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Because... I didn’t trust him to be Mhm. safe.


But once he went to rehab, it made it

more front and center because now

he would acknowledge it so then it was

acceptable for me to also acknowledge

it to other people.

Yeah? Like before he wouldn’t want you

to say anything about it or something

like that? Or like you wouldn’t want to say

anything about it?

Well whenever I would say something

about it he would tell me I didn’t know

what I was talking about.

Oh yeah, like he was in denial.

Right. Oh.

Therefore, forcing that denial in my

face all the time and not acknowledging

the fact that...

He went to counseling before that

because I said I would leave if he

didn’t go for counseling. I didn’t want

to watch him spiral down and I just

didn’t want to watch him kill himself. Yeah.

That makes sense.

Yeah. In the end, I had no ability to

have an impact on that.

Yeah like you can’t save him if he doesn’t

want to get better.

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