Fiction Writing Summer Camp 2022 (Ages 11-13)

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Fighting Words

Fiction Writing Camp

9th -12th August

At the Ukrainian Hub, Vicar Street

The Authors and Artists:










Grace K

Grace P








Sophie P

Sophie B



Blood Red by Thomas R.

The jungle fell silent, shocked at the scene that lay splattered across the

foliage floor. One of the Prey was split open with their innards strewn

across the ground. His blood had long since dried up but flies still

swarmed the area, flocking from surrounding foliage. A Hunter watched

from the undergrowth, perhaps waiting for someone, or something, to

arrive at the massacre. Baiting them in.

Alida had her back pressed up against the vine-covered tree bark, her feet

balanced carefully on a swaying branch. A dense fog had settled over the

area, hopefully obscuring her from the Hunter that lay in wait below. Alida

knew he hadn’t seen her, with the crossbow he held she would have

been an easy target, trapped as she was high up in the tree.

Her chest constricted as the Hunter shifted positions, closer to the tree.

Closer to her. A gust of wind blew through the tree tops, bringing with it

the metallic taste of lightning. A storm was brewing. Sure enough, drops

of rain began to sift through the tree canopy and drip down onto the floor.

Gripping her crude makeshift throwing axe, Alida tensed, ready at any

moment for the Hunter to make they’re move. The leather strap of her

throwing axe wrapped tightly around her hand.

Lighting illuminated the undergrowth, followed suddenly by a clap of

thunder that shook the trees. The rain intensified to a flood, too much for

Alida, who shivered even with her black coat, but yet the Hunter stayed,

eyes gazing along his crossbow still waiting for something to happen. He

was dressed in a dark brown jacket with red markings swirling like blood

down the cloth. His lower face was masked by a dark green bandana to

match the rest of the Hunter’s outfit, with black gun boots coated in a

thick layer of mud from trekking for days through the jungle. A flash of

lightning struck the forest just behind Alida, illuminating her and casting

a shadow over the clearing. A shadow of her.

The Hunter snapped around and spotted Alida lurking just above him. He

shot with deadly accuracy and if not for the axe that she held to her face,

she would have been skewered to the tree. The Hunter swore loudly and

began to reload, giving Alida precious time to run. She bolted to the edge

of her branch and dropped to the jungle floor, stumbling over roots with

adrenaline pumping through her system.

She heard the twang of the crossbow followed by a piercing pain in her

leg as she went down. Excruciating pain raced up and down her leg, warm

blood pouring from the wound she knew was just below her knee. The agonising

pain was overridden by the fear she felt as the Hunter slowed and

drew nearer, drawing out the Alida’s fate.

She whipped her axe at the Hunter, the makeshift stone blade hurtling

straight at his chest, but It wasn’t a great throw, knowing from the moment

she threw it, she hadn’t put enough power on it. The Hunter easily

caught it and snapped the leather strap, leaving Alida with a useless belt

she could do nothing with.

Turning and beginning to crawl through the thick mud towards an outcropping

boulder, Alida dragged herself into a sitting position, determined

to face her death with her head held high. The Hunter stalked forward,

his crossbow slung around his shoulder, and drew his machete. He approached

lazily, letting Alida know he was completely in control, that she

was at his mercy.

But he stopped. He stood still as a statue, fear shining in his eyes. Taking

his fear as a blessing, Alida rolled onto her stomach, and tried to pull herself

to her feet. Until she heard it. Until she heard the deep growl of a wild

cat. The growl of a panther.

Sophie P

Grace P

-Suki- my name is Suki and I have a favourite game called roblox. On roblox

I play murder mystery. I’m really good at it. I’m better at sheriff than

murderer so I like to put the settings on sheriff. I’m good at innocent because

I know how to dodge.


Hiii my name is Kenzie and my best bestie is Haru. I play a game called

murder mystery I’m good at innocent but I hate being murderer and sheriff.

Haru is good at all of them.

-Haru- my name is Haru and I have a friend that who likes murder mystery

so I play with her. I love when I get to be murderer it’s so funny when

I take out the knife and she starts screaming for the sheriff. She’s so funny!



MYSTERY!!! (P.s. nobody cheated she’s just a sore loser)

-kai- hi my name is kai and I play murder mystery,it’s so fun and I love

being everything because if you are innocent and the sheriff dies you can

get their gun! It’s so cool.

So now that everyone has talked let’s get into the real story. It’s the

weekend and all of the group are playing murder mystery. Suddenly

power goes out. OMG WHAT’S GOING ON!? screamed Brittany. I don’t

know. Whispered Suki. But it’s really creepy. Just then the laptops, ipads

and phones turned on the game and they started getting sucked into it.

AAAAAAHHHH!!! They screamed and then they were gone.

OMG OMG! Screamed Brittany. Wait a sec where am I? This looks like

the murder mystery map! Wait this IS the murder mystery map! She said

startled. She looked

eside her, floating words said “INNOCENT” Then she finally got the

point of it. Ohhhhh I’m in murder mystery and I’m innocent. Wait what if

I lose? She started hallucinating and saying stuff like OMG IM GOING TO

DIE! Yeah I don’t get that girl…Over to kenzie then.

First thing she said was, OHHH IM IN MURDER MYSTERY WOW! said

kenzie a little louder than she meant. Oops. She whispered. I guess I will

try whisper the rest of the time. She looked beside her. Oh I’m innocent

yes! She shouted. God I need to practice being quiet. She whispered.

Over to Haru next. First thing he said was nothing. He didn’t say anything,

though he looked happy when he looked beside him.

Next is Kai, He he screamed AAAAH DON’T EAT MEEE! oh wait I’m in

murder mystery. OH WAIT I’M IN MURDER MYSTERY! Yeah he was

freaking out, anyways he was innocent.

Last but not least Suki. She looked and saw beside her “SHERIFF” omg

yes I’m sheriff! I guess I’ll wait until I hear screaming. She said.

Haru was murderer… so we will do his point of view for the rest of this.


So when I got sucked into the game I was scared. But when I saw I was

murderer I was ready to kill. The thing was I didn’t know if they would

actually die or go into spectate. So I went into setting and it said they

would go into spectate, I was ready for this.

So first I found Kenzie. She was asking me if I was murderer so of course

I said no! If I was murderer then I would have killed you by now. I said

matter of factly. Then I took out the knife and stabbed her. She screamed

and screamed until she was dead. It freaked me out on how there was

blood in this game. I was sure she went to spectate OK? she is not actually

dead because I’m writing this after all that drama happened and we are

all In the human world ALIVE.

So I guess sheriff heard that and shot the first person she saw and wasn’t

me because if you shoot the wrong person you die as well so she shot

Brittany. I can tell anyone wearing those designer clothes would be Brittany.

But I knew Suki better and that was her. I decided to stay in a room

close to the gun so if Kai gets it I can come out and win! So that’s what I

did. I think Kai was hiding because he didn’t come or I didn’t see him try

get the gun so I went to find him.

I saw him through the window of the back garden and went to him. He

kept dodging me so I tried throwing at him. He ran in the direction of

the gun. I shouted at him, he started crying. I said Kai it’s okay why are

you crying? He said I don’t wanna d-die so I gave him a hug and said to

him what happened when you die in this reality game. He said I know. I

was doing this so I had a chance to shoot you and took out the gun. I said

same. And stabbed him. We all still laugh at that moment when we are on

sleepovers. And he said yeah I didn’t cry on purpose I just came up with

that so you would run away. Haha I laughed. and so we wrote a book about

it and this is the book we wrote.


Jennifer turned the TV on and reclined on the couch. “Buy your AMPHIB-

IOUS DOG in Maxi Zoo today, for a total of $300!” She sprang up from

her nest of blankets, and looked at her current dog, Rocky, a sagging little

pug. “You’re going to have a sibling.”

Within the blink of an eye, she was in her car jamming her keys into the

ignition “Stupid car.” she muttered. When she gave up on the car, Jennifer

got desperate.``I need one of those dogs.” She peeked into her neighbours

garden, eyeing up a Princess Cinderella scooter, belonging to the

toddler next door. Jennifer looked around. Deserted. She was only borrowing

it, she told herself as she climbed over the fence. Jennifer was desperate.

And in desperate times, desperate things had to be done.She scooted

all the way to the nearest Maxi Zoo, at 4km away. When she arrived her

face was soaking in sweat, and her face was as red as a tomato. “It’ll all

be worth it” she said brightly, as she pushed the door open. She imagined

herself skipping along the beach with her soon to be amphibious dog.

What would she name it? Fishy? No, yuck…Aqua-Man? Sounds good. Her

day-dream was then interrupted by the cashier “How can I help you?” He

said. “Where are the amphibious dogs kept?” Jennifer said eagerly. His

smile vanished, and suddenly looked…almost afraid. “They’re around the

back.” She followed the cashier around the warehouse looking building.

She was only just taking in how big it was. There was a small court-yard.

There were 3 walls. One of which had a faded mural on it, and attempt

to brighten up she supposed. They failed. The second was lined with ripe

bins.The third had a splintering wooden door on it. Through the door,

there were cages, stacked upon cages of all sorts of creatures. Then Jennifer

saw it, it stood out from everything else. It was a big enough dog.

It’s paws were webbed, leaving a wet foot print wherever it walked. It

had slimy gill like things on each side of it’s neck. It was incredible. “I’ll

take it.” she said almost immediately. “Right then.” he said grimly, as he

reached for the cage it was in. It clawed at his fingers through the bars,

narrowly missing. He carried it to the front desk, placing it on the counter.

It was rattling wildly, threatening to fall over. “Its $300, you realise.”

He said. “Yep. Can I pay now or?” Jennifer said. He nodded and turned the

credit card machine towards her. She slid the card in and entered the pin

and it was done. It was hers. “Is there any paperwork?” She asked. “Nope.

Enjoy.” He walked off into the jungle of shelves, and he was gone. Jennifer

looked at the freakish dog. “Your name is Aqua-Man.” she smiled and

walked out the door. She had enough sense to bring a spare leash with her

so she did.

Jennifer foolishly let him out of the cage and attached the leash. They

walked off into the sunset. And then all of a sudden, everything went to

hell. Aqua-Man got triggered by a small passing dog, and went nuts. He

attacked Jennifer in all of the confusion and ran off.

Legend says he still lurks in the sewers, watching, waiting, for his prey.


Темень в лесу была всегда особенной. Она не страшила а будто

обволакивала и давала покой. Но эта ночь была особенной. Казалось

что лес вымер. В такой момент никто не хотел бы шастать по нему

но только не тень. Она была единственным признаком жизни, но

несла в себе лишь смерть. Тень резко остановилась у ручья. Сбросив

с себя капюшон он открылся лунному свету. Возле ручья стоял

мужчина лет эдак двадцать семь - тридцать. Кожа напоминала

шоколад. Волосы были черными как смола, над ушами было

вибрито а сверху множество маленьких косичек соединённых в

один длинный хвост. Глаза были цвета ультрамарин и светились

в темноте. Единственное что отличало его от человека так это две

пары эльфийских ушек, которые выдавали в нем тёмного эльфа.

Он присел и начал расставлять свечи. Он исполнял ритуал. Из

центра круга свечей выползла пурпурная тень с ядовито-красными

глазами. Эльф кивнул и тень облаком устремилась в небо. “Сегодня

будет облачно или даже дождливо, пожалуйста сидите дома”.

Тёмный безразлично улыбнулся. Он надеялся что тень выполнит

свою часть договора…

Глава 1

Я бежала не оглядываясь, страх бился в груде большим комом.

Я не справилась. Мне кранты. Единственное что меня сейчас

беспокоило это то что я должна успеть, я должна быть первой.

Я выскочила на окраину деревни. Шокированы взгляды в мою

сторону и тихие смешки. Нда видимо у меня не самый лучший

видок. Палки в волосах, две так точно. Ну ничего главное я успела.

В спину влетели с неимоверной скоростью, и я полетела. Три метра

мы пролетели точно, и приземлились прямо у ног Старейшины.

Видимо это было завораживающее действо, то как две наши

задницы кубарем прокатились по деревне. И затормозили мы двумя

бесчувственными тушками. Злобный взгляд Главы не предвещал

ничего хорошего. Нас ( меня и брата, про него я вам позже расскажу

) быстро загнали в дом Старейшины и начали отчитывать. Про

то как мы распугали пол деревни, и то что какими мы вообщето

порядочными должны быть. Нда.. Ладно пока нас отчитывают

расскажу немного о себе. И так я Арим и я девушка-лиса. Расцветка

ушей и хвоста у меня белая с голубым. Правый глаз лавандовый

а левый медовый. Волосы пепельные и заплетенные в одну косу.

У брата же ярко жёлтые волосы как раз под стать его оранжевокрасным

ушам и хвосту. Глаза у него полностью чёрные. Деревня у

нас не обычная, конечно же потому что в ней живут не люди. Мы

Тарпи ( название нашего рода ) дальняя ветвь оборотней, только не

превращаемся в полнолуние а ходим в таком виде всю жизнь. Ну я

вроде бы все рассказала, так что вернёмся к Главе. Старик уже был

красным от злости, и вот вот казалось сорвет себе голос. Но благо

нас позвали с улицы так что быстро извинившись и сбежали под

яростные крики в спину.

The darkness in the forest has always been special. It did not frighten,

but seemed to envelop and give peace. But this night was special. It

seemed that the forest had died out. At such a moment, no one would like

to roam on it, not even a shadow. She was the only sign of life, but carried

only death. The shadow stopped abruptly at the stream. Throwing off his

hood, he opened himself to the moonlight. Near the stream stood a man

of about twenty-seven or thirty years old. The skin was like chocolate.

Her hair was jet black, above her ears was vibrated, and on top were many

small braids tied into one long ponytail. The eyes were ultramarine and

glowed in the dark. The only thing that distinguished him from a human

was two pairs of elf ears, which betrayed a dark elf in him. He sat down

and began to arrange the candles. He performed the ritual. A purple shadow

with poisonous red eyes crawled out from the center of the circle of

candles. The elf nodded and the shadow rushed into the sky like a cloud.

“It will be cloudy or even rainy today, please stay at home.” The dark one

smiled indifferently. He hoped that the shadow would fulfill its part of the


Chapter 1

I ran without looking back, fear beat in a pile in a big lump. I failed. I’m

cranks. The only thing that bothered me now was that I should be on

time, I should be the first. I ran to the outskirts of the village. Shocked

looks in my direction and quiet chuckles. Well, apparently I don’t have the

best view. Sticks in your hair, two for sure. Well, I managed to do nothing.

They flew into the back with incredible speed, and I flew. Three meters

we flew exactly, and landed right at the feet of the Elder. Apparently

it was a bewitching action, then how our two asses rolled head over heels

through the village. And we slowed down with two insensitive carcasses.

The evil look of the Head did not bode well. We (me and my brother, I’ll

tell you about him later) were quickly herded into the house of the Elder

and began to chastise. About how we scared half of the village, and how

decent we actually should be. Well, while we are being scolded, I’ll tell

you a little about myself. And so I am Arim and I am a fox girl. The color

of my ears and tail is white with blue. The right eye is lavender and the

left eye is honey. The hair is ashy and braided in one braid. The brother

has bright yellow hair just to match his orange-red ears and tail. His eyes

are completely black. Our village is not ordinary, of course, because it is

not inhabited by people. We Tarpy (the name of our family) are a distant

branch of werewolves, but we don’t turn into a full moon, but walk in this

form all our lives. Well, I seem to have told everything, so let’s get back to

the Chapter. The old man was already red with anger, and now it seemed

to break his voice. But fortunately they called us from the street, so they

quickly apologized and fled to the furious screams in the back.

I stopped for a break. For the third day I have been running after the

shadow that leads me to her. My next victim. I don’t know why she bothered

the baron, but he gave me a hundred gold pieces. And that’s a fortune,

especially at this time. Well, now I have to rest for about two hours

and then a shadow will appear and I will have to run around in the dark.

Hope I’m close. I wanted to eat incredibly badly. So what do I have in my

bag? Bread and a piece of raw meat with cheese. Luck seems to be on my

side today, I won’t have to starve. Even though it was gratifying. After

frying the meat and bread, I quickly began to choke on food because there

was not much time left. After drinking water, I began to wait. As soon as

my eyes began to stick together, she appeared, a shadow. Well, that’s the

end of the holiday. Jumping up, I rushed after a cloud of dust (which actually

turned out to be a shadow) which had already disappeared from sight.

After running like this for about thirty minutes, the cloud evaporated. So

the target is here. Looking around, I sighed. Tavern, well, of course, what

else. After working a little on the appearance, I was now able to safely

enter. A man with emerald eyes and blond hair entered the tavern. Sitting

down at the table, he called the waitress. The rest of the ladies gave

her angry looks. After all, the visitor looked like a prince. The red-haired

waitress ran up and stared at me with loving eyes. Looks like I overdid it

on the outside. Well, okay. Having ordered mutton and wine, I began to

look for the girl with my eyes. She found herself quickly. Brunette with

plump lips and doll eyes, turquoise. She’s beautiful, but her eyes are a bit

dull. They brought food and asked what else the young master wanted.

Pointed to the girl, said I want to talk to her. Nalir, that was the name of

the girl, immediately ran up and started chatting about this and that, and

I sat, ate, and nodded with a smart look. Having finished eating, I interrupted

her monologue and dragged her upstairs. So I saw it myself, while

she was talking, I noticed out of the corner of my eye how an orc was

pulling a joyful girl upstairs. So all is well. Entering the room, I told her to

turn away. She did just that. I killed her with one quick movement, without

blood. OK it’s all over Now. As soon as the maiden fell, a bag of gold

materialized in my hand. OK it’s all over Now. I put an illusion on Nalir,

so that she would get poisoned and die, but tomorrow, and I have nothing

to do with it. The girl got up and ran downstairs with a joyful face to talk

about the night with the beauties (that is, me). Well, let. He took a little

room and fell asleep there. Tomorrow I’ll think about what order to take

next, and now sleep ...

There is blood on my hands

A chapter of a book written by Maya R


Hello, my name is Amara Jones

I’ve had many amazing adventures with my dad but none of them were as

horrifying as this one was. You see when I was 12 my family and I all lived

a great life. My mom, Amy dark brown and wavy hair with deep blue eyes,

she was artist but was fantastic at photography, my dad, Luke had light

wavy blonde hair and blue eyes, he was a football player but unfortunately

got an injury an was never able to play again so he settled to be a vet. My

sister Alice takes after my mom in every way possible from the looks to

the passion.

Our life was perfect, until one cold winter night, I was walking home from

school and when I got home I knocked on the door as normal but nobody

answered, I knocked on the door again still no reply. I let out a big sigh

and walked around to the back of our house and searched around the back

garden for the spare keys. After what felt like 10 minutes I found the keys

under the BBQ on our porch. I walked back to the front and unlocked the

front door.

“MOM I’M HOME!”I yelled. I put the keys down along with my bag.

“Mom?” I yelled again.

When I heard no reply I decided to go looking for my mom around our

mansion. Normally she would be I her art room but she wasn’t.

I started searching the whole house and couldn’t find anyone there. I got

really worried and decided to go and walk to my dad’s work. I picked

up my old school bag and started throwing some stuff inside of it. I threw

some snacks, (since my dad’s work was quite far away) a mini first aid kit

and my winter jacket. I put on my spare coat and opened out lage black

front door and felt a gush of ice cold winter breeze rush through my hair.

I stood there for five more seconds and then decided that this was a bad

idea. I closed the front door, put on my woolly hat, gloves and scarf and

then called for my dog.

“Queenie come here sweetie” She came running right to me and gave me

a lick on the face. I then opened the door once more and felt the same

rush of cold wind, and put the lead on Queenie and had to hold her back

from chasing all of the cats around our neighbourhood. I opened our gate

and started jogging to my dad’s work. As I was walking I noticed that

there was nobody around. I wondered where they all were, because normally

they would all be outside playing in the snow, I guessed that they

were all inside drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace. That is what I

would normally be doing right now but instead i was looking for my family.

As I walked on further I noticed that there was nobody around at all. I

stopped near my sisters college and saw that their was nobody there. I

took out a small chocolate bar and kept on walking to my dad’s work

through this cold and quiet city. I kept walking for what felt like hours but

was probably only forty-five minutes. When I saw the vet I started running

as fast as I could to it and when I closed the light blue gate I turned

around and all of these animals were just sitting there looking at me, I

stood there for a couple more seconds then they started getting really excited

and I started playing with them and they were jumpingall over me.

Suddenly my dad came running out of the building looking scared. “Dad

are you okay?” I asked

“What, yes....no maybe?” He said looking horrified

“Do you know what happened here dad like where is everyone?”

I asked

“No but I do know this” he began

“I was getting a form printed out for someone and the printer stopped

working, it done this alot so I went over to my computer and saw this!”

He showed me a sticky note with a stick man and little girl.

“At first it looked normal but then it started changing” he said with a

worried look on his face.

He showed me another sticky note with she same picture but they were

dead, and had knifes sticking out of them.

“ I tried to record the vidio but the same video was on my phone. I then

looked around to my friend Justin who was supposed to be at his desk but

he wasn’t there. I looked around the whole place but I couldn’t find anyone,

I went back to the photocopying room and my eyes instantly went to

the printer and I saw exactly what I drew on the sticky notes. Then everything

suddenly went dark and cold and the lights were flickering and my

heart started to race. I heard this strange ticking noise from behind me,

I slowly turned around and to my horror I saw this old antique doll with

pale white skin and dark black matted hair and its dark black eyes and

worst of all its white lace dress with blood stains on it. I started walking

backwards slowly because for some strange reason I couldn’t take my eyes

off it. As I was walking backwards the doll slowly put out it’s hand and

it’s head started to tilt and shake. I stopped for a moment then I started

walking backwards but much quicker this time. Suddenly the doll spoke

“Come and play with me” it said “ it’ll be fun” then a creepy grin shone

across its face. I stopped dead frozen staring at its jet black eyes. Then I

head you scream and I came running out here.

“Dad I never screamed” I said

“But you must have.... maybe when you were playing with the animals”

he said looking puzzled.

He looked down at his feet then started biting his nails, he did this when

he is puzzled. I started looking around and saw a big cardboard box in the

middle of the animal play area.

“Hey dad, who ordered a package?” I asked

I turned to my dad

“Nobody ordered anything” he said

“They why.....” I turned back to the box and suddenly my dad and I were

walking straight to it, as if we were being controlled.

When we got to the box I turned to look at my dad.

“Should I open it?” I asked

“We will never know what is inside of it if we don’t open it” he replied

I slowly began to open it and it just looked like it was a empty box until I

felt a tiny hand tap on my shoulder, I slowly turned around and saw the

doll. With it’s shaking body, tilted head and it’s creepy grin.

“Enjoy the ride” it said as it pushed us into a portal in the box.


The day drew on,and I grew more hungry by the minute. I couldn’t go

back to my house without anything to eat. Just then, I heard faint singing

from far away. It grew louder and louder and then I saw a little girl

who wore a red cloak skipping down the path with a basket swinging in

her left hand. I watched her in silence for a few seconds until my hunger

couldn’t take it. I jumped out from the Bush that I was hiding in and the

little girl gave a slight start.

“Hello little girl, I couldn’t help but notice that you are holding a picnic

basket there. Pray tell on what you have in there that smells so delicious”

I said with a sweet tone And smile. This was one thing I was good at. I

could lure people in with my trust.

“Oh, I’m carrying all sorts of food in here. Such as fruit, a big chicken leg,

vegetables, biscuits and a big chocolate cake! But I’m afraid I can’t give

you any, wolf. You see, this basket of food is for my grandma and she’s

very weak at the moment so she only trusts me to deliver this food for

her,” The little girl said sadly.

I stared at her face for a moment and I realised that there was no way

I could just take this basket from her. Then I also realised that I needed

this food to survive. So I thought of a plan. I offered to bring the basket

to where the little girls grandma lived for her. Her eyes lit up and

she thanked me. She gave me the directions to the grandma’s cottage

and handed me the basket. I knew that my house was quite close to the

cottage so that meant that I could sort through the food to leave for her

grandma. So that’s what I did. I had a trench coat and a hat so I was able

to go to the shops and steal lots of food. But I always left half the food to

the grandma. Who knew that I was that generous.

The end.


If I knew why I didn’t like tomatoes, I would like them, but I didn’t. This

morning my mum forced me to eat a tomato. A whole tomato! I almost

went deaf of the sound I made while chewing the tomato. Then I almost

went deaf of the sound I made while swallowing the tomato. For the

end, I almost went deaf of mum’s question: “Well, was it tasty?” I didn’t

want to answer anything. I went to my room and listened to the birdsongs.

They were very nice. I opened a window to look at these birds and

chilled to the bone. It was a winter now. All singing birds were in Africa.

Was something to think about. This happened every time I ate tomatoes.

I heard much more, then I had to. Someone walked beside my house. I

heard his steps and breath. When I listened, I could hear his blood and

even the sound of neurons in his head. I walked and asked, what does he

think about. He didn’t answer. It was something own. But I came back to

my home and asked my mum to emulate different feelings and thoughts.

I noticed that the biggest part of the sound was the same. But some part

was different. Most impressive was that this ability didn’t disappear like

in other times. I think it was because I knew, that I have a superability.

Next three years I made me more and more experienced while listening

to people. I could understand anyone, get his feelings and thoughts. I was

convinced that it was. Until one day I was walking in the street and listening

to different sounds. I met one person. This was a suspicious man

in a very dark brown cowboy hat. The visor of the hat covered everything

down to the lower eyelashes. He was wearing a coat and jeans of the

same colour. His shoes were black. Through this dark coat and green tie

he was able to see at a meter ninety. In the mouth, he kept a pale, even

light-grey. Not yellow, like other smokers had. Also there was no smoke

near the cigar. He didn’t talk to the people. One could think that this man

wanted nothing. Even to live not really. His steps were 3 times more silent,

than others. I blinked my eyes, he disappeared. He was really fast.

When I turned back to home, the man was waiting for me in the entry to

my house. He wanted to ask, but didn’t do it. I ran away, being afraid. “Mr

McRonald – that’s my name” – I heard. Interesting thing 1 st – he didn’t

shout. He said this very silent. He knew about my superability. Interesting

thing 2 nd – I didn’t hear from him any sounds, except his voice and steps.

He was really strange. I turned home, and heard, that he was talking to

my mom. My mom felt dazed. She thought, Mr Mc Ronald also had excellent

hearing. Not as good as me, but amazing. I went into the room. Mr

McRonald said to me, “Hello,” as if we are best friends. He felt a little bit

glad. I was happy about that. I asked him, what does he want.

- To take revenge

- On whom? I asked.

- I don’t know. Would you help me?

- Why?

- Because I can’t do it for 30 years. I need you.

- Why do you want to take revenge?

- Someone killed my brother.

- Is that why you are so sad?

- Almost dead inside – he answered.

- I’ll help you. I wanna melt the ice in your heart.

- Thank you very much, my little friend.

- What do you already know about the killer?

- He has many accomplices and they are hunting for you. If you don’t

meet me, they could kidnap you in a few days or even hours.

- So, they are here, in Glasgow?

- Yes, some of them. But the main character is hunting for me in Edinburgh.

The goal is to take revenge on him after finding him.

- I’ll help you, but I don’t want to see a death.

- We’ll not kill anyone, just destroy his mafia and family. IN short, his

life, as he ruined mine.

- I agree, if only this can make you happy.

- Only this.

- Deal.

- I want you mom to let you go to Edinburgh.

- I let – said my mom.

- I can do all to make my son and my cousin happy.

- Cousin? – I was dazed.

- Yes, I’m your cousin uncle, my little friend. My brother was your


This evening we sat on a train to Edinburgh. In the night, we arrived. We

went to Mc Ronalds flat. IN the morning, I looked around. Edinburgh was

more beautiful than any view I saw.

- Come on. We have to find them before they find your house in


- I hear a shot!

- Where?

- I couldn’t explain. I could show a direction and stay a distance. Mr

Mc Ronald said, I know that place. It’s a station!

- “The train’s gone” – I said.

- The shores shop is not on the way.

- Hurry up!

I dressed in a minute. This time was enough for Mr McRonald to buy

horses and pistols. I don’t know how? I sat on the horse, we were going.

The train stopped but I heard a sound of horses’ legs. We spurred our

horses, bandits did the same thing. I heard them. Mr McRonald chased a

most fast way. IN 3 minutes, we were in the station. Then we went right

to the bandits. The horses skin was bleeding because of the spurs. The

horses ran very fast and shouted in pain. We didn’t spare them. We were

beside Glasgow in an hour and a half. We took the carriage to my home. I

saw my home. The bandits were not far from it. Mr McRonald shot. One

bandit dropped dead. McRonald fired the second pistol but someone killed

his horse. Mr McRonald didn’t know who was it. Only me. I heard all the

way of the bullet. I shot. I’m not so good in shooting, it was my first try.

The only thing I did made a little hole in the clothes but Mr McRonald

knew it. He jumped over my horse, caught a bullet to his stomach but

shot and killed that person. He said, “Run away!” I ran away. Someone

watched me on the way but he fell down. My cousin Uncle couldn’t die!

He killed the bandit with a pocket knife and in the same time shot the

person running towards my home. The last bandit thought I heard it. I

will kill you this time. You’ll meet with your brother.”

I closed my eyes, calmed down and shot. That guy dropped dead. Mr Mc

Ronald smiled. His cheeks became pink, not so pale, I heard his feelings,

he was happy. And happy about me. About my bravery, ingenuity. We

went to my home and saw my mom. She was scared. Behind her stood a

man with a pistol directed at her head. The man said: “Give up, Lord Mc

Ronald or I’ll kill her and her son.”

I heard someone behind me, but I didn’t get lost. I instantly turned

around and hit the bandit on the head. I grabbed his pistol and knocked

out the thug with the pistol. I turned around and saw Mr Mc Ronald over

the man who wanted him to give up. His hand was crushed. I didn’t think

that Mr Mc Ronald is so strong. He was a bit angry. Mr Mc Ronald shot

to the man behind me. He didn’t want him to wake up and kill people.

He said: “Goodbye” and disappeared. In 4 hours, I got a letter from him.

He invited us to Edinburgh to visit him any time we wanted. He became a

friend for us. Hus wound wasn’t really serious, he said. A doctor promised

he will get well in a couple of weeks. We were happy about him. And he

was about us.


In the world spawning Chitto, its like cresps chitos but Chitto!!! He can

spawning a lot of chitos. And he working and have a lot of money. In one

day he see one people and meet with him. He is name Liks he is superhero

he can Fly and He have lazer in eyes. And after this people go to help to

the world they are give free chitos. Liks can fly and Chitto give chitos, this

been so funny. In this time Liks and Chitto so popular. They are so rich

and pay a lot of money to the not rich family. This so good and they are so

good friends. They are play computers, watching TV, play football. They

are so good mans. This is end…

Its like comedian

The Man From The Window

Written by Conor D

Chapter 1: The first encounter

It all started in 1976, on a cold, dull night. A man, 23 years old, could not

go to sleep, as the wind was rough, banging hard against the window.

“Didn’t sound too much like wind” He testified. “Sounded more like a

knock! Ehhh, if only I didn’t have so much beer before I went to sleep,

maybe I wouldn’t be so-” He said as he heard a tap on the window, much

louder than wind. He then went to check it out, and then… nothing? He

looked out the window while it was open, stuck his head out, then said

“Hah! Knew i was stupid! What did I tell myself! Of course it was beer! He

turned around and…

SWOOSH! A man suddenly came up behind him with an axe and lodged it

into the side of his head, leaving his dead corpse completely lifeless hanging

off the window, then eventually falling into the corn field below, hitting

his head off the scarecrow, then finally falling onto a fence. And that

was someone’s first encounter with the Man from the Window.

Chapter 2: The second encounter

1982, In the middle of June, everyone was relaxing on the beach, having

a good time, swimming, bringing their dogs for a walk, mostly enjoying

their time. Now, this beach was part of an adventure park, and there

were apartments you could rent for a few weeks, if you are on holiday or

you can buy an apartment. One day, the person living in one of the apartments

was having an inside barbecue, making burgers, and having a nice

time, until she heard a scream coming from next door. “What was that?”

She said, while looking at the vent on the wall, which left a crawl space

between both her and her neighbors apartments. She decided to crawl

through, but crawling through would leave an echo, leaving whoever was

next door to hear her in the vent. Suddenly, a human’s dead body was

thrown in front of her leaving her to be terrified, and she started to crawl

back through the vent, trying to keep her mouth shut. But it was too late.

The man heard her and started to chase after her, while she was screaming.

The man threw the axe and it hit her leg, falling through the vent

through the ceiling, and hitting her hand off a light hanging right next to

the vent, leaving the light to flicker. She was limping on one leg, trying to

get out, but that is when she lost her balance. The man then picked up his

axe from the vent and slowly started walking towards her, while she kept

on screaming for help. It was too late, as the man lifted his axe and…


That was the end of her.

Chapter 3: The third encounter

It was 2003, late at night in the woods, setting up a campfire with all of

his friends. “So nice out here, sure there might be some bears and wolves,

but, hey! We’re safe!” One of the friends said jokingly. “Bears and wolves?

I don’t like them…” Another of the friends said worryingly. “I also heard

about the “The Man from the Window!” Said another one of the friends

with a flashlight up to his chin. “Who’s that?” Said all of the other

friends, confused. “I heard people died because of him. He is supposed to

tap on peoples windows and then kill them when they look out. I heard if

he taps 1 time, you are fine, 2 taps, you might be a victim, 3 taps , be careful,

4 taps, you have met your doom and 5 taps is a painful death.” One

of the friends said with a creepy voice. “I have to pee.” Said one of the

friends. “I’m going over there, in the bushes, I’ll be back in 5 minutes.”

He said quietly. “OK, but be back quickly, or you will miss the marshmallows!”

Said the friends, jokingly.

“It’s been 10 minutes, where has he gone?” Asked one of the friends suspiciously.

“I don’t know, he’s definitely gone wandering around, though.”

Let’s go see where he is!” Said one of the friends. “That’s a terrible idea-

Let’s do it!” Said one of the friends. “No, I’m not doing it.”said one of

the friends. “Well, then, The man’s going to get you!” Another one of the

friends said. “FINE! I’LL GO! I’M NOT A SCAREDY CAT!”

So, they went into the forest, and found the friend that was gone for

10 minutes dead up on a tree. “How did this happen?” Said all 5 of the

friends, scared and worried. A few seconds later, they all heard rustling

in the bushes. “I’m not going in to check what that is!” Said All of the

friends. “Fine, I will,” Said one of the friends. When he checked in the

Bush, he found nothing. “See, nothing to be scared of, there is nothing

here!” He said as he started turning back. “What the…” He said as he

turned around to see all of his friend’s heads decapitated. Seconds later he

ran back to the fire and found that the man was there, burning one of his

friends and eating his arms. He tried to run away, but the man saw him,

and could run faster than the boy. The man picked him up and brought

him back to the fire. He then threw him in, burning him alive.

Chapter 4: The death of The man.

One day, in a neighborhood in the middle of the day, when the sun was

shining, a man was enjoying his time at home, at the age 34. It was August,

23rd, 2022, when the phone rang. Normally, the man never got

phone calls, so he instantly got up and went to pick up the phone “Hello?”

The Man said. “1, 2, skip a few, that’s how many taps it takes to Kill

you.” The phone rang several times. Then suddenly, the man heard five

taps on the window. He went to look out the window, pulled the curtains

and- The man was there with a kitchen knife and jumped out and kicked

the man to the ground. “GET OFF ME!” He shouted. The man tried stabbing

him, but the other man rolled out of the way and kicked the man in

the arm, making him able to run away. He secretly went to the bathroom,

locked the door and called the police. After he called the police, he waited

until he heard sirens, but the man found where he was hiding. He tried

kicking the door down first, but then he had trouble doing that and got

his axe, which was attached to his back. Then he heard the sirens, while

the man was chopping through the door. He put his arm against the door,

then unlocked it and hit the man with the door, leaving the man to escape.

When he got out of the house, he told the police to kill the man. The

man found out the police had a fire molotov, and they let the man throw it

in the window to the bathroom, then setting the whole house on fire. The

Man tried getting out, chopping the door, but it was too late for him. Just

as he got out of the house, he fell on the floor, face melted. They lifted his

face up, revealing the biggest secret they could find.

Chapter 5: The Secret of The Man from the Window

When they lifted up his face, his face fell off, revealing that he was a robot.

His back was also burnt off, revealing a chip, and the numbers of

someone’s dna.

5 years later, scientists found out that the man was created by a mad scientist,

who went completely psycho after his dad went to death row after

killing 20 people in 1945. His dad also made time travel, as he was also a

scientist. The robot he created was made to be smart, but he made 2 chips.

One that made it friendly and one making it evil. Because the robot had

an advanced AI, it picked up the evil chip, while the robot had the friendly

chip in its back, took it out and put the evil chip in. Then, the robot took

the fire emergency axe, and killed the scientist. The robot went over all

of the scientist’s plans, and found victims to kill, who were past scientists

that worked with him, but quit because he was a psycho. The victims

he went after included the names of James, Alistair, and other ones that

the names couldn’t be found. Maybe someday the Man from the Window

mystery will be solved.


Сакура любви

Возле моря стояла нежная сакура. По берегу прогуливался

грустный мамонтёнок Брод. Встретив дерево, он уныло присел

возле него.

Он уже хотел уходить, как вдруг из-за спины, услышав шорох

он насторожился. Из-за веток дерева показалось нежное лицо как

у мамонтёнка. Он испугался,но в сердце он почувствовал искринку

счастья.Это была маленькая мамонтиха по имени Белл. Они

смотрели друг другу в глаза. А сакура расцвела.

С тех пор мамонтёнки дружили, играли.И были лучшими


Сон в невесомости

Одним летним днём, я решила пройтись лужайкой. Сквозь облака

прояснился самолёт со странными знаками.А высоко в небе летали

неизвестные птицы.

Идя, я упала в фонтан с чайками. И оказалось возле собора

Святого Патрика. Услышав кола-кола, я испугалась. Меня встретил

инопланетянин. Он указал мне путь домой, я обрадовалась. Когда я

пошла обратно, у меня было чувство, что я иду вперёд. Посмотрев

на мои часы, я упала в ужас!

Я открыла глаза! Это был мой сон. Музыка! Я слышу музыку! Я в


Земля в илюминаторе, Земля в илюминаторе видна…..

Sakura Love

Near the sea stood a tender sakura. The sad mammoth Brod was walking

along the shore. When he met the tree, he squatted dejectedly beside


He was about to leave, when suddenly from behind, hearing a rustle,

he became alert. From behind the branches of the tree, a gentle face like

that of a mammoth appeared. He was scared, but in his heart he felt a

spark of happiness. It was a little mammoth named Bell. They looked into

each other’s eyes. And the sakura blossomed.

Since then, the mammoths have been friends, played. And we were

best friends :)

Sleep in Weightlessness

One summer day, I decided to walk the lawn. A plane with strange signs

cleared up through the clouds. Unknown birds flew high in the sky.

Walking, I fell into a fountain with seagulls. And it turned out near St.

Patrick’s Cathedral. Hearing cola-cola, I got scared. I was met by an alien.

He showed me the way home, I was delighted. When I went back, I had

the feeling that I was going forward. Looking at my watch, I was horrified!

I opened my eyes! It was my dream. Music! I hear music! I’m weightless!

Earth in the porthole, Earth in the porthole is visible ... ..


The Agent

Dawn was breaking through the curtains of his bedroom. A sliver of sunlight

kissed his pale face. Those blue eyes opened, once again another

day arriving. A phone ringing alerted his senses as he shot out of bed. He

answered wearily. ‘Hello? Mr Hill?’ He knew that voice all too well. ‘It’s

my day off.’ He said curtly. ‘Yes well, something has happened…’ and so

on. Another pathetic excuse to use him to fix their messes. When he had

first started, if someone told him that he was planning to fake is death in

six years he would have laughed in their face. A perfect new start, he had

thought. How wrong he had been.

It was about six years ago when Jacob had ruined his life. College dropout,

found it too hard and boring, all of his friends married and with children,

his mother disappointed and his sister perfect as always. Jacob was tired

of being undermined and feeling depressed in his small hole of an apartment.

The rent was cheap and for good reason. At night he could hear the

mice in the walls. He was tired of all his friends pitying him, their nervous

laughs when he mentioned college. It’s not that he couldn’t do anything,

it was that he couldn’t find anything he’d like to do.

It was a Sunday night, Jacob was lying on his uncomfortable couch, with a

bag of popcorn and watching James Bond Casino Royale. He watched Bond

twist and turn and shoot is enemies in the face. ‘It’s a bit like football.’

He said aloud. Jacob had been actually quite good at football. Jacob spent a

few minutes fantasizing about being James Bond when he realised; he had

nothing going on in his life so he could technically do whatever he wanted.

That’s when he went to work. A few weeks of making calls, arguing

with secretaries and working out, finally he was able to go to the interview.

He was going to be part of the MI6. Finally, he wanted to do something.

The building had been big and boring. The walls were grey inside and

the feeling of dread crept into Jacob’s throat. What if all this had been a

bad idea? What if it didn’t suit him? A woman approached him, she was

dressed in a brown suit, with brown hair and brown eyes. ‘Please, follow

me.’ she had an accent. Jacob figured she was Spanish or Italian He followed

her through a corridor, his palms sweating furiously. ‘I’m actually

quite nervous.’ Jacob admitted. ‘Usually I wouldn’t be but this feels different,

y’know? I feel like I could actually be something and this interview

comes down to it all. The pressure! I’m sure you’ve heard it all before

people blabbering about being ner- oh no. I’m blabbering, aren’t I?

Oh please forgive me. I sometimes do that when I’m nervous. Which, of

course we’ve already established I am nervous. Is it hot in here are is that

just me? They should really open the windows in here. It’s like a bloody


The woman in the brown suit stopped at a blue door. ‘This is you.’ She

turned to walk away then stopped and looked back. ‘And for a little bit of

advice, do not, how do you say? Ah blabber.’ She walked away her brown

shoes clacking on the floor. Jacob knocked on the door and waited for it to



У моєму житті мені пощастило побувати на чарівному

смарагдовому острові.Там я отримала багато незабутніх враженні

та познайомилась з чудовими людьми.

Цікаво дізнатися,що ж це за магічне місце?

-Острів омивається двома морями та океаном.

-Там живуть самі дружелюбні, добрі люди у світі.

-Там немає комарів та змій.

-На острові обов’язково треба мати гумовики та парасольку.

-Майже кожна сім’я піклується про маленького, чи великого:)

пухнастого песика.

-місцеві жителі полюбляють картоплю, до речі так само як і


Сподіваюся ви здогадалися?

Вірно, це-Ірландія.

In my life, I was lucky to get to visit the magical emerald island. There I

received many unforgettable experiences and met wonderful people.

Are you interested in knowing what kind of magical place this is?

- The island is washed by two seas and an ocean.

- The friendliest, kindest people in the world live there.

- There are no mosquitoes and snakes.

- On the island, you must have rubber boots and an umbrella.

- Almost every family takes care of a small or big:) fluffy dog.

- local residents love potatoes, by the way, just like Ukrainians :) I hope

you guessed?

That’s right, it’s Ireland.

Maria V

Футбольний матч у хлопчика

В мене сьогодні матч по футболу.

Хлопчик:Мама не забудь що в мене сьогодні матч!

Мама:Добре, як таке можна забути!

Хлопчик:Я зараз іду на тренування

Хлопчик зустрів свого друга.

Хлопчик:О привіт друже

Друг:Привіт ти не забув що сьогодні що в нас матч

Хлопчик:Звісно не забув як таке можна забути

Тренер: Ви такі молодці, дуже гарно працюєте

Хлопчик: Ей ,а якщо ми прогрограємо або я зломаю ногу чи руку?

Друг:Нічого цього не буде чому ти переживаєш

Матч почався хлопчик зробив два голи 1:2.Він дуже радий, але

потім щось пішло не так хлопець підтвердив ногу або зломав ногу,

але дуже боліло його друг побачив підійшов помасажував ногу,

але особового ефекту не було він покликав на допомогу прийшли

лікарі віднесли подивитися на ногу. Сказали що з нього все добре

перелому не має.

Лікарі:Все добре!

Хлопчик:Але все ще болить!

Пройшло декілька хвилин біль набагато зменшилась. Хлопчик

знову вийшов на поле було 2:4. Не дивлячись на біль хлопчик забив

ще один гол.Гра закінчилась.Хлопчика команда виграла. Всі дуже

раді. Нашій команді вручили кубок.І до них приїхав Кристалографії

Рональдо і похвалив їхню команду. Поті вони поїхали додому

святкувати перемогу.

Mariia V

Boy’s football match

I have a football match today.

Boy: Mom, don’t forget that I have a match today!

Mom: Well, how can you forget that!

Boy: I’m going to practice now

The boy met his friend.

Boy: Oh, hello, friend

Friend: Hello, have you not forgotten that we have a match today?

Boy: Of course I didn’t forget, how can you forget

Coach: You are so good, you are doing very well

Boy: Hey, what if we lose or I break my leg or arm?

Friend: Nothing will happen, why are you worried

The match began, the boy scored two goals, 1:2. He was very happy, but

then something went wrong, the boy confirmed his leg or broke his leg,

but it hurt a lot. on the leg They said that everything is fine with him, he

does not have a fracture.

Doctors: Everything is fine!

Boy: But it still hurts!

A few minutes passed and the pain subsided a lot. The boy went on the

field again, it was 2:4. Despite the pain, the boy scored another goal. The

game was over. The boy’s team won. Everyone is very happy. Our team

was presented with a cup. And Ronaldo of Crystallography came to them

and praised their team. Then they went home to celebrate the victory.

Sofia N

7:00 Опять будильник, зачем начинать уроки в такую рань.

Проснувшись парень лет 10 встал и пошёл в ванную. Встав напротив

зеркала паренёк посмотрел в него.

М-да, выгляжу я ужасно, - сказал он. Под большим зелёными

глазами были небольшие мешки, обычно круглое лицо, без острых

черт и почти белоснежный кожей. Сейчас было помятым и имело

небольшие красные пятна, а вот блондинистые волосы стали, как


Вдруг в дальнем углу послышался писк.

О, Avakin ты уже проснулся,- разворачиваются и выходя из ванны

сказал он.

Да, Pastan Balanesar или мне тебя как раньше называть Solaris?, -

спросил робот.

Не, называй меня настоящим именем. А то-от тебя это звучит


8:00 Я вышел из комнаты и меня уже ждал учитель-lightmasl. Сел в


Сегодня урок мастерения будет проводится в другом кабинете

так-как в 11-зоне произошла вспышка неизвестной болезни и на

данный момент обстоятельства вспышки устанавливаются. Такчто

эта зона пока что будет опечатка, - закончив свою речь lightmasl,

завёл машину и поехал в класс.

15:00 (После уроков)

Что ж уроки окончены, - произнёс учитель.

Ей, Avakin, как думаешь, мы сможем пробраться в 11-зону, -

шёпотом произнёс Solaris своему роботу.

Хей, Balanesar, скем это ты там разговариваешь? - задал вопрос

один из парней, что постоянно издевался над Sol.

Н - никем, - заикаюшимся голосом произнёс он, взял и одел на

плечи рюкзака - Avakin и поспешил ко входу в в опечатанную часть.

Слушаешь, Avakin? - спросил у него Sol, - сможешь открыть вход

хотя-бы на несколько секунд?

Снова спросил Pastan у превратившегося в свой более

человекоподобный вид робота.

Смогу, - ответил Avakin и подошёл к консоли управления. Спустя

пару нехитрых манипуляций он открыл двери и огромные,

железные под 4 метра ворота открылись. Когда же Solaris зашёл в

зону ужасный запах, что пошёл оттуда многократно усилился.

Зайдя внутрь он увидел два силуэта, у которых судя по нему на

голове были вёдра. Он аккуратно начал двигаться в мир сторону

когда услышал голос судя по всему одного из незнакомцев.

Solaris Potens, мальчик чьи кости исполняют желания…

Он не успел договорить как сзади их обоих по голове ударил Avakin.

Кто это? И что с ними? - спросил Sol.

Это мусорщики и судя по всему именно они убили всех. А второй

ответ мусорщики мертвы. Так-что можешь не переживать, -

ответил Avakin.

Что ж пошли, - сказал Pastan.

И они ушли в закат…

7:00 Alarm clock again, why start lessons so early. Waking up, a guy of

about 10 got up and went to the bathroom. Standing in front of the mirror,

the boy looked into it.

Yeah, I look terrible, he said. There were small bags under the big green

eyes, usually a round face, without sharp features and almost snow-white

skin. Now it was rumpled and had small red spots, and the blond hair became

like a washcloth.

Suddenly, a squeak was heard in the far corner.

Oh, Avakin, you’re already awake, - he said, turning around and leaving

the bath.

Yes, Pastan Balanesar, or should I call you Solaris?, - asked the robot.

No, call me by my real name. And that sounds weird to you.

8:00 I left the room and the lightmasl teacher was already waiting for me.

Sat on the bus.

Today, the mastery lesson will be held in another room, as there was an

outbreak of an unknown disease in the 11-zone and at the moment the

circumstances of the outbreak are being established. So this zone will be a

typo for now, - after finishing his speech lightmasl, he started the car and

drove to the class.

15:00 (After lessons)

Well, the lessons are over, - said the teacher.

Hey, Avakin, do you think we can get into the 11-zone, - Solaris whispered

to his robot.

Hey Balanesar, who are you talking to? - one of the guys who constantly

scoffed at Sol asked a question.

N - no one, - he said in a stuttering voice, took and put on the shoulders

of the backpack - Avakin and hurried to the entrance to the sealed part.

Are you listening, Avakin? - Sol asked him, - can you open the entrance

for at least a few seconds?

Again Pastan asked the robot, which had turned into its more humanoid


I can, - answered Avakin and went to the control console. After a couple

of simple manipulations, he opened the doors and the huge, iron gates

under 4 meters opened. When Solaris entered the zone, the terrible smell

that came from there increased many times over.

Going inside, he saw two silhouettes, which, judging by him, had buckets

on their heads. He gently began to move to the side of the world when he

heard the voice of what appeared to be one of the strangers.

Solaris Potens, the boy whose bones grant wishes...

He did not have time to finish when Avakin hit them both on the head

from behind.

Who is it? And what about them? Sol asked.

These are scavengers and apparently they killed everyone. And the second

answer is the scavengers are dead. So you don’t have to worry, - answered


Well, let’s go, - said Pastan.

And they went off into the sunset...


by Katie

Avery was flicking around on the tv and Avery decided to turn on the

world news, as her friends had been telling her to watch less tlc and more

CNN. Little did she know how mind bending the news would be….

*a news presenter appeared on her screen, looking quite disheveled like

he hadn’t slept in days* ‘BREAKING NEWS!! A ‘monstrous’ mouse has

been spotted storming the city of many cities, including New York leaving

destruction and calamity in its wake. No one quite knows its whereabouts

at the minute but authorities are on the hunt to find it. Nicknamed Frankenstein’s

most vile creation, this creature is on the stupendous height of

a 10 storey building and has a reputation for scratching its victims to their

death. Originally a test mouse in a lab at New Orleans, scientists made

the fatal mistake of injecting the wrong serum into the mouse, mistaking

growth serum for botox and causing the mouse to grow rapidly. The

scientists fled the scene, but police are on the look for these individuals.

*Their pictures flash on screen* if you have seen or had contact with

these people, please call the New York police station.’

Tasha sucked in a breath. There was no mistaking that the picture on the

screen was undeniably her childhood best friend Milo, whose family had

moved to America when she was 15. She was overcome with raw emotion.

Was he alive ? Had he been arrested ? And how on earth had he gotten

himself into such a sticky situation ? Her ears were still working as far as

she knew, she was still listening to this incredulous news report but she

still couldn’t believe what she was hearing. This kind of stuff only existed

in the movies. And not very good ones. Ones made in the eighties with bad

acting and special effects. A giant mouse/ serial killer on the loose ? She

must be dreaming, she thought and as she pinched herself and nothing

happened, she realized just how real and horrifying this sort of news was.

Maybe it was April fools day and the world was just playing one big joke

on her, but alas, it was true. She switched off the tv and put the blanket

over her head, like if she could hide from her world, none of this would be

real, none of it would be true. She reminded herself how to breathe, and

walked towards every window and door in her house making sure it was

secure, not that it would be much of a match against a mouse the size of

an apartment block but it was something.

She was in England, and hadn’t heard anything of the sort until now, despite

a few rumours that she thought couldn’t be true…until now. This

was the type of stuff the conspiracy theorists on reddit talked about. A

dark shadow she noticed was walking up her footpath toward the door.

She started shaking in fear. ‘This is the end’ thought to herself, whim-

pering as she knew was going to come next. Was he going to scratch her

to death too ? Was he going to take her eyes out like that one guy did in

a horror movie she watched last night ? She took a deep breath, and going

into the cloakroom, grabbed her old baseball bat and cautiously made

her way to the door. She unlatched the lock, and swinging the door open,

her eyes squeezed shut as she wielded the baseball bat around, screaming

‘ I’m too young and beautiful to die !! ‘. ‘Well’ a deep voice echoed back

at her, ‘ I would agree with you on the last bit’. Slowly, Avery opened her

eyes to see a man with a smile, the only way to describe it was devastating,

like with one look at it the world and everything in it would bend to

the will of his random stranger at her door. She looked at him once more

and suddenly something clicked in her head. He looked terribly familiar.

It was Milo standing before her, the same person who she had grown up

with, who had carried her back to her House that was miles away after she

sprained her ankle on her bicycle, who had listened to all her boy problems

and who had unwittingly set out a creature that could ruin the world

as she knew it…..

Luna by Grace

I wake up late at night, I don’t know what time. 1 AM would be a good

guess. The moon shines through the open curtains, illuminating the

room faintly. I’m not bothered to get of bed to close them, so I lie there

doing nothing. Shadows dance through the room, changing shape with

the wind.

My eyes scan the small room that seems so much larger at night. I look

at the books, the walls, the other bed in my room that used to belong to

someone. I stare

at the bed for a long time before looking elsewhere.

My eyes look out the window, but there is something on the windowsill

that catches my attention.

There is a girl on the windowsill.

At first I think she is a reflection. She looks so similar to me. She has black

hair that goes a bit past her shoulders and a thin, pale face. There is only

one real difference between us.

Her eyes.

Her eyes are a brilliant glittering red, the colour of rubies. Even in the

dark they are easy to see. Her eyes focus on mine and I feel unsettled. She

steps off the windowsill and smiles at me.

“Hello,” she says calmly.

“Who are you? Are you real, or am I hallucinating?”

She doesn’t reply. I’m probably hallucinating. I shut my eyes and try to

think about good things. I take deep breaths and relax. I open my eyes.

And she’s right in front of me, staring at me.

“Boo.” She says with a grin.


She bursts into laughter. Her laugh is creepy. I hope that as long as I live I

never have to hear her creepy weird laugh again.

“Don’t do that,” I say angrily. “I asked you a question, who are you?”

“What you don’t recognise your own face? I’m you,”

“Very funny,” I say sarcastically. “Now go away,”

If I’m not a part of you, how come I can do this?”

She disappears. But I hear her voice in my head. She screams and shouts

and cries until my ears feel like bleeding.


And she materialises again sitting on the foot of my bed

“Okay I’ll stop. Happy?”

“What do you want from me?”

“I want to help! I care about you! I’m your only friend!”

“Yeah, totally true,” I say angrily.

“But it is! Your life is terrible! Your miserable, so I have taken it upon myself

to help you!”

“And how do you plan to do that?”

“I’ll talk to you, give you advice! You need me!”

“What’s the catch?” I say sceptically.

“There is no catch! I’ll take control for a while but you’ll still be there!

We’ll make decisions together! I’ll get you back on track!” She says


“I don’t know, okay for no-”

“WONDERFUL! I’m so glad your letting me help you! You need it, after


“Okay then, what should I call you?”

“Lua, obviously,”

“No, that’s my name. You need your own,” I say stubbornly

“Alright then, I’ll be…. Luna!

I smirk. How creative. Lua with an “n”.

“Alright then,” I say, deciding to play along. “ Luna it is.”

“Okay, so we’re partners now, right buddy?”

Luna extends her right hand to me.

“Okay.” I say, shaking her hand.

And that’s how it started. Luna couldn’t have ever said no anyway.

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