National Hardwood Magazine - October 2022

In the latest issue of National Hardwood Magazine, get to know Holt & Bugbee Company, learn about Pennsylvania Hardwoods' expansion, and much more.

In the latest issue of National Hardwood Magazine, get to know Holt & Bugbee Company, learn about Pennsylvania Hardwoods' expansion, and much more.


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2 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org

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9/1/22 1:52 PM


National Hardwood Magazine OCTOBER 2022 Volume 96 No. 9

Your Premier Supplier of

White Oak Rift & Quartered

Offered in 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 7/4 and 8/4

About The Cover


Devereaux Sawmill is a quality focused

hardwood lumber producer located in the heart

of Michigan, a region long known for growing

fine hardwood timber. From a humble beginning

over 55 years ago, the Devereaux family

has worked hard, reinvested and grown the

company to be one of the largest in the northern

state. The combination of sawmill operation

and concentration yard provides the perfect

scenario to procure a wide range of high quality

hardwoods in almost every option imaginable. Striving to please the

most discerning customer, Devereaux carries a vast inventory composed

of all domestic species in thicknesses from 4/4 -12/4. In addition to

traditionally sawn lumber, Devereaux offers live sawn Rustic and Rift

and Quarter Sawn. Finish Quality Surface and Ripped to Width

or Pulled to Width services are also available. The focus at Devereaux

is not on grade alone but also color, texture and any other requirement

a customer might request. Because that’s the goal - to provide exactly

what the customer needs when they need it.

Check out the virtual pack link on our website to see a sample of

what Devereaux has to offer. www.devereauxsawmill.com/virtual-packs/

For prices and availability, please contact our sales staff at (989)593-

2552 or email sales@devereauxsawmill.com.

Save 10-25%

on your monthly

saw blade purchases

by using Lubie ®

Features & Industry Events





Quality Hardwood Lumber, Millwork

And Moulding At Holt & Bugbee


Pennsylvania Hardwoods Expands


Penn-Sylvan And Penn-York Team Up

For Golf

Western Hardwood Association





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2 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



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The world’s largest manufacturer of

rift & quarter sawn white oak products

Where We’ve Been

It’s no secret, the hardwood industry has been losing market share to

products that look like wood, but have none of the natural benefits or

authentic attributes of Real American Hardwood. In order to recapture

market share and improve industry stability, hardwood organizations

united to form the Real American Hardwood Coalition.

Where We Are

The goal is to develop a national consumer promotion campaign on a

scale that’s never been seen before. And a lot has been accomplished

in a short period of time—including the completion of an extensive

consumer research initiative, establishing brand guidelines, registering

trademarks, and launching social media profiles.

We have the experience, the capacity and state-of-the-art

manufacturing equipment to handle all your White Oak needs.


Where We’re Going, Together

The next steps will have the largest impact on the industry and require

buy-in from all industry stakeholders. The Coalition is preparing to

launch a comprehensive promotion campaign—including a consumeroriented

website, in-store promotion at top big box stores, a broad

media relations campaign, social media influencer partnerships, print

and web advertising, and much more.

How You Can Get Involved

Moving the campaign forward and expanding its reach will take the

support of the entire industry—for the benefit of the entire industry.

■ Make a voluntary contribution to help fund the consumer

promotion campaign.

■ Use the Real American Hardwood logo on your sales and

marketing communications, facilities and vehicles, products,

and website.

■ Follow @RealAmericanHardwood on Instagram and Facebook,

and tag #RealAmericanHardwood in your social media posts.

Visit RealAmericanHardwood.org to learn more and get on board.





MERRICK GROUP : Merrick Hardwoods • Somerset Pellet Fuel •

Kentucky Hardwood Lumber Company, Inc. • Interstate Hardwoods, Inc.

+1 (606) 561-4146 • merrickhardwoods.com


New England Lumbermen’s Association,

Fall Meeting, Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT.

Contact: Secretary/Treasurer Chris Castano

at ccastano@mainewoods.net. Oct. 19.


Hardwood Manufacturers Association,

Fall Regional Meeting, St. Louis, MO.

www.hmamembers.org. Oct. 19-20.



High Point Market, High Point, NC. www.highpointmarket.org. Oct. 22-26.


Wood Component Manufacturers Association, Fall Conference and Tour, joint meeting with

the Wood Machinery Manufacturers Association, JW Marriott Mall of America, Minneapolis, MN.

www.wcma.com. Nov. 2-4. n

8 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org

(800) 777-NYLE




Supplier news about

sales, labor, prices, trends,

expansions and inventories





Hardwood lumber sales are proceeding in the Lake

States region but are being pulled down in some cases

by market forces, according to sources recently contacted.

A sawmill representative in Michigan remarked, “Markets

on certain items seem like they’re still very strong.

Stockpiles on other items at our customers’ places of

business are up right now. I would say there are a lot of

customers who seem to be working through inventory

and are buying more cautiously or on an absolute-need


The Hardwood markets in the Northeast are inconsistent,

with one sawmill representative recently reporting

a lack of demand in the United States for his specialty

Hardwood items.

A Massachusetts sawmill and wholesale representative

said, “I don’t like the pricing. Pricing is still too low.

We do a lot of specialty work. There’s not much demand

here in the U.S. for that. All of my business is still export.

I have some standing orders overseas, so I have been

lucky in that respect.

“There is virtually no labor available in this part of the

In the Southeast, sales of Hardwood lumber are good

at the time of this writing, but there is a hint of negative

factors in the marketplace.

An Alabama sawmill representative stated, “Marketwise,

sales are sporadic. You have some folks who

have overbought with higher priced lumber and are waiting

to move it out, so they’re curtailing their purchasing.

For other folks, everything’s fine for them and we sell

to them. Right now, it’s not correct to say it’s absolutely

tough. It’s not as tough as it has been in past years. But

we’re way past the peak of this enormous runup of a

At the time of this writing, Hardwood sales on the West

Coast are slower than they have been lately and there is

a degree of uncertainty about how the economy will go.

A lumberman in California stated, “It’s not as busy as

it has been but not bad. You give quotes, the jobs are

going to happen and it’s just a question of when they’re

going to need the wood. That’s what’s going on. There’s

a lot of quotes going on which will turn into orders. I’m

not saying it’s overly busy, but it’s not that bad either.”

The market is “about the same” as it was several

months earlier, he remarked. “I’m more optimistic than

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Home of the BEST Scraggs

We Have


Come See us in


for the NHLA






ask us how at 478-252-5885


10 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org




News from suppliers about prices, trends, sales and inventories



As we head into the fall season, with summer’s upand-down

activity for stocks, businesses are being cautious

with their purchases. It was noted that green lumber

availability had improved this year, thus businesses

had ample lumber. Competition intensified for green

lumber which resulted in downward price pressure for

several key species. Since green output rose, kiln-dried

inventories also improved. As summer drew to an end,

however, there was a slowdown in sales for developing

production. With lumber availability being strong, prices

were going down and some felt they may drop further.

Contacts recently advised log supplies were better

than in late summer. With warm weather conditions of

summer, sawmills had to work fast to process, dry and

ship them to avoid staining. Depending on areas contacted,

sales for green and kiln-dried grade lumber were

rather slow. End users and wholesalers have ample supplies

based on their needs, and so are controlling purchases

as required. Prices for grade lumber are being

affected in a downward trend due to steady production

and controlled purchasing. Some species affected are

Red and White Oak, and Walnut.

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High Quality Northern Hardwoods

Specializing High Quality in Green and Northern Kiln Dried Hard Hardwoods

Maple and Birch


Specializing in Green and Kiln Dried Hard Maple and Birch

- QUALITY AND SUSTA INABILITY Contact for more SINCE info: 1882 -

Over 40 million FBM annual

production of hardwood makes

Over J.D. Irving, 40 million Limited FBM one of annual the

largest producers in Eastern






New England.

one of the

largest As one of producers the top 5 private in Eastern

Canada landowners and in New North England. America

we ensure a long term quality

As wood one supply. of the top 5 private

landowners in North America

we ensure a long term quality

wood supply.

Denis Dubé, Sales Manager



Contact for more info:

Jan Coburn, Sales Coordinator

506.992.5360 Denis Dubé, Sales Manager




Eric Desjardins, Sales/Marketing Support


Jonathan Connely, Sales Representave




Jan Coburn, Sales Coordinator



12 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org

Visit Visit us online: us online:






Wellborn Cabinet Plans $17 Million

Alabama Expansion Creating 415 Jobs

Alabama Commerce Secretary Greg Canfield announced

that Wellborn Cabinet Inc., a family-owned

manufacturer based in Ashland, AL, plans to invest

nearly $17 million in an Alabama expansion project that

will create 415 jobs over five years.

Wellborn Cabinet, whose cabinets are distributed nationwide,

intends to construct and

equip a 250,000-square-foot facility

in Oxford to begin production of

a new kitchen and bath cabinetry

product, according to the Alabama

Department of Commerce.

Using American-made products,

Wellborn Cabinet manufactures traditional,

contemporary, and transitional

Hardwood cabinetry. Purchasing

approximately 8 million board

feet in green Hardwood lumber

annually, products are available in

Cherry, Maple, Oak and Hickory.

“It’s always great news when a

successful Alabama company like

Wellborn Cabinet decides to launch

a significant growth project right

here at home,” Secretary Canfield


“Wellborn has long been a landmark

business in east Alabama, and

I am thrilled that the company continues

to grow and thrive.”

Founded in 1961, Wellborn Cabinet

employs 1,336 workers within its

expanding Alabama manufacturing


Wellborn Cabinet’s growth plans

come at a time of rising demand for

its products. Last year, the company

announced plans for a $15 million

project on its Ashland campus

to add a planer mill, paint facility,

health care, and manufacturing facilities

expansion for its workforce.

“As we were looking at areas for

expansion opportunities, we wanted

to continue our growth within the

state of Alabama,” President and

CEO Paul Wellborn said. “Oxford

was very accommodating and helpful

throughout the process.

14 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org

“The new location will be close to Interstate 20 and

a broader workforce, which are both critical to our success.”

Wellborn Cabinet is one of the largest cabinet makers

in North America and the largest

industrial employer in rural Clay

County. Its new location on 60 acres

at the Oxford West Industrial Park,

located in Talladega County, will extend

its presence in east Alabama.

Construction on the project is set

to begin in Spring 2023, and start-up

of operations in Fall 2024.

To learn more, go to www.well


Most Recent Kitchen

And Bath Study

Results from the second quarter

NKBA/John Burns Kitchen & Bath

Index (KBMI) study were a stark reminder

that the kitchen and bath industry

is not immune to overall economic


The overall KBMI for Q2 was 70.4,

the lowest it has been since Q4

2020. The index is an accumulation

of members’ read on the health of

the industry as well as current and

future conditions — all of which had

noticeable declines for the quarter.

Although any Index rating above

50 signifies expansion, the Q2 KBMI

shows clear warning signs. Nearly

half of the kitchen and bath professionals

surveyed said they are not

confident in the U.S. economy. In

fact, the prediction for the Q3 Index

based on respondents’ forecasts fell

to the lowest reading in over two

years, dropping to 61.8. They said

rising costs and economic uncertainty

are driving the declines.

The most recent KBMI showed

that increased costs of materials

and inflation have now overtaken


supply chain disruptions as respondents’ primary concerns.

National Kitchen and Bath Association members

said year-over-year costs have risen an average of 11

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What a time to be alive! The world is

in a concerning “state of flux;” changing

how we live; changing how we do

business! Tensions are running high,

and the disquiet being felt by everyone

is real. Where is HMA in all of this?

HMA’s bottom line has always been

the furtherance of the Hardwood industry

and the interests of our members. So

from where I sit, HMA will either serve

as an agent of change and evolve with the happenings

around us, or we, and our members, will be left behind.

That latter option does not sit well with me. During this

unprecedented time, HMA is aiming to show even greater

value. And here’s how.

We’re building our 2023 National Conference and

Expo around the theme of “Agents of Change.”

We’re developing an agenda and compiling a dais

of presenters that will speak to the issues currently

impacting all industry stakeholders – leadership,

communication, innovation, technology, manufacturing,

domestic and global economies, Hardwood market

trends and forecasts.


Our 2 ½ day Conference will take place

March 22 – 24 at the JW Marriott Nashville.

And here are a few of the up-front details.

Get your planning started, please.

•JW Marriott Nashville – Inspired

by Nashville’s rustic elegance and

surrounded by the sights and sounds of

downtown Nashville, this 33-story modern

oasis offers stunning skyline views from all

of its rooms and suites, and stands as the

pinnacle of luxury in Music City. Everything goes beyond

the ordinary at JW Marriott.

•About Nashville – In Music City it’s all about having

a good time. And there’s no wrong way to spend your

Nashville nights. Walk “the District” to experience awardwinning

cuisine. Sip a craft cocktail at a rooftop bar. Pop

into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Then enjoy the

ambience of Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge or the Wildhorse

Saloon. Everyone’s welcome in Music City and you’ll

be hard pressed to “find a city more accommodating,

authentic and accessible than Nashville.”

Future issues of this fine publication will include

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For optimal efficiency. . .

knows what a sawmill needs:


CLEEREMAN the newest name in sawmill controls and optimization







16 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org

CLEEREMAN The most trusted name in carriages

n Over 1220 Carriages sold

n Lowest cost of ownership

n All parts in stock and reasonably priced

n In-house engineering department

n Everything from single piece equipment to

turn-key mills


President Of



VP Cleereman

Industries & Controls



Senior Optimization

& Controls Engineer

n Simple easy to use touch

screen with additional

tactile buttons

n Remote access for


n No custom electrical

hardware, all parts are

off-the-shelf components

n Industry Standard

JoeScan X6 heads

n 3D data used for

opening the log and

estimating the back of

log profile

n Realistic views of the log

n Sure Grip Joystick


n Operational statistics and


n Over 120 systems sold

Cleereman Industries

and Cleereman Controls







As Thailand’s capital, largest city, and

economic and cultural hub, Bangkok is the

standout choice for AHEC 25th Southeast

Asia and Greater China Convention. On October

14th, 2022, the American Hardwood

Export Council will host their first networking

and educational AHEC Convention since

2019. This event, postponed for the last two

years, will include presentations from U.S.

Hardwood industry experts covering market

conditions and opportunities in the South

East Asian market, as well as presentations

targeting the local Thai industry to promote

the expanded use of American Hardwood

products. This one-day event will be held at

the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park on Friday

October 14th, right before the VietnamWood Trade Show

begins on Tuesday the 18th. With these two events, U.S.

Hardwood companies are able to visit a wide range of

potential customers throughout Southeast Asia in just

one week’s time. Registration for the AHEC SE Asia

Convention is complimentary for all AHEC members.

Over the last decade, Southeast Asia has had considerable

development in middle class incomes

and in the manufacturing sector. This growing

region will become increasingly important

over the next decade as a potential production

and end-use market for American Hardwoods.

This is the second time that Bangkok

will host an AHEC Convention, and representatives

from AHEC offices in the USA

and Hong Kong will be in attendance along

with 35 U.S. Hardwood companies and other

Hardwood trade members. Local representatives

from Thai industry bodies including

the Thai Timber Association and the Thai

Furniture Industrial Association are excited

to meet with potential suppliers of American

Hardwood products.

Thailand is the third biggest U.S. Hardwood lumber

market in the region, following Vietnam and Indonesia.

Exports of U.S. Hardwood products to Southeast Asia

were roughly $390 million in 2021, with over $18 million

to Thailand. Through the first half of 2022, all U.S.

Hardwood exports to Southeast Asia have grown by 10

percent and we’ve seen excellent growth specifically in

Thailand. U.S. Hardwood lumber exports to Thailand

have grown by 54 percent so far in 2022 from last year.

American White Oak continues to be the most popular

species followed by Western Alder, Ash, and Walnut.

American Red Oak is also gaining interest in line with

other regions around the world.

The event promises a packed agenda. It will include

presentations from U.S. experts and cover the most

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18 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org

The Granite Valley Difference


The The Granite Valley Difference

The Granite Valley Difference



With the mid-term elections approaching,

the Hardwood Federation

is already planning how to work with

likely future congressional leaders

and committee chairs. This will help

assure that the industry’s priorities remain

front and center when the 118th

Congress convenes in January 2023. This year’s election

cycle seems to have more potential for change than

most, with dozens of incumbents choosing to retire rather


than hit


the campaign trail this fall. That said, policy

impacting our sector is rarely passed on a partisan level.

Our sawmills in

Issue Wisconsin leaders and prepare industry champions come in diverse

political raw persuasions.

timber for delivery

To to leverage our finishing constituent mills. and political capital, the Federation

concentrates its advocacy on key Quality panels that have

jurisdiction over the federal policies having the most impact

on the industry. The following


committees get the

ball rolling on issues including We “rough tax, grade” agriculture, our kiln-dried public

lands, environment, transportation woods to and ensure appropriations:

the best appearance.

•The House Energy and

Commerce Committee

•The Senate Environment

and Public Works Committee

•The House and Senate

Appropriations Committees

Fortunately, the Hardwood Federation

has built strong relationships with congressional

leaders on the industry’s major issues, regardless of party

affiliation. HF prides itself on bipartisanship, and we

have long-standing, very positive communications, for

example, with the current Democrat leaders on key panels

and their staff. That being said, if the chambers flip


next year, we are looking at some pretty good supporters

in key positions Custom for our industry. To illustrate Inventory

this scenario,

look no further than the House Natural Our Resources average on-hand



This panel handles all of the forest kiln-dried policy, supply is

public lands,

To help


you streamline



Act issues





board feet.

production process, we

Get the wood you need,

an active role can supply in the carbon custom-cut debate. Although with the quick current turnaround.

Quality assurance on every load. chair, Rep. pre-production Raul Grijalva blanks (D-AZ), appears impervious at

times to industry to your specs. outreach, the ranking member of this

•The House and Senate Natural Resources

committee is long-time industry champion Rep. Bruce


Granite Valley Forest Products keeps growing as a single-source Westerman (R-AR-4), supplier to the only forester in the House of

•The House and Senate Agriculture Committees

Representatives. It would be difficult to conceive of a

•The House better serve Ways you. & Means We sell and rough, Senate S2S, Finance straight-line ripping, and offer

better champion for our issues than Mr. Westerman, who

Committees NHLA grades and customer-proprietary grading based has on a NHLA considerable guidelines. forest products and forestry presence

Custom products are available to your exact specs for width, length and color.

Please turn to page 49

Visit our website to learn more or email us at sales@granitevalley.com.

Offices in Wisconsin, Indiana

& Colorado








Alder | Aromatic Cedar | Black & White Ash | Aspen | Basswood

Beech | White & Yellow Birch | Bitternut


| Butternut | Cherry

Grey & Red Elm | Hard Maple | Hickory | Red Oak | White Oak

Norway Pine | White Pine | Poplar | Red & Silver Soft Maple | Walnut

White Cedar | Rift & Quartered Red & White Oak

20 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org

Our Sawmills

Our sawmills in

Wisconsin prepare

raw timber for delivery

to our finishing mills.

Granite Valley Forest Products keeps growing as a single-source supplier to

better serve you. We sell rough, S2S, straight-line ripping, and offer

NHLA grades and customer-proprietary grading based on NHLA guidelines.

Our Sawmills

Our Sawmills

Our sawmills in

Our Wisconsin


in prepare

Our sawmills in

Our raw Our timber sawmills for in in delivery

Wisconsin prepare

raw to Wisconsin our for


Offices prepare mills.

in Wisconsin, Indiana

raw timber for delivery

to our

raw raw timber timber for to our finishing mills. & for Colorado


to to our our finishing mills. mills. Quality

sales@granitevalley.com Quality



Custom products are available to your exact specs for width, length and color.

Visit our website to learn more or email us at sales@granitevalley.com.

To help you streamline your

granitevalley.com We “rough Work


grade” our kiln-dried

production process, we

To help you woods to ensure the best appearance. To help To can To help help you supply you you streamline custom-cut streamline your


We We “rough we

We Quality We “rough “rough grade” assurance grade” grade” our our kiln-dried

our our on every kiln-dried load. production pre-production production process, process, blanks we we we

Alder | Aromatic woods Cedar can woods woods to | to Black ensure to to &

ensure ensure the White the best best

the the Ash

best appearance.

best | Aspen appearance. | Basswood can can to supply can your supply specs.


Beech | White & Quality Yellow Quality Quality assurance Birch assurance | Bitternut on on every every

on on | every Butternut every load. load.

load. load. | Cherry

pre-production blanks


Grey & Red Elm | Hard Maple | Hickory | Red Oak | White Oak to to your to your to your your specs.






| White




| Poplar


| Red &


Silver Soft

as a



| Walnut

supplier to

Granite White better

Granite Granite Valley Valley

Cedar serve

Valley Forest Valley | Rift you.

Forest Forest


Products We Quartered sell

Products Products


keeps Red

keeps keeps

S2S, &

growing White straight-line growing


as as a as a single-source as a a

ripping, single-source


supplier offer

supplier to

to to to


better better better serve better

grades serve serve you. serve you. you. We We you.


sell We sell We


rough, sell sell rough, rough, S2S, S2S, S2S, straight-line S2S, straight-line

grading based

ripping, ripping, ripping,


and and and and offer

offer offer offer




NHLA grades grades grades


and and customer-proprietary and and

are customer-proprietary

available to your exact

grading grading grading


based based based

for width,

on on NHLA on on NHLA NHLA




and color.


Custom Custom Custom Custom


products products products

website to

are are available are are


available available

more or

to to your your to to


your your

exact exact exact exact

us at

specs specs specs specs


for for width, for width, for width, width,

length length length

and and and and




Visit Visit our Visit our Visit

website website our

Offices our website website

to to learn learn to

in to learn learn

more more Wisconsin,

more more email email or or email email

us us at us at Indiana us


at at sales@granitevalley.com.

& Offices Colorado

in in in Wisconsin, Indiana

Offices in Wisconsin, Indiana

& Colorado

& sales@granitevalley.com

& Colorado







We “rough grade” our kiln-dried

woods to ensure the best appearance.

Quality assurance on every load.

Alder | Aromatic Cedar | Black & White Ash | Aspen | Basswood


Beech | White & Yellow Birch | Bitternut | Butternut | Cherry

Alder Grey Alder | Aromatic & | Aromatic Red Elm Cedar | Cedar Hard | Black Maple | Black & | Hickory & White

White Ash | Ash Red | | Aspen Oak Aspen | | White | Basswood

Basswood Oak



| Aromatic

| Aromatic Cedar | Black & White Ash Aspen | Basswood

Beech Norway Beech | | White Pine White Cedar & | White & | Yellow Black

Yellow Pine Birch & Birch | White Poplar | Bitternut Ash | Bitternut | Red | Aspen | Butternut & | Butternut Silver | Basswood Soft | Cherry

Beech | White & Yellow Birch | Bitternut | Butternut | Cherry | Cherry Maple | Walnut

Beech | Grey

Grey White Grey & & Red

& Red Cedar & Red Yellow Elm Elm

Elm | Rift Birch | Hard | Hard

| Hard & Quartered | Maple Bitternut | | Butternut | Cherry


Maple | Hickory

| Hickory Red Hickory & | White | Red

Red Oak

Oak Oak Oak | White Oak

| White

| White Oak


Grey & Norway


Red Norway Elm Pine Pine


| Hard | White | White

| White

Maple Pine Pine


| | Poplar


Hickory | Poplar

Poplar | |


Red | Red Silver


Oak & Silver


| White Soft Soft

Soft Maple


Oak Maple | Walnut

| Walnut

| Walnut

Norway White

White Pine Cedar | Cedar White |

| Rift Pine Rift &

& Quartered | Poplar Quartered | Red Red

Red & & Silver White

White Oak Soft OakMaple | Walnut

White White

Cedar Cedar

| Rift | Rift

& &

Quartered Quartered

Red Red

& &

White White





To help you streamline your

production process, we

can supply custom-cut

pre-production blanks

to your specs.


Work Custom





Our average on-hand

kiln-dried supply is

10 million board feet.

Get the wood you need,

with quick turnaround.





Our average on-hand

kiln-dried supply is

Our 10 Our average million average board on-hand

on-hand feet.

kiln-dried Get is

kiln-dried the supply wood supply you is


10 10 10 with 10 million million quick board board turnaround. feet.


Get Get the Get the the wood wood you you need,

with with quick quick turnaround.






You already know how important this industry is in

maintaining the environment, good health, manufacturing,

and livelihoods. Does the next generation?

Or are they buying into stigmas, negative stereotypes,

and false beliefs about working in the Forest Products

Industry? Or, worse, they’re completely unaware of all

the options and opportunities that exist. Not exactly ideal

when there’s a skills gap crisis and the future workforce

is essential to keeping the industry alive and thriving.

Here’s the good news!

At the North American Forest Foundation, we’re working

hard to dispel the myths and influence the next generation

through education. Upping the cool factor and attracting

more young people to this valuable and exciting


How do we get it done?

No need for an industry re-brand. There’s already so

much ‘cool’ at play. But if our voices are only at a whisper

and messaging is inconsistent, we’re not being seen,

heard, or felt. Aka NOT ON THEIR RADAR.

We’ve got to turn up the volume and meet the next

generation(s) where they are. Online!

Not suggesting your company has to jump on TikTok

or Snap Chat tomorrow, but it’s imperative that we’re all

engaging regularly where they are.

A brochure-like website no longer cuts the mustard.

The average consumer, for example, is already through

70 percent of the buying cycle before they ever reach

out or CLICK order. It’s a well-known fact that millennials

don’t want to talk to you on the phone. They research on

their own and it’s got to be at their fingertips and easy to


We can put our heads in the sand and continue doing

what we’ve always done (because it’s easier and painless).

Or we can do something different and affect real


Starting Young

At the North American Forest Foundation, we’re working

hard to bridge the gap and attract and influence the

next generation in several ways.

Through the generosity of our annual donors and supporters

like you, we’re able to impact more than 75,000

students per year by sending teachers our Truth About

Trees teaching kit at no charge.

This free resource is reusable and sharable across

classrooms. K-3 students are learning through lessons,

activities and play, the value and importance of trees in

our lives. We call it becoming #exTREEmelysmart!

It also complements the Forever Forest exhibit from

the Omaha Children’s Museum, traveling to 30 cities

over the next ten years. Teachers are visiting the 3D

traveling exhibit for field trips and then teaching the kit

to reinforce the experience. More than 600,000 students

and teachers have been impacted so far.

This cultivates a healthier future for them, the industry,

and the planet.

Dakota. One hardworking, sweaty dude.







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No matter what it takes. That’s what every Cole worker will do to

meet our commitment to our customers. And they’ll do it over and over

and over again. Week after week. Someday stop by and see what we mean.

Might want to stand upwind, though.



Call 800-536-3151 for a quote, or visit www.colehardwood.com.

22 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org




“Everything You’ll Ever Need From The Forest”

Can a Hardwood mill maximize

yield and cut a mill-run? I

see it as a fundamental business

choice; to maximize your yield

you must engage in quality control,

including inhouse grading,

and trust others to do what you

cannot do effectively.

The same is true for Hardwood associations. If Hardwood

associations want to maximize their membership

benefits (yield) we must engage in quality control (grade

our operations) and trust others to do what we cannot do


Yes, associations are different and represent you in diverse

ways. Each of you and each of us has a niche that

we fill and no one niche is less valuable than another. But

even if the species, location, and products are different;

we have one common message that we control. Hardwood,

Hardwood, Hardwood

NHLA is focused on quality grading rules, education,

and networking but that does not mean that we can ignore

the rest of the Hardwood industry’s needs for product-specific

promotion. I spent my first week on the job

meeting first with NHLA employees to grade our operations

and then meeting online with allied associations.

Getting to know them, beyond just a name and a face.

Finding out what they do and what they are good at and

then offering the NHLA to help them and thanking them

for helping us provide quality services.

Look at what the Pennsylvania associations just

did. They got the NHLA Inspector Training School out

of Memphis and to Clearfield, PA for 8 weeks. AHUG,


along with Pennsylvania Hardwood

Development Council got

a grant, surveyed local companies

for attendees, and arranged

for NHLA to come to them. Saving

money for all our members

and each of our associations while making effective use

of government funds. Thanks to their hard work in their

niche area and cooperation for the good of the industry

NHLA was able to educate students that we would not

normally reach.

Furthermore, the Hardwood Federation has a niche

voice in Washington, DC, a high-quality voice that can

get the attention of the Farm Bill authors, the department

of Agriculture, and the Forest Service. Helping the NHLA

and our members broaden the voice and reach of the

Hardwood industry.

Another notable example is The Real American Hardwood

Coalition (RAHC). It has been around since 2020,

working for the good of the entire industry. Again, NHLA

is working with our allied associations and funding a

united message that promotes Hardwood. The new consumer-focused

website www.realamericanhardwood.

com launched in August. If you have not seen it, please

go visit the site and even more importantly help fund it by

joining the associations contributing to it.

By joining NHLA and other Hardwood associations

you help fund education and outreach for the entire

Hardwood industry. We also appreciate sponsors, exhibitors,

and advertisers who help spread the message

further and help keep quality high. We also need to ac-

45,000 ft. steamer loaded with 4/4

Face & Better Walnut

4/4 Face & Better Walnut ready

for shipment

n 18 Acre Concentration Yard

n 2 Trim Lines (50 Sorts)

n Straight Line Ripping and S2S Facilities

n We Offer Export Preparations, Container Loading,

Mixed Species & Thicknesses

n Custom Walnut Steaming Available

n 800,000ʹ Dry Storage • Dry Kiln Capacity 250,000'

n All KD Lumber End Pictured and Tallied via TallyExpress


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Shade-Dri ® Protection







24 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org

Brandon Ferman

Office: 814-563-4614

Cell: 814-688-6691

Email: brandonferman@hotmail.com

Dan Ferman

Office: 814-563-4614

Michael Songer

Office: 814-486-1711

Cell: 814-594-0827

Email: mjs@zitomedia.net

Jeff Childs

Office: 740-392-7727

Cell: 740-398-3474

Email: jeffchilds7@yahoo.com

(800) 780-3187 FAX: (800) 292-5773

Website: www.meridienpa.com • Email: meridien@penn.com

Yard Address: Old Pittsfield Rd., Pittsfield, PA 16340

At just one of its four locations, the facility operates a kiln capacity

of 450,000 board feed running eight kilns, a stacker, grading

line, planing line, two rip saws, three moulders, a wood waste

system, seven lift trucks and four distribution trucks to produce


With four locations, Holt & Bugbee Company has a

plant in Tewksbury, MA on 25 acres with 550,000 board

feet of kiln capacity, nine kilns, two stackers, two inspection

lines, two planers, an automated grading line, three

rip saws, five moulders, a resaw, primer, end matcher

and a wood waste boiler. This operation also has 12 lift

trucks and five delivery trucks.

On 10 acres in Mount Braddock, PA, Holt & Bugbee

operates 450,000 board feet of kiln capacity, eight kilns,

a stacker, grading line, planing line, two rip saws, three

moulders, a wood waste system and seven lift trucks and

four distribution trucks.

Holt & Bugbee utilizes lift trucks at three of its four locations.

The plants in Boyertown, PA, and Elmwood Park, NJ, both have

multiple lift trucks.

Sourcing all of their lumber from sawmills, Pierce said

the product mix is based mostly on current trends. “We

buy species mostly based on demand, but we really focus

on high grades with good lengths and widths in all

our products. If you buy from us, you’re going to get the

highest quality product. We have a reputation for quality

lumber and serving our customers with attention to their

needs. Our custom mouldings, wide and long plank flooring,

and smaller precise orders are our bread and butter.”

Some of the equipment manufacturers utilized by Holt

& Bugbee include Weinig moulders, Mereen-Johnson

rip saws, Yates American planers, Irvington Moore and

American Wood Dryers and SII dry kilns. Average inventory

is 8,000,000 board feet, companywide.

Holt & Bugbee purchases approximately 25M board feet in Hardwoods annually in Poplar, Red and White Oak, Hard and Soft Maple,

Walnut, Sapele, Red Grandis, Hickory, cypress, Alder, Ash, Alaskan yellow cedar, pine, Basswood, Birch, and Cherry. Pictured above

are (from left): Mike Pierce, William Collins, Roger Pierce, Ben Pierce, Phil Pierce, Sean Herlihy, and James Herlihy.

Quality Hardwood Lumber, Millwork And

Moulding At Holt & Bugbee Company

By Michelle Keller

Tewksbury, MA–Holt & Bugbee Company, headquartered

here, is a distributor of Hardwood and

softwood lumber, flooring, custom mouldings, and

millwork. The company purchases approximately 25M

board feet annually in Poplar, Red and White Oak, Hard

and Soft Maple, Walnut, Sapele, Red Grandis, Hickory,

Alder, Ash, Basswood, Birch, Cherry, Euro Beech, Jatoba,

African Mahogany, Teak, Ipe, pine, Douglas fir, cypress,

Western red cedar and Alaskan yellow cedar (kilndried,

S4S, Dressed, 4/4 through 12/4).

With a history of success dating back to 1825, Holt &

Bugbee has withstood many storms, including the COVID

pandemic. “When the pandemic began, it was a really difficult

time for everyone. Obviously because of lockdowns

Photos By Alexis Ann Photography

it was extremely difficult to do business,” Head of Marketing,

Ben Pierce explained. “We didn’t sit still while it was

happening. We took advantage of the time and used it to

audit our operations and make several improvements.”

Pierce said Holt & Bugbee maintained their operations

at the height of the pandemic and also gave to the communities

in which it serves. “We did a great job of staying

safe and reducing the spread of COVID-19 at work. Not

one employee was laid off and we managed to get to

the other side as a stronger and more versatile company.

The communities that we serve are just as important to

us as our business. We’re thankful that we were in a position

where we could donate $20,000 to local food banks

to give back to the people who were hit hardest.”

“We buy species mostly based on demand, but we really focus on high grades with good

lengths and widths in all our products. If you buy from us, you’re going to get the highest quality

product. We have a reputation for quality lumber and serving our customers with attention

to their needs. Our custom mouldings, wide and long plank flooring, and smaller precise

orders are our bread and butter.”

Pierce added, “Our third plant located in Boyertown,

PA has a 40,000 square-foot storage capacity, a planer,

rip saw, two lift trucks and four delivery trucks. Located in

Elmwood Park, NJ, we have a 20,000 square foot storage

facility with two lift trucks and four delivery trucks.”

–Ben Pierce, Head of Marketing, Holt & Bugbee Company

Lumber species is

purchased based on

demand to produce

high grade products

with good lengths

and widths.

It was the entrepreneurial savvy of businessman John

Cutter that established Holt & Bugbee in 1825. Cutter’s

goal was to establish a sawmill for rough cutting Mahogany

logs in Charlestown, MA. Armed with nothing

more than a strong knowledge of the trade and a single,

but powerful, idea, Cutter struck a bargain where

he would supply an equally industrious sea captain with

much-needed block ice. The captain would deliver the ice

to South America and, on Cutter’s behalf, exchange it for

rough Mahogany. With the emptying of the seaweed-encased

block ice, the ship’s holds then became available

for transporting the Mahogany logs back to Cutter.

By 1850, Cutter’s son-in-law, Stephen Holt, entered the

business, carrying on the company’s tradition. He was

followed by John Bugbee 10 years later and, with his ar-

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26 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



Pictured from left, John Pysh (President), Max Kutz (General Manager), John Toncich III (Controller), and Dave Platt (Foreman).

Pennsylvania Hardwoods

Expands Operations

Quality Red and White Oak, Cherry, Soft and Hard Maple, Poplar, and Hickory are available as logs or lumber, primarily 4/4 thickness.

Pleasantville, PA - Pennsylvania Hardwoods Co.,

a 45-acre, fast-growing operation located in northwest

Pennsylvania, is steered by four veteran leaders

in the industry. Owner John Pysh, General Manager

Max Kutz, Foreman Dave Platt, and Controller John

Toncich III are the key faces at Pennsylvania Hardwoods

and are pushing an increase of about 60 percent in lumber


feet a year for the company, paired with an additional 1.5

million board feet of domestic and export log sales.

Along the way, PA Hardwoods acquired Northeastern

States Kilns. The company now has kiln capacity

of 100,000 board feet per charge, drying an estimated

200,000 board feet per month.

PA Hardwoods was strictly a green lumber mill from

2015 to 2019.

“Our company strongly believes that every step of the

process is equally important.”

-John Pysh, owner, Pennsylvania Hardwoods Co.

With a resaw expected to be installed this quarter, lumber

production is anticipated to increase substantially.

“It’s a (new) mill, we expect it to be up and running

by the third quarter of this year,” Pysh explained. “An

increase in sawmill production is important on many levels,

but quality will remain our top priority.”

Pysh said current production is about 2.6 million board

Pysh’s experience in Hardwoods goes back to his

family’s business of Matson Lumber.

“My grandfather owned and operated Matson Lumber,

followed by my mother, Becky Matson,” he said. “My first

introduction into the company was working the sawmill

during high school.”

Pysh took on more serious responsibilities at the com-

Sustainable Forestry Practices

pany until branching away in 2015 founding Pennsylvania

Hardwoods Company which now employs 17 fulltime

employees and five well-experienced logging crews.

Pennsylvania Hardwoods is supported by two timber

holding companies.

“About 6,000 acres in total,” Pysh said. “All of which

is stocked with exceptionally high-value timber, and a

strong balance of species.”

Quality Red and White Oak, Cherry, Soft and Hard

Maple, Poplar, and Hickory are available as logs or lumber,

primarily 4/4 thickness.

Pennsylvania Cherry – “The Champagne of Hardwoods”

In logs they offer high-end veneer logs, rift logs, rotary,

table top logs and export saw logs. In lumber, they offer

kiln-dried, green lumber, green on lathe, pallet stock and

railroad ties.

The quartet dedicate their company’s mission to

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28 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



Penn-Sylvan And Penn-York Team Up For Golf

Titusville, PA–Members and guests gathered here

recently at the Cross Creek Resort to enjoy the

monthly meeting of the Penn-York Lumbermen’s Club.

This meeting was hosted by Penn-Sylvan International,

located in Centerville, PA.

Penn-Sylvan’s corporation is headquartered in northwest

Pennsylvania near the Allegheny National Forest.

Three locations make up the Penn-Sylvan complex

Photos By Paul Miller Jr.

where the company utilizes sawmills, grading stations,

dry kilns, and kiln-dried storage. As a result of the vast

experience of its staff in export marketing and the domestic

Hardwood industry, Penn-Sylvan has excelled in

the Hardwood lumber business. Known as the leading

manufacturer of 3/4-inch lumber, Penn-Sylvan has produced

all thicknesses of Hardwood lumber for decades.

Learn more at www.americanhardwoodexport.com.

Winners of the Penn-York golf game were as follows:

Low Gross, first: Darrel Mitcheltree, 77

Low Gross, second: Jason Wadding, 82

Net, first: Dave Sondel

Net, second: Mike Tarbell

#3, Closest to the pin: John Wadding

#6, Longest putt: Jason Robler

#11, Closest to the pin: Don Fetzer

#12, Closest 3rd shot: Steve Jones

Skins: Robert Miller, John Wadding, Don Fetzer and Mike Tarbell.

Dinner followed at The Iron Works, also in Titusville. n

Learn more about the Penn-York Lumbermen’s Club by visiting www.pennyork.org.

Jack Monnoyer, Deer Park Lumber Co. Inc., Tunkhannock, PA

Brad Schroeder and Paul Kephart, NWH, Beachwood, OH; and

Mike Tarbell, Ram Forest Products Inc., Shinglehouse, PA

Dave Sondel, U-C Coatings LLC, Buffalo, NY; and Chris Strang,

Alan McIlvain Co., Marcus Hook, PA

Sam Holley, S. Holley Lumber Company LLC, Windsor, OH; Brant

Forcey, Forcey Lumber & Veneer Company, Woodland, PA; and

Matt Hunter, S. Holley Lumber Company LLC

Mitra, Reza and Jay Reese, Penn-Sylvan International, Spartansburg,

PA; and Andrew Robinson, Penn-Sylvan International, Toronto,


Burt Craig, Matson Lumber Company, Brookville, PA; Mike

Songer, Dan Ferman and Brandon Ferman, Meridien Hardwoods

of PA Inc., Pittsfield, PA; and Chris Cochran, Cochran & Zandi

Lumber LLC, Sheffield, PA

Jesse LaSon, The Rossi Group, Lancaster, PA; Braden Byler,

Springfield Hardwood Products LLC, Mercer, PA; and Marc Reese,

Salem Hardwood Inc., Adamsville, PA

Don Pringle, Penn Forest Products Unlimited LLC, Smicksburg,

PA; Jordan McIlvain, Alan McIlvain Co., Marcus Hook, PA; Andy

Dickinson, Sirianni Hardwoods Inc., Painted Post, NY; and Brad

Schroeder, NWH, Beachwood, OH

Russ Shamblen, Premier Hardwood Products Inc., Syracuse, NY; Cameron Zerbien and Greg Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick & Weller Inc.,

Ellicottville, NY; Randy Flament, Emporium Hardwoods Inc., Emporium, PA; and Trevor Vaughan, Ron Jones Hardwood Sales Inc.,

Union City, PA

Chris Strang, Alan McIlvain Co., Marcus Hook, PA; Robert Matson,

Matson Lumber Company, Brookville, PA; and Steve and

Nate Jones, Ron Jones Hardwood Sales Inc., Union City, PA

(Seated, from left) Tom Jackson, Sierra Forest Products, Chicago,

IL; Chen Guo, Upper Canada Forest Products, Mississauga,

ON; and Jesse LaSon, The Rossi Group, Lancaster, PA; (standing,

from left) Andy Dickinson, Sirianni Hardwoods Inc., Painted

Post, NY; and Luke Martin, Upper Canada Forest Products





Western Hardwood

Association Celebrates

Lincoln City, OR–Chinook Winds Casino Resort,

located here, recently welcomed members

and guests of the Western Hardwood Association

(WHA) for the organization’s annual convention.

Themed “All Hardwoods Go West,” the event was

packed with multiple opportunities to socialize as

well as to hear guest speakers.

Those speakers and their topics included:

•Dr. Kent Wheiler, CINTRAFOR, Hardwood

Lumber Domestic Market Update

•Dana Cole, Hardwood Federation, What’s

Happening In Washington, DC

•Dylan Scott and Lane Lyons, Central Oregon

Trucking, Rolling With The Changes –

Historical Trends To A New Reality In

Flatbed Trucking

Photos By Zach Miller

•Steve Zambo, Ally Global Logistics,

The Current State Of The Logistics Market

•Tripp Pryor, American Hardwood Export

Council, A New World For U.S. Hardwood


The WHA was founded in 1955 to assist Western

U.S. Hardwoods to a position of prominence

in the manufacturing of fine furniture, cabinets and

pallets. Membership consists of sawmills, manufacturers,

re-manufacturers, pallet producers,

wholesalers, landowners, timber owners and service

organizations (freight companies, truckers,

consultants, etc.). n

Learn more at


Tripp Pryor, AHEC, Sterling, VA; Scott Leavengood, Oregon State

University, Corvallis, OR; and Tom Froedge, Froedge Machine &

Supply Co. Inc., Tompkinsville, KY

Darren Gellerson, NWH, Longview, WA; Nils Dickmann,

Abenaki Timber Corp., Seattle, WA; and Ian Kelly, Prime

Forest Products LLC, Beaverton, OR

Tim Livermore, NWH, Tacoma, WA;

Roby Lane, NWH, Garibaldi, OR; Louie

Guyette, NWH, Centralia, WA; and

Tetiana Larson, HUB International Insurance,

Portland, OR

Tetiana Larson, HUB International Insurance, Portland, OR; and

Kristine Durr and Dave Sweitzer, Western Hardwood Association,

Camas, WA

Dylan Stott and Lane Lyons, Central Oregon Truck Company

Inc., Redmond, OR

Kevin Murphree, Patrick Lumber

Company, Philomath, OR;

Jeremy Howard, Nyle Dry

Kilns, Brewer, ME; and Dennis

Sanders, Patrick Lumber


Darrin Hastings, Emerson Hardwood Company, Portland, OR;

and Scott Leavengood, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR

Dana Spessert, National Hardwood Lumber Assoc.

(NHLA), Memphis, TN; and Jeff Wirkkala, Hardwood Industries

Inc., Sherwood, OR

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32 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



WHA PHOTOS Continued

Jeff Maguire, Maguire Machinery Group LLC, Aurora, OR;

and Zach Miller, National Hardwood Magazine, Memphis,


Erin Keyser, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance

Co. (PLMI), Ephrata, WA; Tripp Pryor, American Hardwood

Export Council, Sterling, VA; and Renee Miles, PLMI, Bakersfield,


LAKE STATES Continued from page 10

Asked if the market is better or worse than six months

earlier, he replied, “That’s kind of tough; that’s subjective.

I wouldn’t call it worse. I wouldn’t say better. I wouldn’t

call it the same. I’d call it different. What’s different is,

we’re having to stay on top of the market, stay in touch

with customers to gauge where the market’s at. Certain

prices are coming down with increased supply. A lot of

communication has to be done with every aspect of the

industry. Our monthly sales are about the same as they

were six months ago, but the monthly profits might be a

little down – but not much.”

He sells Red and White Oak, Hard and Soft Maple,

Cherry, Poplar, Walnut, Hickory and Basswood, all

grades, 4/4 through 8/4 and 10/4 and 12/4.

He sells lumber to distribution yards and end users.

“The distribution yards are facing some of the same issues

we are: their customers are working through their

inventory with prices coming down. However, distribution

yards need to keep lumber on their shelves. Also, lumber

is still selling; people are buying it.”

As for transportation, he observed, “Higher freight and

fuel costs have been an issue, but it’s getting a little bit


An Indiana lumberwoman stated, “Things are slow. We

specialize in the thicker stock – 8/4, 10/4, 12/4 and 16/4

thickness – and sales of those seem to be OK. We’re

getting a lot of inquiries on that and moving some of that.

But 4/4, 5/4 and 6/4 seem very slow in terms of sales.”

The market, she said, is worse than it was several

months ago.

She sells all Hardwood species in 4/4 through 16/4, in

all grades.

Her customers include distribution yards, end users

and to export markets. “The exporting people are saying

nobody’s buying, especially in China,” she said. “It’s very

slow. Price is not even an object now; they’re just not

buying. Their sales to their customers are slow. I think all

aspects of the business are slow: domestic, export, end

users – it doesn’t make any difference.

“I think transportation is better than it was a few months

ago,” she noted. “We’re not holding loads waiting on containers

or for the customers to find a truck to pick up the

load. That may be because there’s not as much business

out there as there was. So, that’s why there is trucking

available. The prices for transportation are coming down,


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Michael Reutman, Brad Michael and Joey Nelson, JoeScan

Inc., Vancouver, WA

Dana Lee Cole, The Hardwood Federation, Washington,

DC; Patrick Kenan, Combilift USA, Greensboro, NC; Steve

Zambo, Ally Global Logistics LLC, Jacksonville, FL; and

Dana Spessert, NHLA, Memphis, TN




from Wisconsin

& Michigan

. . . .

available for export worldwide

Steve Anderson, Contechem/U-C Coatings LLC, Portland,

OR; and James Russell, U-C Coatings LLC, Lebanon,


Mike Lipke, Trillium Pacific Millwork Inc., Hubbard, OR;

Marlin Langworthy, Cascade Hardwood LLC, Chehalis,

WA; and Adam Duplisea, Nyle Dry Kilns, Brewer, ME

Contact Mike Schulke today!

715.535.2181 • mike@tigertonlumber.com






HOLT & BUGBEE COMPANY Continued from page 27

The variety of equipment manufacturers utilized by Holt & Bugbee

include Weinig moulders, Mereen-Johnson rip saws, Yates

American planers, Irvington Moore and American Wood Dryers

and SII dry kilns.

rival, the name and company were officially established.

To better serve its rapidly growing customer base, the

Holt & Bugbee Company migrated to Tewksbury from its

original Charlestown, MA, location. Mount Braddock, PA,

became the chosen site for the second Holt & Bugbee

facility in 1994. With this prime location near key sources

for North Appalachian Hardwoods, Holt & Bugbee began

exploiting the value-added benefits of easy access to the

finest Cherry in the world.

Kilns located in Tewksbury, MA sit on 25 acres with 550,000 board

feet capacity. Among the kilns in use are some manufactured by

SII Dry Kilns.

Five years later, Boyertown, PA, became home to the

company’s third operation, placing Holt & Bugbee in an

ideal location (just 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia)

for serving customers in the mid-Atlantic region, greatly

increasing its market reach.

Five family generations, and many years later, Holt &

Bugbee is recognized not only in the Northeast but from

coast to coast and in many parts of the world for the quality

of their products and dedication to service.

Custom products like wide and long plank flooring, mouldings

and smaller, precise orders are what drive the company’s reputation

of quality Hardwoods and attention to clients’ needs.

At all four locations, Holt & Bugbee own their own curtain side

delivery trucks, 17 total in their fleet.

Holt & Bugbee Company embraces its past and its rich

set of values that contribute to the strong foundation the

company was built on. Because of its respect for its heritage,

Holt & Bugbee, like many fine New England firms

with solid roots, continues to thrive in both name and entrepreneurial


With 200 employees, key personnel include President

and Owner, Phil Pierce, Chief Financial Officer and Owner,

William Collins, Vice President and Owner, Roger

Pierce, Vice President of Sales, Sean Herlihy, Vice President

of Operations, Eric D’Annolfo, and General Manager

of Boyertown, Peter Burns.

Holt & Bugbee Company is a member of National

Hardwood Lumber Association, Indiana Hardwood Lumbermen’s

Association, and Hardwood Manufacturers Association.


For more information visit www.holtandbugbee.com.

Lawrence Lumber

Company Inc.

P.O. Box 750 Maiden, NC 28650

Tel: (828) 428-5601 Fax: (828) 428-5602

website: www.lawrencelumberinc.com

For Appalachian Hardwood lumber sales, contact Steve Staryak:

(828) 999-0198, email: stevestaryak@lawrencelumber.net,

or Joe Gori: (704) 240-2167, email: gmgori86@gmail.com

Green lumber vendors please contact Steve Leonard at

(828) 446-0845, or email him at sgleonard7@gmail.com



Our Hardwood concentration yard in Maiden, NC is near Highway 321

and Interstate 40 where we process quality kiln dried Appalachian Hardwood

lumber in these five species: Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Ash,

and Hickory. We:

. Sell kiln dried Red and White Oak in 4/4 through 8/4 thicknesses;

Poplar in 4/4 through 16/4 thicknesses; Ash in 4/4 through 8/4

thicknesses; and Hickory in 4/4 and 7/4 thicknesses. The grades of

lumber we sell are No. 2 Common and Better.

. Have 800,000 board feet per charge of dry kiln capacity counting

our new predryer/dry kiln and five dry kilns. We also have two fan

sheds totaling 500 MBF capacity.

. Have dedicated employees with many years of experience who

are getting your orders prepared to your exact specifications.

. Inspect our lumber after kiln drying.

. Offer many services like export prep, mixed truckloads, container

loading, dipping our lumber in ISK Biocides’ chemicals, S2S,

SLR1E, width sorting, surfacing and ripping.

. Process and sell 18 to 20 million board feet a year of the lumber

species we deal in.

. We are now able to surface, straight line rip and rip to width for

our customers!

36 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



PENNSYLVANIA HARDWOODS CO. Continued from page 29

Drying 4/4 Soft Maple

Sustainable Forestry

high-quality services and products for domestic and foreign


“Our company strongly believes that every step of the

process is equally important,” reads their website. “From

the harvesting of some of the world’s finest timber, to the

manufacturing of the log on the sawmill, to the packaging

of our final product, we take no short cuts. When you

choose Pennsylvania Hardwoods, you choose a company

that focuses on quality and consistency.”

The company also aims to maintain an average

350,000 board feet of log inventory.

“Once our new resaw is installed, we will target to keep

approximately 700,000 – 750,000 feet in log inventory.

This inventory target will satisfy both our lumber and log

programs,” explained Pysh.

In lumber inventory, the company stores about 150,000

Pennsylvania Hardwoods Co. is located in the northwest quadrant

of Pennsylvania.

The company stores about 150,000 board feet in a 100,000 squarefoot


board feet in a 100,000 square-foot warehouse. They

strive to maintain adequate lumber inventory levels to

meet the demands of their customers.

Regarding the forestry department, and the company’s

plans for increased production, Pennsylvania Hardwoods

maintains its quality of service in custom harvest

plans for each landowner’s property and needs; worldwide

markets and competitive pricing; free estimates

over 10 acres; payment in full before the start of harvest;

and skid trails and landings restored to the same or better

condition as prior to harvest.

“We see in the next three to five years,” Pysh added,

“there is definitely going to be some really nice growth

here at the company.” n

Visit Pennsylvania Hardwoods’ website at www.pahardwoods.com.


PO Box 247, Kreamer, PA 17833

☎ 570.374.1108 | 570.374.5341

38 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



LAKE STATES Continued from page 35

A Wisconsin sawmill representative said, “Lumber is

moving but it’s a little more of a struggle. Prices are dropping.

But for the most part, I’m able to sell the majority of

my lumber.”

Compared to several months ago, he stated, the market

is not as good.

He offers Red and White Oak, Hard and Soft Maple,

Basswood, Aspen, Hickory and Cherry in No. 2 and Better

and 4/4 mostly, with some 5/4.

He sells 50 percent to end users and 50 percent to distribution

yards. “Their sales to their customers are slower

than they were a few months ago,” he noted.

“We’re very fortunate on transportation,” he commented.

“We’ve been using the same trucking companies for

a lot of years. One person at a trucking company retired

and we contracted with another person, and they’re hauling

steadily out of here.” n

NORTHEAST Continued from page 10

U.S.,” he added. “My customers don’t have labor. I don’t

have labor. It’s all around in this area.”

Asked to compare the market now to several months

ago, he stated, “I’m going to say it’s the same. I don’t

think things have changed much.”

Quarter-sawn is their specialty in Red Oak, Cherry,

Birch, Maple and Ash in 4/4 and 8/4 mostly. He offers

only the highest grades of lumber.

Mostly he sells to distribution yards. However, he clarified,

“I’ve been staying away from domestic customers

because the pricing is so depressed,” he noted. “Overseas,

they could use as much material as I can produce.

I think their sales to their customers are good. Ninety

percent of my customers are in Japan.

“I don’t do anything with transportation,” he commented.

“Everything is arranged by my customers. They send

the trucks. I stuff the containers and they’re gone. I haven’t

seen any issues with transportation.”

Meanwhile, a Pennsylvania lumberman stated, “The

markets are inconsistent in nature right now. Some days,

some products are selling well, and sometimes they’re

not selling as easily. There is really no bright spot of a

species that is selling well. It depends on the demand of

what someone is looking for and when they are looking

for it.”

Compared to six months earlier, he noted, the markets

are not as good.

He offers Red Oak, Hickory, Hard and Soft Maple,

Cherry and Poplar, FAS and No. 1 Common in 4/4 with

some 5/4, 6/4 and 8/4.

He sells his lumber to end users and distribution yards.

Their sales are inconsistent as well, he observed.

“Trucking has been fine for short and medium hauls,”

he said. “For export,” he noted, “it’s hard to get containers

and equipment and to secure bookings.”

In New York State, a lumber representative remarked,

“The market is changing. It’s up and down. One day you

have people contacting you wanting to know what you

have for sale. Other days you have people not even calling

you back. Also, everybody’s kind of full on inventory

right now.”

The market is not as good as it was six months ago,

he noted.

He sells 4/4 through 8/4 Red and White Oak and 4/4

through 8/4 Hard and Soft Maple and Cherry in No. 1

Glen Common Thompson and Better. and Tommy Stiles, A.W. Stiles Contractors Inc.,

McMinnville, TN

He sells to both distribution yards and end users. He

said that normally, when his customers e-mail him, the

whose topic was Growing the Global Pie.

news about their level of sales is good. Since he’s not

At this year’s IHLA Convention, multiple networking opportunities

were offered, and the association’s board of di-

getting many e-mails from his customers, he expects

that their sales are slow.

rectors held a business session. The 2017 board president

“We haven’t had problems with transportation,” he

for stated.



is Shaun




of C.C.




& Son



core group

Co., of

Reelsville, trucking companies IN. Tom Oilar that of does Cole most Hardwood, of our trucking.” located in nLo-

gansport, IN, is the 2017 1st vice president and Brett Franklin,

of Tri-State Timber LLC of Bloomington, IN is the IHLA

SOUTHEAST Continued from page 11

year ago which was an anomaly in and of itself. But we

don’t know when this industry’s going to get back to a

norm. Overall, I’d have to call it fair. It’s not exactly good;

it’s not excellent. I have folks in the yard in the second

generation, talking about how bad it is. I tell them, ‘You

got in at the peak.’ We’re not even halfway down to

where bad really is.”

He sells Red and White Oak, Poplar, mixed wood and

Hickory in all grades, mostly 4/4, some 5/4 or 6/4. His

best seller, he noted, is 4/4 FAS and Better White Oak.

He sells green lumber to concentration yards and end

users. “Their sales success is not the same for each one.

I’ve Matt got Taylor, one U-C that Coatings has said, LLC, Buffalo, ‘I don’t NY; want Damon to see Graf, another DR Graf







for six



and Tom







who says,



need all you can send me, but I can’t pay as much as I

2nd did before.’ vice president. Each one of them has a different situation.

Additionally, “We’re OK right in conjunction now with transportation,” with the IHLA he meeting, said. “We the

Fellowship send everything of Christian on flatbeds, Lumbermen and held if our a brief regular meeting. drivers

don’t IHLA show is a non-profit up, I’ve got trade two organization backups. We comprised ship within of sawmills,

or 300 wholesale miles. I can brokers, snag trucks equipment if I need vendors, to here.” secondary


manufacturers, “Our business loggers is pretty and good. landowners, We’ve among had some others good in

the sales,” industry. stated a Mississippi lumber provider. “However,

our Learn customers more at www.ihla.org. have stopped n producing products and

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Additional photos on next page

bdahn@hhp-inc.com • lumbersales@hhp-inc.com

14 Buxton Industrial Drive, PO Box 489,

Henniker NH 03242

603-428-3298 www.hhp-inc.com

New HHP logo...

Same High Quality


World Class Northern Hardwoods

Specializing in 4/4 & 5/4 Production of

Red Oak • Ash • Hard & Soft Maple • Yellow Birch

Premium Quality Northern Hardwoods

Sawmill • Kilns • Export Prep • Container Loading

13 Million Board Feet Annual Production





MATHIEU LUSSIER - Export Sales Manager m2lussier@simonlussier.com


40 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org







using lumber like they were. The market isn’t as good

as it was. I’m guessing people are not buying lumber to

manufacture their products like they were because they

aren’t able to sell their products as well.”

He sells all grades of all species indigenous to the

Southeastern U.S. and some native to the Northeast.

Thicknesses are mostly 4/4 and 5/4.

He sells his lumber to end use manufacturers. “Because

they’re not buying lumber like they were even

though lumber is available, it tells me they’re not selling

products like they were.

“Transportation is not that bad,” he remarked. “Rates

are higher than a year ago, but that does not cost us

sales. We have long-standing relationships with trucking

companies, and we get a lot of calls from trucking companies

wanting to haul our lumber.”

A North Carolina lumber provider commented, “We’re

doing OK. However, I see rough waters rapidly approaching.

Some aspects of the market are doing well.

But other aspects, typically on exports to Asia and Europe,

are going through a pretty major price correction.

Prices are going down pretty much across the board.

I don’t think there’s any grade or species that is unscathed

at the moment. The market is on the decline at

this time.”

In fact, he said, the market is not as good as it was a

few months earlier.

He offers Red and White Oak and Poplar in 4/4

through 8/4, in all grades including FAS and No. 1, 2

and 3 Common.

He sells mostly to end use manufacturers and to some

distribution yards. “They are OK today in their sales, but

their order files are getting shorter.

“The cost of transportation is difficult and has an effect

on our business,” he observed. “However, transportation

is more available.” n

WEST COAST Continued from page 11

most people. I just see that the sales are there; you just

have to work it.”

He sells all FAS No. 1 and 2 Common in 4/4 thickness

in Walnut, Hickory and White Oak.

He sells lumber to architects, flooring companies and

retail lumberyards. “They’re still pretty steady,” he said,

“not as busy as a few months ago but they still have business.

“It’s tougher getting containers shipped from mills,” he

remarked, “but local transportation is good.”

A lumber provider in Oregon said, “Everyone is seeking

clarity about what’s going on in the marketplace, what

will happen.” He said the market is weakened. There

is falling domestic demand as well as a slower global

market. “Some people have pulled back purchases,” he

stated. “Warehouses are full or don’t have much space.

There is uncertainty with what the Federal Reserve will

do with interest rates. The November elections, at the

state and federal level, also provide uncertainty,” he said.

The market is not as good as it was several months

earlier, he said.

Poplar, White Oak and Hard Maple are his best sellers.

He said that, among other products, they run a lot of their

lumber into profiles at their moulding plant.

He sells his lumber to cabinet manufacturers, commercial

enterprises that refurbish interiors of offices, banks,

concert halls, universities, furniture manufacturers and


Transportation is getting better, he said.

In Washington State, a lumberman said, “The market

has slowed over the past month or two it’s a little softer.

All the negative news about recessions and the slowing

housing market have affected the market.

“I’d say the market is a little worse than it was a few

months ago,” he stated. “We’re still moving products.

The price of lumber is definitely falling. It’s significant but

not drastic: a 20 percent drop on some items. People are

holding off on their purchases and only buying what they

need. They’re not stocking a lot of lumber right now.”

He sells all grades of Walnut, Poplar, Oak, Maple,

Basswood and all Eastern Hardwoods, in 4/4 through

8/4 “but you could see any thickness go out of here,” he


He sells to millwork shops, distribution yards, cabinet

shops and others. “I hear mixed results of sales by those

companies. Some companies are so backed up they’re

not seeing a slowdown; others have said the opposite.

It’s hard to make sense of what’s going on. Some sheds

are full, and those companies are buying to replace as

needed. Lumber prices are falling a little bit, and people

don’t want to be caught with high-priced lumber.”

For transportation, prices have softened a little, and

availability of trucks is better, he said.

Overall, he observed, “You feel like everyone’s talking

themselves into a recession. Indicators vary, which is

weird. Some are bad; some aren’t. In today’s world, it’s

tough to tell where you’re at economically.” n

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blade technology with the

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Northern KD Hardwoods

• Aspen • Basswood • White Ash • Hard & Soft Maple

• Red Oak • Birch • Cherry • Black Ash

Export Packaging / Container Loading

Phone: 715-561-2200 • Fax: 715-561-2040

Snowbelt Hardwoods, Inc. • 345 Ringle Dr., Hurley, WI 54534

Brady Francois


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42 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



ONTARIO Continued from page 12

Demand for Ash continues to be steady on international

and domestic markets, thus inventories of this species

are low. FAS demand is better than the Common grades.

Production is meeting demand for mills and wholesalers.

Aspen producers noted that demand is solid for developing

supplies, and production has gone up slightly, thus

end users have more available inventories.

As Birch is often used as a lower priced alternative to

Hard and Soft Maple, demand for this species is strong

in local and overseas markets. Price-wise, it was reported,

Birch still has an advantage over Maple even though

Maple’s prices have dropped. Demand is good for the

upper grades as are markets for green stocks.

Basswood also saw a drop in demand. This is related

to Poplar prices which are impacting demand of upper

grades for this species from the millwork and moulding

sectors. However, interest for Poplar is solid keeping

prices steady for kiln-dried stocks. Demand for lower

grades softened, but it is still absorbing production.

As Hard Maple has been a top seller for the past couple

of years with prices reaching all-time highs, there

has been a shift from an inventory building mode to purchases

for replacement needs. This change is having a

downward impact on prices. As kiln-dried Hard Maple is

readily available, there is increased competition for orders,

and prices are responding. For color classifications

figures are reduced, noted contacts.

There is also a reported slowdown in Soft Maple business,

supplies being higher and a weaker short term demand.

Thus prices are down, as well for color designated

grades. Kiln-dried inventories increased, especially in

the Appalachian region.

Sawmill owners are processing more Red Oak, and so

supplies are outpacing demand, resulting in downward

prices. Reports stated domestic and international markets

are not good, with exports flat compared to last year.

Some buyers are able to source Red Oak on short notice

and are buying only what they need. White Oak supplies

are also outpacing market needs, therefore price reductions

are being felt both in domestic and international


Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Natural Resources,

announced a $1-million contribution to the Wood Manufacturing

Cluster of Ontario (WMCO) to support a study

involving 10 collaborating wood manufacturing small

and medium enterprises (SMEs) across the cabinetry,

commercial millwork and furniture sectors. The study will

highlight the importance of industry-led clusters to identify

and leverage new opportunities for the wood manufacturing


“Canada’s competitive and resilient forestry sector

supports good, middle-class jobs in communities across

the country — including in Indigenous, rural and remote

communities,” said Minister Wilkinson. “This represents

the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Canadians.

The funding will support innovative Canadian SMEs,

helping them to seize new opportunities for business and

workers in the wood manufacturing sector while showcasing

the benefits of industry-led collaboration.”

The project aims to integrate Industry 4.0 technology

for the optimization of information and material flow to

establish an industry roadmap for SMEs. This roadmap

will enable future investments and demonstrates the role

of Canada’s forest manufacturing enterprises in utilizing

innovative technologies. This investment will allow Canadian

businesses to diversify and can help to sustain

Canada’s forest sector while creating best business

practices on the road to net zero by 2050.

Funding for this project is provided through the Investments

in Forest Industry Transformation program,

which encourages the Canadian forest sector to adopt

innovative technologies and processes to establish new

product streams and emerging markets. By investing in

innovative forest sector technologies, the forest sector

is providing greener solutions that help tackle climate

change and transition to a low-carbon economy while

increasing its competitiveness on a national and global

scale. n

QUEBEC Continued from page 12

According to some contacts, demand for Ash was

more closely aligned with supply than most species

during late summer. Due to the ravages of the Emerald

Ash Borer, standing timber of this species is very limited,

and so sawmill production is declining as a result. On the

domestic front, demand is slow compared to earlier this

year, and export markets for Ash are said to be off.

Sawmill operators noted that moving developing green

Cherry production is getting a bit more difficult. Depending

on areas contacted there are price variances for this

species. Kiln-dried Cherry markets are reported to be unfavorable,

except with some exporters with longstanding

Cherry customers in China who are seeing decent activity,

but prices are continuing to soften.

Basswood has seen record level sales during the first

six months of the year due to strong demand from established

customers and buyers seeking lower cost alternatives

to other species. Some contacts said it is still their

best seller.

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York Legacy Mill Inc.



Specializing in Appalachian Hardwood

Poplar • Red Oak • Soft Maple • Ash • Cherry • Hickory • White Oak • Hard Maple • Walnut

4/4 White Oak Rift/Quarter Sawn - 4/4 White Oak Plain Sawn - 4/4 Red Oak - 4/4 Poplar

GTL Lumber, Inc.

Ironton, OHIO 45638

est. 2018

Contact: Erin Cox



Matthew York


Cell (270) 459-0294

Erika York

Sales Associate

Cell (270) 459-2569







Manufacturing quality Appalachian

Hardwood lumber, cants & railroad ties

Cutting 4/4 through 8/4 thicknesses

of lumber that are sold green

Specializing in producing high grade

White Oak lumber

2 Mill Locations Grade & Cedar

In House Transportation

We Purchase Standing Timber &

Land Tracts

PH: (270) 864-3134


Located in

South Central Kentucky

When you think Quarter Sawn, think GTL Lumber!

Manufacturing premium quality creates structural integrity, sustainability and

highlights the natural beauty of Quarter Sawn lumber.

Choose GTL for your Appalachian Oak and Poplar! Give us a call today!

44 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



QUEBEC Continued

Demand for the regionally important Hard Maple is

slow from end users and wholesalers, which appears to

be a result of elevated customer inventories rather than a

decline in consumption. This is impacting kiln-dried sales

volumes, and is affecting prices downward for certain

grades and thicknesses.

Soft Maple markets contracted since the first half of the

year. Sawmill production reported as ramping up in the

second quarter, with supplies going from scarce to ample

in a short timeframe. Green and kiln-dried prices went

down from their record highs. Prices are now reported

as steady for Sap and Better and Unselected products.

Poplar is in great demand from moulding, furniture,

millwork and other product manufacturers and is seeing

good quantities shipped to export markets. Domestic

market demand is even with production levels. Prices are

going down for green lumber and for kiln-dried stocks.

Sawmillers and wholesalers of Hickory are finding it

more challenging to make a sale than earlier in the year.

The demand from flooring manufacturers has gone down

as the housing sector has slowed down. Most have sufficient

supplies on hand to meet their needs, while they

are also dealing with sluggish sales on the finished goods

side. The same is seen in the moulding and millwork and

cabinet manufacturing sectors.

Contacts said sales of Red Oak have dropped in the

U.S. and to overseas markets. Flooring manufacturers

are controlling purchases at this time. Others who also

usually purchase kiln-dried Red Oak are taking a cautious

approach to buying No. 2A and Better as demand

and pricing for kiln-dried Red Oak are off and falling.

Some reported that prices had been decent for this species

the first half of the year but lost traction by summer’s

end, especially to China, and also quiet on the domestic


Like other species, White Oak also saw a rise in sales

through the first quarter of the year, with a slowdown

starting in June through August. Prices have been affected

for most grades and thicknesses, with the concern of

paying too much for green White Oak.

Demand for Walnut has lagged compared to production

and is reported as having slowed down in domestic

markets, as it has for exports to China, resulting in lower

prices for this species.

According to a survey released this summer from

HomeStars, Canadian homeowners spent significantly

more on renovations in the past year than in years past.

On average, those who completed indoor renovations in

the last 12 months spent $13,000—up from $8,300 in

the preceding 12-month period (March 2020 to March

2021). Although more Canadians indicated they intend-

ed to pause home renovations into 2023, even with rising

material and labor costs it is estimated that homeowners,

on average, will double their total home reno spending.

With 80 percent of respondents reporting to have cash

on hand for planned home renovations, there was an average

increase of 57 percent in total spending for indoor

renovations. HomeStars also saw the continued trend

that Canadians want to stay put. Three-in-four (76 percent)

of those surveyed reported that they are not considering

moving in the next 12 months, while 14 percent

are currently undecided.

Though most of Canada has eased out of many pandemic

restrictions, the pandemic continued to motivate

Canadian homeowners to renovate their homes. In fact,

two in five (40 percent) homeowners say the presence

of COVID-19 restrictions influenced their decision to renovate.

Spending more time at home and having extra

cash on hand as a result of the pandemic encouraged

even more homeowners to renovate—resulting in an 8

percent increase from 2021.

HomeStars also surveyed 985 homeowners from its

database this summer to get a sense of whether intentions

for renovations for 2023 had changed following increases

in mortgage rates. Despite more homeowners

holding back renovations, HomeStars found intent to

renovate remained high. n

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Anchorseal® is proven to prevent up to 90%

of end-checking on logs and lumber.


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P.O. Box 16767

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Fax: 1-336-379-0863

web site: www.beardhardwoods.com

Complete export preparation at our

wholesale distribution yards with

milling facilities at Greensboro, NC.

Distribution Warehouse in

Long Beach, CA

percent, with over 40 percent indicating that they are

passing on the increases to clients. Others said they are

altering purchase decisions to rein in costs, finding lower-priced

alternatives or maintaining costs and accepting

lower profit margins.

To learn more, go to www.nkba.org.

Britewood® XL is a powerful fungicide for protection

against mold and sap stain.


Specializing in Poplar, Red Oak, White Oak and Ash

Mixed Truckloads

Surfacing S2S

Dry Kilns (400,000 ft cap)


We now have a distribution

warehouse in Long Beach,

CA to better serve our West

Coast customers.


JOHN BEARD jbeard@beardhardwoods.com

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WALT LANCASTER wlancaster@beardhardwoods.com


DAVID LEONARD dleonard@beardhardwoods.com

AARON FOUTS afouts@beardhardwoods.com



Recently, President Biden signed the “Inflation Reduction

Act” into law, initiating programs of interest to the

Hardwood industry. According to the Hardwood Federation,

here are some highlights, including dollar amounts

authorized for specific grant programs and other federal

initiatives that will impact markets for Hardwood products:

• $2.15 billion to acquire and install low-embodied carbon

materials and products for use in the construction or

alteration of buildings under the jurisdiction of the General

Services Administration.

• $1.8 billion for hazardous fuel reduction projects on

federal forest lands.

• $100 million for the Wood Innovation Grant program

over the next 10 fiscal years.

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Shade-Dri ® is a versatile covering to keep harmful

sunlight and excessive wind from damaging logs and lumber.

1-888-363-2628 | sales@uccoatings.com


Buffalo | Portland | Seattle

46 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org




• $100 million for EPA, the Federal Highway Administration

and General Services Administration to identify

and label low-embodied carbon construction materials

and products based on environmental product declarations

and other criteria.

• $2,000 per unit tax credit for consumer purchases

of wood and pellet stoves, the latter of which operate

on fuel derived from sawmill residuals. This credit is extended

for 10 years.

To learn more, visit www.hardwoodfederation.com. n




SINCE 1888


(715) 834-7755

HMA UPDATE Continued from page 16

greater detail regarding the event, but in the meantime, I

encourage you to make frequent visits to HMAmembers.

org for program specifics, sponsorship opportunities,

hotel information, a listing of participating industry

suppliers, and more.

Not an HMA member, but interested in attending the

event? Not to worry. HMA’s National Conference and

Expo is open to all industry stakeholders. You read that

correctly. All Hardwood lumber producers and processors

are welcome to attend. You have

my personal invitation to join us in


For sure, now is not a time for the

faint of heart. Plan to be in Nashville

in March. And join us in being “Agents

of Change.” n


Continued from page 18

recent market conditions and highlight

opportunities for American timber

and Southeast Asian importers,

manufacturers and specifiers. The

proven environmental credentials of

American Hardwood species will be

a central theme for the event and

provide information and insight for

industry across the region relating

to sustainable business and role of

material selection in the future of our

built environments.

The convention will also include a

mini trade show and networking reception

which will follow the speaking

program. Running from 4-6 pm, this

is a platform for AHEC members and

representatives of U.S. exporters and

Southeast Asian importers and end

users to meet face-to-face and discuss

opportunities to use American

Hardwood products. Registration to

attend the AHEC SE Asia Convention

is $750 for non-members, and

free of charge for AHEC Members.

AHEC Members will also have the

opportunity to register for a complimentary

table-top booth during the

networking reception and mini trade


To register for the AHEC SE Asia

Convention this October, visit reg.ahec-china.org/25th/

index.html or scan the QR Code below:

Scan for more info on the AHEC SE Asia

Convention in Bangkok, Thailand, Oct 14, 2022 n



Continued from page 20

in his district. Rep. Westerman, who

would ascend to the chair if Republicans

take control of the House, has

proven through the last few years

that he understands the challenges

our industry is confronting and the

federal policy needs to help us be

more competitive.

Neck and neck with Bruce Westerman

as a prototypical Hardwood

champion is Rep. Glenn “GT”

Thompson (R-PA-15), who would be

the next House Agriculture Committee


Like Bruce, GT’s district is heavily

forested and has a sizable industry

presence. As we know, the Agriculture

Committee is critical for us as

we begin to write the next Farm Bill

which expires next year. There are

a number of issues in play for us

in the context of the Farm Bill—forestry,

climate, wood products innovation,

trade and biomass energy.

The Hardwood Federation has been

working with GT for years on all of

our issues, from the Northern Long

Eared Bat to trade to biomass and

everything in between. He knows us

well as does his personal office and

committee staff, and we welcome

the opportunity to work with him and

his teams should he ascend to the

Chairmanship. On the Democrat

side of the aisle, HF has a solid relationship with current

committee chair Rep. David Scott (D-GA). That said, the

Federation works especially closely with a senior Democrat

whom many view as an “up and comer” on the panel,

Rep. Jim Costa (D-CA).

The other two panels that handle issues important

to our sector are the Energy & Commerce and Ways

& Means Committees. Regarding the former, Rep.

Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-WA-5) would take the gavel

should Republicans pick up the requisite number of



Ryan Peterson – Sales Manager

(715) 533-6193


Matt Grube

(920) 740-9140


Atlantic Mine, MI

Newberry, MI

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48 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org





Case Study

Video Review

Gruber Holz

(South Tyrol / Italy)

House seats in November. The Energy & Commerce

Committee holds the pen on most of the EPA-related issues

around air, water, and waste as well as biomass

energy issues. Rep. McMorris Rodgers—who goes by

CMR—grew up on an apple farm in Eastern Washington

State and has a strong familiarity with the challenges of

the rural economy. On the all-powerful House tax writing

committee—Ways & Means—the current Ranking Member

Kevin Brady (R-TX-8) is retiring. There is a threeway

race to succeed him which will likely be won by Rep.

Vern Buchanan (R-FL-16). Mr. Buchanan has started

two successful businesses in the printing and car dealership

sectors and is a strong advocate of free enterprise.

The Hardwood Federation has attended two events for

Mr. Buchanan this year and had a good conversation

with him about our tax and workforce needs.

In the Senate, we are looking at a similar situation

where strong supporters are in a position to take the lead

(or serve as the top-level member from the opposing party)

on committees of importance to

the Hardwood industry. The Senate

Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry

Committee illustrates a win-win scenario

for Hardwoods regardless of

which party controls the upper chamber

in January. Ranking Member

Sen. John Boozman (R-AR) could

take over from the current chair, Sen.

Debbie Stabenow (D-MI). While we

work well with Chairman Stabenow

and her committee team, our relationships

with Sen. Boozman and

his staff are equally strong. Senator

Boozman has always met personally

with our fly-in participants each year

and has proven to be a receptive ear

to our issues and concerns. Again,

this panel is critical for us as we

head into another Farm Bill rewrite

cycle and we are in a strong position

however the election turns out.

Regardless of the election outcome,

the Hardwood Federation

will work with both sides of the aisle

on behalf of the Hardwood industry.

The start of a new Congress is

always a fresh opportunity to forge

new relationships, strengthen old

ties and identify exciting opportunities.

We look forward to 2023! n


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Capitalizing on Digital

There is a definite need to provide

this kind of awareness and learning

at the Jr. High level as well! Reinforcing

what they learned previously

during a pivotal time in their development.

And why we’re developing a Truth About Trees app

to assist teachers with critical science curriculum and

serving it up in a format that’s easy to consume, gamified

and rewarding.

The second phase of this initiative will be a website

that complements the experience and also serves as

a portal for forestry career opportunities, scholarships,

schools, organizations, and resources.

How You Can Participate

As a non-profit, we can’t do this important work without

financial support from industry companies and individuals

like you.

You can become an annual donor,

monthly individual donor, or sponsor

one or more of our initiatives like

the Kit, the App, Back-to-School Kit

Drive, Giving Tuesday (Nov. 30th),

or event sponsorship.

Together, we’re upping the ‘cool’

factor and ensuring future growth

and success of this amazing and important


Nurturing the next generation

through education is the mission of

the North American Forest Foundation.

Helping children (teachers and

parents too) become #exTREEmelysmart,

cultivates a healthier future

for them, our industry, and the planet.

Please join us in our mission

to educate 1 million kids by 2030!

Make your donation at North

AmericanForestFoundation.org or

email Allison DeFord at adeford@


org today! n


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quire grants and university research

partnerships to help fund our activities

because it is a universal issue

impacting everyone. NHLA staff,

board, and committees work hard to

ensure the association, along with

the collaborations and cooperation

we participate in, benefits everyone.

We can’t engage in quality control

without consideration of species

or products and have a maximized



Our Specialized Services Include:

2022 Impact Advertising • 22WLC-PFC-PAHardwoods-ProgAd-Aug-B

Did you know that NHLA contributes 10 percent of

members’ dues to the Hardwood Federation and another

5 percent to the RAHC? How do we justify such an act?

Because we cannot do it as effectively. Hardwood mills

are starting to focus more on maximizing their yield and

so too are the industry associations. Quality output from

NHLA and allied association collaborations control costs

and expand everyone’s value. We are good stewards of

your hard-earned money. Is your business focused on

value? Why Knot maximize yield by joining the NHLA

and allied associations. n

• Shipping Dry Lumber

• Kiln Dried Lumber

• Clear Strips

• Surfacing-2-Sides (S2S)

• Gang Ripping / Parallel Sawing

• Straight Line Ripping

• Optimized Cross Cut

• Molding Millwork

• Edged & Face Glued Products

• End Matching (Cabinet Parts & Flooring)

Wheeland Lumber Company, Inc.

3558 Williamson Trail • Liberty, PA 16930-0965 USA

P: 570-324-6042 • F: 570-324-2127

50 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org








CRAIG PATCH is a purchasing agent for Carlisle

Wide Plank Floors, headquartered in Stoddard, NH.

Patch is based in Swanzey, NH, where Carlisle’s manufacturing

facilities are located.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a manufacturer of wide

plank Hardwood and softwood floors, both engineered

and solid construction. The

company also manufactures

reclaimed Hardwood flooring.

Carlisle purchases a total of 5

million board feet of new Hardwood

lumber per year including

Ash, Brown

and White

Maple, Hickory,

Red and

Craig Patch

White Oak,

Rift and Quartersawn White Oak,

Birch, Walnut and Cherry (FAS,

Rustic, some proprietary grades,

with the majority purchased in 4/4

thickness and KD).

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors also

purchases eastern white pine, longleaf

heart pine and some reclaimed

Hardwoods. Value-added services

include pre-finishing, patterned

floors, handmade surfaces, and

panel production.

Carlisle Wide Plank Floors is a

member of the Wood Floor Covering

Association, National Wood

Flooring Association, Society for the

Protection of New Hampshire Forests,

Better Business Bureau and

Interior Designers of Canada. The

company is a three-time recipient of

the Better Business Bureau Torch

Award of Ethics and was a finalist in

the large company category in 2013

and 2014.

Patch graduated from Monadnock

Regional High School, Swanzey,

NH, in 2001. His career in the forest

products industry started when he

worked for Tommila Bros. Lumber

from 2001 to 2006. In 2006 he began

working at Carlisle Wide Plank

Floors and has worked as a moulder

operator in their pre-finishing department,

as well as many other positions

with the most recent being their

custom panel maker. His current position

of purchasing agent started in

February 2022.

In his spare time Patch enjoys

golf, traveling with his wife and attending sporting events

with his wife and two daughters.

For more information visit www.wideplankflooring.


Trevor Sledge

TREVOR SLEDGE is president

and owner of Sledge Craft Architectural

Millwork Inc., of Murfreesboro,


Sledge Craft is a manufacturer

of custom architectural millwork,

mouldings, S4S, cabinet parts,

drawer parts, and primed and top

coated mouldings.

Sledge purchases over 1 million

combined board feet of White and

Brown Hard Maple, White Oak,

Poplar, Soft Maple, and Hickory annually

in FAS.

The company offers priming and

prefinished stain grade mouldings,

lumber surfacing services, cut-tolength

parts, and custom painted


Sledge Craft is located within 600

miles of 80 percent of the nation’s

population. It ships to all 50 states

and Canada.

The company is equipped with

high-speed moulders and an optimizing

gang rip saw, all from Weinig.

Sledge Craft is a member of Architectural

Woodworking Institute,

Quality Certification Program, and

the Forest Stewardship Council.

Born in Murfreesboro, TN, in 1968,

Sledge co-founded Sledge Craft in

1986 as an architectural millwork

shop. He attended David Lipscomb University in Nashville,

TN, studying business administration. He has been

married to Libby for 22 years and they have two sons,

Jacob, 16, and Benjamin, 10.

Sledge enjoys spending his free time, fishing, hiking,

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52 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org








975 Conrad Hill Mine Rd. ~ Lexington, NC 27292

Phone 336-746-5419 ~ Fax 336-746-6177



3 Sawmills Processing 50 Million' • 750,000' Dry Kiln

Capacity • 600,000' Fan Shed Capacity

2 382 Newman Planer Mills • 50 Bay Bin Sorter

Products Available:

4/4-8/4 Appalachian Lumber • 6/4-8/4 Ship Dry Capacity

Crossties (100,000 BF per week) • Timbers up to 18'

1,000,000+ Average KD Inventory • 12,000,000+

Average AD Inventory


White Oak • Red Oak • Poplar • Ash • Hickory

Elm • Beech • Gum • Hackberry • Pecan

Jimmy Kepley, owner, and Bart

Jenkins, lumber sales

The firm manufactures 4/4 through 8/4 thicknesses.


Bart Jenkins


Jimmy Kepley



Forest Products, with its

head office here, recently announced

that its premium Black

Label brand of Ipe and other

tropical Hardwoods has partnered

with Dakota Premium

Hardwoods, a trusted distributor

of high-quality lumber, engineered

products and full job

Brian Lotz packages such as supports and

fasteners. With branch locations

in Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma, Dakota is headquartered

in Waco, TX. Dakota Premium Hardwoods

will distribute the full line of Black Label’s sustainable

tropical Hardwoods throughout their warehouse locations.

“The Black Label team is excited to continue the expansion

of our distribution network in Texas, Louisiana

and Oklahoma with Dakota Premium Hardwoods,”

said Brian Lotz, Technical Director for Tropical Forest

Products. “Dakota’s impressive green initiatives, unsurpassed

customer service, Hardwood expertise and

supply chain mastery are essential to the Black Label

brand as we grow our distribution footprint.”

Black Label is dedicated to offering 100 percent legally

harvested sustainable tropical Hardwoods from

South America. Every tree chosen to produce Black

Label products is carefully selected based on the forest’s

age, size and productive wellbeing. Black Label

features Ipe, Cumaru, Jatoba, Garapa, BulletWood

and Tigerwood, with commercial and residential applications

ranging from decking, cladding and ceilings to

architectural millwork.

“The Dakota partnership with the Black Label brand

perfectly aligns with our commitment to offering beauty,

sustainability and value across our growing platform,”

said Ron Mazzarella, CEO of Dakota Premium Hardwoods.

Raising the bar for premium, sustainable tropical

Hardwoods, Black Label’s kiln-dried process enhances

every product for strength and stability, a company

spokesperson said. Every board and hardware accessory

must be Premium Architectural Grade or above to

earn the name Black Label.

Black Label provides a complete marketing and promotional

support program along with a very strong

online presence, with the dealer, contractor, architect,

designer and homeowner in mind. Learn more at

www.blacklabelwood.com, and www.wearetropical.

com or call 905-672-8000. Also, visit www.dakotahard



Nuffer recently joined the sales

team of RAM Forest Products,

a manufacturer of high quality

Northern Appalachian Hardwoods

located here.

RAM Forest Products produces

over 25 million board feet annually

in all grades in Hard and

Soft Maple, Ash, Red and White

Andy Nuffer Oak, Cherry and Poplar from

their sawmill and has a drying

capacity of 1.5 million board feet.

The company is a member of the National Hardwood

Lumber Association, Hardwood Manufacturers Association,

Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc., and

The Appalachian Lumbermen’s Club.

Nuffer brings over 17 years of Hardwood lumber experience

in operations and sales. After starting his career

in operations with Baillie Lumber Company, Nuffer went

on to serve in leadership roles at Thompson Mahogany

Company/East Teak Fine Hardwoods, Robinson Lumber

Company and Bill Hanks Lumber Company. After the

catastrophic fire at Bill Hanks Lumber Company, Nuffer

led business development for TallyExpress by DMSi.

Nuffer is no stranger to RAM Forest Products, having

grown up near the mill in Portville, NY. Nuffer is a

graduate of Clemson University and Temple University.

He has previously served on the board of the International

Wood Products Association and on the Board of

Directors for Wartburg Theological Seminary. He and

his wife, Brianna, will continue to reside in Kernersville,

NC with their three daughters.

To contact Nuffer directly, please e-mail anuffer@

ramforestproducts.com or call 336-813-1512.

FRISCO, TX—NWH, headquartered here, recently announced

the company has launched a corporate rebrand

that affects its name and identity, as well as reframing

the company’s positioning. The timing of the refreshed

corporate brand aligns with the significant transformation

taking place across the NWH organization. The new

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Tracey Mueller, Log Procurement; Kevin Mueller, Mill Manager;

and Randy Mueller, Sales


Manufacturers of:

4/4 - 8/4 Grade Lumber







1,000,000’ DRY STORAGE







Grooved sticks used on all

whitewoods and White Oak.

P.O. BOX 175


PHONE: 636-665-5193

FAX: 636-665-5812

Email: randy@muellerbros.com



TRADE TALK Continued

name, shortened from Northwest Hardwoods to NWH,

and modified identity embody the company’s commitment

to the simplification of the customer experience.

The change coincides with the headquarters’ move to

Frisco, TX and communicates NWH’s renewed sense of

purpose, energy, and enthusiasm of all its employees.

The NWH rebrand marks another major milestone

in the evolution of the nation’s largest Hardwoods provider,

as it continues to evolve and take a fresh and

forward-looking approach to the market. The new positioning,

“Simple. Natural. Hardwoods.” communicates

NWH’s unwavering commitment to offering Hardwoods

solutions that limit complexities to unlock success for our


“We are committed to maintaining our place as the

industry’s premier provider of high-quality natural Hardwoods

and world-class service,” said Dave Brower, Vice

President of Marketing. “We’ll succeed by making every

NWH experience a rewarding experience, one that

gives our customers a distinct competitive edge.”

The new brand identity comes at an important time

as NWH focuses on execution of its strategy to simplify

the customer experience through innovation and professional

excellence at every customer touchpoint. The

new branding will be rolled out across the globe in the

coming months.

NWH, founded in 1967, has become the leading manufacturer

and supplier of Hardwood lumber to North

America, Europe and Asia. With an unwavering focus

on simplifying the customer experience, NWH serves

the furniture, flooring, cabinet, moulding, and millwork

industries with 14+ Hardwoods species from the major

U.S. growing regions as well as imported plywood and

exotic lumber. The company operates over 40 manufacturing

and warehousing facilities across the country

including sawmills, concentration yards and distribution

facilities using innovative technologies to streamline the

procurement process for customers. NWH supplies only

sustainable, high-quality Hardwoods to protect our resources

today and for future generations. For more information,

please visit www.nwh.com.

SAINT-GEORGES, QC – BID Group, a global leader

in transformational wood processing technologies and

integrated solutions, with its head office here, recently

announced the launch of its Global Learning Center.

With its expertly crafted and specially designed courses,

BID aims to reduce the knowledge gap in the sawmills

by growing employees’ technical excellence, allowing

high-value customers to achieve and sustain top-quartile


Over the last year, BID has created a dedicated team

of experts working on the management of its Global

Learning Center and the creation of content. The team

members have years of expertise

in learning management and the

wood processing industry. BID

has also invested in the expansion

of its campus in St. George,

SC, where there are four classrooms

with scaled-down and fullsize

equipment for a hands-on

learning experience.

In addition to on-campus, webinars

and private learning of-

Simon Potvin

fers, BID has developed a new

online learning offering using a Learning Management

System (LMS). BID’s experts in the different fields of

wood processing have developed the Equipment Fundamental

Series, containing more than 250 courses created

precisely for each of the main operational machine

centers. With its in-house technical content, the online

learning offer also has material provided by Rockwell

Automation, a strategic partner for BID, as well as multiple

courses to grow leadership and professional expertise.

“At BID, we believe that first-class wood processing

starts with first-class learning opportunities. The launch

of the Global Learning Center marks a commitment to

our highly valued customers that we will support them

in different ways, through our broad offer of services,

to aid in their daily challenges. Profits rely on people’s

knowledge and their ability to anticipate, identify, and fix

problems. This new service offering will allow mills to get

the most out of their equipment and run at peak performance

by building and growing their team’s expertise,”

said Simon Potvin, president of wood processing.

The Global Learning Center is now fully operational

and has already started welcoming new students.

Learn more about BID at www.bidgroup.ca.


headquartered here, a division of

Wood Technologies International,

recently announced that it has

acquired Timber Automation, an

industry leader in wood processing

equipment and technology.

According to a company press

release, the combination solidifies

USNR’s leadership position

Dale Brown

in providing equipment and technology

to the global wood processing industry, adding

more than 250 employees and over 200,000 square feet

of manufacturing space.

The transaction will help Timber Automation gain

wider market distribution for its state-of-the-art sawmill

and woodyard equipment, while USNR will benefit from

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56 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



TRADE TALK Continued

the addition of Timber Automation’s highly skilled team

members and production capacity.

“The addition of Timber Automation’s LogPro line of

log yard equipment represents a major market expansion

for USNR, and their Baxley products—including

optimization, edgers, and lumber processing equipment—complement

our product offering, providing our

customers with more options of high-quality machinery,”

said Dale Brown, president of USNR. “We are also excited

to build upon our highly innovative optimization

and grading solutions and the opportunity to bring those

products to new markets.”

“We knew that USNR was the right owner for Timber

Automation from the outset,” said John Steck, president

of Timber Automation. “USNR’s reputation for doing right

by the customer aligns perfectly with our company culture

and values. This partnership will help give us wider

visibility and provide better solutions for customers.”

Headquartered in Hot Springs, AR, Timber Automation

also operates a manufacturing plant in Baxley, GA,

and a technology center in Lévis, QC. Learn more about

Timber Automation and its products by visiting www.


USNR, a division of Wood Technologies International,

operates facilities across the United States, Canada,

and Europe, including six large manufacturing plants.

USNR is best known around the world for providing endto-end

solutions for sawmills and planer mills. Learn

more at www.usnr.com.

NEWALD, WI — Cleereman

Industries/Cleereman Controls,

headquartered here, recently

performed a number of equipment

installations at companies

that manufacture Hardwood lumber,

according to Vice President

Paul Cleereman.

Clark Hardwoods in Erin, TN

installed a Model LP-42 Linear

Paul Cleereman

Carriage Tilt Carriage, a 42-inch

Log Turner and power unit.

Advanced Hardwoods of Fredericksburg, OH received

a Model HS-380 Carriage, heavy-duty track frame and

75 Hydrostatic Carriage Drive.

Oak Ridge Lumber of Loganton, PA installed a Model

AS-380 Carriage and 100 Hydrostatic Carriage Drive.

At Select & Better Hardwoods LLC in Wabeno, WI, a

HS-360 Carriage and sawyers cab with new Cleereman

Carriage Controls were installed.

Rich in logging and sawmill history, Cleereman Industries

has developed and manufactured sawmill machinery

for over 60 years using three guiding principles:

•Manufacture high quality products built for high

production, increased yield and years of

trouble-free operations.

•Use simple yet highly functional designs to minimize

the number of moving parts while maximizing

the performance and functionality.

•Provide unequaled service and support to its


To learn more, go to www.cleereman.com.

BUFFALO, NY—U-C Coatings, LLC, based here, and

a leading manufacturer of premium wood protection

products, recently announced the hiring of James Russell

as West Coast Territory Sales Representative.

Russell, based in Oregon, is a native Oregonian and

spent the last seven years as an Outside Sales Rep

and a Territory Solutions Specialist for Fastenal Inc. in

the west-central part of Oregon. He gained valuable

experience providing top-level service and supplies to

sawmills and industrial customers alike, while growing

the territory by adding many new large-scale customers.

Russell brings a strong desire to provide excellent customer

service and ambition to grow personally to U-C

Coatings that will mesh well with

the company’s solid reputation.

He spends much of his free

time outdoors, whether it is riding,

camping or hunting. James

and his wife welcomed the birth

of their first child, a son, earlier

in 2022.

U-C Coatings is a leading

manufacturer and supplier of

James Russell premium wood protection products.

For more than 50 years

their products have been used in a variety of industries,

including Hardwood and softwood logging and lumber

production, wood products manufacturing, woodworking

and wood decking markets.

U-C Coatings’ products are used worldwide to protect,

conserve and enhance forest resources. Their goal is to

help their customers achieve more with less waste and

provide the highest level of protection for their products.

To learn more, visit www.uccoatings.com.

FORT WAYNE, IN – Engineers for Biolube, headquartered

here, went over and above the industry’s safety

standards while finding a sensible production solution

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Over 40 Years of Setting the

GoldStandard in American Black Walnut

4/4 thru 16/4 Walnut

Proudly NHLA Grade Certified

Phone: 660-248-3000



58 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



Whatever your hardwood needs, our experienced

sales staff will be happy to assist you with all of

your lumber inquiries. Call for a complete list of our

wood products.


n Direct mill, export and import shippers

n Wholesale, distribution and dry kiln centers


n S2S, carbide straight-line rips and gang rip

n Custom mouldings


n Our own trucks ship all quantities of lumber, from

bundle lots to full tractor-trailer loads.

n Our common-carrier network also enables us to

quickly ship lumber all over the United States.


At O’Shea Lumber,

your needs are our

highest priority.

We maintain a 3.5 million

board for inventory of

foreign and domestic

hardwoods. Call to

experience our excellent

customer service.

Since 1971

Main Office and Yard

11425 Susquehanna Trail

Glen Rock, PA USA 17327

1.717.235.1992 phone

1.717.235.0200 fax

E-mail: anton@oshea.com


Connecting North American

Forest Products Globally




TRADE TALK Continued

Lubie Spray System

in today’s tough economy and supply

chain, the company stated. Operators

will immediately notice the improved

safety features on the Lubie® 1000

Spray System, which incorporates

a pressure relief valve on a robust

re-designed venturi block.

Key Features include:

•New safety relief valve

•Increased durability

•Venturi block quick disconnect

•New manifold design with

less components-backwards

compatible with the 900

series tanks

•Serialization for easy asset and

warranty tracking

•Shorter delivery times, less than

two weeks

•100 percent satisfaction guarantee

For a limited time, receive a free

drum of Lubie® Lube and up to $250

in shipping allowance when you order

a New Lubie 1000 Spray System.

The rugged Lubie Spray System is

specifically designed for Lubie products

and backed with a 100 percent

satisfaction guarantee. Lubie Systems

are reliable and a cost-effective

way to accurately atomize the correct

formula of Lubie Lube onto the saw

blade, wheel or other tooling, the company

states. Customers report longer

blade life and quicker turn-around in

the file room. Filer’s will spend less

time cleaning and sharpening blades.

Simply install the nozzles, connect

your air supply and the spray system

is operational. Lube flow is quickly

and easily adjusted.

This system easily installs on:

• Band sawmills of all sizes, both vertical and


• Thin Kerf Gang Rips and edgers

• Finger jointers, moulders, Scragg mills, package

saws and more

Visit Biolube’s full list of authorized Lubie partners at

www.biolube1.com along with a complete list of Lubie

products or request a brochure at sales@biolube1.


CHESTER, CA – Collins

is excited to announce a major

acquisition of forestland in

northeastern California. On August

4th, a year after the Dixie

Fire raced through the foothills

of the Sierra’s, Collins Timber

Company LLC completed an

acquisition of 58,000 acres of

Galen Collins Smith forestland from Shasta Forests

Timberlands LLC and its affiliates.

The primary tracts of land are near the towns

of Westwood, Susanville, and Adin, and overall, the

acquisition spreads across Lassen, Plumas, Modoc,

Shasta, and Sierra counties.

“This acquisition is the largest timberland purchase

in company history and is a significant post-Dixie Fire

commitment to log supply for the Chester Sawmill, our

employees, and the community,” said Eric Schooler,

President and CEO of Collins. The acquired land will

also support the Collins operation in Lakeview, OR.

Collins is a 167-year-old, family-owned, FSC-certified

forest management and forest products company,

with operations in California, Oregon, and Pennsylvania;

it has operated in Chester and Lakeview since the

1940s. With this acquisition, Collins will now manage

188,000 acres in California and over 370,000 acres nationwide.

“Shasta Forests Timberlands has managed these

lands to the highest standard for most of the last century.

We are excited and proud of the opportunity to

continue stewarding these forests with a balanced focus

on forest health, resiliency, and productivity. Collins

suffered losses in the major 2021 fires, along with other

landowners and community members, but this acquisition

is an important achievement and commitment to

the future of our employees, operations, and local communities,”

said Galen Collins Smith, Vice President of

Resources for Collins.

Based in Oregon and family-owned since 1855, Collins

produces these wood products: softwoods, Hardwoods,

NAF pine particleboard, TruWood Siding &

Trim. Collins upholds their long-standing commitment to

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Producer of Fine Kiln

Dried Appalachian


Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Walnut, Hickory,

Soft Maple and Ash

Annual Production 10.5 mmBF


675 Nottingham Road

Peach Bottom, PA 17563

Ph: (717) 548-2668

Fax: (717) 548-2013

Sales: Benuel Stoltzfus


60 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



Dwight Lewis

Co., Inc.

Hillsgrove, PA 18619 • Phone 570-924-3507

FAX 570-924-4233

Kilns • Export Preparation

Container Loading

Company Owned Timberland

3rd Generation Since 1941

Appalachian Hardwoods

Specializing in Cherry 4/4 thru 16/4

Hard & Soft Maple

Red & White Oak

National Hardwood Lumber Association Certified

TRADE TALK Continued

land and resource stewardship with more than 370,000

acres of FSC-certified forestlands, five manufacturing

facilities in the U.S. and one retail yard in California.

Divisions are located in: Chester, CA, Kane, PA, and

Lakeview and Klamath Falls, OR. You can learn more

about Collins here: www.collinsco.com.


International Wood Products

Association (IWPA), headquartered

here, recently announced

that Ashley Amidon has been

selected to serve as its new executive

director, returning after

serving in a previous role as

the organization’s lobbyist and

PAC director. Amidon brings a

Ashley Amidon

broad range of industry association

experience to IWPA, with a strong background in

government affairs and public policy.

“We enthusiastically welcome Ashley Amidon back to

IWPA,” said IWPA President JoAnn Gillebaard. “Ashley

brings a deep knowledge of our industry along with

broad government affairs experience. This will ensure

a smooth transition for IWPA as we tackle the many

challenges and opportunities before us.”

Amidon worked most recently as Vice President of

Public Policy for the National Pest Management Association,

where she led its public policy team and served

as treasurer of its Political Action Committee. Prior to

that, she worked as lobbyist for the National Stone,

Sand & Gravel Association, where she worked on environmental

and trade policy issues. Amidon holds

a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Affairs

from George Mason University in Virginia and a Master

of Arts in International Affairs from University of Hull in

the UK. She also holds a Certified Association Executive

credential (CAE).

“IWPA plays a critical role in advocating for acceptance

and demand for the legally-sourced and sustainable

wood products,” Amidon said. “I look forward to

returning and leading IWPA as we work with our members

and partners to navigate the ongoing challenges

of the coronavirus pandemic, supply chain strains, and

compliance with an ever-changing regulatory and legislative


Established in 1956, the International Wood Products

Association is the leading international trade association

for the North American imported wood products

industry, representing 167 companies and trade

associations engaged in the import of Hardwoods and

softwoods from sustainably managed forests. Association

members consist of three key groups involved

in the import process: U.S. importers and consuming

industries, offshore manufacturers and the service providers

that facilitate trade.

Learn more at www.IWPAwood.org. n

WHO’S WHO Continued from page 53

backpacking, water skiing and serving as a Boy Scouts


Find out more about Sledge Craft at www.sledge



designer at Mark Hall Cabinetry,

located in Columbia, MO.

She is involved and knowledgeable

in various aspects of the

business, including lumber purchasing.

She closely works with

customers to design their spaces

and select their materials.

Mark Hall Cabinetry is a manufacturer

of custom cabinetry

Stephanie Hall

for every room of a home, including the kitchen and

bath. Additional product offerings include commercial

casework, custom furniture pieces and custom Hardwood

counter tops.

The company purchases approximately 140,000

board feet per year of Birch, Poplar, Knotty Alder and

Clear Alder, Quartersawn White Oak, Red and White

Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut and some Teak, all in Select


Value-added offerings include full design services

and installation for local clients, as well as full customization

for every project.

Mark Hall Cabinetry is an industry member of NAHB

and HBA of Columbia and NHBA.

Stephanie founded Mark Hall Cabinetry 26 years ago

alongside her husband, Mark. It is her first position in

the forest products industry. Mark learned cabinet making

from his father as a teenager and was working as

a cabinet salesman shortly before the couple was married

and founded the company. The company has 26

full-time employees.

Stephanie is a graduate of Parkway North High

School, located in St. Louis, MO, and attended college

first at Williams Woods University, located in Fulton,

MO, then the University of Missouri in Columbia. She

serves on the board at the Home Builders Association

of Columbia.

In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys watching/attending

sporting events at her local university and painting.

Her favorite sports team is the St. Louis Cardinals.

Stephanie and Mark have been married 26 years and

have five children and six grandchildren. One of their

favorite family activities is hosting large family dinners.

To learn more, visit www.markhallcabinetry.com. n

Wood: The Natural Choice

Stay on track: www.rta.org or

JOSEY (JOCO) 2018 Christmas REV .qxp_Layout 1 11/19/18 2:42 PM Page 1

JoCo Lumber, Inc. is a division of

Josey Lumber Company, Inc.

Tripp, Logan, and Joey Josey

Our company offers:

• 10,000,000 BF of annual production from

our 6’ band headrig and 6’ band resaw.

• Red and White Oak, Soft Maple, Ash,

Poplar and Cypress in 4/4 through 8/4


• rough, surfaced, air-dried and kiln-dried

lumber in random widths and lengths.

• export prepping, container loading of logs and lumber,

anti-stain dipping and end coating lumber.

• 500,000 BF of dry kiln capacity.

• 65,000 SF of enclosed warehouse for storage and loading of

kiln-dried lumber.

For Quality Appalachian Lumber Contact:

JOsey Lumber COmpany, InC.

JoCo Lumber, InC.

476 Lees meadow rd. • p.O. Drawer 447

scotland neck, nC 27874

TeL: (252) 826-5614 • FaX: (252) 826-3461


emaIL: joseylbr3@gmail.com

saLes: Logan Josey

62 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org





Kingsford Lumber Company is looking to hire a log yard manager for

the Kingsford Mill yard in Kingsford, MI.

Primary duties will include log scaling/grading, boltwood scaling and

inventory management, veneer sales and trucking coordinator between

remote yards, woods landings and mills. The yard manager will work

closely with the mill manager and equipment operator on yard inventory

and mill cut schedules. Other duties may include open market log


Job requirements – Must be able to identify species and understand

the official grading rules for hardwood log and tie cuts, cordwood scaling

(pile and truck scaling), forestry degree or equivalent experience,

valid WI or MI driver’s license,



Yard Manager/Buyer – Tigerton Lumber Company – Iron River Landing

Tigerton Lumber Company is looking to hire a log yard manager for our

log yard in Iron River, MI.

Primary duties will include log scaling/grading and inventory management,

veneer sales and trucking coordinator between remote yards,

woods landings and mills. Other duties may include open market log

buying and satellite log yard management at our yards in Bruce Crossing,

MI and Conover, WI.

Job requirements – Must be able to identify species and understand

the official grading rules for hardwood log and tie cuts, forestry degree

or equivalent experience, valid WI or MI driver’s license,

Procurement Forester

Tigerton Lumber Company is looking to expand its procurement group

and will be hiring a forester for Northeast/East Central WI as well as

Southwest WI.

Primary duties will include buying stumpage through private landowner

negotiations and/or through timber bids (consultants as well as state,

federal and county forests). Administration of timber sales which includes

cruising timber, timber sale contracts, property/harvest line establishment,

marking timber, filing appropriate cutting notices (MFL/FCL

and County), sub-contracting logging and trucking, harvest inspections,

sale summary (scale ticket summary and working with accounting on

payments for loggers and landowners), MFL/FCL cutting reports and

sale close-outs. Other duties may include: MFL plan preparation, open

market log buying, log scaling and grading, road building/maintenance,

educational/outreach programs, participation in WI DNR committees.


FISTA/SFI Training – Training/certification will be done yearly

(if you do not have it currently it will be provided)

Salary – Based on 40 hour work week - $55,000/year - $XX,XXX

(negotiable based on experience)

To Apply – Please send a resume and cover letter to

Tigerton Lumber Company.

Tigerton Lumber Company,

Attn: Ben Knaack, PO Box 70, Tigerton, WI 54486, or

Email to: ben@tigertonlumber.com

Job requirements – Forestry degree or equivalent experience,

valid WI driver’s license

FISTA/SFI Training – Training/certification will be done yearly

(if you do not have it currently it will be provided)

Salary – Based on 40 hour work week - $45,000/year - $XX,XXX

(negotiable based on experience)

To Apply – Please send a resume and cover letter to

Tigerton Lumber Company.

Tigerton Lumber Company,

Attn: Ben Knaack, PO Box 70, Tigerton, WI 54486, or

Email to: ben@tigertonlumber.com

Yard Manager/Buyer – Kingsford Lumber Company – Kingsford Mill Yard

FISTA/SFI Training – Training/certification will be done yearly

(if you do not have it currently it will be provided)

Salary – Based on 40 hour work week - $45,000/year - $XX,XXX

(negotiable based on experience)

To Apply – Please send a resume and cover letter to

Kingsford Lumber Company.

Tigerton Lumber Company,

Attn: Ben Knaack, PO Box 70, Tigerton, WI 54486, or

Email to: ben@tigertonlumber.com

Any questions on any of these job postings please call Ben Knaack at 715-535-2181.


Flexible work schedule

Mileage reimbursement program

Cell phone plan

Health insurance

Life insurance

Disability and dental

401k with company match (25% up to 6% of wages)

Vacation and sick leave

Flex spending account for health care costs

Seven paid holidays

Bereavement pay

Boot allowance

Certified Lumber Grader – Job Description

Cardin Forest Products is a family owned sawmill and kiln drying operation located

in South Pittsburg, Tennessee. We are currently seeking a candidate to fill a

hardwood lumber grading position in our kiln drying operation.

The ideal candidate will have:

•Been NHLA certified

•2 to 3 years of experience grading kiln dried hardwoods

Duties will include, but not be limited to the following:

•Grade and mark all lumber to be sorted according to NHLA rules/guidelines

and industry standards

•Communicate effectively with your team and other departments

•Adhere to all safety policies and perform tasks in a safe and responsible


Required Qualifications:

•Minimum of one (1) year experience grading green and/or kiln dried domestic


•Must be NHLA trained or have equivalent knowledge.

•Must be physically capable of performing all duties of the job and any other

duties assigned by Crew Leader


•Full time position

•Company offers medical, dental, 401(k), and other benefit offerings

We are an equal opportunity employer. Employment selection and related decisions

are made without regard to sexual orientation, race, color, age, disability,

religion, national origin, citizenship status and creed.

Salary Negotiable

Reply to: Jeremy Ball

Cell: (423) 619-8056

Email: jball@cardinfp.com


Northwest Hardwoods, Inc. is a world-class, integrated, global

supplier of wood products to the furniture, cabinet, flooring, molding

and millwork industries. We serve the industrial market segment

worldwide. We are searching for a candidate who is a team player

and who also enjoys challenging work.

Skills & Experience Required

The successful candidate must be NHLA certified or

equivalent experience, have the flexibility and ability to

work in a team-oriented, fast-paced work environment with

primary focus on personal and team safety behaviors. Good

work history and safety record with a strong desire to learn

are required.

•NHLA certification preferred or equivalent experience

•Exhibit high level of flexibility

•Excellent attendance record

•Excellent communication skills

•Team Player and Self-Starter


Key Functions:

•Grading lumber according to NWH proprietary grades

•Maintaining grading accuracy in a fast-paced environment

•Working with QC on current grade guidelines

How to Apply

Send your resume to: ndy.starkey@nwhardwoods.com

Northwest Hardwoods, Inc.

718 2nd Ave SW

Onalaska, Wisconsin 54650




or visit us at


Benchmark pricing and market

commentary on the North American

hardwood lumber industry.

Go online at hmr.com for a sample copy.


2000 Optimil 6ft Twin Bandmill

Never used. Bandsaw with covers. $150,000.

Please call Jenness for more information at

207-745-2223 or Jeff at 207-342-5221.

USNR 4TA30 Top Arbor Three Shifting Saw Edger

200 hp drive motor, includes unscrambler, control

cab, infeed and outfeed. $95,000. Please call Jenness

for more information at 207-745-2223 or Jeff

at 207-342-5221.

Phone: (207) 342-5221

Fax: (207) 342-5201

PO Box 9, Ghent Road

Searsmont, ME 04973

Contact: Jenness Robbins

Lumber Grading is a critical skill and trade for the success of our

business. Come bring your skills to a company that values them

and is willing to help you develop them for your career success!

Salary & Benefits

•Competitive Compensation

•Sign on Bonus

•Relocation Bonus available

•Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance

•401K w/ Company Match

•Paid Short Term Disability

•Paid Life Insurance

•Referral Bonus

•Employee Assistance Program

64 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



To: Anyone involved in the sawmill controls industry


DMSi is currently seeking a candidate to implement and support the eLIMBS inventory

system. This person will use their industry and product knowledge to help customers

improve their business processes with the software.

Duties include

-Manage implementation projects, including system set up and configuration

-Train customers and other DMSi personnel on use of the system

-Help resolve client cases by gathering information and researching issues

-Create documentation to improve eLIMBS training resources


-Knowledge of the hardwood lumber industry and supply chain processes

-Experience with training end-users (virtual and in-person) on new software procedures

-Strong logical and problem-solving skills

-The ability to positively represent DMSi/eLIMBS

Our Classified




Snowbelt Hardwoods is seeking an experienced Hardwood Lumber KD Sales

Manager - Responsible for KD Sales of our production. Ideal candidate would

be positioned in Indiana/Ohio, Southern or Appalachian region of U.S. This

position is remote but will require travel to visit customers.

● Must have prior experience in the Hardwood Lumber industry

with proven track

● Must be proficient with computers, email, etc.

Commission only or Base plus commission – Compensation $$ can be discussed.

Great Health, Dental and Life insurance, plus Profit Sharing Plan,

Paid Holidays, and Vacation 1st Year.

Position Details

-Full-time position

-Ability to work from home or Omaha office

-Travel to customer locations required

-Medical, dental, vision, 401(K) with match, PTO, and other benefits provided

Reply to Kevin Peterson (kpeterson@dmsi.com)

To: Anyone involved in the sawmill controls industry


Dry Kiln Concentration Yard with 470,000 bdft Kiln Capacity

and 400,00 bdft Predryer Capacity

LOT – Western Pennsylvania

26.47 – acre industrial site

26.31 – acre wooded lot

70,000 sqft asphalt lot

100 x 80 vehicle lot

Enough sq footage to openly store 2,000,000 bdft lumber.


80 x 212 Steel storage building concrete floor (blue lumber storage)

65 x 140 Wood frame equipment building concrete floor (green chain)

60 x 130 Wood frame equipment building (stacker)

60 x 80 Steel building high storage (sawdust)

60 x 60 Wood frame equipment building (grading shed)

130 x 80 Coe steel building (predryer)

5 – 50,000 ft SII Kiln Building

2 – 40,000 ft Irvington Moore Kilns

2 – 80,000 ft Nardi Kilns

25 x 160 Garage w/small office and wash area. Parts storage rooms.

Block and wood structure.

25 x 160 Open face wood storage shed, gravel floor.

25 x 160 Open face steel storage shed with a 50 x 60 high overhang roof,

gravel floor.

104,000 sqft Asphalt lot

OFFICE – Roughly 2,000 sqft working space.

11 Individual offices

2 large clerical offices

1 large conference room

Small kitchen

2 Restrooms

Reply to: nhm@millerwoodtradepub.com, put CMP #3578 in subject line.




●USNR 4TA30 Top Arbor Three Shifting

Saw Edger

●Infeed Landing Deck

●USNR – Lunden Cam Unscrambler

S/N 41419

●Even Ending Rolls

●Queuing Hooks (2) ahead of Scanner

●Queuing Hooks (2) after Scanner

●Edger Infeed Model 600 Maximizer

S/N 2951-A

●USNR 4TA30 Edger with 200 HP Arbor

Drive Motor

●Outfeed Belt with Shifting Edging Shears

●Specs – Hardwood 1” to 4” Thick x 4” to 24”

Wide x 6’ to 16’ Long

●Saw Kerf .160” x Saw Plate .120”

●Two Hydraulic Units

●Water Mizer Oil Mist Guide System

●Set of Babbitt Guide Tools

Contact: Jenness Robbins

Cell: (207) 745-2223

Email: jenness57@gmail.com



$45.00 PER INCH




Classified advertising will not be accepted for Hardwood products such as lumber,

dimension, turnings, veneer, carvings, new dry kilns or dry kiln equipment, etc.

Snow Country Hardwoods is seeking an experienced Hardwood Flooring Operations

& Sales Manager - Responsible for Flooring Operations & Sales of

our solid 3/4’’ strip flooring production. This position will be required to work

on site at our Hurley, WI facility with some travel required

● Must have prior experience in the Hardwood Flooring/Lumber industry

with proven track record of Operations and Sales

● Must be proficient with manufacturing, operations, inventory systems,

computers, email, etc.

Base plus commission - Compensation $$ can be discussed.

Great Health, Dental and Life insurance, plus Profit Sharing Plan, Paid Holidays,

and Vacation 1st Year.

For either position, please send resume to Brady Francois at:


66 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org





For For over a a century, Corley has has been

the the most trusted name in in the the industry.

Abenaki Timber Corporation......................

Air Systems Mfg. of Lenoir, Inc..............61

Ally Global Logistics...............................12

Anderson, Roy, Lumber Company, Inc.......

Atlanta Hardwood Corporation............. BC

Automation & Electronics USA..............15

Baillie Lumber Co.......................................

Beard Hardwoods...................................46

Beasley Forest Products, Inc.....................

BID Group....................................................

Bingaman & Son Lumber, Inc.................39

BioLube, Inc..............................................3

Breeze Dried Inc.........................................

Carbotech International.............................

Cardin Forest Products LLC.......................

Church, Bryant, Hardwoods, Inc................

Clark Lumber Co.........................................

Cleereman Controls................................17

Cleereman Industries.............................17

Cole Hardwood, Inc................................23


Continental Underwriters, Inc...................

Cooper Machine Co., Inc........................10

Corley Manufacturing Co......................IBC

Cramer, W.M., Lumber Co...........................

Cummings Lumber Co., Inc......................8

Deer Park Lumber, Inc................................

Devereaux Sawmill, Inc......................... FC

Distribution Management Systems, inc.


EXPO Richmond..........................................

Fitzpatrick & Weller Inc..............................

Forcey Lumber Company, Inc.....................

Frank Miller Lumber Co., Inc......................

GF Hardwoods, Inc.....................................

Graf Bros. Flooring & Lumber..................5

Granite Valley Forest Products..............21

GTL Lumber Inc......................................45

Hardwood Forestry Fund............................

Hardwood Manufacturers Assoc ..............

Hartzell Hardwoods, Inc.........................59

Hermitage Hardwood Lumber

Sales, Inc................................................52

HHP, Inc...................................................40

Hurdle Machine Works Inc.......................6

Irving, J.D., Limited................................13

ISK Biocides, Inc........................................

JoCo Lumber, Inc....................................63


Jones, Ron, Hardwood Sales, Inc..............

Josey Lumber Co., Inc............................63

Kentucky Forest Industries Assoc.............

Kepley-Frank Hardwood Co., Inc...........54

King City Forwarding USA, Inc...............19

King City/Northway Forwarding Ltd.......19

Kretz Lumber Co., Inc.................................

Lawrence Lumber Company Inc............37

Lewis Controls, Inc...............................IBC

Lewis, Dwight, Lumber Co., Inc.............62


Lumber Resources Inc...............................

Lussier, Simon, Ltd.................................41

MacBeath Hardwood Company..................

Maine Woods Company..............................

Mars Hill, Inc...............................................

Matson Lumber Company...........................

Maxwell Hardwood Flooring......................

McDonough Manufacturing Company....48

Mellott Manufacturing Co., Inc...................

Meridien Hardwoods of PA., Inc.............25

Merrick Hardwoods..................................7

Messersmith Manufacturing, Inc...............


Middle Tennessee Lumber Co., Inc............

Midwest Hardwood Company................55

MO PAC Lumber Company......................58

Mueller Bros. Timber, Inc.......................56

Neff Lumber Mills, Inc................................

New River Hardwoods, Inc.........................

North American Forest Foundation............

Northern Hardwoods..............................49

NWH...................................................... IFC

Nyle Dry Kilns...........................................9

Oakcrest Lumber, Inc.................................

OHC | Overseas Hardwoods Company.......

O’Shea Lumber Co..................................60

Patrick Lumber Company...........................

Paw Taw John Services, Inc......................

Pennsylvania Hardwoods, LLC...................

Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual

Insurance Company....................................

Peterson, Keith D., & Co., Inc................62

Pike Lumber Co., Inc..................................

Prime Lumber Company.........................57


Quality Hardwoods Ltd...............................

Railway Tie Association.........................63

Ram Forest Products, Inc...........................

Real American Hardwood Coalition.........4

Robinson Lumber Company....................11

Rosenberry, Carl, & Sons, Lumber, Inc......

Sawmill MD.................................................

SII Dry Kilns................................................

Sirianni Hardwoods, Inc.............................

Smithco Manufacturing, Inc.......................

Snowbelt Hardwoods, Inc......................43

Southern Forest Products Assoc...............

Stiles, A.W., Contractors, Inc.....................

Stoltzfus Forest Products, LLC..............61

Taylor Machine Works, Inc.........................

Tigerton Lumber Co................................35

TMX Shipping Co., Inc............................38

Tropical Forest Products............................

TS Manufacturing...................................14

U-C Coatings, LLC...................................47



Western Hardwood Association.................

Wheeland Lumber Co., Inc.....................51

White, Harold, Lumber, Inc.........................

Williams, R.J., Inc...................................36

Wood-Mizer, LLC......................................42

York Legacy Mill Inc...............................44

Since Since

Since Since 1905, 1905,

1905, 1905, our our our

family-owned our business business

business business has has been has

been has been been built built

built built upon upon

upon upon a a reputation

a a reputation for for quality, for

quality, for quality, quality, integrity, integrity,

integrity, integrity, and and

and and

old-fashioned business business

business business ethics. ethics.

ethics. ethics. Today, Today,

Today, Today, our our

our our partnership with with

with with Lewis Lewis

Lewis Lewis Controls Controls

Controls Controls brings brings

brings brings you you

you the you the

the best the best

best in best in

in in

equipment equipment and and

and and optimization software. software.

software. software. From From

From From turnkey turnkey

turnkey turnkey sawmills sawmills

sawmills sawmills to to individual individual

to to individual individual machine machine

machine machine centers centers

centers centers and and

and and

retrofits, retrofits,

retrofits, retrofits, we’re we’re

we’re we’re committed committed to to providing providing

to to providing providing maximum maximum

maximum maximum returns returns

returns returns on on your on

your on your your investment—year after after

after after year. year.

year. year.

Our Our

Our Our experienced professionals can can

can help can help

help help you you

you realize you realize

realize realize a a profit profit

a a profit profit potential potential

potential potential you you

you may you may

may have may have

have have never never

never never thought thought

thought thought

possible. possible.

possible. possible. Call Call

Call Call us us today today

us us today today or or visit visit

or or visit visit our our

our website our website

website website to to discover discover

to to discover discover what what

what what lumbermen have have

have have known known

known known for for over for

over for over over

100 100

100 years. 100 years.

years. years. Wood Wood

Wood Wood is is Wonderful...and

is is who who

who who knows knows

knows knows that that

that better that better

better better than than

than than we we do? we

do? we do? do?



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P.O. P.O.

P.O. Box P.O. Box

Box 471 Box 471

471 471 | Chattanooga, | Tennessee Tennessee

Tennessee Tennessee 37401 37401

37401 37401 | tel: tel: | tel:

423-698-0284 tel: | fax: fax: | fax: fax: 423-622-3258

68 OCTOBER 2022 n NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE www.RealAmericanHardwood.org



S4S & Architectural Mouldings

Cabinet & Furniture Components

Siding & Exterior Trim

Shiplap & Nickle-gap Paneling

1,000+ Finished Profiles

The Latest Technology.

Expanded Capacity.

No Supply Chain Issues.

Your Partner in Meeting Record-breaking Market Demand.

Atlanta, GA

Cleveland, GA

Crystal Spring, PA

Clarksville, TN



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