Inter Design Made in Portugal Trade Mission Saudi Arabia 2022 5-9

Inter Design Made in Portugal
Trade Mission Saudi Arabia 2022


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SEP 2022

AIMMP's mission is to represent, promote and protect the interests

of Portuguese companies from the five sectorial divisions that make

up the wood and furniture sector: wood cutting, felling, sawing and

wood packing; wood derivatives and energy; carpentry and alike;

furniture and alike; export, import and distribution of wood and

derivatives. These industries export ¤2.6 billions per year.

Inter Wood & Furniture is a structured intervention program

that supports portuguese companies interested in developing

internationalization strategies in order to expand into new growing

markets. Over the years, this program has supported more than

300 companies, through more than 140 actions in more than 20

markets with incentives up to 50%, having certainly contributed to

the growth of the sector’s exports by around 1.000 million euros in

the last 9 years.



Rua Álvares Cabral, n.º 281

4050-041 Porto, Portugal

+351 223 394 200 aimmportugal AIMMP

AIMMP Portugal

The texts and images showcased by each company in this catalog are of their entire responsibility and AIMMP cannot be held responsible.

Founded in Lisbon, in 1905, the brand "Achilles

Since 1905" is specialized in the production and

design of exquisite metal pieces, designed to

complement several details in an interior space.

In "Achilles Since 1905" you may find the perfect

finish for custom made furniture, as tables, chairs,

in adittion to door handles, hardware and special

projects, always with a huge rigor and quality as if

it were a jewel, with lifetime warranty.


Achilles Showroom

Rua de São Marçal, nº 194

1200-424 Lisboa



+351 256 848 100

Rua da Liberdade, n.º 22

3700-360 SJM - Porto, Portugal



A Freitas

A Freitas

& Barbosa, & Lda. Barbosa, Lda.

A. Freitas & Barbosa, Lda is a company founded in

1989 and results from the vision of Mr. Agostinho

Dias de Freitas who started his business activity

in the area of ​commercialization of wood-based

products. Its headquarters are in Paços de

Ferreira, district of Porto, in Portugal. Currently

we are engaged in the wholesale trade of wood

products for furniture, veneer of wood derivatives

and manufacture of components for the furniture

sector. A. Freitas & Barbosa, Lda. has a group of

professionals with extensive experience in the

wood derivatives market and today is recognized

as a reference in the sector. The products and

services are used by different types of companies

from the furniture industry, carpentry, civil

construction, interior decoration, passing through

architecture and engineering.



+351 225 871 784

Avenida Alto Rio, 67 - Vila Nova

4595-140 Frazão Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

It is in Lisbon’s prestigious Bairro do Chiado that

ARQ TAILOR’S develops its Architecture and

Interior Design projects.

In a sober and creative style, the tailor made

projects signed by ARQ TAILOR´S stand out

for their elegance in a unique and timeless style,

creating functional and comfortable spaces

aligned with the specific needs of individual


With a joyful and young team, the studio is known

for the subtle blend of refinement and modernity

in its projects, designed for both residential and

commercial spaces for Portuguese and foreign

clients. ARQ TAILOR´S also provides landscaping

and consultancy services in Arts and Antiques,

offering its clients a wide range of very exclusive





+351 938 316 335

Rua Nova do Almada 95 4 Floor D

1200-228 Lisboa, Portugal

Castro Group originated in the 1940’s already with

the main objective of achieving excellence in the

wooden flooring production.

The company headquarters are located in the

North of Portugal with the main installations

covering an area of over 40.000m2 (16.000m2

covered). A second production unit is located

in Hungary with a total of 30.000m2 (4.000m2


Castro Group is a reference company in the

international market of varnished solid wood

flooring, outdoor flooring and engineered

hardwood floors.

Currently, more than 90% of the production

output is exported to over 50 countries


The company resorts to the most recent

technologies and to the use of raw material

of the highest quality. The optimization in the

manufacturing process, combined with the

production of pellets for power generation,

underpins Castro Group’s commitment in terms of

environment and sustainability.

Castro Group is FSC certified.




+ 351 253 575 555

Rua Padre João Moreira Leite, N.º 1297

4800-611 Guimarães, Portugal

CICOMOL, based in Ourém (central region of

Portugal), is the result of a strategic partnership

with various companies in the wood sector,

offering a wide range of products.

Equipped with the latest technology and

formed by a team of highly skilled professionals,

CICOMOL has developed and cemented its market

leadership. For the most demanding customers,

we developed CICODOOR, a quality

product that makes a huge difference in the

details that surround us.

The door is no longer just a transit point,

becoming also a decorative piece of extreme

importance. The combination of careful selected

materials, the correct choice of models and

finishing perfection, results in harmony, comfort

and in the well-being of each space.

CICODOOR was developed for the customers who

wants simple and cozy spaces, where comfort and

the harmony between the surrounding elements

are crucial to a perfect environment.




+ 351 249 540 720

Zona Industrial de Ourém, Rua B, Lote 6 - Painel

Apartado 180 · 2494-909 Ourém, Portugal

Duquesa & Malvada is a luxury furniture,

upholstery and lighting brand and which is

especially designed for a cosmopolitan, irreverent

public with a determined aesthetic sense. We

create harmony with cosmopolitan elements,

trends and luxury, with a special focus on the

personal style and identity. The production is

handmade and completely made in Portugal by

artisans with high technical capabilities.




+351 221 107 237

Rua Roberto Ivéns nº 100, 1º FN.

4450-246 Matosinhos, Portugal

A vast experience in production and a solid

network of great artisans from different fields

lead us to a truly inspiring new furniture design

experience. Fabros represents this desire, a group

of long generations of carpenters, locksmiths

and upholsterers who work daily with the aim of

producing absolutely unique pieces.




+351 910 308 050

Rua Central de Olival 479

4415-729Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal

GESPRINT is a company, founded in 2017,

which has become, admittedly, one of the main

references in the sale of consumables and

computer equipment. And, also, in the provision

of services in multifunctional equipment in the

central area of the country. Currently, we sell

printing equipment, provide technical assistance

to printing equipment and also do renting

contracts for printing solutions. We also represent

several software houses based on management

and invoicing software. Startup or small company,

our invoicing solutions are designed to meet the

specific needs of your business.




+ 351 232 761 022

Avenida Dr. Arménio Maia, Nº76

3680-115 Oliveira de Frades, Portugal

MainGUILTY is the fusion of two design and art

lovers, connected by the passion for traveling and

knowing new cultures.

Born and raised in the national furniture

production crip, two youngsters who want to

break up the market, creating a chilly and guilty

collection, which is generally seen as rather

uncommon, strange and unspoken. We created

this brand for the ones who like to live their life

on the edge, with no concern for other people’s

opinions. A mix of sensuality and seduction.

We aspire to take the “Made in Portugal” imprint

to the biggest cities on earth, reinforcing our

support to artisans and forgotten techniques.

Focused on satisfying our customers, we intend

to offer design pieces, filled with stories, with the

best quality, capable of creating environments


stuffed with strong stimulus.


Av. Dr. Nicolau Carneiro 196

4590-612 Porto, Portugal



+351 910 116 115

Av. Dr. Nicolau Carneiro 196

4590-612 info@mainguilty.com

Porto, Portugal

(+351) 910 116 115




Since 1980, Móveis Barbosa Neto, has been

growing gradually, thanks to the market vision

and knowledge of its founder. The dedication

and daily commitment to quality, improvement of

manufacturing processes and to modern design,

have been pillars of the company. This way MBN

accompanies the current reality and has great

capacity to adapt to distinct markets. To follow

market evolution and increase its production

capacity MBN has built modern and functional

facilities. A space properly equipped with

technology and skilled human resources, which

allows meeting the needs of our customers.

Dedication, experience, retirement, passion

for art and production are the key words to

the success of MBN. By having an excellent

team of professionals with a taste for art, the

company´s day to day is invaded by great activity,

experiences and good mood.




+351 913 766 324

Rua do Monte n.º 278, Frazão

4594-164 Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

Muranti is a furniture brand that creates a balance

between the mind and heart of any interior

decoration, currently with 3 collections. We design

and produce luxury pieces that bring color and

contemporary style to any interior. We are a

unique, reference design brand, recognized for

the harmony between design, color, materials and

perfect manufacturing. We have the best team

that only works with high quality materials.




+351 255 871 273

Rua do Industrial Nº 9

4590-079 Paços de Ferreira, Portugal

NAUU DESIGN was born in 2013 out of an

experience of more than two decades related

to Interior Design in Portugal. It is a brand that

conceptualizes: designs and produces luxury &

bespoke furniture with exclusive design.

Created in Setúbal beside the Sado river, NAUU

DESIGN is a brand that wants to take cross-border

the strength and the distinction of one of the

richest regions of Portugal. It is this strength and

this distinction that we embed into all our pieces

and we want to convey to our customers.




+351 265 527 248

Avenida Luísa Todi, 301

2900-464 Setúbal, Portugal

PORVENTURA is a furniture editor, proudly

Portuguese, and has been reinventing the lines of

traditional furniture ever since. With a markedly

Nordic inspiration, and an unusual touch, present

in his entire collection, it challenges people's

notions of routines, in all areas of the home.

Through the use of classic elements - starting

with natural wood, including fabrics, cork, metal

and others, Porventura balances on unexpected

concepts, creating pieces that live in harmony in

contemporary daily living. Each product is the

result of an experimental approach and a detailed

search for materials, techniques and production

processes. The importance of innovating through

the design and materials used, the usefulness and

functionality of the products for the purposes in

view, are a permanent concern, in order to assure

their holders, quality, durability and aesthetic

pleasure in the products they purchase.




+351 937 668 339

Rua Professor Hugo Correio Pardal, Nº 7 Loja 3 6000-267

Castelo Branco, Portugal











CE CLASS A1 ETA 15/0634





PlacaNobre ® - Derivados de Madeiras, Lda., was

founded on the 21 st September, 2007 on the

development of the BARROS & VIEIRA group:

Barros & Vieira, Lda. on the construction sector;

the brand ‘Adorno’ on the comercial construction

field; Panga Panga - Carpintaria, Lda., on the civil

carpentry industry; ToroNobre - Comércio de

Madeira, Lda. on the hardwood trading market.

PlacaNobre is located in Padim da Graça, Braga,

occuping an area of 1.000 m 2 and markets wood

products such as particleboard (veneered and

laminated), MDF, plywood, edges. Placa Nobre’s

mission is to ensure its clients’ and partners





+351 253 282 107

Parque Industrial Padim da Graça, lote 1

4700-670 Padim da Graça - Braga, Portugal

Over the past 10 years, Miguel Soeiro has been

looking for answers, but mostly finding new

questions. The search for simplicity has moved

him towards a human design, at the intersection

of tensions such as: tradition and its materials

in an increasingly technological world, or the

contemporary versus the timeless. For now, the

solution is to always return to practice and open

your own world to the collaboration and craft of

others. His pieces find a home in the curious minds

(and homes) of so many, giving meaning to each

experience. And so it follows the path, towards

the next ten years. Nobody knows what the future

will be like, but it is expected to be simple, in its

infinite complexity.


www.own.pt / www.miguelsoeiro.com


+351 917 665 437

Av 24 de Julho 4, R/C

1200-480 Lisboa, Portugal

A family business founded in 1976, Ribadao is

dedicated to providing the market with unique

and elegant wood floors.

Based in Portugal in the beautiful area of Viseu,

the company has operations in the USA, Europe

and Africa. Exclusively dedicated to the latest

market trends and demands, the company works

diligently to produce and sell ecological and

sustainable products.




+351 232 891 711


3440-457 São João de Areias, Portugal

Founded in 1971, Safina is a Portuguese company

producing, developing and marketing textile

flooring solutions, with particular emphasis on

Artificial Grass. It is currently one of the most

relevant players in the Iberian Peninsula market,

selling also to other markets.

There were numerous successes in the past 50

years, including:

• The ISO9001:2015 Standard certification of the

organization's quality management system, together

with the execution of a comprehensive strategy to

update the production processes and technology;

• Safina's signing in the first Portuguese soccer

artificial turf supply tender;

• The cooperation with FIFA-certified suppliers and

integration as an ESTC member (EMEA Synthetic

Turf Council).

Quality, dedication, and proximity are principles

that ensure a company's longevity and ensure

that it retains its core values even as it grows. The

proximity with which they still treat one another

differentiates them despite having a staff of more

than 100 employees and a portfolio of roughly

500 national and international clients.




+ 351 256 790 120

Travessa da Gandara N.º 65

3886-908 Cortegaça Ovar, Portugal

Born and raised in Lisboa, Se7e represents the

city 7 hills. From up here, we see the world. Every

day we look at daily objects and shape them

in a new way. The trick, never take them for

granted. Imagining, but doing. Trying and asking.

Thinking about unknown needs and exploring

new possibilities about furniture and objects.

Between creatives and artisans the answers are

built together in a research centre that for some is

a factory and for others the workshop.




+351 217 970 810

Largo Machado de Assis, 9J

1700-116 Lisboa, Portugal

Thundertarget Unipessoal Lda. was established

in 2013 aiming to provide a consulting service to

European companies in the field of import and

export of Brazilian wood in its many species.

The combination of the "know how" gained

over several years in prospecting the Brazilian

market and the increasing concern for an active

participation in the sustainable management of the

Amazon Rainforest, led us to present our services

to the most prominent companies in the industry,

and which demonstrate the same concerns and

actions as Thundertarget. After almost 7 years

of joint energies, we are proud to represent a

company such as GLOBALDIS, acting in the wood

and wood derivatives market.



Manuel Martins

+351 933 016 375

Rua dos Capelista, Nº 93, 1º Andar

4700-307 Braga, Portugal



Tradingtimber is a company established in

Portugal whose main objective is the export of

wood. TradingTimber has a strong partner base

that develops the production and distribution of

the product, which allows us to focus more on

the trends of the final consumer. There is always

consideration for all aspects, needs and interests

of the customers, allowing TRADING

an easier interaction

between people and organisations. Humanity,

humility, integration TIMBER

and distinction are the main

bases used by the company in all interactions.




+ 351 229 386 322

Rua Alfredo Cunha, nº 315 1º Y

4450-023 Matosinhos, Portugal

All our pieces are carefully crafted with

Portuguese love and soul. We take in

consideration the quality of our Portuguese

suppliers to hand the client a premium piece,

with a little bit of the well known and worldwide

recognized Portuguese savoir faire.

From Portugal to the world.




+351 220 143 048

Rua Zona Industrial, n.º 1220

4580-565 Lordelo - Paredes - Portugal



Rua Álvares Cabral, n.º 281

4050-041 Porto, Portugal

+351 223 394 200 aimmportugal AIMMP

AIMMP Portugal



Photo by Ekrem Osmanoglu on Unsplash


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