Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - August 2022

Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - August 2022

Central Valley Corvettes of Fresno - August 2022


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A Run from our past.<br />

Volume 32 Number 8 <strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

The <strong>Central</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> Corvette Club was<br />

chartered in 1991 for the owners <strong>of</strong> the only<br />

real AMERICAN sports car, the awesome<br />

CORVETTE. It's a social organization with<br />

activities that provide enjoyment for the true<br />

Corvette lover.<br />


6.30 P.M. ON THE 3 RD MONDAY OF<br />


FALLS CAFE, 4020 N. CEDAR AVE,<br />





MEMBERS.<br />

Club activities include monthly meetings,<br />

car shows, weekend Club activities,<br />

overnighters, picnics, road rallies, summer<br />

cruises, holiday get-to-gathers and more!<br />

Eligibility for membership in CVC is defined<br />

in Article III, section 1 <strong>of</strong> the bylaws in part<br />

as follows: "Membership in <strong>Central</strong> <strong>Valley</strong><br />

<strong>Corvettes</strong> shall be open to all Corvette<br />

owners who are sponsored by a member in<br />

good standing. Additionally, a prospective<br />

member must, within a three-month period,<br />

attend two consecutive meetings, participate<br />

in two club sanctioned<br />

social activities, pay current membership<br />

dues and initiation fees, and be approved by<br />

two-thirds vote <strong>of</strong> membership present at a<br />

general membership meeting by secret ballot.<br />

Sponsors shall be responsible for advising<br />

prospective member <strong>of</strong> results. All members<br />

must submit pro<strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong> personal insurance in<br />

accordance with California State Law upon<br />

application for membership, and all members<br />

must be a member <strong>of</strong> the association<br />

providing club liability insurance for<br />


A prospective member who does not have a<br />

sponsor will be provided one by the<br />

membership committee. Non-members may<br />

not participate in more than three meetings or<br />

two sanctioned activities as per CVC Bylaws.<br />

CVC membership dues are $60 plus an<br />

initiation fee <strong>of</strong> $35. Membership entitles two<br />

adult members at the same address voting<br />

privileges at meetings (provided they are in<br />

good standing) and membership rights.<br />

Please feel free to contact the membership<br />

chairperson, Julie Sons @ 779-1718 or any<br />

<strong>of</strong>ficer on the following page.<br />

Yosemite Falls Cafe @ 6:30 PM


Jeff Engelman<br />


Keith Garrison<br />


Julie Sons<br />


Debbie Garrison<br />


Dick Danielsen<br />


Mike Lebda<br />


Chuck Laningham<br />

Mission Statement / Officers..... 2-3<br />

A Word from our President.......... 4<br />

Membership Report..................... 5<br />

New Members….….…………………… 6<br />

In the Headlights……………………… 7<br />

Meeting Minutes & Pics.…………. 8-9<br />

CVC Board Member Duties…… 10-11<br />

Clouds & Sunshine……………… 12-13<br />

CVC Activities............................ 14<br />

CVC Event Flyers................... 15-18<br />

Mtg/Run Pictures………………… 19-25<br />

CVC Club Shirts.……………………... 26<br />

CVC Members Business Cards…… 27<br />

From our Sponsor, Ed Dena........ 28<br />


Julie Sons<br />


Charlie Fosnaugh

….... a word from our President<br />

Members <strong>of</strong> CVC are brought together because <strong>of</strong> their love <strong>of</strong> Corvette automobiles. CVC is really<br />

more than that. Even our By-Laws state 'To bring together owners <strong>of</strong> Corvette automobiles in a<br />

mutually beneficial social environment'. We are social creatures and are wried to connect with each<br />

other. That's what makes CVC so great. We have a large group for interaction and support. That makes<br />

it hard to interact with everyone during events. Please do your best to keep in touch and get to know<br />

our new members.<br />

A big change for CB radios sold in the U.S. has been recently approved by the FCC. Manufacturers can<br />

now <strong>of</strong>fer FM mode on their radios along with the current standard AM mode. Yes, it is a big change<br />

that can provide improved audio quality and less background noise, for those within range and using<br />

FM mode. There are pros and cons for this change. If you are operating in AM mode, as our club<br />

currently does, and nearby operators are using FM mode on the same channel, that could cause more<br />

noise on our radios. Radios with both modes are just becoming available. Output power will remain<br />

the same at 4 watts, and you should be able to use the same antenna. No you do not need to buy a new<br />

radio now. Maybe in the near future a few <strong>of</strong> us will have a radio with FM mode and see how it works.<br />

See you on our next run.<br />

Your President,<br />



I heard our local Meteorologists say that <strong>August</strong> is the hottest month<br />

<strong>of</strong> the year but I don’t think it takes a weather expect to tell us that,<br />

right? I hope everyone is staying as cool as possible in this HOT<br />

weather. Since there are no <strong>of</strong>ficial holiday’s in <strong>August</strong> I thought I<br />

would take a look at the fun Holiday calendar where there is a silly<br />

celebration for everyday <strong>of</strong> the month and found out it is considered<br />

‘lazy day’ on my birthday. So celebrate it with me <strong>August</strong> 10 because it<br />

is Lazy Day. Celebrate your inner couch potato by giving up all your daily chores and doing<br />

nothing the whole daylong!<br />

We had a great turn out for the meeting with a total 51 members and 2 guests. Our<br />

guests included:<br />

‣ Linda Mroz – Second meeting<br />

‣ Walt Spate – Second meeting and has attended 2 club functions.<br />

We issued new membership bags to our newest members<br />

‣ Josh Bowling (not in attendance) & Marina Vargas<br />

‣ Kay Linch<br />

‣ Robert Still<br />

Remember guests and potential members you are invited to join us at any <strong>of</strong> our fun filled<br />

activities or events listed on our calendar. Please be sure to sign up on the clipboards and<br />

please be sure to add your cell number if you do sign up.<br />

We have a total <strong>of</strong> 92 members as <strong>of</strong> end <strong>of</strong> July.<br />

Happy Birthday to the those with <strong>August</strong> Birthdays:<br />

Bruce Garlock Aug 07 Lydia Garcia Aug 12<br />

Jeannie King Aug 08 Mike Lebda Aug 13<br />

Julie Sons Aug 10 Christine Christino Aug 26<br />

Happy Anniversary to the following <strong>August</strong> couples:<br />

Jeff & Stephanie Engelman Aug 08 30 years<br />

Art & Nancy White Aug 17 59 years<br />

Bruce & Sheri Garlock Aug 25 32 years<br />

Remember to support your club by bringing a raffle prize to donate and also be sure to<br />

wear your member’s badge and/or club shirts.<br />


Whatever the case you can win a prize if you tell me what day <strong>August</strong> 10 th is considered. Hint: Underlined above

WELCOME TO OUR NEWEST MEMBERS IN JULY <strong>2022</strong><br />

Josh Bowling (no pic) &<br />

Marina Vargas<br />

SPONSOR- The Webb’s<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Stingray Hypersonic Gray<br />

Robert Still<br />

SPONSOR - L King<br />

pictured w/ J. Sons<br />

2003 Black Z06 C5<br />

Kay Linch<br />

SPONSOR - The Webb’s<br />

2000 Torch Red C5<br />





Q&A<br />

With the Garlock’s<br />

1.What is your restaurant? Taylor’s<br />

In the Headlights<br />

Bruce & Sheri<br />

Steakhouse in La Canada, Ca. (L.A. County)<br />

2<br />

2. When did you buy your first Corvette? How<br />

many have you owned in your life? We have owned 2<br />

Vette’s, our first one purchased in 2011<br />

3. Where did you meet each other? How long have you been<br />

married? We have been married for 32 wonderful years and met at<br />

Sierra <strong>Valley</strong> International where I worked<br />

4. How many children & grandchildren do you have? We<br />

have no children.<br />

5. What line <strong>of</strong> work do/did you do? We are owner/<br />

operators <strong>of</strong> Garlock Collision Repair<br />

6. How do you like to spend your free time? Hobbies? All<br />

things exciting & fun (Vettes, motorcycles, boats, racing, travel)<br />

7. What is the furthest place you have ever traveled?<br />

Cancun, Mexico<br />

8. How did you discover CVC? When? We always knew<br />

about CVC and was encouraged to join by the Webb’s.<br />

9. What would be your fantasy CVC run or most memorable?<br />

National Corvette Museum<br />

10. Do you have pet(s)? Names? A long hair Dachshund<br />

named Kinzie.


MINUTES <strong>of</strong> JULY 18, <strong>2022</strong><br />

President Jeff Engelman called the meeting to order at 6:29 P.M. Jeff welcomed the Members and<br />

guests. Jeff presented Freida Null with a Certificate <strong>of</strong> Appreciation for selling raffle tickets for several<br />

years and Linda Laningham was also presented with a Certificate <strong>of</strong> Appreciation for doing Sunshine and<br />

Clouds for the Club.<br />

Secretary Debbie Garrison –Jeff asked the members to approve the minutes <strong>of</strong> June 20, <strong>2022</strong>, as printed<br />

in the Newsletter. A motion was made by David Sons and seconded by Chuck Laningham to accept the<br />

minutes as printed.<br />

VP <strong>of</strong> Public Relations/Membership – Julie Sons announced the July birthdays and anniversaries and that<br />

none <strong>of</strong> the Members were in attendance. Julie introduced guests Linda Mroz and Walter Spate. Walter<br />

has completed the requirements for membership and will be voted on next month. New Members Kay<br />

Linch, Marina Vargas and Robert Still were presented with their Initiation Bags. Julie reminded Sponsors<br />

that is their responsibility to help the new members they are sponsoring to fill out their Membership<br />

Forms. Julie conducted a drawing <strong>of</strong> those members that read the newsletter and saw the Hashtag by her<br />

name.<br />

Treasurer’s Report-Dick Danielsen-Dick gave a reporting <strong>of</strong> the Club’s Treasury Report with an accounting<br />

<strong>of</strong> the deposits made and checks written for expenses and our current balance. A copy is attached. Dick<br />

reported that our balance matches our bank balance. Stephanie Engelman sold raffle tickets for the July<br />

Meeting.<br />

VP <strong>of</strong> Activities-Keith Garrison-Keith reported on our Movie Night Run in Charlie Fosnaugh’ s absence.<br />

We saw Elvis the Movie and 27 Members attended. Dick Danielsen reported that the Harris Ranch Run<br />

was a very well attended with 40 Members joining him. Everyone had a great lunch, some shopped in the<br />

Gift Shop and many <strong>of</strong> the group joined him for dessert at Baskin Robbins in Selma. Keith asked the Run<br />

Leaders to talk about their upcoming runs. A full listing is on the Activities page in the Newsletter.<br />

Old Business – Nothing to report<br />

New Business – Jeff spoke about the $50.00 Sponsor Incentive award and how the Board had decided at<br />

the beginning <strong>of</strong> the year to continue it through <strong>2022</strong>. Many <strong>of</strong> the Members that have sponsored new<br />

members have declined the award and the Board decided to bring it to the Membership for their<br />

thoughts. Sue Comer made a motion to continue as it is and to allow Members to decline or accept as

they wish. Discussion was held and Jodie Webb suggested <strong>of</strong> instead <strong>of</strong> a cash incentive that it should be<br />

changed to 10 raffle tickets. Most <strong>of</strong> the membership agreed, and Sue amended her motion that new<br />

sponsors will receive 10 raffle tickets for each new sponsorship. Mike Henenfent seconded the motion<br />

and membership voted and it was approved<br />

Parliamentarian – Mike Lebda – Announced that his Nomination Committee is complete. He has Patrick<br />

Garrahan as Past President, Keith Garrison as Board Member, Jill Kroeker-Rosen as Member-at-Large<br />

and himself as Parliamentarian. He will start taking Nominations for the New Board next month. He<br />

reminded Members that nominees must be a member-in-good standing which means that they have<br />

not missed more than four meetings this year.<br />

Newsletter Update – Newsletters articles, flyers and pictures need to be sent to Mike by July 25 th .<br />

Sunshine and Clouds –Julie Sons shared the Sunshine and Clouds News from the Members, please see<br />

Julie’s report in the Newsletter for a full report.<br />

Sergeant-<strong>of</strong>-Arms – Chuck Laningham collected $5.00 in Badge fines.<br />

Next General Meeting – Yosemite Falls Café, Granite Park, Monday, <strong>August</strong> 15, <strong>2022</strong>, at 6:30 PM<br />

Next Board Meeting – The next board meeting is 10:00 AM, July 25, <strong>2022</strong>, at the home <strong>of</strong> Julie Sons.<br />

Please let Jeff know if you plan on attending.<br />

Meeting Adjourned – Jeff called for meeting to be adjourned Lynne Henenfent made the motion and<br />

the motion was seconded by Linda Laningham. The meeting was adjourned at 7:31 P.M.<br />

Raffle was conducted by Mike Henenfent and assisted by Mike Lebda and Chuck Laningham.<br />

Raffle prizes were donated by Collins, Comers, Danielsen, Derringers, Dukes, Engelmans, Garcias,<br />

Garrison, Henderson, Henenfents, Mike Kings, Kroeker, Laninghams, Lebdas, Linch, Linsners, Marines,<br />

Nulls, Peluso, Piercys, Rays, Resciniti, Rosens, Sons, Tavares, Tjerrild, and Webbs.<br />

Congratulations to our $50.00 winners they were Darlene Derringer and Jeff Engelman.<br />

Respectfully submitted,<br />

Debbie Garrison<br />

Secretary<br />

<strong>Central</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Corvettes</strong>

Formed in 1991, <strong>Central</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Corvettes</strong> (CVC) is 30 years strong and, in our<br />

opinion, one <strong>of</strong> the best Corvette Clubs around. We are a not-for- pr<strong>of</strong>it<br />

organization, comprised <strong>of</strong> numerous Corvette Enthusiasts from all around the<br />

<strong>Central</strong> <strong>Valley</strong>. CVC is a family, always striving to improve the organization<br />

through new and innovative ideas frequently brought on by new members.<br />

The <strong>of</strong>ficers <strong>of</strong> this organization are very important to the club and consist <strong>of</strong> a<br />

president, a vice-president/activities coordinator, a vice-president/public<br />

relations and membership, a secretary, and a treasurer. All shall be valid regular<br />

members <strong>of</strong> CENTRAL VALLEY CORVETTES. The president must have at least<br />

one-year prior service as an <strong>of</strong>ficer <strong>of</strong> CENTRAL VALLEY CORVETTES or at least<br />

one year prior service on a qualifying non-pr<strong>of</strong>it board, corporate board, or a<br />

member <strong>of</strong> <strong>Central</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Corvettes</strong> for two years in good standing as<br />

determined by <strong>Central</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> <strong>Corvettes</strong><br />

Duties Include:<br />

PRESIDENT. The president shall be the chief executive <strong>of</strong>ficer and chairman <strong>of</strong><br />

the board. The president shall preside at all general, annual and special<br />

meetings <strong>of</strong> the members and at the meetings <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors. In<br />

general, the president shall perform all duties incident to the <strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> president<br />

and other duties as may be prescribed by the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors from time to<br />

time.<br />

VICE PRESIDENT OF ACTIVITIES: In the absence <strong>of</strong> the president or in the<br />

event <strong>of</strong> inability or refusal to act, the vice president/activities coordinator shall<br />

perform the duties <strong>of</strong> the president, and when so acting, shall have all the<br />

powers <strong>of</strong> and be subject to all the restrictions upon the president. The vice<br />

president/activities coordinator shall coordinate all events <strong>of</strong> the club, and<br />

appoint an event chairman for each event. The vice president shall perform such<br />

other duties as from time to time may be assigned by the president and/or the<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> directors.


president/public relations and membership shall provide for hospitality at<br />

general meetings as well as report on members birthdays and anniversaries at<br />

monthly general meetings. Incumbent is responsible for tracking meeting<br />

attendance <strong>of</strong> members and prospective members and will provide a listing <strong>of</strong><br />

members eligible to vote for club <strong>of</strong>ficers at the annual meeting. Membership<br />

responsibilities include supervision <strong>of</strong> sponsorship <strong>of</strong> prospective members to<br />

ensure all membership qualification requirements are met and that required<br />

forms and payments have been submitted. Upon acceptance as club members,<br />

the incumbent will award name badges and other club related materials to the<br />

new members. Other duties related to public relations or membership may be<br />

assigned by the president and/or Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

SECRETARY: The secretary shall record the minutes <strong>of</strong> the meetings <strong>of</strong> the<br />

members and <strong>of</strong> the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors; be custodian <strong>of</strong> the non-financial<br />

records, send written notices <strong>of</strong> time and place <strong>of</strong> all annual and special<br />

meetings, keep a register <strong>of</strong> the mailing addresses <strong>of</strong> each member as supplied<br />

by the member, coordinate activities <strong>of</strong> the Membership Committee; and in<br />

general, perform all the duties incident to the <strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> secretary and such other<br />

duties as from time to time may be assigned by the president and/or Board <strong>of</strong><br />

Directors<br />

TREASURER: The treasurer shall have charge <strong>of</strong> and be responsible for all<br />

funds <strong>of</strong> the organization; provide the Board <strong>of</strong> Directors with a written<br />

monthly report <strong>of</strong> the financial standing <strong>of</strong> the organization; receive and give<br />

receipts for monies due; deposit all such monies in the name <strong>of</strong> the organization<br />

in the proper depositories; make proper checks for the statements <strong>of</strong> all<br />

transactions; co-sign checks with the president, or in the absence <strong>of</strong> the<br />

president, the vice-president/activities coordinator; and in general, perform all<br />

the duties incident to the <strong>of</strong>fice <strong>of</strong> treasurer and such other duties as from time<br />

to time may be assigned by the president and/or Board <strong>of</strong> Directors.<br />

Our expectation is that you would consider and accept a nomination if you are<br />

elected by a member in good standing to run for a position. Most <strong>of</strong> the current<br />

board members would love to see new members take over their positions on<br />

the board so our club could experience fresh new ideas. If you are interested<br />

but hesitant or would like to know more about a position please ask us.


Surgery Update(s)<br />

Marci Jarvis had hip surgery on 7/11 and was in the hospital a day.<br />

She is now recovering nicely at home and should be up and about<br />

soon.<br />

Charlotte Renna was re-scheduled for hip surgery due to her pre<br />

operative labs showing her sodium level was out-<strong>of</strong>-whack. She is<br />

rescheduled for July 28 th . Hang in there Charlotte<br />

Motor Vehicle Accident<br />

Araceli & Jasmine were in a vehicle accident last week and are<br />

currently in rehab three times per week due to injuries sustained. They<br />

are dealing with medical and car insurance now because the person<br />

that hit them was uninsured. Ugh!<br />

Feeling Much Better<br />

Janet King said her sciatica pain is about 75% better after experiencing<br />

a “partial healing” a few weeks ago. She wants to thank everyone for<br />

their continued prayers.<br />

Need <strong>of</strong> Prayers<br />

Vickie Garrison developed a blood clot in her arm and had a procedure<br />

to break it up. She now, thankfully, has use <strong>of</strong> her arm. Unfortunately,<br />

she is still having problems associated with the cancer she was<br />

diagnosed with last summer. Please keep her in your thoughts and<br />

prayers.<br />

Blessed Times<br />

Larry & Janet King are having a great time visiting with their great<br />

grandkids in Texas.<br />

Great News<br />

Keith & Debbie finally got their air conditioning repaired and back after it<br />

was broke several months ago. Patrick installed it in their Vette last<br />

week! Yeah, they’re cool again.<br />

Mike & Jeanie King’s oldest daughter who lives in Dallas just graduated<br />

from Law School and is taking the bar at the end <strong>of</strong> this month. Their<br />

youngest daughter is getting married in Memphis, TN Saturday July<br />

23 rd . Their son just purchased a house in North Carolina.

Covid Related Issues:<br />

Charlie Fosnaugh had an ordeal after testing positive right after last<br />

month’s meeting and was in quarantine for a 10-day period <strong>of</strong> time. He<br />

is ok and back in the saddle again.<br />

Dale & Sue Comer were dismissed from a Viking cruise due to Covid.<br />

He was asymptomatic but on 2 nd day they were sent to quarantine for<br />

10-days in a hotel in Germany. Super bummer!<br />

Lori returned from a fabulous trip to France. If you are her Facebook<br />

friend you got a treat to see her beautiful pictures. It looked like a lot <strong>of</strong><br />

fun and it felt like you were there with her.<br />

R&R<br />

The Lebda’s are heading to Montana for a week for some R&R. Also,<br />

Mike updated us that he had an unscheduled procedure during a<br />

routine test. He is doing much better and is up and about.<br />

The Henefent’s and the Lebda’s are going on the American Queen<br />

Paddle Steamboat Cruise on the Mississippi River in Tennessee at the<br />

end <strong>of</strong> July. Sounds like a fun time. Enjoy.<br />

Jill Rosen went on a Disneyland trip with her Son, daughter-in-law and<br />

the grandkids last weekend. With her two hip replacements she wasn’t<br />

sure how she would do but apparently that wasn’t an issue at all. It was<br />

all the other mishaps…. She was stung by a bee and is allergic and<br />

didn’t bring an epipen; she was struck in the neck by a shard <strong>of</strong> metal<br />

after someone dropped a cup in front <strong>of</strong> her; a bird pooped on her<br />

head and she dropped her cell phone in the toilet. Sound like a good<br />

time!!<br />

The Webbs & Josh/Marina took a trip (sounds like a pre-run) down<br />

Route 66 in Laughlin (picturesque) and then ended up in Palm Springs.<br />

It was hot but they had a good time.<br />

If you have any news (good or not so good) and you would like to share<br />

with us, please send an e-mail to me at juliebomb@yahoo.com or call<br />

me at 559-779-1718



AUGUST <strong>2022</strong><br />

Here we are at the end <strong>of</strong> July and we only had two activities this month and on the same day! On<br />

July 23, we caravaned down to Hanford to the Black Bear Diner and Walt Spate, prospective new<br />

member took a group to the High Sierra Summer Fest at China Peak.<br />

So far we have one activity planned for <strong>August</strong>. President Jeff Engelman is taking us to China<br />

Peak for the Scenic Chair Ride on <strong>August</strong> 27, <strong>2022</strong>. We will be having a picnic lunch with members<br />

bringing their own bag lunch.<br />


Lunch or Dinner Runs are easy! Pick a destination, pick a restaurant, give them a call and call<br />

Keith to put it on the schedule. Need help, Debbie & I or many other members are willing to help,<br />

just ask. It’s hot! Let’s take a ride in our beautiful air-conditioned cars. Did someone say Ice<br />

Cream? Plan a evening a run to a local Ice Cream Parlor. Know <strong>of</strong> activity coming up in one <strong>of</strong><br />

towns around us, let’s plan a day run. Have an idea, give me a call and let’s make it happen!<br />

PAST ACTIVITIES FOR JUNE/JULY <strong>2022</strong><br />

HARRIS RANCH RUN JUNE 25, <strong>2022</strong> DANIELSEN<br />

MOVIE NIGHT-ELVIS JUNE 29, <strong>2022</strong> FOSNAUGH’S<br />

BLACK BEAR DINER JULY 23, <strong>2022</strong> GARRISON<br />

HIGH SIERRA SUMMER FEST JULY 23, <strong>2022</strong> SPATE<br />


CHINA PEAK SCENIC CHAIR RIDE AUGUST 27, <strong>2022</strong> ENGELMAN<br />


SNELLING CAR SHOW SEPT 25, <strong>2022</strong> TBA<br />

PRESIDENT’S MYSTERY RUN OCT 11-14, <strong>2022</strong> ENGELMAN’S, SON’S<br />

FRESNO FAIR HORSE RACING OCT 15, <strong>2022</strong> DE CAMP<br />

ROGER ROCKA’S DINNER THEATER OCT 21, <strong>2022</strong> HENENFENT’S<br />


China Peak<br />

Scenic Chair Ride<br />

Saturday <strong>August</strong> 27th<br />

We will leave from the NE corner <strong>of</strong> Fowler and Herndon Ave. near Starbucks (1845<br />

Herndon Ave, Clovis) at 8:00 am and take Hwy 168 to China Peak at beautiful<br />

Huntington Lake. This will be a BYOB (bring your own bag lunch) event. Food options<br />

are limited at the resort and this is a perfect place for a picnic. Be prepared for a nice<br />

drive, cool weather and great views !<br />

Take a 15 – 20 minute one way scenic chair ride from 7000 feet up to 8700 feet. Enjoy<br />

panoramic views <strong>of</strong> the Sierra Nevada mountains with beautiful Huntington Lake as<br />

your backdrop. All chair lift riders must get <strong>of</strong>f at the top, take pictures (it's a total must<br />

do), and ride the chair back to the bottom. All chair lift riders must sign a activities<br />

participant's release. No trip fee, those riding the chair lift will pay the $27 per adult at<br />

China Peak.<br />

Those that do not wish to ride the chair lift can enjoy the cool mountain air at the resort<br />

base. The lodge will be open for inside seating if desired and limited food service.<br />

Contact Jeff if you have any questions.

JOIN US ON THE <strong>2022</strong> “STRIKE IT RICH”<br />





Tuesday, October 11 th thru Friday, 14 th<br />

Our first overnight stop will be Jackson/<br />

SuTer Creek for two nights and then on to<br />

Nevada City/Grass <strong>Valley</strong> for our final<br />

night. For those who are signed up I will be<br />

emailing you the informaZon to book your<br />

room. Be sure to tell them you are with<br />

<strong>Central</strong> <strong>Valley</strong> CorveTes. The first two<br />

nights are $122.09 per night, including<br />

taxes. The final night is $125.62, including<br />

taxes.<br />

Contact Jeff Engelman for more info<br />

Currently there is a 20 car limit but I can<br />

look into booking addiZonal rooms if there<br />

is more interest.<br />

The Spanish term La Veta Madre (The Mother Load) refers to<br />

a rich vein <strong>of</strong> gold that included the region from Mariposa to<br />

Downieville. In 1848 James Marshall discovered gold along<br />

the American River, and the race for riches was on. We will<br />

be spending three nights along State Route 49, the main<br />

route linking gold country towns and visit landmarks,<br />

museums, and other desKnaKons.<br />

Many <strong>of</strong> the original mining towns<br />

described by historians have vanished<br />

and landmarks become fewer each<br />

year as Kme, fires, and progress take<br />

their toll. Plan to see it before it's gone

Thanks to those who went out Wed, June 29th to ELVIS!<br />

Thanks to Debbie G.<br />

for these pictures!


Club Apparel Contacts<br />

Hello Club Members<br />

We have two Custom Embroider<br />

Options for Club Apparel.<br />

M&M Screen Printing ~ Clovis. Located on Clovis Ave. across from<br />

the Rodeo grounds. The contact Person is Hannah Zamora and<br />

you can call number above or e-mail her @<br />

ttshirtpro@sbcglobal.net<br />

(or)<br />

Stitch Master Custom Embroider ~ <strong>Fresno</strong>. Located on Bedford<br />

near Ingram and Alluvial. The contact Person in Thomas<br />

Nakazawa and you call number above or e-mail him at<br />

stitchmasterfresno.com<br />

The Sport-Tek ® PosiCharge ® Micro-Mesh Colorblock Polo<br />

(see right) is the shirt that seems to be the most<br />

popular but it is not mandatory to purchase any<br />

one type. However, our club colors are red, black or<br />

White.<br />

You are welcome to bring your own apparel into<br />

vendors to have stitching done.

If you need any <strong>of</strong> these Services,<br />

Support our CVC Membership!

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