2022 WINNERS & RECIPIENTS Booklet - National Awards of Excellence

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<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong><br />

<strong>2022</strong> <strong>WINNERS</strong>

Introduction<br />

The Surf Life Saving <strong>National</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong> recognises<br />

the contribution <strong>of</strong> our amazing members from the grass roots<br />

<strong>of</strong> Surf Life Saving during the 2021/<strong>2022</strong> season.<br />

<br />

We are delighted to recognise our member's achievements<br />

and to announce this year's SLSNZ <strong>Awards</strong> Of <strong>Excellence</strong><br />

winners and recipients.<br />

<br />

We are incredibly proud and thankful for all that you do and<br />

achieve. The contribution you make to Surf Lifesaving, your<br />

clubs and communities is incredible - even more so<br />

because you do this all as volunteers!<br />

<br />

Congratulations to each and every one <strong>of</strong> you!<br />

Your success is an inspiration to us all.<br />

<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Contents<br />


bp Media Award<br />

bp Rescue <strong>of</strong> the Year Award<br />


TSB Official <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

TSB Coach <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

TSB International Sport Performance <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />


Service <strong>Awards</strong><br />

50 Year Badges<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>


DHL Instructor <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

DHL Volunteer <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

DHL Innovation <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />




Patrol Support <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

London Trophy<br />

Gudsell Trophy<br />

NZ Lottery Grants Board Lifeguard <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Message from the President<br />

Marilyn M<strong>of</strong>fatt<br />

SLSNZ President<br />

During my time as President over the last 3 years I have<br />

continued to be amazed and appreciative <strong>of</strong> all the mahi that<br />

our volunteers do. As Covid restrictions eased I have been able<br />

to visit clubs and members around the country to see your<br />

activities first-hand. Whether it’s raising money to build a new<br />

clubhouse, training the next generation <strong>of</strong> lifeguards, or<br />

completing a mass rescue, I see such a great spirit and<br />

willingness to give to surf life saving. In return I know that you<br />

get a lot back for being involved in surf life saving as I do and<br />

I’m especially proud to receive my 50-year badge at these<br />

awards. How the time has flown.<br />

Congratulations to all the award nominees and winners for the<br />

<strong>2022</strong> SLSNZ <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>. I look forward to meeting<br />

many <strong>of</strong> you at the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Message from the Chair<br />

Paul Carlyon<br />

SLSNZ Chair<br />

Surf Lifesaving in Aotearoa continues to shine brightly as a<br />

trusted and essential community service that is delivered by an<br />

amazing team <strong>of</strong> nearly 19,000 members. The sum <strong>of</strong> our parts<br />

is much greater than any individual effort but there are those<br />

members who undoubtedly rise above and contribute more<br />

than their fair share. Our SLSNZ awards evening is a brilliant<br />

opportunity to celebrate, recognise, and reward outstanding<br />

service. I know that behind each <strong>of</strong> our award recipients is a<br />

larger team <strong>of</strong> club mates, whanau, and supporters, who can<br />

quietly also share in that success. There is no question in my<br />

mind that with your success, comes more success for us all.<br />

To each <strong>of</strong> the award recipients, and on behalf <strong>of</strong> the SLSNZ<br />

Board <strong>of</strong> Directors, please accept our gratitude and<br />

congratulations for your service. We are proud <strong>of</strong> your efforts<br />

and so grateful for it. Surf Lifesaving is nothing if not the<br />

aspiration for excellence and contribution, and we salute your<br />

commitment to it. Take some time to reflect on your<br />

achievements and our best wishes to you for the coming<br />

season.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Media &<br />

Rescue <strong>Awards</strong>

This year marks our 54th year <strong>of</strong> partnership with bp and<br />

continues to be Aotearoa’s longest commercial partnership.<br />

We are thankful for bp’s unwavering support and the efforts <strong>of</strong><br />

their committed team who work alongside us and bring the<br />

relationship to life.<br />

bp continues to make every day brighter for Surf Lifesaving<br />

with their support <strong>of</strong> the highly successful bp Leaders for Life<br />

programme, providing $500 <strong>of</strong> bp gift cards to every single<br />

club to assist with fuel costs for rescue vehicles, donating an<br />

inflatable rescue boat (IRB) to our newest Surf Life Saving Club<br />

– Bayley’s Beach as well as recognising the efforts <strong>of</strong> our heroic<br />

lifeguards monthly and annually with bp’s Rescue <strong>of</strong> the Month<br />

and Year <strong>Awards</strong>.<br />

During Summer bp worked with their in-store partners to<br />

fundraise for Surf Lifesaving and created an award winning<br />

animated video <strong>of</strong> the Taranaki Search & Rescue Squad’s bp<br />

Rescue <strong>of</strong> the Year to honour the great work undertaken by<br />

our volunteer Surf Lifeguards.

Matt Elliott<br />

Head <strong>of</strong> Country<br />

bp New Zealand Ltd<br />

Our bp team are hugely proud <strong>of</strong> bp’s long standing<br />

partnership with Surf Life Saving New Zealand, which began in<br />

1968.<br />

Surf Clubs and Surf Lifeguards work tirelessly on and around<br />

our beaches nationwide to help make our Kiwi beaches safer.<br />

We’re delighted to support these efforts through bp’s<br />

community partnership with Surf Life Saving New Zealand.<br />

Congratulations to all <strong>of</strong> the <strong>2022</strong> SLSNZ <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong><br />

winners and nominees on behalf <strong>of</strong> all <strong>of</strong> our bp team.<br />

Keep up the awesome work, we appreciate it.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Media Award<br />

Surf lifesavers have clear message for New<br />

Zealanders hitting the beach this summer.<br />


With an exceptionally busy 2021-22 season, surf lifesaving<br />

efforts were widely reported in the media, with numerous<br />

stories on rescues, patrols, beach safety and SLSNZ initiatives.<br />

One news piece received top marks from the judges. The<br />

Newshub Live story ran on the first day <strong>of</strong> summer. The recent<br />

warm weather and Auckland lockdown had people flocking to<br />

beaches across the region, with three fatal drownings and 62<br />

rescues taking place. The Newshub story helped give a clear<br />

message to New Zealanders about to hit the beach over the<br />

summer - swim between the flags.<br />

Reporter, Shannon Redstall, interviewed surf lifesaving family,<br />

the Wanden Hannay's, who had recently saved a father and his<br />

two sons from a deadly rip at Karekare beach. The story also<br />

highlighted the previous year’s 513 rescues and urged the<br />

public to swim between the flags.<br />

SLSNZ would like to thank Newshub for the engaging story<br />

that reached thousands <strong>of</strong> viewers, helping keep beachgoers<br />

safe and showing the positive impact our lifeguards make.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Rescue <strong>of</strong> the Year Award<br />

Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard<br />

Service<br />

Glenn Cowthorpe, Nick Thompson,<br />

Mark Goodhew, Carlin O'Neill, Craig Smith,<br />

Neil Reid, Nigel Sorenson, Darrell Watt,<br />

Wayne Sutton, Nick Fryer

Muriwai SAR Squad’s daring rescues after a flash flood<br />

captured the nation's attention. They have been awarded this<br />

year’s bp Rescue <strong>of</strong> the Year for their outstanding efforts.<br />

In August 2021, heavy rain in West Auckland flooded buildings,<br />

closed roads, brought down trees, and trapped people in their<br />

homes. Due to the scale <strong>of</strong> the flooding and multiple people<br />

requiring immediate assistance, the Police enlisted the services<br />

<strong>of</strong> the Muriwai Volunteer Lifeguard Service SAR Squad.<br />

The initial response required IRBs and crew to assist in the<br />

rescue and evacuation <strong>of</strong> several residents in Huapai, 17km<br />

away from Muriwai Beach. Five SAR Squad members<br />

responded with two IRBs, First Aid and Rescue equipment. The<br />

debris-strewn, flooded roads and farmers moving livestock to<br />

safety made transit difficult.<br />

Lifeguards crossed a swiftly flowing ‘road and paddock’ to the<br />

first two patients. One man was rescued from a shed ro<strong>of</strong>, and<br />

another man had been stuck inside his garden shed since the<br />

previous night, with 1.5m <strong>of</strong> water flowing around him. The<br />

lifeguards removed the shed windows and helped the elderly<br />

and fatigued gentleman through the window into the IRB.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

The Police then informed the SAR Squad <strong>of</strong> people in distress<br />

across several incident sites. The Squad Coordinator called for<br />

backup from a third IRB crew and additional support staff.<br />

A total <strong>of</strong> 11 people were rescued, and a further 47 were<br />

assisted to safety, reunited with family and friends, or their<br />

welfare and immediate needs assessed.<br />

News <strong>of</strong> the Muriwai SAR Squad’s endeavours was widely<br />

reported in the media, and formal recognition was received<br />

from Local Labour MP Maria Lubeck.<br />

Surf Life Saving Northern Region CEO Matt Williams said the<br />

rescues and checks were a heart-warming demonstration <strong>of</strong><br />

the valuable role played by lifeguards in such emergencies.<br />

“We’re so proud <strong>of</strong> these volunteers. Even during a global<br />

pandemic, we have people putting their hand up to help<br />

others and look at the incredible difference they’ve made.”<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Lifesaving<br />

Sport<br />


The extension <strong>of</strong> our agreement with TSB this year will see us<br />

enter into our 7th year <strong>of</strong> partnership. TSB supported the<br />

essential work done by our clubs and volunteer Surf Lifeguards<br />

by distributing another $100,000 in grants. The grants were<br />

used to fund a range <strong>of</strong> essential equipment including a new<br />

ATV for Brighton SLSC to observation cameras for New<br />

Brighton SLSC and new rescue and patrol equipment for many<br />

others. Taking into account this year, SLSNZ clubs will have<br />

directly received over $600,000 worth <strong>of</strong> TSB grants!<br />

TSB also support SLSNZ’s Beach Education Programme which<br />

allows us to teach thousands <strong>of</strong> primary and intermediate Kiwi<br />

kids’ practical beach and water skills in a real setting - we know<br />

this programme saves lives.<br />

Over Summer, TSB extended their support by helping get out<br />

the “Swim Between the Flags” message across New Zealand by<br />

using sand artists at Orewa, Whangamata and Fitzroy, plus<br />

billboards and videos on digital platforms. With zero drownings<br />

between the flags, this is one <strong>of</strong> the most critical safety<br />

messages to share! Thanks TSB!

Donna Cooper<br />

TSB Chief Executive Officer<br />

TSB is delighted to help support your volunteers across the<br />

motu, and to be involved with the annual awards which<br />

recognise their exceptional efforts and achievements.<br />

We are incredibly proud <strong>of</strong> the mahi Surf Lifesaving NZ does to<br />

help save the lives <strong>of</strong> New Zealanders every year, and that we<br />

are able to put our pr<strong>of</strong>it to purpose through our six-year<br />

partnership.<br />

The past year has seen TSB distribute more than $600,000<br />

directly to clubs throughout the motu, with a particular focus<br />

on rescue equipment, training gear and innovation. And as a<br />

result, we have now supported 56 clubs from Waipu Cove in<br />

the North, all the way to Oreti in the South.<br />

Ka nui te mihi for helping keep Kiwis safe at our local beaches.<br />

When the difference between life and death in the water can<br />

be counted in just a few minutes, you make every second<br />

count.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Surf Official <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Craig Todd<br />

Sumner SLSC

Craig Todd has a wealth <strong>of</strong> experience <strong>of</strong>ficiating at local and<br />

regional surf lifesaving competitions, usually holding the<br />

position <strong>of</strong> overall Event Official.<br />

Craig’s experience, being involved in the surf lifesaving<br />

movement for many years, is easy to see - his confidence rubs<br />

<strong>of</strong>f on others, giving them knowledge and confidence too.<br />

Craig delivers a high level <strong>of</strong> <strong>of</strong>ficiating, ensuring events are run<br />

safely and efficiently without detracting from the fun. He<br />

demonstrates a great presence on the beach and shows the<br />

other <strong>of</strong>ficials how to interact with coaches, managers, athletes<br />

and spectators, ensuring everyone is onboard and enjoying the<br />

competition.<br />

Despite his considerable experience, Craig upskilled again to<br />

ensure he knew the Covid requirements required to conduct<br />

Surf Lifesaving competitions. Craig then guided other <strong>of</strong>ficials<br />

on operating successful competitions under the various Covid<br />

restrictions and guidelines.<br />

A widely known and well-respected member <strong>of</strong> the surf<br />

lifesaving community, Craig is incredibly experienced and<br />

knowledgeable and willing to guide, advise and mentor less<br />

experienced members.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Coach <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Shane Edwards<br />

Sunset Beach LS

Shane Edwards is a Volunteer Coach at Sunset Beach LS,<br />

spending many hours planning the IRB coaching programme,<br />

which has continued to increase its members’ skill level in their<br />

ability to perform rescues and compete at competitions.<br />

Shane is also a Volunteer Lifeguard, Director <strong>of</strong> Lifesaving (Club<br />

Captain), SAR squad member, IRB examiner, Sunset Beach<br />

Board Member, member <strong>of</strong> the building sub-committee and<br />

IRB competitor.<br />

Shane encourages competitors to attend club training days<br />

and ‘duck rallies’ to improve their racing skills. Opportunities<br />

for training during the week include sprints, swimming, dry<br />

land training, and Shane also arranges a training weekend<br />

before each major competition.<br />

Shane's coaching has helped deliver outstanding IRB racing<br />

results for Sunset Beach LS, which won top club at the bp<br />

North Island IRB Championships, where the U19 men’s team<br />

won three golds despite it being their debut season. Top club<br />

was received at the bp New Zealand IRB Championships<br />

along with the title <strong>of</strong> top open women’s and men’s crew and<br />

the team coming 1st and 2nd in the open teams.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

International Sport<br />

Performance <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Danielle McKenzie<br />

Mairangi Bay SLSC

Danielle McKenzie was New Zealand's dominant surf lifesaving<br />

athlete on the international stage for the 2021/22 season. She<br />

won the Australian women's ski title ahead <strong>of</strong> a decorated field<br />

and subsequently became one <strong>of</strong> a select group <strong>of</strong> Kiwis to win<br />

an Open title at the Australian <strong>National</strong>s.<br />

Finishing <strong>of</strong>f her remarkable season at the Aussies, Danielle<br />

achieved second in the Open women's Taplin with an epic ski<br />

paddle to chase down her Alexandra Heads rival, a fourth in<br />

the ski relay and eighth in both the board race and ironwoman.<br />

Danielle had an outstanding summer, finishing second in the<br />

Nutri Grain Iron Series behind Harriet Brown with consistent<br />

results through the first four rounds <strong>of</strong> competition. This set her<br />

up for another podium finish amongst some <strong>of</strong> the sport's<br />

greats.<br />

Outside the lifesaving arena, Danielle continued to dominate<br />

ocean ski paddling events around Australia and capping <strong>of</strong>f the<br />

summer, Danielle was named in the NZ Black Fins team for the<br />

Lifesaving World Championships.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Toyota Financial Services are Surf Life Saving New Zealand’s<br />

exclusive vehicle partner providing sponsored vehicles to<br />

support regional lifesaving delivery. Vehicles are a necessity<br />

within our field <strong>of</strong> work and without this partnership, as a<br />

charity, this expense would be a huge financial burden to our<br />

bottom line.<br />

Thank you TFS for not only providing us with access to a high<br />

quality, reliable fleet <strong>of</strong> vehicles but also connecting us to our<br />

network <strong>of</strong> nationwide clubs.

50 Year<br />


50 Year Badges<br />

Brian Cairns<br />

Waikanae SLSC<br />

Colleen Chapman<br />

Orewa SLSC<br />

Don Colebourne<br />

Papamoa SLSC<br />

Russell Forster<br />

South Brighton<br />

SLSC<br />

Jessica Given<br />

Mt Maunganui LS<br />

Peter Jacobs<br />

Mt Maunganui LS<br />

Marilyn M<strong>of</strong>fatt<br />

Lyall Bay SLSC

50 Year Badges<br />

David Pipe<br />

North Beach SLSC<br />

Rod Railey<br />

Piha SLSC<br />

Murray Robertson<br />

Wainui SLSC<br />

Malcolm Rowsen<br />

Whakatane SLSC<br />

Murray Wilson<br />

St Clair SLSC<br />

Alistair Thorpe<br />

Waikanae SLSC

Instructor &<br />

Volunteer<br />


DHL’s commitment to drive safer beaches in Aotearoa is<br />

evident in our partnership <strong>of</strong> 19 years. DHL continued to<br />

support Surf Lifesaving with another innovative summer beach<br />

safety campaign.<br />

Together we launched “DHL Claim Your Spot” - an interactive<br />

digital game to encourage Kiwis to set up, sit up and scan for<br />

dangers at the beach before entering the water. After watching<br />

beach safety videos by our volunteer Surf Lifeguards, players<br />

had to answer water safety questions correctly in order to be<br />

given a towel to claim their spot on a DHL’s digital beach.<br />

$4,000 was up for grabs, which included $2,000 for a randomly<br />

selected correct entrant and $2,000 for their club <strong>of</strong> choice,<br />

which happened to be Mount Maunganui Surf Life Saving<br />

Club.<br />

With no direct government funding for beach safety messaging<br />

campaigns, initiatives like this are crucial for educating the<br />

public as we know education saves lives.

Selina Deadman,<br />

DHL Express NZ Senior Director<br />

Commercial<br />

Since 2003, DHL Express has been a proud sponsor <strong>of</strong><br />

Surf Life Saving New Zealand.<br />

DHL is passionate about supporting the work SLSNZ do and<br />

are committed to the mission <strong>of</strong> creating a safe<br />

environment on New Zealand beaches.<br />

We are proud to be associated with such an iconic New<br />

Zealand organization and would like to acknowledge the hard<br />

work that all Surf Life Saving members undertake every day.<br />

On behalf <strong>of</strong> DHL, congratulations to all <strong>of</strong> the <strong>2022</strong> <strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong><br />

<strong>Excellence</strong> winners.

Instructor <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Ashleigh Hurring<br />

Fitzroy SLSC

Ashleigh Hurring is a truly worthy recipient <strong>of</strong> this award. Ash’s<br />

contribution to upskilling lifeguards saw Taranaki’s biggest year<br />

<strong>of</strong> regional development in a long time.<br />

Ash organised and facilitated an impressive number <strong>of</strong> club<br />

and regional courses while also being heavily involved in club<br />

duties at an operational level. Her drive for self-improvement<br />

enables her to provide better instruction and guidance to new<br />

and developing lifeguards.<br />

A big advocate <strong>of</strong> water safety in the community, Ash has<br />

taught water safety and surf awareness to members <strong>of</strong> local<br />

and regional sports clubs and introduced people to surf<br />

lifesaving at “beach afternoons”, explaining what we do and<br />

teaching basic water safety skills.<br />

Ash is always pr<strong>of</strong>essional when representing surf lifesaving,<br />

engaging with the public and surf lifesaving members, and<br />

leading and mentoring lifeguards. She advocates for wahine in<br />

surf, not just in boats or on the water, but also in different roles<br />

within surf.<br />

Ash continues to lead within the surf lifesaving movement at a<br />

local, regional and national level, and she has gained<br />

experience in leadership roles at many levels. This is reflected in<br />

the trust and confidence <strong>of</strong> many lifeguards, young and old,<br />

who look up to her, seeing Ash as a mentor and going to her<br />

for peer support during difficult life moments.

Volunteer <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Harry Mellor<br />

Red Beach SLSC

Harry is a valued and respected member <strong>of</strong> Red Beach SLSC,<br />

demonstrating the essence <strong>of</strong> lifeguarding as a fundamental part <strong>of</strong><br />

the club and the lifesaving culture. His commitment to the club,<br />

Northern Region and SLSNZ is evident in his input on lifeguard<br />

development and lifeguarding practice improvements.<br />

As Head Instructor <strong>of</strong> Northern's Intermediate Lifeguard School and<br />

Head Mentor <strong>of</strong> Northern's Youth Development Camp, Harry<br />

organised and prepared these camps even though circumstances<br />

did not allow them to run. He has also attended the online Instructor<br />

Inductions & Workshops in preparation for the season.<br />

Harry is also a Northern Region Peer Support and Local Duty Officer,<br />

is a member <strong>of</strong> the Membership Development Committee, helping<br />

develop the Female Leadership Network and reestablishing the<br />

Senior Leadership Experience. As a patrol advocate, Harry provided<br />

clubs with an opportunity to upskill and further their knowledge<br />

regularly.<br />

Harry is also a member <strong>of</strong> the <strong>National</strong> Volunteer Strategy Working<br />

Group who has provided valuable insight and knowledge around<br />

our younger membership needs.<br />

Harry seeks opportunities to improve, learning from those more<br />

experienced than himself, along with self-assessment following<br />

involvement with incidents. This has resulted in Harry being a highly<br />

capable lifeguard at a club and regional level.

Innovation <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Charlotte Becconsall-Ryan<br />

Warrington SLSC

Charlotte Becconsall-Ryan receives the Innovation <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Award for developing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Rip<br />

Detection system.<br />

The end goal <strong>of</strong> this system is to provide the public with<br />

localised ocean safety information, specifically identifying<br />

hazardous coastal regions and reporting these publicly. Beach<br />

users can then make better-informed decisions and keep<br />

themselves safe without needing lifeguard intervention.<br />

Lifeguards are fantastic at preventing drowning between the<br />

flags, but there is a huge need to move beyond this, as people<br />

continue to drown at unacceptable rates across the country.<br />

Aerial surveying is carried out using drones or webcams, which<br />

capture a series <strong>of</strong> images along a coastal region. AI is then<br />

used to detect which images contain rips. This information is<br />

automatically published onto a map which is viewable publicly.<br />

Further development is required before being at the stage <strong>of</strong> a<br />

product that can be rolled out with determinable costs.<br />

Warrington SLSC volunteered to be the test case for this<br />

project and believes the system will have very positive<br />

outcomes for the club in the future. The club has already<br />

developed a drone operator pathway, and many members are<br />

keen to learn more in this area.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

The club wishes to provide a better service for the local<br />

community that is more prevention-focused and can operate<br />

outside the flags. There has been a positive response to the<br />

available data, and people are looking forward to seeing future<br />

outcomes.<br />

This innovation has the potential to move surf lifesaving into<br />

the preventative space, giving a pathway for action outside the<br />

flags. This applies regionally, nationally and internationally, with<br />

the opportunity to set up a wide network <strong>of</strong> safety information<br />

that helps people make safer decisions at the beach. It doesn’t<br />

take away from Surf Life Saving New Zealand's current work<br />

but could make a real difference to the safety <strong>of</strong> beach users.<br />

This innovation could help to fill a huge gap in our ability to<br />

save lives on our beaches. Currently, we are largely limited by<br />

our volunteer capacity, unable to scale to different beaches<br />

and beyond standard patrol hours and seasons. Helping<br />

people make safer decisions when they can’t swim between the<br />

flags is a big step towards prioritising prevention over rescue<br />

and reducing our coastal drownings<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Patrol Support <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Cushla McLaren<br />

Waimarama SLSC

Cushla McLaren has been in a Patrol Support role for two years<br />

at Waimarama SLSC and completed an impressive 38 hours <strong>of</strong><br />

Patrol Support in 2021-<strong>2022</strong>. Cushla is a fantastic role model<br />

portraying exceptional knowledge, capability, credibility and<br />

leadership.<br />

Cushla is one <strong>of</strong> the key go-to members for first aid incidents.<br />

Her expertise as a practicing and experienced mid-wife has<br />

provided critical first aid support and skills on patrol. These<br />

skills were highlighted during two major first aid incidents that<br />

occurred in quick succession on a sunny Boxing Day in 2021<br />

with 2,000 people on the beach.<br />

The first incident happened at the boat ramp with a young<br />

male receiving a large laceration to his leg from a boat<br />

propeller. James Laver was patrol captain during that day and<br />

was able to leave Cushla to manage the incident which allowed<br />

him to concentrate on patrolling the rest <strong>of</strong> the beach. Cushla<br />

was able to control the severe bleeding and quickly recognised<br />

the need for assistance from St Johns Ambulance. Cushla<br />

managed the scene; monitoring the patient and administering<br />

oxygen with the assistance <strong>of</strong> 2 other lifeguards for 40 minutes<br />

before an ambulance arrived. Her efforts undoubtedly saved<br />

the man’s leg. Twenty minutes later, a surfer came in with a<br />

deep laceration to his thigh from a surf board fin. Again,<br />

Cushla managed this scene, stemming the bleeding and<br />

monitoring the patient for a further 60 minutes before an<br />

ambulance arrived.

Distinguished<br />

Service<br />


Distinguished<br />

Service Award<br />

Max Corboy<br />

St Kilda SLSC

Since being given his Surf Lifeguard Award in 2007, Max<br />

Corboy has demonstrated his commitment and dedication to<br />

the movement, which is recognised with the Distinguished<br />

Service Award.<br />

As a clubbie, Max has taken on many roles and responsibilities,<br />

including Lifeguard Coordinator (2018- 2019), Radios Officer<br />

(since 2009), Patrol Captain (2009-<strong>2022</strong>), Lifesaving<br />

Instructor/Facilitator (2012-2020), Active Competitor (paddled<br />

canoe 2009 and raced IRBs 2016-2017), SAR Squad<br />

Coordinator (since 2016) and SAR Squad Member (2010-2016)<br />

receiving the Club Service Award in 2018.<br />

Max has also been very active on a regional level as an<br />

Advisory Committee Member (since 2018), Event Referee<br />

/Carnival Controller (2014-2020), Event Water Safety/First Aid<br />

(2008-2014) and Otago Gear and Equipment Officer (since<br />

2015). He was given a Regional Service Award in 2020 for his<br />

contribution.<br />

<strong>National</strong>ly, Max was a NZ appointed Event Referee (2021-<strong>2022</strong>)<br />

and done Event Water Safety/First Aid (2018-2021). Max<br />

attends the NZ SAR Inter-agency Conference, is a member <strong>of</strong><br />

the SAR Summit working group (2020-current) and <strong>National</strong><br />

Radio Network Project Group (2021-<strong>2022</strong>). He received his<br />

<strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2020.

Distinguished<br />

Service Award<br />

Andrew Lancaster<br />

Muriwai VLS

Previously receiving his Regional Service Award in 2009 and<br />

<strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2013, Andrew Lancaster is now given<br />

a Distinguished Service Award for his ongoing contribution to<br />

surf lifesaving.<br />

Andrew was also recognised on a club level with a Club Service<br />

Award in 2008, Club Distinguished Service Award in 2013 and<br />

Club Life Membership Award in 2021.<br />

Holding numerous club roles over the years, Andrew has been<br />

Club Captain and Head Lifeguard (2005-2007), Club Board<br />

Member (2008-2014), Junior Committee Member (2002-2005),<br />

Patrol Captain and Lifeguard (since 1999), IRB Coach and<br />

Instructor (2005-2009) and Active Competitor (1999-2014).<br />

Andrew was a Surf Life Saving New Zealand Board Member<br />

from 2011-2015 and a local chair from 2007-2010. He also held<br />

the Powercraft Selector and Manager role from 2017 – current.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Distinguished<br />

Service Award<br />

Damian Molloy<br />

Muriwai VLS

Three decades since starting as a lifeguard at Mangawhai<br />

Heads VLS (1982-1987), then joining Muriwai VLS in 1988,<br />

Damian Malloy is recognised with a Distinguished Service<br />

Award.<br />

Damian has carried out a wide array <strong>of</strong> club roles and<br />

responsibilities, including Mangawhai Gear Steward and Head<br />

Lifeguard for six years, Muriwai Head Lifeguard (2016-2020),<br />

Patrol Captain (since 1989), Instructor (1992-<strong>2022</strong>) and Active<br />

Competitor (1987-2000). His extensive involvement saw<br />

Damian receive the Club Service Award in 1997, Club<br />

Distinguished Service Award in 2005 and Club Life Membership<br />

Award in 2017.<br />

Damian’s regional roles comprise Local Chair/Advisory<br />

Committee Member (1994-2020), AEG Lifeguard Squad<br />

Member (1990-1996), Powercraft Examiner (1994-<strong>2022</strong>), and<br />

Patrol Auditor (1994-2006). He was given the Regional Service<br />

Award in 2004 and the Distinguished Service Award in 2014.<br />

<strong>National</strong>ly Damian was a Rescue Watercraft Committee<br />

Member (2016-<strong>2022</strong>) and on the Chief Examiner Committee<br />

(2018-2021), and he received a <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2017.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Distinguished<br />

Service Award<br />

Leif Neilson<br />

United North Piha LS

A United North Piha Lifeguard Service member since 1997, Leif<br />

Neilson is receiving the Distinguished Service Award for his<br />

ongoing dedication to the surf lifesaving movement.<br />

Leif was Club Chair from 2021-<strong>2022</strong>, Club Captain (2014-2016),<br />

Patrol Captain (2011-2015), Powercraft Officer (2016-2021), RWC<br />

Coordinator (2019-<strong>2022</strong>), IRB Instructor and Rock Module<br />

Instructor (2009-2021), Active Competitor (1997-2020), SAR<br />

Squad Coordinator (2010-2017/ 2021-<strong>2022</strong>) and U20 Camp<br />

Head Instructor (2020-2021). He received the Club Service<br />

Award in 2016 and Club Distinguished Service Award in 2018.<br />

Leif’s regional involvement has included being a Lifeguarding<br />

Operational Committee Member (2014-2017), Area Examiner<br />

(2011-2021), Regional SLS Duty Officer (since 2014), Head RWC<br />

Operator (since 2012), and he was given the Regional Service<br />

Award (2017) and Distinguished Service Award (2021).<br />

Leif was a member <strong>of</strong> the Powercraft Advisory Group (2019-<br />

2021) and on the Chief Examiner Committee (2018-2021). He<br />

took part in the RWC Manual and qualification review (2019-<br />

2020) and was a <strong>National</strong> RWC Instructor/Examiner (2011-<br />

<strong>2022</strong>), gaining a <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2018.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Distinguished<br />

Service Award<br />

David Shanks<br />

Orewa SLSC

A member <strong>of</strong> Orewa SLSC since 2003, David Shanks is being<br />

bestowed the Distinguished Service Award.<br />

David received a Club Service Award in 2013 and Club<br />

Distinguished Service Award in 2019, having been Junior<br />

Coordinator (2006-2007) and sitting on numerous club<br />

committees - Junior Committee (2005-2008), <strong>Awards</strong><br />

Committee (2015-2020), Oceans Committee (2017-2018),<br />

Community Committee (2010-2015).<br />

Regionally, David was on the Sport Committee (2018-<strong>2022</strong>), a<br />

Local Competition Official (2003-2006) and Area<br />

Manager/Coach/Selector (2007-2018). He also received the<br />

Regional Service Award (2013) and Regional Distinguished<br />

Service Award (2016).<br />

<strong>National</strong>ly, David was in the Officials Leadership Group and<br />

Sport Committee (since 2010), Pool Championships Event<br />

Referee (2015-2018), Arena Referee (2012-2015), Official (2007-<br />

2011) and received a <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2015.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Distinguished<br />

Service Award<br />

Shaun Smith<br />

Papamoa<br />

<br />


Shaun Smith received his Surf Lifeguard Award in 1977,<br />

receiving his Distinguished Service Award 45 years later. This<br />

marks an impressive span <strong>of</strong> involvement and dedication to<br />

surf lifesaving in New Zealand.<br />

With Opotiki (1977-1980) and then Papamoa (1996-<strong>2022</strong>),<br />

Shaun has been an active club member - as a<br />

Board/Committee Member (2000-2011), Club Captain (2008-<br />

2016), Patrol Captain (2010-2016), Lifeguard Committee<br />

Member (2017-<strong>2022</strong>), Instructor/Facilitator (2009-<strong>2022</strong>),<br />

Refreshed Lifeguard (since 1977), Active Competitor (1977-<br />

1993) and SAR Squad Member (2008-<strong>2022</strong>).<br />

Receiving the Regional Service Award (2014) and then Regional<br />

Distinguished Service Award (2021), Shaun has had the<br />

following regional involvement – Local Competition Official<br />

(2000-2005), Event Water Safety/First Aid (2001-<strong>2022</strong>) and<br />

Area Examiner (2013-<strong>2022</strong>).<br />

<strong>National</strong>ly Shaun was given the <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2013,<br />

having been <strong>National</strong> Event Water Safety/First Aid (2007-<strong>2022</strong>)<br />

and Regional Guard (2007-<strong>2022</strong>).<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Distinguished<br />

Service Award<br />

Cameron Third<br />

St Kilda<br />

<br />


This year Cameron Third is receiving the Distinguished Service<br />

Award.<br />

Cameron has taken on many duties at his club, St Kilda<br />

receiving the Club Service Award in 2019. These include Asset<br />

Manager (since 2014), other Club/Service Committee positions<br />

(2008-2014), Patrol Captain (since 2013), Instructor/Volunteer<br />

(since 2012), Refreshed Lifeguard/Patrol Support (since 2007),<br />

Instructor/Facilitator (since 2012), Active Competitor (2009-<br />

2010), SAR Squad Member (since 2010), Building Renovations<br />

Project Manager (2016) and Manager and Creator <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Coastal Otago Classic long haul IRB race (2016-2020).<br />

Regionally, Cameron has also been active as a Local Area<br />

Advisory Committee Member (since 2018), Event<br />

Referee/Carnival Controller (since 2015), Event Water<br />

Safety/First Aid (2008-2015), Patrol Auditor/Advocate (2018-<br />

2021) and Otago Gear and Equipment Officer (since 2015). He<br />

was given the Regional Service Award (2018) and Regional<br />

Distinguished Service Award (2020).<br />

Cameron has been heavily involved as a <strong>National</strong> Event Water<br />

Safety/First Aid <strong>of</strong>ficer since 2010, and is an administrator for<br />

the Otago Search and Rescue Squad. He is also a member <strong>of</strong><br />

the SLSNZ App Project Working Group (2021-<strong>2022</strong>). He was<br />

given the <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2020.

Distinguished<br />

Service Award<br />

Joss Urbahn<br />

Foxton<br />

<br />


Joss Urbahn has been acknowledged with a Distinguished<br />

Serice Award.<br />

Previously recognised for her work on a club level, Joss<br />

received a Club Service Award (Palmerston North 1998 /<br />

Foxton 2019), Club Distinguished Serice Award (Palmerston<br />

North 2013 / Foxton 2021) and Club Life Membership<br />

(Palmerston North 1998 / Foxton 2019). She was Foxton Club<br />

President/Patron from 2020-<strong>2022</strong>, Club Captain (Palmerston<br />

North 1996-2000 / Foxton 2015-2019), Committee Member<br />

(Palmerston North 1987-1994 / Foxton 2013-2019), Patrol<br />

Captain (Palmerston North 1996-2000 / Foxton 2015-2018),<br />

Mentor to Palmerston North SLSC (2010-2017), Palmerston<br />

North Jubilee Secretary (1995-1998) and ILS World Champs<br />

Technical Official (2012).<br />

On a regional level, Joss has received a Service Award (1998),<br />

Distinguished Serice Award (2002) and Life Membership (2019).<br />

She was on the Sport Committee (1999-2010) and LLC (2017-<br />

2021), a Local Competition Official (1999-<strong>2022</strong>), and a Local<br />

Team Manager (2000-2006 / 1991-2001 / 2004).<br />

Joss received the <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2005, supports the<br />

<strong>National</strong> H&A Committee (2010-<strong>2022</strong>) and been a NZ<br />

Appointed Official (2008-<strong>2022</strong>).<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Life Membership<br />

Michael Bassett-Foss<br />

Waimarama<br />

<br />


Since receiving his Surf Lifeguard Award in 1978, Michael has<br />

been a member <strong>of</strong> three clubs, Otaki, Fitzroy and Waimarama.<br />

His contribution to these clubs, and surf lifesaving on a regional<br />

and national level has been considerable.<br />

Michael has held numerous roles at his clubs over the years,<br />

including Otaki Committee Member and Gear Steward (1981-<br />

1984), Waimarama Board Member (2014- <strong>2022</strong>), Otaki Patrol<br />

Captain (1983-1990), Otaki Craft Coach (1983-1985),<br />

Waimarama Coach (2013-202), Lifeguard at Otaki (1978-1993),<br />

Fitzroy (1994-1995) and Waimarama (2009-<strong>2022</strong>), and Active<br />

Competitor at Otaki (1978-1993), Fitzroy (1994-1995),<br />

Waimarama (2010-<strong>2022</strong>). He received the Waimarama Club<br />

Service Award in 2016 and the Club Distinguished Service<br />

Award in 2021.<br />

Also active within the region, Michael was a BAP Member on<br />

behalf <strong>of</strong> Central Region (2017-2021) and a member <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Regional Sports Committee (2016-2019) and Local Sports<br />

Committee (2017-2019). He was Organiser and Event Controller<br />

at the Hawkes Bay Pool Championships (2015-2019), Hawkes<br />

Bay Development/Head Coach (2016-2019), Head Selector<br />

(2017-2019) and Strategy Development for Western Districts<br />

and Gisborne (1995-1996). His commitment to the region has<br />

been acknowledged with a Regional Service Award (2016),<br />

Regional Distinguished Service Award (2017) and Regional Life<br />

Membership (<strong>2022</strong>).<br />

<strong>National</strong>ly, Michael was SLSNZ Chairperson (2011-2013) and<br />

Board Member (2010-2013). He was a SLSNZ Delegate to<br />

Water Safety NZ (2014, 2017-<strong>2022</strong>), ILS (2017-<strong>2022</strong>), and the<br />

NZSAR Council (2020-<strong>2022</strong>). Michael was co-opted to the<br />

Recreational Safety and Search and Rescue Review (2021-<br />

<strong>2022</strong>). Michael received the <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2016 and<br />

the <strong>National</strong> Distinguished Service Award in 2017.

Life Membership<br />

Johnny Clough<br />

United North<br />

<br />

Piha LS

Johnny has been a member <strong>of</strong> five surf lifesaving clubs, Palmerston<br />

North, Foxton, Otaki, Paekakariki and United North Piha, taking on<br />

many roles and responsibilities over the years. He was Club Captain<br />

at Otaki and Paekakariki, Committee Member at Palmerston<br />

North), Otaki, Paekakariki and United North Piha. Johnny also held<br />

the positions <strong>of</strong> Palmerston North Lifesaving Director, Patrol<br />

Captain at Otaki, Paekakariki and United North Piha. He was a<br />

Volunteer Coach at Otaki, Paekakariki Ski, Board and Pool Coach<br />

and United North Piha Swim Coach. Johnny was also Team<br />

Manager at Otaki, Paekakariki and United North Piha and<br />

Instructor/Facilitator at Palmerston North, Foxton, Otaki and United<br />

North Piha. Rounding out his impressive array <strong>of</strong> club<br />

contributions, Johnny has also been a Lifeguard/Patrol Support, an<br />

active competitor, Omaha Club Manager and received his Club<br />

Service Award in 2013.<br />

On a regional level, Johnny was on the Sport Operational<br />

Committee , a District Board Member for the Western Districts and<br />

Wellington and Chair <strong>of</strong> the Wellington Lifesaving Committee and<br />

Sport Operational Committee . Johnny had the roles <strong>of</strong> Wellington<br />

Junior Surf Referee, Deputy Event/Area Referee for Wellington and<br />

SLSNR, Local Competition Event Official for the Wellington District<br />

and SLSNR. He was also Western Districts SLA Examiner,<br />

Wellington SLA and IRB Examiner, SLSNR Examiner and<br />

Manager/Coach/Selector for Western Districts Surf League and<br />

Wellington U14/16 Inter-districts. Johnny received a Wellington<br />

District Regional Service Award in 2004, one for the Northern<br />

Region in 2005, and a Northern Region Life Membership in 2013.<br />

<strong>National</strong>ly, Johnny sat on the SLSNZ Lifesaving Advisory<br />

Committee, Surf Leadership Group, IRB Working Group and<br />

<strong>National</strong> Sport Committee. He has been an Event Referee for the<br />

bp IRB <strong>National</strong>s & Pool Rescue Championships, Oceans and the<br />

<strong>National</strong> Championships, a NZ appointed Official, Event Lifeguard<br />

and TSB Surf Official.

Life Membership<br />

Alan Coates<br />

Mt Maunganui LS

Alan Coates (or Coatzie) is a well-known figure in surf lifesaving<br />

circles. We thank him for his ongoing dedication and<br />

commitment with the SLSNZ Life Membership.<br />

The many club roles Alan has carried out include Omanu<br />

Board/Committee Member (1991-1994), East End Gear<br />

Manager (1970-1975), Omanu Gear Steward (1989-2000),<br />

Omanu Patrol Captain (1990-1992), Refreshed Lifeguard/Patrol<br />

Support at Omanu and East End (1968-2001) and Active<br />

Competitor at East End (1967-1988). He received an Omanu<br />

Club Service Award in 1995 and Club Distinguished Service<br />

Award in 1997.<br />

Regionally, Alan was Director <strong>of</strong> Sport (2000-2001), was Sports<br />

Advisory Group Member (1996-2002, 2003-2013) and<br />

Disciplinary Group Member (1996-1997, 2001-2002). He was<br />

also an Event Referee/Carnival Controller (1996-2010) and<br />

Equipment Officer (1996-2010). Allan received the Regional<br />

Service Award in 1996, the Regional Distinguished Service<br />

Award in 2000 and Regional Life Membership in 2006.<br />

Allan’s contribution nationally has seen him sit on the Sports<br />

Advisory Group (2003-2005) and have the role <strong>of</strong> NZ<br />

Appointed Official (2001-2006). He received his 50-Year Badge<br />

in 2017, <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2004 and <strong>National</strong><br />

Distinguished Service Award in 2010.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Life Membership<br />

Jim Coe<br />

SLS Kariaotahi

Jim Coe has been a dedicated member <strong>of</strong> SLS Kariaotahi since<br />

1970. His efforts on a local level and his contribution to the<br />

wider world <strong>of</strong> surf lifesaving are being acknowledged this year<br />

with the SLSNZ Life Membership.<br />

Jims' many club positions include Club Chairperson (1994-<br />

2017), Junior Board Member (1984-2017), SLS Kariaotahi LOG<br />

Committee Member (2012-<strong>2022</strong>), Club/Service Appointed<br />

Officer (1984-1994), Patrol Captain (1986-2004), Junior Surf<br />

Coach (2008-2013), Team Manager (2008-2013). He was also<br />

an Instructor/Facilitator (1986-2001), Refreshed Lifeguard/Patrol<br />

Support (1979-<strong>2022</strong>), IRB Team Competitor (1981-2007), SAR<br />

Squad Coordinator (2015-<strong>2022</strong>), SAR Squad Member (2004-<br />

<strong>2022</strong>), and also received Club Service Award (2004), Club<br />

Distinguished Service Award (2005), and Club Life Membership<br />

Award (2013).<br />

Jims' regional contribution has also been significant. He was a<br />

Regionally Appointed BAP Representative (2020-<strong>2022</strong>), District<br />

Board Member (2002-2007), Local Competition Official (2011-<br />

<strong>2022</strong>) and Regional/Local Area Examiner (2011-<strong>2022</strong>). Jim was<br />

recognised with a Regional Service Award, a Regional<br />

Distinguished Service Award in 2011, a Regional Life Member in<br />

2013, and is the current SLSNR President.<br />

Jim received the <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2005 and the<br />

<strong>National</strong> Distinguished Service Award in 2012.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Life Membership<br />

Murray Robertson<br />

Wainui SLSC

Murray Robertson received his Surf Lifeguard Award in 1971.<br />

Since then, he has given countless hours to the surf lifesaving<br />

movement on a club, regional and national level. Murray’s<br />

substantial efforts are being recognised this year with a SLSNZ<br />

Life membership.<br />

Murray’s numerous club roles include Wainui Club Patron<br />

(2021-<strong>2022</strong>), Committee Member (1976-2012), Club Captain<br />

(1990-2000), Patrol Captain (1976-2021), Volunteer Coach<br />

(1976-2020) coaching the first ever women’s canoe crew that<br />

won a national title. He was also Team Manager (1986-2012),<br />

Instructor/Facilitator (1976-2005), Refreshed Lifeguard/Patrol<br />

Support (1976-2012) and Active Competitor (1976-1992).<br />

Murray has received the Club Service Award (1980), Club<br />

Distinguished Service Award (1990) and the Club Life<br />

Membership Award (1995).<br />

Murray’s surf lifesaving involvement has also had an impact on<br />

the region. He was a District Board Member (1990-2010),<br />

serving as the Gisborne Public Relations Officer, Examiner<br />

(1976-2005) and Patrol Auditor/Advocate (1986-2000). Murray<br />

has received the Regional Service Award (1986), Regional<br />

Distinguished Service Award (2000) and the Regional Life<br />

Membership Award (2006).<br />

<strong>National</strong>ly, Murray was given the Service Award in 1990 and the<br />

Distinguished Service Award in 2000.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Life Membership<br />

Malcolm Rowson<br />

Whakatane SLSC

A member <strong>of</strong> Whakatane SLSC, Malcolm Rowson’s<br />

longstanding commitment to surf lifesaving is acknowledged<br />

with a Life Membership this year.<br />

A valued and respected member <strong>of</strong> his club Malcolm has<br />

received the Club Service Award (1984), Club Distinguished<br />

Service Award (2003) and the Club Life Membership Award<br />

(2011). He was President/Patron (1991-1992), Chairperson (1991-<br />

1992), Committee Member (1972-<strong>2022</strong>), Appointed Officer<br />

including Club Captain and Vice President (1978-<strong>2022</strong>), Patrol<br />

Captain (1979-1985) and Volunteer Coach (1974-<strong>2022</strong>). He was<br />

also a Refreshed Lifeguard/Patrol Support (1971-<strong>2022</strong>), Surf<br />

Boats Active Competitor (1971-<strong>2022</strong>), SAR Squad Member<br />

(1983-1990), Craft Captain (1984-2021) and Club Representative<br />

to Bay Meetings (1978-1984).<br />

Regionally, Malcolm was a Patrol Auditor/Advocate (1985-1990)<br />

and received his Regional Service Award in 1994 and Regional<br />

Distinguished Service Award in 1996.<br />

Malcolm was also given the <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2003<br />

and the <strong>National</strong> Distinguished Service Award in 2014.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Life Membership<br />

Joss Urbahn<br />

Foxton SLSC

This year Joss Urbahn has been acknowledged with both a Life<br />

Membership and Distinguished Service Award for her<br />

outstanding contribution and dedication to SLSNZ and the surf<br />

lifesaving movement. She embodies the essence <strong>of</strong> 'In it for<br />

Life' in both her work as a volunteer and her role as a SLSNZ<br />

staff member. The organisation is hugely grateful for all she<br />

has done for surf lifesaving over the years.<br />

Previously recognised for her work on a club level, Joss<br />

received a Club Service Award (Palmerston North 1998 /<br />

Foxton 2019), Club Distinguished Service Award (Palmerston<br />

North 2013 / Foxton 2021) and Club Life Membership<br />

(Palmerston North 1998 / Foxton 2019). She was Foxton Club<br />

President/Patron from 2020-<strong>2022</strong>, Club Captain (Palmerston<br />

North 1996-2000 / Foxton 2015-2019), Committee Member<br />

(Palmerston North 1987-1994 / Foxton 2013-2019), Patrol<br />

Captain (Palmerston North 1996-2000 / Foxton 2015-2018),<br />

Mentor to Palmerston North SLSC (2010-2017), Palmerston<br />

North Jubilee Secretary (1995-1998) and ILS World Champs<br />

Technical Official (2012).<br />

On a regional level, Joss has received a Service Award (1998),<br />

Distinguished Serice Award (2002) and Life Membership (2019).<br />

She was on the Sport Committee (1999-2010) and LLC (2017-<br />

2021), a Local Competition Official (1999-<strong>2022</strong>), and a Local<br />

Team Manager (2000-2006 / 1991-2001 / 2004).<br />

Joss received the <strong>National</strong> Service Award in 2005, has<br />

supported the <strong>National</strong> H&A Committee (2010-<strong>2022</strong>) and<br />

been a NZ Appointed Official (2008-<strong>2022</strong>).<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Surf<br />

Lifesaving<br />


London Trophy<br />

The London Trophy is awarded to the club that qualifies the<br />

most Surf Lifeguard and Instructor awards per capita<br />

<strong>of</strong> refreshed members.<br />

North Beach SLSC

Gudsell Trophy<br />

The Gudsell Trophy is awarded to the club that qualifies<br />

the most Surf Lifeguards in one season.<br />

Mairangi Bay SLSC

Lifeguard <strong>of</strong> the Year<br />

Boyd Harris<br />

Pukehina SR

‘In it for Life' could not better explain Boyd Harris's dedication<br />

and enthusiasm to Pukehina Surf Rescue. Boyd drives change<br />

at all levels <strong>of</strong> lifeguarding, administration, membership,<br />

fundraising, coaching, examining and competing. His sense <strong>of</strong><br />

community and desire to develop a close working relationship<br />

with local clubs and organisations sees Pukehina Surf Rescue<br />

reaping the benefits.<br />

Empowering members <strong>of</strong> all ages through encouragement and<br />

education, Boyd always makes himself available to fellow<br />

clubbies. At any given time, he may be out training in the IRB,<br />

conducting lifeguard training and skill development sessions,<br />

submitting competition entries or educating local school<br />

groups on beach safety.<br />

The impending surf club rebuild gave Boyd yet another project<br />

to sink his teeth into, with massive fundraising efforts and<br />

supporting others to ensure the fruition <strong>of</strong> this project and<br />

protect the future <strong>of</strong> lifesaving services for Pukehina and<br />

surrounding areas.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

Boyd has developed robust information and communication<br />

flows amongst members via social media. He has also assisted<br />

many clubs within the Eastern Region, none more so than his<br />

stint in Tolaga Bay with skill enhancement solutions.<br />

Pukehina Surf Rescue has seen promising growth and<br />

continues to thrive in all areas <strong>of</strong> operation, mostly due to the<br />

unparalleled effort put in year-on-year by Boyd Harris - a<br />

worthy winner <strong>of</strong> NZ Lottery Grants Board Lifeguard <strong>of</strong> the<br />

Year.<br />

<strong>Awards</strong> <strong>of</strong> <strong>Excellence</strong>

OUR<br />



On behalf <strong>of</strong> everyone in the Surf Lifesaving community, we would like to pass on our sincere gratitude to all<br />

<strong>of</strong> our commercial partners. Their investment into our organisation makes a positive difference. Our<br />

partners' commitment and continued support to our cause, enables us to support our wonderful volunteer<br />

Surf Lifeguards and clubs, which means actual lives are saved on Aotearoa's beaches. This year we saved<br />

726 lives across the country - our partners' support helps make this possible. Thank you!<br />





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