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project update


Dexterlab digs


more to come






is it


AO8 digs into

Banksy drop

& MUCH more












In-depth look at what this project is offering


is it LEGIT?

The_AO8 looks at the upcoming fractionalised

Banksy drop. Or is it? #alpha


Block_Degen shares his tools of choice


Dexterlab piece on the new Sentries



Still grinding- updated info #alpha


One year in the ecosystem and much

more to come #alpha


Ascension program underway#alpha




Issue 74 and #SHILL zine cracks a new milestone with issues 61 & 62 gaining over 10k views each. This makes

5 issues that have individually gained over 10k views. You have to be happy with that. Add to this a couple of

other issues that are very close to 10k. #SHILL is slowly reaching the masses. The weekly average views still

fluctuates around the 8k mark which has been maintained since around March of 2022. The goal for end of

year is to have a steady 10k views per week. It's a grind!

Two weeks ago #SHILL started featuring new photography works by #ebrosmash. Shooting from Indonesia

with 2 beautiful cameras; the Fuji X100V (a nifty street camera) and the glorious GFX100S (I am envious!) for

true full-frame panoramas. @ebrosmash's work was a no-brainer to include in #SHILL. The photos tell a story.

Capture a moment. It's what I want to see in photography. Little did I know that @ebrosmash sent one of their

NFT to the #SHILL zine wallet as a sign of appreciation. Really appreciate it ebro. It's in the #SHILL vault!

The first ever 'Special Edition' #SHILL zine went to print on 15 Sept, 2022 ready for a physical drop at a Sydney,

Australia event on Sat 17 Sept. A limited run of 50 magazines highlighting Australian content for the Australian

event. If the reception is positive then I will use this event to consider how the 100th issue will go LIVE. When

you factor in printing costs and international shipping it may end up costing around $40 aud to break even.

But, it will be the 1st ever, commercially printed Solana magazine. Again, a limited edition. #SHILL zine will be

calling for NFT artists who want to be involved soon. Just imagine, a physical magazine in someone's hands

somewhere in the world with your artwork!

A whole lot of content in this issue. NFTs to tickle your senses. Alpha to contemplate. Stories you may have

missed. It's good to know that at the end of the week you can rely on #SHILL zine to package it all up in one

convenient magazine that you can access when you are ready.

Ready to dive in?

Enough said. You know the drill.


The Sign Of Paradise @ebrosmash

Keep your eyes on...



Secret Sphinx Society


Our Vision

Simpl3r is creating a platform for creators to build, engage

and grow their communities.

or NFT collections. Simpl3r provides real solutions to issues

present throughout many Web3 projects.

Creators have access to a Customer Relationship Manager

(CRM), Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, and Engagement Hub, where

they can track their partners, audience and marketing for their

project. Each hub has a different purpose.


Web3 projects typically are launched around tools that

are not designed for purpose, are inefficient and leave

project developers without analytics and insight into their

communities and potential customers.

Currently, most projects in the web3 space are working in the

dark. They hope their marketing efforts will attract the right

people to buy into their project.

The inability to analyze and adapt means that projects waste

money, time and effort, becoming unnecessarily inefficient,

expensive and risky. It is hugely detrimental when the results

are only known via the success (or failure) of their mint.

Typically web3 projects want to launch their project and mint

within a 1 to 2-month period.

To do this, they need to:

Establish and manage a community

Create engagement to attract customers

Build and manage collaborations

Create interest in their project

Manage their access lists

Teams cannot pre-build their marketing campaigns or tailor

their messaging using the current launch tools. This means

that web3 outreach and marketing demand a significant

burden at a time when founders need to be concentrating on

their community, project and growth.

As a result, the NFT project model is plagued by low adoption,

poor user experience and a lack of clarity on how to market

to the broader web3 community.

Simpl3r was created to simultaneously be a data warehouse

and communications tool for web3 projects. Simpl3r

promises a single product suite that enables projects to

deepen their insight and relationships with customers and

provide the best experience possible.


Simpl3r is a community management platform designed for

Web3 teams. It provides users with a toolset to oversee the

different aspects of managing and marketing their tokens

Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Simpl3r has designed and built an integrated solution for web3

projects and companies, allowing teams to attract and track

interactions across multiple platforms, including Twitter and

Discord. The CRM forms the basis of the platform and is free to

use for all teams, no matter their size.

Once a team has set up their project in the Simpl3r platform,

new contacts will be created automatically via interactions with

integrated applications and accounts. The contact for that user

is then continuously enriched with any other interactions with

the project. This allows teams to quickly see the most engaged

contacts and identify if they are attracting the right people via

their marketing channels.

You can derive detailed analytical information from these

interactions and get actionable insights into your community

that are currently unavailable through more traditional web3


Sales Hub

Our Sales Hub is designed for teams to manage their sales

pipeline and identify which customers are ready to be

approached. It provides industry-first insights into customer

buying habits.


The Simpl3r overview provides sales teams with enriched on

and off-chain data about the contacts in their pipeline,

giving teams actionable insights to help them answer

key questions about who they have attracted into their

community. These insights include historical data such as

average mint quantity, price, and standard mint days of the

week or month, allowing teams to use historical data to

inform their decisions..

Access Lists

The current application of access lists is very onedimensional,

often used as a binary list of who is and who

isn't allowed to mint. Simpl3r believes this is a missed

opportunity and has reimagined the access list process.

With Simpl3r, teams can create a multi-layered approach

with lists being used as part of a sales funnel. Each list has

a separate list of requirements and is designed to keep the

community engaged throughout the campaign. Doing it this

way will allow teams to incentivize continued engagement

and gauge the community's level of interest in the project.

Sales Funnel

Our Sales Funnel feature is built right into the Simpl3r

Sales Hub, allowing sales teams to visualize the customer

journey through their access lists. It also houses metrics

that can identify optimization opportunities such as

conversion, drop-off, engagement and activity rates.

Collaboration Center

The Simpl3r collaboration center allows teams to easily

track all collaborations in a streamlined, easy-to-use

interface, significantly reducing the current manual

handling of projects. Teams can set collab upgrades,

custom tasks, and rewards and incentivize collaboration

managers with a customizable commission structure that

is results driven. Our collaboration center saves teams

hundreds of hours of manual, repetitive tasks.

Community Managers gain access to tools that significantly

streamline the collaboration process. Community members

can be invited to a collaborating project by simply sharing

a link with them. The Simpl3r platform assures that

members complete the required tasks set by the project

identify commonalities and potential growth opportunities.

Additionally our on-chain insights allow teams to easily identify

if their marketing is attracting the right people or if they need to

course correct. At the moment teams are only able to identify this

on the day of their mint. Our aim is to empower marketing teams

to know this week’s in advance.

Campaign Planner

Our Marketing Hub houses the Campaign planner. The campaign

planner allows teams to build out their pre and post mint

campaigns so they are automated and delivered across Twitter,

Discord and the Simpl3r platform days, weeks or months in

advance. This allows projects to focus on the important things.

Marketing Links

Projects can create links which can be used on different marketing

channels such as social media platforms to track engagement.

This will result in an increase in data insights, which can be

used to scale successful initiatives and stop those that aren’t

working. This will have a significant impact on budget and effective

marketing spend as teams can track their Return On Ad Spend

(ROAS) which is something that is currently hard to measure.


It’s easy to install pixels on your projects landing page using

Simpl3r. Simply add in the code to the pixels page within the

marketing hub. Currently Simpl3r supports Google Analytics, with

additional support being added for Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter.

Affiliate Program

Simpl3r provides teams with the ability to utilize an affiliate

program. Once enabled this will allow a project's community

members to earn rewards by referring new members to the

project. The Affiliate Center provides a complete dashboard of all

affiliates, referral list breakdowns and projected sales revenue

based on live data.

With the Simpl3r affiliate program, projects no longer need to

pay up front to gain exposure, which may not lead to bringing

before granting them access to their Whitelist, no longer

requiring the manager to follow up on members manually.

Similar to affiliates, purchases made by users brought in

through a collaboration can earn a commission, creating a

new revenue stream for DAO treasuries or alpha callers.

Marketing Hub

Marketing is a key element to the success of any company,

especially web3. Simpl3r Marketing Hub is designed to

help you easily manage your marketing and create viral

community engagement. Create and deploy automated

content plans, gamified loyalty programs, affiliate referrals

in minutes with our powerful platform.

Marketing Overview

The Simpl3r marketing overview screen provides

actionable insights into the community helping teams

in new community members. Through Simpl3r, affiliates of the

project can market it to their communities and be rewarded with a

commission on every successful sale.

Engagement Hub

Engagement Overview

Our Engagement Overview screen allows teams to get detailed

information about the levels of engagement they are getting

across multiple platforms such as Discord and Twitter. Heat maps

give teams actionable information into busy and quiet periods so

that they can quickly identify times that are lacking engagement

and peak times where they can capitalize on more active



Simpl3r makes it simple to set up engagement tasks and offer

rewards for completing them, these are known as bounties.

Bounties can be created for Twitter, Discord and the Simpl3r

platform and allow teams to reward community members with

Discord server currency or Credits which is the rewards token

earned by staking a Bounty Hunter.


Set up your Bounties, Competitions, Raffles and more

with our all-in-one bot. Instead of spending your valuable

time keeping the community engaged by manually

executing these tasks, our bot can run engagement tasks


You can schedule them in the campaign planner, or give

the bot some freedom to start them whenever the server

gets quiet to draw in more people again.


Simpl3r currently supports two competition types, these

are Raffles and Leaderbords. Both utilize the same

method for setting the prize pool allowing teams to

quickly and easily set up prizes ahead of time and have

the Simpl3r platform execute the entire competition from

launch to completion, automatically rewarding the winners

without the need of the team to ensure the prizes are

issued correctly.

Rewards and Offers

This feature allows teams to set up digital and physical

rewards and offers that the community can purchase

using in server currency, Credit tokens, or cryptocurrency.

Simpl3r makes it easy to set up platform specific rewards

such as access list upgrades, discord roles, additional

mint allocations and much more.

Simpl3r and Data Analytics

Currently, teams are blinded and operating on a Twitter

following and Discord size basis, without the ability to

identify if they're attracting the right people to their

community. Our analytics team will determine if they are

attracting the wrong people into their communities so that

they can take action before it's too late.

Teams attracting giveaway hunters with no intention of

minting will be able to change their marketing strategy

weeks ahead of their mint. Or teams attracting collectors

that hold off on minting until the project is almost sold out

will be able to create incentives to promote early mints.

On-Chain Analytics

Simpl3r uses advanced on-chain analytics to give sales

and marketing teams unparalleled insights into their

communities both pre and post-mint. Our analytics engine

is designed to pull back the covers so that teams can see

who they are dealing with.

Using on-chain analytics, Simpl3r can give teams insights

into data points such as average mint price paid, the

mint price range, collector type, length of time held post

mint, and more. This information can be used to curate

the community allowing teams to make special offers

to high-value community members that fall within their

parameters. Additionally, this information can be used to

set the mint date, collection size, and NFT price.

Off-Chain Analytics

Using web2 and web3 technology, Simpl3r enriches data

with off-chain analytical information giving teams never

before seen insights into valuable points of interest, such

as common interests, websites, services, influencers and

more. Enabling sales and marketing teams to understand

their communities and marketing channels better.

Commit Now, Pay Later

When speaking to both web3 teams and collectors, we

noticed a theme. Teams experienced increased anxiety

around their mint date, unaware of whether they would

sell any NFTs or tokens. Collectors experienced increased

pressure around not knowing if they would be able to mint

or if they would miss the mint altogether due to it being held at a

time or date where they could not participate.

Simpl3r is building a feature we call Commit Now, Pay Later. It

allows teams to enable and incentives collectors to commit to

a mint ahead of time. The collector retains control of the funds

allocated to the mint and can cancel at any point before the mint,

solving the problem for both the project teams and the collectors.






To further elaborate on @0xCelon thread: Why I am quite certain that LCD Lab doesn’t own 1000 physical copies of

#banksy’s box sets. Disclosure 1: this is not fud of the project (I think it’s probable it will do well), just fact-checking.


to go one step further, this collection is now named Banksy Radar Rats. It’s a guarantee that Banksy has no idea this is

happening and would never approve this trash. very disappointed @MagicEden. twitter.com/0xCelon/status…

Disclosure 2: I really don’t like the project because it’s clearly plagiarism. Founded on someone else art. Without disclosing

this. On the contrary, through the name and the art style the project owners want to induce people to think there is

some connection with Banksy.

But if “de gustibus non disputandum est”, false statements

are a different thing. So, why I think they don’t

have the amount of art pieces they claim.

Let’s start from the number of box set released. The

final number is unknown, but LCD labs states (and then

reported by online articles) that there may be up to 6000

copies. It’s a huge number also for an edition. Especially

from Banksy.

What about proofs that LCD owns 1000 copies... They did not

show the complete amount of pieces (which is difficult indeed)

and, more recently, a video with 100 pieces (supposed

to be authentic).

I own a box set, purchased in Bethlem in 2018 (half of

the selling period) and as you can see the serial progressive

number is between 1000-1100

Additionally, showing proofs of the real value of a box set,

they presented sales data of 1 of the most important and

used irl art dealer over last year, implicitly admitting that it’s

not possible to purchase such an amount of pieces...


And that’s it, feel free to have a look at our public spreadsheet. (Public) Banksy Walled Off Box Set Price List https://docs.


Maybe they have purchased them through other channels. Possible/probable. But not on ebay (where many box sets are

sold), as they clearly state.

So, I jumped in their discord, asking for more information. Again, vague answers. No proofs.


This is his answer.

Ok, but they have a certificate of authenticity. As you

can see the signature of the expert is just a copy&pasta.

So, I asked him directly.


1) Is the project legit? I'm not in the right position to

answer properly.

2) Do they own 1000 copies as claimed? Probably not.

3) Will this influence the conduction of the project? Not

necessarily, but I think that people should know the





Crazy to think I've been in the

SOL NFT space for over a year

now. Has truly flown by. More

bullish than ever despite the

growing pains.














from my experience working for NFT teams for

almost year.

Most of these will be based around Discord and

Community Management as that is my expertise




following explains why.

GENERAL BOTS These are the ones that almost everyone

has interacted with at some point and the

staple of every discord server you have ever been

in @mee6bot @DynoDiscord

They are the jack of all trades and the bare minimum.

It was used on @y00tsNFT discord up to mint If you think it isn’t

good enough for your server think again.


Gone are the days of verification channels and google sheets docs

It just doesn’t look professional and prone to human error and

cheating. This is important both pre and post mint. For allocating

WL spots and collecting wallets to DAO giveaways,

I won’t rattle off everything they can do because

honestly the list is endless. But some of my favourite

tools from it are

Auto moderations

Custom Discord Commands

Leaderboards etc

VERIFICATION TOOLS This is important to prevent

your discord server getting flooded with bots. Now

your general bots like stated above can handle this

but the further we come along the more sophisticated

bots become. My current favourite is @


Super simple to setup and ensures that all holders

have Disabled DMs, Passed a captcha.

My 2 favourites at the moment are @subberxyz @Bot_Head_NFT.

Why deal with the stress when there are tools ready made for this

kind of thing.


This is important post mint but make sure you are prepared and

ready to go the moment you launch. Because your investors want

to feel special and be part of the community immediately.

Holder Verification tools gate off parts of your discord

community to holders of the NFT. @MatricaLabs has

the market share on Solana currently and I would

highly recommend it. Proven safety and high-quality



NFTs are 24/7 so chances are you will need a 24/7 presence

on the major social networks Discord and Twitter.

This shouldn’t mean that you as the project team can

no longer sleep. You need multiple team members that

have access to the account.

How can you do this without giving out all your team

passwords if a member moves on from the project? @


It was acquired by @Twitter so you know it is legitimate

for your organisation.


This one is overlooked but crucial for projects to have.

A multi signature wallet means that for any transactions

to be signed off multiple members need to sign

the transaction for it to be valid.

Why is this important?

For a couple of reasons, It builds confidence in the

team that the wallet holder won’t run off with their

hard earned funds and resources It creates an added

layer of security in case a single team members accounts

are compromised.

It allows a wallet holder to go on holidays without

holding up the project from continuing. There are

many multisig wallets but the one I have been most

impressed with is @CashmereWallet.

But of course, DYOR and pick what is right for you.

DAO MANAGEMENT This may not be essential for every project

but something to consider especially if you are allowing your

community to take part in Project decisions Having a DAO management

tool will keep voting transparent and fair.

There are not a lot of tools for this currently but the best functional

one in my mind is @Realms_DAOs. It is currently used by

the premier DAOs on Solana such as @MonkeDAO @TheChimpions

CHIAO @_ledao.

If it works for them chances are it will work for you.

This is just scratching the surface of the tools that can be used

and I am sure I have missed many These are just the ones that I

always recommend to those starting out or utilising in projects

myself Would love to hear what you are using?




yobaninja & alphaomega8











Sentries is an NFT collection of 8000 weird-looking creatures minted August 19, 2022. It was the second mint on the Bifrost


In case you’re unaware – Bifrost (Blocksmith Labs) team is very strict on choosing who can mint on Bifrost. If Sentries managed

to get the launchpad, the project must be a real deal.

The mint successfully collected 176.89k $FORGE (token of Blocksmith Labs ecosystem) and 7.65k SOL.

Half of the royalties of a total 7% from each sale are allocated to the admin team and the other half goes to The Lode (more

about it below).

Okay! So, what are those Sentries all about?

Sentries is a blockchain infrastructure company deploying Solana validators and RPC nodes. On Sentries official website, you

can find three taglines:

• Gamified SOL validator

• Single-sided staking platform

• Blockchain infrastructure as a service

Let’s break them down in more detail.

The Lode

In short, the Lode is a Solana Validator. You can think of a validator as a “checker” that confirms transactions. Validators are

required to stake Solana. In return, a staker can receive rewards earning approximately a 5% annualized reward rate.

At Sentries, the validator, or The Lode, will act as one of the revenue sources and liquidity reserves for the rest of the Sentries

ecosystem. 5k SOL from the Sentries mint went directly to the Lode. Also, as mentioned above, 3.5% royalties fees go to the


Since the mint date, Sentries harvested 1820 SOL from royalties. So, the Lode’s stake from mint and royalties are 5900 SOL.

The amount would bring ~300 SOL as rewards annually.

But the funds allocated by the Sentries team aren’t everything that goes into the Lode. This is where we can mention the first

Sentries NFT holder benefit. If you hold a Sentry PFP NFT

and a Lode Link (earned by HODLing), you can participate

in 0% commission SOL staking. Public/non-holders

are subject to a 7% commission rate.

And The Lode is pretty popular, as the total stake of the

validator is over 100k SOL at the time of writing. In fact,

the Lode is #1 validator by the rankings of Marinade

Finance. Not bad!

The revenue from the B2B services will supplement the operational


Sentries holders can participate in the referral program, allowing

them to earn rewards for referring B2B Services clients to Sentries,

with bonuses depending on the number of Sentries held and their


Sentries NFTs

As mentioned above, Sentries NFT holders will get discounted

access to RPC nodes and B2B referral programs. There’s also a

Flex-&-Earn incentive to use Sentries PHP on Twitter. Those who

have a Sentries NFT as a profile image will earn additional rewards.

Although so far, this wasn’t a strong incentive, as only 250 people

are using Sentries as PFP.

On top of that, holders also receive the revenue share from the Lode

rewards, and they can even power up the rewards by delegating 5

SOL in the Lode. There’s no limit to how much SOL you can delegate

to the validator, but only 5 SOL per Sentrie staked will give the additional


Overall, The Lode rewards to holders boil down to a pro-rata 5%

share of business gross profits, plus a pro-rata share of the 3% commission

per Sentries NFT powered by 5 SOL stake.

As per the current expected APY, revenue from the Lode

stake would be ~65000 SOL. Portion of those rewards

will be distributed to Sentries holders.

RPC nodes

Another component is RPC nodes. RPC, or Remote Procedure

Call, allows users and applications to communicate

with validator nodes. Think of it as the middle-man

in your transaction or someone who translates your

request for the blockchain.

Sentries will use part of the mint funds to develop a

permissionless, on-demand RPC Node access system. It

will be available to the public at the default pricing, while

Sentry holders will receive discounted access based on

the number of Sentries held.

Access to RPC nodes comes in handy for NFT investors

who love snipping NFTs. The competition between snippers

is also high, and a fast RPC node can give a huge


B2B Services

The next category is B2B Services. Sentries will provide

validator and RPC node services to businesses. This is

all about hardware, set-up, maintenance, support, and


At certain thresholds, Sentry holders will also unlock additional

perks, including visual upgrades.

Final thoughts

When the primary holder’s benefit relies on a passive income, the

amount of that passive income will define the NFT collection appreciation

in value. At this point, it is hard to predict how much revenue

the business will generate. But whatever the revenue, we must keep

in mind that the revenue share will be divided by 8888. Calculating

the rewards holders receive from Lode stake by today’s APY would

bring less than 1 SOL yearly per one Sentries NFT without power-ups.

So, holding one or a couple of Sentries might not bring life-changing

money, but if you have a larger bag, after some time, you might accumulate

a worthwhile amount of SOL, especially if the Sentries will

keep growing as a business bringing more and more revenue.

A lot depends on the team and how they will manage to grow the

business. And the team looks decent. It was doxxed by Bifrost and

Alpha Labs.

The team has people with expertise in law, B2B marketing, business

scaling, crypto, Solana RPC node operators, community engagement,

tokenomics experts, internet infrastructure, cloud services,

and more.

The weakest point is art. It looks like a cheap Fiverr artist made it,

the character is not something large audiences would identify with,

has no facial expressions making it harder to relate to. Regardless,

utility projects don’t need high-end art, but nice-looking PFPs always

help. Hopefully, the art upgrades will bring something fresh to the


Nothing in this article is financial advice! Always do your research!





























The Solana NFT market is heating up. Here’s our September update with key upcoming activations.

Pulso Partnership

This month we signed a huge partnership with Pulso. We’ll work with them to maximise returns & profit coming from

our impact investments. Their network also provides an opportunity to raise Impact Fund capital.


We’ve officially partnered with Pulso. They are a leading Impact Advisory group working w/ @google @jpmorgan @amazon

& others. Together we’ll build the first Web3 Impact Investment Fund for changing the world & rewarding holders

Tribe Council Finalised

The Tribe Council are a panel of multidisciplinary experts

& leaders who will curate investment proposals

for the Tribe. They are in place & ready to flow.

Merch Development

@Mowgli_2077, cofounder & former design lead for Calvin

Klein & Versace, has been in full flow with our merch. Designs

are set, network of sustainable suppliers in place & sampling

is in process. 1st limited edition collection drop September/


Impact Fund We are finishing crafting our investment

strategy & impact proposals. All returns & rewards

from Impact Fund investments will be unlocked

through $AQUA. The full profit distribution mechanisms

for this will be released this month - get ready

for something new.

DemiGods 1/1 Art

OG Artist @Q1R0Z is crafting a powerful 1/1 Art collection.

Character concepts complete - refinement, coloring

& object utility will follow. First auctions in the coming

weeks - exclusively for $AQUA.

Marine Conservation

Throughout September, we’ll start Coral Restoration preparations

with Coral Triangle Centre, in Nusa Pulau, Indonesia. Full

impact video and monitoring coming soon.

OKB CoralDAO Collab

We’re creating an epic 1:1 art piece with @OKBCoralD-

AO to raise funds for marine conservation.

@Q1R0Z is fusing aesthetics from Coral Tribe & CoralD-

AO (major sub-DAO of @okaybears). Sneak peek drops

during twitter spaces

The OK Space #11 - @OKBCoralDAO X @Coral-


232 tuned in·Sep 9·51:50

Brand Development

This month we laid out our Nature x Web3 vision for

the Coral Tribe brand. We’ll continue to build on this

through relevant collaborations, community events &



We are Coral Tribe. The future is green. The future is

blockchain. This future is us.

Holder perks

We opened our community to Web3 job opportunities

through @rethinkablexyz and partnered with @FRAKT_

HQ to give our holders access to NFT backed loans.


Today is the one orbit anniversary of our mint date on the #Solana blockchain. It has been quite the ride through space

navigating this unchartered territory. We have some EXCITING NEWS TO SHARE!

We need to re-engage our community and bring in new members to the community. We are EXTREMELY confident that

our @SolanautStables and our positions in @heavenland_io, @decentraland and @TheSuitesNFT will bring significant

awareness and access to the best projects!


We love our art. We love our Nauts. They are clean, crisp, bright and vibrant! But the market wants MOAR DETAIL,

MOAR POP, ELITE ART. So, we are partnering with amazing comic book artist @kyleP_Art to elevate the Naut collection!


They will be separate tokens from our OG collection, and our 500 OG holders will receive a 1:1 airdrop for the new

nauts! New traits, moar detail, moar space, we are PUMPED to respond to the market. Here is a teaser of a prototype

silhouette we are working on!


We are also PUMPED to announce that our Gen 1 Solanauts will be STAKABLE under the @heavenland_io

anner so our Naut holders will earn the $HTO native currency as part of our continued partnership!

In 2weeks time! Get ready!


We have a collection of 7,778 @SolanAnons that continue to trade, even at extremely approachable prices. We are updating

the metadata to put the royalties into our Solanaut quarterly revolution rewards pot! The Gen 2 Nauts WILL ALSO



We have our first collection of music NFTs collaborating with some top talent in the industry. We are looking forward to

showcasing these to their and our communities! Moar details in Q4! 3D Art by @pegi_sol

We have stables covered, metaverses covered, music, art upgrades coming, staking for a robust ecosystem native token,

additional streams of SOL into our revolution rewards pot. Our community wanted more; we are delivering for them!

#nautup #backtonaut #nautgoinganywhere

We have many more details to share related to our parternships… Come to our Discord to find our MOAR about how you

can join the Solanauts and the Zero G family! The moon is only the first stop!














The Ascension

As a team we have always been transparent with our community in every move we make, and we have always over-delivered

to bring value to our community. TSF is our full-time job, our second family, and our goal first and foremost is to

keep on building.

We are entering an exciting and important phase in our project, and this will start with The Ascension. We have been

working on this for the past 2 months, sharing different arts with our community. We couldn’t have made it without

input from each one of them.

Ascension is a symbol of growth and evolution, and this was the best way to introduce the next phase of our Roadmap.

Four Elements (Water, Air, Fire, and Earth) will be introduced to our collection as the first stage with more than 1,610


Not only that, but our holders will also have the ability to toggle between all of them. They can at any given moment

toggle their frog between all 4 elements and bring it back to its initial form in case they missed their old frog. Want


To Ascend you will need two NFTs, one of them will be ascended and the other will be sacrificed. But Froggos are hard

to kill, all sacrificed Frogs will return, and holders will be able to resurrect their frogs and get them back in a completely

new form!

Imagine being able to have 7 different NFTs in one, this is what the ascension will bring. 7 Different PFPs can be used.

When we do things we do things differently, we want to introduce new metas and not just follow blindly other metas.

This concept will enable us to create an incredible line of NFT art with more traits than most other collections. Our

promise is to ensure that Ascending your frogs will be a fun, seamless, and engaging process for all.

What you will need:


⁃ 2x Stoned Frogs.

⁃ 2x Pixelated Frogs.

⁃ Around 1,250 $seeds

⁃ Burn/sacrifice 2 pixelated frogs.

⁃ Pay $seeds to Ascend ONE of the two Stoned Frogs.

⁃ The higher rarity Stoned Frog of the two will Ascend into 1 of the 4 elements.

You can toggle between the 5 total PFPS including the 4 elements and the original frog The lower rarity Frog will be sacrificed

therefore locked for a certain period (resurrection at a later date) The resurrected frog will come back in a different

form to toggle through.

Why Ascend your Frogs:

⁃ Higher emissions of seeds through our gamified staking.

⁃ Early access to our exciting multiplayer online battle arena P2E P2C game

⁃ Free skins in the game

⁃ Brand new pfps

⁃ More benefits will be announced soon!

Save The Date: October 14th!












CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xZD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey armor - exoskeleton #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey suit - xBD1

CultureHacker - Odyssey weapon - Sonic #1

CultureHacker - Odyssey pet #1




















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