Annual Report MobileSchool.org 2021

Enjoy our annual report of 2021 and discover the impact we had with StreetSmart and StreetwiZe.

Enjoy our annual report of 2021 and discover the impact we had with StreetSmart and StreetwiZe.

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For any corrigenda found subsequent to printing, please visit our website at www.mobileschool.org/our-impact

© MobileSchool.org August 2022

FRONT COVER: Children during a mobile school session in Guadalajara with StreetSmart Wheels partner Pastoral Social de Cristo Sacerdote (November 2021)

BACK COVER: Street educators during a mobile school session in Port-au-Prince with StreetSmart Wheels partner Benefiet Haïti. (September 2021)


In 2020, we suddenly had to reinvent ourselves in the new reality of absolute lockdowns and travel bans. 2021 became the year of deep

uncertainty. What is possible and what is not, … where and when? Slowly some markets picked up again. Countries and sectors cautiously

reopened. We carefully made plans to start up new mobile schools and roll out training programs for StreetwiZe customers. Until a new

COVID variant and wave resulted in postponing and replanning yet again. Luckily, some projects landed anyhow. It supported the team in

their commitment as their flexibility was rewarded.

2021 was also a year were the time freed up by cancelled projects was used for research & development. StreetSmart continued to develop

new digital tools such as StreetSmart Play, StreetSmart Impact and StreetSmart Learn, that we offer alongside our mobile schools for the

work with vulnerable kids.

StreetwiZe worked on a completely new offer on ‘purpose & performance’ that should be launched early 2022.

Taking care of our positive mindset, in addition to agility, resilience and creativity, was essential in 2021. Only profound naivety can lead

you to believe that these skills will not be important in the next coming years.

The status of the planet’s biodiversity, climate, poverty, migration and polarisation, … it is a chain of challenges that makes our future

increasingly uncertain.

The only way to avert more crisis and uncertainty is by tackling systemic errors in the way we organise society. The world urgently needs

more regenerative and sustainable models.

We at MobileSchool.org promise to keep on engaging in the movement that is designing new sustainable models for the future.

Arnoud Raskin

Director MobileSchool.org


Children during a mobile school session in Antwerp - a pilot project with StreetSmart Wheels partner City Pirates.

Want to know more about their new mobile school? Check out p. 40!

















One organisation, two brands

MobileSchool.org is a hybrid organisation that uses its experience with complex and competitive street communities

to increase the sustainable development of youth and business communities. With game-changing educational

tools for youth workers and high-impact learning products for businesses, we strive to create a 360° impact

on society and vulnerable young people worldwide.


StreetSmart develops game-changing tools for youth workers to enable them to unlock

the potential of young people worldwide. With our integrated on- and offline offer, we

invest in an opportunity-oriented methodology to maximise personal development of

youngsters growing up without a safe and caretaking environment.


StreetwiZe aspires to a world where every talent can flourish. That’s what gets us

going each day! StreetwiZe helps companies and organisations to develop the right

skills, mindset and culture to make purpose a driving force for the sustainable growth of

employees, teams and organisations. The profits we make are invested in developing the

talents of street children via the Mobile School.org


Two hybrid brands, one purpose, one mission and one set of values







In all our initiatives we want to at least inspire people,

but strive to activate and even engage people.

We work on the development of competences as

a means and opportunity to increase sustainable



We believe in the potential of each child and strive

to develop their strengths and talents through

social entrepreneurship.


In everything we do, we facilitate the (self)-

discovery and strengthening of identity,

aspirations and talents, and make a difference based on

common values









We believe that everyone can

strengthen each other from a

mutual empathic connection,

regardless of the mutual


We challenge ourselves and

others to do better.

We go for it with heart and soul.

We are convinced that you can

find and tackle opportunities in

every situation.

We use a playful approach as a

crucial lever for well-being and


We take pride in acting from

self-knowledge and



StreetwiZe trainer Eric in action during a workshop for

client BOSS Paints. Want to know more? Check out p. 14!


A year of agility & resilience

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, not only the 2020 strategy but also the 2021 strategy got shaken up again.

Planned projects got cancelled or postponed yet again and carefully some new ones were launched. Roles and responsabilities shifted requiring people to be agile.

Despite those challenging circumstances and by focusing on the opportunities rather than on the problems we managed to deliver a series of innovative projects.

In this annual report, we will highlight some of our 2021 realisations.

With the recovery of the Learning and Development market, StreetwiZe increased its revenue by 150% and serviced 90 clients and 10432 trainees.

Our social venture StreetSmart was only able to conduct 7 training visits in 5 countries this year, as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions.

Meanwhile, the team also continued to expand the online offer to disseminate the StreetSmart tools. In 2021, 51 online training sessions were given to a total of 454

youth workers.

Our volunteers organised two campaigns this year: #MobileSchoolPeptalks and #FeestMee. Unfortunately, #DuwMee had to be postponed once again, due to the pandemic.

The volunteers also helped redesign our educational materials on health and sexuality.

Want to know more? Then read on and find out all there is to know about the projects we realised in 2021.


StreetSmart Impact • VVSG Trajectory

01/09/2020 • 31/12/2021

Wim Depickere

Rob Sweldens

Joke Verreth

Sander Degeling

Flemish youth work


Flanders / Belgium


In collaboration with VVSG, the Association of

Flemish Cities and Municipalities, we started

up the implementation of StreetSmart Impact

in all Flemish central cities in September 2020.

The collaboration consisted of 4 components:

• development of the StreetSmart Impact

tool, in line with the needs of Flemish

youth workers,

• training programme for all organisations

and 350 end users in 2020,

• licenses for all users in 2020 and 2021,

• support and further development based

on the feedback of all users in 2021.

In total, StreetSmart Impact was tested by 36

youth work organisations in 11 of the 13 Flemish

central cities: Aalst, Antwerp, Bruges, Genk,

Ghent, Hasselt, Kortrijk, Leuven, Mechelen,

Oostende and Turnhout. More than 300 youth

workers used StreetSmart Impact and registered

over 90 0000 contacts.

All organisations were given a demo and workshops,

to give insights into the model behind

StreetSmart Impact, to set up their organisation

on the platform and to actively test out the

app and the web platform together.

Offering continuous qualitative support is

important when implementing new technology.

That is why we regularly set up calls with the

organisations using the app and were always

available if additional support was needed.

We also developed standardised support documents:

two manuals and an extensive FAQ page.

In addition, we organised two webinars: one webinar

on StreetSmart Impact reporting and one

webinar on the I am StreetSmart app, in both

Dutch and French.

At the end of the year, we set up a final call with

each organisation, to gather their feedback on

StreetSmart Impact and to evaluate the use of

the app within their organisation. This valuable

feedback has allowed us to tailor our support to

the needs of youth workers even better and to

align the future developments of the app to the

wishes and needs of all youth workers.



StreetSmart Impact tested out by 36 Flemish youth work organisations

+/- 900 000 contacts with children registered with StreetSmart Impact

+/- 30 workshops given

2 webinars organised on reporting & I am StreetSmart

Valuable feedback gathered


Accenture • Leadership Fundamentals Programme

01/11/2020 • 28/02/2022

Davy Caelen

Accenture Netherlands



Accenture has been a client of StreetwiZe in

Belgium for several years. Thanks to the positive

reviews of our approach from the Belgian

department, StreetwiZe got in touch with

Accenture Netherlands department in 2020.

Accenture is one of the world’s leading consulting

companies, and recently recognized as the

only consulting company in the top 20 global

technology companies. For their experienced

consultants/beginner managers, there was a

demand for a holistic multi-day training programme.

StreetwiZe created a dynamic programme

consisting of 4 workshops and 2 group coaching

sessions. Different topics were covered,

including: “I as a leader”, “Leaders and style”,

“Leaders in conversation” and “Leaders in conflict”.

StreetwiZe organized highly interactive

webinars. That concluded in a practice session

with an experienced actor.

Accenture Netherlands truly appreciated how

our trainer, Davy, handled the virtual interaction

by reacting ad rem to everything that

happened in the group. They also found the

self-reflection moments during the workshops

very interesting.


leadership essentials




















PREP. (1h)

Personal development in reflection

Peer to peer learning and coaching


Practical application of theoretical models

Application of group coaching techniques

PREP. (1h)

PREP. (1h)



1/2DAY 1/2DAY 1/2DAY 1/2DAY

week 1 week 2-5 week 6 week 7- ...


StreetSmart Learn

01/09/2020 • 15/04/2022

Lies De Vocht

Rob Sweldens

Joke Verreth

Pam Francken (intern)

Feyza Ercos (intern)


Leuven/ Belgium


This project started in September 2020. At

that point we started research for StreetSmart

Learn, a new online learning platform for

youth workers. The purpose of this platform is

to provide youth workers with training on nonformal

education, to increase their theoretical

and practical knowledge and strengthen their

skills. In this way, we aim to support youth

workers in setting up the right processes

for their target groups.

Together with the StreetSmart Wheels partners

PRAKSIS (Greece) and Salvati Copiii (Romania)

we aim to guarantee the youth workers a

sustainable platform for training and inspiration

in the future. Both organisations were

included in previous Eramus+ projects.

PRAKSIS was a partner in the development

of StreetSmart Impact and Salvati Copiii partnered

in the development of StreetSmart Play.

After this initial phase of research, we created

some pilot trainings based on our research.

Three focus groups gave feedback to this

pilot training. Their feedback was taken into

account when we started the development of

all the training programmes. The training programmes

are divided into micromodules.

StreetSmart Learn deliberately focusses on a

microlearning strategy. All our programmes

consist of short learning bites to trigger interest

and to make it possible for youth workers to learn

at their own pace, whenever and wherever they

want. Moreover, learners who complete an entire

programme, receive a free-of-charge certificate.

Next to this, StreetSmart Learn enhances the

knowledge and competences of youth workers.

We offer a set of key topics youth work professionals

need in their day-to-day activities, with a

strong focus on non-formal education and personal

development, like ‘Play-based learning’,

‘Counselling skills’ or ‘The importance of selfesteem’.

All trainings are available in Dutch,

French, Spanish and English.

Mid 2022, we will be able to finally present the

platform to the field of youth work in Belgium,

Greece and Romania.



17 training programmes already available

Multilanguage: Dutch, English, French and Spanish


Interactive, hands-on content

Strengthening youth work skills


Rabobank Asia • A virtual Storytelling tour

01/01/2021 • 31/12/2021

Bram Doolaege

Rabobank Asia

Management (480 p.)

Online (Hong Kong SAR)


StreetwiZe has been able to call itself

Rabobank’s storytelling partner for years. Hundreds

of Rabobank employees have already

been immersed in StreetwiZe storytelling


And not only the hands-on sessions are appreciated.

From its hybrid story, StreetwiZe also

links with the bank’s mission to become more

sustainable. Originally, the StreetwiZe team

was to travel to Asia to deliver Storytelling

workshops. After all, the cultural and professional

uniqueness of the region requires a specific


Rabobank has been in Hong Kong SAR since

1990 offering a full range of wholesale banking

services to their Food and Agribusiness clients.

Rabobank Asia provides sector expertise, strategic

counsel and tailored financial solutions.

They focus on large multinationals, local and

regional companies across the entire food value

chain. More than 480 employees are working

in the wide region, stretching from India to

China. It goes without saying that this specific

setting requires a tailor-made approach.

Because COVID-19 hindered travel, StreetwiZe

has designed a custom online workshop. With

an eye for diversity, both the content and the

approach were adapted. The feedback from the

Rabobank participants is therefore unanimously

positive. And at the time of writing, the number

of participants is rising rapidly.



Content and approach adapted to diverse cultural backgrounds

Interactive digital learning allows sharing of stories

Networking opportunities are integrated in the workshop


StreetSmart Impact • Wheels trajectory

01/01/2021 • 31/12/2021

Joke Verreth

Sander Degeling

StreetSmart Wheels partners



All StreetSmart Wheels partners can freely

make use of all StreetSmart tools, including

our case management and impact measurement

tool, StreetSmart Impact. To implement

this new registration tool in our StreetSmart

Wheels partners network, we organised various

online demos. Partners interested in using

StreetSmart Impact then received a three-hour

personalised onboarding workshop. During

the onboarding workshop, we discuss and

set up the best possible structure for their

StreetSmart Impact organisation on the platform.

The app and web platform are also actively

tested out, so that, after the workshop, the

outreach teams can immediately start using

StreetSmart Impact during their interventions.

We gave demos and workshops to 19

StreetSmart Wheels partners in 13 countries

on 4 continents. 8 of those 19 partners already

actively used StreetSmart Impact to register

the impact during their outreach interventions

with the mobile school in 2021. In total, these

organisations registered more than 8600 contacts

with children during more than 600 interventions.

Some partner organisations were not able to

start up their outreach interventions last year

due to the pandemic and were, consequently,

not able to register anything. Some organisations

experienced technical difficulties when

using the app and in other organisations

the team changed, so the knowledge about

StreetSmart Impact was lost. In these organisations,

we will start the StreetSmart Impact implementation

process back up.

In the long run, our objective is that all

StreetSmart Wheels partners will actively use

StreetSmart Impact to register the quantitative

and qualitative impact of their outreach sessions.



Demos and workshops followed by 19 Wheels partners

StreetSmart Impact actively used by 8 Wheels partners

8663 contacts with children registered during 629 interventions


Volunteer work

01/01/2021 • 31/12/2021

MobileSchool.org crew

MobileSchool.org volunteers

Online / at the office



At MobileSchool.org we have the best volunteers

in the world! Without them, we would

not be able to do what we do.

Due to COVID, it was not possible to organise

many offline activities, so we made sure

we offered online moments to connect. We

organised an online MobileSchool Update &

Café on 12 March and an online demo of our

StreetSmart Impact app, which allowed us to

connect with 17 volunteers.

Usually, we organise 2 volunteer weekends

per year. The objective of these weekends is

two- fold: informing our volunteers about the

new projects within the organisation and connecting

during fun games and activities. Due

to COVID-19, the weekend planned in March

had to be cancelled, but we were finally able

to meet up live with our volunteers in October.

23 volunteers took part in the various activities

offered during the weekend, such as: a

StreetSmart Impact workshop, a keynote given

by managing director Arnoud Raskin, and of

course many fun energizers and informal connection


Another offline connecting opportunity we

launched this year was the volunteer “connection

chain”. One volunteer randomly draws the

name of another volunteer and contacts him/

her to set up a one-on-one meeting: going for

a walk, a drink,…The sole objective of the meeting

is to get to know each other better. The volunteers

can make use of a box of interesting

connection questions we drew up. After the meeting,

the volunteer that was contacted draws a

name of another volunteer and sets up a meeting

with him/her, and so on, creating a connection

chain. So far, 9 volunteers have taken part and

we will keep making the chain longer!

To keep our volunteers updated throughout the

year, we also sent out 4 newsletters. For International

Volunteer Day on 5/12, a video was recorded

at the mobile school in Querétaro to thank our

volunteers for all the wonderful work they do for


People interested in MobileSchool.org can take

part in an info evening, during which they get to

know all there is to know about our organisation

and can “meet” the mobile school. One of the

five info evenings we organised this year was

organised at the office, the others were organised

online. In total, 38 new people have been

informed about MobileSchool.org.


On-and offline connection with volunteers

Volunteers updated about all MobileSchool.org projects

38 new people informed about MobileSchool.org


Bain & Company • Business case L&D-market

05/01/2021 • 21/01/2021

Kim Swyngedouw

Wim Depickere

Marc Wouters

Bain & Company




StreetwiZe was choosen to be part of a pro

bono-project of Bain & Company in the first

quarter of 2021. In that project, a dedicated

team of 3 Bain-employees would work out a

business case in which it would explore the

L&D-market in Belgium in general and the position

and value of StreetwiZe in that L&D-market.

The final goal of the case was to give guidance

to StreetwiZe on ‘where to play’ and ‘how

to win’ in the next 1 to 3 years, given the ambition

of MobileSchool.org to become 100% self

sufficent by the end of 2023.

In an intense 3 week collaboration, a Bain

& Company team with Humbert della Faille,

Simon De Ferm and Alexandre Gueulette,

under the supervision of Olivier Gillerot,

Bain-partner and member of our Board, dug

its way through a pile of external and internal

data and information. Twice every week they

updated the StreetwiZe-team with their new

findings, checked interpretations and clarified

their next steps.

By the end of these 3 weeks, the Bain-team was

able to present a fully documented analysis

with insights from all angles in a fragmented

L&D-market. The team prioritized focuspoints

on industry, geography, offering, size of

customers, and added the importance of ‘purpose’

in both the StreetwiZe-way to go to the

market and in the selection of prospects.

All these insights enabled the SreetwiZe Salesteam

to leverage its efforts on prospection and

business development, to elaborate an effective

strategy on Customer Relationship Management,

and to determine the milestones on our

way to our ultimate goal of self sufficiency.

These 3 weeks avoided at least 3 months of

digging, exploring and studying for ourselves,

and will make a big difference in the next 3 years.


Clear selection of focuspoints on 6 critical elements

Clear insights on the current L&D market

Clear positioning of StreetwiZe in the L&D market

Headstart in business development

Leverage in Customer Relationship Management

Clear set of KPI’s and milestones


New Educational Materials on Sexuality

01/03/2021 • 09/06/2021

Joke Verreth

Sander Degeling

Rob Sweldens

Gijs Vanhee


StreetSmart network

StreetSmart Play


Talking about sexuality with children and

young people is crucial. Young people who

receive a qualitative sexual education make

more conscious decisions, are less at risk of

STDs and sexually transgressive behaviour and

are happier in their relationships. So, there’s

more than enough reasons to talk about sex!

That is why StreetSmart adapted and expanded

its offer of educational games about sexuality,

in order to better meet the needs of all youth

work organisations. Our goal is to make it easy

for youth workers to address the topic of sexuality

in a playful way with the children and

young people they work with, so they can make

conscious, healthy and respectful decisions.

Together with the volunteers of our educational

work group and graphical designer Gijs

Vanhee, we redesigned three of our existing

game boards on sexuality. In addition, three

new game boards and a card game were developed.

These newly (re)designed panels form

part of StreetSmart’s sexuality package, which

consists of different educational games and

energizers addressing the various subtopics

sexuality encompasses: body (development),

boundaries, relationships, gender and sexual

orientation, safe sex and sex & media.

All the newly designed panels can be found

on our StreetSmart Play platform, where youth

workers can freely access a wide variety of educational

activities they can conduct during their

non-formal educational sessions with their target


In order to facilitate the launch of the new sexuality

package, StreetSmart organised a webinar for

the StreetSmart network (all organisations using

one or more StreetSmart tools), so youth workers

worldwide were immediately updated about the

new activities and triggered to use them during

their youth work interventions.



Redesign of 3 existing game boards

Developments of 3 new game boards & 1 card game

Package of 27 games total available on StreetSmart Play

1 webinar given to 8 street educators from 5 countries


BOSS Paints • Colourful Street Skills

05/03/2021 • 10/05/2021

Eric Vanbiervliet

Marc Wouters

BOSS Paints




BOSS paints develops, produces and sells

high-quality paint products. For professional

customers, but also, via the Colora shops, for

private individuals. Most of these shops are run

by independent entrepreneurs. They are supported

and guided by the Business Coaches

of BOSS Paints. Their most important task:

streamlining the interests of the shop owners

on the one hand and the internal departments

on the other. Not an obvious task, of course.

And so we at StreetwiZe were asked to develop

a trajectory for the team of Business Coaches

with the aim of strengthening their individual

and team leadership.

The StreetwiZe Story gave the participants

the broader framework for the various interventions

we were planning. Afterwards,

we worked for half a day on the Connect

technique and explored the why, what and

how of connecting with other people and

teams, even where there seem to be be big


In a second phase, the theme of ‘personal

leadership’ was the main focus. During the

workshop on Positive Focus, the participants

learned how their own perceptions, sometimes

negative, influence their behaviour. By means

of various reflections it became clear to what

extent you can increase your positive focus by

consciously shifting your gaze from the (naturally

so easily detected) problems in a certain situation

to the opportunities that the same situation

or context also offers.

Impact was the key word of the third phase.

To this end, we spent a full day working on

Cooperative Competition. After all, the street

teaches us that it is in the balance of cooperation

and standing up for one’s own interests that

people and teams achieve an optimal win-win.

The Business Coaches aligned about what they

want to go for together, what they want to stand

for and what they need from each other, from the

managers and from the other teams within the

organisation to achieve this. But also how they

can join forces in this ‘battle’.

In a final workshop, each Business Coach brought

together the essence of their learnings and ambitions

in a powerful personal story. For this

purpose, we introduced them to the technique

Storytelling, a very powerful tool to inspire people,

make them enthusiastic and get them moving,

even if your message or question is complex.


Developing personal leadership for greater impact

Aligning around team goals and approaches

Strengthening the mutual connection

Defining medium-term points of attention

Strengthening coaching and motivating capacities


StreetSmart Impact • Developments

10/03/2021 • 18/06/2021

Wim Depickere

Halcyon Mobile

Belgium / Romania


Based on the feedback of all StreetSmart

Impact users, new developments were made

and two new versions of StreetSmart Impact

were launched this year, in April and in June.

Thanks to these two new updates, the overall

structure of StreetSmart Impact is even more

user-friendly and customisable. StreetSmart

Impact reporting was improved by, i.a. adding

reporting filters and adding more data download

options. The participant profile was made

more user-friendly and the user flow in the app

was improved as well. In addition, even more

elements of StreetSmart Impact were made

customisable, so each organisation can fully

adapt the use of the app to their way of working.

A new series of developments will be launched

at the beginning of 2022, focused solely on

increasing the user-friendliness of both the app

and the web platform for all users. Software

developments are never finished, of course, so

we will continue gathering feedback from our

users to make sure StreetSmart Impact meets

their registration and impact measurement




StreetSmart Impact made more user-friendly and customisable

Improved StreetSmart Impact reporting

Improved user flow in StreetSmart Impact app


Multipharma • Taking the lead

01/04/2021 • 31/10/2021

Eric Vanbiervliet




Multipharma is the largest Belgian pharmacy

network, with more than 250 pharmacies

across Belgium. Multipharma is a cooperative

company that focuses on accessibility and puts

the customer at the heart of everything they do.

Thanks to the large network of pharmacies, they

can share their knowledge to make their network

even stronger. As a result, the strength of

the whole is greater than that of the individual

parts combined.

Thanks to the pandemic that has plagued our

healthcare worldwide for the past two years

and the resulting rapidly changing innovations

within the sector, Multipharma was faced with

a challenge. They wanted to create a competitive

advantage over their competitors despite

the major changes in the industry. Therefore,

they wanted to focus on strengthening their

people managers. Points of attention that

StreetwiZe had to consider were maintaining

a broad view of the market, the ownership of

employees at all levels and the further development

of a feedback culture.

In the first phase StreetwiZe wanted to address

these concerns using 3 different street skills,

namely: Positive Focus, Resilience & Agility and

Cooperative Competition. Here we also used the

techniques Connect and Leading Change. In the

2 concluding intervision sessions we worked on

translating these tools to everyone’s professional

reality and on developing a personal leadership


“Very good link to the story of the street

children, this puts things in perspective and

helps to gain insight into what really counts.”



Taking more ownership and showing it off

Look beyond own organisation

Working on connections at the leadership level

Develop personal leadership


H&M • Taking the lead of change

01/04/2021 • 30/09/2021

Bram Doolaege

Eric Vanbiervliet

Davy Caelen

Bart Vanbellinghen


Leuven / Brussels / online

Hennes & Mauritz Belgium contacted us in the

autumn of 2020. They wanted to offer the Function

Heads and the teams within H&M several

extra tools to stand upright in the constantly

changing context in which they must work

every day. For the Function Heads, the focus

will mainly be on going beyond their own expertise,

how to deal with teams, daring to take

decisions and giving feedback. For the teams,

the focus will mainly be on looking for synergies

and greater ownership of these profiles.

During this collaboration H&M wanted to have

a clear link with the values of their organisation:

entrepreneurial spirit, constant improvement,

cost conscious, we keep it simple, we are

one team, straightforward & open-minded and

we believe in people.

H&M is a Swedish fashion chain with more

than 5000 stores in over 70 countries. In

Belgium alone, there are around 70 H&M


StreetwiZe started from the street skill Cooperative

Competition to work on the role that the

Function Heads can and want to play in a constantly

changing context. With the street skills

Resilience & Agility and Positive Focus and with

the technique Storytelling we then brought

this to the level of a unique contribution and a

unique own story. Finally, the Function Heads

co-facilitated a day with all the teams around the

importance of common goals and of a careful selection

and follow-up, at team level, of the battles

that go with them.

“Good to take time to reflect as a group. Good

interaction and balance between theory and

work groups. Passionate trainer that kept a

good tempo during the day.”




Building a stronger community

Develop personal leadership

Understanding and exploring the H&M culture

Arming against the rapidly changing environment

Getting leaders to reflect on their roles

Strengthen ties among executives


International Day for Street Children

12/04/2021 • ...

Arnoud Raskin

Lies De Vocht


Awareness and fundraising

Flanders / Belgium


On 12 April we celebrated again the International

Day for Street Children. This is the 11th

year that we have celebrated street children

worldwide on this date. The MobileSchool.org

volunteers normally organise a large event to

raise awareness for this day, but as the coronavirus

still formed part or our daily lifes,

gathering with lots of people was not aloud.

So the volunteers came up with a postcard campaign.

Postcards to give your friends, family,

colleagues… a peptalk. As the StreetSmart

youth workers daily give peptalks to the children

and youth they work with, it only seemed

approriate to make a connection with this context.

#MobileSchoolPeptalks is a package with six

motivational postcards. Each postcard includes

a QR code to unlock a video. In these videos,

some famous MobileSchool.org friends like

Wim Opbrouck, Tom Van Dyck, Linde Merckpoel,

Joke Emmers, Joris Hessels and Siska

Schoeters give you their best peptalk. The proceeds

of these postcards are invested in new

mobile school for street-connected children


This special day is not only celebrated by us, but

also by many organisations outside our network.

Mobile School is a member of the Consortium

for Street Children, a worldwide network of 90

organizations. The Consortium represents the

international interests and rights of street children.



Over 300 packages were sold to our (in)direct network

6 Belgian celebrities partnered in this campaign

2 news media reached


International StreetSmart Wheels Exchanges

19/05/2021 • 27/05/2021

Joke Verreth

Sander Degeling

StreetSmart Wheels partners




More than a year into the pandemic, the street

workers of our local partners are still doing their

utmost to stay in close contact with their target

groups. After a successful virtual exchange last

year, the StreetSmart team organised a second

global online exchange in both English (for

our African, Asian and European StreetSmart

Wheels partners) and Spanish (for our Latin

American StreetSmart Wheels partners) to

allow partners to exchange tips and tricks on

how to conduct street interventions during the

COVID-19 pandemic.

In total, 12 organisations from 10 different

countries gathered online to share stories on

how the pandemic affects their work and to

exchange concrete materials, methodologies

and best practices.

While some of our partners in countries like

India, Sri Lanka and Bolivia are operating in

extremely difficult circumstances due to a recent

spike in infections, partners in other parts

of the world have seen some of the strictest

restrictions being lifted.

A vast majority of the partners, however, is

still not able to take their mobile school to

the streets. Partners who can conduct activities

with the mobile school – like the team of

Ladies Union of Drama in Greece - are limiting

the number of participants and are taking all the

necessary hygienic precautions to keep the staff,

the children and the communities safe during

their interventions.

Luckily, the creativity and determination of our

partners to stay connected with their target

groups is endless and they all came up with

innovative ways to keep supporting the kids:

from online classes, videos and the distribution

of educational modules to the development of

a comic book to inform the kids about the do’s

and don’ts during the pandemic. These new approaches

were enthusiastically shared among

the participants.

As countries worldwide are rolling out their vaccination

strategies, we are hopeful that more and

more StreetSmart Wheels partners will be able

to pull out their magic box again to restart their

non-formal educational activities with street-connected

youth in the coming months.


Exchange of experiences between StreetSmart Wheels partners

Strengthening of StreetSmart Wheels network

27 street educators reached from 12 org. in 10 countries


Finalised redesign HEALTH materials

01/05/2021 • 31/12/2021

Educational volunteers

Sander Degeling

Rob Sweldens

Joke Verreth

Educational volunteers

Leuven / Belgium


Since the start of the pandemic, the StreetSmart

team has invested a lot of time in redesigning

the educational materials used on the mobile

school. The past year and a half, a team of

educational volunteers focussed on the specific

redesign of the materials on health.

Many of these materials were developed

during the early days of the mobile school, and

the current pandemic also gave us an opportunity

to rethink and expand the educational

offer on the topic.

Earlier in the process, new panels on personal

hygiene, health care and pubery and sexuality

were already created. In May, a new project

with the educational volunteers focussed on

the last part of the health package: the panels

on drugs, first aid and seeking help.

After analyzing the strengths and weaknesses

of the existing panels, the volunteers came up

with some new game concepts to spice up the


After 5 online working sessions, these ideas

were then sent to our illustrator Gijs Vanhee,

who brought the ideas to life.

Today, all of the new materials are online available

on StreetSmart Play, and new StreetSmart

Wheels partners can now benefit from an entirely

new educational package on health.



Completed redesign of educational package on health

Five new panels created in last phase

Total of 18 new health panels since 2019


Exploration Mexico • Pastoral Social de Cristo Sacerdote

19/07/2021 • 21/07/2021

Arnoud Raskin

Jessika Martinez

Joke Verreth

Pastoral Social de Cristo


Guadalajara / Mexico



Within the parish of Cristo Sacerdote, a group

of people was formed in 2014, wanting to

reach out to people in need within their community:

“Pastoral Social”. They started by

setting up aid programmes, to support local

projects financially and by donating food and

clothes: an organisation working with families

working on the streets, a local project working

with migrants, the canteen for children and

elderly people from the community living in

extreme poverty, … The team of Pastoral Social,

however, felt the need to do more than

just support projects financially and decided

to shift their focus to human development programmes


In 2018, the team paid a visit to StreetSmart

Wheels partner Banco de Alimentos in

Querétaro, where they saw the mobile school

in action. They were immediately convinced of

the added value of our tools for the human development

programmes they had in mind for

their community. After an online meeting, they

sent us their application in February 2019. In

June 2019, they already started up their own

outreach project, using tables, chairs, mobile


Mobile School’s Managing Director, Arnoud

Raskin, visited the team in November 2019 and

joined them during an outreach session. He

saw a dedicated and motivated team and a local

project with a lot of potential, so we planned an

exploratory expedition in July 2021 to officially

prospect the organisation. Local master trainer

Jessika Martinez trained the team. Since she has

been the coordinator of the StreetSmart Wheels

project in Querétaro, Mexico since the start-up

in 2013, she had a lot of relevant experiences to

share with the local team.

After the exploratory expedition, some to do’s

remained for the local team: clearly defining the

roles and responsibilities of all team members,

drawing up a concrete planning for the mobile

school project, starting up interventions at a second

location, looking for younger volunteers to

enrich and diversify the team and arrange transportation

and storage for the StreetSmart Wheels

materials. If the team can make these necessary

preparations, it is very likely that a third Mexican

StreetSmart Wheels project will be launched in

the near future. To be continued!


Team of 18 educators trained on StreetSmart Wheels methodology

Potential for new mobile school in Mexico

Mexican network strengthened


StreetSmart Wheels Pilot Project Belgium • City Pirates

01/08/2021 • 15/11/2021

Joke Verreth

City Pirates

Antwerp / Belgium



“Football the motor, social commitment the

fuel, diversity the strength”, that’s the catchphrase

of City Pirates. Through football, this

Belgian organisation wants to give youngsters

from Antwerp opportunities and teach them

new competences, to increase social cohesion.

Currently, there are more than 1100 youth

players from more than 80 different nationalities

at the club. It’s about much more than

football, though. The team of City Pirates also

offers homework support and organises home

visits and meetings with the children’s schools.

They are always looking for new ways and tools

to increase their impact even more.

One of the tools they believe can increase their

impact on the streets is the mobile school. In

2019, we therefore already organised a short

training for the local team and one pilot outreach

session with the mobile school at the

Luchtbal district, which showed great promise.

This year, the City of Antwerp approved and

supported a short mobile school pilot project,

so the team could organise outreach interventions

with the mobile school from September

till December. To prepare the team, we organised

a two-day workshop beforehand and accompanied

them on the streets during their

first two mobile school interventions in August.

Due to the bad weather during the summer

months and a lack of personnel to manage the

project, only 10 outreach interventions were organised.

The pilot project was ended earlier than

planned as well, in November.

The team does see the enormous potential of

the mobile school on the streets of Antwerp,

however, and therefore wants to start up a new

pilot project with the mobile school in April. If

they can find a good way to manage the mobile

school project and integrate it in the rest of their

offer, we believe it has a lot of potential.

Will there be a Belgian StreetSmart Wheels partner

in the future? We will keep you posted!


Basic training given to 13 educators

First Belgian mobile school pilot project organised

Belgian network strengthened


Gijbels • Wellbeing

01/09/2021 • 30/09/2021

Eric Vanbiervliet

Davy Caelen

Sofie Vandenberghe

Gijbels Group

Oudsbergen / Belgium



Gijbels Group, active in construction and project

development, was one of the first companies

to believe in the added value of Street

Skills for its employees and its leadership.

Building on solid past collaborations, Gijbels

Group and Streetwize joined forces again in


Gijbels Group wanted to set up a support program

for the employees around the theme of

Wellbeing. More specifically for the 100 or so

white-collar employees who, because of the

corona measures, have very limited contact

with each other. As a result, the management

developed an extensive support program, with

a focus on both the mental and physical aspects

of well-being, which was rolled out over

a broad group of employees. The aim of the

collaboration between StreetwiZe and Gijbels

Group was to continue to stimulate and inspire

the employees, and to keep them connected

under the theme ‘Connected Thinkers’.

StreetwiZe kicked off with a workshop on resilience,

which we interpret as the ability to sustainably

deal with setbacks, negative reactions,

and failure, and to recover from them. Taking

inspiration from our work with street children,

the workshop was set up as an exploration of

everyone’s personal foundation of values, talents,

and aspirations.

“Strong how you are made to think concretely

about difficult topics such as talents, values

etc. Down-to-earth, no too big theories.”


Making employees more resilient

Reflect on their personal foundations and those of the organisation

Strengthening the organisation during a crisis

Define and name personal values

Discover and discuss personal talents

Take steps in defining a personal mission


AG Insurance • IT Young Pros Programme

01/09/2021 • 31/12/2021

Bram Doolaege

Eric Vanbiervliet

AG Insurance

Brussels / Belgium



AG Insurance is a Belgian insurance company

that has been returning to StreetwiZe

annually since 2018. They offer both life

and non-life insurance and supplementary

pensions. With their more than 3 million

customers, AG Insurance is the largest insurance

company in Belgium.

Due to the global talent shortage, AG Insurance

wants to offer their Young Pros in IT opportunities

to develop further. They do this by building several

essential skills, as part of their onboarding

process. They want to do this in addition to a

series of knowledge training courses. During

StreetwiZe’s training courses, the emphasis is

specifically on developing the participants’ soft


Initially, we worked around the personal mission,

values, and talents of the employees. We

did this from 2 key street skills: Resilience &

Agility and Positive Focus. Subsequently, the

Young Pros were given the opportunity to build

on this foundation. Starting from a community,

the participants defined a few projects that

they consider meaningful for the organization.

After defining these projects, the participants

worked them out. By working out these projects,

they acquire the necessary insights into project

management and develop their skills around

pitching and storytelling.

We hope this collaboration can continue for

many years to come!

“The energy of the trainers, the very practical

approach, I learned things and I’ve been put

out of my comfort zone.”


Inspired participants

Learning about soft skills in a fun way

Stepping out of the comfort zone

Developing connection between Young Pros

Adding business value by working on projects and putting their soft

skills into practice


Exploration Kenya • Inuka Network

06/09/2021 • 10/09/2021

Bram Van de Putte

Inuka Network Kenya

Eldoret / Kenya


After an inactivity of almost 18 months, we

were finally able to send out one of our trainers

again to conduct a week-long prospection visit.

In the city of Eldoret in Kenya, trainer Bram Van

De Putte explored a potential partnership in

September with the recently established Inuka


While the pandemic situation remains instable

in large parts of the world, there is once again a

lot of activity within our partner network. More

and more organisations are currently applying

to become part of the global StreetSmart

Wheels network. The reason for this is simple:

an increased need on the street because

of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why we at

StreetSmart decided to focus on the opportunities

and to restart our international expeditions

if the pandemic situation and the local restrictions

in the destination country allow it.

After the prospection in Guadalajara in Mexico –

conducted by our local trainer Jessika Martinez

– the propective visit in Kenya was the first

international training after a long time of

inactivity. In Eldoret, the Inuka Network is eager

to launch a mobile school to interact with the

large street population in the city.

The network was established recently with the

support of the Belgian organisation Caprioolkinderen

vzw, led by Eddy de Nil. Caprioolkinderen

is also a long-term partner of Yenege

Tesfa - one of our Ethiopian partners – and therefore

the team is already well-informed about the

possibilities of the mobile school.

During the visit to Eldoret, it was crystal clear

there is a huge need on the streets for nonformal

educational street work. Moreover, the

city is located only 100km away from Kitale,

where our partner Child Rescue Kenya is working

since 2019 with the mobile school to boost

the self-esteem of street-connected youngsters.

Together with the team, our trainer Bram

assessed about 10 locations in and around

Eldoret which show great potential to become

future mobile school locations.

Both parties are even more enthusiastic after

the visit to take the next steps and to solve the

remaining challenges as soon as possible. If

all goes well, our new mobile school in Eldoret

could already be launched later this year.



9 youth workers trained on StreetSmart Wheels methodology

Potential new StreetSmart Wheels partner for 2021

Strengthened network of organisations within Eldoret


Start-up Haiti • Benefiet Haiti

20/09/2021 • 31/12/2021

Sander Degeling

Benefiet Haïti

Port-au-Prince / Haiti


In December 2018, StreetSmart shipped a

brand new mobile school and educational

materials to the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince

to launch the first Haitian mobile school in the

island nation.

Unfortunately, soon after the socio-economic

and political crisis on the island escalated

quickly. Currently, Haiti is undergoing one of

the most fraught periods of its recent history.

Insecurity has become rampant in Port-au-

Prince, as kidnappings and violence between

heavily armed gangs are once again on the rise

as the gangs have extended their control over

large parts of the city.

Amid this crisis, StreetSmart was not able to

properly start-up the project in Port-au-Prince.

However, the local team of street educators

continued to stay in contact and was determinated

to make use of the mobile school materials.

Last September, the team then decided - after

a couple of short online workshops - to take

the first steps with their school and to start the

interventions in some secured places.

Although the project is not running at full speed

yet, there is high hope that with some coaching

and support from a distance, the Haitian team

of partner Benefiet Haiti will slowly gain more

experience and will continue to expand their

positive impact on street-connected children in a

city where the needs on the street are incredibly

high at the moment.



Short online training for team of 7 local street educators

First street interventions despite ongoing political instability

Regular coaching moments to improve the interventions




Joke Verreth

Arnoud Raskin

Eva Vandeputte


Veltem-Beisem / Belgium

After the 2019 edition of #FeestMee (translates

as ‘Party along’), we were excited to organise a

second edition of this party. Due to COVID-19

and the restrictions on indoor events and parties,

we had to postpone this event.

But in October 2021, it was our time! We could

(legally) dance again and of course we didn’t

want to let this opportunity pass us by. We did

this second edition, in a COVID-safe way, again

at Bar Vital in Veltem-Beisem, which is an old

milk factory. The factory was transformed into

a cosy dance hall and was spacious enough

to bring out the best dance moves from 200

party-people dancing to a mix of live music

and DJ sets from Miss Charlie, Nadiem Shah

and Anda Ackx.

It was an evening of meeting and connecting

- an ideal way to bring our supporters

(back) together and expand further. We are

already looking forward to the next edition

of #FeestMee.









Bringing our volunteers, friends and supporters back together

200 people attended

Fundraising for MobileSchool.org





Exploration Tanzania • KISEDET

01/11/2021 • 05/11/2021

Sander Degeling


Dodoma / Tanzania



Slowly but surely, our StreetSmart Wheels

trainers were again able to explore new potential

partnerships in 2021 with local street work

organisations. In the first week of November,

we visited Kigwe Social Economic Development

and Training (KISEDET), an organisation

based in the Tanzanian capital Dodoma to

investigate if we could set up a long-term

partnership with them in the near future. The

organisation is well-connected to other partners

within the Tanzanian street work network,

so they already had a good insight in which

added value the mobile school materials could

offer to their organisation.

The prospection visit in Dodoma was already

on the agenda in March 2020. However, the

pandemic forced us to cancel the training last

minute. Since then, we kept in touch with the

team of KISEDET to find a right time for the

training, and finally, we were able to organise

the prospective visit in November.

During the exploratory visit, the team got

an in-depth introduction on all the different

StreetSmart products. Besides a couple of

workshops on street work, play and project

management, the team of KISEDET also showed

us a handful of potential locations where they

would like to work with the mobile school and

the educational materials. Immediately, it was

crystal clear that there is a large target group for

non-formal, creative outreach interventions in

the city. Furthermore, KISEDET also invited other

stakeholders from Safina Street Network,

Tumaini Foundation and the local police to make

sure different actors are up to date and aligned

about the main objectives of the mobile school.

In the coming months, both parties will still work

on a couple of to do’s in order to prepare the

arrival of a mobile school in the city of Dodoma.

Fingers crossed everything will go according to

plan, so we can start a new project here in 2022!


15 youth workers trained from 3 different organisations

Potential new StreetSmart Wheels partner for 2022

Strengthened Tanzanian network


New mobile school Mexico • P. Soc. de Cristo Sacerdote

04/11/2021 • 12/11/2021

Jessika Martinez

Mariela Gil Ballejo

Joke Verreth

Pastoral Social de Cristo


Guadalajara / Mexico



It’s official: as of November 2021, we have 3

Mexican StreetSmart Wheels partners, bringing

the total to 59!

After the successful exploration in July, the

local team immediately started working on

the remaining to do’s before the implementation.

They started up interventions at a second

outreach location, involved more volunteers,

bought a van to transport the mobile school,

set up a storage space, … They were cleary

very motivated to start up their very own

StreetSmart Wheels project.

In November, we therefore planned the implementation

training, led by local StreetSmart

Wheels master trainer Jessika Martinez. Since

she is the coordinator of the StreetSmart

Wheels project in Querétaro, Mexico, the local

team could exchange a lot of best practises

and experiences with her and the Mexican

StreetSmart Wheels network was instantly

strengthened. One of Jessika’s team members,

Mariela Gil Ballejo, is an expert in social circus.

She joined Jessika for one day to co-facilitate

the workshop on creative therapy.

In addition to the implementation workshops,

Jessika joined the team during three outreach


Our brand new StreetSmart Wheels partner

works in the city of Guadalajara and more specifically

in the community of Cerro del Cuatro, which

is characteristed by poverty, family violence and

disintegration, drug and alcohol addiction,…

There are many migrants in Guadalajara as well,

since the city is one of the gateways for people

wanting to emigrate from Central America to the

United States, looking for a better future. Some

people decide to stay in Mexico and start up their

immigration proceedings there.

The team now organises interventions with

the mobile school at two locations. During the

implementation training, the local StreetSmart

Wheels project was officially inaugurated at both

locations with a ribbon cutting ceremony the

children enjoyed. The mobile school was warmly

welcomed in the community and the local project

is off to a great start! The team is already planning

on adding a third outreach location next

year. We will keep you posted!


10 street educators trained

Third Mexican StreetSmart Wheels project implemented

Mexican StreetSmart Wheels netwerk strengthened


Follow-up Poland • Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla

19/11/2021 • 21/11/2021

Robert Cieślar

Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla

Krakow / Poland


The mobile school project in Krakow, Poland

was started up in 2008. The team organises

five street sessions per week in four different

sectors. In Krakow, low-income families (Polish

and Roma families) are housed in apartment

blocks built in the communist era, which are

referred to as “social ghettos”. Many families

struggle with drug and alcohol abuse and

unwanted pregnancies. The local StreetSmart

Wheels team works with the children living in

these “ghettos”.

Every year, the team organises a training for

their new volunteers. In the past, these trainings

were organised by the team itself. Since

2018, though, Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla has a

training budget. Each year, they now use that

budget to organise a StreetSmart Wheels training.

The three-day follow-up training was given

by local StreetSmart Wheels trainer Robert

Cieślar, the coordinator of the StreetSmart

Wheels project in Bytom, Poland, so the Polish

StreetSmart Wheels network was strengthened

during the training as well.

During the follow-up training, the new volunteers

participated in the general presentation

of the Mobile School vision and our StreetSmart

tools. They learned how to drive and maintain

the mobile school, played and invented games

with the educational materials and followed the

workshop on self-esteem. All new volunteers

were extremely motivated to start up the work

with the mobile school.



11 new volunteers trained

Knowledge of educational materials & methodologies

Increased motivation to work with the mobile school

Polish network strengthened


New mobile school Kenya • Inuka Network

23/11/2021 • 03/12/2021

Bram Van de Putte

Bilhah Wairimu

Sander Degeling

Inuka Network

Eldoret / Kenya

In September, our master trainer Bram Van de

Putte conducted a succesful prospective visit

with the Inuka Network in the Kenyan city of

Eldoret (see previous pages). Two and a half

months later, we were extremely excited to

launch the mobile school and the educational

materials during a two-week implementation

training with the new team of street educators.

The time in between the prospective visit and

the implementation was really short, because

an inactive school in Nairobi was transferred to

Eldoret to make sure the team could start the

work as soon as possible.

The newly established Inuka Network is a consortium

of different organisations joining forces

to better meet the needs of street-connected

children in this Kenyan city. With the support

of the Belgian organisation Caprioolkinderen

vzw, the network has high amibitions to support

the many street-connected young people

who are roaming the streets in the city.

From November 22 till December 3, our master

trainer Bram Van de Putte and co-facilitator

Bilhah Wairimu from our partner Child Rescue

Kenya in Kitale conducted a training with the

team to make sure they have all the expertise

they need to hit the streets. During the trainings,

the team took the mobile school to the different

organisations, and organised a street visit near

the California Barracks. The new mobile school

was warmly welcomed by both the street educators

and the children. After mobile schools in

Nairobi, Mombasa and Kitale, the mobile school

in Eldoret is the fourth mobile school rolling

around on Kenyan soil.




Team of 14 youth workers trained on StreetSmart Wheels

Strengthened connection between actors in the network

Involved co-facilitator from other partner Child Rescue Kenya



These clients bought workshops, experience-based training programmes, inspirational


talks or other services at StreetwiZe:



59 mobile schools in 30 countries





Kenya Good Neighbors (Kenya, Nairobi) • since 2005

Virlanie Foundation Inc. (Philippines, Manila) • since 2006

Kivuko / Railway Children (Tanzania, Mwanza) • since 2011

LEEDO (Bangladesh, Dhaka) • since 2015

Yenege Tesfa (Ethiopia, Gondar) • since 2012

EkTara (India, Kolkata) • since 2017

Yenege Tesfa (Ethiopia, Debark) • since 2016

Child Action Lanka (Sri Lanka, Kandy) • since 2020

Mwema Children Centre (Tanzania, Karatu) • since 2018

AGOPODE (Togo, Lomé) • since 2019

GPAS (Poland, Warsaw) • since 2006

Inuka Network Kenya (Kenya, Eldoret) • since 2021

Salvati Copiii (Romania, Iasi) • since 2006

Fundacja Ukryte Skrzydla (Poland, Krakau) • since 2008

IPTK - Cerpi (Boliva, Sucre) • since 2005

ARSIS (Greece, Thessaloniki) • since 2009

Las Hormiguitas (Nicaragua, Matagalpa) • since 2008

Jugendamt Stadt Düsseldorf (Germany, Düsseldorf) • since 2009

Fe y Alegría (Ecuador, Ibarra) • since 2011

CME GPU Uno (Poland, Bytom) • since 2013

Alimentos para la Vida (Mexico, Querétaro) • since 2013

ARSIS (Greece, Athens) • since 2015

Asociación Niñas y Niños del Fortín (Nicaragua, León) • since 2014

Ladies Union of Drama (Greece, Drama) • since 2017

Diamanta & Los Cachorros (Peru, Ayacucho) • since 2016

Initiative for Social Change ARSIS (Albania, Tirana) • since 2019

Benefiet Haïti (Haiti, Port-au-Prince) • since XXXX

Pal. J. Matulaicio socialinis centras (Lithuania, Vilnius) • since 2019

Pastoral Social de Cristo Sacerdote (Mexico, Guadalajara) • since 2021

Pomocna Dłoń (Poland, Raciborz) • since 2020

City Pirates (Belgium, Antwerp) • since 2021

*Some partners stopped the StreetSmart Wheels project or are currently not working due to COVID-19, policital instability or other reasons.



Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions taken by governments worldwide, our local partners were forced to restructure their interventions. While the vast majority of partners was able

to stay in contact with their target groups, significantly less mobile school interventions were conducted this year as a result of lockdowns and social distancing measures. Some of our partners

were able to carefully restart their interventions in the second half of the year, but others are still waiting to get permission to take their mobile school out to the streets again.

“This pandemic was a really hard time for street educators like us. But one good thing it brings us, is that it gives us the space and time to re-evaluate our

programs. Everybody in the team joined the process and gave different ideas on the kind of beneficiaries we are going to work with in the future so we can

develop more life-changing activities for our future target groups.”

– Mobile Unit Team, Virlanie Foundation (Manila - Philippines) 63


our co-creators

...to our donors, for their valuable gifts, big

or small, that allow us to support educational

projects working with street-connected

children and youth.

...to the children, schools and organisations

who raised funds for us and in doing so,

inspired a lot of other people.

...to the owners of our building for allowing

us to grow as an organisation.

...to our board of directors and investors

for their advice, trust and support every year.

...to our volunteers for their endless energy,

creativity, warm comforting hugs in hard

times and trust in the organisation.

...to our StreetwiZe clients for believing in

our approach.


...to our partners PSSB, Limeparts-

Drooghmans, Ijzerwaar and DHL Global

Forwarding. The mobile school is produced

at Munsterbilzen Provincial Secondary

School (PSSB). Mobile School and PSSB

have made the clear and deliberate choice

to have the schools produced by Flemish

youth in a cross-border project that involves

aspects of social global education, technical

education and entrepreneurship.

DHL Global Forwarding has been a partner

and sponsor of Mobile School for more than

15 years. Over the years they have shipped

95% of all mobile schools.

De Zande


Bijzondere Jeugdbijstand

...to the worldwide networks we are very

honoured to be part of.

...to community institution De Zande, Auxiliary

Prison Leuven & Rode Antraciet for

partnering with us in our experience-based

learning programmes.


...to the organisations who give us strategic,

legal and digital transformation support.

...to the Tomorrowland Foundation, Google.

org, the Forvia Foundation and Synergie for

the financial support.

...to the EU for the subsidies involving the

TECH4GOOD story.

With the support of the

Erasmus+ Programme

of the European Union


A street visit to explore potential locations for the mobile

school in Guadalajara, Mexico. Want to know more?

Check out p. 38


All StreetwiZe profits are invested in the StreetSmart projects for street children

€ 296.481,51

Private donations

€ 34.223,37


€ 39.307,60

Public investment funding


€ 158.218,30




€ 608.340,49


€ 15.766,22


€ 1,34 million

€ 701.467,49

StreetwiZe clients

€ 288.276,11

StreetSmart Wheels

€ 1,31 million

€ 42.430,25

StreetSmart revenu

€ 210.000

Private investment

donation (Google.org)


€ 246.229,98

StreetSmart Digital


2021: 1.124.847 euro was invested to improve the sustainable development of individuals, organisations and society, starting from the strengths of street-connected children.

Independent non – executive directors are non remunerated and operate on a voluntary basis. Managing director, management and employees are remunerated based on the joint

committee grids of Belgian Social Cultural workers (PC 329.01).


Of total revue, 3% is public funding and 97% is private funding.

StreetwiZe covers 53,5% of the total cost of the Mobile School vzw.

€369.571,- of the total cost of StreetwiZe is directly invested in personal, team and

organisation development programmes for the clients.

In 2021 StreetwiZe transferred 100% of its profits €93.127,- to StreetSmart.



It’s about that mission, the impact on vulnerable children and youth.


educational contacts with

street-connected children


people reached by

our awareness campaigns


StreetwiZe participants


visits on our educational content

platform StreetSmart Play

This was the last year we organised the Sidewalk Chalk Campaign in primary schools.

The campaign was stopped to focus on growing the impact of StreetSmart Wheels and the start-up of StreetSmart.


StreetwiZe impact

StreetSmart Wheels impact

StreetSmart Digital impact

MobileSchool.org impact

Our impact decreased in 2020 and 2021

due to COVID-19 restraints. StreetSmart

Wheels partners realised less activities

and contacts than the years before and

StreetwiZe could not deliver as much

in-classroom training.

The average quality of contacts of the

StreetSmart Wheels partners increased with

4% in comparison with 2014.

This calculation is based on an assessment of the

StreetSmart Wheels partners.



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