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JeffbitZA talks

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secret sphinx society

lost monke

lost monke

the threat is real



brawlers dao

recruitment agency

grapeart &


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babyapes are


is the bapeverse ready?

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Just the facts.


Often overlooked, Possible gems. #alpha


GUILD512 Twitter newsletter- time to

subscribe! #alpha

Probably Nothing

Sp00n1cus speaks. Are you

listening? #alpha

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JeffBitZA talks about blue chips & why

the original still counts #alpha


IRL meets Web3- could this be

the one? #alpha











A different type of gallery for

your nts?


Is it time for BabyApes to rise

from the ashes?


Accomplishments, there have

been a few. Onwards!


SecretSphinxSociety on

direction & vision #alpha

GRAPEart & Relams

A marketplace with built in DAO

tools? #alpha


Is this the next project to jump on?



@TheOnlyNom documents the drain

which breached his Ledger.




Issue 67 of #Shill zine. The issue that almost didn't make it.

In case you missed it. TLDR My Solana wallet was drained on Friday night 29 July, 2022 (Australian time)

resulting in around 630 Sol value of NFT and $Dust token.

I plead mea culpa for not spreading my assets out across 20 wallets. That's my only mistake. I did not

click on a suspicious link. I did not take part in a dodgy swap. I did not allow access to my wallet.

Read the "Lost Monke" article in this issue to find out what happened.

Now, can I just say that this Solana NFT community space is a great space. I moved from eth back in

June 2021 and the vibe on this chain has always been fantastic. People I have never met in real life

(IRL) on Twitter and in Spaces. I go about publishing #Shill zine each week hoping that it gives artists a

chance to be seen. A platform that increases the amount of eyes that see their work. Every now and

then I get a DM thanking me for including them. Makes it all worthwhile.

What I did not expect is what @Keezerfeld has approached me with. I am flawed and deeply touched. I

have never met Keezerfeld. Never spoken with him. Only corresponded via Twitter. His work has always

been incredible, the reason why his pieces often feature in #Shill zine or on the #Shill cover.

The current cover is @Keezerfeld's latest piece. It will be his first ever

'editions' drop. Finally an affordable way to own a Keez piece! What's

more is that Keez wants to help #Shill get back on its feet after the

recent wallet drain. Purchasing an edition of Keez will help #Shill zine.

"an affordable

way to own a

Keez piece!"

Truly, I don't know what to say other than this man, from across the

world whom I have never met is willing to donate back to #Shill zine. "I

want to donate it to shill to do amazing stuff for the magazine and culture sir." Keez, I am deeply

touched and appreciative of your offer.

A special shoutout also to @LowBrowNative who DM'd me offering to help by giving everything she

has. The most gentle soul on the Solana space always willing to help others over herself!

That's why this issue is late.

Let's see where this goes.

As always, show your love on the Twittersphere with a

simple retweet.

Enough said. You know the drill. Let’s f go!


Maybe devs could so something?


SHILL Issue #67

Keep your eyes on...


Sol Baby Potato






Duppies Rebrands to y00ts

Earlier today Degods announced on its twitter page that they were officially rebranding Duppies to

y00ts. The news was confirmed as @DuppiesNFT changed its name on twitter to “Duppies (rebranded

to y00ts)”. A thread outlining the project’s new identity and direction should soon be released, according

to a tweet from the official Duppies page.

Duppies (y00ts) is the second project in the Degods collection led by Frank Degods. The most hyped

mint of the month has been postponed many times, and the new release date is currently scheduled

sometime in the beginning of August.

According to the official Degods account, the new project page, @y00tsNFT, which is currently private,

will stay that way until Tuesday when applications for y00tlist will open. The public can get a sense of

the new approach to art by visiting y00ts’ website, y00ts.com. According to the website, John Le, one of

the premier 1/1 artists on Solana, will be overseeing the art direction for the project.

Primates announce merch partnership with Trippin Ape Tribe

Primates and Trippin Ape Tribe(TAT) have announced a collaboration. This comes after much speculation

about the two joining forces, especially due to TAT’s takeover week.

The collaboration will involve Primates creating TAT related merchandise and clothing for their first

collection coming soon.

Primates prides itself as a brand built on collaborations, and TAT is the latest to join the project. Some

past announced collaborations include Solana Money Boys and Cets on Creck.

More information about to release of the first collection is expected soon.

y00ts promotional banner.


SHILL Issue #67

Ded Monkes drop art upgrade

TAT art.

Ded Monkes released upgraded art today, the first step in their next phase of execution. Ded Monkes is

a derugged project of 666 dead monkeys that has been holding a stable floor price of around 3 Sol for

the last few months.

Recently, they’ve begun reading at building something that makes rugging more difficult and holds projects

accountable, but concrete details are still not revealed.

The symbol, 【Ø】, has been going around everywhere, accompanied with a slash cutting through profile

pictures. It is believed that Ded Monkes next step will involve other derugged projects, like Bears

Reloaded, to create some form of platform to better the Solana NFT ecosystem.

Ded Monkes art.

SHILL Issue #67







sp00n1cus - 36.4k followers

Just take your favorite NFT this

month, slash its FP by another

30-60% and that will sum up what

I'm expecting in August.

14 SHILL Issue #67

SHILL Issue #67




So, been seeing alot of $eth ‘influencers’ coming into the $sol space & touting their bluechips/best picks. 1stly

welcome what took you so long? 2ndly was Ur first buy @okaybears & then u decided to actually dive in? Or

what brought you? 3rd letsdiscuss the monke in the room.

So some of u (+ som solboys) looking 4 engagement using @ShiLLin_ViLLianTM techniques,have gone as far as 2

say likely slow rug, or not include it in bluechips lists.Alrighty0 I shall now simply put into words the omega bull

tingling i have in DN. My personal peak yet,why?

Whilst moar bluechip(s) have arrived such as @DeGodsNFT & as such monkes may not be at that peak from the

OG run ( healthy for the space & natural), I am more bullish now than then, Ethfluencers Ur picks founders vibe

in @MonkeDAO on the regular, on that note let’s begin.

@MonkeDAO as a community & last bastion of daoness hope is the value. Any talk of slowrug stems from SMB,

the form & function of MD,as a great founder in the space said “matches that of a top corporate” with the added

bonus of monkevibes, inclusivity, friendship, alpha & oppurtuniT.


SHILL Issue #67

Why is @SolanaMBS a must include on a bluechip list? Has Provenence, helped shape,mold & inspire the $sol

space. Survived FUD of epic proportions & always comes out stronger thru ideals of monke. Degen mints is unrivalled

as a channel in any discord on planet earth.

Monkeventures, WL, the network potential, meetups worldwide, amazing people like minded & not all excited

about what the hell web3 can become. Reject humanity return to monke! On 2 the catalysts making DN tingle.

Talks 4 MD to acquire SMB are in advanced stages, I can’t even describe the amazingness of that outcome, a

triumph for web3, unleashing the beast that is MD Once it happens? Yup wen $monke? (It will be done right) &

boom catalyst 2. What 3? 5k collection leaves wiggle room.

Last but not least the monkes in MD that make it all of these things & much more,insanely there is far to many

2 mention. So 2 name but a few @supersimon77(vibez) @KQwizzn(best TA biz) @NFTScreenshotah(best memer

planet) @ponzinomicss(alpha) @TheOnlyNom

SHILL Issue #67















Introducing TheBrawlers, a 2222 supply

project at only 0.15 Solana. Launching Mid-

August! TheBrawlers are a project focused on

Education, Creating Opportunities, Assisting in

the Growth of the NFT space and Longevity.

Many projects rely purely on Secondary

Volume and Initial mint sales to fund their

project and given a month’s time begin to slow

down with the constant fixed expenses they


Brawlers are owning and operating their

own Recruitment Agency, an Agency which

contains Alpha Callers, Moderators, Collab

Managers to hire out to other Projects in the

NFT space. We will expand our services into

other Blockchains when possible!

Brawlers will provide opportunities for its

Holders to run and operate a Project if

they wish to, by derugging projects and

distributing funds to Employees, The New

owner/s, and the community! With our Agency

and Partnerships made, we can supply a

derugged project instantly with Alpha Calls,

Collabs, Staking, NiftyBOT and Moderators!

Brawlers have already begun creating courses

on educating Holders on how to become a

fully qualified Moderator and Collab Manager,

with other courses to come in the future and

help holders land professional Web 3 jobs!

We will also be developing our own

Ecosystem using the token $BRAWL. Projects

will be able to pay a monthly fee for us to

create a Staking website for them and have

access to our $BRAWL ecosystem. The utility

of this token is for holders to be able to enter

NFT Giveaway raffles via FamousFoxes. The

more projects using our Ecosystem the more

NFT raffles will be hosted for all Holders of

projects to enter into. Further, projects within

the Ecosystem will have discounts to our

services and will be able to make partnerships


With our ability to become profitable and

provide services to numerous projects we will

in turn provide our Holders will the ability to

find jobs, we will acquire some of the best WL

spots and Free NFT’s from projects for our

holders. Supplying the best Alpha Calls in the

space and overall providing as much value to

holders where we can!



SHILL Issue #67

Shil.me in the Shill Zine?

What's up with that?

Shil.me is the first Linktree for NFTs focusing on meaningful interaction. We

offer a lightweight, link-in-bio solution for people to display, verify and interact

with their NFTs allowing for more sophistication than Twitter pfps.

We wanted to move away from the 3D metaverse galleries on offer and build

a 2D experience with significant advantages in customization and performance.

Beyond offering a unique display interface, Shil can provide social engagement

and wallet tracking to users for a broader web3 experience. On-Chain provenance

can be displayed along with users’ recent activity… and soon users will be able

to sell NFTs straight from our platform.

It’s our hope that you’ll try out shil.me and display your work with us!

Currently Shil has multi-chain support and is building out plenty of new features.

SHILL Issue #67



Baby Apes started as a just simple collection of 5000 cute Apes but turned out to be one of the

most loved projects in the whole ecosystem of Solana, unfortunately enough the first owner

tried to rug and used the community wallet to fund a new project and used Baby Apes

Connections to fulfill his plans, and after that Turtles tried to get over the project failing in the

attempt because the team wasn’t big enough to deal with two projects at the time, and lastly

leaving the project under new management.

So, what is this new management doing? First, we gonna restructure everything that has been

done for BabyApes, we don’t want to be a utility project but a community-driven project, as we

see how the community overperforms repeatedly any utility at least in NFTS.

This does not mean that we won’t work to bring utility to rewards holders, but sustainably so

the community will be always engaged with our futures plans. Because we see Baby Apes as a

brand, and we want to build towards that goal, to gain back that recognition.

In the short term, we are restructuring the old staking system, that’s the reason we stopped the

staking of BabyApes because it was only killing the coin and it was completely unsustainable.

The new staking system will play along with the coming [Jungle Plots] which also going to play

a huge part in the building of the Bapeverse. Mint funds will be used solely purpose of making

Babyapes + Bapeverse a world brand.

There will doubters and that’s okay, we are here for the long term, and we won’t quit until everything

is fulfilled within our expectations. This is just a new beginning for the Baby Apes.

Collaborations, Auctions, Raffles, Staking, and much more. There’s more going on behind the

scenes than you can see.

Don’t fade the Bapeverse, Don’t fade BabyApes, Don’t fade the community.



SHILL Issue #67


Quick thread on Sol Patrol and the accomplishments we’ve made since minting out on x-mas eve. The project

was started as an experiment, to create a quant DAO but to do it differently than a traditional quant firm. The

idea was simply to crowd-source the “thinking”

The community would work together to create models and theories – while the dev-team would focus on building.

The first set of tools, we would build and then we would allow the community to add features and help us

build the future.

[Over the past few months, we have been working on Patrol Report, that allows direct minting from our site and

allows users to see the communities that are minting the NFT live during the mint.

If you recall the launch of Boryoku Dragonz, it was a lot of insider information that caused certain liquid communities

to mint and market the collection - causing a 200x in a very short period.

If you can see the on-chain data of the communities minting this NFT, then you can make more educated predictions.

The beta for Patrol Report has been launched but is currently under maintenance, as we are wrapping up a

few items on the back end.

You can view a walk-through of Patrol Report on the old UI:

SolPatrol @SolPatrolNFT

The Patrol Report is officially launched in BETA

No more WL hunting

No more insider trading

No more searching for ‘alpha’

Direct minting from Patrol Report coming in the next 48-hrs and check out the explainer video below! $BAIL $SOL


We also had a big focus on the gamification in Sol Patrol. In January we launched one of the first raffles on Solana,

called the Jail. We used 100% of royalties to buy NFTs from the secondary and placed them in the Jail vault.

Then users were able to release the NFT to their wallet by “posting-BAIL.” We were also able to integrate and test

SolanaPay with this game. The Jail was very important because we burned all the BAIL that was collected in the


We recently calculated an approx. amount of BAIL that we burned, and it was 70% of the total circulating supply.

This, combined with a very low emission at the launch of Staking 1.0, we had created a very healthy and sustainable

tokenomics structure for BAIL.

After we released staking and the Jail, we immediately got many requests to do some work for other projects.

Since we only did a 0.15 SOL mint and all royalties were given back to the community, we took these opportunities

to build a larger dev-team.

SHILL Issue #67














@SecretSphinxes https://twitter.com/SecretSphinxes

This article will highlight and discuss the newest venture that the Society will be undergoing in Q3-Q4 2022: The


MENAGERIE: a place where animals are kept and trained especially for exhibition; a collection of wild or foreign

animals kept…


Let’s break it down into three distinct sections for easier digesting:

1. What is the Menagerie?

2. What is our vision for this platform?

3. What will the process look like?

What is the Menagerie?

In short, the Menagerie will be a platform for hosting, displaying, and distributing artwork from 1/1 artists to

holders of the three Secret Sphinx Society collections and eventually those from outside our community. We’ll

commission exclusive pieces and editions from prominent and upcoming artists in the 1/1 space to create a curated

selection of artwork that our holders can purchase with our native tokens, Ankh and Scarab. These pieces

will be purchasable in multiple methods, including minting editions, auctions for singular pieces, and more exclusive

raffles for custom commissioned work.

This platform will be the centerpiece of utility for our Oasis collection, allowing holders of the 200-piece landscapes

to bid on special pieces, claim free editions of major collections, and receive access to holder-gated

content. In the same vein, Sphinx and Pharaoh holders will be able to access all content but won’t receive the full

slate of benefits available to our Oasis holders.

Planned site functionality will include:

• Minting 1/1 art directly to your wallet

• Able to bid on pieces with Ankh and Scarab

• Able to purchase/bid on auctions in Sol (for very special drops)

Additional features that may be included are:

• Able to list items for secondary sale

• Able to tip creators directly without a purchase


SHILL Issue #67

What is our vision for this platform?

The inception of this project stems from the recent boom in the activity of 1/1 art sales on the Solana blockchain,

the popularity of editions among collectors of top creators, and the recent issues around botting that we’ve seen

on 1/1 art platforms. See also my latest Thoughts from the Tomb for an insight into the creative inspiration of this

venture, linked below.

Thoughts from the Tomb

Art and the Human Experience. The thought process behind the Menagerie, and an exposé on artistic expression.

Here’s a more direct, two-fold mission statement for the Menagerie:

1. To increase the collectability and accessibility of 1/1 artwork to smaller-sized wallets and a larger collector


2. To give greater visibility to up-and-coming 1/1 artists while providing adequate compensation and the

web3 tools they need to grow their personal brand

We want the Menagerie to eventually feel like a personalized, curated space for artists and art collectors to find

community where it may have been more difficult to connect them beforehand! The overarching goal of this

project would be to serve as an online marketplace more closely aligning with an art gallery, where we work

closely with an artist to create an “exhibit” feel for their pieces with an expansive bank of tools to disperse and

sell their art however they wish to do so.

What will the process look like?

This venture into creating an online marketplace is not a light task, and will most likely take the better part of the

next few months to complete all the stages that have been listed above. I’ll give a rough timeline below, but the

order of how we’re building the Menagerie will follow this outline:

Q3 2022 — August-September

Complete current website overhaul and build out underlying infra for Menagerie website

Q3 2022 — September-October

Roll out token-gated marketplace to begin minting editions to holders in tokens

Q4 2022 — October-December

Further development of all art distribution methods, secondary listing features, and Exhibits curation begins

Most of you are aware of how we at the Society build our infrastructure, but I’ll just offer a small reminder: it’s a

slower process here, and we’re giving ourselves plenty of room to add in features that we find exciting, remove

things that may no longer suit our vision, or pivot as dictated by the macro-conditions and current meta. The

vision of the Menagerie was conceptualized by a meeting of the team at NFT NYC in June, and so we’re not just

doing this because it’s a hot topic + flashy in the current meta. It’s a product and a platform that we feel aligns

with our IP in a distinct manner, and we’re extremely excited to continue our thematic storytelling while also

providing something to our holders with asymmetric intrinsic and collectible value. If you have any questions,

comments, or concerns, feel free to reach out on Twitter or in Discord, and as always…

We keep building.

SHILL Issue #67



Today is the day we add the most important @solana primitive for any community...

@Realms_DAOs is now directly integrated on http://grape.art what does this mean, and why?

There is more to NFT collections than just JPEGs, and many of us want to participate, grow, learn, and shape the

future of those communities and the ecosystem...

@Realms_DAOs governance tools enable this decision making for any NFT and Tokenized community in a democratic


So it would be only natural that we would include governance for any community that already has it, because

this provides a layer of transparency of the decision making in those DAOs like @BearsReloaded @MonkeDAO @

DegenTrashPanda and more...


SHILL Issue #67

And why not also see the members of those communities? and if you are a participant... maybe message them

directly using @saydialect

but what about tokenized communities? what if... like an NFT community you can discover Tokenized communities

with governance like @mangomarkets and also quickly and easily see their respective DAO governance


SHILL Issue #67


And there is so much more to do, but there isn’t a better place to do this than @solana with all the extraordinary

tech & primitives that make this all happen @metaplex @bonfida @solflare_wallet @saydialect @GenesysGo @

Realms_DAOs along with integrations from @JupiterExchange @CyberConnectHQ


SHILL Issue #67




A tech company is releasing an NFT on Solana that could change the game forever. Here’s why @rakkudos by @

shakudo_io is your next bluechip opportunity.

This article will cover:

What is Shakudo? Reason(s) Behind the NFT

The Art Utility New Standards

Shakudo is a technology company with a simplified approach to data. Their product is growing rapidly, becoming

a staple for teams in the industry. They offer: Decentralization, Cloud Flexibility, Nodes, and more. Since April

2021, they have raised $4 million in VC funding.


SHILL Issue #67

In terms of their product, their motivation is to “make life easier”. The point is to put an end to the meaningless

complexity of data applications. Instead of using multiple products to build apps, Shakudo provides users with a

cost-effective, competitive, all-in-one solution.

Shakudo supporting decentralization is a big deal. Rather than turn a blind-eye to emerging tech, Shakudo embraces

the future, giving builders a choice. This give them a MASSIVE edge... especially since their services are

cheaper and more efficient than their competitors.

I know what you’re thinking: “Why an NFT?” From the website: “Rakkudos, will act as a catalyst for the growth of

the Shakudo Platform.” This growth entails scaling the developer team and the Shakudo platform itself. But the

real innovation here is in the marketing.

Shakudo wants to motivate holders to act as ambassadors of their company. When holders eventually rep the

Rakkudos NFT on Twitter, they will essentially be marketing for Shakudo. This is a win-win... which could inspire

their competitors to sit up and (possibly) adapt.

This brings us to the art itself. I think it’s PFP worthy. As you may know, there is a science to making NFT art stand

out. A few aspects include: - Bright Colors - Thick Lines - Character (Facial expressions, clothing, etc.) Rakkudos

checks a lot of these boxes.

SHILL Issue #67


Rakkudos has 3 main utilities:

• Discounts/special offers for Shakudo.

• PAID Referrals for new customers.

• Staking -> $KUDOS (utility token).

Since Shakudo is a multi-chain platform, the possibilities are limitless for builders, ambassadors and the company


We’ve seen many projects that want to reward their holders for marketing their brand on social media. Real

world, business utility is a concept I can always get behind. Shakudo is pushing the envelope, as well as their

brand within Web3. Everyone should be watching.

TL;DR Shakudo is already a profitable, working product with VC funding. The high-demand Rakkudo mint is the

on top. If the project scales the way it intends to scale, this could set a new standard for data/tech companies

EVERYWHERE... revolutionizing the way they operate.


SHILL Issue #67







meli- exchange.art

meli- exchange.art









Rescuing a Lost Monke: Post-mortem on getting a wallet drained and losing my PFP.

First off this thread is not a call for donations. I have funds to recover what is lost and while I appreciate

the love, your money would be better served helping other people!

Secondly: This thread is not a condemnation of any teams or parties involved. Shit happens, I signed

a transaction, we’re dealing with the aftermath. Please read through this, and keep your pitchforks

stowed. It’s tokens and Jpegs, we will make it work

Third: System Specifications Hardware: Asus Laptop - 2020 era OS: Windows 10 Browser: Brave

Extension: Phantom Security: Ledger Nano X - Updated July 2022 Wallet address: 4ZjYSCH3Sib9iMS-

M3QN2sL2kwxNcXG2P4XCemSC2hsyb (Nom.sol) Assets compromised- Roughly 500 SOL - NFTs+Tokens

Fourth: I am not naming the project that involved this, nor any suspected parties involved. The investigation

and audit from the team that this seems to have occurred with is ongoing, and I’m not looking to

jeopardize them and their work. I appreciate them for their response

Main Security Issues: Signing a simulated transaction - Didn't match final execution Staking multiple

NFTs on a wallet with other valuables - Unnecessary Risk Comfort - The Main problem I have spent 4.5

years without a major hack or loss. I got lazy and sloppy, That’s the issue

I spent the day traveling to Solana to organize events. Got to my Hotel, connected through a VPN,

caught up on messages, and went to perform a couple actions with my previously secured wallets.

I attempted to sign a transaction which failed. I then signed a second transaction which included the

method “signAllTransactions”, which you can read below https://docs.phantom.app/integrating/deeplinks-ios-and-android/provider-methods/signalltransactions…

| In this signAll, included SetAuthority

transactions for every account in my wallet

For anyone unfamiliar, what this essentially does is transfer the ownership of a specific token or NFT

from myself “4ZjY”, to a different wallet “Good” This doesn't move the NFT, but is like giving someone

your car keys and registration.

This instruction is explicitly warned about in Solana documentation, and is usually not present in staking

platforms. It's potentially very harmful, especially when not understood by the end user. In this case, I

made a mistake to sign this transaction.

This transaction or series of transactions attempted this for every single NFT and token account inside

of 4ZjY, causing some successful transactions, and some failures. Why failures? Some of these update

calls were to staked NFT (in this case Famous Foxes)

When the transaction attempted to update a staked NFT, it received a failure and moved onto the next

Why did these transactions go through automatically and not require ledger approval? At this point I’m

not sure.

I noticed this shortly after other wallet activities, and looked into it. I contacted several developers and

reached out directly to the team that I had staked with, assuming the most recent transactions would be


SHILL Issue #67

the ones most likely to have an issue like this.

At this point, the investigation is still ongoing, and there are many minds I respect looking into this. I will

continue to update as I know more

The losses are about ~500 Sol, a significant chunk of what I have on Solana. It includes various ecosystem

tokens, some 1/1 art pieces, as well as NFTs such as my SMB, a Gomu, CWM, Solstead, and

others. At this time I can recover some of these and am thankful to all watching them

A TLDR: I was a tired Monke, using technology I was comfortable with. I should not have accessed a

staking contract with the same wallet that holds other things I value. A ledger can only do so much Protect

yourself and your assets.


Like Nom, I am not calling for donations etc etc. What happened, happened. The world moves on. We

pick ourselves up and re-evalute where we are heading.

On Friday 29 July 2022 this exact drainer code hit my wallet. The loss to my account was around

630Sol floor price.

As per @TheOnlyNom, I casually approved a transaction that I normally do on a staking site I regularly


From what some 'super sleuths' can deduct from tracking this event, the hacker had planted the

code weeks earlier allowing them to scan wallets and choose WHAT they wanted to take. This was a

pre-meditated, planned execution. Whatever was in the targeted wallet was transferred to a chain of 6

wallets. Put for sale on secondary within moments and sold for floor price or under floor price.

The only way that any NFT could have been recuperated would have been to quickly act and reach out

to the projects that issued the NFT. Fortunately for me, Xin Dragons acted quickly and imposed a 98%

fee on the 3 dragons that I lost. They sold on secondary for 31 Sol each- the hacker only received 2%

from the sale. The Xin Dragons team have returned my dragons to a brand-new wallet.

My 2 Monke and 1 Thugbird met with a different end. Like @theonlynom, my Monke sold on secondary

as did my Thugbird for absolute bargain basement prices. My 1st Monke that I have had since pre-mint

sold for 200Sol. My 2nd Monke was up for 230Sol and someone bid 150Sol for it. The hacker let it go

for that price. My Thug was up for 9Sol and he let it go for 7Sol.

I also lost $Dust, 4300. At around $1.30/$Dust. Gone.

With the return of my dragons, the Xin Dragons team saved me 90Sol bringing my loss down to around


Unlike @TheOnlyNom I cannot just buy back what I lost. We are talking over $20k usd. I don’t have

that lying around.

SMB #2204

SMB #4773

Thug 3143

SHILL Issue #67




















CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xZD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xBD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Sonic #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey pet #1






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