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Often overlooked, Possible gems. #alpha


Aussie project innovating! #alpha


Dexterlab deep dive #alpha

Probably Nothing

Sp00n1cus speaks. Are you listening?



Educational Platform

Max__Brs Solana education in 1 place


Uncover what this project is about




Time to look!



Fluboss takes us through the mint

process #alpha

Time to look! #alpha


SuppValen looks at the recent

volume in the market #alpha


LitecoinYagami looks at the future

of Solana #alpha




Issue 73

#SHILL has been working double time this week with issue 73

and a Special Edition #SHILL zine for an upcoming Sydney event.

This will be the first time #SHILL goes to print.

Yes, you read that correct. Printed. The Sydney meetup will get

the first ever printed version, a limited print especially designed

with Australian content for the Australian DeGod and Monke


Who knows? If the feedback

is positive it may even be

something we do in the

future? Hmmm, issue 100


DamZine issue 4 gave me

the opportunity to grab

some wonderful pieces by

outstanding artists. Hersoid,

LowbrowNative, Destroystairs

to name a few.

Ready to dive in?

Enough said. You know the







Sinus Rhythm 1 @alphaomega8

Flying Fish @Hersoid

Keep your eyes on...



Secret Sphinx Society


Late 2026: Facing mass global meltdown and the end

of civilization, the remaining enhanced meta-humans of

Simpl3r Labs were nearing completion of ‘The Plan’ - a

highly secretive software system designed to harness

the power of hope and fuel the only chance at surviving

The Data Wars.

To hide it from their encroaching enemies, the last

of the meta-humans deconstructed ‘The Plan’ into

encrypted nodes of data and hid it in Web2 of the ‘nearpast’

via advanced methods of digital ‘time-skipping’.

Due to the insurmountable pressures of The Data

Wars, online activity is illegal and punishable by death -

leading to a highly secretive and underground network

of hackers who go by the code name: ‘Bounty Hunters’.

Under the leadership of ‘Avatar Drage’ - this crack team

of digital sleuths have just made contact with users

in the near-past of Web 2 - inspiring talented users to

utilize their online skills to seek out the encrypted data

pieces of The Plan.

Through coded transmissions from the frontlines of The

Data Wars in 2026, sent via time-skips to those brave

enough to access them in 2022, users in the present

liaise with Drage and his team of Bounty Hunters,

gathering instructions on where and how to find the

encrypted data nodes and what rewards users receive

should they be so lucky as to find them.

With Drage and his team having accessed the Web2

of the near-past, where online activity is still legal,

The Bounty Hunters provide users in the present with

encrypted clues, creating missions for present day Bounty

Hunters to search the far reaching corners of the internet

for the disguised components of ‘The Plan’ - these

bounties, when pieced together, will help reconfigure ‘The

Plan’ and hopefully secure all of our futures.

This is your chance to be part of the survival of the human

race of the near-future - here in the present.

The Simpl3r Bounty Hunters need you, we all need you, to

heed the call - and to act now.

Click this link to begin your mission searching for the

missing components of The Plan and help piece together

our future’s only chance at survival.

Evolve, plug in, switch on, engage, and stake your claim

on the future - now.

There is much more to come - watch this space.

Good luck and have faith in ‘The Program’.




A deeper dive into the Rakkudos NFT collection and the benefits holders get in the form of revenue share and discounts

on the services.

First, there is Rakkudo, and there is Shakudo. Shakudo is the existing web2 platform, and Rakkudos is the NFT

collection helping Shakudo to expand into web3. The collection minted on August 5 and started to trade at high FP

once it hit the secondary markets. The floor price dropped since then. The high was 14 SOL on the mint date, and

now it sits slightly above 4 SOL.

Shakudo allows users to easily build, host, and scale applications, all without the extra complications of hiring specialists

that are usually required to launch such applications.

From the data provided by Simalarweb, the Shakudo front page has almost 30k total visits, and the traffic is growing

by ~10k visits a month in the last 3 months.

The Rakkudos team is positioning themselves by comparing Shakudo to AWS: AWS has ~200 hundred services with

different pricing options, and you have to get acquainted with those services (often hire a specialist in the field to do

so). So there’s a hassle, learning which is time and expenses.

Rakkudos is a simpler solution than AWS. Shakudo allows you to build your whole application in one place without

picking services or being exposed to complicated pricing.

It is sort of a decentralized serverless AWS designed for web2/web3 and data teams geared towards data processing

and analysis. Shakudo also offers APIs that can be utilized to analyze the blockchain.

This project has captured the attention (or paid to get that attention) of some big names on Solana like @gaius1337,

@SOLBigBrain, @ForrestGalt, @SOLPlayboy, and much of the SMB community.

The company has raised $4million+ in VC funding.

The team

Shakudo’s team consists of 15+ fully doxxed members, with the Co-founders being ex-Amazon with PhD’s in computing,

applied math, etc.

In addition, they have an abundant amount of experience and a proven track record in the fields of AI and quantitative


Shakudo’s founding team launched ML/AI products in finance before Shakudo was started. Founder @evahlis

worked in ML/AI at AT&T, Amazon’s AWS.

Holder benefits

• Rakkudos holders will receive a $preKUDOS token each month. The token can be spent on Shakudo products

and services. Later $preKudos can be swapped to $KUDOS token. KUDOS will be a cross-chain token

spanning multiple L1 and L2 chains with expanded utility, a much larger supply, and various emission mechanisms.

$preKUDOS is emitted only through Rakkudos NFT holders.

• Holders can also get referral fees through the Rakkudos ambassador program. Shakudo will pay 60% of the

first year platform fees to the Rakkudos treasury for each qualified sale of the Shakudo Platform through a

maximum of $20,000 USD per referral. The Rakkudos treasury will then distribute the commission to the

referrer and all other qualified Rakkudos holders. The referrer will receive 40% of the reward, and the community

will receive the remaining 60%. The payouts are designed so that you will not get a full payout if you

do not hold Rakkudos NFT for 100 days.

• Early access to the Shakudo platform for builders. Discounts, credits & special offers to the shakudo platform.

I see a few things that could make investors want to buy or hold Rakkudos – 1) a passive income; 2) you are a builder

and use the Shakudo platform, and the benefits you get from holding are really helpful.

1) Passive income. preKUDOS yield will be airdropped into Rakkudos holders once every month, and the counter

resets if you sell NFT (or if it changes wallet in general).

The yield schedule varies across Rakkudos and depends on their rank. The current yield schedule in preKUDOS is:

• Ranks 1-1000 - 60 preKUDOS per year

• Ranks 1001-3000 - 37 preKUDOS per year

• Ranks 3001-5000 - 23 preKUDOS per year

• Ranks 5001-10000 - 14 preKUDOS per year

preKUDOS can be spent anytime on Shakudo products and services at a rate of 1 preKUDOS per USDC. So if you

hold only one Rakkudo, the passive income from the preKUDOS airdrop alone will be insignificant.

Once KUDOS token is launched, preKUDOS can be swapped to KUDOS. But the question how much KUDOS will be

worth still remains. Tokenomics are not released yet, and we need to have KUDOS trading at least 100USD per token

to get a somewhat attractive return. Even then, the one common Rakkudo would only make 1400 yearly, which

isn’t that much.

Now speaking of another side of passive income coming from the referral program – at this point, it’s hard to predict

how it will go and how much of the referral revenue holders will get. The program hasn’t even launched yet. But it’s

coming soon.

2) Shakudo user. First, the platform has little to offer for a regular everyday NFT degen. They wouldn’t hold an NFT for

the platform discounts alone.

But, Rakkudos NFT can potentially be interesting for builder who uses Shakudo. If you’re a long-term platform user,

why not hold an NFT to get all those discount benefits? In the end, you can just sell the NFT once you no longer need

it. So, if Rakkudos gets more traction and users that are companies for which a couple of hundred SOL is nothing

(as an investment in a service), we could see more diamond-handed holders with large bags.

The Rakkudos Twitter account currently has 21k followers, tweets receive below hundred interactions, the timeline is

boring and has more retweets than tweets. Followers dropped by -1.575K in the last 30 days.

Discord shows 19k members. I also checked what others talk about Rakkudo on other servers to see what bullish

and bearish perspectives I could find.

One thing to note is that there is little chatter about Rakkudos post-mint. Most mentions of the project on other SOL

NFT Discord servers are from early August, when the collection was minted.

Few positive comments:

One more positive note on the Rakkudo + SHIFT collaboration (not officially confirmed). This could improve the art,

which isn’t liked by many:

From the negative angle there are some talk that Rakkudos NFTs were dumped by ‘’influencers’’:

The Rakkudo WL to influencers who dumped the bags post-mint FUD is still quite relevant as the fact left a bad taste

in the month to some people. But this will likely fade with time, especially if the team proves they do good work materializing

their vision.


On the brighter side – there’s a working product already generating revenue (how much is unknown). A capable

team with the founder who worked in AWS, meaning he is not new to types of services Shakudo offers. Also, great

partner list:

It’s only been a month post-mint, and the key events like KUDOS tokenomics and referral program launch are yet to

come. Perhaps art upgrade, and who knows what else the team has under its sleeves.

On the flip side, the supply is large (10k), at this point, NFT aren’t super interesting to NFT degens, as passive income

opportunities are unclear, and Shakudo is made for builders with little to offer to NFT investors.

Regardless, 4 SOL for a project like this is cheap. The risk-reward ratio is on your side. If the project fails, there is a

minimal downside, but if it succeeds with its referral program, growing user base, and increasing revenue and the

share of that revenue to holders, then the upside can be even 10X. Rakkudos looks similar to Communi3 – both

with great teams, working products, and a list of notable partners… Communi3: Mad scientist topped out at 65 SOL.

Nothing in this article is financial advice. Always do your own research!









Crazy to think I've been in the

SOL NFT space for over a year

now. Has truly flown by. More

bullish than ever despite the

growing pains.


Finally aggregated all #SolNFT content in one place! https://maxbrs.notion.site/Max-Educational-Platform-0459f9ed8e-

3a418ea07854a5595adcf2… You’ll find on this free #Notion page - how to start on #SolNFTs - tools to use - projects to

watch before mint - market analyses - project analysis.

I’ve been receiving a lot of guidance since my journey started in the #SolanaNFT space exactly a year ago from many big

brains, who were kind enough to take their time to do it. It’s now my time to return this to the community as best as I


The main idea is that we need to ease the onboarding process of all new people wanting to join us. Imo we’re still less

than 50k people in here and it’s achievable to get to 500k So let’s do it piece by piece and rise the tide for everyone.

There are many people I’d like to thank for the content they’ve created so far

@LitecoinYagami @PrimitiveMoney @MonkeDAO @DSentralized @enneftee @permissionlesol @ThesisInvestor

@gaius1337 @DexterCruz_ @Branche_SC

Sorry if I miss a few, I’ll make it up :)

Obviously, this is a work-in-progress document which I’ll update regularly. So please feel free to: - give me feedback and

comments to continuously improve it - share with me valuable threads that I can add there You can also DM me if you

want to contribute.

Content will always remain free, I’m only asking for your support by sharing it to people who might find it valuable and

RT this thread Enjoy frens, and I hope we’ll see way better platforms than this being launched!


Pengsol’s Mission

The goal of Pengsol is to automate the NFT journey for traders, investors and new projects. If you think about what Salesforce

has done for go-to-market teams or what Amazon Web Services has done for technical teams, Pengsol is taking that

exact same approach with a focus on web3, specifically NFTs. We are building a one-stop-shop platform that will disrupt

the NFT eco-system and enable all holders and projects to have a unique advantage by simply using our platform. We believe

the ease of use and automation we are creating will also allow us to attract new users to the ecosystem.

The Team

Currently, the team is composed of 6 people with over 40 years of experience and 5 years of experience working on the

blockchain. The development team is composed of engineers from Coinbase and Google. The co-founder and lead dev, @

traderoverlord has sold a multi-million dollar AI trading bot to TD Ameritrade and spent 5 years at Google where he managed

a team of 20+ devs worldwide that were subject matter experts in security.


We believe there is a new meta that is going to revolutionize the way projects and investors purchase NFTs.This new meta

is pre-mint and we are building the first platform that offers a solution for investors and new projects. You can consider

this new technology as the evolution of the modern day launchpad. I’ve outlined the different features and use cases

below. Keep in mind, this is new technology, as the space evolves so will the PengPad.


The first product is a minting tool. This tool will beat any bot in the ecosystem and here is why: Currently, all the bots in

the market spam launchpads or candy machine contracts — think of it like being a button masher while playing Street

Fighter. The faster you mash the buttons, the more likely you will win the match. Our tool is much different because we

timestamp the transaction via the smart contract and since Solana is proof-of-history, timing is essential for your transaction

to go through. We use our proprietary AI technology that allows us to perfect the time stamp, then we send it

through to the smart contract. Simply put, bots = spam and our minting tool = timestamp precision directly on the smart

contract, which is why our tool will beat any bot out there. Pengsol holders will be able to use this tool for public and whitelist

mint. This tool is currently in beta testing and we plan to launch it for all of our holders in the coming weeks.

Scheduling Your Mint

Scheduling your mint is the next phase of our minting tool. You can schedule your mint if you have a whitelist or you can

schedule a mint for public which will be first come, first serve. If you do not have a whitelist and the project you sign up for

does not go to public, you’re out of luck. The whole idea is to set it and forget about it. Once your mint is scheduled, we

will do the minting and your nft will be airdropped to your wallet on mint day.


We believe that all hyped projects will no longer go to public mint. If you don’t have a whitelist, you’re out of luck and

oftentimes, even if you do have a whitelist, you still may not be able to mint an nft because hyped projects are often over

subscribed. Our way of combating this is by building the first pre-mint platform for new projects — we believe this is the

new meta and we will be the first to market. This will be the first of many revenue generating products for Pengsol.

How Pre-Mint Works:

Projects that decide to use our pre-mint tool will pay Pengsol a % of Solana from the pre-mint and provide a % of whitelists

and/or pre-mints to our community. This is not only a revenue stream for Pengsol, it provides immense value for

our holders. Think about it like Blocksmith Labs on steroids — you not only get a whitelist to all the hot projects but you

can mint your nft before mint day. Satori is the first project to use our pre-mint tool on 8/26 and they were able to sell

40% of their entire supply on our platform.


The gen1 Pengsol is the only collection that will be airdropped ICE-T from staking. Your Pengsol grants you access to our

platform and ICE-T is required to use all of the tools. You can also use ICE-T to participate in raffles for nfts and whitelists.

Once the pre-mint platform is built, Pengsol will have whitelists and pre-mint spots for the top nft projects that will be

allocated to holders. Our goal is to build an entire ecosystem of products around ICE-T and since the gen1 collection is the

only NFT that receives ICE-T, this will bring value to all that hold it. In a perfect world, we have use cases for holders and

non-holders that require ICE-T. Non gen1 holders will be required to buy ICE-T in order to use some of the products we

offer. Keep in mind, no project has solved tokenomics so there will be an evolution of use cases for our token. Just know

that we are going to build products that will be in high demand and ICE-T will be the center of it all.

Value for Holders

• Access to platform and tools (minting & pre-mint)

• Scheduling mint

• ICE-T airdrop from staking

• Pre-mint access from all projects that sign up

• Monetary value from ICE-T (long term)

• WL and NFT Raffles

Value Proposition Ecosystem

• Trait based perks (See whitepaper for details)

• Revenue share from pre-mint platform (details TBD)

• Revenue share from doxxing services (details TBD)

Below is an outline of the ecosystem of value for our holders and new projects. As you can see the PengPad will be the

driving force that serves both stakeholders. Although holding a Pengsol grants you access to the platform, in order to mint

or pre-mint, you need ICE-T. The projects that use pre-mint will pay us in Solana and our community will pay with ICE-T

(they receive ICE-T from staking). Long term, our goal is to open specific features of the platform to the public (holders will

still have an advantage) and this will drive further value to ICE-T (if you want to use the platform but don’t hold a Pengsol

you will need to buy ICE-T).

Partnerships Strategy

Our goal is to be the go to platform for all investors and projects. In order for us to do this, we will need to create long

term scalable relationships with other projects and companies that are working towards innovating the nft space. Imagine,

seeing “pre-mint” with Pengsol on every launchpad in the ecosystem. Imagine having a team of advisors across the ecosystem

talking about Pengsol in all of their discussions with new founders. Here is an outline of the partners and advisors

we have in place and a list of projects we would love to chat with about a potential partnership.

Current Partners


Communi3 is building a platform that will be geared towards ensuring quality projects come out of the ecosystem with

accountability and security mechanisms in place. Below is an outline of their product roadmap and the common theme

here is that Pengsol and Communi3 want to make the space better. This partnership allows C3 to offer Pengsol’s pre-minting

platform for all of the projects they accelerate and advise. I can’t drop too much alpha here but there is going to be

an amazing use case integrating C3’s community/quest software with our pre-mint tool. We are very excited about this

partnership and believe it is the next step towards improving the ecosystem.


The partnership with crossmint is focused on bringing new users into the ecosystem and offering alternative payments

options for users. We created a doxxing process in order to establish this partnership. Simply put, users will be able to

schedule their mint or pre-mint with Sol, Eth or a credit card.

• Gus: Gus has been a trusted advisor from the beginning. He also advises Communi3 and OG Atadians and pretty

much any other new hyped project to come out of the Solana ecosystem. He has been instrumental in helping us

build our community and product from the beginning. He is playing a large role in our project on the partnerships

side and will continue to be a trusted partner as we scale.

Target Partners

Now that we are close to finishing both our minting and pre-mint products, we are going to be pushing full steam ahead

to target more partners to create more visibility and opportunities for both our community and new projects. If you are on

the list below, we want to talk with you.

• Launchpads Magic Eden Solport Bifrost Launchmynft Solanart Dust Labs Projects Accelerators Fatcats Capital

Ape16z Founders of new projects

What’s Next?

To be transparent, we had a alot of learnings and areas of improvement from our most recent pre-mint with Satori. A lot

of things went wrong on both sides and I think alot of people were disappointed. While we do admit we made alot of

mistakes, this is new technology and there is not a formula to follow. We have already made a lot of improvements to the

bugs and plan to continue moving forward.

After the PengPad is up and running and we have created an immense amount of value for our holders, we will be launching

a second collection that will be an extension of our platform. I will drop some alpha, your Gen2 Pengsol is a program

(xnfts) and this program will further enable you as a holder to have an advantage over anyone that does not hold it. This

will not dilute our first collection as you will need both Gen1 and Gen2 in order to utilize our technology. One more hint,

only Gen1 Pengs grant you access to the platform and are airdropped ICE-T from staking — you need ICE-T to use all of

the tools. Gen2 will be a program that plugs into our platform that offers additional capabilities for trading.

Gen 1 Pengsol = ICE-T Airdrops + Access to the Platform + Minting Tools

Gen 2 Pengsol = ICE-T Accelerator + Automated NFT Trading + (Secret Program)


Over the past month, it has become very clear that the nft space needs an alternative minting solution. All of the hyped

NFT projects pre-sale between 30–50% of their collection to Blue Chip DAOs and influencers, creating a major disadvantage

in the ecosystem. These projects are also over-subscribing their whitelist to ensure they mint out, which does

not guarantee a mint even if you have a whitelist. Outside of the presale disadvantage, minting is still a challenge. For

example, the recent Y00ts mint was a major headache — It took our members over 4 hours to mint their NFT. Here is our



Give your whitelist holders an opportunity to pre-mint their nft. This will give you clear data points on the demand of your

project. Better yet, instead of using a launchpad that will take a large portion of the mint funds, why not pre-mint your entire

collection through our “automatic mint” technology for a cheaper price. This will save you time and money which will

allow you to focus on delivering value to your community. We understand how stressful it is to launch a collection and we

can take the stress off your hands.

Whitelisted Community:

Tired of staying up late just to mint a hyped project? If you have a whitelist, you can pre-mint your nft. All you do is deposit

your sol in our escrow account and on the launch day, we will airdrop your NFT. Our platform is 100% secure and we can

guarantee you will never be drained (we only connect to candy machine contracts and can detect drainers). If you change

your mind about the project, you can easily cancel your mint and get your money back. That is right, you have the ability to

cancel your mint within a certain timeframe. This feature has never been available across the ecosystem until now. All you

need to do is click one button and we will do the rest.

Pengsol Holders:

If you’re a Pengsol holder, you will have the ability to schedule your mint for any project in the ecosystem. You can request

projects to mint on our platform and schedule your mint or pre-mint if you have a whitelist (even if the project is not using

our pre-mint platform, you can still schedule your mint). You will also have the ability to subscribe to the public mint of any

project which will be first come, first serve. You will also have pre-mint access for all the projects that use our platform,

even if you do not have a whitelist. Lastly, you will have the opportunity to mint in ICE-T.

We have a lot of ambition to improve the space and we have made great progress so far, but this is just the beginning. In

the coming weeks, you can expect some major announcements and breakthroughs. Hang on for the ride!























Since many have requested it, here’s a thread about

the process of creating the Descendants collection. This

should also serve as a help for other 1/1 artists who

want to create their own generated collection!

anything - second came further attributes like for example

hair/hats, clothes and backgrounds.

After the idea was established that the Descendants

should be a collection in a far distant future and that

there should be 4 species in it, the first thing to do was

to develop sketches. The species of humans stood thereby

at the beginning.

The most important thing was that all base layers had the

same proportions, so that theoretically all attributes should

be combinable with each other. However, the idea at the

beginning was that certain attributes should only be available

for certain species.

For example, I thought that hair and beards should only be

available to humans and Metas, because I didn’t see how

they would work out with the metal surface of the AI species

or the scaly skin of the lizards.

First, I created the base layers - only the face without

These ideas, however, were shattered by the first computer

generation. When I had a handful of attributes, I

started to combine them with the help of a program. A

big thanks go to @Slution4, who helped me to set up

everything. I used the HashLips Art Engine for the generation.

The result was a revelation for me! It showed me hundreds

of combinations I didn’t imagine before, which

inspired me to do other attributes as well. At the first

moment, I fell in love with this method. And the hair and

the mustaches looked good on robots and lizards.

After that came a long curating process where the whole

team participated, so huge shoutout to them! Especially @

rganizedgeneral, @NeonWald and @upscule. And at the end

was the final product - The Descendants!

For the Lost Descendants, I took the curation a step further.

I experimented with the functions of Procreate and really

wanted to break the boundaries.

As my first experience with generative processes to create

art, I learned that the process is quite different from

regular 1/1 art. After I created a new attribute, the first

thing I wanted to do is press the “generate” button to

see what combinations would come out of it.

In this back-and-forth process, I created 200+ attributes.

In the end, It turned out that special rules were needed,

because not every attribute was compatible with each

other. Again, @Slution4 helped me in setting this up.

Another problem was the colors. I wanted the collection

to be very colorful, but if you have 10 different layers,

the chances are high that some color combinations don’t

work out. So on top of the special rules, the solution for

the color problem was the curation at the end.

For the Descendants collection, which consists of 2777

pieces, I generated more than double the number of

pieces I needed, 6000 in total. 1000 of these were for

legendary traits only, because we wanted to have the

legendary traits standing out especially.

From the first few generations we curated it from 5000 down

to only 150. In addition, the stylistic decision of the black and

white gave new rules but also opened new windows to play

with and set accents with colors.

All in all, the Descendants collection, as my second collection

as an artist, was a milestone. Not only concerning the volume

I could sell my art, but also in learning new methods in creating

art together with new technologies. I’m looking forward

to learning more every day!





























Zenin has a lot in store for our holders. Zenin reflects a way of life, and to complement this we will have some eye-catching

apparel to stand out as a lifestyle brand! Additionally, the wicked art that is being created will enable the world that

the Zenin live in to be fuller. The utility will open new doors for holders to witness the power that Zenin will display.

There is a lot to be introduced and this will become clearer in time, but for now Zenin offers the following:

​Amazing Art

​Non-custodial NFT staking for $ZEN tokens

​Raffles for NFTs and Whitelist spots using $ZEN tokens

​BOLT⚡: Our Discord bot & web interface for the NFT ecosystem (more tools in the pipeline are being built!)

... more details to follow!

WTF is

​10% Royalty-share for ‘The Transcended’ NFTs

​Proven Builders (IRL & Web3)

​Lifestyle brand and merchandise

​Rewards for Loyal Holders

This is the Zenmap - an outer perspective into the divine peace and great calamity that coexist in harmony


Zenin’s connection with XLabs has allowed the project to deliver Staking and Raffles to holders within a week of mint

commencement. Zenin holders are able to take advantage of XLabs non-custodial staking (The Stakooor) to earn $ZEN.

These $ZEN tokens will have added utility as more information is released to the public, but as of now, these can be used

to buy Raffle tickets using the XLabs Rafflooor.

Zenin Stakooor by XLabs

Holders have had the opportunity to participate in a week-long event to celebrate mint and to show appreciation to the

community. The raffle house will provide holders a way to use their $ZEN in the early stages of the project. There will be

more NFTs offered to be raffled throughout the project’s timeline. There will also be the option for holders to raffle for

WL spots for other NFT projects.

Rafflooor by XLabs - 7 Days of Raffles event concluded with 3 Primates NFTs up for grabs!

The utility does not end here. There is a BOLT⚡ that is currently in development. Navigate over to that page to see

previews of the current tool. Much like how a caterpillar evolves into a butterfly, the Zenin will be incubating to come

out on the other side with an exquisite transformation. Building will be a constant occurring process with the three inhouse

devs at Zenin. There have also been a few teases on a potential profit-share aspect as well, however this will all be

explained when the fundamentals are locked in.


SOL NFTs have made around $9-11M USD in the past 24 hours in sales volume. One of the last times we saw those

numbers was during the April ‘22 bull market. Here are other cool things that have happened since @y00tsNFT minted: a


As I said before in a past tweet, SOL NFTs grew from 2k unique buyers on Aug 22nd to 14k in the last week of Aug after

y00ts started trending. We are now at almost 17k buyers: and it keeps increasing. Image below by @SolanaFloor

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valens @suppvalen

Last week of August brought a bigger volume amount to the SOL NFT market, and the amount of unique buyers significantly

grew after @y00tsNFT started trending. From approx 2.1k unique buyers on Aug 23rd to around 14k unique

buyers on Aug 31st. sauce: @cryptoslamio

Solana TPS also didn’t crash during the mint, in fact, it performed insanely well.

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stephen hess @meta_hess

Biggest mint of the year and #Solana is cruising along at ~3-4k TPS. Major congrats to the core devs for addressing the

network congestion issues we’ve seen with past drops.

According to @oralabs_, so far 11132 t00bs out of 15000 have been minted on the blockchain. What projects have been

pumping in the past 12-24hrs? —

— @TaiyoRobotics 145 SOL FP

— ABC (30 SOL FP)

— @VandalCityCorp 16.2 SOL

— @GalacticGeckoSG 28 SOL Those are just a few!

Thanks for reading! This will keep being updated I constantly write about the NFT space and report cool stats, feel free to

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Fading Solana is a vital mistake. $SOL will rip next cycle.

Here’s why;

The Solana network is a hot topic as of recent. But it wasn’t

always this way. Months back, critics steered clear of the

blockchain; citing frequent network outages and inherent

“centralization” as the deal breakers. That was then. What


1. Solana hasn’t had a notable outage since June.

2. The network has VASTLY improved. 3. Solana has real

plans for adoption. Due to these innovations, Solana has

developed the strongest ecosystem in all crypto. The proof is

everywhere. But only if you’re looking.

Outages have always been $SOL’s Achilles’ heel. But what

critics fail to understand is that every blockchain has a tradeoff.

The pros come with cons. Solana now has 3,400 validators

in 6 different continents as well as 1900 consensus nodes. A

drastic increase since June.

Speaking of NFTs, collections such as y00ts and @

ABC123Community have drawn eyes from $ETH. We’ve seen

a drastic increase in volume that has essentially confirmed

a Solana NFT bull-run. The fact that @MagicEden did near

HALF of the volume of @opensea (last 7 days) is scary.

I’d be lying if I said I couldn’t feel the difference. Like

you, I found myself frustrated at the frequent outages

and overall clunkiness of the chain. Now, it’s as smooth

as butter. We cruise around 2-3k TPS at any given

moment. Even during hyped mints like @y00tsNFT.

Currently, Ethereum has a 17.5x larger market cap than

Solana. Yet, $SOL is completely dominating the NFT scene.

Not to mention that now, because of @crossmint_io, you

can buy $SOL nfts with $ETH and vice versa. This genius

integration further bridges the gap.

The collections may have been a catalyst for this run, but

I would also argue that the community itself is one. The

community on Solana is completely unmatched and the

masses have taken notice.

@nftinspect shows that profiles with high global reach have

deep ties to $SOL.

Maximalism is linked to cult-like behavior. One of the

main arguments hone in on the topic of decentralization.

Decentralization is important (and $SOL is), but in terms

of mass adoption, most people don’t even know what

Decentralization means. TLDR; They don’t care.

The masses do care about:

Cheap Fees. Environment. Transaction Speed. New, Shiny


The new, shiny object is Solana mobile. I believe that Solana

mobile could catalyze mass adoption.

The government is proposing to crack down on climateunfriendly

cryptocurrencies. It still stands that Solana is a

shining contradiction of what people *think* crypto is. $SOL

is mentioned in the document as an alternative. https://



Successful traders such as @Pentosh1, @MoonOverlord, @

hentaiavenger66 and @Trader_XO have their eyes set on

Solana. Some even say $SOL will be the $ETH of next cycle.

$ETH will always have its place, but $SOL will be the star of

next season.

Tech moves fast and narratives change. Pack your bags or get

left behind.

The blockchain has improved and the $ETH community has

taken the leap of faith. The proof is in buyer volume. The

only parties that lose out are the maxis that have deluded

themselves into believing false narratives.












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