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Often overlooked, Possible gems. #alpha


Ghost_4707 uncovers up and coming#alpha

Probably Nothing

Sp00n1cus speaks. Are you


Where are the BUYERS?

Hamster.Sol looks at the stats. #alpha

Why Do We Trade?

SecretSphinxes on the history of trading







Mercury_Prime uncovers a legend in the

Solana space #alpha


Block_Degen with something we can

all relate to #alpha

Brics_nft gets down deep #alpha


SolBigBrain is buying

Photofinish- here's why #alpha


SecretSphinxes supporting

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Extensive 'info' guide by Crypt1383





What a week! Issue 52 (April 2022) and Issue 40 (Feb 2022)

broke 10000 views each, in fact, Issue 40 has over 12000 views

alone. Another 7 issues are within reach of 10000 views. As

new Tweeps find out about #SHILL they are going back over

past issues to see what they've missed. Fantastic news for the

Solana community.

#SHILL started collecting for the #SHILL vault again last issue.

This week we added 3 more pieces (-->).

We are still working on the idea for issue 100 (sometime in

2023) and will be putting an expression of interest form out

there for artists to join up. Idea in progress.

This issue, Issue 72, has a solid 7 articles filled with

information and #alpha. Hopefully you will have time to

peruse the articles during your week. #SHILL is not a magazine

where you flick through once and move on. It's a magazine

you keep coming back to. For the articles. For the art.

I also had a 'proud dad' moment this week as my youngest

son @cosmo41o submitted his art for his finals. He created a

triptych mixed media pieces and was put on display before his

work was shipped to the Education Board for final assessment.

CAPUCHIN 014-SYM @nxrmalist

Figuren Reika - 014 @mnhamzahsa

Ready to dive in?

Whether you are on a tablet, phone or computer. Sit back.

Unwind. Prepare to explore the world of Solana in issue 72.

Enough said. You know the drill.


Smoking Newclear @36perspective

Keep your eyes on...



Secret Sphinx Society



We are meeting after a long gap but that is how the condition in the Solana NFT Space currently is.

There aren't great projects going for mint these days which will catch the eye of the investors and attract

volume in the secondary marketplace. Speaking of volume, again we are not in a good position

with the volume on Magic Eden less than 90% of the ATHs.

However, there is a great project going for mint today which is the talk of the town and people are

expecting it to do better.

Sentries as they call themselves is a Blockchain Infrastructure Company deploying Solana validators

and RPC nodes.

The mint information is as follows:

Supply: 8,000

Cost: 1 $SOL

Time: 4 pm UTC ( Forge Mint) | 5 pm UTC (WL Mint)

Launchpad: Bifrost


The first thing you want to know before investing in a project having such big plans is whether the

team is capable of delivering on these promises or not.

The details of the team of sentries are as follows:


The Lode is a Solana validator being set up and operated by the CTO of Sentries and is available on

Mainnet and Testnet as we speak. It will act as a revenue source and liquidity reserve for the rest of

the Sentries ecosystem.

Power Staking

Here individuals like you and I will be able to stake our $SOL in the Lode and will receive an APY,

this APY will be better than what non-holders will receive when they will stake their $SOL.

That’s not it, each Sentry NFT will have a separate Power Trait and this value will represent the

amount of SOL backing that particular Sentry.

At the start, this value will be 0 and the Power can be increased by 1 for each SOL locked into The


Holders will also be given an option to stake the Sentry in the Power Grid to receive additional passive

income, in SOL, proportional to their Power value.

Retail RPC Nodes

Now, this is one of the most important things during the bull market phase of the NFTs when everyone

had bots and the result of whose bot is better depends on what RPC are they using. Now with

Sentries, you will be given reliable RPC services that can provide the best performance for their

trading bots and applications.

Now, this service won’t be free but as a holder of the project, you will be able to get a good discount

as compared to the price paid by the public investor.


Speaking of the NFT, the team has chosen an art which complements the services they are planning

to provide, however, it isn't something I would like to use as a PFP on my socials.

Sentries as a project are one where the art of the NFTs does not act as the main catalyst and that is

one of the reasons why not much focus has been given to how good the art will look as a pfp.

However, providing great art along with services is also considered a top-notch thing and it again

tells how deeply the project has studied the market in which they are going, For example, projects

like Rakkudo and Udder Chaos didn’t compromise on the art of the NFT even though it wasn’t their

main utility.


As I stated at the start of the article that the project is currently the talk of the town in the space

and people have great expectations from it, which also proves the great work the team has done to

build such a strong community around the project.

Speaking of Twitter, the project launched its official account in may and till now they have around

16,000 followers and over 300 tweets done which is a great number.

The Twitter account of the project has been built using organic methods with the team realising

regular updates on the plans and the roadmap of the project and have also done a lot of AMAs and

Spaces with other projects in the space.

Speaking of Discord, the server has around 16,000 members and the chats have been active

throughout. They are clocking an average engagement of over 500+ reactions per post in their announcement.

However, the sneak peeks channel of the server

is weak in terms of engagement with less than

100 reactions per post.

To Conclude, I would say that the project has

done a lot of great things to make itself ready

for the mint and one of those things is the fact

that they are going to launch via Bifrost Launchpad,

which means there will be no listing till the

mint gets sold out. Also, the NFTs minted in the

pre-mint rounds will be frozen which means that

those NFTs won't be listed right after the mint.

However, there is one thing that I am not a fan

of currently and that is their mint and supply.

Currently, the ME is clocking a volume of around

40,000 $SOL per day and Sentries will require a

volume of 8,000 $SOL roughly to sell out completely. Apart from that $SOL is down 30% in a week

which again brings panic among the investors, so you can see what I am talking about, however,

since it is the only decent mint worth looking at today we might see a jump in the volume flowing in.

If you are a whitelist, I would recommend you to first analyse the demand kicking in and make sure

you don't end up paying a higher amount in the dynamic sale.








yflian anonymousgghost




Congrats to @LocoLizardz on their mint on

Hedera (HBAR) breaking the record for the

fastest sell out. I was an early investor in

them and I'm glad to see projects with IRL

utility finding success even if it isn't on



How many people are there in sol nfts? Are we all just the same people dumping on each other? What are the demographics

of the solana nft market? Let’s dive in to find out.

Disclaimer: These are estimates based on the assumption that NFT twitter = total addressable market size. These do not

include shoe buyers in stepN, free nfts in events, corporate nfts, etc. since those are not the market we are looking at.

We will primarily be using @nftinspect data as they are able to lock down the unique number of twitter users. Our estimate

of ~60k users also lines up with daily active user count in marketplaces like @MagicEden (reaches 50k++ during the

earlier nft bull period).

We will be breaking the users into pfp market segments they fall into based on floor price. As you can see, the market for

100+ sol pfp users are only ~3.5k people. Which explains why it is difficult for the market to sustain multiple 100+ sol 10k

pfp projects.

If we narrow it down further, we can see that the market for expensive pfps is very small. Only 14k people in the market

for 20+ sol pfps. Adversely, there is a huge market potential for affordable pfps below 20 sol. More than 75% of the

market fall into this.

Let’s look at the breakdown of the top class of pfp, the ones above 100+ sol. More than half of the premium market

segment use @DeGodsNFT pfps.

@SolanaMBS also has a huge chunk of users.

If we look at the mid-tier of pfps, those above 50+ sol, we can see that @okaybears dominates this segment.

@DegenApeAcademy and @BlocksmithLabs also have a sizeable user base.

For the lower tier of pfps priced 20+ sol, @CetsOnCreck and @FamousFoxFed dominates. For the pfps lower than 20

sol, the market is too numerous to chart out. However clear winners there are @Primatesnft @TrippinApeNFT and @


The obvious take away here is we really need to grow the pie, educate and onboard new market participants else we

suffer the same ~14k people dumping on each other. So yes, our current solana nft market is tiny. The least you can do is

be nice to each other.



























trade trade




Common Cents

trade trade trade

A variety of coins, some ancient, some newer. All pieces

of metal that “had value” at some point in the past.


would consume an entire dissertation paper for a PhD candidate.

I’ll list a few statements about our current system

that will demonstrate this point:

There’s been no gold standard backing the U.S. dollar

since 1971.

Corporate banks are cycling money so quickly that the current

margin reserve requirement for most of them is 10%

— what’s required in the bank at any given point.

Your paycheck deposits are just numbers credited and debited

to your account — no money changed hands to ‘give’

you the money that you worked for.

Around 10,000 years ago, prehistoric humans began

to shift from hunting and gathering into a farming lifestyle,

cultivating grains and domesticating animals to

better ensure the survival of their social groups. It’s a

well known descent into complex civilization from that

point on, and the pace that we’ve been able to develop

is incomprehensibly rapid on a universal time scale. The

very first humans had barely any interaction with other

groups of humans, but as we advanced technologically,

it allowed us to expand our reach across geographical

regions, and this quickly prompted the act of bartering

for goods that were unique to different locations.

Currencies facilitated the act of trading, providing a

common medium of exchange between parties sitting

at the table. In those days, there was really no set definition

for currency — shells, bones, clay tablets, and eventually

metals all were considered valid goods that could

be exchanged for something necessary or something

desired. The key for bartering was that there was always

a side of the deal that needing something from the other,

and this created the ‘value’ in the trade — one side

depended on the other for goods that it needed to survive,

and vice verse. These humble beginnings set the

standard for our capitalist society that we live in today.

This article isn’t a history lesson, even though the development

of currency is a fascinating subject. I just wanted

to touch upon the roots of trading to introduce the

ideas of this essay, and how they’ve been adapted into

a modern era that certainly no prehistoric spice trader

could comprehend. We live in an age where currencies

are completely detached from any sort of real value;

tracing all the developments that lead to that point

This system is by no means a terribly-designed system; it’s

just the amalgamation of centuries of financial practices

that all culminated in the global economic system that we

use today. There’s really no way to untangle all of this without

causing catastrophic failure of world governance, and

so it’ll continue to persist and build on top of itself. But it

boils down to the fact that when we’re trading assets, we

can never fully own anything, even though it feels that we


Alright, this isn’t a doomsday essay, and that wouldn’t make

for quality reading, anyways. The point I’m making here is:

when we trade assets, where do we derive value from? In

prehistoric shops, bazaars, and shipyards, the wares being

bought and sold were valuable because they were foundational

goods, necessary to keep people clothed and fed

and watered and bejeweled.

Individual traders needed to protect their livelihoods, and

so formed companies to pool their assets and ensure

against loss, which created the first derivative assets: company

shares. We still trade these today, but their value isn’t

completely based on the goods anymore; it also has to

factor in shareholders’ interests and future projections of

revenues, which theoretically have no tangible value. Skip

a few rungs on this slippery financial ladder and now you’ll

find yourself at the NFT scene, a derivative asset of a governance

token that is a critical piece of a digital ledger that

records transactions of digital currencies that are backed

by belief in the use-case of the technology. Imagine trying

to explain this to a vassal lord who just pledged a galleon

to the East India Company in order to hedge his shipping


Spanish galleon, hauling goods across the Atlantic.

In any case, the thriving ecosystem of NFT’s has shown

that humanity’s history of trading isn’t solely based

upon functional necessities — trading provides other

outlets for us as socially-driven creatures. Now more

than ever, our livelihoods are dependent upon financial

success, and mastering the art of trading has slowly

become a viable manner of achieving this goal.

But there’s more to trading than purely financial success.

We see time and time again that humans are

inherently irrational actors, and this is nowhere more

apparent than in NFT trading — people will bag-hold

things to 0, mint projects they know aren’t long-term

plays, and continue to get burned buying tops. There’s

no ‘value’ to these plays, so why do we see it so often?

In my view, it’s more than just bad trading — it’s that

other factors are at play than just profit motives.

What this long-winded intro has built up to is the idea

that NFT traders looking for ‘value’ will find it not in the

object itself, but what it represents.

On the whole, people aren’t trading because they’re

adept at finding value — they’re buying what they like,

or what they think other will like, or just on no thesis

at all. When a project says it wants to ‘create value’

for its holders, it doesn’t really know what that looks

like, and neither do its holders. Like a final derivative

of derivative trading, when you have assets without

any concrete value, it’s impossible to understand them

through conventional value props, which is kinda what

we’ve been doing this whole time, with phrases such

as “passive income” or ideas such as “TA for NFT’s”.

They represent social sentiment crystallized into a digital

asset, and social sentiment is fickle, fleeting, and a

cruel mistress.

There’s only two outcomes to NFT trading: (a) buying it

to hold it ourselves forever, or (b) purchasing with the

intent to trade it to somebody else for a higher price.

With outcome (a), being the final owner makes you a

collector, not a trader, and with outcome (b), you’re

gambling that the asset will be worth more to somebody else

than it was to you.

Outcome B is why people think that NFT’s are a ponzi scheme,

because at some point there’s no way to continue to find people

who are willing to pay higher and higher prices for the asset.

The real magic happens, however, when you can merge

traders with collectors and find a balance between both parties,

and that (!!) is the sweet spot for price appreciation. The

most successful projects have all elicited a collector’s mindset

from their communities and from outsiders.

Collectibility is, in my opinion, the greatest weapon that any

NFT project has to have in its arsenal for continued success.

Why have humans bought shiny metals to wear on our bodies

since the dawn of time? Because of the social and communal

shared experience of these assets. Why do people spend

thousands of dollars on sneakers, or on upgrading their cars,

or anything else that doesn’t have a practical reason for survival?

Because of the social and communal shared experience

of these assets. Why are people buying digital tokens

on the blockchain that you can right-click save? Because of

the social and communal shared experience of these assets.

NFT projects can peg their token to various currencies, can

deliver all sorts of utility to their holders to use, can do all

sorts of meet-ups and host events, but if their tokens aren’t

desired collectibles, then the uphill battle of relevancy has

already been lost. If you’re an NFT project or an NFT trader,

you should be framing a purchase through the lens of collectibility

— is this collectible to me? are other people collecting

these? How will these age as a digital collectible, and why

would someone buy these from me in the future?

If these questions can’t be answered by any project in our

ecosystem, then we should expect to see a massive decline

in the volume of NFT sales and the ecosystem will probably

collapse. As long as there are people still wanting to add to

their collections of digital tokens, we’ll be able to find an equilibrium

and a growth path that will lead to sustainability of

the ecosystem, whatever that may look like in the future.

In my eyes, the technology of the blockchain has unprecedented

use-case and should find itself at the forefront of technological

development across all aspects of society. NFT’s will

exist as digital collectibles of this revolutionary tech, like how

people remodel and drive old cars from the 50s and 60s,

how libraries display first-edition texts of Shakespeare and

how museums host Egyptian treasures. I buy these digital

collectibles because I want to own a piece of this history, and

I enjoy interacting daily with like-minded people as I explore

this new-found hobby of mine. I’ll continue to buy things that

make me happy, and I’ll trade some of them as I find new

owners for them, and hopefully I’ll make a profit along the

way. I’ll definitely find some that are set up as an investible

asset, and I’ll use those to preserve my capital and grow my

ability to collect digital assets in the future.

All of us in this ecosystem are able to participate in all of

these different narratives in such a unique and meaningful

way, and that’s the true value to me.



























Zen0m is a fascinating artist.

Turns out that IRL he's a professional game designer. Carry the 1, divide by 0... yup, that math checks.

More surprisingly, the pixel maestro's journey involved living on a small wooden boat for 6 months!

Wanna know more? Story time...for starters, I'd note that @zen0m is an Aliens maxi.

He's seen the movies, ofc, but also read all the comics, paged all the novels, and played all the games.

His handle is even a derivation of Xenomorph (the name of the Alien).

This @The_URS_ drop makes SO much sense now.

Zen0m hails from Northern England, where he first started doodling "monster friends" for people at age 13.

The simple strokes always seemed to strike a chord. Friends and family alike finding an attraction to the little dude.

Now it's part of his thank you package.


As I chatted with Zen0m I noticed two things right away:

1) He doesn't like to pronounce the letter T in the middle of words. It's not "bottle" it's "bah-ole." He's not an "artist"

he's an "are-iss." I'm writing this with that accent in my brain.

2) He's an old soul.

I was a tried and true moron until my now wife found me and gave me a reason to get wise.

I learned smart things eventually, but as an old soul Zen0m understood life lessons far earlier than I did.

Most notably: life takes luck, but you can help luck find you.

Zen0m worked hard to leave positive impressions on his professors, waiting for that visibility to turn into opportunity.

At 23, a professor of his was having a drink at a conference when a man asked her for a recommendation. He needed

a promising student.

She mentioned Zen0m.

It was for a gaming company, and Zen0m was asked to do an art test, which is exactly what it sounds like: he got an

assignment to design something specific.

If it was good enough, he'd be hired.

Surprising no one, they loved his work.

There was a problem though. This job was south of London on the coast of England where buying dirt is CRAZY


So what did Zen0m do? He found water instead.

Buying the cheapest BOAT he could find to live on.

It was a a small, rickety wooden boat that cost less than your average refrigerator.

There was no running water. No bathroom. No internet.

When it rained, the boat would leak.

He lived off noodles and protein shakes.

And he LOVED it.

Zen0m is unique, because peeing in the local marina and living off noodles for six months is not your average person's

idea of a good time.

To wit: when his girlfriend finished university and moved down with him, they got a proper flat together.

(He kept the boat though.)

This story is not only amusing, but very illustrative of Zen0m and his work. He's a minimalist. The man made a NINJA

FREAKING TURTLE using just an 8x8 pixel palette. It's incredible.

He's self aware too. In @_ledao his 3 words to describe himself to JL are:




Funnily enough, at his IRL gaming company he doesn't do much pixel work at all.

His big break came when he worked one of the Trials games. It was such a success it led to a promotion, which

eventually led to moving again - across the pond then across a continent - to Vancouver.

In Canada, Zen0m found his SOL.

His brother got him into Solana to flip NFTs, but Zen0m bought a few at the top and quickly learned he was actually

quite bad at trading.

As a silver lining to his bad trades, he discovered he was obsessed with the ART.

He came across Skeleton Crew, a project that was doing art airdrops.

Zen0m asked if he could submit something to get dropped.

They said, "Give it a go, if we like it, we'll airdrop it."

Another art test.

Did he pass?

I mean, of course he did. He's Zen0m.

But what's funny is that while he submitted a pixelated skull, they saw something else on his Twitter feed and asked

if they could use that instead.

What was it?

A version of his pixelated friend from age 13.

A Monster Friend.

Soon people started openly hoping on Discord that they'd get a Zen0m airdrop. His mind was blown.

"Working for a corporation has its perks, but this just felt so personal. I really connected with people through something

I'd made. It was direct. It was wonderful. I loved it."

The first OTC sale was to


who then voluntarily reached out asking for Zen0m's wallet to manually send him royalties.

A CHAD move. That's @TopoGigio_sol level kind.

Zen0m was officially in love with the warmth of the SOL ecosystem. Working with Zen0m is like stepping into an algorithm.

I know the great @DegenTW_, and he asked me for artist recommendations when starting @TheBoomerDAO.

A fanboy of Zen0m, I immediately threw his name at Tim and prayed. Another art test.

And yet again, Zen0m passed. His process is incredible. Precision and style combined into masterpieces.

He's a Swiss watchmaker. But English. And with pixels.

A master of his craft, it's fair to say that Zen0m has arrived.

But he's not done yet. He wants to bring the Zen0verse to more people.

He started with a VERY impressive merch store. The designs, of course, are very minimalist.

He also wants to build an interactive experience. Not a game, but some way to allow people to fully experience the

world he's building. Stay tuned.

And then, yes, perhaps a game. It's literally what he does in real life and Monster Friends are practically begging for

swords. Last thing to leave you with, because I think it's lovely: he eloped for his wedding.

Quite a minimalist move.

But that's not the lovely part.

Another favorite artist of mine, @celstialbody, was their witness.












Crazy to think that 1400 of you follow me Might not seem like a lot but it definitely means a lot I know 1400 is a weird

number but I didn't want to jinx it at So i thought why not tell you all my story in NFTs.

Read an article of SBF buying Rank 1 @SolanaMBS for some stupid money and thought to myself damn that would be

nice Learnt very quickly that it wasn’t that easy Minted @SolCrocosSales

instead of @DeGodsNFT and well you know how that story ended.

Second play was @AngryBunnyClub and that was where the journey began I learnt about community and the value and

opportunities that came from that Watching and conversing with some OGs in the space @Moosey42988757 and @

MisterMuesli opened my eyes to web3 careers.

Took the leap into Moderation and Community Management Started at @CryptoCribs_NFT and while that project didn’t

pan out that well and I didn’t get paid The lessons I learned were invaluable and don’t regret a second of it.

Basically, I was taking on every job possible to build up my resume which I learnt was actually not the best thing to do

As many of the projects I worked on the founders ended up slow rugging which is not a good look for the Community

Manager Hot tip be selective.

My 2 favourite projects I worked on were CyberVillainz now @Broccoli_DAO thanks to @sp00n1cus derug @TheDonsProject

over on NEAR The keys factors here were the people I got to work with an network with Highly recommend you

check out @TheDonsProject.

At one point I was Community managing 3 projects at the

one time Working Full Time IRL Becoming a Dad for the first

time and burnout hit. So, in March I stepped down from

Community Managing due to the 24/7 Lifestyle.

During that time I invested in some incredible projects that

taught me how a project should be run to survive long term.

One of those being @FamousFoxFed. They get a bad rap

sometimes for not providing rev share but active holders never

miss out.

By writing these threads it has connected me with some

incredible artists. In particular @DrRobo7

@SAJNFT and the world of 1/1 art Which if you haven’t

looked into I highly recommend it.

I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had in this

space so far and can’t wait to see what the future brings.

Never could I have imagined the journey that would ensue

from buying that first RUG almost a year ago. Damn

has it been FUN.

This might seem super long winded for a post about 1400

followers I get that but this is also for me as much as it is

for others to be able to look back on and see the growth

and the journey in the future And who knows laugh and

how little this achievement really was.

It has connected me with some incredible content creators I

won’t name you all but a few that stand out are @easymoneyding

@subaruimpreza09 @NoveltyRiku @LitecoinYagami.

Plus, the rest of the content army crew.

It has opened doors to paid writing opportunities at @

YORD_Wiki and fingers crossed somewhere else soon If you

haven’t checked out @YORD_Wiki I highly recommend it as

@bassquire_ is building an incredible resource for the NFT


Finally, it allows me to voice my opinions Provides the occasional

advisory role And to be connected with the space that

I couldn’t before when I was deep in the world of Community



With the recent #Infected #Solympus drop by @InfectedMob, I wanted to make a thread bringing closer my 2 families

(and greatest conviction plays) in the #SolanaNFT space – @DeGodsNFT and @XLabsNFT.

3 Part Analysis: 1. Team/community cohesion 2. Adaptability 3. Moving forward

Team/Community: At this point, there is no longer a need to harp on about how cracked each project’s devs are, how

fire the art is, or the utilities and potential. This is well known. What I would like to focus on, rather, is their strength of

character, and genuine vibes.

@frankdegods is an insightful, innovative and inspiring leader, who is never averse to trying new things, never too highand-mighty

to chat and vibe with the community, and most importantly – always humble despite the magnitude of his

own creation. As always, thank you Frank.

These traits are mirrored in the @XLabsNFT team. They have shown resilience in tough times, innovation during lulls,

and an adamant resolution to create a revolutionary product to the best of their ability. S/O @KennyTweetz and

@I0Hal in the attached Discord announcements.

Adaptability: At this point, @frankdegods’ ability to (against all odds) pivot, realign and refocus as a stalwart innovator is

well-known, perhaps best reflected in the DeGods mantra: “We tried some shit, we learned some shit, now we’re trying

some new shit”.

Similarly, @I0Hal and @TheGentlemonke de-rugged @XinDragons, harnessed their desire to add value to the space,

and have now branched out and expanded to 4 main @XLabsNFT projects. Knowing that royalties only go so far, they

integrated real businesses into the revenue stream.

Future: Max-bullish on the @y00tsNFT mint, the re-definition of IP, and the concept that artists should be given every

opportunity to showcase (and monetise) their talents. Can’t wait for the extended roadmap, the future is bright for @

DeGodsNFT and @y00tsNFT holders.

Likewise, the bullish future of #Infected #Solympus lies in the growth-fund, overseen by the team, built by the community.

Looking to fuse the 1 true NFT utility (community) with IRL businesses and growth opportunities, this path is gonna

be one hell of a banger.

Conclusion: Look, I’m a nobody. I’m just some dude toiling to captain the ship of his company in a sea of opportunity. But

humbly, there is nothing I would like to see more than further and greater collaboration and unity between my two #NFT


I truly hope that holders and community of @DeGodsNFT, @y00tsNFT, @XinDragons, @InfectedMob, @ZeninNFT and

@BountyHunterNFT may dive into one another’s projects and community, and in the spirit of Web3.0, come together to

form a greater whole than the sum of their parts.

#Infected #Solympus was a great first step, now we build upon that. Let’s. Fucking. Go.


While everybody is distracted I am scooping up @photofinishgame PFPs. Just picked up 72 last night and this morning.

They look heavily undervalued to me. Let me explain why...

Some quick facts first: - 50% of $CROWN supply to be airdropped to PFP holders over 26 seasons (4 weeks) - Airdrop

distribution is based on rarity Great article from @dewaun0093 from February on the $CROWN mechanics.

medium.comSpeculating on $CROWNWritten by Dewaun

The team also just released a small thread with an article outlining the use case for $CROWN primarily focusing on how

$CROWN will be used as the primary currency of racetrack ownership.

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One of the most exciting opportunities in crypto has been sitting under your nose for months and months... All the while

a handful of savvy individuals have been making one of the most under-the-radar bets in web3 you could hope to find.

Now let’s do some MATH and why I think they are undervalued....

Step 1: Go here: https://racersedge.app/crown?filters[for_sale]=yes…

Step 2: Look at “Crown per SOL” column.

Step 3: Figure out FDV:

(($SOL Price/Crown per SOL)/24)*250,000,000 (total supply)

So at 29.84 Crown per SOL = ~$11M FDV

~$11M FDV for hands down the BEST Horse Racing management game on the market sounds like a no brainer to me.

Before these most recent buys I was already the largest PFP holder. Just adding more to my stack.

If you want to buy, do NOT just buy floors. Go here: https://racersedge.app/crown?filters[for_sale]=yes… and buy whichever

gives you the best “Crown per SOL”.

MOST previous buyers have been buying in the 40+ range. So, if you want to be patient, sellers should come.

There is some RISK. As quoted from the article above: “Note, this assumes that $CROWN captures the economic value

in the game and not $DERBY, which has been designed to remain relatively stable vs USD so that it can be used for most

in-game transactions.”

To date, @iancummingsnft and team have delivered well beyond all expectations to their holders. I don’t see that stopping

anytime soon. You are NOT too late to hop on the @photofinishgame train. It’s still in BETA. The real fun hasn’t even

started yet!




Entire mint process will happen on their OWN website Woking with @MagicEden, will have a custom trading UI/UX for

it Going to be a window of time on Sunday to mint the NFT itself for Scholars + DAO pools.

If someone who is y00tlisted/from DAO pool doesn’t mint in the time period, it’ll open up to a waitlist pool that will

be a free for all Waitlist -> ppl that haven’t been outright rejected, it’ll say on the website if they’ve been waitlisted Time

periods not confirmed yet^

Once DAO pool + scholarship have minted out -> will have all NFTs frozen in the wallet, on discord there’ll be a live

1hr countdown timer, music blasting + good vibes, Afterwards, everyone can start trading on custom trading UI/UX for

y00ts made for them by Magic Eden!


What you’ll mint on Sunday will be called a t00b It’ll allow for 5 days for pure trading After 5 days there’ll be a reveal site

-> where to mint the actual y00t, More info on the t00b below!

THE #y00ts MINTING ‘t00b’:

They’ll all be the same image -> teaser for them coming today. Want to create an order book buy/sale function for them,

-> be exciting + fun for traders! Will = High-Volume NFT that can be traded a lot of.

Goal -> make it an enjoyable process!


After you mint you will be able to check the exact rarity on their own site. On the rarity site, people can do probabilities,

see what has and hasn’t been minted to date, could potentially buy a vile for the floor for example and mint a highrank



Going to be a brand-new smart contract just for this experience, so the metadata of the y00t can’t be predicted It’ll be

done by @metaplex, this will ensure a fun fair trading experience!

THE y00ts, t00bs, De(ad)Gods ROYALTIES: ALPHA DROP

They’ll all be set to 5%! Won’t be able to stake the y00t if you OTC/0% marketplace Won’t be able to mint a y00t with

t00b if you trade it OTC/0% market You’d have to pay the royalties on the sale back before you can do them^


After a short amount of time, probably 48 hours, the price for each DeadGod to mint will go to 500 DUST, and then go

up by 3.33 $DUST every day! Form of ‘double staking’ once you claim your y00t on your DeGod!

.#y00ts staking will be time-based, no token attached and there’ll be rewards like airdrops/merch! Only DeadGods that

have claimed their y00t will be able to double-stake their DeadGod where they’ll get specific rewards like airdrops etc!

These will have smaller collection sizes!


Going to take 100 WL spots that were allocated to scholarship applicants ONLY ppl rejected will be able to buy raffle

tickets, e.g 1 Dust = 1 Ticket If you win, won’t need 375 $DUST to mint, will receive t00b to mint.


Okay, so what was the PHBT(ax): It was where they taxed 33.3% on the DeGods sold on the floor -> took rev generated

that went into a burn wallet which was used to buy the floor on DeGods and burn them -> sent to a burn wallet.


They’re going to come back as DeadGods! They’re going to have different mechanics DAILY e.g a daily auction/raffle/

dutch-auction etc being carried out daily. For every DeadGod, they’ll have the y00t mint t00bs attached too

@DeGodsNFT @y00tsNFT


Going to take 100 WL spots that were allocated to scholarship applicants ONLY ppl rejected will be able to buy raffle

tickets, e.g 1 Dust = 1 Ticket If you win, won’t need 375 $DUST to mint, will receive t00b to mint


Okay, so what was the PHBT(ax): It was where they taxed 33.3% on the DeGods sold on the floor -> took rev generated

that went into a burn wallet which was used to buy the floor on DeGods and burn them -> sent to a burn wallet.


They’re going to come back as DeadGods! They’re going to have different mechanics DAILY e.g a daily auction/raffle/

dutch-auction etc being carried out on a daily basis For every DeadGod, they’ll have the y00t mint t00bs attached too @

DeGodsNFT @y00tsNFT


Alpha Drop It’ll be scrapped INITIALLY (future potential)

^-> NO y-token

Don’t want to fixate on it too heavily early on, risky experiment for them to run at this level The concept around the

y-paper will be focused more on the Sub-DAO’s created!


Did an extensive ip trademark filing for y00ts They’ll also be filing one for DeGods soon too!

THE @DeGodsNFT@dust_labs ROADMAPS:

Still aiming for Monday/Tuesday drop! Frank has a lot of ppl working on the smart contract side of mint. On the frontend

side -> understaffed, like website for roadmap for example. Roadmap likely coming in an image/graphic design.

Hopefully, this was a good summary of all the INSANE alpha dropped in the space today! If you see anything that doesn’t

look quite right/ has been interpreted wrong please do comment on it, I never want to spread misinformation Thank You

for taking the time!























CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xZD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xBD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Sonic #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey pet #1

















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