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Columns by Artists and Writers

Bob Black / bq / Cem Turgay /

Fiona Smyth / Gary Michael Dault

/ Holly Lee / Kai Chan / Kamelia

Pezeshki / Ngan Chun-tung / Shelley

Savor / Tamara Chatterjee / Wilson

Tsang / + Still Life Still: A Book of

the Vessels (Gary Michael Dault)

MONDAY ARTPOST published on Mondays. Columns by Artists and Writers. All Right Reserved. Published since 2002.

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“The purpose of art is

washing the dust of

daily life off our souls.”





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Pablo Picasso


Wilson Tsang

The Present

Caffeine Reveries

Shelley Savor

Late Night Drive

Poem a Week

Gary Michael Dault

Pigeons and Paradox

statues in parks

wait on pigeons

like attendants

in washrooms

smooth jackets

hands out

big granites

floating in the park

whereas the pigeons

are the only




Yesterday Hong Kong

Ngan Chun Tung

Morning in Tai Po (Yuen Chau Tsai 大 埔 元 州 仔 1963)

8x10 inch, gelatin siver photograph printed in the nineties

Edition 15/50, signed and titled on verso

From the collection of Lee Ka-sing and Holly Lee

Leaving Taichung


Bob Black

The following poem, Hong Kong: Songs from the

Rooftops, is an 8-part poem that was written over the

course of the last 5 years. Each part corresponds to

a part of Hong Kong and each part also is dedicated

to a friend. It was completed this past spring. This

poem is dedicated to 8 friends, for whom the city

is a constant conversation in my head and heart,

regardless of the shape and tune.

This poem is dedicated to: Holly & Ka-sing Lee,

Nancy Li, Kai Chan, Yam Lau, Chris Song and Ting,

TimTim Cheng, Tammy Ho and Kristee Quinn.

May they always be filled with voices, food and

sound. Carry on.

Hong Kong: Songs from the Rooftops

“In these shaken times, who more than you holds

In the wind, our bittermelon, steadily facing

Worlds of confused bees and butterflies and a garden gone wild”

-- 梁 秉 鈞 , Bittermelon

VII Sai Kung: 西 貢 區

life splinters forward


we could not have our own--

memories already

sorted and peeled away—

the thread that holds the bamboo and palm light together.

He is that line that encircles shadow and rickshaw and holds you in place,

the line that brings the palimpsest of the child’s voice temperamental in the

corner of the neighbor’s life

and the long absences excavated

a grandmother’s sewing box falling off a broken balcony, splintered on the street

backalley cat accordianing itself through brick and mortal, balance beam life

your scribbled not a tram, sitting next to you a piece of paper fallen out of a


鬼 揞 眼

exoskeleton of a diary, a lost conductor, the paramour’s tears and parade,

dragon stone and dream--

as the walking guard demands written meaning

tabled upon jade jawlines

inked on family tensils and bones,

there is so much more.

Not so?

Still, waiting

you shall write that upon the scars of the river shelving the hillline

apples fallen upon the shy, persimmon and dragon fruit

underneath hooves

all that going and coming and tea once combined with pine needle and wool.

Thus: us, here.

I am you are

thinking of journeys, windward fire-burned settlings,

we leeward and hungry

ghost seed and flax sung set to flame

the crackle of ancestor,

a broken tooth, dimpled dappled stone and earth wing--

Hualien’s Eastern streets licked clean

the street vendor coastal chalked and quick

Taiwan taking toll through a forlorn train station: Duoliang 多 良

piggybacking one family lilting home,

one family disembarked, this stop and step and de-railing,

all its waving,

undulating wayward aspiration, memories per which

you climbed Eastward bound.

There their hearts grow wild from seed and surf and suffrage light

some thirsty self voracious in its fingering

the child tipping print upon soot and scenic swipes: ghosts

must be fed and so shall they--

must we?

Remaining with the impossible makes the ideapossible

The lacuna steeped inside

beside a solitary Lotus on a Sunday morning in August

and the years break like breath against the corners of our skin, wing’d and welp’d: 万 里 .

Once she held up the clouds while graffiti sled down the side of a wall

her tongue lapping up sky water and wind and there was something,

you new,

as she turned in the slanterned light, slacken

a thread that holds the bamboo and palm light together:

the bamboo thread that holds it all together

or was it only ever you.


Kai Chan


watercolour and pastel on paper


bq 不 清

給 不 懂 這 首 歌 的 意 思 的 你


有 沒 有 想 過 為 什 麼 雀 鳥 不 會

因 為 出 於 惡 意 而 失 聲 走 調 ?

清 晨 這 裡 , 檜 柏 樹 的

影 子 伸 展 得 又 長 又 低 就 像

Ever wondered why birds don’t

Chirp out of tune, out of spite?

Out here in the morning, junipers’

Shadows stretch long and low like

在 曠 野 上 隱 身 的 陸 軍 爬 行 , 而

只 要 太 陽 仍 然 能 像 增 添 了

顛 音 的 左 手 順 暢 地 連 奏 以 及

拱 於 天 空 , 永 遠 維 持

Stealth army crawls in the open, and

It is impossible for them to forever stay

In those shapes so long as the sun still

Arches across the sky like a smooth

那 個 形 狀 是 不 可 能 的 ——

悅 耳 的 聲 音 , 不 是 嗎 ? 但 偶 爾

事 情 很 快 會 陷 入 困 境

在 一 個 空 曠 的 十 字 路 口 , 停 止 標 誌 持 續

Left-hand legato, enriched with vibratos—

It’s music to our ears, isn’t it… but once in a while

Things can get bogged down real quick.

At an empty intersection, stop signs keep on

告 訴 對 方 停 止 前 行

彷 彿 他 們 無 法 對 事 情 有 一 致 的

看 法 。 引 線 穿 針 能 令 人 感 到 挫 敗

我 是 明 白 的 , 但 同 時

Telling each other to stop moving

Forward as though they can’t see eye to eye on

every Issues. Threading needles is frustrating,

I am sure, but at the same time, what

你 的 鬥 雞 眼 是 如 此 的 滑 稽 啊

這 些 能 在 這 裡 播 放 的 歌 曲

一 定 令 你 感 到 奇 怪 。 一 群 蜜 蜂

被 自 己 香 甜 的 蜜 糖 粘 著 了 。

Comic relief your crossed eyes can be.

It must be weird for you to hear different

Songs being played here. A swarm of bees

Stuck in their own sweet honey.


Fiona Smyth


Cem Turgay


Holly Lee

From Nowness: Meet the artist – Cecilia Vicuña


YouTube 4:57

The Spin Spin Triangulene is the artist’s first solo show in a New York


This retrospective features Vicuña’s artistic production from the late 1960s

to today, including paintings, works on paper, textiles, films, a site-specific

Quipu (Knot) installation.


YouTube 10:02

Cecilia Vicuña: About to Happen


YouTube 4:02

Trailer “KON KON” - a documentary film by Cecilia Vicuña


(HD video, 54 min, Chile 2010)

Cecilia Vicuna


The Photograph

coordinated by

Kamelia Pezeshki

Au Bout Du Monde by Christine Fitzgerald

From the Notebooks


Gary Michael Dault

From the Notebooks, 2010-2022

Number 153: The Buddha listening to the emanation of a rock (July 9, 2013)

Travelling Palm


Tamara Chatterjee

Canada (August, 2022) – We arrived to the

sounds of rhythmic vibrations; eagerly we

explored the vitalized movements circulating

around several groups of drummers.

In observance, in admiration, deep in

wonderment we spent the day taking in the

happenings at the Three Fire annual powwow.

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An excerpt from

Still Life Still: A Book of Vessels

by Gary Michael Dault

164 pages, 8x10 inch (20x25 cm), paperback, perfect bound

Published by OCEAN POUNDS, 2022

isbn: 9781989845363

Still Life Still: A Book of Vessels

Gary Michael Dault

First published in Canada by OCEAN POUNDS

July, 2022

Paperback edition

ISBN: 978-1-989845-36-3

Library and Archives Canada Cataloguing in


Art, Painting, Culture

Title -

Still Life Still: A Book of Vessels

Author -

Gary Michael Dault

Copyright ©2022 OCEAN POUNDS

Individual Copyrights belongs to the Artist

All Rights Reserved

For information about permission

to reproduce selections from this book,

write to mail@oceanpounds.com

Design by DOUBLE DOUBLE studio

Still Life Still: A Book of Vessels

read-on-line edition

available at Reading Room


A Book of Vessels, 10.25 x 10.25 inch (260 x 260

mm), 142 pages, spiral bound with covers in thick

cardboard. A Gary Michael Dault sketch book from


Published by OCEAN POUNDS

50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto,

Ontario, Canada M6J 3K6


PAGES from A Book of Vessels are available at OCEAN POUNDS Print Series Program: Each issued in an

edition of five, on 260 g/m Velvet Fine Art Paper. Sheet size: 13 x 9.5 inch. Signed by the artist. Numbered

and with “OP Selection” Blind Stamp.

Still Life Still:

A Book of Vessels

Paperback Edition


Order Print-on-Demand paperback edition at BLURB:


ebook (US$5.00), pdf download. Bonus: access code for read-on-line edition


164 pages, 8x10 inch (20x25 cm), paperback, perfect bound

Published by OCEAN POUNDS, 2022

isbn: 9781989845363

This is a Facsimile Edition of “A Book of

Vessels”, a Gary Michael Dault sketch book

from 2006-2007. The size of the original

piece is 10.25 x 10.25 inch (260 x 260 mm),

142 pages, spiral bound with covers in thick


PAGES from A Book of Vessels are available at OCEAN POUNDS Print Series Program: Each issued in an

edition of five, on 260 g/m Velvet Fine Art Paper. Sheet size: 13 x 9.5 inch. Signed by the artist. Numbered

and with “OP Selection” Blind Stamp.

Under the management of Ocean and Pounds

Since 2008, INDEXG B&B have served curators, artists,

art-admirers, collectors and professionals from different

cities visiting and working in Toronto.


48 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto




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