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<strong>LOGIN</strong><br />


<strong>EDITION</strong> 04<br />


Editorial<br />

Dear members,<br />

We are living in a challenging time right now.<br />

The Ukraine war and the resulting turbulence<br />

in the supply chains and the immense increases<br />

in energy and raw material prices will be<br />

with us for a long time.<br />

This affects not only the economy as a whole,<br />

but also the logistics sector, which makes it all<br />

the more important to look forward together,<br />

to exchange ideas and to work together.<br />

In the last three years, we as the<br />

LogCoop cooperation, like many others, faced<br />

great challenges. Due to a lack of face-to-face<br />

meetings, some of our services could not be<br />

transported as usual. The so important personal<br />

exchange and the corresponding „networking“<br />

unfortunately remained forbidden to us.<br />

But the Corona pandemic and its unpleasant<br />

consequences seem to be slowly giving way to<br />

„normal“ everyday life. With the last two General<br />

Assemblies in presence form in November<br />

2021 and in June of this year, we have all taken<br />

a big step towards „normality“ and finally „humanised“<br />

again.<br />

The LogCoop working groups and network<br />

meetings show that there is a great desire for<br />

exchange and „learning from each other“.<br />

This magazine gives you all a very good overview<br />

of what we as the Log-Coop team have<br />

done and achieved in the last few months.<br />

The development in the working groups and<br />

networks is just as much a topic as our purchasing,<br />

the intranet and our manifold further<br />

developments of the website and the social<br />

media activities. The topic of „personnel“<br />

(procurement, training and further education,<br />

labour law and retention) is also an important<br />

topic for us, for you, in the coming months.<br />

I wish you all a lot of fun reading and am glad<br />

that we can now start again together in person.<br />

Best regards<br />

Yours<br />

Marc Possekel<br />

Imprint<br />

Please mark your calendars now for the upcoming<br />

General Assemblies on 20/21 November<br />

<strong>2022</strong> and 19/20 June 2023.<br />

LogCoop GmbH<br />

Represented by the managing director<br />

Marc Possekel (V.i.S.d.P.)<br />

Großenbaumer Weg 10<br />

40472 Düsseldorf<br />

+49 (0) 211 - 9763 34 - 0<br />

info@logcoop.de · www.logcoop.de

Table of contents<br />

Networking<br />

Shared Services<br />

LogCoop<br />

General members<br />

meeting<br />

Face-to-face event & innovation<br />

radar<br />

6-9<br />

Working groups<br />

Sector meeting<br />

10-21<br />

Working groups<br />

Country meeting<br />

22-25<br />

Working groups<br />

Regional circles<br />

26-37<br />

LogCoop<br />

Networks<br />

Storage network<br />

Truck-mounted<br />

forklift<br />

38-45<br />

LogCoop<br />

Intranet<br />

The communication<br />

platform<br />

46-51<br />

virtual trade fair &<br />

Social Media<br />

52-55<br />

Purchasing<br />

Success stories<br />

56-57<br />

LogCoop Website<br />

Development<br />

58-59<br />

Multimedia<br />

Image &<br />

Member videos<br />

60-61<br />

Already<br />

know?<br />

52-53<br />

Recruitment<br />

Partner<br />

64-73<br />

Cooperation<br />

platform<br />

Trans.eu<br />


Networking<br />



„Pandemic, Ukraine war & financial<br />

crisis: How can SMEs arm themselves<br />

against these extremes?“<br />

On 20 June <strong>2022</strong>, our General Assembly<br />

took place at the Van der Valk Airporthotel<br />

Düsseldorf. This was the second time that<br />

it was held in person.<br />

The evening before, we held our traditional<br />

get-together in a convivial atmosphere. Finally,<br />

networking again, face to face.<br />

Marc Possekel opened the plenary session<br />

on Monday, with a comprehensive insight<br />

into the current developments at LogCoop.<br />

Under the title „Pandemic, Ukraine War & Financial<br />

Crisis: How can SMEs arm themselves<br />

against these extremes?“, exciting specialist<br />

presentations and panel discussions awaited<br />

the participants.<br />

Tobias Rademann, Managing Director, R.iT<br />

GmbH, posed the question of IT security in<br />

his presentation: „Gordian knot and/or Sisyphean<br />

task for companies?“.<br />

Directly afterwards, the panel discussion<br />

„Cyber attacks: Is your company protected<br />

against hacker attacks?“ explored this topic<br />

with Detlef Warburg, Managing Director of<br />

ATS Air Truck Service, Andreas Janetzko, Managing<br />

Director, MBS Spedition GmbH and<br />

Frank Oelschläger, Managing Partner of GI-<br />

LOG GmbH.<br />

In the following, Andreas Janetzko, Managing<br />

Director, MBS Spedition GmbH, gave insights<br />

into how MBS has mastered the crises of recent<br />

times and what has developed from them.<br />

Is crisis becoming the new normality? Mathias<br />

Boes, Managing Director, SDZ GmbH, asked<br />

this question in his presentation and showed<br />

how to use simulation to make warehouse and<br />

transport logistics resilient and crisis-proof.<br />

Of course, the legal update by David-Christopher<br />

Sosna, LL.M. specialist lawyer for transport<br />

and forwarding law, was not to be missed.<br />

The morning concluded with a presentation<br />

on supply chain visibility for crisis management<br />

by Dr. Achim Fränkle, Managing Director,<br />

VCE Verkehrslogistik Consulting & Engineering<br />

GmbH.<br />

After the lunch break, with live cooking, the<br />

innovation programme continued, which took<br />

a closer look at digitalisation and the topic of<br />

resource handling.<br />

The following framework contract partners,<br />

start-ups and partners were present:<br />

• Jungheinrich AG<br />

• Pamyra GmbH<br />

• Rail-Flow GmbH<br />

• Motion Miners GmbH<br />

• neska Schiffahrts- & Speditionskontor GmbH<br />

• Designwerk Technologies AG<br />


Prof. Dr. Jörg Nottmeyer, Professor for Digital<br />

Logistics at the University of Applied Sciences<br />

Bielefeld, rounded off the event with his lecture<br />

„Digitalisation as an opportunity for crisis situations<br />

- Are only crises a reason to introduce<br />

digitalisation in companies?<br />

We would like to thank all participants and<br />

speakers for the successful event.<br />

You can download the presentations from the<br />

LogCoop intranet.<br />


Networking<br />




Your freight forwarder: online. Pamyra offers<br />

innovative software solutions for freight forwarders<br />

and digitises your distribution with a<br />

simple toolbox.<br />

With Pamyra4You, for example, you become<br />

an online freight forwarder in no time at all<br />

and are no longer inferior to digital solutions<br />

such as Cargoboard, Sennder and Instafreight.<br />

The system can be installed on your website<br />

with just a few clicks - no matter which system<br />

you use.<br />

Whether e-trucks, battery systems, chargers<br />

or the development of individual solutions -<br />

Designwerk helps with future-proof, economically<br />

attractive solutions and expertise.<br />

Designwerk supplies some of the most renowned<br />

vehicle manufacturers with fast chargers<br />

from its own production. As a system provider,<br />

it develops highly efficient powertrains and<br />

high-performance batteries.<br />

With its solutions, Rail-Flow makes rail freight<br />

transport easier to use for customers and<br />

operators - from transport enquiries to transport<br />

management and invoicing, because processing<br />

via rail freight transport is often a complex<br />

and time-consuming process.<br />

With the transport exchange, Rail-Flow offers a<br />

simple solution especially for rail freight transport<br />

and brings together the interests of the<br />

economy in simple contracting and the interests<br />

of the railways in marketing their capacities.<br />

The procurement and delivery of load carriers<br />

means a great deal of effort and represents a<br />

high cost factor in the supply chain.<br />

SWAP INNOVATIONS offers a platform that<br />

enables you to handle the entire exchange<br />

process without a contractual relationship<br />

with each other in a „share economy“.<br />

By means of innovative software, SDZ enables<br />

the simulation of the ideal warehouse / transshipment<br />

location or the degree of automation<br />

of warehouses for companies.<br />

The design & optimisation of logistics is SDZ‘s<br />

passion. Since 1986, the company has been<br />

planning, simulating & digitising supply & value<br />

chains in production, distribution & transport.<br />

8<br />

The optimisation of classic and manual work<br />

processes is an important competitive factor<br />

for production processes and must be regularly<br />

analysed in terms of efficiency and ergonomics<br />

in a time-consuming manner.<br />

MotionMiners offers a simple solution for this:<br />

with artificial intelligence, the recorded, anonymised<br />

data can be carefully evaluated and<br />

analysed - entirely according to your individual<br />

wishes and requirements.<br />

Integrative logistics planning and consulting<br />

- VCE works with you to develop sustainable<br />

logistics solutions specifically tailored to your<br />

needs.<br />

With the VCE Solutions Transport Management<br />

System, for example, shipping and transport<br />

processes can be designed smoothly and<br />

dynamically. VCE adapts its software modules<br />

according to your needs and implements<br />

them in existing IT systems.

Networking<br />


Sea Freight Working Group /<br />

Air Freight & Special Transport<br />

The most active working group meets<br />

in Hamburg<br />

After its foundation on 14 February 2020, the<br />

working group „Sea Freight / Air Freight / Special<br />

Transport“ met for the ninth time. More<br />

than 14 months after the joint port tour in<br />

Duisburg, combined with a „China Rail“ workshop,<br />

for the first time again as a face-to-face<br />

event.<br />

In between, there were six constructive online<br />

meetings every two months, in which a lot was<br />

moved in the truest sense of the word and<br />

the cooperation also took effect in day-to-day<br />

business.<br />

3 pm- Ship ahoy and cast off! LogCoop makes<br />

the port (in)safe. So it was „ship ahoy“ on Wednesday.<br />

Punctually at 3 p.m. on the day of the meteorological<br />

beginning of autumn, the MS Diplomat<br />

set sail in glorious late summer weather.<br />

During the 3-hour tour, the 18 participants<br />

were able to marvel at everything the world<br />

port has to offer. The overseas terminals, cargo<br />

ships, container giants and dock convoys,<br />

ferries, passenger ships, icebreakers and sailing<br />

ships. The Elbphilharmonie, the musical<br />

theatre „The Lion King“, the Speicherstadt and<br />

the Landungsbrücken also invited snapshots<br />

on the water side.<br />

Catharina Pape and Markus Heinen from Hafen<br />

Hamburg Marketing, who had planned this<br />

event together with Carsten Berger, provided<br />

the delegation with lots of interesting information<br />

on the history and present, as well as delicious<br />

provisions.<br />

The cooperation between LogCoop and Hafen<br />

Hamburg Marketing, which started in January,<br />

can already be seen as a milestone for our network.<br />

In the June issue of the Hafen Hamburg<br />

magazine, LogCoop‘s break bulk activities were<br />

reported on 5 pages(!) and met with great approval<br />

in the market. This is also the task of the<br />

follow-up meetings.<br />

Hamburg, my pearl....- And when I am far, far<br />

away, whether on Sydney or Rome-then I think<br />

Hamburg my pearl and sing „Home sweet<br />

Home“.<br />

A perfect day, which the working group had earned.<br />

Contact person:<br />

Christoph Dahlmann, A.L.S. Allgemeine Landund<br />

Seespedition GmbH<br />


Networking<br />

Sea Freight Working Group /<br />

Air Freight & Special Transport<br />

After the outstanding away game on 01<br />

September in Hamburg, the members of<br />

the working group met yesterday for the<br />

anniversary meeting, quite unspectacularly,<br />

for an individual home game.<br />

TEAMS was the order of the day and 17 participants<br />

were online.<br />

The participants of the working group met<br />

for the last time in 2021 on 01 December.<br />

This time online again.<br />

Sea freight, that‘s funny....?<br />

Unfortunately, this does not apply at all in the<br />

daily tasks of import and export.<br />

The panel discussions at the last plenary meeting<br />

on the topic of „Understanding the chaos<br />

in world trade as an opportunity - opportunities<br />

and business models for warehousing and<br />

transport“ were very well received and were<br />

just as much fun for the participants. The interactive<br />

exchange within the framework of the<br />

workshops also motivates to place offers within<br />

LogCoop in a similar format in the future.<br />

Global trade, with all its pitfalls and peculiarities,<br />

presents even the most experienced<br />

and grief-tested forwarding professionals with<br />

ever new challenges. Whether sea freight, air<br />

freight or rail connections between Europe<br />

and China, the transport market is dominated<br />

by endless restrictions. In the meantime, one<br />

wonders whether the famous, notorious sack<br />

of rice is still able to fall over.<br />

But the members are not swayed by this. The<br />

customer is served, the sleeves are rolled up<br />

every day and solutions are worked out.<br />

For example, due to the lack of functioning or<br />

reliable sea and rail transport, even imports by<br />

truck from China are now being organised!<br />

Much is done in cooperation with each other,<br />

but also with quick support in day-to-day business.<br />

„Who knows whom“ is often the master<br />

question with a telephone joker.<br />

The working group participants can and want<br />

to advise all LogCoop members on all issues<br />

relating to sea freight (containers), air freight,<br />

rail transport,<br />

special transports, short-sea, break-bulk, customs<br />

clearance, etc.<br />

A lot of information, possible solutions, thinking<br />

outside the box and planning for a short-term<br />

brainstorming session next Monday.<br />

All this was discussed within 90 minutes plus an<br />

extension.<br />

This is how networking is fun and brings success.<br />

Great home game!<br />

One only drives on sight. What the driver<br />

shortage is in land transport, the slackness is<br />

in the container slot capacities of the ocean<br />

liners. The container freighters are stuck and<br />

the bottleneck USA is causing more and more<br />

concern.<br />

The „positive“ other side of the coin can certainly<br />

be seen in the exorbitant turnover that<br />

can be achieved, but there are signs of a dangerous<br />

bubble that threatens to burst soon.<br />

But the evil in the air freight sector is no less<br />

serious. Airlines are being cut, prices are rising.<br />

Review and outlook<br />

But not only the day-to-day business was discussed<br />

in detail. A look at the upcoming activities<br />

of the working group in the coming year<br />

as well as a review of the results in 2021 were<br />

part of the open feedback round.<br />

The group will continue to meet every two<br />

months in <strong>2022</strong>. Of course, attendance events<br />

are also planned (airport tour and probably<br />

Port of Rotterdam).<br />

Contact person:<br />

Christoph Dahlmann, A.L.S. Allgemeine Landund<br />

Seespedition GmbH<br />


Sea Freight Working Group /<br />

Air Freight & Special Transport<br />

Networking<br />

Certainly, and this is due to our sorry industry,<br />

problems were also discussed at this TEAMS<br />

meeting. But the solutions are the salt in the<br />

soup and helpful in setting new sails, taking off<br />

and landing perfectly or setting the course. Sea<br />

freight, air freight, train and special transports;<br />

this is where the intermodal professionals meet!<br />

How it all began: Looking back to 2020.<br />

The first meeting of the Sea Freight / Air Freight / Special Transport Working Group took place<br />

on 13 February 2020 at A.L.S. Allgemeine Land- und Seespedition GmbH in Arnsberg.<br />

With its 12th annual kick-off meeting, the<br />

working group celebrated its second birthday.<br />

What used to be the 100-metre run,<br />

the long jump and the ball throw in school<br />

days are now part of everyday life: „Think<br />

global,<br />

Act local and Be online“.<br />

The heats and running times are longer, the<br />

long jump is part of the normal madness in<br />

overseas business and the big throws have<br />

long been almost impossible.<br />

All the more gratifying are the AK meetings, in<br />

which we have set a lot of things in motion over<br />

the past 24 months and constantly expanded<br />

the spirit of cooperation. A team has grown<br />

together that not only talks about containers,<br />

but also always thinks „out of the box“.<br />

The offer to all LogCoop members to use the<br />

expertise and support of the working group for<br />

their customer enquiries in the relevant areas<br />

beyond their own nose still exists, but is to be<br />

sharpened in the coming weeks.<br />

Because one thing is certain: before and after<br />

every overseas transport, land transport has<br />

to be organised; and warehousing is also a big<br />

component in the supply chain.<br />

Helping people to help themselves is the guiding<br />

principle of our SME community. Everyone<br />

can thus position themselves more broadly and<br />

produce more narrowly, on a neutral playing<br />

field that is seldom realised in profit centre management<br />

in the group.<br />

Import is currently „celebrating“ Chinese New<br />

Year, the working group its second birthday.<br />

But carnival is cancelled. You can‘t have everything.<br />

Perhaps less is indeed more, because we<br />

will have to adjust to that. A real problem in the<br />

global age.<br />


Sea Freight Working Group /<br />

Air Freight & Special Transport<br />

The sailor‘s best friend in rough seas and<br />

dark nights is the lighthouse. In stormy<br />

times of world trade, a good community<br />

can also show the way.<br />

Herbert Grönemeyer sums it up: „Away<br />

with the fixed problem; I want more shipping<br />

traffic.<br />

The 13th meeting of the established working<br />

group „Sea Freight / Air Freight / Special Transport“<br />

was very entertaining over the course of<br />

three football halves.<br />

It was not the logistics expert‘s most commonly<br />

used word „problem“ that was discussed, but<br />

the solutions that are used and implemented<br />

in day-to-day business.<br />

The online event with 17 members of the<br />

working group was enriched this time by two<br />

guests.<br />

Sebastian Reimann, editor-in-chief of the Deutsche<br />

Verkehrs-Zeitung (DVZ) and Markus Heinen,<br />

representative of Hafen Hamburg Marketing,<br />

exchanged experiences, opinions and<br />

assessments of the global logistics situation.<br />

The first half of the meeting focused on the current<br />

situation and challenges in the air freight<br />

and general transport sector.<br />

The offer to all LogCoop members to use the<br />

expertise and support of the working group for<br />

their customer enquiries in the relevant areas<br />

beyond their own nose still exists, but is to be<br />

sharpened in the coming weeks.<br />

For example, a workshop and brainstorming<br />

session on air freight topics is currently being<br />

planned.<br />

In the summer, the group will meet again in person.<br />

That is the plan.<br />

„Destinations“ are Rotterdam and Leipzig Airport.<br />

Sea freight, that‘s fun and only flying is nicer....<br />

This working group brings it. Makes fun. #makertypes<br />

With the 14th meeting of the working<br />

group, a tradition was broken. They did not<br />

meet on the first Wednesday of an even<br />

month as usual, but on 8 June.<br />

Logisticians are flexible, forwarders anyway.<br />

With 15 men and women on board (all text-sure,<br />

see below) and a lot of topics on the agenda,<br />

the tanker quickly got on course.<br />

The excellent results are undisputed, but they<br />

have caused grief and pain on the demand<br />

side and continue to do so to the detriment<br />

of the staff.<br />

Not a day goes by without a new piece of bad<br />

news from one of the continents. The exorbitantly<br />

high freight rates that are currently<br />

being called for and are also accepted by industry<br />

and trade are a deceptive package and<br />

not the sales jackpot. The obstacles in sea<br />

freight due to the massive changes in the shipping<br />

company business and the constantly<br />

increasing restrictions in the pre- and on-carriage<br />

- the low-water problem is coming up<br />

next - are gruelling and have an impact on the<br />

employees‘ mood.<br />

In other life situations, self-help groups would<br />

be an anchor here to beat the frustration or to<br />

pull themselves out of the current. In the working<br />

group, it is the community in which strong<br />

approaches, great ideas and mutual support<br />

are effective in finding solutions and improving<br />

processes.<br />

This is also how the new „Air Freight“ group<br />

came into being, which will meet in parallel to<br />

the working group in future without losing synergies.<br />

The concept for this is currently being<br />

worked on or agreed.<br />

The team remains confident, anything else is<br />

just a sailor‘s yarn.<br />

So set sail, always be ready for take-off and think<br />

of Treasure Island in a good mood:<br />

Fifteen men on the dead man‘s chest,<br />

ho ho ho and a bottle of rum!<br />

Booze was always on the list of hell‘s voyages<br />

ho ho ho ho and a bottle of rum!<br />

Singing helps, alcohol only to a limited extent .....<br />


Networking<br />


Working Group Food,<br />

Fresh Produce & Pharma<br />


On 07 October 2021, the new LogCoop Food & Fresh Produce Working Group was founded.<br />

The kick-off had been planned for a long time and could now take place as a presence event<br />

thanks to the 3G rule.<br />

Supplying consumers in Germany with fruit<br />

and vegetables directly from the producer or<br />

supplying the retail trade with canned goods<br />

and other products for daily use with pinpoint<br />

accuracy is associated with special requirements<br />

for the logistics behind it. This also<br />

includes drugstore products, such as food<br />

supplements and, to some extent, pharmaceutical<br />

products. An essential point here is<br />

the observance of food-relevant framework<br />

conditions, as well as the know-how of the<br />

working group in dealing with temperaturecontrolled<br />

storage and transport with corresponding<br />

equipment.<br />

This is a market segment in which a not inconsiderable<br />

number of our members operate.<br />

This resulted in the wish for an individual networking<br />

opportunity!<br />

LogCoop was happy to fulfil this wish. The kickoff<br />

took place at Stenkamp Logistik GmbH in<br />

Duisburg.<br />

We would like to take this opportunity to thank<br />

them once again for hosting the event.<br />

The invitation was accepted by eight companies<br />

from all over Germany, which are primarily<br />

active in this market segment or secondarily<br />

touch on it in sub-segments. What they all<br />

have in common, however, is the approach of<br />

actively shaping cooperation and wanting to<br />

push the idea of cooperation further.<br />

At the beginning of the meeting, Oliver Arthecker<br />

explained the motivation and motives for<br />

founding this working group. In essence, the<br />

goal is to strengthen the performance optimisation<br />

of industry-related LogCoop members<br />

through mutual know-how transfer, in an<br />

open communication culture and to promote<br />

the development of bilateral business relationships<br />

with each other, with professionally<br />

experienced partners.<br />

After all participants had introduced themselves<br />

and their core competencies, our hosts<br />

Klaus Pflüger and Thorsten Reßmann took us<br />

on a tour of the warehouse, which was newly<br />

built last year and used for dedicated purposes,<br />

and explained to the participants the requirements<br />

and solutions in the implementation<br />

of the business for a large food retailer.<br />

The location can accommodate a stock of over<br />

60,000 pallets and was fully utilised within a<br />

very short time. Every day, goods are moved<br />

by 50 - 100 trucks in incoming and outgoing<br />

goods. A sophisticated IT solution helps to<br />

keep an overview and to run the business at<br />

the quality level expected by the customer.<br />

Following this very interesting presentation,<br />

we talked about finding topics that are more<br />

in focus for all participants and that could be<br />

relevant for the working group.<br />

In a lively discussion, it crystallised that issues<br />

in the areas of:<br />

• IT-supported and networked<br />

Complaint documentation<br />

• „Yard management<br />

• driver management recruitment<br />

have these characteristics and should form<br />

an initial focus of the coming meetings.<br />

In conclusion, the participants praised the<br />

trusting, open and constructive communication<br />

in the group and expressed their support<br />

for a continuation of the working group.<br />


Working Group Food,<br />

Fresh Produce & Pharma<br />


Networking<br />

Working Group Hazardous Substances and WGK<br />

On 02 February <strong>2022</strong>, the second meeting<br />

of our working group Food, Fresh Produce<br />

& Pharma took place.<br />

not be concluded conclusively and satisfactorily,<br />

so this point - as the core topic - will be on<br />

the agenda again at the next meeting.<br />

The host on this day was our warehouse network<br />

member DFS Dewender Food Service<br />

GmbH from Bochum, whose managing director<br />

Stephan Dewender provided an appealing<br />

setting. Many thanks for that!<br />

With a total of eight participants, we were able<br />

to organise an interesting face-to-face event.<br />

Based on the wishes, expectations and findings<br />

from the previous meeting, which took<br />

place in October 2021 at Stenkamp Logistik<br />

GmbH in Duisburg, we designed an extensive<br />

programme.<br />

After all participants had briefly introduced<br />

themselves, SPEDION showed us digital solutions<br />

for semi-automated dispatching, delivery<br />

documentation (including complaint recording<br />

and data transfer), truck telemetry evaluation<br />

and optimised driver administration. The main<br />

advantage of this solution is the simple and flexible<br />

interface connection to a large number<br />

of existing transport management systems<br />

(TMS). The participants immediately recognised<br />

the potential benefit for their company<br />

and a lively discussion on the topic ensued.<br />

The event was concluded by a tour of the warehouse,<br />

during which Stephan Dewender<br />

told the interested participants interesting<br />

facts about the operational activities and possibilities<br />

of his company.<br />

Under the LogCoop motto #gemeinsamstark,<br />

this event ended after six hours of intensive<br />

exchange with committed members. This is<br />

what makes networking fun!<br />

On 13 June <strong>2022</strong>, the LogCoop working<br />

group on hazardous substances and WGK<br />

was launched with a kick-off event at Mäuler<br />

Logistik GmbH & Co. KG, in Duisburg.<br />

The working group is aimed at LogCoop warehouse<br />

network members who operate on<br />

their own in the following areas:<br />

• Storage of hazardous materials and transport<br />

of dangerous goods<br />

• Handling / storage / transport of goods<br />

that require special know- how, e.g.<br />

• Product group-related specialities in<br />

handling, IT, or transport.<br />

• Requirements and solutions in the VAS<br />

area<br />

• General infrastructure in the warehouse<br />

and on the trucks<br />

• Questions in connection with required certifications<br />

(load class allocation, WGK, etc.)<br />

The working group is a platform of like-minded<br />

LogCoop warehouse network members<br />

who want to exchange ideas in their daily dealings<br />

and in finding solutions for a wide range<br />

of customer requirements in this market segment.<br />

The working group also serves to build networks<br />

and strengthen bilateral cooperation<br />

among each other in this special segment.<br />

In view of the increasingly demanding requirements<br />

for short-term space availability, staff<br />

recruitment (warehousing and transport) and<br />

also nationwide freight space capacities, questions<br />

can be discussed here in an intensive exchange<br />

and joint solutions created.<br />

After a light snack, we moved on to the topic<br />

of driver recruitment. Here, the participants<br />

gave an insight into the individual situation on<br />

site and with which insights and means they<br />

counter the sometimes extraordinary emergency.<br />

Again, there was a lively exchange and<br />

everyone was willing to critically describe their<br />

own way and thus create added value for the<br />

group. Of course, this omnipresent topic could<br />


Networking<br />


¡Viva España!<br />

On 8 September 2021, the working group<br />

Spain took place again for the first time after<br />

the summer break.<br />

The companies were satisfied with the order situation<br />

in the past months, but a big issue continued<br />

to be the current staff shortage.<br />

All companies that have trucks complain about<br />

the lack of drivers and at the moment poaching<br />

them is booming among companies. „Who will<br />

pay me the highest salary?“ An unattractive<br />

development, as the increased fuel costs and<br />

CO² levies also have an impact on the transport<br />

price. Together, this brings about a cost increase<br />

of almost 30%, which has to be absorbed by<br />

the companies.<br />

Once again, therefore, it has become clear how<br />

important it is to exchange ideas with each other<br />

in the working groups, also in order to discuss<br />

possible solutions together. #Strongtogether<br />

On 13 October 2021, the Working Group<br />

Spain met again in a virtual meeting.<br />

The Spanish companies agree: the lack of drivers<br />

and the fruit and vegetable season, which<br />

has not yet started, makes the scheduling of<br />

transports very difficult at the moment.<br />

Although 2021 has so far brought more turnover<br />

than last year, profitability has decreased.<br />

The struggle for drivers increases prices, as do<br />

CO² taxes and diesel prices. Unfortunately, there<br />

is no telling when this will change.<br />

Some Spanish companies have made big investments<br />

this year and are generally in good<br />

spirits, but they are worried about the future.<br />

The very interesting presentation by Felix Simon<br />

from WeDoRenting on the topic of „Differences<br />

in Renting & Leasing between Spain and<br />

Germany“ was listened to with great interest, as<br />

there are some advantages for companies in<br />

Spain in this topic.<br />

Unfortunately, criticism was again voiced about<br />

the cooperation between the members in<br />

Northern Europe (DE, AT, CH and UK). The Spanish<br />

participants would like to see more cooperation<br />

here.<br />


Networking<br />

¡Viva España!<br />

On 12 January, the Spain Working Group<br />

was held for the first time this year.<br />

All participants say that 2021 was a very<br />

strong year for them. A good development.<br />

But the driver shortage and Brexit continue<br />

to overshadow the positive results.<br />

Roland Schmidt from Benzinger reports that<br />

2021 was the strongest year for Benzinger on<br />

the Balearic Islands. They transported material<br />

for solar parks on more than 1,400 fully loaded<br />

trucks. In <strong>2022</strong>, they will continue to cover the<br />

entire Iberian Peninsula. When the time is right,<br />

Schmidt said, he will contact LogCoop partners<br />

and ask for their cooperation.<br />

Claudia Baumbach of OGX said that 2021 was<br />

a very strong and good year. OGX is mainly active<br />

in the UK and DE. The difficulties they are<br />

encountering are negotiating new prices with<br />

clients to adapt to the new costs, which have<br />

also arisen due to Brexit. The documentation<br />

required for the UK is currently so extensive<br />

that it requires many hours of work and there<br />

is also a lot of scrutiny on the completeness of<br />

the documentation.<br />

Samuel Philippo from TC Transport, also explains<br />

the prevailing driver shortage. As there<br />

is a general shortage of drivers, the situation is<br />

exacerbated by the fact that many employees<br />

are in quarantine due to COVID. A difficult situation.<br />

Juan Pedro from Marqueset has good news to<br />

report. The company has expanded to three<br />

warehouses and is now also present in Carlet,<br />

Alzira and Alberge. The fleet of vehicles is also<br />

to be expanded in <strong>2022</strong>.<br />

The working group Spain, took place again<br />

on 09.02.<strong>2022</strong> and had once again the shortage<br />

of drivers, the difficulties caused by<br />

COVID and the lack of microchips as a topic.<br />

While some companies are suffering from import<br />

difficulties and are still in the process of<br />

raising prices with their customers, others are<br />

working at full capacity in both general cargo<br />

and logistics.<br />

In France, companies have changed their focus<br />

and have abandoned the automotive sector,<br />

as this sector is anything but straightforward at<br />

the moment. The picks created by the shortage<br />

of microchips have pushed companies to the<br />

limit.<br />

The current situation generally makes one look<br />

forward to April and May with anticipation, as<br />

it is not clear at the moment what will happen<br />

next. Also, the companies have complained about<br />

the weak participation of the other companies<br />

and have stated that one hour a month for<br />

the Spain Conference is a feasible commitment<br />

for a network cooperation.<br />

We are happy about every new participant, because<br />

everyone is an enrichment for our group!<br />

On 09 March <strong>2022</strong>, the next working group<br />

on Spain took place.<br />

In view of the developments and at the request<br />

of the partners, the theme of this conference<br />

was the „Russian crisis“.<br />

The price of diesel, the lack of supply of raw<br />

materials and the shortage of drivers, especially<br />

from Ukraine, are putting many companies<br />

to the test.<br />

Companies that have employed many Ukrainian<br />

drivers have been hit very hard by the Ukraine<br />

war. The drivers have stopped working to<br />

go to war. There are companies that have lost<br />

more than 30 drivers in one week.<br />

Small subcontractors from Spain and Portugal<br />

are refusing to drive for the current below-cost<br />

prices, combined with the skyrocketing diesel<br />

prices, make it almost impossible to calculate<br />

prices. The passing on of costs to customers,<br />

which they will not accept without protest, and<br />

the indefinite strike called by truck drivers in<br />

Spain are causing major problems on the Iberian<br />

Peninsula.<br />

Most of the companies are currently making<br />

up for it out of their own pockets. A situation<br />

that can only be solved by dramatic emergency<br />

measures by the states. Otherwise, all members<br />

look forward to the coming months with<br />

apprehension, as the problems could threaten<br />

a wave of insolvencies in the coming months.<br />

Information to all members:<br />

Mestrans offers members the opportunity to<br />

fill up at their own petrol station at the „purchase<br />

price“.<br />


Networking<br />


„A40-Ruhr Area“ district<br />

After 11 months, the members of the A40<br />

circle finally met again in person.<br />

Although the seemingly eternity since the<br />

last meeting in September 2020 was bridged<br />

with two online meetings in February<br />

and May 2021, being together „for real“<br />

again is still the true togetherness.<br />

Only a few hundred metres from the A40, „the<br />

Ruhr creepeway“, a good dozen of the deepwest<br />

members found themselves at Herbert<br />

Grönemeyer‘s 4630 Bochum on 27 August at<br />

the host DFS Dewender Food Service GmbH<br />

& Co. KG.<br />

Thanks to Stephan Dewender, the in-house<br />

exhibition hall as the location and the cordial<br />

preparation of the meeting, typical of the Ruhr<br />

region, were just as first league like as the boys<br />

from Castroper Straße, VfL Bochum.<br />

During the event, which lasted a total of three<br />

and a half hours, the focus was on interactive<br />

communication „around the daily business“.<br />

Despite the currently good business situation,<br />

the market is looking to the future with worry<br />

lines on its forehead.<br />

The focus on secure, efficient and pragmatic<br />

digitalisation is very high on the agenda for all<br />

companies. However, the worry lines regarding<br />

the existing shortage of staff, drivers, clerks and<br />

trainees unfortunately cannot be made up and<br />

cloud the outlook for the coming years.<br />

Insights into the range of services offered by<br />

DFS Dewender Food Service GmbH & Co. K<br />

were given to all participants during a tour of<br />

the company. In addition to conventional storage<br />

of general commercial goods, goods such<br />

as chocolate can be tempered, stored, commissioned<br />

and distributed.<br />

Deep-freezing is also part of the portfolio of the<br />

long-established company.<br />

The large, paved outdoor area provides space<br />

for expansion and marketing and invited the<br />

participants to take a walk in the beautiful sunshine.<br />

Once again, it was evident which different offers,<br />

individual strengths and special services<br />

our network carries within itself.<br />

The synergies and various collaborative partnerships<br />

have already borne fruit since the first<br />

The A40-Ruhr district bundles:<br />

Sea freight, air freight, air freight substitute<br />

transports, heavy goods transports, container<br />

trucking, container handling in the hinterland,<br />

contract logistics, storage of all types<br />

and classes of goods - also with rail connection,<br />

customs clearance, courier and express<br />

services, swap body transports, international<br />

general cargo transports, building materials<br />

logistics, transports with forklift trucks, FTL,<br />

customs clearance, disposal logistics, city logistics,<br />

co-packaging, plant logistics, display<br />

construction, and everything else that is still<br />

not further described here.<br />


Networking<br />

„A40-Ruhr Area“ district<br />

Flexibility was once again in demand, and<br />

the answer was provided by 14 participants<br />

and TruckHero, a personnel service<br />

provider specialising in truck drivers.<br />

The 6th meeting of the A40-Ruhrgebiet district<br />

on 26 November was actually supposed to take<br />

place last Friday at Seacon Logistics in Duisburg.<br />

Actually. But the dramatic increase in the<br />

number of infections and the common sense<br />

that goes with it made it necessary to take action.<br />

So the members from the region between<br />

the Lower Rhine and the Sauerland met online.<br />

At a quarter past nine in the morning, the group<br />

spokespersons Jutta Neumann, Karsten Blankenagel,<br />

Maik Brandel and Cor Jansen, together<br />

with Carsten Berger, opened the meeting,<br />

which was shortened to two hours due to the<br />

transfer to the online format.<br />

Before the general exchange and the individual<br />

description of the challenges in the daily business<br />

and the view to <strong>2022</strong>, the LogCoop framework<br />

contract partner TruckHero introduced<br />

itself.<br />

The Cologne-based company brings ambitious<br />

drivers together with suitable employers - and<br />

vice versa. This was impressively presented by<br />

the managing director Mr. Halm and the sales<br />

manager Mr. Horn and subsequently discussed<br />

in the open round of talks and partly controver-<br />

sial, but absolutely constructive.<br />

The internal feedback from the members of<br />

the regional group was good in that future<br />

meetings should always include the presentation<br />

of a supplier. Especially in order to be able<br />

to master current key tasks and challenges with<br />

the support of the LogCoop framework contract<br />

partners.<br />

On 08 April <strong>2022</strong>, the „A40-Ruhrgebiet district“<br />

finally met again IN PERSON and in a<br />

large group.<br />

With a mixture of desire, (pre-) joy, curiosity,<br />

need to catch up, mutual respect and networking<br />

thoughts, the LogCoop members from the<br />

middle of North Rhine-Westphalia met on 8 April.<br />

The participants of the 7th meeting of the „A40-<br />

Ruhrgebiet-Kreis“ came together in person,<br />

physically - finally again; even if due to the pandemic,<br />

with a four-week delay!!!!<br />

Stenkamp Logistik, at the Duisburg location<br />

(Europe‘s largest inland port and home to several<br />

members) and the speakers of the regional<br />

group were able to welcome a total of 19 participants.<br />

Thus, even the previous attendance events at<br />

DFS Dewender (08/21), Janssen / Raeth (09/20)<br />

and Rottbeck (07/20) were slightly exceeded by<br />

the number of participants.<br />

The modern and still young logistics facility as<br />

a location and the cordial preparation of the<br />

meeting, typical for the Ruhr area, were, thanks<br />

to the host team, the most important basis for<br />

a successful meeting. The hospitality provided<br />

by Mrs. Reßmann was simply top-notch. Everyone<br />

sensed: food and logistics are the passion<br />

of the Lower Rhine family business.<br />

During the almost three-and-a-half-hour event,<br />

the focus was on interactive communication<br />

„around the daily business“. Both the exchange<br />

of ideas in the large group and the bilateral<br />

chats over a snack ensured a good atmosphere<br />

and entertainment.<br />

Insights into the range of services - and there<br />

must have been a hundred thousand 120x80<br />

woods to see - of Stenkamp Logistik were given<br />

to all participants during a tour of the company.<br />

Due to the size of the site, there was plenty of<br />

movement in between. But it was not only the<br />

legs that were mobilised; the interesting and<br />

varied information about the processes on site<br />

and the planning for the start-up of the location<br />

about two years ago professionally replaced Dr.<br />

Kawashima‘s brain training.<br />

Thus, once again, it could be seen what different<br />

offers, individual strengths and special services<br />

the LogCoop network has to offer. As the<br />

roundtable revealed, this is also used in regional<br />

cooperation in about 15 bilateral relationships.<br />

A good network meeting always includes an interesting<br />

presentation by a provider from the<br />

LogCoop framework contract partners.<br />

Domenico Bucci, Sales Manager of Evy Solutions<br />

from Cologne, presented the developed<br />

digital solution „Transport orders from mail to<br />

TMS with AI“. „An exciting product and certainly<br />

a helpful commercial support,“ was the feedback<br />

from the circle.<br />


Networking<br />


South West district<br />

What do Rhineland-Palatinate,<br />

Baden-Württemberg, France<br />

and Switzerland have in common?<br />

The south-west district<br />

of the LogCoop!<br />

After the kick-off with the South-East district,<br />

we also welcomed the LogCoop members<br />

of the South-West district in the new<br />

year <strong>2022</strong> with a virtual meeting.<br />

The current issues, such as supply chains, price<br />

increases for energy and fuels, are currently affecting<br />

all participants.<br />

Mr. Schuon has installed a wood chip heating<br />

system for the halls and offices for years as an<br />

alternative way to generate energy, which keeps<br />

these costs within limits.<br />

The company ACITO has concluded a contract<br />

with Wattline GmbH about LogCoop‘s purchasing<br />

options until 2025 and can thus bring some<br />

stability to this topic for the company.<br />

The topic of mobility packages only concerns<br />

some participants, but everyday transports<br />

need more and more attention, as availability<br />

and sickness cases are very challenging for the<br />

dispatchers.<br />

As a best practice example, we were able to<br />

gain an insight into ACITO‘s customs training<br />

courses. Here, interested members can put together<br />

training packages tailored to their needs<br />

in online format.<br />

It was a successful exchange and insight.<br />

Contact person:<br />

Götz Rosenberg, BRIEM Speditions GmbH<br />


Networking<br />


Cologne district<br />

Rhine-Main district<br />

On Thursday evening of 28 October 2021,<br />

the Cologne district met again in person after<br />

a long time.<br />

This time in the heart of Cologne and in<br />

a cosy atmosphere in the traditional inn<br />

„Gaffel im Marienbild“.<br />

A big thank you goes to the organiser of the<br />

evening and our group spokesperson Julius<br />

Ante from GILOG.<br />

The members present all had similar topics<br />

to report from their companies. The current<br />

strong order situation in the transport and<br />

warehouse sector is positive. In addition to<br />

increasing demand from many existing customers,<br />

there is also a high level of enquiries<br />

from the market.<br />

The situation regarding qualified personnel<br />

continues to be negative, both in the search<br />

for drivers, but especially in the search for warehouse<br />

personnel. In the commercial area,<br />

such as dispatching, things do not look much<br />

better.<br />

Contact person:<br />

The „Rhine-Main district“ met for the third<br />

time at a virtual meeting on Tuesday 27 July<br />

2021.<br />

This time, too, the new faces in the circle were<br />

able to introduce themselves and learn more<br />

about the possibilities of the Regional Circle<br />

Group.<br />

The company Iltrans from Kassel (member since<br />

March 2021), represented by Mr. Discher,<br />

and Pfenning Logistics from Heddesheim (a<br />

long-standing member of LogCoop), represented<br />

by Mr. Riediger, took this opportunity.<br />

In a short mood barometer survey it turned<br />

out that the companies are coping well with the<br />

situation despite the current and difficult circumstances<br />

and that the order books are largely<br />

well filled.<br />

Fortunately, none of the participating companies<br />

was directly affected by the terrible flood<br />

disaster. Nor were any of the participants‘ customers<br />

affected.<br />

There was agreement in the group above all on<br />

the topics of the current utilisation of transport<br />

and storage capacities. Especially when it comes<br />

to storage capacities, many entrepreneurs<br />

are currently reaching their limits.<br />

Contact person:<br />

Thomas Elkenhans, LogCoop GmbH<br />

Daniela Steindor, LogCoop GmbH<br />

Julius Ante, Gilog GmbH<br />

We are of course looking forward to hearing<br />

from other interested companies from the region<br />

who were not able to attend the previous<br />

meetings. If you are also interested in participating<br />

in the Rhain-Main Kreis regional meeting,<br />

please contact Thomas Elkenhans.<br />

The next meeting will most likely take place in<br />

person.<br />


Networking<br />


South East district<br />

On 14.10.2021, the regional meeting of<br />

the South-East district took place again in<br />

the virtual world.<br />

After the summer holidays and the elections<br />

in Germany, we again had exciting topics and<br />

starting points for networking together.<br />

Due to illnesses and scheduling conflicts, we<br />

came together in a small group and were able<br />

to exchange views on the further challenges<br />

and topics around the transport industry.<br />

The big issues continue to be:<br />

• Driver issues / cargo space<br />

• Real estate & logistics<br />

• Shortage of skilled workers - from trainees<br />

to the dispatcher<br />

In general, the situation is very tense, precisely<br />

because many goods have to be transported<br />

and freight space is becoming increasingly<br />

scarce. In addition, there is the enormous increase<br />

in the energy sector, which means that<br />

service providers are also becoming more expensive.<br />

The prices here are rising massively so that the<br />

costs of the freight forwarders can be covered.<br />

The customers‘ acceptance of this is very high,<br />

as they do not necessarily want to change their<br />

service provider at such a time.<br />

The conclusion from the meeting:<br />

It remains very demanding and the time of<br />

year with the peak before Christmas or the autumn<br />

business always brings new challenges<br />

for our members. But we are doers and therefore<br />

we are tackling these issues with full force!<br />

Spring will soon be in the starting blocks<br />

and on 18.02.<strong>2022</strong> the time had finally<br />

come: together with the members of Log-<br />

Coop from the Southeast, we exchanged<br />

ideas in the first video conference this<br />

year.<br />

This possibility for virtual talk is nice in the current<br />

situation, but it does not replace personal<br />

contact. However, we think that we will be able<br />

to hold the next meetings in presence again.<br />

After the welcome round, the participants gave<br />

us an insight into the upcoming challenges and<br />

current topics.<br />

The discussion focused on the effects of the<br />

Mobility Pact on us forwarders, the consistent<br />

development of new Amazon warehouses and<br />

the geopolitical situation.<br />

All participants agreed that 2021 was a good<br />

year for freight forwarding - but not without<br />

major challenges in terms of loading space, logistics<br />

capacities and staff availability.<br />

The price rounds were very successful and the<br />

customers‘ willingness to accept the additional<br />

costs was very high.<br />

Nowadays, personal contact with shippers is<br />

becoming more and more important, as many<br />

have realised that customer service has become<br />

more important. Especially when cargo<br />

space is tight, commitment counts.<br />

This has also made it possible to win new customers<br />

and thus considerably increase turnover.<br />

It should not go unmentioned that the higher<br />

turnover has also directly benefited the carriers.<br />

Take the example of transport to the east:<br />

months ago, a truck to Moscow cost € 3,000,<br />

and now it costs twice as much. This requires<br />

clear communication with the clients in order<br />

to overcome these challenges together.<br />

To make matters worse, the next stage of the<br />

mobility pact is being introduced, which will<br />

newly regulate cabotage transports and prescribe<br />

cool-down phases. From 21.02.<strong>2022</strong>,<br />

after a maximum of three transport operations<br />

in seven days as a result of a laden entry<br />

or a maximum of one transport operation within<br />

three days as a result of an unladen entry,<br />

cabotage transport operations must undergo<br />

a four-day „cool down“ period during which<br />

no further cabotage transport operations are<br />

permitted in the same host Member State.<br />

From 21.5.<strong>2022</strong>, all international carriage of<br />

goods by road for hire or reward by vehicles<br />

over 2.5 tce (previously 3.5 tce) will be subject<br />

to authorisation.<br />

The volatility and the requirements now mean<br />

that only rates for short-term transports can be<br />

issued.<br />

These circumstances once again „increase“ the<br />

price of our services drastically.<br />

An evergreen in our industry is the shortage of<br />

skilled workers, which is further intensified by<br />

the expansion course of the Amazon department<br />

stores‘. In many areas, new warehouses<br />

are being built to satisfy the consumer‘s hunger<br />

for fast<br />

online deliveries. The result of this development<br />

is the migration of employees to Amazon and<br />

the increase in personnel costs.<br />

It was a high-calibre exchange at eye level, which<br />

all participants obviously enjoyed. Unfortunately,<br />

many members of the regional group neither<br />

agreed nor disagreed, which I personally find<br />

very unfortunate, also with regard to the participants<br />

- we can do better than that!<br />


Networking<br />


BOWLING district<br />




What lasts long....- STRIKE!<br />

11 months after the foundation of the<br />

„BOWLING“ district and 2 virtual meetings,<br />

which took place in the meantime, the Log-<br />

Coop members from the Bremen, OWL<br />

incl. Lower Saxony border region could finally<br />

meet again in person.<br />

In the new office complex of BOBE Spedition<br />

at its headquarters in Bad Salzuflen, 10 participants<br />

met for networking.<br />

Together with regional spokesperson Andreas<br />

Karkos (GL of the Oelrich Group), Managing<br />

Director Torsten Wind of BOBE Spedition had<br />

prepared the meeting in an excellent and cordial<br />

manner.<br />

The host team impressively presented the<br />

overall package of the company, which operates<br />

a wide range of services related to sea container<br />

logistics at its Bad Salzuflen and Minden<br />

locations.<br />

In addition to organising hinterland transport<br />

by truck, barge and rail, BOBE stands for warehousing,<br />

for trade customers, transshipment,<br />

general transport solutions and, as a co-partner<br />

of Regioport OWL, for port logistics.<br />

The original business includes not only container<br />

handling, but also depot management for<br />

all shipping companies of distinction, as well<br />

as the rental and sale of boxes.<br />

A tour, in compliance with all COVID restrictions,<br />

through the departments and the panoramic<br />

view from the roof terrace in beautiful<br />

late summer weather rounded off the first<br />

part of the event.<br />

During the brainstorming session that followed,<br />

the general market situation was described<br />

in unison. A very positive order situation<br />

in general is hampered by a lack of staff and<br />

skilled workers across the board.<br />

Especially in the commercial sector and in the<br />

recruitment of trainees, there are challenges<br />

to act even more successfully.<br />

Approaches to solutions were still being developed<br />

at the table, which the participants<br />

would like to tackle together and by looking<br />

beyond their own noses.<br />

The bilateral cooperation in day-to-day business,<br />

whether in transport (land-air-sea), warehousing<br />

or special transports (e.g. take-away<br />

forklift transports) is strengthened by our cooperation<br />

anyway.<br />

That‘s what makes networking fun!<br />

The 4th meeting of the regional group<br />

„BOWLING“ circle, which comprises the<br />

member companies in the Bremen-East-<br />

Westphalia-Lippe region including the<br />

Dutch and Saxon border areas, was anything<br />

but quiet.<br />

The TEAMS meeting on 4 March <strong>2022</strong>, which<br />

lasted around two hours, was entertaining<br />

and lively with a total of 10 participants.<br />

Even outside the sad, geopolitical situation and<br />

the negative perennial „Corona“, there are further<br />

challenges, but also exciting approaches,<br />

best practice examples and interesting news<br />

in the small LogCoop world.<br />

The „BOWLING“ team around regional spokesperson<br />

Andreas Karkos (Oelrich) was able<br />

to welcome Frank Wehrmann (Wehrmann)<br />

and Jan Fasana (Benway), two of the four new<br />

members in the catchment area, in the excused<br />

absence of „Kerkeling“ and „Dynamo“.<br />

Various suggestions from the participants, tips<br />

and also general questions on individual support,<br />

for example in the area of customs clearance,<br />

organisation of workshops, transport<br />

with all modes of transport etc., were discussed<br />

constructively.<br />

Once again it was evident how versatile the<br />

offers of the individual companies and how<br />

broad or comprehensive the portfolio in the<br />

LogCoop community can be brought to the<br />

market.<br />

There was an exchange about existing and established<br />

industry solutions in the DIY sector<br />

and specifically in all tasks of building materials<br />

logistics including the LogCoop truck-mounted<br />

forklift network, as well as about increasingly<br />

requested services around the handling<br />

of batteries and disposal logistics in general.<br />

„With a lot of confidence, but under changed<br />

general conditions, characterised by increasing<br />

digitalisation and unpredictable events in<br />

the world, one will have to adjust to the market...“<br />

was the unanimous opinion of the circle.<br />

The next meeting will take place after the summer<br />

holidays. The venue has already been fixed.<br />

Frank Wehrmann invites and everyone<br />

will come to Melle!<br />

Andreas Karkos, who will now have a fellow<br />

speaker at his side in Jan Fasana, will send out<br />

a request for dates to all BOWLING participants<br />

in the next few days.<br />

The meeting will then be planned together<br />

with Frank Wehrmann and the LogCoop membership<br />

management. Strike!<br />


Networking<br />


Warehouse network meeting<br />

After a long break due to corona, we were<br />

finally able to hold a warehouse network<br />

meeting in person at Bergler Industrieservices<br />

GmbH in Erlensee on Thursday, 4 November<br />

2021.<br />

A big part of the warehouse network meetings,<br />

apart from the exchange among each<br />

other, is always a know-how transfer and<br />

there was plenty of that.<br />

The centrepiece of the warehouse tour was the<br />

Geek+ robot-assisted picking system that Bergler<br />

recently put into operation.<br />

This is a so-called „goods-to-man order picking<br />

system“. Raimund Bergler describes the rather<br />

simple-sounding principle behind the high-tech<br />

system as follows: „The order-picking system<br />

consists of specially designed shelves on the<br />

one hand and autonomous robots on the other.<br />

The robots are somewhat similar in shape to<br />

the well-known domestic vacuum robots, but<br />

they are quite a bit larger and considerably<br />

more powerful. „When an order arrives and an<br />

item is needed from a certain storage shelf, the<br />

robot sets off, approaches the shelf from below,<br />

picks it up piggyback and moves it to the picking<br />

area.“ There, the employee then removes the<br />

item from the respective shelf and finally gets it<br />

ready for dispatch.<br />

The new system should both relieve the team<br />

and ensure even more efficient processes.<br />

The Director Sales Germany, Austria & Swiss<br />

and the Vice President Solutions Engineering<br />

& Business Development of Geek+ were available<br />

to answer detailed questions about the<br />

system. After a detailed tour of the warehouse<br />

with a live presentation of the system, a very<br />

tasty lunch snack was followed by a company<br />

presentation of Geek+.<br />

After that presentation and questions to Geek+,<br />

there was an open discussion session among<br />

the members present.<br />

The general public complained about the very<br />

tense situation regarding the issue of qualified<br />

personnel. Both in terms of drivers and especially<br />

warehouse staff.<br />

According to Raimund Bergler, the tense situation<br />

on the personnel market was one of the<br />

reasons why the decision was made to take a<br />

big step towards automation with the new system.<br />

The current strong order situation in the transport<br />

and warehouse sector is positive. In addition<br />

to increasing demand from many existing<br />

customers, there is also a high level of enquiries<br />

from the market.<br />

A big thank you goes to Raimund Bergler, who<br />

together with his team at Bergler Industrieservices<br />

GmbH ensured a perfectly organised day<br />

and event.<br />

The next warehouse network meeting will most<br />

likely take place in March <strong>2022</strong>. More information<br />

will follow.<br />

Contact person:<br />

Thomas Elkenhans, LogCoop GmbH<br />


Networking<br />

Project partnership<br />

LogCoop Storage Network<br />

SynLOG Day <strong>2022</strong><br />

At the best time for building and gardening, on<br />

1 June, the Log Coop warehouse network presented<br />

itself with its own stand at the SynLOG<br />

Day <strong>2022</strong> in the time-honoured location, the<br />

Rohrmeisterei in Schwerte an der Ruhr.<br />

do it“, „Do your thing“, „Everything in OBI“, is<br />

currently struggling more with the Hornbach<br />

motto „There‘s always something to do“.<br />

„Respect for those who do it themselves“ now<br />

also sounds rather meek at toom.<br />

Since 1 September 2021, LogCoop Lagernetzwerk<br />

GmbH & Co. KG has been an official<br />

partner of the SynLog supplier cooperation.<br />

SynLOG is a joint initiative of the manufacturers‘<br />

association Haus & Garten e.V. and the<br />

garden industry association Industrieverband<br />

Garten (IVG) e.V. The aim is to optimise supplier<br />

logistics for the DIY, construction and garden<br />

industry in Germany and Europe.<br />

As an overarching platform, SynLOG synchronises<br />

the logistical requirements of the participating<br />

companies with the competencies and<br />

capacities of their logistics partners, which now<br />

also include LogCoop Lagernetzwerk GmbH &<br />

Co. KG is now one of them.<br />

In this way, the increasingly complex supply<br />

chains for the trade can be designed transparently,<br />

efficiently and securely. The product<br />

portfolio of the warehouse assortments ranges<br />

from full pallet logistics for FMCG, general<br />

retail goods, promotional goods logistics, and<br />

packaging materials and much more, to goods<br />

for e-fulfilment solutions, hazardous materials<br />

of all classes, and „demanding“ goods (bulky,<br />

fragile).<br />

The Herstellerverband Haus & Garten e.V. is an<br />

association of leading manufacturers of building,<br />

DIY and garden products in Germany,<br />

Austria and Switzerland. In its almost 40-year<br />

history, the association has specialised in salesoriented<br />

topics for the DIY market, garden centre<br />

and specialist trade sales channels.<br />

„We are very pleased that we have already implemented<br />

a first, albeit smaller, project by providing<br />

temporary storage space,“ say LogCoop<br />

project managers Oliver Arthecker and Carsten<br />

Berger.<br />

Due to the tight situation to generate storage<br />

capacities for the trade, it is expected that the<br />

demand for space will steadily increase in the<br />

coming weeks and that the DIY sector will use<br />

the LogCoop warehouse network and the individual<br />

and regional competences.<br />

Under the sponsorship of the Herstellerverband<br />

Haus & Garten e.V., as well as the Industrieverband<br />

Garten (IVG) e.V., approx. 130 members<br />

and logistics cooperation partners finally<br />

met again in presence after the Corona-related<br />

time-out.<br />

Exciting presentations from the area of the supply<br />

chain, both from the retail sector and from<br />

manufacturers and suppliers, and innovations<br />

in digitalisation and logistics management hit<br />

the nail on the head and the interest of the participating<br />

experts with the main topic „Successful<br />

supply chains in the DIY and garden sector“.<br />

With a current view on China, the ongoing corona<br />

crisis has negative effects on supply chains<br />

and the topic is highly relevant for all logisticians<br />

around (retail) trade.<br />

This became all too clear with the different perspectives<br />

of the speakers. The dependencies<br />

on the supplier side are put to the test just as<br />

much as the organisation on the various transport<br />

routes and paths. Storage space is just as<br />

scarce as places on container ships.<br />

The DIY sector, which has always positioned itself<br />

broadly with the slogans „Can‘t do it, can‘t<br />

During the breaks, the participants had the opportunity<br />

to get in direct contact with the exhibitors.<br />

For LogCoop, this resulted in interesting<br />

discussions and promising approaches for<br />

possible business relationships, from which primarily<br />

the members of the warehouse network<br />

should benefit.<br />

All in all, a successful event with anticipation for<br />

13 June 2023, when the next SynLOG Day will<br />

take place.<br />

We would like to thank the SynLOG team very<br />

much.<br />


Networking<br />



Press release<br />

Düsseldorf, 23 November 2021 - LogCoop<br />

Transportnetzwerk GmbH & Co. KG has<br />

expanded its truck-mounted forklift network<br />

(MNSN) to cover five additional European<br />

countries.<br />

Due to numerous new customers and a considerable<br />

increase in the transport volume,<br />

especially of large and bulky goods, the total<br />

volume doubled in the first half of 2021. For<br />

<strong>2022</strong>, growth of more than 100 per cent is also<br />

forecast. In addition to a number of major customers,<br />

this is to be achieved, among other<br />

things, through the implementation of an online<br />

booking platform for small consignors and<br />

the inclusion of foreign customers. Currently,<br />

the delivery areas of Austria, Switzerland and<br />

the Benelux countries are being integrated into<br />

the truck-mounted forklift network.<br />

„Our goal with our B2C takeaway forklift net-<br />

work is market leadership. Based on our enormous<br />

growth in the past months, we have decided<br />

to offer our services nationwide in several<br />

neighbouring German countries in the future,“<br />

says Marc Possekel, founder and managing director<br />

of LogCoop Transportnetzwerke GmbH<br />

& Co. KG. Thus, the network will also deliver bulky<br />

goods to Austria, Switzerland and the Benelux<br />

countries with immediate effect. The transport<br />

volume doubled in the first half of 2021<br />

alone. In addition, the network gained three<br />

new partners in the course of consolidating the<br />

territories.<br />

Thanks to the hub-and-spoke system with a<br />

central hub and more than 15 locations in Germany,<br />

the network guarantees delivery times<br />

of less than ten days all year round. „Thanks<br />

to the consistent availability of freight space,<br />

we can rule out seasonal fluctuations with our<br />

take-away forklift network,“ Possekel assures.<br />

On 4,500 square metres of space, around 800<br />

consignments of up to two tonnes unit weight<br />

and up to seven metres in length are handled<br />

each week at the central hub in Amt Wachsenburg.<br />

Every week, 65 complete truck loads leave<br />

the premises. In the meantime, the first direct<br />

transports between major customers and rollout<br />

partners and between the partners directly<br />

have been successfully established. Automated<br />

end-customer notification, such as is known<br />

from the CEP sector, has also been introduced.<br />

For the coming months, LogCoop again expects<br />

an increase in transport volume of at<br />

least 100 percent through the development of<br />

additional product ranges and new strategic<br />

partnerships. Currently, the focus of the MNSN<br />

is on garden and house building. In the course<br />

of the planned expansion, area-wide delivery<br />

scanning is also to be introduced to ensure<br />

complete documentation. In addition, the logistics<br />

cooperation is planning significantly more<br />

direct transports between partners as well as<br />

from shippers to delivery partners. In addition,<br />

the MNSN will also offer the services of the other<br />

LogCoop members in the areas of general<br />

cargo, procurement and warehouse logistics<br />

to customers. An online booking platform for<br />

small shippers or sporadic shipments is also<br />

planned. „With our network, our customers get<br />

a solution from a single source. The success of<br />

the past months shows us that we are on the<br />

right track. Due to the increasing volume, more<br />

partners will also have to be connected in <strong>2022</strong><br />

in order to keep the service very high,“ Possekel<br />

is pleased. For example, „consolidations“ are<br />

planned in the German postcode areas 2 and<br />

8, in parts of the 5 and in Austria.<br />


Networking<br />

Dispatcher meeting<br />

LogCoop truck-mounted forklift network<br />

On 25 January <strong>2022</strong>, the network meeting<br />

of the dispatchers of the truck-mounted<br />

forklift network took place as a virtual<br />

meeting.<br />

The background to this „meeting“ was<br />

that the operationally involved employees<br />

of the network were able to get to<br />

know each other „personally“ for the first<br />

time via the previous telephone contact.<br />

The thematic focus was also on questions<br />

from day-to-day business.<br />

Oliver Arthecker (LogCoop) gave a review of the<br />

year 2021. After the overview of the business<br />

framework, a critical view of the implementation<br />

of processes in the network followed. Positive<br />

aspects were highlighted and potential for<br />

improvement was pointed out.<br />

Afterwards, the operational „handbook“, which<br />

applies to all participants, was discussed. Its<br />

content is somewhat outdated and needs to<br />

be revised. A proposal for this purpose was<br />

presented by Karsten Barth (WLS) and a lively<br />

discussion immediately ensued on the points<br />

raised. The manual is now to be adapted and<br />

updated by a working group from the circle of<br />

dispatchers.<br />

unbroken!<br />

In order to prepare for the associated requirements,<br />

potential operational resource adjustments<br />

were also discussed. The goal of the network<br />

remains to offer a high quality service and<br />

to further push its position in the market. Every<br />

network member is challenged here!<br />

In conclusion, the participants explicitly praised<br />

the initiative to hold a meeting in this discussion<br />

group and expressed their support for a<br />

continuation. It was agreed to meet again in<br />

the summer, hopefully in person and not virtually.<br />

More details will be given later by Henning<br />

Metzger (LogCoop) who will take over the leadership<br />

of this network with immediate effect.<br />

Under the LogCoop motto „TOGETHER<br />

STRONG“, this event ended after three hours of<br />

intensive exchange with committed members.<br />

This is what makes networking fun.<br />

Based on the findings of the past year, Oliver<br />

Arthecker then gave an outlook on the expectations<br />

of the network for the year <strong>2022</strong>. The increasing<br />

demand for the LogCoop truck-mounted<br />

forklift network solution in the market is<br />


Networking<br />


The communication platform<br />

On 24 September 2020, the starting signal was given for our new intranet,<br />

in the sense of an MRM (Member Relationship Management).<br />

Since then, we have been successively developing the system.<br />


Based on the feedback received from our<br />

members, the transport requests have been<br />

optimised so that it is now possible to display<br />

the transport relation in a more targeted way.<br />

This means that it is now possible to display<br />

the country of departure and its two-digit<br />

postcode in separate fields. This also applies<br />

to the country of destination and its two-digit<br />

postcodes.<br />

Of course, you can still describe your transport<br />

request in detail for other members in<br />

the description field.<br />

You too can use the opportunity to generate<br />

partners for your transport assignment<br />

by submitting your transport request in less<br />

than 3 minutes.<br />

In addition to this option, you still have the<br />

option of contacting other members directly,<br />

who you can filter more precisely using the<br />

search function. Alternatively, you can already<br />

use a preset and filtered view from the intranet.<br />


Publish storage requests on the intranet and<br />

respond directly!<br />

Since the beginning of the year, you can easily<br />

post storage requests on the intranet yourself,<br />

similar to transport requests, and respond immediately<br />

to the requests of other members.<br />

Simply fill out the intuitive online form and publish<br />

your request in less than 3 minutes.<br />

If you have any questions or need assistance<br />

with your storage enquiry, our colleagues Oliver<br />

Arthecker and Thomas Elkenhans will be<br />

happy to help.<br />

In addition to the possibility of placing storage<br />

and transport enquiries or responding to cor-<br />

responding enquiries, there is of course also<br />

the option of making direct contact with other<br />

members, which you can filter more precisely<br />

using the search function. Alternatively, you<br />

can already use a preset and filtered view from<br />

the intranet.Das schwarze Brett bietet Ihnen<br />

Platz für Ihre Gesuche und Angebote, unabhängig<br />

von den Lager- & Transportanfragen.<br />


The bulletin board - very classic - was introduced<br />

at the speed dating at our 2019 General<br />

Assembly in Düsseldorf. The idea behind it<br />

was that all participants could post their requests<br />

and offers for all others present. No<br />

matter whether it was a request for a return<br />

invitation, an exchange on a special topic, an<br />

offer of free storage space or the possibility of<br />

further training. The notice board was a great<br />

success!<br />

For the digital plenary meeting on 30 November<br />

2020, a notice board was implemented in<br />

digital form, based on your feedback, and has<br />

now been added to our intranet under the<br />

menu item Requests. There you will find the<br />

overview of all requests and offers.<br />

You can manage your own requests and offers<br />

for the notice board via your company profile.<br />

When making a new entry, it is important that<br />

you fill in the title fields „Search / Offer“ and<br />

the description „Search / Offer“.<br />

In addition to the possibility of placing your<br />

return invitations in this area or responding<br />

to requests for network exchange, there is of<br />

course still the option of making direct contact<br />

with other members.<br />


Networking<br />





In the LogCoop intranet you can quickly and<br />

easily enter your company data yourself, this<br />

also applies to your warehouse locations.<br />

The better your data is maintained, the faster<br />

you will be found as a partner by other members<br />

and for external tenders!<br />

You can manage your company‘s warehouse<br />

locations via the company profile, which can<br />

be found on the far right in the menu under<br />

your name. In addition to the general information<br />

such as warehouse type, area and location,<br />

you can store the warehouse specifications<br />

in detail.<br />

The overview of all warehouse locations,<br />

as well as your registered locations, can be<br />

found under the menu item „Members“. In<br />

addition to the general overview, various prefiltered<br />

settings are available to you, such as<br />

a list of all fresh, hazardous, frozen or WGK<br />

warehouses.<br />

If you have any questions or need assistance<br />

with the warehouse locations, Oliver Arthecker<br />

and Thomas Elkenhans will be happy to<br />

help.<br />

By selecting „Type of advertisement“ you can<br />

now distinguish between „Offer freight“ and<br />

„Search freight“. This function enables you to<br />

post targeted return cargo requests and to respond<br />

to them quickly.<br />

Likewise, you can now see directly in the overviews<br />

for which postcode areas the respective<br />

requests apply.<br />

In the list of transport requests you can now<br />

also call up two new filters. The „urgent transport<br />

offers“, with validity from today or tomorrow,<br />

and on the other hand the „today‘s & yesterday‘s<br />

transport offers“, which were created<br />

yesterday or today. This way, you always have<br />

the most recent requests at a glance.<br />

The first prototype of a filter function has also<br />

been integrated there. Now you can filter all<br />

views according to the „status of the enquiry“,<br />

„type of advertisement“ and the „country of<br />

departure and destination“ for your search.<br />

CHAT<br />

The interactive communication in the chat<br />

of the LogCoop intranet is an important tool<br />

for networking. Here you can communicate<br />

directly with other members or the LogCoop<br />

team in real time.<br />

can exchange information on all matters that<br />

do not fit into any of the other chat rooms.<br />

There are separate chat rooms for the working<br />

group Sea Freight / Air Freight / Special Transport<br />

and the working group Building Materials,<br />

which can be selected under the button<br />

„Room List“. Here there is the possibility for<br />

direct, professional exchange on the respective<br />

working group. The first regional group,<br />

„BOWLING“ Kreis, can already be active in its<br />

own chat room. Others will follow.<br />

In addition, we have set up a separate chat<br />

room for transport enquiries. You can quickly<br />

make your requests available to the other<br />

members in this chat. Of course, the familiar<br />

function of transport requests still exists.<br />

We know that the chat is not displayed correctly<br />

for some users. If you have this problem,<br />

you will find a solution for download on<br />

the intranet, which you can forward to your IT<br />

department.<br />

The LogCoop intranet contains many possibilities<br />

for networking and interactive communication<br />

among members. Today we would<br />

like to introduce you to the transport partner<br />

search function.<br />

Through this separate search function you<br />

have the possibility to find the right partner for<br />

your transports. You can access the transport<br />

partner search via the menu item Members.<br />

To optimise your search for a suitable transport<br />

partner, six text filters are available when<br />

you call up the function, which you can provide<br />

with your transport requirements. Once<br />

you have applied all the required filters, you<br />

will be shown all the companies and contacts<br />

that match your selected transport search requirements.<br />

Once you have found the suitable contact, you<br />

can contact the company directly. In this way,<br />

you will quickly have found the right partner<br />

without spending a lot of time.<br />

Please note that, as with all other searches on<br />

the intranet, you must place an asterisk (*) in<br />

front of your search term.<br />

Since there are different chat rooms on the intranet,<br />

we would like to introduce them to you<br />

in more detail. After logging in to the intranet,<br />

you can access the chat without further registration.<br />

When you join the chat, you are automatically<br />

in the „General Chat“ room. Here you<br />

The intranet, and especially the enquiry<br />

sections, live from and with the interaction<br />

of each individual. Without this interaction,<br />

it is much more difficult to network<br />

successfully.<br />

If you have not yet registered, you can do<br />

so at any time here.<br />

If you need help, your member manager,<br />

as well as CRM support, is available at<br />

crmsupport@logcoop.de.<br />


Networking<br />




After calling up the list, you will see a list of all<br />

members with contact details, as well as the<br />

main contact person of the respective circle.<br />

If you have a concern about a topic of the working<br />

group or the catchment areas of the regional<br />

districts, you can contact the respective<br />

members directly.<br />

If you would like to join a working or regional<br />

group yourself, your member manager will be<br />

happy to help you.<br />

Under the menu item Partner sites you will<br />

find an overview in which we link to other websites<br />

that are directly connected to us.<br />

For example, our framework agreement partner<br />

PackLogX. Order loading aids of all kinds,<br />

such as pallets (Euro pallets, one-way pallets,<br />

etc.), mesh boxes and packing boards digitally,<br />

simply and efficiently. PackLogX provides the<br />

platform to optimise your purchasing of loading<br />

aids.<br />

Via the selection on the partner page, you can<br />

also access the internet presence of the virtual<br />

trade fair LOGfair and Lagerflaeche.de,<br />

the service platform for warehouse logistics.<br />

Are you looking for an overview of LogCoop‘s<br />

social media presence?<br />

You will also find this under the partner pages.<br />

Under the menu item Downloads you can<br />

find, among other things, instructions for the<br />

intranet, various information material on our<br />

marketing campaigns, as well as our current<br />

calendar of events.<br />


In addition to current information, the download<br />

area also represents an archive. For<br />

example, under the corresponding section<br />

you will also find all newsletters or material<br />

on past special events, such as the digital Log-<br />

Coop General Assembly 2020 or the Virtual<br />

Suppliers‘ Day in the Purchasing section.<br />

Dear members,<br />

On the previous pages we have introduced<br />

you to various functions and updates in<br />

the LogCoop Intranet. Now we would like<br />

to explain to you again WHY using the intranet<br />

is efficient for work and networking.<br />

The system offers extensive functionalities to<br />

enable you to work in an even more targeted<br />

manner. Intuitive handling, full multilingualism,<br />

an optimised design and clear structures have<br />

already convinced many of you. User-friendliness<br />

in particular was very important to us.<br />

Thanks to the active help of already registered<br />

members, small errors in the system have<br />

been quickly corrected. #strong together<br />

Based on your feedback, the functions transport<br />

and storage requests, storage locations<br />

and the bulletin board have been fundamentally<br />

revised.<br />

A member chat was implemented for „just in<br />

time“ communication<br />

and the data collection for the company profile<br />

was extended.<br />

With the LogCoop intranet, more effective cooperation<br />

in day-to-day business is now guaranteed.<br />

Speaking of warehouse locations and company<br />

profile:<br />

Your entries of warehouse locations, as well<br />

as the details in your company profile not only<br />

serve to provide other members with more information<br />

about your company, but also facilitate<br />

the distribution of external enquiries and<br />

tenders.<br />

WHY?<br />

For example, you are looking for a partner<br />

who can carry out transports to Denmark.<br />

Who would you contact first? Of course, the<br />

one who has entered Denmark as a destination<br />

in his company profile.<br />

The same applies to the search for a warehouse<br />

that can store frozen products, for example.<br />

Which members would you contact first?<br />

Probably those who already have the appropriate<br />

information in their company profile.<br />

Since we as LogCoop and warehouse network<br />

also distribute our external enquiries and tenders<br />

to you on the basis of the company profile<br />

information, you will usually not receive any<br />

enquiries for transport or storage possibilities<br />

that you have not listed in your profile information.<br />

Of course we are interested in WHY some<br />

members do not use the intranet regularly.<br />

Many conversations in recent weeks have<br />

shown that this is not due to the way the system<br />

is used, but to a lack of time to find suitable<br />

partners for specific enquiries.<br />

If each member carefully fills out and maintains<br />

his or her company profile, the tedious<br />

search for a member who could help you with<br />

an enquiry is no longer necessary. Since several<br />

people from your company can register<br />

on the intranet, the profile does not have to<br />

be maintained by only one person from your<br />

company.<br />

A complete company profile on the intranet<br />

saves you valuable time and increases your<br />

chances of receiving orders.<br />


Shared Services<br />


virtual trade fair presence<br />

As early as 2020, we ventured into the digital<br />

world of trade fairs. With success!<br />

LOGfair is open to visitors all year round and,<br />

in addition to our own exhibition stands, numerous<br />

LogCoop warehouse network members<br />

are now represented at the virtual logistics<br />

trade fair and present their companies<br />

there.<br />

Throughout the year, various events take place<br />

at the virtual trade fair. You can find all recordings<br />

at www.logfair.online.<br />

Advantages of LOGFAIR<br />

• Offer added value with a technical presentation<br />

- for your target group<br />

• Low effort - high return: Significant savings<br />

in effort and costs compared to a physical<br />

trade fair<br />

• Direct 1:1 communication with partners &<br />

customers<br />

• Offer 365 days online access to network &<br />

information<br />

• Use your resources for what is important -<br />

your customers<br />


Shared Services<br />


Campaigns<br />

Strong together -<br />

also in social media<br />

Social networks have firmly established themselves<br />

as a channel for corporate communication.<br />

What started as a marketing trend has<br />

now matured into a professional business.<br />

We also actively use these channels and now<br />

have a proud 967 followers of our company<br />

page on LinkedIn and 700 subscribers on<br />

Facebook.<br />

In addition to the targeted marketing of our<br />

cooperation and the associated services, we<br />

have launched various campaigns that focus<br />

on the members. We feature member companies<br />

on a weekly basis and<br />

achieve a reach of up to ~1600 organic impressions.<br />

If you are already active on the platforms<br />

yourself, tag us with the hashtags #logcoop,<br />

#strongtogether and we will support your<br />

campaigns.<br />

We are also happy to support you in implementing<br />

your own social media channels.<br />

Do you have current topics (special features,<br />

news, awards, etc.) from your company that<br />

you would like to report on?<br />

Send your topics and photos to:<br />

socialmedia@logcoop.de<br />


Shared Services<br />


CO³ and Futura Cargo<br />


Gilog & Zehnder Clean Air Solutions<br />

The framework agreement partner CO³<br />

Sp. z o.o. and LogCoop member Futura<br />

Cargo Sp. z.o.o. from Poland work closely<br />

together.<br />

LogCoop member Futura Cargo provides reliable<br />

road transport within the EU and also<br />

reaches countries such as Norway, Serbia<br />

and Macedonia. As Futura Cargo transports<br />

for major European household appliance<br />

manufacturers, FMCG companies and metal<br />

groups, maintaining high quality standards,<br />

punctuality and flexibility is its daily bread.<br />

When the company started working with CO³<br />

SP. z o.o. in June last year, it wanted to increase<br />

the transparency of its own supply chain. They<br />

knew that this could not be achieved without<br />

the involvement of regular subcontractors. A<br />

very important aspect of the cooperation was<br />

the easy implementation process of the carriers<br />

and the integration of the fleet into the<br />

CO³ platform. Every subcontractor deployed<br />

on the CO³ platform has access to it and can<br />

check at any time which of their vehicles are<br />

visible and available to Futura Cargo. The customer<br />

(Futura Cargo) can check where the vehicle<br />

is at any time and pass this information<br />

on to its client. In this way, the company can<br />

control the transport turnaround times, react<br />

quickly in case of problems and take proactive<br />

action in case of deviations.<br />

In October 2020, one of the main service recipients<br />

forced Futura Cargo to work with a<br />

platform that offers real-time fleet monitoring<br />

services. However, Futura Cargo did not want<br />

to force its subcontractors to switch to another<br />

platform, which could have affected transport<br />

turnaround times. CO³ as the system integration<br />

provider had realised the solution<br />

for Futura Cargo within two weeks.<br />

Voices on the successful implementation:<br />

Michał Podgórski, General Manager at Futura<br />

Cargo: „With CO³, real-time monitoring of our<br />

customers‘ orders is now a reality, supporting<br />

our internal transparency processes and minimising<br />

the time spent in contact with drivers.<br />

The partnership with CO³ supports our ambition<br />

to provide the best quality service.“<br />

Agnieszka Nikiel, Head of Operations at CO³:<br />

„By working with informed customers like Futura<br />

Cargo and their subcontractors, we can<br />

improve the quality of our processes and become<br />

even more efficient in customer care and<br />

service delivery.“<br />

Mr. Wolfgang Neuhaus will be happy to answer<br />

any questions you may have.<br />

Clean air - added value for your logistics<br />

company<br />

Zehnder Group Deutschland GmbH Clean<br />

Air Solutions, part of the international Zehnder<br />

Group, is a leading provider of industrial<br />

air purification. The company has made it its<br />

business to effectively protect its customers‘<br />

employees, products and machines from dust<br />

and other pollutants.<br />

Particularly relevant at the present time is Virus<br />

Shield, an air purification solution that filters<br />

over 99.995 % of all viruses from the air.<br />

A major challenge is the high volume of particles<br />

in halls, which arises, for example, due to<br />

floor abrasion from forklifts, soot input from<br />

trucks or dust from pallet movements and<br />

handling of cardboard boxes. These particles<br />

not only endanger employee health, but also<br />

impair the quality of the goods, lead to considerable<br />

cleaning and maintenance effort for<br />

the technology - and thus to increased costs.<br />

Success at GILOG Gesellschaft für innovative<br />

Logistik mbH.<br />

This is precisely where the air cleaners from<br />

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions come in. They<br />

capture dust at the source and decisively reduce<br />

the particle concentration. The consequences:<br />

Logistics companies benefit from a<br />

much healthier working environment, less expenditure<br />

on cleaning, maintenance and processing<br />

complaints, for example, as well as a<br />

better corporate image.<br />

One of the latest logistics projects was realised,<br />

for example, at GILOG | Gesellschaft für<br />

innovative Logistik mbH, which specialises in<br />

high-quality services for demanding industries<br />

such as healthcare and electronics. By<br />

installing highly effective air purifiers, the particle<br />

concentration in the relevant areas was<br />

reduced by 85 %.<br />

The GILOG team now benefits from a much<br />

healthier working environment.<br />

Frank Oehlschläger, founder and managing<br />

director of the company:<br />

„I got a lot of positive feedback: The air is noticeably<br />

better, you can breathe easier, your<br />

nose is no longer so dry and you have to drink<br />

less.“.<br />

In addition, the cleaning effort was reduced -<br />

in other words, positive results on all levels.<br />

Would you like to learn more about the advantages<br />

of clean air for your company?<br />

Then please feel free to contact Mr. Wolfgang<br />

Neuhaus.<br />


Shared Services<br />


Relaunch 2021<br />

Restructuring and redesign of the LogCoop homepage.<br />

• Integration of storage solutions<br />

• Multilingual<br />

• D / EN / FR / ESP<br />

• Subject-related shipper orientation<br />

• Interactive location map with filter functions<br />

• Topic-related landing pages with advertising<br />

• budgets for Google<br />

• subject-related enquiry forms per landing page<br />

• blog posts<br />

• linking with social media channels<br />

• SEO/SEA optimisation<br />

In summer 2021, we carried out a complete<br />

relaunch of our website.<br />

Since then, the number of visitors has been<br />

growing steadily and with it the number<br />

of enquiries.<br />

To ensure this, the website requires continuous<br />

maintenance and further development.<br />

Our website is now quadrilingual.<br />

In addition to German, English and Spanish,<br />

it is now also available in French!<br />

Our new website is clearly oriented, with all its<br />

components, towards addressing shippers and<br />

thus winning customers. The previous website<br />

of the warehouse network was integrated into<br />

the LogCoop website in order to present the<br />

entire product range to the outside world in a<br />

uniform manner.<br />

A large number of landing pages were implemented<br />

for both the warehouse and transport<br />

solutions. The content specifically addresses<br />

shippers from industry and trade and complies<br />

with all Google guidelines in order to constantly<br />

improve our ranking and increase our reach.<br />

Furthermore, each landing page will be advertised<br />

separately in the future via different online<br />

channels, through targeted campaigns.<br />

The further development of the website is an<br />

ongoing process. In addition to regular SEO<br />

and SEA adjustments, we always provide new<br />

content.<br />

The latest project is the landing page „Warehouse<br />

Solutions Southeast Asia and China“.<br />

The page specifically addresses distributors<br />

and companies from these regions who are<br />

looking for comprehensive logistics solutions<br />

for their goods shipments to Europe and (interim)<br />

storage.<br />

If you miss a special topic on our website, please<br />

let us know. We are always happy to receive<br />

suggestions and exchange ideas with you!<br />

team-marketing@logcoop.de<br />

In order to highlight the services of each Log-<br />

Coop member even more clearly, we have developed<br />

a new, interactive location map that<br />

offers a wide variety of filter functions and the<br />

possibility to contact them immediately. The<br />

industry-related landing pages additionally offer<br />

already pre-filtered maps that immediately<br />

show the possible partners. These location<br />

data are also based on your entries in the Log-<br />

Coop intranet!<br />

Take a look at www.logcoop.de and send us<br />

your feedback.<br />




Image & Member videos<br />


482 CALLS<br />

More and more companies are discovering<br />

video marketing for themselves. If you<br />

want to get a lot of attention and reach on<br />

the internet and expand your online marketing,<br />

you can no longer get around videos.<br />

Videos offer many advantages over text and<br />

image-based web content. Moving images receive<br />

significantly more attention than texts,<br />

pictures or graphics and information can be<br />

conveyed more easily.<br />

For some months now, we have been creating<br />

a free introductory video for every LogCoop<br />

member company. In this video, the key facts<br />

of the company are visually presented in different<br />

categories. For this purpose, a LogCoop<br />

template was developed, which can be individually<br />

filled with texts, pictures or video sequences<br />

from your company. You can choose<br />

from three different background music.<br />

We market the videos via the LogCoop social<br />

media channels as well as via YouTube / Google<br />

and make them available to you, of course also<br />

for your own use.<br />

So far, our published member videos, which<br />

we have compiled in a YouTube playlist, have<br />

achieved 1,372 views! Use this opportunity to<br />

present your company on the Internet.<br />

The effort for you is very low, as you only have<br />

to provide us with information and image material.<br />

A checklist with information on the required<br />

files and three music examples for the creation<br />

of a video can be found on the LogCoop intranet.<br />

For further questions, please contact<br />

Mr Terzakis: alexander.terzakis@logcoop.de<br />

300 CALLS<br />

->> Own Youtube channel with ~ 300 views per month<br />

->> Promotion via social media channels<br />

->> Google connection<br />

->> Own use<br />

231 CALLS<br />


Already<br />

knew?<br />

We make your voice heard,<br />

via the LogCoop newsletter<br />

Since 2020, we have been sending out our<br />

LogCoop News 2-3 times a month to all members<br />

and contacts. Here you can find out all<br />

the news about our<br />

cooperation - current projects, event reports,<br />

member development, purchasing news, upcoming<br />

dates, and much more. - we keep you<br />

up to date.<br />

!<br />

Recipients are all contacts stored in the Log-<br />

Coop intranet, provided the newsletter has<br />

not been cancelled. The newsletter is sent via<br />

the address: news@logcoop.de.<br />

If you do not receive our newsletter, please<br />

check your spam folder. If you have any questions<br />

or problems, please contact us.<br />

Under the heading „Pinboard - from member to member“ you have the opportunity to<br />

place your topics. Current news and information for fellow members are welcome here.<br />

Send us your topics to: news@logcoop.de<br />

We support you in your search for qualified<br />

personnel<br />

Every LogCoop member receives three free<br />

premium ad placements per half year, for<br />

one month each, on the central and largest<br />

job portal of the logistics industry:<br />

www.logjobs.de.<br />

If you have job advertisements on your company<br />

website, these are automatically imported<br />

as standard advertisements via an interface.<br />

We market your<br />

warehouse locations* online<br />

At LOGjobs.de you can reach over 200 jobseeking<br />

specialists and managers every day.<br />

Whether academic, commercial or industrial<br />

vacancies, all sub-sectors of the transport,<br />

contracting, distribution and intralogistics industry<br />

are represented on LOGjobs.de.<br />

!Value per ad placement:<br />

199,00€ / month<br />

LogCoop members save:<br />

597,00 € / year<br />

We create your marketing video<br />

More and more companies are discovering video<br />

marketing for themselves. If you want to<br />

get a lot of attention and reach on the web and<br />

expand your online marketing, you can no longer<br />

do without videos. Videos offer many advantages<br />

over text and image-based web content.<br />

Moving images receive significantly more<br />

attention than texts, pictures or graphics and<br />

information can be transported more easily.<br />

For this purpose, a LogCoop template was developed,<br />

which can be individually filled with<br />

texts, images or even video sequences from<br />

your company. We have already presented the<br />

first member video at our digital general meeting.<br />

You can watch the video of WLS Spedition<br />

GmbH here: https://youtu.be/UE2gS_ldv4Q<br />

62<br />

!<br />

Starting<br />

next year, we will create a<br />

free video for every LogCoop member<br />

company, upon request.<br />

If you are interested, please contact<br />

Mr Terzakis.<br />

alexander.terzakis@logcoop.de<br />

We market the videos via the LogCoop social<br />

media channels as well as via YouTube / Google<br />

and make them available to you, of course<br />

also for your own use.<br />

We are pleased that the videos are so well received<br />

and are already planning the first productions.<br />

Value per advertisement:<br />

99,00€ / month / Term 1 year<br />

LogCoop<br />

Warehouse Network<br />

Members save: 1.188,00€ / year<br />

!<br />

The warehouse locations of LogCoop warehouse<br />

network members* are published free<br />

of charge on the<br />

largest portal for storage space and contract<br />

logistics, www.lagerflaeche.de. Marketing<br />

takes place via the account of LogCoop Lagernetzwerk<br />

GmbH & Co. KG, which significantly<br />

increases the reach and saves you the administrative<br />

effort.<br />

In addition, the individual economic regions<br />

with the respective warehouse locations are<br />

marketed via separate landing pages and advertised<br />

via Google. Goal: Increase awareness<br />

of the member location and acquire warehouse<br />

logistics enquiries.<br />

By specialising in the B2B sector and logistics,<br />

LAGERflaeche.de is an<br />

attractive service and advertising platform for<br />

all producers, dealers, service providers and<br />

warehouse owners who are active in warehouse<br />

logistics. As a service platform for warehouse<br />

logistics, the benefit consists in the targeted<br />

and extremely efficient<br />

efficient marketing and search of logistics services,<br />

logistics real estate (warehouses, production<br />

halls, storage areas, etc.), as well as<br />

commercial properties, guaranteed by a specialised<br />

user group. More than 2,900 customers<br />

now rely on the online portal, which has<br />

been established on the market since 2001<br />

and records more than 80,000 visitors per<br />

year.<br />

!<br />

LogCoop<br />

Lagernetzwerk GmbH & Co.<br />

KG currently uses ~€3,500 per month<br />

as its Google budget.

Shared Services<br />


Recruiting skilled workers and<br />

Recruitment<br />

through LogCoop Partner<br />

The shortage of skilled workers is increasing and this problem is also becoming more and more noticeable<br />

in logistics. We would like to help you as a member in many ways and support you in the<br />

long term with recruitment and personnel development. In LogCoop‘s regional and working groups,<br />

as well as in many bilateral discussions, it became clear that not only staff recruitment, but also staff<br />

development in one‘s own company is a hot topic.<br />

For this reason, the special newsletter „Personnel“ will be published at regular intervals, which will<br />

also include the offer of personnel training with the LogCoop Academy.<br />

At the last general meeting, it emerged from<br />

the discussions that the publication of current<br />

information on the topic of labour law is important<br />

for many of our members.<br />

Starting with the next issue of our special newsletter<br />

„Personal“, our in-house lawyer Mr Edelman<br />

from the law firm Schönlau Edelmann<br />

Rechtsanwälte PartG will prepare current topics<br />

from the field of labour law for you.<br />

We would also like to announce that a new Log-<br />

Coop working group „Personnel“ is being planned.<br />

This working group will address all HR managers<br />

in our LogCoop network, in particular managing<br />

directors, HR managers, HR officers and<br />

HR administrators.<br />

The working group is chaired by Ms. Jasminka<br />

Culic, who is also a member of the working<br />

group.<br />

The working group will be chaired by Ms Jasminka<br />

Culic.<br />

You can already register for the working<br />

group with Ms Culic by e-mail. Please<br />

use the following e-mail address:<br />

jasminka.culic@logcoop.de<br />

More information will follow shortly.<br />

Wir werden in regelmäßigen Abständen über<br />

aktuelle Themen aus dem Personalwesen und<br />


Recruitment of skilled workers and<br />

employees through LogCoop Partner<br />

Shared Services<br />

Your contact person for personnel issues:<br />

Jasminka Culic, Business Administration Graduate<br />

(FH)<br />

LOGjobs.de - The logistics job portal<br />

The largest job market for the logistics industry<br />

with over 60,000 jobs.<br />

Ms Culic studied economics at the FOM University<br />

of Applied Sciences in Essen, specialising in<br />

human resources, marketing, sales, labour and<br />

corporate law. She has many years of experience<br />

as a personnel manager in various companies in<br />

the logistics, health and personnel services sectors.<br />

As a branch manager at well-known personnel<br />

service providers in the logistics sector and a<br />

cross-sector personnel consultant with a focus<br />

on recruiting and personnel development, she is<br />

well versed in the challenges of modern personnel<br />

recruiting and employee retention.<br />

Ms. Culic has been supporting LogCoop GmbH<br />

since September 2021. As HR manager, she<br />

contributes with her experience and professional<br />

competence to the continuous expansion of<br />

LogCoop‘s offer for our members in the field of<br />

personnel recruitment and personnel development.<br />

You can reach Ms Culic at the e-mail<br />

jasminka.culic@logcoop.de or by telephone at<br />

+49 211 976334-73; Mobile: +49 171 44 090<br />

58.<br />

With LOGjobs Premium Multichannel Job Ads<br />

you can quickly and cost-effectively speak to<br />

qualified operational personnel for the transport<br />

and logistics sector.<br />

The LOGjobs job advertisements are particularly<br />

suitable for efficient searches for truck<br />

drivers, forklift drivers, dispatchers and warehouse<br />

staff.<br />

If required, our competent specialist staff will<br />

support you in the formulation and creation<br />

of the job advertisements and optimise your<br />

advertisements before publication.<br />

As a LogCoop member you benefit from particularly<br />

good price conditions.<br />

The special feature of the job portal is its specialisation<br />

in the logistics sector with all its subsectors<br />

such as transport, contract, intra- and<br />

distribution logistics.<br />

LOGjobs.de‘s offer is specifically aimed at specialists,<br />

managers and junior staff who are<br />

needed for the smooth running of logistics.<br />

The specialised job portal brings a high quality<br />

of contact with a targeted approach. In addition<br />

to standard ad placement on LOGjobs.<br />

de, LogCoop members are also offered multichannel<br />

posting. Meta search engines, job<br />

robots, etc. bring a broad distribution. Multichannel<br />

posting combines high contact quality<br />

with maximum reach and enables a high application<br />

rate at minimum cost.<br />

You can find more information about your advertising<br />

opportunities online at https://jobs.<br />

logjobs.de/stellenanzeigen-schalten or call<br />

+49 (0) 211-976 334-70 or send an e-mail:<br />

info@logjobs.de<br />


Shared Services<br />

Recruiting skilled workers<br />

and employees through<br />

LogCoop Partner<br />

As a member of LogCoop you have the opportunity<br />

to place job advertisements at<br />

particularly favourable conditions via the<br />

framework agreement partner mobileJobs<br />

GmbH.<br />

A corresponding contingent is available to you<br />

for this purpose, which can be accessed at any<br />

time. You also have the option of using the socalled<br />

Hiring Centre.<br />

This user-friendly platform enables you to find<br />

suitable applicants for your vacancies. You can<br />

create job advertisements yourself and publish<br />

them immediately. It is also possible to<br />

post the ad at a later date.<br />

The ads are then placed in a targeted manner<br />

in social networks, on various channels and on<br />

job boards. If required, you can also duplicate<br />

your already published job ads with just a few<br />

clicks and again quickly take them live.<br />

We are pleased that you can find applicants<br />

easily and quickly with mobileJobs.<br />

If you have any questions or comments on this<br />

topic, a competent team will be happy to help<br />

you via chat in the Hiring Centre, by phone at<br />

+49 30 314 990 04 or by e-mail at service@<br />

mobileJob.com.<br />

The framework contract partner Tempo-<br />

Team, a subsidiary of the Randstad Group,<br />

works innovatively and pragmatically.<br />

The company sees itself as a small, flexible<br />

speedboat: thanks to the flat hierarchies, it can<br />

act quickly and in line with requirements. Furthermore,<br />

in addition to the know-how gained<br />

from over 40 years of market experience, the<br />

whole heart and soul is invested in order to<br />

achieve recruitment goals quickly and reliably.<br />

Especially for medium-sized companies, Tempo-Team<br />

is a reliable TOP personnel service<br />

provider with a comprehensive service that<br />

goes far beyond the provision and placement<br />

of personnel. A comprehensive spectrum is covered<br />

within the scope of personnel services.<br />

work4people Sp.z o.o. is a Polish employment<br />

agency that places temporary workers<br />

with logistics companies operating in<br />

Germany.<br />

The focus is on the placement of forklift drivers<br />

and warehouse staff. Most of the workers have<br />

Polish citizenship.<br />

Work4People works on the basis of a temporary<br />

employment permit issued by the German<br />

Federal Employment Agency. Only qualified<br />

employees with experience are placed, which<br />

guarantees low personnel costs. In addition,<br />

the staff are flexible and ready to work.<br />

Contact: Edyta Gidaszewska, by telephone<br />

at +49 151 64550 640 or at e.gidaszewska@<br />

work4people.eu<br />

Contact: Jenny Langhoff, by telephone at +49<br />

152 545 081 15 or by e-mail at jenny.langhoff@<br />

de.tempo-team.com<br />


Shared Services<br />

Recruiting skilled workers<br />

and employees through<br />

LogCoop Partner<br />

Personal placement of qualified specialist<br />

personnel for the areas of management,<br />

administration and scheduling.<br />

Our framework contract partner PERSONA-<br />

LISTEN has specialised in the placement of<br />

top professional staff for years. As a LogCoop<br />

member you benefit from particularly good<br />

placement conditions.<br />

With our new framework agreement partner<br />

personalisten GmbH, we are working together<br />

to achieve our goal: to bring professionals and<br />

companies together in a perfect fit. This has<br />

been the mission of PERSONALISTEN for over<br />

15 years.<br />

The drive of the personnel experts based in<br />

Düsseldorf and Münster is to write success<br />

stories with both companies and candidates.<br />

Every search is a story with a potential happy<br />

ending. Only those who win top specialists also<br />

win in competition. And only flexibility creates<br />

the basis for acting in line with the market. But<br />

how do you reconcile the resource-intensive<br />

search for specialists with economic efficiency<br />

and flexibility?<br />

This is where the Personalist Principle comes<br />

in: it combines the highest level of recruiting<br />

competence for specialists and managers with<br />

extremely flexible framework conditions. Combining<br />

the professional and personal competences<br />

of candidates with the requirements<br />

and wishes of the companies individually and<br />

precisely.<br />

You can rely on PERSONALISTEN because<br />

commitment, transparency and passion are<br />

just some of the company‘s lived values. Correctness<br />

always takes precedence over speed:<br />

What does not fit is not simply made to fit. The<br />

PERSONALISTS find the perfect match with patience<br />

and precision - game, set and match!<br />

Contact: Thomas Frieg, by phone at +49 251<br />

21097970 or by e-mail at t.frieg@personalisten.com<br />

Personal placement of qualified professional<br />

drivers with the help of state-of-the-art<br />

recruiting strategies.<br />

Our framework contract partner TRUCKHERO<br />

has specialised in the placement of professional<br />

drivers for years.<br />

We only place drivers in permanent employment<br />

- no temporary work. TRUCKHERO will<br />

be happy to take over the search for suitable<br />

applicants for you and select them explicitly<br />

according to your criteria - you will only receive<br />

applications that fit your position(s) and thus<br />

save time and money. TRUCKHERO takes care<br />

of advertising the vacancies and making contact.<br />

What does TRUCKHERO do in concrete terms?<br />

TRUCKHERO advertises your job on all relevant<br />

channels - including its own. You create<br />

marketing measures in favour of your company<br />

and place an ad campaign that specifically<br />

addresses your target group. TRUCKHERO<br />

then selects the best candidates, including its<br />

own database of more than 10,000 drivers.<br />

The experts at TRUCKHERO then conduct indepth<br />

interviews with all applicants.<br />

The candidates are specially prepared for<br />

your position and TRUCKHERO then places<br />

them directly with the relevant contact person<br />

in your company. Since the entire application<br />

process is taken over, all that remains for you<br />

is a brief meeting and - if desired - the signing<br />

of the contract. TRUCHHERO takes care of the<br />

selection and contacting of applicants for you.<br />

Contact: Sonja Badekow, by phone at +49 152<br />

537 272 14 or by e-mail at badekow@truckhero.de<br />


Shared Services<br />

Recruiting skilled workers<br />

and employees through<br />

LogCoop Partner<br />

SVG supports you with 15 locations nationwide<br />

around the following topics: Training and<br />

further education, HGV driving licence, BKF<br />

modules, e-learning, fuel cards, tolls, insurance,<br />

occupational safety, hazardous goods,<br />

HGV route planner, turn-off assistant, subsidies,<br />

cyber security, VAT reimbursement and<br />

general business advice.<br />

As a LogCoop member you will receive 20%<br />

off the current price when booking with<br />

discount code: LOGCOOP4SVG20%<br />

The new framework agreement partner SVG-<br />

Akademie GmbH is your specialist for digital<br />

employee training, online driver training or<br />

interactive cyber security awareness training.<br />

We combine the experience and know-how of<br />

the nationwide network of all road transport<br />

cooperatives.<br />

With our online-based training and instruction<br />

solutions, you fulfil your legal obligation to instruct,<br />

train your employees and professional<br />

drivers with practical e-learning, sensitise your<br />

employees to cyber attacks and motivate employees<br />

to behave responsibly and in accordance<br />

with the rules.<br />

In our product portfolio, we offer driver instruction,<br />

safety instruction, employee training<br />

Ihr Ansprechpartner bei SVG-Akademie GmbH:<br />

Gerald Hartwig, Leiter Operatives Geschäft<br />

Tel.: +49 711 4019 230; Mobil: +49 160 989 08<br />

424; E-Mail: g.hartwig@svg-akademie.de<br />

and e-learning in the following areas:<br />

• Occupational safety (occupational safety,<br />

fire protection, first aid, visual display<br />

workplaces)<br />

• Driver training in 9 languages<br />

(driving times and rest periods, digital<br />

control digital control device, load securing,<br />

departure control)<br />

• Cybersecurity<br />

• Dangerous goods training<br />

• IT and compliance<br />

Test our offer now with a 30-day free DEMO<br />

access or arrange an expert appointment.<br />

SBS offers practical seminars tailored to<br />

your company on the operation of digital<br />

tachographs, social regulations and other<br />

issues relating to freight and passenger<br />

transport.<br />

Special seminars for fleet managers<br />

Learn about your obligations as well as solutions<br />

in an exciting combination of theory and<br />

practice. Avoid fines and the withdrawal of your<br />

licence by acquiring sound knowledge.<br />

Olaf Horwarth, speaker and owner of SBS<br />

Fleet-Competence, is an official member of<br />

the EU Tachograph Forum and active in other<br />

EU Commission working groups. In addition,<br />

he also trains control authorities such as the<br />

police and trade inspectorates / offices for<br />

occupational health and safety in Germany.<br />

Furthermore, every statement in the seminar<br />

is supported by original legal texts, myths are<br />

refuted in the same way. Only believe what you<br />

see for yourself!<br />

The advertisements are then targeted in the<br />

social networks, on various channels and on<br />

job boards. If necessary, you can also duplicate<br />

your already published job ads with just a few<br />

clicks and again quickly take them live.<br />

How to avoid fines<br />

Up to 100 real training devices of all types,<br />

versions and generations and more than 800<br />

training cards (driver, company, workshop and<br />

control cards) are available in the special seminars,<br />

which are unique in Germany. After all, it<br />

is precisely those responsible in the company<br />

who need to know the ins and outs of using<br />

and dealing with company cards!<br />

And importantly: only at our seminars is it possible<br />

to test the functions and behaviour of<br />

all tachographs on the market. Including live<br />

demo ITS and DSRC.<br />

Details and dates can be found here:<br />

https://unternehmer.sbs-info.de/<br />

SBS also offers trainer seminars for trainers.<br />

Mr. Olaf Horwarth will be happy to assist you<br />

by telephone at +49- (0)7553 / 2 19 40 04 or<br />

via e-mail: post@sbs-info.de.<br />


Shared Services<br />


Transport 4.0<br />

Extension via plug-in from Trans.eu<br />

Another milestone in networking has been created: The platform operator Trans.eu has<br />

implemented a cooperation platform for us to exchange cargo.<br />

The „LogCoop Digital Platform“ networks all members directly in a digital environment and<br />

offers the possibility to easily place transport orders among each other in private groups.<br />

In addition, you can network with the approximately 25,000 verified carriers on the Trans.<br />

eu platform.<br />

At our General Assembly in November, the platform was already presented by Mr Gawel<br />

from Trans.eu. Those who missed it will find the most important information again below.<br />

The implementation has already been completed and the platform can be used since the<br />

beginning of <strong>2022</strong> at special framework agreement conditions.<br />

Carrier Management & Sourcing<br />

To meet the increasing challenges in the transport<br />

market, the Trans.eu platform enables<br />

digital transport management with access to<br />

one of the largest transport networks in Europe.<br />

With the help of the automated carrier<br />

search, you can expand your network and<br />

intensify the relationships with your transport<br />

service providers. For this purpose, up to<br />

250,000 cargo and vehicle offers published by<br />

potential transport partners are available on<br />

the logistics platform every day.<br />


Freight carrier database<br />

In our database with over 25,000 European<br />

carriers, you will quickly find the suitable cooperation<br />

partner with the right fleet and free<br />

capacities for your transport planning. In our<br />

database with over 25,000 European carriers,<br />

you can quickly find the suitable cooperation<br />

partner with the right fleet and free capacities<br />

for your transport planning.<br />

All transport companies on the platform have<br />

been checked and verified by Trans.eu according<br />

to strict criteria. Carriers with particularly<br />

high standards also receive special Trans.eu<br />

certificates, which can be viewed on the platform<br />

together with all ratings and references<br />

for the respective carriers.<br />

Freight exchange - private or public - across<br />

branches<br />

At the heart of the Trans.eu platform is the public<br />

freight exchange.<br />

It offers access to a network of 25,000 verified<br />

carriers throughout Europe and as far as Eurasia.<br />

If the client prohibits publication on public<br />

freight exchanges, you can use Trans.eu‘s latest<br />

tool. Thanks to Private Spot, you can now<br />

also create your own private freight exchange<br />

and thus send freight offers exclusively to preferred<br />

transport partners.<br />

Get an overview of the current prices on<br />

your route. Our smart pricing algorithm calculates<br />

a benchmark for current transport<br />

orders from the freight rates of completed<br />

transactions. This enables you to calculate<br />

costs better and faster and gives you an advantage<br />

in price negotiations with business<br />

partners.<br />

Reporting<br />

Our reporting provides you with a sound<br />

data basis for cost calculations and process<br />

optimisations. For example, clear benchmark<br />

graphics compare your freight prices<br />

with the current market prices and give you<br />

a real-time indication of the development of<br />

margins and your own service level.<br />

In addition, particularly profitable routes or<br />

preferred carriers can be identified thanks<br />

to an overview of all freight and routes.<br />

The data obtained in this way is an important<br />

strategic basis for increasing your own<br />

productivity and expanding your carrier network.<br />

When onboarding these carriers to your closed<br />

group, Trans.eu assists you with an effective<br />

support programme. For larger companies,<br />

cross-branch access to the common carrier<br />

pool is also available (Corporate Spot).<br />

for freight allocation that are currently unique<br />

in this form on the European transport market.<br />

Smart & Fair<br />

In the closed group - whether private or interbranch<br />

- carriers can confirm loads within a<br />

very short time directly on the platform or via<br />

the Loads2go app.<br />

Publication on the public freight exchange is<br />

only optional. Private and Corporate Spot thus<br />

represent faster and more secure solutions<br />


Messenger<br />

With the live messenger on the Trans.eu<br />

platform, everything from price negotiation<br />

to transport award is in one communication<br />

flow. You can communicate, negotiate and<br />

place orders with your transport companies in<br />

real time to speed up the transport allocation<br />

process. The conversation processes are then<br />

archived. This means that you can refer to the<br />

documentation at any time in the event of any<br />

clarifications.<br />

Connection to your TMS<br />

No separate software is required for the Trans.<br />

eu platform. Using an API interface, the cloudbased<br />

solution can be integrated into your<br />

existing TMS system. This gives you access to<br />

all Transport 4.0 functions - directly from the<br />

TMS!<br />

At the same time, the direct data transfer enables<br />

significant error minimisation and time<br />

savings in transport allocation.<br />

About Trans.eu<br />

Trans.eu is a digital logistics platform for truck<br />

transport, connecting over 40,000 users from<br />

Europe to Eurasia. As a cloud-based Freight-<br />

Tech solution, it offers an entire ecosystem<br />

of data-driven businesses that seamlessly<br />

communicate with each other and use digitised<br />

work processes for transport. With comprehensive<br />

features for carrier and transport<br />

management, AI-supported freight purchasing<br />

as well as live messenger functions, Trans.eu<br />

supports. supports forwarders in Transport<br />

4.0!<br />

Do you still have questions or would you like to<br />

contact Trans.eu directly?<br />

Trans.eu GmbH<br />

Tel.: +49 (0) 30 577 141 210<br />

Fax. +49 (0) 180 555 12 26<br />

info.de@trans.eu<br />

transport logistic<br />

International Trade Fair for Logistics, Mobility,<br />

IT and Supply Chain Management<br />

9-12 May 2023 | Trade Fair Center Messe<br />

München<br />

LogCoop will again be represented at next<br />

year‘s transport logistic with a stand of the<br />

LogCoop Warehouse Network and we are<br />

already looking forward to many interested<br />

parties, potential customers, business partners<br />

and friends of our cooperation.<br />

You can find the registration form on the<br />

LogCoop intranet. If you have any questions,<br />

please contact team-marketing@logcoop.de.<br />

In consultation with the advisory board and<br />

the shareholders of LogCoop, the following<br />

marketing fee was determined:<br />

Participation fee for LogCoop members:<br />

1.000,00€<br />

Participation fee for LogCoop warehouse network<br />

members: € 500.00<br />

LogCoop Genaral members<br />

meeting<br />

The next LogCoop General members meeting<br />

will take place on 21 November <strong>2022</strong><br />

at the Van der Valk Airporthotel Düsseldorf.<br />

Look forward to exciting lectures, workshops,<br />

presentations and time for networking.<br />

Of course, our traditional get-together will<br />

also take place again the evening before.<br />

The members of the portable forklift network<br />

will meet on 22.11.<strong>2022</strong>.<br />

Further information on the event and the registration<br />

form can be found on the LogCoop<br />

intranet. If you have any questions, please<br />

contact team-marketing@logcoop.de.<br />

Make a note of the next Assembly on 19 and<br />

20 June 2023.<br />

The respective fee applies as a lump sum for<br />

the participation of 2 persons, on four days.<br />


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