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Girgarre Gazette

September pg

July 2020

Girgarre Gazette September pg 2



A large crowd of campers, locals and Campaspe Shire Cr. Adrian Weston gathered at the Railway Siding on

Saturday September 24th for the official launch of the Sound Trail. Chair of the Development Group, Jan

Smith, thanked the creators of the unique and novel installations; Rob Axen for the huge gongs (installation

delayed by wet weather) and Wallace Williams for the Drum Circle, the Song Pipes, Katy Cream Can, a Music

Box (yes, it plays a tune) and the ‘Flight of Ibis’ double bass. Both of the latter were created by Wallace from

repurposed old Dethridge water wheels. Wallace also thanked Ken Stewart for his assistance with the installations,

a two man job and no mean feat, completed in a short time.

Jan said it all started in 2016 when Pete Gibson suggested the group create an orchestra out of re-cycled

items. “We invited Graeme Leak from Scotland, to come and facilitate the creation of a ‘Junkestra’. Wallace

picked up on the idea and made his tin violin. The Junkestra was a great success, performing in the Deakin

Edge Theatre in Melbourne to great acclaim. Not wanting to let the creative spirits of these people fizzle and

die, I asked Wallace to weather proof an old piano. With the installation of ‘Piano Piano’ and the musical

fence, along with the ‘Fire Bells’ in 2019, the Sound Trail was born.”

Wallace played Waltzing Matilda on the tin violin and Ray Pereira AOM, the

percussionist charged with training up the Girgarre Drummers for the

launch along with Pete Gibson, (pictured below), led the crowd along the Trail

to inspect the new items as Wallace and Rob gave a brief demonstration of

each. The event concluded at the drumming circle with a magnificent

demonstration of

drumming skills by the

Girgarre Drummers

led by Ray and his son,


Irene Labett

Girgarre Gazette September pg 3

Co-ordinator’s Catch-up

Hello everyone,

What a busy time we are having, there is so much going on with the launch of the Sound Trail,

celebrating Stanhope Festival, Jig Jammin camp weekend, the Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour,

official opening of the Girgarre-Stanhope Rail Trail and AGM season. Phew! Throw in the fact

that September/October is my busy time for reporting (for funding and compliance purposes )

and the days are flying.

We held our AGM on the 19th of September and I would like to welcome new and returning Committee members;

Chairperson-Duncan Roderick, Vice President-Richard Ashe, Treasurer-Jenny Bassett, Secretary- Marlene Rodrick

and general committee members; Robert Axen, Dale Donehue, greg Fitzpatrick, Douglas Johnstone, Allan Ohlin,

Sue Solty and John Warde.

I am busy planning Carols, Christmas Party-Celebrating Volunteers and Australia Day so watch this space to keep

abreast of what is coming up.

In regards to Australia Day about 4 weeks ago, I received a call at 4.30pm on a Friday afternoon, saying that Council

was closing the Waranga Ward and merging Girgarre, Stanhope, Toolleen, Corop and Colbinabbin into Kyabram

& District as Rushworth were unable to run future Australia Day Celebrations. After a flurry of phone calls, I spoke

to Adrian Weston and said that Girgarre and Stanhope would be happy to work with Council to organise and run

the Waranga Ward Australia Day nominations to maintain our autonomy. I am working on getting representatives

from each community to form a panel which will judge the awards. If you are interested in this, please contact me.

These changes will not in any way affect each

towns Australia Day celebrations. The only

change will be the winner of The Shire of

Campaspe’ s award will not travel to Rushworth

but to the town who’s turn it is to host, 2023 will

be Stanhope.

To nominate a person or a group (see info left)

you may do this online or pop into The Cottage

for a nomination form. Completed forms may

also be returned to The Cottage.

In addition to The Shire awards, Girgarre has its

own unique award.

The Girgarre Community Award is the only award

presented by the Girgarre Community. This Community

Award ensures a worthy local citizen (or

group) is recognised in Girgarre each year on

Australia Day. Forms available from The Cottage

or phone to have one emailed to you.

The same person or group can be nominated for

both awards. Take care, Bye for now, Kezia

Girgarre Gazette September pg 4



The AFL Grand final, held on the same weekend as Girgarre’s annual September camp did not dampen the

spirits of the Jigarre Jammers. If they were torn between coming to Girgarre or taking in the finals action,

one way or another, it didn’t show. One thoughtful group of footy die-hards from Bendigo, brought the

spirit of the grand final to Girgarre by setting up the supper room for a footy themed ‘happy hour’. They

decorated the tables with Cats and Swans memorabilia and served up the appropriate footy food, like

cocktail savs and tomato sauce and other goodies. A nice touch, well and truly appreciated.

There was a lot of variety packed into the camp program. Highlights included the launch of five new

installations along the Sound Trail, (see report pg 2), plus many open mic opportunities and a fabulous

concert. The draw for the popular Five Minute of Fame bands and a chance to perform at Saturday

evening’s concert added excitement to the program.

An hour of drumming at a workshop conducted by world renowned percussionist and African Drummer,

Ray Pereira and his son Lucky, was another popular highlight. The co-ordination skills of the participants

were well tested, creating a lot of fun and laughter – and very loud noise. Ray has spent many weeks

working with a group of 12 local and ex

Junkestra players via zoom, video links and

on-site, whenever Covid allowed, to learn a

drum set for the finale for the launch of the

Sound Trail.

The Jigarre Jammin’ Camp weekend was a

huge success, one of the friendliest we’ve

experienced. The atmosphere surrounding

the 52 caravans and tents and camps was

inclusive, helped along by the mild and

beautiful weather. Over 83 happy campers

and visitors enjoyed a weekend overflowing

with variety and joy. Irene Labbett


Girgarre Gazette September pg 5

The continuing wet weather is putting paid to the best

laid plans of the Gargarro Gardens volunteers. The

grounds are not drying out enough between rain

events. It has become increasingly difficult to complete

the plantings and plan for an opening ceremony, Chair

of the Gargarro Gardens Committee, Doc. McDonald

said. “The weather is still uncertain and the ground so

sodden I am reluctant to set a date for the opening until

further notice. It is disappointing, but the plantings

are continuing when ever the weather allows.” he said.

In the meantime, there was a window of opportunity in

September when seventeen qualified landscape gardeners, all staff members of Taylor, Cullity, Lethlean (TCL), the

design architects for the Gargarro complex, came from Melbourne to assist the locals with the plantings. The group

included Director, Scott Adams and the Office Manager Doreen Heuer (pictured in the red boots, purchased especially

for the occasion). TCL Associate, Lucas Dean, liaison for the Gargarro design, and local volunteers in John

Warde, Rob and Lyn Axen directed proceedings and the Friends of Gargarro provided a BBQ lunch.

Below Doreen Heuer, Office Manager in red boots.

Right Group photo of TCL landscape architects

Right Lucas Dean in red

jacket, watched by Rob

Axen and John Warde.

Left Wet grounds, Director

Scott Adams (wheelbarrow)

Girgarre Gazette September pg 6

Don’t be a Doomscroller: How to Read the News and Not Feel Doomed

Computers and mobile devices help to increase knowledge of our community and can be lifesaving at times, but if

you’re reading an excessive amount of bad news that leaves you stressed or anxious, you might be doomscrolling

(don’t worry, it’s not as dramatic as it sounds).

In 2020, the Covid pandemic pushed society online and compelled us to stay informed. And it’s no coincidence that

in 2020 the word “Doomscrolling” entered The Macquarie Dictionary. Doomscrolling is defined as “The practice of

continuing to read news feeds online or on social media, despite the fact that the news is predominantly negative

and often upsetting”.

A 2015 study conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that people who watched three minutes of negative

news before starting their day were 27% more likely to report having an unhappy day than people who watched

three minutes of solution-based news.

Being drawn to negative news stories is part of a natural psychological phenomenon known as “negativity bias”.

Our brains prioritise things that can harm us; A useful habit in ancient times, but not so much in the modern. So,

what to do?

Avoid/minimise bad news. When sitting down to read the news, be deliberate. Set a timer, focus on stories that

make you feel empowered, not hopeless.

If you have a smartphone, have a look at “notifications” inside the settings of your phone and turn off news notifications.

Practice resilience. Seek out solutions-based, empowering news. Being optimistic is a skill that can be learned,

positive self-talk is a great start.

Being informed is a part of connecting to society, but healthy news consumption in modern times is a new skill we

are all having to learn.

Girgarre Gazette September pg 7

Friends of Gargarro

Annual General Meeting

Sunday 23rd October 12.30pm

At Green Thumbs Nursery Winter Rd


New members always welcome

For further information ph Marlene


email - rodrickmarlene@gmail.com


Girgarre Gazette September pg 8



Need catering for a


Well, the Gargarro Gardens

Catering Team will be more

than happy to cater for your

needs depending on


Phone Bernie Ryan for more

info if you are planning a


Ph: 5857 2407

Mob: 0455 578 722

Girgarre Gazette September pg 9

Girgarre Community


To keep updated on all Kinder information

Find us on Facebook

Girgarre Community


Thursday 9-3pm

Saturday 9-12pm

Stanhope & District Men’s Shed

We are open three mornings a week Mon, Wed

and Fri from 9 to 12 noon. If anyone would like

to call in and see what is on offer they would be

most welcome. Membership is $25 which includes

insurance whilst at the shed.

We offer woodwork, metal work, welding,

leatherwork, a large range of books to read and

a friendly cuppa at around 10am.

Girgarre Community Cottage

Keep up to date with future events and

local information.

Join us on Facebook.


As you know, our well appointed and well used

Girgarre Memorial Hall

and Supper Room

are available for hire.


Girgarre Post Office

Ph: 5854 6200

Open Monday –Friday 9am - 5pm


Writers’ Group

Girgarre Gazette September pg 10

An Outing with Mum

Mum woke us up early one morning, singing Gene Kelly’s Good morning, good morning, it’s a beautiful day, from

one of her favourite movies, Singing in the Rain. She had a surprise for us: she was going to take my sister and me

to the pictures in Melbourne – a new film released on 1 April, 1965, called Mary Poppins. My sister was six and I

was eight.

Mum loved to dress us girls up and we loved it, too. It was very exciting. She rolled our hair in rags the night

before, making it very curly just like Shirley Temple’s. We had beautiful dresses, black patent shoes, and little white

gloves all ready to go. We were full of anticipation as we hopped into the car and drove to the station to wait for

the Melbourne train, a red rattler, as they were affectionately known back then.

Mum held our hands quite firmly as there were many people around wanting to get on, too. The heavy doors

were pushed open with a hard thud and we all climbed into the carriages lined with luxurious leather seats. Mum

sat us right near the windows where we were able to peek out – very comfortable with our little white gloves on.

Lynn’s brand-new hat had a white daisy sticking up the back. The train jolted forward and we were off. The window

sills had dust along them. Of course, we had to skim our fingers across. Oops! Dirty finger on our white gloves. A

frown from Mum – but we weren’t too concerned, as we were so excited.

Travelling to the city was fun – rocking back and forth, whizzing along at high speeds, looking out into the

backyards of the houses at all the clothes hanging on the Hills Hoist clotheslines, as it was back in the 1960s. Then

– factories, railway crossings, bells going, traffic sitting waiting for us, lights flashing on and off. After many stops we

arrived at Flinders Street station. Mum held our hands firmly as we weaved our way through the crowds, climbing

stairs and ramps, and finally arriving out the front under the famous Flinders Street clocks – a meeting place for

generations of Melbournians to this day!

At the corner of Swanston Street and Flinders Street, we stopped at the traffic lights, with people, cars, trams,

buses and trucks and loud noises everywhere. It was a lot to take in. The policeman blew his whistle, the lights

turned green and he waved us across the street. There was a special little shop in Swanston Street that sold little

girls’ shoes and Mum bought us both brand-new slippers. We felt very special. I cannot remember the colours –

back then soft blues, pinks and lemon were very fashionable.

A tram glided past with people lined up ready to come of and others ready to get on. Next was Bourke Street

to Coles cafeteria. Time to have lunch – a pie and chips and a shared chocolate milkshake. Yummy! Across the road

was Myers where our Auntie Thellie used to operate the lifts. She would say what was on every floor as the door

opened. In the girls’ section Mum bought us dressing gowns.

Then Mum took us to see Mary Poppins. My word! We were in awe of the magic on the screen as you can imagine,

especially back then – a very different world. I cannot remember if we got a memento. Mum usually gave us

a little gift each around the theme of the movie. In any case, we were very impressionable. About a week later we

were still so engrossed with the movie, playing in the backyard on our swings, dressed up in our play clothes and

pretending we were Mary Poppins.

Perhaps I suggested to my little sister that she could fly just like Mary Poppins as she had the same hat. I found

an umbrella and she was keen to fly. Remembering our ages, it escapes me now, how she got up on top of the dunny

roof. Maybe I encouraged her. She looked magnificent with her outfit and umbrella and hat and said the magic

words. Then! Off she stepped and we just expected her to lift up in the air like Mary Poppins. But – down with a

thud and a scream she came, hurting herself, quiet badly … so much noise … and me in shock not knowing what to

do. Mum dashed out the back door to all the clamour and drama and blood. Lynn had bitten straight through her

tongue with her teeth.

Oh, what a lesson in reality! It’s not like the pictures. Oh! What a shock! Not supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

at all! Julie Roberts © 2022

Julie is a member of the Kyabram Town Hall Writers’ Group. Members are diverse in interests, ages and backgrounds. This makes for some very

interesting and informative discussion while sharing stories, poetry, and the problems of the writer’s craft. The KTHWs’G has produced a book – Celebrating

Women, a collection of original written works and art from the community. It is for sale at $20 from the Kyabram Town Hall, and online (plus

postage if required) through the writers’ group email address: kyabramwritersgroup@gmail.com

Girgarre Gazette September pg 11

Gargarro Café


The Gargarro Café is expected to be

opening early November.

Watch this space!!!!

Girgarre Gazette September pg 12

Girgarre Gazette September pg 13

Tongala & District Memorial

Aged Care Service Inc.

Serving the Community since 1925

R.M McHale Hostel, Koraleigh Nursing Home

for planned & emergency respite care &

permanent residential aged care

Deakin Village – retirement rental units

Memorial Drive Retirement Village

For further information contact:

Sarah Tee, 18 Purdey St, Tongala Vic. 3621

Phone: 03 5859 0800

Email: admin@tongalaagedcare.com.au

“Care in a Friendly Town”

Girgarre Gazette September pg 14

Group Name Details Contact name Contact number

The Girgarre Community Group Inc. President Duncan Rodrick 0427 391 706

The Girgarre Community Cottage

3rd Monday 7pm

Coordinator Kezia Talbot 5854 6482

0404 686 344

Girgarre Seniors Tuesdays 10:45am Debra Stelzer 5854 6482

Words on Wheels

Girgarre Cottage

Discuss chosen books

3rd Thursdays 6pm

The Cottage 5854 6482

Gargarro Green Thumbs Nursery Nursery Sales Loraine Warde 0438 546 237

Girgarre Open Garden Committee Open Garden Festival Loraine Warde 58546236/0438 546 237

Girgarre Playgroup 0-5 years

Monday 10-12pm,

Jigarre Ukulele (J-Ukes)

1st & 3rd Wed (5th) 1:30pm

Girgarre Kindergarten

Begins 2nd week of term

Play/learn with others

Girgarre Cottage

Robyn Swan 5854 6482

Lyn Cosham 5859 0297

Girgarre Patchwork Quilters

Fridays 9:30am

Quilters and sewing group

Memorial Hall

Nola Marke 5854 8226

Girgarre Line Dancers

Thursdays 2pm $7

Carpet Bowls-Thursdays 7:15pm April

to August

Memorial Hall Gloria Atkins 0400 539 778

All ages.

Memorial Hall

Theo George

Rob Varcoe

0428 740 976

0409 975 997

Girgarre Community Kindergarten Lead Educator Robyn Swan 5854 6368

Girgarre Primary School Principal Peter Caldow 5854 6275

Girgarre Returned Services League

1st Tuesdays 7pm. Feb-Nov

Girgarre Country Fire Authority

1st Monday 7:30pm

Stanhope/Girgarre Lions Club

2nd Wednesday 7pm


RSL Club Room


CFA Meeting Room


Stanhope Hotel

Laurie Young 0429 009 515

5854 6303

Shaun Halls 0487 740 001

Avis Weller 5854 6383

Girgarre Community Church

Sundays 9:30am

Christian Church Ron Gregory 5854 6382

Stanhope and District Men’s Shed

Mon, Wed, Fri. 9am-12

Have fun and create.

3 Tivey Rd. Stanhope

Merv Andrew 0457 300 321

Girgarre Facilities Committee

Girgarre Memorial Hall

Girgarre Recreational Reserve

Memorial Hall (Bookings)

Recreation Reserve

Sandy & Barry

Darren Butler

5854 6200

0427 546 332

Girgarre Development Group (DGD)

Last Tuesday, Jan-Nov 7:30pm

Girgarre Improvements

Memorial Hall

Jan Smith 5854 6283

Gargarro Project Gargarro Botanic Gardens Athol McDonald 5854 6324

Friends of Gargarro Garden -

working Bee 4th Sunday of month

Chairperson Bernie Ryan 5857 2407

Girgarre Craft Market

2nd Sundays. 8:30-12

Bookings/enquiries Jan Smith 5854 6283

Girgarre Farmer’s Market Bookings/enquiries Jan Smith 5854 6283

Jigarre Jammers. Feb to Nov

4th Saturday 10:30-4pm $2

Acoustic Music Irene Labbett 0429 149 246

Girgarre Living History

Book title “Girgarre”

Record of local history

Athol McDonald

Jenny Wadelton

5854 6324

5852 2301

Girgarre Football/Netball Club President Brendon Nicholson 0413 022 398

Girgarre Cricket Club President Mick Coyne 0488 296 566

Girgarre Tennis Club



Josh Maudsley

Fiona Smith

0400 299 942

0408 502 274

Girgarre Gazette September pg 15

Monday , Tuesday and Wednesday take aways.



Come in, relax and enjoy our fabulous

modern facilities








office@kyabramclub.com.au Kyabram Club Keep up to date on FaceBook

Girgarre Gazette September pg 16



135 Allan St

5852 1208


189 – 197 High Street SHEPPARTON VIC 3630



Ph.: 5831 4838

Fax: 5831 1696

Email: sales@sheppartonworkwear.com.au

Website: www.sheppartonworkwear.com.au

Girgarre Gazette September pg 17


Girgarre Community Group Inc.

(The Cottage)

A1601 ABN: 66 944 230 131.

27 Olympic St. (P.O. Box 35), Girgarre, 3624

Phone: (03) 5854 6482 Fax: (03) 5854 6484


E-mail: girgarrenh@bigpond.com

Coordinator: Kezia Talbot

Connect with us on Facebook. Girgarre Community Cottage


The Girgarre Gazette

Do you have something you would like us to share?

Deadline for publication is the 20th of the month

Email: girgarregazette@yahoo.com.au

Proudly sponsored by


The Girgarre Gazette is published and distributed

electronically as well as in print to over 400 people via the

Girgarre Post Office. It is also available at: Rob Varcoe’s shop,

228 Allan St Kyabram; Nanneella Store, Rushworth & District

Community Bank; Stanhope and is published on the Girgarre

Website. wwwgirgarre.com.au

The Gazette is produced for the benefit of the wider

Girgarre community by the Girgarre Community Group Inc.

(The Cottage).

Join our email list! Drop us a line

EMAIL: girgarregazette@yahoo.com.au


Advertising space is available.

Contact the Cottage or the

Gazette for details.

The items published and the views expressed in this publication are those

of the contributors, and not necessarily those of the Editor or the

publisher of the Gazette

Girgarre Gazette September pg 18




OPEN 10-4 Mon-Sat

58521546 0490371641






Exhibition takes us from the vast arid landscapes

of the outback to pastoral scenes.




Contemporary Textile Artwork A Bi Annual

juried exhibition OPENS 3RD DEC

www.kyabramtownhall.com.au 0490 371 641 5852 1546


Splinter Contemporary Artists

One of the leading physics model of the last

half century suggests the universe operates

with ten dimensions but the world, as we

know it, has three dimensions of space …

length, width and depth. A third dimension

adds solidity to a two - dimensional system.




This exhibition will feature

relevant cartoons from

Punch magazine of 1902-3

Photographs of founders

and early meetings. Memorabilia

of the times.

Celebrating the 121st

anniversary of the event.

Girgarre Gazette September pg 19

2022 Lexus Melbourne Cup Tour Cocktail Party

Join us for Stanhope’s 2022 Lexus Melbourne Cup tour fundraising event.

The cocktail garden party will be held in the tranquil surrounds of Robgill Homestead, have fun with your friends,

family, and work colleagues. Enjoy delicious finger food with unlimited bubbles, red/white wine and beer whilst

taking in the wonderful atmosphere and excitement of the

2022 Lexus Melbourne Cup tour.

Bid on the silent Auction, buy a raffle ticket, and help raise

funds for the Stanhope’s new animal education centre.

The 2022 Lexus Melbourne Cup will stand proud in the gardens.

Date: Friday October 14 th

Cost: $55.00 per ticket

Time: 5.30pm – 8.00pm

Bookings Brett 0428 135 734 or via email at robgillhomestead@outlook.com

For more information

and booking procedure,

please see page 24.

Girgarre Gazette September pg 20

Girgarre Community Kindergarten

Term three has been a busy one at Girgarre Community Kindergarten.

Over the last school holidays Girgarre Community Kindergarten

interior walls were painted. It looks fresh and welcoming.

We look forward to the remaining of the Refurbishment

and Minor Works (Major Grants stream) grant to complete

the painting of the exterior of the kinder building and new flooring installed in the near future.

This term has seen the children introduced to the School Readiness Funding item we applied for the year-

“Kimochis”. Kimochis is a playful way to help children (and adults!) learn how to identify and express feelings.

When kids can communicate their feelings effectively, they develop positive social skills that lead to

lasting friendships and success in all aspects of life.

The group has been delighted to utilise with both educator Kerrie

and l the Kimochis resources (soft toys, books and guide) through

our teachings. It has been a great insightful and fun way to assist

children with their emotions and feelings as well as sharing our journey

with the kinder families to assist at home with utilising Kimochis

key ideas with parenting.

We are also taking “small steps”

towards introducing to Girgarre

Community Kindergarten the other

School Readiness Item we applied

for this year – “Bush Kinder”.

The children and educators (as

well as parent volunteers) have

started “walking excursions” around the Girgarre community. We have

already visited Girgarre Post Office and Girgarre Primary School to enhance

Father’s Day preparations and Book Week celebrations. We hope

to visit more Girgarre community sites throughout term 4 including our

next excursion (which was postponed due to the inclement weather),

Gargarro “Green Thumbs” nursery.

To prepare for Bush Kinder there is a lot of behind the scenes we need

to work upon with devising a “Bush Kinder Risk Assessment”, a comprehensive

understanding and following Shine Bright EYM’s Bush Kinder policies

and ofcourse finding a Bush Kinder site. We hope to introduce Bush Kinder in

2023 at Girgarre Community Kindergarten.

Term 4 will begin with our postponed Father’s Day celebrations, continuing

walking excursions around the community, inviting loved ones to “Special

Person’s Day” and of course finishing the year with our exploration and

celebrations of Christmas!

Robyn Swan. Lead Educator, Girgarre Community Kindergarten.

Girgarre Gazette September pg 21

Girgarre Gazette September pg 22

Girgarre Gazette September pg 23

Girgarre Gazette September pg 24

A huge thank you to the

Girgarre Development Group

who provided a free BBQ to all who

attended the launch of the Sound trail.

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