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If you're interested in a career in engineering but aren't sure which field to enter, civil engineering may be the perfect choice for you. As a civil engineer, you'll be responsible for the design and construction of public works projects like bridges, highways, and water treatment plants. In this article, we'll provide an overview of what civil engineers do and the skills you'll need to succeed in this field. Civil engineering for beginners is an article meant for students who wish to make a career in construction, heavy equipment, or project management. When it comes to the world of engineering, civil engineering is one of the oldest and most well-known disciplines. Civil engineers are responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of our built environment—from bridges and dams to buildings and roads. Suppose you're interested in a career in civil engineering. In that case, this guide will give you an introduction to the field, including its history, specialties, and what civil engineers do on a day-to-day basis.

If you're interested in a career in engineering but aren't sure which field to enter, civil engineering may be the perfect choice for you. As a civil engineer, you'll be responsible for the design and construction of public works projects like bridges, highways, and water treatment plants. In this article, we'll provide an overview of what civil engineers do and the skills you'll need to succeed in this field. Civil engineering for beginners is an article meant for students who wish to make a career in construction, heavy equipment, or project management.

When it comes to the world of engineering, civil engineering is one of the oldest and most well-known disciplines. Civil engineers are responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of our built environment—from bridges and dams to buildings and roads.

Suppose you're interested in a career in civil engineering. In that case, this guide will give you an introduction to the field, including its history, specialties, and what civil engineers do on a day-to-day basis.


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E D I T O R ‘ S N O T E

Civil engineering is

essential for the

development and

maintenance of our

society’s physical infrastructure,

including roads, bridges, water

and sewerage systems, power

plants, and transmission lines.

Civil engineers also play a

vital role in disaster relief and

recovery efforts, as they are

often called upon to assess

damage to infrastructure and

develop plans for repairs or


What is civil engineering?

Civil engineering is a branch

of engineering that deals with

the design, construction, and

maintenance of the physical

and naturally built environment.

Civil engineers are responsible

for creating and maintaining

infrastructures like roads,

bridges, canals, and dams.

They work in a variety of

settings, including private

industry, government agencies,

and consulting firms. Civil

engineering is a demanding

profession that requires both

technical skills and creative


What do civil engineers


Civil engineers must have a

strong foundation in mathematics

and physics. They must also be

able to communicate effectively

and work well in teams. The field

of civil engineering offers many

opportunities for career growth.

With experience, civil engineers

can advance to management

positions or start their own

consulting firms. They may also

choose to specialize in areas

like structural engineering or

environmental engineering.

Everything you need

to know about civil


The different types of

civil engineering

There are many different

types of civil engineering.

Structural engineering is

the most common type.

It involves designing and

constructing buildings and

other structures. Geotechnical

engineering is another type of

civil engineering. It deals with

the design and construction

of foundations, dams, roads,

and other infrastructure.

Environmental engineering

is another branch of civil

engineering that deals with the

protection of the environment.

The future of civil


As our population continues

to grow, so does the demand

for civil engineers. The future

of civil engineering looks very

promising. With advances in

technology, civil engineers

will be able to design and

build even more complex

structures. They will also be

able to use new materials and

construction methods to make

these structures more durable

and efficient. In addition, civil

engineers will continue to play

a vital role in disaster relief

and recovery efforts. With the

world becoming increasingly

connected, civil engineers

will also need to be more

collaborative than ever before.

In conclusion, civil engineering

is a complex but rewarding

field. It is essential for the

infrastructure of any society,

and offers many opportunities

for creative and challenging

work. With the right education

and training, anyone can

become a civil engineer and

make a difference in the world.



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As consumers and business have looked to online recourses to help influencer their purchase

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LG HVAC Virtual Experience is an open, engaging online resource that will give visi-tors a thorough

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If you’re interested in a career in engineering but aren’t sure which field to enter,

civil engineering may be the perfect choice for you. As a civil engineer, you’ll be

responsible for the design and construction of public works projects like bridges,

highways, and water treatment plants. In this article, we’ll provide an overview of

what civil engineers do and the skills you’ll need to succeed in this field.





When it comes to the world of engineering,

civil engineering is one of the oldest

and most well-known disciplines. Civil

engineers are responsible for the design,

construction, and maintenance of our

built environment—from bridges and

dams to buildings and roads. If you’re

interested in a career in civil engineering,

this guide will give you an introduction to

the field, including its history, specialties,

and what civil engineers do on a day-today


10 things you probably didn’t

know about civil engineering

1. It is a field that deals with the design,

construction, and maintenance of public

works such as bridges, roads, tunnels

and dams.

2. Civil engineers are also responsible

for the planning and supervision of largescale

construction projects.

3. They use their knowledge of

mathematics, physics and hydraulics to

find solutions to problems.

4. Civil engineering has been around for

thousands of years – some of the earliest

examples can be found in ancient

Greece, Rome, early Egyptian and


5. The term ‘civil engineering’ was first

coined in the 18th century by English

engineer John Smeaton.

6. There are different types of civil

engineering, including structural,

environmental, transportation, and

geotechnical engineering.

7. The Great Wall of China, Burj Khalifa,

Stonehenge, the Eiffel Tower, and the

Panama Canal are all feats of civil


8. Civil engineers must have a strong

foundation in math and science, as well

as experience with computer-aided

design (CAD) software.

9. A degree in civil engineering can lead

to a wide variety of career options. You

could work in construction, management,

consulting, or teaching, to name just a

few possibilities.

10. The first civil engineer was probably

a woman! Imhotep, an Egyptian architect

who lived around 2600 BC, is often

credited as being the first civil engineer.

However, recent evidence suggests

that it was actually his daughter, Hemetka-Imhotep,

who was responsible for

many of his projects, including the Step

Pyramid at Saqqara.

The origins of civil


Civil engineering is one of the oldest

disciplines of engineering. It is also

one of the most important, as it deals

with the design and construction of

the infrastructure that supports human


The first civil engineer was probably

someone who built a shelter to protect

himself and his family from the elements.

As time went on, people began to build

shelters for their livestock, and then for

storage. Eventually, they began to build

permanent structures like houses and


The first formal civil engineering program

was established at the University of

Ghent in Belgium in 1817. In the United











States, the first civil engineering degree was

awarded by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

in 1835 to four students.

Since then, civil engineering has evolved

to encompass a wide variety of specialties,

including structural engineering,

environmental engineering, geotechnical

engineering, transportation engineering, and

water resources engineering.

In its early days, civil engineering was

very closely related to architecture. In fact,

many famous architects also practiced civil

engineering, including Vitruvius, Leonardo da

Vinci, and Michelangelo.

The work of civil engineers

One of the most important aspects of civil

engineering is designing structures that can

withstand the forces of nature. For example,

when designing a bridge, civil engineers must

take into account the weight of the bridge,

the strength of the materials used, and the

possible effects of wind and water.

Civil engineers are involved in every stage of

a project, from its inception to its completion.

They must first assess the feasibility of a

proposed project and then develop a plan

that takes into account all the necessary

factors such as cost, time, materials, and

labor. Once the plans are approved, civil

engineers oversee the construction process

to ensure that everything is built according to

specifications. After a project is completed,

they may also be responsible for its


Civil engineers are responsible for the

design, construction, and maintenance of

infrastructure projects and systems. This can

include anything from bridges and highways

to water treatment plants and buildings. There

are many different types of civil engineering,

such as structural, environmental,

transportation, and geotechnical engineering.

To become a civil engineer, you will need to

earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering

from an accredited university. During your

studies, you will take classes in mathematics,

physics, chemistry, and computer science.

You will also learn about specific topics

related to civil engineering, such as structural

analysis and transportation planning.

Civil engineering in popular


A lot of people are familiar with civil

engineering, thanks to popular culture. Movies

and television shows often feature scenes

with characters working on or discussing civil

engineering projects. For example, James

Franco’s character in Pineapple Express

is a wanna-be civil engineer. While these

examples may not be accurate in real life,

they give people a general idea of what civil

engineering is.

People often think of civil engineering as

being boring or dull, but it can actually be

quite interesting and exciting. There are

always new challenges to face and problems

to solve.

The different types of civil


There are many different types of civil


The most common are structural, geotechnical,

and water resources engineering. Structural

engineers design and analyze the strength of

structures, such as bridges and buildings.

Geotechnical engineers study the behavior of

soils and rocks, and they design foundations

for structures. Water resources engineers

design systems to store, transport, and treat


Other types include environmental

engineering, which deals with the control of

pollution; geotechnical engineering, which




deals with the construction of foundations; and

transportation engineering, which deals with

the planning and design of roads, railways, and


The skills you need to be a civil


Anyone who is considering a career in civil

engineering should have a few key skills. First

and foremost, they should be good at math and

science. They should be able to think critically

and solve problems. They should also have

strong communication skills.

Civil engineers need to have a strong

understanding of physics and mechanics. They

use this knowledge to figure out how to build

structures that are safe and stable. They also

need to be able to use computer-aided design

(CAD) software to create models of their designs.

Lastly, civil engineers should be able to work well

in teams. This is because much of the work they

do is done in collaboration with other engineers,

architects, and construction workers.

The education you need to be a

civil engineer

If you want to become a civil engineer, you

will need to get a five-year degree from an

accredited engineering program. Although a

few jobs may be available for those with only

two-year degrees, most employers prefer to hire

candidates who have completed four years of


Most engineering programs include coursework

in math, physics, and chemistry, as well as

engineering principles and design. During your

studies, you will likely have the opportunity to

participate in internships or co-op programs,

which can give you valuable experience working

on real engineering projects.

Once you have graduated from college, you will

need to pass two exams in order to become a

licensed professional engineer. The first exam

is the Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam,

which is taken during your final year of college.

The job outlook for civil engineers

If you’re interested in a career in civil engineering,

you’ve come to the right place. This article will

give you a brief overview of what civil engineering

is and the job outlook for civil engineers.

Civil engineering is the branch of engineering

that deals with the design, construction, and

maintenance of public works such as bridges,

roads, dams, and buildings. Civil engineers are

responsible for making sure that these structures

are safe and efficient.

The job outlook for civil engineers is very good.

In 2018, there were over 300,000 jobs in the

United States for civil engineers. The demand

for civil engineering services is expected to

grow by 11% from 2018 to 2028, which is faster

than the average for all occupations.

There are many reasons why the demand for civil

engineering services is growing. One reason is

that populations are growing and urban areas

are expanding.

The salary of civil engineers

As one of the oldest and most popular

engineering disciplines, civil engineering is

responsible for the design and construction of

some of the most iconic structures in the world.

From bridges and dams to skyscrapers and

tunnels, civil engineers are behind some of

humanity’s most impressive feats of engineering.

If you’re interested in a career in civil engineering,

you’ll need to have a strong foundation in math

and science. You should also be prepared

to work long hours, as many civil engineering

projects require round-the-clock supervision.

But the hard work is worth it—civil engineers

have a median salary of $86,640 per year.

The benefits of being a civil


As our world progresses, so does the need for

individuals who can help design and build the

infrastructure that makes our lives easier. This is

where civil engineers come in. Civil engineering

for beginners can be a great way to learn about

this field and decide if it is the right fit for you.

There are many reasons why someone might

choose to become a civil engineer. For starters,

it is a well-paying profession. According to the

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median

salary for civil engineers was $86,640 in 2018.

Civil engineering is also a stable profession

with good job prospects. The bureau projects

that employment of civil engineers will grow 11

percent from 2018 to 2028, which is faster than

the average for all occupations.

If you are thinking about becoming a civil

engineer, know that it is a demanding but

rewarding career. You will need to complete at

least five years of undergraduate studies before

you can become licensed.

The challenges of being a civil


A career in civil engineering can be very

rewarding, but it is also challenging. Here are a

few things to consider if you are thinking about

becoming a civil engineer. First, civil engineering

is a demanding profession. It requires several

years of schooling and on-the-job training.

You will need to be able to handle complex

mathematical and scientific concepts. Second,

civil engineering is a physically demanding

profession. Much of the work is done outdoors

in all types of weather. You will need to be able

to lift heavy objects and stand for long periods

of time. Third, civil engineering is a high-stress

profession. deadlines and budgets can be tight,

and problems can arise unexpectedly. You will

need to be able to handle stress and keep a

cool head under pressure.

The future of civil engineering

As the world progresses, so does the field of

civil engineering. Newer and more advanced

technologies are constantly being developed,

which means that civil engineers must

continuously update their skillset in order to

stay ahead of the curve. The future of civil

engineering is therefore very exciting, with

many opportunities for those who are willing

to embrace change. One area that is sure to

see a significant change in the coming years

is construction. New methods and materials

are constantly being developed, which means

that civil engineers must be at the forefront of

these changes in order to ensure that they are

using the best possible techniques. 3D printing

is one such technology that is already beginning

to revolutionize the construction industry, and

it is only going to become more prevalent in

the years to come. In addition to construction,

another area that is sure to see changes in the

future is infrastructure.

Conclusion: Civil Engineering for


In conclusion, civil engineering is a field that is

essential to society and the built environment. It

is a field that offers many opportunities for those

who are interested in pursuing it. This guide has

provided an overview of what civil engineering

is and some of the basics of the field. For those

who are interested in learning more, there are

many resources available.


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Preventing Explosions

In Industrial Workshops

Dust and other particles floating

in the air in an industrial

workshop can threaten the

workers’ health. Dust can

trigger various destructive situations,

such as explosions, and significantly

damage the business. If you have not

taken preventive measures in advance,

and some explosion or other accident

happens, and you are found negligent,

then your insurance company may not

cover your loss.

Wood particles are very similar to

grain dust and can ignite explosions,

regardless of how big or small the

workshop is. Even if you have collectors

and vacuums in place, you cannot

always be sure because those vacuums

sometimes leave residual dust around.

For a dust explosion to happen, there

have to be five conditions in place.

Ø There has to be a combustible dust

Ø There has to be a high concentration

of dust in the air

Ø The space has to be confined

Ø There must be oxygen inside

Ø There must be some ignition source.


What is a dust explosion?

A dust explosion happens as a

result of an explosive mix. When the

explosive mix gets in touch with a

flame or other ignition source, and

there is a high concentration of dust

particles in the air, the dust cloud will

become combustible. A large majority

of powders are flammable, which is a

thing to keep in mind if you own or work

in a workshop.

If dust particles move freely and get

sufficient heat, that will lead to a fire

that will combust instantly. However, if

dust particles are trapped in a confined

area, such as in vents, this will lead

to an explosion that can destroy the

surrounding machinery.

Unlike gas, dust particles are riskier for

machinery and the safety of workers.

The gas dissipates into the air, while dust

particles are much heavier than air when

they mix with other dust particles. If the

collection of particles is large enough

and all conditions for combustion are

fulfilled, that can lead to an explosion.

That is a significant risk to machinery

like saws, sanders, and lathes in places

of wood waste production. Remember

that finer, lighter particles always pose

a more substantial threat because

larger particles are much less likely to

enter into the air again. At the same

time, smaller articles are easily carried


What can cause a dust


Sawdust and coal dust can lead

to explosions, but flour, grain,

and aluminum can ignite if certain

conditions are met. The problem is,

most workshops always have at least

two conditions present for an explosion

to happen. There is always oxygen and

dust in the air, and there are always

a few ignition sources. Sparks from

machinery, torches, grinders, cigarettes

are some of the ignition sources present

in workshops.

How to protect the workshop?

One of the top things you can do is

regularly use dust extractors and have

HEPA filters installed on the air filtration

units of the machines. It would also help

if you also had proper room filtration.

Cleaning residual air dust is a must to

ensure there will be no problems in the

workshop. Many business owners use

industrial dust collectors and source

capture units attached to their HVAC

system or multiple capture units close to

the machines. Some also use portable

dust collectors by hanging them down

from the workshop ceiling.

Regardless of the dust type you have

floating around in your workshop, never

take any chances and make sure you

install a good combination of HVACbased

units, portable units, and source

capture to ensure the air is clean at

all times. If there is no dust in the air,

there cannot be an explosion. That will

secure your peace of mind that your

employees are protected, and there will

not be any fines for meeting the safety


Always take necessary measures to

protect the business you have worked

hard to build. Remove dust regularly

and do not take any chances, even if

it does not seem problematic at first

glance. Ensure the dust collectors you

bring to the workshop have proper

filters that prevent larger particles from

clogging the HEPA filters. That will save

you money and will extend the HEPA

filter’s life.


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welfare solutions

• EcoLogic range

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The global civil drone market

is expected to grow US$

21.62 Bn in 2027

The global civil drone market

accounted for US$ 6.56 Bn in 2018

and is expected to grow at a CAGR

of 14.3% over the forecast period

2019–2027, to account for US$ 21.62 Bn in

2027. The factors that are driving the growth

of the civil drone market include the precision

agriculture and mining industry that are to

ensure civil drones formidable growth rate.

Further, drone technology is creating new

opportunities for power and utilities sector,

thus, expected to drive the civil drone

market. However, the operational safety and

data security are some of the major concerns

hampering the market growth, and also,

legal regulations to be the prime restraining

factor of civil drones market. In spite of these

hindering factors, civil security services

in smart cities to benefit from the usage of

drone is anticipated to provide significant

opportunity platform for the growth of global

civil drone market. Some of the leading

players in civil drone market are highly

focusing on strategic market initiatives to

enrich their product capabilities as well as to

expand their geographical presence across

the globe. This, in turn, is contributing to the

growth of the civil drone market.


The global civil drone market is segmented

on the basis of type, platform, application,

end user and geography.The type segment

in civil drone market comprises of fixed wing

and rotary wing.

The platform segment of civil drone market

analyzes of hardware, software, and service.

The application segment of civil drone

market include aerial photography, surveying

& mapping, inspection, and others.

The end users of civil drone market covers

agriculture, real estate/infrastructure, energy

& power, and others. Geographically, the

civil drone market is categorized as North

America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East &

Africa, and South America.

The spending on the civil drone is quite high

in both developed and developing regions

such as North America, Europe, and the

Asia Pacific.The demand for the civil drone is

expected to grow further during the forecast

period of 2019 to 2027.

Rising digitization and positive economic

outlook are some of the major macroeconomic

factors driving the growth of the civil drone

market.The civil drone is turning more into the

global business, and various large players

can offer civil drone globally.

Presently on a global scale, industry verticals

such as agriculture, real estate/infrastructure,

and energy & power are the major

contributors in civil drone spending. In 2018,

North America held the leadership position in

the civil drone market with a highest market

share of the overall civil drone market.

Asia Pacific and the Europe held the second

and third position in terms of civil drone

market share.

The overall civil drone market size has been

derived using both primary and secondary

source.The research process begins with

exhaustive secondary research using internal

and external sources to obtain qualitative

and quantitative information related to the

civil drone market.

It also provides the overview and forecast

for the global civil drone market based on all

the segmentation provided with respect to

five major reasons such as North America,

Europe, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and

Africa, and South America.Also, primary

interviews were conducted with industry

participants and commentators in order to

validate data and analysis.

The participants who typically take part in

such a process include industry expert such

as VPs, business development managers,

market intelligence managers, and national

sales managers, and external consultant

such as valuation experts, research analysts

and key opinion leaders specializing in the

civil drone market. Some of the players

present in civil drone market are 3D Robotics,

Inc., Aerovironment, Inc., Aeryon Labs, Inc.,

Drone Volt, ECA Group, Insitu, Inc., Intel

Corporation, Parrot SA, Precisionhawk Inc.,

SZ DJI Technology Co., Ltd and Yuneec

International among others.





The global digital map

market size is projected

to grow USD 29.4 billion

by 2024

The global digital map market size

is projected to grow from USD 13.9

billion in 2019 to USD 29.4 billion

by 2024, at a CAGR of 16.2% from

2019 to 2024. A significant growth driver for

the market is growing adoption of mobile

computing devices for navigation, wide

adoption of 3D platforms, and advanced

technologies for surveying and digital mapmaking

In vertical segment infrastructure development

and construction segment to hold a larger

market size in 2019 Digital map solutions

play an essential role in the construction and

engineering companies, as they support all

phases of the infrastructure life cycle.Also,

these solutions help construction engineers

manage and share data, generate reports,

and visualize territory data, which can be

analyzed and communicated to others.

Digital maps help increase safety measures

and reduce the maintenance costs of the

network. For instance, London created a

digital map of the underground infrastructure,

including gas and water pipes along with

electricity and telecommunication cables,

which helps safeguard workers’ lives and

reduce the cost of damages to utilities, such

as pipes and cables.


• By Mapping type, indoor mapping to register

a higher growth rate during the forecast period

Indoor mapping is deployed primarily for big

complexes, such as hospitals, residential

areas, townships, shopping malls, and

warehouses.The methods and techniques

used in indoor location applications enable

accurate 2D and 3D mapping, and navigation.

Vendors have started deploying digital maps

for indoor infrastructures, due to the growth in

concentration in smart city infrastructures and

the surge in enhancing the digital experience.

Asia Pacific (APAC) to register

the highest growth rate during

the forecast period

The APAC digital map market is experiencing

a disruptive growth, owing to its rapidly

growing number of internet subscribers and

consumption of internet over smartphones and

other portable devices. The market is expected

to grow at an even higher rate than present

due to the ever-increasing consumption of

content in major APAC economies such as

China, India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, and

Hong Kong are the major contributing factors

for the growth of the digital map market in this

region. Moreover, the massive growth in the

agriculture, oil, and gas, and Other natural

resources industry have fueled the growth

of Digital Map market, making APAC one of

the fastest-growing regions in the Digital Map


• By Company Type: Tier 1 – 35%, Tier 2 –

45%, and Tier 3 – 20%

• By Designation: C-level – 35%, D-level –

25%, and Others – 40%

• By Region: North America – 45%, Europe –

20%, Asia Pacific – 30%, RoW – 5%

Major vendors offering content delivery

network solutions include Google (US),

TomTom (Netherland), Esri(US), Here

(Netherland), Digital Map Products Inc.

(US), Nearmap(Australia), Magellan(US),

Apple (US), Mapquest (US), Intrix (US).,

Yahoo(US), AutoNavi (China), MapWise

(France), Jibestream (Canada), Indoor Atlas

(Finland),and Mapillary (Sweden). The study

includes an in-depth competitive analysis

of the key market players, along with their

company profiles, recent developments, and

key market strategies.





The 4 Areas of Your

Engineering Business You

Should Outsource

This decade is set to be one of

the most interesting years yet

for business, technology, and

engineering. As we all know,

running a business is incredibly difficult

but thanks to advancements in tech and

software it is becoming much easier.

One of the most useful advancements for

business has been the improved ability

to outsource many tasks, thanks to better

forms of communication and the ability

to send money around the world quickly

and safely.

This has allowed many businesses to

go online and find the best freelancer

or organization for individual projects

or ongoing tasks that they do not want

to complete in-house. This frees up a

company’s employees and allows them

to work on more important aspects of

their role. It also saves a business a lot of

money in the long run.

Here are the 4 areas of your

Engineering business you

should outsource.

1. Content Marketing

Marketing was one of the first areas of

a business to be outsourced with many

freelance designers or small creative

agencies working solely online. Now, all


aspects of marketing can be outsourced

with ease. This can include anything

from design, copywriting, strategy, SEO,

advertising, and content creation.

Marketing is absolutely essential to

any business that wants to succeed in

2020. It is imperative that businesses

develop their brand, build a rapport

with their customers, and market their

latest products/services in the best way

possible. Without a solid marketing plan,

over 35% of businesses fail.

A modern business can not deny the

importance of marketing. However, the

internet is now making it easier than ever

to go online and find the perfect marketing

freelancers and agencies with the click of

a button. If you need a specific project

completing like web design you can find a

professional freelancer with tons of proven

experience on Fiverr at a decent rate.

Those in need of a full marketing solution

can find a digital marketing agency who

can manage everything you need from

brand awareness to email campaigns all

via Skype and email.

This flexibility allows a business to save

serious amounts of money from their

marketing budget without sacrificing any

quality in your marketing performance.

2. IT Services

The days of implementing large and

expensive in-house IT departments are

over. Now, with the help of the improved

connectivity of people via the internet, all

your IT support needs can be handled by

an external IT solutions company.

This has a many benefits for a business.

First, it saves the business a small fortune

that would usually be spent on paying

a large number of IT staff in-house.

Second, your IT team can now spend

their precious time on helping to build

your business through innovative new

hardware and software solutions. Finally,

your business saves tons of time which

would otherwise be spent dealing with

IT issues in-house freeing up everyone

to concentrate on their own work and

avoiding any implications between inhouse


Now, full IT support can be had at the

click of a button or a simple phone call.

IT support companies usually offer 24/7

support for your staff using the best

trained IT personnel available who all

boast the latest in IT certifications and

training. No more hefty expenses or time

lost when you need to re-train your inhouse

IT support.



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3. Accounts

Not all business need a full accounting department, especially small businesses. Outsourcing

your accounting needs has a myriad of benefits for business owners and their team. Let’s

face it, most of us don’t enjoy the task of accounting as it takes up so much of our times and

induces so much stress among team members.

So, why not outsource your accounting needs to a freelancer or accounting firm? Let them

handle all the stress and pain in balancing the books or tracking expenses so that you and

your team can focus on your own roles. Outsourcing your accounts saves you money also

eliminating the need to hire full-time accountants that are not needed on a 9-5 basis. You can

use your outsourced accounts team only as and when you need them and only pay them for

that time.

You can also help to reduce fraud by hiring a CFO who is trained to investigate any unusual

activity. As a small business, you usually wouldn’t be able to hire a full-time CFO, but when

you outsource you can hire a CFO part-time to watch out for unusual activity.

Finally, when you hire a specialised accounting firm you are hiring a team of experts in their

field. You aren’t required to train them or pay for the latest certifications. This is all handled by

the third-party accounting firm This saves you money, time, and ensure you are always getting

the best accounting service possible.

4. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is relatively new concept that has been taking off around the world. Rather

than hiring a full-time in-house assistant, you can now hire an expert virtual assistant who

works remotely and only works the hours required to complete your tasks. Almost like a payas-you-go

assistant. This saves money, time and ensures you are getting a great assistant.

With modern technology, it’s simple for a virtual assistant to stay on top of your every need.

They can communicate through messenger services, emails, Skype, Slack, Teamwork or

whatever system you prefer. Scheduling, bookings, meetings, data input and more can all be

completed from a remote desk by your virtual assistant.

Having a virtual assistant or more in different time zones can also help you to offer your clients

a 24/7 service making your business always open and ready to take new orders, information,

meetings, and invitations. You can also scale your assistant needs up and down as necessary

with no contracts or commitments in place.

The biggest benefit to having virtual assistants is to allow you to create a better work-life

balance for yourself. You no longer need to always be available when your armed with a

number of competent virtual assistants that can handle everything for you while you spend

time with your family or enjoy a round of golf.


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Four Common Payroll

Pitfalls in Engineering


Payroll management in the engineering

business world sounds simple in

theory. However, it’s surprisingly

easy for a growing engineering

business to make payroll-related mistakes,

especially if it doesn’t have robust processes

and systems in place. In some cases, an

error can have serious consequences for a

business, ranging from damaging employee

morale to losses from fraud.

Here are a few of the most common errors

industrial, tech, construction, energy, and

engineering businesses make in managing

their payrolls:

1. Failing to automate your

engineering business

Putting this one right on top of the list makes

sense because poor systems and controls

are the root cause of most of the other payroll

mistakes listed below. If you don’t have an

automated system in place, you can easily

make errors in calculating employee salaries

and deductions, and in recording employee

information and transactional data.

Failing to automate also means the payroll

team spends most of its time on compliance


and admin issues, when it should ideally

be focusing on helping the engineering

business understand payroll costs, identify

trends, enable better employee experiences,

and provide strategic advice to finance and

management teams.

2. Not putting checks and

balances in place to your

engineering business

Payroll fraud is a major risk for engineering

businesses today and is often discovered

by accident, only after the company has lost

a vast amount of money. Many small and

medium-sized businesses are vulnerable

to payroll fraud because they don’t put

appropriate checks in place. For example,

they often give one accountant or payroll

manager complete access to the payroll

system and company bank account. The

simplest way to prevent most incidents of

payroll fraud is to enforce segregation of

duties in the payroll department. Employees

calculating pay rates and accumulated

hours for payroll should ideally not be the

same people who process the payments.

Different people should have responsibility

for capturing payroll data and for managing

access to the system as well as adding

and removing employees from the payroll.

Yet another person could be tasked with

checking whether the numbers add up.

3. Poor control over leave days

It can be all too easy to lose track of leave

days if an employee takes leave without

proper authorisation. The likely outcomes of

such irregularities can be that an employee

benefits from extra paid leave or loses

leave days due to errors in data capture,

or that their available leave payment may

be inaccurately calculated when they

resign from the company. Other issues may

include two critical team members applying

for and having their leave approved at the

same time, when at least one should be in

the office.

An automated payroll system allows you to

easily process leave applications. It enables

you to manage leave administration,

enforce company-specific leave policies

and ensure the records are accurate. You

can also introduce the employee selfservice

mechanism to streamline leave

applications and approvals for employees

and managers.

4. Travel allowance pitfalls

Reimbursements and allowances for

employee business travel are a minefield

if you are not prepared. A travel allowance

is a regular monthly amount the employer

pays an employee to compensate them for

travel in either a privately-owned vehicle or

for industrial, construction, technology and

energy engineering business related air


It is better to persuade team members to

opt for reimbursements rather than travel

allowances simply because they are easier

to understand. Once again, an automated

payroll solution will do the calculations for

you and help capture the right data using

the correct categorisation.

Final Words from an Engineer

There is no reason today for payroll to be

a headache or a distraction. Suitable tools

can help you take care of most of the red

tape so you can focus on vital areas of the

engineering business, such as growth,

strategy and talent development.






hYDRAULic ciRcUit

Modern design

MX lines are clean and stylish; they perfectly complement new tractor


Protected circuit

Located internally all hydraulic and

electric circuits are protected from

outside elements. Smoothed edges avoid

any possible damage to the circuit.




What to Expect from an

Engineering Consulting


There almost always comes a time

when utilizing a consulting firm will be

a necessity for a business, whether

it’s for marketing information, strategy

advice, or certain skills that don’t exist in the

organization. Consultants can provide solutions

for a wide range of issues businesses face,

which is why the U.S. consulting market has

continued to grow - in 2018 it was estimated to

be a $68.5 billion industry.

There are different types of consulting firms,

such as an economic consulting firm, a

general business consulting firm, a technical

engineering consulting firm, and a legal

consulting firm, with expert consultants

bringing different ideas to the table. They

often work with clients on planning, strategy,

and problem solving, perhaps helping a

business owner develop a particular skill and

knowledge. They may assist in the creation of

marketing plans, determine which marketing

techniques will work best and how to use them,

or help to design a business model.

What can you expect when you

hire an engineering consulting


An Outsider’s Perspective

Getting a different perspective from an

outside eye can make the difference in solving

problems, the same way it can when dealing

with life situations such as whether or not to take

a new job. Oftentimes, a business owner has


an idea on how to solve a problem, but wants

to make sure that their thinking is correct. Or

they may be too close to the challenge that

they miss the obvious answer. Getting the

opinion from a consultant who has worked with

many different businesses, possibly having

worked through the same or a similar problem

before, can provide a new perspective based

on that previous experience, bringing new

and innovative ideas to the table.

Industry Experience and


When choosing an engineering consulting

firm, it’s important to choose one with a

consultant that has experience in your

industry, with in-depth knowledge of what

you do and specific challenges you might be

facing. Beyond knowledge of your industry,

the best consultants should take time to know

your business inside and out, often by making

various assessments and through informal

discussions. They’ll also analyze the results of

any assessment in order to provide you with

a list of any areas of weakness to target for

growth, along with strengths.

Bring Out Your Best Leadership


The engineering consultant you work with

should help you improve your leadership

skills, not by telling you what to do, but by

guiding you to make better decisions by using

their expertise combined with your personal

strengths. A truly good consultant will be able

to sense when it’s the right time to provide

encouragement or help you obtain a better

by asking various questions.

A Strategy

Expect your engineering consulting firm to

provide you with the best possible strategy

to improve your business based on their

observations, assessment, and your input.

That should include measurable goals that

can help monitor improvements.

Achieving Measurable Results

Expect to achieve measurable, positive

results based on your business goals by

hiring a good consulting firm. While success is

highly unlikely to happen overnight, it should

be clear to you that you’re going in the right

direction. If not, you may need to cut ties and

find an engineering firm and consulting more

suited to your needs.



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The Most Important

Features Your

Engineering Website


Whether you’re launching an engineering business or have decided to go freelance,

you need a website that gives clients a place to learn more about who you are

and what you do. Because engineering covers such a broad spectrum, from

software to mechanics and far beyond, it’s vital to establish what type of engineer

you are as quickly as possible. With a website, you can make this possible, but what else

should you include?

Fast Load Times

No one wants to sit around and wait for a website to load. Studies have shown that the

average person will wait just three seconds before clicking away. Therefore, you must ensure

your website is as quick to load as possible, keeping visitor’s attention.

However, website speeds can be tricky. The more images and information, the slower the

site will be overall. To combat this, you’ll need to look into the best software advancements

that will maintain your website speeds and maintain interest.

A Piece Of Your Mind

It’s not enough to simply list your services and hope that people will get in touch. You need to

show visitors that you know what you’re talking about. As engineering is more of a specialist


subject compared to other businesses and

industries, proving your authority is a must.

Blog posts and content, such as videos or

infographics, are a superb way to engage

visitors and show them you know what you

are talking about. Besides this, it’s also the

best way to drive traffic and attract new clients

without spending a fortune on marketing.

Because you have all of this knowledge and

insights already, you’re essentially marketing

our business for free.

A Strong Portfolio

You also cannot rely on a shiny, attractive

website to convince visitors to seek your

business. With engineering being such a

competitive industry, you must show evidence

that you have enough experience to be trusted

with potential projects.

This is why a portfolio of your past projects

is so important. A portfolio can act as a

visual resume, backing up any claims you

make about success with previous clients

and giving potential clients an idea of what

to expect from you. You can put as many or

as few examples as you like, but it’s always

advised to select the projects you are most

proud of alongside those that are the most


Automatically Updated


Creating a website that also acts as a hub for

engineering information could also benefit

you, especially when you’re trying to stand out

from the crowd. There are plenty of options

to consider, but it’s important to choose the

information that visitors would be interested


Depending on the type of engineering you

specialize in, using aggregators to highlight

the latest developments or keeping up to date

with the stock marketing using alternatives to

Yahoo Finance API can add essential value

to your site, giving you the edge that others


Engineering the Best Website

A good website is not built overnight. However,

if you have experience in software engineering,

you can design and maintain a dependable

and attractive website all by yourself. If your

engineering tablets lie elsewhere, get in touch

with a professional web developer to ensure

your site stands out.








4 Grant Management Benefits

for Engineering & Industrial


For many non-profits and research organizations, grants are the only way to secure

funding for construction and engineering projects and growth. As a result, securing

these grants becomes extremely important, essentially a required step for the industrial

and technology driven organization to survive and grow. Since grant management is so

important to these organizations, any tools that can aid in the process are extremely valuable.

So what are the best tools to help you with securing and managing your grants? Here are four

beneficial tools to use in your grant management efforts.

Editing Software

An extremely beneficial tool that you can use in your grant management efforts is editing

software. Writing and creating grant proposals and acceptances are absolutely vital in the

grant management process. You need to be able to illustrate why you need the funding from

the grant and persuade others to actually provide you with the grant. In addition, you need

to be able to write compelling acceptance letters that accurately portray your gratitude and

establish relationships that your organization will rely on in the future. In order to do this well,

you need to ensure that your writing is free of spelling and grammar mistakes. While editing

these projects yourself can work, there’s always a chance that something slips through the

cracks, and that’s where editing software can come in. Editing software can ensure that your

proposals are perfect, fixing the mistakes that were made from human error.


Budgeting Software

Budgeting is an extremely important part of grant management. If you’re going to secure a

grant, then you’ll need to illustrate exactly how you’ll use the finances provided from the grant to

better your organization. In order to do this properly, you’ll have to create a budget that uses all

of the funds allocated from the grant effectively and efficiently. During this process, budgeting

software can be a huge help. Rather than computing the budget by hand, budgeting software

can be a huge help in allocating funds efficiently. As a result, budgeting software can be a

huge help in the grant management process.

Management Software

When undergoing grant management, you’re going to need to keep track of a lot of data.

You need to track exactly how much you’re spending and what you’re spending it on. In

addition, you need to ensure that you’re tracking various metrics on how your organization’s

performance is improved or affected by the implementation of the grant’s funds. Tracking so

much data can be tedious, which is where data management software like Microsoft Excel can

come in. Here you can neatly organize all of the data and metrics that you measure, and can

later easily implement them into the reports that you need.

Reporting Software

Whether you’re focusing on federal grant management or private grant management, you’re

going to have to create lots of reports on your organization’s progress. Many grants require

monthly reports to be due on set dates, as they want to ensure that you’re adequately using

the funds provided. These reports will take the metrics that you previously have installed and

present them in a neat and easy-to-follow manner. Reports are critical to your organization’s

success, and as such any help that you can get in creating them is welcome. There is lots of

software out there that can help with the writing and creation of reports, helping you stay on

track with the grant management process. If you want to stay on top of the grant management

process, then effectively using reporting software is a key tool that you need to master.



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Do You Have What It

Takes To Be A Chemical


This is your quick guide on what it takes to be part of this very competitive field.

Not everyone can become a chemical engineer. Considered as one of the hardest

engineering courses, it’s no surprise that they receive one of the highest annual wages

around the world. Not only do they apply chemistry and engineering concepts in their

profession, they also have to deal with biology, physics, economics and mathematics

to mass produce different products we use everyday.

Chemical engineers are crucial in a lot of manufacturing industries. They are the ones incharge

in designing processes and identifying which equipment and devices should be

used for large-scale manufacturing of products. Some of them are involved in research and

development of products that can be used for more efficient and effective manufacturing.

Aside from tasks dealing with manufacturing processes, they’re also in-charge in making sure

safety and environmental regulations are met and production costs are handled well. That’s a

lot of jobs very crucial to companies.


But what does it take to be a chemical engineer?

One must obtain a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering – that’s 4 or 5 years of intense

studies of chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering courses. Internships are usually

required from students to finish the program. This will help them get an idea what kind of job

they’ll be experiencing as soon as they enter the industry. Getting a professional license is

necessary for those interested to advance their careers in the field.

Since chemical engineers work with other engineers and production workers, they must

develop their interpersonal and organizational skills. They also need analytical and problemsolving

skills. Creativity is also required from chemical engineers since they have to find

innovative ways to produce goods in the most efficient ways there are. Later on in their

careers, chemical engineers are in-charge in supervising their teams of engineers and

technicians in different companies. These companies come form different industries such

as energy, food and beverage, electronics, clothing, technology and nanomaterials.

Chemical engineers don’t only work in offices and laboratories. They get to travel a lot.

Depending on the company they work with, they spend a lot of time inside industrial plants

or refineries to help oversee production. These plants can be based locally or outside the


There are health risks in the job, though.

Since chemical engineers are exposed to different chemicals and huge machines and

devices, they are exposed to health and safety hazards. So, be careful!

With great responsibility, does it mean they earn more than other


That depends on the company a chemical engineer is employed at. According to the US

Department of Labor, the median annual wage of chemical engineers is over $96,000. The

minimum annual wage a chemical engineer gets is reported to be around $60,000. The

highest annual wage reached around $156,000. Not bad at all.



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