Blueprint - Summer 2022

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A publication for the policyholders of the Arkansas<br />

Blue Cross and Blue Shield family of companies SUMMER <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal<br />

Immediate Access to Health and Wellness Information<br />

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Unplug for<br />

Emotional Health<br />

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Is It Time to Fly?<br />

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Recover at Home -<br />

Your Discharge Checklist<br />


a<br />

Word<br />

with Curtis Barnett<br />

Our President and Chief Executive Officer<br />

Innovation in Healthcare:<br />

A Reason to be Optimistic<br />

As we emerge from the pandemic,<br />

the stakes in healthcare have<br />

never been higher. For people<br />

suffering with physical health<br />

issues like obesity and chronic<br />

health conditions, undiagnosed<br />

and untreated behavioral health<br />

disorders and unmet social<br />

needs or health disparities due<br />

to geography, race, or ethnicity,<br />

COVID-19 exposed those who<br />

were already vulnerable and<br />

often made them worse.<br />

Healthcare is undergoing a<br />

dramatic transformation. It is<br />

reeling from workforces and<br />

infrastructures that have been<br />

battered over the past two years –<br />

and the health of those we serve is<br />

more fragile because of it.<br />

We are in desperate need of new<br />

and better approaches.<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue<br />

Shield is committed to advancing<br />

a system that benefits individuals<br />

and families who need affordable<br />

coverage and patients who need<br />

high-quality care. To accelerate our<br />

progress toward these goals, we<br />

have embraced innovation. New<br />

consumer-focused tools, like the<br />

new <strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal (featured on<br />

pages 4 and 5 of this publication),<br />

provide a more personalized and<br />

convenient consumer experience<br />

that, over time, will empower<br />

better health.<br />

“Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

Blue Shield is committed<br />

to advancing a system<br />

that benefits individuals<br />

and families who need<br />

affordable health coverage<br />

and patients who need<br />

high-quality care.”<br />

To successfully innovate, you<br />

often need to develop and test<br />

new ideas locally and then scale<br />

them to a wider market. We<br />

have dedicated space in our new<br />

Northwest Arkansas Corporate<br />

Center as a hub for innovations<br />

designed to improve the<br />

healthcare system. We call it the<br />

“<strong>Blueprint</strong> Innovation Lab.”<br />

We expect it to serve as a<br />

catalyst for building meaningful<br />

connections between the people<br />

doing the innovative work in<br />

Arkansas and across the United<br />

States and for inspiring and<br />

igniting new ideas. It is a place<br />

where customers, healthcare<br />

professionals and community<br />

leaders can collaborate to<br />

improve healthcare. Together<br />

we are looking at ways to use<br />

technology, research, and<br />

data analytics to solve health<br />

problems; we are investing<br />

in and piloting health-related<br />

businesses; and we are building a<br />

culture of innovation.<br />

There’s no question we are<br />

living in a unique time. Our<br />

better understanding of social<br />

determinants of health, the<br />

importance of behavioral health,<br />

and the role genetics plays in our<br />

overall health allows us to refocus<br />

our efforts in the healthcare<br />

system and bring in new clinical<br />

techniques and new technologies.<br />

And with almost everyone owning<br />

a smart device these days, it all<br />

needs to be easy to access<br />

and understand.<br />

The convergence of these<br />

and other factors fills me with<br />

optimism that our healthcare<br />

future holds great promise.<br />

A new and better approach is,<br />

indeed, possible.<br />

2 SUMMER <strong>2022</strong>

Health Benefits of<br />

Dental Xtra SM Confirmed<br />

by Mayo Clinic<br />

The results are in: Mayo Clinic<br />

researchers found that Arkansas Blue<br />

Cross and Blue Shield’s Dental Xtra<br />

program greatly improves the overall<br />

health of those who live with diabetes<br />

and coronary artery disease. Dental Xtra<br />

provides additional dental services to<br />

people with select chronic conditions that<br />

are especially affected by oral health.<br />

Among other findings, the Mayo Clinic<br />

found that members enrolled in the<br />

program experienced substantially lower<br />

inpatient healthcare costs and achieved<br />

better health outcomes when they<br />

followed the program’s preventive dental<br />

care protocols. Individuals who missed<br />

a year of program participation saw an<br />

immediate increase in medical expenses.<br />

As a medical and dental insurance<br />

company, Arkansas Blue Cross is uniquely<br />

positioned to deliver an integrated care<br />

program like Dental Xtra. With heart<br />

disease and diabetes increasing, the<br />

importance of having dental coverage<br />

that includes proactive, coordinated care<br />

can’t be overstated.<br />

How to enroll:<br />

You’re automatically enrolled in Dental Xtra if you have medical<br />

and dental plans with Arkansas Blue Cross and an eligible medical<br />

condition. All you have to do is schedule a visit with a participating<br />

dentist. If you’re pregnant or have only an Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

dental plan, you can easily self-enroll online. There’s no extra cost!<br />

Learn more at visit arkansasbluecross.com/dental-xtra.<br />

SUMMER <strong>2022</strong> 3

<strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal<br />

is here!<br />

<strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal provides members with easy access<br />

to health and wellness information. Download our<br />

new mobile app (available on the App Store and<br />

Google Play) or sign in at blueprintportal.com.<br />

9:41<br />

MENU<br />

Claim Breakdown<br />

Caim breakdown for customer 12345<br />

Service Date: 04/01/<strong>2022</strong><br />

$0.00<br />

Provider Billed<br />

Medicare Discount<br />

Net Charged<br />

Provider Adjustment<br />

Other Health Plan Coverage<br />

Your Plan Paid<br />

$100.00<br />

$0.00<br />

$100.00<br />

$0.00<br />

$0.00<br />

$100.00<br />

Copay<br />

$0.00<br />

Deductible<br />

$0.00<br />

Coinsurance<br />

$0.00<br />

Excluded $0.00<br />

TOTAL 1 of 5<br />

$0.00<br />

Home ID Card Claims Find Care<br />

What’s new?<br />

Redesigned with quick access to the most important<br />

parts of your health plan.<br />

A new claims view enhanced with claim details and the<br />

ability to filter by claim status, date or member on plan.<br />

A clear breakdown of claims details, including your<br />

financial responsibility. Now you don’t have to wait for your<br />

Explanation of Benefits to arrive to see what you owe.<br />

<strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal features * :<br />

Digital member ID cards<br />

Claims and benefit information<br />

Track your deductible and out-of-pocket totals<br />

Access to your Personal Health Record<br />

One-tap connection to customer service by phone or email<br />

Access to pharmacy information with prescription<br />

history and refill orders<br />

Access to your Personal Health Record<br />

Find doctors and estimate treatment and prescription<br />

drug costs<br />

4 SUMMER <strong>2022</strong><br />

*Feature availability based on plan.

Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

Blue Shield Employer Group<br />

RX Copay: $12/35/55/100%<br />

11:38<br />

MENU<br />

11:44<br />

Spending Details<br />

MENU<br />

In-network Out-of-network<br />

Medical ID Card<br />

Jane<br />

PCP/PHONE#<br />


(501) 555-1234<br />

Copay: $20/$35<br />

Coins: 20%<br />

Open Access POS<br />

How do I sign up if ...<br />

... I’m brand new?<br />

Go to blueprintportal.com<br />

In-network deductible<br />

$2,500.00<br />

of $2,500.00<br />

In-network out-of-pocket costs<br />

$2,000.00<br />

of $2,000.00<br />

Flip Card<br />

Email Fax Mail<br />

Home ID Card Claims Find Care<br />

Select “Register”<br />

Home ID Card Claims Find Care<br />

Follow the instructions.<br />

All you need is your:<br />

– Member ID number or the last four<br />

digits of your Social Security number<br />

... I have already registered?<br />

If you registered for My <strong>Blueprint</strong><br />

(the previous online portal) you will<br />

be able to sign in to <strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal<br />

with the same username and password.<br />

Go to arkbluecross.com/blueprintportal<br />

to begin.<br />

... I have the old My <strong>Blueprint</strong> Mobile app?<br />

The My <strong>Blueprint</strong> Mobile app should update<br />

to <strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal the next time your phone<br />

has an automatic update. If not, you can<br />

update to the new <strong>Blueprint</strong> Portal app on<br />

the App Store or Google Play.<br />

For more<br />

information go to<br />

arkbluecross.com/blueprintportal<br />

SUMMER <strong>2022</strong> 5

ARHOME Coverage<br />

After COVID-19<br />

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government temporarily stopped certain<br />

Medicaid requirements and conditions to help people keep their ARHOME health<br />

coverage. These Public Health Emergency (PHE) provisions will likely end this year,<br />

unless they are renewed.<br />

Why it matters<br />

When the PHE ends, the Arkansas Department of Human Services (DHS) will begin<br />

reviewing members to be sure they qualify for ARHOME health coverage. If you have<br />

ARHOME coverage, DHS will contact you with instructions. If you receive renewal<br />

paperwork from DHS, you should complete it and send it to Arkansas Medicaid.<br />

Renewal forms are also available online at access.arkansas.gov.<br />

Take action<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield cannot update ARHOME members’ contact<br />

information with the DHS. You must update your email address, mailing address, and<br />

telephone number directly with the DHS.<br />

How to update your contact information with DHS:<br />

1. Online at ar.gov/update<br />

2. Call DHS at 1-844-872-2660<br />

3. Visit a local DHS county office<br />

If you lose your coverage<br />

If you lose your ARHOME coverage, you will have 60 days to enroll in a Marketplace<br />

policy. This Special Enrollment Period is allowed for people with the following certain<br />

life events – losing other health coverage, changes in employment, marriage, having<br />

a baby or a change in household status.<br />

You will also be able to enroll in a health plan during the Open Enrollment Period<br />

from November 1, <strong>2022</strong>, to January 15, 2023.<br />

For more help:<br />

• Call your agent.<br />

• Call Arkansas Blue Cross at 800-800-4298, Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.<br />

• Visit an ArkansasBlue welcome center. Locations can be found at<br />

arkbluecross.com/locations.<br />

6 SUMMER <strong>2022</strong>

UNPLUG<br />

for<br />

better emotional health<br />

If the stress of life is beginning to wear on you, if you are feeling more and more anxious and just can’t<br />

seem to get out from under an emotional cloud, then it may be time to unplug. Modern technology<br />

certainly is amazing and can be a very helpful tool. But there also can be some very real downsides to its<br />

overuse. Your emotional health can really benefit from unplugging for a while and just getting more “real.”<br />



Reduce social media and<br />

internet use. Set time limits<br />

and stick to them.<br />

Turn off your social media and<br />

email notifications. Without<br />

the constant reminders you<br />

won’t be as tempted to keep<br />

“checking your messages.”<br />

Do “real” things: paint, write,<br />

hike, read, get to those home<br />

improvement projects.<br />

Change your environment.<br />

Go somewhere new. Take<br />

the selfie, but keep it just<br />

for yourself.<br />

Remember technology was<br />

made for you – not you for it.<br />

1.<br />

2.<br />

3.<br />

4.<br />

5.<br />

6.<br />

Social interaction: Spending time with friends<br />

or loved ones can give you an emotional<br />

boost. It can lighten your mood and give<br />

you a sense of belonging and security.<br />

Get outside more: The exercise and fresh<br />

air that benefits your muscles also is<br />

beneficial emotionally. Take a stroll and<br />

see if your mood doesn’t improve.<br />

Less to compare yourself to: Let’s face it,<br />

everyone on social media is not as happy<br />

as they seem. But when you bombard<br />

yourself with social media images it can<br />

make you feel like you are the only one<br />

who has struggles in life. You are not.<br />

Reduce anxiety: The internet and social<br />

media are filled with bad news and<br />

contentious arguments. Constant<br />

exposure to them can create anxiety.<br />

Increase focus: Social media use<br />

conditions the brain to seek instant<br />

gratification, which makes it harder and<br />

harder for us to focus on sustained tasks.<br />

Help with sleep: Exposure to the blue light<br />

of computer and smartphone screens<br />

along with the mental stimulation of media<br />

content can make it more difficult to fall<br />

asleep at bedtime.<br />

SUMMER <strong>2022</strong> 7

Ambulance<br />

appropriateness<br />

When it comes to medical transport, flying is seldom the best option<br />

The helicopter is fueled and ready to transport a patient. Must be life or death, right?<br />

And it’s the fastest way for the patient to get the care they need, right?<br />

Actually, more often than not, those assumptions are absolutely false.<br />

The fact is that the overwhelming majority of air ambulance transports –<br />

which are incredibly more expensive than ground ambulances – are:<br />

Not emergencies –<br />

and therefore not<br />

medically necessary.<br />

Not faster than<br />

ground transport –<br />

when you start the clock<br />

from the time the transport<br />

decision is made.<br />

Not better<br />

for the patient –<br />

because they show no<br />

appreciable difference<br />

in medical outcomes.<br />

But now Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield members have a new ally that is working to<br />

help ensure that their medical transports are medically appropriate, timely and cost-efficient.<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross has engaged Alacura Medical Transportation to provide medical transport<br />

network development and patient transport coordination services on behalf of its members.<br />

8 SUMMER <strong>2022</strong>

The legislative trigger<br />

In the past, Arkansas Blue Cross did not have a<br />

formal medical transport network, with its own<br />

fee schedule, but recent federal legislation – the<br />

Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021 (CAA, the<br />

federal legislation designed to protect the public<br />

from large medical bills or the “no surprise billing<br />

act”) – has prompted the company to do so.<br />

That’s where Alacura comes in. Alacura’s<br />

expertise is in developing medical transport<br />

networks and working daily with medical<br />

professionals to quickly determine the most<br />

medically appropriate and cost-efficient mode<br />

of transport for each patient’s individual<br />

situation. Alacura is a nationally recognized<br />

player in this field and is working to perform<br />

medical transport-related services for a dozen<br />

other Blue Cross Blue Shield affiliates and<br />

another 11 major health plans throughout<br />

the country.<br />

The air ambulance impetus<br />

Air ambulance, which is specifically called out in<br />

the new federal law, is an area in which Alacura has<br />

produced significant results – in part because<br />

air transport (especially by helicopter) is very<br />

expensive and often is inappropriately used for<br />

nonemergency cases. Air ambulance is important<br />

for true emergencies – particularly in rural areas<br />

– but it is vastly overutilized for nonemergent<br />

situations, thanks to two major myths:<br />

MYTH 1:<br />

Air ambulance<br />

transport is always<br />

faster than ground.<br />

MYTH 2:<br />

Faster transport<br />

improves health<br />

outcomes.<br />

Multiple studies have demonstrated that the<br />

vast majority of air transport is generally not<br />

faster and does not produce better patient<br />

outcomes than ground transport, except on<br />

long trips. 1,2,3,4<br />

A new process<br />

Alacura is developing relationships with<br />

medical transport decision-makers at<br />

healthcare facilities – notifying them to<br />

call Alacura when a transport is needed. In<br />

addition, Alacura will proactively reach out to<br />

inquire about potential air transports. Alacura<br />

will not be intervening in the decisions of local<br />

emergency responders who need to make<br />

immediate decisions regarding transport of an<br />

injured member at the scene of an accident or<br />

medical emergency such as a heart attack.<br />

Alacura will work in real time with healthcare<br />

professionals directly involved in each case to<br />

rapidly – often within seconds – agree upon and<br />

arrange the most appropriate mode of transport.<br />

Inappropriate air transports will be reassigned<br />

to ground transport. Alacura estimates that this<br />

step alone could potentially save an average of<br />

$30,000 per transport.<br />

Additionally, members will have more choices<br />

on in-network options – which Alacura believes<br />

will produce an average savings of $8,000 per<br />

transport. The resulting savings are crucial, because<br />

they greatly reduce the amount members potentially<br />

might have to pay out of their own pockets for safe<br />

transfer to another location or facility after a patient<br />

has been stabilized during an emergency.<br />

Medical transport and healthcare facilities may<br />

contact Alacura to coordinate transportation<br />

or for general information at 844.4ALACURA<br />

(844.425.2287). Additional information can<br />

also be found at alacura.com.<br />

1<br />

pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16917457/<br />

2<br />

pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12435928/<br />

3<br />

pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/19672650/<br />

4<br />

pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9783622/<br />

Alacura Medical Transportation is not affiliated with Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue<br />

Shield or with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association and is an independent<br />

company that provides medical transport network management and medical<br />

transport coordination services for Arkansas Blue Cross and its members.<br />

SUMMER <strong>2022</strong> 9

Of course, you want<br />

to recover at home!<br />

A discharge checklist can stop<br />

future hospital readmissions<br />

after an injury or illness<br />

Dream scenario: You leave the hospital after admission<br />

for an illness or injury, and you return home energized<br />

and operating at full capacity. Sounds good, but the<br />

reality is most people are physically weaker and<br />

need support. Add discharge instructions, follow-up<br />

appointments, and medication refills, and it becomes<br />

clear why many people are readmitted, often in less<br />

than 30 days. Life after discharge from the hospital<br />

can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.<br />

Use this handy checklist to continue your road to recovery at home.<br />

Diagnosis<br />

What is my<br />

diagnosis?<br />

Why did I have<br />

to be treated<br />

for it as an<br />

inpatient?<br />

What can I<br />

do at home<br />

to manage<br />

my condition<br />

and avoid<br />

readmission?<br />

Support<br />

Who (a family<br />

member or friend)<br />

can be with me<br />

when I discharge?<br />

Can they listen<br />

to the<br />

discharge<br />

instructions<br />

with me?<br />

Will they<br />

know to ask<br />

questions<br />

I may forget<br />

to ask?<br />

Discharge<br />

instructions<br />

Do I have my<br />

discharge<br />

instructions?<br />

Do I understand<br />

my discharge<br />

instructions?<br />

Did I review the<br />

instructions with a<br />

medical professional<br />

before I checked out?<br />

What number do I call if<br />

I have additional<br />

questions when<br />

I get home?<br />

10 SUMMER <strong>2022</strong>

Most people are physically weaker and need support after a hospital stay.<br />

Add discharge instructions, follow-up appointments, and medication refills, and<br />

it becomes clear why many people are readmitted, often in less than 30 days.<br />

Follow-up<br />

appointments<br />

How many days<br />

after my hospital<br />

discharge should<br />

I see my PCP or<br />

specialist?<br />

Should I call<br />

to schedule<br />

my follow-up<br />

appointment,<br />

or will the clinic<br />

call me?<br />

Medications<br />

Did I receive<br />

new medications<br />

in the hospital?<br />

What does the new<br />

medication treat?<br />

How might<br />

it make me feel?<br />

Will it interact with<br />

medications I already take?<br />

Have any of my preadmission<br />

medications been<br />

discontinued?<br />

Medical<br />

equipment<br />

and supplies<br />

Will I need a bedside<br />

commode, walker,<br />

wheelchair or<br />

something else<br />

at home?<br />

Who can show<br />

me the proper<br />

way to use<br />

equipment and<br />

supplies?<br />

Will my insurance<br />

plan cover the<br />

cost of any of<br />

this equipment?<br />

Need additional help? Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield has nurse case managers<br />

ready to support you. Call the number on the back of your member ID card to get connected!<br />

SUMMER <strong>2022</strong> 11

A holistic approach to managing diabetes works!<br />

Success in some key areas can help<br />

Learning you have type 2 diabetes can be frightening. But diabetes is treatable and manageable through healthy lifestyle<br />

habits. Did you know that how you feel about living with diabetes impacts your treatment? 1 Try these steps to make your<br />

diabetes journey manageable. If you have questions or concerns call us, we want to help.<br />

A holistic approach to managing and treating diabetes works. People who experience success in the following areas can<br />

have good outcomes.<br />

01<br />

02<br />


Cross and Blue Shield health plans include free or low-cost prediabetes<br />

and diabetes programs for you. These programs provide free diabetes<br />

supplies, personal coaching, health planning and more. It’s all available<br />

from your smartphone or tablet. Call the customer service number on<br />

your member ID card if you want to explore a diabetes program.<br />

MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY – How far in advance do you<br />

plan your meals to avoid impulsive eating? How many vegetables<br />

do you eat on most days? Are your meals packed with nutrientdense<br />

foods or empty calories? Do you eat at about the same time<br />

every day or randomly? How do your portion sizes support your<br />

health and weight goals?<br />

03<br />

04<br />

05<br />

ROUTINE PHYSICAL ACTIVITY – Exercise helps with weight<br />

loss, improves blood glucose levels, reduces cardiovascular risk<br />

factors, and supports mood and mental clarity. What’s your<br />

favorite form of aerobic activity? How often and how long<br />

do you exercise? What role does resistance training play in<br />

your weekly fitness routine?<br />


symptoms like blurred vision, fatigue, hunger and frequent urination<br />

don’t always appear right away. That’s why screenings are so<br />

important. A1C, kidney, and comprehensive eye exams are tools that<br />

you and your healthcare provider can use to diagnose prediabetes<br />

and diabetes. Know your risks sooner than later and schedule an<br />

appointment with your provider.<br />

PSYCHOSOCIAL CARE – Your behavior, emotions, and even<br />

your environment influence how you feel about living with<br />

diabetes. Does the idea of living with diabetes make you<br />

anxious or overwhelmed? Overcoming negative feelings and<br />

thoughts is key to successful treatment. Virtual Health lets<br />

you speak with a board-certified doctor, psychiatrist or a<br />

licensed therapist. Schedule an appointment or learn more<br />

about Virtual Health at myvirtualhealth.com.<br />

Millions of Americans live with diabetes. However, a holistic treatment approach that includes<br />

healthy lifestyle habits and feeling hopeful about life can improve their outcome and yours!<br />

Help is available.<br />

You can do this!<br />

12 SUMMER <strong>2022</strong><br />

1<br />

American Diabetes Association 2021 Standards of Medical Care in Diabetes

Get ahead of skin cancer<br />

When you have an itch, you scratch it. Otherwise,<br />

you probably think very little about the skin covering<br />

you from head to toe. However, this perfectly normal<br />

attitude could lead to severe consequences. Staying<br />

out in front of skin cancer requires two simple actions<br />

recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation.<br />

Perform a self-exam checking for<br />

signs of cancer once a month.<br />

See a dermatologist once a year.<br />



All skin cancers do not look alike. So, when you perform<br />

a self-exam, look for these possible warning signs:<br />

A growth that increases in size and appears pearly, transparent,<br />

tan, brown, black or multicolored.<br />

A mole, birthmark or brown spot that increases in size, thickness,<br />

changes color or texture, or is bigger than a pencil eraser.<br />

A spot or sore that continues to itch, hurt, crust, scab or bleed.<br />

An open sore that does not heal within three weeks.<br />

Ideally, you want to stop skin cancer before it starts. The Skin Cancer<br />

Foundation recommends these tips to keep your skin safe.<br />

Seek the shade, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.<br />

Don’t get sunburned.<br />

Avoid tanning and never use UV tanning beds.<br />

Cover up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat and<br />

UV-blocking sunglasses.<br />

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor<br />

(SPF) of 15 or higher every day.<br />

Use a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF<br />

of 30 or higher for extended outdoor activity.<br />

Apply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to your entire body<br />

30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours or<br />

after swimming or excessive sweating.<br />

Keep newborns out of the sun. Use sunscreen on babies over<br />

the age of six months.<br />

SUMMER <strong>2022</strong> 13

the<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

Days of<br />

<strong>Summer</strong><br />

Fearless Fans<br />

and Fireworks<br />

Join Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

and the Arkansas Travelers at Dickey-<br />

Stephens Park on Friday, July 22 for an<br />

evening of baseball and fireworks. All<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross members will receive<br />

$3 off admission with a valid member<br />

ID card and the first 2,000 guests will<br />

receive a free themed baseball.<br />

JULY<br />

The game begins at 7:10 p.m.<br />

Come cheer the Arkansas Travelers<br />

as they take on the Frisco Rough Riders.<br />

Be sure to stay after<br />

the game for the<br />

Fireworks show.<br />


Don’t forget to pack<br />

international health insurance.<br />

Member Appreciation<br />

Night at the Museum<br />

of Discovery<br />

AUGUST<br />

Plans to travel abroad? Not all<br />

health insurance covers you when<br />

you leave the U.S. Protect your<br />

health and finances before your trip<br />

with GeoBlue international health<br />

insurance. We have short- and longterm<br />

plans available. You don’t need<br />

to be an Arkansas Blue Cross member<br />

to enroll. Learn more or enroll at<br />

arkbluecross.com/travel.<br />

Safe travels!<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield is hosting<br />

a special Encanto-themed night at the Museum<br />

of Discovery in downtown Little Rock on<br />

Saturday, August 13 from 6 to 9 p.m. Come<br />

and enjoy an evening of museum exploration,<br />

register for prizes, take advantage of some<br />

giveaways, and even sing and dance with<br />

BlueAnn Ewe and the characters from the<br />

Disney movie, Encanto.<br />

The event is free to Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

members with a valid member ID card.<br />

Non-members may pick up free<br />

tickets at any of the ArkansasBlue<br />

welcome centers statewide<br />

beginning in July.<br />

14 SUMMER <strong>2022</strong>

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

Financial Information Privacy Notice<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield<br />

and its affiliates (including HMO<br />

Partners, Inc. d/b/a Health Advantage)<br />

understand how important it is to<br />

protect your private information.<br />

Because of the nature of our business,<br />

we often must collect highly personal<br />

information. We are committed to<br />

maintaining, securing and protecting<br />

that information.<br />

Customer Information<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its affiliates<br />

compile only the information<br />

necessary to provide services that<br />

you (our members) request and<br />

to administer your business. We<br />

collect nonpublic personal financial<br />

information (any information that can<br />

be tied back to a specific person and<br />

is gathered by any source that is not<br />

publicly available) from:<br />

Applications for insurance<br />

coverage. The application<br />

includes information such<br />

as name, address, personal<br />

identifiers such as Social Security<br />

number, and medical information<br />

that you authorize us to collect.<br />

Payment history and related<br />

financial transactions. This<br />

information is generated from the<br />

purchase and use of your coverage.<br />

Your membership status. This<br />

information is related to your<br />

standing as a member.<br />

Sharing of Information<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its affiliates<br />

do not disclose, and do not wish to<br />

reserve the right to disclose, nonpublic<br />

personal information about you to our<br />

affiliates or other parties except as<br />

permitted or required by law. In some<br />

instances, Arkansas Blue Cross and<br />

its affiliates may provide personally<br />

identifiable information about you<br />

to affiliates or other third parties.<br />

This information includes (but is not<br />

limited to) your name, postal and email<br />

addresses, telephone numbers and<br />

related nonpublic financial information.<br />

Such information may be shared with<br />

our affiliates and/or third parties.<br />

To service or process products<br />

that you have requested<br />

To provide information as<br />

permitted and required by law<br />

to accrediting agencies<br />

To provide information to comply<br />

with federal, state or local laws in<br />

an administrative or judicial process<br />

To provide information to a<br />

business associate (including<br />

one of our affiliated companies)<br />

to provide services to our health<br />

plans, sponsoring groups and you,<br />

our members<br />

How We Protect Your Information<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its affiliates<br />

use various security mechanisms to<br />

protect your personal data including<br />

electronic and physical measures<br />

as well as company policies that<br />

limit employee access to non-public<br />

personal financial information.<br />

Improper access to and/or use<br />

of confidential information by an<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross employee can<br />

result in disciplinary action up to and<br />

including termination of employment.<br />

Disclosure of Privacy Notice<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross and its affiliates<br />

recognize and respect the privacy<br />

concerns of potential, current and<br />

former customers. Arkansas Blue<br />

Cross and its affiliates are committed<br />

to safeguarding this information.<br />

This Financial Information Privacy<br />

Notice is provided for informational<br />

purposes and will be updated and<br />

distributed as required by law. It<br />

is also available on our website at<br />

arkansasbluecross.com or from<br />

our Customer Service call centers.<br />

Our Customer Service call centers<br />

are open from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.,<br />

Central time, Monday through Friday.<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross<br />

800-238-8379<br />

Health Advantage<br />

800-843-1329<br />

Members of self-funded health plans<br />

should call Customer Service using<br />

the toll-free telephone number on<br />

their member ID card.<br />

SUMMER <strong>2022</strong><br />

EDITOR<br />

Chip Bayer<br />

Editor@arkbluecross.com<br />


Ryan Kravitz<br />



Alison Melson<br />


Jen Bridgeman<br />

Kristy Follett<br />

Kerri Nettles<br />

Suzi Parker<br />

Greg Russell<br />

Werner Trieschmann<br />



Mark Jansen, M.D.,<br />

vice president and<br />

chief medical officer<br />

Creshelle Nash,<br />

M.D., MPH<br />

medical director<br />

for Health Equity<br />

and Public Programs<br />

SUMMER <strong>2022</strong> 15

Race Day Rollbacks<br />

Save money on your next race-day adventure<br />

Arkansas Blue Cross is committed to<br />

improving the health and wellness of our<br />

members, friends and neighbors. We’re also<br />

committed to saving you money on healthy<br />

living. Race Day Rollbacks is our exclusive<br />

program to save you a percentage of your<br />

race entry fee -- just by being our member.<br />

Events<br />

• July 30 – Melon Dash 5k, Cave City | 5k | Save 25% | Code: ARBCBSMD<br />

• August 6 – Grandma’s Color Run, Harrison | 5K | Save 10% | Code: ARBLUE<br />

• Sept. 10 – Celebration in the Sky 5k, Harrison / 5k / Save 10% / Code: ARBLUE<br />

• Sept. 10 – Tour de Tacos, Bentonville | 100 miles, 62 miles, 30 miles, 7 miles<br />

Save $10 | Code: HYDRATE<br />

• Sept. 17 – Teal Stampede, Fort Smith | 10k, 5k run and walk | Save $5<br />

Code: Teal<strong>2022</strong><br />

00002.04.01-0722<br />

Registration<br />

is easy<br />

1) Go to arkbluecross.com/race-day-rollbacks<br />

2) Click on an event to get a discount code<br />

3) Go to the event website, fill out the registration form and enter the<br />

discount code at checkout<br />

4) Start training for your event (with a little extra money in your pocket)<br />

Good luck and see you out there! Terms and conditions may apply.

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