Teman Magazine - life&style - Spring 2022

The Spring 2022 issue of the Teman Magazine life&style has arrived. On the front cover we have the courageous Fitzroy crew that completed the Rocky River Run. An amazing effort by all, training, coming together, being social and active, and achieving many goals. What more do you want to do on a sunny Rockhampton Sunday morning. We welcomed all the residents of Bluestone by Teman in Orange NSW into the Teman family, along with Colin as our General Manager. Colin loved meeting all the residents at each village and enjoyed the Open Day at Highview in Forest Lake. In this issue we also see the continuous generosity within each Teman community as collectively we raised $8,830 for the Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea. David Huxley from The Rise in Ridgewood taught us that Kung-Fu in your 80’s is a great way to stay active, we learn about how to protect our pets from toxic substances, and we look into the world of model trains with Kelly from Lakeside in Ravenswood and John from The Rise. Love dates? Then you’ll love the recipes in this issue. Barrie and Kay from Beacham in Gladstone give you their Self Saucing Sticky Date Pudding Tray Bake, while Judy Gibbs from Ridge Estate in Gillieston Heights serves up her Easy Date Cake. With spring in the air Angela Brierley from The Rise shows us through her garden and lets us know what we should be planting this time of year. We discover the travel bug that Mike and Lorretta from The Rise have, and we meet some lovely neighbours Annie McGill from Rosedale in Cooranbong and Steve and Dot from The Rise. If you’re looking for a weekend away, then we have you covered in the See and Do section with beautiful places not too far from each Teman community. Our Village Managers give a wrap up of their village, and we have countless photos of all the activities that have happened.

The Spring 2022 issue of the Teman Magazine life&style has arrived. On the front cover we have the courageous Fitzroy crew that completed the Rocky River Run. An amazing effort by all, training, coming together, being social and active, and achieving many goals. What more do you want to do on a sunny Rockhampton Sunday morning.

We welcomed all the residents of Bluestone by Teman in Orange NSW into the Teman family, along with Colin as our General Manager. Colin loved meeting all the residents at each village and enjoyed the Open Day at Highview in Forest Lake.

In this issue we also see the continuous generosity within each Teman community as collectively we raised $8,830 for the Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea. David Huxley from The Rise in Ridgewood taught us that Kung-Fu in your 80’s is a great way to stay active, we learn about how to protect our pets from toxic substances, and we look into the world of model trains with Kelly from Lakeside in Ravenswood and John from The Rise.

Love dates? Then you’ll love the recipes in this issue. Barrie and Kay from Beacham in Gladstone give you their Self Saucing Sticky Date Pudding Tray Bake, while Judy Gibbs from Ridge Estate in Gillieston Heights serves up her Easy Date Cake. With spring in the air Angela Brierley from The Rise shows us through her garden and lets us know what we should be planting this time of year.

We discover the travel bug that Mike and Lorretta from The Rise have, and we meet some lovely neighbours Annie McGill from Rosedale in Cooranbong and Steve and Dot from The Rise. If you’re looking for a weekend away, then we have you covered in the See and Do section with beautiful places not too far from each Teman community. Our Village Managers give a wrap up of their village, and we have countless photos of all the activities that have happened.


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life+<strong>style</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> | <strong>2022</strong><br />

The Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong> crew conquering the Rocky River Run

Meet Colin<br />

Staying social and active<br />

Kung Fu Fighting<br />

Colin and Highview by <strong>Teman</strong> residents<br />

Welcome to another issue of our <strong>Teman</strong><br />

<strong>Magazine</strong> life+<strong>style</strong>. For those that don’t<br />

know, I started my journey working in life<strong>style</strong><br />

communities as a maintenance person.<br />

Looking after the gardens and lawns nearly 30<br />

years ago. <strong>Spring</strong> is one of my favourite times<br />

of year and it reminds me of working in the<br />

gardens and grounds all those years ago. I’m<br />

passionate about the gardens in all our <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Communities, and at this time of year they start<br />

to beam with life and are so colourful.<br />

It has been a busy time since our last issue. We<br />

welcomed Colin Streit to the <strong>Teman</strong> family as our<br />

new General Manager. Colin comes to <strong>Teman</strong><br />

after a highly successful career in both aged<br />

care and life<strong>style</strong> living across multiple states<br />

and will work across daily operations and the<br />

strategic direction of <strong>Teman</strong>. I’m really happy to<br />

bring Colin onboard to help drive our welcoming<br />

and service-lead <strong>Teman</strong> philosophies.<br />

In true <strong>Teman</strong> <strong>style</strong>, we took Colin around the<br />

country to introduce him to you all. We kicked<br />

it off with our NSW villages, and then up to<br />

Highview by <strong>Teman</strong> in Forest Lake for their Open<br />

Day. Across the country to Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

and The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> in WA, and just to ensure<br />

he was completely jetlagged, we visited Fitzroy by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> in Rockhampton and Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

in Gladstone. One thing Colin said to me was<br />

how friendly each community was, that everyone<br />

came up and said hello, and was generally<br />

pleased to see the team. For that, I want to thank<br />

you all.<br />

Our <strong>Teman</strong> family of communities has also<br />

grown. We welcomed Bluestone by <strong>Teman</strong> in<br />

Orange into the fold. It is our smallest community<br />

with only nine homes, and it has been wonderful<br />

getting to know everyone.<br />

We have another issue packed with many stories,<br />

places to visit, and some tasty treats.<br />

I hope you enjoy.<br />

Thanks<br />

Jamie<br />

Managing Director<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> Communities<br />

Staying social and active is innate to David<br />

Huxley from The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> in Ridgewood<br />

WA, the place he and wife Doreen have lived<br />

for nearly 13 years. David and Doreen arrived<br />

in Perth from England in 1972, almost 50<br />

years ago, have been married for over 60 years,<br />

have 3 children, 9 grandchildren, and 10 great<br />

grandchildren.<br />

With such a large family David needed to stay<br />

active and social. For his entire life, David has<br />

enjoyed Tai-Chi and Wing Chung Kung – Fu<br />

fighting (with a staff). He started the sport when<br />

he was 14 years of age and at 82, he still works<br />

out every day. With The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> being<br />

close to the beach, David trains every morning on<br />

the foreshore at Jindalee (and does 200 press<br />

ups every day).<br />

Over the years he has been to China to compete<br />

in competitions. In one competition there were<br />

400 people competing and David was lucky<br />

enough to come in 4th place. The real honour<br />

was when the master in Beijing took me to meet<br />

the Shaolin Monks in the forbidden city.<br />

David is well known at The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> and<br />

stays active by helping a lot of residents who are<br />

no longer able to do certain jobs like gardening<br />

or taking their bins out. David enjoys gardening<br />

and Bonsais. With Doreen they have created<br />

their own little Bonsai collection out in their back<br />

garden and look after them every day. David is a<br />

great character of the village.<br />

2 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 3

Staying social and active<br />

Rocky River Run<br />

This has been a beautiful journey to follow, the<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong> crew conquering The Rocky<br />

River Run. Even though everyone crossed<br />

the finishing line, this wonderful story starts<br />

well before that final step. 12 months prior,<br />

the group decided to challenge themselves<br />

and commit together as a team, to complete<br />

the 2km and 5km event. A lot of this initial<br />

push came from their always caring Village<br />

Manager Margi, encouraging people to have<br />

a go. Everyone’s motives were different, to be<br />

more mobile, get fit, something to do, reduce<br />

diabetes, and even, “because Margi told me<br />

to.” Whatever the reason to start, they trained<br />

together, encouraged each other, and were a<br />

shoulder of support when needed. When they<br />

made this commitment, some people needed<br />

the aid of a walker to move around. By being<br />

active and social together, for the first time in<br />

years, people don’t need their walker anymore.<br />

Highview Open Day<br />

There is nothing we love more than seeing a Community Centre packed with people laughing and<br />

having a good time. This is exactly what happened at the Highview by <strong>Teman</strong> Open Day in Forest Lake<br />

QLD. A relaxing afternoon filled with laughter, music, food, a tour of the green grounds and lovely units.<br />

Definitely something we’ll be doing more of.<br />

Race day was full of excitement and support,<br />

from fellow runners and residents lining the<br />

street cheering and waving streamers. It is<br />

what makes events like this so special. It brings<br />

people together. Crossing the finishing line was<br />

a collective moment of achievement, “We did<br />

this together, with all my friends,” as Josephine<br />

says. An inspiring way to improve your health,<br />

and a wonderful way to spend a glorious<br />

Sunday morning in Rockhampton.<br />

4 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 5

iggest morning tea<br />

The Cancer Council Biggest Morning Tea is always<br />

a highlight on the calendar across all our <strong>Teman</strong><br />

communities. This year, collectively, we raised $8,838<br />

for cancer research. Congratulations everyone and<br />

thank you to all the resident and staff volunteers that<br />

made each of the events possible.<br />

6 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 7

Pet Care<br />

Pets and toxic substances<br />

Working in a Veterinary Hospital is a very fastpaced<br />

environment, no day is ever the same.<br />

I have lost count how many times a family<br />

member has been bought into the practice after<br />

consuming something that has been harmful to<br />

them. As we live in a society where our pets are<br />

more bonded and closer within the family group,<br />

as vets we are learning that more plants, food<br />

material and medications are harmful to our<br />

pets.<br />

Below is a list of common items that should be<br />

avoided:<br />

• Foods: Uncooked bread dough, Chocolate,<br />

Caffeine, Grapes and Raisin, Macadamia<br />

nuts, Onions and Garlic, Xylitol (toothpaste,<br />

chewing gum, mints) and Excessive salt<br />

ingestion (sea water, homemade play dough).<br />

• Over the counter medications: Paracetamol<br />

(* at low doses can be safely uses for<br />

pain relief), Aspirin, Cold and Flu tablets,<br />

Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Iron tablets, Vitamin D<br />

and Vitamin A.<br />

• Herbal medication: Tea Tree oil/Melaleuca oil.<br />

• Home care: Cleaning products, Soaps,<br />

Detergents, Fabric softeners, Bleach.<br />

• Insecticides, Pesticides, Rodenticides:<br />

Pyrethrins/Pyrethroids (Flea shampoo* toxic<br />

to cats*, cockroach baits, insect bombs),<br />

Snail baits, Rat baits<br />

• Plants: Azaleas/Rhododendrons, Lilies<br />

(*toxic to cats*), Mushrooms, Cycad<br />

(Palms), Yesterday Today and Tomorrow<br />

plant (Brunsfelsia spp.), Blue-Green algae,<br />

Oleander, Foxglove.<br />

Any of the materials listed can cause harm.<br />

From minimal clinical signs such as vomiting<br />

and diarrhoea, to more severe clinical signs<br />

like cardiac collapse, seizures, liver and kidney<br />

failure and internal bleeding. If you suspect your<br />

pet has ingested a suspicious item, contact your<br />

local veterinary hospital for advice/treatment.<br />

Dr Callan Cribb (BvSC)<br />

Mayfield Veterinary Hospital<br />

Ph: 4967 1900<br />

www.mayfieldvet.com.au<br />

Poppy & Nellie with dad Garry<br />

– Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 9

Cook’s corner<br />

Barrie and Kay | Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Barry and Kay decided to come together in the kitchen and cook residents at Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

meals for $5 each. They also host monthly Roast nights, and this Sticky Date Pudding was the dessert<br />

to the Roast Pork and Veg meal that everyone enjoyed. Everyone that attended the function thoroughly<br />

enjoyed the main and especially the dessert. Many people said it was one of the best that they had<br />

tasted. The recipe belongs to Kay and had been used by her family for many years.<br />

Judy Gibbs | Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Judy loves dates and wanted to find a recipe online to use them with, she found this easy date<br />

cake recipe and it is a regular hit at coffee club. Sarah, our Village Manager at Ridge Estate by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong>, is known to often request this treat.<br />

Self Saucing Sticky Date Pudding Tray Bake<br />

Easy Date Cake<br />

Ingredients<br />

1 ½ cups of pitted dates, roughly chopped<br />

80 grams of butter, cut into 1 cm cubes<br />

½ tsp bicarbonate of soda<br />

2 eggs<br />

¾ cup of brown sugar<br />

1 ½ cup S.R. Flour<br />

Double thick cream to serve<br />

Caramel Sauce<br />

1 ½ cups brown sugar<br />

50 g butter cut into 1 cm cubes<br />

Method (Crust)<br />

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C/160degrees<br />

C fan forced. Lightly grease a 20 x 27cm (5cm<br />

deep) baking tray.<br />

2. Place the dates and butter in a small bowl.<br />

Add bicarbonate of soda and ½ cup of boiling<br />

water. Set aside for 10 minutes. Stir.<br />

3. Place eggs and brown sugar in a large bowl<br />

and whisk until combined. Stir in date mixture<br />

then fold in flour. Pour batter into tray.<br />

4. To make the caramel sauce, place brown<br />

sugar, butter and 1 ½ cups of boiling water in<br />

a large jug. Stir until butter has melted. Stand<br />

10 minutes to cool slightly. Slowly pour mixture<br />

over back of a large metal spoon to cover<br />

batter.<br />

5. Bake for 35 minutes or until pudding bounces<br />

back when gentry touched. Dust with icing<br />

sugar and dollop with cream and serve<br />

immediately.<br />

Ingredients<br />

450g dates, pitted and chopped<br />

1 cup (250ml) boiling water<br />

1 teaspoon bicarb soda<br />

250g butter<br />

1 cup (200g) white sugar<br />

2 eggs<br />

1 teaspoon vanilla essence<br />

1 ½ cups (185g) plain flour<br />

1 teaspoon baking powder<br />

1 cup (115g) chopped walnuts<br />

Method<br />

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees C. Lightly grease<br />

a 20x30cm baking pan (Judy then lines her<br />

pan with baking paper – helps to remove it<br />

later). In a saucepan, combine dates, boiling<br />

water, and bicarb soda. Let stand while<br />

mixing the batter.<br />

2. In a large bowl, cream together the butter<br />

and sugar until light and fluffy. Beat in the<br />

eggs one at a time, then stir in the vanilla.<br />

Beat in the flour, baking powder and chopped<br />

walnuts. Stir in the date mixture.<br />

3. Place the combined mixture into the lined<br />

pan and place in the oven for 50mins or until<br />

golden brown and it springs back when you<br />

touch it.<br />

4. Leave in the pan to cool and lift out using the<br />

baking paper. Best to cut into pieces when<br />

cold.<br />

5. To serve with butter on top (not margarine)<br />

Note: this can be frozen.<br />

10 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 11

12 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 13

<strong>Teman</strong> Gardens<br />

Resident story<br />

Angela Brierley | The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

What do you love about gardening?<br />

Being a Guernsey girl, it’s in my blood, I was born<br />

into it. Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands in<br />

the English Channel near the French Coast and<br />

great for growing beautiful plants and flowers.<br />

We would grow tomatoes, carnations, freesias,<br />

which would be sent to mainland England.<br />

Horticulture and having greenhouses with 8,000<br />

feet of glass, I’ve been gardening a very long<br />

time, it’s a way to communicate with nature and<br />

very satisfying to see something grow. I find<br />

gardening very relaxing and whilst in my garden I<br />

see and socialise with passing walkers.<br />

I moved into The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> in 2011, I was<br />

already a member of a gardening club called the<br />

Sunset Coast Gardening Group along with 30<br />

other ladies, helping each other with handy tips<br />

and how to improve the soil to help the plants<br />

grow stronger and healthy. When I moved into<br />

the village, I already had a lot of succulents in<br />

pots, which was a good start and that’s where<br />

my love began, I then started to plant succulents<br />

within my garden beds. I even brought some<br />

worms and the compost from my old compost<br />

bin. My son and husband Jack built an Arbor<br />

archway for me to grow a honeysuckle and<br />

a bambino bougainvillea up and over it. The<br />

climbing Stefanotos has a beautiful white flower,<br />

with a lovely fragrance, the brides from my home<br />

island would carry them in a wedding bouquet.<br />

My lovely husband Jack passed away, we asked<br />

for approval to plant a tree in his memory,<br />

and we planted a Dark Pink Crape Myrtle Tree<br />

outside my window.<br />

What plants/veggies/etc do you love planting?<br />

I love different plants and flowers, I have a<br />

lavender bush, and a Butterkins bush with<br />

yellow flowers that brings in blue striped bees. I<br />

planted a mothers pride Rose bush in memory of<br />

my mum. Throughout the winter months native<br />

plants and colourful pansies to give some colour.<br />

What should people be doing in the gardens at<br />

this time of year?<br />

Flowers like succulents are a softwood. Cuttings<br />

are taken in the <strong>Spring</strong>, as they root faster.<br />

But they are also the most vulnerable as they<br />

don’t like wet feet, so just a bit of water now<br />

and again. Succulents’ softwood cutting are<br />

the best compromise for the home gardener,<br />

generally giving good results without a whole<br />

lot of work. Some of my family and friends<br />

started their garden journey by experimenting<br />

in propagating, and they save money too. See<br />

to your compost in the <strong>Spring</strong> as this is a good<br />

time to turn it, dig out the well-rotted compost<br />

at the bottom that has the worm castings in,<br />

then just put them in a bucket to go in your<br />

garden it’s like black gold, and it helps to aerate<br />

the ground and fertilise it too. And before you<br />

finish just put a bit of blood and bone in the<br />

compost bin. Then I put redwood chips down<br />

to stop weeds coming though, it also saves the<br />

ground drying out, and need less water too.<br />

I give my whole garden a sea sol feed to give it<br />

a tonic. The big pots in my back garden have<br />

a bit of fresh compost from my bin. I divide<br />

my plants to stop overcrowding. Then I check<br />

my Reticulation ready for the Summer. Also,<br />

tip prune my Roses, and give my Lavender a<br />

haircut too. I don’t have time to get bored I love<br />

my garden.<br />

What’s your hobby?<br />

Kelly - Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong> | John - The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Moving house means there are always boxes<br />

to pack and unpack. However, for Kelly from<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong> and John from The Rise by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong>, it wasn’t just clothes and kitchen utensils<br />

in their boxes. Both have a love for trains.<br />

Retirement allows you to spend more time with<br />

the grandkids and great grandkids, discover a<br />

new hobby, or in this case, rekindle the love of<br />

an old hobby.<br />

When Kelly moved into Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

twelve years ago, he needed to dismantle his<br />

train set. He has since rebuilt it to its former<br />

glory and says the great grandkids can’t wait to<br />

have fun in the train room when they visit.<br />

John’s been obsessed with trains since the age<br />

of 10. His favourite spot as a child to watch<br />

the trains coming and going was the Crewe<br />

Railway Station in Cheshire, England, which is<br />

one of the most historically significant railway<br />

stations in the world. Into adult life John first<br />

started his train collection in England, where<br />

he converted his entire attic, into a Hornby 00<br />

Model Train Track, and had two walls filled with<br />

his collection. John and his wife Mary decided<br />

to move to Australia 40 years ago, and John<br />

packed up all his collection in boxes and brought<br />

them all the way to Australia. John retired in<br />

2004 and he and Mary moved into The Rise by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> in 2009. It was only 5 years ago when<br />

John decided that he now had the time to enjoy<br />

his love of trains again and downsized his train<br />

set to N’ Gauge and started to build his new rail<br />

track from scratch in his storeroom. The work<br />

and detail that has gone into his collection is<br />

breath taking. The scenery used around the<br />

track, are photos taken from a South African<br />

holiday which have been blown up to give the<br />

scenery. Countless hours have been spent<br />

constructing and painting. Simply beautiful.<br />

14 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 15

Resident story<br />

Mike & Lorretta Gibbs<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Lorretta was born in Manchester and Mike<br />

in Nottingham. We met at Lorretta’s sister’s<br />

wedding. We got married in February 1977. Not a<br />

great time of year. The weather was so cold that<br />

the locks on the wedding car froze, and Lorretta<br />

had to walk to the church, which luckily was down<br />

the road from where she was staying! We had a<br />

weekend in London as our honeymoon.<br />

Mike worked in IT and, after marrying we firstly<br />

lived in Hednesford near Birmingham and then<br />

moved to Milton Keynes (famous for its concrete<br />

cows), a new town about 55 miles north of<br />

London. Mike worked for the importer of VW cars<br />

to the UK, which was interesting and meant that<br />

we got a new VW car every year which was very<br />

nice!<br />

We loved living in Milton Keynes, but we decided<br />

that we needed to have a bit of adventure in our<br />

lives, so we emigrated to Perth with our daughter<br />

in 1983, following two of Lorretta’s sisters and<br />

one brother (she comes from a large family of<br />

12 children). We settled in Kingsley in 1984 and<br />

lived in the same house for the next 38 years until<br />

we decided to downsize and move to The Rise by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> (one of the best decisions we ever made).<br />

Early on in our marriage we decided that Lorretta<br />

would stay home whilst Mike went out to work,<br />

which we just thought that would work out best for<br />

us. Even though Lorretta was at home, she was<br />

not your archetypal housewife. Indeed, as well<br />

as performing the normal household duties, she<br />

totally renovated the Kingsley house, including the<br />

garden, tiling, building walls, knocking down walls,<br />

wallpapering, painting and any other jobs you<br />

can think of. She also became a talented artist<br />

earning a BA in fine art from Curtin University<br />

in Perth and entering and winning a number<br />

of art competitions as well as having her own<br />

exhibitions. Mike worked in IT over the following<br />

years, starting at what became Challenge Bank<br />

before being taken over by Westpac and ending<br />

up for the last 15 years of my working life at the<br />

Water Corporation in Perth. In between we bought<br />

a deli for a few years, but unfortunately that<br />

did not work out well, and we closed it down as<br />

quickly as we were able.<br />

We have one daughter and three grandchildren<br />

and get much pleasure spending time with them<br />

and watching them grow. If you go to KFC in Ocean<br />

Keys you might be served by one of them as both<br />

the boys work there!!<br />

When we weren’t working, until recently, we<br />

were very active with the Limelight Theatre, a<br />

community theatre in Wanneroo, north of Perth.<br />

Mike eventually became president and also<br />

treasurer whilst Lorretta spent many days and<br />

weeks utilising her artistic talents making props<br />

and other things for the various productions. Mike<br />

got involved backstage as a stage manager with<br />

Lorretta helping backstage with scene changes<br />

and quick costume changes.<br />

Over the years, we have been fortunate to travel<br />

extensively, to such places as Egypt (including a<br />

cruise down the Nile), Greece, Rome and Venice<br />

in Italy, a trip across the US stopping at such<br />

places as New York, Washington DC, Mount<br />

Rushmore, Yellowstone National Park, Las Vegas<br />

and LA, just to name a few. In recent years we<br />

have taken to cruising, a very comfortable way<br />

of travelling through different countries without<br />

having to pack and unpack. We’ve done the<br />

iconic European river cruise from Budapest to<br />

Amsterdam as well as more local cruises such as<br />

around New Zealand, and up to South East Asia.<br />

In fact, we were doing a cruise around the Indian<br />

Ocean and arrived home only four days before<br />

the Australian government closed its international<br />

borders which was fortunate.<br />

We moved to The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> in October<br />

2020, after returning from our cruise<br />

and deciding that although we loved<br />

our house in Kingsley, it was too<br />

big for us and required to much<br />

ongoing maintenance. We<br />

looked at a number of life<strong>style</strong><br />

villages in Perth’s northern<br />

suburbs but The Rise by<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> was far and away<br />

the best one we saw. The<br />

gardens are presented<br />

beautifully, the villas<br />

are a decent size and<br />

well-constructed, and<br />

tick all our boxes for<br />

comfortable and easy<br />

living. The other bonus is<br />

that it’s only a 5 minute<br />

drive from where our<br />

daughter and grandchildren live so we can catch<br />

up with them frequently.<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong> has a very active social scene,<br />

with lots going on. We both enjoy playing bowls<br />

and bridge although Lorretta’s activities have<br />

been a little curtailed as she has a long to do list<br />

of other things she’s excited to do. We always<br />

attend all of the various functions put on by our<br />

wonderful social committee. Mike is currently<br />

on the finance committee for The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

and also organises TAT ( Tight Ar-e Tuesday - a<br />

six weekly, not so PC pub crawl by the men of the<br />

village, so called because we do it on a Tuesday<br />

and use our bus passes for public transport to<br />

make it as cheap as possible. We even have<br />

uniforms!!).<br />

Lorretta and Mike have had great lives, full of<br />

adventure, and we look forward to many more<br />

years of fun and excitement whilst living at The<br />

Rise by <strong>Teman</strong>.<br />

16 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> Winter <strong>2022</strong> | 17

Meet your neighbour<br />

Annie McGill<br />

Steve and Dot Blower<br />

great<br />

mates<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Where did you grow up as a child?<br />

I grew up and went to school in a small town in<br />

Wigan, in the county of Lancashire, England.<br />

What do you love about living in a <strong>Teman</strong><br />

community?<br />

I have met some interesting people since moving<br />

into Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong>. I am lucky enough to<br />

have some lovely neighbours who live in our little<br />

street, it’s a place where everyone looks out for<br />

each other.<br />

What are some of your hobbies?<br />

I love to potter around in my garden – it makes<br />

me very happy. I have my dog Bebe and we<br />

enjoy walking around the village meeting other<br />

residents with their dogs. I also enjoy cooking.<br />

What is a memory that makes you smile?<br />

Growing up with three brothers, we used to get<br />

up to harmless fun with a lot of laughs, we were<br />

always up to mischief. A fond memory I have was<br />

we used to tie cotton to our next-door neighbours<br />

door knocker and hide behind the wall and pull<br />

the cotton and watch him come out. This still<br />

makes me smile when I think back.<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Where did you grow up as a child?<br />

Both Dot and I were born in England and<br />

emigrated to Australia with our families. I was<br />

born in Nottinghamshire but no relation to Robin<br />

Hood, until I was 13 then moved to the town of<br />

Beeston. Dot was born in Aldershot and lived the<br />

life of an Army brat in England, Malaysia and in<br />

Australia from the age of 14.<br />

What do you love about living in a <strong>Teman</strong><br />

community?<br />

Both of us are settling into village life, after<br />

the dreaded downsize from our Kingsley<br />

property. Boxes unpacked and the first thing we<br />

noticed was the friendliest neighbours and the<br />

assistance offered. I have taking up bowls after<br />

a long time playing Cricket, where I was awarded<br />

life membership. Dot loves reading and I am sure<br />

will make big use of the library.<br />

What are some of your hobbies?<br />

My hobbies involve sport of all kinds, trying<br />

different food and tasting the odd Ale or three,<br />

where Dot is an avid reader and a great cook.<br />

She also enjoys WWE smackdown.<br />

What is a memory that makes you smile?<br />

Things that make us smile include any form of<br />

travel especially cruising, where we have been<br />

fortunate to travel many countries, furthermore<br />

we love our visits to Bali. What will make us<br />

happy is the end of COVID and getting on the<br />

road, sea and sky again.<br />

18 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 19

See and Do<br />


Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Pemberton<br />

Pemberton is located inland of the Southwest<br />

region of WA and is less crowded and has a more<br />

laid-back feel than the popular Margaret River.<br />

Take a wine tour, ride a tram, hire a bike, join a<br />

cruise, or 4WD through the forest and to the sand<br />

dunes. Swim and have a Picnic at Big Brook Dam.<br />

Eat Marron and fish for Trout. Visit the Gloucester<br />

Tree, a giant Karri tree in the Gloucester National<br />

Park. At 58 metres in height, it is the world’s<br />

second tallest fire-lookout tree, and visitors can<br />

climb up to a platform in its upper branches for<br />

views of the surrounding Karri Forest.<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Port Stephens<br />

Port Stephens is approximately 75 minutes from<br />

Rosedale and the perfect place for a weekend<br />

getaway at any time of the year. It has many bays<br />

and beaches to enjoy, most popular of which<br />

would be Anna Bay, Shoal Bay, and Nelsons Bay.<br />

Nelsons Bay has plenty of accommodation to<br />

suit all budgets. There is a marina, many cafes,<br />

restaurants, and gift shops to look around. The<br />

rocky coastal headlands and long white beaches<br />

provide an ideal vantage point for dolphin and<br />

whale watching from the shore or on board a daily<br />

cruise ship. Other activities in the area include<br />

a Native Flora Garden, Oakvale Wildlife Park,<br />

a koala sanctuary, vineyards, macadamia nut<br />

farms, Mt Tomaree Head Summit, camel rides,<br />

and a golf course.<br />

Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Tamworth<br />

The capital of Country Music and so much more.<br />

Located 280km from Ridge Estate, Tamworth is<br />

a bustling main country town in North-western<br />

NSW. Known for the Golden Guitar, a monument<br />

that stands tall and golden to the gateway of the<br />

Tamworth Tourist information Centre and the<br />

annual country music festival, Tamworth also<br />

offers other experiences, there is the Oxley Scenic<br />

Lookout, Country Music Wax Museum, Tamworth<br />

Power Station, Australian Country Music Hall of<br />

Fame, Tamworth Regional Art Gallery, and for<br />

those after heart pumping adventure there are<br />

horse riding trails and a mountain bike park. And<br />

the picturesque villages of Manilla, Barraba and<br />

Nundle not too far away. And let’s not forget the<br />

eclectic food and beverage options thought the<br />

region. It is definitely a perfect place to escape for<br />

a weekend (or week).<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Yeppoon Lagoon<br />

Only a 40 minute drive from Fitzroy, The recently<br />

completed Yeppoon Lagoon is free entry to a<br />

resort <strong>style</strong> 2500 square meter lagoon pool<br />

located at the southern end of the foreshore.<br />

Overlooking the beautiful Keppel Islands, the pool<br />

has full time lifeguards so everyone is safe, you<br />

can swim laps or just float around in front of the<br />

award winning Rocks Waterfront Café, Bar and<br />

Restaurant. The food is amazing, opened all day<br />

for light meals or sit-down dinner. Have a drink or<br />

even maybe a cocktail.<br />

If you are looking for a great outdoors walk and<br />

take in the scenery, try the amazing new track<br />

from Yeppoon to Roslyn Bay, pick up some fresh<br />

seafood.<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Bickley Valley Retreat<br />

Less than an hour south of The Rise is the luxury<br />

spa and accommodation, Bickley Valley Retreat.<br />

With Tuscan outlooks, French provincial charm,<br />

and poetic bushland, this is the perfect place<br />

if you want a weekend of relaxation. Stopping<br />

by the boutique wineries, lots of bush walks<br />

and watch the night sky. The Perth Observatory<br />

is minutes away and is WA’s oldest sky-gazing<br />

institution. Its night sky tours, and museum are<br />

a must.<br />

Highview by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Granite Belt Wine Country<br />

The two and a half hours drive south of Highview<br />

by <strong>Teman</strong> is worth every kilometre to experience<br />

the crisp air, big sky and big flavours of the Granite<br />

Belt. Known for its wineries, breweries and<br />

distilleries, you can dine at restaurants serving<br />

locally-sourced produce right on your plate, or step<br />

into the delis and farm stores to grab locally made<br />

cheese, chutneys and artisan products for a DIY<br />

picnic among the vines. Girraween National Park<br />

is a must with shapeshifting prehistoric boulders<br />

that formed about 250 million years ago rise out<br />

of the landscape.<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

• Forster Tuncurry<br />

Two and a half hours north of The Vines is a<br />

stunning holiday spot Foster Tuncurry. Each town<br />

is on either side of the bridge. There are many<br />

places to stay, however the Big 4 Great Lakes is<br />

our pick. Drive in the caravan or stay in one of<br />

their many pet friendly cabins. There are heated<br />

pools and you’re right on the edge of the lake.<br />

Amaroo Cruises provides exciting cruises along<br />

the picturesque coastline and breath-taking Wallis<br />

Lake, the sparkling jewel of the Great Lakes region.<br />

You can cruise with the playful dolphins and<br />

majestic humpback whales. On dry land you can<br />

walk along the beautiful One Mile Beach and check<br />

out the Tuncurry Rock Pool.<br />

• Agnes Water<br />

90 Minutes south of Beacham is the pristine<br />

coastline of Agnes Water, where there is so<br />

much to do on a weekend away. Nature walks,<br />

secluded beaches, or take a kayak out and watch<br />

the sunset. Or why not take a colourful history<br />

tour aboard the equally colourful LARC, a bright<br />

pink amphibious tour bus. The ex-military Lighter<br />

Amphibious Resupply Cargo (LARC) vessels have<br />

the perfect capability to visit isolated beaches,<br />

cross sandbars and tidal creeks, access 35 metre<br />

dunes, and to climb the steep headland to the<br />

historic island light station of Bustard Head which<br />

has Queensland’s only operating lighthouse open<br />

to the public. You’ll also be able to spot seabirds,<br />

turtles, dolphins, mantas and more as you navigate<br />

the waterways in the hands of your expert guide.<br />

20 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 21

22 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 23

Village wrap up<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Margi Dabbs<br />

QLD<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Cheryl Finlay<br />

WA<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

I would like to congratulate all the residents for<br />

continuing with their vaccinations and boosters.<br />

All the residents remain vigilant, washing<br />

hands and surfaces plus social distancing.<br />

Unfortunately, COVID has a lot to answer for,<br />

and is continuing to restrict activities and<br />

outings. Congratulations to the residents for<br />

their tolerance and resilience. Trivia nights<br />

are growing, 8 teams, 55 stayed and enjoyed<br />

homemade soup and dessert. It was a fantastic<br />

night, changes to the format allowed a resident<br />

to showcase his talents and entertain all the<br />

participants, it truly was a great night.<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

The humour of individual residents makes me<br />

laugh, surprise is the name of the game. There<br />

have been moments when the most unexpected<br />

person let go and express themselves totally<br />

out of character. The laughter has been<br />

heard throughout the village. The weather in<br />

Rockhampton has been cold (for Rocky). I have<br />

enjoyed seeing the innovative way residents keep<br />

warm. Some of the homemade outfits are unique<br />

but extremely functionable. I mean they are not<br />

always fashionable, but they are always functional<br />

and warm. Fitzroy is a home, it is where all the<br />

residents feel comfortable and wear anything they<br />

want. The social group, gather each afternoon<br />

wear pink checked shirts, it is fantastic to see the<br />

residents get into the spirit.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

More fun runs/walks are being scheduled,<br />

fantastic little walking group every afternoon.<br />

The bingo team have introduced new games,<br />

more inclusive games for everyone to enjoy. The<br />

prizes are changing each time, which keeps all<br />

players and residents interested and intrigued.<br />

It is fantastic to watch new residents get<br />

involved. So much Fun to watch bingo grow!<br />

Information sessions which have been<br />

conducted at the village are proving to be<br />

extremely successful. Working with the Central<br />

Queensland University and The Cathedral<br />

College has given the residents the opportunity<br />

to learn about their health and bodies. Building<br />

relationships with the students. It has been<br />

wonderful watching the residents and students<br />

communicate and enjoy each other’s company.<br />

Big thank you to the teachers and lecturers for<br />

bringing the students to the village. Looking<br />

forward to the next semester.<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

The pool renovation has started and is looking<br />

great and will be completed shortly. The residents<br />

recently enjoyed Christmas in July and a fun time<br />

was had by all. The husband of one of our office<br />

staff Donna, made Christmas trees from pallets<br />

for the occasion and they looked fantastic. The<br />

colder weather saw a mass exodus of caravans<br />

and lucky residents heading north to enjoy some<br />

much needed sunshine. Those of us left behind<br />

were left very green eyed!<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

Seeing our residents and their four-legged friends<br />

enjoining the dog run. This outing has now turned<br />

into a social event with some residents even<br />

having “Happy Hour” while their dogs are playing.<br />

We have two new Miniature Schnauzers puppies<br />

in the village, sisters called Nelly and Poppy and<br />

the girls in the office make sure they keep their<br />

eyes open in the afternoons, so they can get their<br />

daily cuddle.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

We’re opening Lakeside up to the community<br />

again with another Open Day set for Sunday<br />

September 18. There will be heaps to do for the<br />

whole family, including the grandkids, and the<br />

best thing is it’s all free. There will be a petting<br />

zoo, vintage cars, morning tea and lunch, icecream<br />

truck, coffee van, tennis, putt putt golf,<br />

lawn bowls, woodwork group, craft group, Curtin<br />

FM will be broadcasting live all day with lots of<br />

giveaways, specialty stalls, a lucky door prize,<br />

and a number of our newly renovated homes<br />

will be open for inspection. We can’t wait to see<br />

everyone and their families.<br />

24 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 25

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Carly Falconer<br />

QLD<br />

Highview by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Karen Kelly<br />

QLD<br />

Ridge Estate<br />

by <strong>Teman</strong> NSW<br />

Sarah Bilkey<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Ashleigh Procter<br />

NSW<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Well the biggest change in the village is that<br />

we have a new village Manager, me, Carly. It’s<br />

wonderful joining the <strong>Teman</strong> team and I’ve<br />

loved getting to know all the residents. Before I<br />

officially started, we had a coffee club morning<br />

tea that I attended. I just love how everyone<br />

gets involved. Loving all the work Barrie and Kay<br />

put in to cook for their fellow residents, and I’m<br />

looking forward to when the Sticky Date pudding<br />

is on the menu again.<br />

The Social Committee put on a High Tea which<br />

some residents decided to dress up for and all<br />

were well fed. The Social Committee have also<br />

held their annual and well-known soup lunch in<br />

winter. With a choice of 4 soups, Minestrone,<br />

Potato and Leek, Pumpkin and Chicken & corn.<br />

Bingo also continues on a weekly basis and the<br />

residents have a great time winning prizes. We<br />

just had our first <strong>Teman</strong> Bus Trip which took the<br />

resident to Bribie Island Bowls Club and the rain<br />

held off for wonderful day with beautiful blue<br />

skies. Everyone enjoyed themselves and their<br />

meal. Some even ordered dessert having waffles<br />

with ice cream. The Social Committee also gave<br />

every one a little gift pack that consisted of<br />

homemade biscuits and a small jar of lemon<br />

curd, chocolate.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

First Friday of the month the resident’s<br />

committee organise “Grub in the Pub”, and<br />

residents carpool to check out different pubs or<br />

clubs in the area, over winter they ventured to<br />

Heddon Greta, Hexham and Greenhills. There<br />

was also a “Big O” celebration, with resident Jack<br />

Neale turning 90 – smiles, laughter, cakes and<br />

slices were flowing as the village got together to<br />

celebrate a wonderful man.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

With the flooding in July that briefly saw the<br />

suburb that Ridge Estate is in cut off from all the<br />

surrounding towns. It was still lovely to see via<br />

photos & videos that the residents came together<br />

like a big family to keep an eye on each other.<br />

They still had Coffee Club and Card afternoons<br />

and even bought a resident’s jukebox to the<br />

community centre to dance an afternoon away.<br />

The Vines residents have been making up for lost<br />

time with events. We successfully had our 3rd<br />

annual Biggest Morning Tea with Ridge Estate,<br />

we raised $1400 between the two villages. Great<br />

fun and memories were made. The social club<br />

held a Christmas in July that included a roast<br />

lunch which was delicious. We also held a Mini<br />

Olympics which included the events hockey,<br />

balloon darts, pool, walker relay race, backyard<br />

tennis and basketball. The brief for the day was<br />

dress in your brightest colours and there was<br />

<strong>Teman</strong> management on each team. It was a<br />

great day full of laughs.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

The <strong>Teman</strong> Mexican Fiesta was a huge success.<br />

It’s wonderful when everyone can come together.<br />

Thanks to Tania for everything she did to make<br />

the day a success. I loved how people got into the<br />

event and dressed up.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

I’m still finding my feet, but I’m looking<br />

forward to seeing what functions we can put<br />

on for everyone. Some outings to explore the<br />

beautiful coastlands near the village or maybe<br />

a Melbourne Cup luncheon. I’m just looking<br />

forward to getting to know everyone.<br />

Unfortunately I was ill on the day of the bus trip<br />

to Bribie Island, however I’ve been told that<br />

everyone who attended really enjoyed the day.<br />

There was even a toast to Jamie and <strong>Teman</strong> for<br />

putting it on. I really do love my residents and<br />

their good sense of humour.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

<strong>Spring</strong> is always a fun time at Highview. I always<br />

see a few more residents out in the gardens.<br />

The end of month social committee functions<br />

is a hot ticket. It’s lovely seeing everyone get<br />

involved, and the work all the volunteers do.<br />

There is talk of a little Melbourne Cup function,<br />

and I’m sure there will be a few sweeps going<br />

around.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

<strong>Spring</strong>time is all about waving goodbye to winter,<br />

dusting off the cobwebs and getting outside.<br />

The resident’s veggie patch will slowly spring<br />

to life with herbs and veggies great for yummy<br />

salads. Gavin, our maintenance person will have<br />

the bowling green ready for the annual Father’s<br />

Day bowls competition and the Melbourne Cup<br />

luncheon will see brightly coloured hats and<br />

fascinators light up the community centre, and<br />

a jockey and his horse might make a special<br />

appearance like last year.<br />

Something that has made you smile at<br />

your village<br />

A few comedian residents who insist on giving<br />

not only myself a good belly laugh but also other<br />

residents daily. At our Christmas in July event,<br />

one resident put lolly teeth in place of her false<br />

teeth and another resident who was happy to<br />

chew on the ham bone.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

We are really looking forward to when the<br />

weather starts to warm up, we have a busy<br />

next few months coming up which includes a<br />

Father’s Day celebration, Oktoberfest, Trivia<br />

Afternoons, Darts Competition, Melbourne Cup<br />

and of course both social club monthly BBQ’s<br />

and the <strong>Teman</strong>’s monthly event whether that be<br />

a pizza day, hamburger, loaded potatoes. Food is<br />

a crowd pleaser here at The Vines. Oh, and who<br />

could forget the cold beverages to top of the day.<br />

26 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 27

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Ciara Purcell<br />

WA<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Some great events have taken place over the<br />

past 3 months in the village, the stand out event<br />

was the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee High Tea<br />

where we rolled out the red carpet. The Social<br />

Committee went above and beyond to create<br />

a fantastic afternoon for the residents who<br />

attended. Some residents played dress up for<br />

the occasion, we had a Queen’s Guard at the<br />

door alongside a Beefeater, a couple of dobby’s<br />

and a doorman to keep everyone in line. And<br />

of course a Pearly King plus a King and Queen.<br />

Even Paddington bear made an appearance with<br />

a marmalade sandwich for the Queen.<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

We recently purchased some new plants to go<br />

around the village grounds which has made<br />

our beautiful gardens look even better, I was<br />

fortunate enough to help our maintenance officer<br />

plant some new plants around the place, it was<br />

nice to get out and chat with residents who came<br />

past while we were working.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

Our annual Bali night is coming up and the<br />

ever popular Melbourne Cup luncheon will<br />

have everyone dressed up to watch the Gigi’s<br />

running and placing their winning bets. One of<br />

the most important nights here in the village<br />

is the volunteer’s night – where the Resident’s<br />

committee puts on a night to thank all of the<br />

many volunteers here in the village – it is what<br />

makes this community a home to all of the<br />

residents that live at The Rise.<br />

a shared<br />

journey<br />

The ever popular monthly Friday Pub Grubs and<br />

Sunday Roasts continue to be crowd favourites<br />

here and some amazing Saturday evening<br />

dinners were held such as the Black & White<br />

night, Christmas in July and a Trip to Dwellingup.<br />

28 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong><br />

<strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong> | 29

VILLAGE WRAP UP continued<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

Jon Folbigg<br />

NSW<br />

What’s been happening in your village?<br />

Following on from our successful big day out to<br />

the Japanese Gardens which included a tour<br />

and lunch. We are continuing to enjoy monthly<br />

functions at the recreation centre which include<br />

an array of different winter warmer lunch menus.<br />

Residents have been enjoying other events<br />

being held in the village, such as bingo and craft<br />

afternoon and coffee morning every Wednesday.<br />

We recently took some of the ladies in the village<br />

on a tour of all the local opportunity shops in the<br />

surrounding areas, which turned into a fun day<br />

out for everyone who attended.<br />

Something that has made you smile at your<br />

village<br />

It’s been a real treat to see the wonderful<br />

gardens at Rosedale come alive at this time of<br />

year, especially the Rose Garden, which is the<br />

villages name’s sake. Residents have been out<br />

and about enjoying all that the village has to<br />

offer. The gardeners have been doing a great<br />

job around the village keeping all the gardens<br />

healthy and brimming with colour.<br />

Some fun things coming up at your village<br />

We are looking forward to celebrating our annual<br />

Beer and Burger Father’s Day lunch, and of<br />

course Melbourne Cup celebrations are always<br />

something to look forward too. We are also<br />

planning to hold a couple of BBQ lunches as the<br />

weather warms up and last, but not least our<br />

end of year Christmas lunch celebrations.<br />

welcome<br />

to teman<br />

welcome<br />

home<br />

always<br />

among<br />

friends<br />

30 | <strong>Spring</strong> <strong>2022</strong>

Get in touch<br />

The Vines by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

38 Hickey Street<br />

Cessnock NSW 2325<br />

(02) 4990 4386<br />

thevinesbyteman.com.au<br />

Highview<br />

41 High Street<br />

Forest Lake QLD 4078<br />

(07) 3879 6577<br />

highviewbyteman.com.au<br />

Lakeside by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

194 Old Mandurah Rd<br />

Ravenswood WA 6208<br />

(08) 9537 8200<br />

lakesidebyteman.com.au<br />

Rosedale by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

28 Deaves Road<br />

Cooranbong NSW 2265<br />

(02) 4977 2257<br />

rosedalebyteman.com.au<br />

Beacham by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

28 Marten St<br />

South Gladstone QLD 4680<br />

(07) 4979 0866<br />

beachambyteman.com.au<br />

The Rise by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

76 Ridgewood Blvd<br />

Ridgewood WA 6030<br />

(08) 9305 1884<br />

therisebyteman.com.au<br />

Ridge Estate by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

48 Ryan’s Road<br />

Gillieston Heights NSW 2321<br />

(02) 4932 8588<br />

ridgeestatebyteman.com.au<br />

Fitzroy by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

14 Pauline Martin Dr<br />

Rockhampton QLD 4700<br />

(07) 4927 9665<br />

fitzroybyteman.com.au<br />

Bluestone by <strong>Teman</strong><br />

259 Anson Street<br />

Orange NSW 2800<br />

1800 836 262<br />


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