Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

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Welcome to our 2022 Product Guide

Every two month we release many special offers from

this list. We can mail or e-mail you the promotions

when they become available. All of our account

managers and drivers carry further copies should you

need them.

This brochure, monthly promotions, clearance list and our

deals of the day are all available to view anytime on-line at:



Dennis Edwards for Foodservice

Denbro House

13 Limberline Road,

Hilsea Industrial Estate, Hilsea,

Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 5JF

Tel: 02392 673034

Web: www.dennisedwards.com

Email: sales@dennisedwards.com

You can place your order in various ways, By using our Online

Ordering service, our Free App or via Telephone. We also

have our popular ansaphone service for any last minute

additions which runs all the way up to midnight.

Putting the ‘Service’ into Foodservice





Mark Jones (Sales Manager)

Niall Spalding

Jeremy Smith


Becky Edwards (General Manager)

Jo-anne Kelly

Alice Howlett


Mon • Tue • Wed •

Thu • Fri •


V Vegetarian


About Dennis Edwards for Foodservice

Dennis Edwards for Foodservice is a family owned and

run company established for over 45 years. Originally

founded by Dennis in 1973, his son Lawson Edwards

now heads the company. Lawson’s wife and daughter,

Bim and Becky are also involved in the day to day

business, Bim heading operations and warehouse with

Becky as the General Manager.

We are one of the largest independently owned foodservice

companies in Hampshire which enables us to bring you

high quality food and associated products along with a

professional yet flexible service.

We hope this information gives you most of what you need

to know about our company and the quality of service and

products we are able to offer. Should you require any further

information then please contact us on 02392 673034 and talk

to one of our team.

Amongst our many strengths are:

ISO 22000 & ISO 9001 accredited. These are international

quality standards for food safety, hygiene and handling, and

management quality systems.

Service that is second to none and the ability to offer pricing

that reflects an efficient family run and owned company.

We are able to supply you printed management statistics

if required in a variety of formats. These can be supplied

monthly, quarterly or annually.

Our product range consists of over 2,600 Frozen, Chilled

and Ambient product lines. Bespoke products can be easily

added to our portfolio to suit any of our customer’s unique

requirements. Our continued success is due to one factor

only and that is listening to our customer needs and adapting

our service to suit you. We maintain traditional values and still

believe that the customer is king.

Significant investment in our computer systems, allowing the

customer to place orders online, receive real time quotes

from your account manager, along with access to the latest

allergen information via Erudus so you can meet your legal

obligations easily.

A prominent member of Fairway Foodservice plc who

along with the other 19 members situated nationally, have a

combined purchasing strength of over half a billion pound

sterling. Working together, the Fairway group can offer

national distribution to compete, very effectively, with any

of the other national distributors.

Our customer portfolio is primarily the independent catering

sector, it also incorporates high profile pub groups, holiday

parks, nursing homes, golf clubs, schools, ministry of defence

establishments, hospitals, civic offices, historic and other

popular tourist venues.

Dennis Edwards for Foodservice

Quality Guaranteed



Baked Beans 11

Bar Sundries 23

Batter Mixes 17

Beverages Other 7

Biscuits Portion Packs 23

Biscuits Savoury 23

Biscuits Sweet 23

Bread Ambient 17

Bread Sliced Fresh 17

Cake Products & Decorations 15

Canned Meats 11

Cereals & Pulses 8

Cereals Bag Packs 7

Cereals Portion Packs 7

Coffee 7

Coffee Syrups 7

Condiments Brown Sauces 19

Condiments Mint, Apple Sauce & Fruit

Based, Chutneys etc

Condiments Mustard & Horseradish 21

Condiments Sachets & Sticks 19

Condiments Seafood Sauces 21

Cooking Gelatin 18

Cooking Sauce Mixes 18

Cooking Sauces Ready To Use 18

Cream Long Life 14

Curry & Chilli Powders 18

Curry Pastes 18

Custard 11

Dessert & Ice Cream Sauces 14

Desserts Ambient 14

Desserts Dehydrated 14

Dried Herbs 16

Eggs & Egg Products - Ambient 17

Essences & Flavourings 15

Fish Canned 11

Flavoured Teas 7

Flour 17

Flour Based Mixes 17

Food Seasonings & Colouring 16

Food Stocks & Thickeners 17

Food Stocks & Thickeners cont. 18

Fruit Dried 15

Fruit Pie Fillings 9


Fruit Puree & Coulis 9

Fruit Tins 9

Garlic 16

Gravy 17

Honey 9

Jam Portions 8

Jellies 15

Mayonnaise 21

Milk Long Life 14

Nuts 15

Oils & Cooking Fats 11

Pasta Canned 11

Pasta Dried 23

Pepper 16

Pesto Sauce 21

Pickles, Olives & Peppers 19

Pie & Flan Cases 14

Pizza Products Ambient 18

Potatoes Ambient 11

Preserve & Jams Bulk (Tubs) 9

Preserve & Jams in Jars 8

Puree 21

Rice Ambient 23

Salad Cream 21

Salad Dressings & Garnish 21

Salt 16

Sandwich Spreads Ambient 8

Sauces Curry 18

Sauces Oriental 18

Seeds 16

Soup Dehydrated 11

Soup Heat & Serve 11

Spices Polypots 16

Stuffing & Breadcrumbs 16

Suet 17

Sugar & Sweetener Portion Packs 8

Sugar & Sweeteners 8

Tea 7

Treacles & Syrups 8

Vegetables Large Tins 9

Vegetables Smaller Tins 9

Vinegar 21

Wafers & Cones 23

Yoghurts Ambient 15


Bacon Products 27

Beef, Lamb & Duck 26

Brie, Goats Cheese & Stilton 29

Butter & Spreads Chilled 28

Butter Substitute 28

Charcuterie 30

Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese Chilled 29

Chilled Dips & Spreads 28

Cooked Meats Chilled 30

Cream Fresh & Chilled 28

Egg & Egg Products Fresh & Chilled 30

Fresh Chicken & Poultry Products 27

Fresh Fish 26

Fresh Fruit & Herbs 25

Fresh Salad 25

Fresh Vegetables 25

Gammon, Ham & Pork 27

Margarine 28

Milk & Cream Fresh & Chilled 27

Pate Chilled 30

Sandwich Fillings 28

Sausages Fresh & Chilled 26

Sliced & Grated Cheese 29

Soft & Cream Cheese 29

Speciality Cheeses 29

Speciality Cooked Pies Chilled 27

Yoghurts Chilled 27


Beef Burgers 35

Bread 40

Buffet & Starters 32

Butter, Cream & Cheese Frozen 43

Cheeses Breaded Frozen 32

Chefs Excellence Chips & Wedges 53

Chicken Meat & Products 39

Chicken Products Coated 39

Chips & Wedges Frozen 53

Crab & Crustaceans 34

Crolines 32

Cupcakes & Doughnuts 47

Entree Individual 33


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

Entree Individual Vegetarian 33

Ethnic Appetisers 32

Ethnic Mexican 38

Filled Panini & Toasties 41

Fish - Breaded Fillets 34

Fish - Breaded Products 34

Fish Cakes 34

Fish Specialities 35

Fish, Battered Fillets 33

Fish, Battered Products 33

Fish, Plain Fillets & Portions 34

Fish, Smoked 35

Fruit Polybags 51

Frozen Rice,Salads & Pastas 51

Ice Cream & Sorbets 43

Ice Cubes 45

Ice Lollies Impulse 43

Meat & Butchery Frozen 35

Meatballs & Ribs 35

Omelettes & Pancakes 33

Pastry & Cooking Dough 40

Pies & Pasties 38

Pizza Bases & Pizza Products Frozen 37

Pizza Toppings Frozen 37

Potatoes 53

Potatoes Jackets 53

Potatoes Roast 53

Potatoes Skin On 53

Prawns - King & Shell On 35

Prawns Cooked & Peeled 34

Quiche 33

Salmon & Trout 35

Sausage Rolls - Ready To Bake 39

Sausage Rolls Baked 39

Sausages Frozen 37

Savoury Canapes & Appetisers 32

Savoury Suet Puddings 33

Scampi & Shrimp 35

Speciality Pies Cooked & Frozen 39

Stuffing Balls 33

Sweet Canapes & Petit Fours 47

Sweets Cheesecake Preportioned 45

Sweets Cheesecake Whole 45

Sweets Fruit Pies & Tarts Precut 46

Sweets Fruit Pies & Tarts Whole 46

Sweets Gateau & Cakes Precut 46

Sweets Gateau Whole 47

Sweets Gateau Whole Meringue 47

Sweets Gluten Free Desserts 45

Sweets Individual 47

Sweets Loaf Cakes 51

Sweets Log Puddings 49

Sweets Morning Goods Thaw N Serve 47

Sweets Morning Goods To Bake 47

Sweets Mousse Cups 49

Sweets Pudding Individual Sauced 49

Sweets Puddings Individual No Sauce 49

Sweets Tray Cake Pre Portioned 49

Turkey Coated 39

Turkey Meat Frozen 39

Vegetables Bulk 51

Vegetables Coated Frozen 32

Vegetables Polybags 51

Vegetarian & Quorn Products 39

Vegetarian Burgers & Sausages 37

Vol Au Vents 40

Yorkshire Puddings 43


Aqua Splash Fruit Flavoured Spring Water 55

Cadbury’s Confectionery 58

Cereal Bars & Misc Confectionery 59

Confectionery Dinner Mints 59

Energy Drinks 55

Fruit & Jelly Sweets 59

Fruit Juice & Drink Tetra Large 56

Fruit Juice Small 55

Individual Wrapped Cakes Muffins


Mars Confectionery 58

Milk Shakes 57

Nestle Confectionery 58

Post Mixes & Syrups 57

Pouch Packs 59

Premium Crisps 58

Presse Glass Bottles 55

Radnor Fizz Sparkling Water 55

Soft Drinks Bottled Carbonated 55


Soft Drinks Canned 56

Soft Drinks Still Bottled 55

Sparkling Bottled Water 57

Squash & Cordials No Added Sugars 56

Squashes & Cordials 56

Walkers Crisps & Bar Snacks 57

Water Bottled Still 57

Non Food

Bin Liners & Vacuum Bags 61

Bleach & Disinfectants 61

Broom Handles, Heads & Dustpan & Brush


Candles & Firelighters 64

Cleaners General 61

Cling Film 63

Cups & Lids Disposables 65

Cutlery & Chef Knives 64

Cutlery & Plates - Disposable 64

Degreasers 61

Dishwasher Tablets & Salt 61

Dispenser Bottles 65

Dusters, Cloths, Scourers & Tea Towels 62

Floor Cleaning 63

Foil 63

Food Bags 65

Food Carriers 66

Hygiene & Food Safety Products 63

Kitchen Utensils & Equipment 65

Machine Detergents 61

Mop Handles, Heads & Buckets 62

Napkins 64

Packaging Takeaway 65

Paperware 64

Polish & Air Fresheners 61

Speedwrap Dispensers 63

Stationery 63

Table Covers 64

Toilet & Washroom Cleaner 61

Toilet Tissue & Washroom 63

Washing Powders & Fabric Conditioners 62

Washing Up Liquids 61


Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com

































Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

Explore the full range fw.link/assured

Online Ordering App

Our FREE app offers a range of features and

benefits which include:

• Access your account 24/7 giving you the

flexibility to place your orders whenever

suits you. (Orders placed before 23:59pm

delivered next working day).

• A pre-loaded order card with your

recently purchased items.

• Mark your essentials as favourites for

ease of ordering.

Product search feature - find more

information on any product of interest.

• Access your statements and invoices 24/7.

• Access allergen and nutritional

information on all products 24/7.

• Check your delivery schedule.

• View our latest promotions and

clearance items.

How to Download the App

1. Install the COLDWEB (By Lady Lodge Systems LTD)

app on your phone.

2. Enter DEFS as the authorization code and click ACTIVATE.

3. Enter customer ID and PASSWORD, Click LOGIN.

4. Search for products you want to order.

For further information please contact your account

manager or telesales.

If you wish to be set up for online ordering please contact

telesales for your login details.


3060 Nescafe Coffee

6457 Porridge Oats

9447 Bovril Powder

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit


Coffee Syrups

5529 V Fairway Tea Bags Fairway 1100x1

8493 V Yorkshire Tea Bags Yorkshire 480x1

5759 V Pyramid Tea Bags 1 Cup PG Tips 1100x1

8051 V Typhoo Tea Bags Typhoo 1100x1

9871 V Tetley Tea Bags Tetley 1100x1

7115 V Tetley 4 Pint Catering Tea Bags Tetley 82x4Pint

3163 V Decaf Tea Bags Tetley 6x40

2922 V Envelope Tea Bags PG tips 200x1

Flavoured Teas

4427 V Earl Grey Envelope Tea Bags Twinings 50x1

9379 V English Breakfast Tea Bags Twinings 50x1

7975 Fairtrade Red Berries Tea Bags Litchfields 20x1

3129 V Green Tea Envelope Tea Bags Twinings 20x1

9924 Lemon & Ginger Tea Twinings 4x20

1254 V Peppermint Envelope Tea Bags Twinings 20x1


8756 V Coffee Granules Blue Tin Maxwell House 1x750g

7993 V Dark Espresso Coffee Beans Douwe Egberts 1x1kg

2779 V Kenco Decaf Jars Kenco 6x100g

5661 V Nescafe Gold Latte Nescafe 1x1kg

5849 V Fairway Coffee Granules Fairway 1x750g

7992 V Smooth Freeze Dried Instant Coffee


1273 V Decaff Freeze Dried Instant Coffee






3060 V Coffee Granules Nescafe Original Nescafe 1x750g

5621 V Nescafe Coffee Sticks Nescafe 200x1.8g

6337 V Nescafe Original Decaffeinated


7246 V Nescafe Original Decaff Coffee






1035 V Gold Blend Coffee Granules Nescafe 1x750g

9777 V Single Serve Filter Coffee Rombout 6x10s

5146 V Caramel Coffee Syrup Davinci 1x1ltr

6967 Hazelnut Coffee Syrup Davinci 1x1ltr

5931 V Vanilla Coffee Syrup Davinci 1x1ltr

Beverages Other

9447 Bovril Beef Powder Drink Bovril 1x450g

7584 Instant Hot Chocolate Sticks Cadburys 30x28g

1460 Cadburys Bournville Cocoa Cadburys 1x1.5kg

2359 Drinking Chocolate Add Warm Milk Cadburys 1x2kg

2909 Fairtrade Instant Hot Chocolate Fairtrade 1x2kg

3708 V Horlicks Horlicks 1x2kg

3920 V Ovaltine Ovaltine 1x800g

Cereals Bag Packs

3622 V Corn Flakes Cereal Bag Pack Kelloggs 1x500g

5364 V Corn Flakes Cereal Bulk Pack Kelloggs 1x3.3kg

4174 V Ready Brek Cereal Pack Readybrek 1x450g

4441 V Fruit N Fibre Cereal Kelloggs 1x700g

3318 V Crunchy Nut Cereal Bag Pack Kelloggs 1x500g

7640 Bran Flakes Cereal Bag Pack Kelloggs 1x500g

6619 V Rice Krispies Cereal Bag Pack Kelloggs 1x400g

6327 Kelloggs Cereal Luxury Muesli Kelloggs 1x2kg

6457 V Porridge Oatflakes Oatmeal

Medium Pack



9236 V Original Shreddies Cereal Nestle 1x460g

9449 V Shredded Wheat Cereal Nestle 1x16s

8214 Cheerio’s Cereal Nestle 1x375g

1318 V Original Oat Granola Cereal Mornflake 1x500g

6065 V Porridge Oatflakes Oatmeal Bulk



Cereals Portion Packs


6280 Oat So Simple Golden Syrup Quaker 9x360g NEW

4841 V Rice Krispies Cereal Portion Packs Kelloggs 40x22g

1739 V Coco Pops Cereal Portion Packs Kelloggs 40x35g

7285 Corn Flakes Cereal Portion Packs Kelloggs 40x24g

2566 V Cereal Portion Packs Mixed Varieties Kelloggs 35x1ptn

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Cereals Portion Packs cont.

7112 V Alpen Muesli Cereal Portion Packs Alpen 30x50g

7360 V Weetabix Cereal Pack A Weetabix 4x12Bisc

9839 V Weetabix Cereal Pack B Weetabix 48x2s

7776 V Weetabix Cereal Pack C Weetabix 96x21g

1680 V Oat So Simple Original Quaker 8x50g

2655 V Oat So Simple Sachet’s Quaker 6x8x27g

Cereals & Pulses

5608 V Cous Cous SPL 1x1kg

6869 V Green Lentils Puy type Triplelion 1x3kg

1082 V Chick Peas Tins Caterers 1x800g

7559 V Split Red Lentils SPL Foods 1x3kg

Sugar & Sweeteners

4409 V Granulated Sugar Silverspoon 1x1kg

3871 V Granulated Sugar Bulk Silverspoon 1x10kg

2149 V Granulated Sugar Sack Silverspoon 1x25kg

5162 V Demerara Sugar Silverspoon 1x3kg

6846 V Dark Brown Sugar Silverspoon 1x3kg

5334 Light Soft Brown Sugar Silverspoon 1x3kg

7324 V Icing Sugar Silverspoon 1x3kg

9371 V Caster Sugar Silverspoon 1x1kg

1110 V Caster Sugar Bulk Silverspoon 1x10kg

4082 V Caster Sugar Sack Silverspoon 1x25kg

2545 V Granular Sweetener Bulk In A Drum Canderel 1x500g

5967 Sweetex Calorie Free Sweeteners Sweetex 6x600pk

8753 V Cafe Cubes White Rough Billingtons 1x750g

3773 V Cafe Cubes Demerara Rough Billingtons 1x750g

Code Product Brand Unit

Sugar & Sweetener Portion


9668 V Canderel Granular Sweetener Sticks Canderel 1000x4g

9307 White Sugar Sticks 2.5g Fairway 1000x1

4110 V Brown Sugar Sticks 2.5g Fairway 1000x1

Treacles & Syrups

5703 V Canadian Maple Syrup Vertmont 1x1ltr

1888 V Golden Syrup Silverspoon 1x680g

8602 V Golden Syrup Large Poly Container Silverspoon 1x7.26kg

8070 V Black Treacle Jar Silverspoon 1x680gm

Sandwich Spreads Ambient

6949 V Chocolate Spread Nutella 1x750g

3604 V Marmite Portions Marmite 24x8g

3118 V Marmite Jar Marmite 1x125g

6707 V Marmite Tub Marmite 1x600g

6019 V Peanut Butter Crunchy Duerrs 1x340g

3335 V Peanut Butter Smooth Aimia 1x340g

Jam Portions

7693 V Assorted Jam Portions Duerrs 96x20g

4090 V Fine Cut Marmalade Portions Duerrs 96x20g

5877 V Strawberry Jam Small Glass Jar Tiptree 72x28g

5527 V Orange Marmalade Mini Glass Jars Tiptree 72x28g

7910 V Strawberry Jam Portions Duerrs 96x20g

Preserve & Jams in Jars

1721 V Apricot Jam Cl 1x450g

2170 V Diabetic Scotch Marmalade Stute 1x430g

9333 V Diabetic Strawberry Jam Stute 1x430g

5558 V Golden Shredless Marmalade Jars Robertsons 6x454g

1082 Chick Peas

6949 Nutella

9839 Weetabix B


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

2035 Cheesecake Filling Mix

3533 Marmalade

5015 Refried Beans

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

7877 V Lemon Curd Small Glass Jar Gales 1x410g

8191 V Strawberry Jam Jar Bonnemaman 6x370g

3133 V Pineapple Slices In Syrup Caterers 1x822g

3368 V Pitted Black Cherries In Syrup Caterers 1x850g

Preserve & Jams Bulk (Tubs)

6313 Chilli Jam Tracklements 1x1.4kg

2986 V Strawberry Jam Tub Duerrs 1x3kg

3533 V Marmalade Jam Tub Duerrs 1x3kg

7567 V Mixed Fruit Jam Tub Duerrs 1x3kg

8916 V Raspberry Jam Tub Menz&Gasser 1x3kg


5653 V Squeezy Honey Hilltop Honey 1x720g

Fruit Pie Fillings

2035 V Cheesecake Filling Birds 1x1.2kg NEW

1245 V Apple & Blackberry Pie Filling Margetts 1x2.5kg

2180 V Black Cherry Pie Filling Margetts 1x2.5kg

6456 V Bramley Apple Fruit Pie Filling Cl 1x1.8kg

5187 V Red Cherry Pie Filling Margetts 1x2.5kg

5128 V Lemon Curd Large Tub Margetts 1x3kg

2814 V Sweet Mincemeat Margetts 1x3kg

5259 V Lemon Meringue Filling Mix Mcdougalls 1x24ptn

Fruit Puree & Coulis

5373 V Mango Fruit Coulis Kuli 1x300g

4403 V Raspberry Coulis Kuli 1x300g

Fruit Tins Small & Medium Size

1691 V Fruit Cocktail In Juice Caterers 1x820g

4452 V Mandarins In Juice Caterers 1x820g

5489 Peach Slices in Juice Princes 6x410g

4076 V Pineapple Pieces In Syrup Cl 1x836g

1518 Apricot Halves Princes 1x410g

3415 V Mandarin Broken Segments Juice Princes 1x298g

3759 V Prunes In Syrup Princes 1x420g

8120 V Grapefruit Segments In Syrup Tins Caterers 1x540g

9469 V Peach Slices In Juice Caterers 1x820g

Fruit Tins Large Size

8423 V Red Plum Halves In Juice Fontinella 1x2.6kg

9752 V Apricot Halves In Juice Caterers 1x2.65kg

4539 V Fruit Cocktail In Juice Caterers 1x3kg

5357 V Peach Slices In Juice Caterers 1x2.6kg

7141 V Pear Halves In Juice Caterers 1x2.6kg

3936 V Pineapple Slices In Light Syrup Caterers 1x3kg

2066 V Mandarins In Light Syrup Riverdene 1x2.5kg

2748 V Solid Pack Apples In Water Fontinella 1x2.6kg

2453 V Rhubarb In Light Syrup Princes 1x2.82kg

Vegetables Large Tins

7243 V Roasted Whole Red Peppers Caterers 1x2.5kg

4229 Sliced Mushrooms Caterers 1x2.45kg

6299 V Marrowfat Processed Peas In Water Cl 1x2.66kg

4980 V Butter Beans Caterers 1x2.5kg

6287 V Canned Sweetcorn Caterers 1x2.12kg

4378 V Mushy Peas Fairway 1x2.61kg

1872 V Chopped Tomatoes In Juice Fairway 1x2.55kg

9107 V Plum Tomatoes In Juice Fairway 1x2.5kg

8457 V Red Kidney Beans Fairway 1x2.5kg

Vegetables Smaller Tins

1150 Green Jalapeno Slices in Brine Fontinella 1x800g NEW

5015 Refried Beans Santa Maria 6x415g

1051 V Small Tins Mushy Peas Batchelors 1x300g

1917 V Butter Beans Caterers 1x800g

3445 V Cannellini Beans Caterers 1x800g

5235 V Chopped Tomatoes In Juice Caterers 1x800g

2076 V Plum Tomatoes In Juice Caterers 1x800g

4153 V Sweetcorn Nibblets In Small Tins Caterers 1x340g

1009 V Sundried Tomatoes In Oil Cooks 1x1kg

3886 V Red Kidney Beans small Fairway 1x800g

2014 V Five Bean Salad Fontinella 1x800g

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com


Baked Beans








AVAILABLE IN 1.8kg & 840g CANS

Our Fairway Assured Baked Beans recipe is developed

specifically with caterers in mind, to deliver a superior,

consistent product which performs well, whether serving

immediately or holding on a breakfast bar.

We have a high bean to sauce ratio made from the finest

quality ingredients with no compromise. We also offer a

reduced salt and sugar option to meet any required health

guidelines. Beans are low in fat and calories, high in dietary

fibre and are a good source of protein.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

3321 Mash Potato Mix

8690 Tuna Chunks

4639 Reduced Sugar & Salt Baked Beans

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Baked Beans

4639 V Low Sugar & Salt Baked Beans Fairway 1xA6

8168 Pilchards In Tomato Sauce Glenryck 1x155g

2364 Pink Wild Salmon Caterers 1x418g

9506 V Fairway Baked Beans Fairway 1x2.62kg

1751 V Heinz Baked Beans Small Tins Heinz 1x415g

3932 V Heinz Baked Beans Heinz 1x2.6kg

6077 V Heinz Baked Beans Fridge Pack Heinz 1x1kg

8954 V Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce Anna 1x400g

2746 V Baked Beans Tins Fairway 1x840g

Soup Dehydrated

8434 V Broccoli & Stilton Soup Knorr 1x425g

6807 V Carrot & Coriander Soup Knorr 1x425g

2770 V Cream Of Veg Soup Knorr 1x425g

2360 Oxtail Soup Mix McDougalls 1x2.25kg

Pasta Canned

5624 Pork Ravioli Caterers 1x2.65kg

2722 Beef Ravioli Heinz 1x410g

4563 V Macaroni Cheese Heinz 1x400g

3707 V Spaghetti In Tomato Sauce Small Tin Heinz 1x400g

7516 V Spaghetti Hoops Small Tin Heinz 1x400g

1711 V Spaghetti Hoops In Tomato Sauce Caterers 1x2.55kg

Potatoes Ambient

3321 V Low Salt Mash Potato Mix Maggi 1x4kg

Canned Meats

7801 Bockwurst Hot Dog In Brine Wikinger 12x60g

7791 Chopped Pork & Ham Spam 1x340g

6620 Pork Luncheon Meat Plumrose 1x250g

4347 Princes Ham Round Tin Princes 1x200g

4121 Wikinger Hot Dogs x30 Wikinger 30x50g

1723 Corned Beef Large Tin Mcf 1x2.72kg

3578 Corned Beef Small Tin Hertford 1x340g

Fish Canned

4677 Sardines in Sunflower Oil Princes 1x120g

3822 Tuna Chunks In Brine Fairway 1x800g

8690 Tuna Chunks In Brine Fairway 1x1.88kg

8530 Tuna Chunks In Brine Earth Bounty 1x400g

2918 Tuna Chunks In Brine Small Tins Caterers 1x185g

Soup Heat & Serve

8869 V Minestrone Soup Knorr 1x12ptn

8411 V Tomato Soup Knorr 1x12ptn

2881 Heinz Classic Oxtail Soup Heinz 1x400g

9755 Heinz Chicken Soup Tins Heinz 1x400g

4995 V Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup Heinz 1x400g

9404 V Heinz Mushroom Soup Heinz 1x400g

8641 V Heinz Vegetable Soup Heinz 1x400g

Oils & Cooking Fats

2930 V Rapeseed Oil Ktc 1x5ltr

2240 V Sunflower Oil Ktc 1x1ltr

4605 V Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spain 1x5ltr

8663 V Pomace Oil Blend Ibero 1x5ltr

6145 V Rapeseed Cooking Oil Consumers 1x20ltr

4878 V Vegetable Cooking Oil Fairway 1x20ltr

1757 Lard Meadowchurn 1x250g

8533 Goose Fat Mcf 1x320g


2002 Ambrosia Custard Pot Ambrosia 12x150gm

4552 V Custard Powder Add Milk & Sugar Middleton 1x3.5kg

8260 V Custard Ready To Serve Tetra Pack Kerrymaid 1x1ltr

7253 V Custard Powder Add Milk And




9627 V Instant Custard Mix Add Water Birds 1x3kg

4847 Sardines In Tomato Sauce John West 1x120g

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com


Naturally high in protein,

Naturally low in fat,


It has to be HEINZ


3.7g of

fibre per












800g℮ AND 1880g℮


Delicious, healthy, moist and succulent. We only use the

Skipjack species, the most sustainable source of tuna and

source it from waters where stocks are regularly monitored

by the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation

(ISSF). We have full traceability back to the fishing vessel,

are dolphin friendly with facilities satisfying all the

requirements of the Earth Island Institute (EII) Programme of


This is available in 1.88kg and 800g for added convenience

and once opened can be stored in a refrigerator for a

maximum of two days.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com


Code Product Brand Unit

Milk Long Life

1250 V Barista Oat Long Life Drink Milk Alpro 1x1ltr

9365 V Coconut Milk Soy Drink for




4436 V Roasted Almond Unsweetened Milk Alpro 1x1ltr

9721 Semi Skim Milk Portions Meadowchurn 150x14g

6682 V Soya Milk (Professional) Alpro 1x1ltr

2050 UHT Semi Skimmed Milk Viva 1x1ltr

9104 V Coconut Milk 5-7% Golden Palace 1x400ml

3064 V Coconut Milk Powder Maggi 1x1kg

6037 V Coffee Mate Original Nestle 1x2.5kg

6924 V Evaporated Milk Tin Nestle 1x410g

6067 V Sweetened Condensed Milk Nestle 1x397g

4964 V Milk Powder Skimmed Millac 1x2kg

6663 V Milk Individual Portions UHT Lakeland 120x12ml

7697 V Semi Skimmed Milk Portions UHT Lakeland 120x12ml

Cream Long Life

6205 V Angelito Ice Cream Mix Angelito 12x1ltr

8012 V Cream Individual Portions UHT Lakeland 120x12ml

1842 Dairy Cream UHT Squirty / Aerosol Meadowchurn 1x500g

3359 V Double Cream UHT Meadowland 1x1ltr

9715 V Flora Plant 100% Double Flora 1x1ltr

1106 V Single Cream Alternative UHT




7040 V Whipping Cream UHT Kerrymaid 1x1ltr

Dessert & Ice Cream Sauces

3144 Lotus Biscoff Topping Lotus 1x1kg

9827 V MacPhie Panna Cotta Macphie 1x1ltr

8652 Salted Caramel Dessert Topping




2539 V Toffee Dessert Sauce Askeys 1x600g

9800 V Brandy Sauce Macphie 1x1ltr

4000 V Creme Brulee Macphie 1x1ltr

Code Product Brand Unit

4043 V Maple Dessert Syrup Davinci 1x500g

5031 V Chocolate Ice Cream Sauce Davinci 1x500g

3249 V Strawberry Ice Cream Sauce Davinci 1x500g

1190 V Raspberry Ice Cream Sauce Davinci 1x500g

Pie & Flan Cases

6950 Brandy Snap Baskets Silverspoon 90x1

5414 V Savoury Pastry Case Edlers 1x8”

2831 V Savoury Tartlet Case 11cm Pidy 42x1

9953 V Sweet Tart Cases 11cm Pidy 72x1

4984 V Brandy Snap Baskets Askeys 6x100g

1007 V Continental Sponge Flan Cases Baker Street 1x10”

5737 V Meringue Nests Lees 72x1

Desserts Ambient

3858 V Alpro Chocolate Dessert Alpro 6x4x125g

2496 V Alpro Vanilla Dessert Alpro 6x4x125g

1251 V Boudoir Sponge Fingers Bonomi 1x400g

9687 V Assorted Flapjacks A Ind Pearls Pearls 20x1

8338 V Assorted Flapjacks B Ind Pearls Pearls 20x1

4931 V Mixed Muffins Individually Wrapped Pearls 24x1

3467 V Handmade Luxury Bakewell Tarts Country 12x1

6536 V Creme Caramel Dessert Mix Birds 1x20ptn

Desserts Dehydrated

5081 V Dream Topping Birds 1x373g

8477 Fine Semolina Semolina 1x3kg NEW

7055 Lemon Mousse Mix Carte D’Or 1x600g

6142 V Mousse Mix Milk Chocolate 70% Callebaut 1x800g

4793 V Mousse Mix White Chocolate 58.5% Callebaut 1x800g

6479 V Angel Delight Banana Birds 1x24ptn

7546 V Angel Delight Butterscotch Birds 1x24ptn

3323 V Angel Delight Chocolate Birds 1x24ptn

9715 Flora Plant Double

5737 Meringue Nests

9365 Coconut Milk


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

6268 Milk Callets

9263 Angel Delight Raspberry

7435 Strawberry Jelly Squeeze

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

3072 V Angel Delight Strawberry Birds 1x24ptn

9263 V Angel Delight Raspberry Birds 1x24ptn

3922 V Semolina SPL Foods 1x3kg


8778 V Jelly Crystals Raspberry Vegetarian Mcdougalls 1x3.5kg

1081 V Jelly Crystals Strawberry Reduced


Dr Oetker


7435 V Strawberry Flavoured Jelly Squeeze Fruitypots 16x95g

9252 Assorted Flavours Jelly Tablets Hartleys 12x135g

4482 Jelly Crystals Blackcurrant SPL Foods 1x3.5kg

1783 Jelly Crystals Orange Chef William 1x3.5kg

2160 Jelly Crystals Raspberry Chef William 1x3.5kg

8295 Jelly Crystals Strawberry Chef William 1x3.5kg

2629 V Mandarin Fruit Jelly Pots Fruitypots 18x120g

2880 V Peach Jelly Pots Fruitypots 18x120g

1465 V Tropical Fruit Jelly Pots In Pineapple




9463 V Red Quick Jel Pouch Greens 1x35g

Yoghurts Ambient

3307 V Fat Free Pasteurised Yoghurt Mix


Golden Acre


Cake Products & Decorations

9609 V Carnation Caramel Nestle 6x397g

3240 Dark Chocolate Cooking Chips Britannia 1x1.1kg

9071 HARIBO Chamallows Minis Haribo 1x1kg

9095 V Natural Marzipan Nut Free Oetker 1x500g

6315 White Chocolate Cooking Chips Mcdougalls 1x1.1kg

4919 V Dark Chocolate Callets 54.5% Callebaut 1x2.5kg

6268 V Milk Chocolate Callets 33.6% Callebaut 1x2.5kg

3046 V Milk Chocolate Block Oetker 1x750g

2279 V White Chocolate Callets 28% Callebaut 1x2.5kg

2492 V Cocoa Powder Fat Reduced Premier Foods 1x500g

3519 V Baking Powder Fairway 1x800g

1761 V Bicarbonate Of Soda Fairway 1x1kg

6840 V Hundreds & Thousands Mcdougalls 1x500g NEW

6819 V Chocolate Sugar Strands Waverley 1x1kg

5424 V Dried Red Yeast Fermipan 1x500g

7828 V Paper Cupcake / Bun Cases CPW 1000x1 t

5197 V Muffin Cases Cl 250x1 t

Essences & Flavourings

3746 V Lime Juice Cl 1x1ltr

7932 V Almond Flavouring / Essence Oetker 1x500ml

1114 V Vanilla Essence Oetker 1x500ml

3642 V Lemon Juice Bottle KTC Edibles 1x200ml


5484 V Whole Cashew Nuts Curtis 1x1kg

4333 V Sweet Chilli Coated Nuts Nobbys 20x40g t

8848 V Chopped Mixed Nuts Curtis 1x1kg

4565 V Medium Desiccated Coconut Curtis 1x2kg

2984 V Dry Roasted Nuts Nobbys 24x50g t

1634 V Salted Peanuts Nobbys Nobbys 24x50g t

5809 V Dry Roasted Peanuts on Card KP 24x50g t

6247 V Blanched Flaked Almonds Fairway 1x1kg

1997 V Blanched Ground Almonds Fairway 1x1kg

3472 V Walnut Halves Fairway 1x1kg

7158 V Original Salted Peanuts On Card KP 21x50g t

Fruit Dried

3038 V Glace Cherries Fairway 1x1kg

5314 V Dried Cranberries Curtis 1x1kg

5041 V Dried Raisins Fairway 1x3kg

3184 V Dried Whole Pitted Apricots Curtis 1x3kg

9784 V Dried Mixed Fruit & Peel Fairway 1x3kg

6977 V Dried Pitted Prunes Curtis 1x3kg

5469 V Currants Curtis 1x3kg

8435 V Sultanas Fairway 1x3kg

7936 V Pitted Dates Curtis 1x3kg

2854 Mini Marsh Mallows Caterlink 1x1kg

4146 V Regalice Icing Renshaws 1x1kg

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Food Seasonings & Colouring

9622 V Blackened Cajun Seasoning Fairway 1x370g

7569 V Italian Seasoning Fairway 1x175g

4474 V Mexican Fajita Seasoning Fairway 1x500g

8050 Tandoori Seasoning Fruishon 1x950g

Dried Herbs

6087 V Cut Rosemary Fairway 1x300g

3346 V Dried Chives Air Dried Rolls Fairway 1x50g

4402 V Dried Cut Tarragon Fairway 1x110g

1165 V Dried Dill Weed (Tips) Fairway 1x135g

9773 V Dried Herbs Mixed Fairway 1x175g

7034 V Dried Mixed Mushrooms Brigade 1x400g

4283 V Dried Parsley Fairway 1x100g

7003 V Dried Rubbed Basil Fairway 1x200g

8680 V Dried Rubbed Oregano Fairway 1x150g

6033 V Dried Rubbed Sage Fairway 1x160g

8604 V Dried Whole Bay Leafs Fairway 1x80g

6374 V Ground Coriander Fairway 1x450g

5229 V Ground Cumin Fairway 1x450g

9912 V Rubbed Mint Fairway 1x200g

6489 V Rubbed Thyme Fairway 1x275g

2514 Saffron Herb Ff 1x1g NEW

Spices Polypots

4510 V Cinnamon Sticks World of Spice 1x180g

6680 V Ground Cinnamon World of Spice 1x450g

2199 V Garam Masala Fairway 1x450g

9395 V Ground Ginger Fairway 1x500g

6511 V Ground Mix Spice Fairway 1x500g

3469 V Ground Nutmeg Spice Fairway 1x500g

6044 V Ground Turmeric Fairway 1x550g

Code Product Brand Unit


2825 V Cumin Whole Seeds World of Spice 1x400g


7400 V Garlic Chopped In Oil Cooks&Co 1x1kg

8159 Garlic Granules Cl 1x700g

2771 V Garlic Powder Fairway 1x550g

7332 V Garlic Puree Tub Cambray 1x1kg


5430 V Coarse Sea Salt Fairway 1x1200g

9734 V Fine Sea Salt Saxa 1x350g

4155 Saxa Table Salt Saxa 12x70g

2810 V Sea Salt Flakes Malden 1x250g

8904 V Table & Cooking Salt Tub Salt Company 1x6kg


9548 V Cayenne Pepper Fairway 1x500g

4800 V Cracked Black Pepper Fairway 1x500g

5880 V Ground Black Pepper Fairway 1x600g

6338 V Ground White Pepper Fairway 1x600g

7599 V Pink Peppercorns Schwartz 1x220g

2242 Saxa Ground Black Pepper Saxa 12x25g

9178 V Whole Black Peppercorns Fairway 1x600g

Stuffing & Breadcrumbs

6153 Gluten Free Breadcrumbs Gf 1x1kg NEW

7148 V Natural Bread Crumbs Cambray 1x3kg

3233 V Panko Bread Crumbs SPL Foods 1x1kg

7314 V Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing Paxo 1x2.5kg

9468 V Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix Cambray 1x3kg

4615 V Hot Smoked Paprika Fairway 1x600g

1364 V Spanish Paprika Fairway 1x500g

2199 Garam Masala

7314 Paxo Sage Onion Stuffing

7332 Garlic Puree


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

2157 GF Gravy Poultry

2709 Plain Flour

4775 Beef Bouillon Paste

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Bread Ambient

Eggs & Egg Products - Ambient

5874 V Croutons Brioche 1x500g

6951 V Poppadoms Extra Large Sharwoods 1x1kg

3874 Prawn Crackers Yangtse River 1x2kg

Bread Sliced Fresh

3339 V Kingsmill Medium 50/50 Bread Kingsmill 1x800g

9237 V Kingsmill Medium White Bread Kingsmill 1x800g

8891 V Kingsmill Thick White Bread Kingsmill 1x800g

1990 V Kingsmill Medium Wholemeal Bread Kingsmill 1x800g

4688 V Kingsmill Thick Wholemeal Bread Kingsmill 1x800g


3749 00 Flour Fwp 1x1kg NEW

8986 V Gluten Free Self Raising Flour Doves Farm 1x1kg

7881 V Windrush Strong White Flour Sack FWP Matthews 1x16kg

2709 V Plain Flour Small Bag FWP Matthews 1x1.5kg

1280 V Self Raising Flour Small Bag FWP Matthews 1x1.5kg

6137 V Gluten Free Plain Flour Suma 1x1kg

4680 V Bulk Self Raising Flour Sack FWP Matthews 1x16kg

4429 V Bulk Plain Flour Sack FWP Matthews 1x16kg

2955 V Corn Flour James Brown 1x3.5kg

Flour Based Mixes

9077 V Chocolate Sponge Mix Cl 1x3.5kg

1590 Donut Vanilla Mix Middleton 1x12.5kg

9633 V Plain Muffin Mix Middleton 1x3.5kg

9641 V Shortcrust Pastry Mix Mcdougalls 1x3.5kg

1773 V Wholemeal Diabetic Sponge Mix Oetker 1x1kg

7416 V Crumble Mix Middleton 1x3.5kg

3975 V Scone Mix Sweetened Mcdougalls 1x3.5kg

3451 V White Bread Roll Mix Mcdougalls 1x3.5kg

4245 V Fudge Brownie Mix Middleton 1x3.5kg

5491 V Plain Sponge Mix Mcdougalls 1x3.5kg

8749 V Lion Medium A Grade Caged Eggs

5 Dozen



7389 V Free Range Med Eggs Lion 5 Dozen Birdbros 60x1


1298 Atora Suet Shredded Beef Atora 1x2kg

1154 V Vegetable Suet Mix Middleton 1x3kg

1606 Suet Mix Cl 1x3.5kg


2157 V Gluten Free Gravy Granules For

Poultry Dishes



6022 Chicken Gravy Granules Bisto 1x25ltr

7181 V Original Beef Gravy Granules Bisto 1x25ltr

2102 V Original Gravy Powder Bisto 1x40ltr

3266 Turkey Bisto Granules Bisto 1x25ltr

1678 V Vegetable Gravy Granules Bisto 1x25ltr

6589 V Gravy Browning Schwartz 1x950g

1447 V Instant Gravy Granules Fairway 1x2kg

7231 V Gluten Free Meat Gravy Mix Knorr 1x25ltr

8682 Original Gravy Mix Maggi 1x1.8kg

Food Stocks & Thickeners

9375 Thick & Easy Food Thickener Hormel 1x4.5kg

4775 Beef Bouillon Paste Fairway 1x1kg

6424 V Beef Bouillon Powder Fairway 1x2kg

4590 Chicken Bouillon Paste Fairway 1x1kg

1899 Beef Original Stock Cubes Oxo 60x1

8281 Chicken Stock Cubes Oxo 60x1

8532 V Vegetarian Stock Cubes Oxo 60x1

8784 Premium Beef Bouillon Paste Gluten


2621 Premium Chicken Bouillon Paste

Gluten Free





2850 Fish Bouillon Paste Knorr 1x1kg

Batter Mixes

2067 V Fish Batter Mix Mcdougalls 1x3.5kg

1938 Premium Lamb Bouillon Paste

Gluten Free

9287 V Premium Vegetable Bouillon Paste

Gluten Free





Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Food Stocks & Thickeners cont.

1031 V Thickening Granules For Sweet &

Savoury Dishes



3241 V Vegetable Bouillon Paste Fairway 1x1kg

Cooking Sauces Ready To Use

2101 V Burger Sauce Cl 1x1ltr

9935 V Cheddar Cheese Sauce Tetra Macphie 1x1Ltr

7797 V Louisianna Barbeque Sauce Lion 1x1ltr

2878 Pepper Sauce Cl 1x1ltr

5989 V White Lasagne Sauce Dolmio 6x470g

4695 V Bolognese Sauce Dolmio 1x2.28kg

7678 V Tomato & Basil Sauce Homepride 1x2kg

8286 V Knorr Hollandaise Sauce Knorr 1x1ltr

4458 V Hollandaise RTU Sauce Kerrymaid 1x1ltr

3843 V Bechamel RTU Sauce Kerrymaid 1x1ltr

9776 V Texan Barbeque Sauce Ben’s Original 1x2.51kg

9202 V Chilli Con Carne Sauce Ben’s Original 1x2.3kg

8789 V Piri Piri Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

1219 V Mexican Thick & Chunky Salsa Foodfellas 1x2.3kg

7806 V Sticky Barbeque Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

5311 V Rich & Rustic Tomato Sauce Maggi 1x3kg

Cooking Sauce Mixes

1440 V Bechamel Sauce Mix Maggi 1x2kg

5078 V Demi Glace Mix (Makes 16ltrs) Maggi 1x1.52kg

5551 V Parsley Sauce Mix Knorr 1x5ltr

9235 V Cheese Sauce Mix Batchelors 1x1.68kg

Cooking Gelatin

8110 Bronze Leaf Gelatine Dr Oetker 1x1kg

Code Product Brand Unit

Curry & Chilli Powders

9314 V Chilli Powder World of Spice 1x500g

9586 V Mild Curry Powder Fairway 1x500g

Sauces Curry

7229 V Black Bean Sauce Cl 1x2.15lt

6945 V Jalfrezi Indian Curry Sauce Pataks 1x2.2ltr

3285 V Korma Sauce Pataks 1x2.2ltr

5596 V Tikka Masala Sauce Pataks 1x2.2ltr

Curry Pastes

7418 V Balti Paste Knorr 1x1.1kg

7097 V Green Thai Curry Paste Blue Dragon 1x1.15kg

1765 V Korma Paste Knorr 1x1.05kg

7965 V Madras Paste Knorr 1x1kg

6432 V Tikka Masala Paste Unilever 1x1.1kg

Pizza Products Ambient

5506 V Spicy Pizza Sauce HLD 1x2.95kg

Sauces Oriental

2684 V Dark Soy Sauce Leekumkee 1x1.9ltr

7182 V Dark Soy Sauce Blue Dragon 1x150ml

7535 V Hoi Sin Sauce Blue Dragon 1x1.1ltr

7978 V Light Soy Sauce Blue Dragon 1x2ltr

3906 Plum Sauce Plum 1x350ml NEW

7052 V Sweet & Sour Sauce Ben’s Original 1x2.43lt

2644 V Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce Cambray 1x1ltr

3285 Korma Sauce

8789 Piri Piri Sauce

9935 Cheese Sauce


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

1504 Tomato Sauce

8469 Capote Capers

Sauce Sachets

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Condiments Sachets & Sticks

Condiments Brown Sauces

6706 Tartare Sauce Sachets Heinz 200x10g

7172 V Heinz Tomato Sauce Sachets Heinz 200x10ml

3885 V Heinz Free Range Mayonnaise




7671 V HP Brown Sauce Sachets HP 200x10ml

1954 V Tomato Sauce Sachets Portion 200x10g

8618 V Brown Sauce Sachets Portion 200x9g

4570 V English Mustard Sachets Portion 200x5g

3665 V Mayonnaise Sachets Portion 200x9g

2316 V Tartare Sauce Sachets Portion 200x9g

5014 V Salad Cream Sachets Portion 200x9g

7268 V Malt Vinegar Sachets Portion 200x7ml

8208 V Salt Sachets Fairway 2000X1

9010 V Black Pepper Sachets Fairway 2000x1

Pickles, Olives & Peppers

8469 Capote Capers Fairway Fairway 1x1kg

9047 V Piccalilli Cl 1x2.25kg

8346 Sliced Beetroot Happy Shopper 1x340g

4691 V Capers Fines In Vinegar Opies 1x2.4kg

4977 V Cocktail Gherkins In Vinegar Opies 1x2.3kg

6171 V Pitted Black Olives Opies 1x2.37kg

6989 V Pitted Green Olives Opies 1x2.37kg

6684 V Pickled Onions In Dark Vinegar Drivers 1x2.5kg

6935 V Sliced Beetroot Drivers 1x2.25kg

6181 V Sweet Sandwich Pickle Drivers 1x2.4kg

3781 V Jalapeno Peppers In Brine Elfuego 1x2.72kg

3522 V Olives Arnaud Melange Provencal



4151 V Branston Pickle Original Crosse &




2653 V Small Chunk Pickle Branston 1x2.55kg

4760 V Small Chunk Pickle Branston 1x360g

7385 V Small Jars Of Piccalilli Happy Shopper 1x360gm

6041 V Standard Gherkins in Vinegar Fairway 1x2.25kg

5082 V Brown Sauce Squeezy Bottles Crucials 1x1ltr

9193 V Brown Sauce Fairway 1x4.3kg

1812 V HP Brown Sauce HP 1x2ltr

3244 V Squeezy HP Brown Sauce HP 1x285g NEW

Condiments Mint, Apple Sauce

& Fruit Based, Chutneys etc

6976 Chargrilled Tomato Chutney Arran 1x1.33kg

5612 V Colman’s Mint Sauce Small Jar Colman’s 1x165g

6086 V Cranberry Sauce Small Jar Colman’s 1x165g

5085 V Apple Sauce Small Jar Colman’s 1x155g

7777 V Chunky Apple Sauce Foodfellas 1x2.3kg

8038 V Cranberry Sauce Foodfellas 1x2.5kg

1551 V Mango Chutney Shaws 1x2.4kg

4540 V Mint Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

5422 V Caramelised Red Onion Chutney Opies 1x1.15kg

1913 V Spicy Pear Chutney Garden 1x1.2kg

Condiments Tomato Ketchup

& Relishes etc

1504 V Fairway Tomato Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

4331 Heinz Firecracker Sauce Heinz 1x875ml

6930 Sriracha Sauce Flying Goose 1x450ml

9680 Worcester Sauce Lea & Perrins 1x150ml

5281 V Heinz Tomato Ketchup Sauce Heinz 1x2.15lt

8743 V Heinz Squeezy Tomato Ketchup

Sauce Bottles

2384 V Tomato Ketchup Sauce Squeezy

Disposable Bottle





8429 V Hamburger Relish Shaws 1x2.4kg

6517 V Squeezy Barbeque Sauce Crucials 1x1ltr

8146 Worcester Sauce Large Lea&Perrins 1x2ltr

8320 V Tabasco Red Hot Pepper Sauce Mcilhenny 1x350ml

6269 V Sweet Silverskin Pickled Onions Drivers 1x2.25kg

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com









2.5ltr, 5ltr, 10ltr CONTAINERS

Formulated specifically for the catering industry, Fairway

Assured mayonnaise is available as Premium Real Mayonnaise,

Thick & Creamy and Caterers Light. All variants are

available in a choice of 2.5, 5 and 10 litre reusable containers.

All three have been benchmarked against brand leaders and

are recognised for their creamy, intense flavour and rich consistency

for a better taste and texture. The range performs

well for side of plate, salads, coleslaws and sandwiches.

We only use rapeseed oil which is rich in monounsaturated

fat and high in omega 3.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

8049 Prawn Cocktail Sauce

3221 Tomato Paste

8951 Dijon Mustard

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Condiments Mustard &


9705 V American Hot Dog Mustard Cl 1x1ltr

3713 V Coarse Grain Mustard Fairway 1x2.27lt

Salad Cream

3308 Heinz Salad Cream Heinz 1x875ml

2790 Salad Cream Glass Bottle Heinz 1x285g

6482 V Salad Cream Jars Fairway 1x2.27lt

8951 V Dijon Mustard Fairway 1x2.27lt

3005 V English Mustard Squeezy Bottles Colman’s 1x150g

4171 V English Mustard Colman’s 1x2.25lt

5832 V English Mustard Fairway 1x2.27lt

8201 V French Mustard Fairway 1x2.27lt

5533 V Glass Jars English Mustard Colman’s 1x100g

9221 V Horseradish Sauce Small Jar Unilever 1x136g

8588 V Horseradish Sauce Colman’s 1x2.25lt

7408 V Horseradish Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

4726 V Mustard Wholegrain Colman’s 1x2.25lt

Condiments Seafood Sauces

8049 V Prawn Cocktail Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

9317 V Seafood Sauce Small Jar Colman’s 1x155g

8688 V Tartare Sauce Small Jar Colman’s 1x144g

5889 V Tartare Sauce Colman’s 1x2.25lt

4173 V Tartare Sauce Fairway 1x2.27lt

Pesto Sauce

5397 V Green Pesto Sauce Cook&Co 1x1.2kg


2992 Passata Sieved Tomatoes Cirio 1x1kg

9462 V Small Tube Tomato Puree Cirio 1x140g

3221 V Tomato Paste Puree Fairway 1x800g

Salad Dressings & Garnish

7761 Blue Cheese Dressing Cl 1x1ltr

9903 Guacamole Style Topping Santa Maria 1x940g

1262 V Vinaigrette Dressing Hellmann’s 1x1ltr

9197 Yoghurt & Mint Dressing Cl 1x1ltr

1835 V Ceasar Salad Dressing Fairway 1x2.27lt

6689 V French Salad Dressing Fairway 1x2.27l

1295 V Honey & Mustard Dressing Fairway 1x2.27lt


4553 Light Mayonnaise Hellmann’s 1x2ltr

2289 Light Mayonnaise Fairway 1x5ltr

6808 Premium 70% Real Mayonnaise Fairway 1x5ltr

5520 V Mayonnaise Bucket Hellmann’s 1x5ltr

5180 Thick & Creamy Mayonnaise Fairway 1x10ltr

8646 V Real Mayonnaise Large Bucket Hellmann’s 1x10ltr

2511 V Real Mayonnaise Hellmann’s 1x2ltr

5600 V Mayonnaise Squeezy Bottles Devonstyle 1x1Ltr


7335 V Balsamic Glaze Martin Mathew 1x500ml

7774 V Balsamic Vinegar Gourmetc Class 1x5ltr

9310 V Fairway Malt Vinegar Fairway 1x5ltr

8684 V Red Wine Vinegar Fairway 1x5ltr

4163 V Sarsons Malt Vinegar Sarsons 1x5ltr

2148 V Table Bottles Vinegar Sarsons 1x330ml

6556 V White Wine Vinegar Fairway 1x5ltr

7106 V Hellmann’s VEGAN Mayonnaise Hellmann’s 1x2.5kg

3747 V Garlic Mayonnaise Fairway 1x2.27lt

9874 V Garlic Mayonnaise Squeezy Devonstyle 1x1ltr

9257 V Squeezy Table Bottles Mayonnaise Hellmann’s 1x430ml

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com










The Fairway Assured pasta range covers 7 pasta shapes all

made from durum wheat semolina including Penne Rigate,

Conchiglie, Fusilli, Fusilli Tricolore, Farfalle, Macaroni and


Selected from only the highest quality 100% durum wheat,

our pasta retains starch so it doesn’t overcook and has both

a unique and authentic taste.

Produced in a fully automated production mill with an

integrated test laboratory, the quality and consistency is

truly outstanding. Production is managed responsibly to

minimise the ecological footprint and there is full traceability

for you to buy with confidence.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

2527 Mini Pack Biscuits

7390 Biscuits for Cheese

5530 Fusilli Pasta

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Pasta Dried

Biscuits Sweet

1319 Cannelloni Pasta SPL 12x250g

3105 Pot Noodle Chick & Mush Pot Noodle 12x90g

5530 V Large Dried Pasta Fusilli Twists SPL Foods 1x3kg

9504 V Macaroni Pasta Elbows SPL Foods 1x3kg

1679 V Penne Quills Pasta SPL 1x3kg

2124 V Tagliatelle Pasta SPL Foods 1x500g

2647 V Farfelle Dried Pasta Bows SPL Foods 1x3kg

2245 V Short Spaghetti Pasta 10” SPL Foods 1x3kg

9179 V Egg Noodle Nests Triplelion 1x3kg

Rice Ambient

9574 V EZ Cook Basmati Rice Aunt Caroline 1x5kg

6616 V EZ Cook Long Grain Rice Aunt Caroline 1x5kg

3498 V Arborio Risotto Rice Morehead 1x5kg

6218 V Round Short Grain Pudding Rice SPL Foods 1x3kg

6623 V Ambrosia Rice Pudding Tin Ambrosia 1x400g

6943 V Tinned Rice Pudding Crosse &


Wafers & Cones


7545 Fan Wafers Sanremo 200x1

5987 V Medium Waffle Cones Coneman 195x1

4638 V Small Waffle Cones Coneman 294x1

7628 V Valetto Chocolate Curl Wafers Valetto 280x1

Biscuits Portion Packs

2860 V Big Biscuit Box Nestle 1x71mix t

1294 Ginger Bread People Biscuits 3 pack Hill 80x3pk

2527 V Hill Mini Pack Biscuits (3 per pack) Hill 100x33g

1707 Milk Chocolate Teacakes Tunnocks 12x6’s

9981 Special Scottish Shortbread Highland 4x10pk

6551 V Caramelised Biscuits Lotus 300x5g

5024 V Jaffa Cakes Snack Pack McVities 20x4’s

9642 V Bourbon Creams Biscuits Hill 1x200gm

6640 V Chocolate Chip Cookie Biscuits Hill 1x200gm

1796 V Chocolate Creams Biscuits Hill 1x150g

7953 V Chocolate Orange Creams Biscuits Hill 1x150g

2252 V Coconut Creams Biscuits Hill 1x150g

1755 V Crawford’s Jam Ring Biscuits Crawford’s 1x125g

7840 V Crawford’s Nice Biscuits Crawford’s 1x200g

8886 V Custard Creams Biscuits Hill 1x150g

7436 V Digestive Biscuits McVities 1x250g

1684 V Digestive Biscuits Hill 1x300gm

3945 V Family Circle Biscuits Selection McVities 1x620g

5743 V Fig Rolls Biscuits Hill 1x200gm

8847 V Fruit Shorties Biscuits Hill 1x150g

2969 V Garibaldi Biscuits Crawford’s 1x100gm

2619 V Ginger Nuts Biscuits Hill 1x250g

2801 V Lemon Creams Biscuits Hill 1x150g

9059 V Malted Milk Biscuits Happy Shopper 1x200gm

4009 V Milk Chocolate Digestive Biscuits Mcvities 1x266g t

7960 Oreo Biscuits Single Pack Oreo 16x154g

1890 V Pink Wafer Biscuits Hill 1x100gm

3379 V Plain Hobnobs Biscuits McVities 12x300g

8124 V Rich Tea Biscuits McVities 1x200g

9175 V Rich Tea Biscuits Hill 1x300g

2788 Strawberry Creams Biscuits Hill 1x150g

8331 V Sweet Biscuits Assortment Hill 1x350g

Biscuits Savoury

7390 V Biscuits For Cheese Jacobs 1x900g

7393 V Cream Crackers Jacobs 12x300g

Bar Sundries

6202 Black Flexi Straws 5mm Dispo 250xstrw t

5237 Paper Smoothie Straw Disposables 200x1 t

2839 Straight Paper Straws Redstripe 250x1 t

5539 Cocktail Sticks Heraldplasti 1x2000 t

5154 Wooden Skewers 10” Plastico 1x200 t

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



2794 Kiwis 1764 Fresh Strawberries 7603 Lemons

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Fresh Fruit & Herbs

2396 Fresh Basil Newtons 1x20gm

9810 Fresh Blueberries Newtons 1x125g

3398 Fresh Coriander Newtons 1x20gm

6954 Fresh Curly Parsley Newtons 1x20gm

2444 V Fresh Garlic Bulbs Newtons 1x350g

2341 Fresh Ginger Newtons 1x1kg

2794 Fresh Kiwis Newtons 4x1

1832 Fresh Large Watermelon Newtons 1x1sgl

1830 V Fresh Mint Newtons 1x100g

7843 Fresh Raspberries Newtons 1x125g

3427 Fresh Rosemary Newtons 1x20gm

9602 Fresh Sage Newtons 1x20gm

3434 Fresh Satsumas Newtons 1x1kg

1764 V Fresh Strawberries Newtons 1x400g

2296 Fresh Tarragon Newtons 1x20gm

6100 Fresh Whole Pineapple Newtons 1xsgl

9208 Green Apples Newtons 1x2kg

1663 V Fresh Bag of Braeburn Apples Newtons 1x2kg

8879 V Fresh Bananas Newtons 5x1

1698 V Fresh Chives Newtons 1x20g

2758 V Fresh Honeydew Melon Newtons 1x1sgl

9397 V Fresh Oranges Newtons 1x2kg

3477 V Fresh Flat Leaf Parsley Newtons 1x20g

4525 V Fresh Pears Newtons 1x1.5kg

5944 V Fresh Red Grapes Newtons 1x500g

7603 V Fresh Whole Fresh Lemons Newtons 10x1

8048 V Fresh Green Grapes Newtons 1x500g

3482 V Fresh Limes Newtons 10x1

2125 Orange Peppers Newtons 1x1kg

5896 V Fresh Aubergines Newtons 1x2pk

3977 V Single Butternut Squash Newtons 1x1sgl

7734 V Fresh Broccoli Head Newtons 1x1sgl

2651 V Fresh Whole Fresh Carrots Newtons 1x2kg

2282 V Fresh Red Cabbage Single Newtons 1x1sgl

3095 V Fresh Whole Savoy Cabbage Newtons 1x1sgl

8541 V Fresh Whole White Cabbage Newtons 1xsgl

1746 V Fresh Whole Cauliflower Newtons 1xsgl

2003 V Fresh Courgettes Newtons 1x1kg

1819 V Fresh Leeks Newtons 1x2kg

8318 V Baby New Potatoes Newtons 1x10kg

3697 V Fresh Best Quality Chipping




4889 Fresh Spinach Newtons 1x100g

3511 V Fresh Whole Swede SGL Newtons 1x1sgl

2593 V Fresh Parsnips Newtons 1x1.5kg

9376 V Washed White Potatoes Rimmerblue 1x25kg

8952 V Fresh Baking / Jacket Potatoes 40s Newtons 1x15kg

2227 V Fresh New Potatoes Newtons 1x750g

8492 V Fresh Washed Maris Piper Potatoes Newtons 1x20kg

4990 V Washed Prepack Potatoes Newtons 1x2kg

Fresh Salad

1348 V Red Peppers x3 Newtons 3x1

2868 V Fresh Beef Tomatoes Newtons 1x6pk

5413 V Fresh Button Mushrooms Newtons 1x2.5kg NEW

6575 Fresh Kale Newtons 1x250g

4144 Large White Onions 3 pack Newtons 1x3pk

9877 Red Onions Net of 3s Newtons 1x3’s

Fresh Vegetables

4126 Fresh Asparagus Newtons 1x250g

8169 Fresh Baby Corn Newtons 1x90g

6962 Fresh Chantenay Carrots Newtons 1x1kg

8845 Fresh Jalapeno Peppers Newtons 1x2kg

5277 Fresh Mangetout Newtons 1x150g

7287 Fresh Radishes Newtons 1x150g

2474 V Fresh Sweet Potatoes Newtons 1x2kg

2057 V Fresh Avocados Newtons 1x10

3097 V Baby Gem Lettuce Twin Pack Newtons 2x1

2650 V Baby Leaf Salad Newtons 1x500g

4937 V Fresh Crispy Salad Bags Ff 1x500g

7517 V Fresh Mixed Salad Bag Ff 1x500g

2039 V Fresh Leaf Rocket Bags Newtons 1x100g

6568 V Fresh Iceberg Lettuce Newtons 1x1sgl

2525 V Fresh Cucumbers 2 Pack Newtons 2x1

2206 V Fresh Celery Head Newtons 1x1

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Fresh Salad continued

4737 V Fresh Cherry Tomatoes Ff 1x1.5kg

2011 V Punnet Fresh Cherry Tomatoes Newtons 1x250g

9860 V On The Vine Cherry Tomatoes Newtons 1x1.5kg

9893 V Fresh Standard Tomatoes Newtons 1x2kg

4004 V Fresh Vine Tomatoes Newtons 1x2kg

1950 V Fresh Cup Mushrooms Newtons 1x2.5kg

3869 V Fresh Mushrooms Newtons 1x250g

2028 V Fresh Cooking Brown Onions Newtons 1x2.5kg

3631 V Fresh Red Onions 60/80 Newtons 1x2.5kg

4905 V Fresh Mustard Cress in Punnet Newtons 1x1

7521 V Fresh Bunch Spring Onions Newtons 3x1

8639 V Fresh Mixed Chillies Newtons 1x250g

2757 V Fresh Mixed Peppers Ff 1x2.5kg

5920 V Mixed Whole Peppers Newtons 3x1

Fresh Fish

9711 500G Smoke Salmon Side Craigellachi 1x500g

Beef, Lamb & Duck

9093 B/R Shoulder of Lamb Solent SBW

1417 Bone in Leg of Lamb Solent SBW

6664 Diced Leg of Lamb Solent SBW

5887 Diced Ox Kidney Solent SBW

8343 Fillet Of Beef SBW Solent SBW

1253 Fillet Steak Ind SBW Solent SBW

1637 Fresh Beef Burgers 80% Solent 4x4oz

9358 Fresh Haggis Solent 1x454g NEW

9185 Fresh Rump Steaks (5 Pack) Solent 5x170g

5584 GF Italian Beef Meatballs Solent 48x28g NEW

4473 GF Mediterranean Pork Meatballs Solent 48x28g NEW

9338 Italian Beef Meatballs Solent 48x28g NEW

3847 Leg Lamb Steaks 5 Pack Solent SBW

Code Product Brand Unit

7605 Mediterranean Pork Meatballs Solent 48x28g NEW

4064 Sirloin Steaks Fresh Ind Solent SBW

2805 Stir Fry Beef Strips Solent SBW

2498 Topside Corner Cut Beef With

Added Fat



9330 Butcher Box B-170 Selection Solent 1xB170

8212 Butcher Box B-180 Selection Solent 1xB180

6855 Diced Lambs Liver Solent SBW

7996 Rump Steaks Ind SBW Solent SBW

9826 Fresh Diced Beef SBW Solent SBW

2662 Diced Braising Steak Solent SBW

9242 Diced Stewing Lamb SBW Solent SBW

9769 Hand Diced Steak&Kidney 70/30




3493 Fresh Minced Beef 85% Lean SBW Solent SBW

3535 Fresh Minced Beef 95% Lean SBW Solent SBW

6192 Minced Lamb 85% Fresh Solent SBW

7987 Fresh Silverside Beef Joint UK SBW Solent SBW

8702 Fresh Topside Of Beef Boned/Rolled




9795 Boned/Rolled Lamb SBW Solent SBW

7898 Fresh Braising Steak SBW Solent SBW

5745 Fresh Lamb Leg Steaks SBW Solent SBW

7709 Fresh 4oz Beef Burgers Solent 10x4oz

9940 Fresh Beef Burgers 10x170g Solent 10x170g

1167 Gressingham Duck Legs Solent SBW

7391 Fresh Lamb Shanks 300-450g Solent 8x1

7925 Fresh Sliced Lambs Liver SBW Solent SBW

Sausages Fresh & Chilled

3399 Fresh Cumberland Sausages 6s Solent 1x1.5kg

4916 Fresh Cumberland Sausages 8s Solent 1x2.5kg

7737 Fresh Cumberland Sausages Rings Solent 8x200g

3870 Fresh Lincolnshire Sausages 8s Solent 1x2.5kg

2773 Fresh Pork 8s Sausages Solent 1x2.5kg

9893 Fresh Tomatoes 4905 Fresh Cress

8639 Fresh Chillies


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

1089 Sirloin Steaks 4916 Cumberland Sausages 8993 Prime Back Bacon

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

5027 Fresh Pork Sausage Meat Solent 1x500g

1068 Fresh Pork Sausages 6s Solent 6x1

6709 Fresh Traditional Pork Sausages 6s Solent 1x1.5kg

1153 Gluten Free Fresh Pork Sausages 6s Solent 1x1.5kg

3894 Pork Sausages 16s Solent 1x1.81kg

Bacon Products

5972 Cooked Streaky Bacon Dew Valley 1x1kg

9410 Diced Sweetcure Bacon Dew Valley 1x1kg

8993 Select Rindless Best Back Bacon Fine Quality 1x2kg

2292 Smoked Best Back Bacon Fine Quality 1x2.27kg

5331 Streaky Smoked Bacon Chilled Solent 1x2.27kg

Gammon, Ham & Pork

3826 Frozen Pulled Pork Houghton 1x500g

6151 Gammon Steaks Fresh Solent SBW

5362 Fresh Diced Pork SBW Solent SBW

6770 Fresh Minced Pork SBW Solent SBW

8890 Fresh Boned/Rolled Green Gammon




9303 Boneless Whole Pork Belly Joint Solent SBW

8775 Fresh Boneless Leg Of Pork UK SBW Solent SBW

8059 Fresh Boned/Rolled Pork Loin SBW Solent SBW

4398 Fresh Boned/Rolled Pork Shoulder


2693 Horseshoe Gammon Steaks Fresh

5 pack

7614 Fresh Pork Loin Boneless Steaks





Fresh Chicken & Poultry


9436 Skin On Chicken Supremes x5 Solent 5x1




9060 BBQ Glaze Chicken Wings Solent SBW

7356 Diced Turkey breast SBW Solent SBW

7623 Fresh Chicken Drum Sticks Solent SBW

9728 Fresh Minced Turkey SBW Solent SBW NEW

2589 Boned/Rolled Fresh Chicken Solent SBW

7096 Fresh Whole Chickens SBW Solent SBW

9323 Fresh Turkey Butterfly SBW Solent SBW

1775 Fresh Boned/Rolled Turkey Crown




6660 Fresh Boned/Rolled Turkey SBW Solent SBW

3187 Fresh Chicken Breasts Fillets Weddel 1x5kg

6610 Fresh Chicken Breasts 5 pack



9241 Turkey Steaks Escalops SBW Solent SBW

5230 Fresh Chicken Thighs Boneless Skin



1281 Single Joint Chicken Wings (Prime) Solent kilo



Speciality Cooked Pies Chilled

2991 Gala Pie Mcf 1xLog

Yoghurts Chilled

5067 Authentic Greek Yoghurt Greek 1x1kg

3699 V Greek Natural Yoghurt 0% Fat Fage Total 1x170g

4654 Little Stars Fromage Frais Yoplait 6x45g

5693 V Thick & Creamy Assorted Muller


8315 V Thick & Creamy Yoghurt

(3 Flavours In Tray)


Golden Acre



Milk & Cream Fresh & Chilled

2927 Semi Skimmed Milk Watsons 1x1ltr

9835 V Skimmed Milk Red Watsons 1x1pint

7565 Whole Milk Watsons 1x1pint

9386 V Set Sour Cream Compsey 1x2kg

9476 V Fresh Semi Skimmed Milk Watsons 1x2ltr

6921 V Fresh Whole Milk Watsons 1x2ltr

3179 V Semi Skimmed Milk Watsons 1x1pint

7813 Semi Skimmed Pergall 13.6ltr Watsons 1x24Pint

6464 V Whole Milk Pergall 13.6ltr Watsons 1x24Pint

5559 V Fresh Skimmed Milk Wiseman 1x2ltr

7259 Hot n Spicy Chicken Wings Solent SBW

3200 Fresh Diced Chicken Breast SBW Solent SBW

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Cream Fresh & Chilled

5946 V Creme Fraiche Compsey 1x2kg

3248 V Devon Clotted Cream Devon Cream



2343 V Fresh Double Cream 2.27ltr Wiseman 1x4pint

3077 V Fresh Whipping Cream Muller 1x2ltr

Butter & Spreads Chilled

3670 V Plant B+tter Salted Flora 1x250g

8217 V Plant B+tter Unsalted Flora 1x250g

7165 V Salted Butter Block Meadowchurn 1x250g

3912 Unsalted Butter Block Meadowchurn 1x250g

8659 V Butter Portions Size 7 Meadowchurn 100x7g

5805 V Buttery Spread Fairway 1x2kg

7154 V Soft Spread Fairway 1x2kg

5473 V Lurpak Spreadable Butter Lurpak 1x1kg

1956 V Clover Spread Clover 1x2kg

9319 V Dairylea Cheese Triangles Dairylea 6x125g

9635 V Dairylea Cheese Spread Dairylea 12x145g

Chilled Dips & Spreads

7537 Potato Salad Mcf 1x2kg

3360 Coleslaw Midland 1x2kg

8036 V Houmous Calders 1x1kg

2079 V Potato Salad Cl 1x1kg

Butter Substitute

3380 V Whirl Butter Substitute Whirl 1x4ltr


1428 V Flora Light Spread Flora 8x250g

2184 V Flora Light Flora 8x500g

4061 Flora Original Spread Flora 1x2kg

Code Product Brand Unit

1768 V Flora Spread Portions Flora 100x10gm

6309 V Original Spread Flora 1x250g

1786 V Premium Baking Margarine Kerrymaid 1x250g

3190 V Stork Margarine Tub Stork 1x2kg

Sandwich Fillings - Meat Value

8528 Chicken & Bacon Filler Midland 1x1kg

Sandwich Fillings Long Life

1258 Bang Bang Chicken Sandwich Filler Nene 1x1kg

8372 Chicken & Sweetcorn Filler Nene 1x1kg

6265 Coronation Chicken Sandwich Filler Nene 1x1kg

8768 V Coronation Mayonnaise Bucket Oasis 1x2.5ltr

1315 V Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich Filler Nene 1x1kg

5696 Jamaican Jerk Chicken Sandwich


1883 Marinated Chinese Chicken

Sandwich Filler

3742 Marinated Italian Chicken Sandwich


8824 Marinated Piri Piri Chicken Sandwich










5762 V Mexican Mayonnaise Oasis 1x2.5ltr

2135 Tuna & Mayonnaise Sandwich Filler Nene 1x1kg

Sandwich Fillings - Chicken


8017 Chicken Tikka Mayonnaise

Sandwich Filler



Sandwich Fillings - Sea Food


3526 Prawns In Mayonnaise Nene 1x1kg

7321 Tuna & Sweetcorn Sandwich Filling Nene 1x1kg

9650 Flora Original Flora 8x500g

3190 Stork 3380 Whirl

Coronation Chicken


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

7185 Mature Cheddar

8514 Brie

Fairway Cheese Range

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Sandwich Fillings - Cheese Value

8540 V Cheese & Spring Onion Sandwich




2808 V Shredded Mozzarella Blend Cheese


2416 V Sliced Mature Cheddar Cheese

50 slices approx





Brie, Goats Cheese & Stilton

6073 V Blue Stilton Cheese Ring Longman 1x2kg

1700 V Blue Stilton Cheese Wedges Tuxford 1x220g

6827 V Goat Cheese Log Bettine 1x1kg

8514 V Round Soft Whole Brie Cheese Fayrefields 1x1kg

Cheddar & Mozzarella Cheese


2085 Mini Mozzarella Balls Bocconcini Mcf 1x1kg

9901 V Fairway Mature Cheddar Cheese


9634 V Fairway Mild White Cheddar

Cheese Block

3055 V Real Mature White Cheddar

Cheese Block







7185 V Mature Cheddar Cheese Small Block Fairway 1x2.5kg

4948 V Extra Mature Cheddar Cheese Strongman 1x5kg

5667 V Small Mature White Cheddar Fayrefields 1x200g

4264 V Small Mild White Cheddar Fayrefields 1x200g

3317 V Mixed Cheese Portions Fayrefields 50x20g

2557 V Soft Mozzarella Cheese Log Lamaggiore 1x1kg

3793 V Mozzarella Balls Lamaggiore 1x125g

7731 Smoked Cheese Cl 1x350g

7816 V Vegan Grated Mozzarella Longman 1x2kg

6101 V Violife Vegan Slices Violife 1x200g

Soft & Cream Cheese

1255 V Full Fat Cream Cheese Tub Compsey 1x2kg

4597 V Mascarpone Tub Galbani 1x500g

6825 Original Soft Cheese Primula 1x200g

6751 Philadelphia Full Fat Soft Cream




1137 V Ricotta Cheese Villa 1x1.5kg

Speciality Cheeses

6569 V Edam Cheese Frico 1x2kg

4470 V Emmental Cheese Slices Dairygold 50x20g

5623 V Mexicana Cheese Half Moon Norseland 1x1.5k

1272 V Grated Parmesan Cheese Reggiano 1x500g

1841 Greek Feta Cheese Kolios 1x900g

4549 V Halloumi Cheese Yamas 1x250g

5416 V Parmesan Cheese Block Grano 1x1kg

9863 V Red Leicester Cheese Midland 1x2.5kg

4079 V Wensleydale With Cranberries




4617 V Whole Round Mini Camembert Prairie 1x240g

8259 V Smoked Applewood Cheddar Mcf 1x1.5kg

Sliced & Grated Cheese

5726 V Burger Cheese Slices Kerrymaid 112x1

4390 V Grated Mature Cheddar Cheese Fairway 1x1kg

2236 V Grated Mature White 100% Cheddar


1459 V Grated Mild White 100% Cheddar


5418 Monterey Jack Cheese Slices 50








8200 V Mozzarella Cheese Grated 100% Arla 1x2kg

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7403 V Mozzarella Cheese Slices 50x20g Fairway 1x1kg

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Egg & Egg Products Fresh &


5899 Scotch Eggs On A Wrapped Tray Oakvale 6x1

7248 V Hard Boiled Eggs Large Bucket Fridays 144x1

6576 V Hard Boiled Eggs Small Bucket Deans 48x1

Cooked Meats Chilled

6333 Sliced Gammon Ham Fairway 1x500g

3395 Sliced Honey Roast Ham Chase Farm 1x500g

2803 Cooked Sliced Silverside Beef TS Bloors 1x500g

7059 Sliced Corned Beef Browns 1x500g

Code Product Brand Unit


2346 Antipasto Italian Sliced Meats




4782 Italian Salami Milano Charcuti 1x250g

9135 Mortadella Sliced Charcuti 1x250g

9612 Prosciutto Di Parma Diparma 1x250g

8843 Sliced Chorizo Mcf 1x250g

3400 Sliced Milano Salami Sancarlo 1x500g

4727 Sliced Prosciutto Crudo / Parma




1293 Spanish Grilling Chorizo Charcuti 1x300g

8613 Tapas Sliced Meats Selection Monteplano 1x150g

8608 Cooked Sliced Turkey Breast Mcf 1x500g

1161 Beef Pastrami Slices TS Bloors 1x500g

6983 Cooked 100% Boneless Turkey Joint




9144 Gammon Ham Half Joint SBW Fairway SBW

8704 Mild Cooking Chorizo Granbosco 1x1kg

5514 Stick Of Chorizo Sausage Vela 1x1.5kg

4985 Black Pudding Stick Packers 1x1.36kg

Pate Chilled

5879 Duck & Orange Pate Log Grandmere 1x1kg

7967 Wild Boar Pate Log Grandmere 1x1kg

7740 Chicken Liver Pate Log Grandmere 1x1kg

2730 Course Ardennes Pate Log Grandmere 1x1kg

8577 Smooth Brussels Pate Log Grandmere 1x1kg

5120 Venison Pate Log Grandmere 1x1kg

9144 Gammon Joint

6576 Boiled Eggs

2803 Sliced Beef 2346 Antipasto Meat Selection


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022



Code Product Brand Unit

Buffet & Starters

8691 Baked Buffet Pork Pies Fairway 36x70g

3142 Cooked Mesquite Chicken Wings Central 1x2.5kg

9370 Roast Hot ‘n’ Spicy Chicken Wings Forresters 1x1kg

6399 Roasted Chicken Drumsticks Fairway 20x1

6652 Mini Savoury Scotch Eggs Pork Farms 20x20g

5892 V Cheese Twists Lantmannen 50x93g

Ethnic Appetisers

5025 V Cocktail Onion Bhajis Daloon 50x35g

8206 Mini Vegetable Samosas Lucky Red 60x12.5g

4619 Peking Duck Mini Spring Rolls Daloon 90x20g

2349 V Vegetable Mini Spring Rolls Daloon 90x20g

8341 V Vegetable Samosas Daloon 40x70g

Cheeses Breaded Frozen

8728 V Breaded Halloumi Fries Innovate 1x1kg

2723 V Breaded Mozzarella Grissini Sticks Golden Crumb 1x1kg

Code Product Brand Unit

7264 Mac n Cheese Bites Golden Crumb 1x1kg

1718 V Uncoated Halloumi Fries Yamas 1x1kg NEW

Vegetables Coated Frozen

1390 V Battered Onion Rings Fairway 1x1kg

8063 V Breaded Garlic Mushrooms Greens 1x1kg

5798 V Breaded Green Jalapeno Peppers

Approx 30Pcs

Golden Crumb


3855 Plain Falafel Balls Naked Kitchen 120x30g

2000 V Sweet Potato Falafel Bites Central 90x22g

2740 V Whole Beer Battered Onion Rings Belfield 1x1kg

Savoury Canapes & Appetisers

4005 Chicago Style Canapes Tipiak 48x1


1798 Crolines Salmon Ham & Cheese Bonvivant 90x22g

5094 V Crolines Vegetarian Selection Bonvivant 90x22g

1268 V CheeseOS Golden Crumb 1x1kg

5295 V Crispy Coated Brie Wedges Golden Crumb 24x36g

6991 V Crispy Coated Camembert Golden Crumb 10x50g

1390 Battered Onion Rings

5892 Cheese Twists

7264 Mac n Cheese Bites

8691 Buffet Pork Pies

8728 Breaded Halloumi Fries

9370 Hot n Spicy Wings


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

1389 Beer Battered Cod Goujons

3043 Mushroom, Cranberry & Brie Wellingtons

3149 Battered Cod

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit


9636 V Brie Sundry Tomato Red Pepper

Basil Quiche

9616 Poached Salmon & Watercress






6075 V Spinach & Feta Cheese Quiche Peakhouse 1x12ptn

8156 V Mediterranean Vegetable Quiche


6519 Quiche Lorraine 10” Crispy Bacon






4479 V Spanish Quiche 10” Whole Peakhouse 1x12ptn

9217 V Tomato & Basil Quiche 10” Whole Peakhouse 1x12ptn

7868 V Two Cheese & Onion Quiche 10”




3043 V Mushroom, Cranberry & Brie


9146 V Vegan Individual Mediterranean

Vegetable Tart

7467 V Vegan Moroccan Style Tomato &

Chickpea Pie

6061 V Vegan Spicy Potato & Cauliflower


KK Finefood








9638 V Vegetable Lasagne Ready Meal Wrights 12x350g

2204 V Vegetable Nut Roast Apricot &

Goats Cheese

KK Finefood

Savoury Suet Puddings


4262 Chicken & Leek Suet Puddings Great British 8x390g

6237 V Mini Vegetarian Quiche Assortment


Frank Dale


5318 Steak & Kidney Puddings Wrights 32x190g

5611 Steak & Kidney Suet Puddings Great British 8x390g

Stuffing Balls

9659 Steak Mushroom & Ale Suet


Great British


6006 V Stuffing Balls Sage Onion Aunt Bessies 6x676g

Omelettes & Pancakes

4092 V American Style Pancakes Crepe 120x4.5”

6979 Cheese Omelettes Framptons 24x100g NEW

9764 V Plain Omelettes Central 24x100g

Entree Individual

9050 Chicken Kievs Golden Valley 12x170g

6638 Kids Spaghetti Bolognese Wrights 12x250g

7169 V Macaroni Cheese Wrights 12x400g

Fish, Battered Products

1389 Beer Battered Cod Goujons Iceland 1x1kg

4265 Jumbo Chip Shop Style Battered

Fish Fingers


Fish, Battered Fillets

3817 Batter Crisp Skinless Cod Fillets


9695 Batter Crisp Skinless Cod Fillets


3149 Batter Crisp Skinless Cod Fillets









3904 Gluten Free Traditional Fish Pie Paramount 21 15x400g

1392 Chick Tikka Masala Ready Meals Wrights 12x320g

9336 Beef Lasagne Verdi Ready Meal Fairway 12x369g

4498 Batter Crisp Skinless Cod Fillets


5847 Batter Crisp Skinless Cod Fillets






7477 Cottage Pie Individual Ready Meal Wrights 12x350g

8675 Batter Crisp Skinless Cod Fillets




Entree Individual Vegetarian

9889 V Broccoli & Cream Cheese Bake Wrights 12x336g

2867 V Country Style Vegetable Kievs Katerveg 12x125g

7203 V Gluten Free Brie & Red Onion Tart Central 10x180g

5030 V Individual Nutless Roast Slice KK Finefoods 16x140g NEW

3314 Batter Crisp Skinless Haddock Fillets




Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Fish - Breaded Fillets

2679 Breaded Plaice Fillets 110-140g Fairway 24x1

8859 Breaded Cod Fillets Natural Crumb




7583 Breaded Plaice Fillets 170-200g Iceland 18x1

Fish Cakes

2631 Fish Cakes Fairway 30x113g

4685 Fish Cakes Whitefish Havelok 60x50g

5171 Sea Bass & Ginger Lime Fish Cakes Paramount 21 20x100g

5774 Gluten Free Smoked Haddock &

Mozzarella Fish Cakes

9128 Thai Cod & Prawn Fish Cakes Gluten


Paramount 21

Paramount 21



5268 Salmon & Dill Fish Cake Gluten Free Paramount 21 24x114g

Crab & Crustaceans

8288 Crab Meat 50/50 Seahawk 1x450g

7510 West Country Crab Cakes Paramount 21 24x56g

Code Product Brand Unit

Fish, Plain Fillets & Portions

1094 Skin On Boneless Haddock Fillets Fastnet 1x4.54kg

1511 Smoked Trout Fillets CT Holmes 2x1

9471 Pollock IQF Skinless/Boneless

170-200g (6/7oz)

7413 Panga/Basa Fillets Skinless/Boneless


2928 Cod Fillets Skinless/Boneless 7-8oz


8990 Cod Boneless/Skinless Fillets IQF






Prawns Cooked & Peeled

6838 Cold Water Prawns 40% Minimum

Glaze 150-250

7066 Luxury Cold Water Prawns 15% Min.

Glaze 150-250



Fish - Breaded Products







8028 Breaded Cod Goujons Havelok 1x1kg

6650 Breaded Plaice Goujons Chas 1x454g

6450 Cod Jumbo Fish Fingers Gluten


Paramount 21


1999 Minced Fish Fingers Fairway 120x25g

5171 Sea Bass & Ginger Lime Fishcakes

5774 GF Haddock Mozzarella Fishcakes

6450 GF Jumbo Fish Fingers

7066 Luxury Prawns

7510 Crab Cakes

8859 Breaded Cod


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

3796 Blanchbait

4714 Butterfly King Prawn

2564 4oz Burgers

5780 Panko Squid

7679 Pulled Pork

Code Product Brand Unit

Salmon & Trout

Code Product Brand Unit

Prawns - King & Shell On

1024 Scottish Salmon Fillet Portions

Boneless/Skinless 140-155g



5522 Warm Water Peeled Raw Prawns




6254 Smoked D Cut Salmon Seahawk 1x1kg

4714 Breaded Butterfly King Prawns

26/30 Count

Arctic Royal


Scampi & Shrimp

4431 Prawn Twisters Pastry Wrapped Pacific West 1x800g

3625 Breaded Clusters Of Scampi




Meat & Butchery Frozen

Fish, Smoked

5145 Boned Kipper Fillets 200-260g Seahawk 1x3kg

1100 Boneless Smoked Haddock Portions Seahawk 1x3kg

5795 Smoked Mackerel Fillets 90-140g Seahawk 1x3kg

Fish Specialities

8166 Frozen Fish Pie Mix Havelok 1x350g

4541 Irish Whole Shell Mussels Vac Pac CT Holmes 1x1kg

5855 King Scallops CSL 1x1kg

3796 Blanchbait IQF Paramount 21 1x454g

1060 Battered Calarmari / Squid Rings Pescatrade 1x500g

5780 Panko Coated Squid Rings Pacific West 1x700g

6306 Raw Cleaned Squid Tubes Arctic Royal 1x1kg

7130 Salt & Pepper Squid Chunks Pacific West 1x1kg

9524 Swordfish Loins 5 Per Pack


CT Holmes


9985 Black Pudding Slices Frozen Caterking 60x1

6473 Faggots In Gravy 6s Mr Brains 1x656g

5355 Minced Beef Free Flow 85-90%

Visual Lean



7679 Pulled Pork In Barbeque Sauce Foodfellas 1x1kg

Meatballs & Ribs

5911 Cooked Swedish Meatballs Big Kitchen 200x15g

3973 Full Rack Of BBQ Pork Ribs Big Jake 6x450g

8339 Half Rack Of BBQ Pork Ribs Big Jake 12x200g

7375 Ribsteak Flame Cooked BBQ Big Als 20x90g

Beef Burgers

3709 Aberdeen Angus Beef Burgers 6oz

100% Hand Formed

2564 Seasoned Beef Burgers 80% IQF






3765 Beef Burgers 100% 2oz Fairway 48x57g

9853 Beef Burgers 100% 6oz Fairway 30x170g

9525 Beef Burgers 100% 8oz Gourmet 24x227g

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com







48 X 113G (80% BEEF) 30 X 170G (98% BEEF)


Clockwise from top…

1. Indian burger- Brioche bun, onion bhaji, red onions, mango

salad, mint yoghurt.

2. Classic burger- Brioche bun, lettuce, tomato, relish, onion


3. Nacho burger - Brioche bun, nachos, salsa, guacamole.



Whether it’s a corporate event or catering for a celebration,

the Fairway Assured burger range has you and your guests


Developed specifically for foodservice, the range features

delicious burgers from the 98% gourmet restaurant burger

with its rustic homemade appearance to the new 80%

burgers with a excellent flavour and appealing texture

suitable for even the biggest of appetites.

All meat used within this product is from approved EU

suppliers. While rigorous controls at all stages of the supply

chain help us ensure a consistent, high quality product with

full traceability back to farm.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

7286 Pork Beef Sausages

Did you know you can

place your order online

or via our free app?

Speak with Telesales for your

login details.

See page 5 for more details.

2001 Butternut Goats Cheese Beet Burger

Code Product Brand Unit

Beef Burgers continued

4798 Flame Cooked Quarter Pounder


Big Als


8139 Restaurant Burgers 100% Beef 6oz Fairway 30x170g

4228 USA Beef Burgers 98% 4oz Fairway 48x113g

Vegetarian Burgers & Sausages

2001 V Butternut Goats Cheese & Beet


Paramount 21


9007 V Katerveg Vegan Sausage Katerveg 40x50g

7712 V McCain Quarter Pound Vegetable




2961 V Vegan Sausage Rolls Wrights 40x130g

Code Product Brand Unit

7286 Pork & Beef Sausages 8s Midland Bacon 80x8’s

6090 Pork & Beef Sausages Chipolatas




3238 Pork Jumbo Sausages 4s Fairway 40x4’s

4588 Pork Sausages 8s Fairway 80x8’s

1337 Premier Cooked Sausages 8s Delenco 80x8’s

Pizza Bases & Pizza Products


1639 V Gluten Free Pizza Bases 11” Pan Artisan 10x11”

2464 V Plain Thin Pizza Slabs 15”x9” Capri 14x325g

4412 Thin Pizza Bases 9” Artisan 48x130g

6305 V Vegan Sweet Butternut & Chickpea


Paramount 21


8940 V Cheese & Tomato Pizza Slab

15” x 9”

Capri Foods


3447 V Vegetable Sausages Katerveg 48x56g

2567 V Vegetarian Pulled Pork Central 1x300g

Sausages Frozen

5595 Saveloys x36 Tastybake 36x1

4186 Cocktail Sausages IQF 32s Approx




5460 Cumberland Sausages 8s Delenco 80x56g

3404 Foot Long Sausages 12” Midland Bacon 1x4.54kg

1028 Lincolnshire Jumbo Sausages 4s Delenco 40x4’s

6960 Margherita Pizza Twist Big Als 28x175g

8906 Pepperoni Pizza Twist Central 28x175g

6375 V Deep Pan Pizza Bases Express 9x14”

4117 V Cheese & Tomato Pizza 5” Capri Foods 30x5”

Pizza Toppings Frozen

4157 Julienne Shredded Ham Pizza Tulip 1x1kg

4673 Sliced American Pepperoni Supertops 1x1kg

2400 Spicy Chicken Lakeside 1x1kg

6324 Lincolnshire Sausages 8s Delenco 80x8’s

5891 Pigs in Blankets - Raw 40 x25gm




5937 Pork & Beef Jumbo Sausages Midland Bacon 40x4’s

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Ethnic Mexican

9092 V Frozen Avocado Slices Avogrande 1x500g

2657 V Flour Tortilla Wraps Small 6” Discovery 15x6”

1692 V Flour Tortilla Wraps 8” Santa Maria 10x8”

1307 V Flour Tortilla Wraps 10” Santa Maria 10x10”

5714 V Flour Tortilla Wraps 12” Santa Maria 10x12”

7004 V Supreme Mexican Guacamole Avogrande 1x500g

Pies & Pasties Baked

5868 Baked & Wrapped Ascot Pork Pie


1982 V Baked & Wrapped Cheese & Onion


4408 Baked & Wrapped Peppered Steak








3172 Baked & Wrapped Traditional Pasty Wrights 1x205g

4415 Baked & Wrapped Cottage Pies Wrights 24x300g

9031 Large Tin Pork Pie Baked &


7611 Baked & Wrapped Steak & Kidney






3349 Baked & Unwrapped Steak Pies Wrights 12x230g

2443 Baked & Wrapped Beef & Onion Pie Wrights 1x230g

3607 Baked & Wrapped Chicken &

Mushroom Pies



Code Product Brand Unit

8230 Baked & Wrapped Chicken Balti Pies Wrights 1x225g

4941 Baked & Wrapped Meat & Potato


2864 Baked & Wrapped Chicken and

Ham Slice

6042 Baked Pork Pies Hand-shaped





Pies & Pasties Unbaked




4873 Bacon & Cheese Puff Unbaked Wrights 42x175g

5618 Balti Pies Unbaked Wrights 24x240g

4198 Beef & Potato Slices/Pasties




9326 Beef & Vegetable Pasty Trad Style Wrights 30x216g

6404 Breakfast Pasty Unbaked Wrights 36x185g

1299 V Cheese & Onion Lattice Fingers




2753 V Cheese & Onion Pasty Unbaked Wrights 36x185g

6115 V Cheese & Onion Unbaked Pasty Proper Cornish 20x283g

6398 Chicken & Chorizo Pasty Proper Cornish 20x283g

3302 Chicken & Ham Slice Unbaked Wrights 36x176g

1816 Chicken & Mushroom Puff Pies Wrights 30x195g

8678 Chicken & Vegetable Pies Unbaked Wrights 30x195g

7706 Chicken Tikka Pastie Unbaked Wrights 42x185g

7082 Chunky Steak Slice Unbaked Wrights 36x175g

1982 Cheese Onion Pasty

4408 Peppered Steak

4873 Bacon n Cheese Puffs

7004 Guacamole


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

1628 Jumbo Sausage Roll

2907 Chicken Goujons

7706 Chicken Tikka Pastie

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

2088 V Creamy Vegetable Lattice Slice Wrights 36x175g

3203 D Shaped Pasties Unbaked Wrights 36x185g

6055 Ham & Cheese Baskets Delifrance 40x110g

3846 Large Hand Raised Pork Pie Wrights 18x479g

2677 Peppered Steak Slice Unbaked Wrights 36x175g

2840 V Red Thai Slice Wrights 36x175g

2577 Small Uncooked Pork Pie Wrights 36x185g

3353 Steak & Kidney Pies Unbaked Wrights 32x195g

3406 Traditional Style Pasty Beef &

Vegetable Unbaked



2585 Unbaked Steak Pie Wrights 32x200g

Speciality Pies Cooked & Frozen

6345 Gala Pie Peakhouse 1x2.1kg

8219 Steak & Ale Pie 2.5kg Wrights 1x10p/p

Sausage Rolls - Ready To Bake

7589 Chorizo Sausage Rolls Proper Cornish 40x177g

1147 Jumbo Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls Wrights 48x8”

1628 Sausage Rolls Unbaked 8” Fairway 48x8”

1670 Buffet Sausage Rolls Wrights 100x14g

9558 Sausage Rolls Unbaked 6” Wrights 66x6”

8209 Sausage Rolls 4” Unbaked Wrights 108x4”

3882 Fairway Sausage Rolls 6” Unbaked Fairway 60x6”

1907 Sausage Rolls 8” Unbaked Wrights 48x8”

3256 Lincolnshire Sausage Rolls 6”


Sausage Rolls Baked

5447 Baked & Wrapped Jumbo Sausage

Rolls 8”

Wrights 66x6”



9763 Baked & Wrapped Sausage Rolls 6” Wrights 1x6”

Chicken Meat/Products Cooked

7316 Cooked Chicken Breast Fillets Forresters 1x2.5kg

8889 Roast Sliced Chicken Breast 5mm Retrofoods 1x2.5kg

7748 Roasted Half Chicken Fairway 5x454g

3679 Steam Cooked Chicken Strips 12mm Defs 1x2.5kg

Chicken Meat & Products (Raw)

2375 Plain Butterfly Raw Chicken Breast Creative 10x1

2298 Valentine Plain Chick Breast Fillets



Chicken Products Coated


2907 Breaded Chicken Goujons Fairway 1x1kg

3362 Battered Chicken Nuggets Fairway 1x1kg

8662 Battered Chicken Steaks Fairway 12x85g

7771 Breaded Chicken Drumsticks

Cooked 105-140g

7832 Fairway Southern Fried Chicken


Golden Valley




5712 Tempura Battered Chicken Bites Fairway 1x1kg

5375 Tempura Battered Chicken Fillets Fairway 1x18s

3724 Red Chilli & Ginger Chicken




2956 Southern Fried Chicken Breast Strips Golden Valley 1x2kg

Turkey Coated

2875 Breaded Turkey Dinosaurs Matthews 40x50g

Turkey Meat Frozen

2027 Cooked 100% Turkey Saddle Fenton 1x3.63kg

Vegetarian & Quorn Products

7976 V Beef Style Balls Veggieday 1x350g

1740 V Beef Style Strips Veggie Veggieday 1x280g

3750 V Burgers Veggieday Veggieday 8x57g

9780 V Chick Style Strips Veggieday 1x280g

6606 V Quorn Fillets Quorn 1x2kg

9545 V Quorn Mince Quorn 1x1kg

9329 V Quorn Pieces Quorn 1x1kg

1242 V Quorn Sausages Quorn 40x50g

2877 V Shawarma Veggieday 1x280g

3531 Diced Steam Cooked Chicken




Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Vegetarian & Quorn Products


4899 V Vegan Meatballs Katerveg 1x1.5kg

8506 V Vegan Mince Katerveg 1x1kg

6548 V Vegetable Nuggets Katerveg 1x2kg

Pastry & Cooking Dough

9624 V White Chocolate Cookie Puck Csm 90x50g

2988 V Puff Pastry Blocks Jusrol 1x1.5kg

7721 V Shortcrust Pastry Block Jusrol 1x1.5kg

5642 Ready Rolled Pastry Sheets Jusrol 12x625g

4293 V Filo Pastry Jusrol 8x500g

8764 V Puff Pastry Oval Pie Tops Jusrol 96x1

7415 V Puff Pastry Squares 130mm x 130mm Jusrol 96x1

3834 V Puff Pie Round Pastry Lid 6” Jusrol 96x6”

5994 V Milk Chocolate Cookie Pucks CSM 90x50g

Vol Au Vents

2920 V Medium Vol Au Vents Jusrol 18xVolv

2018 V Party Size Vol Au Vents 2” Jusrol 60x1

Bread Fully Baked Ethnic

4475 V White Pitta Bread Central 12x6

Bread Fully Baked Baguettes

8187 V Malt Wheat Sandwich Baguette

Thaw & Eat



Code Product Brand Unit

Bread Fully Baked Buns & Rolls

9188 V Brioche Bun 5” Kara 48x5”

6104 V Grill Marked Burger Bun Baps 4.5” Americana 48x77g

9280 V Baked Sourdough Rolls Speciality 40x100g

6284 V Americana Soft Deli Rolls Americana 48x1

9028 V Plain Sliced Baps 4” Fairway 12x4”

8719 V Fairway Floured Sliced Baps 8x 5” Fairway 8x5”

6766 V 60 Bao (Hirata) Buns Central 2x30

9918 V SUB Roll Semolina 11.5” Big Softy 30x150g

Bread Fully Baked Croissants

4034 V Butter Croissant Fully Baked Delifrance 32x50g

1436 V Vegan Blueberry Filled Croissant Delifrance 48x100g

Bread Fully Baked Fruited

5821 V 10 Sultana Scones - Small Fletchers 10xScnes

1168 V Sliced Fruited Teacakes 5” Schulstad 8x5”

5039 V Spiced Fruit Teacakes 5” Kara 8x5”

3042 V Giant Sultana Scones 5s Fletchers 5xScones

9710 V Gluten Free Sultana Scones Fosters 36x1

4547 Plain Scones Proper Devon Proper Devon 28x1

Bread Fully Baked Hotdog Rolls

5536 Brioche Style Hot Dog Roll Kara 48x1

5440 V Hot Dog Rolls 6” Side Sliced Kara 48x6”

5779 V Jumbo Finger Hot Dog Rolls 8.5” Americana 6x8.5”

8309 V Thaw & Serve Small White Baguette Americana 30x130g NEW

3165 V White Demi Baguettes Thaw &


Vive Le Pain


5994 Milk Chocolate Cookie Puck

9188 Brioche Bun

9280 Sourdough Roll


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

2526 Mini French 8367 Malted Wheta Demi Baguette

4571 Mini Rustique Roll Selection 9305 Demi Rusticata

2832 Plain Panini

Code Product Brand Unit

Bread Fully Baked Sliced


2562 V Malted Bloomer Bread 14+2 Roberts 1x800g

1387 V Malted Wheat Grain / Brown Bread


Roberts 1x800g NEW

8118 V White Bloomer Bread 14+2 17mm Roberts 1x800g

4338 V White Sandwich Loaf 20+2 Roberts 1x800g NEW

Bread Fully Baked Speciality

5773 V Large Ciabatta Vive Le Pain 40x120g

5138 V English Breakfast Muffins Fletchers 6x1

7271 V Small Ciabatta Square Rolls Panfresco 40x105g

7455 V Mini Teardrop Naan Bread Baked Earth 24x75g

7716 V Baked Crumpets Honeytop 8x1

Bread Part Baked Speciality

2445 V Pain Au Chocolate Ready To Bake La Lorraine 70x75g

4358 V Plain 5” Bagel’s Bagel Nash 48x1

Bread Part Baked Baguettes

9305 V Demi Rusticata Baguettes Lantmannen 55x1

7478 V Half White Baguettes Part Baked Vive Le Pain 35x140g

Code Product Brand Unit

9977 V Vegan Croissants Delifrance 56x60g

Bread Part Baked Garlic

2330 V Garlic Bread Slices Speedibake 150x1

Bread Part Baked Panini

2203 V Paninis Large Grill Marked 270mm Panfresco 30x135g

9393 V Paninis Sesame & Nigela Panesco 45x1

7018 V Paninis White Vive Le Pain 30x135g

2832 Plain Paninis Delifrance 55x105g

Filled Panini & Toasties

8811 Breakfast Paninis Wrights 12x152g

1503 Chicken & Pesto Paninis Wrights 12x175

8814 Ham & Cheese Toasties Wrights 12x144g

4437 V Mozzarella Tomato & Pesto Paninis Wrights 12x180g

6734 Tuna Melt Panini Wrights 12x163g

Bread Part Baked Rolls

4571 V Mini Rustique Roll Selection Kara 105x40g

3985 V White Petit Pain Part Baked Vive Le Pain 70x55g

2526 V Mini French Rolls Part Baked Vive Le Pain 46x85g

5841 V Individual Pre Sliced Foccacia Delifrance 36x90g

9033 V Large White Baguettes Delifrance 30x210g

8367 V Malted Wheat Demi Baguettes Part


Vive Le Pain


Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com








3 x 20 (3”) 3 x 20 (4”) 1 x 18 (7”)


Our prebaked golden brown Yorkshire Puddings are made

using the finest fresh ingredients to a traditional recipe. The

puddings have homemade look and taste which makes it

appealing to both the eye and taste buds.

The Light and Crispy 3” and 4” Yorkshire Puddings are great

for lunches and Sunday roasts. The Crispy 7” Yorkshire

Puddings are perfect for roast dinners and stew - just use

the pudding like a bowl and fill the product with all your

favourites. Made in the heart of Yorkshire, remove the stress

and mess of making your own!

To learn more about our Fairway Assured and our Mains &

Sides range, please visit fw.link/assured.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

5264 4in Yorkshire Pudding 1192 Chocolate Ice Cream

8165 After Dinner Mint Ice Cream

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Yorkshire Puddings

1453 V Baked Yorkshire Puddings 3” Fairway 60x3’

8973 V Baked Yorkshire Puddings Kingsize


Fairway 20x7’

5264 V Medium Yorkshire Puddings 4” Fairway 60x4’

6366 V Yorkshire Puddings Small 2” Aunt Bessies 240x2”

3452 V Orange Refresher Ice Lolly Francos 30x70ml t

7290 V Rocket Ice Lolly Francos 36x70ml t

9756 V Rowntrees Fruit Pastille Lolly Nestle 32x65ml t

Ice Cream Individual Portions

1115 V Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cup Marshfield 12x125ml t

Butter, Cream & Cheese Frozen

8117 V Clotted Cream Portions Roddas 48x28g

Ice Cream Impulse

6463 V Cornetto Classico Ice Cream Walls 24x120ml t

9091 Cornetto Go Walls 33x110ml t

9161 Cornetto Mint Chocolate Chip Ice


Walls 24x120ml t

7812 V Cornetto Strawberry Ice Cream Walls 24x120ml t

3257 V Feast Original Lolly Walls 35gx90ml t

3158 V Light Choc Ices Suncream 8x1 t

1066 V Magnum Classic Ice Cream Walls 20x110ml t

4141 Magnum Double Caramel Ice Cream Walls 20x88ml t

3508 Magnum White Ice Cream Walls 20x110ml t

4915 Mint Magnums Walls 20x100ml t

7906 Solero Exotic Ice Cream Walls 25x90ml t

3157 V Strawberry Splits Ice Cream Francos 30x70ml t

6792 Twister Ice Cream Lolly Walls 35x80ml t

5458 V Vegan Magnum Classic Walls 20x90ml t

7460 Walls Strawberry Mini Milk Walls 44x35ml t

2092 Walls Vanilla Mini Milks Walls 44x35ml t

Ice Lollies Impulse

5443 V Calippo Orange Lolly Walls 24x105ml t

6025 Cherry Brandy Ice Lolly Francos 30x70ml t

2636 Cider Ice Lolly Francos 30x70ml t

7808 Cola Calippo Walls 24x105ml t

5296 Franco Banana Ice Lolly Francos 30x70ml t

4366 Franco Mr Bubble Lolly Francos 30x70ml t

9998 Francos Cola Ice Lolly Francos 30x70ml t

9186 V Lemonade Refresher Lolly Francos 30x70ml t

4187 V Vanilla Ice Cream Cups Suncream 10x105ml t

7205 V Punky Vanilla Novelty Ice Cream Subzero 12x1 t

Ice Cream Scooping Catering

1671 V 2ltr Tub Chocolate Ice Cream Summertime 1x2ltr t

9102 V 2ltr Tub Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Summertime 1x2ltr t

1554 2ltr Tub Strawberry Ice Cream Summertime 1x2ltr t

5011 2ltr Tub Vanilla Ice Cream Summertime 1x2ltr t

2851 V Bubble Gum Ice Cream Gelato 1x5ltr t

1192 V Chocolate Economy Ice Cream Fairway 1x4ltr t

7420 V Lower Sugar Vanilla Ice Cream For


Suncream 1x2ltr t

4295 V Mint Chocolate Ripple Ice Cream Summertime 1x4ltr t

5888 V Raspberry Ripple Ice Cream Summertime 1x4ltr t

2945 V Rum & Raisin Ripple Ice Cream Summertime 1x4ltr t

3189 V Strawberry Economy Ice Cream Fairway 1x4ltr t

1840 V Vanilla Economy Ice Cream Fairway 1x4ltr t

Ice Cream Scooping Premium

9573 V Salted Caramel Ice Cream Gelato 1x5ltr t

8165 V Gelato After Dinner Mint Ice Cream Suncream 1x5llt t

4105 V Gelato Coconut Cream Ice Cream Suncream 1x5ltr t

6132 V Honeycomb Heaven Ice Cream Gelato 1x5ltr t

7919 V Vegan Natural Vanilla Bean Ice


Suncream 1x5ltr t

8254 V Vegan Chocolate Flavour Ice Cream Suncream 1x5ltr t

2065 V Vegan Strawberry Flavour Ice Cream Suncream 1x5ltr t

2734 V Fairway Madagascan Vanilla Ice


Fairway 1x4ltr t

2342 V Vanilla Dream Luxury Ice Cream Movenpick 1x5ltr t

3691 V Swiss Chocolate Chip Luxury Ice


Movenpick 1x5ltr t

4135 V Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com








A blind-baked butter enriched pastry case filled with

a smooth, tangy lemon custard created using Sicilian

lemons. The pie is topped and finished with an Italian style


It was developed to meet the resurgence of retro desserts

and made to higher standards with quality ingredients.

Browse our Sweets & Desserts range by visiting fw.link/



Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

3428 Champagne Sorbet

9514 Cappuccino Amaretto Ice Cream

8742 Lemon Cheesecake

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Ice Cream Scooping Premium


4599 V Strawberry Cream Luxury Ice Cream Movenpick 1x5ltr t

1437 V Cappuccino Luxury Ice Cream Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

5485 V Caramelita Ice Cream Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

2786 V Rum & Raisin Ice Cream Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

Ice Cream Sundaes

1882 V Strawberry Dream Delight

Ice Cream Sundae

Ice Cubes

Sidoli 12x230ml t

5981 V Ice Cubes Ice Co 6x2kg

3231 V Pistachio Ice Cream Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

7739 V Maple Walnut Luxury Scooping Ice


2610 V Panacotta Raspberry Luxury Ice


9514 V Gelato Cappuccino Amaretto Ice


Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

Suncream 1x5ltr t

3213 V Gelato Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream Suncream 1x5ltr t

4860 V Gelato Madagascan Vanilla Ice

Cream With Pods

Suncream 1x5ltr t

4399 V Gelato Rum Raisin Ice Cream Suncream 1x5ltr t

5749 V Gelato Strawberries & Cream Ice


7098 V Gelato Toffee Apple Crumble Ice


Suncream 1x5ltr t

Suncream 1x5ltr t

3409 Vanilla Ice Cream Carte D’Or 1x5.5ltr t

Ice Cream Slicing

2552 V Ice Cream Cater Roll Raspberry

Ripple 3x13”

Cooldelight 1x500g t

5114 V Vienetta Original Walls 6x650ml t

Ice Cream Sorbet Individual

1471 Limone Ripieno Bindi Bindi 12x1 t

Ice Cream Sorbet Scooping

7885 V Lemon Sorbet Premium (Dairy Free) Suncream 1x2ltr t

6955 V Mango Sorbet (Dairy Free) Suncream 1x2ltr t

3428 V Champagne Sorbet (Dairy Free) Suncream 1x2ltr t

2104 V Orange Sorbet (Dairy Free) Suncream 1x2ltr t

5723 V All Natural Raspberry Sorbet Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

7278 V Lemon Sorbet Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

3581 V Passion Fruit & Mango Sorbet Movenpick 1x2.4ltr t

Sweets Cheesecake


8809 V Cosmopolitan Cheesecake Mademoiselle 1x14p/p

5351 V English Trifle Cheesecake Mademoiselle 1x12p/p

7019 New York Cheesecake Bindi 1x16p/p

3140 V Raspberry & White Chocolate

Cheesecake Precut



3222 Salted Caramel Cheesecake English CC 1x14p/p

8742 V Sicilian Lemon Cheesecake Mademoiselle 1x12p/p

1557 Toffee Profiterole Cheesecake




Sweets Gluten Free Desserts

6687 V Artisan Gluten Free Chocolate

Brownie Tray



3497 V Gluten Free Victoria Sponge Cake Handmade 1x14p/p

4542 V Gluten Free Courgette & Avocado




7727 V Gluten Free Peanut & Caramel Cake Almondy 1x12p/p

3653 V Gluten Free Precut Daim Cake Almondy 1x12p/p

7789 V Gluten Free Toblerone Cake Almondy 1x12p/p

3939 V Gluten Free New York Style



Sweets Cheesecake Whole

9815 Amaretto Cheesecake Gateau -





7127 Banoffee Pie Citycakes 1x14ptn

7080 Honeycomb Charlotte Chantilly 1x14ptn

9250 V Blackcurrant Topped Cheesecake Mademoiselle 1x16ptn

4298 V Cherry Fruit Topped Cheesecake Mademoiselle 1x16ptn

5647 V Fruits Of The Forest Cheesecake Mademoiselle 1x16ptn

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Sweets Cheesecake Whole cont.

1599 V Mandarin Fruit Topped Cheesecake Mademoiselle 1x16ptn

Code Product Brand Unit

Sweets Gateau & Cakes Precut

8154 V Gluten Free Cafe Latte Proper Maid 1x14p/p NEW

7901 V Strawberry Fruit Topped




4832 Red Velvet Cake Handmade 1x14p/p

2857 V Vegan Banana & Cinnamon Cake Proper Maid 1x14p/p

Sweets Fruit Pies & Tarts


5425 V Apple & Blackberry Pie Peakhouse 1x14p/p

2310 V Egg Custard Tart Sidoli 1x12p/p

9962 V G/F Caramel Apple Betty Pie Sidoli 1x14p/p

2885 V Gin Glazed Tart Au Citron Fairway



4116 V Very Cherry Lattice Pie Sidoli 1x14p/p

7339 V Bakewell Tart Sidoli 1x12p/p

1719 V Giant Apple Pie Baked Classics 1x14p/p

Sweets Fruit Pies & Tarts Whole

3771 Caramel Apple Pie Citycakes 1x12ptn NEW

2158 V Nutty Pear & Cranberry Frangipan Chantilly 1x16ptn

2418 Rhubarb & Raspberry Frangipan Tart Chantilly 1x16ptn

8918 V Spiced Brulee Tart Chantilly 1x14ptn

4372 V Vegan Carrot & Ginger Cake Proper Maid 1x14p/p

6814 V Vegan Cookies & Cream Cake Proper Maid 1x14p/p

7135 V Gluten & Dairy Free Lemon

& Ginger Cake

1077 V Gluten & Dairy Free Lemon Poppy

Drizzle Cake

2718 V Gluten Free Raspberry & White

Chocolate Cake

4434 V Gluten Free Caramel & Chocolate


Proper Maid

Proper Maid

Proper Maid

Proper Maid





5214 V Chocolate Orange (Jaffa) Cake Fairway 1x14p/p

6559 Gluten Free Carrot Cake Fairway 1x14p/p

2450 V Gluten Free Chocolate Fudge Cake Fairway 1x14p/p

4642 V Sprinkles Cake Fairway 1x14p/p

2040 V Lemon Meringue Pie Fairway 1x12p/p

3383 Toffee Lumpy Bumpy Cake Sidoli 1x12p/p

7256 V Alabama Chocolate Fudge Cake Fairway 1x16p/p

4088 V Raspberry Victoria Sponge Cake Handmade


8093 V Coffee & Walnut Cake Handmade




1077 Lemon Poppy Drizzle Cake

2718 Raspberry & White Chocolate Cake

2857 Banana Cinnamon Cake

2885 Gin Glazed Tart Au Citron

4642 Sprinkles Cake

8154 GF Cafe Latte Cake


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

1633 Alabama Fudge

1694 Mix Ring Doughnuts

9663 Profiteroles

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

6123 Toffee Crunch Pie with Dime Bar



9337 V Triple Coffee & Walnut Cake Precut Handmade




6229 V Victorian Fruit Cake Precut Sidoli 1x14p/p

Sweets Gateau Whole

1633 V Alabama Chocolate Fudge Cake Mademoiselle 1x16ptn

9456 Belgian Chocolate Mint Gateau Chantilly 1x14ptn

8283 Caramel Amaretti Charlotte Chantilly 1x14ptn

6614 Dark Chocolate Truffle Torte Chantilly 1x14ptn

9980 Jaffa Chocolate Mountain Cake Chantilly 1x14ptn

7909 V Millionaires Chocolate Praline

Brownie Tart



5203 Strawberry & Clotted Cream Gateau Chantilly 1x14ptn

6523 Triple Chocolate Gateau Chantilly 1x14ptn

4666 White Tornado Cake Citycakes 1x16ptn

8606 V Passion & Carrot Cake Citycakes 1x16ptn

Sweet Canapes & Petit Fours

1098 Mini Dessert Assortment Poppies 55x1

6820 V French Macarons 36s Tipiak 36x1

Cupcakes & Doughnuts

5923 V Dairy Cream Finger Doughnuts Wrights 12x126g

4566 V Giant Jam Doughnuts Tray of 10 Kara 1x10s

5432 Handmade Cup Cake Selection

4x 4 Variety




3120 V Mini Chocolate Iced Doughnuts Kitchen Range 50x1

2807 V Mini Sugared Donuts Kitchen Range 50x1

3712 V Sugar Ball Jam Doughnuts Kara 10x73g

1694 Topped Ring Doughnuts Mixed Pack Readibake 36x60g

Sweets Morning Goods Thaw N


1202 V Banoffee Gateau Mademoiselle 1x18ptn

9172 V Black Forest Gateau Mademoiselle 1x18ptn

6046 V Coffee Mandarin Gateau Mademoiselle 1x18ptn

5198 V Double Chocolate Gateau Mademoiselle 1x18ptn

5166 V Strawberry Gateau Mademoiselle 1x18ptn

3424 V Value Chocolate Fudge Cake Whole Mademoiselle 1x18ptn

Sweets Gateau Whole Meringue

4350 V Banoffee Meringue Roulade Menuserve 1x10ptn

1932 V Lemon Roulade Menuserve 1x10ptn

1922 V Raspberry & Hazelnut Roulade Menuserve 1x10ptn

9665 V White Chocolate & Raspberry




7131 V Blueberry 95% Part Baked Muffins Baker & Baker 24x125g

3997 V Double Chocolate Mini Muffins Love Handmade 50x50g

3295 V Iced Twisted Yum Yums Katerbake 40x75g

5181 V Lemon & Poppy Seed Muffins Baker & Baker 24x125g

4125 V Mini Blueberry Muffins Love Handmade 50x50g

3225 V Proper Devon Cheese Scones Truly Treats 28x100g

8480 V Double Chocolate 95% Baked


Baker & Baker


2905 V Mini Dairy Cream Cake Assortment Wrights 40x1

9402 Mini Milk Chocolate Eclairs Belfield 72x1

Sweets Morning Goods To Bake

8729 V Chocolate Twists Ready to Bake Schulstad 72x90g

Sweets Individual

2429 Chocolate & Raspberry Tear

Individual Dessert

9094 Marbled Chocolate & Raspberry

Pyramid Individual Dessert





2256 V Large Croissant Viennoiserie 80x90g NEW

5336 V Mini Danish Selection Ready To




6685 Royal Danish Mix Selection 80-100g Bakehouse 36x1

9902 V Unbaked Curved Butter Croissants Schulstad 48x70g

4929 Strawberry & Prosecco Cone

Individual Dessert

9663 V Cream Fill Profiteroles with

Chocolate Sauce





7590 V Sweet Plain Belgian Waffles Foodfellas 20x85g

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com









A gluten-free American brownie enriched with real

chocolate and baked to perfection for a crisp top layer and

chewy centre. They are finished with a topping of tantalizing

mini chocolate chips and pre-portioned for convenience.

Developed specifically for foodservice to meet the growing

demand for gluten-free and quality traditional desserts, the

range is manufactured to the highest standards with quality

ingredients. See more at fw.link/assured.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

2285 Rocky Road

2523 White Chocolate Blondies

3770 Jam Roly Poly

6117 Coconut Raspberry Slice

6801 Spotted Dick Puddings

Sponge Puddings

Code Product Brand Unit

Sweets Mousse Cups

6657 Chocolate Mousse Cups Suncream 10x105ml

9355 Raspberry Ripple Mousse Cups Suncream 10x105ml

8006 Strawberry Mousse Cups Suncream 10x105ml

Sweets Puddings Individual No


5922 V Apple Crumble Individual Sidoli 12x140g

8312 Gooey Belgian Chocolate Pudding




6801 V Spotted Dick Puddings Fairway 12x130g

7818 V Traditional Blackberry & Apple


2538 Traditional Bread & Butter Pudding


6469 V Traditional Rhubarb & Apple








Sweets Pudding Individual


Code Product Brand Unit

7207 V Syrup Sponge Puddings Topped

With Golden Syrup

5480 V Vegan Chocolate Orange Chip

Sponge Puddings



Sweets Log Puddings



2421 V Spotted Dick Log Pudding Mademoiselle 1x14ptn

3770 V Strawberry Jam Roly Poly Log




Sweets Tray Cake Pre Portioned

6117 V Gluten Free Coconut & Raspberry


2523 V Gluten Free White Chocolate




Proper Maid 1x12p/p NEW

8739 V Vegan Crazy Carrot Tray Cake Sidoli 1x18p/p

1996 V Vegan Maple Pecan Brownie Tray


9005 Espresso Caramel Brownie Tray


Proper Maid




6571 V Maple Flapjack Tray Cakesmiths 1x14p/p

2285 Rocky Road Slice Handmade



3326 V Chocolate Sponge Pudding

& Rich Dark Sauce



9485 V Caramel Shortbread Handmade



3987 V Individual Jam Sponge Puddings Fairway 12x130g

1977 V Lemon Sponge Puddings & Lemon


5391 V Luxury Ginger Sponge Puddings

& Ginger Sauce





7600 V White Chocolate Caramel




4489 V Vegan Blackcurrant Crumble Slice Handmade




8747 V Squidgy Lemon Tray Cake Sidoli 1x15p/p

5452 V Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding

& Butterscotch Sauce



9854 V Bakewell Tart Slice Sidoli 1x18p/p

7633 V Chocolate Fudge Brownie Tray Cake Sidoli 1x18p/p

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com









Fairway Assured frozen vegetables are produced by a BRC

approved, specialist vegetable manufacturer in a state-ofthe-art

factory in Belgium. Harvested and frozen within

4 hours these Campden graded vegetables have their

freshness and nutrition locked in to ensure their year-round

quality and consistency.

Conveniently packed in 1kg and 2.5kg bags, these versatile

products are suitable for steaming, stir-frying and microwave

cooking minimising waste offering better value over fresh.

See the full range at www.fairwayfoodservice.com.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

9928 Rainbow Loaf Cake 1228 Sweet Potato 3423 Silver Skin Onions

4772 Raspberries 5651 Honey Roasted Parsnips 8974 Stew Pack

Code Product Brand Unit

Sweets Loaf Cakes

2381 V Cherry & Almond Loaf Cake Sidoli 1x19p/p

9127 V Lemon Drizzle Loaf Cake Sidoli 1x19p/p

1476 V Sticky Ginger Loaf Cake Sidoli 1x19p/p

9928 Truly Rainbow Loaf Cake Truly Treats 2x9ptn

Fruit Polybags

9724 V Blackberries IQF D’arta 1x1kg

2369 V Cranberries Greens 1x1kg

6493 V Diced Mango Chunks Greens 1x1kg

4772 V Raspberries Frozen in Punnet Greens 1x1kg

7237 V Sliced Apple Greens 1x1kg

8414 V Strawberries Greens 1x1kg

6893 V Summer Fruits Mix Greens 1x450g

Vegetables Bulk

7326 V Cut Green Beans Greens 1x2.5kg

2072 V Peas ‘A’ Grade Luxury Fairway 1x2.5kg

3423 V Silver Skin Onions Greens 1x2.5kg

Vegetables Polybags

5434 V Asparagus Spears Greens 1x1kg

1263 V Baby Carrots Greens 1x1kg

Code Product Brand Unit

8974 V Casserole Veg Stewpack Greens 1x1kg

3336 V Cauliflower Florets Fairway 1x1kg

1863 V Corn On The Cob Greens 1x2ears

5701 V Cut Sliced Leeks 50/50 Green

& White



4488 V Diced Swede Greens 1x1kg

1228 Diced Sweet Potato Greens 1x1kg

1929 V Fine Whole Beans Greens 1x1kg

5651 V Honey Roasted Parsnips D’arta 1x1kg

9549 V Leaf Spinach Portions Greens 1x1kg

3965 V Luxury Peas A Grade Fairway 1x1kg

8901 V Mixed Peppers Diced Greens 1x1kg

9749 V Mixed Vegetables Greens 1x1kg

2046 V Petit Pois Peas Extra Fine Fairway 1x1kg

7140 V Ratatouille Greens 1x1kg

9119 V Savoy Green Cabbage Greens 1x1kg

5590 V Sliced Carrots Greens 1x1kg

8763 V Sliced Green Beans Greens 1x1kg

1266 V Sliced Onions Greens 1x1kg

5512 V Sweetcorn Kernels Fairway 1x1kg

Frozen Rice, Salads & Pastas

7886 V Basmati Rice Easy Cook Pinguin 36x200g

2073 V White Rice Portion Packs Greens 36x200g

7980 V Broad Beans Greens 1x1kg

7770 V Broccoli Florets IQF Fairway 1x1kg

4276 V Button Sprouts Fairway 1x1kg

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com










Produced in a BRC Grade A, specialist “chip” manufacturer

in an advanced factory in Belgium, the Fairway Assured

French Fries range includes the 6 most popular cuts from

the 7mm shoestring to the chunky 18mm fries and the ever

popular 13mm fries.

The fries are produced from several "chipping" potato

varieties including Premier, Fontane, Innovator and the trusty

Bintje. They are all blanched and pre-fried to deliver a crisp

golden-brown outer with a softish white/yellow inner. Keep

in a fridge in unopened bags and used within 4 days.


Visit us online at www.fairwayfoodservice.com

1498 Bubble n Squeak Fairway Potato Range

Jacket Potatoes

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit


Potatoes Jackets

9936 V Hash Brown Potato Puffs Lamb Weston 1x1kg

1519 V Savoury Herb Diced Potatoes McCain 1x2.27kg

5365 V Extra Large Jacket Potatoes 10-12oz Bannisters 30x1

4204 V Jacket Potatoes 8-10oz Bannisters 7xspuds

1498 V Bubble & Squeak Farmhouse 1x2.5kg

9489 V Hash Browns McCain 1x1kg

Potatoes Roast

5216 V Hash Browns Lutosa 1x2.5kg

6714 V Mash Potato Pellets Lutosa 1x2.5kg

4593 V Garlic & Rosemary Roasting




4070 V Pomme Saute Potatoes Lutosa 1x2.5kg

4139 V Potato Croquettes Lutosa 1x2.5kg

6850 V Potato Waffles Birdseye 10x1

Chips & Wedges Frozen

8661 V Signature Gourmet Fries Chips McCain 1x2.27kg

9233 V Surecrisp Traditional Thick Chips McCain 1x2.27kg

2222 V Steak Fries Thick Cut Freeze Chill


7174 V Straight Cut Freeze Chill Chips 3/8


8524 V Straight Cut Freeze Chill Chips 7/16


9873 V Straight Cut Freeze Chill Chips 9/16










5825 V Julienne Shoestring Chips 7mm Fairway 4x2.5kg

7673 V Roast Potatoes Signatures McCain 1x2.27kg

8968 V Traditional Roast Potatoes Bannisters 1x2.27kg

Potatoes Skin On

6600 V Baked Potato Long Boats Skins Bannisters 20x1

6497 Mini Filled Potato Skins

Cheese & Bacon



6433 V Small Baked Potato Shell Skins Bannisters 35x1

Chefs Excellence Chips &


4050 V Coated Supercrunch Gluten Free

Chips 14x14 (9/16)

8842 V Supercrunch Curly Potato Fries

Skin Off







3571 V Extra Thick Cut Freezechill Chips




8100 V Coated Skin On Super Crunch Gl

Free Chips 9/9 (3/8)




5275 V McCain Staycrisp Fries 3/8 Cut Chips McCain 1x2.27kg

6310 V Supercrunch Sweet Potato Fries 7/16 Fairway 1x2.5kg

8667 V McCain Sweet Potato Fries McCain 1x2.5kg

4935 V Oven Chips McCain 1x2.5kg

4514 V Seasoned Potato Wedge Fries Lutosa 1x2.5kg

Did you know you can place your order online

or via our free app?

Speak with Telesales for your login details. See page 5

for more details.

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



8410 Forest Fruits Water

9196 Lucozade Sport Raspberry

9959 Apple Fizz

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Presse Glass Bottles

Soft Drinks Bottled Carbonated

8332 V Elderflower Presse Belvoir 12x25cl t

2958 V 1.5L Bottle Diet Lemonade Villa 1x1.5ltr t

Energy Drinks

3300 Lucozade Sport Mango &


Lucozade 12x500ml t

8699 Lucozade Cans Lucozade 24x330ml t

2036 V Lucozade Sport Bottles Still Orange Lucozade 12x500ml t

9196 V Lucozade Sport Raspberry Lucozade 12x500ml t

Fruit Juice Small

4997 V 100% Apple Juice Gently Sparkling Appletiser 12x275ml t

5826 V Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Shoots


Robinsons 24x275ml t

8970 Apple Fruit Shoots Robinsons 12x275ml t

5339 V Apple Juice Cartons with Straw Kulana 27x200ml t

1409 Capri Sun Orange Capri Sun 15x330ml t

6667 Orange Fruit Shoot Robinsons 12x275ml t

5705 V Orange Juice Carton with Straw Kulana 27x200ml t

8815 V Ribena Blackcurrant Carton with


Ribena 24x250ml t

3218 V Ribena Strawberry Cartons Ribena 24x250ml t

5243 Summer Fruits Fruit Shoots Robinsons 24x275ml t

Radnor Fizz Sparkling Water

9959 V Apple Fizz 45% Sparkling Radnor Fizz 24x330ml t

7105 V Forest Fruits Fizz 45% Sparkling Radnor 24x330ml t

8715 V Tropical Fizz 45% Sparkling Radnor 24x330ml t

Aqua Splash Fruit Flavoured

Spring Water

7381 V Apple & Raspberry Flavoured Still


8410 V Forest Fruits Flavoured Still Water


4267 V Lemon & Lime Flavoured Still Water


9760 Orange & Passionfruit Flavoured

Still Water Bottled

Aquasplash 24x500ml t

Aquasplash 24x500ml t

Aquasplash 24x500ml t

Aquasplash 24x500ml t

4770 V Strawberry Flavoured Still Water Aquasplash 24x500ml t

1252 V 7up Free Contour Bottles 7up 12x500ml t

4561 Cherry Coca Cola Contour Bottles Coca Cola 12x500ml t

6180 V Coke Bottles Coca Cola 6x1.5Ltr t

5369 Coke Zero Bottles GB Coca Cola 12x500ml t

7849 V Diet Coke Coca Cola 12x1.5lt t

3546 V Fanta Icy Lemon Bottles GB Fanta 12x500ml t

3695 V Fentimans Mandarin Orange Fentimans 12x275ml t

9117 V Orange Fanta Contour Bottles GB Fanta 12x500ml t

4893 Pepsi Max Cherry Bottles Pepsi 12x600ml t

2287 Pepsi Original Bottles Pepsi 12x500ml t

6340 V Tango Orange Contour Bottles Tango 12x600ml t

7267 Tuck Shop Cherryade Sugar Free Tuckshop 12x330ml t

1506 V Elderflower Cordial Bottlegreen 6x500ml t

7856 V Botanically Brewed Ginger Beer In


Fentimans 12x275ml t

4330 V 7UP Contour Bottles 7up 12x500ml t

7053 V Fanta Fruit Twist Contour Pack


Fanta 12x500ml t

1632 V Coca Cola Contour Bottles Coca Cola 24x500ml t

2981 Diet Coca Cola Contour Bottles Coca Cola 24x500ml t

7701 Glass Bottles Coca Cola Coca Cola 24x330ml t

4874 V Glass Bottles Diet Coke Coca Cola 24x330ml t

7168 V Dr Pepper Contour Bottles Pack Dr Pepper 12x500ml t

8515 Dandelion & Burdock Large Bottles Cl 6x2ltr t

5679 Lilt Contour Bottles Lilt 12x500ml t

4477 Pepsi Max Contour Bottles Pepsi 24x500ml t

8525 Sprite Contour Bottles Sprite 12x500ml t

9748 V Traditional Victorian Lemonade Fentimans 12x275ml t

1357 V Tuckshop Cola Tuckshop 12x330ml t

9156 V Tuckshop Lemonade Tuckshop 12x330ml t

Soft Drinks Still Bottled

6859 J2O Apple & Mango J2o 12x275ml t

3236 J2O Apple & Raspberry Fruit Blend Britvic 12x275ml t

8058 V Juice Burst Orange & Carrot Juiceburst 12x500ml t

4904 Lipton Ice Tea Peach Lipton 12x500ml t

2902 V J2O Orange & Passionfruit Britvic 12x275ml t

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Soft Drinks Still Bottled


2911 V Juice Burst Apple Juiceburst 12x500ml t

7281 V Juice Burst Blood Orange Juiceburst 12x500ml t

3162 V Juice Burst Orange Juiceburst 12x500ml t

5446 Oasis Apple And Blackcurrant Oasis 12x500ml t

7874 Oasis Citrus Punch Oasis 12x500ml t

3895 Oasis Summer Fruit Drink Oasis 12x500ml t

3792 Pear & Blueberry Juicy Drink Drench 12x500ml t

Soft Drinks Canned

8140 Cawston Press Rhubarb Can Cawston Press 24x330ml t

3941 Cloudy Apple Cans Cawston Press 24x330ml t

9585 Elderflower Lemonade Cans Cawston Press 24x330ml t

7114 Fanta Orange Zero Cans Fanta 24x330ml t

4401 Monster Energy Drink Monster 12x500ml t

1163 V Red Bull Sugar Free Redbull 24x250ml t

6227 Rio Light Cans Rio 24x330ml t

1033 San Pellegrino Aranciata / Sparkling

Orange Juice

1594 San Pellegrino Limonata / Lemon

Sparkling Juice

Pellegrino 24x330ml t

Pellegrino 24x330ml t

9766 Traditional Lemonade Cans Radnor 12x330ml t

3910 7up Cans Britvic 24x330ml t

8121 7up Free Cans Britvic 24x330ml t

6059 V Apple Tango Cans Tango 24x330ml t

1963 V Cherry Coke Cans Coca Cola 24x330ml t

9859 V Coca Cola Coke Coca Cola 24x330ml t

9832 Coke Diet Cans Coca Cola 24x330ml t

9477 V Coke Zero Cans Coca Cola 24x330ml t

3167 Diet Pepsi Cans Pepsi 24x330ml t

2069 V Dr Pepper Cans Dr Pepper 24x330ml t

7466 V Fanta Fruit Twist Cans Fanta 24x330ml t

8714 V Fanta Icy Lemon Cans Fanta 24x330ml t

Code Product Brand Unit

2181 Fanta Orange Cans Fanta 24x330ml t

3831 Ginger Beer Old Jamaica 24x330ml t

7209 Lilt Cans Lilt 24x330ml t

3418 Orange Tango Cans Britvic 24x330ml t

2915 Pepsi Cans GB Pepsi 24x330ml t

2111 Pepsi Max Cans Pepsi 24x330ml t

1769 Red Bull Energy Drink Redbull 24x250ml t

5136 Rio Tropical Cans Rio 24x330ml t

9282 V Sprite Cans Sprite 24x330ml t

2119 Sprite Zero Cans Sprite 24x330ml t

Fruit Juice & Drink Tetra Large

6402 V Apple & Blackcurrant Fruit Shoot Robinsons 12x275ml t

4085 V Apple Juice Cartons Kulana 1x1ltr t

3168 V Cranberry Juice Cartons Bramble Hill 1x1ltr t

6276 V Orange Juice Cartons 100% Juice Kulana 1x1ltr t

5815 V Pineapple Juice Cartons Kulana 1x1ltr t

8148 V Prune Juice Cartons Mulrines 1x1ltr t

9249 V Pure Orange Juice Cartons Sunpride 12x1ltr t

8638 V Tomato Juice Cartons Sunpride 1x1ltr t

Squashes & Cordials

8617 V Lime Cordial Squash Freshers 1x5ltr t

6633 V Ribena Blackcurrant Bottle Ribena 12x500ml t

Squash & Cordials No Added


9053 Summerfruit Squash Cl 1x5ltr t

9353 V Blackcurrant Squash NAS Freshers 1x5ltr t

3476 Special ‘R’ Apple & Blackcurrant

Squash NAS

Robinsons 1x1.75lt t

3804 V Special ‘R’ Lemon Squash NAS Robinsons 1x1.75lt t

4825 Special ‘R’ Orange Squash NAS Robinsons 1x1.75lt t

2911 Juice Burst Apple

8617 Lime Cordial

9353 Blackcurrant Squash


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

1044 Orange Squash

4055 Banana Crusha

9342 Chocolate Yazoo

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

2613 V Whole Lemon Drink / Squash NAS Freshers 1x5ltr t

1044 V Whole Orange Drink / Squash NAS Freshers 1x5ltr t

Post Mixes & Syrups

3322 Diet Pepsi Bag In Box Pepsi 1x7ltr t

Water Bottled Still

3617 Smartwater Still Glaceau 24x600ml t

3548 V Still Water Large Bottles Radnor 12x1.5lt t

6478 V Elle Elephant Blackcurrant Drink Wildwaters 12x270ml t

7827 V Funky Munky Orange Drink Wildwaters 12x270ml t

3567 V Happy Hippo Strawberry Flavour


Wildwaters 12x270ml t

2973 V Perky Penguin Mixed Fruits Wildwaters 12x270ml t

5238 V Sports Cap Still Plastic Bottle Water Princesgate 24x500ml t

3860 V Still Water Screw Cap Plastic Bottles Radnor 24x500ml t

2489 V Still Water Plastic Screw Cap Bottles Radnor 24x330ml t

Sparkling Bottled Water

9996 V Slimline Tonic Water in Small Glass


Schweppes 24x125ml t

7504 V Still Water Glass Bottles Highland Spring 24x330ml t

5686 Tonic Water Schweppes 24x200ml t

5932 Slimline Tonic Water Schweppes 6x1ltr t

8326 Original Soda Water Schweppes 12x1ltr t

7211 V Sparkling Water Glass Bottles Radnor 24x330ml t

9122 V Sparkling Water In Plastic Bottles Princesgate 12x1.5lt t

3838 V Sparkling Water Plastic Screw Cap Radnor 24x500ml t

Milk Shakes

4055 V Milkshake Syrup Banana Crusha 1x1ltr t

6858 V Milkshake Syrup Chocolate Crusha 1x1ltr

4810 V Milkshake Syrup Raspberry Crusha 1x1ltr t

2348 V Milkshake Syrup Strawberry Crusha 1x1ltr t

4181 Nesquik Banana Milkshake Nestle 10x300g t

9954 Nesquik Strawberry Milkshake Nestle 10x300g t

8839 V Yazoo Banana Milkshake Yazoo 10x400ml

7554 Pepsi Cola Postmix BIB Original Pepsi 1x7ltr t

3540 Pepsi Max Postmix Syrup Pepsi 1x7ltr t

Walkers Crisps & Bar Snacks

5906 Pringles BBQ Crisps Walkers 12x40g t

6257 Pringles Original Walkers 12x40g t

2078 Pringles Sour Cream Walkers 12x40g t

9002 V Sweet & Salty Popcorn Propercorn 24x30g t

6501 V Twiglets Original on Card Jacobs 12x45g

9470 V Hula Hoops BBQ Beef KP 32x34g t

2200 V Hula Hoops Original KP 32x34g t

2841 Mini Cheddars Original KP 30x50g

7523 V Pom Bear Crisps Original KP 36x19g t

2220 Pork Scratchings Realpork 12x35g

1341 V Scampi Fries on a Card Smiths 24x27g t

3518 V Cheesy Wotsits Walkers 32x22g t

7074 V Doritos Chilli Heatwave Walkers 32x40g

7826 V Doritos Tangy Cheese Walkers 32x40g

2912 V Frazzles Walkers 30x34g t

8925 V Marmite Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g t

1847 V Mega Monster Munch Roast Beef Walkers 30x40g t

1573 V Quavers Walkers 32x20g t

6836 V Ready Salted Grab Bags Walkers 32x50g t

9722 V Skips Prawn Cocktail KP 24x17g

6141 Smokey Barbeque Mini Cheddars KP 30x50g

5248 V Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g t

4094 V Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g t

9491 V Walkers Ready Salted Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g t

2745 V Walkers Roast Chicken Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g t

1396 V Walkers Salt & Vinegar Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g t

5444 V Walkers Smokey Bacon Crisps Walkers 32x32.5g t

9342 V Yazoo Chocolate Milkshake Yazoo 10x400ml

1053 V Yazoo Strawberry Milkshake Yazoo 10x400ml

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com



Code Product Brand Unit

Premium Crisps

2990 Devon Beef Crisps Burts 20x40g t

7802 Flame Grilled Steak Ridge Cut


McCoys 26x47.5g t

7606 McCoys Cheddar & Onion Crisp McCoys 26x47.5g t

2733 McCoys Salt & Vinegar Crisps McCoys 26x47.5g t

4394 V Sea Salt Crisps Burts 20x40g t

4897 V Sea Salt & Vinegar Crisps Burts 20x40g t

4301 V Vintage Cheddar & Spring Onion


Burts 20x40g t

8658 Sweet Chilli Crisps Burts 20x40g t

9584 V Lightly Salted Crisps Kettle 18x40g t

2291 V Mature Cheddar & Red Onion


Kettle 18x40g t

3661 V Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar Crisps Kettle 18x40g t

3456 V Salted Tortilla Chips / Nachos Pocoloco 1x450gm

2118 Popchips Barbecue Popchips 24x23g t

1688 V Popchips Sea Salt Popchips 24x23g t

5616 V Popchips Sour Cream & Onion Popchips 24x23g t

6446 Lightly Sea Salted Crisps in a Tub Pipers 1x600g t

Cadbury’s Confectionery

9016 Bournville Bars Cadburys 36x45g t

3993 Creme Eggs Cadburys 48x1 t

3001 Dairy Milk Caramel Bar Cadburys 48x45g t

5601 V Double Decker Bars Cadburys 48x54.5g t

5754 Dairy Milk Bars Cadburys 48x45g t

1472 V Cadbury Chocolate Buttons Cadburys 60x14.4g t

7551 V Giant Chocolate Buttons Cadburys 36x40gm t

6659 Freddo Bars Cadburys 60x18g t

5579 Boost Bars Cadburys 48x48.5g t

4138 Picnic Bars Cadburys 36x48.5g t

5129 V Crunchies Cadburys 48x40g t

7702 Curly Wurly Chocolate Bars Cadburys 48x21.5g t

6583 V Flakes Cadburys 48x1 t

Code Product Brand Unit

6532 Fudge Bars Cadburys 60x25g t

2569 Cadbury Flakes 99 Cadburys 144x1 t

9503 Twirl Bars Cadburys 48x43g t

3935 Wispa Bars Cadburys 48x36g t

Mars Confectionery

3659 Galaxy Ripple Bars Mars 36x33g t

9327 V Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate Bars Galaxy 24x42g t

6111 V Minstrels Bag Packs Galaxy 40x42g t

7871 Topic Bars Mars 40x47g t

2640 V Bounty Bars Milk Mars 24x57g t

2142 V Mars Bars Mars 24x51g t

1361 V Twix 2 Finger Mars 32x2x25g t

Nestle Confectionery

7492 V Aero Milk Chocolate Bars Nestle 24x36g t

5134 V Milky Way Magic Stars Nestle 36x33g t

8040 Milkybar White Chocolate Bars Nestle 40x25g t NEW

9015 Milkyway White Chocolate Buttons Nestle 48x30g t

1368 Pocket Size Tic Tac Fresh Mint Tictac 24x18g t

1335 Polo Fruit Sweets Tube Polo 48x41g t

6032 V Polo Mints Nestle 32x33.4g t

2784 Polo Spearmint Mints Polo 32x36g t

9923 V Softmints Peppermint Green Trebor 40x44g t

3534 V Softmints Spearmint Blue Trebor 40x44g t

3161 V Spearmint Sugarfree Chewing Gum Wrigleys 30x1 t

7328 V Aero Peppermint Bubbly Bars Nestle 24x36g t

3990 V KitKat 4 Finger Nestle 48x41.5g t

3031 V KitKat Dark 4 Finger Nestle 24x45g t

4655 Lion Chocolate Bars Duo Nestle 28x60g t

3982 V Maltesers Nestle 40x37g t

3878 V Milkyway Single Packs Nestle 56x21.5g t

9802 V Raisin & Biscuit Yorkie Bars Nestle 24x44g t

7118 V Rolo Chocolate Tubes Nestle 36x52g t

4301 Mature Cheddar & Spring Onion

4897 Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

1919 Kinder Bueno Milk

4321 Mint Crisps

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

4318 V Smarties Hexatube Nestle 48x38g t

1418 V Snickers Bars Nestle 24x50g t

7103 V Toffee Crisp Bars Nestle 24x38g t

4424 V Twin Finger KitKats Nestle 1x72x2s t

Pouch Packs

9943 Bonds Lemon Sherbets Bonds 12x150g t

9712 Classic Chocolate Eclairs PMP Cadburys 12x130g t

8478 Drumstick Squashies Pouch Swizzels 10x160g t

Cereal Bars & Misc


7650 V Alpen Strawberry Yoghurt Bars Alpen 24x29g t

1919 V Kinder Bueno Milk Bars Kinder 30x43g t

1011 Porridge To Go Golden Syrup

Breakfast Bar

8125 V Rice Krispies Square Caramel &


8534 Rice Krispies Square Marshmallow


6742 Rice Krispies Totally Chocolatey

Square Bars



Kelloggs 30x36g t

Kelloggs 30x28g t

Kelloggs 30x36g t

3216 V Tracker Choc Chip Bars Tracker 24x1 t

Fruit & Jelly Sweets

1635 V Chewits Blackcurrant Chewits 40x30g t

5640 V Chewits Strawberry Chewits 40x30g t

5135 Chewits Xtreme Extremely Sour


Chewits 24x34g t

2090 V Chewits Xtreme Tutti Frutti Chewits 24x34g t

1866 Fruit Pastilles Rowntrees 32x52.5 t

7451 Haribo Starmix Drum Haribo 1x1kg t

3407 Haribo Starmix Mini Bag Haribo 100x16g t

2383 Jelly Babies Sack Tuckshop 1x2.85kg t

1814 Jelly Babies Sweets Maynards 12x165g t

4249 Jelly Tots Rowntrees 36x42g t

9865 MAOAM Stripes Bag Maoam 12x140g t

4001 M&Ms Chocolate Pouch Mars 12x125g t

9055 Maltesers Pouches Mars 13x102g t

5389 V Minstrels Pouch Galaxy 15x125g t

7117 Rhubarb & Custards Bags Bonds 12x150g t

4836 Rowntree Randoms Pouch Rowntrees 9x150g t

Confectionery Dinner Mints

1309 V After Eight Mint Chocolate Cartons After Eight 1x300g t

4321 V Mint Crisp After Dinner Mints Fairway 1x1kg t

Individual Wrapped Cakes,

Muffins & Flapjacks

7883 V Mini Chocolate Brownie Bar Simplyscrumm 50x45g

3732 V Mini Flapjack Blueberry Reduced




7912 V Mini Flapjack Oat Simplyscrumm 50x40g

7786 V Mini Flapjacks Apple & Raspberry

Reduced Sugar



9445 V Mini Gingerbread Man Simplyscrumm 50x27g

3608 V Mini Muffin Banana Reduced Sugar Simplyscrumm 50x50g

3065 V Mini Muffin Blueberry Reduced




5699 V Mini Muffin Vanilla Reduced Sugar Simplyscrumm 50x50g

5807 V Mini Muffin Chocolate Reduced




8882 Mini Oat Cocoa Cookie Simplyscrumm 50x24g

2128 Mini Cocoa Crispy Bar Simplyscrumm 50x30g

3002 Maynards Wine Gums Rolls Maynards 40x52g t

6557 V Mr. Freeze Freezepops Mr Freeze 140x45ml t

6204 Skittles Crazy Sours Mars 36x45g t

2263 V Skittles Fruit Mars 36x55g t

5567 V Starburst Original Stick Starburst 24x45g t

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com


Non Food

3590 Economy Washing Up Liquid

8581 Thick Bleach

8605 Anti Bac

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Bin Liners & Vacuum Bags

3110 Heavy Duty Pedal Bin Liners Bags


2673 Heavy Duty Refuse Black Bin Bags

Sacks 20kg / 457x725x965mm

BPI 5x100Rol t

SJ Distributi 200x1 t

1978 Henry Hoover Bags Henry 1x10pack t


2804 Deepio Degreaser Deepio 1x6kg t

5555 Deepio Professional Kitchen

Degreaser Spray

Deepio 1x750ml t

5900 Evans Destain Powder Tub Evans 1x5kg t

7319 Evans Lift Heavy Duty Degreaser Evans 6x750ml t

Polish & Air Fresheners

6235 Aerosol Air Freshener Citrus Cleenair 1x400ml t

3638 Airwick Freshmatic Refill Airwick 6x240ml t NEW

2273 Fabric Freshener Spray Selden 1x750ml t

1737 Furniture Polish Aerosol Cleenol 1x400ml t

2304 Stainless Steel Cleaner Cleenol 1x400ml t

Bleach & Disinfectants

4947 Sanitiser 70% Alcohol Northwood 1x5ltr t

8605 Anti Bacterial Cleaner Spray - Food


Fairway 1x750ml t

6592 Chlorine Bleach Tablets Cjs 300x1 t

8713 Flash Antibacterial Degreaser P&G 1x750ml t

9020 Flash Multi Surface 4-in-1 Spray Flash 1x750ml t

6302 Flash Spray Clean & Bleach Flash 1x750ml t

4018 Harpic Power Plus Harpic 1x750ml t

5158 Milton Disinfecting Liquid Milton 1x5ltr t

2108 Pine Disinfectant Fairway 1x5ltr t

8581 Thick Bleach Fairway 1x5ltr t

Cleaners General

7230 Catering Descaler Fairway 1x5ltr t

7873 Combi Oven Cleaner Evans 2x5ltr t NEW

9605 Evans Drain Cleaner Evans 4x2.5ltr t

5833 Glass/Window Cleaner Spray Fairway 1x750ml t

9450 Oven Cleaner Fairway 2x5ltr t

8348 Purple Pipeline Beer Cleaner Evans 2x5ltr t

3183 Heavy Duty Degreaser Liquid Fairway 1x5ltr t

6017 Orange Squirt Degreaser Orange Squirt 6x750ml t

Toilet & Washroom Cleaner

9672 Lemon Channel Blocks Tub Fairway 1x3kg t

3689 Odour Neutraliser Fairway 1x5ltr t

8884 Phosphoric Toilet Cleaner Fairway 1x750ml t

2700 Royal Flush Cistern Block Royal Flush 1x1sgl t

5184 Sulphamic Acid Toilet Cleaner CJS 1x1ltr t

4257 Ultra Limescale Remover Viakal 1x750ml t

Machine Detergents

1559 Dishwasher Machine Rinse Aid Rinseaid 1x5ltr t

7563 Machine Dishwasher Detergent Washaid 1x5ltr t

7845 Machine Dishwasher Liquid Fairway 1x10ltr t

9484 Machine Glass Wash Fairway 1x5ltr t

Washing Up Liquids

9600 Fairy Original Washing Up Liquid Fairy 1x5ltr t

3590 Washing Up Liquid Economy Fairway 1x5ltr t

Dishwasher Tablets & Salt

1217 Dishwash Salt Finish 1x5kg t

3385 Dishwasher Salt Tablets Darlingtons 1x10kg t

7888 Dishwasher Tablets 5-in-1 Bryta 120x1 t

3532 Granular Dishwasher Salt Bulk Bag Clean 1x25kg t

1478 Rational Care Control Tablets Rational 150x1 t

4007 Rational Red Detergent Tablets Rational 100x1 t

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com


Non Food

Code Product Brand Unit

Washing Powders & Fabric


1572 Comfort Liquid Comfort 1x5ltr t

3049 Ariel Biological Auto Washing

Powder 130 wash

Ariel 1x1 t

4332 Bold 2-in-1 Lavender PG Profession 1x110wsh t

4028 C&C Fabric Conditioner Cleanclever 1x5ltr t

8549 C&C Non Bio Wash Powder Cleanclever 1x100wsh t

6990 Non Bio Liquid Laundry Cleanclever 2x5ltr t

2853 Vanish Oxi Action Fabric Stain


Vanish 1x2.4kg t

8781 Vanish Pre-treat Spray Vanish 1x500ml t

Broom Handles, Heads &

Dustpan & Brush Sets

1931 Broom Handle Disposables 1x1 t

9522 Deck Scrubber Stiff 10” CJS 1x1sgl t

9812 Dustpan Brush Set Green CJS 1x1sgl t

1362 Dustpan Brush Set Red CJS 1x1sgl t

4328 Dustpan Brush Set Yellow CJS 1x1sgl t

5665 Plastic Blue Handle CJS 1x1sgl t

9582 STIFF Delux Broom Head Disposables 1x28cm t

6079 Soft Blue Broom Head Plastic CJS 1x1sgl t

8929 Soft Green Broom Head Plastic CJS 1x1sgl t

5851 Stiff Blue Broom Head Plastic CJS 1x1sgl t

1052 Still Blue Dustpan & Brush Set Disposables 1x1 t

7759 Wooden Broom Handle CJS 1x1sgl t

9566 Wooden Kentucky Mop Handle CJS 1x1sgl t

Code Product Brand Unit

Dusters, Cloths, Scourers

& Tea Towels

4471 Green Microfibre Cloths 5 pack Harrison 1x5Cloth t

8220 Oven Cloths 19x30” Robertscott 5x1clths t

5744 Soap Filled Steel Wool Pads Ramon 216x1 t

7100 XL Soap Filled Pads Brillo 20x1 t

9187 Blue All Purpose J Cloths Fairway 50x1 t

1084 Blue Microfibre Strong Hold Cloths

5 Pack

Harrison 1x5Cloth t

7541 Green All Purpose J Cloths Disposables 50x1 t

9805 Green Industrial Contract Scourers Ramon 10x1 t

7694 Large Copper Scourers Ramon 25x1 t

8793 Red All Purpose JCloths Disposables 50x1 t

7914 Rice Weave Design Tea Towel Fairway 10x1 t

8417 Stainless Steel Scourer Heavy Duty Fairway 10x1 t

3841 Standard Yellow Sponge & Green

Scour Surface

Ramon 10x1 t

3086 Stockinette Dish Cloths 30cmx35cm Ramon 10x1 t

5784 Tea Towels White & Red Stripe


Fairway 10x1 t

9238 Yellow Dusters 16x30” Disposables 10x1 t

6821 Yellow J Cloths Ramon 50x1 t

Mop Handles, Heads & Buckets

3957 Green Plastic Bucket & Wringer Disposables 1x1 t

5477 Red Plastic Bucket & Wringer Disposables 1x1 t

6498 Yellow Mop Handle Exel 1x1 t

9750 Yellow Plastic Bucket & Wringer Disposables 1x1 t

7681 Plastic Wet Floor Sign Disposables 1x1 t

7171 Green Mop Handle Exel 1x1 t

6215 Red Mop Handle Exel 1x1 t

3516 Blue Mop Handle Exel 1x1 t

5348 Kentucky Twine Mop Head 16oz


Disposables 1xhead t

2215 Green Socket Mop Head 200gm Exel 1xhead t

1052 Dustpan Brush

3086 Stockinette Dishcloths

3957 Green Mop Bucket


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

2658 Yellow Mop Bucket

3739 Speedwrap 3000 Dispenser

8385 Lemon Floor Gel

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

8698 Red Socket Mop Head 200gm Exel 1xhead t

5853 Blue Universal Socket Mop Head Exel 1xhead t

9201 Yellow Socket Mop Head 200gm Exel 1xhead t

6694 Blue Plastic Mop Bucket With


Disposables 1x1 t

2658 Yellow Mop Bucket With Sieve Disposables 1x1 t

Hygiene & Foodsafety Products

4611 Box of Medium Extra Life Kitchen


Marigold 1x6 t

3310 Flameguard Oven Mitt 17” Flameguard 1x1 t

1410 Large Yellow Marigolds Marigold 1x6pair t

1834 Sanitiser Wipes Uniwipe 100x1 t NEW

4699 Small Yellow Rubber Gloves Marigold 1x6pk t

2738 Bacterial Liquid Hand Soap Fairway 1x5ltr t

6705 Blue Disposable Hair Nets Allied 100x1 t

8088 Blue Plasters Cl 40x1 t

5451 Blue Large Vinyl Powder Free Gloves Magnum 100x1 t

3217 Blue Medium Vinyl Gloves Powder


Magnum 100x1 t

1374 Pair Blue Rubber Gloves Large Fit Shield 1x1pair t

Floor Cleaning

7013 Carpet Extraction Cleaner Cleanclever 1x5ltr t

3067 Extraction Carpet Cleaning


Cleenol 1x5ltr t

7651 Flash All Purpose Lemon Cleaner Flash 1x5ltr t

8385 Lemon Floor Cleaner Gel Fairway 1x5ltr t

4231 Professional Cream Lemon Scented Cif 1x2ltr t

Toilet Tissue & Washroom

5472 Alcohol Hand Rinse Liquid Trust 1x500ml t

5668 Anti Bac Sanitizer Gel Sidac 1x5ltr t

5126 Bactercidial Hand Soap In Bottle


3338 Blue Centrefeed Roll Embossed

2ply 180mmx110m

Fairway 1x500ml t

DEFS 6x110mtR t

4734 Blue Centrefeed Roll Startissue 6x100mtr t

9647 C Fold Paper Hand Towels Green


Poppies 2400x1 t

2957 Centrefeed Dispenser Northwood 1x1sgl t

9097 Esteem Cleaner Sanitizer Evans 1x750ml t NEW

7700 Foaming Washroom Spray Cleaner Fairway 1x750ml t

4027 Mild Liquid Hand Soap Tork 1x1ltr t

7645 Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls Poppies 12x150m t

3465 Tissues Single Boxes Kleenex 4x64pk t

8366 White Toilet Rolls 200 Sheets 2ply

4 pack

Bliss 1x4Rolls t

5168 White V-Fold Hand Towel Alsogreen 4000x1 t


3621 Monday Day Dots Daymark 1000x1 t

4970 Tuesday Day Dots Daymark 1000x1 t

7669 Wednesday Day Dots Daymark 1000x1 t

4748 Thursday Day Dots Daymark 1000x1 t

1367 Friday Day Dots Daymark 1000x1 t

2716 Saturday Day Dots Daymark 1000x1 t

4066 Sunday Day Dots Daymark 1000x1 t

5415 Food Use By Date Labels Daymark 500x1 t

6465 Allergen Labels Disposables 500x1 t

8959 White DL Envelopes Disposables 50x1 t

3268 Copier Paper Lyreco 5x500pgs t

8467 Removable Price Gun Labels Disposables 1xsgl t

Speedwrap Dispensers

3739 Speedwrap Dispenser 3000 Speedwrap 1xDisp t

1059 Speedwrap Dispenser 4500 Speedwrap 1xDisp t


8790 Aluminium Cooking Foil Cutterbox


Fairway 1x75mtr t

3490 Aluminium Foil Refill Pack 450 Speedwrap 3x450mm t

4022 Foil Dispenser Refill Pack


Speedwrap 3x300mm t

5631 V Foil In Cutterbox 30cmx75m Prowrap 1x75mtr t

Cling Film

2141 Cling Film Dispenser Refill Pack 450 Fairway 3x450mm t

5461 Cling Film In Cutterbox

300mm x 300m

Prowrap 1x300m t

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com


Non Food

Code Product Brand Unit

Cling Film continued

9792 Cling Film Refill Pack 300 Speedwrap 3x300mm t

8975 Cling Film Wrap Cutterbox 450mm Fairway 1x450mm t


7519 Baking Parchment Refill Pack Wrapex 3x450mm t

9797 Round White Doyley 6.5” Duni 250x1 t

3787 Tray Paper White 27cmx37cm Grade 250x1 t

3819 Baking Parchment Cutterbox


6941 Greaseproof Imitation Paper


Fairway 1x50mtr t

Wrapit 1x1ream t

3214 Kitchen Roll (4 pack) 2ply Mammoth 1x4Rolls t

1182 Paper Doyleys Poppies 250x1 t

6981 Standard Duplicate Waiter Order



National 20x1 t

9603 Napkins Green 2ply 33cm Poppies 125x1 t NEW

8861 Napkins Black Ct 2ply 24cm Poppies 200x1 t NEW

2293 Napkin Champagne 2ply 33cm Poppies 125x1 t NEW

4928 Napkins Red 2ply 40cm Poppies 125x1 t NEW

4689 Napkins Beaujoulais 2ply 33cm Poppies 125x1 t NEW

2931 Napkins White 2ply 33cm Swantex 100x1 t

2993 Napkins Ice White 2ply 40cm Fairway 100x1 t

9533 Napkins Black 2ply 33cm Poppies 125x1 t

1176 Lotus Fastfold Dispenser Napkins Tork 10800x1 t

1055 Napkins Yellow 2ply 33cm Fairway 100x1 t

9209 Napkins Beaujoulais 2ply 33cm Swantex 100x1 t

8547 Napkins Cream 2ply 40cm Duni 125x1 t

7443 Napkins Regatta Blue 2ply 33cm Duni 100x1 t

7878 Napkins Rose Pink 2ply 40cm Fairway 100x1 t

2556 Napkins White 8 Fold 2ply Duni 1200x1 t

1397 Napkins White 1ply Poppies 500x1 t

Code Product Brand Unit

Table Covers

2329 Embossed Red Paper Slip Cover Swan 25x1 t

6888 White Banquet Roll Damask 1x100m t

7238 White Embossed Paper Table

Covers 90cm

Candles & Firelighters

Poppies 25x1 t

7249 Chafing Fuel 3.5hr Burn Time Zodiac 12x3.5hr t

9332 Tea Lights with Cups 4hr Burn Time Cl 125x1 t

Cutlery & Plates - Disposable

1815 Economy Paper Plates 9” (23cm) Dispo 100xPlte t

3364 Paper Plates 6” (15cm) Dispo 100x15cm t

6245 White Foam Plates 7” TP2 Tp2 100xTP2 t

7722 White Foam Plates 9” - TP3 Tp3 100xTP3 t

9512 Wooden Dessert Spoons Dispo 100xSpns t

9418 Wooden Forks Dispo 100xFork t

2407 Wooden Knives Dispo 100xKniv t

5298 Wooden Tea Spoons Dispo 100xSpns t

9457 White Plastic Tea Spoons Plastico 100x1 t

8996 Plastic Dessert Spoons Poppies 100x1 t

6334 White Plastic Forks Magnum 100x1 t

3635 White Plastic Knives Poppies 100x1 t

9744 Wooden Coffee Stirrers Plastico 1000x1 t

Cutlery & Chef Knives

9269 Stainless Steel Soup Spoons Cl 12x1 t

3819 Baking Parchment

8975 Cling Film


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

9542 Squat Cups

9971 Medium SOS Carrier

Code Product Brand Unit Code Product Brand Unit

Packaging Takeaway

Dispenser Bottles

5768 Plastic Portion Pots / Cups 2oz Greenware 250x1 t

2627 Clear Squeezy Bottle 8oz Disposables 6x8oz t NEW

2830 Portion Pot Lid 2oz Dispo 100x1 t

3612 Portion Pot 2oz Dispo 100xPots t

6307 Portion Pot Lid 4oz Charles 100x1 t

9704 6A Foil Container Lids Jena 500x1 t

8368 6A Aluminium Takeaway Containers Jena 500x1 t

5335 Foil Container Lid 9x9 Disposable 200x1 t

3019 Foil Square Container 9x9 Disposable 200x1 t

9109 Bagasse Container 9x6” Bagasse 200x1 t

4649 Clear 4oz Portion Pots Solo 100x4oz t

9170 Deepfill Sandwich Wedge Kraft 50x1 t

9479 EPS Large Chip Tray Disposables 1x500 t

Large ‘No3’ chip tray. 222x133x38mm

3662 Foil Tray Bake Standard Disposables 250x1 t NEW

3986 HP6 EPS Burger Boxes Linpac 500x1 t

Hotpacs, ideal for slightly bigger burgers or jacket potatoes. 145mmx133mmx75mm

2863 Portion Pots 2oz Plastico 80x57ml t

6649 Small Newsprint F+C Tray Disposables 250x1 t

2823 Triple Sandwich Wedges Disposables 500x1 t

Triple hinged sandwich packs recyclable. 183x90x89mm

8831 Waxed Paper Ramekin 2oz Genware 1x250 t

4124 XL EPS 2 Comp. Hotpac White Disposables 200x1 t

4282 XL EPS 3 Comp. Hotpacs White Hotpac 200x1 t

Extra large 3 compartment Hotpac.

9788 XL EPS 1 Compartment Hotpacs


Hotpac 200x1 t

Extra large single compartment Hotpacs. 240x202x68mm

2465 Foam Takeaway Burger Boxes


Linpac 250x1 t

4687 Clear Squeezy Bottles 12oz Chas 1x12oz t

Cups & Lids Disposables

5645 Smoothie Cup & Lid 12oz Fynite 50x1 t

8969 Smoothie Cup & Lids 16oz Cl 50x1 t

5711 EPS Foam Cups 7oz Disposables 25x1 t

9542 Squat Vending Clear Plastic Cups


Dispo 100xcups t

2980 Vented Lids 7oz Disposables 100x1 t

1402 Black Ripple Squat Cups 12oz Dispo 25x12oz t

4348 Clear Plastic Pint To Rim Tumbler Plastico 50xTumbl t

8172 Half Pint Clear Plastic Tumblers 8oz Plastico 1000x1 t

6005 Ripple 16M Cups 16oz Dispo 25xcups t

3556 White Dome Lids for 12oz to 20oz


Dispo 100x1Lid t

6114 White Foam Eps Cups Dart 20x1 t

Kitchen Utensils & Equipment

5301 Fridge Freezer Thermometer Kitchencraft 1x1sgl t

7088 Original Safety Matches Cooks 12xbox t

4386 Blue Chopping Board Neville UK 1xboard t

7784 Brown Chopping Board Neville UK 1xboard t

9133 Green Chopping Board Green 1xboard t

1236 Red Chopping Board Red 1xboard t

1981 White Chopping Board White 1xboard t

2233 Yellow Chopping Board Yellow 1xboard t

A champagne coloured TT10 size EPS Hotpac container - large 241x145x66mm

HP3. Ideal for hot dogs.

5704 Medium Foam White Takeaway

Boxes HP2

Linpac 500x1 t

Medium sized container, perfect for burgers (square like). 185x133x75mm

6695 Trimbowl EPS Foam Bowls TB1 Linpac 6x100 t

TP1 8oz EPS foam bowls. 600 in a pack.

7208 Plastic Rectangle Container 650cc Majestic 250x650c t

2821 Dome Lid Single Sandwich Container Colpac 600x1 t

Dome lidded, single packed sandwich wedges. 183x84x90mm

Order online | Call to order 02392 673034 | sales@dennisedwards.com


Non Food

Code Product Brand Unit

Food Bags

8103 Film Fronted Bags 8.5”x8.5” Disposables 1000x1 t

8724 Film Fronted Baguette Bag Europack 500x1 t

Film fronted baguette bags. Perfectly fit a half baguette in and fold over on the

top. 100x150x350mm about 14.

6168 Foil Lined Bags (Satchel) 7x9x12” Disposables 500x1 t

7648 Freezer Bags 235x355mm Ties In

Dispenser Box

Cl 200x1 t

9631 Large Food Freezer Bags Cl 150x1 t

9971 Medium Brown SOS Carriers Disposables 2x125pk t

Medium brown SOS carriers. 8x13x10”

Code Product Brand Unit

5986 Piping / Icing Bags On A Roll 21” Prowrap 100x21” t

7365 Plastic Vest Carrier Bag Carryit 100x1 t

8194 White Sulphite Bags 7x11x15


Kraft 500x1 t

9731 White Sulphite Bags 8.5”x8.5” Kraft 1000x1 t

3515 White Sulphite Strung Flat Bags


Food Carriers

2554 Film Fronted Bags White Back


Kraft 1000x1 t

Dempson 1000x1 t

2795 Medium White Take-Away

Food Bags

Fynite 100x1 t

250 in a pack. White bags with handle. 8x13x10”

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Terms & Conditions


1.1 In these terms and conditions:

“Supplier or DEFS” means Dennis Edwards for Foodservice.

Products” means goods sold by the Supplier;

“Customer” means a customer of the Supplier for the purchase of Products.

1.2 These terms and conditions will apply to and be deemed to be incorporated

in all contracts for the sale of Products by the Supplier to the Customer, and

shall override any terms proffered by the Customer in respect of any order

for Products. If not otherwise incorporated into the contract, these terms and

conditions shall be deemed to be accepted and incorporated into the contract

by the Customer accepting delivery of the Products which are the subject of

that contract. No variation to these terms and conditions shall be binding unless

agreed in writing between the authorised representatives of the Supplier and

Customer. References to any contract between the Supplier and the Customer

for the supply of Products shall include these terms and conditions.

1.3 The Supplier’s employees or agents are not authorised to make any

representations concerning the Products unless confirmed by the Supplier in

writing. In entering into any contract for the supply of the Products the Customer

acknowledges that it does not rely on any such representations which are not so

confirmed, but nothing in these terms and conditions affects the liability of either

party for fraudulent misrepresentation.

1.4 Any advice or recommendation given by the Supplier or its employees or

agents to the Customer or its employees or agents as to the storage, application

or use of the Products which is not confirmed in writing by the Supplier is

followed or acted on entirely at the Customer’s own risk and accordingly the

Supplier will not be liable for any such advice or recommendation which is not so



2.1 The Customer shall be responsible to the Supplier for ensuring the accuracy

of the terms of any order submitted by the Customer and for giving the Supplier

any necessary information relating to the Products within a sufficient time to

enable the Supplier to perform the particular contract in accordance with its


2.2 The quantity, quality and description of the Products and any specification

for them shall be as set out as in the Supplier’s quotation (if accepted by the

Customer) or the Customer’s order (if accepted by the Supplier). All products

and offers subject to availability.

2.3 The Supplier reserves the right to make any changes in the brands, pack

sizes or specification of the Products which are required to conform with any

applicable statutory or EU requirements or which do not materially affect their

quality or performance.

2.4 All images shown on any web page, pricelist, e-mail, or other marketing

materials from DEFS are included as a guide for presentation purposes only.


3.1 Risk of damage to or loss of the Products shall pass to the Customer at

the time of delivery or, if the Customer wrongfully fails to take delivery of the

Products, the time when the Supplier has tendered delivery of the Products.

Delivery of the Products shall take place at the Customer’s premises unless

otherwise agreed by the parties.

3.2 The Supplier shall use all reasonable endeavours to deliver each of the

Customer’s orders for the Products on the dates specified in the order, but the

time of delivery shall not be of the essence unless previously agreed in writing

between the parties.

3.3 The Customer shall within 24 hours of the arrival of each delivery of the

Products at the Customer’s premises notify the Supplier of any defect by reason

of which the Customer alleges that the Products delivered are not in accordance

with the specification and which should be apparent on reasonable inspection.

Due to DEFS willing compliance with the Food Safety Act, no product from a

previous delivery can be returned without an uplift note issued to our driver, by

our office. Any product returned without this authorised document, will not be

credited and will be disposed of on your behalf.

3.4 If the Customer fails to give such a notice then the Customer shall be deemed

to have accepted the delivery of the Products in question and the Supplier shall

have no liability to the Customer with respect to that delivery.

3.5 If the Customer rejects any delivery of the Products within the time specified

the Supplier shall, as soon as reasonably practical after being requested to do so

by the Customer, supply replacement Products (in which event the Supplier shall

not be deemed to be in breach of these terms and conditions or have any liability

to the Customer).


4.1 The price for the Products shall be exclusive of any Value-Added Tax or other

applicable sales tax or duty all of which shall be payable in addition. Prices can be

subject to change, notice of price changes cannot be guaranteed. All published

prices are correct at time of the publication. The latest pricelist cancels all

previous pricelists. Nett or Promotional Prices carry no further discounts.

4.2 The Supplier shall invoice the Customer at the time of delivery and all

invoices will be paid by the Customer either at time of delivery or at time of

placing order, unless a prior agreed credit account is in place, these invoices will

be paid by the 15th of the month following, from which the invoice was raised.

4.3 If the Customer fails to make any payment on the due date then, without

limiting any other right or remedy available to the Supplier, the Supplier may:

4.3.1. cancel the particular contract or suspend any further deliveries to the

Customer under that or any other contract between the parties;

4.3.2. appropriate any payment made by the Customer to such of the Products

(or the Products supplied under any other contract between the Customer

and Supplier) as the Supplier may think fit (notwithstanding any purported

appropriation by the Customer); and

4.3.3. charge the buyer interest (both before and after any judgment) on the

amount unpaid at the rate of 2 per cent per month until payment in full is made

(a part of a month being treated as a full month for the purpose of calculating


4.3.4 The Supplier shall be entitled to recover from the customer all costs it incurs

in recovering any outstanding amount from the Customer.

4.4 Should any method of payment to DEFS be dishonoured i.e. Referred

Cheques, due to insufficient funds, debit or credit card charge backs then a £25

admin charge will applied, to each instance.


Dennis Edwards Product Guide 2022

4.5 As of 1st September 2020 DEFS no longer accept Cheques as a form of

payment method. Payment Methods are Cash on delivery, Payment by card

over the phone or BACS.


5.1 Notwithstanding delivery and the passing of risk in the Products, or any

other provision in these terms and conditions, the property in the Products shall

not pass to the Customer until the Supplier has received in cash or cleared funds

payment in full of the price of the Products and all other goods agreed to be sold

by the Supplier to the Customer for which payment is then due.

5.2 Until such time as the property in the Products passes to the Customer,

the Customer shall hold the Products as the Supplier’s fiduciary agent and

bailee, and shall keep the Products separate from those of the Customer and

third parties and properly stored, protected and insured and identified as the

Supplier’s property, but the Customer may use the Products in the ordinary

course of its business.

5.3 Until such time as the property in the Products passes to the Customer

(and provided the Products are still in existence), the Supplier may at any time

require the Customer to deliver up the Products to the Supplier and, if the

Customer fails to do so immediately, enter on to any premises of the Customer

or any third party where the Products are stored and repossess the Products.

5.4 For the avoidance of doubt this section 5 shall apply equally to Products

which form part of consignment stock held on the Customer’s premises.


6.1 The Supplier warrants that the Products will correspond with their

description at the time of delivery.

6.2 The above warranty shall be subject to the Supplier being under no

liability in respect of any defect arising from failure to follow the manufacturer’s

instructions, failure to store the Products in appropriate conditions, or use of

Products in abnormal working conditions.

6.3 The Supplier shall be under no liability under the above warranty (or any

other warranty, condition or guarantee) if the total price for the Products has

not been paid by the due date for payment.

6.4 Subject to the above, all warranties, conditions or other terms implied by

statute or common law are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.


7.1 A claim by the Customer which is based on any defect in the quality or

condition of the Products or their failure to correspond with specification shall

(whether or not delivery is refused by the Customer) be notified to the Supplier

within 7 days from the date of delivery or (where the defect or failure was not

apparent on reasonable inspection) within a reasonable time after discovery

of the defect or failure. If delivery is not refused, and the Customer does not

notify the Supplier accordingly, the Customer shall not be entitled to reject the

Products and the Supplier shall have no liability for such defect or failure, and the

Customer shall be bound to pay the price as if the goods had been delivered in

accordance with the particular contract.

7.2 Where a valid claim in respect of any Products which is based on defect in

the quality or condition of the Products or their failure to meet specification

is notified to the Supplier in accordance with these terms and conditions, the

Supplier may replace the Products free of charge or at the Supplier’s sole

discretion credit the Customer the price of the Products (or a proportionate

part of the price) in which case the Supplier shall have no further liability to the

Customer. Credit notes are only valid for 6 months from the tax date after which

they will expire.

7.3 The Supplier shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in

breach of any particular contract by reason of any delay in performing, or any

failure to perform, any of the Supplier’s obligations in relation to the Products,

if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond the Supplier’s reasonable

control. Without limiting the foregoing, the following should be regarded as

causes beyond the Supplier’s reasonable control: act of God; explosion, flood,

tempest, fire or accident; war or threat of war, sabotage, insurrection, civil

disturbance or requisition; acts, restrictions, regulations, bye-laws, prohibitions

or measures of any kind on the part of any governmental parliamentary or local

authority; imports or exports regulations or embargoes; strikes, lock outs or

other industrial actions or trade disputes (whether involving employees of the

Supplier or of a third party); difficulties in obtaining raw materials, or power

failure or break down in machinery.

7.4 Except in respect of death or personal injury caused by the Supplier’s

negligence, or liability for defective products under the Consumer Protection

Act 1987, the Supplier shall not be liable to the Customer by reason of any

representation (unless fraudulent), or any implied warranty, condition or other

term, or any duty at common law, or under the expressed terms of the particular

contract, for loss of profit or loss of business or contracts, or loss of anticipated

savings nor for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, costs,

expenses or other claims for compensation whatsoever (whether caused by the

negligence of the Supplier, its employees or agents or otherwise) which arise out

or in connection with the supply of the Products (including any delay in supplying

or any failure to supply the Products in accordance with the particular contract

or at all) or their use or resale by the Customer, and the entire liability of the

Supplier under or in connection with the particular contract shall not exceed

the price of the particular Products the subject matter of the particular contract,

except as expressly provided in these terms and conditions.


8.1 Without limiting any other right or remedy available to the Supplier, the

Supplier shall be entitled immediately to cancel or terminate any contract

or order for the supply of Products to the Customer by written notice to the

Customer if:

8.1.1. the Customer commits any breach of any of the provisions of that contract

or order;

8.1.2. an encumbrancer takes possession or a receiver is appointed over any

of the property or assets of the Customer.

8.1.3. the Customer makes any voluntary arrangement with its creditors or enters

into administration;

8.1.4. the Customer enters into liquidation (except for the purposes of an

amalgamation, reconstruction or other reorganisation of a solvent company

and in such manner that the company resulting from the reorganisation

effectively agrees to be bound by or to assume the obligations on that other

party under that contract or order);

8.1.5. the Customer ceases, or threatens to cease, to carry on business.


9.1 The Customer is not entitled to assign, transfer or otherwise encumber

any contract between the Supplier and the Customer or any of its benefits

or obligations under any such contract.

9.2 Any waiver by the Supplier of a breach of any provision of any contract

between the Supplier and the Customer shall not be considered as a waiver

of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.

9.3 All contracts between the Supplier and the Customer for supply of Products

will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and

Wales and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction in relation to any

dispute arising out of or in connection with any such contract.

9.4 Answerphone Service: No orders placed here will have precedence over any

other. Orders can be placed or added to, but we cannot cancel or remove items

from orders placed during office hours.

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