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And.. nobody could do that for him,

he was the one who had to finally

decide to do it, and I’m very happy

that he did it because the therapist told


Yeah. Hm.

As far as that goes, ever since he went

to the rehab, once a year he would say

to me, “Well you know, everybody who

goes to rehab gets a divorce.”

So he had mentioned that about once a

year for a while. It just didn’t-

I tried to get him to go to couple’s

therapy and he refused...

He just went off on his own of, “I’m

an alcoholic.” He was-

before he went to rehab he was always

very angry with me that I wouldn’t

drink with him.


And I remember at one point, early

on in the therapy around 1990, the

therapist said something to me about

just because Mike drinks doesn’t make

him an alcoholic like your parents.

Oh. Really?

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