The DOMVS Almanac issue #4_Summer 2022


At Home in Dorset


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THE<br />

<strong>DOMVS</strong><br />


At Home in Dorset<br />

# 004<br />

<strong>Summer</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Welcome to <strong>The</strong> <strong>DOMVS</strong> <strong>Almanac</strong><br />

ALMANAC noun [ C ] (also almanack) a handbook, typically seasonal, that includes<br />

information for the year such as important days, weather, traditions, tips and nature.<br />

We are proud to present <strong>issue</strong> four of <strong>The</strong> <strong>DOMVS</strong><br />

<strong>Almanac</strong>, which brings to you our highlights of living<br />

in Dorset. With each new season, we will share with<br />

you the hidden gems of our beautiful county, from our<br />

favourite countryside walks and the best places to go for<br />

the freshest seafood, to one-of-a-kind shops that aren’t<br />

to be missed and inspiring local creatives. Read on to<br />

find out how to make the very best of your home, your<br />

garden and your mind, body and soul.<br />

From the purveyors of the most scrumptiously tasty<br />

treats, to the most talented designers, decorators,<br />

and stylists, we’ve partnered with independent Dorset<br />

businesses who are incredibly passionate about where<br />

we’re from and what we do, and we’re all here to help<br />

you feel at home in Dorset.<br />

To discover more about the beautiful Dorset home<br />

pictured here, read on...

Five bedrooms | Three entertaining spaces | Grasslands and woodland | Circa 5.7 acres | Offers over £1,300,000<br />

East Stoke, Dorset | Contact Polly Greenway: 01929 555300<br />

Enchanting location, complete privacy<br />

In association with<br />

In association with<br />

3<br />


Five bedrooms | Four entertaining spaces | Secondary accommodation | Rural views | Offers over £950,000<br />

Corfe Castle, Dorset | Contact Alison Owens: 01929 555300<br />

Historic village, work from home<br />

In association with<br />

In association with<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />


Michael Blyth - Photographer<br />

Our Partners<br />

Our partners (above) comprise some of the best<br />

producers Dorset has to offer, all independent businesses<br />

founded and located in Dorset, brought together to<br />

promote not only each other, but the glorious lifestyle and<br />

products our unique county has to offer.<br />

We are always looking for exciting and innovative<br />

new partners, so if you fit the bill and would like to be<br />

involved, please get in touch.<br />

Director<br />

Polly Greenway<br />

<strong>Almanac</strong> Online<br />

Liam Smith<br />

liam.smith@domvs.co.uk<br />

<strong>Almanac</strong> Editorial & Design<br />

Charlie Ryan<br />

charlie.ryan@domvs.co.uk<br />

On the Cover (and above)<br />

‘Beach Reflections’ by Lynne Fisher<br />

domvs.co.uk/almanac<br />


Jurassic Coast<br />

Farm Shop<br />

Inside this Season<br />

3, 17 & 29. Dream homes from <strong>DOMVS</strong><br />

7. Michael Blyth captures your priceless memories<br />

11. Murder and mystery at Shire Hall<br />

13. Relax your senses with Purbeck Candles<br />

15. TLC for all the family from NEST<br />

19. Cruising with EBIKE Cafe @ Deheers<br />

23. Introducing: Galiani Glass Art<br />

28. Raise a glass with Dorset Ginger Co.<br />

31. Introducing: Rachelle’s<br />

35. Skin saviour Sarah Dale<br />

37. A tasty treat from Chococo<br />

39. What’s on at Sculpture by the Lakes<br />

21. Supporting local charity Weldmar Hospicecare<br />



Photographic<br />

Memories<br />

Introducing Michael Blyth, Photographer<br />

Do you have a photographic memory? It’s a thought at<br />

the back of many parents’ minds, echoed by the song<br />

‘Turn Around’, first sung many years ago by Harry<br />

Belafonte. It goes like this:<br />

“Turn around and you’re two,<br />

Turn around and you’re four,<br />

Turn around and you’re a young girl going out of the<br />

door.”<br />

Familiar? Perhaps not the song, but the thought?<br />

Children grow inexorably, physically and mentally.<br />

How many times have you suddenly noticed how much<br />

they’ve changed? Each change is precious; crawling,<br />

toddler, and beyond, moving from child to teenager.<br />

Teenage is studded with markers not to be ignored (not<br />

all of life is a grunt). That journey to adulthood can be<br />

tumultuous indeed, but interspersed with memories<br />

worth recording. All my girls are now in their twenties,<br />

and those changes keep still keep happening.<br />

It’s the failure to invest into memories that is so<br />

regrettable; facets of growing-up not recorded, no<br />

family or individual photos, always the one behind the<br />

camera missing from the picture. And, believe it or not,<br />

they will want images of you, wrinkly or not – you’re<br />

still mum or dad. I’ve yet to meet a family who have<br />

regretted spending out on family photos. <strong>The</strong>y may seem<br />

expensive at the time, but if they’ve “captured” the<br />

person, they become like solid gold.<br />

To my totally biased mind there is only one option when<br />

it comes to style for photographic memories. Family<br />

pictures, on the wall or in an album, need to be relaxed<br />

and natural, portraying character and emotion, capturing<br />

the soul. Family on a walk, the beach, out on their boat,<br />

around the house and garden, I’ve even done family<br />

holidays away from home – because sometimes it takes<br />

until week two for work-stressed parents to fully wind<br />

down. Wherever you relax, I can go.<br />


In a recent photoshoot I’ve done for a family, the largest<br />

picture - and it’s big - is of the husband and wife walking<br />

together, but where are the children? <strong>The</strong>y’re strung<br />

out in front as they race up the hill; as natural as it gets,<br />

taken from the back. It’s not art, but it’s life memorised.<br />

<strong>The</strong> way I work at a photoshoot aims to offer a multitude<br />

of images. This same client also has big, emotive images<br />

of each individual family member, and groups, all in<br />

bespoke frames; fabulous memories of a fabulous day.<br />

In the family of another client, one of the sons - in his<br />

late teens - was not one iota interested in complying<br />

with parental wishes, and certainly not interested in<br />

changing into “approved” clothing. Nonetheless, we had<br />

a great photo session. We left the “rents” and went out<br />

to where his life was focussed – a couple of old tractors<br />

and an equally old Land Rover. We had a great fun and<br />

got some great pics.<br />

Some of you reading this article may be somewhere in<br />

the process of moving house, thinking family photos will<br />

have to wait, but this is actually a really special time to<br />

record, that turning point, a new chapter. To see more<br />

of my work and for further information, please visit<br />

michaelblyth.co.uk or email admin@michaelblyth.co.uk<br />


Mystery at the Courthouse<br />

Agatha Christie comes to Shire Hall<br />

An award-winning museum in the heart of Dorset, Shire<br />

Hall Historic Courthouse Museum brings over 200 years<br />

of justice and injustice to life. An interactive ‘living’<br />

museum, it uses real-life stories and iPad guides to let<br />

visitors walk in the footsteps of those whose lives were<br />

changed or even ended by their experiences there.<br />

Shire Hall’s impressive courtroom is best known as the<br />

setting for the trial of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, who were<br />

sentenced to transportation to Australia in 1824. <strong>The</strong><br />

backlash that followed their harsh punishment, which<br />

saw thousands marching through the streets of London<br />

calling for justice, would lead to the formation of the<br />

modern-day Trade Union movement.<br />

Shire Hall opened to the public in May 2018, following<br />

extensive restoration work to the building, which dates<br />

back to the 18th Century. <strong>The</strong> museum’s aim is to help<br />

everyone explore the history of law and order, as well as<br />

past and present efforts to achieve justice for all people.<br />

Since April (until 2nd September <strong>2022</strong>), the museum<br />

has been host to an incredible exhibition on one of the<br />

country’s favourite crime writers, Agatha Christie.<br />

From Hercule Poirot to Miss Marple, Agatha Christie’s<br />

characters and stories have captivated readers and<br />

audiences for over 100 years. This exhibition gives<br />

visitors further insight into Christie’s writing and<br />

personal life, from the inspiration behind her work to the<br />

infamous story of her disappearance.<br />

Abbie King, Director of Shire Hall Museum, said:<br />

“Everyone at Shire Hall Museum has been excited to<br />

host this incredible Agatha Christie exhibition. Along<br />

with creating some of the country’s most memorable<br />

works of literature, Agatha Christie lived an interesting<br />

life. This exhibition takes a closer look at both the<br />

mysteries she wrote and those relating to her own life.<br />

This is a must see for any Agatha Christie fan!”<br />

Drawn from a private collection, the exhibition features<br />

books, objects, artwork and other items relating to the<br />

life and works of Agatha Christie. Entry to Shire Hall<br />

Museum’s Agatha Christie event is included with Shire<br />

Hall Museum tickets.<br />

Inspired by the exhibition, Shire Hall has also hosted<br />

a series of Agatha Christie themed events. In May and<br />

July, the museum hosted ‘Drinks in the Clink: Cocktails<br />

and Crime’, a unique evening of Agatha Christie inspired<br />

cocktails from DarkBear, and in July, Shire Hall hosted<br />

an unforgettable Murder Mystery evening, which<br />

included a complimentary cocktail and two course meal.<br />

For more information about the Agatha Christie<br />

exhibition and the museum’s upcoming events, head to<br />

the Shire Hall website: shirehalldorset.org<br />

As a registered charity, Shire Hall Historic Courthouse<br />

Museum is increasingly reliant on the support of<br />

individuals, charitable trusts and companies. <strong>The</strong> income<br />

generated from ticket sales, the museum café and shop,<br />

private hire, commercial activity and grants from public<br />

funding sources help Shire Hall greatly and is invaluable<br />

in supporting the museum’s on-going mission.<br />



Beautiful Spaces<br />

Phaedra Radestock introduces her<br />

newest collection from Purbeck Candles<br />

Creating beautiful spaces within our home usually begins<br />

by choosing the perfect colour pallet, before placing<br />

our furnishings and softening with fabrics, cushions,<br />

and lighting, but to finish any room we must satisfy our<br />

most primitive of senses, our sense of smell. Studies<br />

have shown that we remember 35% of what we smell<br />

compared to only 5% of what we see, yet this is often<br />

the last thing we think about when designing our homes.<br />

We apply our favourite scent before we leave for an<br />

evening out, so why don’t we ensure our homes are softly<br />

scented with the finest fragrance?<br />

Here at Purbeck Candles we have developed a range of<br />

dreamy scents for the home and called them ‘Beautiful<br />

Spaces’; four blends to elevate any room. Choose from<br />

‘Living Space’, rich with a hint of spice and a top note<br />

of citrus, or ‘Cosy Space’, designed to wrap you in a<br />

cashmere blanket and rock you to sleep. If you love a<br />

spa feeling try ‘Pamper Space’, or my favourite ‘Serene<br />

Space’, rich and inviting with a floral heart and zingy<br />

citrus top. Each blend is created using pure essential oils;<br />

we’ve done the hard work so that you can simply sit back<br />

and enjoy.<br />

Phaedra x<br />

And enjoy a 10% discount on your first order from<br />

purbeck-candles.co.uk using the voucher code:<br />

<strong>DOMVS</strong>.BEAUTIFULSPACES<br />


Try a Little Tenderness<br />

Soar through your family’s early years with the help of Lucy Gregory of NEST<br />

NEST is a private Early Years Consultancy Service<br />

offering bespoke support to families with children aged<br />

0-5 years. NEST works closely with you and your family<br />

in a nurturing and non-judgmental way, to support you in<br />

your child’s early years. NEST is proud to have a strong<br />

ethos ensuring that every family receives a service<br />

which is confidential, informative, and exclusively<br />

tailored to each individual family and their needs.<br />

NEST was founded in<br />

2018 by Lucy, a qualified<br />

Norland Nanny and<br />

Maternity Practitioner<br />

who has ten years of<br />

experience, and has<br />

worked with families<br />

and their children, both<br />

privately and in the<br />

community through<br />

the NHS. This enabled<br />

Lucy to gain a wealth<br />

of knowledge and<br />

experiences, and she<br />

passionately believes<br />

that no two journeys are the same, which is why she felt<br />

a bespoke service should be made available.<br />

NEST can provide support in any of the following areas<br />

(please note we are not a medical service; if you have<br />

any medical concerns about your child, please contact<br />

their GP or Health Visitor):<br />

• Transition from milk to solid food (weaning)<br />

• Toilet training<br />

• Behaviour<br />

• Family life adjustments (new sibling/moving house etc)<br />

• Infant Feeding (bottle-feeding and breastfeeding)<br />

• Sleep<br />

• Separation anxiety<br />

• School readiness<br />

• Preparing hospital bag<br />

• Setting up nursery and equipment<br />

For more information, visit n-est.co.uk or get in touch via<br />

email or social media:<br />

E. nestchildren.enquiries@gmail.com<br />

facebook.com/NESTchildren<br />

instagram.com/nest.children<br />


Four bedrooms | Four reception spaces | Period features | Off-street parking | Grade II listed | Offers over £725,000<br />

Milborne St Andrew, Dorset | Contact Greg Carter: 01305 757300<br />

Period character, private location<br />

In association with<br />

17<br />


Penthouse with lift | Four bedrooms | South-facing balcony | Double garage | Share of freehold | Offers over £765,000<br />

Poundbury, Dorset | Contact Polly Greenway: 01305 757300<br />

Penthouse living, exceptional views<br />

In association with<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />


<strong>The</strong> EBIKE Cafe on Custom House Quay is Weymouth’s<br />

hippest and healthiest hangout, overlooking the town’s<br />

historic working harbour. You can sit and watch the<br />

world float by while you enjoy a coffee or something<br />

healthy and nutritious from the food menu. If it rains,<br />

they have plenty of seating inside too.<br />

Along with being the hippest new destination in<br />

Weymouth, it is also home of the in-demand E-bike<br />

from the iconic, market-leading Californian brand<br />

‘Specialized’; the Specialized Turbo Como SL.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Specialized Turbo Como Super Light (pictured right)<br />

is a sophisticated design that’s ready to go whenever<br />

you are — day and night, rain or shine — with batterypowered<br />

integrated lights, fenders, and plenty of storage<br />

capability, including the option of a front-mounted<br />

basket.<br />

Let’s Ride<br />

Your dream bike awaits at EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers<br />

You’ll love the low-maintenance, easy ownership that<br />

comes with Specialized’s first Internal Gear Hub and Belt<br />

Drive E-bike. This system protects your bike’s working<br />

gears from the weather and road grime, extends their<br />

life up to four times that of a derailleur/chain drive, and<br />

eliminates chain grease completely. And you can shift<br />

gears anytime, yes, even when stopped — take that,<br />

traffic lights.<br />

<strong>The</strong> 320Wh battery is securely hidden in the downtube,<br />

making it almost indistinguishable from a regular bike<br />

at first glance. On days when you want to do more,<br />

however, attach the optional Range Extender to go up<br />

to 120 miles before needing a recharge. That gives you a<br />

lot of range for the days exploring the quiet back roads<br />

of the coast and countryside around Dorset.<br />

You’ll find yourself making up errands just so you can<br />

ride it again.<br />

If you’d like to find out more about Specialized E-bikes<br />

and the Specialized Turbo Como SL, give Josephine<br />

and Peter a call on 01305 786839. <strong>The</strong>y’ll give you the<br />

lowdown on the range, the Turbo Como SL and answer<br />

all your eBike questions, like:<br />

• Do I still have to pedal?<br />

• How far will they go?<br />

• How long does a charge last?<br />

• How light are they?<br />

• How much do they cost to run?<br />

• And any more questions you have<br />

<strong>The</strong>y’ll even join you for a test ride if you like.<br />

Whatever model, colour or size you’re after, Josephine<br />

and Peter will be able to call one down from the<br />

Specialized warehouse, if they don’t have one in stock,<br />

ready for you to pick up in a matter of days.<br />

EBIKE CAFE @ Deheers is open seven days a week, from<br />

9am to 4pm, on the ground floor of Deheers, 9A Custom<br />

House Quay, Weymouth, DT4 8BG. Find out more at<br />

ebikecafe.co.uk<br />



Local Heroes<br />

Weldmar Hospicecare; caring for Dorset<br />

Did you know that if you or a loved one is diagnosed<br />

with a life limiting illness, Weldmar Hospicecare is there<br />

for you? <strong>The</strong>y’ve been looking after patients and their<br />

loved ones in Dorset for more than 25 years and rated<br />

Outstanding by the Care Quality Commission.<br />

Nobody likes to think about end-of-life or the prospect<br />

of needing hospice care, but as an independent local<br />

charity, Weldmar needs the support of the communities<br />

they serve to ensure they can continue to provide their<br />

services to everyone who needs them.<br />

Weldmar Community Nurses are based across Dorset,<br />

experienced in the complex symptoms and problems<br />

that life-limiting illness and treatment can bring. <strong>The</strong>y<br />

visit people at home, in nursing homes, community<br />

hospitals, and work closely with consultants and other<br />

specialist areas in Weldmar.<br />

Emma Randall, WCN<br />

for Sherborne, says, “I<br />

am passionate about<br />

providing high quality<br />

end of life care and<br />

ensuring the care and<br />

support patients and<br />

families receive is holistic,<br />

individualised and offers<br />

comfort at a time when<br />

they need it most.”<br />

During the last few weeks of life, Weldmar at Home,<br />

launched last year, provides care and comfort for longer<br />

spells during the day or night. <strong>The</strong>y not only enable<br />

patients to stay at home in familiar surroundings, but<br />

support family members through those last stages of an<br />

advanced illness.<br />

Sometimes, managing symptoms requires more<br />

sustained specialist input, and Weldmar’s Inpatient<br />

Unit in Dorchester has beds where people can stay<br />

overnight. Situated in lovely on-site surroundings, a<br />

team of doctors, nurses and therapists are on hand 24<br />

hours a day to provide tailored care, ensuring comfort<br />

and dignity. Family members can also stay; there is a<br />

kitchen and lounge, and the Orangery Restaurant open<br />

throughout the day.<br />

In Weymouth, Dorchester, Bridport, and Blandford every<br />

week, Day Services provides a social and interactive<br />

day out for patients based at home, including lunch,<br />

activities, games and crafts. Day Services also allows<br />

relatives a short break from their caring responsibilities.<br />

Physiotherapists and occupational therapists are on<br />

hand to ensure patients can maintain independence<br />

and quality of life for as long as possible, and there<br />

are complementary therapies to support physical and<br />

emotional wellbeing.<br />

A Family Support Services team comprises bereavement<br />

counsellors (including one specifically for children and<br />

young people), specialist social workers, and volunteers<br />

who provide spiritual care.<br />

One common misconception about Weldmar Hospicecare<br />

is that they only care for patients with cancer. In fact,<br />

it’s any life-limiting illness such as heart disease, and<br />

later in <strong>2022</strong> they’re expanding their neurology nursing<br />

services, which already include working with patients<br />

with Motor Neurone Disease.<br />

How can you help?<br />

Weldmar Hospicecare needs to raise £18,000 every<br />

day to keep all these services going. Shopping at their<br />

chain of charity shops, playing their lottery, getting<br />

sponsored for a challenge, or simply setting up a regular,<br />

affordable donation all makes a huge difference. Find<br />

out more about how you can support their work at<br />

weldmarhospicecare.org<br />



Making a Splash<br />

Galiani Glass bring art into the kitchen<br />

<strong>The</strong>re’s a lot to be said that the kitchen is the most<br />

important room in any house. It is often the centre of a<br />

family’s everyday living. <strong>The</strong> energy for the day begins in<br />

the kitchen, it is the hub for the preparation of food and<br />

often a nucleus for socialising and everyday family life.<br />

<strong>The</strong> kitchen binds the home and family together and, for<br />

that reason, has become a real focus for interior design.<br />

Our surroundings positively affect the way we feel, our<br />

mood and our outlook. It’s well known that sunshine,<br />

nature, and art have positive effects on our spirit. Our<br />

home nurtures not only our family, but also our senses<br />

and our relationships too. It’s with that in mind that<br />

Galiani Glass utilise their design skills and craftsmanship<br />

to bring art into the kitchen in a special way. <strong>The</strong>y meet<br />

the challenges of interior design, function, and the<br />

essence of family space with their Glass Art creations.<br />

Galiani Glass Studio is hidden away in an historic military<br />

site just outside Poole, where Gail Boothman and Ian<br />

Godfrey work diligently to create beautiful impactful<br />

Glass Art for the home. One area in which they are<br />

renowned is creating colourful, contemporary glass<br />

splashbacks that add impact and style to a room in<br />

which you often spend a lot of time, but which doesn’t<br />

always incorporate too much in the way of colour or art.<br />

<strong>The</strong> splashbacks they create look gorgeous, but are also<br />

practical in terms of cleaning. It is art in the kitchen, art<br />

that is not only functional, but has a high aesthetic value.<br />

This is where glass artists Gail and Ian come in, as<br />

they talk about the steps involved in commissioning<br />

personalised art in the kitchen. <strong>The</strong>y say, “We love<br />

meeting potential clients and discussing their design<br />

ideas and colour choices. We believe in working<br />

in partnership with our clients to get the best<br />

understanding of what they are visualising, adding in our<br />

experience and knowledge to deliver the results they are<br />

looking for. Initially, clients love to come and visit the<br />

studio. It is a great opportunity to meet us and see how<br />

and where we work, and to be able to look more closely<br />

at glass colours and types of glass. It is so important<br />

to build a good relationship and to inspire the client<br />

with ideas and confidence, as well as to answer any<br />

questions. It’s also the perfect time to mull over colour<br />

swatches, samples, and pictures of the area, and discuss<br />

sizes and styles over a fresh cup of coffee or tea.<br />

Once the exploring of design, colours and processes<br />

is done, it is always good to consolidate all those<br />

discussions and concepts into a quote and outline to<br />

confirm colours, sizes, installation, and costs, along with<br />

a timeline to bring the project towards reality. Once<br />

everything has been finalised, which may also include<br />


<strong>The</strong> main section<br />

(left) of this kitchen<br />

was created in an<br />

exciting contemporary<br />

design incorporating<br />

interchanging lines<br />

and colours that blend<br />

in with the kitchen’s<br />

colour scheme. After<br />

testing a sample for the<br />

area, it was decided to<br />

compliment the main<br />

panel with additional<br />

splashbacks that carried<br />

the design around<br />

the kitchen, creating<br />

a link between glass<br />

and kitchen design.<br />

<strong>The</strong> splashback design<br />

continued through the<br />

kitchen and extended<br />

around the room, so the<br />

glass could be seen from<br />

everywhere.<br />

a sample of the design, we can then begin work on<br />

their piece of ‘Kitchen Art’. It’s great to keep the client<br />

updated as we move along, sending photos or inviting<br />

them to the studio as the design comes to the point of<br />

firing. <strong>The</strong> project is always exciting, both for the client<br />

and for us, and the moment of completion is always a<br />

thrilling experience.<br />

After all the polishing and finishing touches have been<br />

made, it is all organisation and planning for delivery,<br />

installation, or shipping. Once the Kitchen Art is<br />

installed, we get such an emotionally positive response.<br />

We feel so privileged to create these pieces for our<br />

clients, but the emotional element always catches us by<br />

surprise.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> transformation of the kitchen with art is an<br />

incredible experience. Working with Gail and Ian and<br />

their processes is an inclusive experience. It brings<br />

together designer and client to create Glass Art that<br />

is impactful, transformative and which creates a<br />

living space that is warm, nurturing and energising<br />

for everyone in the home. To find out more about<br />

Gail and Ian and their work, visit galiani.co.uk or find<br />

them on Instagram at @iangodfreyglassart and @<br />

gailboothmanglassart and on Facebook at facebook.<br />

com/Galiani.co.uk<br />

Gail and Ian contemplate colours for a splashback design considering<br />

the way glass works together, the processes that may be involved and<br />

how the colours will work within the location. Getting to know what the<br />

client is searching for is all part of the enjoyment of a commission and<br />

achieving a successful installation.<br />


“We got inspiration for our<br />

splashback after visiting Ian and<br />

Gail’s studio. <strong>The</strong>y were friendly,<br />

helpful and willing to share their<br />

knowledge to ensure we got the<br />

product we wanted and will love<br />

for a long, long time.”<br />

Right: This Art Deco inspired splashback was inspired by another Deco<br />

glass creation by Ian. <strong>The</strong> 2.3-metre splashback was drawn out to the<br />

brief and a range of colours were selected to match the kitchen and<br />

living space. <strong>The</strong> splashback includes over 500 pieces intricately cut<br />

and fired before the final installation.<br />


“<strong>The</strong> entire experience from<br />

beginning to end has been<br />

exceptional. First meeting Ian<br />

at the workshop and being able<br />

to see the amazing artwork you<br />

both create, and Ian sharing his<br />

creative ideas, which enabled us<br />

to make the right choice.”<br />

Left: This pink Arazzo commission project included over 6.5 metres of<br />

splashback, where a lot of work went into exploring colours that would<br />

harmonise with the kitchen design. Reviews of the glass on location<br />

and sample tests led to this amazing glass surround that perfectly<br />

tailored the surrounding interior décor and fittings.<br />


This Galiani Arazzo<br />

design is created with<br />

personalised glass sheets<br />

incorporating a range<br />

of colours chosen to<br />

complement the colour<br />

scheme of the bespoke<br />

kitchen built for this home.<br />

<strong>The</strong> design requires pattern<br />

matching and incorporates<br />

multiple firings to achieve<br />

the stunning finish.<br />

Above: This colourful Spring Garden design brings nature from the<br />

garden into the kitchen every day. <strong>The</strong> design brings together a range<br />

of processes and disciplines, with the splashback going in and out of<br />

the kiln a number of times before the final installation.<br />

Above: This Flow design gives a natural and organic feel to the kitchen.<br />

<strong>The</strong> range of colours are allowed to flow within the kiln to give this<br />

wonderful, natural, and relaxing feel to the glass.<br />


Full range of flavours available at...<br />

www.dorsetginger.ltd<br />

20 30

Four bedrooms | Two bathrooms | Garden and balcony | Off-street parking | Offers over £620,000<br />

Weymouth, Dorset | Contact Mark Baker: 01305 835300<br />

High-spec living, riverside location<br />

In association with<br />

29<br />


Brand new home | 2,500 sq ft of accommodation | Four bedrooms | Sea views | Double garage | £850,000<br />

Weymouth, Dorset | Contact Mark Baker: 01305 835300<br />

Contemporary lifestyle, outstanding location<br />

In association with<br />

domvs.co.uk<br />



<strong>The</strong> Icing<br />

on the Cake<br />

Rachelle’s Rachel Hill tells the story of<br />

how beautiful bespoke cakes became her<br />

sweet salvation<br />

I’m Rachel and I’m super new to Dorset, having lived<br />

here for just a few months. For years I longed to relocate<br />

from South London to the countryside, and now I’m<br />

finally here. It’s been an epic journey.<br />

Despite having been born,<br />

coincidentally, in Poole here<br />

in Dorset, I grew up in rural<br />

Wales, and that’s where<br />

I hold all my childhood<br />

memories. As a child I<br />

climbed trees, poked about<br />

in rivers and ran through<br />

the wheat fields that<br />

surrounded our cottage. In<br />

the large cottage garden we<br />

had an old caravan, which<br />

my brothers and I used as a<br />

den, and my Dad grew all his<br />

own veg.<br />

Later, at university, I studied <strong>The</strong>atre Set Design and<br />

Costume, and came away with a First Class Honours<br />

degree. I then moved to London to find my fame and<br />

fortune. For over a decade, I worked in the film and<br />

television industry as a designer, working on films,<br />

commercials, and pop videos. It was a fabulous job that<br />

left me with many stories to tell, until the credit crunch<br />

of 2007 put a stop to the easy flowing freelance work. I<br />

nearly lost my mother that year too, and my relationship<br />

broke down. In a nutshell, 2007 was a terrible year for<br />

me.<br />

In my experience though, there are good things that<br />

come from bad, and it was at this point that I turned<br />

my hand to cake making to try and make an income.<br />

I’m entirely self-taught, but my background in design<br />

seemed to help; making big wedding cakes covered in<br />

hand-crafted sugar flowers came naturally to me. My<br />

business started to flourish, I won the odd award, and I<br />

fell in love with cake making.<br />

In 2014 I gave birth to my son, and at this point life<br />

took a rapid turn. I have always been on my own with<br />

my little boy, and when you have a child, you start to<br />

look at the world in a different way. <strong>The</strong> things I thought<br />

were important no longer were, and I fell out of love with<br />

my London life. I wanted the same life for him as I had<br />

enjoyed growing up, so I started my mission to move.<br />


Unfortunately, I decided to do this just a few weeks<br />

before Covid hit. <strong>The</strong> pandemic really knocked my<br />

business. I went from being a top London wedding<br />

cake designer to pushing a few cupcakes onto people’s<br />

doorsteps as and when I could to make a bit of money.<br />

All my wedding jobs cancelled, and work was very sparce<br />

for a year and a half. It was tough. In January 2021, I<br />

hit an all-time low. I was still stuck in London, finding<br />

a house to buy was impossible, and I had no work. I<br />

decided to use my time to teach myself a new skill, and<br />

it was then that I learnt the art of buttercream flower<br />

piping. I actually had time to learn, which is a rare thing<br />

as a single parent. I totally fell in love with the art and,<br />

because it had pulled me out of a slightly depressive<br />

hole, I quickly decided to teach others via online classes<br />

and private tutorials. It’s like edible therapy; it’s calming,<br />

rewarding to learn, and you get to eat your creations!<br />

I’ve brought all these skills with me to beautiful Dorset,<br />

where I hope to carve out a more relaxed way of life,<br />

baking beautiful wedding cakes and teaching my craft<br />

to willing students. It’s taken almost three years to<br />

get here, but my son and I are finally loving our Dorset<br />

life together. We have just re-homed a gang of rescue<br />

chickens too, so there are now fresh eggs on tap for all<br />

my baking. And they really are just cupcakes made to<br />

look like flowers. People are always amazed by them and<br />

often don’t believe they are cupcakes. It’s a real joy.<br />

If you’d like to know more, order a cake, cupcake<br />

bouquet or come along for a class, please do send me a<br />

message.<br />

www.rachelles.co.uk<br />

@rachellesbespokecakes<br />


Natural Radiance<br />

Grow your glow with Dorset’s skincare specialists, Sarah Dale Aesthetics<br />

Here at Sarah Dale Aesthetics, we are as busy as<br />

ever and happy to be providing all our clients with<br />

their favourite treatments. For those of you who don’t<br />

know us, we are a medical aesthetic clinic located<br />

in Poundbury, in a stunning and peaceful part of the<br />

Butter Market. We are the area’s leading skin and laser<br />

experts, providing an unrivalled service in Dorchester<br />

and across Dorset. We specialise in advanced aesthetic<br />

alternatives to anti-ageing injectables and surgery. We<br />

believe in transitioning through the ageing process with<br />

dignity and taking the best possible care of your skin by<br />

offering an alternative to invasive procedures. Regularly<br />

recommended by GPs and dermatologists, we take on a<br />

variety of clients with all different types of needs.<br />

Sarah Dale is a registered nurse who built her business<br />

on a strong foundation of expert training and complete<br />

care. Clinical lead Tanya Lambert-Culling and her<br />

team of aesthetic clinicians use their 17 years of<br />

combined experience and specialist knowledge of<br />

four different laser platforms to provide you with the<br />

following treatments: full-body laser hair removal;<br />

red vein and pigmentation reduction; scar reduction;<br />

skin rejuvenation for sun damage repair; reduction of<br />

fine lines and wrinkles; LED phototherapy; fractional<br />

skin resurfacing; body sculpting; and radiofrequency<br />

alternatives to surgical facelifts. We work to the highest<br />

standards of professional excellence, and, thanks to<br />

our extensive research, we only offer the safest and<br />

most effective treatments. We pride ourselves on our<br />

treatments’ sustainability and adaptability with regards<br />

to budget and lifestyle. All our clinicians offer<br />

complimentary consultations during which they can talk<br />

you through options and answer any questions you have.<br />

<strong>The</strong> past year has been one of expansion for the<br />

clinic. We are now a team of four clinicians, which has<br />

allowed us to offer increased availability in the face of<br />

growing demand. We run double clinics from Monday to<br />

Saturday, and we plan to expand our late-night opening<br />

hours to two evenings rather than one. Tanya, our<br />

clinical lead for over nine years, recently completed her<br />

foundation degree in Medical Grade Lasering as well as<br />

her advanced training with a specialist doctor, and the<br />

results she achieves in the clinic always reflect this.<br />

Milly, who has been with us for many years, continues<br />

to perform excellently and her experience on the laser<br />

platforms has led to her being booked up often weeks in<br />

advance – so don’t wait to book in if you are looking to<br />

see her over the next few months. Alex and Lucy, who<br />

joined the clinical team at the beginning of the year,<br />

have been building up their client base and are now both<br />

running very successful and in-demand clinics. <strong>The</strong>ir<br />

training and mentoring, led by Tanya, has been going<br />

superbly and we plan to expand the range of treatments<br />

they offer in the near future.<br />

We find that many clients wonder what they should<br />

do with their skin over the summer months. We tend<br />

to always recommend consistency and maintenance.<br />

Consistency with regards to your products, and<br />

maintenance with regards to treatments. Which<br />

products? Most importantly, sunscreen. Sun exposure<br />

causes 80% of premature ageing as well as putting<br />


you at risk of skin cancer. After extensive research,<br />

we decided to stock Heliocare as our main sunscreen<br />

range and advise to apply every single day. With<br />

regards to other skincare, our clinicians are always<br />

happy to provide you with a tailored routine to address<br />

your specific skin concerns. <strong>The</strong> Medik8 range is a<br />

client-favourite and is a superb option for someone<br />

looking for ethical, efficient, and affordable products.<br />

Which treatments do we recommend over the summer<br />

months? We believe in optimising skincare in accordance<br />

with the seasons. <strong>Summer</strong> is the perfect time to be<br />

thinking about the structure of the skin rather than the<br />

surface. Radiofrequency is an excellent option for skin<br />

tightening and lifting. We offer radiofrequency in the<br />

form of Lipofirm and Venus Freeze treatments, both<br />

science-backed and collagen-building options to get that<br />

summer boost. Dermalux LED phototherapy is another<br />

wonderful possibility if you are looking for a relaxing<br />

treatment that will give you a radiant glow and help to<br />

fight off redness and pigmentation among many other<br />

skin <strong>issue</strong>s.<br />

As always, you are welcome to pop in for a chat and our<br />

team are always happy to do anything they can to help.<br />

Feel free to look at our social media for skincare advice,<br />

treatment videos and client testimonials. We look<br />

forward to seeing you soon.<br />

sarahdaleaesthetics.com<br />

facebook.com/sarahdaleaesthetics<br />

E. info@sarahdaleaesthetics.com<br />

T. 01305 269220<br />

25 36

Sweetness & Light<br />

Balsamic Berry Chocolate Mousse from Chococo Co-Founder Claire Burnet<br />

Serves: six<br />

Preparation time: 15 minutes + setting time<br />

Equipment:<br />

• 6 x ramekins or small coffee cups<br />

Ingredients:<br />

• 150g dark chocolate, 60-70% cocoa solids<br />

• 75g unsalted butter, soft<br />

• 2 egg yolks, at room temperature<br />

• 1 tablespoon aged balsamic vinegar<br />

• 3 egg whites, at room temperature<br />

• 2 tbsp golden caster sugar<br />

• 75g fresh strawberries<br />

• 75g fresh raspberries<br />

• 1 tsp icing sugar<br />

• Icing sugar for dusting<br />

1. Wash and dry the fruits, then set six of each aside for<br />

decoration. With a fork, gently mash the rest together<br />

with the icing sugar for a touch of sweetness.<br />

2. Place a dollop of fruit in the bottom of each of the dishes.<br />

3. Melt the chocolate very gently in a bowl sitting over a<br />

pan of barely simmering water - don’t let the bowl touch<br />

the water.<br />

4. Immediately as the chocolate has melted, take the<br />

bowl off the pan, add the butter and stir in to melt. <strong>The</strong>n<br />

stir in the egg yolks and, finally, the balsamic vinegar.<br />

5. In a separate clean bowl, whisk the egg whites to soft<br />

peaks, add the caster sugar and whisk again.<br />

6. Gently fold the egg whites into the chocolate mixture.<br />

A light touch is what is needed here, as if you beat<br />

this too much you will lose the air in the whisked egg<br />

whites. Ensure you pick up all the chocolate mixture<br />

at the bottom of the bowl as you fold the two mixtures<br />

together.<br />

7. Carefully put the mousse into each cup with a small<br />

spoon (to ensure you don’t drop any around the sides of<br />

the dishes), on top of the fruit.<br />

8. Put the mousses in the fridge to set until required.<br />

9. Take the mousses out of the fridge and allow to return<br />

to room temperature before serving, decorated with the<br />

reserved fruit on top (or to the side if you prefer) and a<br />

light dusting of sieved icing sugar.<br />

For more tantalising Chococo recipes visit chococo.co.uk<br />


Art, Music, Festivals & Fire Cooking<br />

Exploring the ecclectic timetable at Sculpture by the Lakes<br />

Sculpture by the Lakes, a multi-award-winning sculpture<br />

park in Dorset regarded by those in the know as a jewel<br />

in the county’s crown, has a jam-packed programme<br />

of events, with plenty to delight arts, nature and food<br />

lovers.<br />

This stunning 26-acre haven of gardens, art and lakes<br />

was founded by celebrated sculptor Simon Gudgeon<br />

with his wife Monique, and is home to more than 30<br />

of Simon’s stunning, large-scale sculptures, as well as<br />

hosting a packed line-up of arts, music and dining events<br />

throughout the year.<br />

Spring saw the return of FORM, a nationally significant<br />

sculpture show with 200 new pieces by some 30 top<br />

sculptors. At the end of May, <strong>The</strong> Dorset Garden Festival<br />

featured the all-new Fire & Food Festival, a celebration<br />

of outdoor living and dining. <strong>The</strong> event also saw the<br />

launch of a new riverside outdoor kitchen, which is set to<br />

host a series of ‘Fire and Feast’ evenings throughout the<br />

summer.<br />

June saw the launch of Sculpture by the Lakes: LIVE, a<br />

series of mini-festivals, with music, entertainment and<br />

food to be enjoyed in a stunning riverside spot at the<br />



heart of the sculpture park. And from June 29th to July<br />

3rd came the return of the hugely successful and multiaward-winning<br />

Dorset Arts Festival, when more than 60<br />

artists, crafters, and makers will be demonstrating their<br />

incredible skills and techniques live.<br />

<strong>The</strong> beauty and tranquillity of the sculpture park<br />

will once again provide the setting for Wellbeing by<br />

the Lakes, a five-day festival from September 7th to<br />

September 11th, with a curated blend of expert talks, art,<br />

live performance, meditation, movement sessions, and<br />

healing therapies.<br />

As well as that incredible line up, the sculpture park<br />

is open to visitors five days a week – Wednesday to<br />

Sunday. Not only can you soak up the beauty and<br />

tranquillity of sculpture gardens, but explore Gallery by<br />

the Lakes; discover unique food and craft treasures in<br />

the Artisans’ Bazaar and the Artisans’ Pantry; and stop<br />

for a fantastic lunch or simply some delicious homemade<br />

cake in Café by the Lakes, where the seasonal menu<br />

makes use of produce fresh from the sculpture park’s<br />

own kitchen garden. <strong>The</strong>re is so much to discover. To find<br />

out more about events at Sculpture by the Lakes, visit<br />

sculpturebythelakes.co.uk<br />



Award-winning ‘Passive House’ | Four bedrooms | Two reception spaces | Double garage | Offers over £750,000<br />

Sixpenny Handley, Dorset | Contact Tim Grainger: 01258 442500<br />

Green living, village location<br />

In association with<br />


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