Annual Report 2021-2022

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Annual Report


Our Mission:

We exist to proclaim the gospel to the next

generation till every student has heard.

When Warren Willis founded the California School Project in 2002, the

mission was to help every high school in California put on one evangelistic

event. And for those first couple of years, we worked at a handful of

schools around the Los Angeles area.

Twenty years later, the national outreach of Decision Point brings the

message of Jesus Christ through regular student-led outreach in 17 states

across our nation, as well as communities not only across the States, but

around the world. Thank you for joining us in proclaiming the timeless

truths of the gospel to the next generation.

What’s Inside

Greetings from Decision Point

Letter from the President..................................... 1

The Heart Behind Our New Brand........................ 5

Campaign Progress

Mission Expansion.............................................. 7

Stories of Impact from Our Current Areas..............7

Los Angeles...................................................................9

Chicago....................................................................... 12

San Francisco Bay Area........................................... 13

Tucson........................................................................ 16

Dallas-Fort Worth...................................................... 17

Frontier Areas............................................................ 19

Online Coaching........................................................ 23

Church and Ministry Partnerships....................... 25

Online Outreach................................................. 27

Finances & Leadership

Advancement.................................................... 29

Financial Update................................................ 30

Letter from Warren & Board............................... 31

Leadership Team............................................... 32

A Letter from

the President

What an exciting year this has been!

This year, we celebrated 20 years of

God’s faithfulness to this ministry.

As we have looked back on the miracles and milestones, we’ve been

encouraged by how the Lord has worked powerfully as students have

proclaimed the salvation of Jesus at their public schools. Since 2002, we

have equipped and trained students at 539 schools across the nation. These

students have boldly led 2,350 evangelistic rallies with 200,000+ students

attending. Over 1,800 witnessing outings have been organized where 21,000+

people heard the gospel through a personal conversation. In it all, we have

seen nearly 10,000 students indicate faith in Christ on-campus.

Praise God for all He has done!


The Lord has continued to advance the mission.

This year, we have employees on the ground in 11 cities across the country. This is up nearly

fourfold since the launch of our Meant for More campaign in 2019! Our team has also found ways

to mobilize and coach student leaders online. All total, this year we trained and coached student

leaders in 21 states to reach their schools for Christ.

As schools more fully reopened this year, it was thrilling

to watch students boldly share the gospel with their

peers on campus.

Students led weekly Bible studies, personally witnessed to their peers, and led large evangelistic

meetings on campus. Many students saw their perseverance last year pay dividends this year. One

club in LA saw students begin coming to their weekly Bible studies on campus who had started

coming to their club last year when all their meetings were online.

Students have continued showing admirable courage and perseverance through fresh challenges

they have faced this year. For example, many students lost their club advisor during the shutdown

as teachers resigned, moved, or decided they no longer want to be associated with the Christian

club on campus. Many students got pushback from their school administrators in getting their

club or their outreach events approved. And many students faced opposition and mockery from

their peers for their Christian beliefs.

In it all, our Student Leaders were faithful to hold high the hope of Jesus Christ and many were

saved. One of my favorite stories was from a young man named Caleb who was faithfully

witnessing to his friend Shawn in Tucson, Arizona. Caleb relayed a story of finally asking Shawn

what Jesus means to him. “He looked me in the eye,” Caleb recounted, “and said, ‘He’s beginning

to look like the Son of God to me.’” Not long after, Shawn came to Caleb’s outreach on campus

and finally gave his life to Christ. Praise God for Caleb’s faithfulness and the faithfulness of all of

our Student Leaders this year!

And as always, it was a great joy to work alongside pastors as their students were equipped

to do the kind of evangelism that Caleb was doing. You can read about some of the exciting

developments in our church partnership program in the report that follows on page 25.


As campus outreach regained steam, our online

outreach efforts continued full throttle.

The initiatives we developed during the shutdown continued reaching young people every day with the

message of Christ. Videos of some of our favorite guest speakers are seen online by thousands of young

people every single day.

One young lady, named Earline, watched one of these outreach videos and exclaimed,

“Man I don’t know this guy but I looked at his video last night and [it] inspired me in so many ways I accepted

Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior thank you sir for doing what you doing and saying what you’re saying

because it’s got into my heart so deep.”

This year, we also saw new opportunities to bring the

gospel to students not just in the USA but around the world.

One of these ways was to promote our evangelistic videos to

young people worldwide.

As we watched the whole world in a time of great unrest and unparalleled lockdowns, it seemed that

making our evangelistic content available to people beyond the USA was the least we could do. Thanks to

the generosity of a ministry supporter who first suggested we think global, we began promoting our online

outreach videos this September to young people in a dozen countries around the world.

It has been incredible to see the reach and impact. These gospel-centered videos have appeared in the social

media feed of 51 million people over 184 million times! They’ve been clicked nearly 4 million times. We’re now

seeing thousands of people come to our website every day to learn about Jesus. By way of perspective, in

the past 9 months, we’ve seen over 250,000 visits to our evangelistic website from the Philippines alone.

We have also seen a growing number of requests for our

campus program overseas this year.

As our outreach videos have been seen around the world, so has word about our campus outreach program.

Christian students in other countries have seen the campus outreach their peers in America are leading and

have applied to join the movement.

We’ve also seen that God has given many of our staff and Student Leaders connections to spread this

program abroad and a real passion to do so. One of our staff was recently in the Philippines and found

pastors and students there were eager to use our program to reach their public schools. Similarly, one of our

Student Leaders in Phoenix is currently taking the training she is receiving from us to train her friends and

relatives in Congo where she grew up. As we have been approached by other organizations and ministry

leaders about training students in their country to reach their campuses for Christ, our staff and board are

prayerfully considering what God may have for our ministry internationally in the long term. I am excited to

report back to you about how He leads and how some of these opportunities may develop in the future.


As the mission has advanced and we anticipated celebrating

our 20th anniversary, we looked at ways to further accelerate

the mission while staying anchored in God’s truth.

This process resulted in strengthening our doctrinal statement, updating our mission statement, and

adopting Decision Point as the new name for the ministry.

Our doctrinal statement was updated to reflect our commitment to the Biblical message of the gospel

and to the Bible’s teaching on sexuality and gender.

Our mission statement was updated to reflect the ways God has moved this mission into new arenas

online. As the impact online has grown, we had to take a fresh look at our mission statement which

has been, “To coach and mentor students to reach their public schools for Christ.” We want to continue

doing that for decades to come. And we also believe God is calling us to bring the gospel to students in

new ways as well. Our mission statement now reads, “To proclaim the gospel to the next generation.”

This has helped crystallize three key initiatives to accomplish the mission: Campus Outreach, Church

Partnership, and Online Outreach. I am excited about the exponentially greater impact for the gospel we

will, Lord willing, see in the days ahead through these initiatives.

Finally, our name change is designed to help us be ready to go wherever the Lord leads, rallying more

people to the cause and accelerating our impact along the way. We came to see that “National” and

“School” were limiting in terms of scope and sphere of impact. We also wanted a name that amplified

our call to the lost, to Student Leaders, and to the church at large. We wanted a name that students

could use on campus that would streamline their efforts and strengthen their impact. So, we settled on

the name Decision Point. When sharing about the new change with one Student Leader in Orange, CA,

she quickly reacted, saying, “Oh, that’s a perfect name. I can see it all happening already...If I were an

unsaved student, it would really grab me.”

And so after 20 years of the Lord’s work in our ministry, Decision Point is prepared to continue doing

what we’ve always done–unashamedly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to the next generation.

There will always be a next generation that needs to hear of that old, rugged cross. There are many

co-laborers that came before us who gave of their time, talents, and treasure. And there might be many

after us. But in God’s providence, he has placed us here–right now–in a moment where there is much

work to be done. Let us faithfully bear witness to the life and work of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Mark Hopson

President, Decision Point


The Heart Behind

Our New Brand

Our name Decision Point:


the heart of

what we do.

Amplifies our

call to Christian

students today.

We believe the most important decision

a young person will make is what they

will do with Christ who says, “Follow me.”

Tragically, millions of young people today

have never heard Christ’s message. So, we are

proclaiming the gospel to the next generation

so they can decide to follow Him.

We are raising up young leaders who decide

now to faithfully witness to those around

them. We want to see the next generation

proudly proclaim, “I have decided to follow

Jesus - the cross before me, the world behind

me. Though none go with me, still I will follow

- no turning back.”

Reminds us that the

teenage years are a

time of decisions.

Guided only by culture’s shifting standards,

students are left to build their lives on sinking

sand. We are helping students learn to build

their lives on the Rock of Christ and His Word.

Tells us that all

God’s people are at

a decision point.

In days of growing hostility, God’s people must

choose. Will we hold high the hope of Christ

no matter the cost? And with all the devil’s

forces out to destroy our youth, will we do all

we can to save the next generation?


Core values reflected in our logo:

Christ is the Light of the World:

Centuries ago, God promised through His prophet Malachi, “The sun of righteousness shall

rise with healing in its wings” (Malachi 4:2). Praise God that in His tender mercy Christ, the

sunrise from on high, visited us and today gives “light to those who sit in darkness and in

the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace” (Luke 1:78-79).

Courage to Stand in the Spotlight:

Witnessing for Christ takes courage, especially for Student Leaders in today’s culture. We

challenge our staff and students to embrace hardship knowing He is worth it and to ask

God for the courage to stand in the spotlight as a leader for the gospel.

Clear Message Focused on the Cross:

Our logo also illustrates our commitment to cross-centered gospel clarity. People

cannot be saved unless they hear the gospel (Romans 10:14). In a world full of

confusion, we need to share the message clearly so that even a young person can

understand and believe.

Call for Response:

God offers salvation to all who will repent and believe. “Everyone who calls on the name

of the Lord will be saved” (Acts 2:21). Today, He calls people everywhere to choose life in

Him just as He did through His messenger Moses saying, “I have set before you life and

death, blessing and curse. Therefore choose life, that you…may live” (Deut. 30:19).


Stories of Impact

from Our Current Areas

God is on the move, working through students across the nation! Praise God for the bold students who

impacted lives through on-campus, in-person outreach, and witnessing. The harsh reality of darkness

students experienced coming out of the COVID shutdown was real, students came to school desperate

for hope and light. We know that darkness cannot overcome the light of Jesus. Praise God that in

176 schools, students were met with either an invitation by their peers to Christian club, outreach, or a

conversation about the gospel!

How Students are Trained to

Reach a Campus

Every year, our staff challenge and inspire students to reach their campus for Christ. By speaking

at youth groups, camps and conferences, marketing on social media, and word of mouth, we are

casting a big vision to students of how God could use them to bring the gospel to their school.

When students apply and are accepted to our program, they gain access to personal coaching

and receive a Starter Kit that comes with our Student Leader Guide. This training manual provides

them with an action plan to give their whole school a chance to hear the gospel, respond in faith,

and get plugged into a local church through the following initiatives:

Launch a


on campus.

Students are trained to form a leadership team,

launch a Christian club, cast vision, get their club

approved by administrators, and deal with any

opposition they may face along the way.

Lead Bible

studies on


This year, we helped students lead three

evangelistic Bible studies on campus entitled

Identity, Meant for More, and Who is Jesus?

Collectively, these series helped students

identify their ultimate identity as a child of God,

their worldview, and gave them a chance to

study the Gospel of Mark and the life of Jesus.


Map Key

Ministry Hubs

Current Areas

Areas with Online Coaching


witness for


Our Pray 5 Challenge encourages students

to pray for the salvation of 5 friends and look

for opportunities to share the gospel with

them. Give God’s Word challenges students

to give out free Bibles to as many students as

possible, while Go Witness has students share

the gospel personally with peers on campus.

Lead an



Host a series of evangelistic rallies on

campus in the gym or auditorium. Invite the

whole school to come through flyers, posters,

PA announcements, and personal invitations

to friends. Bring in guest speakers to share

their testimonies and present the gospel.


Follow up

with all who


Students fill out response cards to indicate if

they received Christ, would like to learn more

about Jesus, or get an invitation to a local

church. Our Student Leaders personally call

all of these students inviting their peers to get

together one on one, come to their next club

meeting, and invite them to their church.


| Los Angeles

Praise and glory be to God as Jesus was exalted and proclaimed in the Los Angeles Area this school

year! We had the joy of coaching students from 40 schools, and we saw over half of the schools host

multiple gospel outreach events during their lunch periods. Over 2,300 students attended the gospel

events where over 250 students indicated a first-time decision to follow Christ and over 150 students

rededicated their lives to Christ! Gospel seeds were scattered, students learned that God revealed

Himself through Christ, and we saw God’s Spirit at work as students made movements towards

Almighty God!

In early April, a middle school in Downey, CA, hosted 3 days of consecutive outreach. We saw 55

students show up on the first day, 61 on the second day, and 94 students on the last day. The word was

spreading day to day, teachers were praying, and students were showing up eager to hear. On the last

day, students were willing to stay even if it meant they had to sit on the ground! It was so packed!

What was also uniquely encouraging was that the club advisor had mobilized nearly 100 people to pray

nationwide! Christian teachers were mobilized to pray and were faithfully praying every day. The club

advisor was calling one of our local staff members who was personally coaching students at the school

on the mornings of the outreaches saying, “Wake up, we need to pray!” One of the most encouraging

testimonies from these outreaches came from this club advisor, and this is what he had to say,

“... I cannot thank ... your terrific team enough for the amazing Kingdom

work you did this last week! I haven’t been able to stop telling people

about it. It was by far the most significant thing I’ve ever experienced as

a teacher and was a tremendous answer to prayer!

“I truly believe the Lord is doing something very powerful on my campus and what you guys did with

Meant for More was a giant part of it! In 22 years of teaching, I’ve never seen both students & staff

talking about Jesus like I have this last week. You may have been able to gauge numbers better by the

amount of pizza you gave out, and I could be wrong, but I counted 94 kids at its peak the last day! I’ve

never had that many kids in my room before, and they all heard a Spirit inspired gospel message! I had to

fight back tears of joy brother!”

From just 3 days of outreach at this middle school, there were 34 first-time decisions and 35

recommitments! Praise God!

Rich Hung

California State Director


Photos from the second and third day of outreaches at Stauffer Middle School. On the third day,

students flooded the classroom and were even willing to sit on the ground to hear God’s Word!

Schools Coached

Church Partners

The LA Area saw the number of schools coached increase from

35 to about 40 schools this school year.


Jackson (far left) sharing about his Muslim friend Omar

who miraculously gave his life to Christ and began

following Him this past school year.

270 students came to hear former NFL player

Ray McElroy answer questions about the gospel

at the outreach event at Richards High School.

Schools Coached

Target Schools

This year, our Chicago team coached students at the schools marked with blue

icons. Schools marked with yellow icons represent our “target” schools that our

team is actively praying and working to begin coaching next year.


| Chicago

Our prayer this year has been that God would raise up laborers for “the harvest is plentiful, but

the laborers are few” (Mt. 9:37). It has been incredible to watch as more and more students step

up to reach their campuses and the Lord answers our prayer. We’ve seen students at 52 schools

equipped to launch new clubs or to relaunch their clubs after many were shut down during

COVID. Not only have students stepped up, but two former part-time staff that served with our

ministry as college students decided to come back to the ministry and join full-time. One of those

new staff, Dekota Johnson, shared with us,

“When I was 13 years old I came to know Christ and felt the

call to ministry in the States. Now 13 years later, he has confirmed

that this is the time for me to put both feet in the water and to work

to bring revival to this nation and to reach the next generation!”

These new staff members will provide needed help for our southwest suburbs and west

suburbs teams.

One student named Jackson launched his club and saw his friend Omar (name changed for

privacy) attend the club. At the first meeting, Omar was only interested in the pizza and when

he found out it was going to be given out at the end, he pulled out his homework and put his

headphones on. Jackson was disappointed, but decided to pray “God, would you let Omar listen

and take off his headphones.” After two minutes Omar took them off and began listening intently.

That day, he heard the gospel and began asking questions. Jackson did his best to answer his

friend’s questions and gave him a Bible. Coming from a Muslim background, Omar began reading

it in secret and in just a few months has gone through the first 9 books of the Bible while reading

dozens of passages from the New Testament.

Omar posted the words on his Snapchat story, “God, thank you so much for making a way for us

to have a relationship with you; all relationships take time, show me how I can intentionally spend

time with you. In Jesus name, Amen.” Omar gave his life to Christ and began following Him.

Later, when the Christian club hosted their outreach, Omar decided to skip the end of Ramadan

and went instead to help promote the gospel at his school. By God’s grace, 270 students came

and dozens responded to Christ because of Jackson and Omar’s leadership.

Jonathan Cox

Illinois State Director


| San Francisco Bay Area

God is moving powerfully in the hearts of Bay Area students! This year, we had the privilege of

coaching Student Leaders from 31 schools, we were able to see over 3,000 students hear the gospel

at schools, and watch as 215 students made first-time decisions to follow Jesus! Furthermore, we

saw God break new ground, with first-time campus outreaches in 3 new counties: San Francisco,

San Mateo, and Santa Cruz. Last May, we hosted our first Pastor Conference to challenge pastors to

partner with us to coach students in their own youth groups. As a result, 13 pastors created 2 cohorts

to collectively coach students at 18 schools.

In February, I got connected with Reeve, the Youth Pastor at Regeneration Church in Scotts Valley. He

joined a pastor cohort to start coaching God-Squad, the Christian club at Scotts Valley High School.

In early May, Macy, the President of God-Squad, decided to host a Meant for More Week with only a

couple of weeks left of school. Through weekly coaching from Reeve, she planned 3 days of outreach

and got her other 3 club members excited about the opportunity of spreading the gospel at their

school. The weekend before the Meant for More week, Macy tested positive for COVID and was not

allowed back on campus. Consequently, the first 2 days of their outreach get canceled. However,

God-Squad remained faithful and prayed for the best possible outcome for their first outreach ever!

About 50 students came and heard Reeve share his testimony and the gospel, and 5 gave their life

to Jesus that day! A student from my youth group has been pouring into his best friend for 2 years,

who is not a Christian. He brought him to the event, and his friend gave his life to Jesus! The next day,

Reeve also got a message from a parent he doesn’t know.

“My daughter is a freshman at Scotts Valley High School. She received the invitation yesterday by the

God-Squad to come have Taco Bell and hear you speak. My heart was overjoyed to hear all of this

yesterday. She came home and shared your testimony with me. She is a Christian, and seeing Christ’s

love and light shine boldly and brightly through you at her high school encouraged her heart.

“It’s not always easy being a Christian in public school. God bless you,

and I am praying that Jesus would continue to embolden you to share

His goodness and truth in dark places.”

This all goes to prove that no matter a club’s size, or the obstacles and unexpected circumstances

that will be encountered, the Word of God will not return void when Christians are faithful in

glorifying Jesus!

Barnaby Lee

Bay Area Director


Schools we’ve reached in 2018–2019. Schools we’ve reached in 20212022.

Macy (second from the left) and the rest of the

God-Squad Club at Scotts Valley High School persisted

even in the face of obstacles and saw 50 students

attend their first ever outreach event!

Reeve shares his testimony and the gospel of

Jesus at Scotts Valley High School!


Jeremiah (right) pictured with Martín (left)

just seconds after he prayed to receive

Jesus as his Lord and Savior!

Students at Palo Verde High School pass out donuts

and fliers inviting their peers to attend their school’s

very first outreach week.

Schools Coached

Church Partners

In 2020, the Tucson Area was coaching students from

5 schools, which has now grown to 15 schools!


| Tucson

The Lord accomplished much in Tucson this year as we saw the ministry go from being an

expansion city to a fully established ministry. We’ve been able to work with more and more

churches, community members, students, and parents, as our long-term staff team has grown

from 1 to 3 people!

With our Lead Coach and 8 volunteer coaches, we had the privilege of coaching 50 students from

15 schools in the Tucson Area! Praise the Lord! 7 of those schools hosted 23 gospel outreaches this

spring where we saw 2,016 students in attendance. 67 students made first-time decisions to follow

Christ and 156 recommitted their walk with Christ! Furthermore, 365 students noted on their response

card they would like to talk to someone about what it means to have a relationship with God.

One of our biggest prayers and challenges has been for God to open doors within the Tucson Unified

School District since most of our schools are on the outskirts of the city. This year, the Lord connected

us to Tucson Baptist Church (TBC) to coach students at Palo Verde High Magnet School in central

Tucson. Three students from TBC’s youth group led Palo Verde High’s Christian club this school year

and the very first outreach week to ever take place on Palo Verde’s campus! Martín, Alejandro, and

Alexis worked hard to run 5 days of gospel rallies in the gym.

Palo Verde’s outreach week was a beautiful picture of student ownership and church partnership as

church staff attended each day in support of these student leaders. Momentum grew on campus

throughout the week and daily attendance grew each day, starting with 50 students on Tuesday and

ending with 103 students on Friday. That’s 20% of the entire student body.

One student named Jeremiah was invited by club president, Martín. Jeremiah attended every day, but

the Lord especially moved in his heart on Thursday when he got to hear two of his friends, Martín and

Alejandro share their testimonies. Jeremiah stayed after the event was over to talk with Martín and

a pastor in attendance. He shared that he felt he was going to hell and wanted to make a decision to

follow Christ! Martín and his youth pastor were able to talk and pray with him and gave him a bible and

an invitation to youth group. This is just one of a multiple of stories of Tucson students seeing their

friends’ lives changed this year!

“I’m just very thankful for all the help and support, I really wouldn’t have

been able to lead a Bible club without the help of Decision Point.”

— Martín, President of Palo Verde Bible Club

Eric Loveland

Arizona State Director


| Dallas-Fort Worth

Praise God for how He has moved in Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) this last year! We are so thankful as we

look back at celebrating 2 years in DFW. 2021-2022 has been filled with growth in church partnerships,

community support, and students standing for a change in their school. He has been so faithful. We

have seen incredible students from 9 schools all across the DFW metroplex be bold witnesses for the

Lord, which has allowed 2,446 students to hear the gospel in school!

A group of students at Weatherford High School hosted their first-ever outreach that gave 350

students the opportunity to hear and respond to the gospel message. Little did we know that one

of the Weatherford High School Student Leaders named Gracie was actually coaching Alli, a ninthgrader

from Weatherford High School Ninth Grade Center, to host her own Meant for More outreach

at her school! Alli came up and told us that she wanted to give her peers at the Ninth Grade Center

an opportunity to hear the gospel. She said, “I have it all planned and would love for you guys to be a

part”. We were blown away that Gracie, a sophomore, was coaching Alli to help her get the entire week

of outreach planned!

The week of Alli’s outreach events, they were unsure how many students were going to show up

because they were not able to do much promotion for the event. On the very first day, over 100

students showed up to hear the gospel message in the library. On days 2-5 of the outreach week, over

400 students came each day! We were even busting at the seams in the cafeteria with standing room

only for those that did not come early. Because of Alli’s boldness and willingness to make an impact

in her school and on her generation, over 1,600 students heard the gospel, with over 150 students

making decisions for the Lord!

Alli shared about her outreach week:

“I still can’t believe what happened last week, it was so amazing and I’m

so grateful I got to do it with Decision Point! I can’t wait to go through

all of the response cards and see how many lives were changed!”

It has been a privilege to work with these incredible ambassadors for the Kingdom. Each one of them

standing up to proclaim Jesus loudly in their schools in the midst of challenges, discouragement,

and setbacks. We are praising God in DFW that our bold students stood strong, the gospel was

proclaimed, and people responded!

Jonathan and Katie Medina

Dallas-Fort Worth Directors


Our DFW Student Leaders from all across

the metroplex meet in person for the first

time at our banquet.

At Weatherford High School Ninth Grade Center all

the cafeteria seats were filled up during morning

class time at Alli’s outreach week.

Schools Coached

Church Partners


Frontier Areas

| Ohio

In 2020, Xavier joined the club leadership team at his school, while inspiring students at two other

schools to launch clubs. Now, God has raised up 28 student leaders at eleven schools who are boldly

leading for Christ across Ohio. There have been 12 days of outreach where over 400 individual students

have come multiple times to hear about the good news of Jesus Christ. One student named Nikola

heard the gospel at the outreaches and received his first Bible. He came to all four days of outreach and

he told the leaders, “I had the best time at the event. I can’t wait to read this Bible!

| Indiana

Alli Beck, one of our former Student Leaders from Wheaton North High School, decided that she

wanted to bring the ministry to the schools nearby Taylor University where she now goes to college.

This year she coached students at Eastbrook High School to host the first outreaches we’ve ever

supported in Indiana! Two dozen students came and heard the gospel. Several students stood up

in front of their peers and boldly shared their testimony. At the end, one student said, “That was so

awesome we could do that, and man, there is still so much work to do at Eastbrook High School!

I can’t wait to do more things like this, and reach more and more people with the gospel message.

God has done so many amazing things in my life, and I want all my classmates to experience these

things too!” Pray that we could continue to reach more schools in Indiana!


| Sacramento

We have been praying for opportunities to reach students in California’s capital for a long time!

Praise God for bringing Joey Martinez to our team to coach schools in the area. Joey started being

coached by our ministry in 2015 as a middle school student, where he was equipped to share the

gospel and lead outreaches until he graduated from high school. This had a huge impact on Joey’s

life and helped him realize that the Lord is calling him to ministry. This year, during his freshman

year of college, Joey joined our team as a part-time staff member! He’s been able to coach

students at his alma mater, Lincoln High School, and help a student launch a Christian club at a

brand new high school. He’s also been working hard to build relationships with the youth pastors in

the area, setting up opportunities for more campus ministry.

| Oklahoma

Super Summer, a camp in Oklahoma, connected us with a group of students who received weekly

coaching from us in order to learn how to start a Christian club and reach their school. One of those

students was Hallee who had faced opposition and bullying as she tried to start a Christian club.

Hearing about our ministry and realizing that she was not alone gave Hallee the vital encouragement

to carry on and keep going this school year. We are excited to return to Super Summer again this year

and have an additional opportunity to connect with youth pastors and share with them the key role

they can play in supporting their students in reaching their school.

| Phoenix

Josephine, a current senior at Apollo High School in

Glendale, AZ, has a strong passion for the Lord and

a zealous heart to reach the lost. Josephine and her

family moved to Phoenix two years ago as refugees

from Tanzania. While searching online for youth ministry

opportunities, Josephine came across Decision Point’s

website and discovered the opportunity she has to reach

students on her campus. With excitement, she signed

up to be a Student Leader to boldly reach her school

for Christ. This past semester, she reached out to an

existing Christian club at Apollo HS and even recruited

her younger sister Tumaini to join her as a freshman.

While working to reach Apollo, Josephine has also taken

the initiative to coach students back in her home country

of the Congo to reach their schools for Christ. Praise God

for courageous students like Josephine!

Josephine, Apollo High School’s first

Decision Point Leader, received her

Student Leader pack in the mail.



On Easter Sunday, staff members Eric and Breanna

Loveland celebrated with Josephine (center) and her

sisters, Maria (left) and Tumaini (right) as all three

publicly displayed their faith in Christ through baptism.

| San Antonio

Our new staff Hank Hornstein has been laying

some key groundwork in San Antonio that

resulted in a multi-church Meant for More event

in April that will launch new school clubs and

outreaches. Hank will also be running student

workshops at a camp made up of 13 churches

and 600 students to equip students on how to

share their faith and inspire them to reach their

camps with the gospel.


| Boston

This year, Rosa Ruiz joined our staff

part-time to work on new connections in

Boston. We kicked off the year at a youth

pastors conference where we were able

to connect with both youth pastors and

students. We have coached students

in several schools this year and built

relationships with pastors. This summer,

we are excited to partner with a summer

camp where we will spend 3 days

training 80 mission-minded students to

start school clubs and hold outreaches.

| Wisconsin

A national pastors gathering connected our staff

with a youth pastor in Janesville, Wisconsin.

This youth pastor wanted to not only inspire his

own youth to reach their schools but get 6 other

churches to join forces and hold a combined

Meant for More Night to commission the youth

in the entire county for their mission field. Pastor

Michael Powers comments,

“In my 36 years of youth ministry, I had never

heard that you could legally share the gospel

at an event on school grounds and during

school hours.”

Students at multi-church Meant for More night circle

up at tables by their school to discuss how they will

step up to reach their school with the gospel.

That night they had students circle up by school

and talk about what they would do to bring the

gospel to their school. From that discussion,

students from 10 different schools indicated they

were ready to start a club. The Lord is clearly

stirring hearts for the gospel and we’re praying

that this momentum would continue into new

schools, cities, and churches across southern



Online Coaching

This year we trained Student Leaders at 23

schools in 7 states via our Online Coaching program.

In recent years, a valuable opportunity has been opening up to be able to get high-quality training to any

student across the country. In spring 2021, we piloted an online coaching program that allowed us to coach

several students in groups. That spring, we helped equip several of these students in the group coaching

model to reach their campus for Christ, and a few students from this program are still with us today!

This year, we wanted to provide more personalized training to a select number of students around the

country by pairing them up with our campus ministry staff members for one-on-one online coaching.

Students were coming across our social media ads every day about this opportunity, with over 160

students clicking a link to start an application process. While not all of these students were ready to reach

their school, praise the Lord we were able to provide personal coaching from our staff to students at 23

schools across the U.S.

| Hinesville, Georgia

Ashley (middle row, second from left) started her club in the midst of COVID and transitioned it to

being hybrid and eventually in-person. We met weekly with Ashley and her team each week for the

past several years and these students were able to receive online coaching to practice their inperson

talks digitally, be trained to go witnessing at lunchtime every other week, and hold the first

after school gospel event on their campus this past spring!


| West Palm Beach, Florida

Julissa discovered our ministry through one of our social media ads last

fall. She soon invited her friend Maquiver to apply for coaching with her

also. Since they didn’t have a club yet, they both took the challenge to share

the gospel whenever they could! Maquiver was already actively sharing his

faith, but he’s been thankful that our training has sharpened his witnessing

skills even more. Their excitement for ministry has been contagious as

they’ve even recruited a friend at another school to apply for coaching!

Maquiver and Julissa are now planning on partnering with the Campus Life

club on-campus to lead outreach this school year.

What’s next for

online coaching?

We can’t ignore the opportunity God has put before us. Christian students

across the U.S. are gravitating towards the call of being a missionary to their

campus, and we want to help equip them. This year, we’re planning to give an

opportunity for students around the country to join online coaching groups,

where they will partake in an 8-week outreach training course. By the end of it,

students will have all they need to lead outreach at their school!

We are particularly excited to connect with these online student’s pastors. Not

only is local pastoral involvement necessary for students to succeed, but we’re

excited to build connections with churches across the nation. The opportunities

that the Lord might have for churches to be empowered and new frontiers

equipped to share the gospel are incredible to imagine as we connect with

pastors from anywhere in the nation.

Devin Long

Online Coaching Director


Church & Ministry


Church Partnerships

This year we have seen a shift in partnership with

churches and youth pastors. We are inviting them into a

deeper partnership where we empower them to inspire

and equip their students and incorporate campus

ministry into their ministry plan. We provide all the

resources and support necessary for the youth pastor

or one of their key leaders to coach their students. This

provides an opportunity for broader, faster, and more

sustainable growth. Youth pastors are invited to join

seminars, retreats, and cohorts to get all the training

they need to become our ministry partners in the effort

to reach every student with the gospel before they

graduate. In 5 different cities this past year, we ran

multiple youth pastor conferences and our staff met

regularly with 24 pastors throughout the year to equip

them to coach their students in 37 schools.

Ministry Partnerships

Our partnership with Next Generation Impact (NGI)

has laid important groundwork to successfully

establish committed church partnerships to launch

Bible clubs in elementary schools across Oklahoma

and Georgia. In addition to elementary schools, NGI

is able to equip these churches to empower their

middle and high school students to lead Decision

Point Bible Clubs and outreaches. In the coming

school year, we are eager to see our partnership bear

more fruit as our staff liaison Barry Williams works

to create connection points with dozens of churches

in Savannah, Georgia, to launch even more Christian

clubs and outreaches across the surrounding area.


Camps and Conferences

This summer, we are poised to interact with 20,000

Christian students and 400 pastors at conferences

and camps across the country in California,

Oklahoma, Colorado, Indiana, and Massachusetts.

We will be holding workshops for students to learn

how they can reach their school with the gospel

and to introduce our resources and coaching to

accomplish this mission. We will also be able to

connect with youth pastors and have established a

streamlined process to continue working with both

students and youth pastors beyond camp.

International Opportunities

This Spring brought the exciting opportunity to

work with students in a school in Peru. The school

was eager to have their students join our Meant

for More movement and step up to be gospel

leaders in their school. Through online coaching

sessions and the use of our training materials, the

staff hand-picked students ready for leadership

and commissioned them to be gospel leaders. This

leadership training series was significant for the

spiritual growth of these students and for outreach

to other students. We look forward to continuing to

support the school in its efforts to raise up young

gospel leaders to reach their generation both in

their school and in their community.

Kathy Craig

Church & Ministry Partnerships Director


Online Outreach

At the start of the Meant for More Campaign, we never would have imagined the extent to which the Lord

would use our ministry to reach young people online. Our online outreach efforts were just beginning, and

we had no idea what to expect. Three years later, we are astounded by the sheer volume of young people

that have been presented with an opportunity to respond to the gospel online through our social ads,

search terms, 24/7 live chat, and full-length video testimonials that share the gospel in its entirety.

Impact of Gospel Ads on Social Media

199,380,000 ——————— Impressions

22,565,000 ——————— People Reached

4,380,000 ——————— Clicks

672,500 ——————— Sessions

9,400 ——————— Chats

29,000 * ——————— Clicked “I want to follow Jesus”

* Based on personal data shared by respondents we estimate that about

one-third of total commitments are first-time decisions for Christ.

Phrases Young People are Searching for on Google that Led

Them to Our Website and an Opportunity to Hear the Gospel

Why does God send people to hell?

Where to talk to someone online

How can I talk to God?

How to read the bible

Christian testimonies


Science and God

A student in Zambia finds new life in Jesus in our 24/7 chat

In May, Layla, a 20-year-old student from Zambia shared in the Meant for More online chat, “Everyone

has something special which I see that I don’t have…I feel like I’m a loser.” Recognizing Layla’s unspoken

need, Lillian, a volunteer online coach shared Zephaniah 3:17 with her, “The LORD thy God in the midst of

thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee

with singing.” Encouraged, Layla exclaimed, “Now I know I’m special…I would love to accept Christ.” Lillian

explained the gospel to Layla and after giving her life to Christ, Layla explained, “I wanted to be a person

who does everything a teenager does, being on social media and doing wrong, focusing on fashion but

from now on I’ll try live a simple life that satisfies God only.”

Our online ads are helping young people find Jesus

Read the comments below to see their real reactions.

This year we launched a pilot program to make our online outreach material available in multiple

English speaking countries around the globe. We learned there is a huge demand and the response

blew us away! We saw 3,060,000 clicks internationally with 2,064,000 from the Philippines alone.

Though Decision Point’s online outreach efforts were launched during the coronavirus pandemic, it is

apparent that young people are more hungry for the gospel than ever before and desperate to hear the

message of hope. We believe we have only experienced a small fraction of the gospel fruit that can be

won through this strategy and it is our intention to continue to grow our online presence in the years to

come so that more people worldwide might come to saving faith in Christ Jesus.



God has been faithful to our ministry throughout the Meant for More Campaign, through the pandemic

and the closing of schools. We set out to give 1 million students the opportunity to hear the gospel and

expand to 12 cities. As schools reopened, our on-campus ministry re-emerged, while we continued

to reach students through our online outreach efforts. The Lord continued to move through students

across the country, as they were not deterred and shared the love of Christ at school and beyond.

Our goal was to raise $8.4 million to fund these efforts and support the courageous students who are

boldly proclaiming the gospel to the next generation — their generation. To date, the Lord has provided

approximately $7 million dollars toward the $8.4 million goal.

The Meant for More Campaign concludes on May 31, 2023. We are praying the Lord will provide the

remaining $1.4 million, through gifts and pledges, by December 31, 2022, providing a strong foundation

as we head into 2023.

I am so grateful for all of our financial supporters. The ministry does not exist without their generous

giving. It is inspiring to witness the amazing generosity from supporters. I praise God for our Decision

Point Monthly Partners, who give $46/month+ to help send students into the mission field of their

public schools — proclaiming the gospel, till every student has heard!

Don Sivesind

VP of Advancement

New Staff

As we continue to pray for God to send laborers into the harvest field, we were blown away as the year came

to a close with His clear provision of one, then two, then four, and more staff members. As it turned out, we

confirmed 5 new long-time staff members to join the team in 5 consecutive weeks between April and May. All

told this year, we’re celebrating 10 new long-term staff members on the team since July of 2021.

Cassia Russell

Administrative Coordinator

Ryan Smith

Wheaton Area Field Staff

Bobby Meredith

Tucson Field Staff

Eric Loveland

Arizona Director

Dekota Johnson

Chicago Field Staff

Rachel Loo

Online Outreach Coordinator

Brian Webster

Bay Area Field Staff

Robert Brown

Video & Media Coordinator

Jake Hennessy

Sacramento Field Staff


Christine Lee

Bay Area Administrative Coordinator

Financial Update



June 2021

May 2022

June 2020–

May 2021

Unrestricted Donations $ 1,697,836 $ 1,497,923

Restricted Donations $ 692,149 $ 169,518

Support Raising


$ 1,125,521 $ 1,610,365

Total Donation Income $ 3,515,507 $ 3,277,806

Other Income $ 15,863 $ 17,467

Total Income $ 3,531,370 $ 3,295,273



Subcontracting $ 119,938 $ 44,922

Accounting $ 67,129 $ 57,440

Dues and Subscriptions $ 51,264 $ 41,113

Payment Processing Fees $ 35,391 $ 31,019

Travel $ 17,849 $ -1,562

Rent $ 15,217 $ 51,769

Equipment $ 11,222 $ 7,990

Supplies $ 8,220 $ 5,772

Insurance $ 7,024 $ 8,381

Meals $ 6,019 $ 5,364

Depreciation Expense $ 5,527 $ 13,342

Postage $ 3,844 $ 4,808

Telecommunications $ 1,217 $ 2,518

Other $ 3,354 $ 12,808

TOTAL $ 353,214 $ 285,682


Conference Center Fees $ 230,962 $ -7,465

Subcontracting $ 41,950 $ 5,025

Travel $ 30,991 $ 4,213

Dues and Subscriptions $ 21,249 $ 11,509

Honorarium $ 14,500 $ 0

Printing $ 13,731 $ 7,522

Supplies $ 8,015 $ 2,141

Rent $ 7,985 $ 7,985

Meals $ 5,102 $ 2,865

Postage $ 4,298 $ 4,109

Mileage $ 3,932 $ 1,652

Event Fee $ 2,749 $ 762

Insurance $ 1,928 $ 6,909

Equipment Rental $ 1,255 $ 0

Gifts $ 1,159 $ 2,985

Other $ 1,587 $ 11,731

TOTAL $ 391,391 $ 61,942


Total Gross Payroll $ 1,877,634 $ 1,647,484

Total Payroll Taxes $ 140,320 $ 122,155

Total Benefits $ 109,585 $ 77,549

TOTAL $ 2,127,539 $ 1,847,188


Digital Advertising $ 217,333 $ 25,041

Printing $ 118,701 $ 4,236

Outreach Weeks $ 101,798 $ 633

Subcontracting $ 84,066 $ 64,558

Rent $ 80,122 $ 41,078

Travel $ 75,927 $ 20,716

Conference Center Fees $ 72,262 $ 3,937

Supplies $ 36,207 $ 3,355

Online Outreach $ 28,356 $ 133,545

Marketing $ 25,336 $ 0

Mileage $ 23,222 $ 3,956

Meals $ 21,304 $ 16,490

Honorarium $ 20,099 $ 2,850

Staff Personal Ministry $ 14,670 $ 1,065

Postage $ 11,572 $ 3,047

Internet Presence $ 11,306 $ 18,011

Insurance $ 11,121 $ 12,741

Church Partnerships $ 10,637 $ 104

Equipment $ 6,960 $ 7,987

Team Building $ 6,099 $ 0

Other $ 5,460 $ 0

TOTAL $ 982,561 $ 400,671

Total Expenses $ 3,854,706 $ 2,595,483

Net Other Income $ 0 $ 154,852

Net Income $ -323,336 $ 854,642

These are complete financials at the end of our fiscal year on May 31, 2022. Fully audited statements will be completed

in mid-fall 2022. As always, our 990 federal tax filings and audited financial statements are available upon request.


Letter from

Warren & Board

What a big mission in front of us. And what a blessing it is to serve our Lord “who is able to do far more

abundantly than all that we ask or think” (Ephesians 3:20). As the mission expands to new lands and frontiers,

the reality is that people everywhere are faced with important decisions. And the most important decision

people make is if they will follow Jesus.

I’m excited that the mission that was started over 20 years ago continues today under our new name Decision

Point. Bold, courageous, Christian students want to share the gospel, and hurting, spiritually dead students

need to hear the good news. While the ministry continues to expand on campuses across the country, to

online spaces, and potentially even abroad, the core of what we do is the same: proclaim the message of

Jesus Christ to lost sinners. And so, everyone in Decision Point is constantly being challenged to share with others.

Recently, my wife Mary and I went to the airport to pick up my daughter-in-law and two grandchildren who

were flying in to visit. After a little while of waiting in the car at the terminal, I noticed that there were two

elderly ladies standing on the curb smiling in my direction. Mary and I struck up a brief conversation before

our family arrived. As we dropped off the luggage in the trunk and prepared to leave, I turned back, and said to

the ladies, “You know, this doesn’t have to be ‘Goodbye, forever.’” Pulling two gospel booklets out of my shirt

pocket, I handed them one each. Then said, “if you follow the instructions in this booklet, you will one day find

yourself in heaven and when you get there, look me up!” Three minutes in the life of Warren Willis. There are so

many opportunities in all of our lives to share the good news if we’re willing to look for them.

As we’ve seen the Lord build a team out here in Texas these past several years, we’ve continued to instill this

urgency and this perspective in our leaders. The Lord has provided Jonathan and Katie Medina as directors of

the Dallas-Fort Worth Ministry and Hank Hornstein as director in San Antonio, all proven leaders. The Medinas

with 20 years of combined youth ministry experience and Hank Hornstein with 51 years in Campus Crusade

for Christ, now Cru. Additionally, in Austin, the Lord has provided Rick Hewlett, a retiree, who continues to say,

“I’m in this for the long haul!” And under their leadership, we’ve seen more Christians mobilized to share the

gospel with their friends, family members, and people they don’t even know. Just a few years ago, there was

no Texas ministry and now we’ve seen the Lord work to build the ministry in city after city.

So the ministry continues to advance towards students, communities, and people that need to hear the

gospel. With an incredible team of leaders, it’ll be exciting to see the great works that the Lord will do in us

and for His Kingdom.


Warren Willis - Founder & CEO, Decision Point


Leadership Team

• • •

Governing Board


Warren Willis Ph.D.

Flower Mound, Texas


Richard W. Sherwood, PMP

Trophy Club, Texas

President, The Martis Group, Inc.


Michael Winter D.D.S.

Whittier, California

Owner, Michael Winter D.D.S.

Greg Thompson

Burson, California

President, Thompson Media Company, Inc.

Phil Nussbaum

Wheaton, Illinois

Co-founder & Chairman of Performance

Trust Capital Partners

• • •

Executive Staff


Warren Willis Ph.D.

Flower Mound, Texas


Mark Hopson

Wheaton, Illinois


Kellee Popp

Long Beach, California



Ben Flemming

Whittier, California


Don Sivesind

Grapevine, Texas


PO Box 1118

Wheaton, IL 60187


Change service requested

We exist to proclaim

the gospel to the next

generation till every

student has heard.

Decision Point, formerly National School Project

is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

(Tax ID: 20-3226605)

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