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is this the

change we need?

orca defi

is defi still




ao8 creates what

others can't





the latest

from scribe


a sleeping giant?



& MUCH more










Often overlooked, Possible gems. #alpha


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Probably Nothing

SolBigBrain speaks. Are you



Lark Davis looks at Orca defi.


StaticDev on behemoth moves #alpha


Time to pivot. #alpha




CHANGE is coming

PhaseProtocol spills the beans


102 Descendants




Descendants- what's it all about?


THREAD writing

EasyMoneyDing saves you time as

you start your writing #alpha


Subaru - pictures and words.

How Influencers make Money

HamsterSol runs through how it

all works #alpha



exchange.art interview


KirkEnglehardt sets up a

photographic theme



SecretSphinx on why we all

work together




Piramidal Movements

AO8 is creating one of a kind

art that only A08 can. #alpha

How big is the market?

HamsterSol crunches the

numbers #alpha



DegenDavinci, does it all come

down to the team?



EasyMoneyDing reviews the

movers and shakers.




Issue #71 - over 160 pages, 120+ NFTs, 12+ articles! It may be a bear market but the Solana ecosystem

is chugging along. Probably the envy of many other blockchains!

A shoutout is in order for @Me_Metaverse who runs his own Youtube reviewing Star Atlas and Solana

Defi. He has been running reviews of the #SHILL zine for a couple of issues now and always includes a

shoutout to the artists that catch his eye. The Youtube review runs for about 12 mins. Worth a watch

and of course 'subscribe' and 'like' the video. MetaVerseExplorer/videos

The Solana NFT space is beginning to heat up as we enter Sept 2022 with the pending release of y00ts

from the DeGod franchise. Many articles and threads are being published about the new project. Is it

positive for the space? In this issue both @SubaruImpreza09 and @SecretSphinx give their opinions.

The beauty of Twitter is that everyone can have an opinion.

KirkEnglehardt takes us on a photographic journey into creating a four-piece collectible that many

readers can relate to- Monday Morning.

A couple of threads from @HamsterSol that look at the size of the Solana market and where it could go.

As well as a piece on How influencers make their money. If I could #alpha tag that piece twice I would.

Read it and then read it again.

@EasyMoneyDing is back with some advice on how to get started in writing threads for the space

on Twitter. Reflecting on the piece I would have to agree that we do need more pieces out there in

the space. I remember the pieces by @SaintEclectic which were always a 'no holds bar' approach

to uncovering what really exists in the space. More people writing about projects and behemoth

companies and calling them out for what they are is much appreciated.

Essentially, you have an issue in your hands that can keep you entertained for a week. The stories alone

you can consume over a couple of days and the NFTs should keep you coming back. The artwork and

photography offerings keep improving weekly.

A few issue back I posed the question about ideas for the 100th issue. Kirk shot an idea via Twitter that

held merit. Artists in the space create a piece especially for the 100th issue. The beauty of this idea is

that issue 100 is not coming up for some time - 29 more issues! Which gives people over 6 months to

plan something specifically for inclusion.

Would it work? Are there NFT artists out there willing to participate?

Something to ponder I guess. I might shoot the idea out

during a Twitter space and see what the crowd thinks.

After 4 weeks of NOT buying anything I finally took the

plunge and picked up this interesting piece from newcomer

@mnhamzahsa. #Shill vault!

Enough said. You know the drill.


Figuren Reika 006 @lmnhamzahsa

Keep your eyes on...



Secret Sphinx Society




HGE launches ABC collection

HGE. Sol, or 9x9x9.Eth is a whale in the Web3 NFT

space, renowned for his sweeping of projects he really

likes, and particularly his involvement in Okay Bears

as its biggest individual collector.

Today, he dropped his ABC collection, a hand-drawn

collection of cartoon characters.

ABC isn’t a project, it’s just Art that I resonate with as

I always miss the time when we are kids. Things are

more simple when we are kids, I miss it, I wanna do

something to bring me closer to it.

The notorious figure in the space stated that while he

was upset with the Degods project, he still cared about

the community and the project. Urkann stated that he

has decided to stay with the people he loves in the

space who share the same passion as him. As a result,

he has made the decision to keep his Deadgods.

Urkann is a prominent influencer, well known for

sweeping the Degods collection and his whale status

in the community. After receiving popular backing, the

influencer attempted to establish his own NFT collection,

Degen Sweepers. The collection did not sell out

as the public turned against him as a result of some of

his actions. The influencer currently holds the rank 1

Deadgod in the collection.

Rather than a mint, HGE listed each of the NFTs on

Magic Eden for 1.23 Sol, each with 0% royalties attached

to it. The personality wants to make it clear

as well that the project won’t have a roadmap, and

buyers shouldn’t expect anything other than the art,

reflecting a more innocent time in life.

The reaction has been largely positive, though many

disagree with the pricing of the NFTs.

Urkann issues public apology, reveals what he plans to do


Urkann posted a thread today explaining what happened

with degods and what he intends to do next.

Urkann stated in the post that he expected more from

Frank. Urkann expected Frank to provide a better line

of communication for holders that stand out in the

crowd. According to the influencer, he asked Frank to

send a simple tweet to calm people down, but Frank

refused. The influencer eventually expressed regret for

his harsh responses. The influencer declared he didn’t

want a conflict as “alone I am strong, but together we

are much stronger”. He has pledged to continue improving

the web 3 space for as long as he is alive.

What is EZU? Details revealed in a Twitter Spaces held by the


On Sunday evening popular NFT project EZU finally

released project details to a space attended by over

9,000 twitter visitors.

Wildly sought-after NFT project EZU, a companion

project to wildly successful Psychedelics’ Anonymous,

released details about the project — including

a wear2earn mechanic.

“EZU is an NFT collection powering a Wear2Earn life-


SHILL Issue #71

style application. With EZU-enabled clothing, brands

will be able to compensate their customers with a

combination of exclusive rewards including achievements,

NFTs, and fungible tokens,” from the official

EZU website at ezu.xyz.

“Users will be able to buy and sell exclusive rewards,

and any fungible tokens received will be sent to the

user’s in-app wallet, which will also have a swap function

built in. By using EZU, brands will be able to more

deeply understand and interact with their customers,

while driving and measuring brand loyalty and postsale


The total collection supply will be 15,000 with 3750

from each of the four factions: Vapor, Earth, Liquid,

and Light. The Mint price will be announced within the

next 24 hours but the mint date is set — August 24th,

1:00 P.M. PST

Cets on Creck announces genesis “merchandise”

drop for holders

Cets on Creck has announced that the long-awaited

merch drop for holders will take place on 23rd August,

4.30 PM UTC. The genesis merch drop will go

live tomorrow on a first come, first served basis. Since

July, the drop has been teased in community-led video

teasers and sneak peeks.

The Genesis drop will be a limited edition drop with a

fixed supply. Since the designs will no longer be available

in the future, the merch sold will be treated as

premium collector items. Each Cet can redeem each

of the following items: a shirt, a cap, shorts, and a

sweatshirt. The Cets team is discussing the possibility

of limiting the number of items that may be ordered

with a single wallet. This is to stop whales from consuming

the entire supply. More information will be

available closer to the drop tomorrow.

There will be 800 T-shirts, 600 shorts, 150 Hoodies,

and 600 caps in tomorrow’s drop. The items will have

a $creck pricing and a flat shipping fee of 42 USDC.

In addition, the Cets team has provided a list of sizes

available as well as the specific measurements of the

apparel in the discord. According to a spokesperson

of Cets, holders will have to pay the USDC and the required

$creck in one transaction.

Okay Bears x Infected Mob collaboration on the


The Infected Mob team retweeted the image above

earlier today, potentially hinting at a collaboration between

the two projects.

Upon closer inspection, it appears to be a collaboration

between Boss DAO, a sub-community of Okay

Bears, and the art-first project.

Infected Mob has been going on a tear recently, taking

on the Gothic Degen model of creating derivative

artworks of other NFT projects, airdropping these creations

to their own holders, or even the holder of the

project which is the subject of the work.

Though things have slowed down, the unique art is

still drawing many interested parties.

SHILL Issue #71









yflian deojahnu




I swear like 98% of projects follow this

path. Mint out. Founders either fight or

make up some lame excuse about they need to

move on. Project dead. Retail REKT. Then you

wonder why I am so quiet nowadays. Very hard

to get excited about new mints, without a

known all star team.


Lark Davis

For anyone who is not familiar, what is Orca?

Orca is a DeFi protocol on the Solana blockchain

that allows users to trade tokens and provide

liquidity on an autonomous basis with ease and


Diving a little deeper, Orca offers a

concentrated liquidity AMM (Automated Market-

Maker), Whirlpools, with an open-source, doubleaudited

smart contract. Built from the ground up

with a focus on intuitive, human-centric design, Orca

enables any protocol in Solana to easily bootstrap

their own token economy, including custom liquidity

pools and liquidity mining.

What does the ORCA token do?

ORCA is the governance token for the Orca

protocol. ORCA tokenholders control Orca

by proposing and voting on matters in Orca

Governance v0!

Can you tell us about Whirlpools? Both the risks

and opportunities!

Whirlpools are concentrated liquidity pools on Orca.

On most AMMs in DeFi, liquidity providers (LPs)

facilitate trades at any price. For example, LPs for

a SOL/USDC pool would facilitate trading for SOL

from $0 to infinity.

While this model is simple, it is not capital efficient.

Thinner liquidity spread across the price curve

translates to higher slippage for traders and lower

yields for liquidity providers.

Whirlpools solve this problem by empowering LPs

to choose what price ranges they will facilitate with

their capital. LPs concentrate their liquidity in the

ranges they expect the price of the token pair to

move within, enabling better prices for those token


However, providing liquidity in Whirlpools is a

competitive, skills-based exercise. Savvy LPs who

choose more accurate price ranges (which we

affectionately call “sharks”) will earn a higher share of

fees and rewards. However, the potential for higher

earnings comes at the risk of increased divergence loss,

encouraging capital-efficient provision of liquidity.

The ORCA token is used as a reward in pools, but

how sustainable is this long term?

Thanks to the capital-efficiency of Whirlpools, sharks

with strong LP strategies can earn high yields from

trading fees alone. This has reduced the need for

additional token rewards to incentivize liquidity

provision, enabling ORCA rewards to be steadily

reduced over time. In fact, several Whirlpools on

Orca feature no ORCA rewards at all!

How prepared is Orca to survive the bear market?

In the wild, orcas are apex predators that live in a wide

range of environments. The Orca protocol, too, is wellpoised

to use this bear market to its advantage.

The original contributing team raised over $18 million in

a private fundraise in September 2021 to continue

developing Orca, placing them in a better position

than competitors that may be forced to raise in a

bear market. Development of Orca has continued en

force over the past few months and shows no signs of

stopping. New releases are on the horizon, including

Community Listings, which will enable anyone in the

Solana ecosystem to launch custom Whirlpools via a

convenient UI.

Who are the founders and why did they decide to

build Orca?

Orca was founded by Grace “Ori” Kwan (@oritheorca),

who has a background in computer science and

human-computer interaction from Stanford, and Yutaro Mori (@rawfalafel), a former contributor to Ethereum

2.0 with experience building across the entire crypto stack. They saw an opportunity to leverage the Solana

blockchain’s superior performance to create a core “DeFi lego”: A user-friendly toolkit that enables anyone to

bootstrap their own token economy quickly and easily.

Another of the founders’ goals in creating Orca was to lead the charge among web3 protocols with respect to

broader positive impact. A portion of all trading fees on Orca go to charities working on climate change and

sustainability, and the majority of mint revenue from the Orcanauts NFT launch went to non-profit Aflatoun

International to create a crypto education program for youth.

For more info on Orca’s origins, check out this interview with Ori in Yahoo! Finance and their conversation with

Solana founder Anatoly on the Solana Podcast.

What comes next for Orca?

Orca will soon be launching Community Listings, allowing users to list their own Whirlpools for tokens they love

in the Solana ecosystem!

Further, Orca’s journey towards full decentralization continues. The ORCA community has always been vital to

the protocol’s success, and active community governance proposals are shaping the future of the protocol as

we speak.

Want to be a part of Orca’s journey? Join the Orca Discord and become a podmate!



















Dating back to some of the earliest mints, @moonranknft

(MR) has been a free service calculating statistical rarity on

Solana nfts. 5 months ago, MR worked with @magiceden

(ME) to integrate directly into the site - at no cost. Then, a

few days ago, ME silently dropped MR.

@moonranknft has been a mainstay for almost the entirety

of the Solana NFT lifespan. Most are probably aware of the

site and have used it to search rarity or look through an

entire collection. The site is clean; easy to navigate; and is

hyper focused.

ME replaced the MR integration with their own statistical

ranking system. This is a common occurrence in tech. So

common, that it is known as “being sherlocked”.

A small developer sees a need. Builds a tool on top of the

platform, and then gains significant marketshare. Once the

platform notices, they wait for the dev to iron out issues,

attempt to replicate the idea, then integrate it directly. This

silently squeezes the small dev out.

It is not lost on me that the goal of any company, whether

web2 or web3, is to gain market share. It makes sense that

platforms would want to incorporate ideas directly. This

seems to be how the game is played.

As the big players increase market share, we will see

small projects give up when their idea is copied and they

become replaced. Maybe that’s part of how things are. A

natural evolution of business. But it has a negative effect on

buidlers... And for all of us.

As a community, we don’t want to see MR or others leave

the space when they have been “sherlocked”. We need @

moonranknft (and projects like it) to continue to exist. They

push the space forward. It allows for more innovation.

My intent has always been to build in the open to provide

fun, exciting, and forward-thinking ideas. It is why I joined

the Solana ecosystem. To work on composable ideas with

others. Just a bunch of builders building.

Some of the most fun I have had is chatting with MR over

the past year. I’ve been incredibly fortunate to know him.

The care and attention to detail he puts into his work is

unmatched. I am very lucky to call him a friend.

I don’t want to see him (or others in this ecosystem) get

dejected and give up just because a big player tried to

replicate it. Let’s keep building together. Innovate as a

group. And make this space fun. Don’t go anywhere @















We're on a mission. We've made mistakes, taken hits, & learned a lot.


























In the past year, over 300 Million dollars have been drained from the ecosystem. Blue chips have faltered. Countless

projects failed. and now financial ruin looms. It’s time we band together to fix this broken system before it all crashes

beneath us.

More than 20,000 candy machines have been launched. Yet, looking at @howrareis we see only about 200 projects are

maintaining any relevancy. With a failure rate close to 99.9%, most projects go to 0.

The liquidity from failed projects doesn’t always make its way back into the ecosystem. The project founders have complete

control over the remainder, and cash it out

Even if each time only a small percentage is removed from the ecosystem... Across the 19,000+ failed projects, it adds

up. Especially if we aren’t onboarding people at the same rate as the loss. It simply isn’t sustainable.

And only now, after hype has died down and we’ve entered a bear market - do we see the impact of this broken system.

Projects struggle to sell out, blue chips are down across the board. Inactive Discords. People don’t want to participate

when they can’t win.

Where does that leave us? How do we plug this hole to stop the ship from sinking? In a thread posted months ago, I

outlined the 3 possibilities going forward:

To summarize, these are:

• Personal responsibility

• Hyper-centralization

• or, leveraging smart contracts

While personal responsibility is an appealing notion to some, it doesn’t solve the underlying issue - it only promotes the

acceptance of it. Hyper-centralization could potentially solve it, but it is in direct opposition to the Ethos of Web3.

Which leaves us with Smart Contracts.

Enter: @phaseprotocol- a passion project from an alliance of deruggers tired of trying to clean up the mess they inherited.

Derug one project, and 4 more rugs take its place. The structure of these projects had to change.

The downstream effects of this structure are palpable, and have many implications. Investors are forced to adapt to a

flipping strategy because the risk of holding can be so great - meaning projects that build tend to suffer.

Phase creates a new selection bias - one that maximizes reward for projects able to execute their roadmap and fulfill

their promises. The determining factor of project “success” shifts from hype to building.

The Core Idea of Phase is simple: Mint funds are sent into a smart contract to escrow them. They are then divided into

pre-defined milestones set before mint, which are then presented to the community for validation. But there are a lot of

subtleties to getting it right.

1. The vote is a veto vote - meaning community members can only vote to reject the proposal. This provides for a more

seamless experience for project founders, meaning progress won’t be stalled. But it also closes out a glaring attack vector.

If projects mint out any NFTs for themselves or “advisors”, those could be used to vote in favour of an approval system.

Hence, the veto system reduces the risk of this type of attack

2. SOL to USDC swaps as an example, while Great Goats’ funds were in the temporary escrow, they lost nearly 100,000

USD in buying power. Having this flexibility is critical to adoption and founder success.

There are many hurdles needed to be overcome as well. A glaring one is preventing abuse by the community who may

be upset if the floor price isn’t increasing. The answer to this lies in our arbitration mechanism.

Upon reaching a certain threshold, a phase can be flagged for arbitration. A small fee is paid, and the phase is sent to an

arbitration jury which manually reviews the case, and determines if any abuse has occurred.

There is a strong benefit for founders as well. There is a strange social contract in web3, where you are socially indebted

to a failing project for the rest of your life. Which is unusual, as most successful web2 founders have failed multiple times

before finding success.

By providing this ‘social default’ and an acceptable way to fail, project founders are no longer soul bound to failing projects.

As a side effect, holders can receive up to a full refund. Now, if a project fails, the funds are disbursed amongst the project

holders instead of going into the pockets of the project team. And keeping this liquidity in the ecosystem fundamentally

changes everything.

The reason we built @phaseprotocol was to ensure that this ecosystem wasn’t one giant pump and dump. We want it

to be inviting, to have longevity, to give it the chance to create things that can change the world and bring people closer

together. Join The Movement.















The project began in Q1 of 2022 with the mint of The Ancestors.

The goal was to build a tightly knit core community of art connoisseurs who shared the team’s visions

for the project.

In Q2 of 2022, the second collection within the project was released, The Descendants.

With the mint of the, The Descendants, the team, the community, and their aspirations grew even




The Ancestors are the genesis collection of the project

and consist of 100, hand-drawn 1-of-1s from the artsist,


Each Ancestor took approximately 8 hours to complete

and was inspired by Fluboss´s travels around the World.

Benefits of Holding an Ancestor

• Owning 1 of the only 100 Ancestors that will ever

be created by Fluboss. We like the Art

• 33% of mint revenue and secondary sales royalties

for the Descendants (Royalties are paid


• Earn 3,5X DNA (Compared to a level 0 Descendant)

• Revenue share on future adventures

• Discord access to the ancestral lounge - be

among the biggest Solana brains.



The Descendants are the project’s second collection, consisting of 2,777 generative art pieces. It includes four

different species: Humans, Meta-Humans, AIs and Lizards, which are depicted on their intergalactic journey into

the past.

Each Descendant consists of hand-drawn traits by Fluboss, resulting in what we believe is some of the best Art on

Solana. There are over 100 traits in combination with 500 individual backgrounds that make up this hand curated


Benefits of Holding a Descendant

• DNA Accumulation

• Participation in our gamified web3 experience

• Be able to level up your Descendant

• Participation in Lost Descendant Missions

• Revenue share on future adventures

• Art Connoisseur status

Web3- Solutions Platform


Our platform will offer a wide range of services that are

designed to add additional revenue streams for our project.

Some of those services will be provided by us; others

offered by different artists & developers.


We will start by offering real life prints of our own collections

to our community. We’ll also strive to automate the

process and offer the same service for individual customers

(B2C) that want their NFT printed. Then, project

owners (B2B) will be able to purchase a fully automated

print service for their respective communities, provided

by the platform.

B2B & B2C

We will grow and expand our business to business/

customer services in many different aspects. Our first

iteration will include an automated merchandise service.

All our future endeavours will aim to provide additional

revenue streams for our project.

Artists & Art

Our goal is to onboard highly skilled artists into the web3 space utilizing our platform. Artists will have the opportunity

to offer their talents by drawing whole collections, personalized PFPs or custom pieces for prospective

clients. They will also be able to showcase their previous (web3 or real life art) directly on our platform.

Incubation system

Artists together with customers will be able to take advantage of our incubation system; A service that will cover

all the backend work necessary to bring a NFT collection to life.

Talent acquisition

We won’t just stop at onboarding artists; the intention is to direct as much web3 talent as possible towards our

platform. This includes providing a place for developers and community managers alike to offer their freelance

services to anyone within the Solana ecosystem.


How to guide on threads in our space; things I’ve learnt creating nft content for a year.

Formatting 101: if you’re delivering a thread, it’s important to number your tweets this allows for organisation

and a gradual breakdown of your piece, it also creates a trackable flow when you’re breaking down points.

3spacing: can’t stress this one enough! Word vomit or long paragraphs with poor spacing makes for difficult

reading and is likely to create a barrier to your engagement average attention span has reduced significantly and

twitter is no exception to that.

concise: get to the point you want to capture your audience by punching home the essence of what you’re trying

to say quality and efficiency of words > a word count.

structure: 1st tweet is title - one liner that sums up the entire thread and is easy to retweet (keep it simple/less

is more) 2-3rd tweet: provide context to the issue you are discussing, if you have evidence post it (introductory


structure cont: subsequent tweets: break down the topics into 2-3 tweets max (think of these as body paragraphs)

as you can see above my body paragraphs i love my sub-headings the idea of this is simple: easier for

audience to understand and RT.

closing out tweets: you want to add any final thoughts and personal takes here/ask your audience what they

think in most of my analytical threads i attempt to adopt a neutral/unbiased tone but in my closing tweets i try to

add some personality and positivity.

content: perhaps the most challenging part of the process what to post about? -find pockets of the market that

are untapped -focus on hot topics that are discussed right now -spend time in spaces to find ecosystem pain

points -review projects/upcoming mints -glean trends -read threads/find other content creators and ask for help

-find/carve your niche - what are your strengths? -challenge status quo -watch the nft market daily to gain overall

understanding -turn notifications on for respected voices and stay updated.

drafting: personally used to thought dump everything I had into a thread and insta-post this led to spelling mistakes,

unstructured thoughts, lack of direction and poor execution always left knowing I could have avoided this

by drafting slow down to speed up.

timing: figure out what of the day in your timezone to post when you’ve attracted the most engagement and

stick to that when debating a hot topic: deliver thread within 48 hours max, ideally earlier personal experience:

when US wakes up and clocks off work = prime time.

shitposting/efficiency posting: posting a cold thread may not be the most efficient delivery of your thread particularly

if you’ve not tweeted for a day or two you want to warm up your engagement by posting one liners or

quick thoughts that capture sentiment or audience.

For inspiration on this you need to look no further than your favourite influencers regardless of what you say

about them they kill this game imo:

@notbunjil & @cozypront is the goat at this; study the art and add to your arsenal.

images/gifs/memes: adding visual aspect to your thread makes it easier on the eyes and can also accentuate the

point your making with a little humour personally, I like to litter my thread with some of these just to ease the

tension of the audience also note: don’t overkill,



never @ someone to start a post

never start a thread with a link outside of twitter.


respond to all comments on your thread

respond and comment on your audience’s posts

respond to DMs in your spare time.

brand: what do you want to be known for? When someone needs a particular take on something are you the

person they think of? I’ve positioned myself as an analytics/commentary guy who wants to educate the space on

anything related to NFTs everything i post must contribute.

tone: depending on the thread or style stick to a couple tones formal/informal/critical/optimistic/pessimistic/sincere

if you’re writing an analytic piece try avoid opinion for the majority of your piece.

consistency: if you’re starting fresh as a content creator - remind yourself that this is the most testing period in

your career not all posts/threads are going to hit the level of engagement you desire consistency is your greatest

friend here. Perhaps even > delivery.

grind: 天 上 不 会 掉 馅 饼 chinese saying which loosely translates to: there is no free lunch. You must be prepared

for low level of engagement, particularly early on so you can work your way towards better days think of every

post as a building block and keep building.

eward or lack thereof: I’m a big believer in engagement does not necessarily equal quality early on, it’s simply

that there’s not enough eyes coming across your post as discouraging as it may feel, use this as motivation to

refine your work and style/content of writing.

taking breaks: despite the desire to grind and farm the following you desire; this game can wear you down. Naturally,

it will. It’s important to understand when it’s time for a breather pushing through can lead to poor quality/

delivery you’re better off returning fresh.

find likeminded individuals/content creators:

@LitecoinYagami’s Content Army is the perfect example of this https://twitter.com/LitecoinYagami/status/1552375319381872640…

these people will help/guide/provide feedback and keep you motivated

Quote Tweet


A month ago, I started a community called ‘Content Army’ for content creators, Web3 pros and writers. In the

community we have multiple writers for @MagicEden, 1/1 artists, Web3 entrepreneurs and more. Some soldiers

I recommend following:

typefully: website/platform I use to draft and analyse my content it provides data around all my posts, tells me

what time is best enables me to schedule my tweets, if you’re interested in taking this seriously I highly recommend

the paid version too (invest in yourself).

lasting thoughts/tips: keep it simple, more does not necessarily mean better find the balance between self-critiquing

your own work and not being too hard on yourself level of engagement does not equate to quality of

work review your work.




An educational guide for newbies to understand the basics of the solana nft influencer economy (with examples included).

First, a disclaimer: the point of this post is to educate, nothing more. It is for newbies to understand how they can be

aware of and affected by influencers. I will be censoring all names. Examples provided are entirely fictional for all intents

and purposes.

What is the role of an influencer? Basically, they provide value by directing attention to a project (they can also act as

advisors, but the end goal is the same). Remember that every project’s main goal is to mint out.

How are influencers paid? They are usually paid with a flat fee in usdc/sol and/or a percentage of mint funds. Influencers

may also ask for a number of free NFTs or WLs. It varies greatly and samples of influencer rates are provided below.

Now you know how it works, let’s look at an example: “Influencer” provides value to Yeah Tigers project through promotion,

shill tweets and WL giveaways in influencer’s own private alpha dao.

“Influencer” is paid for with 50x Yeah Tigers nft air dropped directly into the influencer’s wallet during mint time.

“Influencer” sells all 50 nfts a few hours after mint, pocketing 224 sol in gains while the price was going up. Within 24

hours post mint, “influencer” has sold all nfts.

“Influencer” then provides more services by shilling the project a little bit after mint. Note by this time period, “influencer”

has sold majority of their allocation. So, project mints out, influencer’s job is done and gets paid. End of story, right?


What happened to the people who bought the 50 Yeah Tiger NFTs after the influencer dumped them? Let’s look: 82%

took an L while 18% or 9 nfts were sold for a W. The combined gains of all 9 who sold for a W are less than 10 sol.

This is where you come in. Don’t be like those buyers who took an L. It is in your best interest not to chase pumps/mints

like these. 18% chance to make 1 sol (on average) vs 224 sol gains by the influencer. The odds are heavily stacked against







Haley Karren

Tell us about yourself.

Hi! I’m Hyblinxx, which is an alias. I live in the United States building the creative world of Blinxx. I was

born in Haiti but was adopted and grew up in the midwest United States.

How did you become interested in art?

I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. I’m privileged to have parents who supported and fostered

my creativity as I grew up. I took AP art courses in high school and majored in drawing and painting

in college. I started my BFA focusing on realism and Medical Illustration and finished with a focus on

graphic design.

What is your background?

I didn’t feel like I belonged in the midwest so as soon as I could I moved out to explore the West Coast.

While on the best coast I worked in tech marketing as a designer, illustrator, and senior art director. I

launched brands for companies like Target, Amazon, and rebranded tech giants for the modern era.

While I learned a lot in that fast-paced high-pressure environment, I was feeling mentally drained, unappreciated,

and creatively stunted. I needed to make a change, so I leaned into my illustration in 2020,

worked with agents and landed some large clients like the NFL and Netflix. Still feeling like I needed

more creative freedom I left the west coast, and my job, moved back to the midwest, and started creating


When did you decide that you wanted to become an artist?

College was the first time I called myself an artist. I think it’s something I’ve always tried to escape. I

don’t enjoy being defined or boxed in, and artist was the definition others had given me my whole life,

so it felt limiting until I redefined it for myself recently.


SHILL Issue #71

How did you become interested in digital art?

I’ve loved digital art since college. I was using Wacom tablets and painting in photoshop back then.

Once I graduated, I focused on design and how my drawing skills could enhance my designs. So, I was

doing a lot of lettering which introduced me to the iPad and Procreate. It wasn’t until I was working in

tech and burning out in 2020 that I started using procreate for illustrating, and the rest is history, lol.

What encouraged you to jump into this space?

I needed a new challenge, and this space combines my passions of art, community, and the entrepreneurial

spirit. I instantly saw the potential to build my visual brand and make my art my life. I have a

client @SlateMK2 from my web2 illustration persona who heavily suggested I make the jump into NFTs.

I was very hesitant, after hearing about the environmental impact and how much eth costs to mint. I

wasn’t convinced. But he gave me a crash course in the communities on Solana and how to set up a

wallet, and suggested I talk to some of the successful artists in the space about how they got started. I

launched by making Degenerate Ape Academy and Degenerate Trash Pandas derivatives.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

My aesthetic is Loud, Bold, and Vibrant. I am heavily inspired by the 80s and 90s colour themes, and

I also play heavily into y2k vibes of my early teen years. I love bright colours and the play between

geometric and freeform shapes. I’m influenced by streetwear, hip hop, anime, and gaming culture. If it’s

highlighter yellow, pink, or blue…I’m going to like it.

Tell us about your two series, Becoming Blinxx and theHoodlums.

Becoming Blinxx is a personal series exploring mental health and emotional intelligence. It follows our

main character Blinxx as she navigates her mental health and learns to love her big emotions. This

series sets up the character and the world I want to visually play in and bring to life for the rest of my

career. Blinxx and her Inklings are emotional advocates.

SHILL Issue #71


theHoodlums is a 1/1 PFP series created to give back to the world›s children. This project started as

just a dip into the PFP realm and has now grown into a passion project that connects my personal

history of being orphaned and then adopted as a child with my love of art, storytelling & fashion.

Children are more aware and in tune with what is happening around them than our society gives them

credit for. The narrative is of a society that is dying with its planet, and a generation of children trying

to awaken and save their community from this horrible fate. My goal for theHoodlums is to spread a

message that children need to be listened to, they deserve to be heard.

Can you briefly describe your process?

My process is different depending on what I’m wanting the outcome to be. But I always start with

sketching. I sketch the first few ideas in my head and then decide which ideas are most exciting. I really

enjoy creating pieces that elicit an emotional reaction from myself.

What is your process for Becoming Blinxx?

I have a list of emotions and scenarios I went through in 2019-2021 that shaped who I am now. I

challenge myself to connect emotionally with these pieces to push my technical emotional range

and my mental emotional range as well. These pieces force me not only to reflect but confront and

empathize with myself. Being kinder to the sides of me I viewed as weak is an important part of this


SHILL Issue #71

series process.

What is your process for theHoodlums?

These are a fun way to let my aesthetic play and prove out the Hoodlums Fashion Line. Each Hoodlum

starts from a base silhouette that is modified to express the personality of the character. A lot of visual

research around hobbies and trinkets from early 90s and 2000s childhoods and watching kids shows

with the right vibe of rebellion and camaraderie help flush out the attitudes for the kids. I have always

been a lover of streetwear, sneakers, and dystopian cyber punk worlds. I’m taking those as heavy

inspiration as I craft the outfits for the characters and the fashion line.

Where do you find inspiration?

I always hate answering this question because it’s never just one thing. Everything I’ve ever come

in contact with is a potential inspiration. But I think the one major inspiration for my work are artists

like Hebru Brantly who weave their whole past, present, and future into a creative brand. His Flyboy/

girl series really picks up his childhood and makes you connect it with yours. Kaws and Lisa Frank

are brands I take huge inspiration from as well. Aesthetically, and branding wise, I aim to be as

recognizable aesthetically as Lisa Frank.

What advice would you give a new artist?

The Solana NFT space is one of the only places where a young artist has access to real collectors who

can help you build your brand and goals. Come in with a vision of where you want to be, and it can

happen faster than you’d think in this space.

Making mistakes is how we grow, so don’t shy away from taking big steps even if they don’t work out.

There is a lesson in the experience that will make your next attempt even better.

Have fun connecting with other artists and learning about their stories and backgrounds! There are a

lot of insanely kind, wickedly talented people in this space, and the friendships in this space lead to

amazing adventures and opportunities!

SHILL Issue #71



I’ve created something new. A Quadtych. Four pieces tied together by a theme - sold together as a 1/1 to a single

collector. Let me tell you about The Monday Morning Collection. #NFTphotographers #NFTCommunity #SolanaN-

FTs @exchgART

These shots were taken the morning we were packing up and leaving the beach house we’d rented for a week on

the Gulf Coast. It was a great week to decompress, explore and take 1500 pictures - which I haven’t shared with

anyone yet…

As I started the day, I had that bittersweet feeling. The fantasy was over. Reality was setting in. Two days to travel

home and then back to the routine. Sleep, wake, work, and repeat. It was the same feeling you get on Sunday

night as you look to the busy week ahead…amplified.

The dull natural light shining through the bathroom window, along with the bland earth tone colors and the monotony

of the tile pattern captured my mood.

For a week I’d felt weightless. No alarm clock. No schedule. No real responsibilities. It was the mental break I

desperately needed.



I want to see @DeGodsNFT and @frankdegods break records and hit all time highs. I’ll probably never

own a DeGod. I may not fully believe in the tokenomics, or include them in my trading strategy, but

their continued success is a success for our whole ecosystem.

Quote Tweet

JonnyJpegs.solJonnyJpegs.sol @thejonnyjpegs

If you own any #SolanaNFTs you should be incredibly proud of the @DeGodsNFT team and community.

If you think this is the top, believe it or not this is how it all starts, frens. Buckle up!

Everyone likes to play with the phrase “If xxx project fails, Solana fails” Why not “If xxx project prevails,

Solana prevails”? I’ll be rooting for DeGods to break ceilings and drive results, no matter how I feel

about the project.

If you’re invested in the right places, one project’s liquidity will cascade down into your bags. Search for

undervalued gems, bet on committed leaders, and find opportunities for future growth early and often.

Listen to your own strategy-- don’t chase anyone else’s.

DeGods never fit into my trading strategy, and it’s allowed me to find success in my comfort zone and

inside my risk margins. But I don’t want to chop them down at the knees, because that will always

come around to hurt my own bags. Will I be critical sometimes? Sure!

It’s important to be asking tough questions, being persistent in searching for those tough answers, and

sometimes drawing the spotlight onto the negatives. But there’s also a time for cheerleading, for praise,

and to recognize when someone’s doing all the right things.

And that time is now! y00ts is bringing excitement back to Solana, and I’m excited as well.


"inside the artist mind"

As reported in the first series thread, the capacity

of MRI of “measure” the movements of water

makes possible the drawing of diffusion tensor

imaging (DTI), which is particularly useful for visualization

of axonal white matter pathways (ie,

nervous fibers) in the brain. Indeed, since axons

are tubular impermeable structures (allowing

water diffusion in one direction), white matter

structures are very highly anisotropic. This allow

MRI to calculate the direction of the fibers.

Using voxel-by-voxel maps of anisotropy data,

computer modeling can then estimate the most

likely location of white matter tracts (i.e., wide

sets of axons) by forming likely fiber paths between

voxels (known as streamlines).

Apart for studying purposes (in vivo), DTI reconstructions

may be helpful to plan surgical intervention,

when demolitive operations are planned

(i.e., trying to avoid particularly important structures).

Here represented is the pyramidal tract,

better known as corticospinal tract (CST), is the

path that carry movement-related information.

It starts in the cerebral cortex (where movement

is ideated; first or upper motoneuron) to the spinal

cord (from there a second (lower) motoneuron

deliver the information to the muscles).

Interestingly, in a cerebral structure of the brainstem

called “pyramids”, approximately 90% of

the fibers of the CST cross over to the other side

of the (“decussate”); that’s why, the left hemisphere

of the brain controls the right side and

vice versa.














CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xZD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xBD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Sonic #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey pet #1

Hamster.sol / @enneftee

Curious? Let’s dive right in

First up, let’s compare the marketcap of the top 10 nft projects in both ecosystems.

You can see that top 5 eth project @RTFKT, has a large enough marketcap to encapsulate the entire sol top 10. The top

eth proj, @cryptopunksnfts is ~7x the entire solana top 10, while the entire sol top 10 is only 5% of the entire eth top 10.

Why does this matter? It shows that there is still so much more room for solana nfts to grow once they reach the same

valuation that eth nfts have right now. If @DeGodsNFT were to reach @cryptopunksnfts marketcap for example, it would

have a floor price of 3.2k sol!

Next, let’s tackle volume of the top 10 projects. The discrepancy here is much bigger - the top 10 eth project,

@doodles has enough volume to cover the entire solana top 10 combined. Note: volume usd was computed at today’s

prices but ratio shouldn’t really vary that much.

Next up, let’s look at overall market volume courtesy of @onyxanmol. Monthly trading volume for @opensea eth is 10x

@MagicEden sol nfts, when compared in usd values.

Where sol shines however, is in monthly active users. There are at least 40% to half as much solana nft traders as there

are in eth. This shows that the solana nft community is healthy and alive.

Alternatively, we can also look at @nftinspect data to see how many sol nft pfp users there are vs eth on twitter. We see

that the 50% ratio is consistent. It is also interesting to note that the market for non bluechip pfps is still quite large for

both chains!

To answer the question, the Eth nft market is roughly 10-20x bigger than solana in valuation & volume while there are

only 2x as many users. Optimistic way to look at it would be that valuation is lagging the market size but only time will

tell what happens.


For the first time, a Solana project is a top 5 PFP project.

@BoredApeYC 66.99E

@cryptopunksnfts 66.45E

@MAYC 13.7E

@moonbirds 12.5E

@DeGodsNFT (DeadGods) 7.6E (+2.6E from

$Dust so far)

I met with @frankdegods to learn where it goes from here:

Three months ago, I offered a $1,000,000 bet that @De-

GodsNFT would outperform similarly priced ETH options.

No one took the offer DeadGods have 7xed against almost

everything while accumulating ~2.6E worth of $Dust from


As an angel investor, I know team execution is the most

crucial variable. So, I met with @frankdegods and learned

his vision for the project. His clarity of thought and dedication

blew me away. He spends every waking moment on his

projects. Now all eyes are on @y00tsNFT.

The @y00tlist was both a powerful viral marketing tactic

and a mechanism to help onboard stakeholders that may

start bridging the chasm between ETH and SOL. Getting to

handpick thousands of holders for a project is a powerful

idea. Sure, some will flip. Many will buy more.

People like:

@DeezeFi @IcedKnife @Pentosh1 @farokh @zachxbt @

greg16676935420 @kmoney_69 @cr0ssETH @Giancarlo-

Chaux @franklinisbored @notthreadguy @NFT_GOD @ArnoldPoernomo

@allnick cantino @tropoFarmer @Loopifyyy

@Cooopahtroopa + 3500 other contributors

y00ts is also trying to do several novel things that no collection

has done, including creating a y00ts store so that 1/1

artists and subcommunities can copyright and make money

off customizable traits. Holders can then customize and

improve their NFTs.

The y00ts store will be a marketplace for custom-made

y00ts NFT traits. Artists/creators can submit custom traits

to the store. In turn, those creators will own the IP of their

work and collect a % of the royalties.

Read the ypaper: docs.google.com

Here’s where it gets interesting The @DeGodsNFT and @

dust_labs ecosystem isn’t just a jpeg; they are a B2B SaaS

startup to help NFT projects provide the most value back to

their holders.

They plan on selling the y00ts scholarship program and potentially

the y00ts store technology to further provide value

to the @y00tsNFT and $Dust ecosystems.

Many NFT projects are lost in how to drive value to their


@frankdegods overall strategy is to continue innovating on

mechanisms for growing @DeGodsNFT and @y00tsNFT.

Then the team productizes, scales, and sells those services

to help other NFT projects grow.

Going B2B Saas is a powerful idea because thousands of

NFT projects are launched weekly. They have mint money

to spend. What they don’t have are the resources or the

knowledge built from growing one of the top 5 projects in

the world.

Going B2B to other NFT projects has another benefit. It

spreads its brand/influence to a massive audience: New

entrants to NFTs may use one of these services for whatever

their first NFT purchase is. This positions DeGods/y00ts

as the grail they eventually trade up to.


I’m heavily biased. I hold 134 DeadGods that I will be

holding and will mint those 134 @y00tsNFT whitelist spots.

Projects have struggled with building value through a second

collection. But I believe the vast amount of innovation

within y00ts will change this.

@DeGodsNFT/@y00tsNFT Catalysts

1: Most dedicated/inspired team

2: @y00tlist brings in strong holders/attention

3: ypaper and @y00tsNFT store change the meta

4: B2B Saas sales of developed tools to other projects drive

value back to @DeGodsNFT and @y00tsNFT ecosystem’s


Volume and users:

3 consecutive days of 6M USD volume - a nice 50%

bump from the weekend slight uptick in daily users as

well (around 50-60K+)

3rd in volume:

3.6K for @okaybears 24hr floor price action: up 9.55%

from 59.99 to 66, really nice rise starting from 50 SOL

only a couple days ago listing %: 10.84% another indicator

that sentiment may be shifting towards more risk


1st in volume:

Just under 22K for @degodsnft 24hr floor price action:

350 - 420 (ATH) listing %: 3.38% interesting stat here

is that @degodsnft has risen in floor price despite an

increase in # listed from 130 to 171.

4th in volume:

2.4k for @vandalcitycorp 24hr floor price action: range

of 9 - 13.88 currently sitting at 13 listing %: 2.24%

(always seems to be low af) floor price has returned to

pre-sneak peak levels despite FUD causing some holders

to paper their vandals

2nd in volume:

ABC 5K volume following a 44.5K across the first 2

days 24hr floor price action: currently 2.5 (2.09 - 3.15)

listing %: 19.19% almost every nft day trader in the

market has dipped their funds into this one and rightly

so - perfect project to swing trade.

5th in volume:

Recent mint @oakparadisenft 24hr floor price action:

range of 1.38 - 1.84, currently sitting near daily lows of

1.44% listing %: 850/5600 (15.17%).

Notable movers:

@zion_labs up 150% 24hr floor price action: 4 - 12.5

range, currently sitting at 11.99 listing %: 82/777

(10.55%) probably the best returning project in the last

24 hours in terms of %.

Easymoneyding thoughts:

Definitely some positive signs in the market, I’d have

to say that the @y00tsnft hype is already trickling into

volume that we’re seeing.

@HGESOL’s ABC project also pumped a bit of profit

back into the hands of traders.

We are looking to sustain current levels of volume (6M

USD) the fact that a lot of the main movers are lower

priced projects tells you that the market is still tentatively

trading now.

Personally, also looking for other notable projects to

start moving: in particular -


another note:

@DegenApeAcademy is one I’m watching - think this is

due for a run and it’s been slowly edging up.

Notable movers:

@HydraScripts up 214.5% 24hr floor price action: 1.8

- 6.39 listing %: 46/887 (5.19%) the fact that a sniping

and minting bot is back up immensely is another indication

that traders are ready to take more risk on.

Other signs that sentiment is ticking up:

@atadia_io rising from 8.3 to 12.45

@CetsOnCreck milk bottles rising from 3 to 4.40

@SolRarity_ pushing up slightly from 9 to 13














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