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And although early on in our

relationship, I'm going to say we had

been married maybe five years. And he

had too much to drink one day, and...

We were having a party at our house,

and they- he and a friend were

riding his motorcycle around the

neighborhood because we lived in a

neighborhood that was way way out in

the country.

Mhm. Where?

Uhh... Outside of Denver.


And, uh, he and a friend, kinda, he

was driving the motorcycle when they

were way too intoxicated and they

wrecked the motorcycle. And they

didn’t really hurt themselves like,

banged up or something like that , it

was no big deal. They weren’t even

going fast, they just didn’t have enough

motor control at that point.


And I remember sitting him down and

having the conversation of, “I don’t

want to be married, I don’t want to be

watching kill yourself! You can’t drink

and ride your motorcycle.

Whatever it is, you need to talk it out,”

and he started crying, and it’s about

his relationship with his mom and

his mom being over-controlling and

him never learning how to make good



And so, he started going for therapy.

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