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And I step back and look at it and

say Michael led a really charmed

life because... Yeah? he never got himself

caught? Whereas Kyle got himself

Mhm. caught.

And... that’s been really painful for me

to watch and step back and say they’ve

gotta handle, they’ve got to deal with

their own...

demons as it were with alcohol and


Yeah, I mean- hm. I guess, I’m no

psychologist but I always just like wonder

where that comes from? I guess?

Because it’s like whether or not it’s the

environmental factor or like, uh, like I

mean nature-versus-nurture sort of thing.

I think with a lot of that stuff it’s both?

Yeah, that would make sense.

Uhm... Kyle gets it double because my

family also has alcoholic tendencies

and mental health issues and stuff like

that. Your dad’s family, his aunts and

uncles had issues with that.

And so, one of the things about the

addictive personality, and I’ll admit that I

have some addictive personality things,


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