuel with a stored payment method.<br />

Purchasing fuel as a guest provides<br />

a fast and easy way to pay for fuel by<br />

entering or scanning a credit card with<br />

the mobile device.<br />

The advantage of signing in and<br />

purchasing fuel gives boaters who have<br />

an existing account with the marina,<br />

such as a tenant, the ability to purchase<br />

fuel with credit card and/or ACH<br />

banking information already stored in<br />

their marina account. All of which is<br />

safe, secure, and meets all guidelines.<br />

www.marinago.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 39

Stacker cranes and launchers for a<br />

<br />

Mega Tango by<br />

Quality Design Know-How<br />

Mega Tango by<br />

Fast, silent and compact semi-automated stacking equipment<br />

Designed and manufactured in-house<br />

<br />

• Over 50 years’ experience<br />

www.thestackermachinery.com<br />

info@thestackermachinery.com<br />

Looking to offer supercharging at your marina?<br />

<br />

at no cost to you, providing 24/7 customer care and all<br />

compatibility testing.<br />

enquiries@aqua-superpower.com (quote MW1)<br />

www.aqua-superpower.com<br />

Are you looking for increased profits and<br />

operational efficiency? Book your demo today.<br />

Mega Tango by<br />

Pacsoft’s fully featured software can bring greater clarity to many<br />

of your day-to-day business functions...www.pacsoftmms.com<br />

Pacsoft is a Jonas Software Company<br />

Pacsoft <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> Ad_Jan_20_Quarter Pg.indd 1<br />

11/01/21 3:55 PM


“Integrating marina management systems<br />

across your entire business sounds<br />

daunting but, with the right technology,<br />

you can spend more time focusing on your<br />

customer rather than all the back-end items<br />

that need to be done.”<br />

One system for your<br />

whole business<br />

Tracking every aspect of your marina business is a lot of work. Managing a<br />

marina with a solution that meets your operational needs does not have to be.<br />

Alyssa Jones of Molo outlines the advantages of an integrated system.<br />

Front-end activities regarding<br />

customer service, dock maintenance<br />

and bringing in revenue, along with<br />

the back-end items of reservations,<br />

services, payments and more, all need<br />

to be taken care of. You must be able<br />

to balance your books and manage<br />

your marina properly. But are you being<br />

efficient in all these aspects?<br />

Integrating marina management<br />

systems across your entire business<br />

sounds daunting but, with the right<br />

technology, you can spend more time<br />

focusing on your customer rather than<br />

all the back-end items that need to be<br />

done.<br />

A good software system will give you<br />

the confidence to pull reports, review<br />

reservations and take payment at the<br />

click of a button rather than writing<br />

everything down, translating and<br />

copying it into a spreadsheet, and then<br />

hoping you did not miss something while<br />

collecting all the information from the<br />

customer that you needed to get paid.<br />

Reducing the chance for error is just<br />

the beginning of what you can do and<br />

what you will be able to share with your<br />

patrons once your system is integrated<br />

and you are running more efficiently.<br />

Integration of systems<br />

In the technology industry, the term<br />

interoperability is used daily if not<br />

hourly. But what does that term mean<br />

and how does it relate to the marina<br />

industry? Interoperability refers to “the<br />

ability of apps, equipment, products and<br />

systems from different companies to<br />

seamlessly communicate and process<br />

data in a way that does not require any<br />

involvement from end-users.”<br />

Many marina<br />

managers operate<br />

each segment of their<br />

business – (1) Booking/<br />

Reservations/Contracts<br />

(2) Service (3) Pointof-Sale/Ship<br />

Store<br />

and (4) Accounting/<br />

Reconciliation – out<br />

of separate data<br />

systems, or on paper.<br />

They then need to<br />

pull reports from<br />

each system so as<br />

to reconcile business<br />

data (financials)<br />

nightly or weekly. This<br />

is not only extremely<br />

time consuming but<br />

is frustrating and leaves room for<br />

error. Additionally, the separate systems<br />

do not “talk” to each other.<br />

Integrated systems play a key role<br />

in facilitating organised and effective<br />

data exchanges between information<br />

systems in a business. With this crucial<br />

functionality, you will be able to see<br />

benefits in efficiencies, costs, and<br />

ultimately your revenue. You will be<br />

able to better track your reservations,<br />

and with up-to-date data on when<br />

transient boats are out, know when you<br />

can book a slip or have a vacancy.<br />

Without integration, you cannot<br />

create “house accounts” for your<br />

customers or look at a customer’s total<br />

spend very easily.<br />

Your entire business<br />

Molo offers a marina management<br />

system that allows you to focus on<br />

your customers making the most of<br />

their experience at your marina rather<br />

than worry about the backend items.<br />

It is a marina management system on<br />

your iPad and web browser designed<br />

in collaboration with marina owners<br />

and managers. Quick slip reservations<br />

with online contracts, email invoicing<br />

with online payments, mobile point<br />

of sale with digital signatures and<br />

email receipts, service and repair<br />

management, accounting integration,<br />

and 24/7 support are just some of the<br />

significant benefits Molo can provide for<br />

your marina.<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 41


With Molo you can offer your<br />

customers a “resort-style” feel as they<br />

can walk around your property without<br />

a credit card. Molo stores payment<br />

information and, as most people pay<br />

within 24 hours using Molo online<br />

payments, you get paid faster!<br />

Having such an integrated system<br />

allows you to have the information and<br />

functionality that will really set you apart<br />

from your competition and enables you<br />

to enjoy running your business<br />

rather than sitting behind a<br />

computer crunching numbers.<br />

But being adaptable to<br />

receiving information quickly and<br />

sharing it with your customers<br />

effectively is just the start. Better<br />

productivity allows you to run<br />

your business more smoothly<br />

and have data readily available<br />

to make decisions and achieve<br />

goals.<br />

Obtaining data quickly is one<br />

thing, but having data protection<br />

is just as important. Information<br />

protection is a requirement for any<br />

business and having everything in<br />

one place, and not written down<br />

on paper, protects you and your<br />

patrons. Protecting sensitive data and<br />

access to shared records through<br />

integrated systems instead of manually<br />

recording and entering personal<br />

information saves time and gives<br />

peace of mind as there is less room for<br />

error. And, as information systems are<br />

connected, the quality of the data and<br />

results are better as you are less likely<br />

to duplicate and store outdated data.<br />

Having seamless data<br />

communication is a must in a world<br />

that is going forward with technology.<br />

When it comes down to your business,<br />

you want to be equipped with the<br />

functionality necessary to meet your<br />

scale, your goals and communicate with<br />

your systems. Integrating technology<br />

into your marina offers productivity<br />

enhancements essential to remaining<br />

competitive and this technology can<br />

replace extra employee expenses,<br />

minimise geographic differences, and<br />

help project a professional image.<br />

Mooring Post<br />

from <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong><br />

Delivering news to marina professionals<br />

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<strong>World</strong> www.marinaworld.com<br />

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If not, sign up at marinaworld.com<br />

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42<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

www.ecopile.com<br />

+1 (904) 696 2981<br />

info@ecopile.com<br />

The EcoPile is a fully composite PVC/Fiberglass composite piling with a specialized internal truss<br />

system extruded on the inside for increased lateral and load bearing support. Coated in a highly<br />

impact resistant and UV stable compound, the EcoPile will stand up to the elements for decades with<br />

<br />

new 16’’ diameter EcoPile designed for heavier commercial applications with great results.<br />

“When rebuilding our marina, we wanted to ensure the investment would stand the test of<br />

time. After looking at several options other than timber pilings, the EcoPile stood out as<br />

<br />

product, we couldn’t be happier with the result.”<br />

- Kuy Scott, Palmetto Bay <strong>Marina</strong> General Manager<br />

<br />

<br />

look. We highly recommend the EcoPile for any marine construction application.”<br />

- Dan Anderson, President, Barrier Island Marine Contractors, LLC<br />

New 16-inch<br />

diameter<br />

EcoPile<br />

now available for<br />

deep commercial<br />

applications<br />



Delivering a digital<br />

future for marina<br />

management<br />

It’s no question that the future of marina management is digital. With a 30%<br />

increase in boat sales since the pandemic, the rise of a younger, more techsavvy<br />

boating community is among us. <strong>Marina</strong>s are now expected to meet<br />

the digital era with easy digital communication and the ability to transact<br />

online. <strong>Marina</strong>life has risen to the challenge. Izabella Dickson tells us how<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>life saw the technology gap<br />

within the industry and knew it was time<br />

to deliver a fully integrated experience<br />

for its customers. <strong>Marina</strong>life has been a<br />

key resource for boaters and marinas<br />

through its curated digital content,<br />

quarterly lifestyle<br />

magazine and<br />

online travel<br />

tools since<br />

2000. In <strong>2022</strong>,<br />

the company<br />

realigned its<br />

focus with<br />

technology at<br />

the forefront<br />

and completed<br />

a major rebrand<br />

to provide<br />

innovative<br />

digital tools and<br />

resources for<br />

marinas and<br />

boaters.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>life<br />

now offers a<br />

management<br />

software platform<br />

– <strong>Marina</strong>life<br />

Manager – that<br />

seamlessly<br />

connects the dots between marina<br />

customers and a marina’s bottom<br />

line. The new product, launched in<br />

June <strong>2022</strong>, empowers marinas while<br />

maximising profits and streamlining the<br />

boater experience. <strong>Marina</strong>life Manager<br />

combines three key marina systems<br />

into one easy solution: Dock Resource<br />

Management, Financial Management,<br />

and Customer Management.<br />

Dock Resource Management<br />

Dock resource management<br />

maximises profits by putting boats in<br />

recommended slips and enabling you to<br />

view an accurate representation of your<br />

marina on any given day, including:<br />

• Arrivals and departures<br />

• Boater and slip information<br />

• Float plans and much more...<br />

Financial Management<br />

The management suite puts all of<br />

your financial data in one place for<br />

streamlined daily operations and easy<br />

reporting:<br />

• Secure electronic payments and<br />

invoicing<br />

• Bookkeeping and accounting<br />

• Encrypted and PCI compliant<br />

Customer Management<br />

With a customer management system<br />

you can easily communicate with<br />

boaters and store all of their information<br />

in one convenient place:<br />

• Centralised customer database<br />

• Seamless direct communication<br />

• Broadcast messaging<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>life Manager empowers marinas<br />

with unparalleled customer service, as<br />

well as advanced operations support.<br />

It’s a cloud-based management tool<br />

that helps recoup missed revenue,<br />

reduce operational costs and provide a<br />

personalised customer experience.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>life Manager joins Snag-<br />

A-Slip, a leading online boat<br />

slip reservation service, as a<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>life company. In tandem<br />

with the new product offering,<br />

Snag-A-Slip’s reservation system<br />

seamlessly integrates with the<br />

management system, creating<br />

an easy process from booking to<br />

post-departure.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>life Manager and<br />

Snag-A-Slip both align to<br />

create a unified company under<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>life, Inc., dedicated to<br />

providing the most innovative<br />

technology solutions for the<br />

boating community.<br />

www.marinalife.com/manager<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 45

First-rate electrical installations<br />

are essential for every marina<br />

seijsener.com<br />

info@seijsener.com<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> world versie 2 <strong>July</strong> <strong>August</strong> issue <strong>2022</strong>.indd 1 22-6-<strong>2022</strong> 12:07:36<br />

Leading the Industry in Quality,<br />

Versatility and Innovation<br />

Specialists in the design,<br />

fabrication and installation of<br />

customized aluminum and<br />

timber floating dock systems,<br />

fixed piers and gangways for<br />

marina projects worldwide.<br />

From project design and<br />

management to<br />

manufacturing, installation<br />

and maintenance,<br />

Bluewater Marine competes<br />

globally with fabrication<br />

facilities in Hawaii, California<br />

and North Carolina.<br />

Contact our team today for a<br />

consultation and quote on your<br />

next project!<br />

West Coast: San Diego, CA -<br />

619 499 2007<br />

<br />

East Coast: St. Petersburg, FL -<br />

727 209 7110<br />

www.bluewaterdocks.com<br />



“Mia and Mateo”<br />

and the smart marina<br />

A smart marina system introduces a flexible automated process from the<br />

boater’s first contact with the marina to his/her stay and use of services. Let’s<br />

explore the experiences of Mia and Mateo, boaters visiting a smart marina, to<br />

see how the <strong>Marina</strong> Master solution covers an automated reservation process,<br />

berthing payment, boat arrival, stay at the marina, extra services and final<br />

departure.<br />

Smart reservation: The digital process<br />

begins when Mia makes an online berth<br />

reservation via the marina home page.<br />

She completes a reservation form<br />

that has been customised to suit the<br />

marina. The manager is immediately<br />

informed about the reservation via the<br />

mobile <strong>Marina</strong> Master app, he accepts<br />

it and confirms the boat’s arrival. Mateo<br />

and Mia request berth assistance via<br />

their mobile device ahead of arrival<br />

and are helped at the dock by marina<br />

personnel. Immediately after the<br />

reservation confirmation, the boat is<br />

on a system that is visible to all on-site<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Master users.<br />

Advanced invoicing: Upon arrival,<br />

Mateo and Mia receive a welcome<br />

email that outlines the marina services,<br />

service level agreement and basic<br />

terms and conditions. Mateo orders a<br />

boat lift and painting from his mobile<br />

and Mia orders coffee and newspapers.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> staff trigger automatically<br />

generated invoices and send them<br />

to Mia and Mateo so that they can<br />

confirm, sign and pay.<br />

Automated contract creation: As<br />

Mateo and Mia are regular visitors,<br />

Mateo automatically receives a<br />

contract by email that can be signed<br />

digitally. The contract is pre-filled<br />

with his customer data and Mateo<br />

can review it, along with the terms<br />

and condition. Mateo and Mia can<br />

also select optional services, such<br />

as power or water connections at<br />

the pedestals, car parking and more.<br />

Mateo is asked to sign each page of<br />

the contract and upload additional<br />

documents, such as insurance policy<br />

etc. He can also add comments. <strong>Marina</strong><br />

staff are automatically informed that<br />

a new contract has been signed and<br />

confirmed, and can read Mateo’s<br />

remarks or requests. The fee for the<br />

contract and utilities is automatically<br />

invoiced and processed in General<br />

Ledger.<br />

Berthing control: During Mateo and<br />

Mia’s stay in the marina the dockhands<br />

will regularly check whether the boat<br />

is berthed or not. This can be done<br />

in several ways. For example, using<br />

CCTV cameras or performing regular<br />

dock walks. On the day of departure,<br />

Mateo and Mia can simply leave with<br />

no need to tell the reception desk. The<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Master application automatically<br />

records the departure and marks<br />

the berth as empty on the system.<br />

After every departure, Mateo and Mia<br />

automatically receive a thank you email<br />

from the marina inviting them to share<br />

their experience and suggestions.<br />

Unique customer relationship:<br />

The boater’s journey through a smart<br />

marina results in improved boater<br />

experience and increased loyalty. Mia<br />

and Mateo have peace of mind knowing<br />

that their expectations will always be<br />

met. The marina management team is<br />

able to keep its promises.<br />

The <strong>Marina</strong> Master team is constantly<br />

developing new smart features. “Every<br />

experience with our customers is a<br />

goldmine for our strategy,” says CEO<br />

Vesna Pavlovic. Happy customers<br />

include Darrell Barnett CMM, marina<br />

manager at Soldiers Point <strong>Marina</strong> in<br />

Australia (pictured) and Kevin Lussier<br />

CMM, regional manager Ocean Havens<br />

District Waterfront Properties, USA.<br />

“One of the best things that we<br />

have done this past year was to work<br />

with the <strong>Marina</strong> Master team to move<br />

our seasonal contracts to automated<br />

processing. This one example of the<br />

automated process has saved us a lot<br />

of time by no longer having to scan and<br />

upload the agreements, and the fact<br />

that you can email all our agreements<br />

by a click of the button is amazing,”<br />

says Lussier.<br />

Barnett comments: “The best thing<br />

about it is how versatile, cooperative<br />

and diversified the app is and, to<br />

date, <strong>Marina</strong> Master has met all our<br />

expectations. The software not only<br />

improves the day to day operations,<br />

but is saving me thousands of dollars a<br />

year in operational costs.”<br />

www.marina-master.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 47

“Ocean Reef <strong>Marina</strong>”, Panama<br />


MARINA<br />

BULL<br />




+1 (805) 485-7821 wigginslift@wigginslift.com<br />



Maximising occupancy<br />

– the smart way<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s are gateways for boosting tourism revenue and, by functioning<br />

properly and offering a warm welcome, they have direct and positive impact<br />

on the local economy. It is, therefore, essential for harbour managers to have<br />

streamlined management systems in place that meet the needs of today’s<br />

boaters.<br />

Created in 2017, Nauticspot is a<br />

young French company based in<br />

Montpellier and Antibes in the South<br />

of France that helps marinas to<br />

optimise their management on several<br />

levels: berth supervision; safety; and<br />

economic and tourism development.<br />

Nauticspot founder, Jeremy Ladoux,<br />

realised there was a shortfall in<br />

marinas due to a lack of technology<br />

and he set sail as a pioneer in smart<br />

berth management. The company<br />

is now working with more than 60<br />

marina partners.<br />

From pen and paper...<br />

to smart marinas<br />

Ladoux first became aware that marinas<br />

were in need of a management update<br />

when he was sailing around the island<br />

of Corsica. He was looking forward to<br />

mooring up in marinas when he realised<br />

that the managers didn’t have current<br />

occupancy information so didn’t know<br />

what berths were available. This meant<br />

he either received negative replies or<br />

had to wait hours for a response to his<br />

stopover request.<br />

The Nauticspot smart sensor (inset left)<br />

detects whether or not a berth is occupied<br />

and relays the information to the marina<br />

office.<br />

He asked<br />

himself why<br />

the marina<br />

managers didn’t<br />

have berth<br />

occupancy data<br />

in real-time<br />

and set about<br />

to put this right<br />

with a system<br />

that innovates and Jeremy Ladoux<br />

improves the sailing<br />

experience for boaters<br />

and harbour managers. Here’s the<br />

outdated traditional system – often a<br />

five-step (minimum) process:<br />

1 Manual inventory<br />

A member of staff walks around the<br />

docks with pen and paper to note which<br />

berths are available or occupied. This<br />

is a time consuming task, especially at<br />

large marinas.<br />

The same process is applied in<br />

the swing mooring area, but the staff<br />

member goes out in a boat to make the<br />

inventory and check on all the buoys.<br />

This can involve the use of fuel causing<br />

release of hydrocarbons.<br />

2 Updating marina software<br />

Once the inventory is finished, another<br />

manual update is needed to refresh<br />

the marina software. This will be out of<br />

date as soon as the first boat leaves the<br />

marina.<br />

3 Calling ‘missing’ boaters<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> staff need to contact boaters<br />

who didn’t inform them that they were<br />

leaving their berths. The management<br />

needs this information, along with the<br />

return date, so as to be able to reassign<br />

the berth when they receive stopover<br />

requests. Unfortunately, once at sea,<br />

boaters are often tough to reach.<br />

4 More software updating<br />

Another update is required when the<br />

departure and return dates for the<br />

‘missing’ boaters is ascertained.<br />

5 Check on available berths to<br />

answer stopover requests<br />

When a berth is requested by a visiting<br />

boater, a physical check might be<br />

needed to ensure the berth is available<br />

as the morning inventory will be out of<br />

date.<br />

This method is a recommended<br />

solution to ensure the visitor will be<br />

well-positioned. During high season,<br />

this management process is repeated a<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 49


few<br />

times<br />

every day<br />

so as to reach<br />

maximum berth<br />

occupancy.<br />

Achieving maximum<br />

berth occupancy<br />

Nauticspot helps marinas to achieve<br />

maximum occupancy by offering a<br />

smart management system. Smart<br />

sensors to detect the presence or<br />

absence of a boat at each berth are<br />

wireless, fixed to the docks, and linked<br />

either to Nauticspot software or preexisting<br />

software e.g. Harbour Assist,<br />

Pandora, SmartWater, Seaport and<br />

others.<br />

The software displays an interactive<br />

map, creating new opportunities to<br />

boost income from transient boaters,<br />

and collects different types of<br />

data. Boaters are guaranteed to find<br />

their berth available when they return<br />

to port and, to take things even further<br />

by providing a high level of security, a<br />

signal is sent to the boater when the<br />

boat leaves its berth.<br />

Nauticspot has continued to innovate<br />

in real-time berth supervision with a<br />

brand new solution called <strong>Marina</strong> View.<br />

This<br />

computer<br />

vision<br />

solution comprises<br />

synchronised<br />

cameras working with AI<br />

to supervise the water area,<br />

detecting identified events like boat<br />

departures or arrivals. This solution can<br />

be extended to other applications e.g.<br />

intrusion detection or speed control in<br />

order to reduce incidents in the marina<br />

basin.<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> View is tailor made for the<br />

marine environment and offers the<br />

following:<br />

• Certified quality IP68<br />

• 1 berth = 1 sensor<br />

• Wireless ioT system<br />

• Quick to install features<br />

• Encrypted Lo-Ra network<br />

• Long-range and low consumption<br />

signal<br />

• Ultra-resistant materials (antivandalism<br />

and impact protection)<br />

• 5-year warranty<br />

• A mobile app<br />

The mobile app<br />

The Nauticspot app enables all<br />

administrative tasks to be accomplished<br />

remotely. From the dashboard, staff can<br />

manage all the information released to<br />

users as in a digital marina. A safety<br />

module helps to ensure boater safety.<br />

The marina manager can also promote<br />

the destination by highlighting events,<br />

activities etc. The app is branded with<br />

the name of the marina or harbour<br />

entity - “Port de Saint-Tropez”, “<strong>Marina</strong><br />

de Valencia”, “SPL Ports de Menton”.<br />

The mobile app is also supported<br />

by presence sensors – when a boater<br />

leaves a berth, he receives a mobile<br />

alert no later than 20 minutes after<br />

departure. He is invited to respond,<br />

giving his return date before he is out of<br />

contact when at sea. The harbour office<br />

is thus automatically informed about<br />

berth availability and can increase<br />

visitor berth capacity.<br />

The marina manager receives<br />

statistics relating to navigation flows<br />

that can be used to change perspective<br />

and better improve management. For<br />

example, some marinas establish<br />

incentive schemes to reward the most<br />

active sailors.<br />

Optimising management<br />

benefits<br />

<strong>Marina</strong>s are now taking full advantage<br />

of technology that was previously<br />

reserved for very specific industries.<br />

IoT (Internet of Things) brings a<br />

better quality service offering to<br />

yachtsmen while also reducing marina<br />

management costs. Optimising marina<br />

management is the best way to boost<br />

marina activity and enhance the<br />

attractiveness of coastal cities.<br />

Here’s how smart marinas benefit by<br />

installing Nauticspot equipment:<br />

• Reduced costs<br />

Berth and mooring field real-time<br />

supervision saves times and can<br />

reduce fuel costs.<br />

• Stopovers<br />

Real-time supervision increases<br />

marina berth capacity and efficiency,<br />

and available berths can be quickly<br />

assigned to visitors. Thanks to the<br />

mobile app, boaters can tell the office<br />

when they are leaving and returning<br />

with just two clicks. The marina office<br />

knows the precise availability period for<br />

each berth.<br />

• Economic solution<br />

The cost of purchasing a presence<br />

sensor is covered by revenue from<br />

the very first visitor to each berth; an<br />

immediate return on investment.<br />

• Circular and blue economy<br />

upgrading<br />

By increasing berth capacity,<br />

Nauticspot boosts local tourism<br />

and enhances nearby economic<br />

development.<br />

50<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

The best payment<br />

package for marina<br />

management<br />

No matter your<br />

business type, Molo<br />

has tools to manage<br />

all of your spaces.<br />

Let us help you optimize revenue<br />

and collect payments faster than ever.<br />

www.getmolo.com<br />

sales@getmolo.com<br />

(855) 412-6656




Remote monitoring<br />

—<br />

With the APP “Service Mobile” we manage<br />

preventative and corrective maintenance<br />

actions.<br />

Client Portal. A platform providing<br />

up-to-date crane information that both<br />

GH and the client can access.<br />

Remote monitoring of the crane’s<br />

operating data in real time. Making<br />

prevenptive and corrective maintenance<br />

more efficient.<br />

product of Italy<br />

Boat<br />

hoists<br />

Marine jib<br />

cranes<br />

Dry<br />

docks<br />

Motorized Boat<br />

Trailer<br />



motion@ghcranes.com<br />

www.motion.ghcranes.com<br />


GIGIEFFE srl -Via Dell'Artigianato, 2/4<br />

48022 Lugo (RA) Italy tel.(+39) 0545 32900/25413<br />

email: info@gigieffe.com www.gigieffe.com<br />


Professionalism and continuity over time in the manufacture<br />

of water/electricity service pedestals and fire-fighter pedestals<br />

The smart system has been created to support marinas in managing<br />

services offered to their customers and add value to the port<br />

structure and its boats places. Our multi-platform solution is able to<br />

remotely control from PC and Smartphone the columns, making the systems<br />



Sign-up surge for<br />

marina platform<br />

Pick a Pier, the AI-driven platform for connecting boaters and marinas, gained<br />

over 30 new marina sign-ups in the first quarter of this year. They join marinas<br />

across Europe already making good use of the platform.<br />

New signings include: Emsworth<br />

Yacht Harbour (UK); <strong>Marina</strong> di San<br />

Lorenzo (Italy); the 830-berth Port de<br />

La Baule Le Pouliguen (France); <strong>Marina</strong><br />

de Lagos (Portugal); Jachthaven<br />

Waterkant (the Netherlands); and Real<br />

Club Náutico Castellón (Spain).<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> Punta Verde, Italy (top) and Emsworth<br />

Yacht Harbour, UK (above).<br />

One particular benefit of the Pick<br />

a Pier platform for marinas is the<br />

inclusive payment service that makes<br />

the lives of both boaters and marina<br />

staff easier and enables the marinas to<br />

provide a fast, smooth service.<br />

Giorgio Ardito, president of <strong>Marina</strong><br />

Uno, comments: “We are excited to get<br />

onboard with Pick a Pier especially to<br />

help in communicating with our existing<br />

berth holders and promoting the marina<br />

to new visitors.”<br />

Tom Marfleet, marina manager at<br />

Emsworth,<br />

notes: “We<br />

look forward<br />

to using Pick a<br />

Pier to help us<br />

optimise our<br />

berth availability<br />

and reduce<br />

admin burden<br />

for both us and<br />

our boaters.”<br />

Pick a<br />

Pier CEO,<br />

Idan Cohen,<br />

explains: “Our<br />

mission is to<br />

make boating<br />

more accessible, convenient and<br />

sustainable. <strong>Marina</strong>s using Pick a Pier<br />

are able to offer an increased level of<br />

customer communications and service,<br />

resulting in maximised profitability. It also<br />

allows marinas to provide boaters with<br />

quick responses, excellent customer<br />

service and easy access to berthing.”<br />

Phase one<br />

portal<br />

release<br />

Pacsoft International announced<br />

the release of the first phase<br />

of its new customer portal app<br />

at the <strong>Marina</strong>s22 conference<br />

and exhibition in May. The<br />

app bridges the gap between<br />

the marina and its customers<br />

and offers a gateway for<br />

communication.<br />

The portal allows customers<br />

to enter/edit details, including<br />

customer and vessel information,<br />

and upload certificates and<br />

similar documentation. It provides<br />

functionality for agreement<br />

acceptance, allowing contracts,<br />

work orders or similar documents to<br />

be sent to customers while the user<br />

is validated through the app sign-in<br />

to accept or decline the agreement.<br />

The acceptance, along with user<br />

validation data, is instantly recorded<br />

against the customer account.<br />

The customer portal would not be<br />

complete without a communication<br />

layer, which provides both bulk and<br />

individual messaging. It allows twoway<br />

communication between the<br />

marina and the customer without<br />

additional SMS costs. PacsoftNG<br />

will maintain a complete history<br />

of all communication for future<br />

reference.<br />

www.pacsoftmms.com<br />

“We are excited to have new marinas<br />

onboard with Pick a Pier and know they<br />

will instantly benefit from optimised<br />

operations and unlocking berths to<br />

accommodate boaters. By joining Pick<br />

a Pier, these marinas have access<br />

to boaters and berth holders in real<br />

time using our intuitive platform that<br />

provides a new level of transparency,<br />

communication and profitability.”<br />

The Pick a Pier platform also includes<br />

the exclusive boater loyalty programme,<br />

Popeye Sail Club, created to provide<br />

the most passionate boaters with a<br />

better way to set sail.<br />

www.pickapier.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 53

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Composite Decking & Bumpers<br />

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Easy Maintenance<br />

In-house Tooling<br />

Made to Order<br />

Weatherproof<br />

Excellent OIT*<br />

High load<br />

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Soprefa, S.A. Portugal<br />

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MORE THAN 250,000m 2 INSTALLED!<br />

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Book advertising in all seven issues of <strong>Marina</strong> <strong>World</strong> magazine<br />

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Contact Julia Hallam for details.<br />

juliahallam@marinaworld.co.uk<br />

<strong>Marina</strong><br />

<strong>World</strong> www.marinaworld.com


European boost<br />

Launching the marine<br />

fast charger at Sant<br />

Carles <strong>Marina</strong>, Spain.<br />

Canadian club<br />

buys stacker<br />

crane<br />

Mission Group has purchased a<br />

customised eight-ton all-electric<br />

semi-automated Capria top-running<br />

stacker crane for its Aqua Boat Club<br />

on Okanagan Lake in Kelowna, BC,<br />

Canada.<br />

The machine, which will be installed<br />

in a clubhouse due to open in spring<br />

2023, will serve vessels up to 35ft<br />

(10.6m) and 17,600lbs (8,000kg).<br />

To retain the community’s waterfront<br />

view, the 30,160ft² (2,802²) drystack<br />

building will be positioned away from<br />

the shoreline.<br />

for electric charging<br />

UK-based electric boat charging entrepreneur Aqua superPower installed<br />

its first marine fast charger in Spain in May and also played a prime role in<br />

“powering up” the Venice Boat Show.<br />

MDL Sant Carles <strong>Marina</strong> at the mouth<br />

of the River Ebro near the town of La<br />

Ràpita – the first marina in Spain to<br />

install Tesla electric car chargers – has<br />

also become the first Spanish marina to<br />

join the Aqua superPower network.<br />

“Given the urgent need to reduce<br />

carbon emissions, marinas, ports and<br />

harbours are looking to incorporate<br />

sustainable technologies and practices<br />

into their operations to reduce pollution<br />

and mitigate their environmental<br />

impact,” said Sant Carles general<br />

manager Nicolás González. “We have<br />

always aimed to lead the way and<br />

our decision to be the first in Spain to<br />

join the Aqua superPower network, is<br />

to become a leading destination for<br />

electric boats and the first charging hub<br />

along the Catalonian coast marine fast<br />

charging corridor.”<br />

Aqua superPower CEO, Alex<br />

Bamberg, commented: “This installation<br />

is the realisation of Aqua superPower’s<br />

recent partnership with the Catalan<br />

Association of Tourist <strong>Marina</strong>s<br />

(ACPET). We are delighted to be<br />

working with MDL Sant Carles <strong>Marina</strong><br />

as the first in Spain and Catalonia to<br />

join Aqua’s fast charge network. This<br />

also fits well into our partnership with<br />

MDL <strong>Marina</strong>s Group.”<br />

“Access to charging that provides a<br />

reliable ‘plug and charge’ experience<br />

and offers features like charge point<br />

visibility, is essential for boat owners if<br />

they are to develop the confidence to<br />

transition to electric boats,” he added.<br />

The company also had a notable<br />

presence at this year’s Venice Boat<br />

Show by teaming up with Italian charge<br />

point manufacturer, e-concept, as<br />

technical partners. They installed 20<br />

marine chargers within the historic<br />

Arsenale.<br />

Electric boats featured prominently<br />

in the boat show programme, with 36<br />

electric boats on display and several<br />

significant world premieres announced.<br />

The show also hosted its second<br />

E-Regatta, an endurance competition<br />

between a range of electric boats.<br />

Aqua superPower introduced its fast<br />

charge network at the Venice Boat<br />

Show back in 2021. Since then, it has<br />

expanded across Italy, France, Canada<br />

and the USA, together with the UK’s<br />

first charging network in Plymouth. In<br />

Italy, the company has installations in<br />

Venice, Portofino and along the Italian<br />

Riviera and a roll-out along the shores<br />

of Lake Maggiore begins this year.<br />

www.aqua-superpower.com<br />

With an aisle width of 116ft<br />

(35m), the building design cannot<br />

accommodate forklifts but is ideal for<br />

Capria machinery. The crane will keep<br />

the operator at eye-level with the forks<br />

and boat even when reaching the 64ft<br />

(19.5m) ceiling. Accidental bumps will<br />

be virtually eliminated because of the<br />

semi-automation.<br />

When pulled from the racks, boats<br />

will be placed on a hydraulic trailer and<br />

transported to a ramp for both seasonal<br />

and daily launching. The building will<br />

provide storage for up to 200 memberowned<br />

vessels.<br />

www.domingocapria.com<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 55

The Last Decking Solution<br />

You’ll Ever Need<br />

888.478.3569<br />

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Vacuum sewage system<br />

for new Spanish marina<br />

Flovac has designed the sewerage system that will serve both buildings and<br />

vessels at the new Gran <strong>Marina</strong> del Estrecho in Algeciras in the south of Spain.<br />

A single vacuum station and a<br />

network of pipes will be installed at<br />

shallow depths allowing wastewater to<br />

be transported from each discharge<br />

point in the buildings and each<br />

pump-out point on the pontoons.<br />

Waste will flow into the municipal<br />

wastewater network, located outside<br />

the concession. Not only does this<br />

facilitate the movement and disposal of<br />

such water, but it also reduces the cost<br />

of transport vehicles. Megayachts will<br />

be able to empty their sewage tanks at<br />

their own berths.<br />

A second network of pipes will<br />

handle bilge water. Water with traces of<br />

hydrocarbons that may be found near<br />

the fuel station will also be transported<br />

via this network – into a second tank<br />

located at the vacuum station. In the<br />

vacuum station itself, the hydrocarbons<br />

are separated before being discharged<br />

into the municipal sewer. This facilitates<br />

the municipality’s work and helps<br />

protect the ecosystem.<br />

The vacuum sewage system will<br />

allow Gran <strong>Marina</strong> del Estrecho to meet<br />

the highest standards of environmental<br />

protection. Indeed, thanks to the<br />

vacuum, even if there is a crack in<br />

the pipe, there will be no discharge of<br />

sewage or bilge water and pollution<br />

is thus avoided. Any air ingress into<br />

the system will be detected by the<br />

vacuum station and swiftly repaired.<br />

Gran <strong>Marina</strong> del Estrecho is set to be<br />

one of Europe’s leading Mediterranean<br />

marinas and an exceptional base for<br />

superyachts. It will have 80 berths of<br />

30-100m (98-330ft) and two moorings<br />

for cruise ships at two different<br />

docks. The marina is expected to be<br />

operational in 2023.<br />

www.flovac.es<br />

CAT-handling at its best<br />

www.roodberg.com<br />

The Original<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> 57


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SF <strong>Marina</strong> System, Sweden 2<br />

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Boosting berths in<br />

Roskilde<br />

Roskilde Havn (Harbour), around 65km (40mi) west of Copenhagen, Denmark<br />

recently installed a 240m (787ft) SF <strong>Marina</strong> floating concrete dock. The<br />

expansion provides wave dampening protection and offers mooring for over<br />

40 vessels.<br />

Installed by SF Pontona,<br />

the layout comprises a 105m<br />

(344ft) long x 3m (10ft) wide<br />

angled dock and a walkway,<br />

made up of six SF1024<br />

pontoons, that adds 12 slips.<br />

This terminates at the centre<br />

of a straight 135m (443ft)<br />

long x 6m (20ft) dock section<br />

of seven SF1040 pontoons<br />

offering 30 moorings. All finger<br />

piers are 10m (33ft) long to<br />

serve a wide range of vessel<br />

lengths.<br />

Large vessels can be<br />

moored parallel to the dock<br />

on the fjord side and a new<br />

angled section that dampens<br />

wave action has also been<br />

connected to an older part of<br />

the marina.<br />

Established in 1972,<br />

Roskilde Havn offers ramp<br />

and crane launching, 310 wet<br />

berths and a marine service<br />

centre. It hosts sailing and<br />

rowing clubs and a Viking<br />

ship museum. The fjord itself<br />

has 30 islands and inlets<br />

to explore and is a Danish<br />

national park.<br />

www.sfmarina.com<br />

Platinum pedestals for Southport:<br />

Marine Technologies (M-Tech) has delivered five<br />

990 Platinum superyacht service pedestals for<br />

Southport Yacht Club’s new $9 million superyacht<br />

facility on the Gold Coast. The pedestals offer<br />

a direct connection capacity of up to 600 Amps.<br />

The new docks, built by Superior Jetties, cater<br />

for vessels up to 130m (430ft) in length but<br />

sensible infrastructure needed to be in place to<br />

accommodate smaller vessels if needed.<br />

58<br />

www.marinaworld.com – <strong>July</strong>/<strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>


GREEN<br />


SEWAGE<br />


Vacuum sewerage systems are ideal for use<br />

in marinas and ports of any size.<br />

The Flovac system can capture sewage and<br />

bilge water from boats and all facilities<br />

around the marina complex.<br />

No electrical power required at dockside<br />

Discreet, small diameter pipework<br />

No risk of water contamination<br />

Validates MARPOL certification<br />

Eco-sustainable system<br />

Ease of installation<br />

No odour, no spills<br />




Waterfront & marina development<br />

consultancy at its best, worldwide<br />

Concept Design & <strong>Marina</strong> Masterplanning<br />

Feasibility Studies & Market Research<br />

Business Planning<br />

<strong>Marina</strong> & Waterfront Design<br />

Tender and Project Management<br />

Marine Operations Management<br />

Environmental and Legislative Advice<br />

Property Consultancy Services<br />

Our independent services cover the entire spectrum of marina<br />

and waterside development. Through a wealth of international<br />

experience and specialist industry knowledge, our team<br />

understands what it takes to deliver world class marinas with<br />

uncompromising standards in all areas of our service.<br />

enquiries@marinaprojects.com |<br />

www.marinaprojects.com<br />

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