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The heartbeat of the community

September 15 — October 5, 2022 | Since 1986

Ocoee’s New

City Hall

When you want it SOLD

Darrell Nunnelley



6 Beds * 6 Baths * Lake Olivia * Pool * Theater * 2 Story Boathouse * Guest House

For Sale

3241 Sailing Pier

Winter Garden

Lakeview Preserve

3 Bed 2 bath


501 Main Street * Windermere * Local Office


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Know Which Foods Are Safe for Your Pets

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International Baccalaureate Diploma & Certificate Program

Collaborations with MIT, The Juilliard School, and UNICEF

Award Winning Fine Arts Program

State Championship Level Athletics Teams Grades 6 - 12

(407) 905-7737 info@windermereprep.com windermereprep.com

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Improving Curb Appeal

Three Reasons to Consider a Metal Roof

Is Hardwood Flooring Right for Your Home?

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Windsor Hill End-of-Summer Party

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Rick V. Martin

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September 15, 2022

Volume XXXVI, No. 22

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Yvette Martin


Lisa Sagers



Lauren Salinero



Robert Barlow


Madeline DeVito

407-351-1573, option 1


Michelle Oakes




For most pet owners, animals become

part of the family. Pets spend

time with us, play with us and sleep

with us, but should they eat with us?

Dogs and cats have different digestive

tracks than humans, and though

some foods are perfectly fine for humans

to ingest, they may be damaging

to your pet. Even if a food is safe

to eat, some contain high amounts

of sugar, so you should only use

those as treats given in moderation,

not part of their daily meals.

Though these lists are for both cats

and dogs, keep in mind that cats

are mainly carnivorous while dogs

are omnivorous, so cats should only

be treated fruits and vegetables in

limited quantities. Also, these foods

are meant to be safe in their plain,

raw or cooked forms. Avoid canned

foods that contain excess sugar and

heavily seasoned foods.

Safe Foods for Dogs and Cats

• Apples are a good source of fiber

and vitamins A and C.

• Bananas are high in potassium,

vitamins, biotin, fiber and copper.

Treat in moderation due to sugar.

• Blueberries are rich in fiber, vitamins

A and C, and antioxidants that

reduce the risk of urinary tract infections

in cats.

• Bread in plain white or whole

grain varieties are safe, but don’t offer

any real nutritional value.

• Broccoli is high in fiber and vitamin

C. Treat in very small quantities

as broccoli florets contain isothiocynates,

which can cause gastric irritation

in some dogs.

• Carrots are high in fiber and

beta-carotene, which produces vitamin


• Cantaloupes contain vitamins A

and C, beta-cartene, folic acid, antioxidants

and dietary fiber.

• Celery contains vitamins A, B

and C, and it can help freshen breath.

• Cheese is safe to treat if your pet

is tolerant of lactose.

• Coconuts contain lauric acid,

which helps fight bacteria and viruses.

Coconuts can also help with

bad breath and skin conditions. It is

safe to eat in small amounts, but may

cause an upset stomach in larger



• Corn is fine off the cob, as the

cob is a choking hazard.

• Cranberries are rich in vitamin

C, magnesium and dietary fiber.

• Cucumbers are a good source

of vitamins K, C and B1; potassium;

copper; magnesium and biotin.

• Eggs are a great source of protein

and can help with an upset stomach.

They should be cooked, as pets

can get salmonella from raw eggs.

• Fish oils contain omega-3 fatty

acids that help prevent dry skin and

are good for the coat.

• Green beans are full of important

vitamins, minerals and fiber.

• Mangoes are a good source of

vitamins A, B6, C and E. Mangoes

also contain potassium, beta-carotene

and alpha-carotene. Treat

in moderation due to high sugar


• Meats and fish such as beef, turkey,

chicken, tuna, salmon, etc., are

great sources of protein, and fish is a

good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Make sure meat is cooked and all

bones are removed.

• Oatmeal mixed with water is

high in dietary fiber and iron.

• Peaches contain fiber and vitamin

A. Treat without the pit, as that

contains cyanide. Treat to cats in minimal

amounts as it may cause gastrointestinal

symptoms in some cats.

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x 5

TO ...

Know Which Foods Are Safe for Your Pets

A Little Treat Goes a Tasty Way

by Lauren Salinero

Dogs and

cats enjoy

a variety of

human foods

when given

as treats in


• Peanut butter contains protein,

vitamins B and E, and niacin. Check

ingredients for xylitol, a sugar substitute,

which is toxic. While peanut

butter is safe for cats, it holds no real

nutritional value for them and should

be treated sparingly.

• Peas are rich in fiber and vitamins

A and C.

• Pineapples are a good source

of vitamins, minerals and fiber. It also

contains bromelain, an enzyme that

helps absorb proteins. Treat without

the outside peal and crown.

• Popcorn contains riboflavin and

thiamine, which promote eye health

and digestion, and a small amount

of iron and protein. Treat plain, without

salt or butter, and only popped


• Pumpkin that is cooked and

plain is good for your pet’s skin and

coat. Pumpkin also helps with digestion

and can help remedy diarrhea

and constipation.

• Raspberries contain antioxidants

and are high in fiber, manganese

and vitamin C. Raspberries

also contain anti-inflammatory properties,

making them good for senior

dogs. Treat in moderation as they

contain a small amount of xylitol.


6 x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


• Rice helps with digestion and can

remedy diarrhea and constipation.

• Spinach contains vitamins A, B,

C and K; iron; antioxidants and betacarotene.

Do not treat if your pet has

a history of calcium oxalate bladder

stones or other kidney issues.

• Strawberries are a good source

of fiber and vitamin C and contain an

enzyme that can help whiten teeth.

• Cooked sweet potatoes are fine,

but use as a treat in moderation.

• Watermelons are a good source

of potassium and vitamins A, B6 and

C. When used as a treat, use seedless

and without the rind.

• Yogurt is fine, but treat plain and

monitor closely to make sure your pet

can tolerate lactose.

Unsafe Foods for Pets

• Avocados contain persin, a toxin

that causes vomiting and diarrhea.

• Bones can splinter and cause

choking as well as serious damage

to your pet’s mouth, throat and


• Cherry plants contain cyanide

and are toxic. Symptoms of cyanide

poisoning include dilated pupils,

difficulty breathing and red gums.

• Chocolate contains theobromine

and caffeine, which dogs and

cats cannot metabolize, especially

dark chocolate. Toxins in chocolate

cause vomiting, diarrhea and possibly


• Cinnamon can irritate the inside

of your pet’s mouth and lower

its blood sugar too much, leading

to vomiting, diarrhea, decreased

heart rate and liver disease.

• Dairy products can upset your

pets’ stomachs if they are lactose

intolerant. Many cats are lactose


• Grapes and raisins can lead to

sudden kidney failure.

• Ice cream is high in sugar, and

some pets are lactose intolerant.

• Lemons and limes can be toxic.

• Macadamia nuts are part

of the proteaceae family, which

causes vomiting, lethargy, inability

to walk and affects the nervous


• Mushrooms bought in the store

should be safe for pets to eat, but it’s

better to be safe than sorry. Some

wild mushrooms can be toxic.

• Nutmeg contains myristicin, a

compound toxic to dogs and cats

when consumed in large amounts.

• Onions, leeks, chives and garlic

are all part of the allium family

of plants that are poisonous to most

pets. Garlic also causes anemia.

Delayed symptoms are possible, so

look for pale gums, elevated heart

rate and weakness for a few days

after possible consumption.

• Tomatoes that have ripened are

fine to treat, but green tomatoes,

stems and leaves contain solanine,

which is poisonous.

• Walnuts can be toxic.

• Xylitol is a sugar substitute that

is poisonous.

A Digestive

Reset for Dogs and Cats

Digestive issues such as vomiting

and diarrhea are common in both

dogs and cats. They can be caused

by a variety of factors and are

normally a temporary condition. To

help settle your pet’s stomach, feed

this bland combination of boiled

chicken and rice after a fasting period

of about 12 hours. Adjust portions

according to your pet’s size.

Make sure your pet has access to

plenty of water, as digestive issues

are very dehydrating. If the issues

continue for a prolonged period of

time, are accompanied by blood, or

your pet becomes lethargic, contact

your veterinarian.


1 cup white rice

1 cup chicken, boneless and skin less


Bring a pot of water to a rolling

boil. Add chicken, and boil until

cooked through. Remove from water,

and set aside to cool. Combine rice

with 1 cup of water in a small pot.

Bring to a boil. Cover and lower heat

to a simmer. Simmer for 20 minutes.

Combine chicken and rice, and allow

to cool to room temperature before

serving. ª


n MetroWest

Gregory Gumina of Metro-

West took part in Troy University’s

study abroad program during the

spring/summer semester. He studied

in England as part of the GLOL 8807

Practicum 2022 program.

MetroWest Golf Club, located

at 2100 S. Hiawasee Road in

Orlando, will host National Night

Out 2022 on Oct. 4 from 5:30-8:30

p.m. The annual National Night Out

helps to increase Neighborhood

Watch participation by promoting

the work that law enforcement officers,

firefighters, residents and businesses

do together to make Orlando

neighborhoods safer and better places

to live. For more information or to

inquire about sponsorships and vendor

opportunities, contact the Public

Safety Office at 407-473-2021 or

email mwma.admin@cfl.rr.com.

n Oakland

The public is invited to the opening

reception of a new combination art

and history exhibition — Le Florida:

Celebrating Florida’s Hispanic

Heritage — at the Healthy West

Orange Arts and Heritage. The

event is Sept. 15 from 5-7 p.m. at the

center, located at 126 W. Petris Ave.

in Oakland. The exhibition includes

paintings and sculptures inspired by

Hispanic heritage and created by

well-known Florida artists. Guests

have the opportunity to meet the artists

and purchase their work while


enjoying a flamenco guitar performance

by the Don Soledad Group.

The reception also features the Street

Fusion Latin food truck and light fare

from the West Orange Creamery.

For more information, visit www.oak


n Ocoee

Ocoee native and Seaman Christina

Bianco serves aboard the USS Chafee.

Seaman Christina Bianco, a

2017 Ocoee High School graduate

and Ocoee native, is serving in

the U.S. Navy as part of the world’s

largest international maritime warfare

exercise, Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC).

She is an undesignated sailor

aboard USS Chafee, currently operating

out of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

A Navy undesignated sailor gets to

try many jobs on the ship before deciding

which career path he or she

wants to choose. Currently, Christina

uses skills and values similar to those

learned while living in Ocoee.

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x 7

n Silver Woods

compiled by Lauren Salinero

photo by Bob Peterson

Silver Woods resident Thomas Kelly

begins his journey at the United States

Naval Academy.

Thomas Kelly of Silver Woods

received appointments to the United

States Naval Academy, United States

Air Force Academy, and United

States Military Academy West Point.

He opted for the Naval Academy

and attended basic training, called

Plebe Summer, during the summer.

Thomas graduated from Olympia

High School, where he was in the

Apex Program. He is pursuing a degree

in aerospace, or mechanical

engineering, and is a member of the

Naval Academy rowing team.

n Windermere

Hundreds of Belmont University students,

staff members and faculty gathered

to celebrate the 2022 Belmont

Student Leadership Awards (BSLA).

This year’s event, themed “Lights Up

for Leadership,” recognized the service,

leadership and achievement of

members of the campus community.

Congrats to Windermere resident

Mackenzie Gimbel for receiving

the Emergent Leader Award from

the Belmont Office of Leadership


n Winter Garden

photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Caylen


Winter Garden resident and Aviation

Ordnanceman Airman Josias Ridley

removes screws from an LAU-118

remote launcher assembly during regular

maintenance aboard aircraft carrier USS

Nimitz. Nimitz is underway in the U.S. 3rd

Fleet area of operations.

Winter Garden resident

Scott Cookson, a partner at

ShuffieldLowman in real estate law,

was selected by his peers for inclusion

in The Best Lawyers in America


8 x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


(2023), as published in dozens of city

and regional publications in the U.S.,

including U.S. News & World Report.

Since it first published in 1983, Best

Lawyers is universally regarded as

the definitive guide to legal excellence.

Because it is based on an exhaustive

peer-review survey in which

almost 50,000 leading attorneys cast

nearly 5 million votes on the legal

abilities of other lawyers in their practice

areas and because lawyers are

not required or allowed to pay a fee

to be listed, inclusion in Best Lawyers

is considered a singular honor.

n Et Al

Florida Symphony Youth

Orchestra’s board president, Eddie

Fee Jr., announced the promotion

of Southwest Orlando native

Abigail “Abby” Goodin to executive

director. The FYSO’s 66th jazz

season opener takes place Oct. 8,

and the classical season opener is

Oct. 9.

Kudos to the following Southwestarea

residents on their recent


• Fairleigh Dickinson University

Metropolitan Campus graduates

included Asher Chaitoff of



Rotary district

governor for

Rotary District

6980, and Mary

Ellen Kerber

(right), foundation

chair of the

Rotary Club

of Dr. Phillips,

co-present an

official Rotary


T-shirt to

Bethany Stone

for her valuable


Dr. Phillips and Eric Bunner-Sorg

of Southwest Orlando.

• Southwest Orlando resident

Basil Hamza graduated from

Shenandoah University with a doctorate

in nontraditional pharmacy.

• James Kayhan of Winter

Garden graduated from Rochester

Institute of Technology with a

Bachelor of Science in management

information systems.

• Aidan McConkey of Windermere

graduated from Augustana

College in Illinois with majors

in neuroscience and biology.

• Lauren Mogg of Windermere

graduated from Baylor University

with a Master of Public Health.

• Missouri State University graduates

included Winter Garden

residents Nicholas Raymond,

Master of Health Administration, and

Salvatore Raymond, Bachelor

of Science in chemistry.

• Southwest Orlando resident

Cole Tatham graduated from Boston’s

Emerson College with a Bachelor

of Arts in media arts production.

Although we try to ensure that all information

presented above is the most current, correct and

dependable available, we do rely on others for

the source of our news. Therefore, the Southwest

Orlando Bulletin and Cornerstone Publishing &

Multi-Media LLC cannot be held responsible for

the validity of the information presented here, nor

does mentioning it constitute an endorsement. In

Your Neighborhood news is welcome and may be

mailed to P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786;

or emailed to Lauren@kearneypublishing.com. ª

Meet The Goodless Dermatology Team!

Book an Appointment

With One of Our Providers

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x 9

10 x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x 11

Taste of the Town

Steak on Fire — Brazilian Steakhouse (soon to be Steak Up)

407-440-2323 • steakup.com

7541 W. Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819

Steak on Fire (soon to be Steak Up) brings the best of expensive, luxury

steakhouses with the price and speed of a fast, casual restaurant in a

pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant has plenty of options on

its menu, including pasta, loaded potatoes, sandwiches, salads and, of

course, delicious steaks. Soon, the restaurant will change its brand and

logo to Steak Up; however, the food, service and menu will remain the


Join Steak on Fire’s VIP Club to get special deals and





12 x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

Amare at Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort

407-934-1609 • www.swandolphinrestaurants.com

1255 Epcot Resorts Blvd., Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

Amare brings tastes of the Mediterranean to Orlando! The venue highlights the region’s bold flavors with seafood, citrus, olive oils, pastas and pitas. With a

name meaning “to love,” guests are falling for Amare, the newest restaurant at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin. The casual, upscale Mediterranean

restaurant features a menu that highlights the best ingredients of the region — seafood, citrus, olive oils, pastas, pitas and more. Located inside the new Walt

Disney World Swan Reserve, guests experience a warm atmosphere accentuated by handcrafted art and an open kitchen. The flavors of the Mediterranean are

highlighted throughout the menu and drink offerings, with an extensive Mediterranean-based wine list featuring several specialized wine flights with selections

from across the region. Amare is open for all three meals daily. Reservations are accepted. The restaurant is one of 22 dining venues at the Walt Disney World

Swan and Dolphin. With a variety of restaurants and lounges and a distinguished culinary and beverage team, the hotel continually earns national recognition

for its food and beverage program.

Contact Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Dining at 407-934-1609. ª

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate x September 2022 x 1


Home & Real Estate

Volume 3, Issue 7 — September 2022


Curb Appeal

Is Hardwood

Flooring Right

for Your Home?

Three Reasons

to Consider

a Metal Roof

A Product A Product of the of the

Southwest Orlando Bulletin

2 x September 2022 x Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate

Your home’s exterior can say

a lot about you and your family

while also making a first impression

on guests and potential buyers.

Because of the impact curb appeal

has on the amount prospective buyers

are willing to spend on a home,

it’s important for homeowners to

look beyond simply choosing the

right siding color and consider different

siding materials and profiles,

adding accents like stone veneer,

and researching other exterior

upgrades that can both increase

beauty and deliver performance

over time.

In fact, exterior remodeling projects

typically top the list of projects

that add the most resale value to

homes. According to Remodeling’s

2022 Cost vs. Value Report, nine of

the top 10 projects delivering the

best return on cost were exterior


If you’re looking to sell or just

want to increase the overall value

of your home, consider these high-

ROI exterior upgrades from the experts

at Westlake Royal Building

Improving Curb Appeal

Exterior remodeling projects usually top the list of projects that add the most resale value to homes.

Products that can improve aesthetics

and increase resale value.

Front Door

If replacing the front door isn’t

necessary, adding a fresh coat of

paint is a simple way to refresh your

home’s exterior. You can take your

“dated” door and make it modern

again with a bold, on-trend color.

Take it one step further by adding

artistic house numbers, a new light

fixture, or a door knocker in an unexpected

shape for inexpensive pops

of style.

Vinyl Siding

Updating your home’s exterior

with vinyl siding yields a 67.2%

return upon sale, according to the

report. When considering new

siding, look for high-quality, lowmaintenance

materials. Depending

on where you live, insulated vinyl

siding can add additional protection

against the elements as well as

increased energy-efficiency. While

function is important, don’t be afraid

to make bold choices with color, texture,

different profiles and contrasting

trim to make a true statement

with your home’s exterior.

For example, Westlake Royal

Building Products offers a wide range

of vinyl siding options in the latest

shades, including adding five ontrend

colors to its Royal Siding and

Exterior Portfolio lines. Inspired by

colors found in nature, the gray,

blue-gray, brown and green

tones reflect the latest trends in

modern exterior home design.

Both lines feature patented color-protection

technology to resist

fading, which is especially important

for darker shades.


Adding or replacing shutters is

another easy way to add a bit of

flair and can be a key finishing

touch in creating the perfect exterior.

With the potential to play

beautifully alongside windows

and siding as well architectural

style and surrounding landscaping,

it’s important to make

thoughtful choices and install

them properly to ensure they

look and function as designed.

Composite Decking

Another exterior remodeling project

with a high ROI (62.1%), according

to the report, is replacing your

home’s existing wood deck with

composite decking. An option like

Zuri Premium Decking combines the

natural beauty and warmth of exotic

hardwood with the durability

and low-maintenance requirements

of PVC (cellular polyvinyl chloride),

which resists stains, scratches, fading

and moisture, for a deck that will

last for years with minimal upkeep.

Column Wraps

Give your front porch an instant

face-lift by wrapping your existing

columns with PVC wraps. This is an

easy way to achieve a cleaner, more

modern, updated look. Resistant to

moisture, PVC column wraps prevent

issues found in traditional wood columns,

such as warping, rotting and

insect damage. Available in a variety

of ready-to-install styles, they can

also be painted to complement your

home’s exterior color palette.

Find more ideas to increase your

home’s beauty and resale values at


Source: Westlake Royal Building Products(

Family Features) ª

One of the most important considerations

for any major home project

is its return on investment. That’s why

experts point to metal as a solid

choice for roofing.

“If you’re looking for that

elusive combination of beauty,

longevity and energy efficiency,

metal roofing is a smart

choice,” said James Alpeter,

ProVia metal roofing marketing

manager. “It offers superior

performance and enhanced

curb appeal, plus excellent resale

value down the road.”

As Alpeter points out, your

roof plays an important role

in safeguarding your home,

protecting it from the elements,

and providing a barrier to temperature

extremes. With your

roof covering at least 60%

of your home’s exterior, consider

these advantages that

metal has over other roofing


• Longevity. Roofing takes a

beating from all kinds of weather

— rainstorms, high winds,

hail, harsh ultraviolet rays and

more. Materials like asphalt and

wood shingles are susceptible to

mold and deterioration, and clay or

slate tiles can chip and break. Metal

roofing is durable, long-lasting and

withstands extreme conditions better

than other roofing options. Metal

roofs typically last 40 years or more,

and their warranties are stronger as


• Curb appeal. Innovations in the

metal roofing industry have resulted

in beautiful panels and shingles that

look identical to traditional materials

Three Reasons

to Consider a Metal Roof

but without the associated damage

concerns and maintenance issues

that can quickly compromise curb appeal.

For example, ProVia stamped

panel metal roofing features an embossed

surface that mimics the look

and texture of cedar shake and quarried

slate, and the horizontal panels

resemble shingles rather than the industrial-looking

standing seam metal

roofs. At the same time, this roofing

choice features built-in fade and

chalk resistance; a premium architectural

coating offering dirt, mildew

Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate x September 2022 x 3

Stamped panel metal roofing includes an embossed surface that mimics the look and texture of cedar shake and

quarried slate, and the horizontal panels resemble shingles.

and stain protection; and virtually no

material degradation. Bottom line?

Your roof will stay beautiful with

minimal care.

• Environmental stewardship.

Metal roofing can offer

significant energy savings

when compared to asphalt

shingles, helping you reduce

your carbon footprint and

lower your utility bills. You

can take your environmental

stewardship a step further

by choosing long-lasting, recycled

and recyclable products

as well as products that

are American made, which

require less shipping.

The decision to reroof

your home is a big step. As

you weigh your options, be

sure to select materials that

are not only striking but offer

durability, strength and


To learn more or get

your project started, visit


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Rachael Pittala, ARPN-BC


Michael Kellogg, LMHC, ATR-BC

Randie Morillo, LCSW, ACSW

Amy Singleton, LMHC

Brooke Parker, LMHC

Cristal Daniel, LMHC

(StatePoint) ª

Rachael Pittala

Esther Pelissier





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4 x September 2022 x Southwest Orlando Home & Real Estate

There’s a lot to like about hardwood

flooring. It brings a bit of nature’s

beauty into your home, and it

goes with just about any decor — be

it traditional, contemporary, rustic

or a stylish mash-up. It requires an

investment of both time and money,

but when the dust settles, wood

floors are almost always worth it.

Whether you are thinking of installing

hardwood in a single room or

your entire home, here are some factors

to consider:

• Your lifestyle. The biggest factor

in deciding whether hardwood

will work for you is your lifestyle.

Do you have children or pets? Are

there high-traffic areas such as a

den where you frequently move furniture

around for gatherings or movie

nights? Are you willing to put up

with dings, dents and imperfections

from a dropped soup can or your

Aussiedoodle’s nails? Or, are you

OK with a floor that reflects you and

your family’s life and history? If so,

then hardwood is worth it.

• Solid wood vs. engineered.

Solid wood is just that — a solid

Is Hardwood

Flooring Right for Your Home?

piece of wood, typically 3/4-inch

thick, that can be sanded and refinished

multiple times. Engineered

wood is a layer — ranging from

paper-thin to 1/4-inch — of highquality

wood over a plywood core.

Depending on the top layer’s thickness,

engineered flooring can be

refinished once or twice at the most.

Engineered flooring is both durable

and flexible. Manufacturers can

also build in features such as water

resistance, which can make this

flooring choice an option in moisture-prone

areas, including kitchens

and bathrooms.

• Appearance. Whether you

choose solid or engineered wood,

perhaps the toughest decision is

which species of wood to use. Some

have finer grains or a uniform texture,

while others may contain knots

or vary in color. Ask yourself what

look you are trying to achieve.

A light oak can create a sleek

Scandinavian feel, while a dark walnut

may suit a more traditional style.

Before you commit to anything,

bring home large sample planks

(don’t rely on a 3-by-3-inch block or

a single plank) of each wood you

like, and move them from room to

room to get a sense of how they will

look. The color in the store may be

different from what you see at home.

Place the samples next to furniture,

baseboards and existing woodwork

to ensure they don’t clash.

• Stability. It may sound obvious,

but hardness matters. The wood flooring

industry uses the Janka scale to

measure the hardness of a particular

type of wood. The test measures the

force needed to push a 0.444-inch

steel ball halfway into the wood.

At 1,290, red oak is the median.

Black cherry, teak and Douglas fir

rank softer; hickory and pecan are

harder. At 2,350, Brazilian cherry is

one of the hardest.

“If heavy use is a concern or you

have a particularly active house with

kids and dogs, you may want to lean

into a harder species such as oak

instead of walnut in your kitchen,”

said Brett Miller, vice president

of technical standards, training and

certification for the National Wood

Flooring Association (NWFA).

• Site-finished or prefinished. Solid

hardwood is available both without

stain and sealer or prefinished.

For unfinished wood, a stain and

finish is applied at your home after

installation. You get to test multiple

shades of stains, and the result is

a consistent color across the entire

area. One tip is to ask your installer

to keep a record of your color/

formula or to leave you a small can

in case you have to replace a damaged

area. Prefinished floors, on the

other hand, are stained and sealed

at the factory.

For either product, you’ll also need

to consider the finish. This ranges

from matte to high gloss. Some









Imperial Outdoor Living, LLC


woods even come with an oil or wax

finish for a soft, hand-rubbed look.

Finish is really a matter of personal

taste, but you are more likely to see

imperfections with a higher gloss.

Several manufacturers also offer

texture options such as wire brushing,

which lifts the grains to give the

wood a 3-D look. It’s very on-trend

and hides a lot of sins.

• Local climate. Hardwood can

work in any climate, but you have

to take your location into consideration.

Wood swells in high humidity

and shrinks as humidity falls. Your

installer can explain how to mitigate

any potential issues. Homes in lowerhumidity

areas may need to a humidifier

run during the winter. In areas

with sticky, hot summers like Florida,

you may need air-conditioning to

maintain a more consistent level of

humidity. Miller said engineered

flooring is more stable and adapts to

changes in temperature and humidity

better than solid wood.

• Hassle factor. Make no mistake,

installing a wood floor is invasive

and disruptive. Even before

installation begins, wood planks

may have to “acclimate” to your

environment. That means stacks of

boxes will sit in your home for up

to two weeks, so the wood can adjust

to the temperature and humidity.

Existing flooring must be ripped

out. Furniture must be removed.

Unfinished wood must be cut to fit

and sanded, producing enormous

amounts of sand dust. Then, you

have to stain the wood, wait for it

to dry, and then sand and seal the

wood three times, allowing for the

finish to dry between coats. You

can’t walk on the floors, and some

folks are sensitive to sealer fumes,

so you may have to move out of

your home for a week or more. Even

though it also has to acclimate, prefinished

wood does cut the installation

time by one-half or more. Once

it’s down, it’s ready to go.

• Cost. Engineered wood tends

to be a bit cheaper than solid. For

example, 3-inch-wide traditional red

oak costs about 20% more than engineered;

however, the installation

costs are the same. ª

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Data released from the Industrial Fabrics

Association International:

• Print magazines outperform all other media in

driving purchase intent.

• Unlike most other media, magazine ads are not

an interruption but an integral part of the learning


• When magazines are viewed as credible and

have a history of being in the community, the affinity

rating is even higher.

For Advertising, Сall


P.O. Box 851, Windermere, FL 34786

Unlimited Flooring LLC

Formerly known as SCS Hardwood Floors Inc.

Mon-Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm | Sat 9am-2pm



of orders over



18 x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


compiled by Lauren Salinero


We want to know your

Southwest Orlando favorites!

• Best Family Restaurant

• Best Fine Dining Restaurant

• Best Fast Food/Casual


• Best Italian Restaurant

• Best Mexican Restaurant

• Best Sushi

• Best Pizza

• Best Steak

• Best Seafood

• Best Wine Shop/Bar/Happy Hour

• Best Pet Services

• Best Fitness Facility

• Best Day Spa

• Best Salon/Barber Shop

• Best Church

• Best Golf Course

• Best Entertainment Venue

• Best Wedding Venue

• Best Child’s Birthday Venue

• Best Private School

• Best Real Estate Agent

• Best Insurance Agent

• Best Dentist

• Best Physician

• Best Veterinarian

To vote, visit www.southwestorlandobulletin.com.

The deadline is Oct. 28.

Winners will be announced in the Jan 5, 2023, issue.

Only one entry per Southwest resident allowed.

At least 50% of the online ballot must be completed.

n SunPass discount program


Gov. Ron DeSantis announced

the launch of SunPass Savings, a

new toll discount program for customers

who use Florida’s Turnpike

System and toll facilities owned

by the Florida Department of

Transportation (FDOT). It will run for

6 months and is estimated to provide

$38 million in relief to SunPass commuters.

Additionally, Gov. DeSantis

called on the state Legislature to take

necessary action during next year’s

legislative session so more Florida

families can benefit from toll relief.

“This program will help frequent

SunPass customers keep more money

in their pockets during a time of

growing inflation,” Gov. DeSantis

said. “Florida families who depend

on these FDOT facilities for a timely

commute to work will benefit from

these savings. We will, of course,

seek to enact greater savings for

commuters in the next legislative


The program applies to two-axle

vehicles and is available to customers

who use SunPass or other Florida

transponders with accounts in good


For more information about

SunPass, call 888-865-5352 or visit


n Grant provides new housing

The city of Winter Garden approved

a $40,000 grant for neighborhood

revitalization for West

Orange Habitat for Humanity.

This will allow WOHFH to improve

a minimum of 16 houses within an

18-month period in the east Winter

Garden community. The neighborhood

revitalization focuses on exterior

home improvement projects for

low-income homes and will allow

WOHFH to serve more families in

the community, with a holistic approach

for lasting neighborhood


The partnership between WOHFH

and Winter Garden provides the

opportunity for low-income families

to purchase their first homes.

WOHFH oversees the construction

of these single-family residences,

using sustainable materials and environmentally

friendly building and

landscaping practices. In addition

to its existing stalwart partners and

volunteers, WOHFH seeks strategic

relationships with other interested

corporations, churches and community

organizations to help expand

its volunteer and material resources,

and hence its reach and impact for


For more information, call

407-809-4111, ext. 105, or visit


n Yield signs replaced with

stop signs

The Orange County Public Works

Traffic Engineering Division is in the

process of converting more than

3,000 yield signs to stop signs to

improve safety in neighborhoods

throughout the county.

The project launched following the

adoption of a resolution by the Board

of County Commissioners, authorizing

Public Works to approve certain

traffic-control devices to enhance

safety at intersections. Public Works

officials identified 3,358 yield signs

to be converted, organized them into

15 different groups, and has already

converted a third of the total groups.

The entire project, which started in

2021, is estimated to be completed

by October 2023.

The conversion from yield to stop

signs at regular intersections is a

safety enhancement for all modes

of transportation, including vehicles,

pedestrians and bicyclists.

n New Ocoee City Hall opens

The city of Ocoee and Wharton-

Smith Inc. Construction Group held

a ribbon-cutting and open house

ceremony for Ocoee’s new city

hall. The facility is a neoclassical

three-story, structural steel-and-brick

building with more than 46,000

square feet. It brings city services

under one roof, providing an efficient,

modern space for people to

engage in business with Ocoee.

The city, along with Wharton-Smith

Inc. Construction Group and HKS

Architects Inc., worked together to

create the vision for the new city hall.

The building is energy-efficient with

a reliance on natural and LED lighting.

With a “Health and Wellness”

theme, city departments have ergonomic

workstations, and each floor

has water bottle fillers to encourage

employees to use reusable drinking

cups to reduce the use of plastics.

A wellness room gives employees

a private space for breast feeding

or to take care of any specific

health needs. On the technological

side, the new facility uses the latest

videoconferencing and leadingedge

broadcasting equipment for

Ocoee TV, which airs on Spectrum

Channel 493. The building also has

a standby emergency generator

and is constructed from renewable


The new city hall is the centerpiece

of Ocoee’s historic downtown

revitalization. With a $44 million

investment in capital projects and

key infrastructure, the city is committed

to providing its citizens with

a vibrant, more livable community

while maintaining a high standard

of living.

For more information, call 407-

905-3100 or visit www.ocoee.org.


West Orange Chamber of

Commerce representatives held a

ribbon-cutting ceremony for Tijuana

Flats-Hamlin. WOCC builds partnerships,

strong businesses and commitment

to the community by serving

as the leading business advocate in

Central Florida, facilitating opportunity

to nearly 1,000 member businesses.

For more information about

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x 19

photo courtesy of WOCC

West Orange Chamber of Commerce ambassadors celebrate the opening of Tijuana


WOCC, call 407-656-1304 or visit


Orlando Health was certified

by Great Place to Work for the

second year in a row. The award

is based entirely on what current

employees say about their experiences

working for the company. This

year’s certification was achieved

through completion of a culture audit

and survey of 5,000 randomly

selected team members at Orlando

Health and Bayfront Health St.

Petersburg. To qualify, a minimum

of a 65% average positive response

rate was required. Orlando Health

received an average positive response

rate of 73% across all statements

on the survey, and 74% of

team members who completed the

survey said their organization is a

great place to work, which is 17%

higher than the average U.S. company.

For more information, visit

www.orlandohealth.com. ª

be valued.

choose well.

Ten award-winning hospitals. More than 100 medical specialties. 14 ERs. 4200 expert physicians.

So many reasons to choose well. OrlandoHealth.com

20 x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com

Southwest Social


Windsor Hill residents enjoyed a community end-of-summer party

filled with arts and crafts, balloon figures and fun for the entire family.

The planning of the party was led by Stephanie Boutilier, social

committee chairwoman. Stephanie and her husband, Justin, along

with their two daughters, Maddie and Ella, moved to Windsor Hill

from Canada. She has since become an asset to the neighborhood

and is also planning the community’s Halloween party.

www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x 21


compiled by Lisa Sagers

n Charities/Fundraisers

Sept. 17 — Boots, Bowties & Bling

Celebration Golf Club, 701 Golfpark Drive, Celebration,

hosts Boots, Bowties & Bling, including a Southern-themed

buffet with beer and wine, live music, line dancing and a

silent auction. Time: 6:30-10:30 p.m. Cost: $120, with

proceeds benefiting the Celebration Foundation. For more

information, visit celebrationfoundation.org.

Sept. 24 — Sparkle & Shine 5K

Harbor Park at Lake Baldwin, 4990 New Broad St.,

Orlando, hosts the second annual Sparkle & Shine 5K,

including local runners who come together to walk/run

in support of children battling pediatric cancer. Register

as an individual runner or join a team. Requested attire

is glitter and gold. Time: 6 a.m. for check-in, 8 a.m. for

the start of the race. Cost: $35 per runner through Sept.

21, and donations from friends and family members are

encouraged. For more information or to register, visit


Sept. 29 — Tour De Chamber Bike Ride

Home State Brewing Co., 16016 New Independence

Parkway, Suite 100, Winter Garden, hosts West Orange

Chamber of Commerce’s inaugural Tour De Chamber —

Corporate Bike Ride, a fun, recreational 8.2-mile bike loop

ride that includes paved sidewalks and a paved bike trail

through the neighborhoods of Hamlin in Horizon West.

Bike rentals from Wheelworks Winter Garden are available

starting at $35. Must RSVP by Sept. 23. Time: 5:30-8 p.m.

Cost: $30 for WOCC members, $45 for nonmembers.

One dollar from each ticket sold is donated to the West

Orange Foundation. For more information, visit wocham


Sept. 30 — CFCArts 12th Anniversary


The Alfond Inn, 300 E. New England Ave., Winter Park,

hosts the CFCArts 12th Anniversary Breakfast. Seating is

limited, and reservations are honored on a first-come, firstserved

basis. Time: 7:30 a.m. for coffee and networking,

8-9:15 a.m. for breakfast and the program. Attendees are

requested to consider a $150 minimum donation in support

of CFCArts. For more information, visit cfcarts.com.

Oct. 1 — Fall Plant Sale

Nehrling Gardens, 2267 Hempel Ave., Gotha, holds

a fall plant sale, including a large selection of tropical

plants from its gardens and Florida native plants. Parking

is across the street at New Life Church on Hempel

Avenue. Time: 9 a.m.-noon. Proceeds support the gardens

and its improvements. For more information, call

407-445-9977, email info@nehrlinggardens.org or visit


Oct. 12 — Purple Door Luncheon

Rosen Shingle Creek, 9939 Universal Blvd., Orlando, hosts

Harbor House of Central Florida’s Signature Purple Door

Luncheon Honoring Champions of Courage, during which

six local people/organizations are honored for advocacy

work to help domestic violence survivors. Time: 11 a.m.

for registration and networking, noon for luncheon. Cost:

$70, with proceeds benefiting Harbor House’s mission of

stopping the cycle of domestic violence. For more information,

visit www.harborhousefl.com/purpledoor.

Oct. 14 — Dave’s House Party 2022

The Acre Orlando, 4421 Edgewater Drive, Orlando, hosts

Dave’s House Party 2022, a Key West-themed event that

spotlights the impact of serious mental illness on the Central

Florida community and includes entertainment, food, beverages,

live and silent auctions, and more. Time: 7-10

p.m. Cost: $100, with proceeds going toward ending

homelessness for people with SMI through the development

of permanent, supportive housing. Sponsorships are available.

For more information, visit www.daveshouse.org.

Oct. 22 — Sunshine Foundation Gala

Omni Resorts ChampionsGate, 1500 Masters Blvd.,

ChampionsGate, hosts Sunshine Foundation’s 13th annual

gala, including cocktails, live and silent auctions, dinner,

entertainment, dancing, a raffle and more. Guests are

welcome to dress as their favorite childhood characters.

(No explicit or gruesome costumes.) Time: 6 p.m. Cost:

$175, with proceeds benefiting Sunshine Foundation. For

more information, email info@sunshinefoundation.org or

visit sunshinefoundation.org/2022gala.

n Events/Performances

Through Oct. 2 — Visit Orlando’s

Magical Dining

Visit Orlando’s Magical Dining celebrates its 17th year

through Oct. 2. Patrons can eat a three-course pre-fixe dinner

at a select restaurant for $40 per person. One dollar

from each meal is donated to The Able Trust, which is helping

expand employment opportunities for people with disabilities

in Central Florida. To view a list of participating restaurants,

visit internationaldriveorlando.com/magicaldining.

Sept. 23 — Growing Bolder

Adults 55-older are invited to attend Growing Bolder with

Marc Middleton in the Founder’s Hall at St. Luke’s United

Methodist Church, 4851 S. Apopka-Vineland Road,

Orlando. Time: 6:30-9 p.m. Admission is free; however,

registration is required. For more information or to RSVP,

visit www.st.lukes.org/growingbolder.

Oct. 1 — Best Of Challenge: Signature


Promenade at Sunset Walk, 3251 Margaritaville Blvd.,

Kissimmee, hosts the fourth annual Sunset Walk Best of

Challenge: Signature Edition, during which judges sample

and vote for the best three food dishes. Local foodies and

media vote on a couple of categories, too. Other festivities

include a live band, street performers, a street market and

car show. Time: noon-3:30 p.m. Cost: $20 for VIP Tasting

Admission. Spectators are free. The event is rain or shine;

no refunds. For more information, visit sunsetwalk.com.

n Miscellaneous

Sept. 22 & Oct. 27 — MetroWest Food

Truck Connections

MetroWest Golf Club, 2100 S. Hiawassee Road, Orlando,

hosts MetroWest Food Truck Connections, including food,


22 x September 15 — October 5, 2022 x www.SouthwestOrlandoBulletin.com


fun and music. Social-distancing guidelines are observed.

Time: fourth Thursday of every month from 5:30-9 p.m. For

more information, visit www.metrowestcommunity.com.

Sept. 29 — Florida Music College Fair

Orlando Science Center, 777 E. Princeton St., Orlando,

hosts the Florida Symphony Youth Orchestra, in collaboration

with Frost School of Music — University of Miami

and Florida State University College of Music, third annual

Florida Music College Fair. Attending students have an

opportunity to meet with representatives from top national

music and performing arts schools, college, universities and

conservatories to jump-start their college search. Time: 7-9

p.m. Admission is free; however, registration is recommended.

For more information or to RSVP, email info@fsyo.org.

Oct. 1 — Open House

Windermere Preparatory School, 6189 Winter Garden

Vineland Road, Windermere, holds an open house for

prospective families. For more information, call 407-

905-7737, email info@windermereprep.com or visit


Nov. 4 — Artist Application Deadline

The Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens, 633

Osceola Ave., Winter Park, seeks artists for its annual Winter

Park Paint Out, a weeklong festival and juried entry event that

takes place April 23-29, 2023. All artwork created during

the week are available for purchase with a portion of the

proceeds going to the museum. Interested artists must submit

a completed application, along with three plein air images

(done within the past two years), and agree to abide by the

event’s terms and conditions. No studio work, please. The entry

deadline is Nov. 4, 2022. For more information, call Emily

Coughlan, 407-647-6294; or email curator@polasek.org. To

fill out an application, visit winterparkpaintout.org.

n Networking/Clubs

Ongoing — Members Wanted

The West Orange Women seeks women of all ages to

join its group for fun, friendship and philanthropy. Annual

dues are $20. For more information, call Mary Borgan,

407-929-3030; or visit www.westorangewomen.com.

Sept. 20, 27, Oct. 4, 11, 18 & 25 —

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings

Windermere Toastmasters Club No. 4662754 holds Zoom

meetings. Attendees learn to develop their oral communication

and leadership skills in a supportive and positive

learning environment. Time: Tuesdays from 7-8:30 p.m.

For more information or to request online Zoom meeting

details, visit www.4662754.toastmastersclubs.org and

click “Contact Us.”

Sept. 21, 28, Oct. 5, 12, 19 & 26 —

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings

The Turnpike Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings.

Time: Wednesdays from noon-1 p.m. For more

information or to register for a virtual meeting, visit

2362.toastmastersclubs.org and click “Contact Us” at least

one day before the event.

Sept. 22, 29, Oct. 6, 13, 20 & 27 —

Virtual Toastmasters Meetings

The Vista Toastmasters Club holds Zoom meetings.

Time: Thursdays from 7-8:30 p.m. For more information,

email vistatoastmasters.zoom@gmail.com or visit


Sept. 22, Oct. 13 & 27 — Thursday

Networking Group Meetings

West Orange Chamber of Commerce’s Thursday

Networking Group meets at the Dr. P. Phillips YMCA

Family Center, 7000 Dr. Phillips Blvd., Orlando. Time:

second and fourth Thursday of each month from 8:30-

9:30 a.m. For more information, email Jim Zeitschel,


Oct. 6 — Retired Educators Meeting

Church on the Drive, 1914 Edgewater Drive, Orlando,

hosts a meeting of the Orange County Retired Educators

Association, which includes guest speaker Sara Trollinger,

founder and president of House of Hope. Anyone who

has worked in education is invited. Masks are optional,

and refreshments are provided. Time: 10 a.m. for social

time, 10:30 a.m. for the meeting. For more information,

call 407-843-6909 or visit www.ocreafl.org.

n Volunteer Opportunities

Ongoing — Virtual Volunteers Needed

RSVP seeks volunteers to help make masks for Cornerstone

Hospice & Palliative Care. For more information or if

interested, call Tyler VanBuren, 630-335-3084; or email


Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

The Foster Grandparent Program seeks limited-income

volunteers 55-older to join in helping children in schools

all around Central Florida. For more information, call 407-

298-4180 or visit volunteersforcommunityimpact.org/wpcontent/uploads/2020/01/FGP-Info-Flyer-1-13-20.pdf.

Ongoing — Pet Foster Homes Needed

As part of its Pet Peace of Mind program, Cornerstone

Hospice seeks foster homes for pets left behind after their

owners pass away. For more information or to receive an

application to foster, email ppom@cshospice.org. For more

information about hospice volunteer opportunities, call

Sharon Smith, 404-290-1583; or email ssmith@vcifl.org.

Ongoing — Volunteers/Docents Needed

Oakland Nature Preserve, 747 Machete Trail, Oakland,

seeks adults interested in learning about the history,

wildlife, plants and restoration efforts at ONP to volunteer

at the preserve to greet visitors, help answer

questions and lead a tour from time to time. Workdays

are Mondays and/or Saturdays. For more information,

email outreach@oaklandnaturepreserve.org or visit

www.oaklandnaturepreserve.org/guide. To register online,

visit oaklandnaturepreserve.org.

Ongoing — Volunteer Veterans Needed

Cornerstone Hospice seeks volunteers who are veterans of

America’s armed forces to honor patients who are veterans

by visiting them in their homes, a facility or a hospital.

Cornerstone Hospice is a four-star level member of the

We Honor Veterans program, a national initiative to provide

veterans in hospice care with specialized services.

All volunteers must participate in mandatory training that

includes an overview of what is hospice care and how

volunteers play an important role in caring for patients. For

more information, call Olivia Davidson, 407-206-5060;

or email odavidso@cshospice.org.

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

The Mustard Seed of Central Florida, 12 Mustard Seed

Lane, Orlando, seeks volunteers who can help with donation

sorting, mattress recycling, warehouse maintenance,

administrative work, special events or general maintenance.

For more information, call 407-875-2040, ext.

110; or email jessi@mustardseedfla.org.

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

The town of Oakland seeks volunteers to assist in various

fun and fulfilling roles at The Healthy West Orange Arts and

Heritage Center. Applicants must consent to a criminal background

check. For more information, call Pamela Stewart, 407-

656-1117, ext. 2112; email arts&heritage@oaklandfl.gov;

or visit bit.ly/artsandheritagecenter.

Ongoing — Volunteers Needed

My Brother’s Keeper seeks volunteers — especially adult

men (18-older) of color — who can serve as positive role

models and mentor boys and young men of color. For

more information, email Grace, gdearden@vcifl.org, at

Volunteers for Community Impact.

Contributions to Community Bulletin Board are

welcome. Please send information six weeks

before the event to P.O. Box 851, Windermere,

FL 34787; call 407-351-1573, option 5; or email

Lisa@kearneypublishing.com. ª

Seniors Way, Inc.

Companion / Homemaker Services



Locally Owned & Operated

License number 236778

Free in Home Consultation


Irrigation Repair & Landscape Lighting

Landscape Design • Palm Trees

Boulders • Shrubs • Trees

Pruning • Tree Removal • Land

Clearing • Mushroom Soil

Landscape Design • Red, Black,

Brown - Colorized Mulch

SOD Specials

Zoysia Sod ........... $366 per pallet installed

St. Augustine ....... $366 per pallet installed

Contact Mike 352-708-9838






SUNSETWALK.COM • 3251 Margaritaville Blvd., Kissimmee, FL 34747


P.O. Box 851

Windermere, FL 34786

Rated a Best Hospital.

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