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Volume 1<br />


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I N N O V A T E S A N D I E G O V O L . 1 I N N O V A T E S A N D I E G O V O L . 1<br />

Why <strong>Chiropractic</strong><br />

therapies that have been shown to be extremely<br />



COUNTY<br />

The <strong>Chiropractic</strong> Center of <strong>North</strong> <strong>County</strong> uses a<br />

variety of safe and effective chiropractic techniques<br />

in order to stabilize, strengthen, and heal the body.<br />

No two bodies are the same. Careful evaluation,<br />

history, and exam findings are needed in<br />

order to determine and provide the correct<br />

type of chiropractic care.<br />

Science has proven that everyone has an inborn or<br />

innate intelligence that utilizes the nervous system<br />

to control and regulate the body’s vital functions<br />

as it relates the environment. This inner wisdom<br />

works both consciously and subconsciously at<br />

keeping you in balance with the proper heart rate,<br />

release of hormones, digestion of foods, regulates<br />

our breathing cycles and so on. This system is<br />

always on and always functioning—24 hours a day,<br />

seven days a week. The most serious Interferences<br />

effective:<br />

Infrared Light Therapy<br />

HealthLight is a photo-modulated (pulsed, light<br />

emitting diodes) device also known as low-level<br />

light therapy (LLLT). Infrared phototherapy<br />

releases nitric oxide from the hemoglobin and<br />

surrounding tissue. Nitric oxide relaxes muscles<br />

cells found in the arteries, veins, capillaries and<br />

lymph vessels. When these muscles relax, they<br />

to this system occur when certain short or long-<br />

dilate the blood vessel, thus allowing increased<br />

term stress is too much for the body to handle.<br />

circulation.<br />

These stresses can arise from various sources:<br />

Rapid Release Therapy<br />

Physical Stresses:<br />

Scar tissue forms in the body as a temporary<br />

• Auto Accidents<br />

patching mechanism for wounds. Rapid Release<br />

• Sports Trauma<br />

Technology targets painful adhesions using<br />

• Injuries at Work<br />

resonance. RRT has determined the optimum<br />

frequency for effectiveness which instantly<br />

Chemical & Nutritional Stresses:<br />

releases cramps and muscle spasms and is focused<br />

• What we EAT<br />

on relief of soft tissue problems caused by scarring.<br />

• What we DRINK<br />

• What we BREATHE<br />

Therapeutic Ultrasound<br />

Therapeutic ultrasound increases a process called<br />

Emotional Stresses:<br />

cell streaming. Cell streaming is the movement<br />

• Relationships at HOME<br />

of fluids within the cells of the human body. This<br />

• Relationships at WORK<br />

process is important because the movement of<br />

• Feelings from PAST relationships or<br />

fluids allows cells to communicate with increased<br />

experiences<br />

efficiency, thereby speeding up the healing process<br />

to the injured tissues. Ultrasound therapy:<br />

Toxins in the Environment:<br />

• increases blood flow in the injured area<br />

• Heavy metals<br />

• reduces swelling and edema, which can<br />

• Pesticides/Pollution<br />

be significant sources of pain.<br />

• gently massage the muscles, tendons<br />

Electromagnetic Pollution:<br />

and/or ligaments in the treated area and softens<br />

• Cell Phones/Computers/Tablets<br />

any scar tissue that is usually present in an<br />

“Alignment is<br />

everything!”<br />

– Dr Kent Pollock<br />

• Powerlines<br />

• Microwaves TVs<br />

Any of these stresses will cause nerve<br />

injured area.<br />

Theory of chiropractic care hasn’t changed, the<br />

tools have. We pride ourselves in being one of the<br />

interferences that result in malfunction to every<br />

most innovative chiropractic wellness centers in<br />

system in the body. Research has shown that if<br />

Southern California utilizing the latest technologies<br />

these interferences persist for more than 10 days,<br />

and alternative therapies including massage and<br />

imbalances develop in the body, scar tissue forms<br />

Reiki. Follow us on Facebook to keep up with the<br />

and cells cease to function properly.<br />

latest in <strong>Chiropractic</strong> news.<br />

Why Do We Focus on The Spine?<br />

The spine serves not only to offer optimal<br />

biomechanics, but also to serve as a protective<br />

housing for the nerves that travel between the<br />

brain and tissues of the body. It is here that most, if<br />

not all interferences exist. Thus, proper structure is<br />

vitally important to have proper function.<br />

848 2nd Street<br />

Encinitas, CA 92024<br />

What we do is significantly different. Here’s why.<br />

Along with employing the traditional <strong>Chiropractic</strong><br />

techniques, we offer a variety of alternative<br />

chirocenter01@gmail.com<br />

+1-760-633-1202<br />


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