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Funke Akindele: Woman, Media Personality, Politician And The Break-Up

Funke Akindele: Woman, Media Personality, Politician And The Break-Up


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august <strong>2022</strong><br />

Top<br />

TikTok<br />

Trends<br />

of <strong>2022</strong><br />

15 Nigerian<br />

female<br />

celebrities<br />

who are ageing<br />

gracefully<br />

Meet 10<br />

Female<br />

Entrepreneurs<br />

MakinG Africa Proud<br />

How to<br />

Dress for<br />

the Perfect<br />

Evening<br />

Date<br />

5 Eye<br />

Makeup<br />

Products<br />

Every Lady Should<br />

Have<br />

Fashion in<br />

the Streets of<br />

Lagos<br />

Exclusive<br />

Funke<br />

Akindele:<br />

Woman, Media Personality,<br />

Politician & The Break up<br />

10<br />

Beauty Tips<br />

& Tricks to<br />

Enhance<br />

Your Natural<br />

Glow<br />

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5 Eye Makeup<br />

Products Every<br />

Lady Should Have<br />

10 Beauty Tips &<br />

Tricks to Enhance<br />

Your Natural Glow<br />

Funke<br />

Akindele:<br />

Woman, Media Personality,<br />

Politician & The Break up<br />

12<br />

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H<br />

ello there, and welcome to<br />

another exciting edition of<br />

your monthly publication –<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> <strong>Magazine</strong>.<br />

This week, I found out that we are one<br />

of the few magazines worldwide that<br />

have maintained a monthly publication<br />

despite the apparent challenges facing<br />

the media and publication industry<br />

today – which were made even worse<br />

by Covid and the effects of the Russian-<br />

Ukraine war.<br />

I am excited that my Editor-in-Chief,<br />

Mrs. Remi Daigbare, has remained<br />

focused and determined to continue to<br />

sacrifice and pay the ultimate price to<br />

keep <strong>Glamsquad</strong> alive.<br />

The cover star of this edition – Funke<br />

Akindele, is someone I have always<br />

admired for many years. So it is<br />

understandable that her commitments<br />

to her party and running mate for the<br />

upcoming Lagos State gubernatorial<br />

elections did not make us get the<br />

proper sit-out interview we wanted.<br />

But everyone who knows Funke<br />

personally was there to help with<br />

everything they could share. Those who<br />

have spoken to her in the past also<br />

shared every bit of information.<br />

This edition is undoubtedly the<br />

most comprehensive feature on<br />

the TV superstar and current Deputy<br />

Governorship candidate.<br />

We also have a dose of another<br />

lifestyle, entertainment, fashion, and<br />

make-up stories—also, Street Fashion<br />

with Praise debuts in this edition. Praise<br />

has been a significant part of the<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> project, and we are<br />

happy to have promoted her to<br />

a management position in the<br />

magazine.<br />

In this edition, Sasha also<br />

debuts her Make-Up Essentials –<br />

Eyes, Lips, and More column. So,<br />

I am not joking when I say this is a<br />

bumper package!<br />

Lastly, let me share with you<br />

another BIG win! Our last edition<br />

has reached over 800,000<br />

cumulative views in less than<br />

one month! So yes, our global<br />

presence is becoming even<br />

stronger!<br />

We wouldn’t have done this<br />

without you, and we cannot thank<br />

you enough for your support and<br />

love. I do not want to let the cat<br />

out of the bag, but trust me when<br />

I say the next edition is a ticking<br />

BOMB!<br />

I’ll say no more! Enjoy your<br />

read. We love and appreciate<br />

you – always!<br />

With Lots of Love,<br />

A .<br />

Ameena Dayo<br />

Editor, G.S<br />

How to Dress<br />

for the Perfect<br />

Evening Date<br />

4<br />

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We remain committed to supporting<br />

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How to Dress for th<br />

Evening Date<br />

By Kabirat Opoola<br />

If you’ve got a date<br />

coming up, chances<br />

are you’re feeling<br />

excited about the<br />

occasion but anxious<br />

about what to wear.<br />

Every lady has been<br />

through this issue at one<br />

point or another when<br />

the pressure to impress<br />

is sky-high.<br />

While there’s no onesize-fits-all<br />

solution to<br />

what you should wear,<br />

there are some tricks<br />

to creating a killer<br />

outfit to suit your date<br />

type. Whether you’re<br />

headed out for dinner,<br />

to the movies, or just<br />

for a coffee, we’ve got<br />

gorgeous and flattering<br />

date night outfits to<br />

inspire you.<br />

4<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

1<br />

Movie Date Outfit<br />

Heading to the cinema is<br />

a traditional date that all<br />

couples enjoy. Although the<br />

outing doesn’t require the<br />

same standard of dress as<br />

dining at a 5-star restaurant,<br />

it does merit some effort in<br />

the style department.<br />

While you’ll naturally want<br />

to look gorgeous, you’ll also<br />

want to dress comfortably.<br />

This combination calls for<br />

an outfit that’s stylish and<br />

the perfect blend of casual<br />

and dressed up. Pants and<br />

a cute top make a better<br />

option than fussy dresses or<br />

skirts but remember to give<br />

the jeans a miss and opt for<br />

more sophisticated styles<br />

instead.<br />

Wide-leg designs made<br />

in loose fabrics are sure to<br />

keep you cozy and chic.<br />

Then, just finish off your<br />

movie date outfit with small,<br />

block heels and a longline<br />



e Perfect<br />

Beach<br />

Date Outfit<br />

Whether you’re going for a<br />

picnic, barbeque, or just some<br />

fun in the sun, summer is an<br />

excellent opportunity for an<br />

outdoor date on the beach.<br />

Although it’s not the easiest<br />

date to dress for, it can be<br />

a fun opportunity to mix up<br />

your casual style. Soft, flowy<br />

materials and unstructured<br />

designs are a great jumpingoff<br />

point for planning a beach<br />

outfit. Chiffon and lightweight<br />

2<br />

cotton are ideal fabric options<br />

and will help to keep you cool<br />

in the sun and looking suitably<br />

relaxed.<br />

A midi or maxi dress will have<br />

a lovely feminine aesthetic<br />

while cute shorts will offer a<br />

contemporary vibe. Whichever<br />

you choose, be sure to have<br />

fun with color and pattern<br />

and finish it all off with some<br />

gorgeous sandals and a straw<br />

hat.<br />

First<br />

Date Outfit<br />

3<br />

Although first dates tend to be the most exciting,<br />

dressing for them is the hardest. Every lady’s<br />

been on a first date and knows the pressure of<br />

wanting to make a good first impression and the<br />

anxiety it causes over what to wear.<br />

The key to pulling off a successful first date outfit<br />

is to strike a balance polished and relaxed. You<br />

should aim for a lovely look that’s both feminine<br />

and chic. Something dressy but not uptight will<br />

send off all the right signals.<br />

A stylish skirt and top worn with medium height<br />

heels are the perfect option and appears<br />

sophisticated yet down to earth. Remember to<br />

keep the look clean but not too structured and<br />

choose light colors and soft tones over black.<br />

Lace, soft florals, and simple ruffles are all also<br />

great options, but remember to stay true to your<br />

personal style.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 5


Concert Date Outfit<br />

Dressing for a concert can be made all<br />

the more challenging when you’re also<br />

dressing for a date. The trick is to find a look<br />

that balances edge and style with both<br />

practicality and feminine subtleties.<br />

One of the best ways to go about<br />

achieving this is to rock a leather jacket with<br />

skinny jeans and some heeled booties. The<br />

4<br />

jacket will provide plenty of edge and style<br />

while the jeans and boots add comfort<br />

and create a slim silhouette.<br />

To ensure your look isn’t too dark, pair it with<br />

a white V-neck top. Also, don’t forget about<br />

the details. Some embroidery or minimal<br />

accessories will add the perfect chic touch<br />

to this daring date outfit.<br />

Dinner Da<br />

Heading out to a nice dinner<br />

is one of the most romantic<br />

and sophisticated dates<br />

you can go on. As such, it<br />

demands an incredible outfit<br />

that’s equal parts style and<br />

class. While it’s not the only<br />

option, a dress is a natural<br />

choice for a dinner date.<br />

Choose one that’s as<br />

sophisticated as it is<br />

lovely with a hem that<br />

finishes below the knee.<br />

6<br />



te Outfit<br />

Keep the style elegant and fitted but<br />

also comfortable. You can add some<br />

personal flair in the form of stylish details,<br />

such as very subtle cut-outs, off the<br />

shoulder tops, light fringing, or ties.<br />

When it comes to color, black and white<br />

are best for creating a great impression<br />

and can be worn individually or in a<br />

minimalistic pattern. As for finishing<br />

touches, black sandal heels, a small and<br />

sleek clutch, and some light jewelry will<br />

do nicely.<br />

Casual Date Outfits<br />

Whether your significant other is<br />

taking you bowling or your crush<br />

wants to catch up for a coffee, a<br />

cool and casual outfit is a must.<br />

Achieving a style that appears<br />

effortlessly chic and easy-going is<br />

the ultimate goal.<br />

It comes as no surprise then that<br />

denim is a great option, but how<br />

you wear it is essential to nailing a<br />

killer outfit. Pairing denim with slightly<br />

dressier pieces will create a look<br />

that’s both relaxed and polished.<br />

Jeans and a blazer is the ideal<br />

solution, but a mini skirt and denim<br />

jacket can work too.<br />

Be sure also to keep colors bright<br />

and fun, and fabrics comfortable.<br />

Flats or low heels, sunglasses, and<br />

a watch are the perfect relaxed<br />

accessory additions to this date<br />

outfit.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 7


Fashion<br />

in the<br />

Streets<br />

of Lagos<br />

with<br />

Praise<br />

Words by - Praise David<br />

Hello lovely fashion lovers,<br />

welcome to the opening chapter<br />

of my new column – Fashion in the<br />

Streets of Lagos with Praise. I am so<br />

excited about this opportunity, and I<br />

hope you are too.<br />

There are many definitions of<br />

street fashion, but the one I favour<br />

most is the definition that Street<br />

fashion is fashion that is considered<br />

to have emerged not from studios,<br />

but from grassroots streetwear. Street<br />

fashion is generally associated with<br />

youth culture, and is most often<br />

seen in major urban centers.<br />

By combining different styles and<br />

making them unique, street style<br />

enables individuals to flex multiple<br />

identities. Clothing and style have<br />

become important factors in social<br />

movements because of street style.<br />

Streetwear is a style of dressing<br />

that has been adopted mainly<br />

by great celebrities. You will see<br />

most of these big stars, such<br />

as Justin Beiber, Kanye West,<br />

among many others, dressed in<br />

streetwear. As a result, there has<br />

been an increased demand for<br />

these streetwear clothing.<br />

Big brands such as<br />

Supreme, have invested in<br />

streetwear fashion. These<br />

brands are using the power of<br />

social media to promote and<br />

influence the streetwear style.<br />

Enough of the talking…<br />

lol! Fashion is a language<br />

of pictures, and for my first<br />

column, I will be sharing<br />

some random street photos<br />

– just to prepare you for what<br />

is to come. Enjoy! I await<br />

your feedback.<br />

8<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 9


10<br />



www.glamsquadmagazine.com 11


Funke<br />

Akindele:<br />

Woman. Media Personality.<br />

Politician & The Break up<br />

By Ameena Daayo<br />

Funke Akindele is blessed with millions<br />

of fans across the globe – but only<br />

a handful of people know who she<br />

really is.<br />

The celebrated entertainment superstar<br />

boasts of over 20 million active followers<br />

across her social media, but in reality,<br />

these fans and admires do not really like<br />

Funke Akindele – or admire her. No, the<br />

truth is that society loves and admires ‘Bisi,’<br />

‘Jenifa,’ or ‘Sulia’ – not Funke.<br />

These were the characters that Funke<br />

Akindele has been akin to over time. She<br />

played the role of ‘Bisi’ – an inquisitive<br />

17-year-old in the popular sex and health<br />

educational TV drama series ‘I Need to<br />

Know.’ In Jenifa’s Diary, she is ‘Jenifa’, and<br />

in Aiyetoro Town, she was ‘Sulia.’<br />

So, in the minds of many fans and<br />

admirers, when you mention Funke<br />

Akindele, what plays in their mind’s eye is<br />

Bisi, Jenifa, or Sulia.<br />

In this feature, we bring to you –<br />

Funke Akindele: The woman, media<br />

personality, and politician. This feature is an<br />

accumulation of many verbal interviews<br />

granted by Funke Akindele on her personal<br />

life, career, family, and political career.<br />

I bet you are as excited as I am to find<br />

out who the true Funke Akindele really is –<br />

outside the characters she is most famous<br />

for, of course. Hop on and join me on<br />

this jolly ride, as we go into the world of<br />

Funke Akindele in a vehicle driven by the<br />

superstar actress, producer, and politician<br />

– and those who know her closely.<br />

12<br />



<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive:<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 13


Who is Funke Akindele?<br />

Well, Funke Akindele is a<br />

simple human being, woman,<br />

and mother. As you may already<br />

know, she doesn’t like to put<br />

her personal life out there in<br />

the public. She even refused to<br />

reveal the facial identity of her<br />

kids – just to protect them from<br />

the media.<br />

She is a wonderful human<br />

being – talented, creative, and<br />

super hardworking. Funke was<br />

born on 24 <strong>August</strong> 1977. She<br />

starred in the sitcom “I Need to<br />

Know” from 1998 to 2002, and in<br />

2009, she won the Africa Movie<br />

Academy Award for Best Actress<br />

in a Leading Role.<br />

Since then, she has not looked<br />

back and has gone on to star<br />

and produce some of Nigeria’s<br />

most popular and successful TV<br />

drama, and movies.<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive:<br />

Can You Tell Us About Your<br />

First Marriage?<br />

The only reason why I would<br />

share this is because of the<br />

young ladies out there who want<br />

to get married because of the<br />

hype of having a big wedding.<br />

Many of them just want to party.<br />

They need to calm down and<br />

take their time.<br />

If you rush in, you will rush out.<br />

Lessons learnt. I am not trying<br />

to drag anybody; I am going<br />

to talk about me. I just want to<br />

get married and have children. I<br />

went into the marriage and it did<br />

not work.<br />

It ended in a very bad way<br />

on social media. I was actually<br />

filming when someone called<br />

me and told me. I cried, I lost<br />

some good deals then but I did<br />

not let it break me. I thank God<br />

for my mum, she advised me to<br />

continue working. I focused on<br />

my career. I was just collecting<br />

many scripts in the East.<br />

14<br />



My mum was living in Ajah at<br />

the time. I’ll wake up as early as<br />

3am and by 4, I am out to the<br />

airport, waiting for the 7:30pm<br />

flight to Enugu.<br />

That was how I survived that<br />

period. My advice to young<br />

ladies is that they should get<br />

married for love, not because of<br />

pressure. Have children because<br />

you want to, not because of<br />

society , ignore the gossips and<br />

naysayers. ;do what makes you<br />

happy.<br />

Why Have You Kept the<br />

Identity of Your Kids a Secret?<br />

Don’t you see my home? Don’t<br />

you see my husband? Don’t you<br />

see the back of my children? How<br />

is that one private? The children’s<br />

face is that what you are trying to<br />

say? No.<br />

When they are old enough,<br />

they should show their faces if<br />

they want to. But for now, I don’t<br />

want them to show their faces.<br />

I want them to have their lives<br />

and enjoy it. Their dad and I are<br />

already in the public eye. They<br />

are children, don’t forget. They<br />

are children . They are vulnerable<br />

so you have to just keep them<br />

away, keep them safe.<br />

Let them go to school, let<br />

them enjoy their lives without “Ah!”<br />

that’s Jenifa’s son. That’s JJC’s<br />

son. Ah see his leg, see his face.<br />

Leave them private!<br />

How Did Your Acting Career<br />

Begin?<br />

Like you know “I need to know”<br />

launched me to limelight. It was<br />

a new ground for me and I felt<br />

so privileged working under the<br />

auspices of Uncle Lloyd Weaver,<br />

an American. Playing the role of<br />

“Bisi” an inquisitive 17-year-old<br />

when I was actually in my 20s was<br />

quite challenging, but he brought<br />

out the best in me.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 15


16<br />



“<br />

I decided to take<br />

a comic route<br />

in the movie,<br />

because I felt I<br />

should talk about<br />

sustaining good<br />

morals but in a<br />

way one would<br />

laugh but still<br />

walk home with a<br />

message.<br />

My first experience for the<br />

camera was on Opa Williams set,<br />

‘Naked Wire’. I featured in a film.<br />

I attended the audition and Opa<br />

Williams is such a gentle man. I<br />

heard about the audition then,<br />

I was given a role. After then, I<br />

was on I.T at APCON I just told my<br />

boss, ‘oga I want to go for this<br />

audition’. He was like, ‘go, go,<br />

go’. I was past teenage years. I<br />

went, and I got a role.<br />

Many People are Unaware<br />

You are a Veteran in the Movie<br />

Industry, Can You Tell Us How<br />

Long You Have Been in the<br />

Movie Industry?<br />

My first camera appearance<br />

was in 1996 in a movie produced<br />

by Opa Williams titled ‘Naked<br />

wire’. To the glory of God I’ve<br />

been in the movie industry for<br />

15 years now.<br />

What were your parents’<br />

take when you decided to<br />

go into movies, considering<br />

the fact that your mum was<br />

a gynaecologist and your<br />

dad an educationist. Was<br />

there any challenges from<br />

them?<br />

My parents were very<br />

supportive of my decisions<br />

and I would say my mum<br />

was a major sponsor in<br />

my investment in the<br />

entertainment industry. She<br />

believed in me so much, but<br />

my dad would always tell me<br />

to go back to school and<br />

study law, because he wanted<br />

me to become a lawyer.<br />

Though I ended up<br />

studying law in the university,<br />

they both still supported me in<br />

everything I did as long as it<br />

was for my own good.<br />

Would You Practice Law in<br />

the Future?<br />

I don’t think so. I am<br />

comfortable with what I am<br />

doing now, but it is good that<br />

I practised law, because it<br />

helps me to shape some of<br />

the scripts I write. So, one way<br />

or the other I am practising<br />

law in a way.<br />

Tell Us About Jenifa’s<br />

Diary.<br />

My younger sister a<br />

graduate of Unilag told<br />

me about an incident that<br />

occurred in the school while<br />

she was an undergraduate.<br />

Some roommates of hers<br />

were invited to a party by<br />

another supposed big girl in<br />

the school.<br />

One of the invitees<br />

overheard her conversation<br />

on the phone telling the<br />

person on the other line that<br />

“whatever happens to the girls<br />

isn’t her business provided her<br />

balance was ready”. It was<br />

through that conversation that<br />

the girls knew they were about<br />

falling prey to ritualists.<br />

So, it gave me an<br />

inspiration to impact on the<br />

youths with a solid message. A<br />

lot of girls out there do things<br />

they really shouldn’t. Some are<br />

‘aristos’ and stand the chance<br />

of losing their lives through<br />

dangerous ways – including<br />

contacting the HIV. And other<br />

things that should be set<br />

straight, I wrote the movie<br />

myself.<br />

I decided to take a comic<br />

route in the movie, because<br />

I felt I should talk about<br />

sustaining good morals but<br />

in a way one would laugh<br />

but still walk home with a<br />

message.<br />

‘Jenifa’ isn’t boring, so you<br />

will watch and equally get<br />

the moral of the story at the<br />

end. I want to use ‘Jenifa’ to<br />

change people’s lives” she<br />

explains. “Whenever Jenifa<br />

says “excuse me” the youth<br />

will listen, I see ‘Jenifa’ later<br />

working in a crèche or as a<br />

nanny. A TV series on ‘Jenifa’ is<br />

not out of the picture.<br />

You Are a Producer, Why<br />

Did You Decide to Play the<br />

Role of Jenifa Yourself?<br />

I never intended to play<br />

the role myself, but when I<br />

couldn’t find someone to fit, I<br />

had no choice but to take up<br />

the role myself.<br />

Ronke Oshodi almost fit<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 17


the role, but she was too big in stature for<br />

‘Jenifa’s’ character. I wanted ‘Jenifa’ to<br />

be smaller. I had to play the part when I<br />

couldn’t get anyone to fill up the role.<br />

Sincerely my expectation is to achieve<br />

a positive behavioral pattern among the<br />

youths. As a youth ambassador, my target<br />

is to create a platform to empower the<br />

youths and that is the main objective of The<br />

JENIFA Foundation. I thank God it was an<br />

instant hit. I never expected it would get this<br />

much attention.<br />

Can We Say Jenifa and Funke Akindele<br />

are the Same?<br />

No, no, now. They can never be the<br />

same people. The only thing they share<br />

together is that both ‘Jenifa’ and Funke<br />

Akindele are nice individuals. Also, both of<br />

them don’t care about their dressing.<br />

I am not a designer’s freak, because<br />

my colleagues are putting on Christian<br />

Louboutin shoes doesn’t mean I also have<br />

to do the same thing. I am just me. I don’t<br />

have to, but Jenifa would go all out to feel<br />

among, but for me I love being simple and<br />

being myself.<br />

Mo Abudu Asked You to Direct ‘Your<br />

Excellency’, Tell Us About Your Experience<br />

It marked my debut as a feature film<br />

director. My past works are usually TV drama<br />

series such as ‘Jenifa’s Diary’, ‘Aiyetoro Town’<br />

and others. That was actually the first time<br />

I was directing a film. Though I had the<br />

intention of doing so but Mo Abudu beat<br />

me to it.<br />

She approached me to direct the film<br />

and I was happy to be part of it. Also,<br />

directing a film is more serious than TV series<br />

so there were quite a few differences in<br />

terms of angles shot and other technical<br />

details.<br />

Having my own studio and producing<br />

content has always been part of my work.<br />

But for that project, I had to work outside my<br />

comfort zone. My takeaway will be working<br />

with other people, being open to learn from<br />

them.<br />

Funke Akindele in Politics! You are<br />

in Contention to Become the Deputy<br />

Governor of Lagos State, Can You Tell Us<br />

About It and Your Plans?<br />

Lagos is metropolitan. It is large, it is<br />

sophisticated, and it is a commercial and<br />

tech hub. People come in and out to do<br />

business here. We shouldn’t be talking<br />

about bad roads. We shouldn’t be talking<br />

about the poor health system.<br />

I have the numbers, fans and followers,<br />

and I’m true to myself. I have more<br />

than 20m fans on social media and at<br />

the grassroots level. I have fans at the<br />

grassroots level outside Ikorodu ready to<br />

support me, and I’m true to myself. What<br />

I’m coming in is to change the lives of<br />

Lagosians.<br />

If the roads are good. If there is no<br />

traffic and light, and if we put in the proper<br />

structure, this will not happen. Jandor and<br />

I have a lot of work to do. We are starting<br />

from the bad roads. The roads are bad. We<br />

see a lot of death traps, potholes—even<br />

the traffic lights. Things are not professionally<br />

done. They are not properly done due to<br />

nepotism, tribalism, and favouritism.<br />

When we get there, we are going<br />

to correct a lot of things and ease the<br />

problems. Ease a lot of problems Lagosians<br />

are going through concerning traffic.<br />

18<br />



<strong>Glamsquad</strong><br />

Exclusive:<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 19


Glam Model<br />

20<br />



Nyadak<br />

“Duckie”<br />

By Chioma Esui<br />

Our Glam Model<br />

for <strong>August</strong> <strong>2022</strong> is<br />

Nyadak “Duckie”<br />

Thot. She is a<br />

Sudanese Australian model.<br />

Thot finished in third place on<br />

the eighth cycle of Australia’s<br />

Next Top Model and made her<br />

runway debut at the Yeezy S/S<br />

17 show. She is best known for<br />

being a face of Fenty Beauty<br />

as well as playing the lead role<br />

in the Alice in Wonderlandinspired<br />

2018 Pirelli Calendar.<br />

Wikipedia<br />

Nyadak ‘Duckie’ Thot was<br />

born in Melbourne, Australia<br />

in 1995 to parents fleeing the<br />

Sudanese civil war.<br />

Thot was introduced to<br />

the modelling world aged 15<br />

by her sister, YouTuber and<br />

former model Nikki Perkins<br />

who chaperoned her on<br />

photo shoots. From there, Thot<br />

became inspired to audition<br />

for cycle eight of Australia’s<br />

Next Top Model in 2013, where<br />

she finished third.<br />

Born: 23 October 1995 (age<br />

26 years), Melbourne, Australia<br />

Height: 1.79 m<br />

Thot<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 21


Paris Fashion W<br />

– Haute Coutur<br />

All You Missed<br />

By Ameena Daayo<br />

Anna Wintour, Kim Kardashian and North West all sit front<br />

row at the Jean-Paul Gaultier Haute Couture Fall Winter<br />

<strong>2022</strong>/2023 show. Wintour’s white floral dress is a stark contrast<br />

to North and her mom’s black pinstripes.<br />

As the summer gets hotter,<br />

celebs are getting haute-r,<br />

heading to Paris Haute<br />

Couture Fashion Week to<br />

check out the latest high<br />

fashion offerings from Chanel, Dior<br />

and more. See the best celebrity<br />

snaps from the front row and beyond.<br />

Check out all the Can’t-Miss<br />

Photos from Paris Couture Fashion<br />

Week <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

22<br />

Elle Macpherson and Sigourney Weaver share<br />

a conversation we’d love to eavesdrop on in the<br />

front row of Dior’s Paris show.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com<br />

James Righton and Keira Knightley wear<br />

complementary black sunglasses to match their<br />

all-black ensembles at the Chanel show.


eek<br />

e:<br />

Jourdan Dunn, Alessandra Ambrosio, Coco<br />

Rocha and Lucien Laviscount make a stunning<br />

appearance in the front row at Jean-Paul Gaultier.<br />

Olivier Rousteing presented a special one-off<br />

collection for Haute Couture Fashion Week.<br />

Celeste<br />

Epiphany<br />

Waite pairs<br />

her dramatic<br />

black dress<br />

with elbowlengtha<br />

gloves<br />

and lace-up<br />

heels for the<br />

Christian Dior<br />

Haute Couture<br />

show in Paris.<br />

Though<br />

she’s wearing a<br />

camouflage print,<br />

Kim Kardashian<br />

can’t help but stand<br />

out at the Dior<br />

Homme Menswear<br />

presentation in Paris in<br />

her neon green look.<br />

Emily in Paris star Ashley<br />

Park stuns in a floor-length<br />

black gown with a silver<br />

studded bustier at Jean-Paul<br />

Gaultier. She shared a video<br />

on Instagram, noting that<br />

her dress came from the<br />

fashion house’s archives.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 23


The Skims mogul walked her first Paris couture week fashion show<br />

for Balenciaga, alongside other famous faces including Nicole<br />

Kidman, Dua Lipa and supermodel vet Naomi Campbell.<br />

Zoe<br />

Saldana<br />

wears a<br />

delicate<br />

Dior look to<br />

the house’s<br />

Haute<br />

Couture<br />

show in<br />

Paris.<br />

Marion Cotillard and Lucy Boynton sit front<br />

row in Chanel ensembles at the fashion house’s<br />

Haute Couture show.<br />

24<br />



Also on the<br />

Balenciaga<br />

runway, selling<br />

sunset star<br />

Christine<br />

Quinn who<br />

sparkled won<br />

the catwalk in<br />

a silver sequin<br />

mini worn with<br />

long black<br />

gloves and<br />

sheer tights.<br />

Kim Kardashian and daughter<br />

North West wear matching pinstripes,<br />

sunglasses and nose chains at Jean-<br />

Paul Gaultier.<br />

Kris Jenner and Corey Gamble match their<br />

black suits at the Jean-Paul Gaultier presentation.<br />

The two are even wearing matching shades!<br />

Jenner also inserts a pop of color with her striped<br />

shirt under her jacket.<br />

Naomi Watts<br />

tucks her chic<br />

blonde bob<br />

behind her ears<br />

to let her floorlength<br />

pleated<br />

Dior dress be the<br />

star of her look<br />

at the fashion<br />

house’s couture<br />

show.<br />

At the<br />

Schiaparelli show,<br />

Rita Ora dons<br />

silver bandeau<br />

top and white<br />

high-waisted<br />

pants with ornate<br />

embellishments<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 25


LOEWE Pre-Fall<br />

<strong>2022</strong> Presents<br />

a Portrait of<br />

Playfulness<br />

26<br />



Sasha Bokamoso<br />

If it’s one thing about LOEWE,<br />

the Spanish luxury house loves<br />

to play with color. In the spirit<br />

of this expanded livelihood,<br />

the brand presents its playful Pre-<br />

Fall <strong>2022</strong> campaign.<br />

Shot by renowned German fine<br />

art and fashion photographer<br />

Juergen Teller, the campaign<br />

features Welsh actor Anthony<br />

Hopkins, American model Kaia<br />

Gerber, Saudi Arabian musician<br />

Alewya, Japanese Paralympic<br />

athlete Maya Nakanishi and<br />

American sculptor Lynda Benglis.<br />

With this wide-ranging creative<br />

group, the world was the stage<br />

for the new campaign – shot in<br />

several cities.<br />

To convey the spirit of unlimited<br />

playfulness, the cast brought<br />

ready-to-wear garments and<br />

accessories to life in a beauty<br />

salon, a bubble-filled bathtub,<br />

a gym, outside by the pool,<br />

a beige-colored art studio<br />

and more. Specifically, the<br />

campaign showcases collection<br />

pieces like a white sheepskin<br />

coat, multicolored knitwear, a<br />

herringbone coat with a medley<br />

of oversized silver buttons,<br />

sculptural tops and more.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 27


Dakore<br />

Akande<br />

The 43-year-old<br />

actress is successful<br />

in her career path.<br />

She is an<br />

ambassador<br />

for Amnesty<br />

International, Amstel<br />

Malta and Oxfam<br />

of America. It’s hard<br />

to believe she is<br />

actually 43 seeing<br />

that she hasn’t aged<br />

a day.<br />

Ireti Doyle<br />

The 55-year-old actress has left<br />

jaws dropping at her exceptional<br />

body and skin.<br />

The actress looks like she is still In<br />

her 30s.<br />

15<br />

Nigerian<br />

Who Are A<br />

By Deborah Ngere<br />

Kate Henshaw<br />

Even at 50 this beautiful actress seems not to look old<br />

as she has been glowing like the morning sun.<br />

I guess her hitting the gym is not in vain as her body is<br />

like that of a lady in her 20s.<br />

Age is only a number may not<br />

just be a proverb since several<br />

of Nigeria’s biggest celebrities fit<br />

this description.<br />

Take the legendary singer Dolly<br />

Parton, for example, who looks<br />

younger every year, as an example of<br />

how people get better-looking as they<br />

age.<br />

Continue reading if you want to learn<br />

more about Nigerian celebrities who<br />

appear to be ageless.<br />

28<br />



Betty<br />

Irabor<br />

Bimbo Akintola<br />

Bimbo is a ravishing beauty for a 52-year-old!<br />

The actress is indeed beautiful and ageless.<br />

The 65-year-old<br />

Nigerian columnist,<br />

philanthropist, writer,<br />

publisher and founder<br />

of Genevieve<br />

magazine, is truly an<br />

ageless beauty and<br />

a successful business<br />

woman. She previously<br />

had a column in<br />

Black & Beauty<br />

magazine in the<br />

United Kingdom. She<br />

also has a foundation<br />

that promotes breast<br />

cancer awareness,<br />

early detection and<br />

treatment<br />

Female Celebrities<br />

geing Gracefully<br />

Helen Prest<br />

When speaking of ageless beauty,<br />

Helen Prest’s name is sure to come up<br />

as the 62-year-old woman still looks<br />

remarkable.<br />

Things you should know<br />

Helen Prest-Ajayi, formerly Prest-<br />

Davies, is a Nigerian lawyer, writer<br />

and former beauty queen. Helen was<br />

raised in England. She won the Miss<br />

Nigeria pageant at the age of 19 in<br />

1979 were she later on represented<br />

Nigeria in the Miss World pageant<br />

and furthered her education at King’s<br />

College London, earning an LLM.<br />

It’s safe to say that a beauty queen<br />

remains a beauty queen not even<br />

age can change that fact.<br />

Hilda<br />

Dokubo<br />

This veteran actress is indeed a<br />

beauty although her age is really<br />

unknown to the public she still looks like<br />

she is in her prime, she is currently 52<br />

years.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 29


Fathia<br />

Balogun<br />

53 seem to be the new 16! as this actress<br />

sure looks like a snack fresh off the oven! A<br />

beautiful lady snack.<br />

Elvina<br />

Ibru<br />

Elvina Ibru is a Nigerian<br />

actress and On-Air-Personality<br />

born on May 22, 1972, she<br />

is currently 50. Elvina was<br />

born in Lagos but originally<br />

hails from Delta State part of<br />

Nigeria.<br />

She is the 11th child of the<br />

late billionaire businessman,<br />

Olorongun Michael Ibru.<br />

She attended London<br />

Academy of Performing Arts<br />

in England.<br />

She’s beautiful with a<br />

height of Feet 11 inches.<br />

Nana Otedola<br />

Aside from being the beautiful wife of Billionaire,<br />

Femi Otedola, Nana Otedola is a successful<br />

entrepreneur. The proud mother is indeed a<br />

beauty to behold even at age 56, she still look<br />

phenomenon no wonder all her daughter’s are<br />

extremely beautiful, she is ageless indeed.<br />

Things you may not know<br />

Nana Otedola is a Nigerian philanthropist<br />

and a successful entrepreneur born on <strong>August</strong><br />

2, 1966, in Ghana. Few years after her birth, her<br />

parents relocated to London, United Kingdom<br />

where she was raised and brought up. She had<br />

all her schoolings there too.<br />

Bianca Ojukwu<br />

Bianca who won MBGN in 1988 is a renowned<br />

Businesswoman who looks nothing like her age. The<br />

54-year-old beauty queen still wears her crown boldly.<br />

30<br />



Nike Oshinowo<br />

Nike Oshinowo won MBGN in 1991 and she is<br />

now an a renowned Entrepreneur. She is 56 now<br />

and still looking ageless as ever.<br />

Mo<br />

Abudu<br />

Popular Nigerian<br />

media Mogul, Mo Abudu<br />

is indeed a beauty, even<br />

at 57 she still commands<br />

attention if she walks into<br />

a room.<br />

She has been<br />

described by Forbes as<br />

“Africa’s Most Successful<br />

Woman”, and rated<br />

as one of the “25 Most<br />

Powerful Women in<br />

Global Television” by<br />

The Hollywood Reporter.<br />

Ageless beauty indeed.<br />

Joke Silva<br />

At 60 and she still look this hot! This veteran<br />

actress is one of a kind!<br />

Fans are often left in a dilemma of watching<br />

this thespian age gracefully and wishing to have<br />

her remain forever young.<br />

A renowned actress, director, coach, and<br />

businesswoman, Joke Silva has sure had her life’s<br />

goals ticked to a large extent.<br />

Born in 1961, Mama J as fondly called leaps<br />

into the first count of her hexagon era.<br />

Funmi Iyanda<br />

Funmi Iyanda is a Journalist, Blogger who is really<br />

good at what she does. The 50-year-old beauty<br />

looks stunning as ever.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 31


<strong>August</strong> is Internati<br />

Youth Month<br />

– All You Need to Know<br />

International Youth Day is celebrated<br />

every year on 12th <strong>August</strong> to<br />

bring forward the youth issues and<br />

celebrate their potential.<br />

It is an awareness day marked every<br />

year by the United Nations to draw<br />

attention to legal and cultural issues.<br />

The day was first observed on 12 <strong>August</strong><br />

2000.<br />

Who started International Youth Day?<br />

The very first International Youth Day was<br />

observed in 1999 after the UNGA passed<br />

a resolution. The UN defines the youth<br />

between 15 and 24 years old. Since 1999,<br />

we have been celebrating this every year<br />

to highlight the potential of youth partners in<br />

the global society.<br />

Why Do We Celebrate<br />

International Youth Day?<br />

After a resolution was passed<br />

by the UNGA in 1999, 12<br />

<strong>August</strong> has been marked as<br />

the International Youth Day to<br />

acknowledge the importance<br />

of youth in the current global<br />

scenario. The UN defines the<br />

youth between 15 and 24 years<br />

old. This is celebrated to make<br />

them stand in the frontline and<br />

appreciate their big and small<br />

efforts to make them realize that<br />

they are tomorrow’s leaders.<br />

What do we do on<br />

International Youth Day?<br />

During IYD, many<br />

workshops, concerts, cultural<br />

events, and meetings take<br />

place engaging national as<br />

well as government officials<br />

and youth organizations<br />

to participate around the<br />

world. On this day, several<br />

educational radio shows,<br />

debates, round table<br />

discussions among the adults<br />

and youth take place so that<br />

they could exchange ideas<br />

and initiate a step towards<br />

CHANGE.<br />

Initiatives by Youth On<br />

International Youth Day<br />

32<br />



onal<br />

It all started with the efforts of<br />

UNGA, 1965 they underwrote a<br />

Declaration On the Promotion<br />

among the youth of the ideals<br />

of peace, Mutual respect, and<br />

understanding between peoples.<br />

On 17 December 1999, they<br />

initial a recommendation made<br />

by the world conference for the<br />

formation of International Youth<br />

Day to prepare the young leaders.<br />

It was first observed on 12th<br />

<strong>August</strong> 2000 and since then it is<br />

celebrated every year to raise<br />

the issues of young leaders of the<br />

world to make them stand in the<br />

frontline<br />

International Youth Day<br />

Theme <strong>2022</strong><br />

The theme of International<br />

Youth day <strong>2022</strong> is “Transforming<br />

Food Systems: Youth Innovation<br />

For Human And Planetary<br />

Health “, focussing on the issue<br />

and highlighting that no effort<br />

could be successful without the<br />

participation of youth. With the<br />

support of young people, all the<br />

world leaders can achieve their<br />

targets.<br />

Last year, the main aim of<br />

International Youth Day was to<br />

focus on the needs of the youth<br />

and their engagement by making<br />

local, national, and global<br />

institutions inclusive in nature so<br />

that the youth’s capacity to serve<br />

the nations can be increased to<br />

the top level.<br />

This year it will shed light on<br />

the issues faced by the young<br />

people who all are experiencing<br />

throughout the world. Half of the<br />

youth’s population lacks basic<br />

reading skills and math skills and<br />

on top of it, childhood poverty still<br />

exists in society. So international<br />

youth day was marked every<br />

year to raise voices against these<br />

global as well as local issues.<br />

Conclusion<br />

<strong>2022</strong> International Youth<br />

Day is started with an initiative<br />

to mainstream the young<br />

generations of age group<br />

between 15 and 24 years old and<br />

their major issues so that the world<br />

leaders could be able to solve<br />

and work for the betterment and<br />

prosperity of the youth. Every year<br />

on 12th <strong>August</strong> it is celebrated<br />

with great enthusiasm to work for<br />

the needs of the youth and their<br />

local and global issues.<br />

We have many examples<br />

of how youth participates<br />

enthusiastically to tackle the<br />

local and global issues of<br />

their vicinity. One of them<br />

is Tahir Ahuja who is a high<br />

school senior, a political<br />

activist, and co-founder<br />

of the non-profit young<br />

Khalsa girls. She amplifies<br />

the engagement of youth in<br />

politics to be able to build<br />

confidence in them and<br />

raise their issues and in fact<br />

solve them creatively.<br />

History of International<br />

Youth Day<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 33


Meet 10 Female<br />

Entrepreneurs<br />

Making Africa<br />

Proud<br />

Written by: Ebunoluwa Akinola<br />

Edited by: Chioma Esiu<br />

Today, we are showcasing some of the<br />

inspirational female entrepreneurs who<br />

are making Africa proud, changing<br />

the face of business in Africa and getting<br />

the world to sit up and take notice of the<br />

innovative solutions they are creating and<br />

the business empires they are building.<br />

Each of these entrepreneurs, in their own<br />

unique way, is flying the heritage of Africa<br />

around the world. Here are ten of them:<br />

Mo Abudu 1 2<br />

Mo Abudu, an entrepreneur<br />

with a predilection for television,<br />

launched EbonyLife TV, Africa’s<br />

first global black entertainment<br />

and lifestyle network, in 2013. Her<br />

primary goal for the channel was<br />

to create a more positive narrative<br />

around Africa.<br />

As CEO of EbonyLife Media,<br />

Abudu has made her mark<br />

through various endeavors in<br />

the corporate world, and Forbes<br />

described her as “Africa’s Most<br />

Successful Woman” while CNN<br />

said she was “Africa’s Queen<br />

of Media who conquered the<br />

continent.” Abudu oversees all<br />

five divisions of EbonyLife Media,<br />

which includes EbonyLife TV,<br />

EbonyLife Films, EbonyLife ON,<br />

EbonyLife Studios, and EbonyLife<br />

Productions Limited (UK). Opening<br />

summer 2019, EbonyLife Place,<br />

a luxury entertainment resort will<br />

feature a boutique hotel, gourmet<br />

restaurant and luxury 5-screen<br />

multiplex in the heart of Victoria<br />

Island in Lagos.<br />

34<br />



3<br />

Adenike Ogunlesi<br />

Folorunsho<br />

Alakija<br />

2<br />

Mrs. FolorunshoAlakija is a dynamic Nigerian<br />

businesswoman and philanthropist. She<br />

oversees several business endeavours<br />

such as: FAMFA Oil Limited, her family’s oil<br />

exploration and production business as<br />

the Vice Chairman, seeing to its strategic<br />

planning and day to day administration. She<br />

is the Vice Chairman of Dayspring Property<br />

Development Company Limited, a real<br />

estate company with investments in different<br />

parts of the world.<br />

She is also the Vice Chairman of Digitalreality<br />

Print Ltd, a world-class printing company. She<br />

has served her country Nigeria, as a member<br />

of several committees. She is an acclaimed<br />

public speaker and the first female to be<br />

appointed as Chancellor of a public university<br />

in Africa. She is a prolific writer and has<br />

authored several inspirational books, including<br />

her autobiography. She is a board member<br />

of the Commonwealth Business Forum. She<br />

is a recipient of many awards in various<br />

capacities both locally and internationally.<br />

Adenike Ogunlesi, Africa’s<br />

foremost fashion entrepreneur<br />

who is redefining and blazing<br />

the trail in the children’s fashion<br />

industry with over 35 years of<br />

experience in the Fashion and<br />

Retail Business, is the founder<br />

and Creative Director of Africa’s<br />

leading Premium children’s<br />

clothing brand- Ruff ‘n’ Tumble;<br />

sharing happiness to over a<br />

million children and families<br />

across the globe, because she<br />

dared to dream and pursue her<br />

vision fearlessly.<br />

GugulethuKhumalo best known<br />

by her stage name Berita, is<br />

a Zimbabwean-born singer,<br />

songwriter and music producer.<br />

Her music is a combination of<br />

soul music containing elements<br />

from Afro Jazz, contemporary<br />

pop influences as well as South<br />

An entrepreneur passionate<br />

about quality, excellence and<br />

service; she started the Ruff ‘n’<br />

Tumble brand from the boot<br />

of her car in 1998, with a manpower<br />

of less than 20 people.<br />

Today she has built a reputable<br />

Pan-African brand, operating<br />

to international standards with<br />

over 300 employees, 17 retail<br />

outlets, an online presence<br />

and expansion plans across<br />

the African continent and the<br />

international community.<br />

Berita Khumalo<br />

4<br />

African dance music. She is<br />

the owner of the independent<br />

record label AssaliMusic.<br />

She is also the founder of the<br />

Women of Music Business<br />

(WOMB), a pan african women<br />

empowerment organisation in<br />

the music industry.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 35


Amal Hassan<br />

Amal Hassan is a leading<br />

Nigerian technopreneur with<br />

diverse interests across different<br />

technology verticals. In 2003,<br />

Amal set up the first organised<br />

ICT training institute in Kano<br />

that provides IT training to<br />

young Nigerians especially<br />

women. Her passion to unlock<br />

Nigeria’s developmental<br />

potentials through technologydriven<br />

innovation and value<br />

addition led her to build,<br />

capitalise and restructure a<br />

series of technology-related<br />

businesses that succeed<br />

in developing talents and<br />

creating employment for young<br />

Nigerians.<br />

In 2013, she founded the<br />

Outsource Global; a contact<br />

centre business process<br />

outsourcing that now has<br />

offices in Abuja, Lagos, and<br />

Kaduna. Under her leadership,<br />

Outsource Global has emerged<br />

as the leading Nigerian contact<br />

centre provider, servicing the<br />

international market, turning the<br />

company into a truly global<br />

BPO giant, creating over 700<br />

jobs and putting Nigeria on the<br />

global map for contact centre<br />

business process outsourcing.<br />

5<br />

Maya Horgan<br />

Famodu<br />

7<br />

Maya HorganF amodu<br />

is a Nigerian-American<br />

entrepreneur, founder<br />

and partner at Ingressive,<br />

a firm that provides<br />

market entry, technology<br />

research and market<br />

operations services for firms<br />

and businesses expanding<br />

into Africa.<br />

She also founded<br />

Ingressive Capital,<br />

a venture capital<br />

fund investing<br />

in Africa-based<br />

technology<br />

6<br />

companies.<br />

She cofounded<br />

the High<br />

Growth<br />

Africa Summit, a two-day conference on how<br />

to launch a high growth African business, and<br />

founded Tech Meets Entertainment Summit, a<br />

deal-focused event for African celebrities and<br />

tech companies to build revenue-generating<br />

partnerships.<br />

Maya (with her colleagues, Sean Burrowes and<br />

Blessing Abeng) later co-founded Ingressive<br />

for Good, a nonprofit providing scholarships,<br />

technical training and talent placement for<br />

African youth.<br />

Regina Honu<br />

Regina Honu is the CEO of<br />

Soronko Solutions. She just<br />

opened the first coding<br />

and human centered<br />

design school called<br />

Soronko Academy. She is an<br />

ambassador and mentor<br />

for thecamp, first European<br />

campus dedicated to<br />

emerging technology and<br />

social innovation. She is listed<br />

as one of BBC 100 most<br />

inspirational and innovative<br />

women for 2017.<br />

She was awarded the 2017<br />

Northwestern University Buffet<br />

Institute for Emerging Global<br />

Leaders Award and awarded<br />

by Coca Cola in the Coca<br />

Cola young achievers award<br />

as one of the big six and a<br />

leader in technology. She won<br />

Startup Entrepreneur of the<br />

year and Soronko Solutions<br />

won Social Start-up of the year<br />

for 2016 at the Ghana Startup<br />

Awards. She was featured<br />

on CNN as one the 12<br />

inspirational women who rock<br />

STEM. She was named as one<br />

of the six women making an<br />

impact in Tech in Africa<br />

36<br />


Tomilola<br />

Majekodunmi<br />


Temitope<br />

Balogun<br />

8<br />

Fondly called TemmyBalogun is currently<br />

the Lead Consultant of Espact. The<br />

company was launched to increase<br />

visibility of brands and talents who are into<br />

impactful initiatives in the urban and rural<br />

areas of Africa but are hardly heard as<br />

they dont haven’t the much fund to pay<br />

media channel for their publicity.<br />

Espact team searches for them , tell their<br />

stories from angles that their potential<br />

customers and investors can relate with<br />

easily. We have audience from over 125<br />

countries across the globe.<br />

Espact’s digital platform has empowered<br />

over 5000 talents and entrepreneurs since<br />

inception in 2015.<br />

In October 2018, Espact was a finalist at<br />

Youth Connekt Africa’s Innovation Award<br />

in Rwanda organized by United Nations<br />

Development Programme( UNDP) . We<br />

were selected for our economic impact in<br />

Africa.<br />

TomilolaMajekodunmi<br />

started Bankly in 2019<br />

out of a conviction<br />

that providing digital<br />

identity to over 60 million<br />

Nigerians was the surest<br />

route to sustainable<br />

poverty alleviation.<br />

Think of Bankly as a digital<br />

technology service for<br />

suburban thrift savings<br />

setups, where unbanked<br />

users trust an agent who<br />

visits at certain periods<br />

(sometimes weekly)<br />

to record deposits in<br />

a paper register. But<br />

because this can be<br />

vulnerable to theft and<br />

fraud, Bankly’s 15,000<br />

agents enable those<br />

users to digitize their<br />

cash daily, and build<br />

formal accounts that<br />

can create access to<br />

products like microloans<br />

and insurance.<br />

9<br />

Bankly is one of many agent-based<br />

fintech companies in Nigeria,<br />

but Majekodunmi’s focus on thrift<br />

savings—a method typically used by<br />

women—attempts to solve a problem<br />

of exclusion that affects a significant<br />

portion of Nigeria’s population.<br />

Uche<br />

Pedro<br />

Uche Pedro is the founder<br />

of BellaNaija, Africa’s<br />

leading lifestyle digital<br />

media company with a<br />

distinct focus covering a<br />

diverse range of areas<br />

including entertainment,<br />

cinema, fashion, culture,<br />

and advocacy.<br />

BellaNaija has a digital<br />

footprint of over 200<br />

Million impressions and<br />

10 Million Followers across<br />

platforms.<br />

In 2018, Uche was one of 10 emerging African leaders selected<br />

for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Gates Letter campaign.<br />

Uche was recognized at the Frown Awards by UNICEF/UNFPA for her<br />

efforts toward the abandonment of Female Genital Mutilation in<br />

Nigeria.<br />

She was listed in the second publication of 100 Most Influential<br />

African Women in 2020 by Avance Media.<br />

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HEALTH<br />

Career Tips<br />

for Women<br />

Entrepreneurs<br />

Shared By Successful Women CEOs<br />

Edited by:<br />

Chioma Esiu<br />

If you could go back in<br />

time and take all your<br />

lived experiences with<br />

you – what career advice<br />

would you give to your<br />

younger self? This is the<br />

question that we asked<br />

women CEOs who are<br />

leading the companies<br />

of tomorrow.<br />

Check out their Top<br />

Career Tips for Women<br />

Entrepreneurs.<br />

Miku Hirano<br />

– CEO and Founder, Cinnamon AI<br />

Purpose is what moves me forward. It is<br />

the fuel that drives me. From a young<br />

age, I spent time reflecting to try to<br />

understand my purpose. What is it that<br />

drives my emotions – anger, fear, doubt,<br />

sadness, excitement? What about our<br />

society triggers me? For future leaders<br />

and entrepreneurs, my strongest advice<br />

is to take time to reflect and realize what<br />

triggers your emotions.<br />

In addition to emotional self-awareness a<br />

strong purpose requires a ‘who’. Who am I<br />

changing the world for? For me, I want to<br />

extend the potential of future generations,<br />

particularly my children, by providing the<br />

tools needed to prosper and improve their<br />

lives.<br />

For me, those tools are artificial<br />

intelligence (AI) and digital technology.<br />

Properly using AI will be a key component<br />

to solving major issues, like climate<br />

change. Driving the development of AI<br />

is my attempt to make my purpose a<br />

massively transformative one.<br />

Elizabeth Rossiello<br />

– CEO and Founder, AZA Finance<br />

My advice to all women (and what<br />

I would love to tell my younger self)<br />

is to intentionally find and work with<br />

good people. Start by finding a<br />

mentor who can pull you up, and<br />

get you access to the networks<br />

that will support your growth.<br />

Women are often left out of these<br />

circles – so if you can’t get into<br />

one, make your own.<br />

Start fostering your own confidence<br />

so when the opportunity arises, you<br />

can put yourself in those rooms,<br />

at those tables. And while you’re<br />

there, do not ever underestimate<br />

yourself. You are worth the salary,<br />

compensation, equity and respect<br />

you seek. Go get it.<br />

38<br />


HEALTH<br />

Ponsi<br />

Trivisvavet<br />

– CEO, Inari<br />

First, I would tell myself to<br />

never settle. You can find<br />

something that you love<br />

and that creates a broader<br />

impact; those two things<br />

are not mutually exclusive.<br />

I am passionate about<br />

global agriculture, and I<br />

am grateful that my work at<br />

Inari allows me the unique<br />

opportunity to contribute to<br />

the global food system.<br />

The other piece of advice I<br />

would give my younger self<br />

is that it’s smart – not cliche<br />

– to dream big and really<br />

go for it. When you have<br />

big goals it doesn’t matter<br />

how hard or how many<br />

times you fall down. Your purpose<br />

will get you on your feet again and<br />

your drive will keep propelling you<br />

forward so you can achieve great<br />

things.<br />

Maggie Louie<br />

– CEO and Co-Founder, Otto<br />

JavaScript Security<br />

When I started the company<br />

in 2017 – well before COVID<br />

was on anyone’s mind – I<br />

knew very little about the<br />

start-up world. I had the<br />

good fortune of figuring<br />

out a clever way to detect<br />

hackers exploiting digital ads<br />

to spread malware and steal<br />

money, but turning that idea<br />

into a company has been a<br />

learning process.<br />

Maybe the most important<br />

thing I would tell ‘circa 2017<br />

Maggie’ is: “To thine own self<br />

be true.” Let the ‘why’ you do<br />

what you do be ‘true north’.<br />

For me, that means never<br />

forgetting I am an inventor<br />

who is entrepreneurial, not an<br />

entrepreneur who is inventive.<br />

But in a general sense it<br />

means: know what motivates<br />

you, know what you believe<br />

in. Then, choosing the right<br />

investors, advisors, and<br />

team members becomes<br />

simple. Surround yourself<br />

with people who believe<br />

what you believe. Those who<br />

strengthen, never weaken<br />

your vision. And just keep<br />

going.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 39

Ellison Anne Williams<br />

– CEO and Founder, Enveil<br />

Don’t be a student of the school<br />

of hard knocks. Ask for help and<br />

seek experienced insights early<br />

and often – you don’t have to<br />

learn all of the lessons on your<br />

own. I’m blessed to have been<br />

surrounded by a number of<br />

fantastic mentors and colleagues<br />

who have helped me achieve<br />

more than I could have by<br />

myself.<br />

Careers are nonlinear. At each<br />

step, choose opportunities based<br />

more on what you think you<br />

will learn from it than on where<br />

you think that it might take you.<br />

A diverse set of experiences<br />

is invaluable in building a rich<br />

career.<br />

View challenges as opportunities<br />

to learn and grow. Areas where<br />

I haven’t been able to take a<br />

straight path from point A to<br />

point B, which is pretty much my<br />

entire career, ultimately tended<br />

to be the most interesting and<br />

rewarding.<br />

Anna-<br />

Katrina<br />

Shedletsky<br />

– CEO and Founder,<br />

Instrumental<br />

Embrace the reality that nothing<br />

in the plan you make for<br />

yourself may happen the way<br />

you anticipated. That’s okay,<br />

there’s no need to stress. There<br />

will be beautiful discoveries to<br />

be made on the way that may<br />

take you far off track — and<br />

there are wonderful futures<br />

down those paths too.<br />

Learn about negotiation. When<br />

I first learned about shadow<br />

negotiations in a business<br />

school class years after I had<br />

started working, I realized it<br />

explained so much of what<br />

was going on around me that<br />

hadn’t been apparent before.<br />

That understanding made<br />

me more effective as a team<br />

member and, later, as a leader.<br />

40<br />


Netta Korin<br />

– Co-Founder, Orbs<br />

Above all else, dare. Do not let fear get in the<br />

way of your success or of your choices. Do not<br />

look at your role models and wonder if, or fear<br />

that – you are not enough, or that you do not<br />

have what it takes.<br />

Those who are more successful than you really<br />

only have one thing that you don’t have (yet)<br />

– experience. What separates you from them,<br />

if you work hard and dedicate yourself to the<br />

cause, is only the time it takes to acquire that<br />

experience.<br />

The path to success is rarely a straight line,<br />

it is filled with pitfalls, hurdles, and hardships.<br />

Those will all be looked upon as gifts one day,<br />

when you have overcome them and you are<br />

stronger.<br />

Every painful lesson, every embarrassing faux<br />

pas, is an opportunity to improve – and you<br />

will improve. Embrace the difficult, do not<br />

fear it. And when you make it, stay humble by<br />

remembering that you too were once that<br />

scared little girl who made mistakes.<br />

Jennifer<br />

Holmgren<br />

– CEO, LanzaTech<br />

You can succeed by working hard<br />

but be patient and don’t forget your<br />

conscience! Dream the big dream and<br />

know that good ideas aren’t enough,<br />

you need to execute if the idea is going<br />

to be a success.<br />

You should do what you want to do<br />

and make your own decisions. Go with<br />

your gut instinct and make personal<br />

decisions that you think are right for you.<br />

Listen to people and take advice, but<br />

what they see as your trajectory and the<br />

path you choose do not have to be the<br />

same.<br />

Be positive. See the potential for good<br />

outcomes, while still being aware of<br />

the risks. Focus on the prize – if you fail,<br />

course correct, learn, and move on!<br />

Worrying is a waste of life:<br />

There is not a single thing that I<br />

can think of that was aided or<br />

prevented because I worried<br />

about it. You have to trust<br />

yourself and know that when the<br />

moment comes, you will take<br />

action and that spending any<br />

headspace on random possible<br />

negative scenarios NEVER helps.<br />

Preparing yourself for an event<br />

Diana<br />

Paredes<br />

– CEO and Co-<br />

Founder, Suade<br />

is very different from worrying<br />

about it.<br />

Good enough is often better<br />

than perfect: It is much more<br />

important to get things out of<br />

the door 80% ready than to<br />

aim for 100% perfection. The<br />

concept of ‘minimum viable<br />

product’ is there for a reason,<br />

lean in to that and embrace the<br />

unknown. You will be fine.<br />

www.glamsquadmagazine.com 41


Nigeria’s<br />

Tobi Amusan<br />

Sets World<br />

Record<br />

in 100m<br />

Hurdles<br />

By Sebastiane Ebatamehi<br />

Her time beats the<br />

12.20 seconds set<br />

by American Kendra<br />

Harrison, who finished<br />

second behind Amusan, in<br />

2016.<br />

Tobi Amusan, a Nigerian<br />

track and field athlete, has<br />

set a new world record in the<br />

women’s 100m hurdles. The<br />

Nigerian starlet set the new<br />

world record and went on to<br />

win the women’s 100m hurdles<br />

final during the World Athletics<br />

Championships last night.<br />

The Championship was<br />

hosted at the Hayward Field in<br />

Eugene, Oregon. Her win gave<br />

the Nigerian team its only gold<br />

medal at that competition.<br />

The 25-year-old broke the<br />

world record in the semifinals with<br />

a time of 12.12 seconds. Her<br />

time beats the 12.20 seconds<br />

set by American Kendra Harrison,<br />

who finished second behind<br />

Amusan, in 2016.<br />

Two hours after setting the<br />

new world record in the semis, a<br />

highly motivated Amusan went<br />

on to win the gold medal for her<br />

country in the final.<br />

Surprisingly, she ran even faster<br />

in the final (12.06s), but due to<br />

a strong tail wind this will not be<br />

registered as a record. Hence,<br />

her record in the semifinals will<br />

stand as the new official world<br />

record.<br />

The new record holder<br />

could not hold back her tears<br />

as she was awarded her gold<br />

medal, bringing an end to a<br />

competition that was originally<br />

not going as planned for Nigeria.<br />

The West African country<br />

had not won any medal since<br />

the start of the competition but<br />

had to wait until the final day<br />

to register two medals – a gold<br />

medal from Tobi Amusan, and<br />

a silver medal from long jumper<br />

Ese Brume.<br />

42<br />



Ese Brume led the field for a<br />

while with a 7.02m jump, until<br />

German (with Tanzanian roots)<br />

MalaikaMihambo bettered her<br />

on her fourth attempt (7.09m)<br />

and even went further on her last<br />

attempts (7.12m).<br />

In what appears to be a<br />

twist of events, retired American<br />

sprinter Michael Johnson has<br />

come under huge criticism<br />

for his comments after Tobi<br />

Amusan broke the world record.<br />

Mr. Johnson won four Olympic<br />

gold medals and 8 World<br />

Championships gold medals<br />

during his active career.<br />

After the race, he said via his<br />

verified Twitter handle that:<br />

“I don’t believe 100h times<br />

are correct. World record<br />

broken by .08! 12 PBs set. 5<br />

National records set. And Cindy<br />

Sember quote after her PB/NR ‘I<br />

throughly I was running slow!’<br />

All athletes looked shocked.”<br />

The statements did not go<br />

down well with Africans across<br />

the globe who accused him of<br />

bias and racism. Reacting to<br />

the criticism, he further went<br />

on to make another post<br />

saying:<br />

“As a commentator<br />

my job is to comment. In<br />

questioning the times of<br />

28 athletes (not 1 athlete)<br />

by wondering if the timing<br />

system malfunctioned, I<br />

was attacked, accused of<br />

racism, and of questioning<br />

the talent of an athlete I<br />

respect and predicted to<br />

win. Unacceptable. I move<br />

on.”<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

5 Eye Makeup<br />

Products Every<br />

Lady Should<br />

Have<br />

By Sasha Bokamoso<br />

In collaboration with the<br />

undisputed Urvi Dalal, we<br />

are giving you the top 5<br />

eye makeup products<br />

every lady should have in<br />

her makeup arsenal. Check<br />

them out below.<br />

We believe that playing up<br />

your eyes is a simple and<br />

sure-shot way to alleviate<br />

even the most basic outfit<br />

and look drop-dead<br />

gorgeous without trying too<br />

hard.<br />

To do this, you don’t need<br />

to spend a bomb buying<br />

every eye makeup product<br />

you see on the gram. Yes,<br />

that’s right. You only need<br />

five basic products to help<br />

you recreate any look you<br />

want. Don’t believe us?<br />

Read on to find out about<br />

the five basic eye makeup<br />

products that every girl<br />

needs in her life right now.<br />

1<br />

A Neutral<br />

Eyeshadow<br />

Palette<br />

An eyeshadow palette might<br />

not come across as an<br />

essential product for most<br />

women, especially those who<br />

barely spend 5 minutes on<br />

their makeup every morning.<br />

However, owning an eyeshadow<br />

palette in neutral shades can be<br />

more useful than you think.<br />

Apart from creating stunning eye<br />

looks, you can use the shades<br />

to contour and even fill in the<br />

brows. A multipurpose product<br />

indeed.<br />

44<br />


BEAUTY<br />

2<br />

Eyebrow<br />

Pencil<br />

No makeup look is ever<br />

complete without doing<br />

your brows. Filling in your<br />

brows is a great way to<br />

define your features and<br />

take years off your face.<br />

This is a great way to<br />

make you look more put<br />

together without putting<br />

a lot of effort.<br />

When choosing an<br />

eyebrow pencil, always<br />

pick a product that is<br />

one shade lighter than<br />

your original brows for a<br />

natural finish.`<br />

A Black<br />

Kajal<br />

A kajal is probably<br />

one of the first<br />

makeup products<br />

that a girl should invest in. A single<br />

swipe of a pigmented kajal is<br />

enough to brighten up the eyes<br />

and give them definition.<br />

Opt for a long-wear and smudgeproof<br />

formula, because a<br />

smudged kajal does not make for<br />

a pretty sight.<br />

5<br />

Mascara<br />

This is a game-changing<br />

eye product that you<br />

absolutely need in your<br />

life. A coat or two of your<br />

favourite mascara is the<br />

easiest way to open up<br />

the eyes and make them<br />

look bigger.<br />

If you are not a big fan<br />

of kajal and eyeliner and<br />

don’t like using them on<br />

a regular basis, a good<br />

volumising mascara<br />

will make you look wide<br />

awake in an instant.<br />

4<br />

Black<br />

Eyeliner<br />

This is another product that will<br />

help take your eye makeup<br />

look to the next level. If you’re<br />

a newbie,<br />

It can be slightly difficult to<br />

apply eyeliner perfectly at first.<br />

But once you get the hang of<br />

it, you will be hooked! This is a<br />

great way to enhance and<br />

define your eyes.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

10<br />

Beauty Tips &<br />

Tricks to<br />

Enhance<br />

Your Natural<br />

Glow<br />

By Sasha Bokamoso<br />

As beauty<br />

enthusiasts,<br />

our team at<br />

<strong>Glamsquad</strong> is constantly<br />

on the lookout for<br />

different ways to up our<br />

beauty knowledge and<br />

try various makeup and<br />

skincare trends. After a lot<br />

of trial and error, we can<br />

safely say that we have<br />

amassed a few golden<br />

techniques that form our<br />

top 10 beauty tips.<br />

These tips have stood the<br />

test of time, proven the<br />

effectiveness and have<br />

completely transformed<br />

the way we take care of<br />

our skin. If you’re curious<br />

to know what they are,<br />

then read on...<br />

Follow a Healthy Diet<br />

This one amazing beauty tip for face is perhaps<br />

going to change your skincare game for the<br />

better. All your topical creams and serums<br />

will take longer to show results if you don’t<br />

pair it up with a healthy diet.<br />

Good skin and hair should always<br />

consist of a nutrition-rich diet that is an<br />

excellent mix of fruits, vegetables, nuts,<br />

cereals, and pulses. Increase the intake<br />

of raw or boiled food, include as many<br />

fruits and veggies in your meals as possible by<br />

choosing to have salads, smoothies, and juices.<br />

46<br />


BEAUTY<br />

Remove<br />

Your<br />

Makeup<br />

Without Fail<br />

If you’re someone who skips<br />

removing their makeup<br />

more often than not, then<br />

you may want to write this<br />

beauty tip down and paste it<br />

next to your bed as a gentle<br />

reminder. At the end of a<br />

long, tiring day, it can be<br />

super tempting to jump right<br />

into bed by just washing your<br />

face using a face wash.<br />

But this is the perfect<br />

gateway for bad skin. It is<br />

important to thoroughly<br />

clean and removes every<br />

last bit of makeup from your<br />

place before you go to<br />

sleep as failing to do so will<br />

clog your pores and give rise<br />

to bad zits and acne.<br />

Layer Skincare Products<br />

the Right Way<br />

If there is one question we get quite often, then it definitely<br />

has to be about how to layer skincare products correctly. This<br />

beauty tip for face will definitely change your skincare game<br />

and make the products work more effectively.<br />

Think of your skin as a sponge that wants to soak up all the<br />

good stuff that you give it in the form of skincare products.<br />

But in order for your skin to perfectly absorbing everything, it is<br />

important to layer the skincare products properly.<br />

Always start by applying thinner, watery textured products first<br />

and leave the thickest, creamiest products for the end. This<br />

helps the skin because heavy creams and oils help seal all<br />

the products that have been applied prior.<br />

Drink the Right Kind of Liquid<br />

Get into the Practice of<br />

Double Cleansing Your Face<br />

Cleansing your face once seems like a task to most women,<br />

imagine double cleansing! Double cleansing is a fundamental<br />

step to achieving soft, glowing and flawless skin, but unfortunately,<br />

it is one beauty tip that is not talked about enough.<br />

This two-step cleansing process starts with an oil-based cleanser,<br />

which is then followed by a water-based one. The first step<br />

removes all traces of makeup and dust, while the second step<br />

aims to remove stubborn grime that usually stays behind. The<br />

process of double cleansing not only leaves your face clean AF,<br />

but it also eliminates the possibilities of clogged pores as well as<br />

acne.<br />

Although this sounds<br />

strange, hear us out,<br />

because this top beauty<br />

tip for face is extremely<br />

helpful. It is quite<br />

tempting to grab our<br />

hard-to-wake-up-without<br />

cup of strong morning<br />

coffee, is it really helping<br />

your skin in any way?<br />

According to<br />

dermatologists,<br />

choosing the right<br />

beverage can actually<br />

turn out to be a game<br />

changer for your skin.<br />

Drink about half a litre<br />

of water every morning<br />

to brighten, oxygenate,<br />

and hydrate your skin.<br />

Drinking a glass of fresh<br />

green juices with lots<br />

of veggies every day<br />

for breakfast is another<br />

great way to transform<br />

your skin in a matter of<br />

days.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Never<br />

Forget Your<br />

Sunscreen<br />

Although this is one advice<br />

you’ve probably heard a<br />

thousand times before, one<br />

more time won’t hurt. It is one<br />

of the best top 10 beauty<br />

tips we’re about to give you.<br />

Wear a sunscreen every day<br />

irrespective of the season<br />

or whether you’re indoors or<br />

outdoors.<br />

Besides protecting your skin<br />

against the harmful UVA and<br />

UVB rays of the sun, it is also the<br />

best anti-ageing tool you would<br />

ever use. A broad-spectrum<br />

sunscreen protects your skin<br />

against wrinkles, pigmentation,<br />

dark spots as well as skin<br />

cancer. Pick a sunscreen that<br />

has a non-comedogenic<br />

formula to prevent skin<br />

breakouts.<br />

Always<br />

Carry a<br />

Lip Balm<br />

Lip balm is probably the most<br />

versatile product ever made<br />

and it is mandatory to have one<br />

with you at all times. Apart from<br />

the obvious, lip balm has some<br />

amazing beauty uses that will<br />

leave you pleasantly surprised.<br />

From moisturising your cuticles,<br />

calming down frizzy hair or<br />

cowlicks to highlighting your<br />

face, this little hero does a lot<br />

more than just protect your<br />

lips from chapping. A tinted<br />

lip balm can be used to add<br />

a slight pop of colour to your<br />

face when applied as a blush<br />

to your cheeks. A non-tinted lip<br />

balm can be lightly patted into<br />

cheekbones and the bridge<br />

of your nose to make your skin<br />

glow.<br />

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BEAUTY<br />

Exfoliate<br />

Regularly<br />

Although all of us are aware of<br />

the umpteen benefits of this<br />

amazing beauty tip for face, we<br />

are also guilty of not exfoliating<br />

on a regular basis. Apart from<br />

sloughing away dead skin cells,<br />

exfoliating your skin is extremely<br />

important for any skin care<br />

treatment or cream to work<br />

effectively.<br />

Exfoliation thoroughly cleanse<br />

your pores from deep within,<br />

making it squeaky clean.<br />

Therefore it is mandatory to<br />

exfoliate at regular intervals to<br />

slough away the accumulated<br />

dead skin cells that are clogging<br />

your pores and forming a layer<br />

on your skin. It is also a great way<br />

to ensure that your makeup goes<br />

on smoothly without appearing<br />

cakey on the skin.<br />

Setting Spray Will<br />

Change Your Makeup<br />

Game<br />

Keep Your Hands<br />

Off Your Face<br />

That you need to avoid touching your<br />

face as much as possible, has to be one<br />

of the top 10 beauty tips ever! Your<br />

hands come in contact with a lot<br />

of things through the day and end<br />

up collecting a lot of dirt, grime<br />

and germs.<br />

Each time you touch your face for<br />

anything, you are leaving behind a<br />

lot of germs, creating a minefield<br />

of potential zits. Avoid touching<br />

your face without thoroughly<br />

washing your hands with an<br />

antibacterial soap (nope, sanitizers<br />

don’t count here).<br />

By now, we are sure primer<br />

would have become an<br />

indispensable part of your<br />

routine to prep your skin<br />

for long-wearing makeup<br />

application. But if there is<br />

one more thing that you<br />

need to include in your<br />

beauty routine then it is a<br />

setting spray. After you finish<br />

your makeup, just a few<br />

sprites of setting spray will<br />

keep everything in place.<br />

Makeup setting spray has<br />

found a place in our top<br />

10 beauty tips because not<br />

only do they keep makeup<br />

from budging; they also<br />

have skin cooling, hydrating,<br />

brightening and glow<br />

inducing benefits.<br />

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FOOD<br />

One Pot<br />

Meatballs &<br />

Rice<br />

By Chef Amaka Obiefuna<br />

This Meatballs and Rice is cooked in a rich and delicious<br />

tomato sauce. Better still, it’s all made in one pot!<br />

Equipment:<br />

• Large Pot/Casserole Dish with Heavy Lid<br />

• Wooden Spoon<br />

• Sharp Knife & Chopping Board<br />

• Jug (for stock)<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 20 Meatballs<br />

• 3 cups / 750ml Tomato Passata (Pureed/<br />

Sieved Tomatoes in US)<br />

• 3 cups / 750ml Beef Stock<br />

• 1.5 cups Long Grain Rice<br />

50<br />


FOOD<br />

• 3/4 cup / 75g Sun Dried<br />

Tomatoes, finely diced<br />

• 1/4 cup Fresh Parsley,<br />

finely diced (plus more to garnish)<br />

• 1 medium Onion, finely<br />

diced<br />

• 2 cloves of Garlic,<br />

minced<br />

• 1 tbsp Worcestershire<br />

Sauce<br />

• 1 tbsp Tomato Puree<br />

(Tomato Paste in US)<br />

• 1 tsp Dried Oregano<br />

• 1/2 tsp Chipotle Flakes,<br />

or to taste (can sub regular chilli<br />

flakes)<br />

• Salt, Pepper & Sugar, to<br />

taste<br />

• Olive Oil, as needed<br />

• Parmesan, to serve<br />

Instructions:<br />

Add a good drizzle of oil to a<br />

large pot over medium-high heat<br />

and add your meatballs. Fry them<br />

until they get a nice crust on<br />

them, turning regularly. You don’t<br />

need to cook them right through<br />

at this point, just ensure they<br />

caramelize and brown. Remove<br />

from pan and drain excess fat if<br />

needed (around 1 tbsp left is fine<br />

and will add flavour).<br />

Turn heat down to medium<br />

and add in your onion into the<br />

oil/fat. Fry until they begin to turn<br />

golden, then add in sun dried<br />

tomatoes and garlic. Continue<br />

frying for 1-2 more minutes until<br />

the tomatoes soften and the<br />

garlic browns, then add in your<br />

tomato puree. Fry for a minute or<br />

so, then pour in your passata.<br />

Wash out the jar with a little<br />

water, then pour in beef stock<br />

and Worcestershire sauce. Add<br />

in parsley, oregano, chilli flakes,<br />

salt, pepper and a good pinch<br />

of sugar (to taste). Give it a<br />

stir and deglaze the pot with<br />

your wooden spoon. Add your<br />

meatballs back in, give it one<br />

final stir, turn the heat to low then<br />

pop on the lid and simmer for<br />

30-45mins.<br />

This will allow the meatballs to<br />

become soft and juicy, it’ll also<br />

allow them release flavour into<br />

the sauce. If you’re pushed for<br />

time even 10-15mins will help, just<br />

ensure you keep a heavy lid on<br />

so the sauce doesn’t reduce.<br />

Take off the lid, pour in your<br />

rice and give it all a good stir. Pop<br />

the lid back on and simmer for<br />

15mins, or until the rice is cooked<br />

through, stirring occasionally. If<br />

you over reduce just add in a<br />

splash of water to help the rice<br />

cook through if needed.<br />

Serve up with extra parsley and<br />

a good helping of parmesan!<br />

Important Notes:<br />

a) Meatballs - Aim for around<br />

20, this will feed 5 people (4<br />

meatballs each). Check out<br />

my Soft and Juicy Meatballs for<br />

homemade ones!<br />

b) Sugar - The sugar will help<br />

balance out the acidity from the<br />

tomatoes and the saltiness of the<br />

meatballs and stock. I usually go<br />

for around 1/2 tsp, but work to<br />

preference. I recommend starting<br />

off with less then adjusting after<br />

everything has cooked if you’re<br />

unsure.<br />

c) Leftovers - Any leftovers<br />

I recommend allowing to<br />

completely cool, then pop in an<br />

airtight container in the fridge (2-3<br />

days, longer at your discretion) or<br />

freezer (up to 1 month). Allow to<br />

thaw then reheat on the stove at<br />

a low heat with a splash of water<br />

to loosen up the sauce.<br />

d) Calories - based on using 1<br />

tbsp olive oil, 1/2 tsp sugar and no<br />

extra parmesan.<br />

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