WIN woodworking INTERNATIONAL 2022/3

WiN – woodworking INTERNATIONAL is the international magazine for the woodworking industry. We report on all aspects of woodworking from board materials, wood treatment to machines, tools and technical know-how, from timber engineering supplies to the latest developments in technologies and markets. We address factory managers and production engineers directly, and thus ensure coverage of the decision makers within the industry. Circulation is worldwide with special emphasis on the most important growing markets. An increasing share are subscriptions and requested copies. Our online-section will further be expanded according to reader requests. WIN – woodworking INTERNATIONAL is published in English.

WiN – woodworking INTERNATIONAL is the international magazine for the woodworking industry.

We report on all aspects of woodworking from board materials, wood treatment to machines, tools and technical know-how, from timber engineering supplies to the latest developments in technologies and markets. We address factory managers and production engineers directly, and thus ensure coverage of the decision makers within the industry.

Circulation is worldwide with special emphasis on the most important growing markets. An increasing share are subscriptions and requested copies. Our online-section will further be expanded according to reader requests.

WIN – woodworking INTERNATIONAL is published in English.


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ISSN 1438-1672 · Vol. 40 · No. 3/22 · August<br />

40 years<br />



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WiN - <strong>woodworking</strong> <strong>INTERNATIONAL</strong><br />

Advertising contact: win@harnisch.com<br />

The magazine is published in a special format : 229 mm x 305 mm.<br />

We report on all aspects of <strong>woodworking</strong> from board materials, wood<br />

treatment to machines, tools and technical know-how, from timber engineering<br />

supplies to the latest developments in technologies and markets.<br />

Special features will be presented on design, surfaces, laminating<br />

and furniture.


Eric Schäfer<br />

Editor<br />

Here it is again ...<br />

... the long-lost feeling of a trade show visit.<br />

The whirring sound of the machines, the<br />

hissing of the hydraulics, the radiating heat, the<br />

smell of the sawdust. That precious feeling of<br />

running a new tool between your fingers and<br />

being able to examine it haptically, of stroking<br />

the palm of your hand over a machined surface<br />

or having everything explained to you in detail<br />

and with pride by employees whose joy in the<br />

product development presented is evident.<br />

We want to convey a little of this feeling,<br />

which the editorial team felt while walking<br />

through HOLZ-HANDWERK, to our readers<br />

in this WiN issue. The trade fair once again offered<br />

everything the public wanted to see. What<br />

caught our eye in terms of innovations and developments<br />

from all areas of <strong>woodworking</strong> can<br />

be read in our special section, starting on page<br />

24. These include the factory of the future, the<br />

latest developments in extraction technology,<br />

innovative tools, interesting approaches to automation,<br />

software and artificial intelligence.<br />

In addition, sustainability - not only at the<br />

trade show - is a big topic these days. We present<br />

the trend towards sustainability in this issue<br />

in articles on surfaces, coatings and adhesives.<br />

An example of sustainable construction is documented<br />

by the Nautical Coordination Centre in<br />

Amsterdam, which was built using responsible<br />

timber construction methods and which we also<br />

introduce to you in this WiN.<br />

We also look ahead to the upcoming IWF<br />

in Atlanta, where Hymmen will present its latest<br />

innovations in industrial digital printing and<br />

its other proven equipment technologies for the<br />

wood-based materials industry. Among them is<br />

Hymmen's brand new Industry Intelligence solution<br />

smart2i.<br />

Sincerely,<br />

Eric Schäfer<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />





Here it is again ...<br />

... the long-lost feeling of a trade show visit<br />


Sustainable cooperation 6<br />

The world’s largest drum dryer 6<br />

Largest group-wide investment program 7<br />

Vecoplan expands its global service bases 8<br />

Timber plant reduces downtime 8<br />

Optimize board quality with the use of artificial intelligence 9<br />

TOOLS<br />

Complete package for producing <strong>woodworking</strong> tools 10<br />

SAFETY<br />

New intelligent extinguishing module 11<br />


The all-rounder among single-shaft shredders 12<br />


Adhesive Technologies to expand expertise in sustainable<br />

timber construction 13<br />

New and proven 14<br />

Archroma introduces new eco-advanced wood protection<br />

technology15<br />

Intergenerational sustainability strategy 16<br />

Successful summer edition 23<br />

End-to-end digitization from sales to the finished product 24<br />

Advanced solutions for CNC processing and drilling technology 25<br />

Wood sanding machines which meet the highest demands 26<br />

New vacuum lifter for the <strong>woodworking</strong> shop 26<br />

The Salvamac proposal 27<br />

Making the trades and retailers ready for the future 27<br />

The factory of the future is already a reality 28<br />

Höcker Polytechnik showed its latest developments<br />

at HOLZ-HANDWERK 28<br />

Numerous top innovations 29<br />

The HSM New Edition and the MFA Impression 30<br />

Premium-Class Unfilled PO Hot Melt Adhesive 30<br />

Flexible use with high performance 31<br />

Cutting with full speed through the panel 31<br />


Port of Amsterdam selected responsible wood construction 32<br />


DOORS / <strong>WIN</strong>DOWS<br />

New machining cell for producing windows and doors 17<br />

Mixed wood/aluminium hidden sash windows 17<br />


Woodworking made izy 18<br />

The latest generation machining center by CRENO 18<br />

Over 40 systems in use 19<br />

60 years of HOMAG edge banding machines 20<br />

FAIRS<br />

Cover Photo: HOLZ-HANDWERK/WiN<br />

4 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>

40 years<br />

Impressum<br />

ISSN 1438-1672<br />

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Sustainable cooperation<br />

With its special expertise Siempelkamp once again convinced a leading supplier of sustainable insulation materials: The SOPREMA Group<br />

ordered a second Siempelkamp plant for the production of its Pavatex wood-fibre insulation. The plant will be installed in Chavelot,<br />

France, near the current site in Golbey. SOPREMA is one of the world’s leading building products companies and has a strong focus on<br />

expanding its sustainable product range and resource-saving production.<br />

Pavatex site in Golbey/France (Image source: SOPREMA)<br />

Under the Pavatex brand, SOPREMA offers<br />

modern ecological insulation solutions based<br />

on renewable raw materials. SOPREMA commissioned<br />

the new Siempelkamp plant for its<br />

new “Pavatex 3” production site. Here, the wa-<br />

terproofing and insulation manufacturer invests<br />

in a new production center for Pavatex wood-fibre<br />

insulation boards in the field of sustainable<br />

building materials.<br />

SOPREMA decided on a scope of supply for<br />

the new plant that is almost identical to that of<br />

the first Siempelkamp plant in Golbey. This first<br />

dry fibre production for Pavatex wood fibre insulation<br />

boards had been ordered by SOPREMA<br />

from Siempelkamp in 2012 and was started up<br />

in April 2013.<br />

The current production line, which operates<br />

completely in the dry process, includes a<br />

ContiTherm calibration press. After screening,<br />

the wood chips are thermally and mechanically<br />

defibreed and dried in the approx. 120 m long<br />

flash dryer supplied by Siempelkamp’s subsidiary<br />

Büttner. Also included in the scope of supply<br />

are the engineering and installation. The<br />

Siempelkamp control system Prod-IQ.quality is<br />

also part of the plant concept.<br />

The special highlights of both Siempelkamp<br />

plants for the production of Pavatex wood fibre<br />

insulation include the flexibly applicable gluing<br />

units. The fibres are glued only after drying. The<br />

Pavatex products manufactured meet the strict<br />

requirements of natureplus©, the quality label<br />

for ecological, health, environmental and function-compatible<br />

building products, and carry<br />

numerous other environmental labels. This<br />

corresponds with the corporate profile of the<br />

SOPREMA Group, which continues to expand<br />

its range of sustainable system solutions for the<br />

construction industry.<br />

The assembly start of the new plant is scheduled<br />

for the last quarter of 2023. Its production<br />

spectrum is designed for approx. 55,000 t of insulation<br />

boards per year; added together, both<br />

Siempelkamp plants in Golbey will then provide<br />

an annual production volume of approx.<br />

110,000 t of insulation boards.<br />

www.siempelkamp.com<br />

The world’s largest drum dryer<br />

Berneck S.A., the largest wood-based panel exporting company in Brazil, has commissioned DIEFFENBACHER to supply an 84 MW<br />

energy system and the world’s largest drum dryer for its medium-density particleboard (MDP) plant in Curitibanos, Santa Catarina.<br />

Headquartered in Araucária in the Brazilian state of Paraná, Berneck S.A. specializes in MDP, MDF and HDF production.<br />

One of the dryer’s trunnion rings: Outer diameter 9.06 m, height<br />

0.66 m, weight approx. 47 t<br />

“With the new DIEFFENBACHER energy system<br />

and drum dryer, we’ll be ready to boost<br />

our production capacity in Curitibanos from<br />

1,200 m³ to 2,700 m³ of MDP per year,” said<br />

Industrial Director Daniel Berneck. The grate of<br />

the huge 84 MW energy system will have a size<br />

of 106 m² and the drum of the dryer will be 36 m<br />

long and have a diameter of 7.8 m. The new<br />

DIEFFENBACHER drum dryer will be the largest<br />

in the world. At 155 % material moisture, it will<br />

achieve a throughput of 43 tonnes per hour.<br />

“Berneck has not only placed its trust in us<br />

for this project, but it has also invited us to enter<br />

into a long-term partnership,” said Diego<br />

Coelho de Oliveira, Area Sales Director Latin<br />

America at DIEFFENBACHER. “We sincerely<br />

thank our partners at Inserco for helping to<br />

make this contract possible. Inserco Managing<br />

Director Ralf Bergmann added, “This success<br />

once again shows what DIEFFENBACHER and<br />

Inserco can achieve together in Latin America.”<br />

“I can’t wait to see our Curitibanos site<br />

more than double its particleboard capacity,”<br />

said Daniel Berneck. “I look forward to our collaboration<br />

with DIEFFENBACHER and Inserco on<br />

this project and others, as I believe this might be<br />

the beginning of a new era for all three of us,”<br />

he concluded.<br />

www.dieffenbacher.de<br />

6 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>


Largest group-wide investment program<br />

The WEINIG Group announced the launch of a comprehensive, large-scale investment<br />

project of more than 120 million euros. The Tauberbischofsheim site alone, the headquarters<br />

of the company with its 117-year track record of success, accounts for around<br />

70 million euros of the total investment.<br />

The supervisory board of the WEINIG Group<br />

has approved a comprehensive, Group-wide<br />

investment program that will fundamentally<br />

reposition the Group and its headquarters<br />

in Tauberbischofsheim. In total, more than 120<br />

million euros will be invested over the next 5<br />

years. For the Voitsberg site in Austria, the production<br />

location of the subsidiary HOLZ-HER, 15<br />

million euros have already been approved in advance<br />

and will be invested in assembly, production<br />

and logistics. The newly adopted program<br />

focuses mainly on the solid wood division of the<br />

mechanical engineering company.<br />

With 117 years of history at its main site<br />

in Tauberbischofsheim, the long-established<br />

company has set up a completely new site concept<br />

that will sustainably modernize production,<br />

significantly optimize delivery capability<br />

for customers and improve the working environment<br />

for its employees. This will include a<br />

new logistics center, a new manufacturing concept<br />

and new production facilities, as well as<br />

new exhibition and customer training rooms.<br />

Around 70 million euros will be invested in the<br />

infrastructure of the Tauberbischofsheim site<br />

alone.<br />

www.weinig.com<br />

Now for tomorrow<br />

Modern lacquer systems to achieve<br />

a sustainable future<br />

Leading the way and thinking about<br />

tomorrow: Hesse Lignal is setting<br />

a strong sign for climate protection<br />

and occupational safety.<br />

Hesse Lignal<br />

inspiring you<br />

• Solvent-free product range by 2030<br />

• Commitment to a healthy working<br />

environment<br />

• Development of sustainable<br />

product innovations<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />

Learn more about our<br />

sustainability strategy<br />



Vecoplan expands its global service bases<br />

Spain, Poland, the United Kingdom and Italy – Vecoplan is consistently expanding its service bases in Europe to be geographically<br />

closer to its customers and provide them with even better services. Users benefit from faster spare parts supply, reliable on-site support<br />

and a significantly higher availability of their plants and machines as a result. They also have a contact person who knows their<br />

market intimately.<br />

With its service centers, Vecoplan AG offers reliable on-site support<br />

Customers always have a contact person who knows their<br />

market inside out.<br />

Besides Poland, Spain and the United<br />

Kingdom, Italy now also has a Vecoplan service<br />

base. Vecoplan has built up a large “installed<br />

base” in that country. The company has<br />

also opened an independent sales office with a<br />

workshop in Ferrara to provide Italian customers<br />

with even better services. There are currently<br />

seven employees in Ferrara. “We look at the<br />

markets very closely of course,” says Pfeil, Head<br />

of the Services division at Vecoplan AG. “Our<br />

goal is to establish even more presence in the<br />

locations where we have been successfully active<br />

for many years. To achieve this, we look at<br />

each country to specifically address that individual<br />

market.” France will soon be added to the list<br />

of countries with expanded services. Vecoplan’s<br />

pan-European presence has simultaneously created<br />

space for growth.<br />

Italian customers also benefit from a consistent<br />

supply of spare parts. Vecoplan intends<br />

to expand this approach worldwide. “Due to<br />

the current unstable supply chains, our goal is<br />

to use this concept to increase the availability<br />

of our machines and plants,” explains Pfeil. The<br />

Westerwald company also offers special service<br />

agreements to respond to customers’ needs.<br />

These agreements enable customers to secure<br />

response times, for example, or receive better<br />

on-site support through inspection and maintenance<br />

packages.<br />

Vecoplan also offers a powerful digitalisation<br />

concept with its Vecoplan Smart Center<br />

(VSC). Via VSC.connect, customers receive a<br />

modern communication interface between<br />

Vecoplan and their plants. They can then access<br />

services such as document management and remote<br />

service. The integrated, intuitive VSC.control<br />

operating panel serves as a communication<br />

medium for the machine’s control system and a<br />

live link to the Vecoplan technicians.<br />

www.vecoplan.com<br />

Timber plant reduces downtime<br />

Thanks to the adoption of NSK’s linear guides with K1 lubrication units, a timber manufacturer<br />

managed to reduce conveyor downtime by a factor of more than 12, prompting<br />

annual cost savings of more than €77,000.<br />

The British timber manufacturer supplies<br />

wooden beams to the building industry. At one<br />

production station, a conveyor system transports<br />

the beams to a processing machine, performing<br />

forward and backward motion with<br />

rapid changes of direction. Due to the demands<br />

of this operation the company had to<br />

replace the conveyor’s linear guides every two<br />

weeks on average, a situation that was clearly<br />

unacceptable.<br />

A request arrived from the company’s management<br />

team asking NSK for recommendations<br />

on how to extend the service life of the<br />

linear guides. Analysis of failed units by NSK<br />

experts revealed that they were not capable<br />

of withstanding the high loads which occur at<br />

each change of direction. In addition, the linear<br />

guides sometimes jammed completely due<br />

to the intrusion of wood particles.<br />

NSK’s recommendation was to adopt NSK<br />

linear guides equipped with fully integrated K1<br />

lubrication units. K1 units progressively release<br />

lubrication oil (embedded in the pores of a polyolefin<br />

resin) on to the raceway over a very long<br />

time period.<br />

Since the upgrade, the system has been<br />

running for six months without a single failure.<br />

The service life of the linear guides has thus increased<br />

by a factor of more than 12, with a corresponding<br />

reduction in related costs for material<br />

and downtime. In total, NSK’s cost benefit<br />

analysis showed annual savings of around<br />

€77,800.<br />

The K1 lubrication unit is available for any<br />

linear guide in NSK’s range. As shown by this<br />

example, linear guides equipped with the K1<br />

are maintenance-free across a very long service<br />

Linear guides with K1 lubrication units achieve long service<br />

lives even in tough operating conditions, such as those in the<br />

timber manufacturing industry.<br />

life, even (and especially) under adverse operating<br />

conditions.<br />

Along with the retrofit of the conveyor system,<br />

NSK provided comprehensive linear guide<br />

training for the company’s maintenance personnel.<br />

Among the topics covered by the training<br />

were: differences in materials; product selection<br />

based on load capacity; and different types<br />

of linear guides and their options. NSK also explained<br />

the function of the K1 lubrication unit.<br />

www.nsk.com<br />

8 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>


The digital and intuitive platform EVORIS from Dieffenbacher helps manufacturers produce smarter and more sustainably.<br />

Optimize board quality with the use of artificial intelligence<br />

Panel manufacturers have a new ally in their quest to achieve a specified board quality. It’s called EVORIS, and the digital and intuitive<br />

platform from Dieffenbacher is helping manufacturers produce smarter and more sustainably.<br />

EVORIS apps that predict quality and detect<br />

anomalies use artificial intelligence (AI) to help<br />

manufacturers optimize board quality while simultaneously<br />

lowering production costs, avoiding<br />

rejects and reducing the use of wood, glue<br />

and other expensive raw materials.<br />

In the traditional approach for optimizing<br />

board quality, usually once per shift, a sample<br />

board is cut and sent to a laboratory for analysis.<br />

Measuring quality parameters this way can take<br />

from several hours to days, sometimes forcing<br />

long delays in the control and production circuit.<br />

The EVORIS Quality Prediction app uses artificial<br />

intelligence to provide a continuous, realtime<br />

prediction of board quality parameters during<br />

production. Manufacturers view quality parameters<br />

and laboratory measurements on the<br />

EVORIS Dashboard. All relevant quality parameters<br />

are displayed live and up to one month retrospectively.<br />

Quality deviations prompt warnings,<br />

which allow operators and technologists to<br />

identify their causes and make corrections faster.<br />

The AI-supported system learns and improves<br />

itself independently as more lab data flows automatically<br />

into the app. The result is increasingly<br />

accurate quality predictions.<br />

In the near future, a simulation of changed<br />

production parameters will be able to produce<br />

quality predictions without the need to change<br />

production. Trained models will automatically<br />

adapt to changing production conditions and<br />

products. Manufacturers will be able to speed<br />

up production and work with lower tolerances<br />

by moving closer to quality limits.<br />

In combination with the new AI-based<br />

anomaly detection, deviations in the production<br />

process can be detected even faster. This<br />

avoids downtime and helps to achieve consistent<br />

quality. Meanwhile, the anomaly detection<br />

can be used for different processes at the same<br />

time, which enables diagnoses that are more<br />

accurate.<br />

More EVORIS enhancements are on the way.<br />

The Quality Prediction app will deploy AI algorithm<br />

ensembles to analyze quality parameters<br />

in parallel, improving prediction accuracy.<br />

Operators will also be able to view the accuracy<br />

of each potential production model.<br />

Another app being developed will track<br />

particle size. Particle size has an enormous impact<br />

on board quality and can indicate machinery<br />

defects or wear. The Particle Size app will<br />

allow manufacturers to measure and analyze<br />

particle size and distribution online. This information<br />

will enhance the quality prediction AI<br />

algorithm. Together, these innovations put the<br />

possibility of a self-regulating plant closer to<br />

reality than ever.<br />

In the meantime, plant managers who take<br />

full advantage of EVORIS today can be confident<br />

they’re on a trustworthy path to save resources,<br />

reduce downtime, produce specified board qualities<br />

and increase output rates.<br />

www.dieffenbacher.de<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />


TOOLS<br />

A new tooling system for <strong>woodworking</strong> blade profiles on FX machines<br />

Complete package for producing <strong>woodworking</strong> tools<br />

By Simon Richardson, Product Manager<br />

ANCA is well known for offering standard<br />

and special custom solutions for our customers.<br />

When ANCA designs a custom solution,<br />

we give our customers tailored and<br />

diverse options with shorter set-up times.<br />

In an increasingly challenging market,<br />

companies grinding tools are always looking<br />

at innovative products and diversifying<br />

into different sectors using existing or<br />

new machinery.<br />

ANCA recently developed a new product<br />

which provides more flexibility and capability<br />

while enhancing the FX machine range. The<br />

product is a tooling system used on FX5 and<br />

FX7 machines which offers the ability to easily<br />

interchange between <strong>woodworking</strong> profile<br />

blades and cylindrical (shank) tools.<br />

This means companies grinding <strong>woodworking</strong><br />

tools can grind blade profiles and then<br />

quickly change to cylindrical shank tools, such<br />

as compression routers. In addition, companies<br />

focusing predominantly on engineering tools<br />

can consider adding <strong>woodworking</strong> blade profiles<br />

to their product portfolio.<br />

This tooling system comes as a package.<br />

The package includes a workholding adaptor<br />

(blade chuck) to hold flat profile blades and a<br />

blade gripper head fitted to the robot loader to<br />

load <strong>woodworking</strong> blades or cylindrical tools<br />

without any mechanical changes. This means<br />

the robot head does not need to be changed. A<br />

blade gripper is used to load and unload blades<br />

and gripper fingers for loading cylindrical tools.<br />

Optional pallets are available for both blades<br />

and shank tools.<br />

The blade chuck works with a pull stud<br />

clamping mechanism. Switching between the<br />

blade chuck and standard collet adaptor (for<br />

cylindrical tools) is done in minutes. Automatic<br />

loading and grinding of blade profiles with a<br />

smallest size of 20 × 20 mm (0.78”) and largest<br />

size of 80 (3.14”) x 30 mm (1.18”) is possible.<br />

This system is also retrofittable to existing FX5<br />

and FX7 machines.<br />

The blade chuck work holding has an adjustable<br />

insertion depth between 8 (5/16”)<br />

and 28 mm (1.10”). The chuck can accommodate<br />

blades on or between 0.5 (0.019”) to<br />

4 mm (0.15”) thick using different size datum<br />

blocks. When manual loading, the chuck can<br />

hold blades up to 120 mm (4.72”) long. Blades<br />

with a bevelled edge can also be supported.<br />

An air blast operates during the clamping and<br />

unclamping cycles to ensure the chuck is free<br />

of any contaminants. Digitizing of the top, side<br />

and bottom of the blade along with notches or<br />

datum features is possible. The chuck can also<br />

rotate for blades with an undercut feature, so<br />

the profile can be ground normal to the blade<br />

surface.<br />

In addition to the tooling system for blades,<br />

ANCA has a dedicated software package for<br />

grinding varied and multiple blade profiles. The<br />

user-friendly software enables quick programming<br />

and short set-up times. The user can easily<br />

define the workholding, blank and profile or import<br />

a DXF. The blades themselves are mounted<br />

into tools used on different <strong>woodworking</strong> machinery<br />

for cutting profiles into solid wood furniture<br />

and components such as skirting boards<br />

and architraves.<br />

When grinding blade profiles, the depth of<br />

the profile can be quite deep, and a lot of stock<br />

needs to be removed. Slice Roughing is a method<br />

of removing large amounts of stock from the<br />

blade very aggressively, meaning shorter cycle<br />

times. Slice Roughing repeatedly plunges the<br />

roughing wheel downwards into the blade from<br />

the top of the blank to the finish stock amount<br />

specified by the user. When grinding blade profiles<br />

with ANCA software, it’s possible to control<br />

the wheel pivot and relief angles along the profile<br />

which is important for blade grinding. This<br />

flexible tooling system combined with blade<br />

software, offers a complete package for producing<br />

<strong>woodworking</strong> tools.<br />

www.anca.com<br />

10 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>

SAFETY<br />

New intelligent extinguishing module<br />

The new smart GreCon IEM intelligent extinguishing module makes existing spark extinguishing systems by Fagus-GreCon even smarter<br />

and more reliable. The sensors integrated into the intelligent extinguishing module improve the facilities’ operating safety by integrated<br />

early wear recognition.<br />

Dynamic maintenance intervals must be<br />

considered in the corresponding rules in order<br />

to integrate more sustainable use of resources<br />

from application of dynamic maintenance intervals<br />

into the production process even better<br />

than before. This is a subject that we will deal<br />

with more intensely in future.<br />

GreCon spark extinguishing systems are<br />

growing more and more important in the context<br />

of productivity increase<br />

Automatic early wear recognition for<br />

greater safety<br />

Very small leaks are detected automatically<br />

and reported to the control centre. The<br />

facility’s operator is proactively informed that<br />

wear parts need to be replaced soon, enabling<br />

them to plan the exchange systematically.<br />

When temperatures approach freezing,<br />

the integrated temperature supervision<br />

will activate the heating cartridge to ensure<br />

smooth operation of the facility even in outdoor<br />

areas. The risk of unplanned downtimes<br />

lowers and availability increases.<br />

Maintenance based on wear data<br />

Progress in the sensors also permits specification<br />

of custom maintenance intervals<br />

based on wear data. Such dynamic maintenance<br />

intervals within the scope of predictive<br />

maintenance not only extend maintenance<br />

intervals but also increase the service<br />

lives of the spare parts monitored in this fashion,<br />

harmonising the two targets of “reducing<br />

unintended downtimes” and “optimal use of<br />

components” that are still often perceived as<br />

conflicting with the use of high-performance<br />

sensors.<br />

Spark extinguishing systems by<br />

Fagus-GreCon have been protecting industrial<br />

production plants from dust fires and explosions<br />

that may cause damage in the millions<br />

within minutes and threaten existences for more<br />

than four decades. Production companies from<br />

a number of industries strive to protect themselves<br />

against such risks and avoid production<br />

outages with the help of Fagus-GreCon fire prevention<br />

solutions.<br />

Increasing connectivity of fire prevention<br />

systems and production plants keep developing<br />

new potentials to increase productivity.<br />

Integration of spark extinguishing systems into<br />

the setup of complex early warning systems permit,<br />

among other things, indications of anomalies<br />

in the production process early on to initiate<br />

measures in time to help avoid production- or<br />

safety-technical issues.<br />

www.fagus-grecon.com<br />

Your specialist for<br />

extraction and briquetting systems<br />

safe clean efficient<br />

Dedusting<br />

Conveying Filtering Briquetting<br />

Varnishing Crushing Parts Control units<br />

SPÄNEX GmbH<br />

Luft-, Energie- und Umwelttechnik<br />

Otto-Brenner-Straße 6<br />

D-37170 Uslar<br />

Phone: +49 (0) 5571 304-0<br />

Fax: +49 (0) 5571 304-111<br />

info@spaenex.de<br />

www.spaenex.de<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />



The all-rounder among single-shaft shredders<br />

Vecoplan has revamped its proven, successful VAZ shredder<br />

series with the latest industrial design benchmarks. In<br />

addition to attractive technical features, the single-shaft<br />

shredder also impresses with its modular design, which<br />

makes users particularly flexible – the shredders can be<br />

used universally for a wide range of materials, thanks to<br />

their efficient and versatile rotor systems, screen variations<br />

and drives. Operators benefit across the board by using the<br />

VAZ modular system.<br />

Large doors and a hydraulically lowerable screen allow good accessibility for maintenance work.<br />

“Robust and sophisticated – you can rely<br />

on our universal genius,” enthuses Martina<br />

Schmidt, Head of Recycling and Waste at<br />

Vecoplan AG. The company is one of the leading<br />

suppliers of machinery and equipment for<br />

the processing of primary and secondary raw<br />

materials for thermal and material recycling.<br />

“The VAZ 1700, 2000 and 2500 versions can<br />

tackle an extensive range of completely different<br />

materials,” she promises. That’s why the<br />

Vecoplan development team gave this shredder<br />

series a modular basis – also the outstanding<br />

feature of the new industrial design.<br />

Customers have a wide range of machine<br />

configuration options. They can adapt components<br />

such as rotors, cutting tips, counter<br />

knives, screens and drives to match the task<br />

at hand. The right choices and the relevant<br />

combinations are critical to the performance<br />

and quality of the shredding process. “One indicator<br />

is the throughput rate,” says Martina<br />

Schmidt. It ranges from 2,000 to 25,000 kg.<br />

per hour.<br />

U, V or W? The right rotor is ready for<br />

action<br />

Users can choose between various rotor<br />

versions, depending on the materials to be<br />

shredded. The aim is always to achieve maximum<br />

cutting performance and high throughput.<br />

The result is a homogeneous output quality<br />

with very little fine dust and minimum grain<br />

variance. “In this way, we effortlessly meet the<br />

constant, high-quality output requirements demanded<br />

by versatile applications and the best<br />

possible value creation,” explains Vecoplan<br />

expert Schmidt. All our machine versions are<br />

available for the different rotor lengths of<br />

1,700, 2,000 and 2,500 millimeters.<br />

“We always emphasise a small cutting gap<br />

between the rotor and the counter knives,” describes<br />

Schmidt. This is ensured by the simple<br />

external adjustment of both the first and (optionally)<br />

the second counter knife.<br />

Vecoplan has significantly enlarged the<br />

material intake shredding chamber. “The user<br />

can also feed in closed bales,” says Schmidt.<br />

The machine is also equipped with a frequency-controlled<br />

ram, the speed of which can be<br />

infinitely adjusted. High throughput is thus<br />

guaranteed, even with challenging or very light<br />

input materials. A hydraulically operated swivelling<br />

screen with variable screen elements is<br />

also available. The customer can adjust these<br />

elements to the required output grain size.<br />

Smooth handling<br />

“We equipped the new machine with<br />

large maintenance doors and a bottom flap,”<br />

Schmidt reports. “This enables us to give service<br />

personnel effortless access.” For example,<br />

all maintenance on the rotor knives, counter<br />

knives and screen, such as changing, resetting<br />

or adjusting work, can be carried out by the<br />

personnel in a time- and cost-optimised manner<br />

– and above all, in an ergonomically comfortable,<br />

upright position. This is an unbeatable<br />

symbiosis of established know-how and features<br />

that will shape the future. The Vecoplan<br />

developers have optimised the new VAZ in<br />

such a way that maintenance times and costs<br />

are minimised. However, the new generation<br />

also includes proven features, and Vecoplan<br />

has adopted automatic extraneous material<br />

detection elements. Extraneous materials can<br />

be removed quickly and conveniently at the hydraulic<br />

bottom flap. Downtimes are drastically<br />

reduced. The well-proven “Flipper” machine<br />

breakage protection system in the VAZ machine<br />

prevents damage when extraneous materials<br />

are fed into the machine. The sensitive<br />

overload control reacts to impacts caused by<br />

these materials, protecting the shredder from<br />

possible severe damage.<br />

Powerful drive<br />

The shredder is equipped with the HiTorc<br />

drive, which has a high start-up power and<br />

powerful torque. The patented system is<br />

characterised by high energy efficiency. “Our<br />

HiTorc is the Tesla among drives,” says Martina<br />

Schmidt. It has no mechanical components like<br />

belts, gear wheels, flywheels or clutches, making<br />

the shredder much more robust. A single<br />

unscheduled plant stoppage caused by a broken<br />

shaft, burnt overload clutch, or defective<br />

gear is enough to justify using a HiTorc drive,<br />

which significantly reduces maintenance work<br />

and downtime. “We recommend this dynamic,<br />

powerful start-up and high-torque series<br />

of machines, especially to those customers<br />

who require continuous operation.”<br />

The HiTorc drive is considerably more efficient<br />

than systems with gears. The absence<br />

of mechanical drive elements alone accounts<br />

for about 15 %, making the synchronous motor<br />

very efficient, especially in the partial load<br />

range. It consumes only about 10 % of the energy<br />

required by a comparable, asynchronous<br />

motor when idling. Operating situations like<br />

this often occur with inhomogeneous materials<br />

and irregular input. The overall energy consumption<br />

for the user is also reduced – because<br />

the HiTorc is also very dynamic, it can<br />

start up fast even under load, i.e., with a full<br />

engine room.<br />

Digitally advanced<br />

The new shredder is equipped with the<br />

Vecoplan Smart Center (VSC). This powerful<br />

digitalisation concept offers a modern communication<br />

interface between Vecoplan and<br />

the customer with the VSC.connect system.<br />

The user can access services such as document<br />

management and remote service. The integrated,<br />

intuitive VSC.control operating pan-<br />

12 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>


el serves as a communication medium for the<br />

machine’s control system and a live link to the<br />

Vecoplan technicians.<br />

Vecoplan has designed the machine operation<br />

to be user-oriented and equipped it<br />

with valuable features, such as a dashboard<br />

that provides the operator with an overview<br />

of all the relevant values and current messages.<br />

A message history also enables conclusions<br />

to be drawn and ensures rapid troubleshooting,<br />

while a data recorder notes all values.<br />

Integrating a camera also enables images<br />

to be transmitted from inside the machine –<br />

for example, for rapid troubleshooting without<br />

needing a Vecoplan service technician to<br />

be on site.<br />

www.vecoplan.com<br />

Adhesive Technologies to expand expertise in sustainable<br />

timber construction<br />

Henkel Adhesive Technologies strengthens its capabilities for timber construction solutions<br />

by investing in 3RT, Melbourne, Australia. Together with partners the company has<br />

developed a robotic process to convert forest and plantation residue into high-quality<br />

and unique hardwood products. With the investment Henkel aims to further expand<br />

its Engineered Wood business and to drive the implementation of sustainable futureoriented<br />

technologies.<br />

The investment is made through Henkel<br />

Tech Ventures. “As part of our venturing activities<br />

we are looking for novel and scalable technologies<br />

complementing our existing portfolio<br />

in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings,”<br />

explains Paolo Bavaj, Head of Corporate<br />

Venturing at Henkel Adhesive Technologies.<br />

“We believe that the combination of 3RT's capabilities<br />

with Henkel's unique expertise offers<br />

the potential to further expand the market for<br />

engineered wood applications.“<br />

Henkel is a leading provider of engineered<br />

wood solutions globally. Through its<br />

Engineered Wood business, the company offers<br />

high-impact structural adhesives under<br />

the well-known Loctite brand that enable the<br />

manufacturing of mass timber products for<br />

wooden beams, trusses, walls and floors. Mass<br />

timber is a high-performance building material<br />

that replaces concrete and steel in many construction<br />

applications as it is more sustainable,<br />

renewable and shows a lower CO 2<br />

footprint.<br />

High-tech adhesives from Henkel are<br />

crucial for the production of safe and sustainable<br />

engineered wood, and thus contribute to<br />

a significant reduction in the buildings’ carbon<br />

footprint. For more information, please visit:<br />

Engineered Wood – Henkel Adhesives (henkeladhesives.com)<br />

“In order to expand and promote the use<br />

of wood as a material in construction and in<br />

buildings, Henkel continuously looks for partners<br />

with innovative technologies. 3RTs technology<br />

allows a more sustainable and innovative<br />

production of hardwood products that<br />

have the potential for a wide range of structural<br />

and decorative applications,” says Christian<br />

Fild, Global Head of the Engineered Wood business<br />

at Henkel. Acknowledging Henkel’s sustainability<br />

ambition for 2030, this investment<br />

plays an important role in enabling customers<br />

to achieve their own sustainability targets.<br />

Founded in 2014, 3RT has developed<br />

a novel automated production process for<br />

converting low-value wood fibre into hardwood<br />

products. Based on a patented process,<br />

3RT applies a water-based, formaldehydefree<br />

“Nano-bonding agent” that biomimics<br />

the structure of a natural tree. The technology<br />

platform uses advanced robotics and<br />

smart automation to create products of highquality<br />

appearance and is 100 % natural and<br />

recyclable.<br />

“3RT is focused on continuous improvement<br />

both in the fields of new material properties<br />

and methods of production to help address<br />

the significant environmental and supply<br />

challenges relating to old growth forests.<br />

In addition to our partnerships with Flinders<br />

University and Bosch, this partnership with<br />

Henkel will assist in turbocharging our technological<br />

advancements and global expansion”,<br />

says Peter Torreele, Managing Director<br />

of 3RT.<br />

www.henkel.com<br />

About 3RT<br />

3RT are the next frontier in sustainable<br />

timber technology, addressing<br />

the significant environmental<br />

and supply challenges<br />

relating to old growth forests.<br />

Headquartered in Melbourne<br />

Victoria, its world-first Australian<br />

technology converts low value<br />

wood fibre into premium hardwoods<br />

with the look, feel and<br />

properties of 100-year- old trees.<br />

The highly automated process<br />

utilises plug-and-play Digital<br />

Production Units to biomimic the<br />

natural growing process of trees<br />

in just 1 day. The resulting scientifically<br />

engineered timber duplicates<br />

mature hardwood so faithfully<br />

that it is suitable for an endless<br />

range of structural and decorative<br />

applications.<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />



Expertise in digital printing at IWF <strong>2022</strong> in Atlanta<br />

New and proven<br />

At this year’s International Woodworking Fair in Atlanta from August 23 – 26, <strong>2022</strong>, Hymmen will present its latest innovations in<br />

industrial digital printing and its other proven plant technologies for the wood-based materials industry: from liquid coating and<br />

laminating lines to press technology, flanked by handling equipment, service and plant control. Brand new is the Industry Intelligence<br />

solution smart2i from Hymmen.<br />

Digitally printed decorative paper from the SATURN<br />

“SATURN Digital Prining Line – a breakthrough<br />

in manufacturing digital decor paper”<br />

is the slogan with which Hymmen welcomes its<br />

visitors to booth C1847. The expert for background<br />

information on this new technology<br />

is Sebastian Bazyk, Area Sales Manager at<br />

Hymmen, who will also give a presentation on<br />

the topic entitled “Digital printing of decor paper<br />

– the whole value chain at your site” at the<br />

Educational Conference on Tuesday, Aug. 23,<br />

<strong>2022</strong>, from 11:30 a.m.-12:30 a.m.<br />

As an alternative to digital printing with<br />

water-based inks, wood-based panel manufacturers<br />

can bring expertise for digital design of<br />

their surfaces in-house with UV-drying technology:<br />

whether digitally printed decor or digitally<br />

printed structure – both are covered by the<br />

JUPITER Digital Printing Lines from Hymmen,<br />

which have won several innovation awards.<br />

With the aid of film footage showing the digital<br />

printing line in operation and product samples,<br />

visitors to the trade show booth will be able to<br />

see for themselves the benefits of the technology,<br />

just as several American companies have already<br />

done. Three of these digital printing systems<br />

with Lacquer Embossing (DLE plus) technology<br />

are currently being manufactured for<br />

U.S. customers at Hymmen in Bielefeld.<br />

Hymmen staff at the booth will also be happy<br />

to answer questions about Hymmen’s other<br />

equipment technologies (liquid coating, presses<br />

and laminating lines). Hymmen’s double belt<br />

presses can now even be called the “grandes<br />

dames” of wood-based material technologies –<br />

even after more than 40 years on the market,<br />

they are still as much in demand as ever. This<br />

is demonstrated by the 6 plants alone that<br />

Hymmen currently has in its order book.<br />

Hymmen’s recently developed Industry<br />

Intelligence solution “smart2i” (www.smart2i.<br />

cloud), which can be integrated into both new<br />

and existing machines or plants, offers special<br />

added value for all plant types alike: After all,<br />

an outstanding success factor of any technology<br />

is ensuring the reproducible quality of the<br />

surfaces produced. To ensure this desired quality<br />

in the long term, Hymmen has developed a<br />

cloud-based quality control system that enables<br />

the manufacturer to monitor all production parameters<br />

in real time, store them in the cloud,<br />

analyze them at any time, and counteract deviations<br />

in surface quality in a timely manner.<br />

www.hymmen.com<br />

Floors digitally printed and textured with Digital Lacquer Embossing<br />

(DLE plus)<br />

The SATURN Digital Printing Line from Hymmen<br />

14 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>


Archroma introduces new eco-advanced wood protection<br />

technology<br />

Archroma, a global leader in specialty chemicals towards sustainable solutions, introduces a Siligen ® MIH liq, a new eco-advanced<br />

wood protection technology developed together with the University of Goettingen, Germany.<br />

Being a natural raw material, wood evolves<br />

over time, and that’s what makes it so unique<br />

and beautiful. At the same time, it is a precious,<br />

sustainable and carbon-storing resource that<br />

should not be wasted. Wood is especially sensitive<br />

to climate conditions, in particular moisture,<br />

as well as fungi, termites and marine organisms.<br />

Over time, these can alter the wood<br />

strength, stability and durability. Most treatments<br />

used to protect wood are based on biocides<br />

and can contain potentially toxic substances<br />

such as heavy metals.<br />

Archroma and the University of Goettingen,<br />

Germany therefore decided to explore a solution<br />

to extend the life duration of outdoor wood materials,<br />

but also their appearance.<br />

The result: Siligen ® MIH liq, an eco-advanced<br />

wood modification treatment to create<br />

more stable and durable solid woods, veneers<br />

and wood-based composites for applications<br />

such as windows, facade claddings, outdoor<br />

furniture, terrace decking, in-ground platforms,<br />

parquet flooring and marine applications.<br />

It is applied by impregnation and subsequent<br />

drying. Siligen ® MIH liq impregnated<br />

wood can be dried and the molecules fixated at<br />

< 80 °C with an equipment already available at<br />

most production facilities applying conventional<br />

biocides. The energy consumption is thus similar<br />

to most aqueous biocidal wood preservative<br />

treatments.<br />

Wood treated with Siligen ® MIH liq shows<br />

excellent protection against decay fungi.<br />

Treated wood displays improved weathering<br />

performance and keeps its natural appearance<br />

with less discolorations and change in feel.<br />

Siligen ® MIH liq was introduced at the<br />

Annual Conference of the International Research<br />

Group on Wood Protection (IRG WP) IRG53 conference<br />

in Slovenia taking place on 29 May to<br />

2 June, <strong>2022</strong> in Bled, Slovenia.<br />

Prof. Holger Militz, Head of the Department<br />

of Wood Biology and Wood Products at the<br />

University of Göttingen, Germany, adds: “Our<br />

research has been focusing for many years on<br />

the development of new wood protection systems.<br />

With Siligen ® MIH we explored a system<br />

where the wood is protected against fungi and<br />

termites without the need of complicated treatment<br />

technology. Existing vacuum and pressure<br />

plants and normal wood dryers are sufficient to<br />

use this new technology.”<br />

Miquel Vila, Global Head of New Markets<br />

at Archroma, comments: “We are very excited<br />

to collaborate with like-minded partners such<br />

as the University of Goettingen. The new ecoadvanced<br />

wood protection technology Siligen ®<br />

MIH liq is a great illustration of “The Archroma<br />

Way to a Sustainable World: Safe, efficient, enhanced,<br />

it’s our nature.”<br />

www.archroma.com<br />

Outdoor weathering test of Siligen ® MIH liq treated and untreated wood.<br />

C<br />

M<br />

Y<br />

CM<br />

MY<br />

CY<br />

CMY<br />

K<br />

(Illustration: University of Goettingen)<br />

<strong>WIN</strong>_2019.pdf 24 15.02.2019 13:55:48<br />

Less energy, more power!<br />

Energy-efficient filtration plants<br />

for the <strong>woodworking</strong> industry.<br />

MultiStar filtration plant<br />

Made by Höcker Polytechnik<br />

▪ filtration<br />

▪ dedusting<br />

▪ briquetting<br />

▪ recycling<br />

▪ varnishing<br />

Höcker Polytechnik GmbH<br />

Borgloher Str. 1 ▪ 49176 Hilter a.T.W.<br />

Germany ▪ Mail info@hpt.net<br />

Fon +49 5409 405 0<br />

www.hoecker-polytechnik.com<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />



Intergenerational sustainability strategy<br />

Hesse Lignal is heralding a new era: the surface specialist from Hamm will be restructuring its product range, and by 2030 it will have<br />

replaced all solvent-based products with sustainable alternatives. Moreover, Hesse Lignal will increasingly rely on regenerative raw<br />

materials in the future.<br />

“As a family-run company, we feel compelled<br />

to assume responsibility for subsequent generations”,<br />

says Jens Hesse, a managing director of<br />

coating and stain producer Hesse Lignal. “That’s<br />

why we want to take consistent action now, and<br />

contribute to preserving an exemplary world for<br />

our children and grandchildren.” This is the motivation<br />

for him joining forces with his co-managing<br />

director Hans J. Hesse in deciding to develop<br />

a new sustainability strategy. This envisages<br />

replacing all solvent-based products with<br />

sustainable alternatives by 2030.<br />

Reducing VOC emissions and expanding<br />

the proportion of sustainable raw<br />

materials<br />

This should make it possible, among other<br />

things, to minimise the emission of volatile<br />

organic compounds (VOCs). The VOCs contained<br />

in many solvents can evaporate even at<br />

low temperatures, and form ground-level ozone<br />

on contact with UV rays. Volatile organic compounds<br />

can also be washed out of the air by<br />

precipitation. They then hit the earth and thus<br />

cause soil pollution. VOCs from fossil sources<br />

can moreover oxidize in the atmosphere<br />

through contact with oxygen. This results in the<br />

production of climate-damaging CO 2<br />

. In addition,<br />

indoor VOCs pollute the ambient air when<br />

they evaporate. These compounds can then irritate<br />

the respiratory tract of those present and<br />

cause allergies.<br />

The surface specialist from Hamm will also<br />

increasingly offer products made from regenerative<br />

resources, such as water or renewable<br />

raw materials. Its product range already<br />

includes products with a bio-renewable carbon<br />

(BRC) content of up to 30 per cent, and<br />

Hydro lacquers with a renewable proportion of<br />

around 10 per cent. The proportion of sustainable<br />

raw materials in its entire product portfolio<br />

is to be expanded by 2030 to conserve<br />

resources.<br />

Meeting future market demands<br />

“The switch to more climate-friendly products<br />

is also important in meeting future market<br />

demands”, Jens Hesse is convinced.<br />

“Environmental awareness in society is increasing,<br />

and younger generations in particular are<br />

attaching importance to climate-friendly production<br />

methods, so sustainability is becoming<br />

a decisive competitive factor for our industrial<br />

and craft customers.” Switching to more<br />

sustainable products could furthermore protect<br />

employees from coming into contact with substances<br />

that are hazardous to health.<br />

Production of nitrocellulose lacquers to<br />

end in 2023<br />

The research department at Hesse Lignal<br />

is working on the development of modern lacquer<br />

systems to enable the imposed goals to be<br />

achieved. The company has set itself a tight 1<br />

schedule in this respect: as early as by the end<br />

of 2023 Hesse Lignal will withdraw all nitrocellulose<br />

lacquers, solvent-based stains and solvent-based,<br />

acid-hardening lacquers from its<br />

product range. Hesse Lignal will therefore no<br />

longer be offering such products from January<br />

2024. By 2030, all other products with a high<br />

VOC content will then be replaced by more climate-friendly<br />

alternatives.<br />

The company’s equipment and technology<br />

consultants are already assisting customers<br />

to convert their machinery and processes, thus<br />

enabling coating appliers to prepare for this in<br />

good time.<br />

“We are aware that this involves a major<br />

step”, says Jens Hesse. “But we’re also convinced<br />

that this measure is imperative if we<br />

don’t want to jeopardize the future of subsequent<br />

generations.”<br />

www.hesse-lignal.de<br />

16 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>

DOORS / <strong>WIN</strong>DOWS<br />

New machining cell for producing windows and doors<br />

Nowadays, design and eco-sustainability are the two main trends defining wooden windows production. The design dictates windows’<br />

finish quality and shape, while the eco-sustainability mainly involves the way as they are manufactured.<br />

As concerns the execution of wooden windows,<br />

the level of perceived finish quality is<br />

steadily growing. Therefore, in order to optimise<br />

production rates and flexibility, it is essential<br />

paying significant attention to the machine<br />

constructive features.<br />

Being a technology partner of the world’s<br />

leading window and door manufacturers for<br />

seventy years gives SCM the opportunity to continuously<br />

listen to the customer’s most detailed<br />

requirements and allows to constantly come up<br />

with advanced responses.<br />

Based on these prerogatives, SCM designed<br />

Windorflex, the new machining cell for the production<br />

of windows and doors. According to the<br />

“Spread your wings with Windorflex & futureproof<br />

your windows production” campaign, the<br />

machine is an innovative and high-tech solution<br />

for producing window frames, regardless of the<br />

type.<br />

Windorflex has a fixed gantry structure<br />

thÅat enables for high machining speeds whilst<br />

ensuring the best accuracy. The configurability<br />

of the machining units with 4 and 5-axis electrospindles,<br />

allows performing all the necessary<br />

operations for the production of complete<br />

windows. The alternate use of the two routing<br />

units reduces the cycle time: while one unit is<br />

working, the other performs the tool change in<br />

masked time.<br />

The innovative automatic worktable is<br />

equipped with dedicated clamps for the constant<br />

holding of the work-pieces. It is possible<br />

to process from 1 to 4 work-pieces in sequence.<br />

The worktable modularity allows managing<br />

three work-piece lengths: 3500, 4500,<br />

6000 mm. The work-piece repositioning, from<br />

the internal side machining to the external one,<br />

is direct between the clamps, without needing<br />

additional devices, to ensure excellent finish<br />

quality.<br />

Another advantage is the automatic workpieces<br />

loading/unloading systems that enable<br />

the machine to work autonomously, without<br />

the continuous input of the operator. These systems<br />

are available in two solutions: with loading/unloading<br />

bench or with an anthropomorphous<br />

robot that picks up the rough elements<br />

and unloads the finished work-pieces on special<br />

trolleys.<br />

The exclusive Maestro active windoor software,<br />

specifically developed for the control and<br />

the programming of Windorflex, is capable of<br />

meeting any demands related to windows and<br />

doors production thanks also to Maestro connect,<br />

the SCM IoT system.<br />

www.scmgroup.com<br />

Mixed wood/aluminium hidden sash windows<br />

The DUAL MIXTE OC system is a range of<br />

aluminium profiles allowing the realization<br />

of mixed wood / aluminium hidden<br />

sash windows. The frame profile conceals<br />

the sash profile in order to makes modern<br />

house facade and increase light inside.<br />

The mixed concept offers great flexibility<br />

both in the dimensions and shapes and in the<br />

colors and finishes of the joinery. Adaptable to<br />

all architectural solutions, it can be used both<br />

in new construction or renovation.<br />

Mixed windows combines wood and aluminum<br />

to provide a solution with high added<br />

value. This combination combines the qualities<br />

of each material in terms of mechanical and<br />

thermal resistance and durability, without ever<br />

compromising on aesthetics.<br />

Compliant with the NF P23 – 308 and NF<br />

P23 – 309 standards and characterized by the<br />

FCBA, the DUAL MIXTE OC system offers highlevel<br />

thermal performance and resistance to<br />

the test of time.<br />

For more than 50 years, JOINT DUAL has<br />

been designing, manufacturing and distributing<br />

closing and sealing solutions. In 2010,<br />

we launched our DUAL MIXTE concept by offering<br />

a range of aluminum profiles, intended<br />

for the realization of mixed wood-aluminum<br />

windows as well as mixed windows certified<br />

Passive House.<br />

www.joint-dual.com<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />



Woodworking made izy<br />

By placing the interest of customers at the heart of their business, seven world leaders in <strong>woodworking</strong> machinery, Biesse, Bürkle,<br />

HOMAG, IMA SCHELLING, SCM, Weber and WEINIG, have worked together as a team in defining a standardized interface to connect all<br />

their <strong>woodworking</strong> machines, machine to machine, and machines to the customers’ Manufacturing Execution Systems.<br />

Consequently, no individual interfaces need<br />

to be programmed and an overall control of the<br />

production process is readily put in place. The<br />

project has been named izy, inspired by universal<br />

languages, and it has solved a communication<br />

problem in an easy and streamlined way.<br />

For the 7 companies, such a ground-breaking<br />

decision to team up and put aside each individual’s<br />

competitive standpoint, was led by<br />

providing a joint solution to their customers<br />

and by vastly improving manufacturing processes.<br />

“Woodworking made izy is a result of<br />

great teamwork. The unified interface, offers<br />

opportunities and certainly accelerates innovation<br />

processes throughout our industry” (Daniel<br />

Loddenkemper, HOMAG Senior Marketing<br />

Manager and Member of the Woodworking<br />

made izy Marketing Team).<br />

So, instead of having to develop several individual<br />

interfaces, which demand weeks of<br />

technical expertise to create tailored software<br />

and interface, customers can now benefit from<br />

the collective effort of the 7 leaders who have<br />

worked together over the past 3 years, providing<br />

skills and know how, from technical, engineering<br />

to marketing, interacting for the very<br />

first time in an interconnected system for the<br />

sheer beauty of offering a solution needed by<br />

their customers.<br />

Woodworking made izy is based on the Open<br />

Platform Communication Unified Architecture<br />

(OPC UA) standard, which is a series of specifications<br />

developed by industry companies, endusers,<br />

and software developers. These specifications<br />

define the interface between Clients and<br />

Servers, as well as Servers and Servers, including<br />

access to real-time data, monitoring events,<br />

access to historical data, and other applications.<br />

Umati (Universal Machine Technology<br />

Interface - umati.org) have cooperated in the<br />

process, bringing together machine builders<br />

and users and therefore creating a community<br />

of industries by promoting universal standards<br />

across many sectors, including – with this project<br />

- that of <strong>woodworking</strong>.<br />

www.izy<strong>woodworking</strong>.com<br />

The latest generation machining center by CRENO<br />

CRENO launches a new machining center for large glued laminated timber and CLT panels: CRENO Wood. The company has integrated<br />

innovations from its expertise in aeronautics while maintaining the robustness and reliability of its traditional “wood” machines. The<br />

result: increased productivity, a flexible tool, and a foot in industry 4.0.<br />

Siemens One Numerical Control and new<br />

5-axis head<br />

CRENO Wood is controlled by the new<br />

Siemens One CNC, which has been proven<br />

and recognized in many industrial sectors,<br />

but is not yet widely used in the wood industry.<br />

This high-performance CNC control has<br />

the advantage of being more open and scalable<br />

than “in-house” solutions, and its latest<br />

version includes a virtualization/simulation<br />

component.<br />

The new 5-axis head, ultra-rigid, compact<br />

and precise, innovates with a 45° rotating axis.<br />

It allows a significant increase in sawing capacity:<br />

350 mm with a 900 mm diameter saw<br />

only.<br />

Time saving and dynamic control<br />

Another innovation, patented by CRENO,<br />

is the automatic positioning of the frame or<br />

panel thanks to a series of intelligent sensors<br />

that adapt the position of the gantry to match<br />

with part position (validated by 3D simulation<br />

of the real environment). This results in a preparation<br />

before machining in masked time and<br />

an optimization of the machine’s utilization<br />

rate (OEE).<br />

CRENO Wood also ensures dynamic control<br />

of cutting and drilling thanks to continuous<br />

monitoring: self-adjustment of feed rate,<br />

wear control, deep drilling with automatic<br />

deburring.<br />

Options dedicated to CLT panels<br />

To increase the machining performance of<br />

CLT panels, CRENO Wood can be equipped with<br />

two dedicated options. The first one, unique on<br />

the market, is an additional unit for longitudinal<br />

trimming and rebating operations which are<br />

thus performed in mirror image to the main machining<br />

head (50 % productivity gain). The second<br />

is an exclusive panel holding system (fixture)<br />

with automatic configuration.<br />

“All these features make CRENO Wood an<br />

innovative, high-performance and flexible size<br />

center,” summarizes David Reynaud, CRENO’s<br />

general manager.<br />

www.creno.com<br />

18 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>


Prod-IQ.quality convinces in the market<br />

Over 40 systems in use<br />

Not only is there great market demand for Siempelkamp‘s excellence in process control, with over 200 Prod-IQ ® systems sold, it also<br />

receives excellent references. The Turkish wood-based panel producer Orma has ordered the 40th Prod-IQ.quality MES system and system<br />

no. 41 will go to Pavatex, a Swiss manufacturer of insulation boards, and two more customers chose Prod-IQ.quality. Conclusion:<br />

Excellence wins out!<br />

With the Prod-IQ ® MES system,<br />

Siempelkamp provides plant operators with<br />

a digital system that draws valuable resources<br />

from system data. More productivity, higher<br />

plant speed, as well as a reduction of rejects<br />

and preventive maintenance are just some of<br />

the convincing advantages that Prod-IQ ® can<br />

offer wood-based panel producers. “The highest<br />

possible increase in efficiency and effectiveness<br />

is one of the main concerns that Siempelkamp<br />

customers wish to ensure for their systems.<br />

With Prod-IQ ® process control, we have created<br />

an intelligent system that combines the current<br />

megatrends of digitalization and sustainable<br />

production which are indispensable for system<br />

operators who want to stand out as pioneers<br />

in the market,” says Gregor Bernardy, Head of<br />

MES & Industrial IT at Siempelkamp Logistics &<br />

Service GmbH.<br />

Recently, the Turkish wood-based panel<br />

producer Orma decided to order the 40th Prod-<br />

IQ.quality MES system, which has meanwhile<br />

been successfully commissioned at the Isparta<br />

site in a particleboard plant. Pavatex is also integrating<br />

the system into a new plant in France,<br />

after an existing plant at the same location had<br />

already been equipped with Prod-IQ.quality.<br />

For Neslihan Demirel, Orma’s General<br />

Manager and owner, the investment in Prod-IQ.<br />

quality aims to significantly optimize production<br />

processes: “We chose Siempelkamp‘s Prod-IQ.<br />

quality because it is an excellent tool for achieving<br />

the highest level of operational excellence.<br />

Our primary concern here is that the system be<br />

intelligent and, at the same time, user-friendly.“<br />

Prod-IQ.quality: Using machine learning to<br />

achieve higher productivity and maximum<br />

efficiency<br />

Prod-IQ.quality: Online quality control for internal bond and bending strength, density and other properties of the board<br />

The principle behind Prod-IQ.quality is convincing:<br />

As soon as the board leaves the press,<br />

the software determines the product quality<br />

based on current process settings. A trend diagram<br />

visualizes the results. In addition, the software<br />

calculates the minimum quality reserve<br />

needed for ensuring compliance with the quality<br />

criteria. Since the fluctuation range can be<br />

clearly delimited, the plant’s production runs<br />

right at the optimal level. This increases productivity<br />

while maintaining the same quality<br />

and models production processes as efficiently<br />

as possible, because additional safety reserves<br />

are not required. Internal bond and bending<br />

strength, density, thickness swelling and surface<br />

soundness can all be precisely predicted online.<br />

Designed according to the principle of machine<br />

learning, Prod-IQ.quality uses every available<br />

laboratory control to adapt the process model.<br />

Prod-IQ.profile: Raw density profiles<br />

With Prod-IQ.profile, Siempelkamp is going<br />

a step further and expanding Prod-IQ.quality’s<br />

online quality control. This module predicts raw<br />

density profiles online and allows simulations of<br />

them to be made. Prod-IQ.profile is trained with<br />

raw laboratory density profiles and uses an advanced<br />

physical model for the prediction, which<br />

is based on the Virtual Hot Press (VHP) model. It<br />

simulates the raw density profile of the current<br />

board using the recorded material values, e.g.<br />

weight per unit of area and moisture, as well as<br />

press settings such as pressures, temperatures<br />

and speed. Plant operators achieve the desired<br />

product quality faster, receive a reliable online<br />

prediction, and get immediately available results.<br />

Losses from changeovers can be reduced,<br />

and the simulation enables the settings to be<br />

checked before the operator ultimately changes<br />

them. This system is currently being brought<br />

to market readiness with five selected, globally<br />

represented Siempelkamp pilot customers.<br />

Further innovations are planned for <strong>2022</strong>:<br />

The web-based Prod-IQ ® dashboard platform is<br />

currently being developed and is focused on being<br />

able to easily compare a customer’s complex<br />

plant structures and multiple plants with<br />

each other – from any location on any device,<br />

with secure access. Global plant operators can<br />

access all production sites via a single system<br />

and can compare all plants at a glance via the<br />

web-based platform. This dashboard is now<br />

available.<br />

www.siempelkamp.de<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />



60 years of HOMAG edge banding machines<br />

Part 2<br />

The HOMAG Group is celebrating a birthday: 60 years ago, the company from Schopfloch in Germany launched the first throughfeed<br />

edge banding machine using the hot-cold application process onto the market. The machine was an immediate hit. What followed<br />

over the years was a constant series of innovations and further developments that have allowed HOMAG to regularly prove itself as a<br />

pioneer and technology leader in edge banding right up to the present day.<br />

Precision and performance in batch size 1: the EDGETEQ S- 800 series with WZ24 workpiece infeed system<br />

Furniture as a driver of innovation<br />

However, all of these edge banding technologies<br />

were driven not only intrinsically – new<br />

features in furniture design also regularly initiated<br />

innovations. These included shaped parts,<br />

with HOMAG developing soft-forming and postforming<br />

machines for the production of such<br />

parts in throughfeed operation – specifically,<br />

the KL 70/KL 80 and VF 78/79 and VF 88/89. In<br />

turn, such developments spurred on furniture<br />

design. In addition to soft-forming and postforming<br />

concepts, HOMAG has increasingly presented<br />

interlinking, automation and handling<br />

solutions, such as angular transfers or rotary<br />

stations, to a furniture industry that was undergoing<br />

change. “In the middle of the 1980s,<br />

HOMAG also built the first door systems for attaching<br />

edges to rebated doors,” recalls Ernst<br />

Esslinger, Director Systems Project Execution.<br />

“In 1987, shaped part throughfeed machines<br />

followed, meeting the demands of the furniture<br />

industry to produce curved or shaped parts from<br />

rectangular workpieces in one throughfeed. Up<br />

until that point, this was possible only with<br />

great effort and two to three process steps.” The<br />

fact that HOMAG always had a decisive influence<br />

on the expansion of the postforming process<br />

paid off once again in 1990: The further<br />

development into the postforming direct process<br />

now enabled the user to organize processes<br />

easily, without having to profile, brush, glue,<br />

overlay and press separately.<br />

Throughfeed and stationary coating<br />

The HOMAG Group has also repeatedly introduced<br />

new technologies outside the scope of<br />

pure edge processing. In 1982, this included the<br />

completeLine process, which is used to coat unprocessed<br />

chipboard on three and four sides in<br />

one throughfeed. For this purpose, the “narrow<br />

surface is compressed with a mass, which gives<br />

the edges a higher quality and makes them<br />

more resilient, even with large-pored panel material”<br />

explains Ernst Esslinger. “In this context,<br />

the FKF 200 flat laminating machine with reacTec<br />

nozzle application was introduced in 2015<br />

in the completeLine process. The machine can<br />

be used to laminate the wide and narrow surface<br />

with rolled material in one process step.<br />

The narrow surface is then finished by a casing<br />

line and a post-processing unit.”<br />

In 1989, with the increasing change in furniture<br />

design and the increasing demand for<br />

shaped parts, HOMAG decided to use CNC stationary<br />

technology for processing these types of<br />

parts. As a result, significant further developments<br />

were presented and the possibilities for<br />

use and processing were continuously expanded.<br />

One milestone in particular was the integration<br />

of edge banding and processing units,<br />

for which the machine control unit had to meet<br />

high demands for dynamic response and positioning<br />

accuracy. “Today, stationary machines<br />

can be used to perform almost any complete<br />

processing,” explains Frederik Meyer, Executive<br />

Vice President, CNC Processing. “As the equivalent<br />

of the throughfeed technology, they represent<br />

an important, future-oriented pillar of the<br />

group. Combined with feed and stacking equipment,<br />

complete production cells that also enable<br />

unmanned processing are produced.”<br />

Digitalization and its tools<br />

Today, developments in the wood processing<br />

and furniture industry are heavily influenced<br />

by mega trends such as automation and digitalization.<br />

This is particularly reflected in control<br />

system technology and computer technology,<br />

which are key technologies that determine<br />

the expansion of the entire production as well<br />

as individual processing methods. “Like almost<br />

no other company, HOMAG recognized this at<br />

an early stage and continuously presented solutions.<br />

A uniform control system for all the<br />

group’s processes was therefore a strategic goal<br />

from a very early point,” emphasizes Matthias<br />

20 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>


In 2009, the laserTec process ushered in a new age in edge<br />

application. Since then, it has often been used in combination,<br />

for example with PUR technology<br />

Volm. In 1985, for example, the company introduced<br />

a new control system called Homatic,<br />

which was followed by the development of a<br />

production line control unit that allows workpieces<br />

to be tracked across several machines<br />

operating in a network. Since 2005, the successor,<br />

the “powerControl” control system, which<br />

is accompanied by the decentralization of the<br />

control systems and switch cabinets, has dominated.<br />

Finally, at Ligna 2013, HOMAG presented<br />

powerTouch, a touch-screen operating concept<br />

that combined design and function and offered<br />

a high customer benefit in combination with the<br />

powerControl control system. Since then, uniform<br />

operating elements and software modules<br />

have ensured that all HOMAG machines can be<br />

operated in the same way. The next generation–<br />

powerTouch2–followed in 2019.<br />

In 2014, HOMAG launched another powerful<br />

tool on the market with ServiceBoard. “With<br />

this app, users can transfer service cases on the<br />

machine to the ServiceCenter via video. An employee<br />

then immediately provides information<br />

such as instructions, films or diagrams, enabling<br />

the error to be resolved quickly,” explains<br />

Achim Homeier. In addition, since 2016, machines<br />

and production lines from HOMAG can<br />

be put into operation virtually before delivery to<br />

reduce project processing time. This is done in<br />

real time using real software and control system<br />

components. Since 2019, digital twins have also<br />

enabled digital machine training for employees<br />

and customers. Two years earlier, tapio, a cloudbased<br />

platform with digital products and databased<br />

services for the entire value chain of the<br />

wood working industry, had already celebrated<br />

its world premiere at Ligna. From that point on,<br />

all new machines from the HOMAG Group were<br />

ready to deliver data to the tapio cloud. The<br />

current milestone in the software sector was<br />

marked in <strong>2022</strong> by woodCommander 5 with<br />

Edge Data Plugin on the EDGETEQ S- 500 edge<br />

banding machines. This enables quick selection<br />

of processing programs and edge materials as<br />

well as reliable recording of production parameters<br />

and the workpiece-oriented creation of<br />

machine programs. In addition, it forms the direct<br />

connection between the machine and the<br />

“materialAssist” app, which manages the edging<br />

material.<br />

Significant contribution<br />

One of the latest innovations from HOMAG is woodCommander<br />

5 the new software generation. Since <strong>2022</strong>, it has been used<br />

additionally to establish direct connections to the edge band<br />

management<br />

In edge processing, as in all other technologies<br />

in furniture construction and component<br />

production, the range of services offered<br />

by HOMAG today extends from individual machines<br />

in the entry-level, medium or high-end<br />

segment, through the engineering and installation<br />

of complex production lines and systems,<br />

to complete industry solutions, including consulting<br />

and software, as well as system development<br />

and implementation. With this closely<br />

coordinated machine and service range, the<br />

HOMAG Group offers its customers a comprehensive<br />

product range with high customer benefits.<br />

Dr. Sergej Schwarz: “Edge banding technologies<br />

make a very significant contribution to<br />

strengthening competitiveness in industry and<br />

<strong>woodworking</strong> shops – as their impressive 60-<br />

year history indicates.“<br />

www.homag.com<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />


FAIRS<br />

„We constantly promote the wood and furniture industry“<br />

The DREMA International Trade Fair of<br />

Machines, Tools and Components for the Wood<br />

and Furniture Industries is currently one of<br />

the largest world exhibitions dedicated to the<br />

<strong>woodworking</strong> industry. Its reputation comes<br />

from the fact that it is listed as one of the 14<br />

world exhibitions dedicated to the <strong>woodworking</strong><br />

industry, which are officially supported<br />

by the EUMABOIS European Federation of<br />

Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers.<br />

The DREMA trade fair in Poznań from<br />

13.- 16.09.<strong>2022</strong> is a presentation of technologies<br />

of tomorrow and solutions dedicated to<br />

<strong>woodworking</strong>, furniture industries, sawmills<br />

and wood energy. It is complemented by fabric<br />

cutting and sewing machines, components<br />

for furniture production and furniture accessories,<br />

as well as adhesives and varnishes. A special<br />

space is the Wood Promotion Pavilion - a<br />

unique area where the potential of timber is<br />

demonstrated. During the four days, the trade<br />

fair offers a wealth of brand new products and<br />

events on the most current issues in the wood<br />

and furniture industry, as well as live demonstrations,<br />

workshops and, also, factories operating<br />

live.<br />

On the second day of the DREMA trade fair,<br />

the 7th edition of the Polish Furniture Congress<br />

will be held, organized by the Polish Chamber<br />

of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers. The<br />

Chamber will also prepare the 4th edition of the<br />

Meeting of Women of the Furniture Industry.<br />

On September 15, <strong>2022</strong>, the EUROPEAN<br />

B2B WOOD SUMMIT will be held. The summit<br />

will feature presentations by owners and managers<br />

from Poland, Lithuania, Ireland, Australia<br />

and Sweden. The topics to be discussed during<br />

the summit include the trends and challenges<br />

of the supply chain, artificial intelligence, and<br />

ERP and MRP for wood product inventory and<br />

sales. The guests will learn about innovative solutions<br />

and practices that are already in use in<br />

other companies.<br />

www.drema.pl<br />

VietnamWood<br />

NürnbergMesse expands its <strong>woodworking</strong> portfolio<br />

(f.l.t.r.) SivaKumar Venugopal (NürnbergMesse India), Stefan Dittrich (NürnbergMesse),<br />

Petra Wolf (NürnbergMesse), Judy Wang (Chan Chao International),<br />

Dr. Bernhard Dirr (VDMA) // © NürnbergMesse<br />

VietnamWood, South-East Asia’s leading trade fair for the primary and secondary <strong>woodworking</strong><br />

and wood processing industry, is being sponsored and supported by NürnbergMesse with immediate<br />

effect. The organizer, Chan Chao International Co., Ltd., and NürnbergMesse announced the agreement<br />

at HOLZ-HANDWERK <strong>2022</strong> in Nuremberg and their first project together will be VietnamWood<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. “We are grateful for the opportunity to work with NürnbergMesse, one of the world’s leading<br />

trade fair organizers with proven expertise in <strong>woodworking</strong> and wood processing,” says Judy Wang,<br />

Executive Director Overseas, Chan Chao International Co., Ltd. VietnamWood will thus slot into the<br />

Woodworking Events product range at NürnbergMesse, with a portfolio now comprising five events<br />

for <strong>woodworking</strong> requirements.<br />

Vietnam is on the way to becoming the<br />

leading country for furniture manufacture<br />

in Asia. There is strong demand for the latest<br />

manufacturing technologies and skills, and<br />

VietnamWood is the sector’s most important<br />

procurement and technology platform. The exhibition<br />

portfolio includes machines and processes<br />

for wood processing and surface treatment,<br />

tools, furniture accessories, raw materials<br />

and disposal equipment.<br />

Developing new markets together<br />

“VietnamWood is the ideal complement<br />

to our quartet of <strong>woodworking</strong> events: HOLZ-<br />

HANDWERK in Germany, and INDIAWOOD,<br />

DELHIWOOD and MUMBAIWOOD in India,”<br />

says Stefan Dittrich, Director Exhibition<br />

NürnbergMesse with responsibility for the<br />

Woodworking Events product range which, in<br />

addition to its own four events, also includes<br />

the organization of German pavilions in Brazil,<br />

Kenya, Ukraine – and Vietnam. At an international<br />

level, NürnbergMesse is now expanding<br />

its commitment further as part of a bilateral<br />

sales and marketing partnership with Chan<br />

Chao International Co., Ltd.<br />

The Vietnamese market is growing<br />

VietnamWood has been held in Ho Chi Minh<br />

City since 2001 – at first annually, since 2007<br />

biennially, demonstrating growth in all key parameters:<br />

exhibitor numbers, exhibition area<br />

and visitor numbers. The local wood and furniture<br />

industry has enjoyed double-digit growth<br />

for years, with high-level investment. Furniture<br />

production has grown by 15 percent annually<br />

since 2005. Vietnam is now one of the world’s<br />

leading exporters of wood furniture, and the<br />

<strong>woodworking</strong> and wood processing sector is<br />

of central importance to the Vietnamese economy.<br />

Dr Bernhard Dirr, Managing Director of the<br />

VDMA Woodworking Machinery Association<br />

and co-organizer of HOLZ-HANDWERK, welcomes<br />

the expansion of international activities<br />

by NürnbergMesse: “The growth in the<br />

Vietnamese market offers major potential<br />

for solution providers from Europe. We are<br />

pleased that the member companies in the<br />

Woodworking Machinery Association are also<br />

receiving the best advice and support from<br />

NürnbergMesse when they take part in trade<br />

fairs in the Vietnamese market.”<br />

Save the date!<br />

The 14th edition of VietnamWood will take<br />

place in Ho Chi Minh City from 18 to 21 October<br />

<strong>2022</strong>. The series will then resume its normal<br />

schedule in the autumn of 2023.<br />

www.wood-working-events.com<br />

22 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>

FAIRS<br />

Together to create new business opportunities<br />

33.BI-MU international biennial exhibition of machine tools, robotics and automation systems, additive manufacturing, digital and auxiliary technologies.<br />

Plus Xylexpo, biennial exhibition of <strong>woodworking</strong> technology and components for the furniture industry. Along with Viscom Italia, Europe’s leading<br />

visual communication trade fair, all kick off concurrently on the second week of October <strong>2022</strong> at Rho-fieramilano expo centre. The fully integrated<br />

BI-MU and Xylexpo events, start Wednesday, Oct. 12 until Saturday, Oct. 15.<br />

Riccardo Gaslini, head of the organizing<br />

secretariat of BI-MU, organized by EFIM, said,<br />

“BI-MU and XYLEXPO have been working together<br />

for two years now to offer both event<br />

participants a comprehensive and rewarding<br />

visiting experience. This is why we co-ordinated<br />

the total permeability of the two Instrumental<br />

Mechanics exhibitions.“<br />

“We are living in a period of great transformation<br />

where it is necessary to be a bit more<br />

daring and strive to make new choices,” added<br />

Dario Corbetta, director of Xylexpo. “The upcoming<br />

exhibition highlights the will of the entire<br />

wood and derivative technology protagonists<br />

to experience a new way to come together,<br />

seizing all the opportunities of a new age where<br />

production processes are becoming increasingly<br />

transversal and the search for solutions can<br />

be extended into “neighbouring worlds.” This<br />

also applies to digital printing, currently an ever<br />

increasing new trend in furniture and surface<br />

finishings.<br />

EUMABOIS at Xylexpo <strong>2022</strong><br />

EUMABOIS, the European Federation grouping<br />

13 National Associations of Woodworking<br />

Machinery Manufacturer, will take part in the<br />

<strong>2022</strong> edition of Xylexpo.<br />

“Technologies for the <strong>woodworking</strong> and furniture<br />

industry experienced an extremely positive<br />

year in 2021 and a great start in <strong>2022</strong>,” commented<br />

Luigi De Vito, Vice President of Eumabois.<br />

“This trend will be for sure also reflected in the<br />

upcoming edition of Xylexpo.” Jürgen Köppel,<br />

President of Eumabois, is fully supporting De<br />

Vito’s message with his statement: “Xylexpo<br />

<strong>2022</strong> will be a great international showcase of<br />

innovations where visitors can experience latest<br />

trends and solutions in person, again.”<br />

The European Federation will be present<br />

with a dedicated booth for being available to all<br />

National Associations and visitors from all over<br />

the world. For visitors, this will be an opportunity<br />

to get in touch with Eumabois and to get the<br />

latest economic updates relating to the <strong>woodworking</strong><br />

industry, as well as to get a preview<br />

of the Eumabois “World Exhibitions Network<br />

2023” trade fair calendar.<br />

www.xylexpo.com<br />

Successful summer edition<br />

At the combined HOLZ-HANDWERK and<br />

FENSTERBAU FRONTALE exhibition, the focus<br />

was on meeting and networking face-to-face,<br />

finding solutions and checking out products,<br />

exploring training opportunities and discussing<br />

the latest industry issues.<br />

The trade fair pairing announced its return<br />

with a ‘summer edition’ featuring 708 exhibitors<br />

from 33 countries. Over four days, the<br />

around 28,500 trade visitors from more than<br />

100 countries found out all about the latest<br />

trends in <strong>woodworking</strong> and wood processing<br />

and in window, door and facade construction.<br />

The exhibition in 13 halls was complemented by<br />

an extensive supporting programme with topicspecific<br />

shows, presentation forums and other<br />

programme features.<br />

“There was great excitement about this<br />

face-to-face reunion in the run-up to the event,<br />

and this was also reflected by the mood in<br />

the halls,” says Stefan Dittrich, Director HOLZ-<br />

HANDWERK. “We heard a lot of people saying<br />

how glad they were to finally be back at<br />

a trade fair again. For the 20th anniversary<br />

round of HOLZ-HANDWERK, ‘discover, experience,<br />

do’ is once again an apt description for a<br />

fair with such a hands-on atmosphere that can<br />

only really be experienced live and on site.” WiN<br />

Woodworking <strong>INTERNATIONAL</strong> was on site and<br />

will report in the upcoming issue.<br />

In line with their usual schedule, HOLZ-<br />


be back from 19 to 22 March 2024 at Exhibition<br />

Centre Nuremberg.<br />

www.holz-handwerk.de<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />


Nuremberg, Germany<br />

21–24.3.2018<br />

European Trade Fair for Machine Technology,<br />

Equipment and Supplies for the Woodworking Crafts<br />

holz-handwerk.de<br />

Information<br />

End-to-end<br />

NürnbergMesse GmbH<br />

digitization from sales to the finished product<br />

T +49 911 86 06-49 29<br />

visitorservice@nuernbergmesse.de<br />

Parallel to<br />

For the further development of the furniture and interior design software iX 2021 SR2, which will be released in the summer, imos<br />

promises not only the optimization of numerous functions with regard to ease of use and processing speed, but above all the stronger<br />

integration of the end customer in the sales and planning process.<br />

HH18_121x305_INT_<strong>WIN</strong>_<strong>woodworking</strong>_international_BES_GUT.indd 1 15.01.18 14:45<br />

However, the main focus of the development<br />

was on the room planning module iX NET<br />

Plan3D. Here, a new technological approach<br />

has drastically improved planning speed and<br />

convenience. But that’s not all: Numerous new<br />

functions simplify and accelerate the selection,<br />

configuration and positioning of furniture in<br />

the virtual room. In future, pre-conceived design<br />

proposals can be inserted into the planning<br />

for a quick start. Interactive dimensioning<br />

functions help the user to find his way around<br />

the virtual room and to better estimate the<br />

proportions.<br />

imos iX 2021 mission statement<br />

Furthermore, iX 2021 SR2 is flexible and<br />

open. On the one hand, decentralized work is<br />

possible in the home office or directly on the<br />

construction site. On the other hand, various<br />

online services such as the Digital Factory from<br />

HOMAG can be integrated and thus the functionality<br />

of the iX software can be expanded<br />

quickly and easily without additional installation.<br />

In addition, the Herford-based technology<br />

supplier offers iX Scout, a digital assistant<br />

that makes order, design and production details<br />

available and visualized at any time in the workshop<br />

or on the construction site.<br />

Professional renderings for the end<br />

customer – created quickly and easily<br />

Renderings are an important sales tool. If<br />

the end customer wants to place an order, a<br />

convincing visualization can become the decisive<br />

factor. Instead of a technical drawing, a<br />

vivid room situation is required that conveys as<br />

realistic an impression as possible. imos supports<br />

planners and salespeople in this process.<br />

Without any special technical knowledge, impressive<br />

renderings can be created in a short<br />

time with iX 2021 SR2. For this purpose, the<br />

functional range of room planning in iX CAD<br />

and iX PLAN has been extended: the familiar<br />

render functions have been optimized in terms<br />

of operation, output quality and computing<br />

time, and numerous functions such as light and<br />

camera settings have been added. The render<br />

library now includes new materials and even<br />

more deco objects. In addition, a special data<br />

package with appealing HDRI images ensures<br />

that the backgrounds - e.g. when looking out of<br />

windows and glass doors - are true to reality in<br />

the rendering. A completely new series of video<br />

tutorials helps beginners to quickly achieve convincing<br />

results.<br />

In the future, a new online service will enable<br />

design or planning details created in iX<br />

CAD to be displayed quickly and unconventionally<br />

on mobile devices. Customers or employees<br />

do not need to install a special app or software<br />

for this. Access is simply via an email link<br />

and takes the recipient to a personal view in the<br />

Internet browser. Here, the planning or design<br />

can be viewed as an interactive 3D model, can<br />

be rotated, zoomed in on or elements can be<br />

shown or hidden.<br />

Planning furniture online made easy<br />

The online sales solution iX NET presents itself<br />

in a new look and feel: The entire interface<br />

appears structured and guides the user quickly<br />

and safely through the individual planning and<br />

configuration steps. The interactive graphical<br />

3D representation of the furniture configuration<br />

has been improved and thus appears much<br />

more realistic.<br />

Another new feature is that room planning<br />

can be linked to the webshop of other providers<br />

in future - in the same way as the iX NET<br />

configurator.<br />

Convincing detail functions for individual<br />

interior design<br />

iX CAD <strong>2022</strong> SR2 stands out with special<br />

functions that particularly support the planning,<br />

design and production of individual<br />

furnishings.<br />

In iX CAD, imos has completely revised the<br />

design wizard for creating and modifying parametric<br />

multiple components and made it much<br />

easier to use. Advantages result in particular<br />

for the design of dimensionally variable frame<br />

and object doors as well as multi-part kitchen<br />

fronts.<br />

Integration of online services<br />

A declared goal of imos AG is connecting iX<br />

2021 SR2 with other systems to enable a continuous<br />

data flow in the process and at the same<br />

time expand the functionality of the entire solution.<br />

This can involve the connection of ERP<br />

systems and industry programs, or the integration<br />

of industry-oriented online services, such<br />

as those of the HOMAG Group’s Digital Factory<br />

- as a result, intelliDivide Cutting, intelliDivide<br />

Nesting and the productionManager can now<br />

be activated simply and easily via the tapio online<br />

platform and used immediately.<br />

www.imos3d.com<br />

24 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>

Nuremberg, Germany<br />

21–24.3.2018<br />

European Trade Fair for Machine Technology,<br />

Equipment and Supplies for the Woodworking Crafts<br />

World premiere: The Raumwunder<br />

Advanced solutions for CNC processing and drilling technology<br />

holz-handwerk.de<br />

Information<br />

NürnbergMesse GmbH<br />

T +49 911 86 06-49 29<br />

visitorservice@nuernbergmesse.de<br />

Parallel to<br />

HOMAG showed at HOLZ-HANDWERK what modern workshops need: Efficient machines and digital solutions that enable both automated<br />

furniture production and the manufacture of individual components. In addition to new products such as the DRILLTEQ V-310<br />

vertical CNC machining center or the CENTATEQ N-210 nested-based CNC machine, which were shown live for the first time, there were<br />

also used opportunities for product presentation afforded by digital technology.<br />

HH18_121x305_INT_<strong>WIN</strong>_<strong>woodworking</strong>_international_BES_GUT.indd 1 15.01.18 14:45<br />

The new DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing<br />

center, a space-saving masterpiece in<br />

the field of cabinet processing, was presented to<br />

the public for the first time at HOLZ-HANDWERK<br />

<strong>2022</strong> by HOMAG. Ergonomics and ease of use<br />

were at the heart of the model’s development.<br />

The new machine is therefore characterized by<br />

its wide range of functions in just a small space.<br />

Look forward to a processing center that<br />

will take new approaches to accessibility and<br />

setup functionality. A selection of up to 45 drilling<br />

spindles in a split head configuration and a<br />

C axis with a unit interface offer extensive processing<br />

options. The improved suction concept<br />

and the vacuum-free fixing of the workpieces<br />

save energy and costs at the same time.<br />

The Raumwunder – The new DRILLTEQ V-310 vertical CNC processing center.<br />

HOMAG Panel Dividing – new machines<br />

and software solutions provide even<br />

greater flexibility and efficiency<br />

The smallest SAWTEQ B-130 panel dividing<br />

saw will be equipped with a further, optional<br />

clamp. This clamp will allow even more cutting<br />

patterns to be processed using the proven<br />

Power Concept Classic technology. This increases<br />

the output significantly and allows production<br />

peaks to be managed without problems.<br />

Good to know: The optional clamp is also available<br />

for the SAWTEQ B-200 series.<br />

One of the highlights was the hybrid product<br />

presentation of the virtual panel storage<br />

system using the SAWTEQ B-300 panel dividing<br />

saw. Thanks to iVP (Intelligent Virtual Planning),<br />

HOMAG designed and displayed the STORETEQ<br />

panel storage system 1:1 on a screen hanging<br />

above the panel saw. iVP was also used to demonstrate<br />

the digital twin of the DRILLTEQ V-310.<br />

In both cases, visitors were able to experience<br />

virtual three-dimensional copies of the product,<br />

both on the touch display, on VR (Virtual Reality)<br />

glasses or directly on their smartphones. They<br />

could then make the comparison to the physical<br />

machine a few meters away – a hybrid success<br />

model that will be remembered.<br />

Future-oriented solutions for carpenters/<br />

joiners in all performance classes of edge<br />

banding machines<br />

HOMAG offers a wide range of edge banding<br />

machines, from the entry-level models to industrial<br />

production. Digitalization plays a central<br />

role here.<br />

The new EDGETEQ S- 300 scores with the<br />

two-profile technology on the single-motor profile<br />

trimming unit scores on all levels.<br />

The equipment of the EDGETEQ S- 300,<br />

model 1440 E, offers competitive advantages<br />

for both <strong>woodworking</strong> shops and small- and<br />

medium-sized businesses – especially in the<br />

case of frequently changing edge thicknesses.<br />

The two-profile technology – here with the<br />

profiles R1 and R2 – on the single-motor profile<br />

trimming unit is a world first: easy processing<br />

thanks to the fast, precise change by touch<br />

via the control system. Setup times and the machine<br />

length are shortened, thereby increasing<br />

cost efficiency.<br />

SAWTEQ B-130 with further, optional clamp and Power Concept Classic for maximum flexibility and efficiency in cutting.<br />

www.homag.com<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />


Nuremberg, Germany<br />

21–24.3.2018<br />

European Trade Fair for Machine Technology,<br />

Equipment and Supplies for the Woodworking Crafts<br />

holz-handwerk.de<br />

Wood sanding machines which meet the highest demands<br />

Information<br />

NürnbergMesse GmbH<br />

T +49 911 86 06-49 29<br />

visitorservice@nuernbergmesse.de<br />

Parallel to<br />

Hans Weber Maschinenfabrik, headquartered in the German town of Kronach, was at HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair again this year and<br />

presented its grinding and sanding innovations on the occasion of its 100-year anniversary.<br />

HH18_121x305_INT_<strong>WIN</strong>_<strong>woodworking</strong>_international_BES_GUT.indd 1 15.01.18 14:45<br />

WEBER is celebrating its 100th anniversary<br />

this year! Starting out by building a grinding<br />

machine for slates in the 1920s and having<br />

developed into one of the leading international<br />

companies in the sector: it is impressive what<br />

the WEBER company has achieved. Passion for<br />

new technologies has been in this machine factory’s<br />

genes for the last 100 years. Each new<br />

generation contributes its own, innovative ideas<br />

to the company’s history. The family firm has<br />

now become firmly rooted in the market, offering<br />

excellent, patented wood sanding and<br />

metal grinding machine process technologies.<br />

Regardless of whether their customers require<br />

high-quality furniture, trade fair construction,<br />

high-gloss surfaces for kitchens or entire walls<br />

for timber buildings, WEBER applies its many<br />

years of experience and know-how to address<br />

the individual needs of its customers as early as<br />

the development stage of its sanding machines.<br />

Customers can thus rest assured that they will<br />

always get the solution which perfectly matches<br />

their requirements: wood sanding, veneer sanding,<br />

lacquer sanding or in the panel industry.<br />

Product relaunch: the new individual class<br />

WEBER KSF-series<br />

The new and innovative WEBER KSF series is<br />

one of the novelties WEBER is presenting at the<br />

Nuremberg. This series of machines is a relaunch<br />

of the existing universal model for industrial use<br />

and offers many new features to complement<br />

the many advantages which have made the current<br />

KSF a well-established name in the market.<br />

Just like its predecessor, the Weber KSF can<br />

be fitted out with up to eight sanding stations.<br />

This machine series is ideal for fast and efficient<br />

wood, veneer and lacquer sanding. All WEBER<br />

sanding and brushing stations can be installed<br />

in any random order. Examples are the cross belt<br />

station and the wide-belt stations, such as the<br />

contact drum, combination station and wide<br />

belt with sanding pads, and of course also the<br />

WEBER CBF sanding technology, X-Schliff and<br />

the patented WEBER brush technology.<br />

The WEBER KSF sanding lines work with direct<br />

workpiece transfer integrated into lines or<br />

as a stand-alone installation. The design and<br />

construction of the new KSF series meets the<br />

C-standards for the safety of machinery. This series<br />

also features Self Learning Tracking (SLT).<br />

After each change of the sanding belt, it automatically<br />

returns to the centre oscillation position.<br />

A “standing sanding belt” is optionally<br />

available as well. The cross belt unit has been<br />

optimised to ensure to ensure even better sanding<br />

of the edges and more homogeneous belt<br />

tension.<br />

www.hansweber.de<br />

New vacuum lifter for the <strong>woodworking</strong> shop<br />

Whether for carpenters, furniture makers, wood traders or other representatives of the <strong>woodworking</strong> industry: with the “Wood” version<br />

of its VacuMaster, Schmalz has designed a specialist for the lifting requirements of the <strong>woodworking</strong> industry.<br />

With the VacuMaster Wood from J. Schmalz<br />

GmbH, a single person ergonomically transports<br />

boards via chain hoist and crane system<br />

from the warehouse to saws and other tools, or<br />

lifts and swivels them during manual processing.<br />

The special suction plates of the vacuum<br />

load carrier are kept narrow but absorb high<br />

lateral forces. The holders give users the option<br />

of rotating the contact surfaces by 90 degrees<br />

and also adjusting the suction plate distances<br />

as required. Should the application change<br />

over time, the horizontal unit can be converted<br />

to the 90 degree swivel version. The stable<br />

steel traverse system is designed for loads<br />

of up to 250 kilograms and is available in various<br />

lengths - optionally also with crossbars. An<br />

integrated dust filter protects the ejector from<br />

contamination, which is particularly important<br />

in dusty locations. This increases its service life<br />

and thus saves costs. The user can reach the filter<br />

to clean it via the side and front cover, which<br />

can be removed without tools, and also has access<br />

to all relevant parts for servicing.<br />

The VacuMaster Wood works with compressed<br />

air - at six bar - and can therefore be<br />

used worldwide, regardless of voltage and frequency.<br />

The high-flow ejector guarantees high<br />

suction power. This is quiet and economical. As<br />

soon as a safe vacuum level is reached, it goes<br />

into energy-saving mode to save compressed<br />

air. On airtight surfaces, the integrated vacuum<br />

reservoir maintains the vacuum even in the<br />

event of media, emergency or power failures in<br />

order to safely unload the workpiece.<br />

The load carrier is available in the Comfort<br />

version. The basic body is slim and weight-saving<br />

in terms of ergonomics. It also has a control<br />

panel of the same name. With it, the user<br />

not only switches the vacuum on and off, but<br />

also controls the chain hoist and the pneumatic<br />

With the flexible suction plate holders, users rotate the contact<br />

surfaces by 90 degrees and adjust the suction plate distances<br />

as required.<br />

swivel cylinder. Schmalz offers compatible models<br />

as well as the matching crane system. The<br />

VacuMaster Wood will be officially available in<br />

autumn.<br />

www.schmalz.com<br />

26 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>

Nuremberg, Germany<br />

21–24.3.2018<br />

European Trade Fair for Machine Technology,<br />

Equipment and Supplies for the Woodworking Crafts<br />

The Salvamac proposal<br />

holz-handwerk.de<br />

Information<br />

NürnbergMesse GmbH<br />

T +49 911 86 06-49 29<br />

visitorservice@nuernbergmesse.de<br />

Salvamac was present with substantial new elements at HOLZ-HANDWERK, in which not only Salvamac solutions and products were<br />

exhibited, but the evolution of the network that the Italian-Polish group is defining were also be represented, thus creating - in fact - a<br />

real pole of excellence engaged in the processing and transformation of solid wood.<br />

Parallel to<br />

HH18_121x305_INT_<strong>WIN</strong>_<strong>woodworking</strong>_international_BES_GUT.indd 1 15.01.18 14:45<br />

“We have always had the certainty that the<br />

future of the <strong>woodworking</strong> and furniture industry<br />

must pass through partnerships and collaborations<br />

between aware and structured companies,<br />

which have customer satisfaction as an absolute<br />

priority”, comments Christian Salvador,<br />

together with his partner, Ziemovit Dolkowski of<br />

Salvamac Group. “Today, finding new business<br />

methods is an imperative that no business can<br />

neglect, inventing new solutions and methods<br />

that arise from a “quality relationship” between<br />

people, from encounters, from comparisons”.<br />

An innovative concept that was presented<br />

in Nuremberg, which - alongside the solutions<br />

signed by the three now-consolidated divisions<br />

(“Cross-cutting”, “Air & Painting” and<br />

“Salvamac Selection”) - hosted several companies<br />

with which the Italian-Polish reality has for<br />

some time been carrying out common projects<br />

in terms of advanced handling and automation<br />

systems, technologies for energy recovery and<br />

drying, heat treatment, and wood vaporization.<br />

In the spotlight was the new version of the<br />

“SalvaPush 2000” optimizing saw for the world<br />

of door and window frames, equipped with devices<br />

and aggregates designed for this particular<br />

use. Two semi-automatic cross-cutting saws<br />

also demonstrated how the installation of the<br />

“Salvastop” electronic positioning device can<br />

actually allow the user to have real entry level<br />

numerically controlled cutting stations. It should<br />

be noted that the “Salvastop” device has also<br />

been completely re-designed: the new version<br />

makes sharing data with company software and<br />

devices or bar code readers extremely simple<br />

and effective, as opposed to label printers.<br />

Among the novelties is also the “Voyager”<br />

dust extraction filter with high capacity filter<br />

cartridges , equipped with touch screen control<br />

thanks to which it is possible to manage its use<br />

with an eye to energy saving.<br />

www.salvamac.com<br />

Making the trades and retailers ready for the future<br />

How can we combine home and work life even better in the future? And how can we still<br />

live comfortably in a small space? How can we give the customer furniture that’s one<br />

of a kind? And how can we boost our work efficiency even further? – Hettich gave the<br />

industry practical answers to all this at HOLZ-HANDWERK.<br />

“The products we develop and our digital<br />

services always focus on the trades’ needs.<br />

Cabinet makers and carpenters want to excite<br />

their customers with innovative, tailor made<br />

furniture solutions. And we can give the trades<br />

precisely the instruments and products that will<br />

let them do this in a way that couldn’t be more<br />

easy, conclusive and cost effective in the future,“<br />

explains Jan Hübschmann, Retail/Trades Sales<br />

Manager for Central Europe at Hettich.<br />

Impressive product solutions<br />

At Hettich, you could once again discover<br />

innovative solutions and new products for all<br />

sorts of lifestyles and working situations, such<br />

as the AvanTech YOU drawer platform that can<br />

be configured in many different ways, the creative<br />

Cadro frame system, the Actro 5D pull-out<br />

system, the TopLine XL sliding door system being<br />

used for making versatile spaces, the new<br />

“Steelforce” range for height adjustable desks<br />

as well as room sliding solutions from Kuhn, a<br />

Hettich Group company.<br />

AvanTech YOU: drawers just as you please<br />

The versatile and adaptable AvanTech YOU<br />

drawer system from Hettich takes the effort out<br />

of customising design to meet any preference in<br />

colour, format and material. The platform principle<br />

means all components can be combined<br />

in any chosen way. This gives the trades a vast<br />

range of options for creating furniture with an<br />

individual look and for designing exclusive interiors.<br />

The drawers can be configured in three<br />

colours and five heights with steel, aluminium<br />

or wooden rear panels. DesignProfiles and<br />

DesignCapes can be used to make all manner<br />

of statements with a look of individuality. And<br />

you can choose absolutely any material for the<br />

drawer side profile inlays. All of these options<br />

The new generation of Actro 5D runners provides smooth running performance<br />

for wooden drawers and effective multisynchronisation for extra wide<br />

front panels: Actro 5D can even be used with Push to open Silent for XXL<br />

drawer formats. (Photo. Hettich)<br />

can be used to respond quickly and confidently<br />

to new design trends with AvanTech YOU and<br />

tap into new customer segments.<br />

www.hettich.com<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />


Nuremberg, Germany<br />

21–24.3.2018<br />

European Trade Fair for Machine Technology,<br />

Equipment and Supplies for the Woodworking Crafts<br />

holz-handwerk.de<br />

The factory of the future is already a reality<br />

Information<br />

NürnbergMesse GmbH<br />

T +49 911 86 06-49 29<br />

visitorservice@nuernbergmesse.de<br />

Parallel to<br />

Biesse Group presented in Nuremberg its latest automation, digitisation and software solutions. Visitors were able to discover how<br />

to create a connected, automated factory using the highly-integrated technologies and software solutions that offer fast, optimised<br />

production without sacrificing customisation.<br />

HH18_121x305_INT_<strong>WIN</strong>_<strong>woodworking</strong>_international_BES_GUT.indd 1 15.01.18 14:45<br />

Technologies in action<br />

Biesse presented three integrated automatic<br />

cells, consisting of the Rover B Edge machining<br />

centre with Synchro, Biesse’s exclusive<br />

loading/unloading solution that transforms the<br />

Rover machining centre into an automatic cell;<br />

the Selco WN2 panel saw, integrated with the<br />

Winstore automatic storage solution and with<br />

the Rover B FT machining centre, and the Brema<br />

Eko 2.2 compact vertical boring machine with<br />

ROS robot for loading and unloading operations.<br />

The complete integration between technologies<br />

and loading/unloading systems or automated<br />

warehouses is designed to meet the<br />

needs of customers who require easy-to-use<br />

solutions, achieving the right combination in<br />

terms of reliability and low investment. With<br />

a particular focus on windows and doors and<br />

decades of specialised expertise in this sector,<br />

Biesse’s stand also features the new Winline.<br />

This multicentre is suitable for the independent<br />

production of standard and special windows<br />

and doors with the utmost simplicity and precision.<br />

Completing the technological picture,<br />

visitors could draw inspiration from the various<br />

‘Made With Biesse’ finished products, examples<br />

of creative ideas transformed into actual design<br />

objects and important productions through<br />

Biesse machines.<br />

www.biesse.com<br />

Höcker Polytechnik showed its latest developments<br />


The performance of <strong>woodworking</strong> machines<br />

is increasing continuously. Of course, this<br />

also increases the demands on the important<br />

peripheral equipment such as filter systems or<br />

dedusters. Höcker Polytechnik GmbH has been<br />

supporting the <strong>woodworking</strong> and furniture<br />

industry with innovative disposal and suction<br />

solutions for many years. Höcker has further<br />

expanded its expertise in energy efficiency in<br />

this sector.<br />

Höcker showed how intelligent control technology,<br />

combined with efficiently designed filter<br />

systems, can radically reduce energy consumption<br />

in workshop operations. At the heart of<br />

this are the well-known MultiStar filter systems<br />

or the compact dedusters from the Vacumobil<br />

series.<br />

Höcker displayed the newly developed<br />

Vacumobil series with IE5 permanent magnet<br />

motors and control technology specially adapted<br />

to the new technology. This creates an energy<br />

advantage of 25 % for air and electricity and<br />

ensures a noticeable cost reduction in machine<br />

dedusting. With current energy prices, the additional<br />

cost of the Vacumobiles with IE5 efficiency<br />

power pack can be recouped after just<br />

one year.<br />

The production of high-energy heating material<br />

in-house is also becoming increasingly important.<br />

With the BrikStar C briquetting press,<br />

Höcker presses wood dust and chips into briquettes.<br />

This not only opens up an extremely<br />

cheap source of energy for <strong>woodworking</strong> companies<br />

- they also provide CO 2<br />

neutral heating.<br />

With particularly small combined painting<br />

and drying booths, Höcker gives the <strong>woodworking</strong><br />

trade the opportunity to paint with industrial<br />

quality without compromising, even when<br />

space is limited.<br />

Dedusting at the very highest energy efficient level: Vacumobil<br />

JP350 with IE5 efficiency power pack with jet/compressed air<br />

pulse cleaning technology with integrated briquetting press.<br />

www.hoecker-polytechnik.de<br />

28 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>

Nuremberg, Germany<br />

21–24.3.2018<br />

European Trade Fair for Machine Technology,<br />

Equipment and Supplies for the Woodworking Crafts<br />

Numerous top innovations<br />

Aigner Werkzeuge GmbH from Taufkirchen in Upper Austria presented its top innovations<br />

in the field of cutting tools for wood and plastics processing at HOLZ-HANDWERK:<br />

Grooving cutter Konstantin ® Mini FinishCut<br />

C248&C249 with interchangeable DIA blades<br />

The family of Konstantin ® Mini DIA grooving<br />

cutters has been successfully extended by<br />

the FinishCut model series C248 & C249. A superlative<br />

DIA groove shank cutter type with outstanding<br />

milling properties for machining almost<br />

all common board material types!<br />

A tear-free milling pattern, combined with<br />

fast feed rates, enables FinishCut users to easily<br />

machine materials such as multiplex, coated<br />

and veneered particleboard, as well as MDF and<br />

even furniture solid wood panels. Two cutter<br />

types with different numbers of teeth are available<br />

for different performance ranges.<br />

Starting with the C248 for rather slower<br />

to medium feed ranges and following with the<br />

C249 which is an ideally suited grooving cutter<br />

for CNC professionals with high performance requirements!<br />

Konstantin ® Mini users can easily<br />

change the cutting edges themselves in a DIY<br />

process with a torque wrench. This eliminates<br />

long waiting times for service work and cost-intensive<br />

new purchases for replacement tools!<br />

DIA grooving cutters C442 and C443 for use<br />

on suction turbines for nesting machines<br />

Of course, Aigner does not neglect the tool<br />

program for the ever increasing number of nesting<br />

machining centers in <strong>woodworking</strong>. Here,<br />

with the C442 and the C443, two new DIA nesting<br />

cutter types are available for different panel<br />

thicknesses and power ranges. Cleverly solved,<br />

these variants function excellently in conjunction<br />

with common suction turbines and in this<br />

combination ensure a good chip flow in the<br />

direction of the extraction system. Specially<br />

matched cutting geometries enable a high cutting<br />

quality on the narrow surfaces and economical<br />

milling in everyday production.<br />

Face milling cutter Konstantin® C181 with<br />

interchangeable DIA blades<br />

In line with the theme of nesting, Aigner is<br />

also presenting its new C181 milling cutter in<br />

Konstantin ® design with DIA interchangeable<br />

cutting edges. In the standard version, the milling<br />

cutter is available in diameters of 80 and<br />

120 mm with 25 mm h6 shank. Whether the<br />

milling tool is equipped with three or six teeth is<br />

easily decided by the user on site. The face milling<br />

cutter can be converted for different feeds<br />

or material types with the help of blind knives,<br />

this always ensures the right operating conditions<br />

and perfect milling quality!<br />

PM-Shaped recessed grip router bit for CNC<br />

C557 – 4<br />

The successful recessed grip router bit series<br />

has been expanded to include the C557 – 4. This<br />

smart interchangeable-plate profile end mill allows<br />

up to seven different handle profiles to be<br />

milled on the CNC! With this tool, trendy handle<br />

recesses can be milled into solid wood furniture<br />

fronts in impressive milling quality. A very simple<br />

exchange of the profile cutting edge allows<br />

a quick changeover to different profiles.<br />

Konstantin ® Mini Radius Profile Cutters<br />

C560 – 1 and C560 – 2<br />

A special coup has been achieved with the<br />

new router types C560 – 1 and the C560 – 2. For<br />

the first time, a DIA round profile cutter and a<br />

DIA round profile grooving cutter equipped with<br />

the Konstantin ® Mini interchangeable blade system<br />

are available for Holzher edge banding machines.<br />

Revolutionary; here the profile cutting<br />

holz-handwerk.de<br />

Information<br />

NürnbergMesse GmbH<br />

T +49 911 86 06-49 29<br />

visitorservice@nuernbergmesse.de<br />

Aigner Werkzeuge GmbH –<br />

a company with simple beginnings<br />

Parallel to<br />

Aigner Werkzeuge has been the second largest<br />

Austrian manufacturer of <strong>woodworking</strong> tools for<br />

over 40 years. The success of the company is not<br />

only in the development and production of high<br />

quality cutting tools, but can also be seen in the<br />

industry-relevant customer solutions that we can<br />

offer for almost all company sizes. The focus lies<br />

on the quality, longevity and sustainability of our<br />

products.<br />

HH18_121x305_INT_<strong>WIN</strong>_<strong>woodworking</strong>_international_BES_GUT.indd 1 15.01.18 14:45<br />

In addition, Aigner does an excellent job in the<br />

area of training; the company employs almost exclusively<br />

self-trained, highly qualified specialists.<br />

The distribution of our products is carried out in<br />

the immediate vicinity by our own service staff<br />

and Europe-wide or almost worldwide by now,<br />

by specialized dealers who are looked after and<br />

regularly trained by our experienced field service<br />

team.<br />

Aigner currently employs over 80 people in the region<br />

of Upper Austria and is currently expanding<br />

its production areas with a large new building. As<br />

managing director, DI Josef Hochholzer is responsible<br />

for the successful steering and strategic orientation<br />

of the company. With a regulated succession<br />

and very good capacity utilization, Aigner<br />

looks very positively into the future, even in somewhat<br />

more difficult times!<br />

edges can be exchanged by the user with different<br />

radii 1.0/1.3/2.0/2.5/3.0 mm and this with a<br />

constant trailing edge! For the user, this means<br />

in clear text, no new purchase of many different<br />

radius cutter sets, but by simply changing<br />

the profile cutting edges on site, any radii can<br />

be created with the C560 – 1 and C560 – 2. If the<br />

DIA radius profile cutters have to be changed at<br />

the end of their service life, the machine does<br />

not have to be readjusted a second time. The<br />

two cutter types are used on the corner and longitudinal<br />

milling units on edgebanders of various<br />

sizes. Soon, standardized cutter types will<br />

also be available for other common manufacturers.<br />

Of course, this is already possible on<br />

request!<br />

www.aigner-werkzeuge.at<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />


Nuremberg, Germany<br />

21–24.3.2018<br />

European Trade Fair for Machine Technology,<br />

Equipment and Supplies for the Woodworking Crafts<br />

holz-handwerk.de<br />

All-rounders for the trades<br />

Information<br />

NürnbergMesse GmbH<br />

T +49 911 86 06-49 29<br />

visitorservice@nuernbergmesse.de<br />

Parallel to<br />

The HSM New Edition and the MFA Impression<br />

HH18_121x305_INT_<strong>WIN</strong>_<strong>woodworking</strong>_international_BES_GUT.indd 1 15.01.18 14:45<br />

All good things come in threes. No less than three Heesemann machines were on display at HOLZ-HANDWERK. The compact HSM.3 New<br />

Edition is a particularly interesting option for carpenters and craftsmen as is the all-round talent MFA Impression.<br />

Customer requirements vary widely from<br />

craftsman to craftsman and, ideally, they<br />

all need a machine that is both flexible and<br />

versatile.<br />

The MFA Impression is the all-rounder for<br />

high-end tradesmen. Equipped with a calibrating<br />

roller, a longitudinal and cross unit along<br />

The Heesemann DB-S disc brush unit ensures a particularly<br />

even sanding pattern for a wide range of applications.<br />

with the DB-S disc brush unit, it provides the<br />

solution for every imaginable sanding job,<br />

whether solid wood, veneer, lacquer or 3D<br />

surfaces.<br />

The revised HSM.3 New Edition is a compact<br />

all-round machine for tradesmen with demanding<br />

standards and little space. Equipped<br />

with a calibration roller, a longitudinal unit together<br />

with the DB-S, it is the ideal solution for<br />

working with solid wood and coated surfaces.as<br />

well as three-dimensional surfaces. The popular<br />

HSM series is now also available with 4 units.<br />

The display has been integrated into the front<br />

of the machine to save space. In addition, the<br />

brush element has been optimised and the design<br />

revised.<br />

The HSM.2 New Edition replaces the SWT<br />

200 series from HOMAG and impresses with its<br />

compact design. It is the ideal machine for veneer<br />

and lacquer sanding as well as light calibration<br />

work. The table extension ensures even<br />

more comfortable operation.<br />

Service is another focal area. With an expanded<br />

service network together with innovative<br />

remote options, Heesemann ensures fast<br />

support – on site worldwide.<br />

The DB-S disc brush unit delivers perfect<br />

sanding without oscillation marks<br />

The DB-S from Heesemann is especially<br />

popular among tradesmen because of its flexibility<br />

and versatility: the unit can effortlessly<br />

process three-dimensional surfaces, such as<br />

kitchen fronts with fillings or workpieces with<br />

curved edges (such as doors, windows, and tabletops)<br />

and also create structuring. Another<br />

benefit which saves both time and money:<br />

sharp workpiece edges are broken during the<br />

same pass, eliminating the need for additional<br />

manual. So it is no surprise that 9 out of 10<br />

sanding machines delivered are equipped with<br />

the DB-S unit.<br />

Technology partnership between<br />

Heesemann and HOMAG intensifies<br />

HOMAG withdrew from the development<br />

and manufacture of sanding machines in March<br />

and has since relied on Heesemann’s expertise<br />

in the field of sanding.<br />

www.heesemann.de<br />

Premium-Class Unfilled PO Hot Melt Adhesive<br />

Jowat presents a new premium-class unfilled PO hot melt adhesive<br />

Jowat-Toptherm ® 237.50 is a new PO hot<br />

melt adhesive which impresses in applications<br />

with special requirements in terms of bonding<br />

performance and high aesthetic standards such<br />

as a zero joint appearance. A high heat resistance,<br />

high bond strength coupled with optimized<br />

application amounts, reduced stringing<br />

and a wide range of adhesion make this adhesive<br />

a solid alternative to PUR hot melt systems.<br />

Jowat-Toptherm ® 237.50 is the newest PO<br />

hot melt adhesive in its range with a completely<br />

filler-free formulation. This increases yield and<br />

facilitates colorless adhesive bondlines that are<br />

barely visible, especially in applications with<br />

dark decor materials and high-gloss surfaces.<br />

As part of the Jowat Green Adhesives, this pro-<br />

duct is also REACH-compliant and therefore<br />

supports a comprehensive protection of employees<br />

and the environment. At the same time,<br />

it can prevent high costs for the training which<br />

is mandatory for employees who are processing<br />

adhesives containing isocyanate.<br />

The unfilled PO hot melt adhesive can be<br />

processed with automatic edgebanding machines<br />

and can bond different edgebanding<br />

materials such as ABS, PP, PET, PVC, melamine<br />

or real wood veneer. Investment in new application<br />

technology is generally not necessary<br />

for a changeover to the new PO hot melt<br />

adhesive.<br />

www.jowat.de<br />

30 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>

Nuremberg, Germany<br />

21–24.3.2018<br />

European Trade Fair for Machine Technology,<br />

Equipment and Supplies for the Woodworking Crafts<br />

One instead of two: new finger joint cutters for all pu glue types<br />

holz-handwerk.de<br />

Information<br />

NürnbergMesse GmbH<br />

T +49 911 86 06-49 29<br />

visitorservice@nuernbergmesse.de<br />

Flexible use with high performance<br />

Parallel to<br />

HH18_121x305_INT_<strong>WIN</strong>_<strong>woodworking</strong>_international_BES_GUT.indd 1 15.01.18 14:45<br />

With a new finger geometry, LEUCO is adding an innovative cutter to its program that can be used with both fiber-containing and<br />

fiberless PU glue. The cutter is ideal for companies that make joints with both PU glues, but also provides many advantages for all<br />

other companies.<br />

Due to the universal application possibilities,<br />

the machine operator will no longer have<br />

to change the cutter in the future, i.e. machine<br />

downtimes will be reduced. On the other hand,<br />

there is no longer any danger of mixing up the<br />

previously different cutters, which reduces the<br />

reject rate.<br />

In addition, the optimized geometry increases<br />

the stability of the fingers and significantly<br />

minimizes edge splits, increasing the output<br />

quality.<br />

Great cost-effectiveness<br />

Compared to traditional HS finger joint<br />

cutters, the edge life of the new finger cutters<br />

is up to 5 times as long. LEUCO achieves this<br />

through the combination of the cutting material<br />

Solid 34 and the LEUCO topcoat coating. The<br />

high bending strength of the cutting material<br />

reduces the risk of tooth breakage while maintaining<br />

the same finger jointing quality compared<br />

to standard designs.<br />

This is true even at high feed rates thanks<br />

to double the number of teeth compared<br />

to the standard design. The benefits of the<br />

LEUCO topcoat coating are retained in full after<br />

resharpening.<br />

The new version ZL 15/15 actually Z4<br />

is available from stock. Other versions are<br />

available on request. To achieve optimum<br />

strength in finger joints, all influencing factors<br />

such as material, glue, machine or tool<br />

must be optimally matched. LEUCO tool experts<br />

always advise finger jointing operations<br />

after taking into account all influencing<br />

variables.<br />

One cutter instead of two as previously: The new finger geometry<br />

is used for cutting joints for fiber-containing and fiberless PU<br />

glue in knotty softwood. The new cutting material of the cutters<br />

together with a coating as well provides up to 5 times the edge<br />

life.<br />

www.leuco.com<br />

Cutting with full speed through the panel<br />

In furniture production, perfect machining results and the highest possible feed rates are required for sizing individual panels. This<br />

applies to the production of small batches as well as to batch size 1 production. For both process specifications, the required quality<br />

and the time factor are decisive. Especially with changing support materials and coatings. Here, time-consuming reworking, excessive<br />

tool wear and the associated loss of time turn every production into an economic challenge.<br />

The solution for such cases is provided by<br />

the circular sawblades of the RazorCut series<br />

from Leitz: these circular sawblades are particularly<br />

long-lasting and produce perfectly sawn<br />

narrow edges and precise cutting edges in almost<br />

any surface coatings – and do so consistently,<br />

at high feed rates and with up to four<br />

decibels less noise. So, no matter what materials<br />

need to be cut – one cut of the RazorCut circular<br />

sawblade is enough to glue on a melamine<br />

edge, for example, or to process the workpiece<br />

further. RazorCut circular sawblades mainly are<br />

suitable for sawing individual panels or panel<br />

stacks up to 60 millimetres.<br />

This is made possible above all by the vibration-damping<br />

design of the circular sawblade.<br />

Laser ornaments and the irregular pitch of the<br />

saw teeth generate significantly less vibration<br />

during machining. In addition, high-quality cutting<br />

materials are used, such as ultra-fine grain<br />

carbide with a grain size of 0.2 to 0.5µm. They<br />

produce the “razor-sharp edge” for the perfect<br />

cut and are significantly more durable than conventional<br />

carbide types.<br />

RazorCut circular sawblades from Leitz are<br />

also convincing in terms of sustainability. They<br />

can be resharpened up to thirteen times and<br />

with its worldwide tool service in manufacturer<br />

quality, Leitz is a reliable partner – around the<br />

globe with more than 120 company-owned service<br />

stations.<br />

www.leitz.org<br />

Leitz RazorCut<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />



Port of Amsterdam selected responsible wood construction<br />

The Nautical Coordination Centre in Amsterdam is a wooden building that reflects the sustainable and circular ambitions of the Port of<br />

Amsterdam. The building is designed by WRK Architects and is in the western port area. The special feature is that the entire construction<br />

– walls, floors and roofs – is built with Metsä Wood’s engineered Kerto ® LVL wood product. The industrial appearance of Kerto LVL<br />

products have remained fully visible.<br />

The circular economy is a focus of the Port<br />

of Amsterdam’s strategy. The goal is to become<br />

the most important economic and circular hub<br />

in Europe. The Port of Amsterdam’s ecosystem<br />

brings together all kinds of companies, from<br />

waste, raw materials and port logistics to different<br />

kinds of demo plants and innovative circular<br />

economy companies.<br />

‘This beautiful and natural building material<br />

contributes to a pleasant working environment<br />

and fits the Port of Amsterdam’s ambition to<br />

build sustainably. Those who step in the building<br />

are really surprised. A practical open-space<br />

working environment greets you when you enter<br />

the building, which is ideal for a 24/7 company<br />

like the Port of Amsterdam. The industrial<br />

appearance of Kerto LVL products is fully visible,<br />

and the large floor-toceiling windows offer<br />

a view of the IJ river,’ says Benjamin Robichon<br />

of WRK Architects in explaining why they chose<br />

LVL-based construction.<br />

Construction method<br />

All the floor, wall and roof elements were<br />

prefabricated by the Belgian timber element<br />

manufacturer Dupac and delivered to the building<br />

site ready for assembly. Dupac specialises<br />

in the structural bonding of wooden elements<br />

and can therefore supply CE-marked Kerto-Ripa<br />

Elements.<br />

‘Kerto LVL is a very material-efficient and<br />

sustainable product. In addition to its ability to<br />

store carbon, the high strength and slenderness<br />

of Kerto LVL means you need less volume than<br />

with many other wood materials. Using Kerto<br />

LVL also makes our element production efficient<br />

and easy,’ explains Marc Cuyvers, Managing<br />

Director at Dupac.<br />

The chosen construction method was also<br />

new for the contractor, Dozy BV. ‘The craftsmen<br />

at Dozy are familiar with all sorts of construction<br />

methods, but they had never built an<br />

entirely new construction with Metsa Wood’s<br />

high-quality Kerto LVL before. We are proud<br />

that we were able to build such a high-profile<br />

centre,’ explains Luc Riemers, Project Manager<br />

at Dozy Bouwt.<br />

Kerto-Ripa<br />

elements for floors and roofs<br />

For the floor and roof construction, 350 and<br />

230 mm high Kerto-Ripa elements were used. In<br />

these prefabricated elements, the rib and top<br />

and bottom panels work together with glued<br />

joints.<br />

Most floors have a span of approximately<br />

7.5 m, and vibration was the main design driver<br />

for the floors. A few floors are locally fitted<br />

with an extra rib to absorb the line load of a<br />

sliding wall. This could easily be integrated during<br />

production.<br />

32 No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong>


The largest floor elements (with a length<br />

of 8.6 m) had a fire requirement of 30 minutes,<br />

combined with a limited construction height.<br />

To meet this criterion, thicker top and bottom<br />

slabs of 67 mm were chosen. Interestingly, the<br />

relatively thick slab helps spread the loads in a<br />

transverse direction (especially variable point<br />

loads). The number of ribs is therefore reduced,<br />

simplifying production. Furthermore, the Kerto-<br />

Ripa elements are so strong and rigid that it is<br />

even possible to make holes for staircases.<br />

Load-bearing walls<br />

The load-bearing walls have a 25 mm external<br />

Kerto LVL Q-panel, glued on Kerto LVL<br />

S-beam posts of 45 × 200, and the top and<br />

bottom chords are also made of a 45 × 200 mm<br />

Kerto LVL Q-panel. The studs of this rib wall<br />

element stand with a c/c of 600 mm, and<br />

200 mm Rockwool insulation is fitted between<br />

the studs. On the inside, in the finishing phase,<br />

a 21 mm Kerto LVL Q-panel cladding was applied<br />

to the wall, which remained completely<br />

visible. The advantage of using bonded elements<br />

at this location was that it increased the<br />

wind stability. The thermal resistance of the<br />

walls is 8.6 m 2 K/W.<br />

Sustainability<br />

The building materials used are demountable<br />

and retain their value when reused. They<br />

are therefore fully circular. The load-bearing<br />

Kerto LVL structure was chosen because it provides<br />

a warm and natural atmosphere in the interior.<br />

The timber structure is placed on a concrete<br />

foundation and locally reinforced by a<br />

steel structure. This utilises the specific advantages<br />

of each material separately.<br />

Thanks to the construction in PEFCcertified<br />

Kerto LVL, the building has obtained<br />

an BREAAM Excellent certification, and a low<br />

CO 2<br />

footprint has been achieved. The total use<br />

of Kerto LVL was 200 m 3 , and it stores carbon a<br />

total of 159 tonnes of CO 2<br />

eq according to Metsä<br />

Wood’s carbon storage calculator.<br />

www.metsagroup.com<br />

No. 3 • August <strong>2022</strong><br />



Manufacturer Manufacturer Products<br />

ELKOM-Elektroheizplatten-Technik GmbH<br />

Oberbecksener Str. 80, 32547 Bad Oeynhausen<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 5731 7782-0<br />

Fax: +49 5731 7782-12<br />

Email: elkom@elkom.de<br />

www.elkom.de<br />

Cooling plates<br />

Fluid medium plates<br />

Heating plates<br />

Preheating station for solid surface and thermoplastics<br />

Thermoforming station for solid surface and<br />

thermoplastics<br />

Vacuum plates<br />

Vacuum tables<br />

Fagus-GreCon Greten GmbH & Co. KG<br />

Hannoversche Str. 58, 31061 Alfeld<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 5181 79-0<br />

Fax: +49 5181 79-229<br />

Email: marketing@fagus-grecon.com<br />

Automatic woodinspection machines, scanners<br />

Density profile measurement<br />

Fire protection for industrial risks<br />

Measuring systems for the panel industry<br />

Moisture meters, in-line type for boards or veneer<br />

Spark extinguishing systems<br />

www.fagus-grecon.com<br />

Höcker Polytechnik GmbH<br />

Borgloher Str. 1, 49176 Hilter a.T.W.<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 5409 405-0<br />

Fax: +49 5409 405-595<br />

Email: info@hpt.net<br />

Briquetting press<br />

Cyclone separator<br />

Dust extractor<br />

Industrial fan<br />

Paint booth<br />

www.hoecker-polytechnik.com<br />

HOLZ-HER GmbH<br />

Plochinger Str. 65, 72666 Nürtingen<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 7022 702-0<br />

Fax: +49 7022 702-101<br />

Email: kontakt@holzher.com<br />

CNC machining centres<br />

Edgebanding<br />

Panel saws<br />

www.holzher.de<br />

Hymmen GmbH<br />

Maschinen- und Anlagenbau<br />

Theodor-Hymmen-Str. 3, 33613 Bielefeld<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 521 5806 0<br />

Fax: +49 521 5806 190<br />

Email: info@hymmen.com<br />

www.hymmen.com<br />

Industrial digital printing lines<br />

Lacquering and liquid coating machines<br />

Laminating presses<br />

Presses, multiopening<br />

Presses, continuous<br />

Printing machines, direct<br />

Service<br />

Leitz GmbH & Co. KG<br />

Leitzstr. 2, 73447 Oberkochen<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 7364 950-0<br />

Fax: +49 7364 950-662<br />

Email: leitz@leitz.org<br />

Tools and tooling systems for the processing of wood,<br />

wood-products, and plastics<br />



Manufacturer Manufacturer Products<br />

LEUCO Ledermann GmbH & Co. KG<br />

Willi-Ledermann-Str. 1, 72160 Horb a. N.<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 7451 93-0<br />

Fax: +49 7541 93-270<br />

Email: info@leuco.com<br />

TC and DP tipped machine tools for processing wood,<br />

wooden and composite panels, plastics and NF-materials,<br />

tool management & service<br />

www.leuco.com<br />

NESTRO Lufttechnik GmbH<br />

Paulus-Nettelnstroth-Platz, 07619 Schkölen<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 36694 41-0<br />

Fax: +49 36694 41-260<br />

Email: info@nestro.de<br />

www.nestro.com<br />

Briquetting Presses<br />

Cyclone Separators<br />

Extraction and Filter Systems<br />

Fans<br />

Heating Systems<br />

Paint Spray Walls<br />

PAINTLINE Paint Mist Extraction Systems<br />

Shredders<br />

Reichenbacher Hamuel GmbH<br />

Postfach 28, 96487 Dörfles-Esbach<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 9561 599-0<br />

Fax: +49 9561 599-199<br />

Email: info@reichenbacher.de<br />

CNC-Machining centres<br />

CNC-Processing centres<br />

CNC-Routers<br />

Drilling systems<br />

Milling machines<br />

www.reichenbacher.de<br />

SPÄNEX GmbH<br />

Luft-, Energie- und Umwelttechnik<br />

Otto-Brenner-Str. 6, 37170 Uslar<br />

Germany<br />

Tel.: +49 5571 304-0<br />

Fax: +49 5571 304-111<br />

Email: info@spaenex.de<br />

www.spaenex.de<br />

Briquetting presses<br />

Dust extractors<br />

Exhaust filter systems<br />

Fans<br />

Heat recovery systems<br />

Spraying walls<br />

WEIMA Maschinenbau GmbH<br />

Bustadt 6-10, 74360 Ilsfeld<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 7062 9570 0<br />

Fax: +49 7062 9570 92<br />

Email: info@weima.com<br />

Single-shaft and four-shaft shredders<br />

Granulators and hammermills<br />

Briquetting presses<br />

www.weima.com<br />

Michael Weinig AG<br />

Michael-Weinig-Str. 2-4, 97941Tauberbischofsheim<br />

Germany<br />

Tel: +49 9341 86-0<br />

Fax: +49 9341 7080<br />

Email: info@weinig.com<br />

Planers and molders<br />


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