Home Textile Exports September 2022

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a center of


Turkey is taking firm steps towards becoming a center of attraction

far greater than ever before in its history. While the developed

countries are on the threshold of the second greatest economic

depression after the Second World War, and that this process has

been followed by social and political crises, Turkey is in a good

position within this grave global outlook with its production, exportation

and employment.

Home Textile Exports

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H.Ferruh ISIK

ISTMAG Magazin Gazetecilik

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Assoc. Prof. Mehmet Ali OZBUDUN



Milou KET


Dr. Rolf ARORA


Amid global wars and pandemic, the country has determined to

become a hub of design, production, logistics and qualified labor

force of not only its region but the entire world. Its exports are

increasing fast, the start-up companies are emerging, all industry

branches are developing paving the way for more investments for

foreign and Turkish investors.

Exports soared by 28.7%

Turkey’s success in exports in 2021 continued in the 7 months of

2022. The country achieved the highest monthly export value in the

7th month, as it did in the first 6 months of 2022. Turkey continued

its track of records by making 7 out of 7. In the first 7 months of

the year, Turkey’s total exports amounted to 144.4 billion dollars.

In July, the foreign trade volume soared by 28.7 percent compared

to the previous year and reached 47.7 billion dollars. This value is

the highest export figure for the month of July ever measured. The

imports in July amounted to 29.1 billion dollars.’

The home textile exporters are also doing well regarding developing

exclusive designs, innovative products and using effective marketing

tools. We wish them all success in their endeavors.




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Textiles Matter:

Heimtextil Trends 23/24

define the future of home

and contract textiles

The Heimtextil Trend Preview 23/24 presented future-oriented design concepts and

inspiration for the textile furnishing sector. Under the motto ‘Textiles Matter’, Heimtextil

2023 sets the benchmark for tomorrow’s forward-facing and sustainable textile furnishing.

Hence, the focus is on circularity. From the Flemings Hotel Riverside Frankfurt, Marta

Giralt Dunjó of futures research agency FranklinTill (Great Britain) presented the design

prognoses for 23/24. At the coming Heimtextil in Frankfurt am Main from 10 to 13

January 2023, the presentations of progressive new products will generate stimulating

impulses in the Trend Space.


he Heimtextil Trends are a must for international

visitors. Based on concentrated

analyses and expert knowledge, the

Heimtextil Trend Council – consisting of

FranklinTill Studio (London), Stijlinstituut Amsterdam and

Denmark’s SPOTT Trends & Business agency – offers insights

into the future of the national and international market.

The focus is more than ever before on sustainability

and the circular economy, the main factors in setting the

trends for the season 23/24. “We are delighted to offer a

foretaste of and a guide to tomorrow’s textile furnishings

at our Heimtextil Trend Preview 23/24, which reveals opportunities

and solutions for the sector on its way into a

sustainable future”, reported Olaf Schmidt, Vice President

Textiles & Textile Technologies at Messe Frankfurt.

September 2022




Textiles Matter / Photography by Pim Top for FranklinTill

Textiles Matter: bear responsibility

Textiles are an integral part of modern life. The material

applications and the manufacturing processes are no less

multifarious than user expectations. And this represents a

great challenge for the international textile industry, which

obtains its raw materials from a broad spectrum of sources

and uses numerous processes to make a huge variety

of products. This offers a great potential for the sustainable

development of the textile industry in the future. The

Heimtextil Trends show ways in which this potential can be

untilized and sustainable developments promoted. Under

the motto ‘Textiles Matter’, visitors can explore concepts for

increased circularity, which will generate new impulses for

the sustainable market of the future.

“Considering the state of environmental emergency we are

currently living through, the textile industry has a responsibility

to examine its processes, and change for the better.

That is why for this edition of the Heimtextil Trends we are

taking a materials first approach, and focusing on the sourcing,

design, and sustainability of materials. Textiles Matter

showcases the potential of circularity and celebrates design

initiatives that are beautiful, relevant and importantly sustainable”,

explains Marta Giralt Dunjó of FranklinTill.

Change via circularity

The Trend Space at the coming Heimtextil 2023 will revolve

around ideas and solutions for circularity in the textile sector.

How can textiles be produced in a sustainable way?

What recycling options are there? What does the optimum

recycling of textile products look like? Within the framework

of the circular economy, materials are continuously reused.

On the one hand, this reduces the need for new raw materials

and, on the other hand, cuts the amount of waste

generated. In the technical cycle, inorganic materials, such

as nylon, polyester, plastic and metal, can be recycled with

no loss of quality. In the biological cycle, organic materials,

such as linen and bast fibres, are returned to nature at the

end of their useful life. This is the basis of the four trend

themes: ‘Make and Remake’, ‘Continuous’, ‘From Earth’ and

‘Nature Engineered’.

September 2022




Make and Remake

Make and

Remake /


by Pim

Top for


Pre-used materials, deadstock and remnant textiles are given a new lease of life with the

focus shifting to the aesthetics of repair and taking the form of a specific design element

of the recycled product. Bright and joyful colours and techniques, such as overprinting,

overdyeing, bricolage, collage and patchwork, result in new and creative products. Layered

colour patterns and graphics lead to bold and maximalist, yet conscious, designs.

Continuous / Photography by Pim Top for FranklinTill


The Continuous trend theme describes

closed-loop systems in which materials

are recycled into new, waste-free products

again and again. Putative waste

materials are separated out and reprocessed

as new fibres, composites and

textiles. Thus, synthetic and cellulose

yarns can be produced zero-waste.

Thanks to technically advanced reclamation

processes, the materials retain

their original quality and aesthetic.

Practicality, essentialism and longevity

determine the design of Continuous


September 2022




From Earth /


by Pim

Top for


From Earth

This theme focuses on the natural world and harmony with the nature of organic materials.

Natural colours communicate warmth and softness. Imperfect textures, signs of wear

and irregularities create ecological and earth-born aesthetics. Earthen and botanic shades,

natural variation and tactile richness dominate the From Earth segment. Unrefined and raw

surfaces, unbleached textiles and natural dyes celebrate materials in their original states.

Nature Engineered

A reinterpretation of the concept of

“natural”: Nature Engineered uses mechanical

means to elevate and perfect

organic materials, such as bast fibres,

hemp, linen and nettles. Cutting-edge

techniques process natural textiles

into sophisticated and smart products.

Combined with shades of beige and

brown, clean lines and shapes are the

distinguishing features of this theme.

Nature Engineered / Photography by Pim Top for FranklinTill

Forming the heart of the fair, these sustainable

and future-oriented trends will

be shown systematically in the Trend

Space area of Heimtextil in Frankfurt

am Main from 10 to 13 January 2023.

The trends provide orientation and offer

insights into the future of home and

contract textiles for visitors from all

over the world.

September 2022




Hi-End Accents puts a fashionable

spin on natural fibers and ecofriendly


AAt the crux of the company’s seasonal

introductions are two main style stories:

Modern Glam and Modern Rustic.

“We’ve been seeing high demand

from designers for these two categories,

and as we all know, what designers are asking for

typically percolates down to mass in a cycle or two,”

explained Jonatan He, who recently joined Hi-End

Acccents under the newly created role of director.

He elaborated: “Our Modern Glam Collection marries

the latest style trends with classic design elements,

blending both form and function.”

This collection centers on luxury fabrics, special details,

metallics fabrications and high-shine accessories—”all

of which result in an elegant, refined home,” He said.

These include:

• Pastoral Jacquard, an updated take on traditional

French toile. It features idyllic scenes from the countryside

woven in rich, metallic yarns for a smooth touch.

• Lyocell, a grouping of quilts, duvets and sheet sets

made out of 100% Lyocell. Touting a soft sheen and

signature breathability, Lyocell is an eco-friendly alternative

to traditional fibers. “Lyosell is one of the most

beautiful prints we’ve introduced,” said Zheng, explaining

Hi-End Accents partnered with Covington Fabrics

for the artwork of the 14-color floral print pattern.

The Modern Rustic collection blends sophisticated

touches with rustic elements, including sleek, industrial

lines, bursts of cozy texture and nature-inspired

accouterments. The result is informal elegance that is

upscale yet approachable. The offerings include:

• Stonewashed Cotton Canvas, a grouping of coverlets,

duvets and shams (standard and euro) made out of

all-natural cotton canvas and including an oversized

box stitch design and stonewashed texture. The initial

offering spans a palette of six “cozy comfortable colors,”

Zheng noted – terracotta, sarsaparilla, duffle bag,

denim, stone, and charcoal. More colors will be added

this fall.

• The Maguey collection, comprising throws and pillows

that have been handwoven by a collective of 50 weavers

in Guatemala. Each item takes upwards of 40 hours

to craft and create.

September 2022




Coyuchi launches public offering

under regulation A+

CCoyuchi, the first organic luxury home

goods brand for sustainable living, announces

today the opportunity for the general

public to invest through a Regulation

A+ offering for the first time in its 30+ year

history. This Regulation A+ offering has been qualified

by the SEC and the company is now accepting investments,

along with the chance to become part of its mission

to reinvent home textiles with sustainable practices.

The offering circular can be reviewed here. Coyuchi

has been in business for more than 30 years and has

set the standard for sustainable home textiles, creating

the market and demand for organic luxury home goods.

Coyuchi’s sustainability mission and circular business

model have proven a clear draw for customers. Over

the last two years, Coyuchi’s net income has soared,

with some notable highlights:

• $33.3 million in net sales in 2021

• 26% year-over-year net sales growth, while the industry

average is only 5%

• 200,000 active customers (with more than 100%

growth between 2019 and 2021) at a 35% customer

repeat purchase rate

Adding to its innovation beyond sustainable practices

and design, Coyuchi was an early adopter of a direct-to-consumer

sales and marketing approach; creating

a distinct advantage over incumbents and start-up

newcomers in the luxury space.

With over 30 years of operational and market knowledge

of sustainable textiles, the time to raise money

through the public is now. Seventy four percent of consumers

are willing to pay more for sustainable products,

a pattern that has only continued to increase over

the last few decades. Coyuchi’s largely millennial customer

base is no exception: millennials favor ethical

consumption over price when purchasing goods and

services and 83% of millennials want the brands they

purchase from to align with their beliefs and values

(source). According to McKinsey, millennial spending

is expected to increase to $8.3 trillion by 2025; an investment

in Coyuchi highly aligns with one of the more

powerful consumer groups to date.

Coyuchi is a profitable company with experienced

leadership and a substantial direct-to-consumer model

(over 80% of its sales are directly through coyuchi.

com). Sustainable products are the fastest growing sector

of the home goods market, and Coyuchi is poised

for a new phase of growth as the world awakens to

sustainability at scale.

September 2022




Bearaby expands product line with

new sustainable body pillows

BBearaby, the sustainable home wellness

brand dedicated to design-forward products

for mental, emotional, and physical

wellbeing, today launched The Cuddler,

an ergonomic body pillow that provides

soothing, sustainable support. After gaining

popularity with its patented hand-knit weighted blankets,

Bearaby has continued to innovate and expand further

into the wellness and home decor categories, offering

sustainable solutions everyone can benefit from.

Following the highly successful launch of Bearaby’s sensory

knot pillows that have sold out four times since April,

The Cuddler molds to your shape, providing full-body

support and alignment. Made for side sleepers, expecting

mothers, or anyone looking to relieve stress or seek relief,

The Cuddler is packed with therapeutic benefits without

compromising on style or sustainability. Crafted from the

brand’s latest material innovation, Melofoam, an all-natural,

breathable, fully biodegradable responsive rubber

made from sap tapped directly from rubber trees, The

Cuddler is entirely compostable, continuing Bearaby’s legacy

of products with a fully eco-friendly life-cycle.

“We’re thrilled to introduce The Cuddler to our line of design-forward,

sustainable wellness products for the home,”

said Kathrin Hamm, Bearaby Founder and CEO. “It’s a natural

extension to our best-selling weighted blankets and

sensory knot pillows, and offers one more innovative way

that Bearaby is bringing comfort and rest into the home.”

Every Bearaby body pillow comes with a removable, 100%

organic cotton cover in white. Additional Cuddler Covers

are available in the brand’s signature colors including

Cloud White, Moonstone Grey, Asteroid Grey, Evening

Rose, and Midnight Blue so that customers can mix and

match depending on decor preferences.

September 2022




A brand

new breath

in decoration:

Cozy & Soft

A brand new breath in

decoration with completely

natural materials, handmade

warm products:

Cozy & Soft.


The brand, which started out

with the motto ’Make house

to home’, adds a different

look to the decoration concept

in modern style. While

paying attention to details in

handmade designs, it is produced by considering

the quality. Each of the Cozy& Soft designs with

elegant handmade textile products, all of which

are produced from cotton and linen, reach their

customers and recyclable materials are used. The

products are sent with envelopes specially produced

for the brand from kraft paper. In addition,

the increasing fabric pieces are used on the products

and the unused ones are sent to recycling.

All of the Cozy & Soft products, which support

women’s employment in their workshops and

attach importance to creating cooperation with

women, come to life with natural materials. All

fabrics are selected either cotton or linen, and

each of them has an Oeko-tex certificate. In addition,

each piece can be combined with each other

in the collection created by Cozy & Soft, which

also offers free interior architecture services with

its own products to those who need interior architecture


September 2022




Crate & Barrel shifting to

preferred fibers for home

textiles goods


Within its soft home assortment, the company

has pledged that 60% of its textiles assortment

will be made with certified preferred

fibers by 2025. These will include organic, recycled

and responsible materials. The home

furnishings retailer will prioritize fibers the Global Organic

Textile Standard (GOTS) and Textile Exchange certification

standards to define preferred fibers from raw materials to

final product. Those standards apply to recycled fiber content,

responsibility sourced down and ocean waste, among


Crate’s two other core goals for 2025 include 50% FSCcertified

furniture and 100% Greenguard Gold certified

Crate & Kids furniture. Together, the company’s goals focus

on leading Crate & Barrel, CB2, Crate & Kids and Hudson

Grace with corporate responsibility and responsible design

at the forefront of everything from products and packaging

to people and social wellness.

Increased transparency for tracking and reporting progress

across these commitments will be implemented as well.

More broadly, the company laid out seven core values guiding

its sustainability goals:

1. Climate Neutrality: Setting climate targets and reducing

carbon footprint, from factories and facilities to the customer’s


Increased transparency for tracking

and reporting progress part of newly

announced sustainability goals.

5. Empowered Employees: Empowering teams throughout

the organization to shape innovative sustainability programs

and put them into practice.

6. Conscious Customers: Simplifying the customer experience

to promote responsible shopping with clear labeling,

third-party verification and sustainable products.

7. Digital Responsibility: Improving privacy, security and

data collection while using tech solutions, such as remote

meetings, to reduce emissions.

“Our vision is to build a home with purpose in order to

create happier and healthier communities for future generations.

These goals represent our commitment to helping

our people and the planet thrive while growing our business,”

said Janet Hayes, CEO of Crate & Barrel Holdings.

“This is just the beginning; we are on a journey driven by

passion, transparency and accountability at every turn, to

leave the world a better place than we found it.”

2.Sustainable Materials: Using more sustainably sourced

materials in products, including FSC-certified wood, preferred

fibers and recycled packaging.

3. Ethical Supply Chain: Engaging and supporting suppliers

in continuous social and environmental improvement.

4. Circular Solutions: Exploring ways to replace single-use

consumption with circular projects, operations and products.

September 2022




Kohl’s introduces revolving

private label brand built

around design diversity


The new Sonoma Community brand

kicks off today with an assortment

dedicated to Hispanic Heritage Month.

Produced through the work of Kohl’s

Diversity Design Council (DDC), the assortment

includes tees for the family,

tote bags, throw blankets, kitchen towels, pet bandanas,

hats, candles, kids books and more.

The Sonoma Community brand will offer seven

collections throughout the year to reflect different

cultural celebrations, including Lunar New Year,

Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Asian

American Pacific Islander Native Hawaiian Heritage

Month, Pride Month, Hispanic Heritage Month and

Veterans Day.

Kohl’s has a created a spin-off

label under its Sonoma Goods

for Life umbrella that will offer

curated designs in multiple

product categories.

“We know Kohl’s has customers and associates who

come from all different backgrounds, cultures and

ethnicities,” said Michelle A. Banks, Kohl’s chief diversity

and inclusion officer. “The debut of Sonoma

Community is the next step on Kohl’s DEI journey,

and through these collections, we are excited to

more purposefully deliver offerings that help our customers

and associates see themselves reflected and

represented in our brands.”

September 2022




VCNY Home introduces new

Boho Brand, Indigo Ink


The eclectic, bohemian brand features

laidback looks with a worldly

flair for every room at home, from indoor

to outdoor and bedroom to bathroom.

The intricately designed brand

collection is crafted with globally inspired motifs, pops

of bold color, and richly crafted textures poised to quell

any wanderlust.

“Indigo Ink brings an adventurous and creative free-spirited

style home effortlessly and affordably,” said Toby

Cohen, co-founder and CEO of VCNY Home. “We introduced

Indigo Ink so that anyone could create a beautiful,

modern boho space that feels worldly and like an

everyday escape.”

Indigo Ink features on-trend globally-sourced and inspired

décor at accessible prices. A warm and earthy

palette with pops of jewel tones carries across the

collection, woven with rich textures and eye-catching

details. Reversible accents can easily be mixed and

matched for versatility and creative self-expression.

Upcoming Indigo Ink collections will include artfully woven

rugs, reversible comforters and quilts with mixed

prints, textured decorative pillows and throws, and

hard goods with macrame, rattan, tassels, and more

signature boho accents.

VCNY Home is a home textile industry leader with more

than 30 years of experience in home décor. Trusted by

top retailers and consumers alike, VCNY Home draws

inspiration from timeless designs and modern trends

to create affordable, quality decor solutions for every

room: bedding, bath, window, area rugs, home décor,

and more.

September 2022




Win’s weighted blanket pioneer gravity acquires

infrared sauna blanket brand MiHIGH


Win Brands Group (“Win”), an omnichannel

retail platform that buys and builds category-defining

brands, announced today its

brand Gravity’s acquisition of MiHIGH, a pioneer

in the infrared sauna blanket space

that has grown 29% YoY to date.

Since Win’s acquisition of weighted blanket pioneer Gravity in

2021, the brand has doubled down on its commitment to creating

science-backed wellness products with the introduction of

portable weighted blankets for travel, 100% cooling weighted

blankets for hot sleepers, and lounging slippers for relaxation.

As consumers place an increased priority on wellness and broaden

its definition beyond fitness and nutrition to include overall

physical and mental health,2 the addition of MiHIGH to Gravity’s

offering will expand its positioning in the category. Further, the

integration is emblematic of Win’s philosophy of investing in and

scaling its brands through strategic acquisitions.

MiHIGH customers love the product for its convenience and

evenly distributed heat, as well as the wide-ranging health benefits

of using an infrared sauna including accelerated physical

recovery and calorie burn, better sleep, reduced stress, clearer

skin, and overall detoxification.

“With the acquisition of MiHIGH, we’re continuing to do what we

do best - delivering growth by acquiring industry leading brands,

and investing in our existing portfolio,” said Kyle Widrick, CEO

and founder of Win. “Even in the challenging headwinds we’re

seeing in the market more broadly, there are still great opportunities

for growth right now. We’re more equipped than ever to

capitalize on those opportunities and be a port in the storm for

brands seeking to scale in today’s climate.”

“We’re incredibly proud of the booming business we’ve built for

MiHIGH and becoming synonymous with the infrared sauna blanket

category in Europe,” said Ed Hodge and Wyatt Westmoreland,

co-founders and co-CEOs of MiHIGH. “By joining Win as part of

the Gravity brand, we’re thrilled at the opportunity to combine

forces with a pioneer in the wellness space to scale MiHIGH in

the US and beyond.”

September 2022




Indo Count is ushering premiere

fitness brand into home textiles

Tpartner to create innovative, value-added products,

The Gaiam home collection will be

unveiled at the New York Home

Fashion Market next week.

“We were looking for the right brand

and we will deliver on the Gaiam brand promise of

making wellness accessible to everyone,” said KK

Lalpuria, executive director and CEO of Indo Count.

The products will be technology oriented, focusing

on the concept of “Refresh and Relax”. Product categories

include linens, fashion bedding, utility bedding,

bath towels and bath mats.

“We are excited to partner with best-in-class home

textile manufacturer Indo Count,” said James Setton,

COO of Galaxy. “With our extensive design and development

capabilities, we are excited to show the

retail community how Gaiam home will fit their product


September 2022





trends by

Milou Ket

“Carpets and textile wall

hangings are essential, with

unexpected shapes, tufting and

fringes. Furniture is bold and

round, we see arches, and waves.

Color is valued again. Acoustic

objects are in demand.”

Famous trend forecaster Milou Ket first offers some

general information: “During the

pandemic we value our home even


more than before. It has to be our

sanctuary, our place for contemplation

and rest, but also as a place to

work from. Textiles play an important

role to sooth and heal and add

softness and friendliness. Tactility and cudly materials

are important, especially bouclé. Carpets and

textile wall hangings are essential, with unexpected

shapes, tufting and fringes. Furniture is bold and

round, we see arches, and waves. Color is valued

again. Acoustic objects are in demand.” She, then,

explains the details:

The first theme is “Essential Softness”, executed in

timeless classic neutrals, in combination with chalky

pastels. The second theme “Dream the Future”

works with fresh pastel colors where light and manmade

materials play an important role. The third

theme “Craft & Culture” is inspired by handicrafts

and diverse cultural influences. The fourth theme

“Color Clash” is showing primary and bright colors

in combination with black and white for a modern

direction. In “Wonders of Nature” we see how we are

inspired by nature and sustainability to come up with

eco-responsible materials and production methods.

In the last theme “Eclectic Luxury” the emphasis is

on glamorous and luxurious interiors, combined in

an unorthodox way, inspired by history with a twist,

art-deco and the curiosity cabinet. The colors are

deep and rich, inspired by gems.

September 2022


1.Essential Softness

The first theme is called “Essential Softness”. It is

a timeless direction, reminiscent of Scandinavian

as well as Japanese interiors. The design is simple,

quiet without superfluous details and it is functional.

Nature plays an important role, a lot of attention

is given to sustainability and longevity, especially

for materials and production methods. Alternative

natural materials are used, such as fungi and leather

made of fruit waste, corn, banana, recycled pet

bottles, paper, coffee grind, etc. etc. We value our

homes even more, especially during the pandemic,

as our sanctuary, our safe heaven and as our hiding

place where we can reflect, meditate, work and enjoy.

The shapes are voluminous, round and friendly.

We see waves and curves. The materials are quite

heavily textured, we see bouclé and tweed, but also

cuddly materials such as mohair, fake fur and wool.

Carpets and textiles are important to convey this

need for softness. We see high/low effects through

tufting, loops and fringes. Striking are the unexpected

shapes of carpets. Furniture should be versatile.




2. Dream the Future

The second theme is called “Dream the Future”.

It is a modern, innovative direction, with phantasy

and surreal effects, almost like a dream. The materials

that are used contribute to that. They are often

man-made, such as glass, Perspex, polyester

resin and plastic. Also recycled polyester is applied.

Transparency, special gradient effects and shifts of

colour give a modern touch to the interior. It is often

associated with light effects, sometimes with an acid

or neon colour touch to convey a specific tension. In

the prints we see for instance water colour effects,

but also at random spots and stains. Often the patterns

are playful and whimsical, curtains are often

transparent. As part of the dream-like atmosphere,

we see more and more renderings. It is sometimes

difficult to distinguish fake from real. Also gradients,

iridescence and the play with transparent layers is

important. In the architecture we see arches, circles

and rounded shapes. More technical 3-D effects add

depth to materials and give an interesting contemporary

or even futuristic texture. Geometry, stripes,

stylized patterns and hand painted patterns are applied

on fabrics and carpets. The shape of carpets

is unexpected and full of phantasy. Murals are popular.

Acoustic products play an important role and

are also used as room divider and are often made of

recycled pet felt.

September 2022




3. Craft & Culture

In this styling direction “Craft & Culture” we notice

that the attention for hand made products has

grown. One-of-a-kind products, preferably with imperfections,

wabi sabi, are valued and add character

and personality to an interior. It also tells the story of

the resident. Traditional techniques are appreciated

such as ikat, shibori, tie & dye, kilims etc. We see

new interpretations of these century old techniques,

for instance in unexpected combinations or different

applications. Natural materials are in demand, such

as wood, cork and bamboo, raffia, rattan, terra cotta,

linen, hemp etc. We love the irregularities that show

in the application of the materials, the unevenness

and unpredictability, caused by chance. The utterances

of different cultures with their local materials,

skills and knowledge are blended into a highly

personal interior. Especially the handwork from

Morocco and in general from Africa shows in carpets,

textiles, wickerwork and ceramics to name a few. As

in other styling directions textures are appreciated

here too. Handmade cushions show fringes, tassels

and are hand tufted. Products from recycled or other

conscious sources will gain importance.

September 2022




4. Colour Clash

This style direction “Color Clash” is about primary

and very bright colors, that are often applied in a single

product, especially small furniture and accessories.

They are often too bright to apply in an interior,

although they may be used in wallcoverings as an

eyecatcher. But they are mainly used for decorative

products that stand out, such as carpets or textile wall

hangings, vases, a single piece of furniture etc. We

see influences from Modern Art, Bauhaus, but also

more playful and whimsical art movements such as

Memphis. Vasarely, Sonya Delaunay and re-editions

of Bauhaus products are examples. Color blocking is

also important. The emphasis is on man-made materials

such as glass, Perspex, acrylic, resin and plastic.

Graphic effects, sometimes in black and white, are

important, such as stripes, checkerboards, enlarged

pixels, facets and geometric patterns. All kinds of

light effects play a role, we see lenticular materials,

and application and integration of adaptable colored

Led’s. In the architecture we will see, also in

this style direction, more rounded shapes, such as

arches or circles. Renderings with Augmented Reality

will become more and more important. Small furniture

such as side tables and stools are important to

adapt to different situations in a versatile interior.

September 2022




5. Wonders of Nature

In the styling direction “Wonders of Nature” we see

how issues as care for the environment, sustainability,

conscious consuming and the concern for climate

change are the drivers behind this theme. We are

trying to diminish our ecological footprint by using

alternative materials such as fungi, corn, banana

leaf, bamboo, cardboard, vegan leather and using

food waste such as coffee grind. Renewable natural

materials such as linen, hemp, raffia, rattan, wood

and recycling are a must. Flora and fauna are depicted

in wallcoverings, posters, cushions and other

decorative products. We see plants, foliage, insects,

birds, butterflies, or products with a nostalgic association.

We see a glorification of wild nature sometimes

from the past, with exotic trees and plants,

plantations with palm trees, exotic birds and flowers,

tigers, monkey’s, jaguars, but also creatures of the

sea. We enjoy the soothing and calming effects of

the color green, also for paint. Botanical prints are

popular, with pictures from natural history books.

Carpets and textile wall hangings take on unexpected

shapes, sometimes reminiscent of flowers. Textures

with tufting, high/ low reliefs are important. Green

colors are sometimes combined with dusty pink and

terra shades.

September 2022




6. Eclectic Luxury

In this direction “Eclectic Luxury” the inspiration

comes from opulence, glamour, nostalgia and history,

sometimes history with a humorous twist. Also,

Bohemian influences play a role. Gold, in small

touches or thin lines, plays a role, as we can see

in Art Deco wallcoverings and fabrics. The curiosity

cabinet continues to play an important role. We see

ideas from Natural History books, science, botanical

prints, collections and discoveries from the animal

kingdom and nature, stuffed animals, rare precious

stones, glass domes, corals and shells, fragments of

classic statues from the Greek and Roman era. There

also can be a modern approach with bright light effects

against a dark background, iridescence and aurora

borealis and oil spots effects. Mid Century furniture

is important, especially in velvet with a golden

or copper accent, and fringes for a dramatic effect.

Leather and welded materials are applied. Dark colors

for paint give a moody atmosphere to the interior.

Precious stones such as marble, and tiger eye

are popular: real, as veneer or as imitation. Acoustic

properties remain important. Embroideries, velvets,

and traditional patterns play a role in fabrics. Rhythm

and lines come forward in the softer than before contrast

between black and white or black and beige.

Contact: studio@milouket.com

Turkish agent: didem@fabric concept

September 2022




Korteks offers environmental

products developed with innovation

and technology

Korteks, one of the largest

polyester filament yarn

producers of Europe,

continues to develop

innovation and technologyoriented

products that

reduce environmental

impact and generate value

within the framework of

Zorlu Holding’s “Smart

Life 2030” vision.


oday, Korteks -one of the largest integrated

polyester yarn producer and exporter companies

in Europe- operates in a production

area of 350 thousand m2 in Bursa with

nearly 2300 employees. Producing 2,750

polyester filament yarn types in total, the company meets

17% of Turkey’s yarn needs alone with its annual production

power of 200 thousand tons. Korteks exports to 50

countries on 5 continents, including Germany, Belgium,

England, France, Poland, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Egypt,

Mexico, and South Africa.

As one of the leading manufacturers of technical textiles

in Turkey, all production facilities of Korteks are designed

to produce high-count filament yarns with high quality and

special features.

Being one of the world’s leading facilities in terms of technology,

Korteks combines its know-how with R&D and

innovation to produce innovative products focused on

improving customer experience. The yarns produced by

Korteks are used in various areas such as garment, carpets,

upholstery, bedding, curtains and automotive products

such as headliners, seats and door covers, outdoor

applications such as awnings, tarpaulins, outdoors.

Making yarns functional in the R&D center

Korteks collaborates with many universities and research

institutions to have a more substantial existence in the

smart textile market by making yarns functional in its

September 2022


R&D center. With a circular economy-based approach, the

company produces TAÇ UV Resistant polyester yarns developed

for outdoor fabrics such as awnings, tarpaulins,

garden furniture; DRY TOUCH® products allowing the air

to be breathed easily from the outside to the inside and

the moisture to be given to the outside- that are used in

sportswear, underwear, denim wear, work uniforms and

TAÇ REBORN recycled polyester filament yarns, in which

PET bottles and yarn wastes are used as raw materials.

Also, Korteks produces branded products such as TAÇ

Flame Retardant, TAÇ Cotton-Like, Taç Milpa-Like, Taç

Linen-Like, and TAÇ Antistatic, which are technical textiles

and specialty products with high-added value, requiring

special production processes.

Innovative products from Korteks

• Water-friendly Dope dyed colored yarns: In this product,

the yarn is colored without consuming water, which

is one of our essential natural resources. Thanks to the

Masterbatch facility, we can offer hundreds of alternatives


• Functional yarns that prevent color fading: TAÇ UV

Resistant polyester yarns are developed for outdoor fabrics

such as awnings, tarpaulins, and garden furniture.

They slow down color fading caused by sunlight.

• Outstanding performance with DRY TOUCH®: DRY

TOUCH® is the certified performance fabric brand of

Korteks. With fabrics that allow the air to be breathed from

the outside to the inside and the moisture from the inside

to the outside, it provides real ease of use in sportswear,

underwear, denim wear, work uniforms.

• Fluorescent yarns offer solutions for work safety uniforms.

• Thermal-featured yarn helps the user to impove thermal

comfort against the harsh conditions of winter.

• Recycled polyester yarn produced from PET bottles and

yarn waste: With recycled polyester filament yarn production,

PET bottles are used as raw materials as waste PET

bottles are collected from nature. Thus, it contributes to

environmental cleaning. In addition, waste PET bottles

and yarns are reused in RPET production and regained

into the economy.

• Flame retardant yarns: These yarns meet the test standards

of America, France, and England and they offer a

flame retardant feature in case of fire and provide longterm






ima Logistics, which was included in the

list as a result of the “Best Employers of

Turkey” research organized by the Great

Place to Work Institute (GPTW) every year,

won the award. At the award ceremony held in Wyndham

Grand Istanbul Levent, Lima Logistics made its mark on

the list of the best employers this year.

Lima Logistics, which won the ‘Best Employers of Turkey’

award organized by the Great Place to Work Institute, aims

to keep employee loyalty and motivation high as a company.

Lima Logistics, which develops innovative projects

by supporting personal development within the company,

is proud of being a great workplace for its employees by

strictly adhering to the principles of equal opportunity,

with the ‘Best Employers of Turkey’ award.

Scored 93 on the Trust Index

‘Proud award of Lima Logistics’

Participating in the Great Place to Work Recognition program,

Lima Logistics achieved 93 points in the trust index,

in which employees’ perceptions of corporate culture are

measured. Lima Logistics, which successfully passed the

analysis of the analysis of the corporate culture, in which

all company practices were discussed, was deemed worthy

of the award. Companies participating in the program

are evaluated by their employees under main headings

such as reliability, dignity, fairness, pride and team spirit.

A total of 24 different criteria, including participatory management,

ethics, working environment and fair treatment,

have an important place in the evaluations.

The Great Place to Work Institute is known as the institution

that implements the most extensive research in the

field of corporate culture in the world, with its analyzes involving

nearly 7,000 businesses and more than 16 million

employees every year.

Lima Logistics founding partners Sinan Türel, Vedat Çelik,

Hamdi Bülbüldere and Cenker Ural as well as company

employees attended the ceremony held at Wyndham

Grand Istanbul Levent.

Lima Logistics, which was established in Bursa in 2013

and started to serve in the field of international logistics,

besides its successful operations in the textile and automotive

sectors, it offers fast, safe and economical solutions

in the fields of sea, road, railway, intermodal, international

express courier, fair and event transportation,

especially by air.

September 2022




Maxhomen globalizes

with the slogan of


The Maxhomen brand,

addresses A-Plus consumer

group, bears meticulousness

and responsibility from

selection of raw material to

post customer satisfaction at

every stage. The company

attaches the importance

of environmental friendly

production solutions without

sacrificing quality.

Mutlu Acer, Maxhomen company representative,

gives information about the product

range and export markets.

Can you mention the work of your

company, your production and product groups for

the home textile industry?

We offer a comprehensive range of products with our

MAXHOMEN brand. We are open to almost any innovation

in our products, including but not limited to those listed


September 2022

As home and hotel textiles;


Towel, Bathrobe Group: Hand

towel, foot towel, bath towel,

loincloth, kimono bathrobe, and


Bed Linen Group: Duvet cover,

bed sheet, pillow case, bedspread

Baby Textile: Organic baby bathrobe,

towel, apron, blanket

Kitchen Group: Table Cloth, Tea


Home Apparel: Pajamas, basic

t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts set

What is your monthly

production capacity?

Our average annual capacity is

1,000 tons in the towel group;

1,000,000 meters in home textiles.

How much of your export

sales are covered? What are

your current export markets

and your goals in this area?

Our export sales is 80% of our

revenue. Our current export markets

are USA, Canada, Australia,

United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

Our 2022 target is specifically

European and British markets

and we already started required

preparations according to this


How has the pandemic

affected your company?

What changes have you

observed in your current markets and export


During the pandemic , communication, shipping and production

issues were experienced due lacks in customs

and transportation by global curfew applications. These

matters caused a decrease in our direct exports. And at

the same time, we experienced an explosion in our online

sales hence people shopped online more than ever

during pandemic , so we oriented our sales strategy accordingly

in this period. After a significant weakening in

global economies last year, now we see an upward trend

in textile industry.

What are your plans for 2022? Do you plan fairs

at home and abroad? What are your products that

you will exhibit at these fairs and that you are





Vellux, the plush blanket brand that has been

a staple in American homes for more than

50 years, is moving into new territory.

Brand owner WestPoint Home is adding new

fabrications, wearable blankets, pet beds, a wide variety

of throws and new core blankets.

Vellux branches out

“The blanket category is one of our best businesses

and Vellux is one of our strongest brands”, said

WestPoint Home CMO Regan Iglesia. “We took the

opportunity to expand our assortment, inject a lot

of fashion, and upgrade our fabrications in 2022 in

order to keep up the momentum.” The new Vellux

Cuddle Collection, made of a lightweight but warm

fuzzy-knit fleece, launches with the the Super-Soft

poncho, the Coziest robe and a three-piece gift set

that includes a throw, slippers and Eye mask. Colors

include cream, soft blush, and charcoal.

Parachute breaks new ground

with designer to the stars

The DTC retailer’s limited edition Jake

Arnold for Parachute marks its debut collaboration

with an interior designer.

This 11-piece collection is an evolution of the minimalist

trend that has dominated the design industry

with a focus on texture, detail, and print. Parachute

describes the capsule as California modern, with a

touch of English whimsy that recalls Arnold’s London


The assortment includes garment washed linen bedding

sets, linen curtain panels, a linen throw, a printed

linen robe, linen pillow covers, a linen bed skirt,

an Alpaca boucle throw and a velvet lumbar pillow.

“We’ve long been fans of Jake Arnold‘s unique aesthetic

and bold design choices and I’ve always felt

they aligned with Parachute’s elevated yet effortless

aesthetic,” said Parachute founder and CEO Ariel

Kaye. “This collection adds a sense of richness to

the home through an elevated.

September 2022

Elisabeth York unveils collections

designed to foster serenity


New Elisabeth York collections aim to revitalize clas-

style with rich color and new artisan elements. Nsic

The Shyla Ash collection is designed to offer elegant

simplicity and extraordinary detail. The 100%

cotton bedding features a handcrafted candlewick

embroidered damask pattern for a look of effortless

elegance with layers of luxe texture. Chander, Elisabeth York’s new

coverlet collection, creates an elevated look with a lightweight foundation.

Constructed of chenille with a cotton velvet trim in soothing

sea glass and dove colorways, these coverlets can fit into a coastal

or everyday bedscape.

The Avon dec pillow collection features an organic tone on tone embroidered

design and the everyday luxury of plush cotton velvet in

a pattern alluding to a subtle animal print. Elisabeth York’s Ishana

collection, which was introduced last year, is expanding color offerings

this season with ash, navy, and sea glass variations in both the

decorative pillow and throw. Its cotton velvet base and ruffled satin

edge conveys as sense of femininity.

Malouf unveils bundled

bedding essentials sets

WWeekender Essential Bedding Bundle

includes two medium-firm shredded

memory foam pillows, double-brushed

microfiber sheets, and a liquid-proof jersey

mattress protector.

“We’re always looking for ways to simplify the sales

process for our retail partners, and that’s one of the

things we’re achieving with this Weekender launch,”

said Ashlee Willes, brand manager at Malouf. “When

a customer purchases this bundle, they get all the

sleep accessories they need in one convenient package

that’s easy to ship and transport.”

Weekender is a sister brand of Malouf and focuses

on value mattresses, bed frames, furniture and sleep

accessories. “Several of our retail partners have success

with attaching accessory bundles to a mattress

purchase,” said Jesse Gibbs, VP of national sales.

17 - 21 Mayıs 2022


Stand No: HALL 2 C15

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