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LEDGE MEDIA joins the Encinitas Visitor’s Center in publishing a beautiful, photo- rich travel guide & rewards magazine and smartphone app. It’s not only a beautiful and collectible print magazine with walking and biking tours for visitors, but also comes with an e-magazine online version, and is tied to a free smartphone app, with a website and online rewards platform with the domain name EncinitasRewards.com. The scavenger hunt games with real rewards will heavily appeal to locals as well as travelers.

LEDGE MEDIA joins the Encinitas Visitor’s Center in publishing a beautiful, photo-
rich travel guide & rewards magazine and smartphone app. It’s not only a beautiful and collectible print magazine with walking and biking tours for visitors, but also comes with an
e-magazine online version, and is tied to a free smartphone app, with a website
and online rewards platform with the domain name EncinitasRewards.com.
The scavenger hunt games with real rewards will heavily appeal to locals as well as travelers.


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A Travel Guide for Visitors & a Rewards Guide for Locals.

LEDGEMEDIA joins the Encinitas Visitor’s Center in publishing a beautiful, photorich

travel guide & rewards magazine. It’s not only a beautiful and collectible

print magazine with walking and biking tours for visitors, but also comes with an

e-magazine online version, and is tied to a free smartphone app, with a website

and online rewards platform with the domain name EncinitasRewards.com. The

scavenger hunt games with real rewards will also heavily appeal to locals.



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STOP # 1

The Self-Realization Fellowship Gardens


The Self-Realization Fellowship

(SRF) Hermitage, Retreat and Ashram

Center, established in 1937 by

Paramahansa Yogananda—a world

teacher who brought India’s ancient

science of meditation to the West in

1920—has been welcoming visitors

since the 1930s to its tranquil environs

on the bluffs of Encinitas, overlooking

the Pacific.

The 17-acre Center has a rich

history—one that began with an inner

vision experienced by Yogananda

in which he realized he would one

day have an ashram by the ocean. In

his earlier years in America—soon

after establishing the international

headquarters of his society, Self-

Realization Fellowship (in Los Angeles

in 1925)—he began searching for the

right place to build a hermitage where

he could retreat from the world and

commune with God.

One of his favorite places of

meditation was along the Encinitas

bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean,

known as Noonan’s Point. He would

frequently travel the 100 miles or

so with a group of his disciples and

spend the day there, picnicking, and

meditating and chanting.

While Yogananda was in India

during a return trip in the mid-

1930s, one of his foremost disciples,

Rajarsi Janakananda (James J. Lynn),

acquired the property at Noonan’s

Point as a surprise gift to Yogananda.

Upon his return to America,

Yogananda was driven to the site by

Rajarsi and some of his other close

disciples, where he was surprised

with the Encinitas Hermitage. He




recognized the building from visions he had since youth,

and a prophecy made by his guru, Swami Sri Yukteswar,

that he would someday have “a retreat by the ocean.”

Yogananda dedicated the SRF Hermitage and Ashram

Center in 1937. Soon after, he established the Golden

Lotus Temple on the site, where he conducted services

until 1942, when the temple toppled due to soil erosion.

A new temple was built in the late 1970s and is located

at 939 Second Street. The three large lotus towers along

South Coast Highway 101 were designed and dedicated by

Yogananda in 1948.

Yogananda frequently invited students to attend

informal satsangas and classes on his teachings at the

Hermitage. He also received many visitors, including

prominent figures in science, business, and the arts, such

as conductor Leopold Stokowski, actress Greta Garbo,

opera star Amelita Galli-Curci, scholar and author Dr. W.

Y. Evans-Wentz, and scientist Dr. N.N. Das.

Today, the SRF Hermitage and Ashram Center consists

of monastic communities for SRF monks and nuns,

retreat accommodations for SRF members and friends,

and cliffside meditation gardens open to the public.

The Hermitage, where Yogananda lived and worked

for many years and where he wrote his spiritual classic

Autobiography of a Yogi, has been preserved and is open

from 2-4 p.m. on Sundays.

The SRF Hermitage, Retreat and Ashram Center is

located at 215 K Street. SRF Books and Gifts is located at

1150 South Coast Hwy 101, and offers SRF publications

as well as distinctive arts and crafts from India. For

more information, please call 760 753-2888 or visit www.




STOP # 2

The Boat Houses


Encinitas is home to the iconic

boathouses, two of the West Coast’s

most intriguing landmarks. Completely

handcrafted in 1927 and 1928 by local

Miles Minor Kellogg and son Miles Justus

Kellogg. The S.S. Moonlight and the S.S.

Encinitas were purchased in 2008 by the

newly formed Encinitas Preservation

Association (EPA), which is mostly

comprised of passionate members from

the Downtown Mainstreet Association

(E101) and the Encinitas Historical Society.

The EPA is dedicated to preserving historic

buildings and places that represent our

early history. The 1.55-million-dollar

purchase price was made possible through

a partnership with the City of Encinitas

using developer fees.

These unique homes located at 726 and

732 3rd Street, are an impressive sight to

see, as if both washed ashore in a violent

storm yet somehow calmly made their way

to the bluffs, where they have rested ever

since. Of course, these boats have never

seen water. They were built almost entirely

of recycled materials, including some

wood from the Encinitas Hotel’s third floor

and parts of the Moonlight Beach Dance

Pavilion. Over the years, small upgrades

and repairs have been done to keep the

properties intact, as they continue to lure

sightseers from all around the world, as

well as keeping these affordable housing

boats’ own residents happy. Both homes

have tenants and will continue to until

the mortgage is paid off. At the time, the

EPA will decide whether to keep one of the

boats as a rental unit. Most importantly, on

October 12, 2019, the community joined

together with EPA and dedicated the S.S.

Moonlight and it’s sister ship S.S. Encinitas

on the National Register of Historic Places.

This final ceremony helped seal their

fate not just as a local but a nationally

recognized treasure for all to enjoy.

To learn more about the Encinitas Boathouses and the

architect who designed and built them, read:



Built in 1929, the Boathouses of Encinitas have captured

the attention of locals and tourists alike for decades. Their

architect, Miles Minor Kellogg, shared the creative flair

and religious fervor of his distant cousin Dr. John Harvey

Kellogg and had a passion for invention, music and poetry.

A talented carpenter, Miles built his first house at seventeen

and worked his way cross-country until settling with his

family in the growing town of Encinitas. His construction

company, Kellogg and Son, helped transform the landscape,

and the unique bungalows were the culmination of his

dream to build a boat. Join author Rachel Brupbacher as

she traces the steps of her ancestor and one of San Diego

County’s most innovative architects.


The book is now available in print and e-book on Amazon

and at Barnes & Noble.


in and out of water


The single most iconic symbol of Huntington

Beach is the Huntington Beach Pier. That’s

because the pier and the city came into

existence together in 1904. The backdrop to

a century of historic surfing, from pioneers

like George Freeth and Duke Kahanamoku

to modern world champs Kelly Slater and

Stephanie Gilmore.

After storms nearly destroyed it in the 1980s,

the pier was rebuilt and reopened in 1992. It now

stretches 1,850 feet into the Pacific, making it

one of the longest on the West Coast.

Visitors can catch halibut and sea bass

without a license and can rent a rod and reel

from Let’s Go Fishing, the pier’s bait-andtackle

shop. A variety of colorful kites are

available from Kite Connection. And you can’t

eat a burger any closer to the water than at

Ruby’s Surf City Diner on the end of the pier.


There are over 500 concrete fire rings

stretched along Huntington Beach’s 10 miles

of sand, making Surf City USA one of the last

places on the California coast where you can

still build a beach bonfire. They are beautiful,

relaxing, great for a beach barbeque and

perfect for staying warm as the cool ocean air

settles during a perfect Southern California

sunset. And a bonfire in Huntington Beach

isn’t complete without a gooey s’more-a

combination of roasted marshmallows, graham

crackers and Hershey’s chocolate.

Bonfire rings are free and available on a first

come, first served basis. So if you’re planning

a beach bonfire night, choose your spot early

and bring your gear out to claim it. Or if you’d

rather kick back and let someone else do

the work, beach butler services are available

through the beachfront concessionaires. This

service reserves a bonfire ring for you and

the beach butler will keep the fire going, and

supply you with waters, hot chocolate, s’mores

fixin’s, chairs and blankets.


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Running parallel to historic Highway 101, the beaches in Encinitas are some of the best hidden

gems in San Diego’s North County Coastal region. The terrain ranges from white sand beaches

to rocky bluffs, and legendary surf spots line the coast. An eclectic mix of ‘60s-inspired beach

culture combined with boutique shopping, contemporary restaurants, new age meditation

gardens and yoga studios, Encinitas is a vibrant and authentic beach town where the local surf

scene rules, vintage cars take to the streets, and hipsters reside.

Alila Marea Beach Resort

Leucadia State Beach


Stone Steps

Pannikin Coffee & Tea

D Street

Swami’s Beach

Hansen’s Surf Shop


San Elijo State Beach

Cardiff Seaside


Beacon’s Beach


where to go

Leucadia State Beach, also known as Beacon’s

Beach, is a protected beach of California with tall

bluffs, in Encinitas. It is popular for swimming,

surfing, fishing, and other beach activities. Stone

Steps Beach is a little off-the-beaten-track and a

popular surf spot. The city has it signed as “Stonesteps

Beach Access”, but most people refer to it as Stone

Steps. The other Leucadia beach is Grandview, also

with tall bluffs and only accessible at low tide. Both

Beacon’s and Grandview Beaches have parking lots.

Moonlight State Beach


D Street Beach is one block south of Moonlight

State Beach in Encinitas. Moonlight has a parking

lot with concession stands, the main lifeguard

tower, volleyball courts and firepits. D Street

access point has a great view of the ocean and

stairs leading down to the sand.

Swami’s Beach


Swami’s Surf Beach is a famous surfing mecca

at the south end of downtown Encinitas. The park

at Swami’s is a great vantage point for watching

surfers and has shaded areas to enjoy a picnic as

well. When the tide isn’t too high, you can walk

south for quite a distance into San Elijo State

Beach area. San Elijo offers camping, swimming,

surfing, showers and picnicking. The narrow,

bluff-backed stretch of sand has a nearby reef

popular with snorkelers and divers.

Cardiff State Beach


South of San Elijo, Cardiff State Beach is the

only Encinitas beach that allows dogs.


535 Encinitas Blvd Suite 116

Encinitas, CA 92024

Open Monday-Friday 9AM–5PM

Phone: (760) 753-6228

Leucadia Pizza Encinitas

315 S Coast Hwy 101

Encinitas, CA 92024

Phone: (760) 942-2222

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