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Edition 08 | Winter 2022/23

Singer‘s News

The Singer family

Dear Guests and Friends of Hotel Singer,

Despite the turbulent times that we are going through all

over the world right now, we in Central Europe must not

forget that we still have it incredibly good and should

never lose sight of hope and optimism!

Just as we should never stop appreciating the little things

in life – children’s laughter on an exciting toboggan ride,

the way the snow glistens when the first rays of the sun

touch the winter landscape, a neighbour’s cheery “Good

morning!”, or a smile from the charming man across the way.

We, as a family-run hotel, also think about tomorrow and

what the future may bring, but when we can ensure guests

have a great time here in Berwang and see them off at

the end of their stay content, relaxed, and with wistful

smiles on their faces, we know that it is worth being mindful

of the here and now.

It is in this spirit that we wish you plenty of happy moments

and – later in the year – a peaceful, content Advent. We

really hope to welcome you back and pamper you soon.

We would be delighted to turn your holiday into the

highlight of your year.


The Singer family


Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23


Experience the pleasures of skiing

in Berwang. There are 12 ultra-modern

cable cars and lifts

and over 40 kilometres of pistes

with varying degrees of difficulty

that delight families with children

and skilled skiers alike.

In addition, the Top Snow Card

gives you access to the rest of

the ski areas in the Tiroler Zugspitz

Arena, including the ski areas

on the German side – such

as the Zugspitze itself and the

Garmisch Classic. The ski bus

there and back is also free with

this ski pass.

One highlight is certainly the

Bärenrunde circuit, which allows

you to ski the entire ski area: from

the hotel up with the Sonnalmbahn,

then down to Bichlbach,

up again with the Almkopfbahn

and over to the Panoramabahn

Rastkopf via the Obere Karbahn,

the Thanellerbahn, and the

Thanellerkarlift. Are you brave

enough to ski straight down the

black slope? Or would you rather

take the easier way to the

next village of Rinnen? In any

case, thanks to the ski bridge at

the Mooslift t-bar, you can get

back without taking off your skis.

With the Egghof Sunjet at the

assembly point, you can also return

directly to the hotel where,

among other things, the particularly

delicious Kaiserschmarrn

(torn pancake) awaits you in the



Singer‘s News


Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23


Singer‘s News


What could be better than enjoying your

winter holiday in the middle of the Tiroler

Zugspitz Arena, skiing on fresh snow in the

brilliant sunshine?

But when you do it, do it right! Whether for children

or adults, a ski course is always a good idea

– especially if you only ski a week or two out of

the year. You can improve your technique, meet

like-minded people, and experience the ski area

in a completely different way than if you were to

set off on your own.

Where is the Ski School

Berwang located?

The Ski School Berwang is not far from Hotel Singer.

It takes about two minutes by car to reach

the B-Active Center. You are also welcome to

use our private hotel shuttle, which runs daily and

according to the group course times.

Which courses take place when?

There are private courses for Alpine and Nordic skiing in addition to snowboarding as well as group courses. The group

courses take place at a set time. The meeting point is at the assembly point, and the group sizes vary between 5 and 10


The private courses really are private: It will just be you (and perhaps your family) with the ski instructor. For beginners and

children, the meeting point is at the assembly point. Advanced skiers will be picked up and dropped off by their instructor

at the hotel. Of course, with private instruction, the lessons are much more individual and can be tailored to the wishes and

abilities of the student(s).


9.45 a.m. – 11.45 a.m. 9.45 a.m. – 11.45 a.m. 9.45 a.m. – 11.45 a.m.

12 p.m. – 1.30 p.m. 12 p.m. – 2 p.m.

2 p.m. – 4 p.m. 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. 2 p.m. – 4 p.m.


Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23

When should you book

the ski course and how?

The best way to book is through the Ski School Berwang

website (www.skischule-berwang.at), or you can send an

e-mail to info@skischule-berwang.at.

To avoid unnecessary stress during your well-deserved

holiday, we recommend booking the ski school (for all

ages) well in advance – especially during the holiday

season (2-3 months before arrival is recommended).

Bobo the Penguin and the

Ski School Berwang staff

are looking forward to seeing you!

Additional information

The Ski School Berwang offers group courses for children from Sunday to Friday. For children five years and older, the ski

course can also be booked for the full day: for two or four hours. Children participating in a multi-day course will receive

a certificate and medal and may take part in the final race on Thursday.


Singer‘s News

In contrast to the hectic

summer months, in winter, you

can admire the world-famous

Neuschwanstein Castle at

your leisure.

It’s hard not to be reminded

of the fairy tale castle from

Cinderella when you look

at this snowy spectacle. The

castle, built between 1869

and 1886 by order of the

“Fairy Tale King” Ludwig II, is

located high above Schwangau

near Füssen in a wonderfully

romantic setting.

Experience the romance

of winter during a horsedrawn

carriage ride to

the castle.

This will certainly be an

unforgettable moment

to cherish for a lifetime.

Approx. 30 minutes by car

from Hotel Singer

Book tickets online at


(advance booking



Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23


Snow-covered slopes, twinkling lights,

a crackling fire in the fireplace – winter is the

time to spend with loved ones away from the

hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Close your eyes and inhale the soothing scent of Swiss stone pine. Let yourself be whisked away into the refreshing and

relaxing world of Alpine herbs. Admire the view with a nice cup of tea and reflect on the past year. Enjoy the stillness of

the winter landscape and appreciate the quiet with someone dear.

Quality time

together is the

most beautiful

thing you can give

to a person.

Surprise your partner with time dedicated to

each other.

Enjoy the fresh scent of Alpine herbs in the private

sauna and a full-body exfoliating scrub or

some nice wine in the rose petal sound tub.

You are welcome to choose your treatments or

select one of our SPA ritual packages.


130 minutes | €250

This ritual includes:

• Private herb sauna session (approx. 15 minutes)

• Crushed cabernet exfoliating scrub on the warm marble lounger (approx. 20 minutes)

• Shared bath with natural essential oils in the sound tub – with optional red wine (approx. 30 minutes)

• Full-body couples’ massage (40 minutes)

This ritual is rounded off with a refreshing herbal tea and a Tyrolean “Brettljause” snack platter.

Alternatively, we would be happy to serve you half a bottle of exclusive Austrian red wine and a cheese

platter. (surcharge €25)


Singer‘s News




Tamara Klotz is a

born and bred native

of Berwang – well,

almost, she comes

from the nearby

village of Rinnen

and from an early

age, one thing was

clear to her: “I always

wanted to be a chef.”

Tamara Klotz has unwavering enthusiasm and love for her profession. In 2016, she did an internship for school with us in

service and then started her chef’s apprenticeship under Executive Chef Thomas Kunath in 2018, which she completed

in 2020 with distinctions.

During her apprenticeship, where Tamara worked in various areas of the kitchen, she discovered her love of baking:

What I like most about it is that you

can express yourself freely and be very creative.

If a certain virus had not intervened, Tamara would have participated in the Austrian Apprentice Championship as a

result of her excellent performance.

In 2021, Tamara took part in a course in Innsbruck dedicated specifically to the art of desserts to further her education

in this field.

After that, she went to a well-known 5-star hotel in South Tyrol to gain even more experience in high-end gastronomy.

To our delight, Tamara quickly found her way back to us and her home in Berwang and took over the management of

the patisserie in the winter of 2021/22. For a short time during the winter, she had to lead the entire kitchen team due

to illness, and we were thus pleased to promote her to junior sous chef in the 2022 summer season.

Thank you very much, dear Tamara, for your

loyal and invaluable support. It’s great having you

on our team!

Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23



A tasty

traditional treat

After a long day of skiing or a wonderful hike in the snow,

what could be better than simply enjoying yourself in our

S-Lounge or the hotel lobby by the crackling fireplace?

A plate of Singer’s Kaiserschmarrn!

Here, our patissière and junior sous chef Tamara Klotz

lets you in on the secret recipe:

Ingredients for Singer’s Kaiserschmarrn (serves 2 or more)

• 250g flour

• 500g milk

• 6 egg yolks

• 6 egg whites

• Rum sultanas (can also be omitted

depending on your preference)

• Vanilla sugar (to taste)

Serve with icing sugar, apple

sauce, and/or stewed plums

and enjoy!

Put the flour and milk in a bowl and whisk until

smooth. Separate the egg yolks from the egg whites

and add them to the batter with the rum sultanas. In

a separate bowl, mix the egg whites with the vanilla

sugar until soft peaks form and carefully fold into

the mixture.

Melt some butter in a well-coated, ovenproof pan,

add the batter and pre-bake on the stove until

golden brown.

Then place the pan in the oven and bake at 180°C

with top and bottom heat for 20 minutes.

Afterwards, break into pieces using a spatula, place

on the stove again, and caramelise the butter and


We hope you have fun baking and that the results

are delicious. Bon appétit!

As you enjoy your Kaiserschmarrn, you can already start looking forward

to your next winter holiday with us at Hotel Singer in beautiful Berwang.

Singer‘s News


For 38 years, our hotel kitchen served us

well and cooked up between one and

two million meals, as well as giving work to

several hundred chefs.

Günter and Gerti Singer inaugurated their new kitchen in 1984 with great pride. It was spacious, full of light and

equipped with the “Rolls Royce” of stoves of its time, a French Molteni. It set new standards for the early 1980s.

However, it has now served its purpose, and for the past

year and a half, we have been busy working with our longstanding

Executive Chef Thomas Kunath and our specialist

planners on setting up a fantastic new kitchen. This will

be a pleasant, modern working space suitably equipped

for today’s working styles.

On 3 October, we will be closing

the hotel and starting building work

so that we are ready to cook for our

guests in the new “sacred halls” at

the start of the winter season.

Thanks to Günter and Gerti Singer’s foresight, we do not

have to change much about the actual space and have

only extended it by around 40m². However, it will be totally

hollowed out down to the bare concrete and newly



Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23

We are completely converting our energy source from

gas to electricity – and taking advantage of induction

technology. That’s why we carried out lots of electrical

preparation work in spring and laid several hundred metres

of extra-thick cables underground and connected

them to a modern switchboard in the new “low-voltage

distribution room”.

The central element of our new kitchen

is the new “Lohberger Carat Royal”

stove. This cooking range, specially

produced in line with our wishes

and requirements, measures 4 metres

in length and 1.6 metres in width.

In the future, there will be an additional second stove for

the garde manger and for the patisserie.

One of the most important features of the new kitchen will

be the ventilation system: 15,000m³ of air will be blown

into the kitchen per hour and then extracted, bringing

welcome relief to our kitchen staff, who previously had to

swelter in indoor temperatures of up to 40°C in summer.

In addition, all our dishwashers will be upgraded and

replaced by modern, more powerful, energy-saving appliances.

There will also be a special service lift for the

easy transport of delivery goods up to the kitchen – and

our staff will get their own buffet, too.

You see that a lot of things here will change for the

better for our staff and, of course, for you as guests.

The food on your plates will be even fresher, there will

be shorter waiting times, and a highly motivated kitchen

team will be here to look after you as of next winter.


Easter is here

One, two, three ... What's that I spy?

Who could it be hopping by?

I can see two long ears,

let’s not let him disappear.

He brings bright eggs for everyone,

for the children, lots of fun.

Playing hide and seek on the lawn,

waiting patiently to be stumbled upon.

When the Easter bunny comes to call,

it’s Happy Easter to you all.

For our little guests, we offer many great Easter activities at Hotel Singer.

For example, they can cast chocolate bunnies and colour Easter eggs

together with our patissière on Easter Saturday. After a traditional Easter

breakfast, there is an Easter egg hunt with the Easter bunny, who makes a

special guest appearance. And since Mother Nature is always especially

kind to us in Berwang, there is a lot of skiing and fun to be had in the

snow at this time of year.

Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23



















Up to 2


From 3


Up to 2


From 3


Up to 2


From 3



Single room


Queen bed single room


Double room


Deluxe double room




Junior suite


Deluxe Junior suite


Family Junior suite


Family apartment


Family apartment




Panorama double room


Panorama junior suite


Panorama family suite

€190 €180 €215 €205 €255 €245

€240 €230 €295 €285 €350 €340

€215 €205 €245 €235 €280 €270

€235 €225 €265 €255 €300 €290

€245 €235 €275 €265 €308 €298

€260 €250 €300 €290 €340 €330

€270 €260 €310 €300 €350 €340

€265 €255 €305 €295 €345 €335

€275 €265 €315 €305 €370 €360

€295 €285 €350 €340 €408 €398

€300 €290 €350 €340 €408 €398

€230 €220 €260 €250 €295 €285

€280 €270 €320 €310 €355 €345

€410 €400 €450 €440 €510 €500

The rates are per person and night, including half board, excluding the local tax of €3 per adult and night.


3 nights for arrival from 23/12 to 26/12/2022 | 7 nights for arrival from 26/12 to 02/01/2023 and 18/02 to 05/03/2023

Arrival is not possible on 31/12/2022


Singer‘s News



15 m 2

Charming single rooms with south-facing balcony and private bathroom with shower. These rooms can also be booked

with a connecting door to an Abendspitze Studio.



22 m 2

Spacious single rooms in beautiful spruce wood. Some with south-facing balcony. With a queen-sized bed and

bright bathroom with shower or bath. Perfect for guests who wish to have a room to themselves but still want space

and comfort.



22-25 m 2

Elegant, country-style double room for a comfortable stay in a cosy setting. The spruce wood, fine and soft furnishings,

and warm colours add to the ambience. These rooms have a bright bathroom with a shower or bath, and some have

a south-facing balcony.



30 m 2

Especially high-quality deluxe double rooms in elegant Swiss stone pine or spruce wood with cosy living area and

spacious bathroom with large bath and separate shower. These rooms are situated exclusively in a quiet location with

a view of the Alpine meadows and ski slopes.



35 m 2

Extremely cosy and comfortable, these studio rooms invite you to stay awhile. Furnished in spruce wood, they offer a

comfortable living area, a desk, and a cosy sleeping area. Each room has a new, inviting bathroom with a spacious

walk-in shower; some also have a bath, and most have a balcony.


Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23



42 m 2 17

These junior suites are furnished in Swiss stone pine wood, which improves sleep quality and slows the heart rate. Combined

living and sleeping area, south-facing balcony, and a view of the fantastic mountain landscape of the Lechtal

Alps. Large bathroom with bath, walk-in shower, double washbasin, and most have a separate toilet.



45 m 2

Newly renovated. These deluxe junior suites offer unparalleled living comfort thanks to old spruce wood and breathtaking

views from the sunny terrace. The bathrooms are finished in marble and feature a large bath, a walk-in shower,

a double washbasin, and a separate toilet.



55 m 2

Spacious family junior suites with large entrance area, visually separated living and sleeping area in Tyrolean stone pine

wood and large bathroom with bath, shower, and separate toilet. The suites have a desk and a walk-in closet. The quiet

location and the view of Alpine meadows are included.



50 m 2

These family apartments have two separate bedrooms. In the first bedroom, there is a double bed with adjoining

living area and a spacious bathroom with double washbasin, bath, separate shower, and separate toilet. The

second bedroom is furnished with a single bed, a sofa bed, and a wardrobe.



72 m 2

Spacious family suites in fine Swiss stone pine wood with living area, separate children’s bedroom, marble bathroom with

double washbasin, spacious bath, walk-in shower, and separate toilet. Some equipped with a tiled stove. Especially

suitable for families with 2 to 3 children.

Singer‘s News



65 m 2

These luxury suites in light Swiss stone pine have a marble bathroom with bath and shower, a separate toilet, a bedroom, and a

walk-in closet. In the living room, there is an open fireplace and, in some suites, a cosy bay window. From the balcony, you have a

view of Alpine meadows and ski slopes.



24 m 2

These light and airy chalet-style panorama double rooms with fine oak floors have their own private terrace (approx. 15m²)

and a magnificent south-facing view of the Berwang mountains. The bright bathroom is equipped with a spacious walk-in




48 m 2

Panorama junior suites with oak floors and floor-to-ceiling windows. The suites have a living area with corner seating, dining

table, and a cosy couch. A bedroom with walk-in closet separated by a sliding door, an open bathroom with free-standing

bath, walk-in shower, double washbasin and separate toilet, and a private terrace (35m²) with a hot tub.



75 m 2

Spacious suites with shared living area and two separate bedrooms. One with open bathroom with free-standing bath, double

washbasin, walk-in shower, and separate toilet. The other with a bright bathroom with large walk-in shower. The floor-to-ceiling

windows offer a great view of the mountains and the private terrace (approx. 50m²) with an exclusive hot tub.

Further information on the rooms, floor plans, and photos can be found at





Singer‘s News


17/12/2022 – 23/12/2022

3 nights for the price of 2 from €620 per person

PURE relaxation in the Advent season – enjoy wonderful

moments of Christmas magic at Hotel Singer.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Christmas biscuits in your room upon arrival

• 1 aromatherapy massage with organic essential oils

individually selected for you (50 min.)


21/12/2022 – 26/12/2022

4 nights from €1,144 per person

Snow-covered landscapes, the warm light of the fireplace,

the scent of Christmas confectionery, and the sugardusted

mountain peaks turn Berwang into a magical winter

wonderland at Christmas time.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Christmas biscuits in your room upon arrival

• 1 feel-good massage (50 min.)

• Christmas walk with torches, mulled wine, Christmas wind

music, and Father Christmas with his angels

• 24 December, Christmas Eve: Family Christmas celebration

around the festively decorated Christmas tree with

musical accompaniment from the family trio Saitenstimmen

followed by a 6-course Christmas dinner


18/12/2022 – 26/12/2022

7 nights for the price of 6 from €1,787 per person

Enjoy Tyrolean tradition and delicious Christmas specialities

to get in the mood for the most wonderful time of the year.

Celebrate the Christmas holiday with your loved ones in

Berwang and experience the reflective peace and quiet of

the mountains.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Christmas biscuits in your room upon arrival

• 1 Tyrolean honey & pine bath (20 min.)

• 1 facial treatment, individually adapted to your skin type

(50 min.)

• 1 relaxing partial body massage (25 min.)

• Christmas walk with torches, mulled wine, Christmas wind

music, and Father Christmas with his angels

• 24 December, Christmas Eve: Family Christmas

celebration around the festively decorated Christmas

tree with musical accompaniment from the family trio

Saitenstimmen followed by a 6-course Christmas dinner


01/01/2023 – 10/04/2023

7 nights from €1,501.50 per person



A delightful holiday full of beauty and regeneration: Treat

yourself to relaxation from everyday life, lean back, and

know that you are being well looked after.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Healthy fruit basket and Singer’s care pack

in your room upon arrival

• Create your individual SPA programme on the first day

of your stay with our SPA Manager Raphaela Ruder

• 125 SPA minutes – choose from our SPA menu

• 1 guided snowshoe walk

• Daily changing sports and activity programme


With this package, you save up to €140.00 per person in

the low season compared to the regular rates!


Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23





02/01/2023 – 18/02/2023

05/03/2023 – 10/04/2023

4 nights from €1,008.00 per person

Excellently prepared pistes and radiantly blue skies combined

with the finest moments of luxury in the hotel’s own wellness

area will turn your break at Hotel Singer into a thoroughly

successful experience.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Reduced-rate 3-day ski pass for the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

• 1 regenerative Tyrolean leg massage (25 min.)

01/01/2023 – 10/04/2023

7 nights from €1,712.00 per person

What could be more beautiful than racing down the pistes in

bright sunshine under a blue sky? Experience skiing fun right in

front of your doorstep.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Reduced-rate 6-day ski pass for the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena

• 1 Tyrolean shale oil bath (20 min.)

• 1 regenerating Tyrolean leg massage (25 min.)

• 1 relaxing stone-pine body pack on our floating lounger

(25 min.)


With this package, you save up to €150.00 per person in

the low season compared to the regular rates!


08/01/2023 – 11/02/2023

12/03/2023 – 10/04/2023

4 nights from €964.50 per person

Romantic, natural, enjoyable – Singer’s wellness area, especially

during winter, promises relaxing moments and pure

well-being in the middle of the snow-covered mountain village

of Berwang.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Chocolates & champagne in your room

• 1 romantic SPA ritual for two in the Singer’s Private SPA

suite (approx. 90 min.):

- Private herbal aroma sauna

- Herbal salt exfoliating scrub

- Bath for two – with a nice, small bottle of wine

• Private candlelight dinner

• Romantically decorated room on an evening of your stay


08/01/2023 – 11/02/2023

12/03/2023 – 10/04/2023

4 nights for the price of 3 from €822 per person

Sometimes a short break can make a big difference. Use our

hotel to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and

restore your inner balance.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Homemade pralines in your room upon arrival

• 1 relaxation bath (20 min.)


- 1 “Magic Source” facial treatment (50 min.)

- 1 Singer’s SPA manicure (50 min.)


- 1 Tyrolean massage (50 min.)

- 1 “A Pure Man Thing” facial treatment (50 min.)


Singer‘s News


01/01/2023 – 10/04/2023

7 nights from €4,998 for the entire family (For example,

2 adults with 2 children aged 6 and 9 years in the

Abendspitze studio)

You won’t want to miss this family skiing holiday: Hotel Singer is

located directly on the piste, and the ski passes for the family

are already included.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Family welcome in your room upon arrival

• 6-day ski pass for the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena for the entire

family (children up to 18 years)

• Free daily shuttle service to the Ski School Berwang

• 1 half day of fun, games, and excitement in the Berwang

“Magic Forest”


25/03/2023 – 02/04/2023

Exclusively for you:

• From a stay of 2 nights with indulgence half board, you will

receive a 15% discount on the room rate.

• From a stay of 4 nights, you will also receive a SPA

voucher worth €50.00 per room.



19/03/2023 – 26/03/2023

7 nights for the price of 6 from €1,230 per person

A very special offer for all "Singer’s" – a new highlight

every day.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Welcome cocktail with the Singer family

• Kitchen party with chef Thomas Kunath and his team

• A very special hotel tour – a look behind the scenes with

Florian Singer

• Wine & Dine with musical accompaniment

• Torchlight hike under the moonlight

• Skiing in the morning with Florian Singer, followed by a

stop for refreshments

• Tyrolean evening à la Singer – with Dirndl and Lederhosen

if you’d like

02/04/2023 – 10/04/2023

7 nights for the price of 6 from €1,230 per person

Decorating and looking for Easter eggs in the mountain

village of Berwang, beaming with the spring sun – enjoy Easter

at Hotel Singer.

Exclusively for you:

• Indulgence half board

• Children up to 6 years stay free of charge in their parents’

room (incl. children’s half board)

Enjoy the following highlights over Easter:

• Cast your own chocolate Easter bunnies and decorate

Easter eggs in the hotel kitchen

• Easter face painting for children with our SPA team

• Visit from the Easter Bunny on Easter Sunday with an egg

hunt for our little guests

• Large Easter breakfast with local delicacies


Edition 08 | WINTER 2022/23

Singer’s inclusive services

· Fresh fruit and mineral water in your room

upon arrival

· Traditional welcome evening with the

Singer family

· Breakfast buffet with seasonal and

regional products for your customised

egg dishes

· 5-course gourmet dinner menu with

daily salad and cheese buffet

· Gala dinners, fondue Chinoise, steak or

barbecue evenings, delicious dessert

buffets, kitchen party – a feast for the


· Wine cellar visits and wine tastings

· Spring-fresh Grander water throughout

the hotel and SPA

· Singer’s SPA – 1,800m² and 3 floors

with a magnificent view of the surrounding

mountains – with indoor and outdoor

pool, adventure sauna area, panorama

terrace, relaxation lounge, gym, fitness


· Spa bag with bathrobe and spa

slippers for the duration of your stay

· Participation in the sports and

activity programme

· Hiking poles and rucksacks for hire at

the reception

· Heated ski boot dryer in the ski room

· Direct access to the ski area

· High-quality Bogner care

products in your bathroom

· Pillow assortment – choose your

favourite pillow

· Twice daily room service

· Live music regularly

· Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel

(except in the SPA)

· Charging station for your

electric car

All rates and packages can be

found on our website at


Cancellation policy

In case of non-compliance with the binding

reservation, the following cancellation

conditions apply:

• Cancellation is free up to 14 days before

arrival; over Christmas, New Year’s,

Carnival, and during the high season up

to 50 days before arrival.

• With the above exceptions, 100% of the

room price will be charged.

• In case of late arrival or early departure,

the entire booked stay will be charged.

To minimise costs and inconveniences, we

recommend taking out trip cancellation

insurance from Europäische Reiseversicherung

for cancellation, early departure,

and mountain rescue services. Our reception

team would be happy to provide

you with more information.

For more information, please visit


Discount for overnight stay with


€20 per person and night

Supplement for double room for

single use: 50 %

Garage: €16 per night in winter

Dogs: €25 per night without food

(not allowed in the panorama rooms or in

the Roter Stein deluxe junior suites)


Hotels & Villas with Personality






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Hotel Singer | 6622 Berwang | Tyrol/Austria | www.hotelsinger.com

T +43 5674 8181 | F +43 5674 8181 83 | office@hotelsinger.com

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